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THE CAVALIER DAILY | Graduation Edition

News of the End

A look at two inspiring figures moving on from the University community, as well as secret societies and the last four years of University, Virginia and Charlottesville news.

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Four Winning Years

A recap of one of the most successful four-year periods in the history of Cavalier athletics.

Parting Shots

The Managing Board says thanks, and Cavalier Daily fourth years offer advice and farewells.

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STAFF Graduation Schedule

Weekend schedule and location of all graduation ceremonies

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News of the End University financial officer retires By Krista Pedersen Cavalier Daily News Editor

Yoke San Reynolds, the University’s vice president and chief financial officer, is poised to retire next week. She leaves behind innovative financial policies which may save the University nearly $1 billion during the next 30 years, according to Donmoyer Miller Group estimates. Reynolds’ accomplishments in her 11 years as CFO include: the creation of an internal bank which helped the University achieve cheaper financing and avoid interest rate fluctuations; maintaining the institution’s AAA debt rating for nine years in a row; and making the University the first to issue publicly available bonds under the Build America program in 2009. When Reynolds first arrived at the University, she immediately found a way to exempt the University from the Investment of Public Funds Act which required Virginia government entities to invest working capital in government securities with short maturity dates, which bring minimal returns. Along with former State Treasurer Jody Wagner, Reynolds negotiated a legislative amendment to the act, increasing rates of return from 0.3 percent to 11 percent. “We were earning very little on our working capital, and we didn’t need all of our working capital all the time,” Reynolds said. “It was one of the questions that I asked when I came here.” After spending 10 years as the vice president for finance at Cornell, Reynolds came to the University in 2001 after former University President John T. Casteen III prompted her to think about the application of private financing techniques to a public institution, she said. “The most exciting thing about U.Va. for me has been the ability to take the policies and practices from a private university like Cornell and apply them here, and to actually do one better because I can start a new program here that is not encumbered by some of the obstacles that are in a mature program,” Reynolds said. “Initially I said, ‘I don’t want to leave Cornell,’ but the partner of the search firm described the opportunities here and its new position ... and that sounded very intriguing to me.” Leonard Sandridge, the University’s former executive vice president and chief operating officer, said he hired Reynolds based on her “reputation for being open-minded for change and Courtesy UVaToday


The Cavalier Daily

News of the End Yoke San Reynolds leaves Charlottesville for retirement in Maryland, Wisconsin for being willing to make the effort to take the time to understand issues throughout before she would determine how to approach a problem.” Patricia Lampkin, the University’s vice president and chief student affairs officer, said Reynolds kept other vice presidents “at the top of [their] game” in Madison Hall. “She’s a great colleague and very supportive, but also very collegially challenging,” Lampkin said. She said Reynolds’ “sophisticated knowledge combined with creative application” helped the CFO improve the University’s financial position. Sandridge said Reynolds lived up to her reputation. “She would not support any action that was an attempt to take a shortcut or any action that would not be in the best interest of the University,” he said. Reynolds’ time at the University, however, involved more than accomplishments within the realm of finance. Although she said she always thought she would work in a not-for-profit sector, she called the Univer-

sity’s student experience “remarkable.” “I was here maybe a month when a group of students walked into my office and said, ‘We heard you were coming, and we’re taking you out to lunch,’” Reynolds said. “[University students] are aware of the world and community around them much more so than I saw at other schools, and U.Va. students think that they can change the world.” Reynolds plans to split her retirement time between Maryland, where her daughter, son-in-law and two granddaughters live, and Wisconsin, where her husband, Economics Prof. Bruce Reynolds, who is also retiring this year, and his family have owned a homestead farm for nearly two centuries. Although the University has not yet chosen a successor, Reynolds said she was “honored” to have served in the CFO role when it was necessary to increase contributions from private sources. “I really think that U.Va. is such a special place,” Reynolds said. “We [Reynolds and her husband] have both been very impressed with the students here.”


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News of the End

The last four years in news Cavalier Daily news stories which defined the Class of 2012’s University experience

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Albin Oh | Cavalier Daily


The Cavalier Daily

By Donald Sensabaugh Cavalier Daily Associate Editor

As the Class of 2012 graduates, its members are sure to look back on their University career with more than a tinge of nostalgia. The Great Recession began in 2008 just as current fourth years first stepped on Grounds, and the University was among the many colleges and universities tightening their belts. The longterm investment pool managed by the University Investment Management Company saw a 26 percent loss in value from July through December 2008. But the University endowment in the 2010 fiscal year saw a return to pre-recession levels with a 24 percent increase from 2009 to 2010. The University endowment currently is worth $5.35 billion, according to the Investment Management Company’s annual report released last June. In 2008, an election year, Virginia was a battleground state for the presidency, and the University enjoyed several visits from the John McCain and Barack Obama campaigns. Twenty-three thousand people gathered in Fairfax Sept. 11, 2008 to support McCain and running mate Sarah Palin. Michelle Obama and Jill Biden held a rally outside Newcomb Hall in September 2008 Toby Loewenstein | Cavalier Daily which attracted an audience of more than 2,000 students and Charlottesville residents. Nearly 500,000 additional Commonwealth voters registered in 2008, the largest surge Virginia has ever experienced in an election. When Barack Obama won the presidency, he carried Virginia by a margin of 6.3 percent. When the Class of 2012 first entered the University, trays disappeared in the dininghallsfollowingtwoyearsofplanningaspartofU.VaDining’ssustainability initiatives. In March 2009, the Student Information System (SIS) replaced the older and out-of-date ISIS system. In November 2009, the gubernatorial election resulted in a victory for Republican Bob McDonnell against his opponent, Democrat Creigh Deeds. Deeds held a rally outside Newcomb Hall in August 2009 and currently represents the 25th Senate District, including Albemarle County and the City of Charlottesville. On May 3, 2010, former University student Yeardley Love was found dead in her 14th Street apartment. By May 4, former University student George Huguely, Love’s ex-boyfriend, was arrested and charged with first-degree murder. Two days later, members of the University community held a candlelight vigil in honor of Love at which President John T. Casteen III spoke. Casteen retired in August that year after 20 years of service to the University, and he was replaced bycurrentUniversityPresidentTeresaA.Sullivan.SullivanistheUniversity’sfirst female president. AtHuguely’sFebruarytrial,theformerVirginiamen’slacrosseplayerfacedfive additional charges: felony murder, burglary, robbery, entering a residence with intention to commit a felony, and grand larceny.Ajury found Huguely guilty of second-degree murder and grand larceny Feb. 22, recommending 26 years in prison, 25 years for second-degree murder and one additional year for grand larceny. In the same week, the Living Wage Campaign initiated its 13-day hunger strike in which 26 students participated. The campaign did meet with President Sullivan during the strike, but the parties did not come to a resolution before the strike ended March 2.

Thomas Bynum | Cavalier Daily Courtesy Cav Daily Archives

Courtesy Charlottesville Police Department

News of the End

Secret societies walk the Lawn Clandestine organizations reveal members at Final Exercises, continue to impact University students By Joseph Liss

Cavalier Daily Senior Associate Editor

Will Brumas | Cavalier Daily

Many of the thousands walking the Lawn at Final Exercises will wear a robe and a bright smile, but a select few will, for the first time, wear a ring, red velvet foot or tricorn hat, announcing their membership in one of the University’s many secret societies. Alexander Gilliam, University protocol and history officer, said the Seven Society and the Purple Shadows are the only two actual secret societies around Grounds, since membership in the IMPs, Zs and others is revealed on or before the day of graduation. “The term ‘secret society’ is really misused around here,” Gilliam said, adding that the Z society is “semi-secret” because “it’s fairly well-known who most of them are.” History Prof. Phyllis Leffler, who

“Is this a reflection of the old University — the historic, traditional University — [and a] remnant of tradition that is constructive?” Leffler said. Or do the societies “tie U.Va. to an era and a set of traditions” which the University has since moved beyond? University Guides Chair Walker McKusick, a third-year College student, said while giving tours to prospective students University guides emphasize the philanthropic nature of secret societies, as well as how groups such as the 21 Society and 13 Society recognize student leaders. “They’re naturally going to be seen as kind of elitist ... because they are secretive,” McKusick said. “They do a little more outreach than people give them credit for.” But secret societies still remain an integral part of the University experience.

researches the University’s history, said students tend to find the secret aspects of these societies intriguing whether or not the group’s membership is truly confidential. “Students at the University find them fascinating because they’re secret,” Leffler said, and because of the “association of long-term tradition that follow these societies.” Gilliam said societies are constantly evolving at the University. For example, the Zs’ current practice of revealing membership at graduation is relatively new. “There are groups that crop up, and you hear about them, and then you never hear about them again,” Gilliam said. Even though groups such as the Seven Society and the Zs undertake a great deal of philanthropic work, some people view them as elitist.

“Whether or not you’re part of one ... you’re going to have a run-in with a secret society ... and it will be a “positive, mystifying experience,” said Charles Adams, a fourth-year College student and University Guide who is connected with secret societies on Grounds but emphasized he was speaking as an individual. Adams recalled the Seven Society hiring a skydiver to land on the field at Scott Stadium before a 2008 football game to donate a $14,777.77 award for a student idea to improve the school. And Final Exercises offers students the opportunity to find out who is behind these clandestine activities. “It was cool to realize that some of your friends are the ones doing these [activities],” McKusick said.

The Cavalier Daily 7

News of the End

Walking tall

Graduating student Ellie Madero takes with her lessons learned from her four-year battle with cancer By Deborah Yoon

Cavalier Daily Guest Writer


Fourth-year College student Ellie Madero finished up high school thinking college was the next step in her life — that is, until doctors informed her she had cancer. “It’s hard to pinpoint the exact place and day when I was diagnosed with cancer because it all just happened so fast,” Madero said. “Everything from that day on was a whirlwind.” Doctors diagnosed Madero with cancer on March 17, 2008, just a week after she went to her pediatrician’s office concerned about a swollen lymph node in her neck. She was immediately sent for a chest X-ray, a CT scan and an appointment with an oncologist. The oncologist was almost entirely sure she had the cancer even before her biopsy, Madero said. By the time she was diagnosed, Madero was already in stage two of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. “It was only after that when I realized how different my life would be,” Madero said. “I was a different type of 17-year-old. I would not be waking up and going to school with my sisters in the morning or sitting in the cafeteria during lunch. Instead, my schedule had different plans that were all centered around my treatment.” According to the American Cancer Society, Hodgkin’s disease is a type of lymphoma, a cancer which starts in white blood cells called lymphocytes. If left untreated, the abnormal cells can invade blood vessels and spread to almost any other part of the body. As it progresses, it inhibits the body’s ability to fight infection. Hodgkin’s Lymphoma is most common in early and late adulthood. It can be found early in some cases, but currently there are no widely recommended screening tests for this cancer. The cause is still unknown. Madero took the news hard for a few days, but her heart ached when she saw how the cancer affected her family. “I wanted to stay strong for them,” she said. “I needed to stay strong for them. I felt like all I could do was stay positive.” “After school, I remember coming home and seeing Ellie all bundled up,” said Angie Madero, one of Ellie’s younger sisters. “She looked cold, pale and seemed tired, but she never wanted it to show.” Ellie received the diagnosis just two weeks before college decisions were mailed out, but she refused to let the cancer slow her down. She was determined to beat it. The adjustment period was a difficult time for her. “Some days I felt more tired than others; I was definitely feeling the side effects of the chemotherapy,” Ellie said. “I lost my hair and food just didn’t taste the same anymore. But through it all, I still felt like the same person.” Her mother and sisters tried to pick out a wig which was similar to her original hair, but it just wasn’t the same. It wasn’t Ellie. “I mostly looked back on her graduation pictures,” Angie said. “She had no eyebrows in them, and that’s when we realized she had to start drawing them on.” At this point, treatment consumed Ellie’s life. Even throughout the chaos of treatment after treatment, she could still picture herself moving into college in the back of her mind. “With cancer you can’t plan anything, nor can you expect anything; it’s a waiting game,” Angie said. “Death never crossed my mind because I knew my big sister was strong enough to overcome this. No one was more certain than Ellie that she would beat the cancer.” Ellie was declared cancer-free in June 2008. “College was the light at the end of the tunnel,” she said. Ellie decided to attend the University because it was closer to home. The excitement and anticipation brought a mix of emotions. College move-in day was a celebration for the whole family. Since her hair hadn’t grown back yet, she had to tell her suitemates about the cancer. But her classmates, other students and professors never knew she had been fighting cancer just a few months before. “It was a relief because no one knew me, so it was great to start over in a sense,” Ellie said. After what seemed like a rollercoaster of a semester, Ellie was finally feeling like a normal college student. Soon enough, it came time for her six-month check up in December. The test results came back positive meaning the cancer had returned.

