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JC2 Class of 2015

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ear CJCians, Once again, we have come to the point in the college calendar where we pause to look back at the time we have spent together. Each time we bid farewell to a cohort of CJCians, we would have had many memorable experiences and interactions to recollect and cherish. I am sure, as a cohort, when you leave CJC you would have wonderful memories of camaraderie, escapades and experiences to treasure and cherish. Likewise, as staff of CJC, we value the time we have had with you. We become older, wiser and stronger in our resolve as educators and administrative staff when we see you leave CJC ready to make a difference and serve the greater good. We are happy to note that with each year, our CJC family would have increased in size and our reach extended even further. With each cohort, we not only have the opportunity to bond with our students, we also have the good fortune to relate to many wonderful and magnanimous parents who support us. Through their dedication and care for our students as ‘Snack Champs’ and ‘Praying Parents’, these parents spontaneously display and uphold our values of Truth and Love. CJC is truly very blessed to have them. On behalf of the college, we thank all our parents in the Parent Support Group for being such great role models of generosity and service. To all JC 2s, we hope that the insights and seeds of wisdom you have accumulated at CJC will serve you well and sprout into deep rooted values for a good and successful life ahead. These will only occur if you take time to till the soil of life by looking beyond material needs and giving space to time to listen to the voice of God. We wish you all the best in the upcoming ‘A’ Level examination and in your continuing journey to be Thinkers with a Mission, Leaders with a Heart. In Veritate et Caritate God bless

Mrs Christine Kong


ON THE Record


Our Scie nce Lead ers leadin in class a g the ch nd pastin romatog g the pie raphy ac ces onto tivity the canv as map.



t was an endeavour that fused Art and Science on a single platform to create the largest Singapore map made out of chromatography paper. To commemorate Singapore’s Golden Jubilee this year and CJC’s 40th Anniversary, CJC collaborated with the Science Centre Singapore to enter the Singapore Book of Records for the “Largest Singapore Map Made of Chromatography Paper”. The process of turning the paper into vibrant, attractive and intricate art pieces involved the designing of each piece using marker pens, before dipping it in water and drying the pieces. The pieces were then folded into various shapes of leaves, butterflies and flowers, which were later used to form a map of Singapore of approximately 16 by 8 metres in size. Each and every member of the college, from student to staff, was involved in the crafting of the individual pieces of artwork. It was a project that extended beyond the college, as members of the public were invited to create and contribute pieces at the Singapore Science Festival held at Vivocity from 10-12 July 2015. An estimated 4000-5000 art pieces were created by CJC students, staff as well as members of the public. Put together, the pieces represent a collective commitment to put Singapore in the record books.

of origami using A CJCian engaging in the art er. pap phy gra ato a piece of chrom

Mrs Christine Kong with Mr Ong Eng Huat, the President of the Singapore Book of Records.

A variety of vibrant and attractive pieces that have been folded into butterflies, leaves and flowers.


JC2 leaders passing on their words of wisdom to the incoming JC1 leaders.

e values fying th Exempli d love on the an of truth lame of The F s r u lo o c




he annual Leadership Conference was held on 10 June and marked the end of the leadership journey for the current batch of JC2 student leaders. To help us reflect on our leadership experience, we penned down how we exemplified the values of truth and love on orange, yellow and red leaves, which then went on to form the shape of the flame on a larger vanguard sheet. We also wrote letters to our current batch of JC1 leaders, passing on advice from our experiences in the past year and wishing them well in their ongoing leadership journey. It was indeed a day of reflection and enlightenment, as we were given time to think about how the past year’s experiences have shaped us into becoming better people, and how we learned from the ups and downs we faced in our roles. For the last segment of the night, we attended the dinner, where CJC alumnus, Mr Dominic Lim, Assistant Director of Advocacy and Research with the National Council of Social Services (NCSS), shared with us his experiences of being a leader in CJ and the continuation of his leadership journey after he left the college. He emphasised that our leadership journey did not just end once we stepped down from our roles in CJ, and that we should carry on with fulfilling these roles in our journey. Finally, we took part in a circle procession to cast our letters to the JC1 leaders into a basket, symbolising not only the end of the event but the end of our leadership journey in CJ. While it was a full day packed with activities, it was a heartening experience as we closed the curtain on our leadership roles in CJ, looking forward to greater heights in the future.

