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Jrdo finalists kick up a storm

Bowling champions pin down the medals.

IDAC on Mt Ophir in March.

The CJC choir sings Halleluia.

'rark winning the Under-20 National competition and having one of our :encers obtain a world ranking at :'re World Championships in Turkey. Anthony Tsang was also nominated 'or the Commonwealth Championships which were held in \ewcastle, Australia, in December. Ti s sport was only introduced into CJC this year and we hope it :evelops into a very strong competitor in the years to come. Our Clubs and Societies have aiso being showing signs of positive :rowth this year. The Drama Society :articipated in the SYF inJune and rresented a marvelous production, ,,, riften entirely by themselves. The Band and the Choir combined for ineir annual concert, held at 5t Joseph's lnstitution in June, and it ,,ias a magnificent performance by both groups. We owe a special debt of gratitude to our respective Conductors who entice our young people to produce their best. The new enthusiasm in our CCA groups rvill hopefully give a new spirit of participation and creativity for all

students in the coming year. I would like to commend the work of the Co-Op for their tireless,

yet quiet, achievements during the course of the year. The Co-Op is run entirely by students, under the control of teacher-mentors, and their financial support and generosity to student activities during the course of the year is significant. They have been encouraged to engage a parttime person in 2003 to assist them with more regular opening hours as they attempt to achieve an improved standard of service for students.

Anne Tan and Lynn Cai on Drama Night

Curriculum/lT The College has committed itself to enhancing our learning strategies with the integration of technologies, where possible, and to meet the appropriate expectations of Masterplan 2 for ourJunior College. ln20Q2 the College contracted the lntegrated Virtual Learning Environment (IVLE) package for all JCI students. Hence many learning exercises, information, revision programs, reference material,


; 3



lT is a fundamental element of learning in CJC every student accesses the College integrated learning platform.

lecture outlines, and check tests were loaded there for the free and easy of access of all students. The platform was also used for student surveys. Next year we intend to increase the access to ourJC2 students so that all students will have an important on-line tool for learning for their use. This has also required the College to mount programs to assist teachers who are at varying levels of Mr Lester Low is the CJC webpage manager.



skill and comfort with such learning. MOE has also assisted through the provision of ample equipment, and suitable up-gradings, which all help to facilitate our lT plans and developments for enhanced learning. We are grateful to the Education Ministry in that regard.

Careers Day ln 2002 we reformed our Careers Day. Alumni, former parents and



; -

Students also learn about tertiary institutions at Careers Day.

friends of the College were invited to speak to our students in a round of presentations that went across an entire morning. Many organizations, especially the tertiary institutions, also accepted the invitation to establish a stall in the hall for the day. For many alumni presenters it was a reunion as they met teachers

and fellow alumni whom they had not seen for years. The standard of presentation was excellent and the students indicated, in their responses, that the morning had been a very valuable awareness experience for them. We are grateful to our Board members: Mr Gerard Lee and Mrs Pauline Goh who assisted with identifliing our suitable alumni to help.

Our Student Councils We are always appreciative of the

work and contributions of the Student Council and the Catholic Activities Council. Our out-going Councils (2001 /02) are to be commended for their work during the term and for providing a wonderful platform for their successors. Whilst these two groups require a high level of organization, dedication and commitment from their respective members, the personal benefits that accrue to all who are involved is invaluable. The College is grateful for their gift of service for every member of the College community. Catholic life in the school is alive and well, thanks to the CAC and those members of staff who assist

FriarJohn Paul Tan ofm discusses religion with our students at an open forum.

the Co-Ordinator, Miss Cail Ng, with the responsibilities of the Council. I encourage you all to read her report and to gain a better appreciation of how the College attempts to keep values formation and an

appreciation of the spiritual as key elements of CJC mission and vision for each and every student. Cod has no favourites: He has allowed us to develop a range of religious traditions whose intention is to assist all adherents to become better people through that affiliation and so contribute to the growth of all peoples through their active

involvement in their respective communities. I only pray that each student is more committed, or changed for the better in some way, for having been in the CJC community for two years. I particularly applaud and

recognize the generous spirit of those students who recently went to Chiang Rai to assist Sr Bernard with the young orphan children, to do some road works, and to enhance their understanding of poverty and deprivation through their direct experience with the children of the Hmong tribes. The stories of their

experience are indeed an inspiration.

Building Developments 2002 has seen rhe gradual emergence of a new building on the edge ofwhat was once the playing field and of key interest to allwho drive past. A Performing Arts Centre is being constructed and, hopefully, it will be completed by Term 4,2003. We are grateful to the many families, students, alumni and friends who continue to assist our fundraising efforts to make this wonderful facility possible. lt will be a grand asset to the College. This year we occupied the new 20-classroom teaching block with its accompanying computer laboratories, and minor renovations are constantly being made to improve and enhance the ambience of the College. As with any institution, buildings do not produce success. However, if a place is clean and tidy, the ambience is pleasant, and the general appearance is conducive, then the possibilities are enhanced for good learning to take place. So our efforts to improve must continue.

EIvira Savariappan (left), President of CAC, and Evien Tan, Student Council president.

The refurbished jogqing track and new classroom block.


Gym facilities are available for

Science students in the Biology laboratory.



hostel is upgraded and now boasts a beautiful chapel.

CJC Hostel Many people in our school community would not be aware that the College also maintains a hostel which, in 2002, had approximately I 30 students for most of the year.



l\4rs Low has been VP of CJC since


Significant improvements were also undertaken there as well to make the place more homely and pleasant. The chapel was upgraded, stained glass windows were commissioned to improve the atmosphere and ambience of the room, and efforts made to develop a spiritual life in the hostel, especially for the Catholic students who reside there. We were blessed to have Friar Michael D'Cruz

t _

; u


ofm to assist us with regular Masses towards the end ofthe year and we extremely grateful to him for all that he has done for the hostel students. Our appreciation goes to Mdm April Kwong, Deputy Director, Mr Paul Thong, Manager, and Mr Peter Lee, head of Dining staff, for their suppoft and dedication to the students in.our care. lt is a very happy place to visit and the general atmosphere of the hostel is an

impoftant element in providing the right environment for the mostly overseas scholars, and other students, to be successful with their studies.

Thank you The Board of Management, under the leadership of Mr Bernard Chen, have been a wonderful source

of encouragement and support during the year. The College is fortunate to have on our Board a group of men and women who are very interested in the College and eager to do whatever they can to ensure that the College will improve. Their presence at all our significant events during the year has itself been a continuing sign of their dedicated interest and commitment to the College. We express our sincerest gratitude to them. I

express my personal gratitude

to my Vice Principal, Mrs Low Swee Nghee, who is a wonderful suppott to me, a committed professional, and a ladywith a passionate interest in young people. To my middle

OurJC2s at the Walk 'n' Jog 20OZ which raised $150,000 for the College redevelopment programme.

management team, I extend my appreciation for your consistent dedication and hard work towards improving the College, as a team and as individuals. I also wish to place on record the support we have received this year from MOE, rendered especially through our Cluster Superintendent, Mrs Lim Thian Loke. Nothing can happen in


without the willingness and enthusiasm of a teacher to make it happen. So many ofyou have worked very hard to bring so many enriching experiences to our young people either by way of a CCA, or by some other means. All are indebted to each of you for your generosity in

this regard. The College also has I 8 nonteaching support staff who assist in a variety of functions: the library team, school maintenance, grounds and cleaning personnel, executive and admin staff in the office, and technical and laboratory staff. Without them the College could not function. Their quiet, yet fundamental, roles enable CJC to be the unique place that it is. We are

grateful to each ofthem and sincerely appreciate their dedication, loyalty and commitment to the College. We also extend our appreciation and gratitude to the many coaches and contractors who have assisted us during 2002 towards achieving our goals for the year. Their willingness to give of their time, energy and commitment has helped us in so many, and varied, ways. We thank you all.

As the year draws to a close, I reflect with gratitude and appreciation all that has been given to us here in CJC. Our legacy is great; our responsibility to do something wonderful with it is equally great. May all the families in the College experience the true peace and happiness of Christmas dnd may our Cod bless all of you with His grace and love as we prepare for the new year ahead. ln veritate et caritate!

Brother Paul fsc Principal l3 December, 2002

Our Stars E=:e!*:*+r3

Top students

Singapore Rep

This year's top A level student, Charlene Chua, picked up two awards; theJeremiah Kwek Swee Tiong Memorial Award for Ceography and the Ee Peng Liang Award. Charlene, who was president of the

Darren Chua of lT02 attended the Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership Congress in Washington in july. President of CJC's Chinese Orchestra, he was one of two Singapore representatives at the congress held this year at the Ceorge Washington University.

Catholic Activities Council, scored four As at the A-level examinations.

Top Science student Felicia Tan Mei Hui won the Academic Excellence Award and Wong Pixian won the Bernard Chen Award. Chhabra Ashminder Singh received two awards, for Computing and the Low Siew Nghee Memorial Award for Mathematics.

Among those who scored 3As, were students like William Toh, a college librarian and Edmund Lin Jinsheng, a member of the Chinese Orchestra and a lawn bowler.

Best Speaker Cowri Magandarn of 1T36, and Dylan Loh Pei Fong of 2T08 were winners at the lnter-Jc

oratorical competition

I _

; J

held at Tampines Junior College. Cowri beat crowd favourites from Anglo ChineseJC, VictoriaJC and Anderson JC to take home the coveted Best Speaker Award. Dylan received the Floor Participation Award.

Chess champ Cherissa Sng Chye Lynn won the second Prize for the Cirls Under-20 Open category at the National lnterSchool lndividual Chess Championships 2002 organised by the Singapore Chess Federation in March.

Outstanding Cadets Joy Balinger and Muhammad lrfan

Khalis received awards as

outstanding cadet Lieutenants in NCC(A|r) and NCC(Land) respectively.

t-,. Judokas Shine Julia Hee Yen won a silver medal in the 'A' Division Girls lndividual Lightweight category in 2002. The girls' team won silver and the boys' team won bronze at the 36th National Schools Judo Championship in July. Our girls were Julia Hee Yen, Celeste Ong Si Yan, Selene Lim See Ljn, Lian Dengli, Maria Fung En Ai, Michelle Thiew Zong Min and Laodamia Wong Shi Ya. The boys lvere Kanesh Thangaraju, Faizal Farokh, Fong Zhiming, Cay Weiting, BennyTan Cheng Kiat,Jordan Seet and Kenneth Wong.

the Boys Singles event. Lio Weiyun won bronze in the Cirls Singles event. Overall, CJC finished 5th.

Golf Gold The first National Schools Golf Championships in March saw Henry Mo Chuze beating I 2 others to win top spot in the A Division. Henry, who has a handicap of 9 and has been playing since he was I I years old, also received the Zone Colours Award for Golf.

Vertically Challenged Eight members of the college ODAC showed the sky's the limit when they took 28 other teams at the NTU Venical Challenge and emerged champions and runners up. Xiao Tian Yuan, Corinna Chua, Tan yi Ying and Terry Chen made up the winning team while Zheng Shu Fen, Jeremy Tan, Trudy Chua and Teri Neo came in second.

Golden Gymnasts These three CJC gymnasts brought back a rich haul of I 1 medals - three gold, three silver and five bronze

from two competitions, the National nter-School Trampoline Championships onJune 29 and the National lnter-School Cymnastics Championships on July I 0. I


Bowled Over


Eugene Ho and Melvyn Tan captured

the coveted 'A' Division doubles title at the at the 9th National Schools 'A' Division Tenpin Bowling Championships. Melvyn also came in third in




:. i'.:-:..1+r


National Youth Achievement Award fhree CJC students received I silver awards in the National Youth Achievement Awards Scheme this year. Six more received the Bronze award in the NYAA launched in 1992. The aim of the NYAA Scheme is to encourage young people to develop personal qualities of self-reliance, perseverance and responsibility to

themselves and to the nation.

To qualify for the award, the

students participated in activities grouped under four sections: Community Service, Expeditions/ Explorations, Skills Development and Physical Recreation. Xiao Tian Yuan, Clarissa Lim Rui Shan and Hong HengJiong won

silver awards. Angela Lee Ker Wi, Corrina Chia Zing Zhi, Cenevieve Bong, Ting Hui Wen, Jeremy Ang Yi Jun and Tan Yiying received bronze awards.

Silver award winners, from left: Xiao Tian Yuan 2Tl 4, Clarissa Lim 2T28, Hong Heng Jiong 2T14.

I -

; ?

Bronze award winners. Back row, from left: Ting Hui Wen 2T2 l,JeremyAng 2T25, Tan Yiying 2T02. Front row: Angela Lee 2T34, Corinna Chia2f21, Cenevieve Bong2T07-

Award Winners 2001lC2 Award Winners ceneriilt(:{ii!&:::illllL1rr::|::r;|r:;|1$iq{i6!i!{rgi:titailiiii{{ 09:rr:


Generir:t!(i*txditiiitiiiit,:::::li:.:ir:,irit::::r::::r:1!E:Xiilifr::i:ir::ail:,:::Xlr::r:iriill comptitiirg:::::::r::tiirirl ::r:::::iiiitilix:::li:lrll:Celie{S$6iiiliiilglginliii ili chinei€:xiiiriiiteii!t€::lit::::r:tr::r:r::llii:i:i*ri:Kt1iliriian:X$xiiiitii{6$i:::::i:::::ii.






ror Qnq{{!$lLf::::i,:lrri::ri:,:::iliiiii:::.:..::i:::r:::::i:ac}iliii:lgit!tt,tg6ngi{s!ii:::llir::::1,


Jeremidtir:Kw€ti:g!!i6i{:xi6,tig:lxr:,::,r:rrr:llllx::llr:rr:rrt,rrr::rrriax:r,li Me


Jeremiafir:Kw:Qx:giiiis€::Iiieiiili*liilrrfrrrrtllr::i::lx.:::ir:,rr:ilrr:rrrrl:ririiir::irrirlll Memq








Brother Patrick Loh Award for



Lee Foundeds,ii:m!!i!1ign&.S$:r:::tlr:::::lli:ili$&ryls:giiegriiit .rr:ririiirlrrrr:lll:::



Academic F*cel€e$r:i*Aiii,Ar(t:X:rrx1t ri:ls!:lllg!:lniii,f,gligig::X}rllrrlirl Bernard Chen


Wong Pixian

2001 fC lAward Winners Ensrish Lite'etirig::rr:::::r.:rriitiili,r:liir::Xi:ti{lii!iaidt!,€ai'$ign,Xr::t:rrr:r:il





Geosraphy t::iliir:r::i:iii,i,t:l:i:r:ltr:r:ritr:li:i1i$illg.:&{6,!!et:rLrirrlr::r:ilr:rli.rii: Generar Math€lrii.ii$i*r:rllr,rrrrl*t ;lr*iwgnit K!i!ig$Xe6M|it rrr::*l' hrrther Mathedd6iS::X:r:llirlr:rltx:i::gtgmi!$iliiistiim!.lli€:::i:irXl

Gomputins ,]]i::i:riirr:::::::i::rxrilill*rr,!&:ii!tie&tit*:ri:rir:trir,::

llioloery .::::::lr:r:r:::::Xi:i::ri::rllir::rr:68inge{&ntpgri:iiiir::rr:t:::lii:rrr, prrysics rl::::iiii::r::::::rlr:l:lr:r::rr:.:i:tAiii:iirii&t$!i!!o!i!i:::::::::::lll:::::::r. Grernistry Clrinese







Flajira Shreen

i ;


HUMANITIE.S Rowl: (lefttoright) l\4sHoMoyLee,MrLesterLow(subiectHead),MrPhayTeikEng(subjectHead),MsNarindarKaurDhillon(Head), Mdm V lndra (Subject Head), Ms cheng Lean Kiow, Mrs Kuah Siou Koon (Senior Teacher).

Row2: MsCail Ng,MdmMaryGoh,MrsKarenHo,MsLindaGiam,MsJeanyeow,MsLimHiongLi,MrDennisAng. Row


Mr Vincent Chia, Mr Tan Boey Sey, Mr Stephen Su, Mr Durairajoo T, Mr Wee Chong yeow, Mr Renganathan M.




t -

; 3





(left to right) Mr Chuah Bee Bah, Mr Chan Kam l\4an (Senior Teacher), Mr yee Weng Hong (Subject Head), Mr paul poh (Head), N4r Chai Kin Chan (Subject Head), Mr Low Soo How, Mr Thomas Ho. Mrs Loke Lay Hoon, l\y'rs Felicia Koh, Ms Yoong Lian Teen, Mrs Tai Stu Boon, l\4r Can Sin yew, Ms Ang Hui Hun, Mrs Chuah Siow Ying, Mrs Quek Suat Luan.

Row3: l\4rTerryXiao,MrLimKianBoon,MrLimChokPeng,MrFooSeckShin,MrHoSengChye,MrLimChyeFook.

: - :!



:-: :o right)


Mr Ong Kian Beng (Senior Teacher), Mr Wee Wee Chau (Subject Head), Mr Cregory Wong (Head), Ms Eng Chiew



t'l. Chua Hung Seng. 1rr:--am.JuneChzam,MsSongLyeKuan,MsAngelaTeh,MrsTohYokeFan,MsWongMei w',: iEres Chia.






Chin Piaw, Mr Tan Keng Hsin, Mr Loh Kum Leong, Mr Tay Chen Hui, Mr Tan Hoe Teck.

I o

, ].-]i. -O\GUE


li,ir!v :-: :: - cr:r Mr Wang Zhiwei, Mr Tan Lye Huat, Ms Lim Kim Peng (Subject Head), Mdm Yu lvleei Jen (Head), Mr Vincent Chong l-:,:- !ead). N4s Norhayati Awang, lvlr Thiru Kotti. ;i rrur I l' 1:- C^ong Tee, Mdm Phang Swee Eng, Mdm Nor Hanisah Saphari, Mdm Tan Seow Ling, Mrs Koh Lay Seng, Mdm Tan Lee --:-; \'l:'n Wee Siew Ling, Mdm Lucy Lee. :; rrv : !,i " -:- {, a- Hoe, Mr Ong Cak San, Mr Peter Thia, Mr Kock See Hai, Mr Yap Koh Khee.








(left to right) Mr Chua Hung Seng, Ms Pauline Chua, Ms Gail Ng (Subject Head), l\4rs t\4ary Lim (Head), Ms Hazel Fernandez (Subject Head), Mrs Loke Lay Hoon, Mr Durairajoo T. Ms Meera Gopal, Ms Evelyn Nathan, Ms Cheng Lean Kiow, Ms Amy Lee, Mdm Shalini Damodaran, Mdm Mary Coh, Ms Norhayati Awang, Mdm Lucy Lee, Ms Ho Moy Lee. Ms Wong Mei Yee, Mr Dennis Ang, Dr Razif b Bahari, Mr Rupert Glascow, Mr Vincent Chong, Ms Lynette yong, Mr Yee Weng Hong.

a _


Row Row

1: 2:

(left to right) Mrs Tan Siow Leng, Mr Adrian Ho (Subject Head), Mr Michael Tan (Head), Ms Caroline Smith. Mr Foo Chee Tuang, Mr lsaac Lim, MrJason Liu, MrJoseph EdisonJr.

- O\


:-:- - glr) N.4r Pang Hai Chet, Ms Lorraine -::- \'s Chia Boon Hui (Head).

