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1 mile west of Medora on HWY #3, then 2.5 miles south on Road 144W. Follow the Signs


WEDNESDAY, MARCH 12, 2014 1:00 PM AT THE RANCH 1 mile west of Medora on HWY #3, then 2.5 miles south on Road 144W. Follow the Signs

Auctioneer: Brent Carey - 403.650.9028 Ring Service: Helge By - 306.536.4261 Dennis Ericson - 780.361.9347

Sale Day Phones Dan - 204.522.0092 Matt - 204.264.0706 Jess - 204.522.6489

JOIN US FOR LUNCH ON SALE DAY!! More information at the back of the book

WELCOME Thank you for your interest in our breeding program. Many of you are repeat buyers and we sincerely thank-you for your continued support. Anyone who is familiar with our program is well aware that our cows are not spoiled. They are expected to be efficient forage conversion machines. They are bred to calve unassisted and nurse without human intervention. We normally attend to <1% of births on our ranch. There’s no time (or patience) for bad udders, problem calvers or lack of vigour. On bulls we retain for breeding in our own herd, they absolutely must be born unassisted and vigorous enough to nurse without assistance. We believe nursing ability is heritable and selecting for it over several generations, it really builds itself into the herd. All feet and udders are scored on a subjective point system at the time of calving and that information is used for our breeding and selection purposes and is available to you on every bull in the offering. Calving beginning at the end of April, our primary source of energy is the spring flush of green grass – the cheapest energy you can find. It`s hard to explain just how much less labour and expense is involved with calving on grass until you try it. We are certainly sold on it and won’t be going back to winter calving. This moves our breeding season to July and August where cattle are exposed for 60 days. It’s a no second chances program, wean a calf and get bred or go down the trail. This year we have started only exposing replacement heifers for 42 days to further select for highly fertile cattle. We believe that having a short breeding season is of upmost importance for seedstock producers. We need to be putting pressure on fertility since it is so highly correlated to profitability in beef production. The good ones will breed on and our clients will prosper with these genetics. Moving into the fall our cattle are grazed on standing stockpiled grass for as long as we can. This year we made it to about December 1st, and we are always aiming to graze later. Calves are weaned in October/November

TERMS BREEDING GUARANTEE: All cattle are sound and right, and sell with a responsible breeder guarantee of satisfaction. In the event of an unlikely dispute, the regular terms and conditions of the Canadian Angus Association shall apply. TRIPLE V RANCH BULL WARRANTY: Triple V Ranch guarantees to sell you a bull that is structurally sound and has passed a breeding soundness evaluation by a licensed veterinarian. Should any Triple V bull fail to be a satisfactory breeder – unable to physically service a cow or heifer – he will be replaced with a bull of equal value. Should this not be possible, an adjustment will be made to reflect the value of the bull in question, or a credit will be given to- wards the purchase of another bull. WE GUARANTEE TO PROVIDE YOU A SOUND, BREEDING BULL. We, however, will not provide replacement or adjustment for physical injury or mismanagement. With this in mind, we stress the importance of insurance on your bull. Should you have a problem with your bull, notify us right away and we will make sure you are satisfied with your bull. TERMS: The terms of the sale are cash or cheque payable in Canadian funds; U.S. Funds will be accepted at current rate of exchange at sale location. The right of property shall not pass until after settlement is made. All settlement must be made with the clerks of the sale before any cattle will be released. RISK: All animals are at the purchaser’s risk as soon as the Auctioneer’s hammer falls. Insurance will be available on sale day. We encourage you to insure your purchase prior to the animal returning to your farm. All persons who attend the sale do so at their own risk. The owners and sale staff assume no liability, legal or otherwise for property loss or any accidents that may occur. DISPUTES: In case of disputes, the bidding will be reopened between the parties involved. If no further bid is made the buyer will be the person from whom the auctioneer accepted the last bid. The auctioneer’s decision will be final. INTEREST: Triple V Ranch reserve the right to retain an interest in any of the animals selling. The consignors reserve the right to collect 100 doses of semen on any bull in this sale at their expense and the buyer’s convenience. The semen is for in herd use only. PHONE OR MAIL BIDS: If you are unable to attend sale day, you can entrust your bid in confidence with the Sale Staff or the Consignors. ANNOUNCEMENTS: Changes of information of any kind in this catalogue will be announced from the auction block and such announcements will take precedence. CATTLE INSPECTION: All bulls carry permanent Canadian Cattle Identification Tags as well as tags corresponding to Sale Lot Numbers. DELIVERY OPTIONS: We will deduct $50 off the purchase price of your bull if you take him home sale day. Free delivery up to 300 miles will be provided immediately following the sale and occurs over about a month. We try to organize trips for multiple deliveries each day. If you cannot take your bull when we are in your area, you will be responsible for picking him up at the ranch. Bulls may stay for one month after the sale, at which time they must be picked up. If you cannot pick your bull up at this time feed costs will be $3/head per day (after 30 days). Insurance is necessary for using this option. Keystone Livestock Services will be available to help with your insurance needs – Lois McRae - 204-728-3058. SIGHT UNSEEN PURCHASE PLAN We would like to have you as our guests at our Bull Sale, however if you are unable to attend, we have a program designed to help you out. A number of our customers buy their bulls sight unseen. We will discuss your bull needs with you and select a bull that fits your criteria. We will deliver the bull to your yard. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. If you don’t like the bull, you don’t own him. Simple as that! Call Dan (204) 665-2448 home, (204) 522-0092 cell; Matt (204) 264-0706 or any of the sale staff and entrust your bids in confidence. They’ll be happy to personally look after you. 100% Satisfaction guarantee.

From: Triple V Ranch Box 968 Melita, MB R0M 1L0


Please bring this catalogue with you to the sale!

Printed by Leech Printing Ltd. 227770


Triple V Ranch 10th Annual Bull Sale  

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