The Cavalier Daily

Courtesy Deborah Yoon

News of the End

“It felt like a huge setback; we were back to square one,” Angie said. “I felt like I needed to run somewhere and get Ellie away from it all, but that wasn’t possible. She had to face it all over again.” Christmas and New Year’s was a blur. It seemed impossible to celebrate the holidays when the Maderos were reliving their worst nightmare. There wasn’t anything else they could do but sit on the sidelines and hope for the best yet again. Ellie had the option of taking the spring semester off, but she never let it cross her mind or allowed herself to feel self-pity. It was just another obstacle which she had to push through. “Somehow in the back of my mind, I knew I was going to be all right,” she said. “I beat it once, so I knew I had the strength to beat it again.” This time around, Ellie received treatment while she was at school. As everyone headed back to their dorms or ate lunch in the dining halls after class, she went to radiation therapy. Ellie went through five weeks of radiation therapy. Some days seemed unbearable and other days seemed hopeful. She held on to those hopeful days for what seemed like an eternity. In spring 2009, she beat the cancer again. Ellie has been cancer-free ever since. “I am a four-year cancer survivor,” she proudly said. Angie, meanwhile, currently attends Virginia Tech, which for the second year in a row this year raised more than half a million dollars for the cancer fundraising event Relay for Life. Relay for Life is now the American Cancer Society’s largest fundraiser. It is also about more than just raising awareness and money for cancer research and patients. Relay for Life is dedicated to celebrating the lives of the survivors, remembering those who lost their lives to cancer, and uniting as a community in the fight against cancer. With every step, Relay for Life participants aim to help the American Cancer Society save lives. When Angie first heard about Virginia Tech’s Relay for Life committee, she jumped at the opportunity to play a role in the event. “Ellie’s body did the fighting, so now it’s my turn to fight back by raising awareness and money so that no one has to hear the words ‘you have cancer’ ever again,” Angie said. Angie was asked to speak at the Virginia Tech Relay for Life event on April 20. When Ellie saw Angie’s nervousness, she immediately offered to stand on stage with her. “When Ellie first walked into the event, she turned toward the stage and asked if that was where we were going to speak,” Angie said. “When I told her yes, she just smiled at me without a single trace of nervousness.” The Madero sisters were scheduled to speak at 2:30 a.m. When the time came, they read aloud the letters they had written to each other. Their speech concluded with a warm embrace in each other’s arms. Their strong bond, support, love and friendship throughout their journey were felt throughout the entire audience. “There wasn’t anyone else I would have rather been up there with to share this incredible experience,” Angie said. “People describe their sisters as their best friends, and it’s times like these when they have to be.” “Angie is such an inspiration,” Ellie said. “She is my reminder to have a fighting spirit and appreciate the happiness and hope that each day offers.” Ellie’s fight against cancer taught her a lot about herself, she said. By looking at each day in a new light, she is learning about the power of hope and determination. “Laugh, smile, or do something that makes you happy every day,” Ellie said. “Appreciate life’s little moments, the good and the bad.” Ellie plans to attend nursing school to give others the hope and love her health care team gave to her. “I want to be the one that brings a smile to a discouraged face,” she said. “I want them to feel like they can conquer all.”

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Four Winning Years tides change, legacy contiNUEs Virginia football team turns tide; men’s lacrosse, tennis teams build dynasties; ACC teams take home trophies By Ian Rappaport

Cavalier Daily Sports Editor A Scott Stadium-record 64,947 fans turned out for the Virginia football team’s 2008 season opener against USC. The contingent of first years in the stands attending their first sporting event on Grounds was promptly introduced to the sorry state of Cavalier football. The final score: USC 52, Virginia 7. It takes a bit more practice than that to memorize the “Good Ol’ Song.” Nobody was sweating the outcome that day since the game was never close, but spectators did endure a sweltering afternoon which reached a high of 90 degrees. Fast forward to Dec. 31, 2011, when the Class of 2012 attended its last football game, and it is clear how much has changed. Last fall the football team capped an 8-5 turnaround season with the program’s first bowl game appearance since 2007. Former coach Al Groh no longer roamed the Virginia sideline but was instead replaced by ACC Coach of the Year Mike London. The Cavaliers led 14-7 in the second quarter against Auburn in the Chick-fil-A Bowl as fans packed into a coolly ventilated Georgia Dome inAtlanta, Ga. Though the Cavaliers eventually fell 43-24, the fourth years now leave knowing the program is on the rise and in good hands. During the last four years, each of Virginia’s varsity teams has taken fans on a different journey, accomplishing the unprecedented. In all, Cavalier squads have combined for 22 ACC Championships and three national titles during that time. The baseball team made the first two trips to the College World Series in school history in 2009 and 2011. Then-junior Will Roberts pitched a scintillating perfect game at Davenport Field last March against George Washington, the first in Virginia history. And nobody will soon forget then-sophomore shortstop Chris Taylor’s walk-off hit against UC-Irvine last June which sent the Cavaliers back to Omaha. The women’s tennis team also ascended to new heights on the backs of Emily Fraser and Lindsey Hardenbergh, the most decorated players in program history. During the last four years, Virginia programs built or continued dynasties. The men’s tennis team never lost at home or against an ACC opponent and is eyeing a national championship this week.Athletes on both swim and dive squads won the ACC title every year they were here. The rowing team won three conference crowns, as well as a national championship in 2010. The men’s lacrosse team in 2010 made it to the NCAA semifinals for the third year in a row. Then last spring, the Cavaliers broke through with a victory against rival Maryland to capture the national title.After pundits wrote off the No. 7 seed entering the tournament, the Cavaliers defiantly rallied against Bucknell to win a first-round thriller in overtime. They went on to upset Cornell and Denver before eventuallydefeatingaTerpssquadwhichhadwoneasilyinCharlottesvilleearlier in the season. The last four years have seen the Cavaliers rekindle old powerhouses. The men’s soccer team went on an improbable 16-game unbeaten streak in 2009 to win its first national championship since 1994. Virginia fans are still holding their breath from the shoot out against Akron which decided the championship. This year, fourth-year basketball fans finally witnessed the men’s team qualify


The Cavalier Daily

for the Big Dance. With players buying into third-year coach Tony Bennett’s packline defensive system, the Cavaliers won 22 games, a feat which had not been achieved in 12 years. Meanwhile, the women’s team laid the framework for its own return to power with a near-miss at an NCAA bid under new coach Joanne Boyle. Mostimportantly,duringthelastfouryears,theVirginiateamsremindedusthat games are just competitions. The inspiring play of the women’s lacrosse team and the wide support of the entire student body following the death of Yeardley Love in 2010 will be forever remembered as the quintessential example of the unifying impact an athletic event can have. The Cavaliers’ first-round triumph against Towson in the NCAAtournament was more than just an athletic victory: It helped heal a community. No team looks the same today as it did four years ago. Athletes and coaches have come and gone; games have been won and lost; records have been broken and rebroken. Every comer has left a legacy, providing the foundation for future success. The “Good Ol’ Song” will still be sung and trophies will continue to be hoisted. As another group of athletes walks the Lawn and leaves behind its respective teams, the Cavalier faithful can take comfort in knowing one simple truth: Tradition never graduates. Jason O. Watson Cavalier Daily

Parting Shots The recognitions The Managing Board thanks graduating fourth years for their contributions to the paper The amount of time students dedicate to The Cavalier Daily can be disproportionate to their other commitments on Grounds, yet their work often receives less acknowledgement. Unlike a class, we’re not in this for credit — in fact, the reluctance of sitting staff members to pat themselves on the back has made it a tradition for their successors to do so. As Final Exercises approach, we’d like to thank the soon-to-be graduates for giving all they had to The Cavalier Daily during their time here. And then some. Jason Ally, who was a two-term production editor prior to becoming the 122nd editor-in-chief, had his share of trials while at the paper’s helm, including one in which he triumphed before the University Judiciary Committee. Through it all, however, Jason remained approachable and relentlessly positive, never letting the stress of running a 150-member news organization affect the way he treated his friends and colleagues. Andrew Seidman was one of the sports editors for the 121st staff before serving as the paper’s 122nd managing editor. He was also one of the fiercest and most dedicated journalists The Cavalier Daily has ever seen, and he inspired those with whom he worked to strive toward the level of skill and integrity which he consistently demonstrated in his writing and editing. Allie Vandivier, the paper’s 122nd chief financial officer and an assistant managing editor on the 121st staff, spent countless hours performing the thankless tasks — filing tax forms, mailing invoices, paying bills, etc. — which are necessary to keeping a non-profit corporation operating. Although her literary background meant she was more used to correcting dangling modifiers than rounding errors, she mastered the CFO role quickly. We are particularly grateful she managed to sort out the paper’s financial records, which made the job of the paper’s current staff much easier when it took office earlier this year. Alyssa Juan, a production editor on the 121st staff and the paper’s 122nd operations manager, somehow accomplished the rare feat of both majoring in linguistics and handling the paper’s technical operations. She was also a great friend and mentor to numerous current staff members, meaning her contribution to the paper will last well beyond her time at the University. And even once her former staffers graduate, we expect the panda PSAs she designed to continue appearing in the paper’s pages for years to come. It is not easy facing the daily grind of editorial writing, but 121st executive editors Bobby Laverty and Jane Ma were thankfully up to the challenge. Coming from a background of focus editing and news writing, Jane covered the Student Council beat and probably knows more about that organization than anyone involved in it. And as a second year, Bobby Laverty’s lead editorials fulfilled the potential promised from his opinion columns. It has been a privilege to watch these two writers grow. Katherine Raichlen was the 122nd assistant managing editor known for her grammatical skill and attention to detail, two traits demanded from a good AME. She was also a top-notch reporter, contributing some of this semester’s sharpest news articles even after her term had ended. With her humor and good spirits, her presence will be missed. Matt Welsh and Stacy Kruczkowski were the 122nd sports editors, a one-two combo as good as any in Virginia athletics. Matt mastered the sports preview and recap and could also write columns which moved readers with poignancy and smooth prose. Stacy, meanwhile, had her home field advantage at the sports desk where she would edit articles through the long afternoons and nights. But she could also write stories in pinch-hit situations. Like the dominant athlete, Matt and Stacy were role models to younger sports staffers and have left us with their legacies.

