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Official Publication of the Community Bankers Association of Georgia

NOV/DEC 2020


Annual Convention Highlights 2020-2021 CBA Board of Directors and Committee Chairs CBA Launches Wellness Solutions PLUS: • Solutions for Success • Preferred Service Provider Feature • New Winter Programs


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November/December 2020 C B A S TA F F John McNair President & CEO john@cbaofga.com Lori Godfrey Executive Vice President and Chief of Staff, Government and Regulatory Relations lori@cbaofga.com Kristi Greer Senior Vice President Professional Development kristi@cbaofga.com


It is all about Member Value


Let’s Strive to be Remarkable

t h e l at e s t


Thank You!


Tyler Eck Joins CBA

s pot l i g h ts

24 CBA Preferred Service Provider: Danny Capitel, IntraFi Network p ro f es s i o n a l d e v e lo p m e n t

26 CBA’s Annual ConventionA Positively Amazing Success!

11 PAC Clay Shoot Highlights


Solutions for Success

33 Education Buzz

s pot l i g h ts

12 CBA’s New Mission Statement


13 Newly Elected Chairmen


15 2020-2021 Board of Directors


Things You Never Thought You’d Say

16 CBA Launches Wellness Solutions


The Importance of Utilizing Multiple Marketing Platforms


Buy Local

17 2020-2021 Committee Chairs 19 Lifetime Service Award Winner Carol Burke

New Winter Programs

41 CBA’s Preferred Service Providers

21 Meet CBA’s Chairman David Lance s tay connected



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Lindsay Greene Senior Vice President Member Services, Marketing and Communications lindsay@cbaofga.com Tammy Maass Vice President, Accounting tammy@cbaofga.com Cassie Cornell Assistant Vice President Digital Strategy and Professional Development Marketing cassie@cbaofga.com Becky Soto Assistant Vice President Professional Development and LEAD Board becky@cbaofga.com Connie Shepard Assistant Vice President Professional Development and Member Engagement connie@cbaofga.com Lisa McNair Director of Finance lisa@cbaofga.com Tyler Eck Government and Regulatory Relations Associate tyler@cbaofga.com

Community Bankers Association of Georgia 1640 Powers Ferry Road SE, Building 28, Suite 100, Marietta, GA 30067-1425 (770) 541-4490 or (800) 648-8215 • Fax (770) 541-4496 | www.cbaofga.com • cba@cbaofga.com N ove m b e r / D e c e m b e r 2 0 2 0 | G e or g i a C om m un i ti es F i rs t | 1


It is all about MEMBER VALUE! Being a part of an association, club or a society helps you to gain knowledge, skills and experience in leadership, communication, problem-solving, group development and management, finance, and public speaking. You also make networking connections with people in various lines of work and industries that may be of benefit to you and your organization at some point in the future. These are some of the key reasons why individuals join an organization and become members. Fulfillment of one or more areas of interest provides the desired “member value” an individual or company seeks from the affiliation. At CBA, three broad areas encompass the key areas of member value for Georgia’s community banks and CBA partner firms. They are: Advocacy, Professional Development, and Programs/ Services. ADVOCACY: In less than a year, CBA’s recent legislative victory – SB157 (reciprocal deposit placement for municipalities) has generated over $200 million in unencumbered deposits for the 70 plus Georgia community banks that are now using a third-party provider. Community banks can now compete fairly for these deposits with the large/out of state banks that pushed back on this legislation for years. CBA’s Lori Godfrey was deservedly recognized as one of the state’s top lobbyists and CBA as one of the most powerful association’s in the state. To further expand on CBA’s advocacy efforts, the association has recently announced the hiring of Mr. Tyler Eck as a Legislative and Regulatory Associate. Tyler is a proud UGA graduate and most recently served on Congressman Drew Ferguson’s team helping community banks navigate the PPP loan process. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: At the direction of CBA’s Board and Education committee, and Kristi Greer, CBA began to develop plans to offer programming via live streaming so all of CBA’s member banks could participate in desired programs regardless of ability to travel. The plan was to phase in throughout 2020; however, the lockdowns due to COVD-19 accelerated our timeline. For 2021, almost all of CBA’s core programming will have a live streaming component for those who do not participate in person. Additionally, CBA expanded its Professional Development team by adding Becky Soto and Nardone Consulting Group. Becky brings 20 years of community banking experience to CBA and the Nardone partnership will further improve CBA’s live events. 2 | ww w. cbao fga.com | Novemb er/ Dec ember 2020

John McNair President & CEO Community Bankers Association of Georgia

PROGRAMS/SERVICES: CBA, in partnership with CS&O Captives and CBIZ, has launched a new option for health insurance which will provide both a protective funding layer and much needed program flexibility. To attract and retain talent, community banks must offer a competitive benefits package and it all starts with employee health insurance. Finding the right balance between cost and benefits is critically important and many of the solutions available today are either too costly or inflexible. CBA Wellness Solutions has been designed with that in mind. Under the direction of Lindsay Greene, this exclusive CBA member benefit will continue to roll for the remainder of the year and accelerate in 2021. On behalf of the CBA Board, LEAD Division, and all CBA committees, we thank you for your membership support and actively seek your input as to how to maximize your membership value of the association. Have a joyous and blessed Holiday Season!


Let’s Strive to be Remarkable! It is my pleasure to serve as your 2020-2021 Chairman of the Community Bankers Association of Georgia. We have a motivated Board of Directors serving CBA this year who are eager to promote community banking in Georgia. In this issue, I hope you will take the time to read and learn a little more about each of these great bankers who are serving as board members. Know that as a Board, we pledge an open-door policy to you. Please get to know us and reach out during the year with any ideas or concerns you may have. These are some of the most challenging times I have had to navigate in my career. It is tempting to feel discouraged as I look back at 2020 and think of friends, businesses, and opportunities lost. I would be remiss if I did not pause to remember friend and CBA Board member Chuck Harwell. His passing was a somber loss for us all. I recently read a quote from an unknown author which states, “If you feel like you’re losing everything, remember that the trees lose their leaves every year and they still stand tall and wait for better days to come.” So, as we look ahead, I believe it is imperative to focus on the positives and prepare for better days. I am strongly encouraged by the many positives coming from CBA and I look forward to sharing some of these exciting programs and initiatives with you. Membership in CBA provides several benefits to banks including high quality education, networking opportunities, and legislative advocacy. CBA’s educational services have never been stronger, and Kristi Greer stands ready to assist you with your education or training needs. CBA has always offered greatly beneficial onsite and customized programs. However, during these times, CBA has worked hard and done an excellent job of bringing that wealth of information into the virtual world. The traditionally in-person educational offerings have been transformed into multi-faceted digital experiences so that banks would not experience a disruption to the training that is vital to success. Never have I been around a group of Georgia bankers when I did not take home some useful knowledge. That is the

