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Term 4, Week 3


Friday 1 November, 2013

The Year 12 Liturgy

Farewell Mrs Zubreckyj 2014

From The Principal Dear Parents, Friends and Caregivers,

Our Lady of La Vung Last Sunday I attended the opening of SA Catholic Education’s newest school Our Lady of La Vang which serves children with special needs. It was Archbishop Philip Wilson’s dream to dedicate the school to Our Lady of La Vang (Vietnamese: Đức Mẹ La Vang). The Shrine of our Lady of La Vang (Basilica of Our Lady of La Vang) located in Hai Lang District of Quang Tri Province in Central Vietnam honours the presence of Our Lady who appeared there when Catholics were persecuted in Vietnam.

I write to announce that Assistant Principal of the Junior Campus Frances Zubreckyj has accepted a leadership position at St Peter’s College Adelaide for 2014. Mrs Caroline Clarke will be Acting Assistant Principal of the Junior Campus until a suitable replacement has been appointed. Mrs Zubreckyj began her career at CBC in 2009 as Year 9 Coordinator and then in 2010 as Assistant Principal Junior Campus. In 2011 she led the Junior Campus during an exciting but challenging time as we completed construction of the new Junior Campus. Both Mrs Zubreckyj’s leadership and the new Junior Campus facility symbolise the innovative, inspirational and dynamic nature of CBC early education. I sincerely thank Mrs Zubreckyj for her leadership, enthusiasm and loyalty to CBC. I know she will be deeply missed by the CBC community and in particular her colleagues in leadership and the staff and students she served. On behalf of CBC Board Chairman Mr Chris Block we congratulate and offer every blessing to Mrs Zubreckyj and her family for the exciting future ahead.

Appointment of Mrs Melanie Garland Congratulations to Mrs Melanie Garland who has been re-appointed as Director of the CBC Community Children’s Centre. Melanie returns to the role of Director after serving as area manager of early learning centres in SA. Sincere thanks to Acting Director Mrs Robyn Gleed and Assistant Donata Domaracki for their outstanding leadership during the time of Melanie’s leave from the Centre.

CBC events in brief this week • The R-4 School Sports day on Monday was a huge success and it was thrilling to see just how hard our students tried to give of their best on the day. Thank you to Mr Langley, Mr Schar, and Maintenance staff Mr Williams, Mr Beinke and Mr Borrillo for organising the event. Thanks also to Junior Campus staff and students who participated and our parents and grandparents who attended the event. • Thank you to Mrs Williams who organised the student and parent Year 6 2013 Canberra Tour Photo Evening on Tuesday night. • Our Senior Campus library hosted the SA Children’s Book Council AGM on Monday in the library.

Justice and Solidarity

We are committed to justice and peace for all, grounded in a spirituality of action and reflection that calls us to stand in solidarity with those who are marginalised and the Earth itself.

Faith Excellence Community Compassion

Counsellor’s Corner No Easy Solution for Parents and Children Nothing is more painful for parents today than the rejection or disinterest by their older children in church, religion, worship and all outward expressions of faith. This phenomenon is everywhere. There are two things to remember, two sobering facts of spiritual life. One is that no human being can give faith to another no matter how much loved. All that we can do is present as far as possible God’s invitation to faith in an attractive and genuine way. The response is personal and unique and not ours to dictate or meddle in. The other fact is that spiritual development is lifelong and growth toward faith can take a lifetime. There may be necessary experiences of living and suffering through which a person has to pass before he or she is free to respond to God. If God is prepared to take a lifetime getting in touch with someone, it is not for us to become depressed or angry or guilty because a son or daughter (or even a husband or wife) show little sign of spiritual awareness for many years. Children aren’t solely products of their parents; they are unique individuals with aspirations and faults of their own. Each one has his or her own private pilgrimage to make. Parents can assist: they cannot conduct it or guarantee the outcome. Br. Michael Flaherty Counsellor

• Students in Marks House collected $787.00 in support of young people living with cancer as part of Bandana Day last Friday. One interesting statistic was that the only unsold bandanas were 20 pink ones!

The SA Team will compete in Townsville from 6 -- 9 December with CBC representatives Brian Wilson (200m and relay), Louis Bendo and Pelle Biancardi (relay).

• Approximately 500 Year 8 – 10 students enjoyed the talents of DJ Jono in the Gym. The mild weather kept the climate cool whilst the boys and girls jumped, danced and mingled on the dance floor.

Blessed Lady of Lavang be my mother and comfort me, especially in times of trial and unhappiness. Enter my heart and stay with me wherever I may go. Grant that one day, through you, I may find rest and peace in my Father’s house. Amen.

• Year 9 Duke of Edinburgh Camps took place this week. • Congratulations to our Year 7 students who won the SA Walla Rugby Union Plate.

Concluding Prayer

Source: Prayer

Sports News Congratulations to the following students who achieved amazing success in the state athletic championships held last weekend at Santos Stadium. • Brian Wilson - 2nd under 18 100m time 11.41.

Mr Noel Mifsud Principal

• Brian Wilson - 1st under 18 200m time 22.27 which is under the national qualifying standard. • Pelle Biancardi - 3rd under 18 100m. • Louis Bendo - 2nd under 14 100m. • Louis Bendo - 3rd under 14 200m. • Bennet Reisenger - 3rd under 16 pole vault.