Rachel Lim give her fierce eye for culture and writing to arts and entertainment as a tableau editor on the 121st and 122nd staffs. She revitalized the tableau section in her two years here and turned it into the friendly, overflowing section it is now. We will miss her, as well as the snacks she would bring for her section’s meetings on Mondays. And then there’s Katie McNally, the 122nd life editor and the life of social events. In the office and at beach week, she was a blast. The trick to a good life column is the anecdote, and Katie had plenty of stories to tell — life lessons which were always honest and edifying. Aradhya Nigam was the 122nd health and science editor and had the difficult role of translating scientific matters for the rest of us. When not editing articles, he composed many of the section’s pieces and was the heart behind the weekly circulation of health and science. Jack Winthrop and Jane Mattimoe rocked and rolled as the 122nd graphics editors ever since Jack presented an impromptu AC/DC sketch at elections. In addition to contributing editorial cartoons, Jane drew pleasant giraffes in her strip “(no subject),” while Jack — along with 122nd graphics senior associate Garrett Majdic — drew pop culture caricatures for “A bunch of bananas.” Both were equally ready to lampoon staffers in the office when necessary. Without advertisements, a newspaper sinks. Luckily, 122nd Advertising Manager Kaley Bender kept the paper afloat amidst our financial difficulties. We are indebted to her, among others. The 121st assistant managing editor and 120th focus editor, Prateek Vasireddy was someone to look up to. Very tall but always down to earth, Prateek edited with a massive intellect ensuring our articles would be smart and also readable. Tom Christensen, though the sole 122nd focus editor, thrived along with Bethel Habte in their role as 121st news editors. The person at the news desk is the first face a stranger will see walking into the The Cavalier Daily office, and with their style and charm these two made it welcome. They also recruited one of the best news associate classes in recent memory due in no small part to their kindness and charisma. Virginia “Ginny” Robinson and Daniel “Danny” Di Guilio, the 121st opinion editors, ran their section with control and ease, hearing out the grievances leveled at columns from the section’s obsessive readership. Editing articles of all political stripes, Ginny and Danny were impartial to everything but bad writing. Katherine Carter and Lisa Littman were the 121st life editors and improved the paper during and since their term. Whether it was giving out advice through their columns or to a friend in need in the office, they would offer lessons to anyone who needed them. Kelsey Price was the 121st production editor and, with Jason and Alyssa, part of a legendary prod triumvirate. Kelsey assisted in the redesign of the print layout and helped make production one of the most important and well-respected aspects of the paper. Cayce Troxel was the 120th sports editor at an exciting time for Virginia sports — men’s basketball coach Tony Bennett was hired in Spring 2009 just as Cayce took office. Few would say Bennett’s track record has been disappointing given his team’s performance last year, and Cayce’s time at the paper was equally successful. Many of these individuals were not pursuing journalistic careers; others came without having prior experience or interest in newspapers. Still, they came and gave what they had, and we hope got something out of it. Thank you, once again, to these and the other fourth years who contributed to The Cavalier Daily.

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Parting Shots

Transfer schmansfer Tom Christensen - 121st News Editor I didn’t want to come to the University. Sure, there was a time when U.Va. was on the top of my list for colleges. But as college application season approached, my feet grew colder. I heard it was a party school. I heard Greek Life permeated every corner of the social scene. I heard half the school came from NOVA. But after five Ivy League rejections and some enormous tuition bills from schools like NYU, I decided U.Va. was it. Although I was able to find a community I could relate to while living in the International Residential College my first year, by the end of my first semester I was ready to transfer. I had met some great people and really enjoyed my classes, but I still felt my college experience was lacking. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. Was I not being challenged enough? Was there just not the right major out there for me? Was it the weather? Whatever it was, it nearly pushed me to try again for some of those schools which had once rejected me. Then fate stepped in. After putting in hours upon hours of work for The Cavalier Daily’s News section, I was promoted to be an associate editor. That same semester, on a

whim, I stepped into an Acting I class. I took a plunge and pledged a close friend’s fraternity after making a conscious decision not to rush. And I was tapped by a certain organization, the name of which will not appear in this article for obvious reasons. I had finally found my place at the University. Needless to say, I decided to stick around. And I’m glad I did. I’ll certainly have a few regrets when graduation comes around. I never got to attend a baseball game or an a capella concert. There are many people I’ve lost touch with during my short but memorable time here. There are countless classes I never had the pleasure of taking. But I will never regret coming here. U.Va. may not be perfect, but it inspired in me a growth which I will cherish forever. Though I may always wonder what kind of person I would’ve become if I had gone to NYU or Yale or even William & Mary, I will always look back on my days at the University with fondness. I didn’t know it when I arrived in Charlottesville as a first-year student, but U.Va. was just what I needed. So while I may never bleed orange and blue or worship

Thomas Jefferson, I look forward to one day seeing another show on the Culbreth stage or picking up an issue of The Cavalier Daily as an alum. And every January 1, when “Auld Lang Syne” comes on, I’ll be sure to change the lyrics.

Beautiful disaster

Kate Colwell - 121st News Associate Editor

I got a letter in the mail today from AARP. So at the ripe old age of 21, I’d like to tell you spry, young spring chickens what CavDaily was like when I was a kid. The Cavalier Daily office was a hole. It was a man-made, steel-lined bear cave. The audition process for CavDaily was this: Come visit The Cavalier Daily open house, and if you don’t immediately run away, you’ve got the job. There was no such thing as cushy computer labs with futuristic space chairs. If you found a seat with working rolly wheels, you were king. You ran to the office straight from class to claim a computer with a working keyboard. Loud music was discouraged because it might upset the nocturnal Managing Board members sleeping on the moth-ridden couches. And for the love of God, you never opened the mini fridge. I recall each descent into The Cavalier Daily basement as a kind of passage into the first circle of Dante’s Inferno. “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.” Except instead of hope, it was cell phone service and bodily hygiene you bade farewell. I spent some of my most radiant moments at The Cavalier Daily, nights which often aligned with the magical convergence of my clean clothes, groceries and deodorant all running out at the same time. But that was the beauty of it. Never again will I have the


The Cavalier Daily

chance to work in a place where I can show up in gaucho pants with crazy eyes and a slop trough full of Newcomb food and have no one judge me for it. Because I didn’t come for the exposed roof pipes which made me think an attack from a Basilisk was imminent, or the water fountain which tasted like blood from the previous opening of the Chamber — I came for the people. I came to learn from my mentors Christina Brown and Tom Madrecki, who patiently taught me strings of three words at a time were not quotes. I came to make my role models Laura Hoffman and Samantha Koon proud of the job I was doing as the Board of Visitors beat reporter. I came to uphold the legacy of Emily Poe as a strong leader and caring nurturer in the role of senior associate editor for the News section. And I came because the work of my writers, the Tuesday Newsday crew; my coeditors, Tom and Bethel; my dear friends, Jane Squared; the most incredible Managing Editor I could have asked for, Irene Kan; and this entire staff inspired and motivated me to be a better writer, team player and person each day

of my life. Newcomb Hall has changed a lot since I was a first year, but one thing will always remain the same: It will be filled, at its heart, with the most dedicated and selfless people this university has ever seen.

Parting Shots

A million U.Va.s Bethel Habte - 121st News Editor

As a former news staff writer, news associate and news editor — bound by the constraints of objectivity — I’ve never published my opinion in The Cavalier Daily. You can see why, then, the opportunity to give this parting shot is especially exciting for me. In the next few paragraphs I’m supposed to deliver some kind of sentimental message about my time here, but what you’ll be more interested in hearing are some of my observations about this thing we share — good ole’ U.Va. We are undeniably a school of traditions, from proper southern attire in Scott Stadium to bear bums on the Lawn; from calling our campus “grounds,” to calling freshmen first years. What is less tangible and harder to describe is the culture these traditions revolve around and how they seem to be promoted as “the” U.Va. experience. I want to stress that “The” U.Va. experience does not exist. Like a rich novel or piece of art, this University can be experienced in one million different ways. But what I have seen happen is an invisible stress on promoting one of these singular experiences as more legitimate than the rest. We must admit there are Katie Courics and there are Tina Feys. There are U-Guides and there are Brownies. There are residents of Rugby Road and residents of Jefferson Park Avenue. There are those who support single sanction and there are those who are willing to hunger strike for a living

wage for the University’s poorest paid employees. Me? I’m an anomaly. I’m a black, female, non-Greek, resident of Rugby Road, who salsa dances and who spent a good chunk of my University experience in the Newcomb basement working to publish the front page of this paper. I have come in contact with student leaders, University administrators and Charlottesville residents. I have worked downtown, in Brooklyn and on the first floor of Clemons Library. I have been to Foxfield, I have worn (gasp) an orange t-shirt to a football game and have befriended Katie Courics and Tina Feys alike. The University and its students should embrace some heavy blending of the many identities we can take on here. In a conversation with Dean of Admissions Greg Roberts my second year, he said the University attempts to admit “bridge builders.” Beyond the admissions process we should continue to promote diversity in the University’s cultural makeup by being willing to make meaningful connections with people who are significantly different from ourselves. As a practical suggestion, I would recommend different organizations put on events together. An Inter-Sorority Council sorority could team up with a multicultural sorority to promote and implement a philanthropy event. Lighting of the Lawn could have a capella performances, as well

as experimental dance performances. I would recommend that individuals not feel confined by stereotypes when deciding where to live. We are a school of traditions. There is no right or wrong way to experience this University, but it would be a shame to limit yourself to one harbor of an entire coastline.

Life Love Lisa Littman - 121st Life Editor Whenever someone asks me what I want to do with my life, my answer’s quite simple — figure out what it’s all about. This is what led me to The Cavalier Daily’s Life section in the first place. For what better way is there to find out what’s important in life than by joining a section literally titled “Life” during my first week at the University? Unfortunately, as most of you may have guessed, I didn’t figure out what life was all about during my four years here. But I did figure out a few things: A good pen is hard to come by, hard work means more than talent ever will and passion is contagious. There is one thing, though, I know for certain — people are important in life. I would like to spend the rest of the words I have left in The Cavalier Daily thanking some of those who have been there for me the past four years. Irene, thank you for being everything I ever needed you to be, for always taking care of me and for being a constant stream of support and confidence. Lys, thank you for being there every single time I’ve needed you. You are the only person I know who can make 3,000 miles seem negligible. Allie, thanks for making my life happier time and time again. Kat, thank you for saving my life.

To my roommates, you are four of the most beautiful, kind, intelligent and caring individuals I will ever have the pleasure to share my life with. Thank you for being the family I never had, for knowing me better than I know myself and for picking me up no matter how far down I may be. To the friends I’ve made during the past four years, I wish I could thank all of you here. Nance, thanks for listening all the times I talked too much and for just sitting with me when I couldn’t handle saying anything at all. I don’t think you’ll ever understand how much it meant to me. Vicki, I hope I can one day be as good of a friend to you as you are to me and everyone else around you. Hannah, it still has yet to occur to me that you haven’t spent the past four years by my side. You are one of the most loyal friends I will ever have. To The Cavalier Daily, thank you for allowing me to explore my passions, hone irreplaceable skills and make some amazing friends. Spain, you were a dream come true. Thank you for teaching me a new way to live. I hope I am able to carry a part of you with me for the rest of my life. To the University, thank you for making the impossible

possible. Thank you to everyone and everything that has made these past four years incredible. I love you more than you could ever possibly know, and I wish you all the best and more.