Mr Dominic Lim addressing the audience at the Leadership Conference dinner.



ey as a gro

ership journ

eir lead ecting on th fl re rs e ad e L

ACTS OFService 2T01 Mr Damien Poon was walking by the foyer area and he saw a cleaner who was carrying two heavy and bulky bags. He immediately rushed over to help him carry the load without any hesitation. This was indeed an act of kindness that was not only heartwarming but a good example to learn from.

2T02 A group of students from 2T02 spearheaded the fundraising for victims of the Nepal Earthquake in 2015 through the selling of bubble tea.

2T05 Many of the uncles and aunties who clean the school have been very kind to us and students in general. One uncle in particular always greeted us and asked about our day, and on one occasion helped one of our classmates search for her lost phone even though it wasn’t really his job. His care and concern brightened our day.

2T06 When one of our classmates suffered a knee injury and had to depend on crutches to move around, her friends helped her to climb up and down the stairs and assisted her in buying her meals.

2T07 A male J2 student would often help an elderly cleaner carry heavy rolls of toilet paper.




A classmate, Paean, noticed a small bird in the corner of a staircase and without hesitation, she picked it up and brought it out of harm’s way. We found that the bird was injured and she took care of it, calming it down so that it would stop shivering. She spent over an hour with the bird, as it continuously tried to fly but failed. Eventually, the bird calmed down enough and managed to fly off and only then did my friend leave the college. Her kindness towards animals was genuinely heartwarming and definitely one of the sweetest things we have seen in CJ.

Preparing heartfelt gifts for our J1s in the stationery box we gave during the welcoming ceremony.

2T20 During Cross Country in 2014, I felt the true CJ spirit when I was wearily jogging under the hot sun during the event, and other CJCians running past would give me a pat on the back or a quick “Keep going!!”, despite not even knowing me. This went on during the entire run, not only to me, but everyone else as well. The warmth from these small acts of kindness was held in my heart for a long time after.

2T11 Auntie Amy, who runs the Co-Op, always has smiles for us every time we pass to chat with her. She is kind, caring and thoughtful to both teachers and students.

2T23 Our class Pastoral Care Councillor (PCC) took the initiative to prepare care packs containing motivational quotes and snacks to encourage us during the revision period

2T15 The class is very helpful towards one another. We all always help each other out in times of distress by providing emotional support. We are also very helpful to the teachers.

2T17 The stories of kindness that struck our class the most will be the story of how teachers give their time to their students. These are those who are passionate and believe in their work.

2T28 Students and staff would appreciate the cleaners and would greet them “Good Morning” or saying “Thank You” when they see them around. Some even engage in short conversations with them.

2T30 My classmate found a graphing calculator on the floor and returned it to the rightful owner, despite him having to wait for the owner for a long time.




Ian Chai (fourth from right), leading his teammates in one of the matches in the ‘A’ Division tournament.



remember the time after my ‘O’ levels when I faced what was perhaps the most difficult decision I had to make in my life thus far - I could either relocate to China with my parents and attend an international school there or stay in Singapore to finish my ‘A’ levels. I chose to remain in Singapore. Living out this decision has not been easy but the reason for hanging on has always been my friends. I am thankful for the opportunity to lead as Captain of the Rugby Team. It was not always smooth sailing, but I have grown because of the unwavering support of my teammates, teachers and friends. They have helped me to improve on my flaws and their invaluable advice has shaped who I have become. I now know that leadership is not about being the perfect one leading prominently from the front, instead it is about little sacrifices you make for your team and the satisfaction you get while getting to know each individual personally. Looking back on our ‘A’ Division season, although we did not attain the results we hoped for, I know that every moment spent on the field was worth it. We gave our all for each game, fighting as a team, and many times I felt like we were brothers who stood alongside one another no matter what obstacles we faced. Through the sacrifices made and the tough times we’ve been through together, we’ve grown from being merely a group of boys playing a team sport to a band of brothers whom I proudly call “my family” today. Finally, I believe the success of my leadership is not about winning medals or being recognised for doing anything. Instead, it is seeing my team come together as one, and being there for each other in all that we do, forging friendships that would last a lifetime. Leadership, to me, is a journey with friends who have shaped me into the person and leader I am today, and I will continue to serve, with all my heart, mind and soul.