Year 11 Chemistry – Environmental excursion The Year 11 Chemistry students have recently been studying a unit on Environmental Chemistry, incorporating topics such as the water cycle, wastewater treatment, acid rain, the atmosphere and global warming. To consolidate this knowledge, the two classes journeyed through the Adelaide Hills to visit three main sites: the Cherryville bushfire region, the old Brukunga pyrites mine and the Mt Barker Council’s wastewater treatment plant. Along the way we took samples of water from around these three sites, as well as from the Onkaparinga River, for testing back in the school laboratory. We were able to do tests for pH and turbidity in the field, as well as making observations of the local environment from which the water was sampled. Recognition to senior Chemistry teacher Mr Michael Lucas for organising the site visits, driving the bus and his expert knowledge of the Adelaide Hills roads. Special thanks also to lab technician Mr Adonis Andonopoulos for organising all of our testing apparatus. The excursion had the students reflecting on their impact on the environment and changes they could make to reduce their footprint. In addition to testing water quality, we were able to test the quality of some of the products from the bakeries in the region.

Made in the Image of God (MITIOG) MITIOG is a mandated Human Sexuality Program for students in Catholic Schools. It is comprised of four strands: Being Human, Being Sexual, Being Connected and Being Moral. As a requirement for covering topics within the Being Sexual Strand of MITIOG, parents are invited to attend a consultation session to be held in the College Library at 5.00pm on Tuesday 5 November. If you are unable to attend but would like to discuss the program, you are welcome to contact me (as the Key Teacher for MITIOG), Rory Harris (Religious Education Faculty Coordinator) or Br Barry Donaghue (Assistant Principal for Religious Identity and Mission) at the College. Mr Matthew Crisanti MITIOG Key Teacher



Mr Thomas McLean Chemistry teacher

fluency is to have students read aloud to a partner. This procedure works best when students are taught some techniques for giving feedback and managing their time, and when the partners have been selected by the teacher.

From The Deputy Principal Developing Our Students Reading Skills Through Fluency Last week students in Year 3, 5, 7 and 9 received their NAPLAN results for 2013. NAPLAN provides a measure of your son’s numeracy and literacy ability in comparison to both state and national benchmarks. Research over the past two decades has identified repeated reading as the key strategy for improving students’ fluency skills (NICHD, 2000). Repeated reading has two essential elements: 1) Giving students the opportunity to read and then re-read the same text, and 2) having students practise their reading orally with an opportunity to receive corrections and guidance (if necessary). Research has also determined that having students read aloud along with a model of well-paced, expressive reading and receiving specific feedback through systematic progress monitoring also helps improve students’ fluency skills. How we develop your son’s fluency in reading will depend on where they are as readers, whether they are just beginning to read, have learned to read and are making adequate progress, or are struggling. Because accuracy is a fundamental component of fluency, teachers at the early years spend a significant amount of instructional time on basic word recognition and word analysis skills. This includes daily opportunities for students to learn to read words accurately without a pressure on speed. As their confidence grows with basic decoding of words, the speed of reading can increase. It is important for parents to frequently model fluent reading, demonstrating (and sometimes explicitly pointing out) how accurate reading can be done at a reasonable rate and with good phrasing, intonation, and expression. As students move through primary school their reading can be assisted by choral reading, and cloze reading, which is similar to choral reading, except that the teacher does most of the oral reading while the students read along silently. Another method for improving

Research in literature has shown that students who struggle in reading need to have some intervention. Interventions must combine the modelling, repeated reading, and feedback. Regular experiences of reading do improve a student’s fluency, whether they are in primary or secondary school. By keeping running records of your son’s reading ability teachers can measure both their fluency and development of reading skills. Further studies have also found the importance of developing a strong link between fluency and comprehension. The ability to read text accurately, at a reasonable rate, and with appropriate expression and phrasing is certainly a key factor in being able to understand what has been read and to enjoy the process of reading. Nonetheless, fluency is only one of the key components of reading. We need to also ensure that students are understanding what they read and at the same time increasing their vocabulary. Therefore we need to measure not just the fluency of their reading but also their comprehension. This can be done by asking questions on a chapter or a book they have read. There is still great debate on various practices that increase the fluency of reading. However, it is generally recognised by researchers that high-frequency sight words is an essential element of fluent reading. Researchers continue to explore whether or not having students practise reading word lists or passages is the more efficient way to develop this automaticity. We also know it is important for students to have the ability to instantaneously recognise words. Likewise, we know that repeated reading of a single passage is highly effective, but it is not clear whether or not a set of passages on a single topic that has been carefully written with a large number of repeated words could be equally or even more effective. As parents and teachers we need to continue to provide opportunities for your sons to develop their ability to read, irrespective of whether they are in primary or secondary school. Students need to use opportunities to read whether this be reading comics, newspapers, big books, shopping lists, magazines, etc. The more we allow our students to read and reread, and the feedback we give them on their reading ability will assist them to develop their reading fluency. Mr Shaun Clarke Deputy Principal

2013 School calendar Week 4 Mon 4 Nov

English Studies – 9:00 am Year 9 DOE Camp - Group B Course Counselling (Year 11) Pre-School teacher visits

