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Embracing the Future Read more about the 125th Anniversary of Catholic High School on page 10.

AMETUR COR JESU Loved be the heart of Jesus Founded in 1894 by the Brothers of the Sacred Heart, Catholic High School is an all-male college preparatory institution serving young men in grades 8 - 12.

Bear Facts is published biannually by Catholic High School’s Office of Communications. Richard Beaugh, Editor Justin Mascaro ’94, Assistant Editor Contributors: Margie Alexander David Butler ’77 Jane Dunn Lisa Harvey Brian Hightower ’97 Jenny Ridge Jeffrey Roedel Jamie Segar ’90 Gene Tullier Aimee Turner Submissions: We welcome the submission of material for possible publication based on the discretion of the editor. Catholic High School 855 Hearthstone Drive Baton Rouge, LA 70806

A Brothers of the Sacred Heart School Since 1894

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In 1894, Grover Cleveland, the only person in the history of the United States to serve two, nonconsecutive terms, was president. The population of Baton Rouge was small, approximately 10,000. Steamboat trade was the predominant economic force, and LSU football completed a 2 win, 1 loss season—its loss was to Ole Miss in the first football game played on the LSU campus. Most significantly, 1894 marked the foundation of St. Vincent’s Academy, the predecessor of Catholic High School, with nearly 100 students and four brothers who were teachers. So, the 2019-2020 school year marks a particularly noteworthy occasion— 125th anniversary of Catholic High School. Since 1894, Catholic High School has educated and formed thousands of young men in the Baton Rouge community, and many of those young men have gone on to become leaders in business, government, the Catholic church, and of course, their families. CHS has consistently done this in the tradition of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart and its founder, Father André Coindre. From its beginning, the school has placed a priority on being accessible to families with limited financial resources. The original name of the school was in honor of the St. Vincent de Paul Society which works primarily with the poor. To this day, no student is refused admission or asked to leave for financial reasons. Education at CHS and in the tradition of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart is holistic, focusing on the wellrounded development of young people, academically, emotionally, socially, physically, and most importantly, spiritually. The beginning of the school’s mission statement makes this clear. “The mission of Catholic High School is to teach Gospel values…” The continuity of that mission is indeed a cause for celebration.

As we look forward to the beginning of this 125th year of education at CHS, we have designed 125th anniversary banners that will be hung in the hall of the Main Building and in the Centennial Courtyard. We have also done some renovations of common areas for students, most notably the Mall where the lockers have been replaced by a timeline display of the history of the school that emphasizes key points in that history. From day one of the new school year, we want students to see visual reminders of the rich tradition of which they are a part. The final panel of the timeline is titled, “Embracing the Future.” In the last 125 years, the population of Baton Rouge has grown from 10,000 to approximately 230,000. Steamboats are no longer a significant part of the economy, but industrial and chemical complexes, higher education, and health care are now prominent. Ole Miss is no longer the nemesis of LSU football. Alabama has taken over that role, but that too is about to change. At CHS, student enrollment has increased from about 100 to well over 1,100, and the staff has changed dramatically. Originally staffed only by brothers, CHS is now staffed by lay men and women and a few brothers who are committed, as partners in mission, to dynamically adapting to the changing times and needs so that CHS will continue to be a precious gift to current students and future generations of students.

- Gerald E. Tullier

A Brothers of the Sacred Heart School Since 1894

PRINCIPAL’S UPDATE Catholic High School is certainly known for its excellence in a number of arenas, with religious education and academics typically being at the top of the list. Within the umbrella of religious education is our commitment to teaching about the foundation, history, and spirit of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart, all of which flow from the founder, Father André Coindre. Together these comprise the Brothers’ “charism,” which is a gift from God to an individual for the benefit of the entire Church. At Catholic High, this charism formation for both faculty and students is a top priority and is a focus of administrative planning each school year. For our faculty, we ensure that the mission is being faithfully transmitted by providing continuous charism formation. First, all newly hired faculty receive an introduction to the Brothers’ charism beginning with New Faculty Orientation in June. Second, within their first three years of employment, all faculty members must attend a summer retreat that gives further insight on what it means to be a teacher at a Brothers of the Sacred Heart school. Additional faculty formation takes place throughout the year including professional development in August, a new faculty seminar that each faculty member must attend during his/her first three years of employment, first, second and third year faculty formation meetings, faculty retreats, mission trips, and weekly bulletins which contain Brothers of the Sacred Heart writings. School leadership has additional charism formation experiences that take them to Lyon, France to walk in the footsteps of Father André Coindre, and an “Alternative Charism Experience” to witness the charism at work in places much different than Baton Rouge (such as Mozambique, Africa or the Navajo Reservation in Klagetoh, Arizona). The culminating experience is the opportunity to journey to Rome and spend two weeks with the Superior General and Council, the leadership of the world-wide Institute of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart. All of these opportunities have one goal in mind – to ensure that the mission and charism of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart lives on through generations of students and faculty. Our students are introduced to the charism even before their first day of school. In the spring prior to the first semester at CHS, every new student, along with a


parent, attends our mandatory meeting for incoming students. This meeting introduces the family to the history of the Brothers and our founder in whose spirit the school operates and whose charism guides every aspect of Catholic High. Volumes have been written about Father André Coindre and his charism, but simply put, the institutions he founded strive to be a sanctuary for students so that each one will come to know the unconditional love of God. Transmitting that charism is an essential component of education at CHS. Religion classes also include the history of the Brothers as part of their regular instruction. In addition, students have the benefit of being on a campus that incorporates numerous symbols and imagery of the Brothers, serving as a constant reminder of the foundation of the order and the spirit which permeates all facets of the school. Students are given opportunities through mission trips and student retreats to understand the connection between the charism of the Brothers and high school experiences. This July, ten students had the opportunity to attend a student assembly at St. Stanislaus with approximately 100 other students and faculty from the 11 Brothers of the Sacred Heart schools in the United States Province. The assembly focused on the mission and charism of the Brothers and how that shared mission unites all of the school communities in one Province. The charism of the Brothers will be celebrated this school year through two significant milestones – the 125th anniversary of Catholic High School , and the 200th anniversary of the founding of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart. Both occasions are indeed a cause for celebrating that the mission lives on through students, faculty, alumni, and all those fortunate enough to encounter the Brothers of the Sacred Heart. Ametur Cor Jesu. Loved be the heart of Jesus.


FALL 2019



Catholic Leadership Encounter (CLE) Nine days of challenges, reflections and prayer The CHS and SJA Catholic Leadership Encounter (CLE) provided a mountaintop experience in Estes Park, Colorado for the fifth year in a row. Forty-five students from both schools and twenty staff made their way to the mountains via a 24-hour bus ride. Upon arriving at the YMCA of the Rockies, students experienced nine days of challenges, reflections, prayer, leadership training, hiking, campfires, and the grandeur of nature.

Particular challenges this year included a hike to Bible Point and celebrating Mass at the peak; a social justice solidary walk and Lunch of Unequals; and group activities that demanded working together in rope courses, orienteering and hypothetical survival games. The students experienced profound moments of reflection during 24 hours in silence, a Thoreauesque Walden Pond meditation at a mountain lake,

A Brothers of the Sacred Heart School Since 1894

and nightly prayers that cultivated recognition and introspection. Students also enjoyed the mental, physical and spiritual challenges of daily sessions, covering topics on Servant Leadership, Men and Women of God, Social Justice and Vulnerability. Through it all, the group used St. Augustine’s charge to seek beauty, goodness and truth in order to grow together as one in leadership and faith. The goal of each CLE is to bring young people to a closer relationship with themselves, their peers and

God. By all accounts, CLE 2019 accomplished this goal: summed up by staff member Kari Canizaro, who called the experience “brutiful.” The CLE journey can be brutal at times, with intense and difficult moments and recognitions, but the growth, love and transformation it brings as a result is a thing of beauty. Rising CHS senior Tucker Poret mentioned that the setting of the mountains allowed him to reflect deeply on God, discovering that “God would not let [him] go.” Rising SJA senior Faith Woods stated that CLE “was a wonderful place where faith and leadership are brought together.”



FALL 2019


2019-2020 NATIONAL MERIT SEMI-FINALISTS Pictured from left to right: Elliot Fontenot, Stewart Roeling, Connor (Francis) Finucane, Nicholas Fanguy, Joshua Langlois, Jefferson Koonce

Fifteen Catholic High Seniors From the Class of 2020 Recognized by National Merit Scholarship Program. Six Catholic High seniors have been named National Merit Semifinalists and nine have received National Merit Commended honors in the 2020 National Merit Scholarship Program. The National Merit Scholarship Program is an academic competition for recognition and scholarships. Roughly 1.5 million juniors in about 21,000 high schools across the nation entered the 2020 National Merit Scholarship Program by taking the 2018 Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test. The nationwide pool of Semifinalists, representing less than one percent of U.S. high school seniors, includes the highestscoring entrants in each state. CHS seniors qualifying as a Semifinalist are Nicholas Fanguy, Connor Finucane, Elliot Fontenot, Jefferson Koonce, Joshua Langlois and Stewart Roeling.

