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PUBLIC ART YOUTH EMPLOYMENT PROGRAM SUMMER 2019 PEACE OF OUR TIME by BEE-AC Unveiling Celebration Thursday, August 15th, 11:00 AM Jacob H. Schiff School Campus 500 West 138th St, Manhattan, NY Kristy McCarthy, Teaching Artist Victoria De Jesus, Teaching Artist Assistant About the Mural

The clients for this ambitious mural, Hamilton Grange Middle School and PS 192, wanted a sweeping statement to match the grand scale of a wall that dominates the Jacob Schiff School Campus. The far left of the mural features portraits of Alexander Hamilton, and Jacob Schiff, who founded and endowed the Hebrew Orphan Asylum, which once stood at this location. Samples of traditional patterns from around the world represent the diversity of the neighborhood, while the schematic of the organic chemical oxytocin, sometimes known as the “love hormone� because it is released when people bond socially, offers a message of unity. A child reaching for a bright star represents growth and the ability to overcome obstacles. Themes of diversity and perseverance are echoed in the image of a Rufous Hummingbird, which proportional to its size, makes one of the longest migrations any bird, breeding as far north as Alaska and wintering in Central America. Images of climbing vines, flowering plants, bees, and honeycombs represent industriousness and the rewards of hard work.


FROM BRIAN RICKLIN, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR The Youth Apprentices who call themselves “BEE-AC” shared a mission. During six weeks in July and August, Creative Art Works challenged these 19 young people to create a mural for Jacob Schiff School Campus that would not only beautify a large section of the gym wall, but also reflect the diversity and values of PS 192 and Hamilton Grange Middle School. A few of these young artists were veterans of previous CAW programs, but many of them had little to no prior experience making art of any sort; and yet, the finished product had to be of professional quality due to the prominent location on the school campus. The art had to be true to the voice of the youth, both individually and collectively, but it also had to convey a complex message in keeping with its grand scale. Finally, the work had to be delivered on time, which created a sense of urgency. We equip our Youth Apprentices with all the necessary elements for success. Our professional teaching artists introduce them to all the necessary skills and our generous supporters provide quality materials, but that does not mean we coddle them – in fact, we push them to create superior works of art. More importantly, we can attest, they pushed themselves and each other. These 19 strangers came together as a team to create truly beautiful art. Thank you for attending today’s unveiling. It is sometimes difficult for artists to appreciate the impact their work has on the public until they see it presented to the people for whom it was created. Our Youth Apprentices develop a sense of ownership as they create their art, and that sense is amplified when each individual tells the audience what contributions they made to the project. Your presence here is an essential element in the success of our shared mission.





Caroline Castellano Caroline is an aspiring artist and actress with an interest in almost everything. Living in NYC since she was 6, Caroline has grown to love the city and all the people living in it. She’s happy to work doing something she loves — art.

Daniel Roman Daniel is 20 years old. He was born in Oklahoma, but raised in New York. He is a smart and wellmannered young man. Daniel has a one-year-old daughter who inspires him to do better every day. This is his first year as an apprentice with Creative Artworks. This experience has taught him self-control and time management. After this summer, he plans to enlist in the Army and buy a house.


Brandon Arthur Brandon is a 20-year-old college freshman currently attending LIM College. He enjoys all things fashion and beauty related and often sketches innovative clothing designs in his spare time. Brandon has aspirations to become a luxury designer and an accredited creative director in the industry. With a dream of entrepreneurship, Brandon works hard to make sure he reaches one life goal at a time.

Ashley Gonzalez Ashley is a Bronx native who holds a full scholarship to SUNY Canton. She intends to study psychology to be a psychotherapist for the criminally insane. She has always had the ambition to better and help others in need. Ashley has been working since she was 13 years old and has had a variety of work experiences, from being a camp counselor to managing an organization. Ashley embodies tremendous leadership skills and aspires to help make her community a better place.


Kwanzaa Owes Kwanzaa Owes is an upcoming Harlem artist. He went to Fredrick Douglass Academy and graduated in 2017. Currently, he’s a sophomore at Mohawk community college studying digital animation and illustration. Kwanzaa wants to start his own clothing line and make animated shows and films.

Malachi Riley Malachi is a high school graduate who recently turned 18. This is his second year working with Creative Art Works and he has enjoyed working as a team. Malachi was born and raised in Harlem and actively enjoys seeing art around the city.


Kashmonae Lashure Kashmonae is a talented artist who’s had the opportunity to expand her crafts and learn new ideas from her peers and mentors. From a very young age, Kashmonae already knew that she was passionate about art. She comes from a family of creative individuals, who’ve also inspired her artistic aspirations. Kashmonae says, “I will be someone great in life, and Everyone will know my name! My name isn’t Kashmonae for no reason!”

Destiny Chambers Destiny is an 18-year-old Harlem high school student, soon-to-be graduate. She has been dancing since she was three and wants to be a professional dancer and artist in her future. This was her first time working for CAW and it made her want to take her art skills more seriously.


Nykeba Huggins Nykeba is 22 years old. She graduated from West Side High School in 2017 and before working with Creative Art Works, she worked with Harlem Children’s Zone for eight years. She enjoys the outdoors and in her free time she likes to long board in Central Park. In the future, she plans on becoming a mail carrier. During her apprenticeship with Creative Art Works she has learned how to work in a team.

Justin Connelly Justin is a 17-year-old senior in high school. He lives in the Bronx and attends PS 811X. This is his first year with Creative Art Works. He loves to play basketball and video games. He wants to be a police officer when he graduates so that he can help others.