The Cavalier Daily 13

Parting Shots

(no subject) Jane Mattimoe - 122nd Graphics Editor I lived in Charlottesville for more than a decade before I went to U.Va. I remember my dad occasionally bringing home The Cavalier Daily from Bodo’s, and my brothers and I would read the comics. My dad would point at them and tell me, “You could do better.” I knew I was going to try to be a part of the page as soon as I got to U.Va. I drew little doodles for my high school paper, and being someone who probably (read: definitely) puts up way too much information on Facebook, I had cartooning listed as one of my interests. At the end of my senior year, a couple weeks after I joined the U.Va. network, I got a Facebook message from one of the graphics editors, Rachel, who disappeared forever after that chance message, because she had put “cartooning” into the search box, and my name had popped up. She asked if I wanted to try out for the comics page. I told her I was planning on doing that anyway, so I sent in five cartoons for consideration. A little later, I got an e-mail welcoming me to the page. My comic, titled (no subject), started running on my first day of school. It started out kind of (read: really) rough. My comic was at the bottom of the page, and it was a desperate attempt at New Yorker humor — George Booth being my hero, after all. I wasn’t sure

what I was doing, and I was almost embarrassed to have them on the page because I never was quite satisfied with what I had done. I nearly quit a couple times, but one of my editors at the time, who I now consider to be one of my best friends (Lauren!) convinced me to keep going. She also convinced me to run for the graphics editor position my second year, which I ended up doing for two terms. That was probably one of the best things I did here at U.Va. I loved working for my editors Lauren and Thomas, who made sure everyone came to The Cavalier Daily parties and made us feel like we were part of something special. My co-editor for my first term as a Graphics editor, Betty, was my wonderful friend who put up with my nonsense and helped to orchestrate crazy recruitment campaigns. Jack, my co-editor during my second term, was willing to do stupid theme days (the Star Wars page might be the best thing we ever did). To all the crazy cartoonists: thanks, you guys. You all made the comics page so much fun to work on! Doing a comic five days a week is extremely hard, and you all really pulled through. I could list so many people who made work fun, but then I would never finish this essay. I hope that you all know who you are. I really enjoyed my time at The Cavalier Daily, and you all have been great friends.

Suitcases Katie McNally - 122nd Life Editor In the weeks before graduation, I spent hours combing my possessions and culling those items which I will no longer need when I leave Charlottesville. It really is amazing how many little things you can accumulate in four years. I’m something of a pack rat anyway, so it was difficult for me to decide what to put in the car and what I could bear to throw away. Items which might appear as worthless trash to the objective eye had sentimental value to me. I found myself trying to justify keeping things such as scattered costume pieces from favorite Halloweens or the beaten and fraying keychain wallet which was my constant companion first year. With every item I added to the trash or donation pile, I became a little anxious. It felt kind of like I was


The Cavalier Daily

shedding little bits of my college life. What if I shed too much and left behind something I needed? But in spite of this anxiety, I knew the things which will really help me get by in the future were not items I can find saved under my bed or stored away in my closet. The things which will really help are intangible and invaluable. Wherever I end up in the future, I know I will go with accumulated knowledge of each person who has touched my life in the last four years. When my own stores are lacking, I know I am always carrying a little of their resilience, laughter, patience and wisdom. So to my family, my professors and every friend who has made these four years unforgettable, thank you for helping me pack well.

The Cavalier Daily would like to congratulate and thank the graduating staff for all of their hard work during the past years. We know they are off to amazing futures and we are proud to call them family. Congratulations, Cavalier Daily Class of 2012.


The Cavalier Daily  15 

Graduation Schedule Saturday, May 19 11 a.m.

Class Valedictory Exercises on the Lawn * Val Ackerman (College ‘81) will speak. University Awards and the class gift will be presented.

12:302 p.m.

President Sullivan’s Reception for members of the Class of 2012 and guests at Carr’s Hill (Rain site: JPJ Arena Foyer).

1 p.m.

School of Nursing Hooding Ceremony in McLeod Hall Auditorium.

2 p.m.

Curry School of Education Hooding Ceremony for doctoral candidates in Culbreth Theatre.

3 p.m.

Joint Commissioning Exercises for Army, Marines, Navy and Air Force Candidates in Old Cabell Hall Auditorium.

5:30 p.m.

School of Nursing Pinning Ceremony in Old Cabell Hall Auditorium.

7 p.m.

Donning of the Kente Ceremony in Culbreth Theatre

9 p.m.Midnight

Fourth-Year Class Party in Alumni Hall. Light refreshments will be available. Tickets will be distributed at the University Bookstore May 17 through 19.

Sunday, May 20 9:30 a.m.

Degree candidates gather at designated assembly points near the Rotunda for Academic Procession.*

10 a.m.

Faculty assemble at the Rotunda (southwest terrace) for Academic Procession.*

10 a.m.

Academic Procession and Final Exercises on the Lawn. Katie Couric (College ‘79) will speak.

Following Final Exercises

Diploma Ceremonies for the individual schools and departments (Arts & Sciences) will follow at the locations and times listed on the diploma ceremony locations chart.

*In case of inclement weather, there would not be a combined Final Exercieses for all the schools. 16

The Cavalier Daily


(Diploma Ceremonies only) 12:30 p.m. unless otherwise noted





(Finals on the Lawn/Diploma Ceremonies inside) 12:30 p.m. unless otherwise noted

(Finals and Diploma Ceremonies inside) 12:30 p.m. unless otherwise noted

If no second or third location is listed, the location and time will not change due to poor weather conditions. Architecture School Campbell Hall Terrace (1 p.m. undergrad; 3 p.m. grad) Slaughter Recreation Center (1:15 p.m. undergrad; 3:15 p.m. grad) JPJ Arena for Finals (10 a.m.), Slaughter Recreation Center (1:15 p.m. undergrad; 3:15 p.m. grad) Arts & Sciences JPJ (10 a.m.), then see below Batten School

Alumni Hall Ballroom (1 p.m.) Alumni Hall Ballroom (1 p.m.) JPJ Arena (10 a.m.), then Alumni Hall Ballroom (1 p.m.)

JPJ Arena (6:45 p.m.) JPJ Arena (10 a.m.), then return to JPJ for diploma ceremony (5:45 p.m.)

Continuing and Professional Studies Pavilion VII Garden (12:30 p.m.) Zehmer Hall (1 p.m.) JPJ Arena ( 10 a.m.), then Zehmer Hall (1 p.m.)

Darden School Darden School (1:15 p.m.) North Grounds Recreation Center (12:30 p.m.) North Grounds Recreation Center (10 a.m.)

Education School JPJ Arena (1:30 p.m.)

Engineering & Applied Science

Scott Stadium (1 p.m. undergrad; 3 p.m. grad) AFC (4 p.m. undergrad; 6:30 p.m. grad) AFC (10 a.m. undergrad; 4 p.m. grad)

Nursing School Rotunda, North Steps (12:30 p.m.) McLeod Hall Auditorium (12:30 p.m.) JPJ Arena (10 a.m.), then McLeod Hall Auditorium (1 p.m.)

Law School Law School, Front Lawn (1:15 p.m.) Memorial Gym (2:45 p.m.) Memorial Gym (2:45 p.m.)

McIntire School of Commerce The Lawn (12:45 p.m.) JPJ Arena (4:45 p.m.) JPJ Arena (10 a.m.), then return to JPJ for diploma ceremony (3:45 p.m.)

Medical School The Paramount Theater (3 p.m.)

ARTS & SCIENCES DIPLOMA CEREMONY LOCATIONS African-American & African Studies Minor Hall Auditorium (12:45 p.m.) American Studies Newcomb Hall, SE Terrace (12:45 p.m.) Ruffner Hall Auditorium (12:45 p.m.) Anthropology Brooks Hall, Front Lawn SAB (1 p.m.) Archaeology Brooks Hall, Front Lawn SAB (1 p.m.) Art Hunter Smith Band Building (1 p.m.) Astronomy & Physics Kent House/Dabney House, Front Lawn (1 p.m.) Physics Building 203** (1 p.m.) Biology North Grounds Rec Center (2:30 p.m.) North Grounds Rec Center (4 p.m.) Biomedical Sciences* Jordan Hall Conference Center Auditorium

Chemistry Chemistry Auditorium** (1 p.m.) Cognitive Science Maury Hall 209 ** (12:45 p.m.) Computer Science Gilmer Hall Auditorium, Room 130 (1 p.m.)

Rotunda, Dome Room (3 p.m.) French & Comparative Literature French House (1404 Jefferson Park Avenue) (12:45 p.m.)

Drama Culbreth Theatre (3 p.m.)

Germanic Languages Pavilion II, Lower Garden** (3:30 p.m.) McKim Hall, Sandridge Auditorium (3:30 p.m.)

East Asian Languages, Literatures & Cultures Shea House (12:45 p.m.)

Global Development Pavilion III, Garden Wilson Hall 301

Echols Scholars University Chapel

History (undergraduate) McIntire Amphitheatre Memorial Gym (1 p.m.)

Economics McIntire Amphitheater (3 p.m.) JPJ (3 p.m.) JPJ (2 p.m.) English The Lawn (3 p.m.) JPJ Arena (1 p.m.) JPJ Arena (12 noon) Environmental Sciences Clark Hall, West Lawn Clark Hall 107 and 108 Environmental Thought and Practice

History (graduate) South Lawn Commons Building, Nau Auditorium (3:15 p.m.) Human Biology Newcomb Hall, South Meeting Room (3:15 p.m.) Interdisciplinary Rotunda, Dome Room Jewish Studies Rotunda, Lower West Oval Room (2:30 p.m.)

Linguistics Newcomb Hall, Commonwealth Room (12:45 p.m.) Mathematics Pavilion I, Lower Garden Gilmer Hall Auditorium, Room 130 (2:30 p.m.)

Political Philosophy, Policy, & Law University Chapel (3 p.m.) Political & Social Thought Small Special Collections Library Auditorium (12:45 pm)

Media Studies South Lawn Commons Building, Nau Auditorium (12.45 p.m.)

Politics - Foreign Affairs & Government Memorial Gym (1 p.m.) Memorial Gym (5:15 p.m.)

Medieval Studies Rotunda, Dome Room

Psychology AFC (1 p.m.)

Middle Eastern & South Asian Languages Shea House (1:15 p.m.)

Religious Studies Newcomb Hall Ballroom (1 p.m.)

Music Old Cabell Hall Auditorium (3:30 p.m.) Neuroscience Small Special Collections Library Auditorium (3 p.m.) Philosophy Pavilion IV, Lower Garden Wilson Hall 402 Physics Kent House/Dabney House, Front Lawn (1 p.m.) Physics Building 203 ** (1 p.m.)

Slavic Languages Pavilion VI, Lower Garden** Jefferson Hall Sociology Old Cabell Hall Auditorium (1 p.m.) Spanish, Italian & Latin American Studies Culbreth Theatre (1 p.m.) Statistics Ern Commons (1:30 p.m.) Studies in Women and Gender Newcomb Hall, South Meeting Room (12:45 p.m.)

* Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics, Biophysics, Cell Biology, Clinical Research, Experimental Pathology, Microbiology, Pharmacology, Physiology, Public Health ** Depending upon the disability and the site, assistance may be necessary. Contact the Coordinator of Services for Persons with Disabilities at (434) 924-3095 (or click here to e-mail).

The Cavalier Daily 17

Thank you to the Class of 2012 for demonstrating your appreciation for the University! 2183 members of the Class of 2012 have participated in the Class Giving Campaign Achieving a 64% participation rate (all-time record) Raising $578,538 for the University (2nd highest total)

Your gifts, this year and in the future, will ensure that the University of Virginia remains unmatched in its commitment to a personal, enriching, and unique student experience.

Charles S. Adams Anne E. Allen Revat Anandsongkit Mary C. Anderson Suparerk Anusontarangkul Anna D. Armistead Jacob M. Bagwell Melissa E. Belardi John R. Belk, Jr. Thomas G. Bell III Nuhad Bensouda Hillary S. Berndt Kathleen C. Best Katherine E. Beyer Emilyn M. Blakey Charlotte B. Bowden Elizabeth S. Bowles Mary B. Browning Katya A. Brozyna Jonathan M. Bryan Whitney N. Bullock Alexandra D. Burnett Ryana A. Burrell Jonathan E. Butler Kirsti A. Campbell Evan Cantor Tyler R. Carlson Kalyn S. Carson Mary E. Cearley Kristina A. Chapman

Kimberley K. Chong Christian P. Cimmino Matthew L. Cofer Amanda G. Coleman Forrest B. Compton Katherine M. Corradini Bess C. Crimmins David W. Crouch Alice C. Dallstream Leah M. Davis John T. Daye Dalia M. Deak Jeffrey A. Dean Wayne L. Dell Dylan R. Denslow Robert W. Deppe Veni Dhir John M. DiGrazia, Jr. Ari C. Dimas Courtenay M. Dobbins Christa M. Doerwaldt David G. Drewry III Patrick J. Duffy Caitlin E. Durham Joseph W. Eldredge Daniel S. Ellis Elizabeth A. Engel Ellen F. Falci Dane Ferre Shea Fitzgerald

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Joshua T. Borden Ellen C. Bosserman Nicholas J. Boucher David J. Boudouris Caroline P. Bour James P. Bour Stephanie E. Boutsicaris Francis A. Bowers IV Emily K. Bowles Kelsey B. Bowles Eboni M. Bowman Camille A. Boxhill Paige A. Boyer Evan H. Boyle Ashton D. Branch Emilia Braun Jasmine L. Braxton Andrea K. Brennan Kaitlin H. Brennan James J. Bresnahan Jamison D. Brewer Travis L. Brewer Georgia C. Broaddus Christopher S. Broadnax Emily C. Broadwell Marlene I. Brodsky Caitlin E. Browder Carolyn S. Browder Leilani R. Brower Adrienne M. Brown

Brittany M. Brown Jonathan H. Brown Karen R. Brown Nannearl L. Brown Renee D. Brown Andrew G. Brownlee Amy L. Brubaker Dakota Bruner John Bruner Caroline M. Bruss Emma E. Buck Gweneth M. Buckley Larry E. Buckner III Sarah L. Bufano Rebecca Bukele Mutinta Bulanda James B. Bullock Adam B. Burch Stephanie M. Burcham Emily J. Burfoot Erin M. Burford Sean M. Burgess Ava M. Burke James M. Burke Megan K. Burke Natalie Burke Daniel C. Burkert Paul S. Burkholder Jennifer L. Burks Catherine M. Burnett

Erica F. Busch Charlotte A. Bush Scott M. Butler Tiffany N. Butler Meghan S. Butt John C. Byrne II Robert M. Byrne-Diakun Yeo J. Byun Kennedy C. Byxbee Barbara L. Cabrera Elizabeth K. Caccia Joseph A. Cacibauda III Thomas M. Calamari Devon J. Caldwell Sarah A. Calhoun Gabriel Camacho Maria F. Campa Caitlin A. Campbell Christina L. Campbell Mauren D. Campbell Scott E. Campbell Juliana Cano-Mejia Courtney N. Canterbury William R. Canup Hannah J. Capacillo Michele F. Caravella Matthew R. Carbonelli William F. Carden David K. Carey Rachel M. Carey

Kathleen M. Carnes Dever M. Carney Johnathan M. Carone Margaret S. Carragher Susan G. Carrai Daniel C. Carter Katherine E. Carter Ramsey K. Carter Sharlyn L. Carter Gordon M. Carver IV Emily S. Case Megan A. Casey Shannon L. Casey Douglass S. Caslow Ian J. Cathcart Jeffrey T. Catina Margaret C. Cearley Gabriela A. Cerkey Faith W. Cerny Jessica A. Cerullo Aaron H. Chafetz Olivia G. Chalos Kelly M. Chambers Diana M. Chan Victoria P. Chan Stevie N. Chancellor Samantha J. Chao Justin A. Chapman Peter M. Chapman Robert P. Chapman

Alexandra C. Charalambous Mohammad O. Cheema Joseph W. Chelak Andi Chen Jiasheng Chen Jinyi Chen Johnny L. Chen Lingxi Chen Thomas Chen Timothy Chen Ya-Ru Chen Cindy S. Cheng Geng Cheng Yun Cheng Derek Chi Sara F. Chiaravalle Vincenzo Chiariello Alan D. Chien Tanaka I. Chikosi Alison M. Chin Michael P. Chisholm SeungBum Cho Minna Choi Maria E. Chopivsky Ahsan H. Chowdhury Anuja A. Chumble Hyungkoo Chung Suzi Chung Giannina M. Cipolloni

Tudor Cisu Abigail R. Ciucias John M. Civitillo, Jr. Jamie E. Clair Christine B. Clark Frances K. Clark Michael W. Clark Daniel J. Clarke Michael Q. Clemm Kelly M. Clifton Ryan M. Clough Tommy J. Coburn Logan D. Cochran Molly C. Cochran William R. Cogar, Jr. Adam Cohen Jarel M. Cohen Rachel A. Cohen Joshua M. Coiner Lindsay M. Coiner Douglas C. C. Colby Allison M. Colley Loraine M. Collins Lindsay H. Colliton Maria A. Colopy Katherine E. Colwell Caelinn M. Comey Colleen A. Connelly Lorcan L. Connick Rebecca M. Conti

Lauren E. Converse Carly B. Cook Hunter M. Cook Robert B. Cook Carolyn D. Cooper Catherine M. Cooper Byron W. Cordes Natalie C. Cordes Manuel E. Cordovez Jeniffer Y. Corena Claire D. Cororaton Anna M. Corrigan Corey N. Costella Carmen S. Cotton Ann E. Cottrell Michael S. Craigmile Hallie E. Crawford Abby M. Credicott Jonathan A. Crespy Mollie E. Cretsinger Aaron T. Criss Ioana Cristei James R. Crosby Lauren P. Cross Margaret L. Crossen Lucille C. Crowley Matthew J. Crumplar Keri L. Cullen Katherine G. Cullinan Sarah H. Culver Sara E. Cummings Clay C. Cundiff Jessica R. Curran Helen M. Cushman Hope M. Cutchins John E. Czerwinski Ryan L. Da Silva Monish K. Dadlani Rachel G. Dady Natalie C. Dahlstrom David Dai Charles W. Dalrymple Christopher H. Daly, Jr. Daniel P. Daly Emily O. Dameron Madelyn M. Dannenberg Camille J. Danvers John S. Darling Emmett DuBois Dashiell III Margaux T. Dastugue Tiana A. Daubach Rebecca D. Davenport Alexander J. D'Aversa Chelsea W. David Ethan G. Davidhizar Rae L. Davidson Coleman P. Davis Jaynie N. Davis John L. Davis III Kyle J. Davis Regina M. Davis Sarajanee O. Davis Robert T. Day Mathijs E. de Bruijn Niranga R. De Silva Ilona I. de Zamaroczy Diana M. Dean Jamie E. Dean Richard F. Debo, Jr. Katherine E. Degen Suzanne M. DeHoratiis Adriana Del Vecchio Sara M. Delach Bria D. Delaney Daniela A. Delvalle Zarak Chelsea A. Demarco Justin A. Dembo Alexander D. Dementiev Gabrielle R. Dennis Benjamin S. Dessart Elizabeth G. Dettke Charles S. DeVeas Susan Dhamala Sukhdeep K. Dhanoya Drake J. Diamond Lauren K. Dias Eduardo L. DiazEtchevehere Lauren M. DiBara Sarah L. Dibble Benjamin T. Dick Robert P. DiCostanzo Elyse D. Dietz Sara E. Diggs Carlos F. Disla, Jr. Matthew R. Diton Katie J. Dodds Richard E. Dodson Lauren E. Doerr Ceren I. Dogan Joseph R. Donahue Erin L. Donnelly Marcela M. Doreste Andrew V. Dorr Theresia M. Doty Megan T. Dougherty Patrick J. Dougherty Jennifer E. Douglas Jessica L. Douglas Peta K. Douglas Thomas J. Doulong Gillian S. Douple Travis A. Downes Dejane Y. Dozier Payton D. Drake Jason R. Drangstveit Ryan E. Duff Liam H. Duffy Audsley K. Dunavant Taylor M. Duncan Staci N. Dungee Chelsea B. Dunn Jason M. Dunn Aleshia L. Dunning Tri N. Duong Emma S. Dupont Kelsey L. Durels Kelsey J. Dutton Caitrin A. Dwyer Lauren E. Earman Anne S. Easby-Smith Carl E. Eason III Kimmie L. Eason William B. Easton Ryan P. Echausse

Jessica M. Edwards Steven J. Eelkman Rooda Elizabeth M. Ehrlich Erica R. Eickhoff Hallie C. Eilerts Anahi D. Einhorn Shruti Ektare Nader M. Elawar Margaret W. Eldred Kareem M. El-Gohary Sarah R. Elkin Natalie E. Eller Rachael C. Eller Bethany G. Ellington Jesse Thompson Ellington, IV John A. Ellis Erik N. Ellison Jonathan C. Elsasser Karin E. Elwood Lauren E. Ely Kyle A. Emery Kyle J. Emory Casey E. Enders Charlotte Endres Mary L. Enright Devon L. Ericksen Thomas A. Eschenroeder, Jr. Camila Escobar Allison R. Evans Dylan C. Evans Richard B. Evans II Lauren M. Everhart Avery R. Faeth Joseph M. Falvella, Jr. Mingou Fan Diana Y. Fang Colleen A. Farrell Emily R. Farrior Lauren M. Faulkner Stephanie L. Fawcett William P. Feeney Hugo G. Fenaux Robbie J. Fendley Hanting Feng Brielle R. Ferguson Paloma D. Fernandez Irizarry Lindsay J. Ferris Breana D. Fife Kara D. Fikse Khatantuul Z. Filer Katherine A. Filipour Hannah J. Firdyiwek Landon L. Fishburne Alexander G. Fisher Kristen M. Fisher Felicity E. Fisk Casey E. Fitchett Benjamin J. Fitts Jane M. Fitzgerald Shannan M. Fitzgerald Patrick R. Fitzsimmons Joseph L. Flanigan Connor T. Fleming Allison L. Flicker Kelly D. Flynn Bailey E. Fogarty Jason D. Foral Robert M. Forrest Tyler E. Forrest Frederick D. Forshaw, Jr. Brendan D. Fortuner Adrianna C. Foster George R. Foster Farshad S. Fouladi Grace E. Fowler Mary E. Fowler Christina C. Fox Marissa E. Fox Chelsea R. France Kaitlyn E. Franczek Julia W. Frankel Tyler S. Frankenberg Stephen J. Franks Emily S. Fraser Jacob L. Frazier Andrew M. Fredrickson Emily D. Freeman Sarah E. Friend Daniel C. Froehlich Frances A. Fuller Annacrizelda C. Funtelar Jonathan C. Furlong Zachary B. Fuss Kendra A. Gaarder Rhoda N. Gachathi Peter L. Gaddis Kathryn A. Gaffin Joseph T. Gallagher Jessica W. Garber Alexandra M. Garcia Rolfe J. Garcia Kristen C. Gardner Weston M. Gardner Manya Garg Ramit K. Garg Kerry D. Garikes Evan L. Garrett Kristofer L. Garriott Arianna E. Gary Kelsey N. Gaskins Melissa L. Gasser Katherine B. Gaver Samuel T. Gay Sarah A. Gayner Yiwen Ge Tamrat T. Gebremichael Virginia E. Gee Kaitlyn B. M. Geib Jeffrey E. Geiger Robert N. Geis, II Peter W. Geissinger Allison A. Geller Mark S. Gemender Victoria T. Generazio Taylor K. Gentry Laurance W. George John W. Gerhardt Tamana Ghani Nadia M. Ghosheh Jamie E. Giam Carrington M. Giammittorio Jacqueline E. Gibbs Kyle R. Gibson