David Lance President & CEO Greater Community Bank 2020-2021 CBA Chairman

power of networking opportunities. Unfortunately, inperson networking has been limited by the pandemic. But don’t discount the power of a Zoom, a phone call, or even a hand-written note. Human connection and collaboration are essential. We hope there will be more opportunities for in-person networking in 2021, and in the meantime, CBA is looking to create socially distanced ways to connect. Advocacy under the leadership of Lori Godfrey is taking off. We have had tremendous success at the gold dome and our bankers have supported the advocacy efforts with their pocketbooks to new and unprecedented levels. Thank you! CBA has recently added a new and motivating benefit – CBA Wellness Solutions. I invite you all to visit the website www. cbaofga.com/wellness-solutions and learn more about this new initiative. You will find programs, resources, and stories to enrich overall well-being. I look forward to taking a deeper dive with you this year into the three pillars of wellness - mind, body, and spirit. I am also very excited to share with you the new mission statement recently approved by the CBA Board of Directors. Communities are our Passion. Banking is our Purpose. Advocacy is our Power. This is truly an expression of what Community Bankers Association is all about. History has taught us that the community bank is closely, vitally linked to the local economy, and will rise and fall with it. The bank that looks to prosper in the future should make a concerted effort to focus on the economic development of its market area. The health of communities is reflective of the health of community banks, and vice versa. Keeping CBA’s mission at the forefront will aid us in our work to enhance local banking and build stronger communities. 2020 has certainly been an unusual and challenging year. At our recent CBA Annual Convention, Keynote Speaker David Salyers inspired us to consider our perspective. Having the right perspective will drive success. As we look forward, let’s strive to be remarkable. I wish a better and brighter 2021 for each of you. Have a wonderful holiday season. N ove m b e r / D e c e m b e r 2 0 2 0 | G e or g i a C om m un i ti es F i rs t | 3


legal news and updates for cba members

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T. Daniel Brannan

Attorney (404) 997-6023


Michael N. White

Attorney (478) 749-9921


Corrie E. Hall

November/December 2020

Strategic Planning: Lessons from the Pandemic By T. Daniel Brannan, Michael N. White and Corrie E. Hall

The COVID-19 pandemic (“Pandemic”) wreaked havoc across households and industries alike, including the community bank industry. Community banks nevertheless rose to the challenge, particularly in the implementation of the Payroll Protection Program. What will 2021 bring? As your bank plans for 2021 and beyond, and perhaps as new Board members transition in, this is a good opportunity to re-engage in strategic planning and use the lessons of the Pandemic to help us re-evaluate how we do it. Reimaging the Process Strategic planning can be incredibly useful for setting objective goals and metrics over shortand long-term periods. However, sometimes, strategic planning glosses over the relationships between stakeholders in the quest for objective outcomes. As a result, many strategic plans end up collecting dust on the shelf, ready to be brushed off for a visit by the regulators. Perhaps this is the year to think about a different strategic planning process. The Pandemic has forced many employees to work from home or caused workplace disruption. Strategic planning is an opportunity to address disruption or disconnect between employees and between employees, your Board, and your shareholders. In other words, it’s a unique opportunity to make sure that everyone – from top to bottom – remains aligned with the mission, goals, and objectives of the bank. This year, consider doing your strategic planning in two stages: at the management level, then at the Board level. Give your management team time to work through key goals and differences and attack operational inefficiencies or poor communication. Then take management’s recommendations to the Board and allow management and the Board the chance to do the same. This multi-stage process highlights areas of alignment and difference at multiple levels within your bank. This is not the time to allow the disconnect of the Pandemic to sink in.

What’s “Normal” Anymore? Many of you probably never imagined Board meetings by Zoom or widespread lobby closures. But in 2020, you figured out new ways of meeting, touching base with customers, and working together remotely. Business continued, but the Pandemic changed our sense of what is “normal”. This is the time to ask your employees and your Board what took place during the Pandemic that should be permanent. Should certain positions remain remote? Should that technological infrastructure project be placed at a higher priority? What ways did you reach customers differently, but better? What plans were set aside this year, and should you refocus on those? Take the time now to review the last six to twelve months and think critically and proactively about your new “normal”. Building a Flexible Plan Many of the best made strategic plans for 2020 became some of the best laid aside plans. What caused this? It’s possible that the Pandemic alone was the issue. It’s also possible that your strategic plan was a one-size-fits-all plan. While your strategic plan should outline your bank’s main priorities and goals for the next several years to ensure accountability, your strategic plan must also be a living document. As you plan, consider alternative scenarios and ask your employees and Board how priorities change in those scenarios. For example, if your bank was looking to expand branch operations prior to the Pandemic, is that still the best priority? But what if a vaccine is discovered? Will you need that branch lobby opened and how soon? Look for ways to build flexibility alongside accountability into your strategic plan. Let’s not ignore the lessons of the Pandemic – let’s capitalize on what they taught us in strategic planning. And let us know how we can help.

Attorney (478) 749-9949



“General Counsel Corner,” a recurring column featuring legal news and information of interest to CBA members, is brought to you by James-Bates-Brannan-Groover-LLP. Visit us at GeorgiasLawFirm.com


Thank You!

Lori Godfrey Executive Vice President & Chief of Staff Government and Regulatory Relations

As we prepare for the upcoming 2021 Legislative Session, please know that CBA stands ready to lobby on behalf of your bank, your customers and your community. This fall, we’ve been busy working on building a base to be able to support legislators who believe in our initiatives.

Right now, I’d like to offer a huge Thank You to our members for your support, examples which include: • Supporting CBA’s PAC fund from contributions from your bank, directors and employees • Donating and then purchasing fabulous items at the Silent Auction at the convention • Traveling to enjoy two terrific days of networking at our North and South Clay Shoots • Personally delivering PAC contributions to your legislators on behalf of CBA • Thank you also to our very active Advocacy Committee for their hard work And we’re just getting started! Tyler Eck, Government and Regulatory Relations Associate will increase our presence at the Capitol. Please join us at Topgolf on December 3rd, meet Tyler in person and enjoy a great day of networking for a good cause. Now more than ever, it’s important for Georgia’s community bankers to have a strong voice and influence in the shaping of our industry. Please don’t hesitate to contact CBA regarding any legislative issues your bank may have.

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FINANCE TEAM SUPPORT 6 | ww w. cbao fga.com | Novemb er/ Dec ember 2020

For more information, contact Lisa Small at Lisa.Small@warrenaverett.com.


CBA Announces Addition of Tyler Eck as Government and Regulatory Relations Associate John McNair, President & CEO of Community Bankers Association of Georgia, announces the addition of Tyler Eck as Government and Regulatory Relations Associate. Prior to joining CBA, Tyler worked as an aide for Congressman Drew Ferguson. In this position, he handled SBA, USDA, Treasury, and IRS issues for constituents and businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. Tyler previously worked in local government, the justice system, IT, and customer service. “Under the direction of Lori Godfrey, CBA has become one of the leading lobbying associations in Georgia. CBA’s passage of SB157 made clear the value of having a single voice for community banks. As a result, CBA’s Board of Directors directed me to further expand the association’s advocacy efforts,” stated Mr. McNair. “CBA has a very aggressive advocacy plan and Tyler’s unique blend of advocacy experience and knowledge of community banking issues will enable him to effectively communicate with legislators, regulators, and Administration officials. We are grateful to Congressman Ferguson for referring Tyler to us and look forward to his strong representation of Georgia’s community banks.” “I was delighted about the recent addition of Tyler Eck to the CBA team as Government and Regulatory Relations Associate,” said Richy Everly, President & CEO, Bank of Wrightsville and CBA Advocacy Co-Chair. “With an impressive background that includes stellar academics along with well-rounded knowledge in business and government, I’m convinced Tyler has the skills and experience to become a major asset to Lori Godfrey and our continued advocacy efforts. Anytime we have the opportunity to bring someone of Tyler’s caliber onboard at CBA, I think it is a major win for the Association, our members, and our industry.” “We are excited to have Tyler join the Community Bankers Association of Georgia in the in our advocacy effort. His experience and background will enable him to continue to strengthen our Governmental Relations and keep up to date on ways to improve our industry and the communities they serve. Working with Lori Godfrey and John McNair, Tyler will give great support to the CBA of Georgia,” commented Clark Hungerford, President & Chief Credit Officer, Vinings Bank, Smyrna. Originally from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Tyler moved to Georgia in 2012 where he met his wife Jessica and the couple lives in Newnan. He recently graduated summa cum laude from the University of Georgia, Terry College of Business. While at UGA, Tyler served as president of the UGA ambassadors and took part in multiple experiential learning opportunities like the UGA Terry program at Oxford University, Trinity College, where he studied International Affairs and Business. He will join CBA on December 1, 2020.

