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Schedule of Events

All cattle will be penned in the yard and available for viewing October 1, 2011 October 16 - Supper served at 6PM October 17 :: SIMMENTAL & RED ANGUS DAY 7:30 :: Breakfast 10:00 :: Simmental Females, Herd Sires, & Red Angus Females Noon :: Lunch will be provided - Following the sale a hot supper will be provided with entertainment from Trevor Panczak October 18 :: S.C. ANGUS & ANGUS DAY 7:30 :: Breakfast 10:00 :: Straight Canadian Angus Females, Herd sires and Rare Semen. Select group of Angus Cows Noon :: Lunch will be provided - Show equipment & Sale ring will sell after - Following the sale a hot supper will be provided with entertainment from Trevor Panczak October 19 :: ANGUS & BULL SALE DAY 7:30 :: Breakfast 10:00 :: Angus Females Noon :: Lunch will be provided 12:30 :: Yearling Angus and Simmental bulls & Angus Dispersal will continue - Following the sale a hot supper will be provided

Online Videos

The Offering Simmental Division - Bred Females - Cow/calf pairs - Fall Calving pairs - Herd sires - Long Yearling bulls - Pregnant Recips - Embryos

Red Angus Division - Bred Females - Embryo

- Cow/Calf Pairs - Pregnant Recips

Angus Division -

Bred Females Fall Calving pairs Long Yearling bulls Embryo Lots


Cow calf pairs Herd sires Pregnant Recips Rare Semen


EPD’s are current at time of print. The simmental section is based off of the ASA and the Angus & Red Angus are based off of the CAA. Breed averages are as follows: sim EPD’s

ce 7.5

bw 0.7

ww 31.1

yw 56.8

mce 3.0

milk 3.7

mww 19.2

stay 17.9

Black EPD’s

bw 2.9

ww 41

yw 72

milk 16

tm 37

sc 0.36

ce 1.5

mce 4.8

red EPD’s

bw 0.4

ww 24

yw 47

milk 14

tm 26

sc n/a

ce 3.7

mce 3.5

Online Bidding

As this is a video sale, cattle videos are posted and available for viewing on the following websites: - The sale order- online by October 7, 2011

American Customers: Please contact the office for information regarding import regulations for your State.

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October 17, 18 & 19 at the ranch - Del Bonita, AB Sale will start at 10:00 A.M MST each day Sale Day Phones Office Gary Rairdan

Jay Falkenstine Scott Anderson Brian Bouchard, BLI Scott Bohrson, BLI Geoff Anderson, BLI Colton Hamilton, BLI Doug Henderson, DJH Jay Wildman, DJH

403 403 406 406 403 204 403 403 403 306 403 403 587

758 634 845 845 892 734 758 813 370 731 507 350 777

6105 8012 4436 2684 8368 8821 3509 7999 3010 7921 5416 8541 9004

Auctioneer Col. Steve Dorran Col. Brent Carey


Allan Sears Mark Stock Craig Flewelling Ryan Dorran Rod MacLeod Dave Hasson Andy Rest

760 962 7736 403 650 9028 970 403 403 403 403 519 406

396 357 224 507 540 546 670

7521 8104 2111 6483 7986 4145 5678

Sales Consultants

BOUCHARD LIVESTOCK INTERNATIONAL Box 1409 - Crossfield, AB - T0M 0S0 Office 403 946 4999 FAX 403 946 4919 DOUGLAS J. HENDERSON & ASSOCIATES LTD. Box 5900 - Lacombe, AB - T4L 1X4 Office 403 782 3888 Fax 403 782 3849

S. A. L. E. (Southern AB Livestock Exchange) Darren Shaw, S.A.L.E. 403 601 5165 Frank Jenkins, S.A.L.E. 403 627 6700 Allan Lively, S.A.L.E. 403 627 7776 Justin Keeley, S.A.L.E. 403 627 6534 Rob Holowaychuk, OBI 780 916 2628 Bob Toner, OBI 306 834 7385 Bryan McKenzie 403 627 8266 Mike Early 519 247 3660 Jon Fox 780 808 6860 Nathan Marin 306 869 7130 Shane Castle 306 741 7485 Roger Peters 403 828 9815 Jim Pulyk 780 853 0626

Special Representation

U.S.A. Representation

Sales Management

Dave Callaway Darryl Snider Rick McIntyre Bruce Holmquist ASA President Rob Smith Brian Good David Bolduc

