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Hello Friends, We want to take a moment to tell you who we are and what we are about. Our names are Matt and Bethany Ruckman and we have four beautiful children, Brendon, Kailey, Andrew, and Leah Jean. We live in Cleveland, Tennessee, and love what this town has to offer! We have started GoodNews Christian Magazine because we feel that when God, family, and community are combined, lives will be changed. GoodNews Christian Magazine is a complimentary,

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Christian lifestyle publication. You can find us


throughout the community in retail establishments,

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churches, restaurants, and more. Our magazine opens


the door for Christians to work together to grow and

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strengthen our community through relevant editorial and effective advertising. GoodNews Christian Magazine is written by men and women in the community who love and serve the Lord. Our hearts are open and willing to be used by God to reach out to the community to spread the GoodNews!

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Contents MARCH 2018

GoodNews from the Pastor’s Desk 6 Embrace the New

GoodNews for Life 22 Life Expectancy

GoodNews for Kids 8 God’s Handiwork

GoodNews for Health & Fitness 24 Lowering Risk for Auto-Immune Disease

by Andrew Towe

by Melanie James

by David McFarland

by Elizabeth J. Hall

GoodNews on Money Matters 10 You May be Broke, but You Don’t Have to be Poor

GoodNews for Teens 26 Unlocking the Mystery of Forgiveness

GoodNews for Men 12 Good Example

GoodNews from the Physician’s Desk 28 Joint Pain and Osteoarthritis

GoodNews for Women 14 Marching into Your Future

GoodNews for your Taste Buds 30 Sweet and Simple Granola

GoodNews Cover Story 18 Kind Katie: Katie Beth Carter’s Story as a Faith Based Film

GoodNews for Everyone 32 The Right Answer

by Andrew Lee

by Mike Gurganus

by Madeline McFarland

by Jon Graham

GoodNews for Parents 20 Parenting Safari: Minivan Discipleship

by Gabriel Thomas


by Evan Tyler Fox

by Arlene Ledbetter

GoodNews for Everyone 34 Angels in Our Midst


by Nelson Haynes

by Bill McGinnis


Gò0dNews Christian Magazine


Gò0dNews from the Pastor’s Desk

Embrace the New

was walking into my bedroom when I heard the Lord say “I am making room for you this year.” I thought, “That’s nice, Lord. I receive that!” And then He spoke to me again, “Tell my people that this is the year that I make room for them.” There are some of you reading this article today, that have been fenced in, shut off, closed up, and even made to shut up, but God is going to make room for you. God is aligning kingdom relationships and severing others in your life, for the purpose of bringing the manifestation of promises that He has made to you. Do not be dismayed by His pruning in your life. As I begin to pray and study this out, the Lord led me to the book of Genesis starting in chapter 12. This chapter begins by God instructing Abram to leave his country and his family behind in pursuit of a land that God would show him. There is so much revelation in this one verse, but one that I want to stress is that we must leave behind some old things in order to walk into the new. Abram was from a place called Ur. It was a very progressive place for that time. Abram’s family members were idol worshipers. God appeared to him to tell him that He had something greater for him. God will always give us something greater, if we are willing to leave the past and follow His leading. As Abram started his journey, we discover that he brought Lot with him. Lot was his nephew. Lot’s father was dead and Abram had no children and was a surrogate father to Lot. Abram had great affection for Lot. However, God instructed Abram to leave his kindred behind. Some things will be a great sacrifice to leave, but are necessary to walk into the new. Finally, we learn that Abram’s partial obedience is not what God intended and the Bible says in Genesis 13:6

6 // March 2018

“And the land was not able to bear them…” Abram was losing resources and provision because of Lot, his herd and his servants. The land was not big enough for them both. Where God is calling us to is a place that cannot accommodate both our past and future. The chapter continued with Abram telling Lot that they must separate. Oftentimes, the Lord will “make room” for you by separating you from old things. Abram told Lot to choose which land he wanted and Abram would take what was left. Lot chose the well-watered plains of Jordan. It looked to be the best. It included the developed city of Sodom. Verse 13 revealed that the men were wicked and they were sinners. What looks the best in the natural is not always the best. Through separation from Lot, the Lord made room for Abram. My prayer for you is that in 2018 you will allow God to sever anything that is draining your promise and embrace the new.

About The Author


by Andrew Towe

Andrew Towe and his wife, Brooke, pastor the Ramp Church Chattanooga together. They have one daughter, Giuliana, and are currently expecting a son this fall. Just as Ezekiel in the valley of dry bones, Pastor Andrew has been called to speak the prophetic message of awakening to the Tennessee Valley.