Tues 5 Nov

Italian Continuers – 9:00 am Year 9 DOE Camp - Group B Pre-School teacher visits

Wed 6 Nov

Physical Education – 9:00 am ESL Studies – 1:30 pm Year 9 DOE Camp - Group B Course Counselling (Year 11) Pre-School teacher visits WSA Meeting

Thurs 7 Nov

Maths Apps – 9:00 am Maths Studies – 1:30 pm Vietnam Pilgrims Leave Course Counselling (Year 11) Year 9 DOE Camp - Group B O’Brien – Middle School McHappy Day

Fri 8 Nov

Psychology – 9:00 am Interhouse Dodgeball Competition Final Volunteer thank you morning tea 11.00am O’Brien – Senior School McHappy Day JC Sports Assembly (R – 6) Middle School Music Concert – (6.30 – 8.00pm)

Mon 11 Nov

Remembrance Day PATR Testing Week Biology – 9:00 am Course Counselling (Year 11) Evening with the Elite – Year 7

Tues 12 Nov

Principal’s Tours (JC) Pre-School teacher visits Evening with the Elite – Year 7 Physics – 1:30 pm

Wed 13 Nov

Principal’s Tours (SC) Evening with the Elite – Year 7

Week 5

Thurs 14 Nov Information Evening – Reception Parents Chemistry – 9:00 am Year 10/11 Drama – Snow White and the Seven Dorks 6.00pm

O’Brien House Charity Drive – McHappy Day at CBC The focus charity for O’Brien House is Ronald McDonald House (RMH). RMH caters for sick children and their families by providing accommodation for families that must otherwise travel vast distances, leaving their jobs and lives behind to be close to their sick child or sibling when they are in hospital. RMH charities also include assisting in education costs through the Ronald McDonald Learning Program. Our aim is to raise the $5000 required to educate a child for one year. The major fundraising drive for RMH is McHappy Day, which is held on Saturday 9/11/13 this year. On this day, $2 from every Big Mac purchased from a McDonalds restaurant goes directly to RMH. I have negotiated with McDonalds’ management to have McHappy Day at CBC. To cater for the predicted high demand, two city McDonalds outlets will produce Quarter

Pounders for students on pre-order. Students will need to pay $5 in advance, and the Quarter Pounders will be delivered fresh and hot on Thursday 7/11/13 for Middle School students and Friday 8/11/13 for Senior School students. For this CBC drive, Quarter Pounders are replacing Big Macs as McDonalds believes they will better maintain their quality and integrity over the duration of transport. O’Brien students are spruiking and taking pre-orders in the lead up to the McHappy Days. Your support for this worthwhile charity drive will be greatly appreciated. Mr Matthew Crisanti Head of O’Brien House



Children’s Book Council AGM at CBC This week the Senior Library hosted the Annual General Meeting of the Children’s Book Council of Australia (SA Branch). This was a wonderful opportunity to meet and talk with people that are passionate and involved in children’s literature in South Australia. All members of the committee are volunteers and do a wonderful job giving of their time and energy to engage the community with literature for young Australians. I also had the privilege to listen to two talented South Australians; book illustrator Andrew Joyner and author Kristen Weidenbach. Andrew‘s presentation was entertaining as he self-effacingly pointed out the mistakes he has made over the years as an illustrator, with amusing visuals to highlight his comical errors. He has since had a successful career and his recent illustrations can be seen in the picture book Too many elephants in

the house written by popular author Ursula Dubosarsky. The second guest speaker, Kristen Weidenbach, wrote the books The story of Tom Kruse: mailman of the Birdsville track and Rock Star: the story of Reg Sprigg – an outback legend. Kristen also recently won the Eve Pownall Award for Information Book of the Year 2013 with the picture book Tom the outback mailman. Kristen outlined her previous career as a forensic scientist and the seven years she spent in America at Stanford University as a science writer, and the subsequent pathway she has taken to become a writer of non-fiction books. If you’re interested in reading about Andrew’s and Kristen’s books or careers, more information can be found from their websites. Happy reading! Ms Sandra Mason Head Librarian

CBC WaterSports Auxiliary

Quiz Night

Paul McGuire Library

Bring your friends or come along and join a table. A great fun, casual night for the entire family.

Saturday 23 NOVEMBER 6.30pm CBC Gymnasium BYO Picnic Supper. Drinks will be available for purchase. 6.30pm for 7.00pm start. $10 per ticket (tables of 10) Tickets available from the CBC Finance Office Further details contact Mirella Kakogianis on 0438 815 061



Outdoor Education: Bushwalking Camp at Mt Remarkable During Week 2 Term 4, the Outdoor Education class embarked on a three-day bushwalking trip to Mount Remarkable. Seven students and two teachers departed school excitedly on an adventure in which friendships were fostered, relationships between teacher and student were strengthened and most importantly, a great respect for the environment and its natural fauna and flora was promoted and cultivated. We gained a great admiration for the indigenous people of the area and how in past times they would have survived in this South Australian terrain. It was an experience and adventure with many positive and awesome moments that have enriched the lives of each participant. It’s not every day that school involves a survival camp in which you walk 30 kilometres over three days along flat and hilly terrain, through creeks or a 250m climb, coming to rest at the end of each day by taking off your heavy backpack, setting up your own tent-site and then cooking your own meals. It’s not every day that school means you experience walking alongside curious kangaroos, inquisitive emus, twittering birdlife or even meet the fire patrol while enjoying the bright sunshine on your face or back. It’s not every day where you have to carry your life on your back.

