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2012 National Gelbvieh & Balancer Sale

Katie Johnson

Sunday, January 8, 2012 1 p.m. Denver, Colorado Livestock Center Auction Arena, In The Yards

2012 National Convention, Sale and Show Schedule Tuesday, January 3 8:00 a.m.

Cattle can begin arriving

Wednesday January 4 11:00 a.m. Noon 6:30 p.m. 7:00 p.m. 7:30 p.m.

AGA Executive Commitee Meeting AGA Board of Directors Meeting National Sale Committee Meeting Cattle in place on the Hill and in the Yards National Show Committee Meeting

Thursday, January 5 8:00 a.m. 1:00 p.m. 2:30 p.m. 4:30 p.m.

Processing & Check-In Yard and Hill Cattle Rules and By-Laws Committee Meeting AGA Finance Commitee Meeting AGA Foundation Committee Meeting

Friday, January 6 7:00 a.m. Morning Free 1:00 p.m. 3:15 p.m. 5:15 p.m. 7:00 p.m. Saturday, January 7 7:30 a.m. 10:00 a.m. 3:00 p.m. 5:15 p.m. 6:30 p.m. Sunday, January 8 8:00 a.m. 11:30 a.m.

State Association Officers Breakfast To Attend NWSS  Marketing Commitee Meeting Productivity Committee Meeting GPP Annual Shareholders Meeting Breeder’s Choice Gelbvieh Bull Futurity and People’s Choice Balancer Bull Futurity Meetings National Junior Gelbvieh Show - Stadium Arena Breeder’s Choice Gelbvieh Bull Futurity and People’s Balancer Bull Futurity - Stadium Arena Annual Membership Meeting- Hotel AGA Board Meeting & Take Photo Awards Presentation and Futurity Social National Pen Bull Show - Livestock Center Auction Arena, in the Yards Free Lunch- Sponsored by Judd Ranch and Jumping Cow Gelbvieh- At the Livestock Center Auction Arena National Gelbvieh & Balancer Sale - Livestock Center Auction Arena, in the Yards AGA Board of Directors Meeting

1:00 p.m. 5:00 p.m. Monday, January 9 8:00 a.m. 7:00 p.m. 10:00 p.m.

National Gelbvieh and Balancer Show Begin Release of Gelbvieh & Balancer Hill Cattle All Hill Cattle Out

Tuesday, January 10 7:00 a.m.

Begin Release of Yard Cattle (out by 4:00 p.m.)

2012 NatiONal GelBvieH & BalaNCeR Sale Sunday, January 8, 2012 at 1:00 p.m. (mst) livestock Center auction arena, in the Yards (Follows the National Pen Bull Show in the same location) National Western Stock Show • Denver, Colorado Auction Block Phone: (303) 291-2564 or (785) 547-6262 (Roger’s Cell) Auctioneer: Jim Birdwell (580) 695-2352 Sale Headquarters: Red Lion Hotel (303) 321-6666

26 + Elite Gelbvieh & Balancer Lots Sell • 2012 Breeder’s Choice Purebred Futurity Champion Bull • 3 Herdsire Prospects • 1 50% Cloning Rights • Pick of Breeder’s Denver Show String • 2 Picks of Breeders’ 2010 Bred Heifers or 2011 Heifer Calves • Pick of Breeder’s 2011 Bull & Heifer Calves • Pick of Breeder’s 2011 Bull & Heifer Calves or Flush • Pick of Breeder’s 2010 Bred Heifers • Pick of Breeder’s 2011 Heifer Calves • 5 Spring Bred Heifers • 3 Fall Bred Heifers • 6 Spring Open Heifers

National Gelbvieh & Balancer Sale Sponsored by: American Gelbvieh Association 10900 Dover Street Westminster, CO 80021 (303) 465-2333

Sale Cattle Display-All sale cattle will be displayed on the north side of the Livestock Center Auction Arena one hour prior to the sale.

DNA Testing Results - Several animals selling had DNA pending at press time for homozygous polled, homozygous black & etc. and these results will be on a supplement sheet sale day.

National Sale Committee

Sale Manager

Ken Flikkema (406) 586-6207 Vaughn Thorstenson (605) 848-0421 William McIntosh (502) 867-3132 Chris Mitchell (334) 695-1371 David Slaughter (270) 556-4259 Scott Starr (308) 530-3900

Cattlemen’s Connection


Roger Gatz Hiawatha, KS 1-800-743-0026 (office) (785) 547- 6262 (cell)

Dear Gelbvieh & Balancer breeders, It is indeed a pleasure to again be managing your 2012 National Gelbvieh & Balancer Sale, which is loaded with unmatched genetic opportunities. The day following your National Sale last year we watched three National Sale animals crowned as National Champions and this year’s sale offers you the same genetic potential. This year’s stellar lineup reads like a Who’s Who in the Gelbvieh breed and it features premier programs that are producing the elite genetics and also having the very best Gelbvieh and Balancer sales. I would like to personally thank the consignors for this incredible offering and breeders, I am confident you can take your programs to the next level when you become an owner of any of these genetic opportunities. Last year’s sale featured a standing room only crowd of enthusiastic Gelbvieh breeders and this year’s sale is open to the world as it will be broadcast live for bidding and viewing. As you will note below, please logon and register at least 24 hours in advance to participate in the bidding process. This year’s National Sale will again be held in the Livestock Center Auction Arena in the yards at Denver. The Livestock Center Auction Arena is the building just north of the Exchange building. Your National Sale will follow the National Gelbvieh and Balancer Pen Bull Show in the same location. The National Pen Bull Show starts at 8:00 a.m. and please join us for the complimentary lunch sponsored by Judd Ranch and Jumping Cow Gelbvieh with serving starting at 11:30 a.m. We will have your National Sale lineup right outside for viewing starting at noon (12:00 p.m.) Sincerely, Roger Gatz P.S. If you have questions about any lots selling in this catalog or would like assistance in selecting genetics for your program, please give me a call toll free at (800) 743-0026. If you are unable to attend the sale, I will be happy to make purchases for you within your price range, and we will guarantee your satisfaction with all lot(s) selected, with no fee for order buying. You can reach me at (800) 743-0026 until January 3, after that date please call my cell phone (785) 547-6262 during the day as I will be at the sale site in Denver. In the evenings, please call my cell phone (785) 547-6262 or the sale hotel headquarters, Red Lion Hotel (303) 321-6666.


2012 Breeder’s Choice Futurity Champion Bull


The Breeder’s Choice Bull Futurity is one of the most exciting events of the year in the Gelbvieh breed. It showcases the breed’s top young sires that are generally not offered for sale. The Breeder’s Choice Bull Futurity started in January of ’98 and it’s mandatory that the Breeder’s Choice Champion Bull sell in the National Sale. To date this elite event has produced three National Champion Bulls and two Reserve National Champion Bulls. In ’98 GKT Bud 11G won this prestigious event and later that day he BEA 001X • 2011 Breeder’s C hoi ce was also named the ’98 National Champion Bull. In Fut uri t y C ham pi on Bul l ’99 SPUR Beretta 703G was the Breeder’s Choice Champion Bull and he returned in year 2000 to be named Reserve National Champion Bull. GKT Boo Ba 19J made the clean sweep in the year 2000 by winning both the Breeder’s Choice Bull Futurity and National Champion Bull honors. In 2006 XXB Big N’ Rich 911P ET swept the Breeder’s Choice Futurity and the next day Big N’ Rich was named the Reserve National Champion Bull. And BEA 001X made the clean sweep last year by winning both the Breeder’s Choice Bull Futurity and National Champion Bull honors. Breeders, the 2012 Breeder’s Choice Bull Futurity is loaded with outstanding individuals just like these previous National Champion/Bull Futurity winners and your Lot 1 bull will be your 2012 Breeder’s Choice Futurity Champion. Selling full possession and half semen interest in Lot 1

