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Term 2, Week 3


Friday May 17, 2013

Nathan Ha donating blood for the Red Cross schools’ challenge.

I love the imagery of the Pentecost story where the apostles ‘burst out to tell the world’ about their loving God.

From The Principal Dear Parents, Friends and Caregivers,

Pentecost Sunday Pentecost Sunday is a commemoration and celebration of the receiving of the Holy Spirit by the early church. On the Day of Pentecost, just as promised, the sound of a violent wind filled the house and tongues of fire came to rest on each of them and all were filled with the Holy Spirit. They were given the power of communication, which Peter used to begin the ministry for which Jesus had prepared him. After the coming of the Holy Spirit, the disciples did not stay in the room basking in God’s glory but burst out to tell the world. This was the beginning of the church as we know it.

At CBC I see so many of our boys ‘burst out of the College’ and move among the poor, voiceless and disenfranchised. Examples of such action include: Christian Service Learning, Blood donations, Staff and students Social Action Club activities, pilgrimages to Vietnam and the Philippines, fundraising and activities such as St Vinnie’s Appeal, Project Compassion and Shoe Boxes of love are just some examples. I am also deeply touched by the boys and staff who lovingly care for disabled siblings, sick or dying family members or those in desperate need of friendship. This Pentecost let us burst forth into the world with unconditional love.

NAPLAN Testing CBC students sat the NAPLAN tests this week and it was pleasing to hear that they felt well prepared for the tests. Channel 10 filmed our boys attempting a mock NAPLAN test so as not to disturb the boys sitting their actual tests. NAPLAN provides a snapshot in time of student’s achievements and challenges in the areas of literacy and numeracy. At CBC data gained from the tests is used to inform the allocation of additional curriculum and staff support to ensure the ongoing success of our

Gospel Spirituality

We invite all people into the story of Jesus and strive to make his message of compassion, justice and peace a living reality within our community.

Faith Excellence Community Compassion

students. NAPLAN should be seen as a celebration of students learning. The importance of NAPLAN is that it is one of many tests and strategies employed by the College to obtain useful data on a student to ensure he is improving his literacy and numeracy. Some may be tempted to compare NAPLAN results across schools; I see very little merit in doing so. What is more useful is looking at your child’s individual results through the Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 and celebrating his achievements and working with the College to ensure appropriate assistance is in place to raise the academic standard of your child not just in Maths and English but across the curriculum.

Edmund Rice Education Australia This week I am in Brisbane to attend a national meeting of Principals in Edmund Rice Schools. This gathering will provide an opportunity for Principals to discuss matters related to core priorities for Catholic Schools in the Edmund Rice tradition. Archbishop Mark Coleridge will speak to us in relation to Church, education and leadership.

Open Day and Marian Procession As stated in last week’s newsletter please attend the CBC Open Day on Sunday 19 May. Students are to wear full winter school uniform.

Counsellor’s Corner Am I my brother or sister’s keeper? We hear often today “don’t interfere!”, “let sleeping dogs lie!”, “who cares!”, “mind your own business!” Yes this is good advice for many occasions but for others, constructive criticism is needed. Criticism, which is sincere, friendly and constructive, is good. It enriches every successful marriage, genuine relationships and every harmonious organisation. If love, care and concern, not anger, jealousy or spite, are the reasons for such criticism, it is normally growth producing. The aim is to win the heart of another rather than to outsmart in debate, put down or nag until the other gives in for the sake of peace. We need to ask in prayer for the wisdom and courage not to shirk a necessary encounter, to choose the appropriate words, to win hearts by genuine friendship and never to manipulate others. “If your brother or sister listens to you, you have won that person back” Matthew 18: 16

The annual Marian Procession will be held this Sunday at 2.30pm at Pilgrim Peace Park, South Parklands (between Peacock Road and Sir Lewis Cohen Avenue).

The Peace Run will feature events in over 100 nations in 2013, spreading the message that world peace begins inside the heart of each human being. Along the way, relay runners are visiting schools and meeting with leaders and members of each community they visit, inviting their participation in the relay which is linking all of Australia. The runners will be welcomed to Adelaide at a special ceremony in Hindmarsh Square at 12:30pm on Friday 17 May.

College Visitors This week the College staff welcomed Sr Jimsy and Sr Nithya from the Passionist Order in India. At morning tea Assistant Principal, Br Barry Donaghue announced both sisters will now live and work in Adelaide together with our College Chaplain Sr Kanistal Soosai. We pray that their vocation will be a blessed and happy one here in Adelaide.

Mr Noel Mifsud Principal

Peace Run CBC students will lead a team of international runners into the city of Adelaide on Friday as part of a 112-day relay run around Australia. The Sri Chinmoy OnenessHome Peace Run, that began in Canberra on Friday 26 April, will cover more than 15,000 kilometres, carrying a blazing torch of peace.

Br Michael Flaherty Counsellor

Term 2 Fee Reminder Fees are due by 17 May 2013. Pay your Term fees by this date and receive a 3% discount. If you have any queries please contact The Finance Office on 8400 4207.

Uniform Shop The Uniform Shop is operating from 227 Flinders Street, Adelaide. For more information, please call 8400 4249. Normal trading hours: Monday 8 :30am to 5pm* Wednesday 12pm to 5pm* Friday 12pm to 5pm* (*During school terms - extra trading hours are advertised for school holiday trading) Mrs Claire Summerton Uniform Shop Manager



Generations in Jazz May 2-5, 2013 The 32nd year of the ‘Generations in Jazz’ Festival saw 2900 students from across Australia descend on the city of Mount Gambier for 3 days of competitions and jazz music. For the third consecutive year the CBC Senior Vocal Ensemble made the trip down along with 120 bands/choirs, who battled it out for titles across 5 divisions of stage bands and 2 divisions of vocal jazz groups. This year the 11 boys from CBC shared the trip with 30 girls from the St Mary’s College Music Department. Following a casual performance at Café Belgiorno Mount Gambier on the Thursday night, the group spent Friday fine tuning their performance and enjoying the tranquillity of Beachport before the big day of competition. On Saturday at 11:10am ‘CBC Vocal Jazz’ hit the stage at the Hi-Pine Pavillion under the direction of Mr Ben Gillard, performing the set piece ‘It’s You’ and the beautiful ballad ‘The Nearness of You’. The rest of the day was spent enjoying all of the fantastic music on offer, before heading into the main pavilion to be wowed by many of the best jazz musicians in the world – including special guests Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band direct from Los Angeles! Following the farewell concert on Sunday (and some rocking out on the ‘jam stage’, in typical CBC fashion) we collected our results and headed back to Adelaide. CBC Vocal Jazz finished a very credible equal 9th out of 26 groups in Division 2 - making them the 2nd highest ranked all male school vocal group in the country. Congratulations must go to our friends at St Mary’s who were the Division 1 Vocal Jazz Champions. This made for a very happy bus ride home! The 11 boys from CBC represented the College extremely well. The community should be very proud of their achievements and we look forward to more success next year. Mr Andrew Edge

