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Team photo at the National School Cross Country Championships 2017

CROSS COUNTRY Teachers-in-charge: Marcus Ong (2T29) at the National School Cross Country Championships

Mr Lim Zhi Yi Ms Peggy Boey Ms Lee Li-Shan Ms Charlene Kwa Mr Goh Tor Heng

Student Executive Committee:

Captain Edrea Tai (2T15) giving Marcus Ong (2T29) a pep talk

Captain: Edrea Tai Song Yi (2T15) Vice-Captain: Koh Jun Kai Bonoit (2T04) Secretary/Treasurer: Marie Linette Chan Weng Wai (2T22) Exco Members: Ong Sin Ning (2T19), Sebastian Goh Kai Ning (2T28) In 2017, the Cross Country team worked hard to perform to the best of their abilities, pushing their limits with every step. They gave it their all throughout strenuous training sessions each week and back-toback competitions.

Ong Sin Ning (2T19) winning 3rd place in 3000m at the Singapore U18/U20 Championships

Edrea Tai (2T15) finishing the gruelling 4.6km race


Determination on the face of Ong Sin Ning (2T19)

Catholic Junior College

Training at CCAB

Despite the challenges faced both on and off the track, the Cross Country team has performed admirably. In the Singapore Youth & Junior Championships, Ong Sin Ning (2T19) came in 3rd in the 3000m race and Edrea Tai (2T15) came in 4th in the 1500m race. At this year’s National Cross Country Championships, CJC put up a strong fight and claimed 11th and 8th position for the ‘A’ Division Boys and Girls categories respectively. The team also participated in the National Track & Field Championships and left the track with many personal bests. In particular, Grace Tan (2T12) fought hard and qualified for the 800m finals, proving that hard work does pay off. The CJC Cross Country team has put in a tremendous amount of effort and dedication this season and will continue to strive to achieve even better results in the coming years.

CJ Celebrates

DANCE CLUB J2 Farewell


as Contemporary Dance, Hip Hop, and Whacking, under the guidance of our instructors Bryan Lee and Ahmad Kamil Bin Almahdi.

Student Executive Committee 2016-17

This year, the Dance Club participated in the biennial Singapore Youth Festival (SYF), showcasing a piece called “Continuum” which expresses the spirit of continuity and togetherness amongst the youth. “Continuum” expresses the hope that we can overcome what we faced today and achieve a better tomorrow, and the piece attained the SYF Certificate of Accomplishment. CJDC also performed for various school events including Open House and CJ Celebrates, during which we showcased two performances — a Hip Hop dance by the JC1s and the SYF dance by the JC2s. This was a fresh change from previous years.

Miss Roxanne Teo Mdm Phang Swee Eng Miss Amanda Ong

President: Bernice Yong (2T02) Female Captain: Wong Yun Xuan (2T11) Male Captain: Ma Wei Jun (2T20) Treasurer: Woo Yao Jie (2T25) Head of Communication: Russel Daniel Yeo (2T08) Head of Welfare: Whitney David (2T04)

Performance at the 2017 Open House

The CJ Dance Club (CJDC) is a family of passionate individuals who come together to live our dreams. We constantly aim to achieve greater heights, seeking to become better versions of ourselves both as individuals and as dancers. For example, the team explores different genres of dance such

CJ Celebrates

Our SYF Dancers

CJ Celebrates

From left to right: Row 1 Woo Yao Jie, Wu Luolan, Lau Yu Tong, Yong Pei Xin Bernice, Luiza Nguyen, Charmaine Lee Jia Mian Row 2 Wong Yun Xuan, Teh Shi Yun, Lim Jia Wei, Trisha Quek, Lim Wen Xi Natalie, Whitney David, Bernadette Kow Row 3 Bryan(instructor), Julian Tan, Reuben Ting Jen Han, Ma Wei Jun, Linden Foo, Keith Tang, Ryan Lok, Russell Yeo, Kamil(instructor)

Yearbook 2017


CJ Drama society during the seniors farewell

DRAMA SOCIETY L-R: 2016 Exco Joshua Tan (2T17), Clement Yeo (2T06), Tammi Chng (2T06) and Daniel Chee (2T06)

Teachers-in-charge: Mr Christopher Tay Ms Serene Thong Mr Desmond Chia

Student Executive Committee:

President: Joshua Tan (2T17) Vice-President: Daniel Chee (2T06) Seretary: Tammi Chng (2T06) Quartermaster: Clement Yeo (2T06)

The Corpse (Marcel Bartholomeus Prasetyo, 2T06) delivering his monologue

Under the guidance of Mr Christopher Tay, Ms Serene Thong and Mr Desmond Chia, the English Drama Society successfully staged two plays – Boom! by Jean Tay and Mirror Mirror by Sue Murray. These plays provided our members with the opportunities to hone their theatrical skills. They learnt how to interpret plays and also how to creatively present dominant themes, particularly through set design.

An interesting set design we used was a chained tree, to capture the idea of struggling between holding on and letting go. Our members were also spurred on to provide an authentic and vivid portrayal of the characters in the plays to give the audience an immersive experience. The stage productions helped our members empathize with those who struggle with eating disorders and mental health issues, and developed in them a greater awareness of the complexities of relationships and conflicts in our world today. Our experiences in 2017 have taught us various skills which are vital to theatrical performance, but most importantly, the bonds between the Drama Society members are now stronger than ever. We are ready to do our best for the upcoming Singapore Youth Festival in 2018.

Geraldine (Mugdha Jaruhar, 1T03) and her colleague (Tammi Chng, 2T06) discussing en bloc sales

Young Pa (Dylan Sim, 2T16) comforting Young Ma (Jazmine Monaz, 1T01)


Nicole Er (2T01) as Old Ma walking away from Boon (Clement Yeo, 2T06)

Catholic Junior College

The field trip to PRISM by Toy Factory

The CJC Editorial Club collaborated with VJC’s Writers’ Circle in January 2017 to learn more about journalistic writing

EDITORIAL CLUB Teachers-in-charge: Our members listening attentively to the speaker in an in-house workshop

Ms Aprilene Goh Huishan Mdm Tan Seow Ling Ms Suzie Yanti Jumadi

Student Executive Committee:

Our farewell party for the JC2s (2T06)

We bade farewell to our JC2s and acknowledge their contributions to our Club

Promoting the Club at the CJC Open House

President: Shihara Perera Vice-President: Khasnavis Ashrita Secretary/Treasurer: Lynnette Tan Chief Student Writer: Amira Yunos

(2T06) (2T01) (2T01) (2T06)

2017 was a year of growth and development for the Editorial Club. The team introduced creative ways of recruiting new members during the Open House and CCA Bazaar. We also implemented a mentoring system that involved JC1 and JC2 students pairing up to report on college events, thereby developing our members’ leadership skills. We also promoted readership of the college newsletter, The Flame, by distributing 100 complimentary copies, making morning announcements to engage the student body, and doing publicity via the plasma TV.

This year, there was also a focus on training and developing our members as writers and aspiring journalists. The JC2 members conducted an inhouse workshop for JC1 members on the conventions of writing reports and crafting effective headlines. Moreover, the JC2s broadened their perspectives on the role of student journalists by attending a conference organised by Raffles Institution. Today’s newspaper journalist, Ms Neo Chai Chin, also conducted a workshop for the members on basic interview skills and feature writing. Additionally, the Club continued its promotion of the use of good English during this year’s Good English Week. We exhibited posters that illustrated the appropriate use of grammar, spelling and punctuation, provided examples of literary devices, distinguished between different varieties of English and offered a concise history of the English language. To further engage the college community, the Club also set up an interactive games booth that put their language skills to the test.

JC2 members at an in-house workshop conducted by Today Newspaper journalist, Ms Neo Chai Chin

Yearbook 2017


ESS members commemorating the Green Wave Project. Behind them is the symbol of conservation in CJC, the Arang Tree


EDP Exhibition Activity Booth

Ms Sri Yuni Mazlan Ms Nor Hanisah Saphari

Student Executive Committee: President: Ong Jun Bao Vice-President: Gao Chen Treasurer/Secretary: Sheila Chai Shi Rui Publicity/Logistics IC: Kaveen Elavarasan

ESS Palm Award 2017 - Kaveen Elavarasaran (2T14), Ong Jun Bao (2T17), Glenn Cho Jin (2T15)

(2T17) (2T18)

(2T20) (2T14)

The Environmental Science Society is committed to raising awareness about environmental issues and advocating for change to address these issues. We champion green habits and ideas by organising events to provide opportunities for all in the college to actively care for our environment. This year, members of the society equipped themselves by attending the Environmental Champions Workshop, carried out a school-wide recycling

project to galvanise the community into taking action, and planted the near-extinct Kayu Arang Tree on the school grounds as a symbol of the importance of conservation efforts. Notably, the society also conducted a week-long programme in April to commemorate Earth Day and carry out the Water Day Initiative. The objective was to educate the community about water conservation and to highlight the importance of preventing mosquito breeding. An informative exhibition was the highlight of the programme. Additionally, the Earth Day Message from the Minister of Environment and Water Resources was communicated to the CJC community, and daily reflections were shared during morning assembly to reinforce the message of caring for the environment.

Discussion in progress for ESS events

The symbolic handover from the previous President to the current one - Ong Jun Bao (2T17) and Isaac Soh (1T11)


Catholic Junior College

Recycling Corner at the canteen

Get-together session to bid farewell to our JC2 members

Men’s Foil and Women’s Épée teams with the coaches and teacher-in-charge

FENCING Teachers-in-charge:

Mr Poh Lee Toon Nordin Ms Goh Jia Lei Jennifer Mr Ai Xing Huan 16th batch of CJ fencers starting training

Gershwin Lim (2T11) being guided by Coach Jeffrey Lopez

Student Executive Committee:

Female Captain: Rachel Mark Yuen Yee (2T29) Male Captain: Mark Ashwin Dinesh (2T19) Secretary: Xavier Lee Eugene (2T28) Foil Armourer: Lim En Zeng Gershwin (2T11) Épée Armourer: Marcus Neo Zi Chao (2T15) In 2016, CJC Fencing switched its focus from Sabre and Épée to Foil and Épée, marking both an end and a beginning for our CCA. It was an unexpected change for our fencers, who nevertheless adapted quickly. Thanks to the guidance of our coaches, our fencers emerged stronger than before and managed to excel in their respective weapon categories.

In 2017, in addition to the InterSchool ‘A’ Division Competition, we participated in numerous competitions and invitationals to further hone our skills. We also pushed ourselves to bond more as a team and offered support to one another to make it through the challenging times. The ‘A’ Divisions came and went with mixed emotions – elation for some and disappointment for others – but it was a learning experience that shaped every CJ fencer and helped us grow as individuals. The 15th batch of fencers would like to thank our coaches, teachersin-charge, and seniors for all their support in our fencing journey. We hope that the CJ Fencing spirit will continue to burn bright in our JC1 juniors and future CJ fencers to come.

Promotional posters for CJ fencing at the CCA Bazaar

Gershwin Lim (2T11) on the right executing a parry at the ‘A’ Divisions

15th batch of CJ fencers with Coach Shaun-Paul and Coach Jeffrey Lopez

Yearbook 2017


JC2 Farewell

FIRST AID CLUB Teachers-in-charge: Ms Ms Teaching bandaging techniques at the CJC Sports Leaders workshop

Dharmalingam Jayasudha (2T11) and Ganesh Ananya (2T24) is doing a First Aid Skills recap

this competition were a significant milestone.

Chong Sin Ying Yeong Jia Xin

Student Executive Committee: President: Matthias Lim Boon Han Vice-President: Elanca Gwee Charlene Secretary: Bhavya Gupta Head of Training: Lua Yida

(2T19) (2T23) (2T20) (2T18)

2017 has been an eventful year for the CJC First Aid Club. Our members have organised and participated in many events. We participated in the annual First Aid Photo-Quiz Competition at Victoria Junior College on 12 April. Our intensive training in First Aid Theory and Scenario Practice prior to the competition paid off, as we came in Overall 2nd in the competition, and Leow Hui An, Christabeth E V from 1T29 also clinched the Individual Merit Award. Our achievements at

Additionally, our members collaborated with the Singapore Red Cross to plan and execute two Blood Donation Drives. In particular, the Blood Donation Drive held in April 2017, which had the theme of “Superheroes�, was successful and it was delightful to see the CJC community participate enthusiastically by advocating the same cause and doing their part to save lives. Our members have also faithfully served CJC by providing first aid support at various school events ranging from the Sports Carnival to the Pre-University Seminar so as to ensure the safety of the participants involved. We will continue to serve the CJC community with passion and dedication.