Homo. Black Homo. Polled Balancer Bull


lWHF Premium Balance 462Y


Tattoo: 462Y

BD: 1/22/11 BW: 78

WW: 879

SitZ traveler 8180 (E. Entense 1137) Sav Final answer 0035 Sav emulous 8145 (Emulous 2124) JOB Danell Montana Proud et (Elba 411D) lWHF Ms Black Rolls 345W MCFG 82J (Rolls Roych ) Consignor: Little Windy Hill Farms, Max Meadows, VA LWHF Premium Balance 462Y • Lot 2

Man oh man, you talk about one powerhouse homozygous black, homozygous polled Balancer bull. LWHF Premium Balance 462Y offers you a tremendous low birth to super growth spread with his calving ease 78 pound birth weight coupled with a scale busting 879 pound 205 day weight and he nursed a first calf heifer. Premium Balance’s grandam MCFG 82J came from the popular Middle Creek Farms in Montana and her Rolls Roych dam 4G produced calves until she was fifteen years of age. Calving ease, superb growth, fertility and longevity all wrapped in one incredible deep sided, heavy muscled, eye appealing package and yes, Premium Balance sports awesome EPD strength and carcass merit. 2011 Fall EPDs: CE 113; BW -0.5; WW 58; YW 107; M 17; TM 46; GL -1.8; CED 104; SC 0.4; CW 20; RE 0.22; MB 0.09; DtF 1.9; CV 33.08 and FM 35.40. Mighty impressive EPD strength and note his following Igenity DNA profile: Tenderness 5; Marbling 7; % choice 7 and Yield Grade 8. Little Windy Hill Farms is selling full possession and 2/3 semen interest.


Homozygous Polled Purebred Bull


JRi trump 270W13B

1142274 Tattoo: 270W13B BD: 8/27/09 BW:92 WW: 747

FHG Flying H extra 150D (N. Lady 50A) JRi extra exposure 285l71 et JRi Ms Polled Sweetie 285C6 (Ms 285A5) JRi Pld Free agent 125J3 (Ms 125G3) JRi Ms Chance 270S93 JRi Ms extra Sweet 270M83 (Carolina CPR) Consignor: Judd Ranch, Pomona, KS JR I Trum p 270W13B • Lot 3

Breeders, if you are searching for a breed changer you definitely need to checkout this massively made homozygous polled purebred beef machine. JRI Trump 270W13B is one of the heaviest muscled bulls you will find in any breed and I am here to tell you he is as long as a freight train. It is rare to find this type of beef and extension in one complete package with the structural correctness and flawless eye appeal Trump possesses. Like all Judd Ranch genetics Trump is well endowed in the scrotal department with a 40.1 centimeter yearling scrotal circumference and he scanned a super sized 14.6 square inch yearling ribeye. This fall born diluter-free beef machine should flat boost your performance levels as he weaned off his second calf dam at a whopping 950 pounds. 2011 Fall EPDs: CE 109; BW 1.3; WW 43; YW 80; M 15; TM 37; GL -1.6; CED 101; SC 1.2; CW 8; RE -0.04; MB -0.07; DtF 5.6; CV 3.67 and FM 13.78. Here is a case where I wish the National Show was before the National Sale and remember, last year’s National Sale produced three National Champions. Judd Ranch is selling full possession and 1/2 semen interest.

Double Polled Purebred Bull


BaBR On track 101Y

1193575 Tattoo: 101Y BD: 3/23/11 BW: 87

WW: 777

lNR traitmaker (Hochrein) Bea Backtrack 801U et BMB 978e (Rolls Roych) JHl lchmn Cocoa 8006H (Cocoa/P. Gizmo) JHl lCC Prospector K8043 JHl lchmn OMCGv et C8034 (P. Midnight) Consignor: Beastrom Ranch, Pierre, SD BA BR On Track 101Y • Lot 4 In 2008 we decided to produce a bull that possesses all of the best traits from herd sires of the past and the result was a bull called BEA Backtrack 801U, which was syndicated in the 2009 National Sale. The offspring of this bull do not disappoint; they may be the most consistent and uniform sire group to date. His daughters are functional, loaded with rip shape, muscle expression and are easy fleshing (see Lot 15) and the bulls are well balanced, stout and powerful. BABR On Track 101Y is a combination of everything “Backtrack” and is our most complete son from this sire group. His natural depth and rib shape is comparable to past greats such as Kaiser and Traitmaker. He combines smoothness of lines, a big stout hip and a sound foot with the strong maternal traits of his 11 year old dam. Dam LCC Prospector K8043 is a producer and consistently raises one of the heaviest calves on the ranch year after year while maintaining a Milk EPD of 28. On Track weaned off at an impressive 777 lbs on grass alone. This is a cow that plain and simply just gets it done and this young herd bull prospect is truly “On Track” to be a real world red purebred Gelbvieh bull. 2011 Fall EPDs: CE 104; BW 1.9; WW 41; YW 70; M 25; TM 46; GL -1.5; CED 101; SC 0.5; CW 7; RE 0.13; MB 0.02; DtF 1.4; CV 9.27 and FM 1.84. Beastrom Ranch is selling full possession and 1/2 semen interest.


Black Homo. Polled Purebred Donor • 50% Cloning Rights


eGl G565

Reg. No. 591285

Consignor: Boehler Gelbvieh, Orleans, NE Here is a tremendous opportunity to purchase the cloning rights on arguably one of the most dominate black, homozygous polled purebred donor females ever in the breed. Regardless of whether your focus is on the show ring, sale ring or in the pasture, EGL G565 progeny have risen to the top. EGL G565 first offspring XXB Miss Millennium 921J produced Boehler Gelbvieh’s 2004 Breeder’s Choice Purebred Futurity Champion Bull XXB Titanium 921N that sold in the ’04 National Sale for $26,250. EGL G565 daughters are big time money producers; checkout her numerous breed leading AI sons. XXB Drew 565K swept the 2001 Breeder’s Choice Purebred Bull Futurity and sold for $43,750 in the ’01 X X B Ludacri s 039S ET National Sale. Then her son, XXB Big N’ Rich 911P made a clean sweep 2007 Nat i onal C ham pi on Bul l winning the 2006 Breeder’s Choice Bull Futurity, 2006 Reserve National Champion Gelbvieh Bull honors and sold for $37,000 in the ’06 National Sale. One of her first Balancer sons was XXB Ludacris 039S ET (photographed) the 2007 National Champion Balancer Bull which JJ Boehler syndicated for $34,600. This is just a brief list of EGL G565’s accomplishments and you may note this black, homozygous polled purebred donor works incredibly well with purebred Gelbvieh or Angus genetics to create Balancers. 2011 Fall EPDs: CE 95; BW 4.0; WW 34; YW 70; M 14; TM 31; GL 1.2; CED 100; SC 0.6; CW 20; RE -0.05; MB 0.05; DtF 5.9; CV 25.54 and FM 10.13. Breeders, this cloning right is unequaled in the Gelbvieh breed with the genetic advancement EGL G565 brings to the breed, not to mention the thousands of dollars she has produced for Boehler Gelbvieh. And J.J. Boehler has already paid the genetic preservation fee of $2,800 on EGL G565, so the cloning process can start today. Terms of Sale Boehler Gelbvieh is selling 50% cloning rights in EGL G565 with the buyer and or buyers having the option to purchase 100% of the cloning rights by doubling the purchase price on sale day. This 50% cloning right does not limit the buyer and /or buyers to the number of clones they wish to produce. If the buyer and /or buyers so choose to only purchase the 50% cloning rights selling, Boehler Gelbvieh will guarantee that no other cloning rights will ever be sold or allowed and only Boehler Gelbvieh would have the right to produce EGL G565 clones.

