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Monday, March 28, 2011

Just One Soccer League Opening Day Celebration On Saturday March 26th, ​Just One Soccer League held an opening day celebration at the Essex County College

gymnasium in Newark, NJ. Just One Soccer League ​(also known as JOSL) strives to build stronger neighborhoods and develop community leaders by bringing players, parents/guardians, families, coaches and volunteers together through the impactful sport of soccer. All the city favorites were in attendance: Newark Mayor Cory Booker, Essex County Executive Joseph N. Divincenzo jr., Councilman Carlos M. Gonzalez and Senator Teresa Ruiz. Special guest and NY Red Bulls ​Assistant Coach Mike Petke was in attendance and Co-Hosted the event alongside, Senator Teresa Ruiz and Just One Soccer League Director, Oscar Rodriguez.

The event turnout was a huge success. Team fans poured into the bleachers sitting patiently to catch a glimpse of their favorite teams. The event began with a greeting by Senator Ruiz. Next, Oscar Rodriguez welcomed an upcoming local Hip Hop/ Neo Soul singer named “Orikl” to sing the National Anthem. His vocals blew the audience away. Finally, the fun began “Here come the Teams!” an onlooker shouted. Senator Teresa Ruiz & Mike Pekte took turns announcing the teams. Exploding out from the rear of the gym flew groups of cute little kids fully dressed in colorful uniforms. After the fourth team appeared, it became evident that this display was some type of parade where prancing, fun, thrills, excitement and the smell of good food was in the air. Mayor Cory Booker gave a great speech that revved up the audience and then he greeted each team. He then took it upon himself to carry various members of each team on his shoulders; creating quite a unique induction ceremony that formed memories that will last a lifetime!

Mayor Cory Booker (R) & Singer Orikl (L)

Nelson Rodriguez (L)

The Masses

Senator Teresa Ruiz (R) L-R ​NY Red Bulls ​Assistant Coach​ Mike Petke, Just One Soccer League Director, Oscar Rodriguez and NJ State The Masses

Special Thanks to Nelson Rodriguez ​(Just One Soccer League Events Coordinator)​, who invited me to this wonderful event. I had a great time.         

Friday, April 1, 2011

Women's History Month Celebration Hosted By Donald M. Payne Jr. On Monday March 28th Council President Donald M. Payne Jr. hosted a Women's Day celebration held at the City Hall Municipal Council Chambers in Newark, NJ. I was awed to enter the chambers. As I took my seat, I noticed that the council member’s names tags were richly made & precisely arranged to delegate council seating.

The Council Members did not sit in their specified

assembly chairs, ​(that I assume they use during council meetings) ​however, they sat amongst the crowd…and the crowd was abundant! Late comers soon became standing onlookers. Women & men, young and old were in attendance.

The purpose of Council President’s Women’s day celebration was to honor outstanding women in the community. Each council member chose a woman that would receive an honorary award. Much wisdom was in the air and much inspiration absorbed. All of the women in the room were called “masterpieces” because of their ongoing process of creating strong legacies of true leadership. Nancy Zak, who received an award, stated that “So many people in this room make this city a better place.” I personally felt that this was true due to so many movers and changers that were present. Additional honorees included NJ State Senator Teresa Ruiz, Ms. Olga Jiminez Wagenheim, Hon. Sheila Y. Oliver , Ms. Maritza Gutierrez , Ms. Towanda McEachern, Ms. Terry Fields , Ms. Digna Dubon and Ms. Joyce Carter. Council President Payne and the Municipal Council surprised Councilwoman Crump with an honorary award. Crump spoke true wisdom in her speech and said things like “Your living should not be in vain.”, “Often times we have to take responsibility and stand in front.” & “When you are faced with a challenge, if it is to be... it’s up to me.” As other honorees accepted their awards, they too shared moving motivational quotes. Ms. Olga Jiminez Wagenheim blessed the audience with the three characteristics of a leader which according to her are: vision, hard work and humility. Towanda McEachern, founder of Supporting our Sisters closed out the evening with her epiphany by stating “There are two important days of your life. The day you were born and the day you know why. Someone has been waiting their whole life for you!” Attending this event was exhilarating. It made the audience feel alive! The event was followed by dessert, which consisted of mouth watering pastries coupled with a mini networking mixer of which officials such as Congressman Donald Payne Sr. and reputable City Hall Staff were in the mix. Guests ate, smiled and talked the evening away.