Nicholas Fanguy is the son of Marissa and Keith Fanguy and attended St. George School. Connor Finucane is the son of Veronica and the late Frank Finucane and attended Our Lady of Mercy School. Elliot Fontenot is the son of Myrtis and Dr. David Fontenot and attended St. Aloysius School. Jefferson Koonce is the son of Edy and Jeff Koonce and attended The Dunham School. Joshua Langlois is the son of Michelle and Jeff Langlois and attended Most Blessed Sacrament School. Stewart Roeling is the son of Ann and Van Roeling and attended St. George School. The remaining two-thirds (about 34,000) of the approximately 50,000 high scorers on the PSAT/NMSQT qualify for National Merit Commended honors. The nine CHS seniors to receive National Merit Commended honors are Cade Acosta, Joseph Alexander, Daniel Barfield, Roberto Carreras, Gregory Juge II, Ned Mayeaux Jr., Macullen Mire, Tucker Poret and Andrew Whitehead.

A Brothers of the Sacred Heart School Since 1894

2019-2020 NATIONAL MERIT COMMENDED STUDENTS Pictured front row left to right: Cade Acosta, McCullen Mire, Gregory Juge, Roberto Carreras Back row left to right: Tucker Poret, Daniel Barfield, Ned (Paul) Mayeaux, Andrew Whitehead, Joseph Alexander

Cade Acosta is the son of Kristen and Jeremy Acosta and attended St. Theresa Middle School in Gonzales. Joseph Alexander is the son of Marie Carmody and Stephen Alexander and attended St. Thomas More School. Daniel Barfield is the son of Nan and Tim Barfield and attended Our Lady of Mercy School. Roberto Carreras is the son of Lilia and Eduardo Carreras and attended St. Aloysius School. Gregory Juge II is the son of Kelly and Gregory Juge and attended Most Blessed Sacrament School. Ned

Mayeaux is the son of Lisa and Paul Mayeaux and attended St. Aloysius School. Macullen Mire is the son of Dawn and Jeff Mire and attended St. Aloysius School. Tucker Poret is the son of Laura and Brad Poret and attended St. George School. Andrew Whitehead is the son of Kate and Russell Whitehead and attended St. Andrew The Apostle School in New Orleans.


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FALL 2019





Longtime Catholic High School

coach Pete Boudreaux announced he is stepping down as the head

track coach at Catholic High School. Boudreaux, who is a CHS alumnus from the class of 1959, and a member of the Grizzly Greats Athletic Hall of Fame and Catholic High School Hall of Fame, began his teaching and coaching career at CHS in 1968. Pete will remain as a faculty member at CHS, continuing to serve as the head cross country coach and eighth grade school counselor. “It is impossible for me to put into words how thankful I am to the thousands of people who have made this journey so exciting and fulfilling. I thank God, the Brothers of the Sacred Heart and all the teachers, coaches, administrators, students and student athletes who have allowed me to be a small part of this very special community called Catholic High School,” noted Boudreaux. “The opportunity to spend more time with my precious wife, Pat, and all of our children and grandchildren is something that I truly look forward to. They have all given so much of themselves to allow me to work in my chosen profession. I will never be able to adequately say ‘thank you’ or express the admiration and love that I have for all of them.”

“Rarely can a single person dramatically affect the culture of a large institution. However, that is exactly what Pete Boudreaux has done for CHS.”

~Gene Tullier

A Brothers of the Sacred Heart School Since 1894

Over the course of his 51-year career at CHS, Boudreaux has led his teams to 18 state cross country championships, 14 state indoor track titles and 18 state outdoor track championships – an amazing grand total of 50 state championships. In addition, his teams have finished second 22 times in the three combined sports. Boudreaux has coached 13 individual state champions in cross country and his 1975 team compiled a perfect score (15), the first of only two ever recorded in state history. In track, 136 CHS athletes have won 176 events in the state championships, with 23 CHS athletes setting state records under Boudreaux’s guidance. In 2017, Catholic High School honored Boudreaux’s legacy and success by dedicating the newly renovated track and field facility in his honor – The Pete Boudreaux ’59 Track.

standard for coaches through humble service, personal attention and genuine love of his students. Thousands of student athletes and literally hundreds of coaches are much better for it,” noted Gene Tullier, CHS president. Lisa Harvey, CHS principal, echoed Tullier’s appreciation. “Pete Boudreaux is not only a role model for our students and alumni, but for every person fortunate enough to witness his energy, humility and commitment to the mission of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart. His contributions to the sport of track and field throughout Louisiana and the country are legendary. Even though he is retiring as the head coach of track and field at Catholic High, I am grateful he will remain as the head cross country coach and school counselor, continuing to form students in the tradition of the Brothers.”

In 2016, Boudreaux was inducted into the National High School Hall of Fame and was selected by the U.S. Track & Field and Cross Country Coaches Association as the Boy’s Coach of the Year for the state of Louisiana. He is also a member of the Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame. In addition to his successes on the track, Boudreaux has impacted and inspired countless students, athletes and coaches on a personal level. “Rarely can a single person dramatically affect the culture of a large institution. However, that is exactly what Pete Boudreaux has done for CHS. Throughout his career, Pete has set the

“Pete Boudreaux is not only a role model for our students and alumni, but for every person fortunate enough to witness his energy, humility and commitment to the mission of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart.”

~Lisa Harvey



FALL 2019



Embracing the Future The 2019-2020 school year marks the 125-year anniversary of Catholic High School. From its humble beginning in 1894 in an L-shaped wooden building in downtown Baton Rouge, the school’s legacy has been rooted in a spirit of compassion with a commitment to excellence. In the summer of 1789, France plunged headlong into a bloody revolution setting the stage for a decade of war and unrest. It was against this backdrop of instability, Father André Coindré, a young parish priest in Lyon, France, witnessed firsthand the struggle for survival and the breakdown of social institutions. Unemployment was high and there were very few schools. Many children were orphaned, running the streets and often imprisoned – some as young as four or five years of age. In 1818, feeling called to respond with a spirit Father André Coindré, Founder of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart of compassion, Father Coindré drafted a prospectus entitled Pieux Secours, which outlined his vision for establishing orphanages and schools across the region that would provide young people in need with a loving home, a Christian education and vocational skills. To help fulfill this mission, Fr. Coindre founded the Brothers of the Sacred Heart in 1821, a community of Brothers who were rooted in the same spirit of compassion and trained to work with poor youth through the establishment of Christiancentered schools. After Fr. Coindre’s death in 1826, Brother Polycarp was named Brother Superior General. By 1859, the order had grown under his leadership to more than 400 Brothers in 70 schools. During this period of growth and success, five missionary Brothers of the Sacred Heart, at the request of Bishop Michael Portier, the first Bishop of the Diocese of Mobile, Alabama, arrived in Mobile to expand their charitable and educational work in the United States. The Brothers’ work did not remain limited to Mobile for very long. In 1854, they established St. Stanislaus College in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi, and in 1869, St. Aloysius College in New Orleans. Continued expansion resulted in establishment of schools and orphanages in several Midwestern states, in the south and southeastern United States, as

A Brothers of the Sacred Heart School Since 1894

well as in New York; New England and Canada. Today, the Brothers of the Sacred Heart serve in Mobile, Alabama; Bay St. Louis, Mississippi; New Orleans, Thibodaux, Houma, and Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Klagetoh, St. Michael, Arizona and Mozambique, Africa. In 1894, expansion continued with four brothers traveling to Baton Rouge to establish St. Vincent’s Academy, a parochial school set up under contract with St. Joseph Parish, which at the time was within the Archdiocese of New Orleans. The school was located downtown on what is now Fourth Street, and was named in honor of the St. Vincent’s Academy 1894 Society of St. Vincent de Paul, which had made a significant financial contribution toward its establishment. From a humble beginning with 106 students, St. Vincent’s attracted immediate attention for academic excellence and developing outstanding character in its students.

charism is rooted in religious values, structured through friendly discipline, nurtured by personal attention and committed to academic excellence. The Brothers believe that young people learn through the total experience of the school setting. This philosophy is reinforced each day by the thousands of lay men and women who have embraced Father Coindré’s mission, and work side-by-side with the Brothers each day in the many schools and youth programs around the globe. As Catholic High School celebrates 125 years of its commitment to the spirit of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart and the charism of Father Coindré, the school also embraces the future and continues to meet the challenges of the 21st Century. In March 2019, CHS launched the next phase in its campus master plan by breaking ground on a new student center. The 32,000-square-foot facility will create a dynamic learning environment where students will dine, socialize and interact with faculty.