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Gò0dNews for Kids

by Melanie James

o you have a friend who can draw really well? Or maybe one who makes straight A’s on their report card? How about that friend who is always picked first in gym class because they are so naturally athletic? Maybe you’ve wished that you could do something as well as your friend. But did you know that there is something that your friends wish they could do as well as you? Maybe it’s singing. Maybe you are funny! Maybe you are naturally helpful or you get along with people much younger or older than you. Or maybe you are a computer whiz and adults ask you to help out with technical difficulties. There is something that you excel at! If you’re not really sure what it is, ask someone who knows you well! They can tell you several things that you do really well or that just seem to come naturally to you! And that’s because it is natural to you. When GOD created you, He made you for a purpose! Ephesians 2:10 says, “For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” You can be sure that God gave you that ability or talent that makes you special and unique. But did you know that God put those gifts in you before you were even born?! Psalms 139:13-16 says,

“For You formed my inward parts; You covered me in my mother’s womb. I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Marvelous are Your works,

8 // March 2018

And that my soul knows very well. My frame was not hidden from You, When I was made in secret, And skillfully wrought in the lowest parts of the earth. Your eyes saw my substance, being yet unformed. And in Your book they all were written, The days fashioned for me, When as yet there were none of them.” You don’t need to feel bad or be jealous because someone can do something better than you, because you were given your unique gifts to fulfill God’s exact purpose for you! Jeremiah 29:11 says, “‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the LORD, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future’.” There may be things you would like to learn or improve on in life, and that’s great! But those things that do come easily to you and you know you are pretty good at are gifts from God Himself to you, to be used for His glory. Remember that the next time you wish you could be more like somebody else or you wonder why you aren’t good at something. Ask God today to help you see the unique gifts He gave you and to use them to be all that He created, fashioned, and planned for you to be!

About The Author


God’s Handiwork

Melanie James teaches kindergarten and loves to bargain shop and read in her “free time”. She attends Samples Memorial Baptist church and loves Jesus first and foremost. Melanie hopes to live out His purpose for her life every day that He gives her the chance.

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You May be Broke, but You Don’t Have to be Poor MONEY MATTERS WITH DR. ANDREW LEE Dr. Andrew Lee is professor of English at Lee University. He also serves as a coordinator for Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University. He and his wife Esmerelda have three children.


’ve never been poor, only broke. Poor is a state

working the drive-thru window at Krystal’s, or delivering

of mind.” You may have heard this sentiment,

pizzas for Domino’s, or washing dishes at Jenkins Deli,

though I’m not sure where it originated. I would

or bagging groceries at Bi-Lo, or waiting tables at Olive

agree that this is true. Like many people, I’ve been flat

Garden, or working landscaping or roofing jobs, it was

broke at various times in my life. There were days in my

easy to have a carefree spirit and a genuine smile since I

late teens and early twenties when I was bouncing checks

knew these jobs were not my ultimate destination, and that

and selling my blood plasma to make enough money

one day I would enjoy a fulfilling career that optimized

to pay that week’s bills. Though I never spent a night in

my God-given talents and interests. That knowledge gave

the street or went to bed hungry, I have been a tenant

me a particular sense of freedom—freedom not to lapse

in apartments that were soon condemned by city code

into depression when the daily grind of the job wore me

inspectors; I can also remember buying a loaf of bread and

down, freedom not to get angry over petty conflicts with

a packet of sandwich meat and making it last for a couple

co-workers or with the occasional tyranny from a boss with

of weeks by cutting the sandwiches in half for every meal.

a dictator complex.

I was broke, and it was no fun. But here’s the distinction—

So what’s the take-away from this brief chronicle of

although I knew I was broke, I never thought of myself as

my own early job experiences? (1) Hard work will not kill

poor. And there’s a world of difference in how one views

you; it really does build character and make you grateful

oneself and one’s future prospects. During my “broke”

when the time comes that you can earn a living without

years, I was a college student and then a graduate student.

throwing out your back. (2) What would you do with the

I knew I was progressing in my career preparation, and

rest of your life if you had all the money you could ever

that every passing year was bringing me closer to my

want? The answer to this question should be what you’re

financial and vocational goals. But it sure seemed like a

doing right now! So if that’s not the case, make a plan to

long wait! In retrospect, it flew by. By my late twenties, I

move from a “job” to a fulfilling “career.” (3) Saving and

had a full-time college teaching job and was on my way

investing money regularly will give you options. If you

toward a more prosperous future.

have an emergency cash savings of 3-6 months of expenses,

Try this experiment: the next time you’re in your

you’ll be able to decide if you want to change jobs or

favorite coffee shop or fast food restaurant, or the next

pursue other opportunities. Being broke (temporarily)

time you order pizza delivered to your house, try to see

doesn’t mean you have to be poor (permanently). Attitude

if you can spot which of the employees appears to be on

is everything. Proverbs 17:22 reminds us, “A joyful heart is

his or her way to a more prosperous future. When I was

good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.”