Pick of the Denver Show String


Consignor: Jumping Cow Gelbvieh, Ramah, CO.

Jumping Cow Gelbvieh has been selling pick of their Denver show string in the National Sale and wow, the buyers have made some fabulous purchases. Pick of Jumping Cow Gelbvieh’s 2011 show string was JCGR Bar GT Cross Fire 500W ET who swept 2011 National Champion Balancer Bull honors the next day for the syndicated group of breeders that purchased Cross Fire. Pick of Jumping Cow’s 2009 show string went to Beastrom Ranch and the next day this beauty reigned as the 2009 National Champion Female. Jumping Cow Gelbvieh’s 2012 Denver show string is loaded with tremendous individuals and you can check them out at Breeders, you will be buying the pick of Jumping Cow Gelbvieh’s 2012 Denver show string and the previous picks have returned tremendous financial rewards for the buyers. There will be no restrictions with regard to partial ownership, semen sales or future flushes. Jumping Cow’s only request is, if the buyer selects one the bulls, that the buyer forward 250 straws of semen when the bull is collected for Jumping Cow Gelbvieh in-herd use. Selection must be made at the fall of the gravel on sale day.

JC GR Bar GT C ross Fi re 500W ET 2011 Nat i onal C ham pi on Bal ancer Bul l

JC GR Bar GT Ms Hepburn 113T ET 2009 Nat i onal C ham pi on Fem al e 5

Pick of the 2011 Heifer Calves or 2010 Bred Heifers


Consignor: Selby, SD

Thorstenson Lazy TV Ranch,

Vaughn Thorstenson has opened the gates for you to pick from his 2011 heifer calves or 2010 bred heifers. The Thorstenson family has maintained one of the premier programs in the Gelbvieh breed for over two decades. Thorstenson’s annual bull sale commands one of the breeds top sale averages and this family flat knows how to breed genetics for both the purebred and commercial cowman. Vaughn and his family have always offered cutting edge genetics and these heifers will have been feed efficiency tested through Thorstenson’s Grow Safe system. The buyer may make their selection from 250 heifer calves (2011) and 100 bred heifers(2010). Thorstenson Lazy TV Ranch utilizes an extensive AI program and many of their pasture sires are breed leading AI sires, so the heifers in this offering are all out the elite sires in the industry. Breeders, this is one tremendous opportunity as Thorstenson Lazy TV Ranch rarely sells any females, let alone letting you pick from their entire 2011 & 2010 heifer calf crops. And Vaughn noted sisters to breed leading A.I. sires TV Sam U451 and Lazy TV Watchman will be among your picks.

Thorst enson Lazy TV R anch’s 2010 S al e Fem al e

Pick of 2011 Calf Crop or Choice of Donor Flush


Consignor: Gelbvieh Bar None Ranch, Sapphire, NC and S & S Gelbvieh, Fredonia, KY

Bar None Ranch and S & S Gelbvieh have combined to offer a special pick for the 2012 National Sale. This year’s opportunity includes the pick from all of the 2011 born calves or an opportunity to flush one of the 15 plus proven donors. The 2011 born calves are a truly exciting group. Never before have we had the quality and consistency that was achieved in 2011. Included are numerous ET calves from our top donors. No 2011 born calf is being held back. Included are ET full sibs to Bar None Captain 42X who brought $15,250 for 50% interest. ET calves by EGL Pearl L023 (daughter of EGL Phoebe and grand dam of the $28,750 EGL Lock and Load X415) and HAD Sugar 446J (powerful outcross Gelbvieh donor) will certainly be hard to choose from. Many of our donors have calved in the fall, 2011 and their natural calves will be offered as well. A large group of Maverick natural born and ET progeny will make the selection process even more challenging. Most every 2011 calf is homozygous polled. We only ask to keep 50% semen interest if a male is selected or the right to one flush if a female is selected. A complete list of the 2011 born calves are available.

EGL C i ri c R 744 2007 Nat i onal C ham pi on Bal ancer Fem al e

If the buyer chooses, a flush from any S & S Gelbvieh or Gelbvieh Bar None donors may be selected. Ten transferable embryos are guaranteed with additional embryos resulting from the flush being made available for purchase at a prorated price. Five pregnancies will be guaranteed if the embryologist is certified and agreed upon. An additional frozen embryo will be provided for each pregnancy less than five to satisfy the guarantee. These ladies are time honored breeding pieces that have elevated our program to the level of quality we enjoy today. We look forward to sharing our best with you. A complete listing of donors and their accomplishments are available. Buyer must decide on selecting the 2011 calf or a flush at the fall of the gavel on sale day.

A LS Freedom ’s R efl ect i on 53K Fi rst R i ng of Gol d C ham pi on Gel bv i eh Bul l


Pick of the 2011 Heifer Calves or 2010 Bred Heifers


Consignor: Cedar Top Ranch, Stapleton, NE

Breeders, here is a tremendous opportunity to pick from one of the top programs in the beef industry. Cedar Top Ranch, Scott Starr and his family run one of the largest cowherds in the nation. The Cedar Top Ranch motto is: Do One Thing…Do It Well…We Raise Beef Cattle and I couldn’t agree more with that statement. I have had the pleasure to view the Cedar Top Ranch cowherd several times and have learned you had better pack a lunch if you are going to see most of the herd as it is an all day event. Oh yes, they C TR R uby R ed • One of t he Few C edar run cows in a real world environment in the Sandhills Top Fem al es t o ev er l eav e t he R anch. of Nebraska. Cedar Top Ranch females are not pampered as they are genetic packages bred to forage for themselves and any females that don’t get pregnant and raise a big ol’ strapping calf are history. If you have followed Cedar Top Ranch’s breed leading program, you already know they have not had a female production sale for twenty-plus years. By keeping all these great females, Cedar Top Ranch annually has one of the top bull sales in the country and breeders, they sell 250+ bulls annually. January 8th you will have the opportunity to purchase your pick of Cedar Top Ranch’s 400 plus 2011 open heifer calves or Cedar Top’s 150 replacement bred heifers. I might add Cedar Top Ranch started an intensive AI program in 1965 and nobody in the breed AI’s more females on an annual basis than Cedar Top and the vast majority of these heifers will be AI sired.

Pick of the 2011 Bull or Heifer Calf Crop


Consignor: Bar Phillipsburg, KS




Sound functional genetics are the cornerstone at Bar Arrow Cattle Co. and breeders, when you make your living in the short grass country of western Kansas your cattle have to be sound and functional to thrive. Bar Arrow Cattle Co annually ranks in the top 20 for registrations and Bar Arrow also runs a boatload of commercial females, so they flat know what type of genetics are needed for today’s industry to turn a profit. Bar Arrow takes it a step further as they feed Bar Arrow Cattle Co. and finish a lot of their progeny and this true 2011 Champion Pen of 3 Balancer Bulls breeding program is reaping the rewards in the feedlot and on the rail. Bar Arrow’s focus is on the commercial cow/calf sector of the beef industry so they have concentrated their efforts on the National Pen Bull Show in Denver. Over the last six years Bar Arrow has shown six National Champion or Reserve National Champion Pen of 3 Bulls and note their powerful set of beef machines that swept 2011 National Champion Pen of 3 Balancer Bull honors. Breeders, here is your opportunity to buy into one of the great Gelbvieh/Balancer breeding programs and you can select your next herdsire or donor female from over 100 heifer calves and 100 plus bulls.


