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$9.99 Audiobook now available on BookBaby.com on Store.BookBaby.com Endorsed by Sacred Artist Gwyneth Thompson-Briggs Discounts Available! wisebloodbooks@gmail.com - 888.484.9945 Available Spring 2023 Preschool thru Age 7 Divine Providence Press divineprovidencepress.com Kiss Me Goodnight
Written by Maurice Prater Illustrated by Cecilia Lawrence

Fragrances on the Holy Shroud? Clues from Scripture!

The Holy Shroud of Turin, the most analyzed and studied artifact in history, is a 14-ft. linen burial cloth that bears the image of a crucified man. Millions of people believe it is the authentic burial cloth of Jesus Christ of Nazareth which was miraculously imprinted with His likeness at the moment of His resurrection. BUT DID YOU KNOW that this linen cloth would have been permeated with fragrances as well? First century Jewish burial rites included preparing a body with fragrant resins & spices, oils of nard, myrrh and aloes. According to the Biblical Cyclopedia, “Ointments as well as oil were used to anoint dead bodies and the clothes in which they were wrapped. So strong were the better kinds of ointments, and so perfectly were the different component substances amalgamated, that they have been known to retain their scent several hundred years.” Jesus, Our Lord, spoke of his own body being anointed in anticipation of his burial in the following scriptures: Mt 26:12, “In pouring this perfumed oil (nard) upon my body, she did it to prepare me for burial” and Mark 14:8, “...she has anointed my body (with ointment of pure nard, very costly), beforehand for burying.” And John 19:40 gives us a further clue as to how there would have been fragrances on the Holy Shroud: “Nicodemus also, who had at first come to him by night, came bringing a mixture of myrrh and aloes, about a hundred pounds’ weight. They took the body of Jesus, and bound it in linen cloths with the spices, as is the burial custom of the Jews.”

Rodger Kenworthy, along with his wife Greer, are the producers of ABBA Biblical fragrant prayer oils and candles for the past 27 years. They have been researching and studying the Shroud of Turin for over 17 years. Their first encounter with this sacred relic occurred in 2005 during a visit to the Garden of Gethsemane in Jerusalem. They were invited by Father Giorgio, caretaker of the Garden, to view a full-length replica of one of the first photographs of the Shroud taken in 1898 by Secondo Pia, which was on private display within the Garden compound. It was a profound spiritual experience that God used to stir their hearts with a deep desire to learn more about this ancient linen cloth.

Since that viewing, they have been seeking God’s direction on the possibility of producing a fragrance associated with this awe-inspiring relic. Through in-depth study of first century Jewish burial rites along with the resurrection account as told in the Gospels, the Kenworthys discovered that various spices, resins and oils, such as myrrh, nard and aloes, were used to prepare a body for burial. With the leading of the Holy Spirit, they have formulated a fragrance using some of the same spices and oils which would have been on the linen burial cloth of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. After many years of inspiration, development and much prayer, it is with great joy that they announce the completion of this fragrant devotional oil inspired by the iconic Shroud of Turin, HOLY SHROUD FRAGRANCE™.

The Kenworthys believe that the HOLY SHROUD FRAGRANCE™ was brought forth by God to shed light on the significance of the Turin Shroud as it testifies to the extreme price that Christ paid for man’s redemption and as it bears witness to Christ’s resurrection. As this sacred oil is used in prayer and devotions and during times of worship and intercession, it is their deep desire that its divine aroma will be a reminder of the hope and promise of eternal life accomplished through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, Savior of the world.

Jesus said: “I am the resurrection and the life. Those who believe in me, even though they die, will live” (John 11:25).

Rodger Kenworthy met Fr. Andrew Dalton, a leading Holy Shroud authority and well-known International Shroud speaker, in Houston and introduced him to the HOLY SHROUD FRAGRANCETM. The picture to the left shows Fr. Dalton praying a blessing over the fragrance in September 2022. He spoke at various venues on behalf of the Holy Shroud Exhibit opening in Houston at the National Museum of Funeral History in April 2023.

THE HOLY SHROUD FRAGRANCE can be found at www.HolyShroudFragrance.com and www.AbbaOil.com.
Introducing... Holy Shroud FragranceTM “For such a time as this” Ancient burial spices of Nard, Myrrh, Aloes & more blended with Holy Land olive oil BiblicallyAromaticallyInspiredDivine Free Shipping with Code: CMMFS $29.99 Introductory Price Devotional Prayer Oil The www.holyshroudfragrance.com 713-896-1859

to Celebrate the Eucharistic


A perfect resource to help increase one’s love and devotion to the Blessed Sacrament and to become immersed in the blessings and graces of Adoration.