Council President Donald M. Payne Jr.

​Senator Teresa Ruiz & Council President Donald M. Payne Jr.

Council President Donald M. Payne Jr.

Friday, April 15, 2011

X Factor Auditions

April 14, 2011 marked the day that Simon Cowell's X Factor auditions took place in the great city of Newark, NJ. At 6am thousands of would be famous hopefuls waited on line outside of the Prudential Center to get a chance at stardom! At 9am the doors opened and everyone billowed inside the arena. As the day progressed, friendships were made and promises from the angels kept. During the lengthy wait, several auditioners created a stage of entertainment strictly for themselves. Hundreds joined in... in a full fledge make shift multi-lead concert. Musicians with instruments joined in and circled the arena singing songs in unison while rotating the lead singer.

Anyone standing within close proximity of the Prudential Center could clearly hear and feel the passion inside.

INSPIRATION was evident, obvious and in the air.                                      

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Middy Murdock "The Bricks" Debut Celebration This Thursday! Newark native Middy Murdock is proud to announce the debut of ​“The Bricks” Comic Book on ​Thursday April 7th at Majesty Loft for Hip Hop Education Week​. Focusing on issues that affect youngsters, this event is designed to maximize FUN, education and entertainment for all ages. The Author and Creator of ​“The Bricks” comic book, Middy Murdock, is a 35 year old multi-talented artist, writer, hip hop entertainer, graphic artist and clothing designer born and raised in Newark’s central ward. ​“The Bricks” comic book consists of many stories and issues based on everyday life events that ​can affect Newarkers. It also focuses on struggles that Newark Natives can potentially face and how they can overcome them through positive influences and proper education. The purpose of this book is to reach out to young readers to show them that no matter where you come from or what you go through... you can achieve, if you believe!

WHAT: Middy Murdock’s debut of his comic book “Brick City”

WHO: Illustrator Middy Murdock with entertainment by Hip Hop Ambassador Orikl

WHERE: Majesty Loft 194 Market Street 3rd Floor Newark, NJ 07102 (1 Block from Prudential Center between Broad Street & Mulberry Street) WHEN: Thursday April 7, 2011 (7-11pm)

COMMENTS: “This book is very interesting.” – Mayor Cory A. Booker 


Executive Summary Example SocialLightGames One Line Pitch: Bringing light to developing social skills through good old fashioned play! Business Summary: SocialLightGames is an innovative line of 3 games that develop social skills, problem solving, character building and selfesteem. Customer Problem: Today, educational systems continue to dramatically lack a curriculum that honors the development of social and emotional skills in children. Poor social-emotional skills can be life threatening and can affect an individual negatively throughout adulthood (i.e. H.S. dropout, not fitting in, poor job performance→ unemployment). A more proactive approach needs to take place and be further implemented in schools and homes nationwide. This approach can be tackled through SocialLightGames by teaching children social skills and critical thinking while having fun! Product/Services: We offer several games (Mega Ball Toss, Ball toss & Fishing pole) sold individually or in a package geared towards all children that teach social skills, problem solving and self-esteem. Market Size: According to the national center for education statistics, there are over 91,0001 schools and there are over 3.1 million teachers across the United States2. In addition there are over 140 million parents in the U.S. These are our target audiences. Target Market: Our niche market would include parents of children with neurological differences, Special education and regular education teachers for use with children Ages 4-10. Customers: Successful trials have been made at the Ben Samuels Children’s Center in Montclair, NJ & Ridge Street School Newark, NJ. Sales/Marketing Strategy: We plan to create prototypes of our games to feature in a sales brochure to promote to local school districts. We also plan to acquire vendor space at upcoming carnivals and provide packages for children’s birthday parties and more. Business Model: We will manufacture games that we will sell. We will sell the games individually or in a group package deal. Competitors: Similar competitors exist that offer social emotional support in the form of cards Example 1 and a board game Example 2. Competitive Advantage: Our games involve motor activity as well as questioning cards, which will dually benefit the child with right & left brain activities. Market Traction: While we currently do not have any orders, we hope that this contest can give us the tools we need to be able to self manufacture our product and promote it rigorously.

