2021 Annual Report

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Lifting Up, Leading Forward


ALC ‘21

ALC ‘21 brought together subject experts, industry leaders, elected officials and citizen activists to explore today’s issues and solutions from a Black perspective.

18 26 OUR TEAM Meet the dedicated leaders of the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, Inc. Table of Contents Welcome Message 04 Mission and Vision                06 LeadershipInstitute                08 Center For Policy Analysis And Research (CPAR)               12 National Racial Equity Initiative for Social Justice                14 ALC ‘21                       16 Financial Highlights                20 Board of Directors 22 2021 Corporate Advisory Council     24 2021 CBCF Staff                25 Thank you, Donors 26
are risk-takers, change makers and creative thinkers – and we are here to make a difference.

Welcome Message

Advancin g Our Purpose , Elevatin g Our Power

We envision a world in which all communities have an equal voice in public policy through leadership cultivation, economic empowerment, and civic engagement. A racially equal world is not only a moral imperative, it is also a critical social, economic, and cultural requirement of sustainable success. Since 1976, the unifying aim of the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, Inc. (CBCF) has been to bring our community together toward the advancement of the global Black community.

We hold genuine relationships with our community and so much has happened in the past year that we would like to help connect the dots with pertinent information, both qualitative and quantitative. CBCF has awarded numerous scholarships, welcomed many fellows, launched hundreds of interns, published vitally important reports and journals regarding issues in the United States and abroad, hosted grassroot gatherings of purpose, and brought together thousands from across the world for our 51st Annual Legislative Conference in Washington, D.C. We are proud of thisr work.

CBCF has a critical role to play in ensuring a future that is more equitable and just for all. My commencement of serving as the CBCF President and CEO this year has been rooted in gratitude. hold a steady gratitude for the opportunity to serve our community, to stand in truth, and to act with strength and purpose in a way that leaves a lasting impact for generations to come.

Such a vision requires multi-stakeholder partnerships and the CBCF is indebted to every individual, every public servant, every board, organization, and company that has willfully, loudly, and gladly contributed to and supported the advancement of our mission. This community of support is vital to the fulfillment of our mission and to changing the power structures that determine the future for Black communities.

Together, we celebrate our past success and look forward to the future with courage and hope. Before we expand our work even further this year, let us reflect on the year 2021. We had an excellent one.

With deep gratitude and purpose,


Mission and Vision


Our mission of the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, Inc. (CBCF) is to advance the global Black community by developing leaders, informing policy, and educating the public.


We envision a world in which all communities have an equal voice in public policy through leadership cultivation, economic empowerment, and civic engagement.


Mission Driven: We make day-to-day choices that are aligned with the organization.

Collaborative: We work together to achieve a common goal.

Problem-solver: We are motivated, focused, and determined to find solutions.

Accountable: We hold ourselves accountable to stakeholders, donors, scholars, and to our colleagues.

Proactive: We lead change with self-driven ambition for the success of the organization and ourselves.

Leadership Institute

Our goal is to increase the pool of Black leaders in public service careers and public policy positions through providing fellowships, internships, and scholarships

Internship Program

CBCF’s internship programs prepare college students and young professionals to become principled leaders, skilled policy analysts, and informed advocates by exposing them to the processes that develop and implement national policies – from Capitol Hill to federal field offices.

Program participants receive housing, a stipend, office placements, and opportunities to meet and interact with professional legislators and leaders working in all branches of government.

CBCF offers four internship programs: the Congressional Internship Program, the Communications Internship Program, the Emerging Leaders Internship Program, and the Pathways to the C-Suite Internship program.