176 pages. Size 43/8 x 63/4

No. 947/19 – Dura-Lux cover $11.95

ISBN 978-1-953152-60-2

Scriptural Novena to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament

An offering to help you not only understand, celebrate, and live the Eucharist but also adore Jesus truly present in the Blessed Sacrament. 128 pages. Size 43/8 x 63/4

No. 948/19 – Dura-Lux cover $11.95

ISBN 978-1-953152-82-4

Pocket Catechism on the Eucharist with Prayers

This is a welcome find for Catholics on their faith journey who seek to learn about the Eucharist. Let it help foster greater reverence and devotion to the Blessed Sacrament. 48 pages. Size 4 x 61/2

No. 71/04 – Self-cover $3.95

ISBN 978-1-953152-87-9

The Power of Joy

and merriment that are the fruit of good humor and fair play, and that strengthen the bonds of love and community, which create a joyful heart. Help me to foster the virtues of mercy, patience, and selfcontrol, so that I might be an instrument through which those I encounter are showered with the blessings of a joyful way of life. And may I give witness, in times of both ease and suffering, to the constant Resurrection of spirit in Christ.





‘It’s better to light one candle than to curse the darkness’ Three Minutes aDay Volume 57 The Christophers Providing literature and media that nurture faith, character, and hope in people of all ages. “Three Minutes a Day: Volume 57,”our book which offers 365 daily reflections, Scripture verses, and prayers for only $10. You can also request our free Christopher News Notes and Prayer Ca T he Christopher s “It’s better to light one candle than to curse the darkness” www.christophers.org mail@christophers.org 212-759-4050 ext. 241 The Christophers Jesus, guide me to live in a state of grace, so that might cultivate a deep and abiding friendship with You. May I always be mindful of the sacrifice You have made to free me from the sins I commit. Thank You for restoring my innocence through the Sacrament of Reconciliation, so that can remain close to You. May I never hesitate to partake of this healing ritual, so that can become light in spirit and share the joy of with all those in need. Reconciliation Prayer “God made the wild animals of the earth of every kind…and God saw that it was good.”—Gen. 1:25 IT WAS ON THE SIXTH DAY OF CREATION THAT GOD GIFTED OUR WORLD WITH ANIMALS,including all the furry, feathered, and scaly friends that we humans now call ets. Whether their antics make us belly laugh—or their loyalty and devotion make us cry—there is no doubt that the world is a fuller and more joyful place because of nimals. In fact, many will ttest that animals can Christopher News Notes AnimalsareaBlessing The Christophers Come to me, Holy Spirit, and kindle in me the wisdom I need to follow in the path of Jesus Christ. Come to me, Holy Spirit, and give me the strength to face challenges in my daily life.
The Christophers Open my heart to Your joy, O Lord. Guide me towards all things that lead to true and lasting happiness. May I rejoice in the laughter
Wisdomof the Holy Spirit
years and counting
better to light one candle than to curse the darkness” Forgiveness is the power of God infused in our lives. When we forgive one another, we partake in the fruits of Christ’s redemptive sacrifice. Forgiveness is a healing gift that allows us to move beyond the pain of anger and hatred. Forgiveness frees us to live our lives in love for one another so the light o can shine through all we do. Lord, help us to have forgiving hearts. Forgiveness F Hope looks for the good in people instead of harping on the worst Hope opens doors where despair closes them Hope draws its power from a deep trust in God and the basi goodness of h Hope www christophers org 212-759-4050 It s better to light one candle than to curse the darkness” Patience is a stillness that reaches deep within the human soul It connects us with God by allowing us to pause and reflect on our actions A patient heart waits for the resurrections that Christ effects in our lives reviving us to a life of joy Patience is the tender reaction of one heart to another It is the essence of love Lord grant us patience so our hearts remain open toYourhealing Patience www.christophers.org 212-759-4050 “It’s better to light one candle than to curse the darkness” You re my ligh in the darkness You’re my guide through the storm My hope or new beg nnings You he p keep me rom harm Close to You al good s poss ble Bette days fi led w th hope With strength rom You I’ve a fu ure Love sent from You he ps me cope Be with me now, Lord Let Your love light the way. Amen God is My Light Catholic Book Publishing Corp. TRUSTED • PROVEN • RELIABLE
Revival Books by Most Rev. Arthur J. Serratelli, S.T.D., S.S.L., D.D. catholicbookb2b.com 973-890-2400 MORE THAN
Reflections and Prayers
celebrate Eucharistic Revival 71-947-948.indd 2 1/19/23 1:25 PM
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Hallmark of the Finest Devotional Heirlooms

Pilgrimage and Spiritual Renewal at CMN MOMENTUM'23 Trade Show

Join us in Birmingham, Alabama this summer, June 26–28 where we will offer two Pilgrimages!