Music Teacher

From The Deputy Principal Social Media – The Viral “Word Of Mouth” Last week I was fortunate to attend the western region EREA deputies meeting in Perth. During the meeting we had the opportunity to visit one EREA school that has engaged in using social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to communicate to parents and students, whether this be the latest score at Saturday sport or pictures from a formal that are uploaded during the evening. Changes over the past five years in social networking have no longer seen email as the predominant source of communication but other social media players such as YouTube, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Today in Australia: • 1 in 2 people have Facebook, • 10 million photos are uploaded to Facebook every hour worldwide, • 62% people grab their smartphone on waking, • People check Facebook an average 14 times a day, and • 1 out of every 6 minutes online are spent on social media. Studies recently have shown that 50.92% of Australians use Facebook, 47.11% use YouTube 11.7% use Twitter, smartphone usage has increased 15% last year with 58% of the population accessing mobile internet every day and over 2.4 million tablets sold in Australia in 2012. Schools are now investigating the use of social media in their own context as they are now effective means of communication within the College community. Recently I was reading an article in a magazine where a student in a Year 5 primary school was sick of waiting for his NAPLAN test results. He had been waiting months for the results and asked the teacher why does it take so long? The teacher could said have “sit down and be quiet.” Instead, his teacher suggested he post the question on social networking site Twitter and then suggested: “why not tweet to the Prime Minister?” The student composed the tweet: “@JuliaGillard Why do I have to wait for so long for my NAPLAN results?” “What’s the point?” He then sent it on his iPad using the class Twitter account. This student didn’t receive a response from the Prime Minister, but there is little doubt the tweet had been seen by someone from her office. It was also re-tweeted by the class’s 115 followers, which include classes in Ireland, New Zealand and the US. This is the social media revolution. Where an 11-yearold can ask the Prime Minister about education policy in the time it would take to lick a stamp. The student stated “It’s fun because you get to tell the world what you’ve learnt.’’ Social media has become the number one activity on the web. Studies which track the trends in digital media say generation Y and Z consider emails out-dated. Some universities have stopped distributing email accounts. Young children are learning on iPads in kindergarten and 92 per cent of children aged under two already have a digital footprint in the USA. One billion people use Facebook; if Facebook was a country it would be the third largest in the world.

Despite these statistics the use of social media in the classroom is unusual. In Australia, many schools block access to sites including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. A recent survey of more than 3,000 educators by the Australian Teacher Magazine found 72 per cent disagreed that students should be allowed access to social media sites at school. “When asked if educators should be allowed to communicate with students via social media during school hours, just 3 per cent strongly agreed. About 17 per cent agreed with the statement, but interestingly, that figure jumped to 25 per cent among educators aged 21-30,’’ the magazine reported. Concerns tend to be centred on unprofessional behaviour such as teachers “friending” students on Facebook, something expressly prohibited by education departments. There are also fears students will waste time on social networking sites or be exposed to cyber-bullying. The media focuses almost exclusively on the negative aspects of social media. However, some schools have integrated social media effectively within their school community. The EREA school in Perth I visited had both parents and students accessing the medium to communicate positively with each other, to get updates on sporting events and to provide feedback on school activities. The World Innovation Summit for Education in Doha last month, educators from across the globe questioned whether teachers could ignore social media as a learning tool when it is the currency of today’s students. “Teachers need to acquire strong technology skills to optimise their use of digital resources and teaching’’ the OECD deputy director for education, Andreas Schleicher, told the summit. “It’s truly important that teachers today have a really good understanding of how young people learn, play and socialise outside their formal classroom.’’ He pointed to Singapore’s Future Schools - selected by the government to trial innovative teaching approaches using technology - where students tweet questions from their iPhones during class. Singapore, which consistently places near the top in international tests, has large class sizes, particularly in secondary schools. They have found that by using instant messaging tools it opens 40 windows for 40 students - they could ask 40 questions at the same time. He stated “The students enjoy using the tools as they can continually ask questions and are just not using a pen and pencil. A lot of the younger teachers are a lot more savvy in their use of technology and communication tools and I see them teaching the more senior teachers.’’ As a College community we are currently reviewing our social media policy. We are aware that social media is a world our students are immersed in and if we don’t become immersed in their world the gap between where we are and where they are will only grow. The challenge is to use social media for the advantage our student’s learning. In some schools students interact freely on Facebook group pages that have been created for subjects, such as science. Students post photos taken on their mobile phones during lessons and discuss questions and homework. They in fact use Facebook to continue the conversation without breaking the protocols of friending. We live in a rapidly changing world where social media is part of our everyday life. As schools we need to effectively investigate how we using use this social media to improve student learning in the 21st century and I believe it is crucial for our students to develop their digital learning skills.

Mr Shaun Clarke Deputy Principal

2013 School calendar Week 4 Mon 20 May Board Meeting Library & Information Week Tues 21 May JC Photo Day Year 9 Dancing 1.30 – 2.30pm at CBC Bourke Liturgy Blood Donation Friends of Music Meeting Wed 22 May Thurs 23 May Bourke, Marks, Hurley, MS Sports Photo Day Fri 24 May

O’Brien, Smith, Walsh, SS Sports Photo Day First Reconciliation – 10:00 am ER Chapel

Sun 26 May

Sorry Day

Week 5 Mon 27 May SACE Drama Performance 7pm Tues 28 May PATR Testing (Year 3 – 6) CSIRO – Chemistry (9.00-11.00am) Smith Liturgy SACE Drama Performance 7pm Wed 29 May PATR Testing (Year 7 – 10) UniSA Career Shop – Year 10 (11.30 – 12.40pm) Thurs 30 May Year 9 Dancing 9.20 – 10.20am at SAC Fri 31 May

RAP Presentation at 11.30am

Sat 1 June

P&F International Night

Week 6 Mon 3 June

Year 4 Swimming WSA - AGM

Tues 4 June

Year 9 Dancing 1.30 – 2.30pm at CBC Year 9 Respectful Relationships (Bourke & Walsh) Marks Liturgy Year 4 Swimming P&F Meeting

Wed 5 June

UniSA Lunch Session Year 4 Swimming Kindy Visit

Thurs 6 June Year 4 Swimming Year 1 – 3 Performance – Gala Theatre Maths Apps Exam – 9:00 am Fri 7 June

Year 4 Swimming Kindy Visit Lesson 4 & 5 Inter-House Competition – Great Debate Final Vietnam/Philippines Pilgrim Student Gathering – CBC MC SRC Meeting SC SRC Meeting

Full Term Planner is available at

Please note The Senior Campus Reception and Finance Office will be closed on Thursday 23 May from 2.45pm for staff training. In the case of an emergency please contact the Junior Campus Reception on 8400 4222.



From the Counselling Team Self-Esteem The way we interact with children on a daily basis influences the positive picture that they construct of themselves. Self-esteem refers to the image or picture that each of us carries around in our heads. This image or picture is constructed through our experiences and is strongly influenced by the messages that others send. Children’s feelings of self-worth or self-esteem influence their happiness, success at school and the way they relate with others. Their self-esteem is influenced by their experiences of success and the messages they receive from those around them. Children with a healthy level of self-esteem usually take sensible risks and extend themselves more, as they have a realistic view of mistakes. Failure doesn’t reflect on them personally, they are still OK and they won’t fall apart when things don’t go their way. Children with a healthy self-esteem tend to be more resilient and cope better with problems and any changes that may occur. While children have countless experiences in settings outside their home and receive messages from many sources including their peers it is parents that have the greatest influence on the way children see themselves. In fact, when children are very young their sense of self is linked to their parents so a parent’s self-esteem is obviously an important determinant in a child’s selfesteem.

Parents can influence children’s self-esteem by helping them experience success, no matter how small and by sending positive, realistic messages about them and their abilities.

6. Teach children to establish realistic goals. For instance, if they wish to learn to cook they may set out to learn ten recipes in a year. Help them make up a plan of action to achieve their goals.