With nearly 300 students, St. Vincent’s had outgrown its L-shaped wood-framed building by the late 1920s. In January of 1929, faculty and students moved into a new modern brick facility on North and Fourth Street, and the school’s name was changed to Catholic High School. By the early 1940s, lack of classroom space made it necessary to begin turning away applicants. As a result, the brothers started searching for a piece of property to build a new school that would accommodate a larger student body. On June 5, 1946, 36 acres of land were purchased, but lack of funds delayed construction of the new campus for nearly 10 years. Through the generosity of many friends in Baton Rouge, the Brothers of the Sacred Heart were able to begin construction in 1956. In September 1957, the faculty, along with 450 students, moved from the original property near the Catholic High School, Hearthstone Drive, 1957 state capitol to the new campus — the present location on Hearthstone Drive. That same year, the school changed ownership from the Archdiocese of New Orleans to the Brothers of the Sacred Heart. The success of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart’s schools is founded in their educational mission and ministry. Based on a holistic approach, the Brothers’ educational

32,000 Square-foot, New Student Facility, dedicated in memory of Brother Donnan Berry, S.C.

The two-story design includes a dining and kitchen area, a seminar room, four classrooms and study rooms, a campus ministry center, a spacious student commons area featuring an outdoor student pavilion, a large conference room, an outdoor terrace and a faculty work center. The facility will be located at the north end of Hearthstone Drive. The new center will be dedicated in memory of Brother Donnan Berry, S.C., who served as a teacher at Catholic High School from 1950 to 1952 and later as principal from 1964 to 1974. He returned to CHS in 1980 to establish and direct the CHS development office, a role he held until 1993. As Catholic High School looks forward to the next 125 years, the school will forever be committed to the spirit of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart and will continue to embrace and be guided by their educational mission and ministry – To teach Gospel values in an environment of academic excellence according to Catholic tradition.


FALL 2019





CHS alumnus Rick Burke ‘89 visited with the Engineering Design and Development Honors Class. Mr. Burke guest lectured on the ins and outs of manufactured engineering.

The CHS Band participated in the 5th annual Duckroost Bandboree Marching Festival at St. Amant’s football stadium.

Joseph Alexander ‘20 and Jefferson Koonce ‘20 were selected as Catholic High School’s nominees for the United States Senate Youth Program scholarship competition.

The CHS community celebrated the Brothers of the Sacred Heart’s Foundation Day with a schoolwide Mass.

CHS Student Council members participated in the LASC District 3 Rally at St. Michael the Archangel School.

The CHS wrestling team teamed up with Rebuilding Together Baton Rouge to build a wheelchair ramp for a member of the community.

A Brothers of the Sacred Heart School Since 1894

a quick look at some pretty cool things happening on and off campus

Mu Alpha Theta hosted more than 350 middle school students for their 24th annual Middle School Math Tournament.

The CHS and SJA Spanish clubs partnered up for an art lesson and reproduction of a famous work of art by Spanish Baroque painter, Diego Velazquez, Las Meninas.

CHS Seniors Roberto Carreras and Reese Williams were named 2019 National Hispanic Scholars.

Thirty-eight CHS and SJA students were selected for the Louisiana ACDA AllState Honor Choirs.


FALL 2019

The CHS Band hosted its annual Band Night for 6th-8th graders. The experience gave middle school students the unique opportunity to perform with the CHS/SJA Band.

CHS/SJA drama students showed off their talents at the annual talent show.






Tyler Wilson Delgado

Nick Judice ULM





James LaLonde Furman



STATE RUNNERS-UP DISTRICT CHAMPS Jaylin Armwood SLU Elijah Reames Nicholls Jonathan Mestayer Tulane


Cameron Dartez Nicholls Brandon Hubicz LSU Tywon McDowell SLU





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Braydon Seguin Spring Hill College

D.J. Butler USM



The Advocate honors high school athletes and coaches from across the Baton Rouge metro area as Star of Stars for their excellence in individual sports. Athletes are selected as the best in their sports for the 2019-2020 school year based on all-district, all-metro and all-state honors, performances at regional and state competitions, along with recommendations of area coaches.








FALL 2019


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A Brothers of the Sacred Heart School Since 1894

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Edward Grant Alumbaugh, Eli Paul Barbin, Everett James Bonner III, Allen Charles Duggar, Jack Thomas Fuselier, Reece Jackson Lantz, Jacob Young Limbocker, Carson McFarland Mack, Joseph Warren Lassiter Mengis and Nicholas Edward Robert.

ACADEMIC AWARDS Art Miles Gregory Aycock Band Sayer Donald Sauviac Choir Lyndon Paul Jude Wilbert


Edward Grant Alumbaugh, Kyle Anthony Becnel, Everett James Bonner III, Christopher Lawrence Cronin, Hunter James Doiron, Jacob Young Limbocker, Harper Gerard Massey, Joseph Warren Lassiter Mengis, Nicholas Edward Robert, Sayer Donald Sauviac, Garrett Joseph Tassin, Jack Thomas Wilfert and Daniel Joseph Woodruff.

Engineering and Technology Kevin Joseph Oubre English Joseph Warren Lassiter Mengis French Kyle Anthony Becnel Health and Physical Education Michael Voorhies Conger


Hunter Joseph Antie, Everett James Bonner III, Karsten Alexander Brown, Donald Jamal Butler, Gregory Davis Cole, David Winters Culotta, Ross Joseph DeNicola IV, Francis Vu Dinh, Hunter James Doiron, Patrick Michael Herry, James Allen Lalonde III, Harper Gerard Massey, Sayer Donald Sauviac and Marshall Francis St. Amant.



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FALL 2019



EIGHTH GRADE CLASS Jaylin Armwood Yusuf Atkins Jr. Truett Bankston Everett Bonner III D.J. Butler Houston Carley Carson Caruso Isaak Dawson Ross DeNicola IV Connor Eisenbraun

Benjamin French Lance Gaupp Chris Grant Spencer Heitman Mack Kemper IV Carson Mack Ty McDowell Andy Mertz Jake Netterville Brandon Nguyen

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FACULTY/STAFF & SONS Faculty and Staff members and their graduating sons are (l to r) Ms. Jewell Riecke, Stephen Riecke, Isaak Dawson and Mrs. Jeanne Dawson.

A Brothers of the Sacred Heart School Since 1894

LEGACY GRADUATES Brad Antie ’91, Hunter Antie

Jason Hinton ’85, Briggs Hinton

Russell Politz ’86, Parker Politz

Daniel Balhoff ’81, Paul Balhoff

Paris Humphrey, Sr. ’77, Tyler Humphrey

William Prochaska ’85, Thomas Prochaska

George Barber ’85, Caleb Barber

Paul Judice ’83, Nicholas Judice

Jeffery Pupera, Jr. ’88, Andrew Pupera

Paul Barbin ’88, Eli Barbin

George Kadair, Jr. ’62, Stephen Kadair

Patrick Reames ’94, Elijah Reames

David Broussard ’82, Jack Broussard

David Koch ’85, Jon David Koch

Byron Robert Rome ’89, Carter Rome

Stephen Cronin ’86, Christopher Cronin

John LaCour ’81, Michael LaCour

Robert Ruffino ’87, Grant Ruffino

Ross Joseph Denicola III ’83, Ross Denicola IV

David Lefeve ’82, Joseph Lefeve

Taylor Sanders ’97, Caleb Sanders

Arthur DeOliveira ’90, James DeOliveira

T. Richard Lieux, Jr. ’79, Jack Lieux

Rock Schexnayder ’90, Jake Schexnayder

Daniel Dial ’85, Jack Dial

John McLindon ’81, Britt McLindon

Brad Seguin ’90, Brayden Seguin

Stephen Eisenbraun ’78, Connor Eisenbraun

Joseph Mengis ’84, Joseph Mengis

Frank Silva, Jr. ’85, Conner Silva

Mark Fuselier ’90, Jack Fuselier

John Nikolaus ’98, Taylor Nikolaus

Patrick Tullier ’75, Phillip Tullier

Corey Gomez, Sr. ’85, Casey Gomez

Christopher Odom ’85, Matthew Odom

Chris Wagner ’83, Sam Wagner

Jonathan K. Greer ’88, Jakob Greer Jr.

Jason Owens ’90, Eli Owens

Leslie Wilbert ’73, Lyndon Wilbert

Michael Hedges ’90, Collin Hedges

Robert Perilloux ’87, Will Perilloux


EAGLE SCOUTS Eagle Scouts in the class of 2019 are Grant Alumbaugh, Ryan Blanchard, Jack Broussard, Michael Conger, David Culotta, Allen Duggar, Cade Giambrone, Spencer Heitman, James Lindquist, Daniel McLean, Eli Owens, Kylle Poiencot, Nick Robert, Andrew Stassi, Matthew Stigall, Garrett Tassin, Phillip Tullier and Michael Woolverton.