Raymond C. Gibson Walter O. Gichana Madeline A. Gill Kathleen C. GilletteMallard Aileen L. Giordano Michael S. Gippetti Kerubel S. Girma Lilian H. Gladstone Carolyn R. Glandorf Rachel A. Gleason Filip Goc Mark H. Goldberg Michael J. Goldstein Gongsalamu Gongsalamu Veronica L. Gonzales Courtney I. Good Jean C. Goodman Kelsey H. Goodman Theresa M. Goodman Robert K. Goodyear Alexandra M. Gordon Andrew C. Gordon Jonathan S. Gordon Julie M. Gordon Anisha T. Gorur Jamie L. Gottshall Corey M. Gough Anita D. Gougleva Meredith P. Gould William W. Granger IV Allison M. Grant Anne B. Grant Sheri L. Gravette Andrew S. Gray Deborah H. Gray Hannah M. Gray David J. Grebb Rebecca A. Green Victoria A. Greenberg Chelsea M. Greene Anna B. Greenlee Christopher M. Greenwood Michael A. Gregory Amanda K. Grenell Lauren A. Griggs Ruthie S. Grimsdale Kathryn L. Grossman Patrick R. Grube Thomas M. Gruenther Trevor A. Grywatch Kyle N. Guest Molly M. Guinan Shiry R. Guirguis Peter H. Gumble Rohan Gupta Tyler S. Gurnee Elizabeth A. Gurney Justin Guthrie Juliana T. Gutowski Andrea Guzman Chelsea M. Haakenson Jonathan S. Haas Bethel F. Habte Alyssa R. Haden Maria G. Hadjikyriakou Abena D. Hagan-Brown Arel C. Haggins Daniel Haileselassie Selamawit Hailu Skylar A. Haines Charysse C. Hairston Samantha K. Hale Sheffield M. Hale Erik S. Haley Jonathan R. Hall Matthew J. Hallman Gordon M. Hall-Wurst Catherine E. Halpin Robert S. Hamel Nesrien E. Hamid Arzo Hamidi Meredith A. Hamme Jin-Min Han Matthew M. Hancock Joshua A. Handal Patrick M. Handley Anne C. Haney Eric J. Hanna Ernest R. Hanna, IV John H. Hanna V Brette C. Harding Sarah E. Hardingham Emily M. Hardy R. August Hardy Firezer Haregu Lindsey M. Harney Molly T. Harp Aubrey R. Harrington Colleen T. Harrington Kayleigh M. Harrington Golda G. Harris Hannah B. Harris James W. Harris Benjamin J. Harrison James D. Harrison, III James T. Harrison Andrey M. Hart Ashley T. Hart Daniel S. Hartsoe Marilyn N. Harvey Rachel A. Harvey Alice M. Haseltine Joanna I. Hassell Jaime A. Hatch Anne C. Haughton Nathaniel H. Haynes Anruo He Yang S. He Emily F. Hearle Caroline E. Hecht Celine J. Heckel-Jones Seana Hedayatnia Michael D. Heelan Alana E. Heifetz Leah M. Hein Michael K. Heintzleman Ross R. Heller Natasha L. Hemminger Julian W. Henderson Abbey L. Hendricks Alexandra M. Hendricks Jane E. Hendricks Tammy K. Henning Roger E. Hensley Mary E. Heppenstall

Joshua N. Herb Sarah E. Herbst Samuel R. Herder Elise Herget Richard A. Herrmann Haley W. Hervey Katherine M. Hetzer Anah K. Hewetson Samuel S. Hewitt Elizabeth E. Hickman Chelsea M. Hicks Clifton W. Hill Jessalyn N. Hill Kevin J. Hill Roger R. Hill, Jr. Sean J. Hiller Monet P. Hinton Jaspreet K. Hira April M. Hite Jacqueline C. Hodges Tory L. Hoelscher Deborah R. Hoffman Nicholas M. Hoffman Margaret E. Hogue Stephen N. Holby Ian Holman Karima A. Holmes Lara Holmes Tiffany L. Hom Albert L. Hong Michael J. Hong, Jr. Sarah M. Horne Ann T. Horvath Alena C. Horwitz Glenn M. Hoskin Jennifer S. Hoskins Navid Hosseini Brooks G. Host James O. Howell III Sara B. Howell Hui R. Hsu Jeremy E. Hsu Shaoyi Hu Dian Huang Terrance C. Huang Xia Huang Yu Huang Chandler M. Hubbard Atticus Huberts Kathleen L. Hudgins Joseph S. Huennekens Mark C. Huetter Nicola E. Hughes Hallett Kirstin K. Hughes Jonathan Huie Matthew R. Hunt Taylor J. Huntington William D. Hurd Gabriela Hurtado Pradilla Soophia J. Hussain Hye Ri Hwang Brandon W. Hylton Rosemary J. Hynes Laura A. Hyson Brian A. Ichter Ola N. Iko Hannah Hessenbruch ILL Francis J. Imbriglia Benjamin D. Iredell Kevin H. Isaacs Hajirah T. Ishaq Alyssa D. Isidoridy Nejla Izadi Whitney N. Jackson Christopher H. Jacob Kelly M. Jacobs Mark P. Jacobs Alexandra C. Jahnle Maxwell B. James Munkyeong Jang Aleksandar Janjic Kathryn R. Janssen Daniela Jaramillo Ankit A. Javia Sarah L. Jeffrey Callie L. Jenevein Emily E. Jenkins Kristen P. Jenkins Eric D. Jenvey Jae Young Jeon Tingting Jin Jyoti Jindal Yizhou Jing Maria C. Jividen Christopher M. Joachim Alexander P. Johnson Amy E. Johnson Ann B. Johnson Ashleigh L. Johnson Brittany S. Johnson Grant E. Johnson Julia L. Johnson Keri A. Johnson Milo P. Johnson Tyler J. Johnson Audrey L. Johnston Catherine G. Jones Conor S. Jones Courtney G. Jones Jennifer Y. Jones Lynette M. Jones Mark T. Jones, Jr. Nathan T. Jones Timara D. Jones Michael B. Jordan Alexander F. Jost David K. Joynes Alyssa P. Juan Reza Kabir Andrew M. Kafer Mariah J. Kalil Michael Q. Kalish Kate R. Kamber Kian Kamgar-Parsi Christopher F. Kaminski Byong H. Kang Charles J. Kang Lauren E. Kanipe Mujinga M. Kapanga Lauren E. Kaplan Arsalan Karamat Deborah J. Karp Grete C. Karuso Nikhila Kasibhotla Sydney M. Kastner Bismah D. Kasuri Ashwin Katikapalli

Yasunari Kato Vidur Katyal Alexandra B. Katzen David N. Kaw Aeliya Kazmi Nicole A. Keane Patrick D. Keating Karim A. Kebaish Abebe Kebede Andrew D. Keem Macey A. Keifrider Kerry G. Keihn Emily L. Keller Brendan E. Kelley Kaitlin M. Kelley Ann M. Kelly Brian N. Kelly, MD Erin G. Kelly Michael J. Kelly Kelly A. Kemick Christopher M. Kendall Cameron L. Kendrick Drew M. Keneally Christopher R. Kerrigan Shannon R. Kerrigan Sean D. Keveren Kristina M. Key Akshat H. Khaitan Anirudh S. Khandelwal Hunain T. Khawaja Joyti K. Khokhar Nadia Khosrowdad Alanna R. Kibiloski Katherine M. Kidwell Sarah D. Kiernan Andrew S. Kim Dado Kim Daniel S. Kim Grace E. Kim Jeong Soo Kim Joseph H. Kim Quyen T. Kim Sukwon Kim Nicholas S. Kincaid Cameron B. King Hannah C. King Jeffrey M. King Julia King Melissa L. Kinter Amanda J. Kirby Graham P. Kirby Nickolas R. Kirby Paul D. Kirchner Joan K. Kirtland Kirsten Kiwior Kevin J. Klembczyk Chester H. Knapp Laura H. Knowles Jeremy E. Knox Steven S. Koch Christopher L. Kochard Joseph M. Koes Shujun Koh Benjamin M. Kohles Sarah M. Kohlhepp Alicia C. Kohn Jacob E. Kohn Robert M. Kolosieke Calvin B. Kong Ross A. Koon Arati R. Kotadia Steven D. Kouril Sandra Koyomji Claudia D. Kraft Jessica A. Kreitzman Stephen M. Krembs Bharath R. Krishnamurthy Stacy M. Kruczkowski Moritz A. Kruse Joanne Y. Ku Kathy Kuan Matthew J. Kugler Eric J. Kuhn Hamide D. Kurtcebe Gautham Kurup Martha A. Kuzzy Anthony C. LaBarbera Pin-Hsuan Lai Leila M. Lam Sharon S. Lam Ian M. Lamb Wayne L. Lamkin Jeffrey L. Lamp John W. Lamphere William C. Landess Lea C. Lane Hadley L. Lankford Susan H. Lappan Jacob E. Lassiter Kellen C. Lauer Francesca Y. Lauritano Kristin K. Lauritsch Katherine S. Lavie Corwin R. Lawrence Nikolaus J. Lawson Stephanie M. Lay Kaitlin E. Layne Quan-Chi Le Mackenzie K. Leahy Christopher R. LeBlanc Ryan S. Lechner Phillip E. Lecky Grace Lee Hojae Lee I-Rong Lee Jennifer M. Lee Rebecca E. Lee Taesung T. Lee YoonJoo Lee Grace M. Lefebure Andrew S. Lehrman Nicholas N. LenderkingBrill Jack O. Lenske Harry J. Lesher Erica C. Lester Elliot S. Leung Benjamin L. Levin Debra L. Levin Brett L. Levinson Cody A. Lewis Jenny R. Lewis Matthew K. Lewis Rebecca C. Lewis Dong Li Jichao Li