Jesper Tan, President of PSS from 2014 to 2015, addressing the crowd at YALE-NUS Model United Nations (MUN).

eader. It’s a label that symbolises status and responsibility. Whenever I think of leadership, I often think of achievements of great leaders and I worry that I cannot match up to them. However, with the support of my ExCo members, we have grown together in our capacity to lead. They have taught me the importance of communication and how I can rely on the strengths of those around me. From it, I have come to appreciate my ExCo members. It is important to know that leadership isn’t a trophy to wave around. It isn’t a right to exert control. It’s the strength to trust and empower your friends, to carry on and push others without faltering and caring when nobody else does. To the newly elected J1s who are now carrying the mantle of leadership, remember, you are a leader. You can do great things. You can go the distance and embark on this experience with those around you. To the J2 leaders who have stepped down, remember your experiences, cherish them, learn from them, and continue to live by them. After all, leadership isn’t just a role we take up and put down - “It is a journey, not a destination. It is a marathon, not a sprint. It is a process, not an outcome.”


Phua (firs t from rig

ht) with h

is teamm

ates and coach.



eadership. I remember how I was reluctant and even unwilling to run for captaincy because I felt that I couldn’t possibly offer anything. I stopped to think, “What did they see in me? Why me? Surely, there are more suitable candidates.” I remember being very fearful. Eventually, I decided to run for captaincy because it seemed that my teammates saw something in me that I couldn’t. I started to believe in myself with their help. Despite believing in myself more, I was still weighed down by my past. The mistakes I’ve made, the person I was and my past failures kept me down. But I remember clearly the significant turning point when our Teacher-inCharge, Ms Laureen Toh, said to us, “Looking in the past is like looking into a rear view mirror, we should only do it to ensure that we are not deviating from our path. It is not there to show us where to go.” I took this message to heart. It was a message for us to move on because our past does not dictate the road that lies ahead and it does not define us. Through it all, one belief guided my actions. It is the belief that we should always do good and do our best in everything. I believe that it is the first step to creating a kinder world. The start of change comes from yourself and you must be willing to accept that fact. So believe in yourself, believe that you are something more because you are. Don’t be afraid to try.



still remember when the then President of Music Ministry first told me that I was going to be the next President. I was overwhelmed. At that point of time, I wondered how I was going to lead the CCA and doubted myself a lot. Through my leadership journey, I faced multiple challenges. Time management was a big hurdle. There were times when I could not balance my priorities and felt like giving up. But the outgoing President, teachers and ExCo were always there to guide me and pick me up when I fell down. I recall one time when I could not be present for mass but my ExCo assured me that they would be there. The outgoing President of the Music Ministry modelled leadership for me when he volunteered to play for mass when the assigned instrumentalist could not be there on one occasion. Even though he had already handed the baton to me, he continued to demonstrate responsibility and care for the team. I know I wouldn’t have gotten far without the constant encouragement and help from my team. Steve Jobs once said, “Great things in business are never done by one person. They are done by a team of people.” Leadership is a shared responsibility. I know I have yet to become the best leader I can be but the people who have helped me on my leadership journey have definitely shaped me to be who I am today. I am a better version of myself now. I encourage you to thank those who have made you who you are today.

Julia Nazarene (second from left) and her fellow Music Ministry members performing in the 2015 Commencement Ceremony.



Tributes 2T01 - 2T17

2T01 We hope that Singaporeans will continue to be an inclusive society as we embrace differences and appreciate our multi-racial diversity.

2T02 We wish that Singapore becomes more Arts oriented and that we continue to grow as a gracious population.



We wish for the nation to continue to be prosperous and to care for the welfare of Singaporeans.

We hope that Singapore will continue to uphold equality, Multi Racialism and meritocracy so as to remain peaceful and prosperous.

2T06 2T05 We hope for 50 more years and of love for our home, rooted in equality, meritocracy and cultural diversity.

2T08 We wish for Singapore to continue being a place we know to be home.


We wish for a vibrant future as the community develops and strives towards achieving both individual and collective aspirations.

2T07 We hope that as a nation we will be able to have the courage to be united and face any challenges that lie ahead.

2T10 May Singapore march forward to SG100.



A country that continues to prosper and grow. May SG100 be even better than SG50.

2T13 To continue doing the things we do right, and continue to do more of the right things.

Continual Progress towards a Smart Nation in the coming 50 years!

2T12 Hope we continue to progress.