Pick of the 2010 Bred Heifers taubenheim Gelbvieh, 11 Consignor:amherst, Ne

TA U Ms Grid Topper 43T 015X 2011 Junior National R es. Grand Balancer Female

The Taubenheim Family is a force to be reckoned with each year at both the Junior National and the National Show in Denver. Wowsa, they had an impressive string of heifers at this past summer’s Junior National Show. When I called Mike Taubenheim about putting one of the beauties from the Junior National Show in the National Sale he told me he would do one better for us and let us sell pick of all their bred heifers. Breeders, TAU Ms Grid Topper 43T 015X photographed as the Reserve Grand Balancer Female and TAU Ms Windy 098X shown as the Reserve Division winner at 2011 Junior National Show will be two of the 135 bred heifers to select from and they will start calving in late January. This is an incredible offering of both purebred and Balancer bred heifers and the vast majority sired by cutting edge AI sires and are bred to breed leading AI sires.

TA U Ms Windy 098X R eserv e Div ision C hampion 2011 Junior National

Pick of the 2011 Heifer Calf Crop


Consignor: Middle Creek Farms, Bozeman, Mt

Ken Flikkema of Middle Creek Farms has without a doubt one of the top Gelbvieh & Balancer programs in the country. One reason for his success is his willingness to invest in quality genetics. For instance, the beautiful Middle Creek heifer photographed is out of a $21,000 top donor female. If you have followed the Midland Bull Sale known as the “Granddaddy” of all bull sales in the country, you know Middle Creek Farms has dominated MC FG Mi ss Wort h 219X all the top sellers for numerous years. If you are Ten ET Mat ernal S i st ers are A m ong Your Pi cks unfamiliar with the Midland Bull Sale, folks, we are talking about over 1,200 bulls being gain tested and RFI (feed efficiency) tested each year. Speaking of RFI (feed efficiency) a Middle Creek Farms bull MCFG The Man 113U ET topped all 1,200 bulls at the 2009 Midland Bull Sale with the highest gain/feed efficiency ranking. Breeders, you will be picking from over 50 purebred Gelbvieh and Balancer heifer calves sired by these breed leading sires. The purebred heifer calves are sired by Ken’s Midland Bull Test record setter MCFG The Man 113U ET, Bruce Almighty , Montana Infusion and Crazy Horse. The Balancer heifers are sired by Mytty In Focus, Connealy Industry, Woodhill Foresight and Lazy TV Kahuna S705. Middle Creek Farms is guaranteeing $150 maximum transportation cost for your pick of their powerful 2011 heifer calf crop.


Homo. Black Homo. Polled Purebred Fall Open Heifer

13 1171874

lWHF Corasue 417X Tattoo: 417X

BD: 10/5/10

BW: 89 WW: 598

Bti Granite 2135M (EB 2001 H) DCSF Post Rock Granite 200P2 DCSF Post Rock twila 223M2 (N. Direction) PCCi Knight 7189G (B. Knight) Bea 0218K DKS Miss ice B31 (B. Ice) Consignor: Little Windy Hill Farms, Max Meadows, VA and A & C Gelbvieh, Canton, SD LWHF C orasue 417X • Lot 13 My oh my, you talk about one truly gorgeous homozygous black, homozygous polled purebred DCSF Post Rock Granite 200P2 daughter. If you analyze this gorgeous female’s photograph you will note she is the complete package featuring unbelievable rib, volume and capacity in one flawless package. Granite 200P2 daughters are making fabulous producers in the pasture and it is not surprising with Granite 200P2’s top 10% Milk EPD strength. Speaking of EPD’s, please note Corasue’s balanced EPD traits featuring superb growth, maternal strength and carcass merit. I might add Corasue rounds out the complete package with mighty impressive +7 marbling and percent choice DNA strength. 2011 Fall EPDs: CE 98; BW 3.6; WW 44; YW 79; M 19; TM 41; GL -2.6; CED 99; SC -0.1 ; CW 7; RE 0.04; MB -0.02; DtF 1.4; CV 5.79 and FM 11.13. Homozygous black, homozygous polled purebred genetics with big time donor potential written all over her resume. Little Windy Hill Farms and A & C Gelbvieh are reserving the rights to a one-time 1/2 flush opportunity. Little Windy Hill Farms and A & C Gelbvieh will pay all flushing expense and the buyer will receive 1/2 of the embryos for his inconvenience.

Homo. Black Double Polled Balancer Fall Bred Heifer

14 1178144

GHGF Juliette 103X Tattoo: 103X

BD: 9/1/10

BW: 80 WW: 588

OCC legend 616l (Emblazon) BC lookout 7024 Gibbet Hill Mignonne e37 (P. Equator) KlBF Blake Reign 38N (C. Classic) GHGF Crown Jewel 103P JBOB 3103K et (Echo/B. Image) Consignor: Green Hills Gelbvieh, Mt Ulla, NC GHGF Jul i et t e 103X • Lot 14 GHGF Juliette is a moderate, thick, soft-made daughter of BC Lookout and one of our top donors, GHGF Crown Jewel. She has had "that look" since she was little. Juliette has the added length and look up front while still being bold sprung, deep ribbed and easy fleshing. She has an extremely stout and square hip and comes to the ground square on all fours. When put on the move, she is as sound as a cat and is backed by a good set of EPD's. This homo black beauty has already found the winners circle more than once; most recently she was named reserve division in Louisville. There is maternal greatness on both sides of her pedigree. She is out of one of our best cow families as her mother, Crown Jewel, her mother's maternal sister, Contessa, and her grandmother have all found their way to Green Hill’s donor pen. You will not be disappointed with Juliette in either the showring or pasture so don't miss your chance to own this homo black, super sound, thick made, moderate, soft-middled female. Homo polled test and breeding information available at the NWSS. 2011 Fall EPDs: CE 104; BW 2.3; WW 44; YW 84; M 17; TM 39; GL -0.8; CED 101; SC 0.1; CW N/A; RE N/A; MB N/A; DtF N/A; CV N/A and FM 18.41.


Double Polled Purebred Bred Heifer

15 1178180

Bea 0064X Tattoo: 0064X BD: 4/14/10


WW: 647

lNR traitmaker (Hochrein) Bea Backtrack 801U et BMB 978e (Rolls Roych) Bea Drifter (Rambler 590Y) Bea 819H BMB 857a (Cowboy) Consignor: Beastrom Ranch, Jim & Barb Beastrom, Pierre, SD

BEA 0064X • Lot 15

Straight from the heart of the bred heifer pen at the Beastrom Ranch, BEA 0064X possesses many of the qualities we strive to put into and keep in our herd. Strong females make powerful bulls and this is a female that we feel will easily make the front of the donor pen. BEA 0064X is one of the first BEA Backtrack 801U sired females offered at auction. Her pedigree goes back to many other breed changing cattle on the bottom side as well; Sir Sensation, Cowboy and Polled Midnight are just a few. She is a long spined, deep sided female that is loaded with rib shape, volume and she can definitely cover some ground while maintaining a smooth and attractive appearance. She is pregnancy checked to her AI date of April 19th 2011 and is bred to BABR Cartwright a young red purebred herd bull out of Hott Damn 31L that we think so highly of every red replacement heifer on the ranch is bred “Cartwright”. 2011 Fall EPDs: CE 109; BW 1.2; WW 34; YW 59; M 18; TM 35; GL -0.9; CED 101; SC 0.1; CW 2; RE 0.10; MB 0.02; DtF -3.1; CV 1.96 and FM -5.42. Selling full possession and 1/2 embryo interest. AI’ed to BABR “Cartwright” 003X (1157260) on 4-19 and confirmed safe to AI date. Due Jan. 28, 2012.