CBA Associate Members –

Your Resource to Community Banking Products & Services When Georgia’s community bankers are looking to do business, they look to CBA Associate Members first. All Associate Members are board-approved companies who offer top-notch products and services designed to help community banks succeed. What’s more, CBA Associate Members support the association with their sponsorships, advertising, informative articles, and participation in CBA programs. We salute this group of professionals and offer our sincere gratitude! Let CBA point you in the right direction when you have a need for a product or service. You can find Associate Members in the online directory or in the 2020 Georgia Financial Directory (Members Only Section) or in CBA’s app. Please take a moment to learn how these companies can help your bank. N ove m b e r / D e c e m b e r 2 0 2 0 | G e or g i a C om m un i ti es F i rs t | 7


CHARLIE CURRY TOURNAMENT WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 30, 2020 WYNFIELD PLANTATION, ALBANY THURSDAY, OCTOBER 8TH, 2020 BURGE PLANTATION, MANSFIELD Bankers and associate members enjoyed two great days of shooting clays and networking! Special thanks to all who participated and to our sponsors!

8 | ww w. cbao fga.com | Novemb er/ Dec ember 2020




N ove m b e r / D e c e m b e r 2 0 2 0 | G e or g i a C om m un i ti es F i rs t | 9











All signs provided by

1 0 | ww w. cbao fga.com | Nov ember/ Dec emb er 2020



Join us for a one-of-a-kind event that is equal parts networking and golf tournament with a friendly competition! This open-air tournament offers a way to connect and raise money for an important cause – CBA’s PAC Fund. Enjoy food, beverages, prizes and support CBA’s PAC. The CBA Political Affairs Committee (CBA PAC) is the only Georgia State PAC exclusively committed to representing the interests of Community Banks. Registration includes 3 hours of golf, food, unlimited non-alcoholic drinks and an afternoon of fun!

SPONSORSHIPS AVAILABLE! Flock of Eagles - $1,200 - includes 3 hours of golf for 6 players, food, 12 drink tickets, unlimited non-alcoholic drinks, logo on monitors during event and recognition during event. Party of Fore - $800 – includes 3 hours of golf for 4 players, food, 8 drink tickets, unlimited non-alcoholic drinks, logo on monitors during event and recognition during event. Par Partners - $500 – includes 3 hours of golf for 2 players, food, 4 drink tickets, unlimited non-alcoholic drinks, logo on monitors during event and recognition during event. Player of the Year - $250 - includes 1 player, food, 2 drink tickets, unlimited nonalcoholic drinks Contact Lindsay Greene to reserve your sponsorship.

N ove m b e r / D e c e m b e r 2 0 2 0 | G e or g i a C om m un i ti es F i rs t | 11


Community Bankers Association of Georgia Announces New Mission Statement Community Bankers Association of Georgia (CBA) is pleased to announce a new mission statement, which was recently approved by CBA’s Board of Directors. The new mission statement reads:

Communities are our Passion. Banking is our Purpose. Advocacy is our Power. “For over 50 years, CBA has been passionate about the success of Georgia’s community banks,” stated John McNair, President & CEO of Community Bankers Association. “As the state’s only advocate working solely for the interests of community banks, their customers and their communities, the new mission statement truly reaffirms the goals we strive to achieve each and every day. It is a privilege to serve our member banks and help them succeed.” “I’d also like to thank David Lance, President & CEO, Greater Community Bank, Rome, and Chairman of the CBA Board of Directors for his assistance in developing the mission statement along with our Board of Directors,” said McNair. CBA was founded in 1969 by a group of Georgia community bankers to protect the political interests of locally owned community banks. Representing approximately 140 community banks and 170 associate member companies, CBA offers services in three distinct areas: Legislative, Professional Development and Member Services.

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800.285.8626 www.qwickrate.com 1 2 | ww w. cbao fga.com | Nov ember/ Dec emb er 2020


David Lance Elected Chairman of the Board of Directors of CBA David Lance, President & CEO, Greater Community Bank, Rome, was elected Chairman of the Board of Directors of Community Bankers Association of Georgia (CBA). Nominations for the 2020-21 CBA Board of Directors were announced and approved at CBA’s Annual convention held in late September at the Hilton Sandestin. His term began October 1, 2020. Special thanks to outgoing 2019-2020 Chair Ron Quinn, President & CEO, Peach State Bank, Gainesville. Pictured are Ron Quinn, David Lance and CBA President & CEO John McNair.

Congratulations also to Paul Black, LEAD Chair Paul Black, Senior Vice President, Commercial Group Manager, Vinings Bank, Smyrna, who was elected as the 2020-2021 LEAD Chair at the annual convention. CBA offers a sincere thank you to Greg Profitt, President, Newton Federal Bank, Covington, and 2019-2021 LEAD Chair.

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N ove m b e r / D e c e m b e r 2 0 2 0 | G e or g i a C om m un i ti es F i rs t | 13

CBIZ Offering CBA members tailored programs to minimize risk and manage employee services Customized Insurance & Risk Management

mitigates key industry exposures including board liability, M&A, cyber, contracts, Fintech and fast-changing technologies

Benefits, Payroll & HRIS

simplifies human resources management process with single-source access to your employee data

Retirement Plan Services

provides solutions to help manage your plan

For more information contact: Kris St. Martin, Bank Services Program Director 763.549.2267 | KStMartin@CBIZ.com

CBIZ Banking Practice www.cbiz.com/Banking 1 4 | ww w. cbao fga.com | Nov ember/ Dec emb er 2020


Welcome CBA Board of Directors 2020-2021 Chairman


Vice Chairman


Immed. Past Chair

At Large

Division 1 Chair

David Lance Greater Community Bank, Rome

Debra Weil Community Banking Co. of Fitzgerald

Richy Everly Bank of Wrightsville

Bran Thompson South Georgia Bank, Glennville

Ron Quinn Peach State Bank & Trust, Gainesville

Greg Proffitt Newton Federal Bank, Covington

Shannon Henry Bank of Dade, Trenton

Division 2 Chair

Division 3 Chair

Division 4 Chair

Division 5 Chair

Division 6 Chair

Member at Large

Member at Large

Neil Stevens Oconee State Bank, Watkinsville

Clark Hungerford Vinings Bank, Smyrna

Derek Williams Century Bank & Trust, Milledgeville

Scott Curry First State Bank of Randolph County, Cuthbert

Stephen Lewis First National Bank of Coffee County, Douglas

Lee Clark First State Bank, Wrens

Jolene Carroll Bank of Eastman

Member at Large

Member at Large

Member at Large

Member at Large

Member at Large

Member at Large

Member at Large

Frank Griffin Flint Community Bank, Albany

Jane Lawson First Peoples Bank, Pine Mountain

Ray Muggridge Bank of Camilla

Mike Sale The Commercial Bank, Crawford

Kelly Stone Community Bank of Georgia, Baxley

Paul Bennett Pineland Bank, Alma

Heath Fountain Colony Bank, Fitzgerald

Member at Large

Member at Large

General Council

Charlie Crawford Hyperion Bank, Atlanta

John McNair CBA of Georgia, Marietta

Dan Brannan James-BatesBrannan-GrooverLLP, Atlanta

Corporate Secretary

Lori Godfrey CBA of Georgia, Marietta N ove m b e r / D e c e m b e r 2 0 2 0 | G e or g i a C om m un i ti es F i rs t | 15