First Aiders practising and perfecting their first aid skills

Photoquiz Competition Case Scenario


Catholic Junior College

CJC First Aid Club at the Inter College Photoquiz competition at VJC

Floorball Boys ‘A’ Division Team 2017 achieved, 3rd position in the National ‘A’ Divisions Boys Championships

FLOORBALL Teachers-in-charge

team did us proud by attaining 3rd position in the Inter-School ‘A’ Division Championships.

Mr Ivan Ng Ms Tong Pei Shi, Sylvia Mr Lim Yoke Kuang Mr Wee Wee Chau The boys defending during the game with Meridian Junior College

Team huddle after a game

Team Cheer before a game

The girls cheering one another on after scoring a goal

Student Executive Committee: Boys’ Captain: Roy Cheng Boys’ Vice-Captain: Alven Koh Chun Ngee Boys’ Secretary: Brandon Ow Chong Hiang Boys’ Welfare Leader: Ee Wei Rong, Adrian Girls’ Captain: Verity Lua Yu Qing Girls’ Vice-Captain: Mui Clara Girls’ Secretary: Goh Wan Xuan (Valorie) Girls’ Welfare Leader: Lim Meng Gim


(2T04) (2T06) (2T12) (2T29) (2T19) (2T12) (2T24)

This year, CJC Floorball is 6 years old. We have grown in strength as a team. Our members have progressed in the sport through their passion and hard work, along with the dedicated support of the teachers-in-charge. Besides overseeing physical and tactical training, the teachers also imparted values of good sportsmanship and teamwork. In 2017, our Floorball Boys’

We believe that through floorball, we can develop the leadership attributes of each student, including: • Nurturing – Each senior is paired with a junior during training. Seniors guide the new members and help them adjust to the rigour of the training, allowing collaborative learning to take place. • Integrity – Everyone puts in 100% effort and trains hard during each session. Everyone progresses together as a team with no one left behind. • Resilience – Training sessions and competitions are tough but our members motivate one another to persevere as a team. • Humility – Be humble and respect fellow teammates and opponents during competitions. It is not winning that matters, but the process that counts. • Responsibility – Every player is responsible for their teammates’ safety and for the school’s property.

Floorball Girls ‘A’ Division Team 2017

Yearbook 2017


CJC Football Squad 2017

FOOTBALL Teachers-in-charge: Mr Adrian Ho Mr Mark Li Dr Thiru Kotti Timothy Wong (2T16) controlling the midfield

Student Executive Committee:

Captain: Brandon Ho (2T04) Vice-Captain: Han Pin Quan (2T22)

Right-Back Samuel Chong (2T20) holding off his opponent

The CJC Football Team experienced many ups and downs during the 2016-2017 season, with the players learning many valuable lessons both off and on the pitch. Our journey began at the CJC Challenge Cup, with the team finishing 4th overall after facing stiff competition from traditional powerhouses such as ACJC. Our strong showing pushed the team to strive for more success and to work harder on the pitch, helping the team slowly improve and ultimately become a fearsome unit.

We entered the Inter-School ‘A’ Division Championships with modest expectations. However, the team surprised everyone, knocking out the 2016 3rd Runner-Up, Raffles Institution on our way to a top 8 finish, a commendable feat considering that the odds were stacked against us. Team Captain Brandon Ho summed up the thoughts of the team at the end of the season, stating that “Our team has emerged both as better players and individuals, and we would like to thank our coaches and teachers-incharge for their invaluable support and guidance”. The College can definitely look forward to even greater successes from the CJ Football Team in the future as we continue to build on our achievements from this year.

Left-Winger Dillon Lee (2T11) taking it past the opponent’s defender

Striker Bryan Fang (2T17) scoring with a leftfooted shot


Catholic Junior College

Striker Bima Soegiono (1T25) bearing in on goal

CJC Football Team camaraderie

Members of FSV 2017

FILM, SOUND AND VIDEO SOCIETY Practical session for event photography training by our external trainer


Mr Kuang Kim Chun Ms Xu Yi Fang Ms Wang Qiumei Stephanie

Student Executive Committee:

Learning how to hold the camera firmly from our external trainer

Trying to get the close up shots: Joanna Wu Yue Jia (2T13), Jessie Chia (2T13), Au Shi Ying Genevieve (2T02)

President: Christopher Wah Boon Chuan Vice-President: Ng Wei Zheng, Timothy Head of Sound and Logistics: Ng Zheng Da Head of Photography: He Haowei Head of Videography: Yeo Ying Ying

(2T15) (2T08) (2T11) (2T28) (2T16)

Continuing the legacy of our seniors, FSV spearheaded several selfinitiated projects this year, such as the “Elementum” photography exhibition on the FSV Aesthetic Wall, as well as the selection and display of photos on CJC’s Community Events Wall and Student Leaders Photo Wall. FSV actively served CJC in providing photography, sound and videography coverage of various ‘A’ Division competitions and college events. In particular, our members developed their talent in producing videos and print media for college events. For instance, FSV supplied the publicity video for Open House 2017, the opening video for

CJ Celebrates, and the finale video for Orientation 2017. Additionally, FSV created publicity posters for CJ Celebrates, Rockafella XIII, a drama production by the Drama Society titled Boom!, and for Literary Evening. Furthermore, in support of CJ Celebrates, FSV held a photo exhibition of our members’ works titled “Memories”, and separately, we continued collaborating with the Editorial Club to feature photo essays in the final issue of our college newsletter, the Flame. One of the highlights of the year was CJC’s hosting of the Pre-University Seminar, where FSV provided full photography coverage for all events, including workshops and seminars in March and June. FSV also worked with a professional video production team to provide media footage and photos for the seminar videos. Outside the college, FSV participated in events such as the Canon Exposé. Our members also took part in competitions, namely, the Ngee Ann Photographic Exhibition and the School Digital Media Awards. These opportunities developed our members’ creativity and technical skills, and also cultivated their passion for the visual arts.

Our workstation at Pre-University Seminar 2017 - Christopher Wah (2T15)

Yearbook 2017


Commemorating the 2017 JC2 batch’s final performance for CJ Celebrates

GUITAR ENSEMBLE Teachers-In-Charge: Nervously waiting for SYF to start while our pieces were being introduced

Ms Tan Wei Jun Ms Joanne Tan Mr Vincent Yu

Student Executive Committee:

After our first Esplanade performance we gained a lot of confidence and felt more prepared for SYF

Gibson Lee (2T14), Alan Ang (2T13), Ng Zi Hao (1T09) (from left to right). Giving their best shot for their last performance at CJ Celebrates 2017

President: Gibson Lee Zheng Kang (2T14) Vice-president: Cheng Ying (2T28) Secretary: Nan Lin Lae Oo (2T29) Student Conductor: Ong Xianfeng, Ethan (2T05) Quarter Master: Tran Minh Hoang (2T29) Alto 1 Section Leader: Ang Moncayo Alan (2T13) Alto 2 Section Leader: Shannice Ho Xinying (2T28) Prime Section Leader: Mario Josephan (2T29) Bass Section Leader: Sanjana Suha (2T11)

The CJC Guitar Ensemble comprises over thirty enthusiastic and determined individuals who are highly passionate about music,

Excited and nervous at our very first performance, which went well and helped us to grow as performers


Catholic Junior College

playing the guitar, and improving their skills. Given their shared interests, the members of the ensemble are a bonded group that see each other as family. Consequently, ensemble practices have become a source of refuge from the rigours of the JC curriculum, where members can relieve stress through making good music together. Under the guidance of Mr Ow Leong San and with the support from our teachers-in-charge, Ms Tan Wei Jun, Ms Joanne Tan, and Mr Vincent Yu, the ensemble has grown by leaps and bounds, being adept at riding through the flashy beats and creating our very own rhythm and emotive language through the music that we play. We might be here by chance, and many of us were inexperienced, but we definitely grew to love the music we play. On 28 April 2017, we overcame all odds and clinched the Certificate of Distinction at the 2017 Singapore Youth Festival.

The most important thing we achieved as an ensemble is not the Distinction for SYF, but the musicianship and friendships we gained

Guzheng Ensemble 2017

GUZHENG ENSEMBLE Teachers-in-charge: Mdm Lucy Lee Ms Chia Shing-Li Mdm Wee Siew Ling J2 Farewell Party

Student Executive Committee: President: Tay Aranda Vice-President: Tay Tzer Yuin Secretary: Caitlin Yeo Concert-Master: Philip Tan

(2T24) (2T04) (2T17) (2T29)

Instructor: SYF 2017

Ms Tan Su-Hui, Sophy This year, the Guzheng Ensemble set its sights on excelling in the 2017 Singapore Youth Festival (SYF). After passionate new members were recruited from the 2017 Open House and CCA Bazaar, the members of the ensemble worked hand in hand to prepare for the SYF. Although the members struggled to juggle their

hectic practice schedule and other college commitments, strong bonds were forged between the members through months of practising together to produce heartfelt and high quality music. This was successfully showcased during the SYF, where the ensemble clinched its very first Certificate of Distinction, and during the performance for CJ Celebrates. After a truly rewarding year, the JC2s stepped down from their leadership positions and the incoming JC1 Executive Committee stepped up to bring the Guzheng Ensemble to greater heights. Their responsibilities include spurring the members on to prepare for their first performance together in 2018, during the Open House. As the ensemble looks ahead to a new year of challenges and triumphs, the memories created together by the members this year will be treasured and appreciated beyond their CJC journey.

Open House 2017

SYF 2017 Rehearsal

Singapore Youth Festival 2017 at NUSUCC with instructor, Ms Tan Su-Hui Sophy (extreme right) and teachers-in-charge, Mdm Wee Siew Ling and Mdm Lucy Lee (second row from left)

Yearbook 2017


Interact Club Cambodia OSLP Group photo with Paul Tep Im

INTERACT CLUB Teachers-in-charge: Community Engagement Festival 2017

Ms Tan Mei Qi Mr Gabriel Fu Mr Dominic Heng Ms Victoria Er

Student Executive Committee:

CDC Silver Friends 2017

Interact OSLP Fundraising 2016

Interact Club Installation Ceremony 2016

Nurture in Nature 2017


Catholic Junior College

President: Rachel Clarissa Huang Yan Lee (2T02) Vice-President: Jose Tan Shen Jie (2T28) Secretary: Dahnvi Yauwan (2T03) International Understanding Director: Sarah-ann Lim Hui Min (2T01) Community Involvement Programme Director: Pung Meng Jie (2T24) Public Relations Director: Ng Wei Lin (2T13) This year, the Interact Club served the local and international community by undertaking projects aligned with the theme, Ad Astra Pera Aspera, which means “through hardships to the stars”. This encouraged us to face challenges with open-mindedness and optimism. Locally, we participated in the Silver Friends event. Our members visited the elderly living in the Toa Payoh and Whampoa estates every fortnight over a span of three months to teach them simple handicraft and introduce memory card games and exercises. We strove to ensure that they remain mentally active, and also comforted them and bridged intergenerational gaps. This project was on top of weekly projects our members were involved in which catered specifically

to their respective beneficiaries’ needs. We worked with organisations such as Beyond Social Services, St. Luke’s Eldercare, Asian Woman Welfare Association, and the Society of the Aged Sick. We also served the wider Singapore community by collecting food for distribution island-wide to needy families. We collaborated with Food from the Heart to host a week-long Food Drive during the Lenten season. The generosity of our fellow students allowed us to collect over 1000 kilograms of rice, which surpassed our initial target of 600 kilograms of rice. As for overseas projects, we collaborated with Sustainable Cambodia to conduct our annual Overseas Service Learning Programme. In the day, we decorated classrooms and taught basic English and Mathematics at Don Bosco Salabalath Primary School. In the evenings, we visited Msgr Paul Tep Im Centre to teach young people communication skills and bonded with them through music and games. In addition, we visited the village of Tahen to distribute necessities and learnt about the lifestyles of the Cambodians through conversations with them. The Interact Club is grateful for the support from the college and the community stakeholders in our service learning and fundraising projects.

CJC Judokas after ‘A’ Division Competition

JUDO Teachers-in-charge:

Ms Soh Yan Shan Serena Mr Liu Yuci Mr Lee Jun Cai

Student Executive Committee: Judo Boys Training

Male Captain: Tey Wei Sheen Female Captain: Ong Min Yi Secretary: Tan Yong Seng Treasurer: Ryan Su Tse Keng

(2T28) (2T22) (2T26) (1T12)

For over 30 years, the CJC Judo Club has produced noteworthy Judokas. As our Judokas go through the rigorous and extensive training sessions expertly crafted by our experienced coaches, they slowly built their endurance and mental strength, and developed a true commitment to push themselves to the best of their ability. Their resilience was once again evident in

their performance in the 2017 InterSchool ‘A’ Division Championships. This year, our Judokas performed admirably, with Peh Ko Hsu (2T10) and Tay Boon Shao Marcus (1T21) winning Bronze medals in the Boys’ Middle and Boys’ Heavy categories respectively. Overall, the Boys’ team achieved 3rd placing in the ‘A’ Division category. Beyond the competition, most of our JC2 Judokas also went on to obtain their orange belts later in the year, and some even obtained green belts. This is a huge achievement given that most of them started as white belt novices. Throughout the year, our Judokas have forged strong bonds, fostered great team spirit and emerged as champions in their own ways.  