Double Black Double Polled Balancer Bred Heifer

16 1157283

BaBR 0010X Tattoo: 0010X

BD: 3/18/10

BW: 87 WW: 514

Sav Final answer 0035 (Traveler 8180) Sav Pioneer 7301 Sav Blackbird 5297 (B. New Day) Bla Cashin-in (Kaiser/S.Tank) BaBR 5041R aRN Miss arnold K43 (RA/P. Summit) Consignor: Beastrom Ranch, Wes & Brittney (Beastrom) Spencer, Pierre, SD

BA BR 0010X • Lot 16

We feel that BABR 0010X is our top bred Balancer replacement heifer this year and has a lot to offer any program. She is a moderate, deep sided, easy fleshing female that is sound from the ground up, never misses her track, and is extremely attractive from the side view. She combines high maternal and performance EPDs coupled with a pedigree that will work in any operation. BABR 0010X has been pregnancy checked safe to her AI date of April 19th 2011 and is bred to BABR Who Done It, resident herd sire for Overmiller Gelbvieh, KS. He is a bull that adds explosive muscle expression and rib shape in his offspring; this is one that will add pounds to your bottom line and extra dollars into your pocket. BABR 0010X is double black and multiple polled. 2011 Fall EPDs: CE N/A ; BW 2.6; WW 50; YW 100; M 20; TM 45; GL N/A; CED N/A; SC N/A; CW N/A; RE N/A; MB N/A; DtF N/A; CV N/A and FM 34.86. Selling full possession and 1/2 embryo interest. AI’ed to BABR Who Done It (1118242) on 4-19 and confirmed safe to AI date. Due Jan 28, 2012.


ET Black Homo. Polled Balancer Bred Heifer

17 1151764

CRaN vanessa X061 et Tattoo: X061

BD: 3/5/10

BW: 82 WW: 606

OCC Kirby 633K (Emblazon) BC Marathon 7022 Gibbet Hill Mignonne e37 (P. Equator) tJB Masterpiece 138l et (Dr Pepper) tJB vanessa 471P et tJB vanessa 9107H et (P. Gizmo) Consignor: Cranview Gelbvieh, Minot, ND

C R A N Vanessa X 061 ET • Lot 17

CRAN Vanessa X061 ET, is Andrew’s (Rob Arnold’s son) show heifer and she is as beautiful as you can make them. In my opinion, she is as complete as they come no matter how you analyze her. Her EPD's allow any breeder a lot of flexibility in either a breed up program, a Balancer program or both. Phenotypically, she is the best female Cranview has ever raised. She is bred to their new young herdsire "CRAN X176 ET Opportunity" for a mid February calf. He is a homozygous black / homozygous polled Aberdeen son out of EGL Tiarra T003 whom Rob purchased in the 2009 National Sale from Eagle Pass. Along with his excellent phenotype, he has an impressive Igenity profile where he scored 6 on Tenderness, 7’s on RFI, Marbling, % choice, Yld grade, Stayability, and Docility. His fall 2011 EPD's: BW 0.0; WW 47; YW 97; MLK 20; TM 44. Vanessa's fall 2011 EPD's: CE 106; BW 1.7; WW 45; YW 85; Milk 16; TM 39; GL -0.2; CED 101; SC -0.1; CW 12; RE 0.25; MB 0.02; DtF 3.8; CV 18.86; FM 18.65 and she is DNA tested homozygous polled. This will be a very complimentary mating. Cranview Gelbvieh is selling full possession and 1/2 embryo interest in CRAN Vanessa X061 ET and the buyer has the option to double the money to purchase the full embryo interest. If the buyer elects to purchase the 100% embryo interest, Cranview is retaining the right to one flush with a minimum of 8 (grade 1 or grade 2) embryos at Cranview’s expense. Vanessa was bred to CRAN “Opportunity” X176 ET (1151746) and she sells confirmed safe for a mid February baby. Guaranteed black, homozygous polled Balancer baby!

Double Black Homo. Polled Balancer Bred Heifer

18 1157169

Pla Kit Kat 03X et Tattoo: 03X

BD: 1/26/10

BW: 80 WW: 660

eXaR lutton 1831 (N. Improvement) eXaR Pay Stub 40 5S Rollin Rock Blackbird 7537 (Blackbird 8237) lWHF Fearless (Image 6E) Pla Pattie 427P et aHl Hott Damn 31l (B. Ideal) Consignor: Plateau Gelbvieh, Peetz, CO & Piedmont Valley Gelbvieh, Piedmont, SD PLA K i t K at 03X ET • Lot 18 Plateau Gelbvieh sold one of the top open heifer calves in last year’s National Sale and she went to Anna Duxbury, Wessington, SD. I had the pleasure of seeing Anna show her heifer at last summer’s Junior National show and oh man, Anna’s heifer has mama cow written all over her. Well, this deep-sided, easy fleshing mama cow deluxe bred heifer is an ET full sister. If you trace PLA Kit Kat 03X ET’s pedigree you will find her maternal grandam as AHL Hott Damn 31L one of my all time favorite Gelbvieh females and oh man, Hott Damn has produced a boatload of awesome progeny and dollars for Brittney Beastrom Spencer. Breeders, the Hot Damn daughters and granddaughters are stamped with a stunning phenotype and are also super producers in the pasture. PLA Kit Kat 03X ET should make one phenomenal producer with her special blend of unmatched phenotype and genotype and she is loaded with carcass merit as she posted +7 DNA for marbling and percent choice. (RC) 2011 Fall EPDs: CE 110 ; BW -0.2; WW 49; YW 94; M 16; TM 41; GL 0.2; CED 104; SC 0.5; CW 2; RE -0.08; MB 0.14; DtF 2.7; CV 12.20 and FM 27.07 AI’ed to TAU Krugerrand 70M 130P (904079) on 4-24, then pasture exposed 5-15 to BEAS 0824X (1157331). Due in late Feb. to Plateau Gelbvieh’s super double black, double polled purebred Top Grid son BEAS 0824X.


Double Black Double Polled (3/4) Balancer Fall Bred Heifer

19 1174784

KWHG Ms lillian Tattoo: 8X34

BD: 8/31/10

BW: 65 WW: 597

taU Krugerrand 70M (Donamere 490) taU Mr Krugerrand 70M 130P taU Ms Coco 052Ka 437D (Cocoa) JCGR Bar Gt Mach One 54l (Claudia 1144J) KWHG Ms Bianca 8U19 et JRi Ms extra Wonderful 285N667 et (B. Doll) Consignor: HT Cattle Company, Jason & Kevin Hightower, LaCygne, KS

K WHG Ms Li l l i an • Lot 19

KWHG Ms Lillian debuted at the American Royal last fall and it didn’t take the judge very long to find this elegant, soft made Krugerrand daughter and crown her division champion. Lillian nursed a super first calf heifer and HT Cattle Co. has three other ET full sisters to Lillian’s dam and all four are loaded with cow power and wow, they exhibit perfect teat/udder systems. If you trace Lillian’s pedigree you will find the great Judd Ranch donor female Baby Doll who was also blessed with a beautiful teat/udder structure. If you get an opportunity to stop by HT Cattle Co. look up this powerful cow family. And mercy, beauty runs deep in this production driven cow family. Lillian will sell AI’ed to HYEK Black Impact 3960N (844875) for a fall baby and that breeding info will be on a supplement sheet in Denver. (RC) 2011 Fall EPDs: CE 110; BW 0.0; WW 37; YW 73; M 15; TM 34; GL -0.2; CED 102; SC 0.3; CW 12; RE 0.13; MB 0.05; DtF 2.1; CV 19.70 and FM 10.86.