Wang, Mr Lim Chok peng (Subject

t o

-_ j:::R5

.- - ' J.-- Ms Linda Giam Swee Lee, Brother Paul Rogers (Principal), :": ^: \!ang Li Ling. r', : - -a- jsah Saphari, Ms Angela Teh Yee Fung, l\i1r Dennis Ang Soo Woon, :---r'rgLi,



I: 2:

(left to right) t\4dmJalikha Hussin, Mrs Ng Kee Luan, Ms Seetoh Mdm Wasantha M. S., Mdm Hapsah Sirat, Mdm Saminah Jaspan_


Khuan, Ms Lam Lee l\4ui.


i E.: J






(left to right) Ms usha Rani lv, Mdm Rajambah, Mdm Tan Yee, Mdm Sa'diah lmbek, Mdm Lum poh Ling. l\4r


Kim, Ms Liew Nyuk Lan, Mdm wong Kum Teng, Mdm Cecilia

Tonq Ah Qui, Mr ong Han chee, lvlr woo Mun Hoa, Mr Thomas Quel< Tong Heng. (Absent: Ms Dawn Liew siew 14eng.)


Prayer time during orientation camp



students included what it means to be a Christian, Who God is and Why do we need Cod. JC2 students focused on a deeper understanding of Cod in their lives, followed by a knowledge-based exploration of the theological aspects of our faith, the church, her teachings as well as her relations with others.

Friar Michael D'Cruz celebrating


JC2 students also joined their classmates in their Home Tutorial classes for a round of lnter-Religious Talks. Speakers from the major faith groups, lslam, Buddhism, Hinduism and Catholicism, spoke to students

about their faiths and the role in maintaining world peace and harmony.

CAC President Alexius yeo leads in song.

I _

; 1

Religion students also had an interesting historical and geographical lesson on the Catholic Church through time and space lectured by FriarJohn-paul Tan. Students and teachers were given a better understanding ofthe events and processes that led to the breakup of the church and the formation of different Christian dominations. This was followed by a talk by Archbishop Nicholas Chia, who spoke about his role as the shepherd of Cod's flock in

Singapore. Later in the year, Bro Adrian Danker and Sr Elizabeth Sim shared their interesting and heartwarming vocation stories.

The religious ethos of the college

would not be complete without the passionate involvement and service of the student leaders in the Catholic Activities Council (CAC). gq5;js5 their many projects and duties like leading in the morning prayer, outreach and fund-raising for the needy, the CAC takes charge ofthe

morning Masses every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Fr Leslie Raj and Friar Michael D'Cruz were regular celebrants for these masses. ln addition, major Catholic Feasts and Days of Obligation were organised to give Catholic students many opportunities to receive the sacrament of the Eucharist. ln addition, on everyTuesday and Thursday morning before assembly, the Legion of Mary led students in morning prayer in the prayer room.

JCI Orientation Camps are also organised by the CAC with the aim of inviting newJCl students to get to know each other better, the college environment better and their role and contribution as members of



::: -: for the orientation


JC2 teachers: (left

to righ0 Ms Pauline Chua, Ms Gail Ng, Mr Thomas Ho, Mrs Loke Lay Hoon, l\,4rs Agnes Chia, Ms Caroline Smith, Mr Alvin Saw.

: = 'a'nily. Many activities

-: ::ssions 0n self , .-.'gifts and talents, and -: :.d the students feel a :- i: cf belonging to the : -:.- \9, Charles Lim and l- -'-. a few Catholic -=--: lack to give talks - : ,-d spoke oftheir

:=: :

:: -

CJC and


the friends

-::-:at was held this year


s Retreat House after

- .-. ,' .'their Promotional 1 :-: -^e ihemewas

"Rejoice!" and included a

reconciliation session led by Friar Michael D'Cruz, with Fr Charles Sim and Sr Martina Kang who shared their experiences with the students and helped bring about reconciliation in their lives and in their relationship with God. The Graduation Ceremony for theJC2 students saw Fr Leslie Raj, students Sabrina Chia and Dylan Loh in a shorl skit on who our Cod is to us. While we prayed for the JC2 students in their examinations, we remembered and thanked them for their part in our college and our lives.

JCI teachers: (left to right, standing) Mr Wee Chong Yeow, Mrs Angeline Khoo, lvls Evelyn Nathan, l\4r Alphonsus Wong,

Mr Stephen Su, Mr Vincent Chong. (seated) Ms Cail Ng, Ms Caroline Smith.

I o



Cathol ic Activities Counci ls



(left to right) Mr vincent chong, Ms Evelyn Nathan, Joanne Chja shujing (svDp representative), Kee Mei san (project councillor), Sarah.loy Lam (vice-president), Elvira D/O Savariappan (preiideng, Ms CailrNg, Ms Caroline Smith, l\4rs l\4ary Ljm (PCCC HOD).





Fabian Jude Tay (head

of liturgy), Bernadine Lee Shujuan (head of training), Valerie wu Jinying (training councillor), Certrude Yao Huiting (liturgy councillor), Meiissa Louise olsen (music councillor), iabrina Chia peiyi (formation councillor), Natalie Tang Youqj (formation councillor), Benjamin Ang yijian (LoM representative). Ewen Boey Yu-wen (head of music), DavrnaJane Baptist (head of formation), Karen LimJu Ling (music councillor), Gerald Koh Kok woon (liturgy councillor). (Absent: Adeline Low ying yan (secretary/treasurer).)


t _

; 9





Fabian Jude Tay, Ewen Boey yu-Wen, Bernadine Lee Shujuan, DavinaJane

Bi:njamin Ang Yijian. Row

Baptist. (Absent: Adeline Low ying yan.)

,,==ffi ffi;:,:,:l:::ri},ffi ::..#.+ j..r:i-t_ECâ&#x201A;¬-.,





Nalpon Walter Edgar (liturgy councillor), Shawn Loo ZhiJian (formation councillor), Domhic Yong Wee Loong (publicity councillor), Stacey Huang Rimin (formation councillor), Sunthia Ong ShiJie (publicity councillor), Benjamin Chan Lin Han (formation councillor), Daryl Tay Wei Jie (liturgy councillor), Lionel Lee Kok Wai (SVDP representative).


StephanieLeowYongYuan(liturgycouncillor),JeanLaulVei Ying(Legionofl\4aryrepresentative),N4ichelleCohHuiJing (formation councillor), Tang Wen Ai (head of publicity), Sharon Woo Ai Wen (liturgy councillor).

(left to right) Mr Vincent Chong, Ms Evelyn Nathan, Marie Coh Ruiling (vice-president), Alexius Yeo Per Cuan (president), Qorrine Lee Yin Hui (head of formation), Nino Arvind Raju (head of liturgy), Ms Cail Ng, Ms Caroline Smith, Mrs t\4ary Lim (PCCC HOD).



eft to right) Tang Wen Ai, Marie Coh Ruiling, Alexius Yeo Per Cuan, Qorrine

-:e Yin Hui. :an Lau Mei Ying, Lionel

Lee Kok Wai, Nino Arvind Raju.

Student Council Activities Ttre |

Student Council has been throughout the year in a "ctiu" variety of activities. The Council's year begins with preparations for the Orientation of new students in January. All councillors are involved in the logistics, programme and training of orientation faci itators. The same kind of programme was repeated in March for the second intake of students and this year first intake students were included as facilitators. This enabled the new students to make connections easily with their peers and helped them settle quickly to the college's busy I


Councillors have also been busy at virtually every function on the college calendar. Support was given at the Chinese New Year festivities, Youth Day, National Day and the Teachers' Day programme. Councilors have also acted as ushers on a number of occasions, such as at the parent-teacher meetings and during the Careers Fair.

which for the first time featured CCA heads as well as Student Council and Catholic Activities Council newly elected members. The programme ran for two days with an additional day's training for the Student Council and CAC with members of the 27th Student Council acting as facilitators. New elements were introduced at the camp and there is great enthusiasm for more developments in 2003. The Student Council and CAC lnvestiture took place on Youth Day following the time worn tradition of previous years.

The Council continues to work 'behind the scenes' by gathering feedback from the student body, lending out recreational sports equipment, providing support services such as umbrellas on rainy days and loaning replacement uniforms for those whose own uniferms may become damaged, soiled or rain-soaked. The Student Council room, along

One of the major highlights of the council's calender was the

with the CAC room, is a focal point for information pertaining to the

Leadership Training camp inJune

student body.

t -

; ?

27th EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Row 1: (left to right) Evien Tan (President), Row


28th EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Stanley Chua Tiong

Min (Vice-President), Christal Yim Liping (Honorary Secretary), Siti Aishah (Honorary Treasurer) Terence Tan Kheng Howe, Gary Chen Wei Yang, Paul Seah Ching San, Elise Chey Ke-Xin, Michelle Ling Feng Yi, Oliver Koh Hong Yong, Loh Chung Jiat.




(left to right) Nur Ardianna (Honorary Secretary), Dennis


Loo Wei Liang (Vice-President), Ciselle Xu (President), Felicia Erika Atmadja (Honorary Treasurer). Arial Jiang Ruiming, CaryTan Han Soon, Muhammad Khairi, Edmond Lim, Zhang Minsi, Low Shi Ying, Tan Yi Han, Andrew Yee Da Chang.

-- .






:ft to

right) lvls Hazel Fernandez, lvlr Rupert Clascow, Christal Yim Liping (Honorary Secretary), Stanley Chua Tiong Min ce-President), Evien Tan (President), Siti Aishah (HonoraryTreasurer), Mrs Mary Lim, Mr Dennis Ang, Ms Amy Lee. Us Wong Mei Yee, Loh Chung Jiat, Lionel Soh Yu Jun, Cary Chen Wei Yang, Lau Guo Ann, Vivek Dodani, Vincent Chua Wee S:rr. Paul Seah Ching San, Cregory Loo Yan Liang, Jeremy Tan Hon Yan, Oliver Koh Hong Yong, Terence Tan Kheng Howe, -=: See Keong, Tan ChaurJyh.


\'elissaJaniceCooHui Ling,QuekWei Lee,FooXinYu,CinnyNgWei Shee,CeciliaChowLingLing,CheeShiauHui,Elise


Ke'Xin, l\4elissa Xia Yen Mei, Michelle Ling Feng Yi, Eng Hwee San, Johanna Cheong May Lang, Felicia Cai Shujin.


I ,+








:: ::

right) Ms Amy Lee, Mrs Mary Lim, Mr Dennis Ang, Nur Ardianna (Honorary Secretary), Dennis Loo Wei Liang (Vice-

:-=! Giselle Xu (President), Felicia Erika Atmadja (Honorary Treasurer),


l\4r Rupert Glascow, Ms Hazel Fernandez.

; ;,,u



1r: '::. Lin Anhong. : -- -. S.,ee Pingzhi,lsaring Tan Shi Ling, Candicd Wu Yingrui, Nicole Elizabeth CheeJing Wen, Michelle Lim Min Li, Sharon l-:-*a :e Dickman, Jeanne Lim Xue Li, Yolanda Poh Yuan Ting, Chew Ee Suan, Zhang Minsi, Cheryl Edna Nott Xueli,

!.r: -, -â&#x201A;¬ite Yong, Arial Jiang Ruiming, Ho Zijie, Sean Soh Cheun Chong, Gary Tan Han Soon, Muhammad Khairi, Nolan Chun Edmond Lim, Koh Peng Yam, Henneth Zhang, Jingle Yang, Vigneswaran, Tan Yi Han, Andrew Yee Da Chang, lvls Wong





Leadersh ip Training Training Camp Jhe Leadership I this year took on not only the

themselves as leaders in the college as a whole.

Student Councillors and Catholic

Brother Paul spoke to the students on his perceptions of leadership and what he felt the participants should do in the future to improve their various CCA groups and the activities in which they become involved. The high point of day one was the orienteering expedition organized by Mr lsaac Lim and the Outdoor Adventure Club. This involved trekking from the college to various checkpoints in and around Bukit Timah Nature Reserve and participants had to look out for a variety of significant items from plants and wildlife to

Activities Council members but the heads ofthe various CCA. A total of I l 4 students from 41 CCAs, from the Bridge Club to the Band, from History Society to Hockey took part in the two-day programme on May 3-4.

Orienteering was included.

Helping one another.

There were the usual elements of team-building and a certain degree of camp co-ordination that had to be considered on the first day. The main objective was to encourage individuals to look at themselves in terms of their individual skills, to consider their qualities as members of groups and finally to see

Trust and bonding activities in action.





gffirsffinn dg#


I -

; More students took part in this year's camp

-+;:i-; ff cJc in the making. Gjr':-arks. The objective for the reach a5 many as possible within the rl{e- and to note as many of ::l'ne -rcuired items. Many teachers


rYiIS tO



s:-dent facilitators tagged along

:- : proved very revealing in ten--. 'teamwork and morale. The ur{:


r'.ere encouraging as all

.qr:r-:s rad shown great team spirit rc : ;iod degree of initiative; a &-,E-ilr

r'!"!'to begin as student


lr :re second

day, groups of rd:il::"ar]ts were required to come ls Mri[- "arious projects to display Sporls CCA leaders :mer =.e15. s.'.r,arEp: ; games activity which nnos-n:4-s'f catered

to people of all


:f,:tness. Clubs and Societies 1-a^ged an exhibition using






had brought along to the eroved that individuals

nr$m a!,sa'ently diverse interests :sr --:re :eEether to create jblllfmtgrl

*,; special.

-r'e l=--:olic Activities Council memftrer a:-anged a special PraYer .liffr/,tf* d{r ,fl ncorporated a multi:iarilflr :trle*â&#x201A;Ź a:rd the Student ;ouurrc lcr: entertainment =":-arged

Brother Paul addressed students at the camp.

and games for the final dinner of the camp. The overall outcome was that the camp helped create a new spirit of optimism in student leaders as well as a very tangible web of newly forged friendships between unlikely partners. The Student Council and CAC members present were able to see a significantly larger group of leaders than they had been aware of and a group that was willing to assist in college functions, activities and initiatives in the future.

I !


Community Service Jhe College's Community I lnvolvement programme is an integral part of the college's mission

to help our students to develop young men and women of integrity with a deep understanding of the old and less privileged in our society. The college participates in a wide range of fund raising projects and service to the less privileged. Each student is Bernice Koh donating blood

involved in visits to welfare homes. Among our many community service activities was our students, assistance to the Singapore Sports Council for the Disabled in their first National Swimming and second National Track and Field Championships. Another Zg students took paft in the three-day Art Camp for the under-privileged and disabled children from March

I 3-l 5 where they volunteered as teaching assistants and guides at the various workshops at theJurong

Cardens School.

The college held two blood donation drives during the year. More than 240 students gave blood on January

1 5 and July 23 while I I 0 students participated and registered as potential bone marrow donors. Members of St Vincent De paul Society regularly visit old folks and destitutes in a home adopted by them. They take them food donated by the Catholic Welfare Services and help raise funds for needy students in our college. The Society has also helped the aged and disabled orphans who live at l.J. Educare



I _

; a

Sarah Lam lends a hand at the Children,s Art Camp.

Annalyn Ooi helps arrange art objects with a new friend.


O,V,E:M::BrE,R:,,l :2,-r1,8

lmmersion an d Study Iour to BeiiinE and Tian jin

C ultural

T '= : : ::. e of this trip was to I - - ,::: lJr students' interest ' - n " :- - s:ory of China, to ,


".: -

-: :-= - aPpreciation Of

" i:: :-:-'e and to allowthem to ' : i- :- j:Jdentsthere.Twenty- .:-:=-:s and three teachers ; ' : - .-: :' :, organized by the 'i ---;-e DePartment.

- as


" -- i -:'- ng, we visited the -'- : : :'-aa,3n. where the -r: 1 :-: -':-e\IingandtheQing ' ' , - :: -':' pped the Heaven of

'.' ,':' i'e Went tO '*=- !:-a'e. where the ;.'ade is held. " I ., - : :-: -a r road through the "::i: ,'.: ,!eft tO the :::- I:. .'thelmperial : -=-i:-e emPerOrs of the - '- =-.:. -- ed the Land of . - --: :-an 200 years. .=: -arjin and visited the

:: ::'.e: and shopped for '.: ,: s:op was Tianjin :: . ::rool where the

:=:::an Dancing lesson : , . -..rsic lesson to

appreciate how classes are taught there.



Another school visit, this time to Beijing First Middle School. After hearing about their education system, our students broke up into smaller groups and attended classes. ln the afternoon, we visited the Beijing Astronomy Museum to

With students of First Middle School.

have a lesson on the universe and

then we were off to the Summer Palace to admire the beauty of the lake and the garden.

Day 4 Students marveled at the splendour of the Creat Wall of China which we climbed in the

morning. Later, we visited the Ming Tomb, which is also known as the Ming Underground Palace, where some of the emperors and empresses of the Ming Dynasty were buried.


Singing at the Heavenly Centre Stone



The daywas spent at the Modern Literature Museum to learn more about the history of modern Chinese literature. ln pafticular, we learnt about well-known authors such as Lu XunJu Cu and Song Qing Ling CunJu.

With teachers at the First Middle School

t ! ::=i ? :

callgLlcluHton coLLtqa



1 At Tiantan


Fieldtrip to Thailand Day l: Singapore to Bangkok to Ayuthaya We embarked on an exciting

journey into the ancient ruins of a city in Ayuthaya and were

thoroughly intrigued by our exploration of the remnants of the ancient city. Elephant ride down the river.

Day 2: Ayuthaya to Bangkok Before heading to Bangkok, we stopped over at the Ayuthuya Rice Experiment Station where we learned all about the varieties of rice

grown in Thailand. The students even had a chance to see rice stalks and visit a rice mill.

Day 3: Bangkok to Kanchanaburi The infamous Bridge over the River Kwai.

*A : I


The Ayuthya Rice Experiment Station.

After a four-hour bus ride to Kanchanaburi, we visited the Khao Laem dam which is run by the Electricity Generating Authority of

Thailand. The dam provides not only electricity but irrigation water as well that helps to extend dry season cultivation. From here, we went to the Hellfire pass and took a 300m trek down where prisoners of World War ll were forced to build what came to be known as the death railway. Later we were treated to a



hour elephant ride at the

Saiyok elephant park in

Kanchanaburi - Ecotourism at its best that not only helps conserve the elephants buts also caters to the needs of the locals. We then visited

the actual infamous ,,Bridge over the River Kwai." On our way back to Bangkok we paid a night visit to a war cemetery and walked among the graves of soldiers who fought valiantly and gave their lives in a war long past. D_ay 4: Bangkok - Up the Chao phraya to Ko kred and back. We had a leisurely two_hour cruise up the Chao phraya River _ the main waterway through Bangkok and used for transporting sand and logs from other parts of Thailand to the industries along the river. Passengers also use the river as an flternative to the roads, which are notorious for their traffic jams. We visited the Ko Kred junior school and saw how students made pottery in art lessons. We then trekked around the already flooded and quickly flooding village to get back to dry land on the other side.

Day 5: A visit to lalongkorn University


Today we visited the top University in Thailand and saw a statue of the former king Chulalongkorn still adorned and treated with much reverence.


I -

; I

Memorial at Hellfire pass Peace Vessel at the Hellfire pass.


Catholic Mission Centre of Wian Kean, Chiang Rai f .

he Cottege undertook a trip to the Catholic Mission of Wian




Chiang Rai in Northern

and, close to the Thai/Laotian -:er from 2 to I I December. The


primarily sees to the care and -::.:ion of the children of needy : -g Tribes people, who reside in - - . surrounding the region. 36 :.-:s and 5 teachers from ' - : J rnior College took part in - .:-seas Community

- .:-:nt '


-- -arn focus of the trip was to = . :-' :1 the lives of the Hmong

:.-- :-'ough

interacting with

" - :-^2 ish as well as teaching .- --=- Snglish as a foreign

",.:= -ris took place every night :

- -=-. \Ve also sought to

he Hmong village.


engage the Hmong children in games, songs and activities. We were also exposed to a very different way of life. Living among the Hmong tribes people, communicating with them in Thai, experiencing life in the Hills of Northern Thailand, and experiencing farm work, proved to be a most memorable experience for all.