1 - 2 - 3 -

SocialLightGames Company Profile URL: site/sociallightgames Industry:

Educational Employees: 2 Founded: June

2016 Contact

SocialLightGames (212) 722-4656 (908) 938-6685 Catherine Payne Lewis Jorge Villacreses

Additional Information

SocialLightGames is a great resource for teachers, schools and families to help children grow their motivational skills, intellectual qualities and socio emotional skills in order to succeed in school.

PROPOSAL Sample Cover Graphic done by C. Payne


The N.A.T. has chosen your organization to participate in its 32 city tour. This New Artist Tour will go through some twenty-two (22) major cities beginning in the fall of 2012. The schedule of events will include:

1. An Open Audition, where the N.A.T. Tour will hold an open audition in your city to select artistV to open for a major act headlining the show in your area! 2. Two opening acts will perform. 3. One major act will be brought to perform for your audience/ organization (Example Artist: Diggy Simmons) We hope that your organization is excited to have the N.A.T. Tour, as we are excited to bring this great event to your town.




Byron Williams N.A.T. Tour Organizer

N.A.T. Tour   Office:  646-­‐748-­‐8944  Web:  www.Nat-­‐  


Requirements: for N.A.T tour participants:

a) Venue: state of the art facilities b) Audio/sound/lights c) 6tage crew d) 6ecurity

e) ,nsurance/accidental coverage/liability

Last project Apollo Live (BET CENTRIC) 2012



Affiliates: Oakland Hills records Kings management 9229 Sunset Boulevard Suite 830 Los Angeles, Ca. 90069

N.A.T. Tour   Office:  646-­‐748-­‐8944  Web:  www.Nat-­‐  


Mission: To create a multi-dimensional artist development and entertainment brand driven by content with a target audience ranging in age from 13-25 years old. The main attraction would be a Pop Music tour, Whe New Artist Tour (N.A.T.) which would run a duration of 8 months and provide equal access and opportunity for established musical performers who wish to entertain through a massive, comprehensive and explosive live performance, all while showcasing raw talent in front of a youth populated audience. Vision: To engage, inspire, and instill an attitude of professional live show appreciation in youth nationwide. Further, to entertain and re-enforce the strong musical acumen of a young demographic which would result in our providing future artistic events, products and services catered to this particular population. Core Values & Opportunities: Byron Williams, founder and CEO of Oakland Hills Records, has branched out to form N.A.T. Byron is using his 15 years plus experience in the entertainment industry to create a showcase for new artists in the form of the New Artist Tour. The intention of the tour is to be a bridge and a highlight for up and coming artists who lack the opportunity of reaching a proper and expansive outlet for which to entertain an audience that hungers for the new and exciting. With comparisons to the legendary “Scream Tour� (which was instrumental in launching the careers of artists such as Bow Wow, Chris Brown, and Omarion just to name a few) Whe N.A.T. tour will create great opportunities for its participants. It will allow new artists to get closer to their intended fan base, through 1.) Direct interaction during performances and 2.) Innovative digital application during events and shows. The N.A.T. Tour is scheduled to touch down on twenty-two (22) major U.S. cities beginning in the fall of 2012 and ending in the late summer of 2013. The N.A.T. Tour’s primary goal is to become a major platform for new artists to showcase their talents.