Princeton Wheeler-Mercovitch Princeton is a 17-year-old Brooklyn native. He attends Harlem Village Academies High School. Princeton plays basketball for a living and plans to make it to the big leagues. He has attended many college programs for basketball and has also learned how to create new games. When he grows up, Princeton plans to either be a Marine, or play college basketball and head to the NBA.

Patience Allen Patience is a native Ghanaian and has been in the United States for almost three years. She’s going to be a junior at the Taft School in Connecticut. She started playing soccer at a young age and has traveled to five countries for tournaments. She plays soccer in high school and hopes to earn an athletic scholarship for college. Her one life goal is to give TED talks to young Africans and empower them. She also wants to be an aeronautical engineer when she grows up.


Tupac Terry Tupac is a 20-year-old college sophomore from Harlem. He attends City Tech where he majors in computer science. Tupac is an intelligent, humble, young man who learns fast and works well in groups. On top of that, he has great leadership qualities. In the near future, he plans on being a well-known personal trainer, motivating people to stay fit and healthy.

Veronica Espinal Veronica is 16. She was born in Brooklyn and raised in Harlem, where she is currently attending Urban Assembly for Green Careers (UAGC). This is her first time working with CAW and painting a mural. She likes to draw and would like to get better at it.


Raquel Chetata Raquel is currently enrolled in high school and is going into her junior year. This is Raquel’s second year in Creative Art Works. She has improved her painting technique during her time at this job. Raquel plans to become a software engineer or data analyst in the future.

Cherish Holmes This is 17-year-old Cherish. She lives in East Harlem and attends school at The Frederick Douglass Academy 1. This is her first time working with Creative Art Works. She wants to study psychology later on in life. Cherish is caring and very funny. She believes that she can accomplish anything she puts her mind to.


Criselda Valay Criselda was born in Manhattan and raised in Washington Heights. In her free time, she likes to create illustrations. This is her first year as a Youth Apprentice with Creative Art Works, and she has learned how to mix colors and master shading. She hopes to become a better painter in the future.


Destiny Collins Destiny, who’s best known by her artistic alias “DC,” is an aspiring author. This is her first year working as an apprentice with Creative Art Works. DC has a large appreciation of many different art forms fostered by her creative background. Throughout these few weeks she’s strengthened her ability to express her thoughts through an art form different from writing.

Christopher Lasekan Chris is from New York, NY. He has been making art since he was younger than 2 years old. He has attended KIPP College Prep High School and The Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC), where he studied graphic design, animation, and political science. He likes to make people smile and feel loved and comfortable. His interests include art, making music, and making people laugh. He has learned how to collaborate with his team as an apprentice with Creative Art Works.


Victoria De Jesus, Teaching Artist Assistant Victoria, who creates art under the alias Lola Lovenotes, is an NYCbased muralist and visual artist, as well as a freelance art director and curator. She has painted murals for the Bushwick Collective, The Meadows Music and Arts Festival, and the Emmy-nominated fashion competition show, Project Runway. Heavily influenced by anime, metaphysics, urban culture, nature, and fairytales, she strives to create artworks charged by her emotional and spiritual vision of the world. Her works usually feature feminine figures. She primarily works in paint but has a great love for using different mediums, methods and styles. She is passionate about using her platform as a muralist to bring light to important social issues.


Teaching Artist Artist Kristy Assistant Victoria Elizabeth Teaching McCarthy Kristy McCarthy is a self-taught painter, muralist, community organizer, and co-founder of the Harlem Art Collective. She is currently based in New York City, where she works as a teaching artist leading youth-led public mural projects. Her personal art practice often questions humans’ relationships with each other and with nature, exploring the concepts of love, exploitation, and interconnectedness. She utilizes art as a powerful tool to build community, raise awareness about social justice issues, and as a personal meditation and therapy. Follow her @dgaleart.


This program was made possible, in part, by the Summer Youth Employment Program of the NYC Department of Youth and Community Development, and by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, in partnership with the City Council, and these generous supporters:


About the Public Art Youth Employment Program

Public Art Youth Employment Programs give teens and young adults full-time summer jobs and part-time jobs after school to create large-scale public art and multimedia projects. Youth Apprentices are guided by professional teaching artists from the initial concept development through client presentation, to the final edit and public unveiling or premiere. Along the way, they gain tangible employment and life skills such as leadership, teamwork, responsibility and the power of taking initiative. They are empowered by the enduring accomplishment in their work of art and its positive impact on the community.

About Creative Art Works

Creative Art Works (CAW) is a 33-year-old nonprofit that empowers young people through the visual and multimedia arts. Our programs equip children, teens, and young adults with essential tools and skills; connect them with community, academic success, and career opportunities; and inspire them to reach for new possibilities. Working in under-served neighborhoods of New York City, in public schools, community centers, parks, and libraries, CAW provides dynamic art-making experiences for youth who otherwise lack access. Our programs build confidence, unlock a love of learning, and teach valuable technical and developmental skills while creating profound connections between our young constituents, their art and their communities. Students are never charged for participation in our programs. Creative Art Works is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, EIN #13-3638436 Copyright Š 2019 Creative Art Works. All rights reserved.



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Creative Art Works is a 501(c)(3), EIN #13-3638436 Copyright © 2019 Creative Art Works. All rights reserved. 20

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Creative Art Works 2019 Schiff Gym Wall Mural  

The clients for this ambitious mural, Hamilton Grange Middle School and PS 192, wanted a sweeping statement to match the grand scale of a wa...

Creative Art Works 2019 Schiff Gym Wall Mural  

The clients for this ambitious mural, Hamilton Grange Middle School and PS 192, wanted a sweeping statement to match the grand scale of a wa...

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