Esteem-Building Ideas

Re-printed with permission. Michael Grose,

Here are some simple strategies you can use every day to enhance your child’s self-esteem and sense of worth:

Ms Jane Gaynor From the Counselling Team

1. Develop independence in children. Allow children to do things for themselves as soon as they are able. This sends a powerful message that you think they are capable and able to take some control over their world. 2. Celebrate children’s efforts and achievements. Have a display space at home for schoolwork, art and awards they have received. Change the display frequently and make sure that each child’s efforts are represented. 3. Send frequent positive messages to children. Focus on their strengths rather than criticising weaknesses and continually pointing out misbehaviour. When providing feedback mention a strength first – ‘Jeremiah, I like the way you put expression in your voice when you read. Now let’s work on some of these words you are having trouble with’. 4. Value your children’s ideas, thoughts and opinions. Listen to them and help them to express their feelings and thoughts. Accept rather than reject their ideas even though you may disagree with them. 5. Help children experience success by breaking complex tasks into achievable goals. For instance, a young child can learn to make a bed by first arranging teddies, smoothing the doona and progressing from there.


Does your child have a sleep problem? The Child and Adolescent Sleep Clinic in the School of  Psychology at Flinders University is providing treatment for  children (aged 7 to 12 years) who are experiencing at least  one of the following:    ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ

Refusing to go to bed at night  Having trouble falling asleep  Waking up and cannot get back to sleep  Having trouble waking up or getting out of bed in  the morning  Often sleeping in their parents’ bed or bedroom 

Places are limited.  For more information, please call 8201 7587.   



Please complete and return (with payment) to the Senior Campus Finance Office. Payment can be made with cheque (payable to Christian Brothers College) or credit card. For payment information please call 8400 4207.

Total Money enclosed: $ ..........................................

Family (2 Adults, 2 Children) @ $55 each Children (Under 10) @ $5 each

Children (Under 18) @ $14 each Adults @ $20 each

Entertainment provided on the night: raffles run. Limited tickets available. For information, contact Mrs Margaret Salagaras on 0417 881 446.

A huge array of multicultural cuisine will be on offer and bar facilities will be available.

Number of Tickets:

Come and sample a range of foods from all corners of the globe!

I wish to make a table of .............. people (up to 10).

6:30pm for 7:00pm start CBC Centenary Gymnasium

Son’s Tutor Group:..........................

Saturday 1 June 2013


Mother’s Day at the Junior Campus



Year 9 Poetry: the Spirit of the Men behind CBC’s House Names The Foundation to Year 10 Australian Curriculum organises English into three, inter-related strands: • Language – which focuses on knowledge of the English language and how it works • Literature – which focuses on understanding, appreciating, responding to, analysing and creating literature • Literacy – which focuses on interpreting and creating a range of types of texts with accuracy, fluency and purpose. In Term 1, one of the Year 9 English classes explored how the identities of the various Christian Brothers of Wakefield Street, after whom the new Houses are named, helped to shape the College by their values of Faith, Excellence, Community and Compassion. With the system introduced in January 2013, students set out to discover more about the person after whom their House is named. With both documents from the CBC Archives, and Brother Richard B. Healy’s The Christian Brothers of Wakefield Street, 1878-1978, our class became acquainted with the character of the men whose names we now recognise in colours, banners, songs and poems! Students identified some of the literary techniques of poetry as they worked to craft in words the spirit of the men behind House names! The boys worked in groups to create a 25 line poem, structuring and organising their creative work, with spoken and editing workshops and previews that inspired publication standard. The challenge provided an enjoyable focus for understanding, appreciating, responding to, analysing and creating literature. Reflecting on the House System, one student wrote: “I believe it works very well throughout the school with teachers, senior students and new students making strong bonds and feeling comfortable together. The combination of senior and middle school students allows the school leaders to assist younger students. Each House supports a certain charity and right through the year, Houses run fundraisers. For example, Marks House supports the charity, CanTeen, and raises money by selling bandanas annually. There are few negatives introduced as the new house system is enforced. One of them is new students are given little time to interact and create friendships with each other. The students in the individual’s tutor group may not enjoy their company for whatever reason. However, the Orientation Day is a chance for new students to meet with other people and create relationships lasting throughout their years at Christian Brothers College. The Houses have competitions for certain sports and team games which will form fierce rivalries between Houses in years to come.” - Mitchell Kracman (Year 9 English Student) Mrs Kaylene Barreira Year 9 English teacher

Br John Vianney Bourke

Br John Vianney Bourke

Brother John Vianney Bourke, Headmaster of the school. He was a great leader, for seven years in full.

His name was Brother John Vianney Bourke, His love for our school was unmatched. As he struggled and toiled to give us his work, The lock on his heart was unlatched.

He was proficient with wood, but didn’t get the best grades. Devoted as anyone and excellent in all trades.

Commitment and truth, unrivaled for life – His plans were varied and grand. A brain and a wit, as sharp as a knife, A warm, firm guiding hand set the way.

He constructed the Change Rooms and built the Senior Block. Planning the O’Brien building, He worked round the clock.

John Bourke, John Bourke, a man of the book, An urbane and erudite man. Students were urged, with encouraging words “You Can!” were the most famous of all.

Problems never stood in his way: intellectually, he was a strong man. If something ever went wrong, there was always a back-up plan.

A builder of minds, but also of stone, Changed was the school by his vision. Idle hands were something which he could not condone. In building and work he showed little indecision.

Bourke was a talented man, impressive when it came to sport. He encouraged rowing, whenever the crews were short. Brother Bourke loved to help CBC and often aided the community. He was the inspiration for the Boat Shed, Funding it significantly. Mitchell Kracman, George Theodoulou

‘Butch’ Hurley Brother Edmund Phillip Hurley, Loved, fondly remembered, respected. Teaching his peers and students, All people that knew him, he affected. He loved his football, tennis, And all other sport. Inspiration he gave, Along with loving support. His anticipation in everything - superb, In every way, his excellence inspired. Sportsmaster, Brother, Bursar, By others he was admired. Astounding, the legacy he left behind, The many people whom he motivated. Every CBC student respected him, This man was not overrated! As we look back on his history, We all wish we had known this man. He still watches over us, as we represent, The Purple and White the best way we can. Here we stand today, Loved, fondly remembered and respected, Brother Edmund Phillip Hurley, By him we are affected. Taylor Sarunic, Andrew McPherson, Brock Curyer

The Junior School rose, the Senior Block, too, With planning and fundraising, too. Change rooms were built, the oval grew, Feats today that we still praise. A shining example for all in our school A leader, a scholar, a friend to all. A man of the cloth and “Nobody’s fool” A love no heart could transcend. So thank you, Brother John, for all of your work, And the way you moulded our College. For his strength, love and knowledge, Let all of us here proclaim, “Brother Bourke!” Caleb Draper

Partnership in O’Brien Brother O’Brien was a brilliant guy, He taught his students the meaning of life. United together, With effort and hope Never letting go! The entire team’s participating Working as it should. The team strives for excellence, Working together, Friends with each other … Making connections that cross a lifetime. Working as many, As one in each other’s eyes. Understanding partnership … It’s a good reason to be wise. Strength and attitude combine; Trying to retain respect. Winning in each other’s eyes, Even before receiving the prize. Jacob Ellis, Mahdi Muradi, Tom Austin

Br John Patrick Marks

Br Ernest Gregory Smith

Br John Patrick Marks

There was a Brother, called John Well respected by all students. He was a great believer in supporting needs Dedicated to life-long learning.

Brother Smith old collegian and scholar, He devoted himself to Smith’s pride. Committed to the school, He did his best to provide.

How lucky are we, To have had a man such as him? How lucky we are, That his dream was not dim!

Brother Marks was Headmaster, For more than eight, great years. He introduced computers, To which there was a great, big cheer.

He inspired his students, And everybody knew what he expected. Brother Smith’s well-renowned, school values And his reputation were much respected.