We wish that Singapore will continue to enjoy economic prosperity and cultural cohesion long into the future.

May Singapore continue to have a safe and clean environment and progress with prosperity!

2T17 We wish that Singapore will keep growing and that Singapore will influence the world.

2T16 We dream and hope that Singapore will continue to be peaceful for future generations.


CJ 40Tributes 2T18 May the CJ community remain vibrant and exciting for many years to come.

2T19 We wish that CJ will continue to be home to those who value family spirit.

2T18 - 2T34 2T27 2T27 wishes for CJC to have an amazing 40 more years.

2T28 We wish for the college to continue to develop individuals to be Thinkers with a Mission, Leaders with a Heart.

2T20 2T20 collectively expresses the desire for a united, fun-loving and helpful community ideal for studying and fellowship.

2T21 Our wish for CJ is that it becomes an even greater place for studying and learning.

2T22 We wish that CJC wll be able to rise above all challenges as one community.

2T23 We hope that the students in Catholic Junior College will continue to be warm and supportive towards each other.

2T24 May the college continue to nurture more thinkers and leaders.

2T25 We wish for CJ to climb to greater heights and continue to be an institution of excellence for years to come.

2T26 “Carpe diem�


2T29 May CJC continue to be a place that nurtures lifelong friendships.

2T30 Our wish is that CJ will continue to be our second home.

2T31 We hope that CJ will continue to maintain the family spirit, extending it to anyone who needs help and support.

2T32 2T32 hopes in the next 40 years CJ will experience progressive change with hearts ablaze. #cjignite

2T33 We wish for CJ to progress and march proudly onward to CJ50.

2T34 2T34 wishes that the CJ legacy will continue, through the CJ Carnival to bring students together, in truth and love.

JC2 CLASS Collections 2T01











‘You have to be odd to be NO. 1’

‘Step by step but ever forward’

‘You can’t find a mix like Six’

‘Muggers in Denial’


‘The pen is mightier than the sword’

‘Risk Everything, Regret Nothing’

‘A part, not apart’

‘And So On...’

‘To infinity and beyond!’

‘Different Minds Do Wonders’














‘Started from the bottom, now the whole team here’

‘Keep Calm and Press On’

‘Work hard, Play hard’



‘A Class of Our Own’

‘We are Strong, We are Fearless’

‘Reset it right’

‘A student is never late, nor is he early, he arrives precisely when he means to’

‘Stick, hold and bond!’

‘Play Hard, Work Harder!’

‘Unity is 4 20!’

‘Cool Beans’












‘To look out for and help one another’

‘Swift and Deadly’

‘2T30 Shenanigans’

‘Unity in Diversity’

‘Once you’ve hit rock bottom, the only way left to go is up’

‘Life’s GR8 with 2T28’

‘Live Simply. Love Generously.’

‘A family of individuals aiming to use their talents for the community and who trust and love each other’

‘Better late than never’

‘It was just. Banter.’

‘We’ll get there. Eventually.’



Treasured Spaces

2T01 The pond is a special place for us in CJC because it has been a constant place of happiness and joy. The most memorable experience we had was surprising our home tutor on her birthday.

2T05 The library for all its helpful resources and providing a conducive and comfortable environment to study in.

2T14 The round tables near the vending machine. This was the place where our class gathered almost every day, during our break, after school, before exams and after exams. This place holds special meaning for us because it was where we held many birthday celebrations and spent our lunch breaks.

2T08 The canteen and the Good News Cafe are the places we’ll miss most. It was the site for all our birthday celebrations, the dining room for all our food fests and potlucks, the living room for our “family” chats and discussions.

2T18 The sitting area in the foyer is a memorable place where the class socialised and had fun together.

2T20 2T10 The field. Before school events or after every PE lesson, our class would take out frisbees and have a game.

2T11 The space below the shooting range, which we call the “Hobo Area”, is a nice place to relax.


The Quadrangle, where we held our class games after school.

2T21 We will miss the various places where we spent our time. Most of all, we will miss our classroom.

2T23 A place we commonly hang out at is the canteen, where we spent time relaxing and bonding as a class, building more memories together.

2T26 As a class, we gathered at the round tables in the canteen, joking around and simply enjoying each other’s company.

2T30 The courts at the Grandstand, where we played volleyball almost every week.