Brianna Myers Cheyenne Richardson Jalaina Douglas Kelsey Wong

Leonorah Applewhite Makayla Davis

Melody Moorehead Morgan Brown Nyet Abraha Landry Irumva

Emerging Leaders

Chloe Lafaille

Daniel James II

Gianna Morsell

Imani Murdock

Joy Richardson Kennedy Moore

Marissa Kesse Matthew Tessema Mekhi Hill

Rashelle Ceteio Roda Kesete Saynab Jama


Congressional Joris Alawoe Kaira Brown

Alexis Cobbs Josefina Ewin Nicholas Faries Nicholas French

Thomas Gebremichael Shanice Guthrie Christen Griffin Venisha Harmon Tyler Harris Justine Hastings Aleisha Hopkins

Mariah Johnson Tyshara Loynes

Azania Maitland Reneelle Malone Qymeshia Mayhew Kourtney Mays

Taryn Montgomery Rinsolwa Oisaghie

KeyShawn Phillips Nyla Sams

Derrick Stanfield Shaleah Tolliver Jordain Thompson Karington Triplett

Travis Waters Diamond Weekes Alexia Wilson Tia Wynn Amber Wynne


Kyle Steib

Julia Tippen


Madalyn Moore Nigel Walton Vanessa Woods

FALL 2021


Aliyah Johnson

Arianna Hopkins Cyanne John-Mcclean Elijah Bowers Erin Orr Kelsey Wong Marion Lang Mathieu Douceur Jr Sharonda Adams

Leonorah Applewhite Elon Stein Jessica Trowell

Emerging Leaders

Alvin Cubb

Amaris Graham Ashney Francis Cheryl Kwapong Christopher Moore Dexter Maryland Jayla Smith Kennedy Moore Maryam Hassanein Mikella Hansley Saynab Jama Mykelle DeyTiole Angel Reine Pink


Fellowship Program

The CBCF Congressional Fellowship Program equips early career policy professionals who are committed to contributing to public policy with the necessary skills to become the next generation of leaders in public service. The program is an intensive 12-month policy training and leadership development program which enables fellows to receive hands-on public policy training as full-time legislative aides and policy analysts. Fellows are paid an annual salary plus benefits. Participants must reside in or relocate to the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area and are responsible for their own travel, housing, and other living expenses.

CBCF fellowship issue areas include: The Donald M. Payne Foreign Policy Fellowship; Energy; Energy & Environment; Health Policy; Woman and Health Sciences; Finance and Economic Policy; Technology and Cybersecurity; and Technology and Diversity.



Brittany Thomas Congressional–STEAM Arsene Frederic Congressional–Aerospace Defense Airenakhue Omoragbon NREI Jasmine Payne NREI Haleigh Hoskins NREI Eliazar Chacha NREI SEPTEMBER 2021 FELLOWS Kyilah Terry Congressional Hilary Carruthers Congressional Chloe Scott Congressional Paige Jones Congressional Javon Knight NREI Shelby Birch NREI Cameryn Blackmore NREI

/ 10 / 11
15 Other Institutions

Center For Policy Analysis And Research (CPAR)

The Center for Policy Analysis and Research (CPAR) is rooted in a firm commitment to open-minded inquiry into economic independence, public health, education, civic engagement, and other issues impacting the global Black community. CPAR’s objective is to improve the socio-economic circumstances of Blacks by generating analyses and policy recommendations advancing equity and equality on various issues such as criminal justice, education access, economic development, health equity, voting rights, and Black representation in the ever-growing technology sector. CPAR facilitates substantive communication between stakeholder groups, publishes the Journal of the Center for Policy Analysis and Research, executes national forums, and disseminates vital information to Black elected officials, the media, and the public as it relates to promoting equity and equality for people of African descent.


The Congressional Black Caucus Foundation launched the Policy for the People Virtual Braintrust Series in 2020 to provide critical policy updates on the most pressing issues facing the Black community in the United States in the era of combatting COVID-19. Experts, prominent thought leaders, and members of the Congressional Black Caucus provide insight and analysis in the areas of public health, economic mobility, the U.S. Census, water rights & the workforce, and education & youth.



Driverless Jobs: Autonomous Vehicles & A Just Transition for Black Drivers

Written by the State Farm Transportation Equity Fellow, Dr. Regan Patterson, Ph.D., this report highlights the significant relationship between the transportation sector and Black labor and the disproportionate economic impact of autonomous vehicles on Blacks. The report makes policy recommendations on how to prepare for autonomous vehicles to ensure just transition for Black drivers and the future of work for the Black community.