How lucky are we, That he saw the future? How lucky are we, That he was so super!

When he left, there wasn’t much to say; Only great memories all could share. Till this day, this great man, Remembered fondly as Brother John Marks, Will not be forgotten for his spirited support of CBC.

Brother Smith was a high achiever! A talented man in the spotlight. His work aimed for perfection; In line with his ascension.

How lucky are we, That he was leader of our school? How lucky are we, That he became a jewel!

Nine girls sent to study under Brother Smith, Proved his reputation was no myth. Awarded the Australian Association Medal – A prestigious reward, worth more than the metal.

How lucky are we, That he brought in computers? How lucky are we, That he helped our futures!

He treasured it like none other. He was our inspiration, our hope, our brother. He was a science teacher, who opened many doors, That’s right, fifty-points Gryffindor!

How lucky are we, That he set such an outstanding example? How lucky are we, That he controlled such a trample!

Brother Smith was a really chilled guy, Everyone respected him… He was so fly...!

How lucky are we, That he chose us to lead? How lucky are we, That he came to CBC!

He wasn’t your average man In both courage and height. He was a man of outstanding faith, Excellence And community. Blaike Archer, Aidon Michalowski, Daniel Callisto

Br Francis Celsus Walsh Brother Walsh had a passion for CBC, A faith, and a courage That we’ll remember for eternity. Despite fighting depression, This didn’t slow him down; Rebuilding CBC is why he’s renowned. He had the idea for co-ed socials, A great initiative! He put discipline into all his students, Saying, “There are no fools tolerated here!” He fought for the school, Standing his ground. He always believed Students should feel safe and sound. As principal he always showed compassion, Whether in good health or not. He wanted us united, And urged us to laugh a lot. Brother Walsh always planned for the future; He never looked back. Rebuilding the school was His mission and plan of attack. Brother Walsh was an inspiring man. Who worked ‘til the day he died, Building a small clan. Brother Walsh was very thankful, As the boys Were so grateful! Leon Kasperski

Being so grateful Because of his guidance. Many of his students Graduated Masters of Science. Opportunities for the future Were not uncommon; For being in his class Was a good o-men. Cooper Jaquillard, Denzell Arevalo, Tom Harris

Jacob Edgington

Br Francis Celsus Walsh To my students Within one another locked up tight; are amazing gifts, ready to shine so bright. Potential is given at birth; using your talent defines your worth. We learn from things we see and do, so use your education to lead you through. Compassion and caring are values given at school, these lessons last a lifetime, so cherish them all! Keep faith in possibilities and live out your dreams: Use all the resources within your means. Unlock our globe and be crafted as one, for without our bindings, we are none. What cannot be seen can still be achieved. These are my quotes for your destiny. From Brother Walsh. Adam Chilvers

Congratulations to all the other boys who also represented our college in their age division.

Assistant Principal - Junior Campus Dear Parents/Caregivers and Friends What a wet week it has been! The students in Years 3/5 in the Junior Campus survived NAPLAN Testing. Results will be posted out to schools in Term 3 in August, and distributed to parents shortly after. Last Thursday I had the pleasure of accompanying our Year 5 and 6 students to the Eastern/Northern districts SAPSASA Cross Country event. Our very own Akok Machar came 1st in the 12 Year Old Boys division for the Eastern Region district, with Isaac Gianetta coming in a very close 2nd in the same division. I felt incredibly proud of these boys for winning but more importantly for being so humble. It shows the incredible character of these young men and they did themselves, their families and our school very proud in the way they conducted themselves. Not bragging about themselves – but encouraging those who competed to do their best.

10 Year Old Division

Giuseppe Baldino

11 Year Old Division

Callum Atkinson, Nicholas Francese, Mason Bruns, Marial Mabok

12 Year Old Division

Akok Macher (1st Place) Isaac Gianetta (2nd Place) Noah O’Callaghan

As the weekend is upon us please remind your friends and family members that we will be hosting our annual Open Day from 11am-2pm at both campuses. The Cyber Safety Parent Forum on Wednesday evening was well attended. Thank you to those parents who were able to come. From the telephone calls and emails sent to me by parents it seems it was very timely. Don’t forget to purchase your tickets for our International Night on Saturday 1 June to be held at the Senior Campus Gymnasium. Tickets are available at the Finance Office, Senior Campus or send in your order form with monies to Sue Gray and she will lodge them for you. It should be a fantastic evening -- book a table and arrange with other parents from your sons class/year level. Claire Summerton, our Uniform Shop Manager has arranged with the manufacturer of our school jumpers to replace any that are pilling (black woolly gobbles). Your son’s jumper must be returned on 22 May 2013 if you wish for it to be replaced.

First XVIII Guernsey Presentation On Wednesday 1 May the First XVIII football team launched their 2013 season campaign with a guernsey presentation held at the school’s conference centre. More than 70 players, parents and staff attended the evening which featured several old scholars as guest speakers. With a focus on striving for excellence and the value of team sports, Mr Ange Nardone (1978), Mr Sam Mauriello (1983) and Mr Garry Winter (1988) provided wisdom, inspiration and a sense of pride and nostalgia. Mr Ange Nardone started the evening with the build up to the legendary 1978 centenary football match between CBC and Rostrevor. The camaraderie amongst the successful CBC team was built up over 5 years and culminated with a great win over Rostrevor at Adelaide Oval. Mr Garry Winter is a Senior Partner at Kelly and Co. Lawyers and spoke of the life long benefits that flow from participating in football at school. Not only does it prepare you for the competitive and team orientated workforce, it also provides great friendships and memories. Mr Sam Mauriello, father of current student and talented soccer player, Nathan, was Captain of the First XVIII in 1983. There was inspiration from Sam’s message that character is built from striving for success, regardless of the situation that you are in. School Principal Mr Noel Mifsud emphasised the sense of pride that the whole school community has in the endeavour shown by students in sport, relationships and academic pursuits. Co-curricular co-ordinator, Mr Michael Buttfield, also spoke briefly on the plans and aspirations that the school has for strengthening it’s entire football program. Players were presented with the guernseys which will become their property once they pay for them. Mr Simon Byrnes, father of current students and footballers Nathan and Jonah, is the Assistant Coach and presented the guernseys to the players with the assistance of Sam. Mr Dane Richardson helped with the catering through his family’s Pizza Capers business. Christian Brothers College is also fortunate to have the assistance of such a dedicated and talented man on staff as Mr Paul Hicks. Paul often films and edits footage so that the players (and coaches) can see replays of their matches. Some recent footage was enjoyed by the players and parents in attendance. All up it was a great evening which sets the scene for an exciting season of football at CBC. Mr Greg Ward

First XVIII Coach 8


Reminders for Weeks Ahead • 19 May 2013 – Open day 11-2pm. Both Campuses • 20 May 2013 – Cyber Safety workshops Year 3 – 6 students • 22 May 2013 - Return of Jumpers R-6. Pilling on school jumpers. Please return on this day to replace • 24 May 2013 – First Reconciliation – 10am Senior Campus Chapel • 26 May 2013 – Sorry Day • 28 May 2013 – Pat R Testing • International Night – 1 June 2013 – Senior Campus Gymnasium. Get a table together from your son’s class R-12. A great night out -- great food, entertainment. Tickets can be purchased from the Finance Department at the Senior Campus • 3 June 2013 – 7 June 2013 – Year 4 Swimming • 6 & 7 June 2013 – EREA head of Junior Campus Forum • 10 June 2013 – Queen’s Birthday – Public Holiday • 11 - 14 June 2013 – Paul McGuire Week • 14 June 2013 – Junior Campus Disco. R-3: lunchtime and Year 4-6: 6.30pm – 7.30pm • 26 June 2013 – Mark Le Messurier – at 7.30-9pm CBC. $2 gold coin donation. Not to be missed. Please rsvp to Maria Pinna, Junior Campus. Wishing you Gods blessing for the week ahead. Mrs Frances Zubreckyj Assistant Principal - Junior Campus