During the camp we, the Year 11s, were challenged to read maps, use compasses, visually find a landmark by which to locate ourselves on the map, set a target location and in pairs arrive by the allocated time. Yes, our feet hurt! Yes, our backs hurt! Yes, there were times we struggled as we walked and climbed! But in the end we will remember our achievements, the sights, the experiences, the enjoyment of friendships formed and know that we had accomplished our task. We have great photos but they will never reflect the true depth of the experience we shared. This accomplishment would not have been possible without the teachers who helped plan, organise and teach us along the way. All the boys are greatly indebted to and would like to thank Mr McMahon and Mr Gora. Dylan Armstrong Year 11 BJAB



Philippines Piligrimage



It was a fine crisp cool morning when we left Adelaide. Spirits were high and there was a great sense of excitement and adventure. Landing at Singapore’s Changi Airport quickly introduced us to the tropical weather. We had some challenges on the first night with a lost passport which was recovered in time for the flight out to Manila the next morning. We stayed at the Shalom Centre, a half-way house to further acclimatise to the local conditions. From there we flew out to the island of Negros landing at Bacolod Airport. The flight was delayed due to the twin typhoons that hit northern Luzon and also caused the plane to circle before we could land. This was followed by a three-hour bus ride to Batang to meet our Filipino buddies (both for the teachers and students). Twelve students and teachers went separate ways to their respective schools (Rory Harris and his group to St Ramon School in Su-ay and Gary Jalleh’s group to St Blas Academy at Payao). Both groups reported that the welcome from the school community was extraordinarily friendly. We joined in all school activities and liturgical celebrations. Other highlights were presenting video to all classes in the schools about various aspects of Australian life and trekking through the countryside to visit the Filipino buddies’ homes and families. We all felt that this was a true immersion in community life. One of the last things we did in Negros was for both groups to come back together with our buddies at a motel complex called Zaycoland. It was here that we also worked with the deaf community of students from Anawin. We all left our buddies with heavy hearts and very fond memories. Back in Manila, we had another long drive to meet our foster families at the parish of Santo Nino in Bagong Silang. We lived with 12 families from the parish organised by Fr Roel. This was a different type of immersion but no less significant. In the following days we visited Boys’ Town and Girls’ Town, which were both orphanages for teenagers, and interacted with the residents there. This was followed by a very challenging visit to Foundling Home

which catered for orphans aged between 3 and 6 years. After this sombre experience we were uplifted by the fantastic song and dance presentation by the Aged Care facility residents. The next day was a visit to talk to a priest at the dump at Payatas followed by a whole day out visiting the Kuya Centre for the street kids and going out to the streets to meet them. It was a very humbling experience where games were played, and first aid administered by two members of our team. We flew back to Singapore after a very emotional send off by our families at the parish. The two days in Singapore gave us time to recharge our batteries, complete journals and reflect on what was an incredible journey. It was a journey for all of us to make a stranger a friend through a story of ourselves and listen to that of the other. It was a journey of individual challenges that questioned many of our values as it was also one that prompted many students to put reflection into action in the future. We shared some wonderful times together as well and bonded tenaciously together as a group as a result of our shared common experiences. I am extremely grateful to have Mr Rory Harris on this our second immersion to the Philippines. His humour, words of wisdom, vast knowledge, being attuned with the culture and his expression of “enjoy every experience” collectively helped us on this journey. I am privileged to be part of this team and they will always be special in my private place. I take my leave and let the pilgrims and pictures share our story. Mr Gary Jalleh On behalf of Rory Harris, Calum Philp, Manuel Retsas-Castillo, Tyler Yeadon, Hamish Richardson, Darcy Thompson-Bagshaw, Michael Petrilli, Elliot Woolaston, Christopher Skelton, Owen Hvalica and Luke Wolianskyj.



My Year 12 Reflection A speech by Hayden Niscioli, spoken at the Year 12 Liturgy Good morning staff, students, family members, and my fellow Year 12 cohort. As today marks the last time we as a whole Year 12 cohort will walk out the CBC gates, – it is both a time of celebration and reflection. Celebration of the past, present and our future, as we are thankful that CBC has provided us with the tools to continue to grow from our adolescents on our journey to mature adults. With this brings a time where we can reflect on how much CBC has provided us. I think all the Year 12s present today will agree with me in saying that over the years at CBC we have been guided and supported by the college values which have challenged us to become who we are today. That is, educated of the future. Educated not only in academics, but in what it truly means to be a man. As I reflect on the year past, one memory stands out above all others. I have no idea why this particular memory is so predominate, but it is just one of those things which have stuck with me all year. Back in the beginning of the year, one of my first roles as College Captain was to attend the EREA Captains’ Retreat. This year it was held in Sydney, with all the school captains from every EREA school across Australia and New Zealand present. Throughout the retreat, each captain got a chance to talk to the group about different aspects of their college. I remember one of the captains from New South Wales talking about his college, and he was telling us about a saying which is emblazoned around his school. It was rather simple, and all it said was “Be a man for others”. I have no idea why I have thought about this one saying so much, but I know that despite attending another school almost on the other side of the country, this saying almost perfectly describes every single student within this college.