Understanding the Impact of the COVID-19 Vaccine on the Black Community

Through in-depth discussions with healthcare professionals, health policy experts, and community leaders this session tackled important questions related to the coronavirus vaccine including, who the vaccine will protect, why should the vaccine be trusted, and how will our community overcome this pandemic while providing personal and policy recommendations to ensure our community is protected and prepared for life after this pandemic.

Mental Health Realities for Black America

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic along with intense race relations and crippling economic instability created many challenges, affecting the physical and mental health for people around the nation. This conversation dissected how the traumatic events of 2020 influenced how Black communities take care of their mental health.

Sojourner Tru th Legacy Project Virtual Program: Celebrating the Rise in Black Women’s Political Leadership

This event continued the long-overdue recognition of celebrating Black women, highlighting past and present triumph, and lighting the way for future leaders and accomplishments.

Creators of Color in the Online Economy

This virtual brain trust explored how creators of color use technology and their personal experiences to produce, teach and share with a global audience, discuss systemic challenges from the lack of representation online, and the ways in which policy could influence creators of color and communities of color in the future.

Emerging Leaders Summit

The Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Inc. (CBCF) hosted its first ever Emerging Leaders’ Summit. This two-part summit, geared towards Millennial and Gen Z political leaders, created discussions and dialogue around how our nation has addressed the social justice concerns raised throughout the year 2020.

Stud ent Loan Debt: A Barrier to Building Black Wealth

This panel of finance and policy experts discussed how to build wealth while tacking student loan debt and what loan forgiveness looks like for the Black community.

Mis sion Driven Entrepreneurship in the 21st Century

This session gathered leaders across various industries to explore how they used their passions to fuel their work and create success despite the odds.

/ 12 / 13

The NREI’s mission is to combat systemic injustice and advance racial equity, human rights, education, and economic development opportunities for the Black community. Housed in the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation’s (CBCF) Center for Policy Analysis and Research (CPAR), the NREI takes an evidence-based approach to develop sound policies targeted to reduce racial disparities caused by racism and discrimination. NREI provides solutions-driven and proactive policies and practices that produce equitable access, opportunities, treatment, and outcomes for Blacks. The NREI includes social justice fellows, social justice scholarships for HBCU students, a task force, research, data, and public policy related to social justice reform for maximum impact in Black communities.


During the 2021 Annual Legislative Conference, CBCF hosted its first National Racial Equity Initiative session: “A Movement or A Moment? Analyzing Corporate Responsibility One Year after the Death of George Floyd.” The session was the second most popular of the CBCF hosted general sessions, which featured introductory remarks by Representative Hank Johnson. In this session, corporate leaders answered tough questions to inform how their organizations have remained dedicated to their commitment towards racial equity and cultivated a space to discuss proactive next steps. The panelists discussed best practices undertaken by their companies to help advance racial equity from a public policy perspective.

The inaugural National Racial Equity Initiative for Social Justice Summit took place on Thursday, November 4, 2021, and included three panel discussions and three Let Out interactive discussions, with over 2,000 registered guests and 18 speakers. CBC Member participants: Rep. Ayanna Pressley, Sen. Cory Booker, and Rep. Nikema Williams.

John R. Lewis Social Justice Fellows

Fellowships awarded: 10 (= 9% of total applicants) 103 applications received

September 2020 Cohort: 48 applications received 3 available slots

June 2021 Cohort: 27 applications received 4 available slots

September 2021 Cohort: 28 applications received 3 available slots

SEP 20–SEP 21


Sianay Chase Clifford congressional placement : Rep. Ayanna Pressley s ponsor Mary Kay

Dr Dennis Johnson congressional placement : Rep. Marcia Fudge s ponsor Casey Family Programs

Jared Lewis congressional placement : Rep. Barbara Lee s ponsor Kapor Center for Social Impact