FALL 2019


CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL inducted four new members into the CHS Grizzly Greats Athletic Hall of Fame at a banquet held on August 17, 2019, at L’Auberge Baton Rouge. Those inducted were (left to right) M. David DiVincenti Sr. ’70, Gerald W. “Gerry” Garidel, Brad M. Hernandez ’96, and Peter M. Couhig ’90. CHS alumnus Matt Moscona ’00 served as emcee for the ceremony and each inductee was recognized for his outstanding leadership and service to CHS athletics. The CHS Grizzly Greats Hall of Fame honors any person who has demonstrated outstanding dedication to the athletic program, selfless sacrifice of time and effort, leadership and whose actions portray characteristics which further the mission of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart and whose life and accomplishments can be an inspiration to the athletes of Catholic High School. To read more about the 2019-2020 inductees, visit our website at

A Brothers of the Sacred Heart School Since 1894

Back Row: Ty Hernandez ’92, Jim Hernandez, Kathy Hernandez, Ann Hernandez, Brad Hernandez ’96, Deborah Makowski and Charlie Makowski Front Row: Corbin Hernandez. Blakely Hernandez

Front row: Zoe Skrobialowski, Ginny DiVincenti, Mackenzie O’Brien, Aglonie DiVincenti, Lucy O’Brien, Re DiVincenti, Anthony DiVincenti, David DiVincenti Sr. ’70, Christina O’Brien, JoAnn Divincenti, Sammy DiVincenti Sr. ’98 Second Row: Phyllis Draughon, Michael DiVincenti Sr. ’73, David DiVincenti Jr. ’01, Lauren DiVincenti, Joe O’Brien ’99

Back Row: Travis Garidel, Sharon Garidel, Jamin Garidel ’96, Jody Garidel, Sharon Garidel, Gerry Garidel, Jeffrey Garidel ’04 and Hannah Garidel Front Row: Charlotte, Kaitlyn and Berkley Garidel

Candy Couhig, Finney Couhig, Peter Couhig ’90, Mac Couhig and Kevin Couhig


Seated: Dale K. Weiner, J. Denis “Denny” Braud Jr. ’56, Lionel L. Kleinpeter ’62, Brad M. Hernandez ‘96, M. David DiVincenti Sr. ‘70, Gerald W. “Gerry” Garidel, Peter M. Couhig ‘90, Barrett Murphy III ’55, Ted Castillo Standing: Ryan D. “Jume” Jumonville ’91, Leonard E. Kleinpeter ’62, James “Jimmy” Lyles Jr. ’62, Joseph “Joey” Thibodeaux Jr. ’76, Michael O. Carleton ’85, David T. Butler Jr. ’77, Calvin D. Williams III ’97, Jeff P. Schexnaider ’82, Kevin O. Ainsworth ’92, Timothy B. Lanier ’92, John D. McCann Jr. ’66, Patrick M. Coogan ‘93, Robert D. LeBlanc Jr. ’96, M. Wesley Salmon ’91, Maurice J. Coleman ’82, Glen A. Randow, William J. “Joe” Laughlin, Joe LeBlanc III ’72, Donald E. “Don” Hood, John P. “Pete” Boudreaux Jr. ’59, Warren S. Capone ’70, Kevin P. Kleinpeter ’92


FALL 2019


The Fund for Catholic High School 2019-2020

Catholic High School has built a tradition of holistic education that prepares our students to lead rewarding lives as part of a lasting brotherhood. Families send their sons to CHS for a variety of reasons but with the expectation that CHS will provide the academic rigor, spiritual formation, and physical and artistic opportunities that instill within our students the characteristics of a CHS graduate. While CHS’s mission is to provide these opportunities, we rely on Parents, Alumni and Friends to provide the financial resources to make this happen every year. This year marks the 35th year of the The Fund for Catholic High School. The Parent, Alumni and Friends Appeals are key to the success of The Fund each year. The Parent Appeal is a parent-led outreach to all parents of current CHS students that helps bridge the financial gap between what CHS receives in tuition and what it takes to educate each student annually. The Alumni and Friend Appeals are just as important to the success of our annual appeal campaigns. Each campaign directly benefits every CHS student. The first phase of the Parent Appeal kicked off July 1st. The second phase enlists the help of our Parent Leadership Committee members who will be reaching out personally to those parents who have not yet participated. We aim to top last year’s amount of $215,000 raised from our Parent Appeal for the 2018-2019 school year and to surpass the parent participation of 38%. It’s our hope that parents

consider a donation at or above “The Gap” ($2,135), but understand that this is not always possible. Our primary goal is that 100% of families participate in a personally significant way. Our Alumni and Friends Appeals both kicked off in September with a great start. Volunteers will also be reaching out to fellow classmates and friends of CHS as we move through the school year to ask for their continued support for The Fund. We have many wonderful alumni, grandparents and friends who give their time and financial support to CHS, and for that we are grateful. We hope to continue those relationships for many years to come, as well as establishing new ones. Regardless of size, all contributions are appreciated and are fully tax-deductible. Gifts may be made as a one-time gift, monthly or quarterly installments or a recurring gift. Please help us reach our goal of $1,000,000 in support of our students! The 2019-2020 fiscal year ends on June 30. We hope we can count on you this year to help keep CHS strong.

Parents, Grandparents, Alumni and Friends. Together for every student, every year.

For information on how to make a gift, go to Quote from FFCHS Chaircouple: Mr. and Mrs. Randy Cangelosi ’87 (Korie) “Korie and I have a senior and freshman at CHS, so this is a monumental school year for us. We wanted to do our part by assisting to raise money for CHS that will continue to fund outstanding academics, operational costs, and everyday activities, including support for CHS’s incredible college preparatory system. We feel it’s important for all families to contribute at some level to help the school stay strong, and to keep tuition costs down so that CHS and its Catholic-guided education are available to as many families as possible.” A Brothers of the Sacred Heart School Since 1894

THE GAP $2,135



The Fund for Catholic High School Appeal is our annual giving program that is an investment designed to offset the school’s annual operating expenses. Your tax-deductible donation helps cover the GAP between the cost of tuition and the actual cost to educate a student for the 2019-2020 academic year.

TOTAL COST $13,985



$13,985 Total Cost $11,850 2019-20 Tuition $2,135 This Year’s GAP


Mr. and Mrs. Randal R. Cangelosi ’87

Class of 2020

Dr. and Mrs. Trey M. Branstetter III '89 Mr. and Mrs. Craig D. Broome '93 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Groves '87 Mr. and Mrs. Lester H. Lee, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Pittenger '83 Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Toups '84 Mr. and Mrs. James S. Usher Mr. and Mrs. T. MacDougall Womack Sr.

6% Salaries, Benefits & Professional Education

Additional Programs & Services


66% 9%

Security, Equipment & Supplies


Class of 2023

Donations to the CHS capital campaign help fund the new Student Center, a major project with a long usable life that is too expensive to be paid for out of the annual operations budget. Donations to the Fund for CHS, the school’s annual fund, go directly into the school’s operating budget for the current year. These donations close “The Gap” of $2,135 per student between tuition revenue and annual operation expenses. We encourage all parents to participate in the Fund for CHS at the level appropriate for their families, and, if possible, to donate “The Gap.” Donations to both funds are tax deductible.

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Babin Mr. and Mrs. Sidney R. Bowden Jr. '87 Mr. and Mrs. Ozzie Fernandez Mr. and Mrs. Gavin P. Gautreau '88 Mr. Jeff Jenkins Mr. and Mrs. Johnny M. McKay '91 Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin P. Mouton Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Neumann Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey J. Patin '89 Mr. and Mrs. Donald G. Scully Jr. '86

Class of 2024

Mr. and Mrs. David E. Alexander '88 Mr. and Mrs. R. Joseph Coco Jr. '95 Mr. and Mrs. Jean-Paul Perrault '87 Mr. and Mrs. Steve Whitlow '85

WHAT IF I CAN’T AFFORD TO CONTRIBUTE THE FULL GAP? CHS relies on the generosity of parents, grandparents, alumni and friends who can contribute to an amount that is within their means. Gifts of any amount are appreciated.