Judo Girls in Training

JCI Judokas

Yearbook 2017


Math Society members after a training session

MATHEMATICS SOCIETY Teacher-in-Charge: GC Design Training session in LT4

Ms Yoong Lian Teen, in collaboration with Mathematics Department Cocurricular Programme

Student Executive Committee: President: Jamie Tan Lixin Vice-President: Eric Li Tong Secretary: Goh Shing Rui

Chinese New Year Geometry Project

Student Facilitation during Open House Micro Lesson (standing on left, Eric Chua 2T07 and on right Goh Shing Rui 2T18)

Winning a prize at the NUS Learning Journey


Catholic Junior College

(2T05) (2T09) (2T18)

This year has been a transitional period for the Mathematics Society as it is now subsumed under the Mathematics Department Cocurricular Programme. While things were in flux, our members had unforgettable opportunities to organise events and explore Mathematics outside the classroom. To do its part for the CJC community, our members organised and conducted several programmes under the patient guidance of the Head of Department of Mathematics, Mr Lim Chye Fook. These include the CJC 2017 Open House Mathematics

Micro Lesson, the Chinese New Year Lantern and Geometry Quiz-cumExhibition, and the Graphic Calculator Design Competition training sessions. Another noteworthy contribution by one of our members, Goh Shing Rui (2T18), was the designing of CJC’s Pre-University Seminar logo. Our members also participated in various competitions. With valuable advice from Mr Ai Xinghuan, our members submitted two research essays for the Singapore Mathematical Society Essay Competition on “Big Data”. Notably, our members also participated in the American Mathematics Competition, the Australian Mathematics Competition, and the Singapore Mathematical Olympiad. Additionally, our members enjoyed enriching learning experiences by participating in the NUS Math Learning Journey and an in-house Robotics Training session. These were on top of engaging discussions the members had with each other and the guest speaker, Mr Ai Xinghuan, during regular meetings.

Specially made Open House Pokemon Flyer for Open House Micro-Lesson publicity

Leading the Songs during the Student Leaders Appreciation Ceremony 2017

MUSIC MINISTRY Teachers-In-Charge: Mr Goh Jun Yang Ignatius Mr Yu Gangxiang Vincent Instrumentalists Filbert Cia (1T29), Alexandra Low (1T21), Dominicus Bimaputra Soegiono (1T25) at the Student Leaders Appreciation Ceremony 2017

Music Ministry performance at the Open House 2017

Student Executive Committee: President Nicole Er (2T01) Vice President Janine Ng (2T04) Secretary To Quang Nghia (2T27) Music Coordinator Elias Wu Qiren (2T05) “Praise the Lord! Praise God in His sanctuary; praise Him in His mighty heavens.� (Psalm 150:1) These are the words that the CJC Music Ministry lives by. The Music Ministry is a small

group of students who serve the college community by playing for daily masses as well as official college events such as Open House, Commencement Ceremony, Student Leaders Installation Ceremony and the Annual Awards. Despite the hustle and bustle of JC life, the members make an effort to come together once in awhile to share the Word and pray together. Regardless of your religion, the CJC Music Ministry extends its welcoming arms wide open for you to share your love, passion and gratitude for your talent in music and in so doing, draw us closer to God.

Leading the Songs at the Annual Awards Ceremony 2017

Yearbook 2017


Netball team looking good in their ‘A’ Divisions attire

NETBALL Teachers-In-charge: Ms Chan Sok Yee Ms Christina Francis Ms Tay Su Lynn Netball team saying a prayer before a game

Student Executive Committee: Captain: Ginny Teo Xuan Xuan Vice-Captain: Alicia Tan Hui Jun Secretary: Rayna Sow Yun Yee Treasurer: Evangelista Wan Yeu Ning

Some of our Exco members Atika Ooi (1T05), Ginny Teo (2T05), and Emma Koh (1T12)

(2T05) (2T14) (2T25) (2T21)

2017 was a year full of challenges for the CJC Netball team. After almost making it into the top 8 in the 2016 Inter-School ‘A’ Division Championships, we were even more determined to train harder to achieve our goals this year. The journey certainly was not easy given the

Our team in action

2017 Netball ‘A’ Division team

100 Catholic Junior College

Group shot with coach at the last game

limited number of members and the short time frame to train our team for the competition. With the JC1s joining us in March, we only had 2 months to prepare for this year’s ‘A’ Divisions. Our team’s journey this year taught us many valuable lessons. Through friendly matches with other schools and the ‘A’ Division competition, we learned to persevere and to respect each other and our opponents on the court. Our biggest takeaway was no doubt the friendships forged through overcoming challenges together. Thanks to the support from our coach and teachers, we were able to grow as individuals. We hope that our juniors will continue our legacy and bring glory to the College.

41st AGM 2017

NEXUS SOCIETY Teachers-in-charge: Mrs Toh Yoke Fan Mr Low Chun Wei JC2 members with sales personnel, Amy Oh

Student Executive Committee: President: Chan Hui Ying Vice-President: Raferty Ker Yi Ting Secretary: Lin Jiun Yih

Student with Aunty Amy

(2T05) (2T25) (2T11)

The CJC Nexus Society is an entrepreneurship club which provides students with the opportunities to acquire hands-on experience in the field of business. This year, the Society sent a team of five students to represent the Singapore National Co-operative Federation at the Youth Entrepreneurship Symposium (YES) held from 13 to 16 June. The theme for YES 2017 was “Entrepreneurship

as a Career”, which aimed to help participants build on their business ideas through a series of workshops and sharing sessions conducted by established businessmen and rising entrepreneurs. Over a span of four days, the team gained a better understanding of the co-op business model and also learnt the skills needed to kickstart a business. The Society also organised the CJC Co-operative’s 41st Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 19 May. The review showed that the CJC Cooperative has enjoyed an increase in the amount of profit for the year ending December 2016. The AGM also saw the installation of the 2017 / 2018 Executive Committee, and the renewal of the contract with our CJC Co-operative’s sales personnel, Mdm Amy Oh.

YES 2017

CJC Co-operative

Youth Entrepreneurship Symposium (YES) 2017

Yearbook 2017 101

CJCMUN 2017 - The entire delegation at our very own CJC MUN


CJCMUN 2017 - Charles Loy Ming Wei (2T05), He Haowei (2T28), Sarah-ann Lim Hui Min (2T01) raising their placards to speak


Congress Asia Conference, and we emerged victorious with two Honorable Mention awards and a Best Delegate award.

Student Executive Committee:

Back home, the members of the Society also had a strong showing at the annual Model United Nations Conference, which was conducted by River Valley High School this year. Despite many of the members not having any prior experience, the Society attained one Honorable Mention award and two Outstanding Delegate awards.

Ms Nur Adhana Anwar Ms Mageswari Mr Joey Kang

President: Chang Min Wen, Jillian (2T02) Vice-President: Queenie Ho Kai Ning (2T06) Welfare And Communications Director: Wong Shiyun, Janelle (2T25) Current Affairs Director: See Hui Zhan, Justin (2T01) Secretariat And Finance: Natasha Juliana Oei Su Qin (2T01)

The Political Science Society aims to nurture its members to become confident speakers with an interest in political affairs. In its sixth year, the society is still going strong, as seen from its numerous achievements.

Shaun Song (1T04) and Zane Siak (1T02) at SDYC 2017

HMCA 2017 - the CJC Delegation

102 Catholic Junior College

We started off the year on a good note by sending our JC2s to the University of Hong Kong to participate in the Harvard Model

Another milestone this year was the members’ participation in the Sustainable Development Youth Convention, which was a first for the Society. This added to their experience of attending the Model United Nations, and stretched them by requiring them to speak in larger councils and debate with experienced and competitive delegates. Although they faced many challenges, our members persevered and attained a Best Position Paper award.

HMCA 2017 - Award Recipients Joshua Tan (2T02), Justin See (2T01), Natasha Oei (2T01)

After a tough preseason friendly in the annual alumni game

RUGBY Teachers-in-charge Mr Fairuz Selamat Ms Aster Goh Ms Liyana Tahir Mr Russell Tan United even in the face of defeat

Student Executive Committee Captain: Ashwin Pandiyan Vice-Captain: Brandon Ng Backs Leader: Nathan Wong Pack Leader: Ryan Heng Treasurer: Joel Kwok Quarter-master: Jarred Hun Team Manager: Renzo Canare

Daniel Ong (2T16) posing mid game for the camera

(2T01) (2T03) (2T25) (2T16) (2T10) (2T25) (2T07)

This year, the CJ bulldogs celebrated winning the Plate Category for the 2nd consecutive year for the first time in their history. The team clinched the landmark achievement with a 24-3 win over Jurong Junior College in the plate finals. The team also performed admirably during the annual SCC Rugby

7’s tournament, putting up a strong display during the competition, including a 12-7 win over the eventual champions, UWC East. This year’s Executive Committee consisted of Captain Ashwin Pandiyan, Vice-Captain Brandon Ng, Backs Leader Nathan Wong, Pack Leader Ryan Heng, Treasurer Joel Kwok, Quarter-master Jarred Hun and Team Manager Renzo Canare, who worked closely with the team through many obstacles and uncertainties. Even though we did not achieve our aims, the ExCo remains proud of the team for all the hard work and sacrifices. The team’s success is also attributed to the tireless behind-the-scenes work of the teachers-in charge, Mr Fairuz Selamat, Ms Aster Goh, Ms Liyana and Mr Russell Tan.

Saw Zheng Yang (2T27) breaking through a tenacious Raffles defensive line

We’re all we’ve got, we’re all we need

Back to back Plate Champions

Yearbook 2017 103

Air Pistol Shooters with Coach Fan

SHOOTING CLUB Teachers-in-charge: Regine Lu (2T21) in the ‘A’ Division Air Pistol Competition

Mr Owen Tan Mr Tan Lye Huat Mr Rupert Glascow Ms Melissa Olsen

Student Executive Committee:

Foo Yong Qing (2T20) in the ‘A’ Division Air Rifle Competition

Captain: Joshua Eng Zhi Heng Tay Ning Hui Vice Captain: Tean Wei Jun Charlotte Lim Xin Pei Rifle Team Leader: Euan Chng Zhi Xiang Pistol Team Leader: Lu Ying Ying Regine

(2T09) (2T27) (2T21) (2T24) (2T09) (2T21)

Armorer: Foo Yong Qing (2T20)

Team Results for A Divisions:

Shao Jia-Yu (2T18) in the ‘A’ Division Air Pistol Competition

Air Air Air Air

Rifle Women - 12th Rifle Men - 5th Pistol Women - 9th Pistol Men - 7th

Individual Finals Results for A divisions:

Air Pistol Women Tay Ning Hui 8th, Fang Ning 11th Air Pistol Men - Joshua Eng 23rd Air Rifle Women - Jessica Oh 23rd Air Rifle Men - Euan Chng 9th

Eugene Ng (2T28) in the ‘A’ Division Air Pistol Competition

104 Catholic Junior College

CJC Shooting has always been noted for churning out individuals with resilience and fortitude, and the batch of 2016-2017 is no exception. Despite the challenges that we faced, we made sure that we gave our 110% every time we stepped into the shooting range. Our shooters find great satisfaction from observing the improvements in their shots and that is what drives us to reach for our goals. Although training sessions may be long and arduous, we have managed to forge close bonds, not only within the team but also with the teachers and our beloved coach. Through participating in the 2017 NTU and NUS invitational shoots, we gained valuable exposure to competitive shooting tournaments. We managed to overcome the odds and were able to achieve our individual personal bests. This allowed us to set the bar higher for our subsequent competition, the Inter-School ‘A’ Division Championships. Eventually, five of our shooters managed to advance to the finals to compete against tough competitors from the National Youth Team. We thus ended the two-year shooting journey on a high note, with many lessons learnt through the ups and downs. Now, we will be passing on the torch to the next batch of shooters.