3 Â


N.A.T.  Tour   Office:  646-­�748-­�8944  Web:  www.Nat-­�  

This is the "New Artist Tour" (N.A.T.), a unique and very special Musical Event which sensationalizes the ultimate young pop artist, the songs teens love and the music that helps to shape their life stories.

The Show Stars:

Diggy Simmons Diggy Simmons is a rising Hip Hop Star. He has successfully headlined his very own tour with Winter 2012’s The Life Of The Jetsetter Tour and co-headlined two previous runs––2011’s 106th & Park Presents: The Closer To My Dreams Tour and The Scream Tour: The Next Generation. As decorated as he is lyrically gifted, Diggy has been bestowed a plethora of kudos from premium brands in media (Billboard’s “Artists To Watch 2011,” XXL’s 2011 annual Freshman list and cover), television (2011 BET Awards “Rookie of The Year” and “Young Star Award” nominee) and culture (2012 NAACP Image Award winner for “Outstanding New Artist.”). Diggy Possesses all of the qualities of a successful music entertainer and this is evident in his proven track record.



Demi Lovato Demi Lovato is a seasoned young actress and performer. From 2008-present, she has released three albums all of which have placed in the top 5 on the Billboard 200. Recently she has been receiving a lot of media attention (due to the release of her song "Skyscraper", and WKH release of her

N.A.T. Tour   Office:  646-­‐748-­‐8944  Web:  www.Nat-­‐  

documentary, Demi Lovato: Stay Strong.) and is said to be a very inspirational person to many celebrities and teens alike. She will also be featured as one of the newest judges on the 2nd season of the TV show X-Factor.

Iyaz Iyaz is a Multi-Platinum Award-Winning singer, songwriter and rapper. He released his first single "Replay" in July 2009, which rapidly soared on the charts and reached #1 on the Top 40. Following with this success, IYAZ's second single "Solo" was a Top 20 hit. His debut album "Replay" was well received. This 25-year-old artist makes magic with reggae-infused R&B melodies inspired by island women, wireless romance, and the anguish of unrequited love. IYAZ’s songwriting style is timeless and universal.

Jacob Lattimore



15-year old Jacob Latimore possesses vocal talent that spans far beyond his years, proving that age is nothing but a number when it comes to performing. In 2010, Jacob, with the help of a viral video performance, caught the eye of RCA Records A&R, Wayne Williams. Members of the RCA staff were also left in awe by his charismatic personality and astonishing voice that instantly answered the question of whether the young teen has star power. Jacob was immediately signed to the label and brought along powerhouse managers Larry Rudolph and Jeremy Geffen. Jacob’s first single “Like ‘Em All” featuring Diggy Simmons and produced by Infinity, is an up-tempo track in which Jacob and Diggy let the girls know that they’re beautiful despite their flaws.

N.A.T. Tour   Office:  646-­‐748-­‐8944  Web:  www.Nat-­‐  

Mindless Behavior Mindless Behavior stir up a frenzy wherever they go. Mingling R&B grooves, pop hooks, and hip hop swag, the teen quartet—Prodigy, Roc Royal, Ray Ray, and Princeton—have quickly become a modern musical phenomenon with an army of screaming fans following them everywhere. On their debut album for Streamline/Conjunction/Interscope Records, #1 Girl, the group fuels that hysteria with numerous worldwide anthems. There's another dimension to this experience. Each member boasts an eye-catching, 21st century fashion sensibility as well as impressive and incendiary dance moves. In the tradition of The Jackson Five, New Edition, and B2K, they're the new vanguard for pop. They're Mindless Behavior!