Mr. and Mrs. Lance C. Broussard '01 Mr. and Mrs. James R. Chastain Jr. '82 Mr. and Mrs. Jason M. DeCuir '93 Mr. Sloan H. Deumite '87 Mr. Ben DiPalma '00 and Dr. Erin DiPalma Mr. and Mrs. Gregory W. Dirksmeyer '72 Mr. and Mrs. Mark T. Emonet '87 Mr. Jackson T. Gonsoulin '15 Mr. and Mrs. Alex B. Knight '01 Mr. and Mrs. E. Michael Martin '80 Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Ross '87 Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Perrault '91 Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Ruffino '87 Mr. and Mrs. L. James Segar III '90 Mr. J. Wade Whitty IV '01 Mr. and Mrs. Kyle M. Zeringue '93


Gifts and pledges can be made now with commitments being fufilled by June 30. You can make your gift or pledge online by visiting us at


For more information, contact Jane Dunn, or Aimee Turner,




Equipment, Supplies & Utilities

Class of 2022



Tuition Assistance

Mr. and Mrs. J. Bradford Bourg Jr. '91 Dr. and Mrs. Bernard Eagleton Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Hosea Mr. Francis X. Mayer II '85 Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey J. Rippel '87 Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Riley


4% 2%

Rent, Facilities & Depreciation

Mrs. Amy Berret Mr. and Mrs. Brandon K. Black '86 Mr. and Mrs. K. Kyle Carmouche '88 Mr. and Mrs. Garth Cook Mr. and Mrs. Dean Esposito Mr. and Mrs. Christopher K. Jones '95 Mr. Cal W. Madere '90 Mr. and Mrs. Mackie E. Wall III '92 Mr. and Mrs. Andy Parker

Mr. and Mrs. Kelly C. Averett Ms. Nancy P. Herin Mr. and Mrs. Russell L. Mosely

Tuition does not cover the total cost to educate each student. Our directive from the Brothers of the Sacred Heart is to keep CHS affordable to the average family, so that the CHS opportunity is available to families seeking a Catholic education. Charitable gifts raised in support of The Fund are designed to bridge the financial GAP of $2,135 between tuition income and actual operating costs of the school. Gifts to CHS are tax-deductible and provide the support needed to sustain and improve educational programs and provide opportunities beyond those covered by tuition alone. If CHS raised annual tuition by $2,135, it would adversely affect enrollment and imperil our mission. CHS needs your assistance.


Class of 2021



1894 2019


FALL 2019



THE JACOB MATTHEW MEEK ’17 MEMORIAL ENDOWED SCHOLARSHIP By Charley G. Silvio ’03 | Photography by Tim Mueller

Tiffany Meek, John Meek ’87, and Joffre Meek ’16

A Brothers of the Sacred Heart School Since 1894


hen Jacob Meek ’17 passed away in March 2019, the Catholic High School community was stunned. Many were familiar with Jacob’s long battle with epilepsy and associated health challenges, but his death at such a young age marked a premature end to such a promising life. However, despite the strong emotional reaction to this tragedy, those who knew Jacob best can testify that he lived life to the fullest. In fact, his determination to live a normal life despite the everpresent risks he faced were the core of Jacob’s exuberant philosophy about life. This spirit of determination in the face of adversity has inspired the Meek family to establish a scholarship in Jacob’s name. The Jacob Matthew Meek ’17 Memorial Endowed Scholarship will serve as a testament to Jacob’s life, an expression of his appreciation for his time at CHS, and a means for future students to benefit from the same opportunities he did at CHS. The Meek family—father John ’87, mother Tiffany, and brother Joffre ’16—hope that this scholarship will memorialize Jacob and reinforce his legacy at Catholic High School.

“Every Day Could Be a Struggle” It is difficult to describe Jacob’s life without accounting for his illness, despite the fact that he refused to allow it to define him. Jacob was born with cortical dysplasia, a brain abnormality that commonly accounts for epilepsy. Throughout his young life, he underwent a number of neurosurgeries in the hopes of mitigating his condition. His symptoms waxed and waned, with frequent seizures returning during his sophomore year at CHS. This presented a variety of challenges for Jacob, both in school and in social situations. “Every day could be a struggle,” his mother Tiffany remembers. “Every day he woke up knowing the challenge in front of him and went to school anyway even though he knew something bad could happen.” Jacob had seizures regularly, interfering with his schoolwork and forcing him to miss classes. These seizures also resulted in what might appear like bizarre behavior to his classmates, putting Jacob in awkward situations at school. In addition, it made his social life complicated, often keeping him home while his classmates were able to go out on weekends. Many people would crumble under similar circumstances, but instead these challenges only served to motivate Jacob to find means to lead a normal life. In fact, the very conditions that limited him in so many ways ended up shaping him into the driven young man his family and friends so fondly remember.

Dylan Brock, Brittany Epps, Kristen Ryland, Cameron Crochet ‘16, Joffre Meek ‘16

“You’ve Got to Let the Cougar Loose” One of Jacob’s favorite catchphrases, as remembered by his parents, was, “You’ve got to let the cougar loose,” a creative way of capturing his tenacious life philosophy. Jacob was all too familiar with the risks posed by his illness, but he never allowed it to limit him. Jacob’s personal outlook often worried his mother, Tiffany; he knew doing what made him happy could lead to injury or even death. Yet, that never stopped him. His setbacks at school were like speedbumps for Jacob. Absences or missing classwork never deterred him, but instead, he arranged to makeup assignments and keep up at school as best he could. He swore his illness would never be a crutch. In addition, when classmates saw his behavior as strange or bizarre, Jacob tried not to let it negatively affect him. He was comfortable enough with his identity to keep others’ skewed impressions from influencing him. To those who knew him, Jacob’s personality was an expression of his fearlessness. Jacob spoke plainly and was often brutally honest with his opinions. His peers and teachers learned that his no-filter approach was the way he did things and they came to accept it. In typical social settings, he could be reserved; around peers, he was forthright. 27 While his health could make socializing difficult, Jacob never had a shortage of close relationships in his life. He spent ample time with family and family-friends. He found it easy to get along with adults whose maturity and wisdom meant they were accepting of him. “Jacob’s friends were often my friends,” his father John recalls. “He related well to older people.” He often made plans with his father’s friends before his dad even knew about it. “He usually knew what my weekend plans were before I did!” says John. Furthermore, Jacob related well


FALL 2019


to younger children; his mother Tiffany muses that he would have made a fantastic father. The children of family friends often idolized Jacob, finding in him a patient, compassionate friend. He loved playing games with them and having fun. Jacob’s weekend activities regularly involved being outdoors. An avid fisherman and hunter, Jacob was known to his family and close friends as “The Fish Whisperer.” His brother, Joffre, explains that Jacob always “had fishing to look forward to, or hunting, or prepping for hunting. He looked forward to it because it was when he felt the most normal.” This passion led Jacob to become an expert outdoorsman. His fishing companions were impressed with the way he could read the water. He had a level of skill, a touch, a knowledge, a sixth sense that usually only older, more seasoned anglers are able to develop. In large part, this had to do with his sheer determination; even when others were ready to pack it in and call it a day, he always wanted to stay out on the water a little longer. It was that same determination that influenced everything Jacob did. Besides his motivation to succeed in school, Jacob also became a successful businessman. While still

a student at CHS, Jacob founded a pressure washing company. At the beginning, the business learning curve was tough. His father, John, remembers that on the first official day of business, Jacob knocked on doors, trying to find work, but he returned home exasperated. No one had been interested. John did his best to encourage his son, asking him, “Do you catch a fish every time you go fishing?” Of course, a fishing metaphor was real inspiration for Jacob, who picked himself right up, went back out on his bicycle and found two customers that very same day. His serious work ethic, sharp business acumen, and dedication to treating customers well led the fledgling company to expand rapidly. When Jacob began, he worked by himself with one machine; as time went on, he purchased more machines, a larger trailer, and even hired help.

Jacob’s interest in entrepreneurship eventually led him to enroll at the University of Southern Mississippi. Again, refusing to let his illness hold him back, Jacob—with support from his family—was able to achieve a dream of attending college. He was able to have new social experiences, and he was thrilled with the opportunities in front of him. He was living like a typical young man. “He was where he wanted to be and doing what he wanted to do,” says Tiffany.

“CHS Was the Type of Environment He Needed” It’s easy to see that Jacob’s unique successes were the product of his sheer determination and talent. However, Jacob and his family also witnessed the way that CHS helped him refine his natural skills and personality. “CHS was the type of environment he needed,” says his father, John. “CHS treated him like he was more than just another kid.” The learning environment certainly equipped Jacob with opportunities to flourish. Even though his condition led to him some missing classes, he was still enthusiastic about knowledge and learning. He brought his own worldly expertise to the table. English teacher Ryan Carruth remembers a class in which a vocabulary word for the day was “brackish.” When Mr. Carruth asked the class if anyone knew anything about the word, some of the students told him to press Jacob for an answer; they knew such a passionate fisherman would have plenty to say about the term. The class listened intently to Jacob’s thorough discussion of the term, its connection to estuaries, its relationship to fishing, and so on. In addition to the positive educational environment, Jacob and his family were grateful for the supportive community they found at CHS. Besides the doctors who worked to help Jacob, Catholic High School was the most impactful part of his life, fostering in him personal growth through a compassionate approach. The faculty and staff were understanding of Jacob’s challenges and did their best to work with him. Additionally, many members of the staff had the Meeks’ personal phone numbers in case of emergency. “Everyone went above and beyond to help,” recalls John. The family chuckles when remembering a time that Assistant Principal for Discipline Dr. Tom Eldringhoff called them exasperated and out of breath during a CHS football game; Jacob had experienced a seizure and had run across the field—running was not an uncommon symptom of his seizures—and Dr. Eldringhoff had valiantly chased him to provide assistance. Apparently, and unfortunately for Dr. Eldringhoff, it turns out that Jacob was a pretty quick runner. Jacob had a tight support group among school personnel

A Brothers of the Sacred Heart School Since 1894

who provided enthusiastic compassion as part of their relationship with Jacob. Brian Hightower, Don Hood, Pinney Johnson, Doug Logsdon, Principal Lisa Harvey, and so many others all became a close, personal part of Jacob’s life, pushing him to succeed even when he felt discouraged. Their support and the atmosphere of CHS provided a sanctuary for Jacob.