The J2s with the graduating batch of 2016 at the seniors farewell

SPEAKERS’ INK Teachers-in-charge: Mr Damien Poon Mr David Fahy

Student Executive Committee: The J2s and their seniors after completing the gruelling 2-day DA(S)- ITE Debate Championships

The 2017 delegation at the MOE-ACJC Intercollegiate Debating Championship

President: Natalia Bee D/O Muhammad K J (2T24) Vice-President: Sean Ng Zhihao (2T26) This year, the Speakers’ Ink continued to engage in verbal sparring and exercised critical thinking skills. Our members grew as extemporaneous speakers by participating in various competitions, which allowed them to learn about the value of speech, rhetoric, the importance of treating one’s opponent with due respect, and the meaning of grace under pressure. The members won accolades for the effort they put

into these competitions. Notably, Joshua Tan Xueyao was the 8th Best Speaker, Silver Division, in the DA(S)-ITE Debate Championships, and Sean Ng Zhihao was the 15th Best Speaker in the NUS Political Association Debate Series. Speakers’ Ink also took pride in contributing to the college community. Our members have been emcees for numerous college events and ceremonies, and they also stepped up to make announcements daily during assembly. Given the value we place on developing the mind and spirit, and our drive for excellence, Speakers’ Ink looks forward to another year filled with opportunities for growth and success.

Natalia Bee (2T24), Joshua Tan Xueyao (2T02), Sean Ng Zhihao(2T26) at a competition

Our J2s at a parliamentary event

The 2017 delegation at the MOE-ACJC Intercollegiate Debating Championship

Yearbook 2017 105

2017 CJC Inter-College Chinese Chess Competition Participants

STRATEGY GAMES CLUB JC2 Strategy Games Club Members


Mr Kelvin Pang Mr Kelvin Lin

Student Executive Committee:

Weiqi Competition Winners

Jiang Haowei (2T10) with his competitor

Chinese Chess Training Session

106 Catholic Junior College

President: Tok Wei Zhi, Malcolm (2T18) Vice-President: Chue Zi Jie Jason (2T15) Contract Bridge Captain: Lim Peiyuan (2T12) Chinese Chess Captain: Li Huanda (2T18) This has been a year of many achievements for the Strategy Games Club. Our Chinese Chess team participated in the annual CJC InterCollege Chinese Chess Competition, where our Chinese Chess Captain, Li Huanda (2T18), did CJC proud by clinching the 4th individual placing against many other competitors. Additionally, the team that represented

CJC in the 22nd Char Yong Cup Students Xiangqi Championship stood out for putting up a great fight against strong opponents, and for their unwavering perseverance throughout the competition. Furthermore, our Contract Bridge team members pitted their skills against those from other colleges during the CJC Inter-College Contract Bridge Tournament and gained valuable experiences that will improve their gameplay. We also participated in the Lanke Cup National Weiqi Tournament for the first time and attained remarkable results. Li Huanda (2T18) achieved 7th placing in the Individual Category and led his team comprising Jiang Haowei (2T10) and Cui Yikai (1T12) to a 4th placing in the Team Category.

2017 CJC Inter-College Contract Bridge Tournament Participants

A group showcasing their cheer during the appreciation party

ST. VINCENT DE PAUL SOCIETY Circle time - getting to know one another

Teacher-in-charge: Miss Charlene Lin

Executive Committee:

President: Nicole Lim Xue Jing Vice President: Evelyn Chiew Yi Lin

Serving lunch to the migrant beneficiaries

Snake-balloon bursting game with the migrant beneficiaries

A performance with our migrant beneficiaries

(2T04) (2T21)

The mission of the St. Vincent De Paul Society (SVDP) is to serve the underprivileged by showing them love, according them dignity and offering them practical aid. For the third year running, SVDP has brought good cheer to the elderly in the Senior Group Home @Pipit Road. While the Home does its part to provide these elderly people with material necessities, we recognise, as St. Teresa of Calcutta did, that there is a poverty of loneliness in developed countries. Therefore, our role has been to shower the elderly at the Home with companionship in addition to the upkeep of the cleanliness of their homes.

Since 2012, we have had a longrunning project that reaches out to migrant workers. This year, SVDP rose to the challenge to increase its impact by collaborating with 1T08 and 1T20 to organise an advocacycum-donation drive to aid our migrant brothers. This was in addition to the annual appreciation party we organised for them. SVDP also believes in strengthening its outreach by collaborating with other young people, both within and beyond CJC. We have collaborated with young people from other schools to organise events for our beneficiaries, such as a New Year Party held on CJC premises. We have learnt much from our beneficiaries. Through our works of service and reflective practice, we have experienced priceless joy, deepened our spirituality and broadened our perspectives.

A game of Captain’s Ball with the migrant beneficiaries

Yearbook 2017 107

Team photo at Farewell Event 2017

SWIMMINGBIATHLON Teachers-in-charge:

Mr Zachary Kok Zhi Hoe Ms Leow Suhui


Koh Chin Chin Carol

Team photo at A-division

Student Executive Committee: Captain: Ian Cheah Chung Sern Vice-Captain: Kellyn Kay Yi Ting Secretary: Tan Hong You, Carey Treasurer: Chia Yi Jun Benedict Member: Teo Chuan Hao Shamin Tan (1T26) and Kellyn Kay (2T06) before the ‘A’ Division Competition


Zachary Chan (1T27) and Benedict Chia (2T01) at the starting line

Kellyn Kay (2T06) with her medal in the ‘A’ Division 200m Butterfly

(2T06) (2T06) (2T02) (2T10)

Individual • 3rd placing in Boys A division 100M Butterfly • 3rd placing in Girls A division 200M Butterfly • 4th, 6th and 7th placings in Girls A division 100M Butterfly • 8th placing in Girls A division 100M Backstroke • 4th placing in Boys A division 50M Backstroke • 7th placing in Boys A division 200M Backstroke

Ian Cheah (2T01) with his medal in the ‘A’ Division 100m Butterfly

108 Catholic Junior College


2017 has been an outstanding year for CJC Swimming. Following our successes in 2016, we clinched 2 medals this year in the Inter-School ‘A’ Division Championships. Ian Cheah (2T01) and Kellyn Kay (2T06) were at the top of their game and emerged 3rd in the 100M Butterfly Boys and 200M Butterfly Girls individual events respectively. The Swimming team treasures the spirit of friendship and camaraderie. Although swimming is an individual sport, our team has bonded through numerous training sessions and forged friendships that will not be forgotten. Our team believes in building a family that encourages one another to push on during the difficult times and excel in competitions. All this would not have been possible without the unwavering support we have received from our teachers-incharge, Mr Zachary Kok, Ms Leow, Coach Carol and Mr Nicholas Chia. Special thanks also goes to the 20162017 swimmers for leading us and showing us the ropes.

Swim team gathering

CJCSB CJ Celebrates 2

SYMPHONIC BAND Teachers-in-charge: CJCSB gathering around a railway during the HK trip

Ms Heng Yuqing Wendy Ms Lin Li Josephine Mr Goh Jun Yang Ignatius Ms Jacintha Huang

Student Executive Committee: President: Chen Xiangyu Vice-President: Kiang Ye Ping, Pearl Secretary: Tan Ee Jing Student Conductor: Chen Hong CJCSB SYF 2017 - Exco with teachers-incharge

Quarter Masters: Ryan Chan Jia Shen Tay Liang Kiat, Timothy Librarian: Andi Chan An Yung


(2T24) (2T28) (2T11)

(2T19) (1T14) (2T20)

2017 was a rewarding and memorable year for the CJC Symphonic Band (CJCSB). CJCSB participated in the Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation (SYFAP) on 2 May, and received a Certificate

of Accomplishment for their performances of their chosen piece, “Songs of Sailor and Sea”, and the set piece, “Escape Velocity”. On 30 June, during the annual CJ Celebrates concert, CJCSB played its SYFAP chosen piece, “Songs of Sailor and Sea”, and a medley of “Hey Soul Sister” and “Just the Way You Are” arranged by Yap Sin Yee. This concert ended with a combined performance by all of the performing arts groups of the piece “Viva La Vida” arranged by Tim Waters. All these would not have been possible without Mr Ignatius Goh, Ms Jacintha Huang, Ms Josephine Lin, Ms Wendy Heng and our conductor Mr Tan Thiam Hee. Their unwavering support and guidance played a crucial role in encouraging CJCSB to do its best in every performance.

CJCSB (2016-17 batches)

CJCSB Chalet

Our 2016 exchange programme in Hong Kong 2016

Yearbook 2017 109

Girls’ Team

TENNIS Teachers-in-charge:

the Boys’ team did not qualify for the quarterfinals, our players gained valuable exposure and learned a lot from the experience.

Student Executive Committee:

The Girls’ team performed admirably as they managed to beat schools including National Junior College, Serangoon Junior College, and Anderson Junior College to qualify for the quarterfinals. Despite beating Dunman High School in the quarterfinals, we lost to Raffles Institution and Hwa Chong Institution, missing out on the semifinals by only one match. To end the JC2 players’ journey, the Girls’ team also took part in the Inter-IJ Tennis Competition (for the Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus schools) during the June Holidays and managed to get a 3rd Runner-up placing.

Mr Peter Loke Ms Tan Wei Ting Dr Choe Kee Cheng Adrienne Tan (1T20) forehand

Boys’ Captain: Tiah Wei Jun (2T09) Boys’ Vice-Captain: Jarrett Lee Jun An (2T21) Girls’ Captain: Amira Binti Mohamad Rafi (2T19) Girls’ VIce-Captain: Seow Nicole (2T05) Secretary: Felicia Lim (2T13) Treasurer: Shubhasheesh Prakash (2T09) Jarrett Lee (2T21) and Pearce Toh (2T21) playing doubles

2017 has been a fulfilling year for the CJ Tennis Team. We started the year under the guidance of our new coach, Mr Andrew Mah. We took part in the 2017 Inter-School ‘A’ Division Tennis Championships. It was a challenging season for the Boys’ team as they faced intense competition from rival schools such as St Andrew’s Junior College, Nanyang Junior College and Eunoia Junior College. Although

It has been a fulfilling year for CJ tennis as our players have gained insights and experiences that will shape them beyond their time in college.

Erin Chuah (1T05) returning

Boys’ Team

110 Catholic Junior College

Amira Binti Mohamad (2T19) and Felicia Lim (2T13) shaking hands after a game

Members of the Tenpin Bowling

TENPIN BOWLING Teachers-in-charge: Our team at their final training before the ‘A’ Divisions

Ms Audrey Lioe Mr William Seah Ms Joyce Tan

Student Executive Committee:

The team at the National Championship

Male Captain: Gerald Yeo Zhi Xiang (2T13) Male Vice-Captain: Zhong Haotong (2T09) Female Captain: Hana Zahara Goh Binte Jalil (2T24) Female Vice-Captain: Samantha Ong Yoke Lin (2T01) Treasurer: Sim Shin Kit (2T05) 2017 was a challenging year for both the Girls’ and Boys’ Bowling teams. Even though our bowlers did not clinch any trophies, our personal experiences and growth in this journey towards the Inter-School ‘A’ Division Championships have helped us develop perseverance and a can-do attitude, as

well as camaraderie and a stronger team spirit. We are grateful for the constant guidance of our coaches, Coach Rick and Coach Denny, and our teachers-in charge, Ms Audrey Lioe, Mr William Seah, and Ms Joyce Tan, who have nurtured us to grow and mature as individuals. The experiences that we shared, from cheering each other on and having friendly competitions during training, to the enjoyable yet strenuous physical training sessions, forged memories and bonds that will continue to bind us strongly even after we leave the college. The joys and challenges that we shared and the times spent together have brought us closer as one CJC Bowling family. 2017 has truly been a memorable journey of growth for all our players, and the CJC Bowling team will continue to strive to grow and improve.

EXCO Members

Our bowling team

The JC2 bowlers

Yearbook 2017 111

The CJC Track & Field Family

TRACK AND FIELD Teachers-in-charge: Lettitia Jules Quek (1T22) racing neck and neck with her competitors

Mr Lim Zhiyi Ms Peggy Boey Mr Goh Tor Heng Ms Lee Li-shan Ms Charlene Kwa

Student Executive Committee:

Our 4X100m Boys Team Beaming after Clinching their Historic Gold Medal L-R Hassan Khan (2T11), Alphonsus Teow (2T26), Shahmee Ruzain (2T09), and Jon-Patric De Mello (1T01)

Shahmee Ruzain (2T09) leading in the 100m race, with a look of sheer determination upon his face

Captain: Alphonsus Teow Rui Jie (2T26) Vice-Captain: S Shahmee Ruzain (2T09) Secretary/Treasurer: Loh Ye-Han Brian (2T29) Members: Tay Jing Cheng (2T17) Pagdanganan Risa Marielle G ( 2T05)

Achievements: Singapore Youth & Junior Athletics Championships S Shahmee Ruzain (2T09) - 100m (Boys U20) - 3rd, 200m (Boys U20)- 3rd Loh Ye-Han Brian (2T29) - Shot Put (Boys U20) - 3rd, Discus Throw (Boys U20) - 3rd National Inter-School Track & Field Championships S Shahmee Ruzain (2T09) - 100m (Boys) – 1st, 200m (Boys) – 1st Loh Ye-Han Brian (2T29) - Shot Put – 4th Alphonsus Teow (2T26) Shahmee Ruzain (2T09) Jon-Patric De Mello (1T01) Hassan Khan (2T11) - 4X100m Relay (Boys) –1st

Happy faces at the ‘A’ Division competition

112 Catholic Junior College

Overall Position: Boys: 5th Girls: 10th

2017 was a very successful year for the CJC Track and Field team. In the run-up to the competitive season, our athletes underwent strenuous training, pushing past both mental and physical barrierss as they prepared themselves for the challenges ahead. The season began with the 43rd Singapore Athletics Championships, where Shahmee Ruzain (2T09) and Brian Loh (2T29) clinched two Bronze medals each in the U18 and U20 categories respectively. This served as the motivation the team needed to continue its medalwinning streak, pushing our athletes to continue striving to reach their fullest potential. Our relay teams also shone, as our Boys 4x100m team won Gold at the SPH Relays 2017 and the rest of our relay teams made it to the finals. These early successes put us on track for glory at the National Schools Championships. At the Championships, Shahmee Ruzain defended his sprint double title, clinching Gold in the century sprint and in the 200m dash for the second year running. The CJC Track & Field Boys team also made history by attaining Gold in the cutthroat 4x100 relay event despite the stiff competition. To sum it up, this season has proved that with enough determination and effort, we can achieve our dreams.