We have come away with many unforgettable memories and have made many new friends. We have seen a part of the world which many people have not had the opportunity to experience. And it has to be said that we gained much more from this experience with the Hmong children then anything we would ever be able to do for them.


Cail Ng and TerryTan giving first-aid care.

A happy Hmong child after receiving medical attention from Terry Tan.

Nila Winarta Tan and Tan Hwee Ting with a young Hmong family.

Working in the fields.

O:DAC. rrotvE,RS,


S,E X PrE D, Ii:T


O:N:S,,r N

O:Vr-,6,9 g'


Leaders.hip Training & Malaysia

Grandslarir Exped iifons Four days: 3 mountains and many waterfalls Everything was planned and executed by the students; no tour operators were engaged, there were no hotels, no pampered program.

Sunrise seen from Mt Kinabalu.

We took a train from Johore Bahru to Dabong in Kelantan. Then we walked 8km from the town to

Jelawang Jungle where the adventure began. We trekked to seven

waterfalls on the first day, climbed Mt Ayam (l ,500 m) on day 2, climbed Mt Stong ('l,a00 m) on day 3. lt was physically demanding, with at least 8 hours oftrekking each day. We took a night train on day 3 from Dabong to Kluang (Johore).

Day 4 was a long and tough day

of l0 hours climbing.

I _

; 9 Summit of Cunung Ayam.

We climbed Mt

Belumut (l ,010 m) which was very steep and tough. After descending, we then took a bus to Kluang town and finally took another bus back to Singapore. We arrived in Singapore at midnight.

l0 days: climbed the 3 highest mountains in Malaysia in a single expedition and many more We flew to Sabah, East Malaysia. Our adventure began from Tambunan town where we went on a 4-wheel-drive rough terrain drive up to the mountain trailhead. From there we climbed up Mt Trusmadi (2,642 m, Malaysia's 2nd highest mountain). lt was a beautiful climb because we saw a lot of wild orchids and giant pitcher plants. The

Tian Yuan (President of ODAC) climbing up the Mt Ophir rockface.

Whitewater rafting.

Corinna (Vice-President of ODAC) at the summit of Mt Kinabalu.

Then we rafted down the whitewater rapids of Padas river. lt was very exciting, and many of us almost got thrown out of the raft because of the strong raplds. Next, we set off to climb Malaysia's third highest mountain, Mt Tambu Yukon (2,580 m). The trek is leech infested and the terrain very wild and difficult. We saw the

world's largest pitcher plant there too, so huge, like a size of a child's head. Our gulde told us that we are the first Singaporeans to step on the summit of this mountain, we all felt waaaahhhhll

Angela (ODAC NYAA head) at the summit of Mt Kinabalu.

t -

; ?

It was indeed a very enriching expedition. We are the first school in Singapore to climb the three highest mountains of Malaysia in a single

expedition, lucky enough to see the world's largest pitcher plant and witness such a beautiful sunrise, waterfall, forest and scenery. We all had the chance to learn more about biodiversity, geology, astronomy too. All these are made possible because of the positive attitude,

commitment and enduring fitness of the ODAC members. Keeping fit is always an advantage because we can have the extra energy to see and experience more things. Although so much has been achieved, the ODAC in no way claims to have conquered them. Rather, we all thank the mountains because they give us the oppoftunity to conquer our own weaknesses.



lCl Orientation Th" first of two orientation I programmes for new students

Bowling for members.

The Track & Field team look for new athletes.



; J

The ODAC with their old and new recruits.

was held over four days when school started inJanuary. Organised by the Student Council, the theme for the programme was Clobal Citizens and it consisted of activities and games aimed at breaking the ice and unifiTing students who joined CJc from 50 different secondary schools. The councillors taught new students

the college song, the ins and outs of the college grounds as well as organized a mass dance and by the evening ofJanuary 5, there was a new family spirit in the air. The second orientation programme was held on March 25_ 26 and consisted of similar activities, with help from flrst year students who had signed on three months earlier-

The Malay Cultural Society promoting their CCA to the JCt


F E B.R:tl:A:RrY,"l'

Talent & Creativily Exhibition fhis exhibition was the I culmination of three months of hard work by theJC2 students who worked on wvo themes - Making A Difference and Through the Looking Class - to showcase their creative and research skills. Mooted by the Education Ministry to encourage

croject work, the exhibitioned aimed :o encourage students had to :ranslate their research papers into -:sible, tangible exhibits that were :ren judged according to the criteria :f creativity, originality, research, :.esentation and teamwork. Cuests,


teachers and students were invited to view the 169 exhibits in the newJ block. Two exhibits won outstanding awards: /ndependent Women by Candice Ng Wei Ling,Jacyn Ho Yan Li, Anne Chen Loh Wei, Amanda Ong Shi Xian and Cherilyn Lo Ying Ling of 2Tl I and lmage and its /mp/ications by Sabrina Chia Peiyi, Jennifer Coh Wansze, Jamie Yap Wan Leng and Ceraldyne Wee Yu-Ling, also of 2Tl l. Thejudges gave out another 10 gold, seven silver and I 2 bronze

Housing Estate (2Tl 6). From left: Alexander, Ang Wei

l. \.r/

Weng Seng, Sachin Patney, Randy Wong


:- c Ho.


Space Technology in the Modern World (2Tl 6). From left: Husain Abbas, Chee



Light Sensitive Window Blinds (2T18). From left: Wang Hui Ling, Jason Tay, Faustina Ho.


'I ii


i, ti

The Golden Years (2T34). From left: Fairoz d'Cruz, Melissa Xia Yen lV1ei.









(2T33). From left: Hiro Parkash, Chew Man Ling,

l\4aya Sofia, Sharon


Chinese New Year Celebrations A

fter mass, the celebrations AO.nun with the traditional lion dance performed bY the SingaPore Keen Ying AcademY of Lion Dance' followed bY the Presentation of prizes to the toP three winners of the Lantern Design Competition and

the musical and dancing talents of our students on a multi-racial theme. After the concert, students and their home tutors enjoyed a pot-luck meal in the

a concert featuring

spirit of the traditional familY reunion dinner.

The lion dance in the auditorium




and Dance Club with a blend of the traditional

to be Father Erbin Fernandez blessirig the Mandarin oranges given by the students to their teachers'

0 :reg5 !


; U

Our Chinese Orchestra in action


Cross-Country Run Two runs were held at the I Macritchie Reservoir from 7.30 :r'n this year. A fun run was held for s:ldents who wanted tojog and nalk the route for exercise while the seious runners took part in a :r,mpetitive run which had three individual prizes for the =:egories: ::,D 20 runners in the Boys and Cirls l' Division, the lnter-CCA prizes for :e top five CCAs and the lnter-Class

r{nn;"'rr Ooi (2T33) taking first place for a :r'"'sion Cirls Race.

prizes for the top eight classes. Annalyn Ooi Li Ching (2T33) emerged the girls' champion with a time of 'l9.24 minutes beating the boys' champion Kenneth Koo (l T23), who clocked I 9.53 minutes. The fastest CCA group was the Track and Field team while the fastest class was 2T25 with runners Fabian Yeo, Chin Shi Han and Terry Chen.

Jerome Huang (2T04) receiving a medal from our Principal for

top 20 runners for 'A' Division Boys.

I o



and Field and Cross-Country Runners taking second place for lnter-CCA Boys.


t-Teach er Meet i nE faren I nts was the first of three

then met the home tutors of their meetings held this year between children in their home tutorial parents and teachers. The aim was rooms. to establish and foster a .




lil::#n::*,..'.n -

and perform to the best of

lvls Amy Lee, home tutor of I Tl 7, advising Cheong Minghui and her


Mr vincent Chia, home







ability. mother

i. ruii.


*ir'r, o, .ir'"L









I : ;

:i :',.'ff

rhe rirst meetins was ror parents ofJC2 students who frrst attended a the parents oftheir students and the prayer service in the auditorium, idea was to enable our home tutors followed by an address by principal to discuss the progress of their Brother Paul Rogers. The parents students with their parents.


ns u.uuu,n



agaln atter a talk by Brother Paul. However, the third meeting, held on


MsC ail Ng advising Lynn Chan (1T02) and her father.



parenrs gathering tn ttru





ISth Annual Awards Presentation ":rbishop Nicholas Chia, who



the President of CjC, was



honour at this year's


: : - i'ry. Chairman of the College

-:J:ment Committee, Mr. '..'- ,.") Chen, and Principal Brother :




=;iressed parents, students,

:. : -.'s

and guests before the

- -: :'.top presented the awards to - =': )C2 students who had .: :: ^ their examinations. --: 'r'rost prestigious college .:'- i'â&#x201A;Ź Ee Peng Liang Award was : - .- Charlene ChuaJiawen while


Felicia Tan Mei Hui won the Academic Excellence Award. Wong Pixian, the President of the 26th Student Council, was given the

Bernard Chen Award.

A new award, the Brother Patrick Loh Award for English Literature, was presented toJacqueline Chia Shufen. Ng Nian Long of 2A8/2001 then paid a moving tribute to the college before presenting Brother Paul with a trophy he had won in an international poetry writing competition.

ene ChuaJiawen, Brother Paul, Wong Pixian.

Archbishop Nicholas Chia, Ng Nian Long and Brother

: Fl= iE



.,. 3r ze winners. From left to right: (seated)Jacqueline Chia Shufen, Felicia Tan l\,4ei Hui, His Crace Archbishop l-_:-:- paul, Charlene ChuaJiawen. Standing: Wong Pixian, Leni Chan Bing Liang, Chabra Ashminder Singh, Jocelyn ,:-: l-ee Huat, Don l\4arcus Kannangaran,JefferyCoh Si Da, Brandon Kevin [.4eta.

t !



Sports Carnival Th" Sports Carnival was a new I and refreshing addition to our college calendar. lt comprised three events that were held simultaneously at the Sports Complex of the Singapore Management University. The track and field events went on at the sports stadium while the swimming fiesta, which had been suspended for a number of years, re-emerged at the pool. And students who did not

wish to run or swim participated in games conducted in the indoor basketball courts, the outdoor basketball courts and the netball courts. Two new meet records were established by our swimmers in the pool. T21 set a new meet record of 3.56.'l 3 for the 4x50 breasrstroke

girls relay event and Tl 8 triumphed with a new time of 2.1 5.58 for the 4x50 freestyle boys relay event.


At the finish line of a track event.

The Champions of the Carnival: T25.

'Amoeba football' in progress,

The swimming fiesta.


Youth Day



/ Council lnvestiture

following the college tradition,


the investiture of the wvo councils was held on Youth DaY. Departing from previous years however, the ceremonywas conducted in the school's auditorium with more students present. The ceremonY began with a prayer service where the concept of service in a Christian community was emphasized and effofts were made to translate this to an inter-religious level reminding us a I of the rich diversity of faiths within :he college. Vice-Principal Mrs Low Siew Nghee thanked each outgoing :ou ncillor before Principal Brother )aul handed out new badges to the .:ldents who then took their oaths to

.:rve the college as new members of :- e respective councils.

After the investiture ceremony,

Youth Day festivities began with a Chinese opera performance bY the Chinese Theatre Circle, followed by a concert put on by the teachers. The Malay language teachers

choreographed and performed


Malay dance while Chemistry teacher Tan Keng Hsin sang and PE teacher lsaac Lim played the guitar. But the

showstopper was the finale, a musical entitled "On the streets of old Singapore", choreographed and directed by Vice-Principal Mrs Low and performed by teaching and nonteaching staff. The students were hugely entertained by Mrs Mary Lim, the match-maker, Mr Foo Chee Tuang, the satay man, Mr Chua Hung Seng, the rich towkay, Ms Hazel Fernandez, the road sweeper and Mr Ho Seng Chye, the labourer.

an gives her final speech as Student Council President.

- ^raster of-ceremony, welcomes the new councils

Brother Paul presents a badge to Alexius Yeo, the President of the CAC 02l03, while the outgoing President, Elvira S. looks on

Friar Joachim Kang leads the college in prayer.

A U]G,U: SrT.'8

National Duy Celebrations

Walk'N' loE Tf,. day began with the march of I cadet leaders with the state flag

Our first prize winners: Siti Zubaidah bte Jum'ani and Cerard Tan Yung Kiat from 2T35 in their winning costumes entitled 'Pseudo Ethnicito'.

Our cadet leaders.

into the assembly yard, the raising of the flag, the singing of the national anthem and the reading of the National Day message for students. The formal ceremony over, teachers and students took part in a fund-raising project called Walk'N' Jog. Mr Lawrence Tay, the ViceChairman of the CJC Management Committee, flagged off the participants and one of the first to complete the route was principal

The marching in of the state flag.

t _

; I Brother Paul with the winners in the 'My Singapore Costume'Competition.


Brother Paul. The festivities continued with a new competition, 'My Singapore Costume' with 1 7 entries. The students paraded in their original

costumes before the crowd and the four judges: former principal Sister Deirdre O' Loan, former teachers Mrs Yvonne Kwan and Mrs Elizabeth Chua, and literature teacher Mrs Sng Mee Lian. The top three prizes were won by 2T35 (Pseudo Ethnicito), 1T2 l (United As One) and l T36 (Singapore Fusion).

Mr Lawrence Tay flags off the Walk



'. ,, :1'r ,...":.,,4U,.GUST I4

Careers Fair l_l eld for the first time in CJC, the I I C"reers Fair was held to provide JCZ students with a greater

Resofts, Mr Michael Sng, Managing Director, UOB Asia, Mrs Christina Spykerman, Director, Corporate

awareness of career options presented to them by alumni who

Marketing Services, Millennium and Copthorne lnternational Ltd, and Ms

are working in those fields. The fair comprised talks and panel

Jennifer Lewis, W News Editor, Straits Times and actress Tan Kheng Hua.

discussions by 39 professionals practising the top I 3 careers selected by the students in a survey.

Exhibition booths were also set up in the auditorium by representatives of the National University of Singapore, the Nanyang Technological University, the British Council and American, Australian and New Zealand tertiary institutions to provide information on local and overseas scholarships and degree

The speakers included former students MsJeanette Wong, Country Head ofJP Morgan Chase Bank, Professor Tan Chorh Chuan, Director of Medical Services, Ministry of Health, Mr Lawrence Oh, Croup Sales Director, Banyan Tree Hotels and

Thirty-eight speakers present at the fair.

cou rses.

Students learn about local...


and foreign university courses.

Students take home brochures



7 Actress Tan Kheng Hua shares her working experiences.

ArUe .U:ST:''3:0

Teachers 'Duy he highlight of this year,s celebration was the conceft that students presented to honour their teachers. There were seven items, including a skit that students wrote, parodying classroom situations that had the audience in stitches. Joanna Wan Xiu Ting from I Tl 2 also performed a most impressive Chinese acrobatic act in which she

Joanna Wan showing her suppleness.



; -

Our boys from the Dance Club.

showed great suppleness, strength and agility. The students also presented the staff with a large cake that was cut on stage by Brother Paul, Mrs Low, Head of Science Mr

CregoryWong and Economics teacher Ms Linda Ciam. Each teacher also received a specially designed mouse pad as a gift from the student body.


O,C,,lr,O.B'ErR,il 6

Graduation Day The day began with JC2 students I and their home tutors making posters that captured their life in our college and what these Evo years have meant to them. ln the formal

ceremony that followed, the JC2 subject and home tutors marched into the auditorium, followed by a prayer service and a speech by Brother Paul. Dylan Loh (2T08) and Angela Lee (2T34) made valedictory speeches and students watched a

film montage of activities in the

college over the past two years. Brother Paul praised eightJC2 graduands who obtained a

distinction for their CCA under the PEARLS system introduced by the Education Ministry. They were Benjamin Tan Yiheng, Xiao Tianyuan, feo Zi Zhong, Corinna Chia Xing Zhi, Fabian Yeo Eng Liang, Ooi Li Ching and Angela Ker-Wi.The ceremony ended with the students receiving their graduation pins from their home tutors.

Our college chaplain, Fr Leslie Raj, leading our graduands in a praver service.

:itertaining the audience with a skit

Valedictorian Dylan Loh glving his speech

Mr Chuah Bee Bah gives Wong Hui Wen

(2T23) her progress file.

Mr Durairajoo gives Felicia Coh (2T0,1) her graduation pin.

:: -;

praised for their outstanding performance in their respective CCAS.



ClosinE Ceremory mark the end of the academic Jo I yearforJCl students, the

Championship 2002 in Australia. Bernard Liew Xian Wei (l T33) was praised for being the best student in the JC1 Promotional Examination, having scored 4 distinctions. lT33 won the Best Home Tutorial Group Award.

annual closing ceremony was held

with a review of the year 2OO2 and the JCI students' achievements. Brother Paul praised theJCl students for the progress made in their attitude towards study and he

A cheque for $400, money raised from washing cars, was

called on stage all the students leaders of the various CCA groups and said a new thrust would be made to further develop student leadership in 2003.

presented by Soh pei Wen, representing her class lTl 5, to Mr Luther Chng, a representative of the Movement for the lntellectually Disabled of Singapore and students watched a film montage produced by Mr Darrell Tan and Ms Cail Ng of the significant moments students spent in college this year.

Anthony Tsang Chi yin (l T08) was commended for his outstanding

Anthony Tsang (left) was commended for his achievements in fencing.

performance in CCA; he has been selected by Fencing Singapore to represent Singapore in the Commonwealth Fencing



Graduation Night raduation Night was held at the Mandarin Hotel's crand Ballroom. lt was a night for our )C2 graduands to dress up to the nines and bid a fond farewell to one another after spending two years in college. The evening's programme provided the gathering with a good blend of humour and activities. one such event was the transformation of one of the boys at each table into

f \l

JC2 graduands are the VlPs.

a stunning ,,Miss CJC', using only

items from members of the table. The result was a parade of delectable "beauties" that brought the house down. lt was really good to see the involvement of ourJC2s as they let their hair down after the exams. Miss personality for the evening was none other than the 27th student Council president, Evien Tan.

t _

; I

Students and teachers dressed up for the night.


Christmas Play he idea of Christmas Play 2002, Ha/o/uia, first germinated from a prayer. lt sprang from a desire to journey with God during the season

of advent and to rediscover the meaning of Christmas. Our play, thus, celebrated the lncarnation, the great mystery of God entering our world that meant the birthday of ''Cod among us." The "board of directors" that consisted of Alexius Yeo, President of the Catholic Activities Council, Marie Coh, the Vice-President, Sharon Woo who was rhe backstage manageress, Han Yi lou and Darly Tan our musical I rectors, especially prayed that :irough our gifts and talents we may "eveal Cod's love by making the lrristmas story alive again. Our lrristmas play was a musical in .,. r ch the students composed most :'the lyrics and musical scores. This

made our play rather unique and entertaining.

The play was divided into two parts. The modern scenes where Cod's presence seemed to be absent, due to our stressful modern lives of earning a good income, traumatic family misunderstandings and the loss of a loved one. The ancient scenes were where God's presence was felt because people

were less materialistic and did believe in miracles, especially the coming of the Messiah. Both parts were eventually synchronized to show that Christ's incarnation is not a "one-off' event, something that took place two millennia ago but a continuous process of rebirth and rejuvenation if one accepts Cod's loving presence in our iives.

Alexius Yeo and Kohgulan exchange cheeky grins as the gift box is empty.