CBA is pleased to announce the launch of CBA Wellness Solutions


CBA is pleased to announce the launch of CBA Wellness Solutions - The focus of CBA Wellness Solutions is to provide our members and partner firms with a variety of programs and resources to help achieve greater balance of the mind, body and spirit. Based on the current environment, CBA felt it was extremely important to take a leadership role in this area. CBA Wellness Solutions will continue to evolve over time. Please offer suggestions regarding resources and programs you would like to see made available. PHASE 1 of CBA Wellness Solutions- CBA Health Care Insurance: Based on rising health insurance costs and changing employee needs, CBA members and partner firms have told us they would like to have an association health insurance offering that provides both premium stability and program customization. After many months of review and study with multiple community banks, CBA’s Member Services Committee and Board of Directors, CBA is excited to announce the formation of CBA Health Care Insurance. CBA has joined forces with CS&O Captives (www.csocaptives.com) to provide a protective funding layer for premium stability and CBIZ (www.cbiz.com) to help our members and partner firms create plans that are best suited for the needs of their employees and families. This modern and innovative program has been designed to help manage costs while allowing employers to offer the types of programs and services their employees want and desire such as HSAs and similar. CBA’s captive cell also provides for the opportunity to generate annual dividend distributions for participating banks and firms. In order to participate, community banks and partner firms must be members in good standing and other restrictions, requirements apply. Please contact John McNair, CBA President/CEO with any questions.

1 6 | ww w. cbao fga.com | Nov ember/ Dec emb er 2020

Community Banker Association of Georgia 2020-2021 Committee Chairs


The success of an organization depends on the volunteers driving the mission forward. CBA is fortunate to have 13 active committees using their time and talents to better Georgia’s community banking industry. Meet the committee chairs and co-chairs. Advocacy Committee

Co-Chair: Clark Hungerford Vinings Bank, Smyrna

Co-Chair: Richy Everly Bank of Wrightsville

CBA ATDC Fintech Committee

Chair: Chris Stanley Atlantic Capital Bank, Atlanta

LEAD Committee

Chair: Paul Black Vinings Bank, Smyrna

Vice Chair: Dawn Bridges First National Bank of Coffee County, Douglas

Marketing & Communications Committee

Chair: Kim Colby Flint Community Bank, Albany

AG Committee

Stephen Lewis First National Bank of Coffee County, Douglas

Associate Member Committee

Chair: Matt Mingenback FITECH, Ft. Worth, TX

CBA Convention Committee

Bylaws Committee

Vice Chair: Clayton Braswell ATM Response, Suwanee

Chair: Mike Sale

Education Committee

Finance & Audit Committee

Chair: Bran Thompson South Georgia Bank, Glennville (CBA Treasurer)

Co-Chair: Brian Bazemore Community Bank of Dublin, Laurens

Co-Chair: Debra Weil Community Banking Co. of Fitzgerald

Kyle Ray, First Bank Dalton

Member Services Committee

Membership Committee

Nominating Committee

Mani Swarnam Georgia Primary Bank, Atlanta

Chair: Richy Everly Bank of Wrightsville

Chair: Debra Weil Community Banking Co. of Fitzgerald

Interested in serving on a committee? Contact CBA or a committee chair. You can find all committee members here.

N ove m b e r / D e c e m b e r 2 0 2 0 | G e or g i a C om m un i ti es F i rs t | 17


90 YEARS: ONE MISSION. COMMUNITY BANKS.® ICBA is the only organization that exclusively represents the interests of community banks through effective advocacy, best-in-class education, and constant innovation.

Shape the destiny of community banking. Join ICBA today.

1 8 | ww w. cbao fga.com | Nov ember/ Dec emb er 2020

www.icba.org | info@icba.org | 866-843-4222


Carol Burke, United Community Bank, Receives Lifetime Service Award for 50 Years in Banking Carol Burke, United Community Bank, Receives Lifetime Service Award for 50 Years in Banking Carol Burke, Executive Assistant, United Community Bank, Rome, was recognized by the Community Bankers Association of Georgia (CBA) for 50 years of dedicated service to the community banking industry. Ms. Burke was recognized at CBA’s Annual Convention held recently in Sandestin, FL. "Georgia is fortunate to have such an impressive number of community bankers who have reached these milestones. It’s our pleasure to honor the men and women who have served the banking needs of their communities and lent their expertise to a new generation of community bankers throughout their careers,” stated John McNair, President & CEO of CBA. "We congratulate Carol and appreciate her dedicated service to Georgia’s community banking industry.” According to Ms. Burke, “On July 14, 1970, I had my first and only interview. At a softball game, I was approached by Dan Minix, President of the Bank of Cave Spring, and he asked if I would like to come to work for the bank. I started the next day!”

Ron Quinn, President & CEO, Peach State Bank & Trust and 2019-2020 CBA Chairman recognizes Carol Burke with John McNair, President & CEO, Community Bankers Association of Georgia.

Ms. Burke shared some of her experiences. “During these years I remember posting checks and deposits to individual customer ledgers. When we converted to computers, we thought we were entering the space age. Our little bank in a small Georgia town continued to grow and help the community. Then in the early 90s, we opened an office in Rome and changed our name from Bank of Cave Spring to First Floyd Bank. In the late 90s we merged with United Community Bank. I have worked under nine presidents,and have gotten to know thousands of customers from all walks of life. United Community Bank has been a most rewarding way to spend my life. I truly appreciate the 50 years UCB has given me.” Carol was nominated by David Johnson, CEO, Northwest Georgia at United Community Bank and he shared, “It is not often you have an employee who is so adaptive and committed that they stay with a job for 50 years. Carol Burke is that person. She has dedicated her entire working life to the banking industry in Floyd County and shows up every day with a smile on her face. Her talents and experiences are too numerous to mention. Carol is one of the most loyal employees I have ever had the opportunity to work with. As we have navigated changes in our industry and have grown our bank, I can’t think of a better person to have had in my corner to make us successful. Wish we could have another 50 years…” CBA honors bankers who have reached a milestone of 30, 40 or 50+ years of banking experience and a proven record in excellent community involvement with the Lifetime Service Award


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MEET CBA’S CHAIRMAN DAVID LANCE Serving as Chair of CBA involves commitment and a true understanding of banking, community and the Georgia economy. As you learn about this year’s Chair David Lance, you’ll see he’s well-qualified for the job!

Experiences of a fourth-generation banker...

David Lance grew up in Calhoun, Georgia in a banking family. A fourth-generation banker, he was named after his great grandfather, A. B. David, who was a bank president in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. Currency during that time was shipped to banks by the federal government in sheets. Once received, the currency was cut into bills and each bill was signed by the bank president. Mr. Lance has currency that was signed by his great grandfather, which serves as a reminder of just how far banking has come.

David has been in banking since his college days when he served as a teller at Dekalb County Bank. Upon graduation from college in 1976, he began his full-time banking career as a Management Associate at C & S Bank. He also spent some time with National Bank of Georgia and First National Bank of Chicago, before returning to Calhoun in 1979 to become involved in his family bank, Calhoun First National. In 1984, David became the youngest bank president in the state of Georgia and has since served in that role for four different community banks in Northwest Georgia. He served 15 years as President/CEO and Director of Calhoun First National Bank/First National Bank of Northwest Georgia from 1984-1999, President/CEO of Peoples First National Bank of Cartersville from 1994-1999, and then

as President/CEO and Director of North Georgia National Bank from 1999-2009, prior to assuming his current position in 2010 as President/CEO and Director of Greater Community Bank. In total, Mr. Lance has 45 years of banking experience as a bank President & CEO.