My life at CBC could be described as adventurous. With our year being the first year level selected to embark on the Indigenous Immersion to Pt Augusta, the memories and experiences I personally took away from that immersion are hard to beat. In saying that, nothing will ever replace my experience of taking part in the Vietnam pilgrimage last year. By far, this pilgrimage is my favourite memory of CBC, and I am forever thankful for the staff who put hundreds of hours into the organisation of this event. Over the two weeks spent in Vietnam I was challenged, both emotionally and physically. I had to learn many new skills. I became friends INSIGHT

with some of the most amazing people, and I was given the opportunity to understand how much we truly take for granted. I would be lying through my teeth if I said I wasn’t a little bit jealous of the Year 11s who are leaving for Vietnam in a few weeks. One thing which is universal among all my memories of CBC are the teachers. They have all been there to not only teach us, but to mentor us through life. The relationship the students at this college can form with their teachers is a very special relationship; one which I’m sure will be missed in future years. I would especially like to thank every Year 12 teacher. The love and support you show towards your work and your students is tremendous, and I’m sure none of the Year 12s would be where we are today without your support. I would like to thank Mr Misfud, Mr Clarke, Mr Hamilton and all the Heads of Houses for guiding and mentoring myself, and the senior leadership team throughout this year. On that, I thank the members of the senior leadership group this year, for constantly committing your time and effort into this college. You have served your College and peers well. I thank our families, especially those of the Year 12 students, for supporting us through our schooling lives. For always ensuring we have a packed lunch, money for the bus, and a clean uniform. Lastly, I thank my Year 12 peers. You have made CBC the place it is. You are mates, and the memories and experiences we have shared together will never be forgotten. Thank you for being the best bunch of guys I have ever met. I wish the departing pilgrims all the best and I pray that you have a safe journey. I wish every student the very best for the remainder of the year and every success in your exams and the future ahead, wherever it may lead you. I wish the parents of the Year 12s good luck in dealing with the enormous amount of stress for the weeks ahead. Now that we have practically finish school, I can say that we have been through it all and have come out as better men. We are truly united in spirit and have ignited our future. Thank you.



this tournament. Congratulations to all students who participated and to Mr Cook and Mr Absolon for their fantastic coaching.

Assistant Principal - Junior Campus Dear Parents, Caregivers and Friends, How exciting it was to see all the R-4 students in their house tops in readiness for sports day on the oval last Monday 28/10/13. This year we thought we would trial R-4 and 5-12 sports days, as we have grown in size considerably over the past few years and our little ones tended to be lost in the Senior Campus program.

At the end of Term 3 Louis Derigo in Year 6 was selected to participate in the State Skillaroo soccer mentoring program. This is an enormous achievement and we are incredibly proud of his selection. Watch this space – We may have our very own CBC Socceroo down the track! Ben Rosiak in Year 3 competed in the Australian National Equestrian Vaulting Championships in Sydney. Ben competed individually and as part of a team. He is currently ranked 7th in the world in his age group. Ben hopes to represent Australia in the future. We congratulate Ben on his tremendous achievement. Daniel Bressen in Year 6 was selected to be part of the U12 Futsal Indoor Soccer State team. In January he will be representing South Australia in the National Futsal Indoor Soccer Championships in Canberra. Another Star in the making!

It was wonderful to see so many parents; the day certainly had a carnival and true community feel to the event.

Mrs Yeo in Reception also shared a significant sporting achievement with the boys at last week’s assembly. During the first week of term Mrs Yeo competed in the Masters Games in table tennis, winning gold, silver and two bronze medals. The competition was held over 3 days. Congratulations Mrs Yeo and thank you for sharing your success with the boys.

I would also like to thank our groundsman, Mr Michael Williams (Willy), for his help and support for this event. I would be most interested to receive any constructive feedback from you as we start planning for 2014. Found on the oval after sports day was a gold loop earring. Please see Mrs Yeo in Reception.

Her achievement sends a fine message to everyone-that you can accomplish anything you put your mind to; all it takes is patience and determination. It doesn’t matter who you are, you can do whatever inspires you and you can do anything that you set your mind and heart to do.

This week our new counsellor Ms Fiona Dunstan joins us from Blackfriars. Fiona will be working Monday, Wednesday and Friday exclusively at the Junior Campus. Please make sure you introduce yourself to her in the next few weeks.

When dropping your children at school, please be very aware of cars parking. Please do not walk behind a reversing car as the driver cannot always see you. We had a very near miss at school on Tuesday. Please ensure you are alert and aware.

Last week Mr Cook and Mr Absolon (SC) organised a Rugby Tournament for selected students in Years 6 and 7. Our very own Akok Machar and Dylan Simpson, Year 6 students, came home taking out medals in

Wishing you God’s blessings for the week ahead.

Mr Langley worked incredibly hard, ably assisted by Mr Buttfield, to develop a very active program.