Angus World Simmental Country CSA President CSA Liason Maureen Mappin CEO CAA CAA Field Representative CAA President

Doug Park Buddy Robertson Clint Woodrow Greg Walthal Dallas Woltermath Noland Flesner Chris Peterson Will Townsend

859 580 620 660 308 405 701 406

421 747 791 525 390 747 339 548

6100 7000 7601 9921 6400 0352 0305 5770

Please note cell phone reception is very limited

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SOUTH COUNTRY INN - CARDSTON, AB 403.653.8000 HOLIDAY INN – LETHBRIDGE, AB 877.233.1233 or and asking for the Remington block of rooms.

Load Out

CALGARY INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT Located 285 KM (170 miles) north of RLC. GREAT FALLS INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT Located 250 KM (150 miles) south of RLC. - Both are serviced daily by numerous airlines. Coutts Border crossing is open 24 hours, Del Bonita Border crossing hours are 9AM to 6PM

CANADIAN SHIPPING : Cattle will be available for loading sale days and anytime after. We will assist in arrangements for cattle to be shipped to central points in Canada. Cost is the responsibility of the buyer. AMERICAN SHIPPING: RLC will do all health testing and export papers required for export. We will assist in arrangements for cattle to be shipped to central points in the US. Cost is the responsibility of the buyer. - Because we are set to start receiving our new commercial herd all cattle must be removed from RLC prior to November 4, 2011.



Air Transportation

FROM CARDSTON: South on Hwy 2, then 35 km East on Hwy 501, watch for signs on the South side. Turn South on Range Road 230. FROM LETHBRIDGE: South on Hwy 5 to Magrath, then South on Hwy 62 to Del Bonita. Turn West on Hwy 501, watch for the sign 11 km West from 501 x 62 junction. South on Range Road 230.


Will be available sale day from Douglas J Henderson and Associates. We strongly recommend the insurance is purchased for the value.


We will assist in arranging transportation wherever possible. Each animal becomes the risk of the purchaser as soon as sold. Maclean Trucking 403 732 5644 Vanee Livestock 403 553 4428 Brad’s Trucking 403 394 4791 HS Knill 877 442 3106 Stiles and Kelly Transfer 204 727 8881 Randy Lathrop 847 910 4673

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All Semen will be stored at Bouchard LIvestock Storage Facility, 403-946-4999. Shipping and handling costs will be that of the purchaser. All of the marketable semen will be offered through the sale and sold at fair market value. Any semen that doesn’t bring fair market value will be available privately after the sale on


All Embryos are stored at the Location that is listed within the Lot, either Bova-Tech: 403381-4609 or Davis Rairdan 403-946-4551. Shipping and handling costs will be that of the purchaser. All of the marketable embryos will be offered through the sale and sold at fair market value. Any Embryos that doesn’t bring fair market value will be available privately after the sale on www.remingtoncattle. com.


Catalog Production done by: Bouchard Livestock International

October 17, 18 & 19 at the ranch - Del Bonita, AB Sale will start at 10:00 A.M MST each day Terms & Conditions TERMS: The terms of the sale are cash, cheque, and wire transfers, payable at par at the sale location. The right of property shall not pass until after settlement has been made; no invoicing on buyers attendance, unless previous arrangements have been made. Payment must be made before cattle can be shipped. Every animal sells to the highest bidder and in cases of disputes, the auctioneer’s decision will be final. Current exchange rates will be announced sale day. All monies are in Canadian funds. BIDDING: Each animal will sell to the highest bidder DISPUTES: Bidding will be reopened between the parties involved in dispute. If no further bidding is made, the buyer will be the person from whom the auctioneer accepted the last bid. The auctioneer’s decision on all disputes will be final. ANNOUNCEMENTS: All announcements made from the auction block will take precedence’s over the printed matter in the catalogue. Buyers are therefore cautioned to pay close attention to such disclosures. BREEDERS GUARANTEE: As this is a dispersal, every animal to be offered “as they are” with no further guarantee expressed or implied. Every precaution will be made to announce known blemishes from the Auction Block. LIABILITIES: All persons attend the sale at the their own risk. PREGNANCY INFORMATION: All serviceable age females have been pregnancy examined by an accredited veterinarian , giving an estimated length of gestation. This estimated gestation period shall be used only as a guideline to calving and is not a guarantee of actual service. Supplement sheets will be available with breeding services for the purchaser. Semen Testing: all of age bulls will be semen tested by an accredited vet, semen test certificate will be provided CERTIFICATE OF REGISTRATION: Each Angus animal will carry papers issued by the Canadian Angus Association, Simmental will carry papers issued by the Canadian Simmental and/or the American Simmental Association unless otherwise stated HEALTH: All animals in the sale have met all necessary health requirements and are under strict herd health protocol under the Fort Macleod Veterinary Clinic. All animals are on a Pfizer vaccinatuion program. PHONE, MAIL, OR WIRE BIDS: Bidders unable to attend the sale may phone, wire, or mail their bids and instructions to the sale manager, auctioneer or special representatives. Bids must be received in sufficient time prior to the sale. ERRORS: All announcements at sale time, written or oral, supersedes any written material in the catalogue.

