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Motion Graphics Videos as an Effective Marketing Tool Having a good content is essential for highlighting the features and benefits of the products and services of a company. Equally important is the need to present the content in an interesting way that can generate the attention of the target audience. Both infographics and videos have helped companies in achieving the goal of reaching out to their clients and customers. But with passing time, the need arose for a more innovative and engaging means of presentation. This need led to the creation of motion graphics videos, which combine the features of both infographics and videos. Motion graphics videos are videos which are compiled using pieces of digital animation and are combined with audio to create eye-catching effects. A motion graphics video maker uses many 3D packages to create these videos. So why are motion graphics videos becoming so popular? It has been found that some complex ideas can be easily conveyed by the means of visual aids rather than simply listening to someone speaking. However, even conventional videos are becoming monotonous affairs and do not go a long way in generating enough attention from the target audience. Using animation on the other hand, almost always works in this regards. A motion graphics video maker uses the techniques of animation to create highly engaging videos

that manage to convey the information to the customers without them getting distracted. Another benefit of using motion graphics videos, which can be considered as an advantage of videos as a whole, is that internet users spend a considerable amount of time watching online videos. A sizeable chunk of prospective buyers watches product videos during the decision-making process before buying a product. And it has been found that the likeliness of buying a product becomes extremely high after a shopper watches a product video. How is a motion graphics video made?

A motion graphics video maker, in order to create these videos, either has to start with simple graphics and use software to animate them or they start with the animation process directly. A motion graphics video maker uses software like Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, Cinema 4D and others, which help them in creating a 3D effect or animating certain areas so that the effect of something happening or something moving is created. As more and more interesting content comes up day by day, the need to present them in a more innovative way is the need of the moment. And motion graphics videos are a highly effective method to achieve that means.

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Motion graphics videos are videos which are compiled using pieces of digital animation and are combined with audio to create eye-catching ef...

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