“Continuing Jacob’s Dream through a Continuing Narrative” After Jacob’s death, the Meek family agreed that creating an endowed scholarship in his memory would honor his life and create a legacy in his name. While there are a variety of scholarships currently active, the Meek family wanted to establish one that reflected the experiences and triumphs afforded Jacob by the school he loved in perpetuity. Catholic High School was a special place for Jacob, providing support for him when he needed it most. “He felt like he had a safety net,” relates Tiffany. Through the new endowed scholarship, the Meeks hope that other students and their families can benefit from the same experience they did when Jacob was a student. Joffre, Jacob’s older brother, graduated from CHS in 2016 and saw first-hand the way that faculty, staff, and students supported Jacob. “Seeing how the staff helped Jacob and interacted and cared for him made me realize that a true sense of family is present at CHS,” says Joffre. In addition to the unique experience at CHS, Joffre acknowledges the significance of the scholarship, musing, “It’s a way of continuing Jacob’s dream through a continuing narrative. Jacob didn’t get to finish his story all the way to the end of the path and this endowed scholarship creates the opportunity for someone else to pick-up where he left off.” Accordingly, annual earnings from the endowed scholarship will be awarded to students who have similar characteristics to Jacob. First, students who confront health issues will be prioritized. Jacob’s story was one of constantly seeking to overcome physical challenges. Since the Meek family witnessed the way that CHS compassionately supported Jacob, they are confident that another student in a similar situation could succeed in the same conditions. Second, the family hopes that support from the endowed scholarship will be applied to students with tenacity and sheer determination to prosper, key components in Jacob’s life philosophy. Joffre, like many alumni, can testify to the way CHS prepares its students:

“Once you get into a professional setting after leaving CHS, you find that your experience at CHS prepared you to mature into a go-getter interested in working and pursuing a career.” This ‘go-getter’ spirit is a value that fit Jacob perfectly. Through his schoolwork, business, and personal pursuits, Jacob embodied that same kind of motivation and grit. Awarding tuition assistance from the endowed scholarship to a student who possesses these traits would combine Jacob’s philosophy with a main aspect of Catholic High School’s mission to “educate students not only academically but personally as well. This is, to some extent, the ultimate goal of all endowed scholarships at CHS: to provide special opportunities for students who would otherwise have no avenue for pursuing these goals. Of course, scholarships like The Jacob Matthew Meek ’17 Memorial Endowed Scholarship are also a testament to the positive impact of CHS. The Meek family is confident that Catholic High School was successful with its mission through Jacob. The scholarship in his name, then, allows Jacob to live on by contributing to the future successes of others. On June 19, among family and close friends at the City Club of Baton Rouge, the Meek’s hosted an official Launch Party, a reception to officially announce the establishment Jacob Matthew Meek ’17 of the Jacob Matthew Meek ’17 Memorial Endowed Scholarship. Within one week, the $40,000 goal to endow the scholarship was reached. Yet, further support of this scholarship and other scholarships are encouraged, in an effort to impact CHS students for years to come. “The outpouring of support demonstrated the tremendous impact Jacob left on the lives he touched,” said Jamie Segar ’90, CHS Director of Advancement. Catholic High School is honored to have this special scholarship in Jacob’s memory and it will continue to serve as an inspiration to many. His legacy of strength and character will live on in the students this 29 scholarship will benefit in years to come.

Endowments and scholarships provide an excellent way to leave a legacy at CHS and directly impact students who might not otherwise be able to experience a CHS education. To learn more on how to establish or to contribute to an endowment and endowed scholarships at CHS, contact Director of Advancement, Jamie Segar ’90, or 225.239.7032.


FALL 2019


PLANNED GIVING What is your vision for your future? Include Catholic High School in that plan by considering: l Stocks and Securities l Bequests l Charitable Trust l Retirement Plans and Life Insurance l Bonds

When you make a planned gift - of any size - you help stengthen the CHS experience for the next generation of Bears. Your gift can enhance campus priorities that have personal meaning to you, such as need-based tuition assistance, academic departments, extracurricular activities and technology. Or, you can make an unrestricted gift that enables CHS to best address its future needs. Whatever your commitment, you’ll join a special tradition of giving at CHS and be welcomed into the Brother Donnan Berry, S.C. Legacy Partnership.

Plan to be a member of Catholic High School’s Brother Donnan Berry, S.C.’s Legacy Partnership by including a gift to CHS in your will or estate. To learn more about how you can participate in this special Partnership, return this card to Jamie Segar or Margie Alexander at Catholic High School or visit: A Brothers of the Sacred Heart School Since 1894

Challenge Accepted! The 1894 Minute Challenge

THE 1894 MINUTE CHALLENGE online giving event on March 21-22, made a tremendous difference in supporting The Fund for Catholic High School. With more than 929 donors, our Give Day event raised more than $88,000, well surpassing our goal of 500 donors and $50,000. The outstanding support toward the 1894 Minute Challenge far exceeded our

expectations, and we are truly blessed by the outpouring of support from our CHS family. Thank you for Defining the Difference and keeping CHS strong for every student. We appreciate everyone who participated to make this event an overwhelming success.



FALL 2019


Demo Day

CHS Officially breaks ground on the New Student Center March 29, 2019 was a serene day on Hearthstone Drive. Bright clouds meandered across the clear sky. Wrens trilled happily from their perches. A soft breeze drifted in from the east. A sense of peace and harmony filled the air. Suddenly, a drumroll echoed and the CHS band launched into the “CHS Fight Song” as the booms of two excavators slammed their buckets through the eaves of a house, crushing through shingles and wood and brick and glass, reducing the home to a pile of rubble as a crowd of over 1,200 cheered.

It was “Demo Day” at Catholic High School. Students, faculty, staff, and supporters gathered at the cul-de-sac on Hearthstone Drive to witness the demolition of the former residences at the 720 and 808 addresses and the

by Charley G. Silvio ’03

official groundbreaking ceremony that will serve as the new site of the future Student Center. It was a rare day for the young men of CHS as their class times were shortened to accommodate for the memorable event. As they ventured outside into the beautiful weather, they were allowed to stand in the grass—usually a major rule violation—and they had the opportunity to watch heavy construction equipment completely obliterate the former CHS Advancement Office and Finance Office. This spectacle of thunderous demolition heralded a bright future for an expanded CHS campus. A product of the Advancing the Mission capital campaign, the new Student Center will greatly improve daily life at CHS. At a massive 32,000 square feet, the building will be a vibrant hub of activity, the setting for lively lunches, classes, activities, and events. Features include a cavernous new

Student Union dining space, four additional classrooms, study and collaboration spaces, a dedicated Campus Ministry Center, a seminar room, and a Faculty Work Center. Outside,

A Brothers of the Sacred Heart School Since 1894

the facility will boast a picturesque Student Commons, a Student Pavilion, and multiple terraces. The architectural style combines elements of sleek contemporary design with the more traditional features of campus. Those who attend and work at CHS are exuberant with anticipation for this new addition. That excitement was on full display at Demo Day. A number of CHS community members were involved in the day’s celebration. The always-charismatic Matt Moscona ’00, sports talk radio host and Distinguished Graduate, served as the event’s emcee. Brother Clifford King, S.C. blessed the day with an invocation. CHS President Gerald Tullier spoke about the magnificent benefit the new Student Center will serve for the students and the entire CHS community. Dr. Mark Carleton ’87, former faculty member and currently the Headmaster of Presbyterian School of Houston, made keynote remarks about why he and his wife pledged a generous gift toward the capital campaign after living in Houston for so many years. Carleton explained the significance of Catholic High School in his life, beginning with a quote from a mentor of his: “‘the future is impossible to know, but not impossible to shape.’ Graduating in 1987, as I look back on the impact the institution has made on my family, Catholic High walked with us through our experience as a family.” To begin the festivities, a ceremonial turning of the dirt took place for the official groundbreaking ceremony by CHS representatives followed by the “Voice of the Bears” Dixon McMakin ’05 instructing excavator operators to start their engines and led a countdown to the demolition. Billy Aguillard ’70, led the charge for the demolition giving the official go-ahead to commence the demo. Aguillard, owner of BJM Construction, donated his services as part of the demolition phase as a gift to the capital campaign. On hand were also Advancing the Mission co-chair Jerry Jolly ’70, project architect Scott Ritter ’93 (representing the Ritter Maher Architects firm of which Steve Maher ’94 is also a member), and architect Ken Tipton representing Tipton Associates.