10 // March 2018


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Gò0dNews for Men

Good Example very man needs to follow a good example, and every man needs to be a good example for someone to follow. Most of us can look back to those who have been our mentors through the years. We see the faces and hear the voices of those who set examples worthy of our following. It may have been a father, grandfather, uncle, teacher, neighbor, or maybe a coworker. But, these men have gained our respect, not because of living perfect lives, but because they lived with purpose, direction, and faith. The Apostle Paul lived a faithful life, truly worthy of being imitated. His desire was that others follow his example, but only as he imitated Christ (I Corinthians 11:1). Would it not be wonderful if we could all live every day in such a way as to lead everyone we meet to our Lord? Though the apostle was indeed a most worthy and respected example in his Christian life, we have an even greater example to follow, and that is our Lord Jesus. The word “example” is found several times in the New Testament, with three being most significant as they reveal how we are to imitate Christ.

Christ is our Example in Service

Jesus had just finished washing the disciple’s feet, a common practice usually performed by a servant, when He said, “For I have given you an example, that you should do as I have done to you” (John 13:15). Any man who is a servant of Christ will also be a servant to others. Humble service toward others in Christ’s name is a true reflection of the serving heart of our Lord.

Christ is our Example in Conduct

Again we read the words of Paul as he encourages a young preacher by the name of Timothy. Paul recognized that during the years of our youth we may not always be the best example before others.

12 // March 2018

So, he writes to Timothy, “Let no one despise your youth, but be an example to the believers in word, in conduct, in love, in spirit, in faith, in purity (1 Tim 4:12). The admonition to follow the example of Christ in conducting our daily lives is one that applies to both the young as well as those who are older.

Christ is our Example in Living

It is from the pen of the Apostle Peter that we read further how we live from the example of Christ. Peter addresses those who may be mistreated by others. He encourages them to endure this treatment for a special reason. He writes, “For to this you were called, because Christ also suffered for us, leaving us an example, that you should follow His steps (1 Peter 2:2). Not all of life is easy, but enduring what comes our way with the proper attitude reflects the spirit of Christ in us. There is someone out there today needing a good example. Will that example be you?

About The Author


by Mike Gurganus

Mike Gurganus has served as the preacher for the Ringgold Church of Christ for the past 25 years and is a graduate of Harding University. He and his wife Nancy have four daughters and eight grandchildren.

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Gò0dNews for Women

by Madeline McFarland

here are some interesting cultural facts about the month of March. Its name comes from Mars, the Roman god of war, and was often a time of celebration for both the return of spring and battles that would soon be won. Did you know that before Julius Caesar had the Roman calendar created in 45 BC the celebration for the New Year was in March? In the Jewish calendar year, the month of March is when Passover occurs and is also symbolic of ovulation of spiritual birth and renewal. The images I had growing up of this month on the calendar were always lots of wind and kites flying in the air. What does all this have to do with you? Today I want to encourage you as the winter begins to fade and the promise of spring is just around the corner to begin to ask the Lord what He wishes to birth in your life this year. It is time to wake up after a long winter and stretch. Stretch yourself by dreaming big and know that God wants you to join Him in new and exciting adventures that will bring His kingdom to earth. Not only does God have great plans for you, but according to 2 Timothy 3:17 He has already equipped you for every good work He has planned. So if you haven’t done so by now, it is time to put your past in the past and look forward to something new. Let past hurts, disappointments, and grievances of latter years melt away this spring. Lay all your worries at the feet of Jesus. Go ahead, He wants you to. It is only then that you will be free to dream His dreams. March is a new beginning, a chance to allow God to redefine your purpose. It is a season of becoming

14 // March 2018

pregnant with the dreams He has placed in your heart. March, however, is a season of warfare. As you wake up to God’s promises in your life, expect opposition. Arm yourself with the Word of the Lord and be battleready knowing that you are more than a conqueror in Christ Jesus and that when the Almighty sets a plan into motion, nothing can stop it. With every small victory you will begin to soar like a kite in March or better yet like an eagle with the wind of the Holy Spirit under your wings.

Remember prayer is your most important tool this month. Find a way to get into the presence of the Lord; soak up the Son! Allow Him to speak to your heart and share His dreams for your future and then March.

About The Author


Marching Into Your Future

Madaline McFarland is an author, speaker, and encourager to families. She has a BA in Christian Counseling and 18 years of experience in Children and Family Ministry. She and her husband, David, minister at and inspire families to serve the Lord with passion, purity, prayer, and purpose.

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16 // March 2018

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Photo By: Anthony Alfieri

Kind Katie: Katie Beth Carter’s Story as a Faith-Based Film by Jon Graham


never knew Katie Beth Carter. But in one small way, I played

make her high school varsity dance team, her confidence and

a part in her arrival, and I’m playing a very big part in telling

belief in her dreams were shaken. Her best friend at school,

her story to the world. I have co-written and am currently

Kaitlin Kibble, encouraged her to become the manager for the

co-producing Kind Katie, a faith-based film that walks through the last 365 days of her life to reveal the unbelievable legacy of a life well lived. Katie’s parents, Jason and Amy, and I attended Shorter

football team. While she managed the football team, she started dancing with Stacey Perkinson at Scenic City Dance Studio in Chattanooga. Stacey prepped her for her college audition, but