ALL ANGUS CATTLE SOLD ARE TESTED CLEAN The Canadian Angus Association has in place a genetic defect policy that encourages

Angus breeders to identify suspect carriers of monitored recessive genes that cause defects in beef cattle, and test these animals. Our herd has been analyzed for the probability of inheriting these recessive genes and any suspect carrier animals have been tested. By virtue of DNA testing and pedigree analysis, every animal in our herd is free of genetic defects as monitored by the Canadian Angus Association to date.

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5HPLQJWRQ6WDє Darrell & Darla Rairdan General Manager Cell: (403) 382-1714

Gary & Leigh Rairdan Jodi Robertson Manager - Cattle Operations Business Manager Cell: (403) 634-8012 & (406)-845-4436 Office (403) 255-7003 Cell: (403) 701-7844

Jay, Kathy, Taylor, Jordyn, Michelle Falkenstine Rob, Susan and Rachel Selke Alberta Ranch Manager Saskatchewan Ranch Manager Cell: (403) 892-8368 & (406) 845-2684 Home: (306) 629-3238 Cell: (403) 892-8115

Scott & Orycia Anderson On Special Assignment for Remington Home: (403) 758-3509 Cell: (204) 734-8821

Duane Heather Maintenance & Safety Supervisor

Melissa Selke Cowboy/Administration

Cody Selke Cowboy

Deb & Randy Prete Receptionist and Farm Crew

Fito and Patty Zamudio, Laly, Terra, Fito Jr. Ranch Crew

Jessie Wynder Ranch Crew

Gordon & Denise Algate Crops & Feeding

John, Char, Morgan, Jami, Tyler and Brady Berry Mechanic

Bill & Vicki Hampton Sask Ranch - Farm Operations

John & Amber Clelland Sask Ranch - Farm Operations

Dustan, Lisa, Cash & Pistol Marks Sask Ranch – Cowboy

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Marcel, Lisa, Dillon, Lloyd & Cortney Packet Sask Ranch – Trucking