Our play's lille Ha/o/ula suggest


I ; a

al cast of Christmas 2002, Ha/o/uia

Air Rifle Th. Air Rifle Club provides I weekly training sessions for members who are keen in the sport

to sharpen their shooting skills. lt also creates an oppoftunity for them to develop their character and leadership potential. Both our Boys' and Cirls' teams as well as the teachers-in-charge

have gained much from our participation in the 6th National lnter-Schools Air Rifle Championship and are confident of improving

further. Through our weekly training sessions and, especially, during the preparation for competition, members have bonded and developed a strong sense of identity. We are therefore confident that with such esprit de corps, dedication of members and invaluable experience gained from competition, we will be able to continue to meet the needs of members and to perform better in future competitions.

JC2 Members and Executive Committee Members



2Tl 8),Tanyi LingElaine (Assistant Secretary: 2Tl 5), Jalene Lim Wei Ching (Secretary: 2Tl 5), Joseph Tabitha Lee (Vice-president: 2T3Z), Mr Tan Lye Huat (teacher-in_charge), yip Lay Ling (Assistant Armourer: 2T32), Mugant s/o Mehanathan (president: 2T08).


t _


Our boys in action at the 6th National lnter-Schools Air Rifle Championship 2002 held at Yishun SAFRA Air Weapon Range: Alex Choy Cheng Wang (right).

Kok Wee Meng (2Tl 7), Charlene Hwang yi Jing (2T04), Beatrice De Souza (2T04), See Yng Yng (2T25), tecun J. Johares (2Tl 7), Augustine Chen Jiewei (2Tl 5)' Ong Wu Jie (2T26).

JCI Members and Executive Committee Members Row l: (left to right) Aaron Tham CuangJie (Welfare: lTl4), Desmond ChuaJiaJun (Armourer: lT27), Sudhan Raj Chinna Kumar (president: tT29), Mr phay Tiek Eng (teacher- in-charge), Mr Tan Lye Huat (teacher- in-charge), Danny Ong Zhong Yi (Vice-President : lT1 9), Alex Choy Cheng Wang (Secretary Cum Treas'urer:

Row I



I T30). Mohamad Ali (1T20), RajivJude tllesinghe (1T29), Koh peng yam (tTl 7), Wong Su Yi Belinda (1T29), Quek Mee Lin (1T29), Ong yi Xuan Charissa (tTt4), Tay Wendy(lT1 4), Karen Koh Mei Ying (tT0l), Lim Sue Min (1T30), Mohamed Feroz (1T09), Lai Meini (1T22), Mah Wei Liang (lTl S).

Badminton Teachers-i n-charge Ms Coh Chong Tee, Mr Foo Seck Shin

Coach Mr Jason Liu

Executive Committee Fam Foong Ming Darryl, Lim Ye Hsin

College team with teacher-in-charge. Row l: (left to right) Lee Huang Teng Kevin, Lin Shuhong, Lin Anhong, Chua Mingzhi Darren. Row 2: Wee Year Sheen, Ms Coh Chong Tee, Fam Foong Ming Darryl, Chua Wei N4ing Kelvin. (Absent: Lee Wei Zheng Lionel, ,t'ong Chaoyang Clarence.)

The members of the CJC I b"drin,on team had the rleasure of having MrJason Liu from Canada as our coach this year. Our iollege team under his guidance :rok part in several competitions, s:ch as the Pilot Pen Cup 2002School lndividual Badminton lrampionship and A-Division lnterS:hool Badminton Championship - - 02. While no medals were won, :-: players gained invaluable


ls getting the front shot.

competitive experience. Besides the college team, there are another three training days set aside for students who are

interested in badminton. Although these students'skills have not reached competitive levels, they learnt effective badminton strokes and gained invaluable experience regarding sportsmanship and determination through weekly practice.

Our coach MrJason Liu and Lionel



Executive Committee i:::::::ZEiig:Shiiiiti;tti,tiHaniihEii:e;i.::iil,.. giini:1ti!i0;1:ltiiiiVlsV,iaglllie:, 1.;1i.;



r,::tr: ..

ll:lll:l:ril:.:ll:::l::: ::::

Th. BasketballTeams in CJC, I both the male and the female teams, have worked hard (darn hard I'd say!) throughout the year in preparation for the National School Basketball Championship. Having twisted some ankles, torn some ligaments etc., and training so hard, unfortunately both the teams had failed to advance further into the competition as all had hoped. (Well, one could blame it on the inexperience of most of the players.)



; -

ln 2001 & 2002, the teams had gone up against various schools in the friendly matches organised (eg. NJC, SRJC, Jl). Some matches were

won, and some were lost. But thanks to the coach, Mrs Tan S.1., the teams got better with each match and made it harder for the opponents to beat. Apdrt from gaining greater basketball skills, the teams have also learnt teamwork, tolerance and perseverance. (Very essential for the future, one might say!)

BowlinE Teachers-in-charge Mr Ho Seng Chye, Ms Chan Choo, Ms Linda Giam

Executive Com m ittee Eugene Ho Wanxing, Kenny Lo Jian Hao, Lisa Sim Mei ying. Ceraldine Lim Weijun, Stacey Clarissa Tham Sau Wan, Melvyn Tan Kheng Siong, Lio Weiyun, Jocelyn Tan yiling

Team cJ with their haur of trophres and their inspirationar head-coach, vr,.

aowling Club is now seven old and continues to attract talented and promising students who are eager to seek honour for themselves and their college in this sport. Each year, we are indeed glad to see highly committed sportspersons in the club who collectively win quite a few of the medals at stake in the h ghly competitive annual National Schools Tenpin Bowling




Cham pionshi ps.


-:-s (from left)

- .-:

The CJC Bowling Club organizes modular SpEX Learn-to-Bowl (Basic and lntermediate Levels) for the beginner as well as for the casual bowler who intends to develop his game to his maximum potential. The Club is an institution where friendships are developed and close bonds are forged. Ask any member, past or present, and they will inevitably reminisce about the wonderful time they had with the Club.

Lio Weiyun, Melvyn Tan, Kenny Lo, Eugene

uansel Cheong.



row: (from left to right)Jocelyn Tan, Ms Chan Choo, Mr Ho Seng Chye, Ms Linda Ciam, Eugene Ho. Back row; Ceraldine Llm, Lisa Sim, Lio Weiyun, Kenny Lo, Melvyn Tan, Aidan

Canoeint Teachers-in-charge Mr Lim Kian Boon, Mr Kock See Hai

Executive Committee Nicholas Tan eing Hong, Jacinta yeo Hui Ling, Ng poh Khai, Kiew Heng Wei, Ang Wei Hao

JEllllllcl)ednandLee5hingLamarehavingafuntime!ll'^.i^^-'R d rurr trlne Dalancing the -as Nicholas Pang looks on."

Kayak Double (K2)

Achievements 1

9th singapore River Regatta 2001 (24 November 200r 'A' Boys T2-300m Event I st Runner_up: Ns Poh Khat (2Tt 5) Tan Qing Hong (2T23)

lir"]n.,:fl, Mr Kock See Hai, Ans wei Hao, Ng Poh Khai.Jacinta yeo Hui Ling, N.icholas Tan eing Hong, Kiew Heng Wei, Mr Lim Kian Boon.



'A' Cirls T2-300m Event I st Runner_up: Jacinra yeo Hui Ling (2T04) Lin Min (2T17)

7th SDBA lnvitation Canoeing Championship s (17 March 2002) 'A' Boys Kl -500m Event I st Runner-up; Kiew Heng Wei (2Tt 9)

'A' Cirls TI -500m Event I sr Runner-up: Jacinta yeo Hui Ling (2T04)

Tte Executive CommiGe


(from left) Denys NgoJin Shen, yang yu Zheng, Kimberly Spykerman, LeowJun cneng, Mark Loo Chin Cheng.

National lnter-Schools Canoeing Championship

'A' Boys Kl,500m Event 2nd Runner_up: Kiew Heng Wei (2Tt 9) 'A' Cirls Tl-500m Event 2nd Runner_up:

Jacinta yeo Hui Ling (2T04)



(j 7_19




From left: Li Kaiyin (president), Tan Ziqin and Angie Cheong. CJC Cymnastics Club was Tn. I formed in jan 2002 bythree

From left: Li Kaiyin, Ms Linda Ciam, Tan Ziqin and Angie Cheong

young and enthusiastic gymnasts from JCI . The infant team aims to compete in National lnter-School Cymnastics Championships and strive towards winning glory and honor for the college. This club also aims to provlde opportunities for students of the college to learn the basics of gymnastics for enrichment and competitive purposes. We seek to attract promising gymnasts into this new team. The CJC Cymnast Team did the

school proud when they won top awards during the National lnter-

school Cymnastics Championship 2002. ln the Cirls' events, Li Kaiyin of I T04 won a gold medal and three bronze medals while Cheong Su Ann of I T35 won two gold medals, one silver mddal and one bronze medal. Tan Ziqin of 1T24 achieved a silver award in the Boys' event. ln addition, Su Ann and Kaiyin each received a silver and bronze medal respectively for the overall lndividual category.

Achievements National lnter-School Gymnastics Championship 2002 Ziqin performing a high jump.

I -

; I

Hockey The College fielded both boys' I and girls' teams in the 'A' Division National Schools Hockey Tournament 2002. The tournament started in April and ended in May. The games were played on a league system. Each team played five games each.

The players trained twice a week at the Ceylon Sports Club. Training was stepped up three times a week

nearing the tournament. The team was coached by an experienced Mr Manjit Singh who was a national player himself. The players showed much enthusiasm during training sessions. However, the difficulty of recruiting enough players with hockey playing experience affected the performance of the teams.

Teachers-in-charge Mr M. Renganathan, Ms Rema Devi



Mr Manjit Singh

Executive Com m ittee Harikumar Vijayan, Lim Li Ting Elisha, Prem Singh, Jolene Tan Mei Fang, Akassh Dev Sharma, Suraya Bte Abdul

Cirls'Team. Row 1 : (left to right) Jemma Tan



Ee- Wei, Jermaine Ong Ju Fen, Trudy Chua Shuan Lin, Nur Suraida, Cheng Yuen Yang Jacqueline, Lim Liting Elisha (Captain), Jolene Tan Msei Fang (Vice-Captain), LesleyAnn Chai Shu Li, QuekJia-LynJermaine, Faustina Ho Huey Yee. l\4r Manjit Singh (Coach), Wong Yijun, Sherry Tan Jia Ying, Patricia Wijaya, Natalie Soh ZhiYun,Candice Chan, Ng. Si Tian, KhngJiayan, Soo Peiyu Wivrnia, Suraya Bte Abdul, Mr l\4. Renganathan.

il Lr*'*'

Waiting for the ball. Ready to stop.

t ! l:vs Team. i:fi 1: (left to right) Si


Kohgulan K., Sajin l\4athew, Mohd.Saleehin Bin Hassan, Paresh


ngapu ri.

Mohd. Shamir Bin Abdul W., OwXinying, Lim Zhiqiang, Neo Dong Chin, Harikumar V. (Captain), Mr M.Renganathan. (Absent: Prem Singh (Vicecaptain), Faiz Bin Abdullah A, Mohd. Khidir, Samuel Zhang.)


ludo Th. CJCJudo Club secured many I medals from various judo championships throughout the year of 2002. Winning the medals was not the only objective for participating in competitlons, but it

also serves as a testimony of hard work put into training. Though the club consists of barely 20 members, it maintains its standard of being one of the top three colleges in the

Judo arena.


Kyu CradeJudo Championship (3 March 2002)!luaiiit!-6.!ii:i,ci!,6iieiiggi'iti:::::iIi:i:::t::i:]:i:::i:i:::t:::::i:::::






Age Group Championship (14 April 2002)







.....G!il{1q::ic:.l€..!!Ei!.i!!Q!!iid!,i{::!l6a',t:UE,6ti!iC4!gltry::..i..,.::li::i::.::,::.:::,:.:itii::r:i:::. Row I


(left to right) Wong Shi Ya, Hee Yen Julia, Ong Si Yan Tanya

Celeste, Lian Dengli, Fung En Ai Maria. Row 2: Ms Lorraine Wang, Seet Wei Wen, Jordan, Lim See Lin Selene, Christine Yan, Keh Hui Hui, Thiew

Lim See Lin Selene (2T14)

- Bronle

r::rt.::::9!i6:5!:Yantr1ntl4:cclEsteil€1!ti)l-,r:Siilyei:::iii::t:it National Schools'Judo Championship (22 JulV 20A2)

Zong Min Michelle, Kanesh Kanaraj s/o Thangaraju, Mr Ong Gak San. Row


Gay Weiting, Wong Wen Bin Kenneth, Fong Zhiming, Faizal Farokh, Benny Tan Cheng Kiat.



; I

The Judo Executive Committee (2002l 2003). From left: Mr Ong Cak San, Seet Wei Wen, Jordan (Vice-President), Edwin

Sandanasamy (Welfare Officer), Thiew Zong Min Michelle (Captain), Wong Shi Ya (Secretary), Benny Tan Cheng Kiat (President), Ms Lorraine Wang, Mdm Tam June Chzam.

Pesta Sukan Judo Championship

(l 8 August 2002)



i::::::::shai*eryei:66h:;l :f ilitiiel(iiitdkiil,


11 i11



School team. Row r : (left ro right) cherilyn Lo, charlene coh, Koh Chee Him, Ruth Kan, Ong Jin Ling, Hong Zheng eing. Row Z: Daphne Ang, Fiona Kwok, Stephanie Loh, May Chua, Joycelyn Lim, Ferine.

Th. annual National Schools ,A' I Diuirion Netball Championship was held from 6 to 1 7 April at the Kallang Netball Centre. Our college team took part in this competition and the girls put their skills to the test by competing against Raffles Junior College, Jurong Junior College and Yishun Junior College in the preliminary round. ln preparation for the championship, and to allow our less experienced players gain exposure to the game, our team also

participated in the netball league organised by the United World College, and the Mixed Netball Leaguâ&#x201A;Ź organised by Netball Singapore. Although our team did not make it past the preliminary round in the National Schools Netball Championship, the effort put in by our team was commendable. Our team also learnt from the better teams during the Championship and gained valuable playing experience.

Warming up before the 'A' Division National Schools Netball Championship 2002 commences.

I _

; ?

committee: (from left) cherilyn Lo (publication), Hong Zheng eing (publication), Ruth

Kan (vice-captain), Ms Janet Liu (teacher-in-charge), Ong Jin Ling (captain), Charlene Coh (first-aider), Fiona Kwok (secretary/treasurer).

ODAC Teacher-in-charge Mr lsaac Lim Ex:e,c, u

ti'Ve,, 6,61* *11ii';1;""'

Angela,Lee;rTan, Yi,,Ying,;:,,,,,.,,,, Corinna Chia, Xiao Tian Yuan, Chin Shi Han, Zheng Shu Fen, Kelvin Chua, Terry Chen, Jason Tay, Hong HengJiong, Jeremy Liew

The seniors on the summit of Mt Ophir.

Summary of adventures and achievements uary

Jan I

40km cycling round Singapore

NTU lnter-JC Vertical Challenge (Champion) February

2l km hike from


to Upper


Woodcutters'trail, Bukit Timah

March 5 days Overseas Expedition toJohore & Pahang

Climb Mt Ophir, Mt Lambak, Tioman lsland 20km night hike, snorkeling Snorkeling amongst fishes at Tioman



8 days Overseas Expedition to Perak, Selangor, Negri Sembilan

lan d.

Climb Mt Korbu, Mt Gayong, Mt Datok, Mt Angsi, Mt Nuang, Lata Kinj iang waterfalls, Temburong Cave exploration

August 222kmoverseas cycling expedition to Desaru, Tg Balau and Sedili ' :z' -)C /Poly/lTE Urban Challenge (3 rd)

-::''-: i'ii

.1i ,1li

iii: !rtl

lnstitute 5x5km re.lay.Barker Chatlenge (Champion)



- = -: - ::.. : irseas Expedition to Kelantan &Johore - -: ',': Belumut, Mt Ayam and Mt Stong





, ,.


L:r'seas Expedition to Sabah (East Malaysia) r.r.:vsia's three highest mountains - Mt Kinabalu, Mt Trusmadi,

- -: '. - :-3J Yukenl trek to Langanan waterfalls, '"- -; :-orkeling at Manukan lsland

Padas white-water

ODAC Ex-co. Front row: (from left) Angela Lee (head of NYAA), Tan Yi Ying (secretary), Corinna Chia (vice-president), Mr lsaac Lim (trainer and teacher-incharge), Xiao Tian Yuan (president), Chin Shi Han (physical training instructor), Zheng Shu Fen (treasurer). Back row: Kelvin Chua (assistant logistics head), Terry Chen (first aid), Jason Tay (assistant secretary), Hong Heng Jiong (logistics head), Jeremy Liew (assistant physical

training instructor).

t !



After the testimonial match at Oldham Hall with

Catholic Junior College Tn. I Rugby team of the 2OO1 /ZOOT season has done our school reasonably proud despite

encountering several problems along the way. Considering the fact that we had limited resources, our efforts were directed at excelling in the 7's and l0 a-side competitions. As such, we have emerged as the 2nd runners-up in the plate semifinalists for the SRC 7's College tournament. This was a significant achievement for the team, in spite of

lnter-ColleEe Events in 2002

I -

; ? King "Wedgie'o' Cordon".

Before SRC 7's Tournament at the padang.

orl. .ou.h,

Mr Edwin f ung.

being plagued with many first-team casualties that hindered our team's development process. Our team has

built a camaraderie that knows no boundaries, one that will grow in stature with each successive training session, one that all of us will cherish for the remaining years of our lives. Our JCI players have trainedexceptionally hard and hope to excel in next year's tournaments. The morale of theJCl team is high and we have new players with potential that can be developed.

Soccer CJC has, since its inception, Jeam I produced winners, notably the

championship winning team of '75'77, and several outstanding individuals like Leong Kok Fann and Coh Tat Chuan, who have gone on to represent the Singapore National team.

The CCA Soccer Team serves as a vehicle for members to hone and develop their footballing skills by

undergoing a rigorous and comprehensive training regime and to eventually build up a squad of dedicated players based on the values of teamwork, persistence and equanimity. The Competitive Squad exists to provide its members with a platform to pit their skills against peers at lnter-College and National Schools competitions.

Teachers-in-charge Mr Adrian Ho, Mr Yap Koh Khee, Mr Frank Clark

i.e.criiitrirvâ&#x201A;Ź:::Corn rn,i:t t.e e


M,uia;Ad,lafi;:,(eivint:Co:hr: I



M:arhd Hafee2i::Raibi.ri:5ingh,. :::.:..11:':

Front row: (left to righ0 Rajbir Singh, Benjamin Tan, Kenny Sim, Musa Adlan, Kelvin Coh,Jun Hao,Jonathan Tan, Benedict Low. Back Row: Mark Ng, Wallace Wee, Yan Cuang, Peter Lee, Eugene Poh, Benjamin Nq, Mohd Hafeez, Mustaffa Kamal, Brian Ng, Calvin Seah, Arzish Baaquire, Allan Teo.

Testimonial Match.

I o

Swimming Teachers-in-charge Mdm Wee Siew Ling, Mr Gan Sin yew

Executive Committee Valerie WuJin ying, Tan Chun

Yih., Samuel Lim Hong Zhi,

Coh eia ying

O;mnn::iffiI,i:j,Swimming Championship which was on 2,3,4,5,9 & ) 0July 2OO2 at the Toa payoh Swimming Complex. Our girls' team was ranked 6th in the event 4x50 m free style nerd


with a rime of 02:24.46. They also finished 6th in the 4x50 metre medley relay with a time of 02;55.81.