College in Rome, GA together. I sang and danced in show

more importantly, identified the incredible leadership skills in

choir with Amy and hung out with Jason in dorm life. I was a

Katie and put them to work.

minister in the area and was so excited when they asked me to

Katie Beth had a heart for missions, dance, and children.

officiate their wedding. Our paths separated after college, but

She never was “the best” at much of anything. Her type-A

we stayed connected via Facebook. Little did I know one tragic

personality was off-putting to some, but in the words of

event would place me back in the center of their lives.

counselor, Sara Ange, “She made each person that she talked

About Katie

to think that they were the most important and the most

On Labor Day of 2016, Katie Beth was killed in a car accident on her way back to Jacksonville State University. Four days earlier she had danced in her first college level half-time

valued to her.”

Why a Movie While my heart hurt for my friends, Jason and Amy, when

show, achieving one of her dreams, and was on top of the

Billboard magazine reported that Taylor Swift gave a $5,000

world. Katie was a dancer since age four; so, when she didn’t

donation toward Katie’s funeral expenses, I started paying

18 // March 2018

closer attention. Then I saw a news story about her nickname, KIND KATIE. I learned how she gave a personal note of encouragement to every one of her classmates. This started to feel like something much larger. I could have never predicted I would be getting swept away in one of the most remarkable stories I’ve ever known. It had to be told to the entire world. I have spent the past 11 years as the video producer for the Georgia Baptist Mission Board. I tell the stories of the good work of 3,600 churches and the mission efforts that are in place to help support them. I’ve travelled to Israel and Jordon filming an all-state choir ministering to a conflict-ridden region. In April, I’ll be in the UK filming a similar group as they

make about $40 (US) a month. One would imagine they would

attempt to bring Christ’s love to a post-Christian culture.

be looking for hand-outs at every turn. Yet, they are the kindest,

My producing partner, Joshua Sims has hiked cameras all

warmest, and most hospitable people you could imagine. They

over the world telling stories of missionaries and humanitarian

only crave love and connection with others—exactly what Katie

non-profits from India to Peru, the UAE to Panama. Josh has

Beth did best.

produced and/or directed content for many national and a few

The school is teaching traditional and special needs children

global brands, as well as a men’s bible study series with former

and sewing classes to women. They will soon add agricultural

U.S. Navy Seals.

skills for the men and a medical clinic. There’s a baseball

And then there was Nicaragua…

coach and a grumpy “pet” horse named Yolanda. There are humanitarian efforts at work that mirror Katie’s heart beautifully.

What’s Next? We’re seeking 1 million dollars in investments to produce the film. We’ve already attached two actresses, Laura Lundy (Coach Stacey) who was with Tom Hanks in Sully, and Jill Hames (Amy Carter) who has been an Atlanta actress for decades and has been friends with Amy since 8th grade. We’ve been in talks with Sean Astin (Stranger Things, Goonies) as well. We have a team of consultants around us with credits including Fireproof, Breaking Bad, NCIS, and Friday Night Lights. Once funding is in place, we’ll be filming in the Ringgold area.

The End Is Just the Beginning

It’s a herculean task to find a million dollars. But perhaps more humbling is making a film that adequately tells the legacy

The final scene of our script is the opening day of Katie

of a remarkably unremarkable young lady who is helping

Beth Carter Memorial Institute in Tomas Borge, Nicaragua.

change history for people she never met 3,000 miles away.

That scene played out in real life on February 5th, 2018 - 17

Once the film is made, we will be donating 10% of net profits to

months to the day after her death. Josh and I were invited to

Impact2One for the ongoing work in Tomas Borge.

go with the Carter family, Coach E.K. Slaughter, and other

To learn more about the film or the investment opportunity

key leaders who have been instrumental in making this school

where anyone can become an investor for $100 or more, please

happen. We went with the intention of filming what would

visit or email and connect

become a mini-documentary to help support our investment

with us on social media @KindKatieMovie.

raising efforts for the feature film. We had no idea how our hearts would overflow with tears and joy as we saw how Katie’s legacy is changing lives in such a remarkable way. Tomas Borge is a community of 6,000 people who were granted permission to “squat” on what was formerly the city dump for the town of Leόn. They eke out an existence recycling goods from the trash piles. They work six days a week and // 19

Gò0dNews for Parents

Parenting Safari by Bill McGinnis

s our family grew, I lost any of the coolness that I ever thought I had. As more bundles of joy began blessing our home, the first thing to go was the sporty SUV. We needed something much more practical, a Minivan. We started with two old Chrysler Town and Country’s with wood panel decals, then finally a GMC Safari. That van had two rows of “don’t make me come back there” seating. It was “so not cool”, but we discovered that the minivan was a great place to disciple our kids. They were captive in car seats, had no control over the audio, and it was the first place Mom could help them process what happened at school, practice, or a friend’s house. With four kids, we were always going somewhere, school, soccer, dance, swim, church and long trips to see the relatives. The minivan became a little chapel on wheels for our kids and their friends. We began with an opening prayer for a “hedge of protection.” As you can imagine, these preacher’s kids also had to listen to Bible Songs, Kids’ Praise music, and every episode of Veggietales. (And if you turned it up loud enough it would drown out even the most obnoxious whining.) When it was a bad day, conversations were steered toward God’s amazing love and forgiveness. When there were challenges to be faced the next day with a tough assignment or a difficult classmate, the discussion turned toward a Biblical life lesson. And when an ambulance