Rona S. Li Xiang Li Yi Li Yueyi Li Jeffrey D. Liang Zhengwei Liang David J. Liao Zuofu Liao Felipe E. Libreros Segni B. Ligaba James G. Lightbourn Annabel Lim Rachel H. Lim Krisnaphong Limtragool Sarah J. Lin Xiaoxiao Lin Yanyan Lin Yong Lin James W. Lindsay Dorothy A. Lineer Lisa V. Littman Danning Liu Jenny Liu Jeremy Liu Ruochun Liu Shi Liu Xinye Liu Joseph B. Lloyd Alexander E. Loeb Wyatt A. Loflin Nathaniel N. Logan Vsevolod A. Loiko Jacqueline A. Lokie Laura K. Long Roger M. Lorenzo Meredith K. Loretta Margaret A. Lowry Tianhao Lu Yi Luan Marlon Lucas William A. Luck Rachel J. Lucy Lesley A. Luginbill Jonathan J. Lui Miguel J. Lulli Jieshi Luo Andrew C. Lutes Kiersten L. Luther Daniel A. Lyle Devon M. B. Lynch Chloe E. Lyons Garrett B. Lyons III Michaela J. Lyons Courtney G. MacDowell Robert M. MacGregor R. John MacKenzie, II Jessica K. Mackey Laurel M. MacMillan Alexandra A. MacPherson Aaditya A. Madala Andrea L. Maddox Elizabeth M. Madero Zenubia A. Madhani Mert Mafa Risabel M. Magalong Samantha R. Magaro Wai Hsien Mah Hassan Mahmood Jianheng Mai Nikhil Maitra Garrett T. Majdic Paula B. Majumdar Joseph B. Makhoul Kelly R. Malacarne Maria Malas Amir M. Malekghasemi Alexandra R. Malis Payton J. Mallonee Matthew C. Manley Allison D. Mann Andrew J. Mann Mallory J. Mann Leah W. Manning Michael S. Mantia Michael J. Marchesani Victoria E. Marchetti Michelle V. Marchiano Philip P. Maroun Nicolas A. Marro Myah J. Marshall Adam R. Martin Bethany N. Martin Brendan T. Martin Christopher C. Martin Clara A. Martin Dana E. Martin Liesel A. Martin Sally E. Martin Alexa R. Martinez Niki Masghati Benjamin H. Mason Michael C. Mast Emily M. Mastandrea Lauren E. Mathae Raghav Mathur Ryan C. Matt Raghav R. Mattay Kristin A. Matteson Caroline R. Mattey David S. Matthews Stephen J. Matthews Tatiana E. Matthews Michele C. Mattson Jeffrey T. Matuella Henry P. Mauck IV Meghan N. Maupin Paul A. Mawyer Charles J. Maxey Patrick M. Mayfield Marcos Mazzola Lazzarotto Keely B. McCall Kara L. McCandless Kevin C. McCarthy Torren P. McCarthy Brendan C. McCartney Sarah B. McCollum Thomas P. McConnel Malcolm P. McConnell IV Clare K. McCormick Christopher M. McCoy Sean M. McCoy Marguerite F. McDaniel William B. McDavid, Jr. Patrick T. McDonald

Christopher J. McElaney Anna K. McElroy Katherine McGehee Christopher P. McGovern Morgan K. McGovern Anne M. McGrath Nicholas J. McGregor Mary J. McGuirk Meredith L. McKee Caitlin F. McKelway Molly F. McKeon Ashley J. McKinless Kyra M. McLardie Victoria P. McLaughlin Brian C. McLinden Joshua J. McMahon Elizabeth C. McManus Kimberlee C. McMasters Mary K. McNally Patricia K. McNally Margaret L. McNamara Derek J. McVay Kelly J. Medina Heather C. Medlin Catherine A. Medvigy Nora A. Meehan Jessica A. Meeks Benjamin J. Meguira Karan K. Mehra Karishma C. Mehta Natasha Mehta Neesurg S. Mehta Qianwen Mei Aria C. Meier Stephen A. Mein Donald N. Meissner Julia R. Melby Patrick D. Melmer Wyatt C. Melzer Christine L. Meng Tamir M. Mengesha Vinay N. Menon William R. Mensch Sarah F. Mercer Hannah R. Meredith Katherine A. Merrill Naz Mertsoy Alborze Mesbahi Charles D. Meyer Matthias T. Meyer Micaela S. Meyer Elizabeth A. Meyers Paul J. Michel Kelsey L. Millay Peter W. Miller Simone E. Miller Tyler Milne Andrew G. Milner Eunice Min Kyung Uk Min Yixiao Min Matthew I. Minnicino Stephanie V. Misencik Arjun Mishra Meredith H. Mitchell Nicholet L. Mitchell Chad B. Mizelle Joshua R. Mlcoch Sean R. Mlodzinski Neal V. Modi Charles C. Modlin Alan F. Molina Carrie S. Mongle Christopher A. Monioudis Benjamin H. Monk Katherine A. Montgomery Allaire M. Monticollo Hannah M. Moody Alexis D. Moore Catherine F. Moore Crystal S. Moore David M. Moore Jedd D. Moore Robyn L. Moore Eileen G. Moran Mary K. Morani James J. Morano Alissa P. Morein Jasmine M. Morgan Kathryn T. Morgan Katherine C. Moriarty Zachary D. Moritz Alissa D. Morris Caitlin C. Morris Daniel R. Morrison April D. Morrissett Thomas T. Moses Caitlin A. Mott Emily E. Mott Caroline C. Moughon Andrea I. Mousouris Eugene Moy Caroline A. Moyer Danielle N. Moyer Daniel J. Moylan Betty K. Mulamba Anna L. Mullen Cecily N. Mullen Eleanor G. Mullen John P. Muncks Kasyap S. Munukutla Carolyn E. Murdock Allison G. Murphy Emma E. Murphy Loren R. Murphy Marisa L. Mutty Anup Myneni Noori Na Souheil Nadri Elizabeth C. Nagel Anjali Nanda Walid E. Nassif Suzanne M. Natalie John J. Nay Mark V. Neider Courtney L. Nelson Caroline F. Newman Nicolas W. Newman Rebecca L. Newsham David B. Newsome Jocelyn C. Newton Tremaanity C. Newton Hoa T. Nguyen Stephanie T. Nguyen Thanh M. Nguyen Van Trang T. Nguyen

J. Q. Nichols Robert A. Nielsen Christine V. Nikas Thomas G. Niskanen Jacqueline Niu Onyekachukwu D. Nnanyelugoh Michelle K. Norris Tenzin Norzom Linda Ntumy Abdulhamid M. Nur Dawn-Sherryl S. Nwaebube Sara T. Obeidat Nnamdi O. Obodo Bridget A. O'Brien Kelly G. O'Connell Chad A. O'Connor Brian E. Oden Mary C. Oden Megan M. O'Doherty Taylor H. Odom Katherine M. O'Donnell Kyle D. O'Donnell Avery E. O'Grady Folasade A. Ogunleye John J. Oh Joo H. Oh Suzie G. Oh Jonathan R. Ohmart Brittany P. Olivari Maria F. Oliveri Lauren L. Omelchenko Elizabeth I. Onyechi Okechukwu E. Onyiuke Jean-Paul Orillac Leland B. Osborne Molly E. Osborne Brittany L. O'Shea Adrienne C. Ostroff Alexandra K. Osvath Natalie L. Otsuka Hayden L. Overly Ashley N. Owen Matthew M. Owen David D. Owens Derin Ozler Natalie S. Pace Jenna A. Padilla Cristina M. Page Karina M. Page Lindsay A. C. Page Denise V. Paik Peter Y. Pak Rebecca B. Palmer William P. Palombi, Jr. Ana I. Palomo Rodriguez Michael T. Panetta Amanda B. Panholzer Tiffany N. ParedesTurner Adizatu Parham Mohammed Dohyoun Park Jae Hong Park Jennifer Park Jin Hong Park Ji-Sung Park Jungjae Park Kevin J. Park David F. Parker, Jr. Ebonee S. Parrish Namik C. Pars Hillary B. Parsons Maria A. Pasquel Solah Adriana M. Pastor Aveni A. Patel Ravi P. Patel Shyam V. Patel Ibrahima B. Patrick Erin K. Patterson James K. Patteson Jessica L. Patton Brian J. Paul Whitney H. Paul Drew H. Pearson Anne C. Peck Goutham Peddi Lauren N. Pedersen Tyler J. Pegoraro Somdaney S. Pek Kathryn E. Pendoley Xue Q. Peng Rachel I. Penn Rachel M. Penney Meredith L. Perdue Premkumar Periyasamy Lauren M. Perkins Emily L. Perrin Elaine M. Perrotto Christina M. Perry Taylor A. Perry Adithya V. Peruri Emily N. Peters Brittany O. Peterson Rebecca A. Pfister Thao P. Pham Thuy Pham Khanh T. Phan Liem Q. Phan Kelsey A. Phillips Vincent J. Piccolo Paul E. Pickmans Robert P. Pickmans Kathryn E. Pierce Mark O. Pierotti Sebastian M. Pierre Ann J. Piland Izabella Pinchuk Catherine L. Pirrung Marie L. Plaine Winston J. Plunkett Lisa M. Poad David R. Poehler Tierney L. Poffenberger Matthew J. Pokorny Vikram S. Pole Melanie G. Polin Tiffany E. Polo Chatchai Poolvoraluck Benjamin G. Popovich Tasia A. Potasinski Carissa M. Potente Cody S. Potter Bradley T. Pottieger Daniel B. Powell IV Sharanjai Prasad

El'Licia N. Price Emily N. Price Jessica S. Price Jillian M. Price Kelsey M. Price Jordan D. Pridgen Margaret J. Pritchard Benjamin H. Probert Erik M. Prochnow Alexa M. Proffitt Kevin M. Pujanauski Jacqueline J. Pujol Michael R. Push Agnes M. Pyrchla Menghe M. Qian Yifeng Qin Jocelyn M. Quicho Christine M. Quilpa Meaghan C. Quindlen Zoe C. Quint Muhammad E. Qureshi Frances M. Rabb Katherine M. Raber Evan L. Rabin Andaleeb Rahman Siddharth Rajagopalan Meera L. Ram Vandana Ramakrishnan Laura R. Ramsey Sarah M. Ramsey Robert L. Randolph Vinitra K. Rangan Aneesha N. Rao Sahas N. Rao Naveera Rashid Zainab Raza Caitlin J. Reddy Nitya G. Reddy Leah R. Reed Laura M. Reedy Christopher P. Reichel Asma H. Rekik Carolyn E. Relton Joshua A. Rennert Ruth G. Retzinger Alan R. Reyes Evan W. Reynolds Kelsey B. Reynolds Sarah E. Reynolds Teresa L. Reynolds Maximilian E. Rhodes Alfred L. Rhyne IV Elizabeth B. Rice Marvin A. Richards, Jr. Uma J. Richardson Sherwood A. Richers III Paige A. Riedl Emily J. Rigby Diamond N. Riley Dominic R. Rinaldi Philip A. Rinehart Erik D. Rison Gregory D. Rives Sahar A. Rizvi Patton H. Roark III Benjamin G. Robbins Kendall H. Robertson Kelly C. Robeson Emily S. Robinson Virginia L. Robinson Ashley N. Rodgers Jessica L. Roelofs Alan D. Rogers Erin M. Rogers Brianna V. Rojas-Elton Lance Roller II Nicolas M. Rosa Allison K. Rose Elizabeth C. Rose Fredric C. Rose, II Aaron M. Ross Elizabeth A. Ross Mitchell W. Ross Jason T. Rowe Steven P. Rowe Emily A. Rowley Kathleen E. Rubinger Kelly L. Ruland Matthew J. Russell Kevin J. Ruth Chanel F. Rutland Christopher D. Rutley Jessica A. Rymer Michael B. Sagan Mehul Sahni Tamara F. Saint-Surin William A. Sallembien Priyanka Salona Michael A. Salopek Onur Saltan Ana-Maria Salvatore Anastasia M. Samaras Maria A. Sampogna Elizabeth A. Samuel Chloe' A. Sanders Daniela Y. Santiesteban Arun Sapkota Valerie Sapp Ahmed A. Sarhan Jessie L. Sauer Samantha T. Saunders Sameria A. Saunders Sydney B. Saunders Matthew W. Savarese Morgan E. Savoia Christine N. Sawda Ariel T. Sayre Mary B. Schafer Samuel T. Schaffer Dana C. Schawelson Carl B. Scherer Erik J. Schiminger Justin G. Schlegel Amy V. Schmid Joshua C. Schmidt Lauren O. Schmidt Rachel M. Schmidt Rachel E. Schmidtke Kate E. Schofield Lucy A. Scholz Taylor J. Scholz Patrick W. Schoonover Andrew W. Schroth Christopher E. Schulz Brian A. Schwartz Robert W. Schwieder Alexandra J. Scott