Double Polled Purebred Bred Heifer



tMKG Red Rose 218X Tattoo: 218X

BD: 5/1/10

BW: 82

tMKG Starlights titan 302l2 (Echo) CODH Starlights Jacquizz 270U tMKG Starlight’s Miss 203R (Extra) eGl Fosters l017 et (Freedom) COl 0466R Miss Fosters COl Miss 0466 Garst (Garst Z138) Consignor: Starlight Land & Livestock, Klamath Falls, OR

TMK G R ed R ose 218X • Lot 20

Starlight Land & Livestock, Ty Kliewer sold two exceptional open heifers in last year’s National Sale and you can see one of those outstanding heifer calves on page 15 photographed as the 2011 Reserve National Champion Spring Heifer Calf. Red Rose 218X is one outstanding purebred bred heifer who brings many unique attributes to the breed, with cow power to boot. She is an extremely rare combination of power and elegance, and moves super smoothly on excellent feet and legs. She descends from the famous Bruno cow family originating in the Colver herd in Montana, and blends famous females T75, Lady Granite, and Phoebe into a package destined for greatness. The potential here is unlimited, and she is definitely a cornerstone female to build on. 2011 Fall EPDs: CE 108 ; BW -0.3; WW 37; YW 68; M 14; TM 33; GL -1.8; CED 104; SC NA; CW 12; RE 0.08; MB -0.06; DtF 2.1; CV 8.61 and FM 3.71. Starlight Land & Livestock is selling full possession and retaining one half embryo interest in TMKG Red Rose 218X. AI’ed to RID R Collateral 2R (938431) on 6-19, then pasture exposed 6-21 to Nueta Traveler 107W (16515268). Nueta Traveler 107W is a SAV 8180 Traveler 004 son out BT Royal Pride 237G the top selling Angus female in the Beartooth dispersal. 12

ET Black Homo. Polled Balancer Open Heifers • Selling Choice

21 & 22

et Full Sisters

XXB ludacris 039S et (EGL G565) eGl Northern Dancer U659 eGl Miss improv 2212 (Traveler 8180) SlC Freedom 178F et (Miss 61Y) eGl Farah et eGl Phoebe G374 (Bullseye) Consignor: Eagle Pass Ranch, Highmore, SD These black, homozygous polled ET full sisters feature National Champion parentage on both sides of the pedigree and the cow family on the maternal side is legendary. Grandam, EGL Phoebe G374 has produced over $300,000 in progeny sales, two National Champions and a Breeder’s Choice Futurity Champion. Dam, EGL Farah L003 also produced a National Champion and is closing in on her mother’s progeny sales record. Paternally, EGL Northern Dancer won Denver in 2010 and breeders, were in awe of his mass, depth of rib and fluid movement. These breeding pieces are stylish in their design, massive in their makeup and graceful on the move. Whether you are looking for a show heifer that could give you instant returns in 2012 or a homozygous polled donor cow for the future, the choice of these heifers is your opportunity. 2011 Fall EPDs: CE 105; BW 3.5; WW 45; YW 92; M 14; TM 37; GL -1.5; CED 102; SC 0.1; CW 19; RE 0.16; MB 0.03; DtF 2.1; CV 26.29 and FM 29.05. There are very few sure things in life, but these heifers could be one of them!

EGL Nicolette Y 096 ET • Lot 21 1191884 Y 096 BD: 2/22/11 BW: 92 WW: 675

EGL Neel y Y 089 ET • Lot 22 1191883 Y 089 BD: 2/ 15/ 11 BW: 87 WW: 616

Homo. Black Homo. Polled Balancer Open Heifer

23 DlW Ms Good Night 138Y of 738 1187574

Tattoo: 138Y

BD: 3/5/11

BW: 79 WW: 589

CtR Good Night 4743P (Ellison) CtR Good Night 715t CtR Poll Star 5160e (Alliance 6595) JD Hy Qual 328 (Para 9826) DlW Ms Hqgual 738t DlW Ms Bronco 324N (Bronco) Consignor: Warner Beef Genetics, Beaver City, NE DLW Ms Good Ni ght 138Y of 738 • Lot 23

Warner Beef Genetics is building one tremendous program in central Nebraska. The Warner family philosophy is to build your program around great cow families and I couldn’t agree more. All great programs are built around great proven cow families and this philosophy holds true in any breed. DLW Ms Good Night 138Y of 738 stems from one of Warner’s top cow families that consistently rises to the top every year. DLW 138Y’s brothers have been powerhouse carcass plus bulls that have sold to outstanding commercial breeders. Her two brothers have averaged 4.11 IMF with a whopping 108 IMF ratio. DLW 138Y possesses that carcass-plus cow family trend with +6 marbling, percent choice and yield grade DNA strength and oh man, she excels in that all-important tenderness trait with +8 tenderness DNA. Breeders, this kind of homozygous black, homozygous polled female with her looks, superior carcass merit and proven cow family production record are truly cornerstones all great programs are built around. 2011 Fall EPDs: CE 110; BW -1.1; WW 42; YW 86; M 17; TM 38; GL -1.4; CED 103; SC N/A; CW 11; RE -0.02; MB 0.11; DtF 4.3; CV 23.44 and FM 23.81. 13

Double Black Homo. Polled (3/4) Balancer Open Heifer

24 1182965

JDPD 7114Y Tattoo: 7114Y BD: 4/10/11

BW: 77 WW: 917

JHG Premonition 662S et (Pegasus) JDPD akin 140W HaD 140l (Hollywood) JRi Great Western 254N68 et (E. Exposure) eBY Great Western 7114t lyons amy 2132 (Rito 6I6) Consignor: Dromgoole’s Heaven, Richmond, TX JDPD 7114Y • Lot 24 Oh man, here’s a super homozygous polled 3/4 daughter of JDPD Akin 140W and wowsa, look at her awesome birth to growth spread featuring a calving ease 77 pound birth with a whopping 917 pound 205 day weight. JDPD 7114Y will be the first daughter of JDPD Akin 140W the 2010 National Champion Bull ever sold. Akin was syndicated and only a handful of breeders share breeding rights on this homozygous polled purebred National Champion and after Denver a lot breeders will be trying to buy shares. JDPD 7114Y debuted in Louisville last fall sweeping the calf champion division. She sports the phenotype to put you in the purple circle and her cow family heritage spells future donor potential. Her 3/4 Balancer makeup offers you unlimited opportunities as you can mate her to purebred genetics and produce purebred progeny. Jim & Pat Dromgoole of Dromgoole’s Heaven are some of my favorite people and they always share some of the great ones and this young lady has “great one” written all over her. 2011 Fall EPDs: CE 109; BW 0.3; WW 34; YW 69; M 17; TM 34; GL -0.9; CED 102; SC N/A; CW N/A; RE N/A; MB N/A; DtF N/A; CV N/A and FM 8.69. Dromgoole’s Heaven is retaining the right to one flush on JDPD 7114Y at their expense and the buyer’s convenience.