David graduated from Calhoun High School in 1972. He holds an A.A. from Oxford College of Emory University, a B.B.A. in Finance from Emory University, and completed the Graduate School of Banking at Louisiana State University in 1984.

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David is the son of Labelle Lance (age 89) of Calhoun, Georgia and the late Bert Lance. He has been married to Barbara Bell Lance of Sandersville, Georgia, for more than 40 years, and they have three children, Jackson (Calhoun, GA), Jacqueline (Los Angeles, CA), and Clifford (San Francisco, CA). [photo of David & Barbara at CBA included] Nothing compares to the joy David gets from his three wonderful grandsons, Jack (age 9), David (age 7), and Matthew (age 5).

Hobbies or Activities

David enjoys traveling but really loves to spend his weekends working on his farm and enjoying his home-grown produce, including blueberries, muscadines and all kinds of fruit bearing trees. (He has an unbelievable kiwi bush.) He is a serious

“From teller to CEO, David Lance has experienced it all� collector of Presidential signatures, a passion introduced to David at the early age of 5 by his parents and a hobby they enjoyed together. David is also an antique cars enthusiast and takes great pride in his 1926 Buick and 1954 Bentley.

2 2 | ww w. cbao fga.com | Nov ember/ Dec emb er 2020

SPOTLIGHT Info About Greater Community Bank

David has served as President, CEO, and Director of Greater Community Bank and Greater Community Bancshares, Inc. since 2010. Greater Community Bank is locally owned and operates four offices in the Bartow, Floyd and Gordon County markets. Today, the Bank has 51 employees and $283 million in assets. In February 2021, the Bank (formerly named Greater Rome Bank) will celebrate 25 years in business. With exceptional customer service and a Five Star “Superior” financial rating from the nation’s leading independent bank-rating firm, Bauer Financial, Greater Community Bank redefines the banking experience. Consecutively voted the Best Bank in the markets it serves; Greater Community Bank understands the importance of being a true community bank. For more information, visit www.greatercb.com.

Community Involvement

David has been named to Who’s Who in Banking as well as 100 Most Influential Georgian’s in 1999 by Georgia Trend. Having earned the rank of Eagle Scout in high school, he understands the importance of service. David has devoted himself to many positions within community, regional and state level organizations. He has served on the Boards of the Georgia Department of Industry Trade & Tourism, Georgia Environmental Finance Authority, and Georgia Conservancy. He was a member of the

Governor’s Commission on Effectiveness and Economy in Government under Governor Zell Miller, the Georgia Rural Development Council, the Georgia Department of Community Affairs, as well as the Georgia Chamber of Commerce. David was the founder and Chairman of the Calhoun Gordon Community Foundation and the founding Chairman of Leadership Gordon County. He was a member of Leadership Georgia class of 1989. David has also served as past Chairman of the Gordon/ Floyd County Joint Development Authority, past President of the Gordon County Chamber of Commerce, past President of Calhoun Rotary Club, former member of Reinhardt University’s Board of Trustees and Emory University’s Board of Visitors. Currently, in addition to serving as the Chairman for Community Bankers Association, David is the longest serving Board member for AdventHealth Gordon. He is a member of YPO/WPO, the GBA CEO Roundtable, and the Board of Trustees at David welcoming new CBA Board Young Harris College.

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CBA Preferred Service Provider Spotlight – Danny Capitel, IntraFi Network Danny Capitel Managing Director IntraFi Network

In this issue, CBA is pleased to feature Danny Capitel, Managing Director, IntraFi Network, formerly Promontory Interfinancial Network. CBA invited Danny to participate in a Q & A so you can learn more about this Preferred Service Provider and a little more about Danny. Tell us about IntraFi Network and your role with the company: Bankers may know us as Promontory Interfinancial Network. We recently changed our company name to IntraFi Network. We are still the same company with the same dedication to the banking industry, now with fewer syllables. We are also simplifying the names of our products. We will anchor all our services under the IntraFi corporate brand. Our deposit solutions (ICS Reciprocal, ICS One-Way Sell, CDARS Reciprocal, CDARS One-Way Sell, and IND) will be renamed IntraFi Network Deposits. Funding solutions (CDARS One-Way Buy, ICS One-Way Buy, Insured Overnight Funding, and IND) will be called IntraFi Funding. Only the names have changed. We still offer all the same great solutions for banks.

As for me, I have been a member of the IntraFi Network team for 16 years. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with banks to help provide access to FDIC insurance and balance-sheetmanagement solutions. I work with banks across the Southeast, including GA, NC, SC, FL & PR. How do you help Georgia’s Community Banks? I am part of a team that helps Georgia community banks use IntraFi Network Deposits and IntraFi Funding. We work with each bank to understand their specific needs and priorities and provide tailored training and selling solutions to fit their objectives—solutions that can be leveraged both in times of excess liquidity and during shortfalls in core funding. We also work closely with bank employees to review marketing materials and provide support in their efforts to secure and grow meaningful relationships with their prospects and clients. Here are a few examples of how IntraFi Network solutions have helped some Georgia banks: A Georgia bank that is a member of IntraFi’s network had a large, longterm public depositor whose deposits impacted the bank’s liquidity and capital ratios by encumbering securities and negatively impacting capital. Using IntraFi Network Deposits, the bank offered the depositor access to FDIC insurance and eliminated the need for

2 4 | ww w. cbao fga.com | Nov ember/ Dec emb er 2020

collateralization, saving the depositor time by eliminating the need to track collateral and enhancing the bank’s capital ratios and profitability—an all-around win for the bank and the depositor. Another Georgia bank wanted to retain a key relationship with a public depositor, but did not want those deposits to negatively impact its balance sheet. Using IntraFi Network Deposits, the bank moved the deposits off balance sheet, selling the deposits to other banks in the network while retaining the customer relationship and earning fee income. Using IntraFi Network Deposits helped this bank enhance its capital ratios and profitability while retaining its valued customer by providing FDIC insurance to the municipality. Recently, another Georgia bank leveraged the operational efficiency and flexibility of IntraFi Funding to manage liquidity risk in the current environment by structuring a multi-million, shortterm, laddered portfolio that matures every 1-2 weeks over the next month and a half.

SPOTLIGHT Tell us about you... I grew up in Nashville, TN, and graduated from the University of Tennessee. I have been in Atlanta for more than 30 years, and I call it home. My favorite vacations are trips to Hilton Head Island with my extended family. At times, we’ve had so many family members in one location that we have multiple, scheduled seatings for dinner. My favorite movie, which pains my children greatly, is Groundhog Day with Bill Murray. I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting so many wonderful clients and have the good fortune of calling them friends. It is a pure joy to work in the banking industry that is community focused.

Helping banks provide a unique service that creates a winwin for everyone is a salesperson’s dream. I have been doubly rewarded with deep, lasting relationships. What do you do for fun outside of work? I am blessed to have a wonderful wife of 30 years, grown children, and two grandchildren. When Mindy and I are not enjoying family and grandchildren, I am safely tucked away in my basement on my Peloton bike. I cycled the Georgia roads for years, but, after meeting the pavement too many times (and a car), this is a safer form of rigorous exercise for me.



EXPERIENCE STS Group is proud to announce our new

cash transport sister corporation.

“SCS is a Cash Transport Company that truly understands Community Financial Institutions, the need for a simplified billing process and follow through with consistency and accuracy.” – scott couch

get in touch to learn more

sales@southerncashsolutions.com stsgrp.com

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CBA’s Annual Convention A Positively Amazing Success!