JUN 21–JUN 22


Eliazar Chacha* congressional placement : Rep. Kweisi Mfume s ponsor DLA Piper/ Ford Haleigh Hoskins congressional placement : Rep. Hakeem Jeffries s ponsor PNC (formerly BBVA) Airenakhue Omoragbon congressional placement : Rep. Robin Kelly s ponsor Amgen

Jasmine Payne congressional placement : Rep. Nikema Williams s ponsor 3M


Shelby Birch* congressional placement Rep. Jahana Hayes s ponsor : Casey Family Programs Cameryn Blackmore congressional placement Rep. Marilyn Strickland s ponsor : Boston Scientific

Javon Knight* congressional placement Emanuel Cleaver II s ponsor : Amazon

*Fellow exited the Program early

/ 14 / 15
The NREI HBCU Social Justice Scholarships were created to encourage and support the next generation of social justice leaders
to advancing equity, freedom, and justice
67% Undergraduate Students CLASSIFICATION OF AWARDEES 33% Graduate/ Doctoral Students 24 Number of HBCUs represented in the awardees
246 Scholarships awarded
each 45 Total amount of money awarded: $450,000
for all, especially the Black community. Below are updates of our 2021 HBCU Social Justice Scholarship Cycle.
Scholarship applications received
at $10,000

ALC ‘21

Annual Legislative Conference in review

The Congressional Black Caucus Foundation hosted its 50th Annual Legislative Conference on September 12 – 17, 2021. Held in a virtual format for the second consecutive year, the CBCF also honored and celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the Congressional Black Caucus and its largest class to date. Conference programming reflected the CBCF’s charge for 2021, a continued commitment to uplifting, empowering, and mobilizing Black communities and the carefully selected theme of “Black Excellence Unparalleled: Pressing Onward in Power.”

Despite the continued health and safety concerns related to COVID-19, the virtual ALC still brought together experts and organizers to share accounts from the front lines of advocacy, spotlight innovative campaigns, foster support for advocacy funding and raise awareness of pathways to be informed and involved in the democratic process. Over 7,200 attendees in business, academia, government, nonprofits and philanthropy engaged on the virtual platform.

This year’s conference welcomed 7,278 total virtual guests (6,659 general attendees, 162 media registrants, and 457 speakers). Of over 7,000 attendees, speakers, and sponsors, the attendee base was comprised largely of female attendees (75%) over 50 years of age (72%) with bachelor’s or advanced degrees (87%). Over 41% of attendees were first time ALC attendees, which is largely attributed to the relationships built through virtual programming throughout the 2020 and 2021 event seasons.

The Annual Legislative Conference raised over $4  8 million dollars in corporate sponsorship from over 101 companies and individual contributions totaling $23,655.

Event content focused on CBCF’s core pillars of education, health and wellness, economic empowerment, and the environment. TOTAL HOURS OF CONTENT 78.5 ALC ‘21 brought together 7,278 attendees from across the nation and around the world. 84 conference sessions 15,917 unique session views 29 member issue forums 13 member-led braintrusts 8 professional development series sessions 9 CBCF sessions and events 20 third party sessions 437 registered speakers 4 CBCF hosted signature events

Complementary Registration was offered to all guests before, during, and after the conference thanks to the continued support of Toyota.

Newly Designed Virtual Event Platform & Mobile App was custom designed to offer concurrently livestreamed broadcasts, on-demand replays, and video networking rooms. Additionally, the platform allowed the CBCF to interact with attendees through announcements, social media posts, a virtual photo booth, and downloadable conference resources.


Enhanced Sponsorship Opportunities through sponsorship highlight pages located throughout the virtual platform and mobile app and additional opportunities for sponsorship recognition in virtual lobby videos, pre and post session commercials, as well as announcements and push notifications.

Robust CBCF Production Team was formed to create standardized production workflow and offer high quality session production to session hosts with varying levels of tech savvy.