Black Double Polled (3/4) Balancer Open Heifer

25 1178195

lRSF Rylee Y99 Tattoo: Y99

BD: 3/30/11

BW: 77 WW: 672

JRi extra exposure 285l71 et (P. Sweetie) JRi Prime Cut 406S30 JRi Ms legacy 406l20 (Ms 406G10) tC Rito 416 (Rito 1I2) SvvG Rylee SvvG Sunshine (Boo Boo/ HPPI)

LR S F Ry l ee Y 99 • Lot 25

Consignor: Lost River Livestock, Clearbrook, MN

Lost River Livestock sold two exceptional heifer calves in last year’s National Sale and oh man, they are bringing another phenomenal heifer calf this year. Dan Larson of Lost River Livestock emailed me and said Rylee was hard to part with but he realized a National Sale needs national caliber cattle and that’s the only reason she would be offered. LRSF Rylee Y99 and her fabulous dam SVVG Rylee were multiple winners across the show circuit this past summer. Rylee’s dam is one super producer and wow, she stamps her babies with an awesome Touch of Class. Paternally, Rylee features Lost River Livestock’s main herdsire JRI Prime Cut 406S30 and Dan Larson can’t say enough about what Prime Cut has meant to their program and Prime Cut daughters flat never miss, it’s just that simple. If you’re looking for a show heifer, Rylee possesses that Touch of Class you will drive miles to find and with her stacked maternal-plus pedigree she should make one phenomenal producer. 2011 Fall EPDs: CE N/A; BW -0.9; WW 39; YW 78; M 18; TM 37; GL N/A; CED N/A; SC N/A; CW N/A; RE N/A; MB N/A; DtF N/A; CV N/A and FM 14.49. You will note some of these Balancer heifers the AGA doesn’t provide complete EPD traits but buy with confidence here.


Double Black Double Polled Balancer Open Heifer


tMKG C3 aspen 105Y

1196067 Tattoo: 105Y

BD: 2/19/11

BW: 82

tMKG Starlights titan 302l2 (Echo) CODH Starlights Jacquizz 270U tMKG Starlight’s Miss 203R (Extra) Bar-N-Bar Predestined 507 (Predestined) tMKG C3 aspen 105U Purebred angus (Angus) Consignor: Starlight Land & Livestock, Klamath Falls, OR

TMK G C 3 A spen 105Y • Lot 26

Last year’s National Sale featured three National Champions, several division winners and a boatload of class winners. One of those powerful division winners was Starlight Land & Livestock’s super TMKG Rivendell 210X heifer calf (photographed) and this magnificent heifer calf TMKG C3 Aspen 105Y is a paternal sister with every bit as much potential. Aspen 105Y is super feminine, excellent patterned, and has loads of mass and muscle to go with it. Her dam Aspen 105U is a sharp made, highly productive young cow with exceptional teat/udder quality. Aspen 105Y’s sire Starlights Jacquizz has done an excellent job producing low birth progeny with outstanding performance, and was the high seller in the 2010 Klamath Bull Sale at $6,500. With TMKG C3 Aspen 105Y’s outstanding combination of looks and time tested pedigree, she will be a force to be reckoned with on the show circuit and oh man, she should be a super revenue generator for your program. 2011 Fall EPDs: CE N/A; BW -1.7; WW 26; YW 56; M 10; TM 23; GL N/A; CED N/A; SC N/A; CW N/A; RE N/A; MB N/A; DtF N/A; CV N/A and FM -0.01. Homozygous black and homozygous polled DNA test pending.

S t arl i ght Land & Li v est ock 2011 Nat . S al e Hei fer 2011 R eserv e S pri ng Hei fer C al f C ham pi on

Homo. Black Homo. Polled Balancer Open Heifer

27 1187920

Pla Y Not 10Y et Tattoo: 10Y

BD: 2/6/11

BW: 86 WW: 628

eGl Pablo R014 et (Farah ET) Pla Cisco 1W BGGR Righteous 009K (Echo) Bon view New Design 1407 (Pride 664) Plattemere Reva 155 Plattemere Reva 129 (Focus of ER) Consignor: Plateau Gelbvieh, Peetz, CO

Pl at eau Gel bv i eh’s 2011 Nat i onal S al e Hei fer C al f

Here’s a beautiful homozygous black, homozygous polled Balancer heifer calf and oh my, she resembles Plateau Gelbvieh’s sensational heifer calf they sold in last year’s National Sale. Anna Duxbury from South Dakota purchased Plateau’s sensational heifer calf in last year’s sale and when I saw her at last summer’s Junior National Show she had brood cow written all over her. Somehow with the catalog shuffle we lost PLA Y Not 10Y ET’s photo, but I can tell you…she’s the kind you won’t lose in Denver. Y Not 10Y is really nice fronted with a big ol’ square hip and she compliments that with an excellent blend of bone and body mass. She will be the first daughter sold out of Plateau Gelbvieh’s young herdsire PLA Cisco 1W and man, Cisco is doing an exceptional job of producing consistent power, eye appeal and extremely functional genetics. Her Angus donor dam is phenotypically and genotypically flawless and I might add she bestows excellent carcass merit. 2011 Fall EPDs: CE N/A; BW 0.5; WW 47; YW 88; M 17; TM 41; GL N/A; CED N/A; SC N/A; CW N/A; RE N/A; MB N/A; DtF N/A; CV N/A and FM 21.09. You will note the AGA doesn’t provide several EPD traits especially in the carcass merit area but rest assured, the carcass merit is bred-in this pedigree.


NatiONal Sale CONSiGNORS Bar Arrow Cattle Co. Stuart Jarvis (785) 543-5177 (785) 543-8120

Dromgoole’s Heaven Jim & Pat Dromgoole (281) 341-5686 (352) 258-4656

Jumping Cow Gelbvieh Grant Thayer (303) 621-2058 (719) 764-2327

S&S Gelbvieh David Slaughter (270) 965-9909 (270) 556-4259

Beastrom Ranch Jim & Barb Beastrom (605) 224-5789 (605) 280-0204

Eagle Pass Ranch Steve Munger (605) 229-2802 (605) 380-0092

Little Windy Hill Farms Doug Hughes (276) 637-3916 (276) 620-4271

Taubenheim Gelbvieh Mike Taubenheim (308) 233-4704 (308) 826-4771

Beastrom Ranch Wes & Brittney Spencer (605) 280-0204 (605) 224-5789

Gelbvieh Bar None Ranch Don Estes (386)-446-5559

Lost River Livestock Mark & Dan Larson (218) 766-3690 (402) 560-4052

Thorstenson Lazy TV Ranch Vaughn Thorstenson (605) 649-6262 (605) 848-0421

Boehler Gelbvieh JJ Boehler (308) 999-0207 (308) 473-7342

Green Hills Gelbvieh Walter & LeeTeeter (704) 664-5784 (704) 236-7980

Middle Creek Farms Ken Flikkema (406) 586-6207 (406) 580-6207

Warner Beef Genetics Dan Warner (308) 962-5485 (308) 962-6511

Cedar Top Ranch Scott Starr (308) 587-2293 (308) 530-3900

HT Cattle Co. Jason & Kevin Hightower (913) 221-6820 (913) 731-2973

Plateau Gelbvieh Jim Roelle (970) 334-2221 (970) 520-1224

Cranview Gelbvieh Rob Arnold (701) 624-2051 (701) 720-8823

Judd Ranch Inc. Dave & Cindy Judd (785) 566-8371 (785) 248-6804

Starlight Land & Livestock Ty Kliewer (541) 891-2528 (541) 882-9592

Your complimentary National Sale lunch is being sponsored by Judd Ranch & Jumping Cow Gelbvieh so please thank Dave Judd and Grant Thayer and their families for your delicious lunch. S t andi ng room onl y crow d at t he 2011 Nat i onal S al e