CJU at Inter-JC

ULTIMATE FRISBEE Teacher-in-charge: Mr Alvin Leong Ms Peggy Boey

Team huddle

Student Executive Committee: Captain: Kelvin Yap Jie En (2T08) Girls’ Team Representative: Kimberley Lek Min Hui (2T24)

Achievements in 2017: Ginny Teo Xuan Xuan: - Most Promising Player (RDT 2017) - Most Valuable Player (IJC 2017) CJU at Rascals Development Tournament 2017

Tan Jing Han: - Most Promising Player (RDT 2017) IJC 2017: - 12th position CJ Ultimate has been a mainstay of the college since 2004. Despite being an interest group, it has proven to be immensely popular in the CJC community, igniting newfound passions for this growing sport.

In 2017, the CJ Ultimate team participated in the Rascals Developmental Tournament (RDT) and the Inter-JC Ultimate Championships (IJC). Despite facing tough opposition including longtime rivals St Andrew’s Junior College, the team never wavered in our team spirit, constantly cheering on our teammates and staying positive even in defeat. Through these competitions, our players developed tremendously as individuals, and more importantly, as a team. While the results were not what the team had hoped for, there was still much to celebrate, as we saw individual players stand out and achieve personal recognition in the midst of fierce competition. We would like to thank our teachers, Mr Alvin Leong and Ms Peggy Boey, as well as our dedicated EXCO, Kelvin Yap Jie En and Kimberley Lek Min Hui for their support and guidance this year.

Heightening our spirits before a game during Inter-JC

CJU members celebrating after winning a point

CJU after a friendly with Republic Polytechnic

Yearbook 2017 113

Our CJC Volleyball Team

VOLLEYBALL Teachers-in-charge: Miss Angeline Chee Mr Cipto Hu Miss Natalie Lee Mr Yang Jiexiang

Student Executive Committee:

JC2 Volleyball Team

Girls’ Team Captain: Zoe Mok Girls’ Team Vice-Captain: Christle Teo Members: Bong Xinyi Shiela Ang

Boys’ Team Captain: Jefri Tan Boys’ Team Vice-Captain: Rufus Yap Members: Kevin Chew Chng Zi Hao

Kevin Chew (2T04) and Jefri Tan (2T14) looking on as Rufus Yap (2T14) and Aaron Puah (2T09) block a spike during a friendly match against St Hilda.

(2T04) (2T06) (2T05) (2T13)

(2T16) (2T14) (2T04) (2T21)

As a CJC Volleyball family, we hold firm and fast to our beliefs of growth through supporting one another, both on and off the court. We are focused on our building common values of teamwork, sportsmanship, and humility. This year, even during the most physically draining and mentally demanding training sessions, our support and care for each other shone through beautifully. With the strong team spirit, each training session not only showcased our grit and determination, but brought joy and laughter as well. This year, we managed to do CJC proud by participating in numerous friendly inter-school matches, the 2017 ITE College West Invitational, and in the annual National Inter-School Volleyball Championships (‘A’ Division). We would like to thank our experienced coaches and supportive teachers who have guided us throughout our journey. Just as we never fail to end every training session with a “CJ Steady!” battle cry, the CJ Volleyball team hopes that the unbreakable camaraderie that we share with one another will continue to grow steadily through the years.

Coach Briefing

114 Catholic Junior College

Yearbook 2017 115


CLASS 2T01 3rd row: Ian Cheah Chung Sern, See Hui Zhan Justin, Lee Zhao Ray, Kai Emmanuel Kuah, Derrick Tan Rui Yang, Sean Rene Gabriel, Ashwin Pandiyan 2nd row: Annushiyaa Rajesh, Lynnette Tan Shu Ning, Chia Shan Ning Thelma, Nicole Er Pei San, Sarah-Ann Lim Hui Min, Jozin Lim Hui Qin 1st row: Siau Su-Ann Christina, Samantha Ong Yoke Lin, Natasha Juliana Oei Su Qin, Miss Chee Huijie Angeline, Ian Luke Chan Yi-Ren, Hansel Lawson Sim, Linden Foo Han Jin Not in Picture: Khasnavis Ashrita

118 Catholic Junior College

CLASS 2T02 2nd row: Rachel Clarissa Huang Yan Lee, Koh Wan Ting Sarah, Inez Yong Hui En, Chang Min Wen Jillian, Megan Sim Tze Yen, Au Shi Ying Genevieve, Tan Violet, Yong Pei Xin Bernice, Siobhan Tan Su-Hann 1st row: Justin Li Kuo Hui, Ryan Lok Yin Hoe, Joshua Tan Xueyao, Miss Tan Wei Jun, Chia Yi Jun Benedict, Ervin Ang Jing Xuan, Theon Aw Kai Jun

Yearbook 2017 119

CLASS 2T03 2nd row: Clarissa Tan Min Hui, Zeen Tng Rui Ying, Gabrielle Er Jie Ning, Elliot Tan Ri Sheng, Ryan Lee Sheng Ray, Darryl Chua Siyang, Brandon Ng, Paul Chow Tjun Yu 1st row: Rachel Tan Wen Xin, Dahnvi Chendini Yauwan, Kirstie-Mae Baptist, Ms Serena Soh, Mr Eric Sor, Natasha Tira Allnutt, Anna Aye, Gan Wei Ying Stacey Not in Picture: Foo Ji Han

120 Catholic Junior College

CLASS 2T04 3rd row: Keeven Cheong Aik Wei, Yeo Jing Zhi Ezekiel, Luqman Nurhakim B Azman, Alven Koh Chun Ngee, Ivan Loh Zi Yang, Kevin Chew Jin Yong, Brandon Ho En-Wen 2nd row: Nicole Lim Xue Jing, Janine Marie Tan Rui Yi, Zoe Mok, Lau Yu Tong, Chia Shi Min Sharmaine, Whitney SuAnn David, Amanda Joy Augustine, Avril Brenda Chan 1st row: Ryan Tan Junwei, Koh Jun Kai Bonoit, Tan Wee Yi, Miss Tan Wei Ting, Parmesh Harvadan Mehta, Alvan Lee Tze Hsien, Cheng Wang Mun Timothy Joel Not in Picture: Tay Tzer Yuin

Yearbook 2017 121

CLASS 2T05 3rd row: Ginny Teo Xuan Xuan, Lim Zi Xuan Celestine, Hong Si Jin Samantha, Seraphina Anne De Souza, Luar Li Ying Alyssa Jenna, Bong Xin Yi, Lee Soo Bin, Pagdanganan Risa Marielle G, Chan Hui Ying, Sim Shin Kit 2nd row: Wong Yu Fung, Chew Jun Hao Javier, Nikhil Sheyan Rakesh, Elias Wu Qiren, Yap Jun Wei Elmer, Tan Ing Kiat Matthew, Charles Loy Ming Wei, Jordan Chan Jie En, Ong Xianfeng Ethan 1st row: Jamie Tan Lixin, De Silva Charmaine, Andi Hani Yasmin Bte Mohd Y, Ms Audrey Lioe, Ms. Wong Xuewei Fiona, Seow Nicole, Udella Tee, Lim Xin Hui Rachel Not in Picture: Chan Shu Ting Carol

122 Catholic Junior College

CLASS 2T06 3rd row: Edgar Russell Teong Kai Han, Daniel Chee Teik Hean, Brandon Ow Chong Hiang, Ace Chu, Wong Wei Hao, Yeo Yue Han Clement, Liam Tipene Burridge, Marcel Bartholomeus Prasetyo 2nd row: Duan Mu Zhu Yu, Queenie Ho Kai Ning, Tammi Chng Jing Xuan, Amira Bte Mohd Yunos, Christle Teo Yi Hui, Kayleigh Darroch Hoggard, Amanda Choo Si Qi, Perera Biyanwilage Malki S, Wu Si Qi, Charlotte 1st row: Petrina Tan Heng Kiat, Chantal Darlene Seah, P A Annmarie, Mr David Laurence Fahy, Ms Lin Li, Josephine, Kellyn Kay Yi Ting, Tan Hong You, Carey, Goh Anqi Carmen

Yearbook 2017 123

CLASS 2T07 3rd row: Ong Jun Jie Benson, Renzo Rivera Canare, Goh Zheng Ying, Felix Gaffu Tandadjaja, Andy Chua Xun Ze, Tan Jun Yi Brandon, Leong Jun Hong Nicholas, Lew Kah Hoa, Lim Woon Keng 2nd row: Aerion Desyl Ee Wen Xuan, Pan Jue Peng Yeshe, Kevin Mok You Jie, Eric Chua Chin Yong, Robin Yeo Shao Jie, Julian Jon Poh, Seow Zhao Hui Daryl, Ngo Dang Hoang 1st row: Chow Kai Xin Cassie, Wong Si Ying, Toh Si En, Mr Poh Lee Toon Nordin, Samantha Kang Xiao Hui, Rachana Ramanath Jamadagni, Tan Shi Yen Not in Picture: Bui The Quan

124 Catholic Junior College

CLASS 2T08 3rd row: Bryan Shing Wen Yan, Clarence Chua Ying How, Yap Jie En Kelvin, Ong Hong Kai, Ng Wei Zheng Timothy, Lee Theodore 2nd row: Wong Jin En Shannon, Lye Zi Foong, Russell Daniel Yeo Wei Ming, Hameed Maraicar Abdul Kader, Lim Jia Jian Glenn, Daryll Lee Shzen, L Matthew Durai, Fang Yizhen Jamie 1st row: Samuel Tang Zhi Gang, Ho Chong Jee Adam, Chia Yong Hao Caleb, Miss Teo Wen Jing Roxanne, Quak Wei Kang Alaric, Arthur Ho Qi Qiang, Kiran Dev Suresh

Yearbook 2017 125

CLASS 2T09 3rd row: Euan Chng Zhixiang, Joshua Bok Yu Fei, Eric Li Tong, Zhong Haotong, S Shahmee Ruzain, Aaron Puah Chin How, Tiah Wei Jun, Timothy Shawn Chong Jie Sheng 2nd row: Yak Li He, Tan Zu Xuan, Tan Wen Xin, Joshua Eng Zhi Heng, Rooban Pannerselvam, Lim Min Xuan, Durga D/O Ananthan 1st row: Ryan Sim Tian Le, Seah Jin Ho, Lim Chun Shen Shawn, Mr Lim Seow Thong, Jeremy Goh Liang Yi, Ng Wei Xiang, Shubhasheesh Prakash

126 Catholic Junior College

CLASS 2T10 3rd row: Teo Chuan Hao, Jiang Haowei, Lew Xun Yi, Low Zhen Wei Jerrell, Kwok Zhen Min Joel, Ng Ming Hin Benedict, Jerome Neo 2nd row: Tey Hao Yin, Soo Jun Hao, Sean, Tan Jun He, Derek Tan Ding Chao, Tino Teo Yu Zhi, Peh Ko Hsu, Ow Jun Wei Kevin, Liu Shuen Qi 1st row: Low Cin, Reece, Ivy Kong Ching Yee, Chulpaibul Jiraporn, Ms Suzie Yanti Bte Jumadi, Ng Ruoqi, Lai Yin, Koh Wei Theng