CBA’s 52nd Annual Convention and Mini-Trade Show was a much-needed boost of information and enthusiasm for the community banking industry! The General Session on Friday included a special video message from Governor Brian Kemp, followed by Friday’s keynote speaker Pete Smith, an advocacy presentation, the popular Mini-Trade Show, and well-attended breakout sessions. Saturday’s schedule included a Dawn Breaker’s session from FHLB Atlanta, a conversation with the regulators, an economic presentation and breakout sessions. Wrapping up the convention was a thoughtful and inspiring presentation by David Salyers, which offered much for both the mind and heart. The evening concluded on the beach with a performance by Riverstreet Band of Gainesville. Between David’s message and relaxing on the beach listening to a great band, the convention concluded on a fantastic note. “I would like to thank all our attendees, partner firms, the entire CBA Board, and the membership for their collective support in helping us make this event happen. Clearly, it was time and I am so glad we went ahead with the event,” commented John McNair, CBA President & CEO. ​ “I have been attending and/or managing conventions for 30 plus years and while the spirit of attendees is usually high; this year was off the charts,” John continued. “Everyone was so happy to be together enjoying the camaraderie and overall good vibe of community banking. Based on the comments from our virtual attendees, it seems they too were able to engage and partake of the positive atmosphere.”

2 6 | ww w. cbao fga.com | Nov ember/ Dec emb er 2020


to our exhibitors at CBA’s Annual Convention & Mini-Trade Show! ACG • ATM Response • CashTrans • CBIZ • Consultants & Builders, Inc. • Crescent Mortgage DeNyse Companies • Econocheck • FITECH • Genesys • Haberfeld • Holtmeyer & Monson ICBA Securities • Kasasa • Point to Point Environmental • Progressive Communications

Promontory Interfinancial • QwickRate • SBA Works • SHAZAM • Southern Bank Equipment & ATMs STS Group • Secureworks • Vsoft Corporation • Warren Averett

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Board Appreciation Reception & Dinner Co-Sponsors

Chairman’s Reception & Banquet Co-Sponsors

Thursday Night Hosted Bar Co-Sponsors GENESYS TECHNOLOGY GROUP

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Convention Totes

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Daily Costume Prizes

Financial Institutions Group

Thursday Night Desserts and Coffee, 60 Second Video

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Mini-Trade Show Cash Drawing, Convention T-shirts & Charging Station

Convention App & Introducing Pete Smith

GENERAL SPONSOR Friday Video Message Saturday Entertainment Co-Sponsor 2 8 | ww w. cbao fga.com | Nov ember/ Dec emb er 2020

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Bank Contract Negotiators Core Evaluations Renewal Negotiations Online & Mobile Evaluations Card Portfolio Profitability

Bank technology consulting that pays for itself. 3 0Visit | ww |w.genesystg.com cbao fga.com | Nov ember/ Dec emb er 2020 Call

| (770) 729-4140

Email | info@genesystg.com


Solutions for Success:

Breathing New Life into Key Delivery Channels The Solutions for Success features timely issues and best practices from CBA Associate Members. CBA recently met with David Saylor, Founder of Genesys Technology Group, to ask a couple of questions on how banks can use their existing delivery channels to increase profitability and breathe new life into their brand. Regarding technology, what would you say is a single move that a CBA member institution can make to pay the most significant dividends? When you asked me that question, several things immediately came to mind, so this will be a multi-layered response. First, you have to change the way you think about spending money on your technology. Simply put, you have to spend money to get it right, and it will pay dividends. Your digital channels are an excellent investment that requires that you “tinker” with them to find what works. However, you are going to have to spend money to keep the pace. Second, you do not have to start an entirely new digital branded bank to stay current or attract your target clients. Your website is the first place you should start because it leaves a lasting impression. A website “refresh” is the easiest way to stay ahead of your competition and make a solid first impression. Money should be in the budget every year to keep your website fresh and ahead of the curve. Finally, do not be afraid to go outside of your core vendor relationship for online banking, business online banking, and other digital channels. Your digital strategy should include the players who best meet your needs, goals, and objectives. I believe that banks have to change their investment strategy in their delivery channels. You have to invest time and money into them, and yes, be OK with wasting some money to find the best way to be relevant in a digital world. What delivery channel represents the most significant opportunity for community banks to generate more revenue right now? My response is purely based on our clients’ experience and is strictly my opinion. That said, there is no contest. A bank’s debit card portfolio can generate more revenue as it usually is on autopilot. I encourage all CBA banks to look at three things to increase their debit card portfolio profitability immediately. First, your brand (front of card). Are you VISA, MasterCard, or Discover? They will all fight

Breathing New Life into Key Delivery Channels for your business, and you should partner with a brand that wants to invest in you. Second, your networks (back of card). Many banks have too many networks. Choosing the right network scheme can have an immediate financial impact on your card portfolio interchange income (and expense). Finally, you have to invest in marketing your debit card program. You want to be your customers’ first choice each time they pull out their wallets. With PINless debit, tokenization, and cardless cash, it is more important than ever for your card to be “top of wallet.” Since 2007, Genesys has been an advocate for community banks. The market is changing, and it is more important than ever for community banks to keep up. If you would like to learn more about how Genesys can help you get the most out of your delivery channels mentioned above, feel free to reach out to David directly at 770-729-4139 or david@genesystg.com


David Saylor

Founder Genesys Technology Group

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2021 ADVERTISING OVERVIEW Reserve Your Ad Space Today!

If you want to target top decision makers in Georgia’s community banking industry, you will find the CBA offers numerous ways to help you accomplish your goals and stretch your marketing dollars. Show your support for CBA and promote your business at the same time. If you have questions, please contact Lindsay Greene at lindsay@cbaofga.com or (770) 541-0376.

Georgia Communities First Magazine

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Published six times a year, Georgia Communities First provides coverage of community banking industry trends and developments both on a state and national level. The magazine also features upcoming professional development programs, legislative efforts as well as features on CBA members. All issues are published digitally.

Published weekly, CBA Today has a distribution of over 5,000. This digital newsletter includes information on upcoming association events, educational opportunities, associate members, as well as state and national industry news.

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2021 Georgia Financial Directory

CBA’s website, www.cbaofga. com, is the source of information on educational programs, events, industry articles, legislative updates, convention information and much more. Ad space is available on a monthly basis and can link to your home page or the destination of your choice.

Published annually, the 2021 Georgia Financial Directory is your complete resource within the Georgia financial industry and contains information on banks, holding companies, banking products and services, and more. The 2021 version is digital only and located in the Members Only section of CBA’s website. All CBA members can access the pdf and online which means exposure to a greater number of positions within the bank.

Considering BOLI for your bank? Considering Supplemental Benefits to attract and retain top talent?

Already have BOLI/Benefits? Request a free, independent audit of your BOLI/Benefit plans!

BFS Group, a leading expert in the BOLI industry, is a national firm with an exclusive focus on community banks. BFS Group supports the management of all BOLI portfolios with the primary goal of providing unparalleled customer support, increasing the bank’s bottom line, increasing shareholder value and funding meaningful benefits for all bank employees. BFS Group is directly appointed by all major BOLI carriers which enables us to design BOLI portfolios that can be tailored to the bank’s specific goals and objectives. We are also endorsed by the CBA of Georgia, as well as many other state and national banking associations throughout the country.

John Gianacaci Regional Managing Director (609) 915-9168 jgianacaci@bfsgroup.com

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Education Buzz

Raise your hand if you learn best by doing. As professional development providers, we consider all learning styles as we carry out the adult education development process. CBA of Georgia wants our community bankers to know that we seek your engagement in planning and delivering quality education. We are proud of our banks and the brand you have created this year across Georgia, across the US. As we help support your strategic success, call us to discuss your professional development needs/desires. In 2020, we have tried some new educational avenues by supporting our member’s internal training. Brooke Wall, AVP with South Georgia Bank told CBA “I wanted to thank you so very much for all of your help in planning our onsite loan training. The loan session with Jeffery Johnson was fantastic! Everyone has mentioned to me how knowledgeable and informative Jeffery is and that truly enjoyed the learning opportunity.”

