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Inspiring Gift Items, Articles and  Resources WWW.CATHOLICMARKETING.COM How silently the wondrous gift is given! CHRISTMAS GIFT CATALOG – 2023 EDITION OVER 280 NEW ITEMS! featuring OSV Marian Press Novena Cards Ascension Press Catholic Family Crate Catholic Book Publishing Silver Cross Catholic Store

Catholic Teaching Resource for Schools and Parents

This series of books teaches children Catholic Theology, using beautiful Catholic Art, to help children conceptualize the Glory of God.

The Catholic Faith Teaching Manual is a series of 5 books for school children from age 7 to 14. Each book contains 15 lessons which cover : - Catechism Question

- Prayer / Devotions

- Bible Stories

- Sacramentals

- Lives of the Saints

- Church History

The manual is ideal for schools and homeschooling. Each book can be taught over a year or in months depending on the teacher or parent. The teaching manuals take a step-by-step approach in explaining all facets of the faith, it assumes the child has little or no knowledge. The books are also a starting point for those adults who are beginners in the Catholic faith. This series of books introduces the fundamentals of the Catholic faith which incorporates both the tradition and the beauty.

By the end of the 5 levels, your child will be fully knowledgeable on Catholic Dogma and Doctrine, equipped to defend the faith!

Book 1 = Level 1 : Holy Communion (age 7- 9)

Book 2 = Level 2 : Post Communion (age 10-11)

Book 3 = Level 3 : Intermediary Level (age 11-12)

Book 4 = Level 4 : Pre- confirmation Level (age 12-13)

Book 5 = Level 5 : Confirmation Level (age 13-14)


in the United States
wholesale prices email :
Available at AMAZON.com and online book retailers or
orders through www.jmjcatholicproducts.com.au Available
Signs Wonders for Our Times
A Mini str y to Cathol ic Women ® R NEW STATUES VINTAGE STATUES ALTARS PAINTINGS CHAIRS/PEWS RESTORATIONS CRUCIFIXES CANDLES/STANDS CHALICES john t. fisher 515.452.5070 info@stcatherinestatues.com www.stcatherinestatues.com We Wish you and Yours A Happy Holiday. and may your new year be filled with peace, joy, and prosperity. Merry Christmas! IN need of a new home: One of a kind Holy Family Nativity, made in Germany by Mayer Munich. Approx. 60-80 years old. 72” tall, 54” wide, 24” deep AD-christmas-2023.indd 1 9/1/23 9:54 AM
WHOLESALE STERLING SILVER ACTS BRACELETS ESTABLISHED 1999 For wholesale prices and orders Call 210-857-3699 Email: john@fisherbracelet.com Tax I.D. Number required for orders www.fisherbracelet.com
Learn to practice daily the sacrifice of forgiving through the use of a simple prayer that brings healing and restoration to your heart. Includes a NEW chapter discussion and study questions. my table Winner of the Illumination Book Awards – Bronze Medal in Theology Forgiving from the heart can be heroic.” ~ Saint John Paul Give the Gift of Forgiving this Christmas! Available from Liberty Cross Ministries P.O. Box 343 l Liberty Lake, WA 99019 charlesfinck3@gmail.com Quantity and wholesale discounts available. Spanish version available. “If we really want to LOVE we must learn how to FORGIVE. ”
Mother Teresa etsy.com/shop/CinctureAskingLLC Custom cinctures: Franciscan ~Monks Knot ~Tassels

Silver Cross Catholic Store

Silver Cross Catholic Store is in western Ohio and in the heart of many small devoted Catholic communities. The store was founded in 2006 by Ann Stidd to provide authentically Catholic items for the people.

The name of Silver Cross goes back to the story of the early German-Dutch settlers who unearthed a silver cross while establishing the now known Fort Loramie. Approximately 100 years prior to their arrival, an early fort and trading post had been established. These later settlers took the silver cross to be a sign that they were in the right place and that the faith had come before them.

On All Saints Day of 2021 the new owner, Missy and husband Jim Bennett purchased the store with the intent to continue to provide authentically Catholic items and resources for the people.

“Ann has done something beautiful for our people,” states Missy. “We are not meant to journey alone, and this beautiful store is an oasis; providing friendship, conversation and items that add richness to our Catholic faith.”