BASKETBALL Open A Basketball CBC 46 defeated PAC 26

Term 2, Week 3 Year 1 Purple

Adam Mencel

Year 2 White

Finn O’Callaghan

Year 3 White

Edward Owens

Year 3 Purple

Aaqil Azeez

Year 5 White

Finn Bergemann

Year 5 Purple

Joseph Tripodi

Year 6 Gold

Thomas Willmore

Year 6 Purple

Jackson Heinrich Brody Moylan

Year 6 White

Yash Giri Daniel Bressan

Premier’s Reading Challenge Update Congratulations to the following children who have completed the Premier’s Reading Challenge: Reception Purple Paolo Wait Year 3 Purple Noel S Please encourage your son/s to continue reading for the challenge as well as for pleasure. Mrs Caroline Wilson Teacher / Librarian Junior Campus

This was a good team start to the 2013 season. It is always good to get the nerves out of the system and start with a win. This new team played their first game together this week and it was wonderful to see how well they gelled together so quickly. Congratulations to Owain Manship, Phan Nguyen, Bradley Squire and William Gleeson – Pongrac who are the newest members on the Open A squad. PAC was a tenacious side who pushed us all the way. Our aim was to play with consistency and win four quarters. CBC took to the court with last year’s slim four point win over PAC fresh on everybody’s mind. Both teams displayed great sportsmanship and we wish PAC the best for the coming season. I was impressed with how the CBC team played. Our offensive rebounds were very good this game and often gave CBC a second shot at the basket. Combination passes to set up the player in the best position to score certainly kept the PAC defence unsettled. The offence was balanced with a player on safety consistently to set up play again. The big men worked the inside with shooting options at the three point arc and we had driving options for the guards. More backup for the point guard was something we have to work on especially when a full court press or trap was employed by the opposition. Our defence worked overtime to keep our 3-2 zone intact and double teamed when necessary. CBC was also able to quickly switch to a man defence. Defensive rebounds featured as we exploited our slight height advantage. This enabled our transition to be aggressive, and this was due to the forwards getting down the courts quickly when we got possession in the defensive zone. We faltered occasionally when we did not put enough pressure on the free opposition three point shooter. Our defensive intensity kept PAC to single digits in all four quarters. The first quarter was a predictably tight affair with a two point lead (7-5). The second saw us pull away (16 -6) with the third (11-6) and the fourth (12-9). William Gleeson–Pongrac is an excellent point guard who controlled the play when he was on court. I have to get used to his no-look behind the back pass. I suspect that all players have also had to get used to and expect it (even if it nearly gave me a heart attack!) Great debut with four points on the scorecard. Gleeson–Pongrac also displayed excellent positional vision. Bradley Squire is the “chairman of the floor”. He directs defence so well to coordinate our defensive position. Squire was extremely tenacious in a man-to-man situation as well. His speed often surprises the opposition as he can quickly get up and down the court to set up our play. Oliver Megins played his usual determined game at both ends of the court – in rebounds, scoring and creating opportunities for other players. Megins is superb in making excellent scoring position for himself in the tightest of opposition pressure. He attracted quite a bit of double teaming in this game. Congratulations to Megins as he debuted in the ABA last week. Phan Nguyen was in the forward spot and played this position well. His rebounding and tenacity to drive to the basket is a feature of his game, often causing the opposition to foul him to put him on the charity stripe (twice). On debut he scored five valuable points. Nguyen played a strong role in the critical fourth quarter when PAC attempted a comeback. Michael De Pinto was again at his best. He rotated between the point and shooting guard position. His quick hands caused many opposition turnovers to set up scoring options for CBC. De Pinto’s aggressive drives using his quick change of pace resulted in his seven points for the game. De Pinto started off our scoring in the first quarter with a quick-fire four points. Gian Ciabattoni had a very good game. His versatility is

recognised as he rotated as point guard, shooting guard and small forward. Ciabattoni came alive in the second, third and fourth quarters. He made sure that the two triples went in to put the game beyond reach for the opposition. Ciabattoni scored 14 points in this game. Best triples were six against SPC in 2012 so he still has to break that record! Owain Manship is an excellent team player but contributed invaluably as an individual also. On debut he put in a stylish three pointer to start our scoring in the third quarter. I also notice that Manship received a pass and played unselfishly to dish off to a team mate in a better scoring position to finish. He also exerted excellent defensive pressure on the opposition in defence. Michael Hilliker rotated point and shooting guard with De Pinto. They would be dubbed the “terrible twins” by the opposition. Hilliker was at his best in defence with those lightning quick hands to intercept passes and get the ball back in offence with his pace. He was really quite an intimidating presence especially when he defended from the half court line. Bryce Kurvers worked the inside and baseline well in this game. He used his strength and height advantage well to score six points. Kurvers’ rebounding was a feature of this game. He unfortunately got a foul when he got the ball and an opposition player’s head in his arm at the same time in the fourth! I saw the play and would have given him the benefit of the doubt. Kurvers is transversing the court well this season. Thanks to the team family members and friends who came to support the team: Ann-Marie Kurvers (Scorer), Chris Mellow (Assistant Coach) and Tracey Gleeson (Statistician). Other news: 11 games to go in the season. Knock Out games are against St Paul’s College (Away in Week 4 - 25/5/3013) and Trinity College (Home in Week 5 – 1/6/2013). Best Players: Gian Ciabattoni, Oliver Megins, Michael De Pinto and Michael Hilliker. Next week: Marryatville High School at CBC. 10.30am start. Please present by 10.00am in full Basketball uniform. Mr Gary Jalleh Coach

Open B Basketball PAC 61 defeated CBC 18 Best Player: Brady Goggins – 8 points The season kicked off at PAC against a tough opposition. We started the game well, with a couple of easy baskets and some solid defense at the other end. However, turnovers started to become an issue as PAC employed a full court press for the entire game. As the turnovers piled up, PAC capitalised on offense by creating many easy layups. By half time, they had created a 21 point lead, 31-10. Despite being down, the boys were confident that by cutting down the unforced errors, we could work our way back into the game. The 2nd half was definitely better than the first with our boys attacking the basket and making some easy layups ourselves. We actually dominated the boards in the 2nd half, but again it was turnovers that were our problem. The final quarter actually saw us go point for point with PAC until the last 2 minutes, when fatigue set in. Despite a tough opposition, the boys worked hard all game. We definitely have some things to work on between now and the next game against Marryatville, but they are nothing a good training session can’t fix. Mr Chris Mellow Coach

Open C Basketball PAC 64 defeated CBC 5 A tough match to start the season against a very formidable team. Credit to players for never throwing in the towel. The areas we need to work on is our passing and rebounding. Vincent scored 3 points and Andrew 2 points. Mr Tony Carrieri Coach