Our boys,team finished gth in the flnal of the 4x50 metre free_ style relay with a time of 0l :56.58.

t -

; N



Table Tennis The college Table Tennis boys' I t""r took part in the year 2002

School lndividual Open Singles Competition. We also organized an

intra-school competition for the college community. The CJC Division Championship in March/ lndividual Open Singles and Doubles April. Two of the boys' team members also took part in the lnter- Competition was held in August. lnter-School Table Tennis 'A'


Some of the participants in the CJC lndividual Open.

I team members: (From left) Tan Yi Han, Kevin Teo Kuan Hui, Christopher Wong Wei Hao, Stanley Ho Weng Wen, Tan Han Soon Cary,Jason Pan Pin Ren.


JC 2 team members: (from lef$ Ong Tse Hian Patrick, Teng Chen Yuen, Cuo Yi and Shen Yin Xiang.

t !


Tennis :lgs{Clt9rc]til$:.$ji€:irdGlx::::il:ti Xlill|li:i6liiia:nliBeg.lgA{il|a: ::::ill:ffi 616gggd*6lilli:::::,::' :::rE.


:::l::::iKe€f!tlgli€:Z,ltfeilr*l;{niGf :Siinii:.:i:::l

r:llw,j1:urctii::e6&rietL€he$ji6xt::i:a:::::l :X:gqni€riiiin:tlliqlglitiiCIit c$iiriillXl::i

fennis trainings were held twice I a week on Mondays and Thursdays from 5pm to 7pm. Players underwent drills for basic ground strokes and volleys. Singles and doubles games were played among players to allow those who had little or no match experience get a feel of what it was like to be playing in a match. As the lnter College Tennis Competition approached, training moved up a

gear. Our coach, Mr Desmond Ang,

provided us with much guidance although he joined us rather late this year. lt has not been a successful year for the college tennis team as we failed to qualifli for the

semiflnals, after losing three of the

four matches. Nevertheless, there was great team spirit and we are looking forward to the next season in 2003.

Row 1 : (from left to right) Lee Sze Yian, Eddi Pramono, Lionel Chen, Toru Lin, Aviel Sim wei Wen, Kenneth Kwan. Row 2: Alvin Ng Xu Cun, Lim wee Leng, Gabriel chooJinxi, Andy Ng yew Fong, Keefe Chie Ziyang, Benjamin Ng Chung Ching.

a _

; ; N

Track & Field T"" track and field /crossI country teams strive for sports ercellence for CJC whilst building ;r:,'-}g bonds and leadership rua- ties.

lhe teams participated in all the rna,,o,r

schools' sports meets and

School lnvitational.

Although the teams train hard throughout the year, there is time for camps and get-togethers. Training and achieving new levels of fitness and ability is the aim, with a load of fun thrown in.

n:er-s like the Singapore American


t::itta: f,:::::r:

l;i:ii::t &:::i:: eir::::i 9!::i:::

Itrx :::-'r


::nrss ::'Jntry team. From left: Miss Jean Yeow, Annalyn Ooi u11qc--a:r:ain), Fabian Yeo (captain), MrJoseph Edison, rilllr

M -i-[lsevan.

Executive committee. From left (front) Miss Jean yeow, Ang Wei Yang (logistics), Clement Chen (captain), Rajbir Singh (vicecaptain), Jerome Huang (secretary), (back) Annalyn Ooi, Fabian Yeo, Lau Cuan Wen (treasurer), Perry Lim (secretary), Mr M. Tamilsevan.



: \

Volleyball Mr Wang Zhi Wei, Ms Caroline Smith i

Ex ecu


:Co m,m,i





Aeron Lioe,

Jason Pan, Kimberly Ang,





sessions are held twice weekly on Tuesdays and Thursdays f rom 4.45-6.45 pm.

given the oppoftunity to compete with players from various age groups, vocations and nationalities.

ln May 2002, members fromJCl andJC2 took part in "Y-Exchange", a beach volleyball competition organlzed by Youth Developer (Singapore). The competition was open to players from other countries and our volleyball members were

ln August 2002, members helped to run the lnter-Class


Te a,ch,â&#x201A;Ź r s,.i 1: c h alr g e

Volleyball Championship. Members engaged in official duties such as umpiring, score keeping and time keeping.

I Front: (left to right) Kia Boon, Kah yip, Choon Fatt, Kenny, Shu Min, Zhen yi, Bernard. Back: Jason, Meng Heng, Ariel, Lek, Aeron, Alvin, Cuan you, Jia Wei, Angus.

AVA Media club continues to provide Tn. I audio-visual support, as well as photographic and video coverage,

for college functions. Members are also encouraged to pafticipate in

video and photographic competitions to stretch their skills. This year, our range of activities has been enhanced by the newly equipped darkroom.

Behind-the-scenes support Zebin and Mr Woo Mun Hoa manning ttre sounA

the Walk

& Jog.



(left to right) Kang Si yih (Secretary), Hou Xuefeng (Backstage Manager), Tay Yiwen (Vice-President), Coh Kai Xin (presiden0, triti tay Chen Hui, MiWee Row


Give us a smile and wave, CJ! Zhi Han at the Walk & Jog.


Delia Chan Wei Nah, Dominic phay yi Ren, Nigel Wong yuan Wei (Head, Broadcasting), Ng Zhibin (Head, Audio), pangZhi Han, Clayton ChuaJun Han, Chan Yi Hou, Nicholas yeo Xiang Ling, Nicholas Kong Chin Chai, Lin Zebin.

Symphonic Band

Con Fuoco ll

- combined concert with choir on 3l

May and I June at


performing Arts

Report of Activities


exhibition during Orientation ll.

t c

:i(ecutive committee. Row r: (reft to right) Lim chin Khiong, Mrs rui eoon, rr,,l,. rurrv ao, Ms Soh Swee Keng, Koh Sian Hua. Row 2: WongJiaJie Brian, Vu May Choo ?.ebecca, Ang Su-Lin, Xie Meishi, OngJie MinJasmine, Ztrang Zhen Kuan kenny.





Bridge Club

Exco Members and Teacher Advisor: (left to right) Ho Choo Suan, Teo Xiang Zheng, Lim Kok Hao Edwin, Ms yoong Lian Teen, Tan Si Chyl, fay Zhongwei Gilbert.

ontract Bridge is a highly intellectual game that teaches logic, quick thinking, patience, concentration, power of analysis, and partnership understanding skills. The aim of the CJC Bridge Club is to promote the game of Bridge among students through teaching programmes for beginners, inter-class com petitions for intermediate players and intercollege tournaments for more advanced students. lt is hoped that

f V

Winners of CJC lntra-College Bridge

Competition 200.l.

through the playing of bridge, students' mathematical interest will be enhanced beyond the academic curriculum. During weekly meetings, memb*ers practise their game and bidding techniques. New players are

introduced to the game by the Exco members as an ongoing activity.

After some training, students pit their skills against players outside the College in competitions summarized below.

Summary of Activities in 2002 NUS

Open Pairs 2002 (l



::lll::tl7 st{4ellts,FBi€ieril4d



i'il it:

NTU Open Patrs 2002 (26January) Winners of CJC lnter-College Bridge Competition 2002. A total of six junior colleges took part in this year's



NUSS Bridge Team




raerii-:iii.l5th.'driir.df,ri 12,rtiieiii;:::r:.i::::::]:tr:li::i:i:iil

Bridge Training Session (10 and ::


lnter-College Bridge Competition 2002 (07June)

,r, :::r,c_Je


Tournament 2002 (26_27 May)



r: it

g. ro{!{lUtt€dr

:ht €xc



Or, :

lntra-College Bridge Competition 2002 (24 and 3l July)

Chess Club f

lnternational Chess Championships (March 2002)

tress helps in adopting a

\zdisciplined and consistent plan to meet one's challenges. lt enables one to make good plans, logical decisions and to anticipate changes in the given situation. The Chess Club meets in C2-03


every Wednesday from pm. The College also participated in

the following competitions:-




8th Raffles lnter-School

Chinese Chess Competitions (May 2002) c.

National lnter-School Team Championships (uly 2002)

d. ASEAN Age Group Championships (September


National lndividual

Achievements Cherissa




::::::ensti1,!latig0i{i9,chQ0!:ii::i!ii{wiuialgnâ&#x201A;Ź!!lg$mpionirripl Jrrrqrc! ?0q?t:: Represented Singapore in the ASEAN Age Group Championships 0une)

and emerged znd in team event.

Executive Committee: (from left, seated): Yeung Qimin (committee member), Kenneth Yeo (vice-president), Mr Stephen Su (teacher-in-charge), Chong Kai Shing (president), Desmond Coh (secretary/treasurer). (Standing) Ang Seng Keat (vice-president), Frederick Neo Chern Ee (committee member), Vivek Dodani (president), Jansen Chee Wai Leong (secretary/treasurer), Tay Cuangyu-(committee member).

t !

1 Ang Seng Kiat (right) waging a psychological war against

:ederick Neo.

Cherissa Sng (1Tl game with Cerard

- Cirls' Lou

School Captain) playing a friendly (.lT35) during the College Club practice.

Chinese Cultural Sociely Huifang , Xu YuXuan Giselle , Pu Zhenhua, Chiu MeUi, Chia Pei Yee and Yvonne Liew Zhenrong , a total

I n February 2002, the Chinese

I Cultural Society members served

as back-stage crew during the Chinese New Year Concert. From I May to 28 August 2002, we organized the Creative Drama


Workshop for members. On 29June 2002, LeowWenda ,Chew Huifang ,Zhong Siwan,Teo Pamela ,Char Peiling, Ng Swee Zhi , Xu YuXuan Ciselle, Chiu Meiji, Luling, Pu Zhenhua , Chia Pei Yee and Yvonne Liew Zhenrong , a total of I 2 students, represented the college in the Chinese Culture Test which was organized by the Singapore Federation Of Chinese Clan Associations.

of six students, represented the college in the I st National lnter-JC/Cl Chinese Current Affairs Quiz. On I0 September 2002,


ShuetTheng from lT33 represented the college in the 'Who Wants To Be Special Edition. A Millionaire" -Pre-U On 28 September 2002 , SitiAishah Mohamad Yakub from 2T36 represented the college in the Mandarin lmpromptu Speech Contest for the Non-Chinese which was organized by the Thomson Citizens' Consultative Com mittee. She won the first prize.

On 24 August 2002, Chew

Creative Drama Workshop, From left: Lee Shuet Theng, Chow Huifang, Lu Ling.

Siti Aishah Mohamad Yakub from 2T36 represented the college in the Mandarin lmpromptu Speech Contest for NonChinese and won the first Prize.

t _

; I


Members with Teacher Advisors. Row l: (From left to righ$ Chow Huifang, Lee Shuet Theng, Mrs Koh Lay Seng, Mdm Phang Swee Eng, Teo Pamela, Zhong Siwan. Row 2 : Khoo Yinjian, Chia Pei Yee, Xu Yuxuan Giselle, Chiu Meiji, Chee Kok Ling' Pu Zhenhua, Lu Ling, Bai Shuying, Yvonne Liew Zhenrong, Chia Wee Li, Leow Wenda .

Chinese Orchestra Tfre CJC Chinese Orchestra was I formed in l98l . The Orchestra performs in the Chinese New Year concert everyyear. lt has not only grown in size, but its standard has improved tremendously. This can be attributed to the great interest and enthusiasm ofthe students during their practice sessions. lt is great fun

learning the different kinds of music we can produce from Chinese

instruments, knowing what our talents are and developing them with the help of our instructor. Besides the weekly practices, our instructor gives our beginners extra sess ions.

Executive Committee. Front: (from left) Tan Ty Wui, Bai Shuying, Chia Wee Li, Joycelyn Lai, Ng Wei Yang. Back: Ho Choo Suan, Eliza Huang, lvldm Lucy Lee, Mdm Tan Seow Ling, Wang Shuling, Lilian Luk.

All JC


and JC 2 members rehearsing

for Chinese New Year.

Teachers-in-charge Mdm Lucy Lee, Mdm Tan Seow Ling

ExecutirVe rc,om:nr:itiee,r'

:, r' Chia Wee Li,':Bai :Shulring, , Ho Choo Suan, Joycelyn Lai Wai Theng, Ng Wei Yang, Quek jia Xin Joy-ce, Eliza Huan,g, Lil:ian Luk Yun,Yung, Ta6 TyrWui; ': Wang Shuling

Rehearsing for Chinese New Year. From left to right: Mr Tan Ching Boon, Fu Sze Sze, Gina Can.

Attending a public lecture regarding Chinese orchestras at The Singapore Conference Hall. Front (from left): Ng Wei Yang, Darren Chua, Tan Ty Wui, Eugene Tay, Eliza Huang. Back: Joycelyn Lai, Chia Wee Li, Lilian Luk, Yap Jing Xuan, Chen

Yajing, Cina Can, Ho Choo Suan, Shuyi ng.


Choir year's main highlight in the Jtris I choir's calendar was the Band and Choir Combined Concert, 'Con Fuoco Il', which was held at the SJI Performing Arts Centre over two nights. This was the flrst public performance of its kind that showcased the combined efforts of both the College Choir and the Band. The repertoire for the concert ranged from movie soundtracks to classical favorites and the main

highlight was the combined piece rendered seamlessly by the Choir and the Band. The choir also performed for the opening of the Tanglin Police Headquarters, which gave the members an opportunlty to interact with the other communities in the neighbourhood. The other choir performances were mainly for College functions such as National Day, Speech Day and Student Councillors' lnvestiture.

committee Members and reacher Advisors. (Left to right) Rosmi Nitasya Bte Mohd

lbrahim, Yeo Yui LiJeannette, SanchiaJoy Fang yuen May, Mr Tan Keng Hsin, Teo Zi

Co-operative Socie[y CatholicJunior College CoTh. I operative Society operates a store on the college premises. lt provides the college community with a service by students. This makes it uniquely personalized, offering a service which is different from the stores available outside of school grounds. The co-operative offers a

student insight on the day-to-day running ofa store, from housekeeping, warehousing and managing of accounts to the interaction with the student consumers. lt offers a feel of a real life business venture and helps to promote entrepreneurial spirit among our youths.

Teachers-in-chargre Mrs Loke Lay Hoon, Mrs Quek Suat Luan, Mrs Chuah Siow Ying, Miss Ang Hui Hun, Mr Wee Chong Yeow

Executive Committee Julia Tay Li Choon, Tee Lip Ywee, Amal Rakiah Bte lqbal, Jeslyn Toh Yu Yi, Sharon Lim Siew Hoon, Wendy Lee, Tang Hei Yeung Andy, Matthew N9 Tian Min9, Loo Jiansheng, Tan Chee Fong

The Highly Dedicated 25th l\4anagement Committee Row I : (from leftto right)JuliaTay Li Choon (Chairman), Ms Ang Hui Hun (Head), Brother Paul Rogers (Principal), Mrs Loke Lay Hoon (Teacher Advisor), Tee Lip Row




Ywee (Vice-Chairman) Mr Wee Chong Yeow (Teacher Advisor), Mrs Quek Suat Luan (Teacher Advisor), Amal Rakiah Bte lqbal (Member, Consumer Department), Jeslyn Toh Yu Yi (Head, Secretariat Department), Sharon Lim Siew Hoon (Member, Consumer Department), Wendy Lee (Member, Accounts Department), Mrs Chuah Siow Ying (Teacher Advisor). Tang Hei Yeung Andy (Head, Textbook Department), l\4atthew Ng Tian Ming (Head, Accounts Department), Loo Jiansheng (Head, Consumer Department), Tan Chee Fong (Member, Textbook Department), Coh Jia Qing.


" The l\4ost Dedicated Serving Member for Year 2002 - Coh Jia Qing.

I --e

26th Management Committee


JCI Serving Members.

Dance Club touch, to move, to inspire. Jo I This is the true gift of dance. The 'gift' of dance, the true fusion of body and music, an art in its purest form, displacing emotion and eventual beauty; that gift though hard in its endeavour is ceftainly worth it. Here, at CatholicJunior College Dance Club, we have aspired to do indeedjust that. From national competitions to internal school displays, our only aim still lies in that

of dance, to entertain. We would like to acknowledge the most recent addition to the club, our instructor, Ryan Tan. With his guidance, we are sure the Dance Club will excel in

future performances. And now we leave you with this, Dance till stars come down from rafters Dance, Dance, Dance till you

drop. - W.H. Auden


I _

; 3





(from left to right) Miss Lim Hiong Li, Chew Yen Ling Charlene, Coh Wei eiang Wilford, Lee Pei En Lynette, Ng Shu-Ling Cheryl, Mdm phang Swee Eng. Ang Wan Xian Christina, Liew yee Vun Belinda, Lim Li Hoon, Tan Joe Lin, Ng Zi Qin, Ong ya yun Joyce, Lim Bao Li, Lee Wei Xian Jessie, Lai Song Yu Christie, LowJian Lian Carline, Chia Mun Teng Sarah.

Row r : (from reft to right) Liew yee Vun Beiinda, ong ya yun Joyce, Ng shu-ring crâ&#x201A;Ź-., Lee Pei En Lynette, Tan Joe Lin, Lu Wei yi. Row 2: LowJian Lian yin Carlini, Chew


Charlene, Chia Mun Teng Sarah, Lai Song yu Christie, Lim Li Hoon. Row 3: Lim Bao L Ang Wan Xian Christina, Coh Wei eiang Wilford.

DebatinE & Public Speaking Socie} ::-:

end ofJanuary the Society : :r ed host to the World :'-:-:{: : Debating ChamPionshiPs bY :r * : -:: -g one of the Preliminary ,i - -r! /* tnin the College. Eight '*:,rn Brunei,

:-; ;-:


Ireece, Lithuania,

iu.{-.* r-ds. New Zealand and :::- :ook part in this round.


--': Coilege debaters took Part '' i:.-:-s comPetitions. These '1

: -:'i,: :he NUS Vice-Chancellor



* : l:-:petition


in February, the -::'-Collegiate Debates in MaY

r'ni i-â&#x201A;Ź-C Debating ChamPionshiPs

ln April Gowri Magandarn(l T36) beat seven other finalists to collect the champion troPhY in the SPeech Contest organised by the Gavel Club of Tampines Junior College. DYlan Loh(2T08) was also Pronounced the best speaker in the audience participating section of the contest. ln the Plain English Speaking Award Competition organised by the


YMCA and the Ministry of Education and held in July and August, Cowri Magandarn qualified as one of the six finalists. She received a personal

plaque at the awards ceremony'

Cowri Magandarn with her finalist PESA plaque and our Principal, Brother Paul Rogers.

Drama Sociely t has

been a bustling year for the I f CJC Drama Society. Our year

ive Committee Kaur, Geraldyne Wee, ook.- Maldr Ma nirlra.m

irr$inttle{$,,0;:.!g..ti::Jr.t; :ti,',$ld:'-lti:iil


started off with a bang in February when we mounted our annual Drama Production at the Alliance Francaise. A roaringly successful double-bill performance,,,lt Takes Lear" played to a sell-out crowd over two nights, and comprised the macabre black comedy, ,,Love you to Death" and the thought-provoking drama "Zero point 3,,.

TheJCl performance in May, 'Who Killed Mrs. de Souza,'caused quite a stir in CJC. A highly experimental and interactive production, the performance was

ourJC2s in their element on home


unforgettable theatrical experience

for those who came. The JCi s also put up a side-splitting item in the Teachers' Day concert which saw some teachers almost falling off their chairs as they watched parodies of themselves portrayed on stage.

