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EYEBROW EMERGENCY The trend for fuller, naturally feathered brows is still going strong in 2017. Less time with your tweezers and more time with a toolkit that includes pencils, gel, shaping tools and highlighter is going to put you ahead of the beauty pack! For every wow brow, we all have a friend who’s come out of the salon with red, overplucked brows or a nasty case of too-dark-tint. Some salons get very excited about waxing and threading to the point of leaving your brows bald. Earn major glam points by studying up on how to fix your brows when things go wrong – you’ll become the go-to Glam Guru!

ISSUE #1: TOO DARK / BADLY TINTED That new salon your friend recommended seemed so chic from the outside and yet, here you are now with black brows when you’re a naturally pale blonde. Situation: Don’t Stress. The tint is at its darkest for the first five days then it fades. Don’t immediately go for a bleaching option – super harsh! There’s ways you can undo the damage and we’re unlocking the beauty secrets for you right here. Take a deep breath, remove that big floppy hat you’re hiding under, and let us help you out!


Use a silicon or oil-based cleanser to remove pigment from skin. Not strong enough? Try a clarifying shampoo to strip the colour (mix with baking soda for extra cleansing power). Leave it on for a few minutes before washing off. Voila! Natural never looked so nice.


ISSUE #2: OVERDRAWN ARCH Back in the 80s, it was all about big hair, big nails, bright colours, bleached perms and thickly drawn lines instead of eyebrows. Some beauty experts haven’t let go of this look, but you have been warned. Too heavy handed with the colouring in and you’ll look like an 80s throwback! If you end up with brows that are more pencil than actual, real eyebrow material, it’s time to read on. We can fix this and make your brows babelicious!

SOLUTION Start with clean brows and notice their natural shape. Use the ulta3 Eyebrow Pencil ( matches your natural brow colour (Brunette, Light Brunette or Blonde) to pencil from the inside to the tail of your brow, staying within the natural line of your brows. Then finish with Brow Gel in Clear.



Just the word droopy is enough to make you want to cry so why would you inflict it on your brows? Get the Brow Doctor onto this case, stat! Overextending the tail of your brows using pencils is a Brow Crime. A too-long tail drags your face down when you want your eyes to pop. This isn’t a life sentence – you can clean off the excess length and use our tips to find the best length and shape for you!

SOLUTION Find out the best brows for your face shape ( a guide to work out the right brow shape and length for you. Then use the 2-In-1 Stylus ( to define your brow shape and fill in any gaps. The clear brow gel on the other end fixes your brows in place so you can slay all day!


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