2T31 Our favourite place is the canteen. ‘Something Fishy’, ‘Sedap’ and Yong Tau Foo are some of the best things in CJ.



The tables outside the libraries: 2T27 frequently gathered there in the morning before assembly to catch up with one another and to study during our breaks.

The wooden table outside the GNC became our table; a place where we could just chill amongst ourselves as one class. It was the place where birthdays were celebrated, teachers were surprised, jokes were thrown around and memories were made.

2T28 A favourite memory of a place in college would be the Co-Op. Aside from visiting only when necessary, the class would drop by almost everyday on our way back to class after our break. We chatted with Auntie Amy, who would ask about our day and provide us with encouraging words.

2T34 The ledge at the piazza where we always took class pictures or waited for assembly to start.


Memorable Quotes


“if you only pay pilgrimage to this treasure trove of resources close to the exams, i can only say a prayer for you and hope miracles happen.”

- Mr Desmond Chan (2T05)

“you must use your time in college fruitfully by managing school commitments and revision at the same time. that’s the best student.”

- Ms Sharon Soong (HT & Econs Tutor) (2T27)


“life is unfair, deal with it.”

- Ms Charlene Kwa (2T33)

“you might not have done well despite trying your best. But you must learn from your mistakes.”

- Mr Lim Seow Thong (2T14)

“connect the dots.”

- Mr David Fahy (2T32)

“you can be slow but you must never stop.”

- Mr Ai Xinghuan (2T26)

- Ms Joanne Tan (2T34)

“what’s your middle name? persevere!”

“tell me what i can do to help you.”

- Ms Renee Chong (2T18)

- Ms Yoong Lian Teen (2T08)

“if they can do it, so can you.”

- Ms Yoong Lian Teen (2T15)

“it is never too late. just do.”

- Ms Ang Chuan Yin (2T10)

“don’t feel, believe.”

- Mr David Fahy (2T04)


“you are your own BOSS: you are responsible for your own learning.”

- Ms Zhuang Chuzhen (2T28)

“we might be unsure about a certain endeavour at first, but undertaking it could mean that we learn more than we think.”

- Mr Adrian Ho (2T01)










1. Friendship (2T04) 2. In First Place (2T05) 3. Carnival Poster (2T07) 4. Visage (2T01) 5. Neighbourhood (2T06) 6. Collage of Memories (2T14) 7. Caricatures (2T24)





8. Enhanced Hopes and Shattered Dreams (2T08) 9. ‘The Auction’ CJ40 Carnival Poster (Glen Tan, 2T28) 10. Light (Glen Tan, 2T28) 11. CJ40 Carnival stall poster (2T20)




“Unity in Diversity” “In a land far away, lived 19 students who lost their way. There also lived a teacher named Ms. Low, who vowed to guide them as they grow. Alongside her was Mr. Ai, who for them, always tries. The students regarded them as their father and mother, despite their differences from one another. First we have Clen, the leader of the clan. Next we have Keith, always first to take his leave. Su Ping speaks like a bullet train, and everyone thinks Shrida is insane. We have Mark and Sherry, our top scorers, not forgetting Jun Yang, our top burp roarer. Next comes Nusrat, who never fails to be late, followed by Zheng Yi, who really loves his weights. You will rarely hear the voice of Yun Ting, but will always hear Nicholas’ singing. We have Eli who is always dependable, and we can always find Wenas at his table. Claudia is your wallet’s enemy, while Yi Cheng knows all about technology. Next we have Laura, whose laughter is contagious, followed by Bav, who’s full of patience. We have Minou, who loves fruits and nuts, and lastly Yong Xiang whose mouth is almost never shut. Under the guidance of Ms Low and Mr Ai, these kids believe they can touch the sky. Even though they were once lost, they now work to their goals at any cost. Their characters may all be a mix, but together they are one T26.”


My Stranger Family It started with just Me. I saw those unfamiliar Yet somewhat, familiar faces So I thought I was enough. And ‘we’ never seemed like an option. Soon enough, we drew closer Sharing our laughs and tears (But mostly whines really) We realised we were different But in similar ways And ‘we’ was now an option The cruelties of this merciless world Tied us together Swords and shields We became for one another Rising up as a group of strangers Except. We weren’t strange to each other anymore And ‘we’ was and is now still a choice.

- Laura Wong



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CJC flame 2015 issue 3  
CJC flame 2015 issue 3