The store has become an opportunity to share in the journey and provide catechesis to our people. First Saturdays are devoted to our Blessed Mother and typically a “Story Time with Sisters” occurs. The Sisters of the Children of Mary drive nearly two hours to share time with our children and families. People wonder how the children fit in the store. Designed with racks on wheels, the back area of the store is converted to an open space for the children, book signings, coffee & chats with priests and local experts. A women’s and men’s Catholic ministry program are coordinated through the store and offers every other month gatherings for respite, friendship and growth in knowledge of the Faith. The store also provides book studies. The larger groups are often held outside of the store location.

Missy will tell you that they love to get good Catholic books in hands of the people. And are always hopeful to create a new friendship with a Saint through a beautiful statue, prayer card and a classic read. “Our Catholic faith is so rich, so beautiful and these Catholic items can only provide more richness and more beauty to our home and lives,” states Missy, “Truly, we are richly blessed to be the shopkeepers and share the journey with His people.”

For more information on Silver Cross Catholic Store and events go to silvercrosscatholic.com


The Call to the Creatures to the Order, to the Place and to the Purpose for Which They Were Created by God

- All 36 Volumes-New U.S. Edition-Regular paper - Hardcover"...no new public revelation is to be expected before the glorious manifestation of our Lord Jesus Christ." Yet even if Revelation is already complete, it has not been made completely explicit; it remains for Christian faith gradually to grasp it's full significance over the course of the centuries".

Catechism of the Catholic Church #66


Matthew 6:10


SPECIAL Gifts for the Christmas Season

John 16:12, 13
H a v e a b l e s s e d C h r i s t m a s Contact info@theartoftheicon.com for Wholesale orders Visit the website to view our selection, or visit us on Faire.com Catholic & Byzantine Icons in varying sizes and price range Genuine, Superior Quality & Certified Iconography Products are Hand made in Greece and ship from the USA
t h e a r t o f t h e i c o n . c o m

Easy to use resources to teach and practice the Catholic faith



Ideal Gifts of Faith


Featuring illustrations that will appeal to children, these board books are a wonderful introduction to some of the essential prayers of the Catholic Faith. The magnet—a fun and ideal closure—and a colorful handle complete these durable carry-along books. 28 pages. Size: 61/8 x 811/16

Catholic Book of Prayers for Children

No. 574/22 $14.95

ISBN 978-1-958237-25-0

The Holy Rosary No. 575/22 $14.95

ISBN 978-1-958237-26-7


The bright, vivid colors throughout these cloth books will charm God’s littlest ones. Playful illustrations that accompany sweet prayers to Jesus or Angels will delight little eyes. There’s a hint of the love God showers on His children in every illustration. 8 pages. Size 7 x 7.

My Angel Watches Over Me

ISBN 978-1-947070-97-4

ISBN 978-1-947070-96-7

............................... $8.95
Thank You, Jesus No.
................................. $8.95
574/22 575/22 catholicbookb2b.com
961/65CB 962/65CB

for Children This Christmas


The bright, vividly-colored illustrations in these bath books will delight little ones as they splash about during bath time. They also are good companions at mealtime because they easily can be wiped off if sticky hands have held them. 8 pages. Size: 6 x 6.

My Bible Bath Book

No. 942/77BB $7.95

ISBN 978-1-947070-95-0

My Prayers Bath Book

No. 941/77BB ............................... $7.95

ISBN 978-1-947070-94-3


The bright, vibrant, and eye-catching illustrations in these books will “pop” off the pages to delight little children as they learn Bible stories and celebrate the Birth of Jesus. 12 pages. Size 7½ x 51/4

Bible Stories

No. 893/97—Padded hardcover $7.95

ISBN 978-1-958237-20-5


No. 894/97—Padded hardcover ................. $7.95

ISBN 978-1-958237-21-2


These lightweight Angel-shaped books will add meaning and delight when children pray to Jesus. The sweet animals that fill the pages will draw in children and help them look forward to saying their prayers. Each book is 14 pages. Size: 5¼ x 5¾.

Joy with Jesus

No. 214/22—EVA ...................................... $8.95

ISBN 978-1-958237-30-4

Prayers to Jesus

No. 211/22—EVA $8.95

ISBN 978-1-958237-29-8

214/22 942/77BB 211/22

friends: Thank You!

For more than 80 years, the mission begun by Father Patrick Peyton, C.S.C., has remained the same: to promote the spiritual well-being of families around the world through daily prayer, especially the Rosary. We couldn’t have done it without our valued partners in the Catholic Marketing Network.