The Drama Society is also proud

to have represented the College in the SYF Drama Competition 2002. Although we did not attain a Cold Award, we received a Certiflcate of Merit, and the experience of having taken part in such a major competition was an invaluable reward in itself.





p-erformance examining the specres, Scholastis Tatoris. The cast of "Zero point

Entrepren uersh ip SocieU he society acquired the CashFlow board game and the

members learned how to play it. The members were also trained in theJA Titan, an online business simulation, to prepare for the Hewlett packard Clobal Business Challenge that was held from January to April. Some members attended a Business Camp organised by Central Singapore

Community Development Council in June and picked up useful business

skills from the camp. lnJuly, the members worked with the lT Society on setting up a student-managed computer laboratory in the newJ _ block. The latest activity of the society involved the setting up of a Teachers' Day gift stall in the cantee n.


Teacher's Day sare (26-29 August zoozl. *r. rtuti r"i ,p in the canteen to take orders and showcase hand-made gifts. peera, pei Wen, VingsianU Willy rushinj ,;.;;;;;; gift orders taken from students for their t.u.hurs. -

a _

; ?

Student-managed computer laboratory 0uly). Members from the lT Society and the Entrepreneurship Society planning to set up a computer laboratory in the newJBlock.

j]?lj) 9.rTl'n: sons. Meow Lins, yu yixin, ve shiyin (Disciptine !:t:: committee), Jennifer Seah yue Qin (vice president),

H,i lim ctrot< reng (Teacher Advisor), Soh pei Wen (president), f_iaya Siiuw (secretary;, Goh Cheng Liang (Competition Coordinator), Timothy euei< Vixian, fproject Committee). Row 2: Chan Yi Hou, Tiffany yo Zhao Sen, Sherlyn Ang yi Ling, Lai Songyu, Lim york Mun, Zhang Yingsi. Row 3: Rungsapphaiboon peera, yeo sen yip Francis, Chia Sian Hark Terence, see wei Li Willy, Rungsapphaiboon Teera. (Absent: TayJun Wen (Treasurer),




Fitness Club W,,Hx;?il'.:'::i?1,i,." CJC Fitness Club

was reactivated. The club's primary role is to manage the centre and all the equipment to provide a safe environment for students to work out. This year the Fitness Club was given the responsibility to work in tandem with the TAF program. Under the leadership of I 2 fitness instructors

Yu Xuan enjoying his leg workout.



junior instructors who were

seconded to the program, strength and physical conditioning plus cardiovascu lar workouts were conducted. Additionally, various games were incorporated in the workout sessions to add variety and fun. The club will continue to promote healthy living to the student body.

From left, (standing) N9 pok Khai, Coh yu Xuan, Markyap, Dennis Wong,..;x61 p6r'14rru Adlan, (seated) Daniel Zhang, Freddie Tan.

Freddie doing shoulder lifts.

Geograply Sociely There


are currentlv




Geographical and Environmental Society, which aims to increase environmental in

awareness through the use of

geographical methods of enquiry. This is done through participation in seminars, programmes and competitions conducted by external organizations like the National University of Singapore or the Nanyang Technological University and going on field trips and excursions to deepen understanding and broaden student perspectives.



low 2:

Our members learnt about swamp habitats in Singapore when we went down to the Sungei Buloh Nature Reserve on 8th August 2002 and saw some interesting wildlife including a very hard to spot mangrove crab and some mudskippers lazing at the water's edge.

On 22 August 2002, our students were treated to a packet of fresh vegetables each to take home after visiting the Aerogreen Technology aeroponics farm.

Teacher-in-charge Mr Alvin Saw

Assisting Teacher Ms Lim Hiong Li

Executive Committee Yeo Puay Yin, Stephanie Seow Sze-Yin, Sheila Tan,

: Leglg

Mi,ng En; An:g:e! Tar-r,

Lynn Chan, Sherrie Tang, Huang Ming Hui, Goh Si Ying

(from left to right) Angelene Tan, Yeo Puay Yin, Stephanie Seow Sze-Yin, [/r Alvin Saw (teacher-in-charge), Sheila Tan, Leong lVing En, Coh Si Ying. Charmaine Chua, Lee Shah Shan, Candace Ang, Huang Minghui, Kim Min Jeong, Lynn Chan, Sherrie Tang, Jessica Tse, Sophie Tan Jia Hui, Joyce Loh Ci Hui,

Cheryl Ho Mui Loon, Karmene Yee.


--9ei Buloh Nature Reserve. Seated (from left to right): Charmaine Chua, Leong Ming


S:anding: Mr Alvrn Saw, Candace Ang, Yeo Puay Yin, Angelene Tan, Coh Si Ying' Yee, Stephanie Seow, Jessica Tse, Huang Ming Hui, Sophie Tan,

-:11 Ho, Karmene '.'.-mHiongLi. ,

The Executive Committee 2002-2003 Row l: (from left to right) Yeo Puay Yin (treasurer), Stephanie Seow SzeYin (president), Mr Alvin Saw (teacher-in-charge), Sheila Tan (vice-president), Leong Ming En (head of geographical projects). Row 2: Angelene Tan (head of publications), Lynn Chan (head of environmental projects), Sherrie Tang (discipline), Huang Ming Hui (discipline), Coh Si Ying (sec retary).

Guitar Club many practice sessions have Tn. I helped the members of the CJC guitar ensemble grow closer together. ln the past year, a songbook, which reflected the genres of music of interest to our guitar enthusiasts, was compiled. Members who were more competent in guitar playing took up the


challenge to tutor their peers. On this year's Teachers, Day, two of our best guitarists, Shane and Mark, gave an impressive rendition of the popular ballad, Hotel California. ln September, we attended a performance byThe New yorkJazz Ensemble during the 3rd

lnternational Cuitar Festival 2002.

At one of our practice sessions in a classroom on 28 August 2002. From left: Yu Hui, Willy, Su-Ching, Jasmine, Kimberly, Cuiping, Angela, Charmaine.

; Some members of the Guitar CluO *',n t L:yl.s., 7 September zooz. no* i, imanda, Ms Anseta 9.':1,j^1,",j.',1:!p: 2:Rachel, Yu Hui, Ceraldin.,D3ryj.(qrrnrrer), Creg (lead 3: Collin, Joanna (partially blocked), Su_Ctring.'now"a: Wify.

jrr_ *;:fi i':ru


History Socie$r The main objectives of the I Hirto.y Society are to stimulate enthusiasm, interest and passion for the study of the past, to encourage the acquisition of knowledge and understanding of human activity and behaviour in the past, linking it with the present; and to enhance students' understanding of the development of social and cultural

values over time. Students took part in several seminars and workshops organised by the tertiary institutions such as the National University of Singapore in the year 2002. The

History Society also organised a Day Camp for the JC 2 cohort. History students took part in a joint historygeography tour to Thailand in November this year.

From left: Sim Wei Wen Aviel (l T9), Tan Eu-Heng Roy (l T9), Ang Yee San Joyce (l T7) (Vice-President), Mr Durairajoo T., TayJin Tian Eugene (lT9), Phay Yi Ren Dominic (l T1 0), Lee Wei Zheng Lionel (l T9) (President). (Absent: Bernice Chua Mei Ling (Secretary).)

a o "Orchard Resurrected": a project up for display during the Creativity and Talent week by History Society students.

History of Child Labour: Ambrose Ng, an actor in the making.

Indian Cultural Society Teacher-in-charge _fhirumuruqanandam Mr t<-



Sajin, Subthira Bharathan, Meeia Copalakrishna, Madhavi Ary4, Saranpal Singh, Paresh Singapuri

year our society members fhis I took part in many competitions. Our memL)ers took paft in SAIC fhai Matha -l krendr d\, AJC Agni

Competition, NJC Tamil Debate, yJC Tamil Language Seminar and pJC

Addi Perukku. Our Student Mugant 2T09 got

the 3rd prize in a short story writing competition and Madhura 1T36 won 3rd prize in singing in rhe SAIC c'ompetitions.

Our students Sudhan and Abdul

Latif got 2nd prize in a Tamil Web design competition conducted by PJC.

':_ \.!



ICS Members in NJC Tamil Debates.

-"..,,-.*r:id&S*iii'i&;: :': '..'''''.. K Thirumuruganandam

committee Members (left to right) sajin, subthira Bharathan, Meera Copalakrishna, Mr (teacher-in-charge), Madhavi Arya, Saranpal Singh, paresh Singapuri.

Interact Club Th. lnteract Club sponsored bY I the Rotary Club of SingaPore aims to induct students into social

and civic responsibilities, to provide opportunities for students to grow and learn bY carrying out communitY service projects. ln the weekly Club meetings,

students learn to get organized as a group, to plan schedules, to divide out work, to budget, to record minutes, and to execute their own programmes in providing service to others, like an old folks home. Once a month Rotarian Advisors sit in the meetings, giving advice and support.

Teachers-in-charge Mr Chua Hung Seng, Miss Eng Chiew Yin E x e,c .:

urt:i'vâ&#x201A;Ź:, Colnm,ir{i'!*,1',,



' Ling,, Lqke

W:.e:i;::DebOrah ,Qr:ace,

Fajardo William, Jillyn Teo Shu Wan,,,Pe.i



, Lvnette: Leong J:in:rHah,, Amaltda



Eii:vin: :relvin:'Bau,:Kin Yan


The lncoming and Outgoing Executive Committees Row l: (left to right) Sharon Leong Ee Mun, Eugenia Ong Pei Ling' Row 2: Lim Sing Liean, Hou Xuefeng, lecunJunaedyJohanes, Andrial Evan Savero, Mavis Ng Su Lin,Jillyn Teo Shu Wan, Ong Wei Ling, Amanda Lim En Yin, Bau Kin Row


Yan Kelvin. Lau Bong Ming Aaron, Ong Chin Wei Alvin, Dominic Low Teck Tong, Loke Wei, Deborah William.

i: I


-he Outgoing 27th Executive Committee :'ont: (left to right) Lim Sing Liean, Hou Xuefeng, lecun


JunaedyJohanes, Mavis Ng Su Lin. Rtn Clara Tang, Mr Chua Hung Seng, Dominic Low Teck Tong, Rtn Zahidi Abd Rahman, Ong Chin Wei Alvin, Brother Paul Rogers (Principal), Lau Bong Ming Aaron' Andrial Evan Savero, Ms Eng Chiew Yin, Mrs Low Siew Nghee (Vice-PrinciPal).

A memorable picture for the girls with the Cuest-of-Honour, Rotarian Advisors, the Principal, the Vice-Principal and the teachers- i n-ch arg e.

t o


lT SocieV is the first year the lT Society Jtris I members worked jointly with

members from the Entrepreneurship Society. At the beginning ofthe year, lessons were conducted on the

application of a new design software, Solidworks. Led by the President of the lT Society, Randy Wong, members were taught how to create 3-D figures with the sofilvare. The club was also actively involved in Community Service. The Computer Laboratories were used to

conduct a programme specially tailored for senior citizens to learn how to use the lnternet and the convenience of e-mailing. The members of the societywere also taught how to create their personalised websites.

Members of the lT Society and the Entrepreneurship Society have started to collaborate and plan for student activities in the new Computer Laboratory in J-Block.

Tan Yong xian, Melisa sriwulandari, Huang Shu yi rammy (partly hidden) and Chew Hew Sheng in a training session.

t -








(left to right) Andrew Ng Siew Siong, Wong yeow Shing Randy, Mr pang Hai Chet (teacher-in-charge), Ho Wee Kim, Stanley Liew Wei eiang. Zhai wen Yao,Jeremy Han Ming Guang, Daniel oeij, Melisa sriwulandari, Meena Ranjunji, Low Yan Lyn Angele Francis, lvy Tan Xuan Wei, Huang Shu yi Tammy, Lee Jia Woei, Shawn Li Fu Liang. lvan Coh, Tan Yong Xian, Chew Hew Sheng, Tan Wei Ming, Edward Soetiono, Widjaya Chao Long Alexander, Koh Tee Chuang.

Legion of Mary A \rf

ut Lady, Queen of Sorrows was formed in CatholicJunior College in I 975. The object of the Legion of Mary is the personal sanctification of its members through a life of prayer and active work in making Jesus and Mary

during the week. Among the works of the Legion are the monthly visits to Mother Theresa's Cift of Love Home. Legionaries assist the sisters in serving meals and chatting with the residents.

known and loved.

Divine Office every Tuesday and Thursday in the Prayer Room at 7.05

Legionaries meet every SaturdaY in the Prayer Room to share on how Cod has worked through them

ln College, Legionaries pray the


A Legion set in Battle Array-JCl andJC2 Legionaries'

t Left to right: Melissa Wong, Natalie Tang You Qi, Anne Chui Yong Hui, lwone Cuo Mei Jun, Charissa Lim Pei Wen, Benjamin Ang JiJian.

! .


Library Sociely aim of the Library Society is Tn. I to provide efficient library services to the CjC community and at the same time provide opportu n ities for student-librarians to develop qualities of leadership, initiative, responsibility, team spirit and creativity. One major activity during the year was to update the over 250

information files which are frequently used by the students. During the year the society published two newsletters (May and

Student-librarians Ceraldene Boey yin yee of I Ti 7 (extreme left) and Tan Hwee Ting of lTl 7 (extreme right) showingJoy." nng Yee San and Felicia Shen Shuhuai of t fOZ the iMnC.

September). The library newsletter,

the 'Sentinel', publicises new and useful print and non-print materials available for students. The society also organised an inter-tutorial quiz in August. This quiz aims to stimulate student interest in the library. The questions were designed to encourage them to explore, discover and use the library's resources and facilities. The winners were I T23 (l st prize) 1T29 (2nd prize) and IT2l (3rd prize).

'lnfosurvivor' - organised by the National LiUirrV, e""ri Z June 2002" From left, Abriena Xie Enjia f f f:Ol, riesmonj"" cofr Hong Ming (1T30), Lionel Chen yingren ttf:Oj, runlui-5.nn (1T27),Teo Shi ping (1T36), phua tr,t1i yen

tfr:Oi. '"'


Student-librarians at work: from left, Wong Li Qing (2T34), Anindita Santosa (2T34) and Lindy Wong Wah Er (2T34).

; Row I


Kian Beng, Mrs Kuah Siou Koon, Mdm Tan Lee Huang and Mr Darrell Tan. Library Society Executive Committee members 2OOi /2002: Tracy Lim poh Hung, Noor Khairiah Bte Kassim, Anindita Santosa, Grace Cuok Jingci, Marcus Low Kai Min, Rajinder Singh A/L Harjit, Kelvin Cheah Kian peng, Lee yee Shan, Wong Li Qing, Sari Tresna, Brianca Lim Guirong.

Malay Cultural Society r:':ry (MCS) orutor.i.uio writins Ti::::l!1li', r alms to clevelop the following Competition, Creative production

Teachers-in-charge ,,',N.'orfrayatj:bterAr,tTqnn,,., Nor Hanisah bte Saphari

characteristics among lts

Exâ&#x201A;Ź.:c q,:t i:vie:'.Co'mrm itt.e,e i


Mohd Shamir bin Abdul Wahid, N- r A2 nria :RuZianj,,bte, Az man; Hartini bte Mohd yusof, Muhd Redzuan bin Fadil, Md Saliheen ..,bln.. l"tas.san bti;: Siti, Zu baidalr'








The appreciation of Malay culture and the arts through activities such as traditional Malay dance, Dikir Barat, traditional Malay games, trip to Warisan Studio,


Ekamatra, AJC Drama presentation, NYJC Cema puisi, TpjC Manifestasi 2002 and Farewell party forJC2

students; The development of the intellect and thinking skills through activities namely Forum by Registry of Muslim Marriages, FMSA te euiz, Debate

competition, Mendaki youth Seminar, AJC paradigm a 2002,

t -


of in_house

magazine and brochure, treasure hunt and Malay Language Centre Upgrading project; The active involvement in community service through projects such as WVMA Flag Day, AMp Flag Day and MHCC Bookmark Street Sales.

The concentration on these areas is in line with the college,s mission "... to turn out young people

who are

fully capable of fulfilling themselves as intellectual and moral adults, both as committed individuals and

members of a community.,,

Mathematics SocieU t 5 May, the annual lnterClass Mathematics competition was held. The response to the event was overwhelming. A total of l20JC

f)n V/


andJC 2 students participated in the event. On 22 May, the first ever Mathematics trail was held within the college premises. A total of 6 teams participated in the event which lasted 2 hours. The

pafticipants found the event interesting but tiring. The society conducted 2 modules this year. ln term 2, a module called Cryptographywas successfully conducted and it attracted students from other CCAs as well. ln term 3, a module called Chaos and Fracta/s was successfully conducted. The society members are putting up a website based on what they have learnt in the college Mathematics Department Web-page.

On 30 May, 4 of our students pitted their skills against a strong field of 608 students from 35 other schools all over Singapore in the Singapore Mathematics Olympiads (SMO, Open Section). This is the batch of students in the last 5 years that was sent for the above event organized by Singapore Mathematical Society. Although the pafticipants did not manage to win any prizes this time, it was an enriching experience for both the participants and the teachers who trained them.

Teachers-in-charge Mrs Tan Siow Leng, Mr Lim Chye Fook

Executive Committee Wang Chen, Coh Yong Hua, Chow Pui Ling, Chhabra Deepinder Singh, Qiu Xun, TayJang Chyuan

On 30July, a total of 20 students participated in the annual Australian Mathematics Competition. A training session was conducted based on the AMC problem-solving guide. I2 students obtained ceftificates of merit and Alvan Chia of I Tl 5 obtained a certificate of distinction.

Shhh... Australian l\,4athematics Competition in progress.


l: Lew Cheng Tong, TayJang Chyuan (Treasurer,2002/03), Chong Kai Shing, vVong Hsien Han, Chhabra Deepinder Singh (President,2002/03), Qiu Xun (Vice-


D"esident, 2OO2/0r. Row 2: I/r Lim Chye Fook (Teacher-in-charge), Tan Yi Bao, Caecilia, Wang Chen President, 200l, /02), Chow Pui Ling (Treasurer,20Ol /02), Sari Tresna, Gloria Chia Srvee Lin, Coh Yong Hua (Vice-President, 2001 /02).

Help! We are entangled! Deepinder and Qiu Xun trying to solve the Wrist Twist puzzle.

Micro-Mouse Club (

ix Uicromouse teams from our in the l2th

vlCollege participated

lnter-Schools Micromouse Competition organized by Ngee Ann Polytechnic from 3 to 5 April 2002 and one of our teams achieved 4th placing in the Open Category Division 2. Our JC One Micromouse Club members took paft in theJC/ ITE Category of the Micromouse Section for the Singapore Robotics Games organized by the Tertiary lnstitutions and Polytechnics of Singapore on 2l May 2002. They gained much valuable experience to prepare themselves for next year's lnter-Schools competition. We also pafticipated in the I st Nationwide Robo Grand prix organized by Temasek polytechnic


3 to 4 September 2002. This is a new competition where the robo racer (robot) would use the sensors

to guide itself on a single white line around a predetermined circuit. The robo racer must complete the circuit in the shortest possible time without going off track. Our robo racer teams, Nutz and Boltz, clinched 2nd and 3rd placing in the flrst round for theJC/ITE Category of the Grand prix. However only Nutz managed to achieve 5th placing in the flnal for theJC/ITE categoryofthe Robo Crand prix. Finally, Boltz achieved 4th placing in the "sudden Death" Robo Race knockout event, where two robo racers would compete in a dual track circuit.

Our Robo Racer team (Huang Jun Wei, Lin yuan ein, Sachin Patney and Wong Kah Wai) with their 4th placing trophy for the event "Sudden Death" Tp Robo Race in Great World City on 4 September 2OO2.for the lnter-schools Competition.

t -

; ?