Satellite Signature Event Recording Stages were built in 5 cities across the United States to maintain safety protocols, reduce talent costs, and record tv quality performances that were infused into signature events. Cities included Los Angeles, California; Atlanta, Georgia; Houston, Texas; Raleigh, North Carolina; and Washington, DC.

Pre-Recorded Sessions provided session hosts the ability to choose optimal recording dates and engage speakers from multiple time zones for a real-time conversation and pre-recorded remarks and commercials from engaged stakeholders.

Professional Development Series continued in close partnership with series sponsors to offer continuing education credits to educators and health professionals that attended virtually.

Phoenix Awards and National Town Hall Meeting redesigned as television broadcasts in partnership with Black Entertainment Television (BET).

#FoundationFriday and National Black Voter Day on BET served as the grand finale to the 6-day virtual conference and featured the Phoenix Awards and National Town Hall Meeting in addition to a fundraiser, The Day of Healing and The Black Party, hosted on in the virtual platform and on Facebook Live.

Each year, the CBCF’s National Town Hall Meeting gathers renowned thought leaders for a discussion on topics most pressing for the global Black community and this year’s conversation was televised in partnership with BET and BET HER. This year’s town hall theme, “Black Voices, Black Agenda: A New Civil Rights Movement 50 Years Later” was carefully curated to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Congressional Black Caucus and the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation while highlighting continued disparities in health equity, education, voting rights, and criminal justice. The conversation, moderated by journalist April Ryan, featured special guests such as Chairwoman of the Congressional Black Caucus, Rep. Joyce Beatty; Chairwoman of the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Board of Directors, Lori George Billingsley, ALC Honorary Co-Chairs, Rep. Anthony Brown and Rep. Lisa Blunt Rochester, and CBCF President and CEO, Tonya Veasey. Panelists included Tony Coles, President of the Black Information Network, Damon Jones, Chief Communications Officer of Procter & Gamble; DeNora Getachew, CEO of DoSomething.org; and Brittany Packnett Cunningham, activist, author, educator, and Vice President of Social Impact at BET. The town hall was recorded in a custom studio in Washington, DC in front of a live audience of Congressional Black Caucus members and their staff.


As a result of the continued COVID-19 pandemic, the CBCF’s iconic Phoenix Awards remained a virtual program and was televised as the culminating Annual Legislative Conference event on BET and BET HER and garnered over 208,000 in household viewership during its one-time airing. The starstudded virtual awards and entertainment program featured a lineup of notable speakers and performers, including remarks by President of the United States Joe Biden. Additionally, the members of the Congressional Black Caucus were honored for their service, accomplishments, and efforts to eliminate the many disparities that continue to exist for millions of Black Americans. Hosted by Angela Bassett, the Phoenix Awards recognized extraordinary individuals who, through their efforts and accomplishments, have made significant contributions to society. Honorees received the prestigious, CBCF-commissioned Phoenix Award.

Performers for the Phoenix Awards included Chaka Khan, En Vogue, Ledesi, Leela James, Mali Music x Jonathan McReynolds, Rhapsody, Stokley and Wayne Brady with Malcolm-Jamal Warner as Voice of God.

2021 Phoenix Awardees included:

CBCF Chair’s Award – Cedric Richmond, Senior Advisor to the President of the United States and Director of White House Public Engagement

CBC Chair’s Award – Secretary Marcia Fudge, United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

ALC Co-Chair’s Award – Secretary Lloyd James Austin III, United States Secretary of Defense presented by Co-Chair Rep. Anthony Brown

ALC Co-Chair’s Award – Dr. Joan Coker, Board Certified Otolaryngologist presented by Co-Chair Rep. Lisa Blunt Rochester

CBC Body Award – Stacy Abrams, Political Leader, Voting Rights Activist, and New York Times Best Selling Author

DAY OF HEALING (formerly The Prayer Breakfast)

In lieu of its annual traditional Prayer Breakfast, the CBCF team hosted the Day of Healing as a premium virtual fundraiser in the CBCF virtual event platform. The Day of Healing, a non-denominational spiritual program hosted celebrities, political leaders, top gospel artists, and ministers. The program, hosted by Erica Campbell, included a message from Sarah Jakes Roberts and performances by Cee Cee Winans, Marvin Sapp, and Shirley Caesar.