Junior A Basketball CBC 64 defeated PAC 43 This was a sensational example of basketball at its best, with CBC running over a talented PAC team to win what was a very enjoyable game to watch. The match started with a frenetic pace, both teams moving the ball quickly down the court. The scores were all tied at 14 a piece at the first break with neither team giving an inch. In the latter half of the 2nd quarter, CBC started to gain the upper hand, and once we gained the lead the boys refused to let it go. A six point lead at half time gave CBC the sniff it need and it was as close as PAC would be for the rest of the day. The third quarter started the same as the first but CBC managed to extend their lead by 2 points to lead 40-32 at the final break. The final term saw the score keepers very busy with CBC piling on 24 points to 11 to win the game by 21 points, 64-43. Zac C enjoyed a magnificent first game in the A’s to top score with 21 points, and Mitch S providing 19 to completely shut PAC out of the game. 6 points each to Cooper J, John M and Jack H, with 4 and 2 to Nick and Jayden respectively to ensure all boys troubled the scorers. As I said last week, the future looks bright for the CBC Juniors with a great balance of talent, team work and enthusiasm on display. Well done all! Mr Dan McMahon Coach

Junior B Basketball CBC 25 drew PAC 25 The CBC Junior B side didn’t have the best of mornings in Round 2, yet still emerged with a draw. It was a contest which saw us only find our feet in the third quarter and struggle to convert the easiest of chances. Despite playing a taller opposition, the boys held their own and made better use of the perimeter this week to try and draw out PAC from around the basket. Whilst our offence left much to be desired, defensively the boys put in a hard shift. What we do need to make sure of in future is to foul earlier in the play to prevent any continuation to the basket. Free throw shooting is another area we can improve on. Next week we are at Marryatville, where I expect a more up-tempo performance from the outset. Mr Richard Moore Coach

Junior E Basketball Gleeson 45 points defeated CBC 31 points. Despite a twisted ankle and injured knee, the CBC E team fought hard against tough competition. Special thanks to Nick Di Troia for sharing his expertise with the team and coaching them on. Ms Sarah English Team Manager

Year 8 Debating Team





Year 8 Debating CBC defeated PAC Green Coach: Sandra Mason Last week the CBC Year 8 Debating students had their first debate of the season against Prince Alfred College Green. The topic was That students should be paid for good grades, and we were the Affirmative team, so we believed this statement to be true. CBC won by forfeit, because two Prince Alfred College team members did not arrive at the right time. The adjudicator arranged a mock debate and CBC still won as we were very well prepared with our arguments and rebuttal. First Speaker for CBC was Naveem Attampala, Second Speaker was Tate Henderson and Third Speaker was Siddarth Rajogapal. I was Chairperson for the debate. Jack Meaker Year 8

football First XVIII Football CBC 15.17 (107) defeated Marryatville 7.9 (51) Looking to build on last week’s good first up win, the First XVIII prepared to take on Marryativille, knowing that they would not be an easy opponent. The contest was very even for the first half with the two teams evenly matched teams going goal for goal. Marryatville were able to reply to every CBC goal and also started to dominate in the centre clearances. Matt Nye in his first game for the year was trying to set up play however we were unable to put together our best team play. Pele Biancardi was playing a fantastic game from the start, whilst Eric Caluya gave valuable drive into attack and Dan Stevenson was reliable in repelling Marryatville attacks. A strong mark and goal to Brady Goggins allowed us to be in front at quarter time. During the first half our forwards in Nick Delaat, Tom Pickering, Jarrod Hancock and Luke Yates struggled to convert their opportunities, despite excellent first efforts. In defence Chris Clemente was inspirational to the team in his fierce attack on the ball, whilst Jonty Rutai again picked up so many possessions across it appeared he had brought his own football to the game. At half time however we were only up by 11 points, despite having more chances. In the second half there were numerous positional changes and the team responded to the challenge with a much more determined team effort. Michael Hilliker in ruck played a great game in the centre and around the ground. Nick Adams and Aiden Curyer teamed up well with Matt Nye to continue feeding the forwards. Bryce Clonan ensured we won contested possessions in the forward lines and Dane Richardson worked hard on the wing. Sam Warren in defence was playing a great game, displaying excellent defensive skills in spoiling, chasing, tackling and clearing. Thomas Melios Travers started winning the clearances and

providing opportunities to the runners. Vittorio Ranaldo displayed glimpses of tenacious and creative attacking football, whilst Charlie Meyer was strong in defense with his chasing and follow up. The last half was a great display by the team scoring 9.8 to 2.5 by Marryatville. Pickering started dominating at full forward whilst the opportunist Yates and the strong marking Hancock constantly posed threats to the opposition defenders. Highlights of the half included the blistering pace of Pele, combined with his excellent ball winning off the ground and in the air. More accurate kicking for goal by Pele and others would have increased the margin. Aiden Curyer played a fantastic game on the ball, linking in with the mastery of Matt Nye and the balance of Nick Adams. Nathan Byrnes proved skilful at clearances and Delaat provided a great target at half forward. It was a good win and we look forward to playing a very strong PAC line up this week. Best Players: Biancardi, Curyer, Nye, Rutai, Delaat, Adams. Goal Scorers: Pickering 7, Delaat 1, Hancock 2, Biancardi 3, Goggins, Yates. Mr Greg Ward Coach

Year 10 Football Rostrevor 17-5 (107) defeated CBC 10.12 (72) Best Players: Bielby, Mastrangelo, Strange, Owens, Koulizos, McPherson, Bojovic, Daly Goal Scorers: Bielby 4, Bojovic 3, Daly 2, Koulizos 1 Our first real test against a very solid Division 1 Rostrevor side proved too difficult for a gallant CBC side on this occasion. However we gained much from the experience, in particular the level of consistency and precision required to win a match between sides of similar ability, as illustrated by the opposition. CBC set up with Tom Bielby one-out near goal and we successfully got the ball to him 4 times for a return of 2 goals 2 for the team score of the 1st quarter. Rostrevor achieved the same score until the siren for the 1st quarter when they received a dubious free kick, followed by a 50m penalty mistakenly awarded by the umpire that resulted in a goal. Our 2nd quarter was excellent in general play. Nathan Koulizos dominated at centre half forward and our midfield, led by Owens and Strange, provided excellent drive. Rostrevor scored a few brilliant early goals but we then dominated the game. Unfortunately poor kicking at goal resulted in a tally of just 2 goals but 6 behinds for the quarter. Rostrevor had a total of 4 shots for 4 goals, so extended their lead at half time to 2 goals. I was very confident that we could win the game, given we had more scoring shots and were only trailing by a small margin. However the momentum shifted in Rostrevor’s direction and they made the most of this, kicking 6 goals to our one for the quarter. Rostrevor were outstanding in this period of play. Their small forwards successfully shrugged off their CBC opponents and their ability to kick goals from long range and all angles contrasted our 2nd quarter. Our defence and mid-field should learn from this; that is, applying the delicate skill and level of concentration necessary to watch the ball and opponent at the same time, so at least to apply more pressure on the kick at goal and force the error. CBC played very well in the last quarter, kicked 5 goals 1 behind, and outscored Rostrevor. However the damage was done in the 3rd quarter. Bojovic kicked 3 goals in this last quarter to contrast his 3 behinds in the 2nd quarter, to cap off a very solid game. Overall I was very pleased with the effort of the team, and given some training time together we could definitely improve in a number of structural areas. The most important message we can take from the game is that we are able to beat these sides. This must translate to a belief that we can, and moreover an expectation that we do. Mr Matthew Crisanti Coach