(left to righg Chan Wei Zhen, Huang Jun Wâ&#x201A;Źi, Mr pang Hai Chet, Mr Tan Chin Piaw, Boey yan Binn Darius. Row2: Zhang LaifuJoel,Wong Kah Wai, Linyuan ein, LeeJoo Row I




He Ji Jian Kerry, Hong Heng Jiong, Xiao Tian yuan, Tee Lip Ywee. (Absent: QuekJia Xin Joyce, Cloria Chia Swee Lin.)

Our College Team which participated in the Singapore Robotic Cames 2002. Row I : (left ro right) euekJia Xin Joyce, Gloria Chia Swee Lin, Chan Wei Zhen, Wong Kah Wai, Mr pang Hai Chet. Row 2: BoeyYan Binn Darius, Lin yuan ein, LeeJoo How, Zhang Laifu

Joel, Huang


Publications produces Th. Publications teammagazine I the annual college and four issues of the college


The F/ame.


magazine is an annual record of the important events in the college calendar as well as the activities of the home tutorial groups and the

groups. The Flame aims b highlight the achievements and the important activities of the college community in each term.


Our student writers covered college events such as the Youth Day celebrations, the Sports Carnival and the Student Council lnvestiture.

They also interviewed members of the student body and student leaders such as the President of the Student Council, Ciselle Xu and the President of the Catholic Activities Council, Alexius Yeo. The information that they gathered was essentially for the newsletter, The' Mrs Sng Mee Lian, Mrs Beji Siva, Mrs Angeline Khoo

Executive Committee Daphne Goh Hui Shan, Vivien Goh Yu Fen


The teachers in the team were engaged in the writing and the editing of the four newsletters and the annual magazine. We were given

valuable assistance by our consultant, Mrs Hedwig John.

TheJC2 team: (from left) Vivien Goh Yu Fen, Lee Shihui, Hilda Cwee Hui Ning.

Beji Siva, Mrs Sng Mee Lian, Mrs Angeline Khoo.

The JCI team: (from left) Daniel Andrew Zhang Yuanfeng, Daniel Soh Eak Chuang, Nikhil Hogan.


ReadinE & Writing Society Reading and Writing Society Tn. I may not be quite on par with

the Apostles of the famous 'Cambridge Conversazione Society', an elite discussion group, but by way of making a modest comparison, it is the closest you are likely to find in the groves of academe in CJC. Every week, our humble discipleship gather together for

shared readings and writings followed by round table dialectical exchanges ofopinions and ideas on anything and everything ranging

from the downright farcical to the utmost polemical. For our cerebral minded and our literary aesthetes, it has been a richly rewarding as well as pleasurable experience, or so

they say anyway.



; I

J o

From left, Florence Lim Hui Lin, Elizabeth Tan, yan yuJing, Charles Lazaroo, Mr David L. Fahy (teacher advisor), Ceraldine Sew Wei Teng, Melissa Turner, Wang Xiaoqi, Sara bte Abdullah.

Science Society Science Society aims to Tn. I promote students' interest in Science through activities that are fun and challenging. The various

activities organized for students such as an intra-college mini science project competition, Science Words Cuessing Game (!Vin, Lose or Draw) , crystal growing, aeroplane design have offered opportunities for students to realize that science is interesting in its application in everyday life. Students were given

opportunities to attend science talks and camps organized by the tertiary institutions. Two teams participated in the Secondary and Pre-University Science Fair 2002 held in conjunction with the 25th Singapore Youth Science Foftnight. The project titles were: Exotic problem solving techniques in simple electrical circuits, and lnvestigation of radiowaves emission from Planet.Jupiter. One of the teams was awarded a merit.

Teachers-in-chalge Ms Eng Chiew Yin, Mr Wee Wee Chau,

Executive Committee Crace Yap Szu Hui, Bennette Teoh Liy Ben, Tan Liew Wah, Ng Yong Huat, Gerald Leow Tze Qiang

Koh Hul Min, Sherbert Seah and Ayu Aaron Alexander selecting a good quality crystal for seeding.

The team won a Certificate of l\4erit in the 25th Singapore Youth Science Festival Secondary and Pre-University Science Fak 2002 for their project: Exotic problem solving techniques in simple electrical circuits. Left to Right: Qiu Xun, Chhabra Deepinder Singh, Tan Hwee Ting, Nila Winarta Tan, Mr Tan Hoe Teck (Teacher Advisor).

Stanley Chin and Nelson Ng conducting an experiment on the deflection of an electron beam by an electric field.

t "

'he Committee Members with the Teacher Advisors. Left to Right: Ms Eng Chiew Yin, Crace Yap Szu Hui, Bennette Teoh Liy Ben, Tan LiewWah, Ng Yong Huat, Cerald Leow -ze Qiang, Mr Wee Wee Chau.


St Vincent De Paul Society :lfounded

Q t Vincent De Paul Society was

by Blessed Frederick Ozanam to care for the

Services. Our adoptees live in the Chinatown, Redhill and North Bridge Road areas. We have also raised

underprivileged and the destitute. Members of St Vincent De Paul Society have adopted destitute old folks and paid them regularly monthly visits with food provisions donated by the Catholic Welfare

funds for our own financially needy students through the sale of drinks during the Sports Carnival. We have assisted and brought cheer to the aged and disabled orphans who live at l.J. Educare Centre.

Left to right: Vanessa Wong Whye yue, Crystal Chum Jing, Lim Kun Min Jonathan, Lee Kok Wai Lionel, Chia Pei Yee, Fiona Tay Mei lmm, Ms Cheng Lean Kiow.

I -

; I

Chia Pei Yee and Liew Zhen Rong Yvonne assisting an elderly lady into her wheelchair while on a home visit.

Gerard Tan Yung Kiat, Crystal Chum Jing and Lincoln Lam Ern are selling drinks to raise funds for needy students.


Class 2T02



(left to right) ong Meizhi Cloven, Chow Lingling Cecilia, Ramkali Kaur Bajaj, ran wei t-ing Elaine, Dr Razif Bahari, Lim pei Wen Charissa, Tan Yi Ying, Lo ying Han Fiane, Chui yonghui Anne. Leowwei Ren Alvin, Mohamad Khidir B Halek, said Mubaruk S/o Sultan A, yeo Choon Liang, lvonne cuo Wei.

MeUun, Siew Kee

t o

: =

tlT:,"t"L,g1-..,*" KWv

ll!'lf rr l'$il .!







wurK !$$:ra

(left to right) Felicia Co Li Ting, Cheong May Lang Johanna, Lin Yanqin, Wee Wen Wei Aidan, Mr Francis Clarke, Ng Kai Ambrose, Tang Youqi Natalie, Coh Hui Shan Daphne, Lim Pei Rong Debbie. Sim Qin Zhi, Tay Qinzhi FabianJude, Chin Sen Yi Bernard, Lin Zhicai, Yeo Siah Ong, Shaifrizman B l\4aktar, Aminurashid Juma'at. (Absent: Meera D/O Gopalkrishna.)



Class 2T02





(left to right) Ong Meizhi Cloven, Chow Lingling Cecilia, Ramkali Kaur Bajaj, Tan Wei Ling Elaine, Dr Razif Bahari, Lim pei Wen Charissa, Tan Yi Ying, Lo Ying Han Fiane, Chui Yonghui Anne. Leow Wei Ren Alvin, Mohamad Khidir B Halek, Said Mubaruk S/O Sultan A, Yeo Choon Liarig, lvonne Guo Meijun, Siew Kee Wei.





Class 2T03

Row Row

a _


2: 3:

(left to right) Lee Shihui, Hildra Gwee Hui Ning, Chey Ke-Xin Elise, Lee Siew ping, Ms Ang Hui Hun, Fung En Ai Maria, Lim Melissa, Coh Yi Fen Vivien, Wong Yi Jun. Ang Ying Ying Elaine, Koh Sian Hua, Lim Wee Leng, Peter Lee Kin Shing, Ong Jin Ling, Shakunthala D/O Ashoka Raj. Teo Wei Shu, Wee Yihui Wallace, Chen Minhan, Ng pei Rong Jeffrey.


Class 2T04





(left to right) yeh chia-Hui, Lee Mei Lin Melissa, shantini D/o Karunagaran, Rita D/O Parasurum, Ms Yong Choon Yen Halim. Lynette, Wong yun ShanJasmine, Shah Dhanvantray Urvi, Yeo HuilingJacinta, Suraya Bte Abdul Huang Xianyang Jerome, Alverdian, Alvin Barathan, D/O Yusof, Subathira Bte Mohamed De Souza Beatrice Caroline, Hartini ! Hobday Amanda Joy, Hwang Yi Jing, Michelle Pereira'

t !


Class 2T05

Row I Row

t -

; a I




(left to right) Chng Siew Hwee Daphne, Tan Su Ann Daphane, Ong Chiew Cuet, Ee Woan Jean, Mr Alvin Saw, Chia Siew Ling Felicia, Jody Tay Ee Lian, Wu Tao Jun, See Hui Ling. Lau Cuan Wen, Ang Wei Yang, Teo Zhiwei Allan, Chen Huijie Clement, Chia Yunyi William:, Hong Zheng eing, euek Wei Lee, Kwok Lye Lin Fiona, Ten Si Yi. (Absent: Zhang Hexiang, Lim Hong Zhi Samuel, Ng Chung Ching Benjamin, MelissaJanice Choo Hui Ling, Koh Chee Him.)

Class 2T06


(left to right) Norashikin Bte lbrahim, Lee Peng Huai, Tan Ying YingJocelyn, Loh Feng yuan, Mdm Shalini Damodaran, Wee Ceok BayJoanne, Quek Le Min Kalyn, Tan Manhui Serene, Ye Yi Xjn. Tan Weiyu, Dodani Vivek Puran, Tan Li Meng Lionel, Lau Guo Ann, Lim Bing Zhao, Julianah Ete Jamal Mohd, Chen Liqi Josephine, Lisa

i, l



Lin Jiadong, Juan Wen Jie, Thu Aung Zaw, Vishnu Vasudevan.




Class 2T07

I -








(left to right) Lalitha D/O Canesan, l\4ariaJacinta Barr, Valerie Tan Shuling, Png Huilian Elizabeth, MsJean Yeow, Ng Khor See Kossy, H'ng Sumei, Oei Shi Min Victoria Ruth, Mook Poh Yen. Olsen Melissa Louise, Song Meow Ling, Chen Pochen, Cenevieve Bong Feng Zhi, Diana Tho?nas, Nur Azmia Ruziani Bte Azman, Denise Lavinia Selvakumar, Wong Ern Ching lan. Tee Hong Sheng Nicholas, Foo Wenquan, Oon Eng Chee Jason, Low Yong Wei Mark Louis, Wong Wenhong Marcus.

Class 2T09

t : ; ?






(left to right) Ang Yi Lin, Khau Marie, Valarmathi D/O Pakirisamy, Foo Xin Yu, MrsJanice Lok, Ng Zhonghao Augustine, Ng : Tian Ming Matthew, Rajbir Singh Chopra. Revinder Kaur Dhillon, Tang Kah Liang Gabriel, Wang Gengrui Shane, Yeo Yul Li Jeannette.






(left to right) Wong Rui Ming Jonathan, Poh Su Hin Eugene, Zhang Junyang Samuel, Chu Wei Sheng Andrew, Mr Tan Lye Huat, Cai Wanjing Lynn, Coh WanszeJennifer, Yu Weiling Sharon, Tan Kiak ping Anne. : Loh Wei Chen Anne, Coh Jian Zhi Charlene, Ho Yan Li Jacyn, Tang Ming Hui Melissa, Ong Shi Xian Amanda, yap Wan Leng



Lo Ying Ling Cherilyn, Sabrina Chia Peiyi, Ng Wei Ling Candice. (Absent: Wee Yu-Ling Geraldyne.)

Row I




; ?

Class 2Tl4

I _

; ?







(left to right) Kwee Meng Li Melissa, Hou Xuefeng, Lim See Lin Selene, Lam Chieh-Wen Sarah Joy, Mr Yeo Khirn Hup, TanE Hei Yeung, Chee Zhen Yi, Chia Han Wen Melvin, Xu Woquan@Hui Yok KeenXiao Tianyuan, Hong Heng Jiong, Ong Tse Hian Patrick, Boey Yan Binn Darius, Ho Shu Minq, Tee Lip Ywee, He Fuhong. l-e* Hui Hui. Goh Yong Hua, Tan Yuanjie, HeJUian Kerry, Arzish Falaqul Baaquie, Ong Yi Kwee, Shen Yinxiang. (Absent: FooJun Hao.

Class 2T16








IUrrgLrdrrgJoroan,Koh tee( MrLohKumLeong,Vahini Bhat,LeeJiawoei,Dianawiaiu.;",Kangsi yih. t-H"#::i:ff wong Yeow shins Randv, su sinsrong Kervin, Lim cfri vrin crarence, Xions shijie, Ho wee "tj"TS:;t""ts, Karthik s/o servaraju, Tan chun yih, Ho Kong seng Dennis, Ang wei Hao, Ng Zhibin, Andrew Ng.

Class 2TlB








(left to right) Low Ying Yan Adeline, wang Huiling, Teo Li Yin Mabel, Ang Ceok Hoon, Mrs Loke Lay Hoon, yao tluit-ii! Certrude, Ho Huey Yee Faustina, Zheng Shufen, Cheong Su Fen" Tan Kwang Yong Melvin, reo Zi Zhong, Zhuang Ziwei, ong Dexian Vincent, Soh Kiat Seng Jason, Chua Wee Sern Vincent, Tan Evien. Low Kai Min l\4arcusJames, TayJinfuJason, Ong Choong Howe, Yeam Chin Heng, Wonq Koon Kit Dennis.

Class 2T20







(left to right) Khoo YinJian, Tan chee Fong, chan Liting Tiffany, Tan yi Hui, Mr ong Cak San, Lio weiyun, zr.,-g M,ngnu, Lim Xiaohui Jane, Lim Liting Elisha. Tan Pei Ming Edwin, Zhang Zhenkuan Kenny, cheng Kiat Meng, Kwek Liren Raphael Eamoi, chua Kah Sian, Li Dahao Daniel, Lim Kok Hao Edwin, Kwee yi Zhong. Lo Jianhao Kenny,

cuo Yi, Chia Kim Hock, oh Yun sheng, Tan Jin Lun Benny, cai Junjie. (Absent: Chua yee Tian.)

Class 2T22

(left to right) Ong Kenneth, Rachel Marie D/o Anthony Samy, Cajaeshini D/O Srikanthan, Darshini D/o Krishnan Nair, Meera Gopal, Lenny Syafawatie Bte Abd R, Anbumalar D/o Manickam, Elvira D/o A Savariappan, Chan Weizhen, Cai








LeeJian Kuan, D'cruz Firdaus Lionel wilfred, Kanesh Kanaraj S/O Thangaraju,Zhuang Weiyuan, Mohammad Hafeez B Naim, Faiz B Abdillah Alkhatib, Loo Sheng Zachary Adam, Muslim Sahib B Nainam Sahib.

Class 2T26

Row I Row

t _

; I



(left to right) Chan Kong Cheng, Andrial Evan Savero, Soh Jian Wen Joel, Madhavi Arya, Mdm Mary Goh, Tan Ai JiaJoanne, Lin Hansheng, Lee Peng Chuan, Wong Ying Rong Andre. : Li Wenhui Kelwn Dominic, SiaJing Ming, Pinnavanam Noel lgnatius, ChowYong KhuanJonathan, Ong Chin Wei Alvin, Tan Zheng Hong Aaron, Ong Chee Kiong, Fam Foong Ming Darryl, Ong WuJie,Jackie Parbhu S/O Subramanian. (Absent: Coh Jiahao Emil, Zhuo Peiyi, Gan Chi Hui.)

Class 2T27





(left to righ0 Zeng Shouzi, Ng Zitai, Ngian Wei Wei Kelvin, Ong Choon Fatt, Ms Rani Suppiah, Tang Yujing, Chiang Ting Ting Sharon, Tang Sze Jia. Chia Hao Han Derek, Tan Yu Yong Justin, Lam Tien Ern Lincoln, Yap Jin Shuo l\4ark, Wee Year Sheen, Lin Shuhong, Loo yan Liang Gregory Marc.

Class 2T3l



(left to right) Leow Chan Ru, Chia Yu-Wen Christine, Wu Jinying Valerie, Lim Siew Ting Juliana, l\4dm Tan Seow Ling, Wong Shu Hui Melissa, Lee Kok Leong, Tong Long Kuan, Poh Chin HanJason.



Ng Teck Yen Cary, Yau Ting Kong, Yeo Qing Rong Deanson, Coh Yu Xuan, Lim Fang Yu, lngkiriwang Ryan Wei Zheng, Tan Wee Lip Wiliie, Cheah Kian Peng. (Absent: Chiang Tai Jung.)




Class 2T34



Row 2: Row 3:


Yee shan, Anindita santosa, KwunjaiJov Batzinser, Ho wanxiris Eusene, Dcruz Fairozleonard

Soh Hsien Wern Cavin, Rajinder Singh A/L Harjit S, Chen Zijian paul.

Class 2T35


'l :

Row 2: Row 3

Jum'ani, Ng Wei Wen Diana. Akash Dev Sharma, Navdeep singh VU, Muhammad lrfan Khalis Tan Yung Kiat Gerard, Neo Dongjing, Tsou chia Hung, Rosdi, Tan TYwui.








(left to right) Spykerman Kimberly Faye, Lim Hui Lin Florence, Wang Xiaoqi, Turner Melissa Kim, Mr M Renganathan, Ngiam Huijun Charlene, Wong Pui Mun Daphne, Elizabeth Tan Pei Ming, Karen Koh Mei ying. Nurliyana Bte Baharuddin, Nott Cheryl Edna Xueli, Chee Yinlin Eileen, Ng Si Wai Joanne Fay, Sng Chye Lynn Cherissa, Cynthia Ong ShiJie, Soon Xuan Ping Chermaine, Toh Keng Yang lan. SimWei ChunJoshua,FongXianJunBenjamin,SyedUmarAshraf Shah,Yeohl\4atthewJohnJiayong,KohJunHaoWilvin.

I o







(left to righ0 Yew Siew-Wee Vanessa, Nicole E CheeJing Wen, Suguna D/OJeganathan,Julaina Khan, Ms EvelynJoyce Nathan, Ms Lim Hiong Li, Liang Weizhen Adrianne, Lee Yin Hui Qorrine Crace, Tan Wei Ching Sherry. Yeo Per Cuan Alexius, Zhang Zhuoquan Kenneth, Kohgulan S/O Kalaiarasan, Lynn Chan Lingyi, Croy Kimberley Ceorgette, Bai Jin'an June, Lily Hazlinda Bte Abd Hamid, Fernandez Yvette. Sim Zhi'an Elvyn, Chua Ming Zhi Darren, Liao Rubin, Lin Anhong, Kim Sheng Li Jesse.









(left to right) Tang Wen Ai, ChumJing Crystal, Wong Yirou Charmaine, Anantha Ruby D/O Rouben, Mr Dennis Ang, Poon Huijun Angela, Chia Shu Bin Rachel, Ngin Siu Tze Venetia, Natalie Soh ZhiYun. Soh Eak Chuang Daniel, Ng Zhenyu Timothy, Zhang Yuanfeng Daniel Andrew, Ng Xu Cun, Lim De Neng, Deng Ziqiang Eugene, Nikhil Hogan, LimJian Li Jeremy, Lim Chye Kwang Edmond, Mr Ho Seng Chye. KowJing Ren Sharon, Huang Rimin Stacey, Duong Thuy Linh, Lee Ya Hui, Yang Jingle, QuekJia-Lyn Jermaine, Zheng Fangti ng


a _







(left to right) Yasmeen E Abedeen Tyebally, Sng Hui Min Melissa, Chan Shu Yi Candice, Ms Ciam Swee Lee Linda, Mr Phay Teik Eng, Tang Qi Yan Amanda Maria, Ong Ya Yun Joyce, Zhong Weiling Rachel. Low Shi Ying, Chow Xin En Dionne, Li Kaiyin, Zairina Bte Mohamad, Chan Shungwai.