Yearbook 2017 127

CLASS 2T11 3rd row: Ng Zheng Da, Phang Khai Theng Salvatore, Kevin Teng Jin Peng, Loh Guang Yi Thomas, Dillon Lee Qi Shen, Muhammad Hassan Khan S/O A K 2nd row: Lee Yue Qi, Megan Tan Pei Fei, Dharmalingam Jayasudha, Lin Jiun Yih, Sanjana Suha, Wong Yunxuan, S Ramiyaasri 1st row: Lim Yongheng Steven, Neville Ho Zi Hergn, Teo Zhao Rong Javier, Ms Tan Siu Hwei Joanne, Chen Hong, Lim En Zeng Gershwin, Ngu Yi Yang

128 Catholic Junior College

CLASS 2T12 3rd row: Bryan Pang Jun Hao, Oo Hong Wei, Lim Peiyuan, Ee Wei Rong Adrian 2nd row: Jeral Ong Sheng Ming, Tan Morgan Vivian Kim Eng, Grace Tan Si Jie, , Goh Wan Xuan, Yong Shu Ching, Low Zhi Jie Daniel 1st row: Lee Zheng Yao Daniel, Ryan Chew Chng Wei, Bryan Wong Zheng Kang, Ms Lin Shilin Charlene, Ng Guan Ying, Myo Yun Tai, Tee Jeeng Yeeng

Yearbook 2017 129

CLASS 2T13 3rd row: Ng Sheng Feng, Elroi Seitoh Zhi Kai, Ang Moncayo Alan, Cheong Ming Yau Gerald, Tan Yi Guan, Joshua Tan Yong Hao 2nd row: Samuel Laudus, Marcus Goh Xuan De, Gerald Yeo Zhi Xiang, Glenn Michael Tan Chun Long, Chong Jia An, Daniel Jovin, Liew Yew Loong Jefferson, Yak Gheng Hng Ryan 1st row: Jessie Chia, Cheng Tze Ning, Shiela Ang Sze Ling, Miss Huang Yuanling, Joanna Wu Yue Jia, Felicia Lim Daiying, Ng Wei Lin Not in Picture: Ng Teng Han

130 Catholic Junior College

CLASS 2T14 3rd row: Kwong Zhi Qian, Yap Jun Yan Rufus, Soh Zi Hao, Toh Rinchen, Lim Kay Yun, Kaveen Elavarasan 2nd row: Neo Jing Min, Jared Tham Jia Le, Chen Xiangyu, Teow Zhen Yang Dominic, Er Ming Yong, Yong Fu Hsien, Jared Nathaniel Chan Weng Wai, Gibson Lee Zheng Kang 1st row: Alicia Tan Hui Jun, Jewell Toh Zi Le, Ong Lei Xuan, Mrs Lee-Xu Yifang, Mr Lim Zhiyi, Yung Qi Yang, Thiruchelvam Rajnivas, Sim Yang Kai

Yearbook 2017 131

CLASS 2T15 3rd row: Glenn Cho Jin, Lim Kai Fang, Christopher Wah Boon Chuan, Mark Biju George, Liaw Yan Xin, Joshua Tan Hiang Wei, Chua Chong Yew Jordan 2nd row: Chue Zi Jie Jason, Marcus Neo Zi Chao, Edrea Tai Song Yi, Roy Cheng, Lee Chung Hang, Dylan Lim 1st row: Myat Naygyi Win, Stephanie Toh Kay Wai, Dion Teo Meng En, Miss Chia Chiew Xian Valarie, Lin Yuchen, Tan Jie Ting Christine, Ong Su-Ann

132 Catholic Junior College

CLASS 2T16 3rd row: Ong Ting Yan, Jared Ng Yujie, Lie Wie Howe Lukas, Chan Jun Sheng Justyn, Heng Chun Kye Ryan, Dylan Sim Yi Sheng, Charles Alexander Ng Ooi Choen, Bryan Chua Jun Rui 2nd row: Erika Aldisa Gunawan, Lau Li Xuan, Yeo Ying Ying, Loh Chih Wei, Yeo Hong Rui Benjamin, Lee Zhong Hern, Yew Wei Xin Wendy, Koh Shan Hui Janelle 1st row: Timothy Wong Eu-Jin, Ho Sze Yang Andre, Teo Bryan, Mr Liu Yuci, Jefri Tan, Daniel Luke Ong Qiansheng, Tong Kai Wen Elvan

Yearbook 2017 133

CLASS 2T17 3rd row: Tan Yung Liang Joshua, Hee Ting Han Troy, Tay Jing Cheng, Oh Jun Wei 2nd row: Calma Eleazer Zeus Amigable, Fang Bryan-Eeshane, Lim Wei Jie Joshua, Liu Weilong, Keenan Lim, Ong Jun Bao 1st row: Caitlin Yeo Huiqing, Ng Renee, Phoebe Kong Li Hui, Ms Dawn Ang Xi, Liu Shuo, Ng Chi Hwee, Jesslyn Woo Xin Yun

134 Catholic Junior College

CLASS 2T18 3rd row: Chan Keng Jit, Shao Jia-Yu, Chen Ang, Lua Yi Da, Tok Wei Zhi Malcolm 2nd row:Pak Fang Ning, Huang Yawen, Choo Hai Wen Carey, Loh Wei-Xin Samantha, Gao Chen, Nur Shahzani Bte Anwar, Ho Yue Min Melissa 1st row: Ethan Low Yu Chao, Hoang Vinh An, Loke Hong Yit Matthew, Mr Tan Hong Cheong, Hoo Jinh Wann, Li Huanda, Loh Xian Ze Bryan Not in Picture: Goh Shing Rui

Yearbook 2017 135

CLASS 2T19 3rd row: Alicia Yap Ann May, Aliya Yusaf Ansari, Nichole Sheryn Loke Xin Yi, Mui Clara, Ng E-Lin, Amira Binti Mohamad Rafi 2nd row: Arista Neo Jie Hui, Hwang Shin Ignatius Etienne, Dion Low Zhe Kai, Aadhithya Selvakumar, Marcus Ng Teng Boon, Ong Sin Ning 1st row: Quek Jia Yang, Mark Ashwin Dinesh, Ryan Chan Jia Shen, Miss Leow Suhui, Du Tingyue, Matthias Lim Boon Han, Teo Yu Sheng Nicholas

136 Catholic Junior College

CLASS 2T20 3rd row: Adam Ho Keng Yuen, Liam Wells Ayathan, Trinidad Jeremiah Arong, Ong Zheng Long Clive, Samuel Chong Jin Xuan, Andi Chan An Yung 2nd row: Kho Kai Ting Jermaine, G Suthershinii, Foo Yong Qing, You Jia, Lee Li Ying Alicia, Charis Low Kai Hui 1st row: Murugesan Karthika, Sheila Chai Shi Rui, Cheryl Ong Si Ni, Mr Goh Tor Heng, Mr Ai Xinghuan, Quek Yi Xuan Nicole, Bhavya Gupta, Teh Shi Yun

Yearbook 2017 137

CLASS 2T21 3rd row: Shiah Jing Heng, Ng Jun Wei, Lim Zhong Yi Jon, Chng Zi Hao, Keith Tan Shi Jun, Isaac Soh, Tean Wei Jun 2nd row: Cheow Sue-Jane, Cherlyn Tee Jing Si, Trisha Quek, Ankitha Rajaram, Sammi Hew, Lim Wen Xi Natalie, Evelyn Chiew Yi Lin, Evangelista Wan Yeu Ning, Kelly Sng Shiqi 1st row: Tan Yu Ying, Lu Ying Ying Regine, Lin Zhiyu, Mr Cipto Hu, Brian Chua Siong Jie, Lee Jun An Jarrett, Abel Loh Fu Ming

138 Catholic Junior College

CLASS 2T22 3rd row: Joel Keandre Tan, Tedmond Chang Jing Wei, Dominic Low Wen Hao, Ma Wei Jun, Han Pin Quan 2nd row: Marie Linette Chan Weng Wai, Annemieke Tessa Van Der Horst, Low Shu Zhen Isabel, Lai Jane Yi, Ashley Soh Wenqi, Ong Chin Ling Charlyn, Tan Eunice 1st row: Ang Jin Yi, Celeste Lee, Lim Jia Wei, Mrs Toh Yoke Fan, Wang Jie Lin, Ho Swee Ee Isabelle, Ong Min Yi

Yearbook 2017 139

CLASS 2T23 3rd row: Madeeha Shahnaaz Bte M Y, Chew Hui Bin Hazel, Esther Lim Sing Er, Hsu Wen Chi, Lin Kim Katherine Lauren Selby, Seah Wan Ling, Soh Li Ying 2nd row: Chua Wei Jun, Ng Tianle, Emmanuel Louis Lee Yong Hui, Wong Kang Zhi, Richard Lowell O’Brien, Nicholas Sim Wei Jie, Benjamin Koh Jin Ming, Wang Hong Ee Sebastian 1st row: Chua Sui Ling, Dorothy Teo Wun Yi, Elanca Gwee Charlene, Mr Kuang Kim Chun, Claire Nadine Tan Shi Yun, Evangeline Sim Jia En, Leow Rui Wen Isabel Not in Picture: Sonainah Asif

140 Catholic Junior College

CLASS 2T24 3rd row: Lim Jun Heng Edward, Basil Phang Min Ye, Pung Meng Jie, Joel Pang An 2nd row: Charlotte Lim Xin Pei, Lim Meng Gim, Lek Min Hui Kimberley, Ki Eunyu, Pearlina Royceton, Ganesh Ananya, Hana Zahara Goh Binte Jalil 1st row: Low Qing Pei Averie, Tay Aranda, Kiang Ye Ping Pearl, Mdm Phang Swee Eng, Miss Zhuang Chuzhen, Lee Bo Sern Bronson, Ker Yi Ting Raferty, Chen Wei-Cheng Not in Picture: Natalia Bee D/O Muhammad K J

Yearbook 2017 141

CLASS 2T25 3rd row: Nathan Wong Hung Rui, Haziq B Hasbullah, Daniel Foo Wen Ngiap, Lee Tze Jun Brandon, Calixtus Lee E Aun, Woo Yao Jie, Jarred Ignatius Hun Kang Ding, Yeu Chen Yuan 2nd row: Wong Shiyun Janelle, Hira Vanessa Selva Rajah, Rayna Sow Yun Yee, Sabrina Lai En Hui, Kho Ling Li, Ong Shi Yinn 1st row: Eng Ying Xing, Ashley Yeo Yuanxuan, Neo Shao Ying, Mr Desmond Chia Han Chin, Zhou Yunrong, Andrea Gomez, Tan Zi Ning

142 Catholic Junior College

CLASS 2T26 3rd row: Joel Tan Seh Zhe, Sean Ng Zhihao, Julian Tan De Kuan, Dylan Jared Manuel, Alphonsus Teow Rui Jie, David Goh Zheng Wei, Lim Tzi Chen Marc 2nd row: Hng Xin Hui Phoebe, Wong Zing Rong, Cao Yilin, Rufina Anne Andrew, Tham Wai Mun, Poh Wen Lin, Lim Tsing Yen, Ong Min Yee 1st row: Yasmine Soen Sin Wee, Shreya Sudhakar, Tan Yong Seng, Mr Fu Shengkai Gabriel, Jamie Tay Hui Yin, Natasha Naomi Kong Pei Li, Jerica Pang Sian En

Yearbook 2017 143

CLASS 2T27 3rd row: Koh Wei Na Vera, Fang Hanyun, Lim Xin Yi, Gay Yu Jing, Patwardhan Arica Jitendra, Cherie Tan, Tham Yi Ting, Jessica Oh Hui Yu 2nd row: Lee Zhao Cheng, Lim Jun Hui Keith, To Quang Nghia, Pearce Toh Shi Wei, Tan Wen Jun, Nichlaes Teo Joon Kiat, Saw Zheng Yang 1st row: Wong Qi, Tay Ning Hui, M Mohanaruby, Ms Ang Chuan Yin, Georgia Neo Zhi Xuan, Phay Ju Siang Jillian, Malathi D/O Magadevan

144 Catholic Junior College

CLASS 2T28 3rd row: Tan Ee Jing, Xavier Lee Eugene, Sebastian Goh Kai Ning, Nuovo Tan Kian Ho, Javen Tiang Jieren, Eugene Ng Qi Chong, Bernice Chee Qian Hui 2nd row: Nikita Sunil Nandwani, Shannice Ho Xinying, Alice Chua Qin Hui, Cheng Ying, Jovinia Ong Lu Wan, Hup Jing Si, Angeline Ang Jing Wen 1st row: Wong Xing Da, Yeo Zhi Yuen, Yang Junhao, Ms Nur Liyana Md Tahir, Lum Yi Cheng Jerome Matthaeus, Jose Tan Shen Jie, Teh Wei Sheen Not in Picture: He Haowei, Li Jiangxiao, Nick Woo Wei Xuan