Kristi Greer

Senior Vice President Director of Professional Developent Community Bankers Association of Georgia

Internal Training Consultation is available to you as well. Call our passionate leader, Kristi Greer to discuss avenue options.

Experience the power of true partnership. Partnering with FNBB means more than access to a full range of innovative correspondent products and services. It means having a trusted partner who will never compete for your deposits and loans. A partner who will provide unparalleled attention with a commitment to building lasting relationships that help you improve your performance and increase profits. That’s the power of an FNBB partnership. In addition to traditional correspondent services we offer: • • • • •

Asset Liability Management Compliance Audit Services Internal Audit Services IS Audit Services Loan Review

• Image Check Exchange • International Services • Insurance Products & Services

Contact: Charles Morris, Regional President Chad Wilson, Relationship Manager Jeff Sands, Correspondent Lending Officer

• • • •

Holding Company Loans Interest Rate Swaps Loan Participations Officer and Director Loans

• Capital Markets Division • Sales/ Training • Bond Accounting • Safekeeping

Learn more & experience:


800.318.6272 bankers-bank.com N ove m b e r / D e c e m b e r 2 0 2 0 | G e or g i a C om m un i ti es F i rs t | 33


New Programs/Winter Offerings

Join the 2021 Human Resources & Talent Development League! Early Bird Pricing Open through November 15 for $1450 Benefits for your HR Professional: Ongoing education, networking, online discussion group, round tables Benefits for your financial institution: Legal HR Hotline, resources sharing


What we think we know? What we don’t know? What do we need to Know? How to proceed?

Agenda Topics & Speakers: What’s Happening with the Georgia Hemp Program • Ashley Sellers, Director of Legal Services, Georgia Department of Agriculture • Doroteya N. Wozniak, Associate, James-Bates-Brannan-Groover, LLP

Hemp Farming – Round Table Discussion with Hemp Producers • Moderator: Lisa Berry, Senior Banking Consultant & Principal, Warrant Averett Cannabis Banking in Georgia • Melissa Sneed, Deputy Commissioner of Supervision, Georgia Department of Banking and Finance 3 4 | ww w. cbao fga.com | Nov ember/ Dec emb er 2020

Legal Side of MRB in Georgia • Doroteya N. Wozniak Cannabis Banking – MRB, Hemp, and CBD – To Bank or Not Bank? Updating your Policy and Procedures • Dianne Barton, Performance Solutions, Inc



Quarter IV – Flood, Appraisals and Applications

Join us as we highlight the key issues in flood and hazard insurance compliance, including examiner hot buttons, private flood insurance and force placement. The appraisal final rules are coming – what it means to your policy, process and more, including best practices. Then, we will round out the day with the Uniform Residential Loan Application (URLA or 1003) – what it means for you and are you ready for it? Join us as we review the new requirements, the potential challenges and ways to address them. SIGN UP TODAY In-Person or ​STREAM - Live Virtual Training 12/1 - Duluth • 12/8 - Statesboro

Day I Topics : • The Role of FinCEN • BSA 101 • The Tools of BSA • Money Laundering Methods in Today’s Environment • Review of the BSA Building Blocks and 5 Pillars • CIP, CDD, and EDD

In-Person 12/9 - Tifton • 12/10 - Macon

Day II Topics: • BSA Compliance Management Program • Risk Assessments and Risk Rating of Customers • BSA Reporting and Record Keeping • Currency Transaction Reporting (CTR) & Suspicious Activity Reporting (SAR) • Monetary Instrument Logs • Wire Transfers • High-Risk Products & Services • Case Studies

Day III Topics: • Suspicious Activity Report – From Decision Making to Writing the SAR • BSA and OFAC Training • Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) Compliance • Record Retention • Action Planning


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POWER UP YOUR INVESTMENTS ICBA Securities is driven by its commitment to community banks and powered by the many resources and expertise of Vining Sparks.

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Wholly-Owned ICBA Subsidiary » Comprehensive education platform » Endorsed by 32 state affiliates » Supports advocacy at state and federal levels » Exclusively endorses Vining Sparks » Board of directors comprised of leadership bankers


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Education » Community Banking Matters – Periodic webinars covering timely topics » ICBA Bond Academy – Teaches bond basics » ICBA Balance Sheet Academy – Building high performing balance sheets » Weekly and monthly publications with market overview and portfolio management insights Economic Insight » Quarterly economic outlook webinars Portfolio and Balance Sheet Services » Asset and liability management » Bond accounting

www.icbasecurities.com | info@icbasecurities.com | 800-422-6442 Offerings of and transactions in investment securities by Vining Sparks. Member FINRA/SIPC.


Things You Never Thought You’d Say COVID-19 has created a lot of first-ever conversations. It may be a gross oversimplification to say this, but in many ways, community banks deal with their favorite broker the same way you deal with your dry cleaner. For one thing, there’s repeat business; we’re not a durable goods vendor that you visit every three years. For another, fixed-income brokers sell a set of relatively fungible products. For another, since there are plenty of us out there, we’re obliged to stay pretty much on-market with our prices. Over time, a business relationship develops, much of which is a matter of convenience for the busy portfolio manager. And out of this relationship comes dialogue. In 2020, the dialogue has gone places it had not yet visited. So, as the year ends, and hopefully the COVID-19-dominated headlines begin to recede, I’d like to recount some questions and comments we’ve heard for the first time this year. “I need to get rid of this cash” To be sure, there has been an avalanche of liquidity that arrived on the doorstep of virtually all community banks this year. We could compose a Venn diagram using loan demand, Fed quantitative easing, investor flight-to-quality, and, of course, the Treasury’s Paycheck Protection Program. All of these conspired to stuff banks full of money, which yields next to nothing. Bankers in some cases have concluded that no cash is better than some cash—even those that have traditionally held more than an ample supply. This is not to say that they’ve been successful, yet. As of Sept. 30, nearly 25% of all bank assets was “liquidity,” meaning due from + unpledged securities + fed funds sold. This is the highest level in about a decade and, in absolute dollars, an all-time high. “What’s wrong with 30-year mortgage paper?” Portfolio managers have traditionally run, not walked, from the prospect of buying a mortgage-backed security (MBS) that has a 30-year life. In fact, by doing so, they are shunning around 88% of that market. Usually the reasons are sound; these long stated final bonds produce little current cash flow and have longerthan-preferred average lives. In this market, however, the long maturities can in fact offer some stability to cash flow that shorter maturities can’t. Attendant to this is that many of the 30-year pools can be quite large, “TBAeligible” pools that the Fed is buying for its own balance sheet. So, a suggestion can be made that Jay Powell and associates are price-supporting this segment of the mortgage market.