(left to right) Tan Kiat Lu Teresa, Thiew Zong Min Michelle Magdalene, Woo Shu Fen Vanessa Cheryl, Lim Xue Li Jeanne, Mr Darrell Tan, Yeo Puay Yin, Malathy D/O Panier Selvem, Chua Kim Ching Charmaine, Coh Si Ying. Soh Shu Ping, Devan Pamela Mary, Tan Xuan Wei lW, TayJin Li Janet, Wong Hui Yu Angela, Low Yan-Lyn Angele Frances, Ang Tian Ling Kimberly, Tan Li Leng, Cai Keqi Reina, Ang Li Ling Candace. Leong Ming En, Tan Cheng Kiat Benny, Lim Yau Hui, Wee Yi Ning Samantha, Khoo Hwee Lee, Teo Zhiwei, Oh Jinn Ren Aikland. (Absent: Mui Cheok Mun Cedric, Zhang Minsi.)

t ! CLASS IT06 Row




(left to right): Yee Zhuoying Karmene, Tan Yan Ni Angelene, Teng Mei Lin Richelle, Chua Su Yeng May, Mrs Felicia Koh, Low Carline, Ong Shi Woon Dawn, Sunanda Dutta, Ong Pei Ling Eugenia. Huang Minghui, Subashini Jeyabal, Cwee Chuan Hup Rayner, Lin Jiayu, Wong Li-Ling Rebecca Elizabeth, Yeo Siew Woon, Tan


Jia Hui Sophie. Tan Kean Bu, Lim Wei Xiong Melvin, Wong Wen Bin Kenneth, Lee Kok Wai Lionel, Sandeep Singh Brandal S/O N


. 1





Row 2:

tr07 (left to right) Haridasan S/o A Mathiyalagan, Tay Yi Shun Edwin, Shen Shuhuai Felicia, LeeJung Min, Mr M Tamilselvan, Ang Yee San Joyce, Boon Sok Teng Jullian, Neuronner Nicholas Gerald, Lim Wei Lun. Yong Hong Kit clement, Sasikumar S/o Mariyappan, Fam Kai Kiet, Kejandran S/o Chandara Sigran, Seah Cheng Ta. (Absent: Low Beng Hwee Dickson.)

a _





Row 2:


Row 3:

lr08 (left to righ$ Chua ShuJuan Cindy, Ong Kai Lim Caitlyn, Teo Shu WanJillyn, Lim En yin Amanda, Ms Lim Hsiao yien, ow Peiwen Angela, Ching Mei Yun, Lim Chien Li Joycelyn, Tan Jia ying Sherry. Leong Jin Han Lynette, Zhuang Xin Adeline, Lum Yoke Lin Tracy, Ho Boon How, Tsang Chi yin, Coh Shan Wen Kevin, Lim Kian Wei James, Tan Boon Ler Kenny. Paul Tan Yik Chang, Lowe Quanyi Clarence, Fernandez Joseph Victor Albert, Jiang Rui Ming, Loke Wei (Absent: Tan Jingling Jenevie, Wong Chang Shen.)







(left to right) Bernice Chua Mei Ling, Nurshazwani Ashikin Norrahim, Loh Xiu Hui, Loh Min Yi Stefanie, MrJude yew Choon Loong, Lim Yingjun, Fernandez ClaraJoan, Soh Wen Qi Rachel, Erlina Bte Ramli. Lee Wei Zheng Lionel, Tan Eu-Heng Roy, Lin Junpei Nicholas, Pang Chia Heng Nicolas, Chiam Toon Ren, Sim Wei Wen Aviel, Mohamed Feroz Taherbhai, Lee Wen Zhi Cheryl. Mark Craham Thomas, Tan Peng Hiap Abel, Lalwani Jinesh, Loh Voo! Hon Robin, Fu Bojun, yeo Lit Boon.





(left to right) Ng Yue-En Joanne, Chen Peihua, Tan Wei Ling Cenevieve, Kam Pei En, Mr Stephen Su, Soh Lirong Jennifer, Chiam Yu Zhi Lauren, Sara Bte Abdullah, Tan Sue.Ying Diane. Lin Shaoxiong, Mohamed Faliq B Md lsmail, Chok Sing Ping, Lee Wen Loong, Mohammad Hamzah B Samad, Phay Yi Ren Dominic, C Hemalata, Jane Choo Quan Jit, Mao Ai Lin Anne-Laure.

: ;







tTil (left to righ0 Choo Siew Ling, Chew Hui Fang, Yow Min Hui Ena, Char Pei Ling, Mr Wee Chong yeow, Leow Wen Da, Siti Nur Hajar Bte Abd Rahman, Cursharan Kaur D/OJagjit Singh, Sunita Sivahnanthan. Teo Pamala, Zhong Siwan, Yo Zhao Sen Tiffany, lvonne Yulianty, Chan Yi Hou, ye Shiyin, Leow yong yuan Stephanie, yang Ziying Pamela. Narayanan Naresh, Yang Shijie, N9 yew Fong Andy.

t _

; ?



Row Row

2: 3:

(left to right) Ng Swee Zhi, Coh HuiJing Michelle, Tham Bao Ling Karen, Coh Mu Hui Ceraldine, Ms Chan Choo, yeo Liying Sylvia, Dyana Bte Azman, Ma Shanshan Daphne, Dhanya D/O Surendran. Yan Yu Jing, Chen Xuena, Chun Yan Lin, Cheong Mun Yi Janice, Ursula Laura Tan Wei Lin, Chiu Mei Ji, Xu yuxuan Giselle. Sew Wei Teng Ceraldine, Wu Zhongwei, Primalani Rikesh Chandru, Wan Xiu Ting Joanna.







(left to right) Zhang Yingsi, Lai Songyu, Lim York Mun, Mdm Nor Hanisah Bte Saphari, Mr Lim Chok peng, Lidya Siauw, Erli nda Tan uwijaya, Fel ita Tandra. Soh Pei Wen, Ng Chuen Siong Nelson, Rungsapphaiboon Teera, Pang Mingchuan Nicholas, euek yixian Timothy, Rungsapphaiboon Peera, Chia Wee Siong Alvan, Ong lng Ling Diana. See Wei Li Willy, Chia Sian Hark Terence, Yeo Sen Yip Francis, Mah Wei Liang, Goh Cheng Liang, Stanley Chin Jingxi.

t _









(left to right) Liao ZhentingJonathan, Tan Wee Ming, Lin Yuanqin, Wong Wai Lun, MrsJohanna Kang, Wong Kah Wai, Huang Shuyi Tammy, Faezah Bte Yazid Diab, Melisa Sriwulandari. Zhang LaifuJoel, Tan Yong Xian, Edward Soetionb, lrwan Sutanto, LiewWei Qiang Stanley, TayWei Jie Daryl, Chew Hew Sheng, Tang Chih-Chao@Eric Tang, LeeJoo How. Huang Junwei, Zhai Wenyao, Sachin Patney, Coh Kim Lai Dennis, Chhabra Deepinder Singh, Lim Sie Nam Raymond.








(left to right) Koh Peng Yam, Chan Li Lun Clarence, Seet Wei Wen Jordan, Lim Kun Min Jonathan, Ms Amy Lee, Sim Wei Shan Beverly, Airine Djayadi, Keh Hui Hui, Cheong Minghui. Chong Kai Shing, Mui Song Wah, Chan Koon Wah lan, Wong Hsien Han, Vigneswaran Kumarasamy, Boey Yin Yee Ceraldene, Teo Soon Aik, Tan Hwee Ting, Suviya Kladjarern, Lim Min Li Michelle. Wong Wei Hao Christopher, Lee Yao Zu Gordon John, Yeung Qi Min Jonathan, Yeo Tung Yang Marcus, Ateet A Kudtarkar, Chiu Weirong Kenneth, Tan Han Soon Cary, Ngoh Chun Rong. (Absent: TeoJoo Wee.)







(left to righ0 Wu Qinying Sylvia, Lim Shou Hua, Ho Hui Wen, Lee Weixian Jessie, Mdm Song Lye Kuan, Tay Hock Yong Benjamin, Ang Seng Keat, Coh Huan Bok Kelvin, Luke Zhi Cong Edmund. Koh Hong Jie, Chua Boon Siang, Sugianto Wibawa, Chua Kwok Ping, Wong Loo Wah, Lim Wee Kiat Daniel, Thio Tse Ann, Goh Jin Zhen, Chang Shu Xian, Neo Phey Fern Jacqueline. Char Weng Kin Calvin, Bhojwani Mohit Moti, Low Zhi Wei Benedict, Soh Ze Bin, Thong Cui Hong Benjamin, Cay Wei Tin9. (Absent: Lin Jinhan.)

! .

I ;





(left to righ0 Loh Ci Hui Joyce, Zhu Yun Yun, Li Qingyi Esther Claire, Kim Min Jeong, Mdm Tan Lee Huang, Tan Sheila, Trina Swee Ping Zhi, Lim Jie Hui Michelle, Lee Shah Shan. Lin Shaolong, Giang Wei Hao Melwn, Foo Fang Gui, Tan Wei Jian, NgoJinshen Denys, Yeo Quanwei, ChuaTeng Da, Tang



Foo Tiang Chyuan Joshua, Kang Yi Liang, Lim Chun Keng Louis, Yap Wee Leong Alvin, Lim Zhan Ye.

Row I


t ! CLASS IT22 Row



2: .

(left to righ0 Sh Najwa Bte Hassan Alattas, Razinah Begum D/O M Haniffa, Tsang Tsz Yin Tramy, Lai Meini, Mrs Quek Suat Luan, Christina Erickinson, Kwek Lan Ling Deborah, Sangeetha D/O Unbalagan, Lee Xue Yi Kenny. Khalid Abdul Lathif, Damien Seng Wei Pin, Lin Chin-Che Toru, Ng Zhili Cerard-Christian, Maclean Parivaenthan, Coh Cuo Zheng, Kok Bing Xian Darren. (Absent: Hoo Shu Lern, Tan Wilson, Koh Tze Hao Fabian.)






2: 3:


(left to righ0 Yeo Siew Ling, TayWee Yee, Pan WanJuan, Wong Wenli Sheryl, Mr Kuah Liong Chuan, Koh Weirui Edison, Herry Prabowo Danubrata, Wong Jinghui Bryan, Tan Yan Xun. Ong Wei Llng, Yong KokWai, Sie Yong Chin Dominic, Neo Chan Yuan, Wu Chenghao, Seow Sze-Yin. YongZhi Yang, Choo Choon Kiat Dylan, Lee Shih Tong Kenneth.

a _

; U







(left to righ0 Law Shueh Juan Seraphine, Watanaprasit Yu Ling Denise A, Toh Mei Siew Felicia, Lim Yi Xuan, Mr Alphonsus Wong, Ang Kai Yee Clare, Ng Xue Ying Tricia, Tham ShuJing Cheryl, Tan Ling Poh FeliciaTan Ziqin, QuekJiaWei, Koh Kang Li, LeowYu Lung; Yong Wee Loong Dominic Cerard, Ng Xiang YouJonathan, Ng WeeJim, Nitin sethi. Lim Fu Long Eric, Tan Siaw Kian Melvin, Teo Zhe Ming, TanJun Wen Nicholas. (Absent: Zahid Zameer, Cheryl Ho.)







(left to right) Leong Ee Mun Sharon, Loo Hui Jing, Koh Hui Min, Lim Li Hoon, Mr Tan Kian Hoe, Teng yu Hui, Ang yi Ling Sherlyn, Tay Mei lmm Fiona, Tan Joe-Lin. Huang Xinru Jasmine, Ayu Aaron Alexander, Chen Mingyi Edmund, Koh Chern yong Jared, Juay Ming Hee, Lim Zhe Ming Marcus, Teoh Fan Ye, Tang Cui Ping. Tan Ming Hao, Coh Wei Qiang Wilford, Yeo Yong Xiang Benny, Seah Chin Wei Sherbert, Wong Hong Jing.

CLASS 1126 Row I Row




(left to right) Lim ZhiJi, Poh Yuan Ting Yolanda, Seah Ching Siew Vennifer, Ang Li Wen Daphne, Mr Lim Kian Boon, Diana, Wu Yingrui Candice, Nila Winarta Tan, Can Siew Lin Gina. Sean Chee Ming Teck, Tee Can Shou Joseph, Fang Songwei Kenneth, Ramrajiv S/O M R Rajendram, Nadarajan prakash, Hossain Muhammad Shakib, Loi Pui Liang Cabriel, Vilochana D/O Veloo. Muhammad Syafiq B Mohamed l, Kavan Deepak. Mehta, Thivaganesh Muthucanoo S/O S, Fong Zhiming, Sanker S/O Thangaveloo, Mohamed Farhan B Mohamed Tahar, Harikumar S/O Vijayan, Ha Wenhao Sam. (Absent: Aftab Hassan Ahmad, Tan Toon Cheng.)

CLASS tT27 Row






(left to right) Tan Hui Ting Keshia, Wong Shi Ya Laodamia, Ng Sin Mei Casey, Lim Li Rong Clara Ethel, Mr Kock See Hai, Wong Chao Yang Clarence, Lai Huifen Jean, yap yi Hui Janice, Loh Hui Shan. Tan Jun Wei Jonathan, Lim Boon Kiat Angus, Ng yao Jun l\ilark, Lim Ming Ze Bryan, Chan Cuang

eian Charles, Tan Jun Seng, Chua Wei Ming Allan, ChuaJiaJun Desmond. Toh Teck Yuan Augustine, Vishaal Sachdev, Wong Cho Kei Julian, Wong Hui Kai. (Absent: Ljm Hui Chun Violet.)

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(left to righ0 Lin Zebin, Hoon Wei Ting Katherine, Chan Wei Nah Delia, Ho Weng Luen Stanley, Mr yap Koh Khee, Tan Wei'en Nicholas, Wong Jia Wei Wilson, Toh Tze Hern; Daniel Oeij. Han l\,4ingguang Jeremy, Lee Shing Lam, Chew ChiaJong Kenny, Tay Wei Seng, Pei Sai Fong, Lim Siew Cheng Timothy, Liang



Yaos heng. Kor Xian Yong, Tan Rui Wen Benjamin, Ong Yi Ru Samuel, Chee Zheng Lun.



Row 2: Row 3:

(left to right) Lim Zhiqiang, Tan vincent, Ngoh shu Yi, Mrs Tai siu Boon, Ms Angela Teh, Khng Lin Ting Diana, phan

Stephanie Maria Rachman, Wong Su yi Belinda, euek Mee Lin. Yeo xiang Ling Nicholas, Muhammad Khairi B Azmi, Kumarran S/o Veriyah, cao Bingzhi Dexter, ChuaJun Han Clayton, Ho Kwong Kin, soh cheun Chong sean, Tan yi Han, cuayweiqin, shaik Muhammad lrfaan B s H. Lazaroo Charles David' RajivJude lllesinghe, Nalpon Walter Edgar, Sudhan Raj chinna Kumar, Hoo Kok Long, Ho ZUie, Han Xiaochuan, sia wei Hsiang. (Absent: chia Swee Lin Gloria, prem singh S/o Harbans Singh.)

a o Row


Row 2: Row 3:

(left to right)Jems Tambunan, Vincent Tjota, Yip Koon Meng Leonard, Ho Kwee Chian Terry, Mr Gan Sin yew, Lok pei Shi, Tan Miaoshi Doris, Leow Yi Ning Priscilla, Liew Ying Adela. Lim Sue Min, Coh Peishan, LowWei Wen Trina, Yan Yun Yi, Sim Yan Qin Noelle, Phua Li yingJane, Koh Kah Hui, Leong Sandy, Cheong Xuefen Fiona. Yeo Soi Peng Serena, Coh Yu Xiu Shannon, Choy Cheng Wang, Khoo Kah Leng Paul, Chen yingren Lionel, Coh Hong Ming Desmond, Tan Shi Ling lsaring.



CLASS Row I: Row




(left to righ0 Teo Shun Ru Cindy, Sim Meiping Eunice, Tan Emily, Felicia Erika Atmadja, Mr Lim Chye Fook, yulia Hasan, Marie Coh Rui Ling, Azima Bte Oosope, Chua Zi En AlexandraJane. Lin Shufei, Wee Lee Meng Joyce, Lee Zi Yu, Koh Ee Mei Corinne, Lee Wan yui, Toi Miin Huey, Wong pei Shan, Coh Wei Xin, Nurdiyanah Bte Md Daud, Meenadevi Ranjani. Fong Kay Siong Jonathan, Robin, Ng Theng Koon Brian, Lee Junxiong Jeremy David, Tan Chu Chiang Ken, Mark Ephrem Michael, Huang Yuan Peng, TayJun Wen.


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tr32 (left to right) Yee Mei En, Chong Li Keow, Krishnan lndhu, Lim Bao Li, Mr Vincent Chia, Tang yee yan Tannie. Nur H Frida Bte Rupaii, Lye Su Jing Laverne, Ng Pui Fung. Chia Pei Yee, Shanaaz D/o Zahabar, Maureen Victoria Tarunadjaja, Sundra Caytri Meriange, Chua Jun-yi celeste, Angela D O Anthony P M, Shaminian Balakhrishnan, Lim Zi Mei, Bhindo Velaayudan, Leong Yushan, Liew Zhen Rong yvonne, Deborah Crace Fajardo William. Lu Ling, TayYu-Ning l\y'aximus, Lo Min Chung Leeroy, pu Zhenhua, Sumithra NairVenu.







(left to right) Nur Ardianna Bte Mohamad Thany, Diyana Rahayu Bte Suratnoh, Cheong Su-Ann Angie, Tan Kia Wen Charmaine, Mr Chua Hung Seng, Ting Liu Ying Shirley, Ng Shu-Ling Cheryl, Huang Liwen Charlotte, Azizah Bte Sudarman. Ng Shen Wen David, Phipps Benjamin, Raju Nino Arvind, Chng Hsien Loong Musa, Lim Cai Min Neville, Ng Wei Ming Davina, Koh Weilin Rosemarie, Harvinder Kaur. Lou Wei Chen Cerard Jude, Lee Xuan Dun Joseph, Lee Chang Chuan Melvin, Loo Zhi Jian, Ms Angela Teh yee Fung.



; s







(left to right) Kumutha D/O Kumanan, Xie Enjia Abriena, Vatsala d/o Sethupathi, Cowri Magandarn, Ms Soh Swee Keng, Kong Chin Chai Nicholas, Edwin Sandanasamy, Bau Kin Yan, LohJing Hao. Ong Zeng Zi, Seoh Yu Lin Andrea, Nurhafeza H Bte Abdul Azal, Rysheila Anne d/o Asseervatham, Ong Ken Jia, Toshih Raheed Nargund, Chong Yi, Phua l\4ei Yen. Sim Lay Keow, Madhura Sulochenam Naidu, Yang Yuzheng, Kwan Zheng Xin Joseph, Jaskiran Kaur Dhami, Lareina Ann Poospanathan, Teo Shi Ping, Zavier Hyacinta lnitha.

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t29 lryhitle-y Road Singapore 2978?2 . Iar: 6)53 7)67 . \\\\\r.schoolr.r]roc edl.:r/cic


Profile for Catholic JC

CJC Yearbook 2002  

CJC Yearbook 2002

CJC Yearbook 2002  

CJC Yearbook 2002