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Multimedia Video Class New York Presbyterian Hospital School Based Health Clinic Bread & Roses High School

What is a PSA? ¤  A PSA is a Public Service Announcement that is created to inform the public about issues. ¤  Introduction by Elaissy Garcia

Protection is Everyone s Responsibility ¤  Introduction by Daniel Johnson ¤  Featuring Tristan Nelson and Homara Pena ¤  Product featured: Female condom

Cinematography : Camera Angles & Shots

¤  Wide angle ¤  Close up ¤  Lighting

Wide Angle A shot of a broad field of action.

Close up: Camera is close to the subject and the image shows a face and its expression

Lighting The illumination of the set; the direction from which the light enters the set.

Choices ¤  Introduction by Homara Pena ¤  Featuring Homara Pena & Tristan Neslon ¤  Written by Homara Pena

Cinematography : Camera Angles & Shots

¤  Over the shoulder shot ¤  Head room ¤  Mid close-up

Over the shoulder Shot useful in dialogue scenes, in which one actor is photographed head-on from over the shoulder of another actor.

Head room The area in-between a subject s head and a frame s top.

Mid close-up 

Shot whose scale is between medium shot and close up:Â a character shown from the chest up.

Perseverance Thank you! ¤  Introduction by Tristan Nelson ¤  Featuring Kaeson Neal & Tristan Neslon ¤  Written by Tristan Nelson

Cinematography : Camera Angles & Shots

¤  Tracking shot ¤  Voice overs ¤  Tilt

Tracking shot The camera is mounted on a dolly and moves horizontally to follow the action being filmed or to survey the setting.

Voice overs The voice of a narrator is heard, although the character speaking is usually not presented visually. If the character is visually present, there is no lip movement, indicating that we are hearing the character's thoughts.

Tilt shot Like a pan, but the camera tilts up or down. along a vertical plane.

Where do you go for services? ¤  Introduction Elaissy Garcia ¤  Cinematographer Wilson Perez ¤  Featuring the Presbyterian Health Clinic

Cinematography : Camera Angles & Shots

¤  B roll ¤  Panning shot ¤  Hand held shot

B roll

A term for pieces of video, typically silent, that are used to add interest to a marketing video or as illustration of narration or an interview.

Panning shot The view sweeps from left to right or from right to left.Â

Hand held shot The camera operator carries the camera while filming the action; to give the impression of the point of view of a person walking-for greater naturalism or to create suspense.

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Bread & Roses/ NYPH Final Presentation Spring 2013