Jim Reber

President & CEO ICBA Securities

or lend and net interest margins (NIMs) that are narrow and narrowing. We can demonstrate that margins can be improved, or at least solidified, by executing interest rate swaps on either side of the ledger. One example is a bank buying a long fixed-rate municipal bond and instantly turning it into a floating rate instrument. Thanks to the relatively flat yield curve, one can convert a 10-year duration into a 90-day duration and surrender today only about 50 basis points. In turn, that could free up other opportunities to lock in some longer fixed-rate assets to stanch the bleeding in NIM. “Remind me why we don’t buy revenue bonds” Traditionally, portfolio managers have preferred general obligation (GO) municipals over revenue bonds because GOs are paid off through property taxes, and not a stream of dedicated income from some type of activity. It’s been a good bet over the years, as there have been virtually no defaults of muni issues that are both rated and GO. In a year like this, revenue bonds can be worth a look, if the source of revenue is an essential service. Yields on “rev’s” are usually higher than for a similarly rated GO, and we know that incremental yield is a precious commodity today. So, ask your broker to show you a revenue bond that is secured by water or sewer fees, school building leases or utilities. You may like what you see. “It’s time to extend my portfolio” To most community bankers, short means good. This is a vestige of their experience with a collection of bonds that are worth 93 cents on the dollar thanks to aggressive tightening by the Fed (circa 2000), or furrowed brows from regulators concerning extension risk and exposure to rising rates. Not today: rate exposure has clearly flipped. Most banks need to actively manage their maturities back to their intended objectives. This can be done several ways and most directly by buying “out on the curve.” Certain high-quality products with sufficient length can produce yields approaching 2%. Constant attention to the maintenance of the community bank’s duration is yet more dialog that portfolio managers will be having with their dry cleaners. Or, make that investment brokers.

“I think we need to do an interest rate swap” This is a perfect example of the unique challenges facing community banks in this pandemic. Many thousands of balance sheets are now staring down record low yields in which to invest N ove m b e r / D e c e m b e r 2 0 2 0 | G e or g i a C om m un i ti es F i rs t | 37

Travelers is delivering $4.4 million in dividends to qualifying policyholders. Are you in? If your bank is a Travelers policyholder, you’re currently enjoying outstanding Independent Community Bankers of America (ICBA) benefits. If you’re not, you might want to consider the following reasons why you should be insuring with Travelers:

Travelers ICBA Insurance program’s Policyholder Safety Group Dividend plan has been paid for 18 consecutive years. The most recent program year produced policyholder dividends of $4.4 million – for a total of nearly $65 million in dividends paid over the past 36 years. Industry-leading risk management solutions and insurance protection tailored to community banks. Financial strength you can rely on.

To learn more, talk to your independent agent or broker or visit travelers.com.

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All property casualty coverages may not be available in certain areas; certain lines of coverage may not be eligible for dividend payout. Dividends are not guaranteed and are subject to the approval of the company’s board of directors.


The Importance of Utilizing Multiple Marketing Platforms Whether during crisis or not, it is vital to have a blended plan! We have all been living and working in a season that has put our crucial communications in the spotlight, and too many community banks have fallen far short of the ideal. At few times in modern history has it been it been so important to let our customers know about current and rapidly changing information. The grand lesson is that having limited means and tactics for communicating with and marketing to our communities is detrimental to customer relationships and the image of the bank. The time is now to prepare for the next crisis while hoping that it will never come. If we have our turbo-charged systems in place, our institutions will be all the better if we use them for more normal sets of circumstances while they are at the ready for the sudden and unexpected. We also know that having limited platforms for messaging is not the way to go. While your website is the home base for all consumer information, and your phone number(s) is the most direct way for customers to reach you, neither works as the only way to converse with your audiences. People expect (and need) communications across multiple media methods, and your marketing platforms and tactics can make that happen. If you have reservations about social media or are avoiding the cost of having a highly mobile responsive website, you may have learned some hard lessons via negative customer feedback (known and unknown) during the pandemic. These are but a couple of examples of your core marketing strategies that need to be in place regardless of your bank size or footprint. As you evaluate your strategies and methods it is best to consider a diversified blend. You should want to vary your positioning, timing and audience appeal using multiple media platforms. Some will read every email from their financial institution, while others pay better attention to a direct mail piece or possibly a digital ad that pops up on their mobile sports app. You will also need your platforms to be quickly adaptive so that a customer doesn’t see a Facebook post about your lobbies closing due to Coronavirus, yet is not able to find more extensive information on your website moments later. This may sound obvious, but many community banks are poorly prepared to do it extremely well. Those that communicated most effectively during shelter-in-place not only kept their customers comfortable but were even able to market to them appropriately about other services. They shone during that time because of the real value that they had to their communities.

A key question for now is whether you are using the right mix of platforms in the correct frequency and intensity. As a marketing agency we work constantly with clients on finding the right balance and integration for each bank’s marketing systems, and we are often surprised at the lack of prioritization for having a well-diversified strategic system for marketing and communications. Here is a list of key marketing platforms and tactics, followed by the process steps for finding the right mix for both crisis and ongoing marketing. We recommend having a fitting blend for your bank, regardless of size, within these key marketing tactic categories: • • • • •

Traditional Marketing Social Media Website SEO Digital Advertising

Undoubtedly you are utilizing some of these, but your opportunities to do more of them, mixed correctly, can make all of the difference. The right marketing, whether during a crisis or beyond, will change the future direction of your bank, its brand and market share. The blending of strategies and platforms in the right combination will help you to succeed and shine during any societal or financial climate. All of this leads to you having the greatest impact possible on the lives of your internal and external customers while being a dynamic community partner. Chris Bates is the CEO of AgoraEversole. AgoraEversole is serving community banks throughout the Southeast and 15 states with comprehensive traditional, social, website, SEO and digital advertising solutions. They can be reach at www.AgoraEversole.com or 601-3667370.

Chris Bates CEO AgoraEversole

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Buy Local

Larry Williams

President & CEO Community Bankers Webinar Network

“Buy local” is getting a lot of attention these days. And it should! Our main street businesses, vendors, and tradespeople continue to grind through a year unlike any other – often without any safety net of cash to sustain them. Community bankers see the struggles of local businesses firsthand, and you have stepped up to help in a myriad of ways. From navigating the uncharted waters of the Paycheck Protection Program to picking up the phone to do business with, or make referrals to, your small business customers, community bankers know what it means to lock arms and tackle big challenges together. During my early years as a banker, my boss used to wax philosophical with phrases like, “Do business with those who do business with you, Larry.” “Help your customers succeed and the price of loyalty goes up.” “You’d better call on your customers because you know the competition is.” As a young commercial lender, I took his advice to heart. When I needed my truck repaired, I took it to a repair shop who never missed a loan payment with my bank. When a customer asked me for the name of a good accountant, I referred her to Paul, who came through the bank’s drive-through every Thursday afternoon at 3:45 PM sharp. You could set your watch by it. And

each week I set aside time to pay a visit to two or three of my business customers to say hello, have a cup of coffee, or depending on the time of day, a pint of beer. Do business with those who do business with you, as my first boss used to say. While you’re at it, make sure you continue to support those who support your bank. And nobody works harder at that than the team at Community Bankers Association of Georgia. Your membership dollars, as well as the dollars you choose to spend on the support services CBA offers, help strengthen community banking across Georgia. As our small business community perseveres through continuing uncertain economic times, it’s more important than ever to keep buying local. Larry Williams is the President and CEO of the Community Bankers Webinar Network. The Community Bankers Webinar Network partners with CBA to bring the most up-to-date, relevant, and impactful web-based training to Georgia bankers.


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Executive Insurance is a Preferred Service Provider of the CBA of Georgia, and has been working with community banks in Georgia since 1980. We are totally committed to the future of community banking and consequently are setting the standard in service, knowledge and innovation in this very important area. We encourage you to call on us for a comprehensive review of your specific needs.

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Interested in becoming a Preferred Service Provider? The Preferred Service Provider packages offers Associate Members the option of upgrading to package of your choice. A few benefits include early access to advertising, exhibiting and sponsorship opportunities, simplified budgeting and of course – increased exposure! All packages are reviewed by CBA’s Member Services Committee. To learn more, please contact Lindsay Greene at 770-541-0376. N ove m b e r / D e c e m b e r 2 0 2 0 | G e or g i a C om m un i ti es F i rs t | 41

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