20 // March 2018

came by we prayed for anyone who was hurt. The kids soon learned scripture and godly values as they rode around. We also learned to share Cheetos in that van and learned to respect each other and wait our turn to talk. We had a lot of joy in that van, too. Singing together (we are definitely not the Von Trapp family) and we often got to hear the latest joke or funny incident at school. Perhaps some of the most important discipleship came during middle school carpools. My wife would sit, listen, and gently steer the conversation back to something healthier when the language took a turn for the worse. Once, my wife had a daily 45 minute commute each way to the gym with 7 middle school cheerleaders. She was not sure what kind of impact her driver’s seat discipleship had made on these girls from various family backgrounds. But when one of them broke her elbow trying to do a handspring, they all ran straight to her asking for prayer and looking to her for support. Maybe that rolling Bible-to-life-lesson classroom in the uncool van did make a difference; our adult children still want to follow Jesus. Deuteronomy 6:6-7 says, “These commandments that I give you today are to be upon your hearts. Impress them on your children. Talk about them when you sit at home and when you go along the road...”

About The Author


Minivan Discipleship

Bill McGinnis is the minister of education and families at Ridgedale Baptist Church. He has served churches in TX, GA, and TN. He is grateful to be married to his wife, Anita, and have 4 children. He enjoys teaching Bible studies, riding bicycles, making jerky, and grilling meat.

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Gò0dNews for Life

Life Expectacy by David McFarland


hat is your life expectancy? This year in the U.S., the average life expectancy is 78.6 years. You can improve or increase that number by your behaviors. Those behaviors include many things from exercise and nutrition to whether or not you have a pet. Now I must confess, I’m not all that concerned about the quantity of years I’ll live or at least not whether I make it to 78.6 or 78.7. We should try to eat better and stay active; however, we should be most concerned about the quality of the years we have left. In order to do that, I believe we need to focus on a different kind of life expectancy. Life expectations — We’ve all heard many sayings about life. It’s interesting, depending on who you’re talking to, what people have to say this subject. A lot of people will tell you “Life is hard” and others will say, “Life is good”. Those two opinions seem to conflict with each other, right? What does the Bible have to say about those two opinions? Well, in John 16:33 Jesus says, “In this life you will have trouble.” Ok, sounds like the Bible is telling us that “life is hard”, but wait in John 10:10 Jesus says “I come that you may have life and have it to the full” so, “Life is good”, right? A little confusing? Is life hard or is it good? My answer is yes. Life is hard, but when you know Jesus, life is also good. Unfortunately, we Christians all too often forget about the latter part of that statement. Even the non-Christian world knows that happiness starts in your head. Marcus Aurelius, the Roman Emperor and renowned philosopher, said, “Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking.” So Christians, followers of the One who created the universe, should even more know to think positively. What did you expect? — So much of how we perceive life comes down to our frame of mind. Joyce Meyer says, “You cannot have a positive life and a negative mind.” How many times do we expect the worse and therefore we get it? After all, Jesus said we were going have trouble. But, before we hold on too tightly to that prediction, you might want to look at what He said before and after that line. He said, “I have told you these things so that in me you may have peace.” Then after, and this is the best part, He says, “But take heart! I have overcome the world.” That’s right, He has overcome this troubled world and He is still Emanuel. He is with us; therefore, although life is hard, it sure is good! So expect each day to be good and expect your life to be good and it will be. Here are two excellent ways to start each day with a positive mindset:

With those thoughts in our heads and in our hearts, we can expect to have a great day and a great life and that’s a pretty good life expectancy.

22 // March 2018

About The Author

1) Thank God for what He has done in the past including the forgiveness of your failures. 2) Thank Him for what He is going to do in, for, and through you today. David McFarland is a devoted husband and father. He is passionate about being a role model for youth and is approaching twenty years working as a PE teacher. David volunteers in youth and family ministry through his local church and along with his wife encourages families to be spiritually strong at


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Gò0dNews for Health & Fitness

Lowering Risk for Auto-Immune Disease mmunity is the body’s natural defense system against various infectious diseases. In heath, the immune system acts like a well-trained guard dog that only attacks enemies but respects its master and his friend. Autoimmune conditions occur when the immune system returns friendly fire on the body’s tissues and organs. Friendly fire is a military term that refers to when an army inadvertently fires on its own soldiers or supplies. What happens when our immune system goes awry, such as in an autoimmune disease? Autoimmune diseases (AD) target a variety of body parts: joints, pancreas, thyroid gland, brain, nerves, kidneys, and blood vessels. Unfortunately, many autoimmune conditions damage more than one organ. If a person has one autoimmune condition, it is common for them to have another. Fifty million Americans

24 // March 2018

have AD. That’s right—approximately one in five. So far 100 diseases have been classified as autoimmune conditions. Type 1 diabetes, celiac disease, Crohn’s, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and lupus are examples of common autoimmune conditions.