In its sixth year, the Professional Development Series (PDS) continued to attract a broad segment of attendees interested in gaining industry-based credit hours while experiencing public policy sessions virtually. Due to the virtual nature of the conference, Professional Development Series attendees received continuing education credits by watching the sessions during their original broadcast or watching them on-demand at their convenience.


Sponsor: National Medical Association


Sponsor: American Federation of Teachers

/ 18 / 19

Statement of Activities

/20 /21 CONGRESSIONAL BLACK CAUCUS FOUNDATION / ANNUAL REPORT 2021 CONGRESSIONAL BLACK CAUCUS FOUNDATION / ANNUAL REPORT 2021 Financial Highlights Financial 2020 2021 ASSETS Current Assets Cash And Cash Equivalents $ 6,684,692 $ 17,677,680 Contributions Receivables, net $ 1,902,717 $ 6,936,343 Prepaid Expenses $ 84,466 $ 112,904 Total Current Assets $ 8,601,218 $ 24,726,927 Investments $ 3,962,977 $ 1,630,774 PPE, net $ 1,791,182 $ 1,645,681 Total Assets $ 14,355,378 $ 28,003,382 LIABILITIES Current Liabilities Accounts Payable & Accrued Expenses $ 444,444 $ 1,122,803 Deferred Revenue $ 599,879 $ 7,584,333 Total Liabilities $ 1,044,323 $ 8,707,136 Net Assets Unrestricted Net Assets $ 9,480,436 $ 15,465,627 Restricted Net Assets $ 3,830,619 $ 3,830,619 Total Net Assets $ 13,311,055 $ 19,296,245 Total Liabilities & Net Assets $ 14,355,378 $ 28,003,382 Statement of Financial Position As of December 31, 2020 and 2021 WITHOUT DONOR RESTRICTIONS WITH DONOR RESTRICTIONS TOTAL 2021 SUPPORT AND REVENUE $ 1,411,448 $ 9,767,875 $ 11,179,324 Less: Cost of special events $ 1,756,500 $ – $ 1,76,500 Special events, net $ –Contributions $ 5,810,997 $ – $ 5,810,997 Interest and other income $ – $ – $ –Net assets released from restrictions $ –Total support and revenue $ 7,222,445 $ 9,767,875 $ 16,990,320 Programs & Research Communications $ – $ 9,767,875 $ 9,767,875 EXPENSES Total program services $ – $ 4,903,268 $ 4,903,268 Fundraising $ – $ 1,130,103 $ 1,130,103 General and administrative $ 1,699,577 $ – $
Total supporting services $ 3,214,600 $ – $ 3,214,600 Total expenses $ 4,914,177 $ 6,033,371 $ 10,947,48 Change in net assets $ 2,308,268 $ 3,734,504 $ 6,042,772 Net assets, beginning of year $ 9,407,301 $
Net assets, end of year $ 11,715,569 $
Ended December 31, 2021 Highlights

Board of Directors

CHAIR Ms. Lori Billingsley

The Coca-Cola Company

VICE CHAIR Rep. Terri A. Sewell

U.S. House of Representatives

SECRETARY Mr. Earle Jones


Ms. Janice Bryant Howroyd

ACT-1 Group

Ms. Pamela G. Alexander

Ford Motor Company Fund

Rep. Colin Allred U.S. House of Representatives

Ms. Chloe Barzey Accenture

Ms. Aisha Bowe


Mr. Kevin Brown Dell, Inc.