Briyanna Q. Scott Joshua A. Scott Kimberly C. Scott Sarah E. Scott Taylor J. Scott Timothy A. Scott Jill L. Scovanner Jennifer M. Sealey Alyson M. Searles Luke J. Secosky Michael E. Secrist Gilbert Tannehill Seese III Sarah L. Seibels Andrew D. Seidman Ahlia Sekkarie Courtenay Selden Laura L. Sennewald Koo Y. Seo Andrew G. Settle Deeva V. Shah Ravi B. Shah Sanbi Shahjahan Taylor C. Shank Nisha Sharma Alice M. Shaw Marlana J. Shaw-Brown Ramzi Shaykh Ryan H. Shea Brian T. Sheehan Cameron K. Shelton Patrick J. Shelton Adam P. Shepard Tatyana R. Sherman Samantha G. Sherwood Ruby R. Shiang Carter P. Shields Hyun H. Shin Ji-Un Shin Min Hyung Shin Richard J. Shin Chelsea E. Shine Stephen K. Sholden Hunter F. Shreaves Jordan S. Shull Jenny A. Shultis Emma Siegfried Jonathon R. Siewert Hannah E. Silver Ronald S. Silverstein Chelsea E. Simpson Courtney M. Sinclair Krystal C. Sing Andrea Sisak Joshua D. Skiles Abigail R. Skolits Jennifer G. Slaughter Kyle K. Sledge David H. Sloane Bradford K. Slocum Thomas F. Smilack Ashleigh K. Smith Elizabeth R. Smith Joshua M. Smith Julia F. Smith Kathleen A. Smith Kristin I. Smith Megan L. Smith Melanie R. Smith Sarah Elizabeth P. Smith Taylor R. Smith Tiffany L. Smith Yuriy Smolin Kelly M. Snow Matthew T. Snyder Melanie M. Snyder Shreya Soni Rita F. Sono Abhishek V. Sontakke Joseph E. Southall Corina Spanu Elisabeth G. Sparkman Stuart A. Speth William A. Spicer Shoshana G. Spiro Aishwarya Sriram Alexandra E. Staeben Andrew K. Stafford Hilary L. Stalder Kelsey A. Stall Elizabeth A. Stanton Steele J. Stanwick Denson G. Staples Kathleen M. Starsia Silvi Stefi Victoria R. Steimel Mrs. Michelle L. Stein Lucy C. Steinbrecher Julia J. Steiner Bonnie V. Stender Courtney N. Stephens Matthew A. Steppan Shayna E. Stern Erika L. Sterusky Kirsten N. Steuber Elizabeth S. Stevens Jacqueline S. Stevens Kathleen A. Stevens Ryan J. Stevens Erika L. Stewart Katherine E. Stewart Roger B. Stewart, II William F. Stewart Christina A. Stierhoff Courtney V. Stokke Kelcey A. Stone John B. Stovall Patrick T. Stranix Mary M. Streng Taylor B. Strickland Heather A. Stuck Genevieve M. Stulb Michael J. Stump Amanda Suardana Brigitte I. Suijk Charlotte M. Sullivan Rachel E. Sullivan Tasniya Sultana Suna Sumer Ankit Sundaram Vannary Suon Matthew D. Suozzi Sonia Surakov Amanda M. Surber Corrie E. Sutherland Elizabeth L. Sutphin Matthew J. Sutton

Matthew S. Sutton William S. Sutton Izumi Suzuki Vladislav O. Sviderskiy Taylor P. Swart Steven L. Sweet Philip D. Sweigart Stephanie F. Sweitzer Victoria A. Swicegood Christine D. Swingler Peter M. Szeremeta Margaret W. Szumski Carlin R. Tacey Todd A. Talkington Tania A. Taloute Ariel Talts Erin C. Tamargo Boon Yee Tan Thomas K. Tandy IV Michael L. Tanes Lu Tang Tina Tang Jia Hui Tay Sintayehu M. Taye Anne R. Taylor Christine M. Taylor Lauren W. Taylor Peter T. Taylor, Jr. Nathan L. Tenhundfeld Sydney W. Tenhundfeld Denis V. Terpanov Hunter Terry Virginia K. Terwilliger Barkot J. Tesema Mearg G. Tesfay Huyen-Trang T. Thai Siravut Thammavaranucupt Eric M. Thomas Joanna A. Thomas Joshua T. Thomas Katherine L. Thomas Lauren E. Thomas Miriam A. Thomas Devon N. Thompson John R. Thompson Erin M. Thorpe Laura B. Thorsey Sidney H. Thorsten Weiqi Tian Laura B. Tiezzi Kathryn E. Tiller Mridula Tirumalasetti Holly E. Todd Patrick S. Todd Lorri O. Toler Madeline G. Tolmie Joseph C. Tomlin Ian M. Toner Constance A. Torian Malorie K. Torrey Frederick B. Torstrick David K. Tran Joanna M. N. Tran Minh Dat D. Tran Minh N. Tran Vu H. Tran Michael F. Trapani Benjamin M. Travis Margaret L. Trefny Alexandra M. Triana Sarah C. Triolo Erika C. Troia Chelsea D. Trott Adrian L. Troy Leah P. Truitt Paul T. Truitt Jason M. Truwit Jennifer Tsai Anna Tu Ana E. Tucker Melanie R. Tucker Victoria N. Tucker Thomas J. Tudor Elyse N. Tufts Cathryn E. Tullidge James M. Tuohey, Jr. Ashley J. Turnamian Bethany L. Turner Carmen E. Turner Jelisa S. Turner Bailey S. Turpin Merritt G. Tuttle Solome A. Tuwafie Kristin B. Twiford Lucas C. Tyler Teresa A. Udall Sukruti V. Udeshi Caroline E. Uffelman Caitlin M. Ulmer Maria E. Uribe Christopher M. Uyehara Vivek S. Vakil Molly F. Valdes-Dapena Derek J. Valenti Eliza H. Valentine Jack R. Valentine Robert B. Valentine Carlos A. Vallarino Aleman Marie Christine B. Vallido Nathan O. Van Natta Allie E. Vandivier Jessica R. Vanecek Ananita Varughese Bridget C. Vaughn Derek S. Vaughn Megan E. Veasey Gijs B. Veltman Vieytez Megan E. Venetianer Wilson C. Ventura Juan Pablo Vergara Daniel R. Verhotz Christopher F. W. Vieira Michael J. Villalobos Dennis A. Vinett Erin E. Vining Kelsey M. Vitullo Andrew Vivirito Lisa A. Vo Thuy P. Vo Christopher J. Vogt John C. Vonier Emily K. Voreas Kelly A. Vorndran Lily A. Voth

Christopher D. Vu Rehema N. Wachira Randall E. Waddell Kishin J. Wadhwani Wilson K. Waggoner Mrs. Amber K. Wagner Barbara D. Wagner Elisabeth A. Wagner Sara K. Wakefield Alexander F. Wakim Haley B. Walker Kelsey N. Walker Daniel D. Wall Benjamin L. Wallace Hillary A. Wallace Anna M. Walsh Laura F. Walsh Laura E. Wandres Chuen Yee Wang Zhengyu Wang Zihan Wang Chelsey S. Ward John C. Ward III Steven T. Ward A. Shepard Ware Carter R. Ware Lane T. Ware Justin D. Warfield Hadley C. Warner Lanita L. Warner Alexis K. Warren Erica W. Washington Jessica R. Washington Andrew P. Watson John D. Watson III Kaitlyn M. Watson Michael D. Watson Lauren J. Watts Kathleen M. Waybill Monica M. We Adrian K. Webb Erin D. Webb Quinn S. Weber Cindy Y. Wei Rachel L. Weinstein Caroline M. Weipert Brittany M. Weitzel Matthew S. Welsh Sarah A. Welsh Keith E. Werman Zachary Wester Emily A. Wetzel Savannah N. Whalen Rachel E. Wheeler Hoyt H. Whelchel Lauren A. White Katherine L. Whitlow Tyler P. Whitney Amy E. Whittaker Nicolas B. Wieczorek Kathryn J. Wiedemann Elizabeth E. Wildermuth Joseph R. Wiley Benjamin B. Wilkes Rachel H. Wilkinson Kevin J. Willcox Angela B. Williams Brittany S. Williams Emily A. Williams Jeffrey D. Williams Jennie K. Williams Jordan M. Williams Keith O. Willner Aaron M. Wilson Lauren M. Wilson Reed A. Wilson Tiffany S. Wilson Lauren M. Winegard Paul A. Winslett Kayla L. Winslow Matthew C. Wolf Rebecca B. Wolin Eric G. Wong Yee Ka Wong Nicholas D. Wood Cory J. Woodall Jerry B. Woodall Brittany J. V. Woodfolk David H. Wren Brittany Wright Chelsea L. Wright Jessie L. Wright Eric K. Wu George Wu Michael J. Wu Tong Wu Tsai-Ling Wu Tsun K. Wu Xiang Wu Xiao Wu Yong Y. Wu Erin L. Wykoff Yang Xiao Bin Xie Da Xu Eric L. Xu Weishun Xu Yuguang Yan Austin T. Yang Ji Hee Yang Judith H. Yang Suan Yang Xiao Yang Catherine S. Yardley Shengxuan Ye Sebra Yen Ugur Cem Yigit Hadiye A. Yilmaz Hyesoo Yoon Rex A. Young Janice B. Youngs Jessica T. Yu Peiran Yu Douglas M. Zabransky Gregory M. Zanchelli George A. Zaras Caroline E. Zechter Xinyang Zhang Yitian Zhang Ziqiao Zhang Derrick X. Zhao Cissy X. Zhou Kathryn M. Zimmerman Hannah E. Zollars Brendan C. Zotter Cynthia N. Zumwalt Andrea R. Zweighaft

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May 20, 2012 - Graduation Issue  

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