Reducing Your Risk

Your weight matters — Fat cells produce various inflammatory molecules that can disrupt the balance established by a normal immune system. Inflammation often fuels, sustains, and reinforces AD. Some experts consider obesity to be an autoimmune, inflammatory disorder. Watch your salt intake — Increased dietary salt intake can promote the activity of a group of aggressive immune cells (Th-17 cells) that are involved in triggering and sustaining autoimmune diseases. When their numbers are not controlled properly, Th-17 cells can produce too much friendly fire that attacks the body tissues and leads to inflammatory diseases. Emphasize a healthy plant-based diet — Plant foods contain phytochemicals which help the immune system maintain balance between its different components so that neither immune suppression nor autoimmunity occurs. Curcumin from turmeric and ginger, resveratrol in red grapes and blueberries, quercetin found in red onions, broccoli, cabbage, berries, and apples, and genistein from soy act as immune modulators and help to balance the activity of the immune system. Get enough sleep — Chronic insomnia requiring sleep-inducing pills may be associated with a 70 percent increased risk for future AD. Just losing sleep for only one night increases inflammation. Keep a regular schedule for meals and sleeping —  The production of a key immune cell is controlled by the body’s circadian rhythm. Disturbed circadian rhythm may increase the risk for multiple sclerosis and some other autoimmune conditions. For a link to the research references in the article, visit About The Author


by Elizabeth Hall

Elizabeth J. Hall has taught and researched health topics for Wildwood Lifestyle Center for over 25 years. She has authored a e-book, Keys to Optimal Health and Happiness, and currently she works as an investigative medical journalist.

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Gò0dNews for Teens

Unlocking the Mystery of Forgiveness by Gabriel Thomas

here are four steps to unlocking the freedom of forgiveness. 1. You must realize that it is not the flesh, but the spirit that inhabits the flesh ­— Ephesians 2. Pray for the release of bitterness — It says in Acts 8:21-23, “You have neither part nor portion in this matter, for your heart is not right in the sight of God. Repent therefore of this your wickedness, and pray God if perhaps the thought of your heart may be forgiven you. For I see that you are poisoned by bitterness and bound by iniquity.” Bitterness leads to depression, anger, vengeance, and other sins which are too heavy to bear; that’s why Jesus paid the price by dying on the cross so that we would not have to bear the weight of our sins and our burdens. You cannot move forward with forgiveness if you are dragging a heavy load of bitterness toward the person who has wronged you. 3. Ask them to forgive you. What?! — Yes, asking them to forgive you is one of the most key components of total forgiveness. It will also be one of the most

26 // March 2018

difficult things that you have ever done in your life. However, once this is done, you will have a freedom like no other in your life. 4. Love your enemies — Jesus said in Matthew 5:4344 “You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’ But I say to you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you,’” and in Matthew 22:37-40, “Jesus said to him, ‘You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like it: You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ On these two commandments hang all the Law and the Prophets.’” You have now unlocked the mystery of forgiveness only to find out that there’s really no mystery at all. About The Author


“Now whom you forgive anything, I also forgive. For if indeed I have forgiven anything, I have forgiven that one for your sakes in the presence of Christ, lest Satan should take advantage of us; for we are not ignorant of his devices.” — 2 Corinthians 2:10-11

Gabriel Thomas is a US Army Veteran and a 20 year employee of the Bradley County Sheriff’s Office. Gabriel is the first African American to hold the position of Captain in Bradley County history. He has a wonderful wife Sashual Porter Thomas and three children Kortney, JoRell, and Hezekiah. Gabriel and Sashual are the youth leaders at Omega Center International.

Gò0dNews from the Physician’s Desk

Joint Pain and Osteoarthritis


steoarthritis is a joint disease that causes the top layer of cartilage (the slippery tissue that covers the ends of bones in a joint) to break down and wear away. The disease is also referred to as degenerative joint disease, wear and tear arthritis, or degenerative arthritis. It is a leading cause of disability and affects more than 27 million men and women in the United States. Normally functioning joints have healthy cartilage that allows bones to glide over each other and absorb the shock of movement. But with osteoarthritis, bones begin to rub together. This rubbing causes pain, swelling, damage to the bone, and loss of motion of the joint. Osteoarthritis most commonly affects the knees, hips, spine, or shoulders. Unlike some other forms of arthritis, osteoarthritis affects only joints. Rheumatoid arthritis, the second most common form of arthritis, affects other parts of the body besides the joints.