Natalie Brunson-Wheeler, CPCU, ChFc, CLU, FLMI

State Farm Insurance Companies

Rep. Dwight Evans U.S. House of Representatives

Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Jr. Harvard University

Mr. Markus Green Pfizer Inc. Mr. Fred Humphries


Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee U.S. House of Representatives

Mr. Lonnie L. Johnson

Exxon Mobil Corporation, Retired Ms. Tammy Jones

Basis Investment Group

Rep. Robin Kelly U.S. House of Representatives

Rep. Brenda Lawrence U.S. House of Representatives

Dr. Keith Magee

University College London

Rep. A. Donald McEachin U.S. House of Representatives

Dr. Troy L. Nash Newmark Grubb Zimmer

Mr. Steve Pemberton

Work Human

Ms. Lisa Osborne Ross


Ms. Julia Simon

Mary Kay Inc.

Mr. Sean Suggs

Toyota Motor North America, Inc.

Mr. Jesse Tyson

The National Black MBA Association, Past President

Mr. Rondu Vincent Bristol Myers Squibb



Rep. Joyce Beatty U.S. House of Representatives


Empire Consulting Group

CBC SPOUSES CHAIRPERSON Mrs. Dianne Cleaver DIRECTOR EMERITUS Former Congressman Kendrick Meek

2021 Corporate Advisory Council


Chaka T. Burgess

Empire Consulting Group

LaKeitha Anderson Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck, LLP

Rontel Batie Batie Consulting

Zafar Brooks Infoblox

Engel Burns AveXis Karen S. Carter DOW Regina K. Dillard

State Farm Insurance Companies, Retired Micaela Fernandez Allen

Open Society Foundations

R. Fenimore Fisher

DLA Piper

Isaac Fordjour Boston Scientific

Karis T. Gutter

Corteva Agriscience

E. Monique Hall

Chanelle Hardy Google

Robert Harris Apple

Alethia Jackson, Esq. Walgreen Co. Erica Johnson Diageo Michone T. Johnson Verizon Mervyn L. Jones MLJ Strategies

Jeanine Liburd BET Networks Marie Long AT&T

Ramon O. Looby Maryland Bankers Association

John Mason Altria Keith W. McCoy

Exxon Mobil Corporation

Waldo McMillan

Charter Communications

Katelyn Jackson Nnake

The Coca-Cola Company

Jesse Price TikTok Chris Randel Facebook

Nichole Francis Reynolds ServiceNow

Dontai Smalls

UPS Nigel Stephens Infor Yolanda Stradford Bank of America Dana J. Thompson Fulcrum Public Affairs

Darrel Thompson The Group

Kenny Thompson PepsiCo

Phillip Thomas-Wallace Walmart

Shawna Watley Holland & Knight, LLP

Brandon Webb Amazon Hilary West

JP Morgan Chase & Co.

Tiffany Williams

The Daschle Group

Cherie Wilson

Delta Airlines

2021 CBCF Staff

Renata Allen

Director, Strategic Events

Solomn Ayalew

Senior Program Manager, NREI

Cenetta Baker Development Coordinator

Thelma Barnett Development Officer

Victoria Brown

Graphic Designer Muriel Cooper

Senior Manager, Relationship Development & Stakeholder Engagment

Tayhler Davis

Senior Manager, Strategic Events Paul Dumars


Donna Fisher-Lewis

Senior Vice President Candace Goggans Director, Strategic Events

Tory Hairston Vice President, MarCom

Courtland James

Senior Coordinator, Leadeship Institute

Akailah Jenkins McIntyre Director, Leadership Institute

Patrice Johnson Vice President, CPAR

Jessica Josey

Digital Specia list

Leletha Marshall

Director, Resource Development

Nadia Monroe Director, Operations

Olajumoke Obayanju Director, NREI

Desiree Solomon

Research Program Analyst Erica Southerland Director, MarCom

Brenda Tucker

Receptionist James Turner Staff Accountant

Will Turner

Director, Leadership Institute

Tonya Veasey President & CEO

Andrias White Murdaugh

Vice President, Strategic Events

Adarian Williams

Senior Manager, Member Relations

Candice Willmore Director, Human Resources

Tamikia Wims

Program Coordinator, Scholarships


Thank you, Donors

$1,000,000 - $3,000,000

Amazon Philip Morris International

The Tracking Foundation

Truist Financial Corporation

$400,000 - $699,999

State Farm Insurance Companies

$100,000 - $399,999


American Petroleum Institute Apple, Inc.