Year 9A Football CBC 14.9 (93) defeated PAC 4.5 (29) Best Players: B D’Antonio, D Aplin, D Sangermano, B Adams, J Edgington, T Sarunic, B Curyer, H Nihill, A McPherson, M Cotsios, B Rahme Goal Scorers: T Sarunic 3, D Aplin 3, H Nihill 2, B Curyer 2, M Cotsios, D Sangermano, B D’Antonio, A McPherson The 9As backed up from a hard fought win over Immanuel with an equally impressive team effort against local rivals Prince Alfred College. Even with the loss of Riley Atkinson and fellow bigman Michael Gabrielli early in the match the 9A’s were still a formidable unit displaying great teamwork, fitness and most obviously, determination. Centreman Ben D’Antonio was clearly best afield but with outstanding support from the skilful Daniel Aplin (3 goals) and reliable on-ballers Ben Adams and Andrew McPherson. Taylor Sarunic now leads the goalkicking after bagging three whilst the clever small forward Hayden Nihill again put on a master class up forward. The backline were again impassable with Daniel Sangermano dominating the air and Jacob Edgington, Bakhos Rahme and Brock Curyer providing invaluable rebound from half back. The team spirit was outstanding and sportsmanship exemplary. The lads play for each other and all did their bit to get the job done. Next week we face the formidable Sacred Heart College at Percy Street Mitchell Park and the terrific support of parents and friends would once again be much appreciated. Mr Stephen Clohesy Coach

Year 8A Football CBC 12.7 (79) defeated SIC 4.4 (28) Goal Scorers: 4 - D Barker, 3 – A Zito, 2 – S Daniele, 1- L Kenmore, H Way, H Webb Best Players: S Daniele, D Barker, A. Zito, J Ridgwell, R Heffernan, H Way, J Callahan What a fantastic result! Our commitment and attack on the ball was terrific. We were first to the ball, ran hard; tackled fiercely; and our second and third efforts were admirable. I was really pleased with the way players looked to involve their team-mates in the play and our intensity around the stoppages was first class. Sam Daniele was in everything, getting clearances around the ground, stopping the opposition in defence, or kicking goals, his ability to manoeuvre out of confined spaces and get clear is fantastic. I particularly liked the way he involved his team-mates in the play. Dylan Barker was superb all over the ground. When he has the ball he bursts from the packs, sprints clear and more often than not finds a teammate in a better position. To be the leading goal kicker from the wing is testament to the amount of running he was prepared to do. Anthony Zito was ‘on fire’ in the forward line; playing in an unaccustomed position, he provided a contest whenever the ball came into our forward line and his penetrating kick was a real weapon. James Ridgwell worked tirelessly all over the ground and his ability to win the contested ball, sprint clear of the pack and deliver into the forward line set a fine example. His reading of the play and endurance on a big ground was commendable. Ryan Heffernan was solid as a rock in defence, marking strongly and was always prepared to throw himself into packs and get the hard ball. Harrison Way set up many attacking opportunities form the wing and his ability to find space and run with the ball bamboozled the opposition. James Callahan was continually able to get his hands on the ball first in ruck and create opportunities. His speed and attack on the ball was the key to getting the ball into our forward line. I liked Zac Robey’s run out of defence; Wayne Mason’s ability to get his hands on the ball first and dispose of it quickly in pressure situations; Lawrence Kenmore’s work in ruck, winning many tap outs; Lewis Cockram’s balance and poise in defence, always finding a teammate with his disposals; the ball getting ability of Harrsion Webb and Wil Strange and the tackling and pace of James Baron-Starr.

I was particularly pleased with response of players when we lost Lachlan Matthias to a finger injury, resulting in us having no players on the bench. Oscar Kacic then went down with a foot injury and James Callahan with the blood rule and suddenly we were down to 16 players. To the team’s credit, every player lifted and kept running and ultimately holding the opposition scoreless in the last quarter. All players played some part in this victory and this was the pleasing fact. If we can continue to get contributions from most players each game, rather than rely on a few players to do the work, we will continue to improve and compete fiercely against the stronger teams. It was our desperation and intensity at the contest and our ability to get numbers around the stoppages than led to this victory. Well done to all players. (Many thanks to our parent helpers; your support is much appreciated). Mr Peter Tippins Coach

Year 4/5 Football Linden Park/Rose Park 5.10 (40) defeated CBC 4.5 (29) We came off the back of lasts weeks game and the boys showed their ability to dig deep, bounce back and play a committed brand of footy. From the first siren CBC showed they can play some great football and got off to a good start, we had much of the play and went forward multiple times on what was a smaller oval. There was a high level of team work and when we went long into the forward line we were rewarded. Our work around the ball ups and contested ball was brilliant. We can still work on our disposal and stringing together a few kicks to marks. As I told the group if we continue to play this brand of footy we will be rewarded soon. Keep up the effort. Goal Scorers: Cooper P 2, Matthew Adams 1, Matthew Cerone 1 Best Players: Matthew Cerone, Matthew Adams and Lachlan Staunton Thanks to the Cosi and Sean for helping out. Mr Steve Brooks Coach

rugby Under 16 Rugby CBC 6T 2C 0P 36 defeated PAC 2T 1C 0P 12 Try Scorers: Tony Tran 3, Zac Burgess, Darcy BagshawThomson 2 Conversions: Charlie Pickford 2 Best Players: Tony Tran, Charlie Pickford, Kyle FleetwoodPiper, Darcy Bagshaw-Thomson Debuts: Jake Pinksterboer, Dylan Pinksterboer, Tyler Yeadon, Nick Adams This was our first game of the season, played away at Tregenza Oval. Captained by Best on Field Darcy Bagshaw-Thomson, he directed the CBC team from the field and his presence was felt not only in the backs formation, but also in the tackles that were made and support in the tackles. Tony Tran played his first game in the Number 8 position, and used his physical size and skill to great effect, busting through the defensive lines, sometimes with 3-4 players hanging off of him, to then score tries. Kyle Fleetwood-Piper as our Full Back, was our last line of defence, and covered great distances at pace to make excellent tackles and thereby deny PAC the opportunity to score a number of tries. Charlie Pickford played an important role in the back line, ever reliable with catching the ball, covering distances with great speed, and crashing through the defensive lines. Zac Burgess stepped into the Forward Captain’s role as Luke Clifton sat the game out injured. Zac made an excellent

contribution to directing the forwards and supporting the backs. We played as a team and didn’t give into PAC’s rough play, at all times being good sportsmen and adhering to the rules of the game. After the game, we cheered the opposition, the referee, Alex Walker, and sang the College Song loudly. Mr Ian Hamilton Coach

Soccer Open A soccer Blackfriars 5 defeated CBC 2 Goal Scorer: Daniel Filosi Best Players: Tom Tagirara, Gianluca Filosi, Matthew Dawber Despite the score line it was a good start to the season. On the day Black’s were just a little too good. Daniel Filosi scored two excellent goals but we just ran out of time to close the gap. The last 15 minutes were possibly our best, the team lifted and were really on top of the game. Looking forward to another excellent season, particularly with the expertise of Mr John Kosmina sharing his knowledge (Br Murray would be impressed). Mr Chris Dolan Coach

Year 10 A Soccer CBC 9 defeated Glenunga High School 0 Welcome to the 2013 season and I look forward to working with all the players and parents this year. After a shaky start the 10 A team list was full and we were ready to play. Twelve eager Year 10s lined up against Glenunga International High School and the season began. From the beginning CBC dominated the game and scored the first goal in the first 5 minutes. The boys were rusty and unfamiliar with the other members of their team, but credit to each of the lines they pulled together and played well for the remainder of the half, crossing the line a further 5 times, finishing the first half with 6 – 0 score. The second half was a more even affair and Glenunga played strong on the ball. The boys had fewer opportunities to score, with only 3 shots producing results. Best Players: Antonio Labbozzetta (C), Dean Didas, Nicholas Arganese, and Jordan Murphy Goal Scorers: Dean Didas, Christian Pancione 2, Antonio Labbozzetta 2, Christian Cairo 2, Jordan Murphy, Michele Raschella Mr Michael Lucas Coach