Mrs Frances Zubreckyj Assistant Principal - Junior Campus

Term 4, Week 3 Reception Purple Jesse Kinsley Year 1 Purple

Lucas Botsos

Year 1 White

Ethan Barber

Year 2 Purple

Lachlan Pace

Year 2 White

Manveer Chauhan

Year 3 Purple

Anthony Vlassopoulos

Year 3 White

Thomas Newton

Year 4 White

Matthew Adams Thomas Brooks

Year 5 Purple

Carmine Caruso Kris Pantelios Alec Burns

Year 5 White

Tom Mascolo Will Goldsmith

Year 6 Gold

Liam Mead-Carnie

Year 6 Purple

Campbell Hillock Daniel Gabrielli Michael Izzo

Year 6 White

Daniel Bressan Oliver Hoptroff


Louis Kerk

• Make the information you revise visual where possible. Use diagrams, colour, make things big, make models, pictures, put information on posters, use visual stories.

From the Counselling Team How to Help Teens Revise Effectively In the last semester of the year, I speak to thousands of Year 11 and 12 students in Australia about effective revision technique. Here is some of the material I present. Students should start revising for five minutes every day from now on. This might happen at the start of homework or study time, during the ‘ads’ on TV or while waiting at the bus stop. Spending five minutes per day going over something learnt last week will save hours of revision time overall because when tests and exams arrive most of the information will already be familiar. I also suggest to students the following key points: When you revise, you need to WAKE YOUR BRAIN UP. No more limply reading over notes so that you can’t remember what you read at the end of the page. Revision should take a fair bit of mental effort. If you are zoning out while you revise, it’s not working. Here are some ways to revise effectively:

BADMINTON Open C2 Badminton Nazareth 8 defeated CBC 4 CBC players gave it their best as always, but found that the Nazareth players were able to get those extra few points which enabled them to win sets. Congratulations to all boys on their sportsmanship. This week James Rojas and John Neindorf won their doubles; Riley White and John Neindorf won their singles. Michael Tran won his singles in a tightly fought 3-setter 17/21, 24/22, 21/18. Well played everyone! Mrs Anna Memma Coach

Year 8/9 Badminton CBC defeated St Ignatius Well done to the boys as they had a good comeback from last week’s loss. This week they won losing only 2 games to St Ignatius – one in the singles and one in the doubles. I congratulate the boys as we had four players missing and they still managed to keep their stamina. Well done to all the boys. Ms Ana Hernandez Coach

BASKETBALL Year 7 Blue Basketball CBC 35 defeated Goodwood 31 The year seven Blue basketball team played a challenging contest against Goodwood last Monday. We only had

• Make the information you revise connected to other information you already know. Organise information into groups or categories, find out how information is related to other school subjects, find out how it is related to what you learnt previously. Make information connected to things in real life, connect information to words you know about. • Make the information you revise provoke emotion. Use humour, make up jokes about your work, connect concepts to sexy things, shocking things, scary things. Make up a song about ideas. Imagine the emotional impact of concepts. • Constantly test yourself as you revise. Make up cards or revision books that simply consist of sample questions/answers and use spare minutes in the day to test yourself. • Don’t just read over or write out notes. If you are reading over notes; READ ACTIVELY - read, cover, speak the info out loud from memory, check if you were right. If you are writing out notes; WRITE ACTIVELY - write, cover, speak the info out loud from memory, check. Parents can be a huge help to revising students. A couple of suggestions for parents are: Spend time interviewing the student about what they are learning. One of the best methods to cement material in our minds is to actually teach somebody else. If your five players and had to play much of the first half with four players due to a minor injury. CBC fought hard to tie the game at the half way mark. We fell behind by seven midway through the second half but fought back to win by four. Top scorers were Ryan Pool, Lewis D’Antonio and John Kleeman. Great hustle by all players including Billy Wong and Michael Kim, which created the opportunity for a tough victory. Ms Kay Oliphant Coach

Year 7 Yellow Basketball CBC 43 defeated Cabra 39 CBC played Cabra Black in an exciting, fast-moving and high-scoring game this week. Congratulations to Rai Joudzems, Liam Best, Ethan Scriven and Ryan Pool for some excellent goal shooting, Logan Griffin who played a great game with an injured leg, and Jacob Mercorella who played his first game with the team. The score was close all the way with CBC just ahead at half time. However, with some fantastic ‘three-pointers’, the final score was CBC 43 and Cabra 39. Well played, boys. Thank you to Lachlan Grant-Allen who is assisting with coaching the team. Mrs Pauline Magrin Coach

CRICKET First XI Cricket Pembroke 7/180 defeated CBC 9/175 (One Day Game) After a really strong and positive start with the bat, we weren’t quite urgent enough in the late overs to put on sufficient scoreboard pressure. Jack Strange opened with James Kittel-Neill to put on a 49 run stand. After Kits was out, we lost quick wickets until Luke Yates stopped the rot

teenager is willing, ask them to spend some time teaching you about what they need to know for their exam. Start by asking lots of questions about the subject matter. Have a text book on the subject open in front of you and ask about what words and concepts mean. Let your own curiosity direct questions. Try to be genuinely interested in what they are doing. Also be careful that this is not a “grilling” for the student. This exercise needs to be something that helps them rather than increases their stress. Be wary - if you find yourself getting frustrated, then cease the exercise! Another similar method is to get the student themselves to come up with a list of written questions and answers, and then “test” them by asking them these questions. This doesn’t have to be done all in one sitting. For example, you could create a routine during the week before exams, to do this exercise ten minutes every morning over breakfast or after lunch. If you are really lucky – you could ask the questions and they can answer while they clear the table after tea! You could make this more fun by using rewards (20 cents or an M&M) for each correct answer! This method of revision is far more useful than simply reading over or writing out notes. Asking and answering questions ensures that the student is actively learning. They will radically improve their recall rate by using this method of revision. Kirrilie Smout, Psychologist, Developing Minds: reprinted with permission Ms Jane Gaynor From the Counselling Team