What Causes Osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis usually happens gradually over time. Some risk factors that might lead to it include: • Being overweight • Getting older • Joint injury • Joints that are not properly formed • A genetic defect in joint cartilage • Stresses on the joints from certain jobs and playing sports

How Is Osteoarthritis Diagnosed?

Osteoarthritis can occur in any joint. Warning signs of osteoarthritis are:

28 // March 2018

• Stiffness in a joint after getting out of bed or sitting for a long time • Swelling or tenderness in one or more joints • A crunching feeling or the sound of bone rubbing on bone No single test can diagnose osteoarthritis. Most doctors use several methods to diagnose the disease and rule out other problems: • Medical history • Physical exam

• Rest and joint care • Non-drug pain relief techniques to control pain (hot/cold compresses) • Medicines • Corticosteroid injections • Complementary and alternative therapies • Joint replacement surgery If you think you are suffering from the symptoms of osteoarthritis, it’s important to discuss your symptoms with your doctor early. This will allow you and your doctor to develop a plan to minimize joint damage and reduce your chances of needing surgery.

Joint Replacement Surgery and Pre-Habilitation

• X-ray • Other tests such as blood tests or exams of the fluid in the joints

How Is Osteoarthritis Treated?

“Osteoarthritis can compromise mobility to the point that a patient’s quality of life suffers,” says Mitch Frix, MD. “There are multiple treatment options, including lifestyle changes, medications, physical therapy, and/or surgery to alleviate the pain and improve the quality of life of our patients.” Osteoarthritis treatment plans can involve: • Exercise • Physical therapy • Weight control

If joint replacement surgery is needed, it is important that your health be optimized, your weight controlled, and pre-habilitation (physical rehabilitation that is performed before surgery) initiated for muscle strengthening and balance.

“A great way to help speed the recovery process after joint replacement surgery is to enroll in pre-habilitation before your surgery,” says Teresa Ingle, RN, Hamilton Medical Center Joint Moves Nurse Navigator. “Many patients begin pre-habilitation, also referred to as pre-hab, as soon as the decision is made to have joint replacement surgery.” Patsy Ray, a recent knee replacement patient, says, “I attended a prehabilitation session at Bradley Whiteside Rehabilitation Center and the physical therapist explained to me what the postsurgery physical therapy would be like and showed me exercises to do at home to prepare. It was extremely beneficial.”








Gò0dNews for your Taste Buds

Sweet and Simple Granola

30 // March 2018

Ingredients 1 cup of water

1 1/2 teaspoons of salt

1/2 cup of oil

2 tablespoons of vanilla

1 1/2 cups of pitted dates packed into cup

8 cups of oats 1 cup of chopped nuts

Directions ◊ Blend together the first five ingredients until creamy. Put oats and nuts into a separate large mixing bowl. ◊ Add blended contents to the oats and nuts and mix together well. Spread on cookie sheet. ◊ Bake at 300 degrees for 20 minutes, until lightly browned. Reduce temperature to 225 degrees and bake until dry and crisp (approx. 1-2 hrs). ◊ Stir occasionally while baking.

About The Author


e’ve been told time and again that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but if we are honest, it can be a challenge to eat well in the morning. Between rushing to get the kids ready for school, long commutes, and a need for more sleep, most of the time settling for a quick bowl of cereal is the next best thing. Unfortunately, most of the options for healthier, more nutritious cereals offered at the markets are usually heavy on the sugar and quite expensive. This homemade granola recipe is the perfect solution to the breakfast challenge, using dates as a natural sweetener and offering lots of protein and energy with the nuts to kick-start your morning. Enjoy!

by Evan Tyler Fox

Evan Tyler Fox is orginally from Greenville, TN. He serves as the Health Promotions Liaison for Health Made Simple, a Christian health club serving Chattanooga. For more information about how Health Made Simple can serve you visit





Gò0dNews for Everyone

The Right Answer


by Arlene Ledbetter

hen the Education Director at my church asked

The following Sunday, I taught a lesson on friendship.

me to teach a class of four-year-olds, I jumped

I talked about Jesus and His friendship with two sisters,

at the chance. The image of little boys dressed

Martha and Mary. As I described His visits in their home,

in miniature suits and little girls in frilly frocks brought a

I used the words “friend,” “friendly,” and “friendship.” At

smile to my face.

the lesson’s end, I asked the children what we had talked

The children gathered around me a few Sundays later for our first session together. I had prepared a lesson on trusting God. As I told the story of baby Moses, I used the

about. Again, their answer was “looove.” Week after week, regardless of my theme, the students seemed to think “love” was the answer to everything. And

word “trust” as often as possible. “The life of baby Moses was in danger,” I explained. “His mommy and daddy had trusted God to take care of them and now they trusted Him to watch over their little boy. They placed Moses in a basket-boat and floated him down the Nile River. A princess found him, took him home to the palace, and raised him as her son. Moses’ parents trusted God to take care of their child and God did.” The actual lesson was longer, of course, but the theme was clearly “trust God.” Afterwards, I quizzed the children. “Boys and girls, can you tell me what the Bible lesson was about today?” As if they had rehearsed it, the children recited the word “love” in unison, but they stretched it out

then, early one morning as I dressed for church, it occurred

to “looove.”

to me, “Those children are right.”