Jawan Harris Thirteen year old Jawan Harris is an extraordinary singer/dancer on the rise. With a charming “boy next door” demeanor and vocal styling that will inevitably draw comparisons to a Jackson 5 Michael Jackson, Jawan’s tone cuts through the clutter and rings clear as school bells forcing you to sit up and pay attention. Jawan has developed an incredible fan-base with his hit singles “Nobody” and "Another Planet" featuring Chris Brown. Both songs have broad appeal across genres and generations.



With his voice and his personality to match, Jawan has solidified star power. Easily winning over the hearts of parents and teenage girls alike, possessing the elusive "it" factor.

N.A.T. Tour   Office:  646-­‐748-­‐8944  Web:  www.Nat-­‐  

Greyson Chance

At just 14 years-old, Greyson Chance has accomplished more than many musicians can hope for in their careers; two successful North American tours, performing at the White House, national television appearances on “Good Morning America,” “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon,” “CBS Early Show,” and, most recently, the release of his debut album Hold On ‘Til

The Night from eleveneleven/Maverick/Streamline/ Geffen. Much of Chance’s celebrity began with a fortuitous YouTube post of a performance by the stageready 6th grader for his fellow students of Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi,” but the whirlwind of expsoure and international opportunities that ensued for this Edmond, Oklahoma native have been such that can only be earned by his sheer talent. Now, with a critically-acclaimed debut album, which boasts a debut single “Waiting Outside the Lines,” that sold over 160 thousand copies to date and was the #1 physical single in the country for four straight weeks.



The now infamous performance of “Paparazzi” in April 2010 went on to become YouTube’s #3 most popular video of 2010 and has received nearly 45 million views to date.

N.A.T. Tour   Office:  646-­‐748-­‐8944  Web:  www.Nat-­‐  

By sponsoring this event, you are showing a strong and active interest in your community. The New Artist Tour is an opportunity for companies to target a distinct consumer market and to gain tremendous exposure for their products and/or services. Any donations provided by a business or organization will be considered as a form of advertising and/or promotion and therefore may be considered tax deductible.

CORPORATE BRAND SPONSOR - $10,000 - Your name in the TITLE - Example: "Your Name" presents The N.A.T. Tour - Inclusion in select marketing and promotional efforts via TV and web. - 1st Position Logo Placement on the Red Carpet Backdrop - Your name on all VIP Attendee Gift bags - Opportunity to place flyer/product in all attendee goodie bags - Your name on ALL staff T-shirts - Prime Exhibit space - Presenting sponsor for NAT Tour Launch Party in September 2012. - Logo listed on our website banner for 1 year. - Website Promotion – Corporate Link - 20 V.I.P. Tickets for select tour Dates - Email: Brand message in a mass e-mailing to over 5,000 e-mailed impressions - A minimum of three public address announcements during the event - Full-Page Color Ad (Outside Back, Inside Front, or Inside Back) - A Complimentary Photo Op with the performers - Logo listed on all promotional materials - Company Logo on Cover of program booklet at event



PLATINUM SPONSOR - $5,000 - Prime Exhibit space - Logo listed on our website banner for 3 months. - Logo Placement on the Red Carpet Backdrop - Opportunity to place flyer/product in all attendee goodie bags - Logo listed on all promotional materials - Company Logo on Inside front cover of program booklet at event - 3 minXWHV onstage to introduce business ANGEL SPONSOR - $1,000 - Prime Exhibit space - Logo listed on our website banner for 3 months. - Opportunity to place flyer/product in all attendee goodie bags - Logo listed on all promotional materials

N.A.T. Tour   Office:  646-­‐748-­‐8944  Web:  www.Nat-­‐  



Chart Data

N.A.T. Tour   Office:  646-­‐748-­‐8944  Web:  www.Nat-­‐  

35 30   25   20   Series  1  

15 10   5   0   Clothes  








N.A.T. Tour   Office:  646-­‐748-­‐8944  Web:  www.Nat-­‐  

Likes and interests of the young demographic age 13-24























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N.A.T. Tour   Office:  646-­‐748-­‐8944  Web:  www.Nat-­‐  





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