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I would like to thank my Year 12 Annual Committee for their input and ideas, and especially Joel Fernandez for, the front cover design. To the staff, thank you for your contributions and taking photos throughout the year. A special thank you to Ian Threlfo, our IT & Network Support gerson who assisted me whenever I was seeKing professional advice. I would be lost without your l(leas . This publication has involved man~ long and tiresome days, often burning the midnight oil but has been a tremendous learning experience with m;;lnY r-ewards. I would like to give my sincerest thanks to those who have assisted me along the way. I would like to wish all our students whether continuing on or embracing the wide world at the completion of their secondary scnooling the very best for 2001.

Marius Van Dongen Brendan Mulvey


CBC Fremantle Annual 2000  
CBC Fremantle Annual 2000