To help spread that message, Holy Cross Family Ministries has relied on the friendly and faithful service of the Catholic business leaders, retailers and apostolates who make up CMN. For many years, you have been the first line of ministry work in helping us reach a Catholic audience hungry for faith-based products and services.

Your efforts have helped us reach out to countless families, educators, and parishes who needed to hear the messages first uttered by the “Rosary Priest”: “The family that prays together stays together” and “A world at prayer is a world at peace.”

You have enabled us to encourage families through our growing family of ministries, including Family Rosary, Family Theater Productions, Catholic Mom, Father Peyton Family Institutes, the Peyton Institute for Domestic Church Life and the newest ministry, the Museum of Family Prayer.

Our mission: to promote the spiritual well-being of families around the world through daily prayer, especially the Rosary.

Holy Cross Family Ministries is also grateful to the CMN membership for continuously supporting and praying for the Canonization of founder, Venerable Patrick Peyton, through participation in the Father Peyton Prayer Guild, one worldwide prayer team with an important spiritual cause.

Whether it has been through your prayers, purchasing from our wholesale program or promoting our online programming and events, you have helped us reach out to those in need of spiritual guidance and instruction. And, as a gesture of appreciation, HCFMstore.org offers a 50% discount to CMN members to support you in your ministry.

Thank you. May God bless you and your families during the holy seasons of Advent and Christmas.

Dear CMN Partners,

Please know you are in our prayers at The Father Peyton Center, at our Rosary and Mass. Join us by tuning in LIVE Monday – Friday at noon ET via Facebook Facebook.com/familyrosary/live

Nourish yourself during this Advent and Christmas season. The ministry you perform in your stores is important to the people in your community. You are on the front lines and often the first place someone goes when returning to the faith.

We are here to support your work and are grateful for all the ways you support our ministry. May the blessings of this joyous season remain with you all year long.

From the team at Holy Cross Family Ministries.

A Prayer for Guidance

Wisdomof the Holy Spirit The Christophers

Three Minutes a Day THECHRISTOPHERS ‘It’s better to light one candle than to curse the darkness’ Volume58 Providing literature and media that nurture faith, character, and hope in people of all ages. “Three Minutes a Day: Volume 58,”our book which offers daily reflections, Scripture verses, and prayers, is available for only $10. You can also request our fre Christopher News Notes an Prayer Cards. T he Christopher s “It’s better to light one candle than to curse the darkness” www.christophers.org mail@christophers.org 212-759-4050 ext. 241 The Christophers Have a GOOD DAY Lord, prepare me each morning to have a good day, to grow closer to You, to meditate and pray. Help me count my blessings and be of good cheer, to see the goodness and beauty in all I hold dear. Guide me in achieving my goals and following Your will. Help me to know that, despite my challenges, You make all things possible. Help me to share “Good News,” and look for life’s pearls, and connect with the faithful to spread hope in the world. Help me stay in the present and add joy to each day. Through life’s ups and downs, You won’t lead me astray. Strengthen my faith, Lord, fill me with love and mercy, I pray, so together we can make each day a good day. MANY PEOPLE LEAD LIVES THAT ARE FULL, BUT NOT FULFILLED. They feel overwhelmed with responsibilities and worry. Yet, faced with a choice, they usually end up choosing to do more and to have more. Consumed by busy-ness, clutter, and complexity, hat they want is peace, wholeness, and simplicity. “Successful living,” suggests Rev. Martin Marty, “is a journey toward simplicity and a triumph over confusion.” Christopher News Notes Embracing the Simple Life “Let us then pursue what makes for eace and for mutual upbuilding.” Romans 14:19 N HIS LETTER TO THE ROMANS, St. Paul encourages Christians in disagreement on whether Jewish or Gentile laws should be followed. St. Paul wanted the focus to remain on he important things: loving Christ Christopher News Notes Let Us Pursue Mutual Upbuilding The Christophers Come to me, Holy Spirit, and kindle in me the wisdom I need to follow in the path of Jesus Christ. Come to me, Holy Spirit, and give me the strength to face challenges in my daily life.
Lord, enlighten us with Your love and empower us with Your strength, so that we can express our thoughts and goals with compassion and dignity. Help us to become leaders focused on the betterment of all. Guide and protect us in these changing and challenging times, within our families, country, and world. And let us remember that Mary is with us, keeping watch over us always as a loving mother who guides us to Christ and an understanding of Your merciful ways. Amen.
78 years and counting H O P E “It’s better to light one candle than to curse the darkness” Forgiveness is the power of God infused in our lives. When we forgive one another, we partake in the fruits of Christ’s redemptive sacrifice. Forgiveness is a healing gift that allows us to move beyond the pain of anger and hatred. Forgiveness frees us to live our lives in love for one another can shine through all we do. Forgiveness F ophers org -4050 Hope looks for the good in people instead of harping on the worst Hope opens doors where despair closes them s its power from a God and the basic f human nature rds problems as opportunitiesshes ahead be easy to quit candle instead he darkness Hope ww It s bet than t Patience is a stillness that reaches deep within the human soul It connects us with God by allowing us to pause and reflect on our actions A patient heart waits for the resurrections that Christ effects in our lives reviving us to a life of joy Patience is t d reaction of one h It is the Lord, gran hearts rema Patience www.christophers.org 212-759-4050 “It’s better to light one candle than to curse the darkness” You re my ligh n the darkness You re my guide through he storm My hope for new beginnings You he p keep me rom harm Close to You, a good is possible Bette days f led with hope With strength rom You, I’ve a fu ure Love sen from You he ps me cope Be with me now, Lord Let Your love light the way. Amen God is My Light 2023 CMN Christmas Catalog ad.qxp_Layout 1 8/3/23 1:12 PM Page 1
Family Rosary • Family Theater Productions • Catholic Mom • HCFM.org