Year 10 B Soccer Rostrevor College 3 defeated CBC 1 The Year 10 B displayed a great level of energy and talent for their first game against Rostrevor College. The first half resulted in a shaky start with 3 goals against us. However, in the second half, the boys showed great potential with a goal to Andre Silvi and numerous close opportunities. Ross Magliafoglou the team goalie continually displayed his talent by saving countless goals and Andre Silvi for pushing the ball forward, creating attacking plays. Mr Michael Lucas Coach



Year 9 Soccer

Year 6/7 Soccer

CBC 14 defeated Adelaide High School 0

Blackfriars 6 defeated CBC 0

As the score suggests, CBC were generally superior in all aspects of the first round of 2013. It was pleasing to see how quickly the players established a constructive passing game, although we clearly need to use our wide options more. There were occasions when players tried to run past several opponents in midfield rather than spread the ball wide and run on to better position. Still its hard to be critical when we had some exceptionally skilful movement and finishing. A first half highlight was the pass from Dylan Gabbana to Dylan D’Agostino whose top right corner finish was all class. With the game clearly safe at half time, the second period was one where a lot of individual attempts to add to the score resulted in some great goals but also some play which would expose us against a stronger side. Vincenzo Franco’s deft placement over an advancing goalkeeper to score an impressive goal was memorable. I congratulate the players for the result and look forward to a strong passing, running team effort this week against Gleeson College (AWAY). P.S. Congratulations Sir Alex Ferguson on 26 amazing years. Mr Richard McLoughlin Coach

The boys put in a mighty effort to combat a tough and experienced Blackfriars team on Saturday morning. Special mention goes to Michael Owen for his tireless efforts in defence, Brodie Miller making countless saves in goals and Matteo Frasca and Emile Abraham for their runs through the midfield. Despite the result, the boys came off the field holding their heads high for their ‘never-give-in’ attitude and a superb demonstration of sportsmanship. Thank you for all the parents who came out and supported. Well done boys. Mr Joel Langley Coach

Year 8 A Soccer CBC 2 defeated Concordia College 0 On Saturday the 11th of May the school soccer season started. The Year 8 Division 1 squad played outstandingly against Concordia College, with Jimmy Odenwalder scoring two brilliant goals bringing the final score to 2-0. The whole team played like they had been playing together for years and hopefully we will continue to improve and achieve greater results each week. Laurence Giannetta Year 8

Year 7 Soccer CBC 5 defeated Immanuel College 3 Goal Scorers: L Raschella 3, C Aloisi 1, A Sennis 1 Best Players: L Raschella, C Aloisi, J Brown, J Conti, C Bassani CBC started their first game of the year slowly and conceded early. This was the wakeup call needed and from this point on CBC dominated the midfield, scoring two goals in quick succession courtesy of some brilliant play from Luca Raschella and a goal of the year contender from 22yds out by Christian Aloisi. Luca doubled his tally just before half time giving CBC a healthy 3-1 lead. The second half although was even given both teams scored 2 goals each, CBC dominated the play again. This allowed Luca to complete his well-deserved hat-trick and Arthur Sennis coming on as a substitute and scoring within minutes. The defence was held strong thanks to the ‘freight train’ (James Brown) who goes in with 110%, and Christian ‘curly’ Bassani covering the left defence. The midfield has found its enforcer in Jonathan Conti, who marshalled well in Central Defensive Midfield. All in all a good win for the boys. Mr Michael Spudic Coach

Year 6 Soccer CBC 2 drew St Michaels 2 Fantastic opening to the season with an exciting hard fought draw. First half started well with CBC having more possession, with Cosmo Labbozzetta scoring after approximately 10 minutes. St Michaels came back in the second half scoring two quick goals, but CBC continually hammered the goal post with Daniel Bressan scoring the equalizer. Every player in the team performed well. Ms Aly Barrass Coach

Year 5 Soccer Scotch College 4 defeated CBC 2 It was an impressive turn out from the CBC boys and some excellent talent shown for the first game. Due to low numbers from Scotch, the Year 5 team kindly agreed to share some players and give as many boys a run as possible. It was a positive start to the year for the boys. Thank you to the coaches who did great jobs on the day. Mr George Bryant Team Manager

Year 4/5 Soccer CBC 1 drew Scotch College 1 The boys played really well for their first match and after being down by 1 at half time they came back with a last quarter goal (Stephen Vlassopoulos) to even the score. Special thanks to Joseph Sefera and Andrew Princi for volunteering to play for Scotch College to even up the sides. Well done all. Mr Danny Vlassopoulos Coach

Year 4 Soccer Scotch College 4 defeated CBC 2 Best Player: Vasili Falidis. Great start to the season with our boys holding their structure and passing well. Lost momentum and focus in the second half and Scotch took advantage and won. Well done boys. Manager: Mr Lorenza Velardo Mr Paul Zitis Coach

table tennis Open Table Tennis CBC defeated Blackfriars In unseasonal heat with a gym full of action CBC was victorious for their first match of the season. No one was counting, numbers didn’t matter. This, after all, was a week before NAPLAN Testing! Both teams played with spirit, verve & courage. Our senior boys left games to organise the Year 8s and 9s who also had home matches. Generosity was in the air. We contemplated an Indian summer evening in May and our mothers, as we wheeled our bicycles down Frome Road into the fading light. Mr Rory Harris Coach

Year 8 Table Tennis A wonderful start for the term! The CBC Table Tennis team had a great opening to this term’s games on Friday 10th May. The team warmly welcomed the visiting team from St Ignatius College. As the host team, the Year 8 Table Tennis team showed great CBC spirit and good manners to the visiting players. The players were arranged to play in two teams (A & B). Team A consisted of: Darcy Solaman, Siddath Ragagopal, Dominic Ngyen and Jisu Park. The four of them won all 6 games, which included 2 Doubles and 4 Singles. Huynjun Kim, Thanh La, Jaidyn Hebberman and Bijln Johnson formed Team B; they won 4 out of the 6 games which included 1 Doubles and 3 Singles matches. The games ended up with the CBC players winning 10 of the total 12 games. When all the games ended all CBC players shook the visiting team players’ hands, which once again showed wonderful sportsmanship. Thanks to all the Table Tennis team members who stayed to cheer for the players even though they did not have the opportunity to play on the day. I believe with great teamwork and support, Table Tennis will have a fantastic term to look forward to. Special thanks to Mr Rory Harris and Mrs Caroline Clarke for their assistance -- both put in great effort to make sure the games ran smoothly. Ms Jie Zhu Coach

Year 7/8/9 Table Tennis Week two saw the commencement of the Year 7, 8 and 9 ‘Table Tennis Season’. With robust numbers of students passionate to represent the College in table tennis and share their skills and talents in their chosen sport, the season certainly presents great promise. Our Year 8 team’s first opposition for the season was St Ignatius and for the Year 9 team it was St. Peters College. Both teams under the skilful leadership and coaching of Liam Hockley demonstrated exemplary sportsmanship and a spirit within their respective games for which the college is constantly renowned. The Year 8 team, William, Alexander, Basil and Phillip fought to the end with some great rallies and closely contested points; however the victory on the night went to St. Ignatius. The Year 9 team Michael, Daniel, Cooper, Leon and Lucas equally were confronted by a very determined and skilled St. Peters team, but with great tenacity as always, the Year 9 team kept victory in their sights and settled for no less. A great win for the College and a great way to kick off our season! Mrs Caroline Clarke Coach

Insight 2013T2W03  

Christian Brothers College Adelaide Insight Newsletter for Term 2, Week 3, 2013.