brothers, Clyde, Jr. ’65, Daryl ’70, Gary ’73, David ’76, and Brian ’77, all CHS alumni. “808 Hearthstone was the home we grew up in, learned about family, faith and tradition in,” stated Mitchell. “It was hard for me personally to witness the recent demolition of my childhood home. But my mother and father would be so proud to know that a Student Center will rise up from that dirt. The footprints of so many children who have crossed Hearthstone during the years have served to carve indelible marks on the new footprints of Catholic High School.” With the job site cleared and pre-construction meetings complete, the project is moving ahead. Construction is in the hands of Arkel Constructors with leadership from Vice President of Operations Derek Fife ’96, Superintendent, Sammy DiVincenti ’98, and Jeff Borgmeyer ’02 as Project Manager. CHS is confident in the team of alumni overseeing a smooth project with plans for a September 2020 completion date. The Advancing the Mission Capital Campaign continues to seek funding. Currently, the $14 million project has garnered $8 million and is consequently continuing to seek tax-deductible gifts to close the $6 million gap. Naming opportunities are currently available. If you are interested in donating to the project, please contact CHS Director of Advancement, Jamie Segar ’90 at 225.239.7032, or Campaign Coordinator, Margie Alexander at 225.381.9114, Visit to learn more.

In addition, a special guest was Mrs. Edith Didier Mitchell who grew up in the house with her sister Genedi and five


FALL 2019


An update for


New Student Center Named in Memory of Brother Donnan Berry, S.C. CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL’S mission began in 1894 when the Brothers of the Sacred Heart established St. Vincent’s Academy in downtown Baton Rouge. Though the name and location of the school has changed, for the last 124 years, thanks to the commitment and service of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart and their lay partners, that mission has remained unchanged. Brother Donnan Berry, S.C. was one of those dedicated individuals who advanced the school’s mission in multiple ways. He served as a teacher at CHS from 1950 to 1952. Later, he returned as principal and served in that role during critical times for the school from 1964 to 1974. Brother Donnan returned to CHS in 1980 Brother Donnan Berry, S.C.

to establish and direct the CHS development office, a role he held until 1993. His next assignment was finance director and later president of St. Stanislaus College in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi.

Catholic High School inducted Brother Donnan into its Hall of Fame in 1975, and in 1991, the National Catholic Education Association honored him for his contributions to secondary education in America. All who knew him remember his booming voice and imposing but jovial character. Most importantly, he was also a visionary leader who mentored many of his students in a way that developed many life-long friendships with former students. As Catholic High School continues to advance its mission of teaching Gospel values to young people, it is fitting that Brother Donnan’s name and memory be made a permanent

Conceptual renderings of proposed Student Center

part of its campus and culture. Therefore, the new Student Center will be dedicated in memory of Brother Donnan Berry. This new facility will house a dining hall, kitchen, food preparation area, classrooms, faculty workspace, and a Campus Ministry Center. A new central mechanical plant for the campus will also be a part of the project. To date, we have raised $8,365,852 in cash and pledges for this project through the generosity of many parents, alumni, friends and 100 percent of our faculty/staff. Construction began during the 20182019 school year. Ritter Maher Architects and Tipton Associates are collaborating in a joint venture as architects for this project. The owners of Ritter Maher, Scott Ritter ’93 and Steve Maher ’94, are proud graduates of Catholic High School.



FALL 2019


CAPITAL CAMPAIGN DONORS Ad Venture Silk Screen Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Aertker III ‘92 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Aguilar Mr. and Mrs. Ralph F. Alexander Mr. and Mrs. Justin Alford Sr. ‘89 Mr. and Mrs. Brent Alonzo Mr. Gregory M. Anding ‘88 Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. Major L. Applewhite ‘97 Mr. and Mrs. James G. Arbour ‘73 Mr. and Mrs. Melvin P. Argrave III ‘86 Mr. and Mrs. Don R. Aubin ‘75 Mr. and Mrs. George P. Balhoff Dr. and Mrs. Richard A. Balhoff ‘73 Mr. and Mrs. Eric C. Balkom ‘78 Dr. Louis R. Barfield ‘89 and Dr. Lauren M. Barfield Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Barfield Jr. ‘82 Mr. and Mrs. John Q. Barnidge Mr. and Mrs. Brad Bass Mr. and Mrs. W. Bryan Beale Mr. and Mrs. Richard Beaugh Mr. and Mrs. Herbert J. Bell Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Drake Bellanger Mr. and Mrs. Joseph G. Berret III ‘84 Mr. and Mrs. James E. Berrigan Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Joey Bielkiewicz Mr. and Mrs. J. O’Connor Blakeney ‘71 Dr. and Mrs. G. Michael Blanchard Jr. ‘90 Mr. and Mrs. Greg Bodin Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Bogan ‘78 Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Bogan III ‘73 Mr. and Mrs. Phil Bohan Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Bonine Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Randolph J. Bonnecaze ‘65 Mr. and Mrs. Marvin E. Borgmeyer Mr. and Mrs. Matt E. Borgmeyer ‘99 Mr. and Mrs. J. Pierre Boudreaux Sr. ‘59 Mr. and Ms. Michael Boudreaux Mr. and Mrs. James Bourgeois Dr. and Mrs. Michael Bourgeois Mr. and Mrs. C. Hewes Bowden ‘94 Dr. and Mrs. Gregory A. Brandao ‘73 Dr. and Mrs. Robert M. Branstetter Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Robert M. Branstetter III ‘89 Dr. and Mrs. Jeryl Breaux Dr. and Mrs. B. Joseph Brooks Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Steven H. Brooksher Sr. ‘70 Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Brouillette Dr. and Mrs. Adam J. Broussard ‘01 Dr. and Mrs. Cleve Brown Mr. and Mrs. James A. Burke ‘86 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Burke ‘89 Mr. and Mrs. Burton Brumfield Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Burmaster Mr. Jarrell P. Butcher ‘81 Mr. and Mrs. David T. Butler Jr. ‘77 Ms. Diane Bynum Mr. and Mrs. J. Victor Caffarel III Mr. and Mrs. Larry Cain Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Larry N. Camp Mr. and Mrs. Brad Campesi Mr. and Mrs. David C. Cangelosi ‘73 Ms. Kariya A. Canizaro Dr. and Mrs. Mark A. Carleton ‘87 Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Carruth Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cascio III Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Cascio ‘03 Mr. and Mrs. Jason R. Cashio ‘91 Mr. and Mrs. Jared Cavalier Mr. and Mrs. Dean P. Cazenave Mr. and Mrs. André Chapoy CHS Alumni Office CHS Foundation CHS Mothers’ Club Chustz Electric, L.L.C. Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Chustz ‘96 Mr. and Mrs. G. Blane Clark Jr. ‘77 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Clements Jr. ‘73 The Coca-Cola Company Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Cockerham ‘74 Col. James F. Coerver ‘46 Mr. and Mrs. Matthew R. Cohn ‘96 Mr. and Mrs. Maurice J. Coleman ‘82 Mr. and Mrs. Chase Comeaux Commerce Title and Abstract Co.