Bank of America Corporation

Baxter Healthcare Corporation

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Biogen, Inc.

Boston Scientific Corporation

Bristol-Myers Squibb Company

Casey Family Programs

Comcast NBCUniversal ConocoPhillips

Dominion Resources Services, Inc.

Dow Chemical Company

Exxon Mobil Corporation Fifth Third Bank

General Motors Corporation

Google, Inc

Johnson & Johnson

JP Morgan Chase

LA Healthcare


McDonald’s Corporation Microsoft Corporation Novo Nordisk

PepsiCo Foundation, Inc. Procter & Gamble Company

Prudential Shell Oil Company Southern Company

The Coca-Cola Company Toyota Motor Sales United Health Foundation Vertex Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Walmart $50,000 - $99,999 3M Company

Ally Financial AMC Networks American Federation of Teachers Bayer U.S. LLC Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association BP America, Inc.

Charter Communications, Inc.

Corteva Agriscience Dell, Inc.

Edison International Eli Lilly and Company

FedEx Corporation Genentech, Inc

Horizon Therapeutics

JUUL Labs Lyft MasterCard

NAREIT Foundation

National Education


Pacific Gas and Electric Company

Radio One and TV One

Reynolds American, Inc.

Starbucks Corporation

TD Charitable Foundation

T-Mobile USA, Inc.

United Health Group

Verizon Communications Visa Inc. Walgreens Company Walton Family Foundation

Warner Music Group

$20,000 - $49,999

AARP AFSCME Airbnb American Association for Justice American Express, Inc. American Investment Council

Amgen, Inc

AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals LP Benevity

Best Buy Co. Inc.

California Teacher’s Association

Canopy Growth USA, LLC Cargill, Inc.

CEO Action for Racial Equity Fellowship Chevron

Duke Energy Corporation

Ferring Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Fresenius Medical Care

General Dynamics Hewlett Packard Home Depot

Hyundai Motor America Kia Motors America Laborer’s International Union of North America

Liberty Media Local Initiatives Support Corporation Lockheed Martin

MGM Resorts International Mylan Pharmaceuticals Company National Association of Broadcasters National Medical Association Natural Resources and Defense Council Nike, Inc. Norfolk Southern Corporation Novartis Corporation Oprah Winfrey Network PepsiCo Pfizer, Inc. PWC Sanofi-Aventis Pharmaceuticals Service Employees International Union Siemens Corporation Sirius XM Starz

Target Corporation

Tyson Foods, Inc. Union Pacific Corporation

Universal Music Group

UPS Viatris Weedmaps Williams

$5,000 - $19,999

Academic Partnerships Accenture

ACE USA Adtalem AFLAC, Inc.

AFL-CIO American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, Inc. American Postal Workers Union AmeriHealth Caritas Ann Myers Ardelyx Aurinia Pharmaceuticals BMS Matching Gift Program Brett Hart Business Roundtable Center for Responsible Lending Chloe Barzey Chubb Corporation CSX

Delta Air Lines

Delta Research & Educational Foundation Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Doordash

Earle Jones

Emily’s List Federal Fund Everytown for Gun Safety Federal Home Loan Bank of San Francisco

Healthcare Distribution Management Association Heineken USA, Inc.

iHeartMedia Islamic Relief USA LEIDOS Lisa O. Ross

Lori Billingsley Markus Green Mary Kay Cosmetics

Moody’s Investors Service

NARAL Olivia Walker Options Clearing Corporation Pharmaceutical Research And Manufacturers Of America Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP Quest Diagnostics Incorporated Rutherford & Associates Sacramento Black Chamber of Commerce Sean Suggs Sigma Pi Phi Tammy Jones

The Executive Leadership Council

The Links, Inc

The Nielsen Company

The Walt Disney Company United Auto Workers International Union

US TEAP Warner Bros. Discovery Workday

Lifting Up, Leading Forward

2021 cbcfincorg
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