Industry leaders, artisans, Italian excellence, International manufacturers and sacred art

Religious articles, rosaries, souvenirs, statues and sacred images, liturgical vestments and objects, sacred art and architecture, liturgical furnishings and religious tourism.

WWW.DEVOTIO.IT Via Lasie, 10/L - 40026 Imola (BO) Italy T. +39 0542 011750 info@devotio.it - www.devotio.it ORGANIZED BY DIGITAL PARTNER AT CULTURAL PARTNER DISCOVER THE LATEST NEWS AND TREND IN THE INDUSTRY!
COMING SOON! “The New York Prophecy” from Michael H. Brown (Author of The Final Hour) Wishing you a Blessed and Merry Christmas! www.Spiritdaily.com Author Interview on EWTN at: tinyurl.com/EWTNKiss Ingram / Spring Arbor Distributors customerservice@ingramcontent.com - 855.955.3309 Discounts Available! 888.484.9945 Divine Providence Press divineprovidencepress.com Kiss Me Goodnight Written by Maurice Prater Illustrated by Cecilia Lawrence

Standard and Custom made pieces to meet any specific needs no matter its size or shape. Indoor and Outdoor statues. Different finishes to choose for individual requirements. Our works are made using material as fiberglass, plaster, wood, resin and bronze.

Santa Teresita Statuary 26685 Crinan Line West Lorne, ON NOL 2PO Canada Ph. (519) 768-3790 Fax (519) 768-3837
www.santateresita.org Email: info@santateresita.org


How much do you really know about St. Joseph? He was once a little boy and played like all children. He had royal blood, and could have been a king. He was a young man when he married Mary. He was a wonderful father to Jesus. He was the brave and steadfast protector of the Holy Family. He’s the model of manhood. He’s worked many miracles and is a powerful intercessor for us and he had a pure, chaste heart. Join Fr. Donald Calloway, MIC, as he tells the dynamic and inspiring story of St. Joseph, our spiritual father and the “Terror of Demons.” You’ll learn that, whenever you need help, just “Go to Joseph!”

JOEG • $22.95 • ISBN: 978-1-59614-592-4


Protect your family! Entrust your family to St. Joseph. Why? Because God, Himself, did. God entrusted the Holy Family to St. Joseph to keep them safe, and so should you. Drawing on the wealth of the Church’s living tradition, Fr. Donald H. Calloway, MIC and co-author Scott L. Smith, Jr., call on all of us to turn to St. Joseph, entrust ourselves, our children and families, our Church, and our world to our spiritual father’s loving care. Watch for wonders when the Universal Patron of the Church opens the floodgates of Heaven to pour out graces into your family’s life.

CJHB • $16.95 • ISBN: 978-1-59614-564-1


Finally, the entire Divine Mercy message and devotion is summarized in one, easy-toread book! Explaining the teaching of Jesus Christ as given to St. Faustina, Understanding Divine Mercy by Fr. Chris Alar, MIC, has it all. Written in his highly conversational and energetic style, this first book in his Explaining the Faith series will deepen your love for God and help you understand why Jesus called Divine Mercy “mankind’s last hope of salvation.”