AGA RECOMMENDED TERMS AND CONDITIONS TERMS: Terms of sale are cash unless satisfactory credit arrangements havebeen made by the seller previous to the sale of any animal so affected. BIDDING: All animals sell to the highest bidder. Any disputes or challenges regarding bids shall be settled by the auctioneer and his decision shall be final. Mailed or telephoned bids may be forwarded to the sale management or auctioneer and will be handled with strictest confidence. Prior arrangements for telephone bids at sale time must be made with sales management or the auctioneer. There are no warranties, expressed or implied, by either the auctioneer or seller, except as set forth herein, as to the merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose of any animal offered in this sale. The right to bid or the right to reject the final bid, if done before the hammer falls, is reserved for the seller. INSURANCE OF PURCHASES AND RISK: All animals are at the owner’s risk and become the property of the purchaser when declared sold by the auctioneer. Arrangements have been made to have insurance available when making settlement. ACCIDENTS: All precautions possible will be taken to protect the safety of buyers and others attending the sale. Nevertheless, no responsibility will be assumed by the auctioneer, sales management or the host farm in the event of accidents or of loss or damage of property HEALTH TESTS: All animals have been tested and found negative for brucellosis and tuberculosis. The sale veterinarian will assist buyers on health status for specific states and testing for anaplasmosis and blue tongue if this is required for export to Canada. BREEDING GUARANTEES AND DEFINITIONS FEMALES: Females are guaranteed to be breeders, with the exception of female calves sold at side of dam, injury or disease occurring after time of sale, gross negligence or willful misconduct on the part of the purchaser, females used in ovum transplant after time of sale, females showncompetitively after time of sale, and cows with calf at side. Cows represented as being “safe in calf” will have been examined by a licensed veterinarian and are so guaranteed. They are considered breeders without further guarantee. Females with a “due to calve” date in the remarks columns are considered safe in calf. A bred female is a female known to have been served by a bull either by natural breeding or artificial insemination, but it does not necessarily mean that the female is safe in calf to that service. A pasture-bred female is a female that has been exposed for the time stated, but it does not necessarily mean that this female is sale in calf to that bull. An open heifer is a virgin heifer that has never been exposed to a bull either through natural service or artificial insemination. An open cow is a cow that has not been exposed to a bull either through natural service or artificial insemination since the birth of her last calf. Calves sold off their dams (split pairs) shall carry the full breeding guarantee. MALES: Bulls are guaranteed to be breeders (defined as ability to settle healthy cows by 18 months of age) with the exception of bull calves sold at the side of dam, injury or disease occurring to the animal after time of sale, and gross negligence or willful misconduct on the part of the purchaser. Any guarantees with respect to ability to freeze semen shall be made by separate agrement between the buyer and seller. ADJUSTMENTS: The following adjustments do not preclude the right of buyer and seller to mutually agree upon other terms and conditions for settlement of any dispute. All claims for adjustment or refund must be made in writing either within six (6) months from the time of sale or not later than six (6) months after the animal reaches eighteen (18) months of age, whichever occurs first, with the exception of claims involving misrepresentation of service sire or as otherwise provided herein. If a female is sold as “safe in calf” to a given sire or sires on a specified date or dates and proves not to be represented, the buyer is entitled to a refund of the purchase price from the seller upon return of the animal to the farm of the seller at the seller’s expense. In the event an animal is claimed to be a nonbreeder, the animal may be returned to the farm of the seller, at the buyer’s expense, if in good physical condition and the return is in compliance with the health requirements of the state where purchased. The seller shall be entitled a six (6) month trial period in which to prove the animal is a breeder, the seller shall, at his option, replace the animal with another of equal value or refund the purchase price. Either option shall be deemed full satisfaction and settlement. Any animal returned will be at the purchaser’s risk. No guarantee is given concerning a pregnant female’s gestation period or calf’s condition. The seller is not responsible for damage caused by foreign bodies after the animal has been sold nor for sickness not apparent at sale time. If a female is sold as “open” and proves to be with calf at time of sale and examined pregnant within sixty (60) days after sale, the buyer may return the animal to the farm of seller prior to calving for a refund of the full purchase price or for another mutually acceptable adjustment. It shall be the obligation of the seller to bear all expenses incurred for transportation of the animal in question to the farm of the seller. Any adjustment provided herein, if selected, shall absolve the seller from further liability. HORNED/POLLED/SCURRED DEFINITIONS AND GUARANTEES HORNED: An animal with a horn growth affixed to the skull that has or has not been removed. POLLED/SCURRED An animal with rudimentary horn growth that will not develop into a horn. The rudimentary horn growth may or may not become affixed to skull at an older age. POLLED: An animal with absence of horn growth. (An animal can have scurs and still be genetically polled.) SMOOTH-POLLED: A smooth-polled individual has no scurs and does not develop scurs later in life. AGA REGISTRATIONS AND TRANSFERS: Each animal which is catalogued, offered and sold as a registered animal has a certif cate of registry available at time of sale. When an animal is sold as “eligible for registry” or “registry applied for,” the seller shall be responsible for obtaining the certificate of registry and for the proper transfer of the certificate to the purchaser including full payment of transfer fees. PURCHASER’S RISK: Each animal becomes the property of and therefore is also the risk of the purchaser as soon as it is sold, except it shall be the obligation of the seller to see that animals are fed and cared for free of charge to the buyer until unloaded for shipment or until the expiration of forty-eight (48) hours after the sale, whichever occurs first. ANNOUNCEMENTS: Any errors or changes in information contained in the catalog will be announced from the auction block. Such announcements shall take precedence over information contained herein. The sale will be tape recorded for future reference. RIGHTS AND OBLIGATIONS: The above terms and conditions of sale constitute a contract between the buyer and seller of each animal and shall be equally binding on both. Animals resold following purchase in this sale shall constitute a separate transaction and the rights and obligations of the parties connected thereto are not covered by the above terms and conditions of this sale. Neither the host farm, auctioneers, nor any other person connected with the management or conduct of this sale assumes any liability, legal or otherwise, except as set forth above. HOMOZYGOUS BLACK HOMOZYGOUS POLLED WARRANTY All warranties regarding cattle being homozygous black or homozygous polled, or both, are agreements between the original buyer and seller and extend only to the original buyer. The liability of the seller shall not exceed the amount of the original purchase price and the seller must be notified in writing within 24 months following the date of purchase for this warranty to be enforceable. In the event an animal sold as homozygous black or homozygous polled is determined to be heterozygous for the warranted trait, the seller will make satisfactory replacement or refund the purchase price within a reasonable time. The seller must have the opportunity to inspect the calf in question and, at his cost, blood type or DNA test the calf and its parents and perform such other tests as necessary to confirm that the calf is heterozygous for the trait in question. DISCLAIMER These terms and conditions of sale are recommended by the American Gelbvieh Association (AGA) as a guide for use by its members and auction sales of breeding animals. These terms and conditions of sale shall constitute a contract between the buyer and seller of each animal and be equally binding on both. The AGA assumes no liability, legal or otherwise for the enforcement of these terms and conditions of sale, or for the failure of either buyer or seller, or their agents to perform their duties and obligations thereunder.

ROGER W. GATZ ◆ 785/742-3163 P.O. BOX 156 ◆ HIAWATHA, KS 66434


First Class Mail U.S. Postage Paid Hiawatha, KS 66434 PERMIT NO. 3

National Gelbvieh Sale  

National Gelbvieh Sale

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