and stuck around for a gritty 25 while Strange took control and posted a disciplined 78. With the ball, there were periods where we built good pressure but struggled to land the killer blows. Rhys Nihill gave us a chance with a great spell but we were left lamenting as Pembroke reeled in the runs with 2 overs to spare as the sun well and truly set in the West as the clock chimed 6:45p.m. Overall, a positive start with areas of improvement identified for the 2-dayer coming up against Mercedes. Best with Bat: J Strange 78, L Yates 25, J Kittel-Neill 17, M Cotsios 16 Best with Ball: R Nihill 3/39, J Kittel-Neill 1/26 (9), M Gabrielli 1/19 (5) Man of the Match: J Strange

20/20 Matches St Michaels 6/185 defeated CBC 6/105 M.Nye 61 n.o. and Man of the Match

Mercedes 9/102 defeated CBC 6/89

N Burns 30 n.o. J Strange 22 n.o. J Strange 2/16 (4), J Kittel Neill 2/19 (4), R Nihill 2/20 (4) Man of the Match: J Strange Mr Joshua Roach Coach

Year 7A Cricket CBC 1/27 in reply to Trinity College 114 (Stumps day one) Our first two-day match of the year began in a positive manner last Saturday. We were greeted with an uncharacteristically green Collins Reserve wicket and skipper Austin Lovell had no hesitation in sending Trinity in to bat after winning the toss. His decision was vindicated when we had the opposition in all sorts at 4/4 in just the fifth over with Fred Oliver the chief destroyer with 3/3 (3). Jamie Cerone claimed the other early wicket, with all four batsmen bowled. INSIGHT


Trinity steadied with a 47 run fifth wicket partnership before Lovell snared the double breakthrough finishing with 2/1 (3). Wickets then fell at regular intervals, John Zito claiming two wickets and John Kleeman one, as we managed to dismiss Trinity for 114. William Mauriuz showed no signs of jetlag taking three catches behind the stumps including a sharp one down leg side and a spectacular diving effort. The tenth wicket was an opportunistic run-out executed by Fred, with his direct hit from the outfield catching a casual Trinity batsman just short of his crease. It was then our batsmen’s turn to test their skill on the uneven pitch, with 11 overs to negotiate before stumps. Unfortunately, we lost Tyler Cappelutti attempting an ambitious pull shot to a ball that stayed low. Jack Bastian and Mauriuz then got us through to stumps and will resume on 14 and 9 respectively. With 50 more overs available to our batsmen we have a great opportunity to spend some quality time at the crease. Mr Thomas McLean Coach

Tennis Drive Tennis Round 1 October 18: CBC 5 (41 games) defeated St Ignatius 4 (33 games) A tight finish against a strong opponent. However, our class shone through in the end. Great singles performances from George Wong (6-1) Kyle Gaweda (6-2) and Alex Stephanopoulos (6-1) set up the win. Alex’s win was very impressive as he has now found the confidence to play in this league and he will be a force to be reckoned with over the next few years. Great to see Jack Quinn and Jack Owens combine for a comprehensive (6-1) win. Thank you to Jack Hamblin for filling in at late notice.

Round 2 October 25: CBC 5 (37 games) defeated Mercedes 4 (30 games) Despite having to forfeit 2 sets, we still managed to prove too strong for Mercedes. Great singles wins from George Wong (6-0), Kyle Gaweda (6-0) and Jack Owens (6-1) were the highlights of the morning’s tennis. George was at his mercurial best outplaying a very good player who could only get the odd point off George. He is playing with such conviction and passion that it is hard to see him being beaten this season. Kyle was his usual consistent self who gradually wore down his opponent mentally and skilfully. He is very hard to beat. Jack Owens’ win was also very encouraging as it demonstrated a patient and consistent game that was very hard to penetrate. Our 2 doubles wins secured the match for us. A big thanks to Jack Quinn who played, despite his Year 12 celebrations the night before. It was great to see how well he played for half a game until weariness got the better of him. I hope he can play some more games for us this year… only 3 to go. Mr Paul Horgan Coach

Middle B Tennis CBC 7 (50) defeated Marryatville 5 (42) The Middle B Team in its second match of the Term 4 draw showed that they love the Rooftop home court advantage by winning convincingly. We started slowly in the doubles with a 1-3 set outcome, but came home well winning 6 of the 8 singles rubbers to take the tie. A great effort! In the doubles, Daniel Aplin and Luke Teakle battled valiantly to lose (3-6). Brandon Shunmugam and Adam Skondras went down fighting in their doubles with a solid game score of 3-6. Thomas Austin and Lachlan Jarvis lost in a highly competitive match (1-6). Adrian Niscoli and Harry