EFBK • $14.95 • ISBN: 978-1-59614-539-9

Visit Bookstore.ShopMercy.org or call 1-800-462-7426 to place your order today!

Serving the Catholic community by helping people send the encouragement of their prayers

Novena Cards was founded to help people have a tangible way to let someone know they were prayed for. They offer Novena, Rosary, Divine Mercy Chaplet, Holy Hour, or "I offered my Mass for you" Catholic greeting cards, in addition to prayer cards, prayer planning kits, and art prints.

The inspiration for Novena Cards came over a decade ago when founder and artist, Kristin Bryant, couldn’t find the right card to send friends after praying for them - “I wanted something more meaningful than a text message or email, but it didn’t exist.” When her dental hygiene career was impacted by the global pandemic, it opened up the opportunity to launch Novena Cards.

The physical cards, combined with a personal connection of someone praying for them, help break through the noise of our digital world and share the gift of our Catholic faith. Each greeting card includes information about the related devotion on the back - a great way to not only encourage people through prayer, but also to serve as a tool for evangelization.

Kristin incorporates traditional content of the Catholic faith, original watercolor paintings, and contemporary graphic design elements into her artwork. This mix of modern aesthetic and traditional content brings a unique element to the Catholic cards and gifts market.

Touching hearts through the gift of prayer

Since their launch on Pentecost Sunday in 2020, Kristin continues to hear touching stories of how recipients of their cards are inspired and encouraged - “I love hearing customer stories about the joy their loved one felt when they received our cards as a gift. We’ve also heard about how family relationships were deepened in the faith through conversations around our cards, and how sending our cards has also helped them grow in their own prayer life through praying for others.”

Their cards appeal to both the younger generation who are hungry to learn more about the faith, and older generations looking for special ways to connect with their loved ones through prayer. From special occasions such as sacraments and birthdays to specific novenas prayed throughout the year, their cards cover the most popular prayers and devotions prayed for loved ones.

Supporting Catholic businesses reach customers in a noisy world

In addition to their online website, Novena Cards also continues to expand through Catholic bookstores and gift shops. Providing products that encourage taking the time to pray for others and send a card in our culture of “busy busy”, their individual card packaging, and their providing personalized recommendations on product mix and quantities to each store are some of the things their resellers appreciate. “We are truly blessed to be able to partner with other Catholic small businesses through serving them and their customers”, Kristin said.

One example of this type of partnership is with Elliot and Chonci Lekawa, owners of Holy Trinity Catholic Books and Gifts who recently noted, "we recently made the decision to cancel our auto shipment with DaySpring. We knew there had to be something better out there for our guests. God provided better than we anticipated - we met Darren and Kristin Bryant at the [2023 CMN Momentum conference] and they have been like true partners working with us."

You can learn more about Novena Cards at their website - novenacards.com, or follow them on Instagram and Facebook - @novenacards.

FILING, INDEXING & LABELING Connec ting Catholics desalesmedia.org SPECIAL PRICING FOR CMN MEMBERS! DeSalesMediaGroup @DeSalesMedia Promote your Christmas specials and reach Parishes, Schools, and more in the Tri-state New York area. thetablet org nuestra-voz .org netny t v Advertise in The Tablet newspaper, the #1 Catholic newspaper in New York, and in Nuestra-Voz, our monthly Hispanic newspaper. Run your commercial on the Catholic network NET TV, servicing New York and New Jersey. For rates and more information contact: JoAnn DiNapoli jdinapoli@desalesmedia.org 718.517.3131 MULTI-MEDIA PACKAGES AVAILABLE

NEW for Christmas from Ascension

“Twinkling lights, manger scene— midnight Mass, what could it mean?

Christmas Eve is here!

Jesus comes to us still now. Lift each page and you’ll see how.”

The Mass and the Manger: My Interactive Christmas Story (Ages 6–10)

ISBN: 978-1-954882-08-9

BESTSELLERS from Ascension


The Great Adventure Catholic Bible

ISBN: 978-1-945179-41-9

Catechism of the Catholic Church, Ascension Edition

ISBN: 978-1-954881-64-8

Pocket Guide to the Sacrament of Reconciliation

ISBN: 978-1-950784-55-4

My First Interactive Mass Book (Ages 3+)

ISBN: 978-1-950784-38-7

View additional titles at ascensionpress.com/Catalog sales@ascensionpress.com I (800) 376-0520 Online ordering is
coming soon!
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