I sat and stared at a dozen angelic faces. The lesson

When asked to name the greatest commandment, Jesus

wasn’t about love. The lesson was on trust. Where did they

answered, “Love God and love others” (Luke 10:27). Which

get the idea it was about love?

others? Friends (I Peter 4:8), neighbors (Romans 13:10), and

Rather than telling them they were wrong, I tried to lead them to the right answer. “Today we talked about baby Moses, about his parents, and the importance of … what?” The children leaned forward and chorused a little

even enemies (Luke 6:27). A pretty inclusive list. One that teaches “love” is the answer to just about every situation. I’m thankful to those bright young students, dressed in their Sunday-best, for teaching their teacher the most important lesson of all. A lesson on looove.

louder, “Looove!”

“God is love.” –I John 4:16

Frustrated, I looked at my assistant. He shrugged his arranged the supplies for the students to make little boats to reinforce the lesson on trust. I didn’t know what else to do, so I dismissed them to their craft project.

32 // March 2018

About The Author

shoulders and gestured toward the craft tables. He had Arlene Ledbetter holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from Dalton College in Georgia. She has written adult Sunday school curriculum and contributed to five Chicken Soup for the Soul books. Visit her at


Christian Magazine

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Writer Guidelines:

e believe when people are equipped,

Who: Our writers range from pastors, professors, and

motivated, and passionately engaged in

professional writers to stay at home moms and dads,

living out their faith in Jesus Christ they

business professionals, and others who have a desire to

have the potential to be world changers. Our mission is to bring people into a dynamic

relationship with Jesus Christ—a relationship that empowers them to see how God can work through individual personalities, situations, and talents. Christ was an activist, he did not neglect the needs of the people as He brought His message. We strive to encourage everyone to look more like Christ by reaching outside of themselves to serve the needs of others—at home, at school, in communities, and across the world. Phone: 423.478.6484

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Gò0dNews for Everyone

Angels in Our Midst re angels always invisible? I would answer an emphatic “No!” based on the woman who crossed my path in October of 1984. I made the 9-hour drive moving from Burlington, North Carolina to Gadsden, Alabama believing God, at that time, had called me to work with teenagers at a church. Single, green, and skinny at age 22, I tried to pour my heart into the lives of the young people for 3 years. I remember learning how to water-ski there off of a Pontoon boat on the Coosa River plus also learning to snow ski at one of their youth retreats held in the mountains of North Carolina. An Angel by the name of Nancy Silvey offered to wash my clothes and feed me at her home surrounded by her husband Babe and their children. I fell in love with her sweet tea, coffee, and hot-fudge cake. As the years cooked along I witnessed Nancy’s unconditional love that she gave her family (including her mother who was sick) and many others. Her selfless giving and listening ear provided a safe-place for me to share my worries over not being married and other life concerns while I held on to a cup of her java. Though I do not live in Alabama anymore, the line of communication stays open via our texts and phone calls. Thankfully, I can say we have been close friends now for over 30 years! Today, she ministers to the folks who enter a place called “Way of the Cross” also in Gadsden, Alabama. According to their purpose statement: “Our mission is to show Christian love by serving meals and other support to the homeless, poor, and to anyone in need of God’s provision.” This non-profit organization also offers a daily Bible study, worship services, haircuts, and shower facilities for men and women. Nancy prepares and serves hot meals to the needy and down-and-out multiple times throughout the week after picking up donated shipments of food at grocery stores and stocking their shelves. Besides her physical acts of service, she regularly grabs

34 // March 2018

the hands of her fellow workers and prays specifically for the needs of many including this writer when I had openheart surgery in 2016. Shouldn’t you and I also be angels to a hurting world? From his book Waking Up Slowly, author and former television sports director Dave Burchett writes:

“Maybe you need to be the one who takes the risk to start building a room of grace where other brothers and sisters can come to find healing.” Even though it is unclear who authored the book of Hebrews, it is crystal clear what you and I are to do as found in the 13th chapter verses 1-2: “Keep on loving each other as brothers and sisters. Don’t forget to show hospitality to strangers, for some who have done this have entertained angels without realizing it” (NLT). You are where you are because God planted you there. Be an angel!

About The Author


by Nelson Haynes

Nelson Haynes lives in Ringgold, Georgia, with his wife and highschool daughter and 2 labrador retrievers Bentley & Sadie. He has a masters in christian education from Dallas Theological Seminary and he teaches adult Sunday school electives at Burning Bush Baptist Church periodically also in Ringgold, Georgia. He loves gardening and riding his mountain bike.

March 2018  
March 2018