As an attendee of the CMN MOMENTUM'23 Trade Show, you will have the opportunity to make your trip to Birmingham a spiritually fulfilling trip. Walk the grounds of the world's largest Catholic Television Network, visit the Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament, and feel the love of Christ for you.

EWTN Global Catholic Television Network Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament

On Monday, June 26, you will have the opportunity to attend Mass, take a tour of their studios at EWTN, see the satellite dishes, visit the gift shop, chapel, and more! Visit their website (ewtn.com/pilgrimage) for more information.

For pricing information and other questions: Visit our website at CatholicMarketing.com, Email us at info@catholicmarketing, or Call us at 800-506-6333

On Thursday, June 29, we will visit the Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament. The Holy Eucharist is the "Source and Summit of our faith. Mother Angelica, the beloved foundress of EWTN, inspired by the great Franciscan Monasteries and churches of Italy, saw that the RomanesqueGothic architecture and breathtaking art facilitated prayer and worship. Everything on the Shrine grounds leads to the Main Church. The Monstrance within the Main Church contains the consecrated Host, which is the precious Body of Christ, solemnly exposed for adoration." Visit their website (olamshrine.com) to learn more.

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CMN 2023 International Trade Show Join us June 26-28 Birmingham, Alabama TO SHOP Discover new products and vendors to enhance your inventory. TO NETWORK Connect with old and new customers, ministries, and businesses involved in the distribution of Catholic materials. TO RETREAT Experience the joy of our Catholic faith through pilgrimage, beautiful Masses, worship of our Eucharistic Lord, fellowship, and confession. Visit our website (catholicmarketing.com) for more information on Attendee Registration and Exhibiting QUESTIONS? Email info@catholicmarketing.com or Call 800.506.6333
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NEW from Blue Army Press

e Glaston Chronicles series combines timetravel, history, gripping adventure, religious themes and the dangers of the occult. It focuses on the Marian shrine of Glastonbury in England, a place of legend and religious devotion, associated with gures such as Joseph of Arimathea and King Arthur. Perfect for middle school – young adult.

ShopFatima.com • 1-866-513-1917

(Discounts for retailers and bulk orders)

“In an age when young readers are o en exposed to secular literature with pessimistic and occult in uences, the Glaston Chronicles provide a refreshing alternative.”

–Dr. Robert Fastiggi, Professor of Dogmatic eology, Sacred Heart Major Seminary

World Apostolate of Fatima, USA

BOOK THREE OF the Glaston Chronicles FOLEY The Excalibur laston
Donal Anthony Foley
BOOK ONE OF the Glaston Chronicles Blue Army Press the Glaston Chronicles 1 The Glaston Secret to Castle BOOK TWO OF the Glaston Chronicles Castle Raven, the second book in the Glaston set in a castle in the heart of Switzerland, a place where the forces of evil are used in a new and deadly their time-traveling exploits in Second World Bergin and his cousins, Luke and Annie Martin, find a new adventure in the twenty-first century, but adversary, Emil Schwarzen, now an aged, corrupt entrepreneur. The cousins soon find themselves overwhelming dark forces as they undergo a terrifying and his partisans of evil. literature for young people ignores the invisible world of does little, if anything, at all to lift their minds and souls that are eternal; hence, Donal Foley’s Journey to Castle imaginative adventure tale that can be recommended for a welcome contribution to a very necessary cultural well-known Catholic writer and apologist. A convert from he has written four books dealing with Eastern Orthodoxy. Journey to Castle Raven—of the spiritual war, of supernatural and the occult, of good and evil—is profound and, and will, I hope, help people.” author, CTS booklet, Exorcism started writing children’s books after looking more books for children while working as a teacher. Although good as stories, he found very little in the way of literature. He set out to produce stories that would focus religious values. The result has been the Glaston combines time-travel, history, adventure and religious ancient shrine of Glastonbury in England. This has legend and religious devotion for thousands of years and figures such as Joseph ofArimathea and King Arthur. Mr. United Kingdom. atima, USA Press Blue Army Press the Glaston Chronicles 2 FOLEY Journey to Castle Raven Raven
Donal Anthony Foley
Ceramic Mug $12.99 EA Zippered Journal $19.99 EA Water Bottle $19.99 EA 3-Piece Notebook Set $9.99 EA Shop all collections at www.cagifts.com/cmn CMN_SpringCatalog_Meadows_HP.pdf 1 1/17/23 11:13 AM
CMN 2023 International Trade Show Join us SHOPPING. NETWORKING. CONNECTION. PILGRIMAGE. Register Today at catholicmarketing.com Call 800.506.6333 or Email info@catholicmarketing.com June 26-28 Birmingham, Alabama CATHOLIC MARKETING NETWORK P.O. BOX 610465 DALLAS, TX 75261 800.506.6333 • www.catholicmarketing.com