Yearbook 2017 145

CLASS 2T29 3rd Row: Joshua Sean Lee, Wong Jia Zhen Johnathan, Tran Minh Hoang, Ambrose Yew Hao Qiang, Lawrence Kevin Sagaya Anthony, Loh Ye-Han Brian, Ong En Hong Marcus, Justin Lee Yong Teck, Reuben Ting Jen Han, Lim Main Ray 2nd Row: Verity Lua Yu Qing, Ashley Nee, Mario Josephan, Darren Chow De Jian, Andrew Lee Kit, Makarios Tang Way, Philip Mark Tan Leetiong, Rachel Mark Yuen Yee, Tan Yan Zi Matilda 1st Row: Tan Wen Ying Denice, Renata Dharma, Janessa Yim Xue Qi, Miss Thong Wan Ling Serene, Nan Lin Lae Oo, Low Xin Yi, Edna Chah Eu Myin Not in Picture: Oh Mei Xuan

146 Catholic Junior College

CLASS 1T01 3rd row: Jesher Andrew Nicholas, Koh Hong Cheng, Jerold Lim Xing Jie, Goh Liang Chia Christopher F, Ng Xu Heng Seth, Jon-Patric De Mello, Nabil B Abdul Latiff, Muhamad Mamfizam B Ismail 2nd row: Nurul Natasha Bte Mohamad Siraj, Jazmine Monaz, Chua Jia Ling Gracia, Loei Jia Hui Nikki, Ng Xiao Yan, Luiza Nguyen Thi-An, El Hilo Sarah Kai, Janine Toh 1st row: Nicole Marie Christopher, Nur Nadiah Bte Hisham, Mathinivedha D/O Neviliappan, Mr Amos Tan, Mr Alex Wong, Teo Zi Qing, Miriam Manti Charles Saguda, Razana Bte Mohamed Rafi

CLASS 1T02 3rd row: Chen Hsieu Kei Ethel, Lim Bi Hui, Arunima Das, Nicole Jean Wong Teng Yun, Allissa Koh, Seow Hui Qin, Lea Caelainn Su-En O’hara, Emma Ashley Ng 2nd row: Tan Ning Tiffany, Danish B Abdul Rashid, Samuel Sim Tzi Hean, Dylan Lee Shi Chen, Lorenzo Diomampo Rubio, Zane Siak Cheung Yien, Noah Lee Ze Ning, Jolin Kan 1st row: Audrey Lee Shu Ping, Kacine Wee Wan Si, Cynthia Andrea Wong Shi Ting, Ms Sharon Soong, Ms Chong Sin Ying, Mr Demas Koh, Tan Kai Rene, Glenda Chia, Chew Natasha Victoria Not In Picture: Brina Li Yuan Yee, Olivia Christina Tjokrosetio, Oli Winter Yearbook 2017 147

CLASS 1T03 3rd row: Hay Yong Sheng Benton, Brendan Low Yu Ren, Wong Jie Rong Jerome, Lee Jieyong Andrew, Ngiam Heng Hao, Lee Wei Lin, Benjamin Wei-Guang Hecker, Jerome Lee Han Yang 2nd row: Chin Shi En Joey, Low Min Yee Naomi, Vanessa Grace Ng Wen Hui, Yau Ka Kiu Kandice, Cheong Kar Yan Eileen, Goh Xin Yi Megan, Mugdha Jaruhar 1st row: Celine Ong Hwee Yee, Rena Tang Le Xuan, Pham Hong Yin Gloria Esther, Mr Damien Joash Poon, Ms Lee LiShan, Ong Qiu Tong Dawn, Chew Xi Wen Isabel, Nur Afifah Bte Mohamed Nassir

CLASS 1T04 2nd row: Zoe Deborah Tauro, Lim Weide Samuel, Koh Sze Ann Sean, Christopher Gerard Chin Z Y, Shaun Song, Seah Wei En Jonathan, Nigel Leo Jian Ming, Tan Yen Fei 1st row: Casuncad Mary Gwyneth Chan, Teo Ai Qi Symantha, Nicole Anne Leong Shu Hui, Dillen Singh Selvam, Mdm Wee Siew Ling, Ms Debanita Bhattacharjee, Wee Tong Lin Eva, Leow Wen Xuan, Alka Arun Daney, Chloe Alexandra Jiayi Yung Not In Picture: Megan Darynni Joseph

148 Catholic Junior College

CLASS 1T05 3rd row: Victor Germanicus Yap Kian L, Muhammad Aizat B Alzahar, Anson Lee Zhi Jian, Yuen Ho Hon Michael, Joel Quek Shou Kai, Chester Lim Zhi Han, Asher David Lee, Shim Yew Brian, Matthew Choy Wai Kin 2nd row: Muhammad Aiman B Mohd Azhar, Erin Chuah I-Lin, Nur Atika Mikaail Ooi, Kow Qi Wei Bernadette, Sia Xin Pearlyn, Lim Ting Xuan, Toh Mei Ting Melissa, How Po Yam Brian 1st row: Rachel Yong Jun Ru, Amanda Joan Lim Li Min, Yeo Ying Jie Sally, Heng Kim Melanie, Mr Christopher Tay, Heng Xin Yi, Ashley Teo Xue Yi, Loh Choo Teng, Isabelle Chua Xin-Rei


3rd row: Trisha Peck Shu Yu, Stacey Sim Yi Zhen, Tan Kai Qing, Stacey Chiu Jiahui, Tiffany Pong Qing Li, Lim Charlene, Celine Sim Yen Li, Wong Yuet Yen 2nd row: Marcus Loo Wei Siang, Gabriel Foong En Jie, Tang Cheng Jun Keith, Keith Chan, Joy Pang Minle, Lim Xin Ying Jamie, Lee Xiu Ting Tarsilla, Patricia Tan Yi Chin 1st row: Megan Lim Li Yi, Wu Luolan, Anthea Cheong, Stephanie Tan Hui Xin, Mdm Tan Seow Ling, Valerie Woon Rui Fang, Cheng Chi Lam Stephanie, Elizabeth Wee Wen Cui, Lauren Ann Lye Yi Han

Yearbook 2017 149

CLASS 1T07 3rd row: Ignatius Ng Wei Yang, Sim Hsien Yi Gerald, Keir Huang, Chan Hung Shen, Ang Teck Yee, Jay Edward Goh Wei Wern, Zaw Hein Aung, Choo Ruirong, Soh Zheng Hao 2nd row: Nicholas Bryan Chia Si Yuan, Ng Jie En Dominick, Teoh Wee Yong Darren, Kelvin Andikko, Nigel Loh Zhi Wei, Benedict Fong Wang Keat, Lim Jing Zhe, Low Chang Feng Stefan 1st row: Tan Shi Fang Tammy, Ang Eng Teng, Wong Seow Woon, Mr Pang Soon Kit Kelvin, Ng Yu Xuan, Cessa Ng, Janelle Janice Ho Jia Min


3rd row: Joash Sudarshan Devanandan, Xu Ruyi, Santhosh Kumar Vinayak, Roshan Zabiullah, Kirubezhwaran S/O A M Venthan, Bryan Berqmans Pereira, Mohammad Irfan B Mohammad Noor, Leroy Tham Jun Han 2nd row: Rabab Mehnaz, Khoo Xin Ru, Yang Congxu, Chow Jun Yong Jeremy, Josh Wong Chan Kit, Mohamed Hamas S/O Mohamed Ali, Ting Sze Yin, Lim Yuen 1st row: Benjamin Tan Jun Qi, Syahir Ahmed, Huang Zhiyuan, Ms Yeong Jia Xin, Joseph Santhosh Aaron, Lim Jin Feng Alexus, R Keegan Kavindra Not In Picture: Selvam Shwetha

150 Catholic Junior College

CLASS 1T09 3rd Row: Wong Wei Xiang, Justin Looi Jenn Wei, Ivan Yeo, Xian Zhen, Lee Jen Chye, Aloysius Ang Kirk Zhao, M Suran 2nd Row: Teng Jing Kai Joshua, Shaun Loh Weijie, Ang Yue Sheng, Lim Shao Zhe Lenson, Ng Zi Hao, Joshea Koh Zuo Hao, Dion Tai Yun Shen, Matthew Goh Wei-En 1st Row: Amita Chia, Chan Zhi Cheng, Ong Jia Xuan Denise, Yasaswinie B Narayanan, Mdm Aster Goh I-Mei, Cheong Lay Yen Regina, Ng Hui Lin, Elleisa Gong Xin Ting, Shriya Nangia

CLASS 1T10 3rd Row: Kapu Mani Kumar, Kester Toh En Le, Foo Hee Shen, Andrew Steven Lee Wei, Vivek Sebastian Thomas, Shayn Ang Zhen Wei, Hong Fan Jie Joel, Wang Zixuan, Lim Howie 2nd Row: Lionel Tee Zi Xun, Mohammed Ansar Ahmed, Chung Ooi Jiun, Ang Kai Jun Donovan, Ignatius Tang Hong-Quan, Harvey Zhang Tianren, Monem Butt, Joel Timothy Chan Ping 1st Row: Wee Jer’valle, Chloe Foo, Lim Yi Lin, Ms Sylvia Tong, Lee Xing Hui, Toh Chia Hui, Clarice Tan Zi Ling

Yearbook 2017 151

CLASS 1T11 3rd Row:: Ang Zhen Yue, Tok Nimoe, Heng Jun Lin Bryan, Lim Jun Xian Russell, Fan Wei Jack, Julian Ooi Jun Siang, Yeo Chi Ning Tristan, Ong Dylan, Tok Jun Wei 2nd Row: Dickson Tan, Lee Xu Zhou Bryan, Isaac Soh Bing Rong, Dennis Ong Qinkang, Li Zengyu, Goh Jin Wei Aaron, Wong Huai Hai, Rowin Michael Germano Rio, Tan Bing Jun Joel 1st Row: Phoebe Leam Xin Ni, Chen Hui Ru, Chai Pin Xuan, Ms Yoong Lian Teen, Nur Aberleen Syafirah Bte Azmi, Harsheenee D/O Ragunthan, Thum Sau Kuan

CLASS 1T12 2nd Row: Keagan Sih Zheng-Kai, Benedict Leong Yun Hao, Xavier Chew Yong Quan, Ryan Su Tse Keng, Pang Jiajun, Zhang Han Lin, Alden Ng, Darrel Ang Yue Jun, Luu Danh Anh Minh, Chin Wei Wen, Darren Yong Chen Hao, Clarence Wong Jinyi 1st Row: Nivetha D/O Senthil Kumar, Sarah Anna Tay Syn Yin, Koh I-Ling Emma, Liu Tianchen, Mrs Koh Lay Seng, Ms Law Hui Min, Choy Zhen Wen Marcus, Pour Jia Ern Jeremy, Koh Hao Sheng, Matthew Lee Jiaxiong Not In Picture: Whitney Siew Shi Jie, Cui Yikai

152 Catholic Junior College

CLASS 1T13 3rd Row: Joash Lim Qi En, Foong Shuen Khai, Goh Xian Hao Glendon, Matthias Wesley Heng Zi Hng, Ryan Goh Xu Jie, Sim Kai Jun, Ho De Wei David 2nd Row: Lee Yuan Qi Daryle, Daniel Gerard Joseph, Shee Davin, Neo Yi-En, Chong Yew Loong, Liew Zheng Yuan, Liew Yi Zhe 1st Row: Eugene Xue Jia Wei, Andre Ng Mingfu, Matthew Gani, Nicholas Poon Jun Hao, Mr Wee Wee Chau, Mr Zachary Kok Zhi Hoe, Low Suet Teng Phoebe, Chan Hui Xin Renee, Lee Shi Thong, Tang Yan Jun Antoinette Not In Picture: Dion Loke Hui Shan

CLASS 1T14 3rd Row:Lim Diat Bbin, Reynold Samel Lam, Tan Kai Chong, Jonathan Tan, Loh Yuan Long Kedrian, Ong Teng Chen Brendon, Kok Yu Han, Tan Qi Sheng 2nd Row:Aye Phyu Thant, Ramya Sriram, Huang Sirui Serene, Tan Yoke Hwee, Sei Xin Min, Heng Yee Ying Beverly, Ho Si Ci, Chua Jing Yi 1st Row: Tay Liang Kiat Timothy, Angelo Kristoff Manuel Macario, Tan Zheng Rui, Mr Lim Yoke Kuang, Ms Chan Sok Yee, Lim Jun Kiat, Ni Yuan, S Hamsaraj Not In Picture: Loh Si Min Christine Yearbook 2017 153