As we sit down and write our welcome letter for ‘The Final Drive’, Complete Dispersal of the Elite Purebred division of Remington Land & Cattle, we would like to extend an invitation to all of our many friends and acquaintances from both the purebred & commercial circles of this great beef cattle industry. This is our invitation for you to join us for what we believe to be a great sale event and a great opportunity for you to add quality in volume as we offer our entire inventory of purebred/registered Angus, Simmental, Red Angus & Yieldmaster (SimAngus). We have strived to be diligent in building a breeding program that produces quality seedstock for a wide variety of customer needs. We have judiciously culled for structural soundness, udders, production, performance and overall quality. On October 17th, 18th and 19th you will have the opportunity to purchase some of the most sought-after Black Angus, Red Angus, Simmental and Yieldmaster genetics in North America. On offer is a tremendous set of Simmental donor cows that includes HPF Honey 007R, Triple C Smarty Pants, Lock N Load’s mother, Bar 15 Miss Knight 78E-51G and his full sister, Remington Miss Knight 63U as well as many more. The Simmental herd sire battery consists of some of the breed greats, with the likes of Remington General Lee (Agribition Grand Champion), STF Dominance (Denver Grand Champion), Remington Lock N Load (Agribition Reserve Grand Champion) and many more; they all sell! There is also a powerful set of young aged black and red cows and bred heifers that were to be the anchor of our future Simmental and Yieldmaster cow herds. The 2011 bull calves, heifer calves, and ET calves may be the best we have ever produced. The offering will also include the May/June 2010 long yearling Simmental & Yieldmaster bulls for your consideration. All Simmental and Yieldmaster embryos also sell. We have flushed several of our top Angus donors to leading Simmental sires to produce one of the top sets of SimAngus cows to be found anywhere. We will offer a choice set of Red Angus cows that were the foundation for our Red Yieldmaster program. They will be A.I. bred to Red Angus bulls and cleaned up with our Simmental herd sires. If you want volume and deep-ribbed, this is a set of cows that you can sit in and buy with total confidence. Our Yieldmaster program has been developed to meet the same high standards as our Angus and Simmental breeding programs. The Black Angus cowherd is a result of combing the country for the best Angus genetics that we could find. Through the use of embryo transfer we have been able to produce an elite set of Angus and Straight Canadian Angus pedigreed cows. We have used these cows and blended the old with the new by using some of the past great, breed changing AI sires, whose semen is rare and the most proven sires of today’s Angus industry. The result is a set of outcross Angus cattle like no other. The Remington Land & Cattle Angus cowherd contains a strong influence of Sitz Alliance 6595 and his sons, Sitz Alliance 9160 and Remitall Linebacker, as well as S A V Final Answer 0035 and his son, Remington Final Answer 13T. There is also the influence of such proven Angus sires as Krugerrand of Donamere 490, B C Matrix 4132 and Vermilion Yellowstone. The Angus cowherd and replacement bred heifers have been thoroughly sorted and culled hard for soundness, fertility and production leaving only the very best. The 2011 bull calves, heifer calves and ET calves will also sell. The offering will include the May/June 2010 long yearling Angus bulls; there are many herd sire and quality commercial bulls for your consideration. All Angus semen and embryos also sell. Our Straight Canadian herd consists of female genetics sourced from across Canada and mated to the best Canadian bulls in the business – Double AA Old Post Bandolier, Remington Spartan 93R, Angus Acres Heads Up 137R and Remington Heads Up 410T. All are proven, Straight Canadian sires with muscle, masculinity and soundness. The great Straight Canadian cow families represented are the Lady Lawn, Allegra, and the Annie K’s which include Annie K 548’99-dam of Double AA Old Post Bandolier. Also represented are the cow families from the famous Angus Acres herd and the descendents of the two three-quarter sisters from Crescent Creek Angus. As some of you know, along with the purebred cows we were running in Alberta, we also have been building a commercial operation in Saskatchewan. As we move on to our next chapter at Remington Land & Cattle, we will continue to see many of you at the shows and sales as we seek the industry’s best genetics for our commercial bull battery while building a truly great Angus and Simmental based commercial cow herd. The purebred beef industry has become a global industry, and we have had the great fortune to meet many fine people from around the world. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our many customers, purebred and commercial alike. We have enjoyed our travels to shows and sales everywhere whether as competitors, buyers or spectators, we had a great time. It has been a pleasure doing business with each and every one of you. Sincerely,

Randy Remington

Randy Remington Owner

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Welcome to the Remington Land and Cattle Final Drive.It goes without saying ,the Remington purebred cattle operations contribution to the pedigree seedstock business will be missed. Remington has purchased lead off genetics in many of the quality sales up and down the road. Places like Agribition, Denver and top end dispersal and production sales in the Angus, Red Angus and Simmental breeds. They have purchased the elite and went on and utilized these genetics in their walking herds and their extensive embryo program. They have mated these front pasture females to the very select and proven sires in the industry both through AI and their walking herd bull battery. In the three or four years that they have manned a show string, they Brian Bouchard :: 403.813.7999 have achieved the ultimate of success winning pen shows as well as Grand Champion bulls at both Agribition and Denver. It is regrettable to see this program disperse, but it will present one of the truly great opportunities to add front end and proven genetics to your program. The purebred program will be dispersed in its entirety. When you think about the tremendous demand there has been private treaty this summer in all three breeds, the timing of this genetic opportunity could not be any greater. With the cattle industry poised to head into the most exciting times ever witnessed, don’t pass on this opportunity. On behalf of the Bouchard Livestock staff I want to thank Randy Scott Bohrson :: 403.370.3010 and his entire staff for the opportunity of assisting Remington Land & Cattle in the procurement of these elite genetics, at various sale venues throughout the country, and in the marketing of these genetics at past production sales, private treaty and of course on Oct 17, 18,and 19 at THE FINAL DRIVE. I look forward to working with the Remington staff in the future as they build and perfect their commercial program. I encourage you to call the Remington staff or any of the professional sales staff in the catalogue or any of us here at Bouchard Livestock for further information and assistance with your livestock requirements. Hope to see you at the beautiful Remington sale facility in October. Geoff Anderson :: 306.731.7921