Isherwood played a great doubles to win (6-1). The singles matches allowed the Middle Bs to change momentum. Daniel Aplin continued his winning streak with an impressive (6-1) win; Luke Teakle re-joined the team and was unlucky to lose (1-6); he will benefit from some match fitness for next week. Brandon Shunmugam battled in a highly skilled game to win (6-4) with lots of high quality rallies. Adam Skondras battled valiantly against a very strong opponent to win (6-5). Lachlan Jarvis won convincingly (6-1). Thomas Austin lost (0-6) and both Adrian Niscioli and Harry Isherwood had wins with (6-0) results. Mr Greg Kurtzer Coach

Middle C1 Tennis CBC vs St Ignatius On this perfect Saturday morning, our 6 keen players fronted up against St Ignatius, who had 12 players! Although the odds did not look at all promising, our boys worked extremely hard, with each playing 2 Doubles and 1 Singles game against our opponent. Several of our boys, Matthew Dell’Orso and Liam Brown, experienced strong competition, with Matthew winning his Singles 7 games to 6, and Liam just losing his 5 games to 6, after 7 match points. A valiant effort! Overall, despite CBC having 2 players short, we won 10 Games to 2. Very well played, boys! Ms Liz Tidemann Coach

Prep B1 Year 6 Tennis CBC 34 defeated Blackfriars 19 What a great start to the season. During the week the boys were keen as always at training. On Friday the boys brought their best game to the net defeating Blackfriars 34 games to 19 games. Congratulations Adam Wells, Daniel Bressan, Daniel Herimas, William Moten and Indy Browning for your outstanding efforts, sportsmanship and manners which were all commented on by the parents and the coach from Blackfriars. Mrs Sharon Moten Coach

VOLLEYBALL Year 9A Volleyball CBC 2 defeated St Ignatius 0 A truly impressive win by CBC. Charlie Pickford and Riley Atkinson displayed some amazing spiking at the net. Bakhos Rahme continued a series of impressive serves with Stefan Ryschka, Nick Di Troia, Daniel Storti and Dominic Sangermano all working tactically on the set-ups resulting in a fantastic win. Time allowed for a further set to be played and this was also convincingly won by CBC. Congratulations, boys. Mrs Jane Gaynor Coach

Year 8/9 B Volleyball Immanuel College 3 defeated CBC 0 CBC struggled to organise themselves on court from the beginning and were always behind in scoring. The second set started better, but poor positioning and timing, as well as some sloppy moves, stopped our boys from making any significant progress and allowed the opposition to take the lead. As always, everyone gave it their all, but Denzell and Brian deserve a special mention this week. Denzell was very effective at the net and Brian had some amazing returns. I’m also happy to report that the loss didn’t dampen the

boys’ spirit; on the return trip back to school, Steven led the boys in some entertaining rapping! Mrs Lucyna Zwolski Coach

Year 8 Volleyball CBC 3 defeated St John’s Grammar 0 On Friday 25 October CBC Year 8 Volleyball took on St John’s Grammar. We were slow out of the blocks at first but quickly overran the opposition. The first set was a close one 25-21, the second 25-19 and the third 25-18. Our serving was fantastic and we communicated well during the match. Even though we played well as a team, special mention must be made of some outstanding work by William Clemente, who stepped in late notice and supported the team, and also Ethan Li whose serving left the opposition reeling. Looking forward to a good match this week. Ms Emma Woehle Coach

Water polo Senior Water Polo St Ignatius 8 defeated CBC 2 (18 October) Goal Scorers: Riley Poole, Jack Poole Our season started with a bang last week as we raced to a 2 – 0 lead by quarter time. Unfortunately that was where our scoring stopped. The boys made a great start but were unable to sustain the attacking pressure as St Iggy’s fought back hard. It was a tough week with both teams affected by illness and overseas travel. Taylor Sarunic was excellent in goals and Andrew Nguyen was our best defender who gave his all for the entire game. The Junior team was hit by illness so it was great to see Laurence and Isaac Giannetta play in the Senior team. They battled hard in attack all game. It is evident our boys need to work on their fitness for water polo and keep their defensive structures working for the entire game. Keep working hard boys.

St Peters 22 defeated CBC 2 (25 October) Goal Scorers: Tyson Sarunic, Isaac Giannetta We were desperately short for our match due to illness, injury, Year 12 festivities and a camp. Three boys from the Year 8 team stepped into the fray to play the extra match. Thanks to Henry Barker, Laurence Giannetta and Isaac Giannetta for your support. The boys were obviously outclassed but they kept showing a fighting spirit and endeavour throughout the game. We will have a full strength side next week and will bounce back to our best. Mr Rick Mackereth Coach

Year 8 Water Polo St Ignatius 7 defeated CBC 3 Goal Scorers: Tyler Capelutti 2, Isaac Giannetta 1 We made an excellent start to our first match of the season. The scores were level at quarter time and again at half time. We trailed 4 – 3 at three quarter time and the scene was set for a tough last quarter. Unfortunately we lost a player in the opening seconds to cramp and we had to play the last quarter a man down – due to having no subs. The boys fought on and had the best of the early play – even earning a penalty which we couldn’t convert. In the dying stages St Iggy’s finished over the top of us. Well fought out, boys. Hayden Clarke made his debut for CBC and despite finding it difficult early when he moved into the goalie position he was sensational. Mr Rick Mackereth Coach

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Insight 2013T4W03  
Insight 2013T4W03  

Christian Brothers College Adelaide Insight Newsletter for Term 4, Week 3, 2013.