CLASS 1T15 3rd Row: Lim Ting Kai, Lau Kai Bin Amos, Teng Wei Han Adam, Lim Zhi Jian, Chen Jun Shen, Wang Xingrui 2nd Row:Jaren Ng Shing Yu, Lee Yang Yeow Abel, Ronald Tan Chang Hui, Low Bo Wen Nicholas, Sun Buo Wei, P Sabarish 1st Row: Yuen Huiqi, Natalie Wong Li Ying, Tay Li Yan, Mr Lin Yicheng Kelvin, Gerald Tan Zi Jie, Javen Leo Jun Yuan, Dion Chua Li-An Not In Picture: Wu Jiasheng

CLASS 1T16 3rd Row: Utkarsh Sahni, Lee Heng Yi, Pang Kuang Wei, Fu Yufan, Joshua Wee Yong Sun, Joshua Pok Ze Kai, Ignatius Chai Kai Zer, Sai Cho Wie, Tomoki Teng Zhi Hui 2nd Row:Alyssa Ong Yan Lin, Tan Shi Hui Krystal, Joanne Chandini Joseph, Chelsea Tan Yijie, Nicholas Foo Ming, Gabriel Lee Shao Rei, Sua Jin Cher Gabriel, Reuben Lim 1st Row: Yap Woon Kiat Jonan, Cheong Weng Hong Luke, Eugene Ong Wei Xiang, Mr Lim Meng Hui, Dexter Ong Qing Yang, Fan Syong Zhi, Tan Jia Fei Valencino

154 Catholic Junior College

CLASS 1T17 3rd Row: Yang Wen Hu Thomas, Srinivas Ramachandran, Abdul Rahim Mohamed Fadzil, Gabriel Jerome Lim Tien Siang, Darius Lee Jun Hao, Vivin Rithik Paul Rajendran, Goh Zheng Teng, Ian Chan Hou Ren 2nd Row: Weng Jin, Lim Ker Tao, Fan Wei Feng Timothy, Roshane Shannon Danthanarayana, Alistair Tan Xu Jie, Loo LiYang Jonathan, Shabeer Ahamed, Alisja Bte Zaqy, Leong Shijie Celine 1st Row: Loh Joo Hoe, Lim Zhi En Moses, Marshall Ng Zi Hang, Ryan Leong Jun Ho, Mr Joey Kang, Heng Aek Hayden, Lee Jun Hui Ansenn, Cleon Liew Ge Wei, Tay Jiun Yuan

CLASS 1T18 3rd Row: Andy Lam Han Min, Leong Chen Rong Maccolm, Jonathan Lim Wei Jie, Eroy Joseph Chia Yuan Shu, Tay Zhi Quan Malcolm, Heng Si Yuan Clement, Jonathan Tay Ming-Yang, Lim Wei Bin Brendon, Tan Long Ju 2nd Row: Lam Jing Ming, Tan Yee Kit Vanessa, Bay Wan Xin Pamela, Geraldine Koh, Loh Yan Yi Regena, Lim Wen Shuang, Teo Kai Lun Felicia 1st Row: Wang Jie Ying Nicole, Choo Ker Xuan Tevia, Koh Tongwei Jaclyn, Mdm Nor Hanisah Bte Saphari, Sharel Ang Jia Hui, Lae Yeng Yeng Jolene, Emily Faine Galistan Not In Picture: Yeo Wei Jern Yearbook 2017 155

CLASS 1T19 3rd Row: Chen Kefen, Clare Lai Hui Ying, Amanda Sng Yong Zhen, Tan Wen Ling Lenice, Lizardo Beatrice Lou Hidalgo, Mercy Rex, Nurul Nafisah Bte Mohamed Ali 2nd Row: Sonam George, Gian Jamie Jana, Chi Wan Ching, Zhou Xinyuan, Chan Chung Yan, Joo Chaemin 1st Row: Amrita Sidhu, Sheryl Chong Yi Ping, Vivian Tan Xin Ying, Ang Cheer Neng, Ms Melissa Olsen, Adam Dai Kah En, Suraj Parapilly, Tan Yi Xuan, Sundara Ganapathy S/O L Not In Picture: Sabrina Low Jiamin, Chang Yu Wei

CLASS 1T20 3rd Row: Jordan Ashley Foster Lim, Yu Yi Jie Max, Kenneth Lim Hu Gui, Darius Luke Teo Fu Jin, Brennan Chia Li Zhi, Tai Chen Jie, Hoo Jian Le 2nd Row: Lon Hwee Yee Serena, Tan Xuan Yun, Claris Wong Jie Ee, Adrienne Rachel Tan, Yen Kai Yoong, Raksana Ayub, Lau Sze Leng Kylie, Chee Ning 1st Row: Charmaine Hong Li Ying, Low Jia Min Jacqueline, Sin Mun Kay Emily, Einstein Chan Jia Qi, Ms Heng Yuqing Wendy, Vernice Chung, Laura Teo Wee-Shuanne, Fong Wei Jing, Goh Wan Yong Not In Picture: Ayden Mohan

156 Catholic Junior College

CLASS 1T21 3rd Row: Lim Jun Feng, Leong Jun Xiong, Pang Jia Le Joel, Aw Jia Ming, Ng Kah Chun, Tay Boon Shao Marcus, Chan Jun Long Shoman 2nd Row: Tammy Nicolette Lee Jin Ee, Theresa Koh Simin, Franklin Angela, Joseph Hee Jia Liang, Seah Hao Xiang Andre, Dylan Yap Rui Feng, Woo Ruei Yang Bryan 1st Row: Tay Tong Yun Linette, Nur Darwisyah Bte Mohammed Y, Low Cheng Hiang Alexandra, Mr Owen Tan, Ms Sri Yuni Mazlan, Cristobal Ann Mai-Lee, Ang Shu Hui, Ong Hui Min Mint Not In Picture: Afrah Fathima, Chan Pak Hong, Ethan Teng Jingheng

CLASS 1T22 3rd Row: Bryan Goh Hong Wei, Wang De Jian Marcus, Esan Natraj, William Hanson Djati Utomo, Maximilian Kumar Wegener, Zhou Shude, Wong Yi Hao, Timothy Lim Zhi San, Ignatius Gabriel Ho Sheng-Da 2nd Row: Bernadette Lim Wan Ling, Seah Ying Zhen, Alena Ang Yan Ning, Tharshini, Shivaranjani Balamurugan, Shanna Twang, Anne Lui Jiayi 1st Row: Jerusha Agnes, Goh Sue Grace, Woon Hui Ling Adeline, Lettitia Jules Quek, Dr Choe Kee Cheng, Chua Kheng Yee, Hazimah Bte Kamisan, Chua Meng Hui, Toh Tingqi Mitchel Not In Picture: Stephana Jane Benedict Pereira, Mr Dominic Heng Yearbook 2017 157

CLASS 1T23 3rd Row: Tan Jing Han, Wong Xuan Wei Ryan, Fong Kitt Marcus, Jude Martin Chan Weng Kin, Ramasamy Vighnesh, Ian Cedric Io, Jerome Louis Tye, Lee Zi Kang Aaron, Tan Kah Meng Dylan 2nd Row: Tay Yan Zi Bel, Chua Qi Bao, Chloe Aw Jun Lynn, Lim Jiaqi Alyssa, Tan Jia Yi Alicia, Ng Rui Xue Winnie, Shen Yiyang, Subramanian Arthi 1st Row: Ines Cheah Wan Fang, Sophy Thyn, M Darshini Devi, Poh Qiong Yi, Mr Alvin Leong, Wong Dong Qi Estelle, Charles Lishakavin, Jennifer Han Junqian, Loy Song Ling Hillary Not In Picture: Emma Tang

CLASS 1T24 3rd Row: Justyn Yeo, Russell Chen Zhe Xuan, Matthias Isaiah Silva, Joshua Peck, Ashley Tann Jia Jie, Chan Jun Hao Anselm, Sean Ong Yee Cheong, Ang Junxiang Jamus, Lam Xi Kai Justin 2nd Row: Lee Manqing, Tham Sheen Yee, Lim Hui Ling, Chua Yi En, Chuah Tze Lynn, Chua Minhui Serene, Koh Derng Min Germaine 1st Row: Ng Jing Fang Carol, Nicole Teo Lee Anne, Angel Kooh Zi Qi, Ms Tan Mei Qi, Vanessa Chiong Hui Min, Seah Zhi Rui, Koh Shi Qi Genevieve Not In Picture: Predrick Marciana Shelby

158 Catholic Junior College

CLASS 1T25 3rd Row: Loh Jun Yong Kevin, Ezekiel Ho Zhan Geng, Yip Yu Zhang, Chee Rui Yang Clifford, Lee Yan Wei Zavier, Lin Kai, Cheng Yuansheng Randy, Haridas 2nd Row: Charmaine Lee Jia Mian, Ting Wei Eve Melissa, Tan Xiang Xian, Tee Ng Joyslin, Jil Wong May, Ravi Harshavardhni, Li Ee Han, Tan Wan Ting 1st Row: Cheong Yean Kei Emily, Theresa Nadia Tjitrosantoso, Soh Jing Wen, Ms Christine Hu, Mdm Lee Lucy, Ng AnRen Aaren, Lim Bing Xian, Dominicus Bimaputra Soegiono Not In Picture: Yio Yu Xuan

CLASS 1T26 3rd Row: Sanjay S/O Ramesh, Teo Chuan Hao Jester, Muhammad Hisham B Khairul A, Wong Wei Loong, Shawnpreet Singh Dhanoa, Joshua Ng Yuankai, Teo Ren Jun Lincoln, Ryan Lee Shi Hern 2nd Row: Heng Kang Yu Terrence, Joy Angelina Tan, Lisa Heng Jih Min, Ong Xi Jeanette, Thara Namazie, Neo Kai Qin, Ong Jia Sheng Benedict 1st Row: Ang Li Ying, Shamin Tan Jia Xuan, Megan Chew En-Rui, Chan Xiang Ying, Ms Wang Qiumei Stephanie, Javeria D/O Mohammed Atique Opai, Sl Monisha, Lee Shihui Charlene, Ng Weng Lum Not In Picture: Ms Natalie Lee Yingrong Yearbook 2017 159

CLASS 1T27 3rd Row: Zachary Chan Jin Shen, Lee Xiong Wei Joel, Beckham Wee Yu Zheng, Ngiam Jia Da Gordon, Dylan Tan Jiaming, R Thinesh, Austin Ng Mingli 2nd Row: Cadence Chew, Olivia-Mae Tan Kay Lynn, Tan Xing Ee Shina, Irene Wong Ya Hui, Clarissa Foo Yan Fang, Nicole Yeo, Carine Yap Huimin, Song Shu Min Leticia, Natasha Lye Wen-Hyi 1st Row: Tan Xinyi, Alyssa Siow Shu Yin, Amanda Pei Li Yan, Ms Victoria Er, Mr William Seah, Jody Chiang, Ng Charmaine, Tan Hui En Elizabeth Not In Picture: Kyler How

CLASS 1T28 3rd Row: Jasper Tan Yuan Rui, Ethan Loh Zhi Kai, Hung Fong Ching Hillman, Michael Pung Jia Chen, Li Ruochen, Clement Tan Yen Liang, Thant Zeyar Aung, Tay Zhi Wen Jeremiah 2nd Row: Thong Sue Hin, Jang Cai Yao Vania, Bertha Yee Shi-Yen, Ong Yew Long, Tan Wenyuan Ignatius, Daniel Chua Wei Cheng, Goh Jia Wen Fiona, Ho Wei Ling Charmaine 1st Row: Lincoln Hoe, Ji Xinggang, Hubert Lim Shing Yi, Mr Lee Jun Cai, Zacharius Liew Zhe, Soo Weng Kit, Kenta Takayama Not In Picture: Cheung Keng Siang, Villalon Francis Dominic M

160 Catholic Junior College

CLASS 1T29 3rd Row: Josiah Michael M Samosir, Choong Yih Herng Ignatius, Rodrigues Dillon Andrew, Dev Panwar, Lee Jun Hao Nicholas, Filbert Cia, Jefferson Yeo Wee Shen, Ryu Soo-Min 2nd Row: Edrina Risson Olakkankal, Leow Hui An Christabeth E V, Clarissa Khor Zhen Ying, Sim E’yun Andrea, Chiara Natasha, Jessica Charisse Ganadhi, Preethi Renganathan 1st Row: Samuel Kristianto Tjong, Kiven Singh S/O Rajesh Singh, Irwin Phanada, Ms Christina Francis, Mr Ignatius Goh, Sean Gunawan, Ferry Chandra, Huan Shaw

Yearbook 2017 161


162 Catholic Junior College


Yearbook 2017 163


CATHOLIC JUNIOR COLLEGE 129 Whitley Road, Singapore 297822 Tel No: +65 6252 4083 / 4 Fax No: +65 6253 7267 Email: Web:

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CJC Yearbook 2017 Part 2  

CJC Yearbook 2017 Part 2

CJC Yearbook 2017 Part 2  

CJC Yearbook 2017 Part 2