Brian Bouchard

Bouchard Livestock International Bouchard Livestock International Box 1409 Crossfield, AB T0M 0S0 PH: 403-946-4999 Colton Hamilton :: 403.507.5416

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This program has been marked with excitement and innovation and has been a source of great pride for all that have been involved. The cattle offered in this dispersal sale have been assembled and bred with a long-term philosophy of starting with “ONLY” the finest genetics of superior Angus and Simmental breeding stock available. The uniqueness of this herd has never been duplicated and you can take advantage of the time, effort and investment that has produced this accelerated opportunity. We all appreciate the hard work and forward thinking of the dedicated stockmen that have helped to assemble and breed this unique breeding herd and we especially appreciate the time, effort, resources, foresight and passion that Randy Remington has dedicated to the Remington Land and Cattle breeding program. This program can only be described as a “Treasure Trove of Genetic Gems”. The uniqueness of the Straight Canadian Program with its foundations built on Angus Acres and Double AA genetics, the outstanding get and service of bulls such as Double AA Old Post Bandolier and Spartan 93R and the strong Sitz Alliance 6595 influence has anchored this herd. The Simmental program offers some of the breed’s exciting new genetics. The Red Angus program has a group of powerful proven donor cows. I know of nowhere buyers can have this great selection of breeding stock with pedigrees that have garnered as much respect as these do. Remington Land and Cattle are realizing the fruits of their dreams and this herd is on the verge of going to even higher levels. It is definitely not a stagnate herd and is now ready to be dispersed into many herds across the country to make an impact just as it has done at RLC. This dream and its unparalleled foundation are now available for sale to you. You, the purchaser of these fine cattle, will be able to reap the harvest of this dream. While the Remington cowherd will be sold on October 17th, 18th and 19th. I certainly believe that it may have an even greater impact as it spreads across the pastures of the seed stock industry. The Ranch will continue to operate as a top commercial operation and be a purchaser of top bulls to continue to raise commercial cattle following the same standards used to date. If any of the Remington crew, the sales team or Linda or myself can be of assistance in anyway regarding this landmark sale, please feel free to contact us.

Doug Henderson

Douglas J Henderson & Associates Ltd.

Doug & Linda Henderson Doug Cell: 403.350.8541

RRS Black Reign 1A, born February 1, 1991 was the first purebred Angus born and registered by Remington Cattle Co, the first animal that was shown by them and the first Angus Winter Classic Sweepstakes Grand Champion Bull at the 1991 Farmfair. His dam had been Reserve Grand Champion at Agribition 1990 as a yearling and purchased by Remington Cattle Co. The Remington program has always been based on the highest quality, their goal to purchase the best and breed the best and the cattle selling October 17, 18 and 19 certainly attest to accomplishing this goal.

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Ranch History

The Remington family has been in the cattle business for nearly 50 years. The operation has evolved over the years and currently Remington Land & Cattle consists of two ranches. One is located in the Milk River ridge area in southern Alberta, situated in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains with grasslands that make for magnificent cattle country. The second is located in the Diefenbaker Lake area of southern Saskatchewan, where rolling hills and productive grain lands lay. We have been 100% committed to raising high quality seed stock and commercial cattle in the business. We have enjoyed the fortune of developing the value of our top donor cows and some leading sires of the industry to produce groups of consistent and predictable genetics. While working with the numbers, we have remained focused

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on the goal of producing cattle for today’s beef industry. Therefore, all available tools have been utilized at Remington Land & Cattle: EPDs, ultrasound, performance, calving ease, structural soundness, pedigree and carcass data. In addition to the purebred Angus and Simmental and Yieldmaster halfblood cattle we are now dispersing, we run a commercial herd of Angus cows which are bred to Remington bulls providing us with the opportunity to prove our home-grown genetics. We look forward to continuing to operate and expand our commercial herd. We hope to have the opportunity to do business with you down the road as we seek bull power each season. Visitors are always welcome to stop by, meet the staff and tour our operation.

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Remington Cattle Co - Introduction  
Remington Cattle Co - Introduction  

Remington Cattle Co - Introduction