A Brothers of the Sacred Heart School Since 1894

as of October 16, 2019 Dr. and Mrs. R. Mark Conger Mr. and Mrs. Jarrod J. Coniglio ConocoPhillips Company Ms. Fiona Conroy Mr. Robert Conroy Mr. and Mrs. Bernardo M. Corripio ‘82 Mr. and Mrs. Jose Costela Mr. and Mrs. R. Matthew Cotton Mr. and Mrs. Michael Crawford Mr. and Mrs. Chris Crifasi Brother Eldon Crifasi, S.C. ‘39 Mr. and Mrs. S. Dale Cronin ‘86 Dr. and Mrs. Brad A. Culotta ‘99 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Daigrepont Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Donald H. DeLatin ‘73 Mr. and Mrs. Be Dang Mr. and Mrs. Thuan Dang Mr. and Mrs. J. Richard David Jr. ‘85 Robin and Chris Davis Mr. Sanders P. Davis ‘10 Mr. and Mrs. Steven A. DeBosier ‘85 Mr. and Mrs. Austen M. Delahaye ‘92 Mr. John J. Devlin III Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Dille ‘87 Mr. Ben S. DiPalma ‘00 and Dr. Erin DiPalma Mr. and Mrs. M. David DiVincenti Sr. ‘70 Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. DiVincenti Jr. ‘73 Mr. and Mrs. James P. Doré Ms. Tracy Ducote Dudley DeBosier Injury Lawyers Ms. Erin Duffy Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Duggar Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Patrick F. Dulaney ‘92 Mr. Chad A. Dupuy ‘00 Mr. and Mrs. Harold D. Dupuy ‘73 Dr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Eldringhoff Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Elliott Mr. and Mrs. Mark T. Emonet ‘87 Mr. and Mrs. Christopher M. Emory ‘84 Mr. Steven Engborg Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Esnard ‘93 Mr. and Mrs. Hilton Eymard Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Falgout Mr. and Mrs. Arthur E. Faulk III Mr. and Mrs. David A. Faulk ‘88 Mr. and Mrs. John H. Faulk ‘93 Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Ferachi ‘84 Ms. Suzy Ferachi Mr. Vincent A. Ferachi Jr. ‘54 + Ferdinand J. Guerin, Jr. and Audrey Ann Guerin Living Trust Mr. and Mrs. Gabe Fertitta Mr. and Mrs. Brant Fox Mr. and Mrs. Philip Fox Mr. and Mrs. Perry Franklin Mr. and Mrs. James T. Furrate ‘76 Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Gaffney Mr. and Mrs. Edward G. Galante Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Galliano Mr. and Mrs. P. William Ganley Mr. and Mrs. Craig Gonzales Judge and Mrs. Douglas M. Gonzales Sr. ‘55 Mr. and Mrs. Gary Graphia Mr. and Mrs. Milton Graugnard Ms. Amanda Graves Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Greer Jr. Greg Flores Construction, LLC Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Gremillion Mr. and Mrs. Ernest A. Gremillion ‘54 Mr. L. Mark Gremillion + Dr. and Dr. Joseph Griffin Ms. Donna Grodner Mr. Daniel G. Gunn ‘16 Mr. and Mrs. Philip T. Hackney ‘88 Dr. and Mrs. William A. Hadlock Lt. Col. and Mrs. Stephen H. Harmon Jr. ‘58 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Harmon Jr. ‘83 Mr. and Mrs. Deuce Harrison Ms. Erin Hart Mr. and Mrs. Ted W. Harvey Mr. and Mrs. Nick P. Hebert Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Hebert Jr. ‘64 Brother Ray Hebert, S.C. Capt. and Mrs. John S. Heffron, USN ‘70 Mr. and Mrs. Eric Held

Ms. Nancy P. Herin Mr. Brian W. Hightower ‘97 Brother Ronald Hingle, S.C. Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Hingle Mr. and Mrs. Blake A. Hodges ‘83 Mr. and Mrs. Herschel D. Hoffpauir Capt. and Mrs. Brandon D. Holden ‘96 Mr. Carl Hollier Mr. and Mrs. John Holloway Mr. and Mrs. Dwayne G. Honore ‘83 Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Hood Mr. and Mrs. H. Guy Hopkins III ‘76 Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Hosea Mr. and Mrs. James S. Hotard Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey D. Hotard ‘85 Mr. and Mrs. Jason Howell Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Hunt Intel Corporation Irene W. and C.B. Pennington Foundation Jacob M Richard Memorial Foundation Mr. and Mrs. John F. Jakuback Honorable and Mrs. Bobby Jindal Mr. and Mrs. Girvus Johnson III Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Johnson Mr. and Mrs. James W. Jolly Jr. ‘75 Mr. and Mrs. J. Gerard Jolly ‘70 Mr. and Mrs. P. Scott Jolly ‘83 Mr. and Mrs. Christopher K. Jones ‘95 Mr. and Mrs. Donald S. Jones Jr. ‘99 Mr. Jerry Jones and Mrs. Lyn Holden Joseph C Termini Estate JPMorgan Chase Foundation - Matching Gift Program Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Jumonville Mr. and Mrs. Francis C. Jumonville Jr. ‘73 Mr. and Mrs. P. Dan Jumonville Mr. and Mrs. Frederic W. Kearny Jr. ‘74 Mr. and Mrs. James P. Kelly ‘92 Mr. and Mrs. William H. Kessler III Mr. Albert D. Kidd ‘43 + Brother Clifford King, S.C. Mr. and Mrs. Rodney King Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Kirby ‘80 Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Koonce Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kurzweg LPL Financial Mr. and Mrs. Timothy LaBauve Mr. and Mrs. C J. Laird Dr. James and Dr. Elise Lalonde Mr. and Mrs. J. Bradley Lanehart ‘72 Mr. and Mrs. Scott B. Lanehart ‘95 Mr. and Mrs. Paul Laney Dr. and Mrs. Andrew Lauve Mr. and Mrs. Khiem V. Le Mr. and Mrs. Duane LeBlanc Mr. Lyle J. LeBlanc ‘90 Mr. and Mrs. Jon C. Lemoine ‘92 Mr. Sanford P. Lemoine Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William L. Lemoine ‘63 Mrs. Susan Lindsey Mr. and Mrs. Douglas R. Logsdon ‘02 Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lopinto Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Keith G. Lorio ‘86 Mr. Robert J. Lorio ‘66 Mr. Drew E. Losavio ‘98 Mr. and Mrs. Scott M. Losavio ‘95 Mr. Stephen C. Losavio Sr. ‘73 The Catherine L. and Edward A. Lozick Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Adam MacDowell Dr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Maher Mr. and Mrs. P. David Malatesta ‘63 Mr. and Mrs. M. Scott Manning ‘01 Mr. and Mrs. Sean Marcantel Mr. Mark Martin MassMutual Financial Group Mr. and Mrs. Craig Maxson Mr. and Mrs. Brian May Mr. and Mrs. Paul Mayeaux Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Taylor B. Mayeux ‘07 Mr. Evan McAleer Col. and Mrs. John H. McArdle ‘73 Mr. and Mrs. Langley C. McClay ‘09 Mrs. Julia B. McGuire

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. McGuire III ‘84 Ms. Gina McKnight Mr. and Mrs. Don J. McLean Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John T. Meek II ‘87 Dr. and Mrs. Tom J. Meek Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Melancon Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Marlin Melancon Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Mengis ‘84 Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Mengis ‘79 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Messenger ‘82 Mr. Bradley J. Messina and Mrs. Elisa Campbell Mr. and Mrs. Mark M. Messina Mr. and Mrs. Blake Metz Brother Michael Migacz, S.C. Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Miller ‘96 Mr. Michael G. Miller - Star Service Mr. and Mrs. G. Rolfe Miller Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Miller Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Minvielle Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. Moak ‘88 Mr and Mrs. Patrick Mockler Mr. and Mrs. Charles Moniotte Mr. and Mrs. John C. Monroe Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Moran ‘86 Mr. and Mrs. John P. Morgan ‘79 Mr. and Mrs. Mark L. Morgan Dr. and Mrs. Michael G. Morgan Mr. and Mrs. Brett J. Murray ‘06 Mr. Milton E. Naylor Mr. and Mrs. Douglas J. Nelson ‘79 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Neucere Jr. New York Life Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Thi Nguyen Mr. and Mrs. Jules J. Noel III Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Nola ‘62 Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Norton Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Noto Sr. Dr. and Mrs. Scott Nyboer Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Olinde ‘83 Mr. and Mrs. J. Michael Orlesh Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Otterstetter Mr. and Mrs. Darrell P. Ourso Mr. and Mrs. Hays D. Owen Mr. and Mrs. Jude J. Palombo ‘79 Mr. Darrel Papillion Dr. and Mrs. Charles A. Patout Jr. Ms. Nancy Patout Dr. and Mrs. Scott M. Pecue ‘79 Mr. and Mrs. James J. Peeler Jr. ‘76 PepsiCo Foundation Dr. and Mrs. Brannon C. Perilloux ‘87 Mr. John H. Perkins + Mr. and Mrs. John W. Perry Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Cu Pham Mr. and Mrs. Thu X. Pham Mr. and Mrs. Luke Piontek Mr. and Mrs. F. Jay Poché Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Polito Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Primeaux ‘07 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Prochaska ‘92 Dr. and Mrs. William Pryor Mrs. Camilla R. Pugh Mr. and Mrs. Hugh W. Raetzsch Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Ramos-Grasa Mr. and Mrs. Glen Randow Mr. Christopher Redden Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Reinecke Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Reinholtz Mr. Ben Relle Dr. and Mrs. Kent M. Rhodes Mr. and Mrs. Patrick R. Richard Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Richards Mr. and Mrs. Parry H. Richardson Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Riche Jr. ‘88 Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Riché Mr. and Mrs. William Ridge Ms. Jewell C. Riecke Ritter Maher Architects Mr. and Mrs. Cooper S. Roberts Ms. Catherine C. Robichaux Ms. Jill Robinson Dr. and Mrs. Ricardo J. Rodriguez Mr. and Mrs. Neil Romaine Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Ross


FALL 2019

Mr. and Mrs. Michael O. Rourke Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Rousseau Mr. and Mrs. Keith A. Rumfola ‘01 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Rusk Mr. and Mrs. M. Wesley Salmon ‘91 Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Sanchez Jr. ‘61 Dr. Taylor W. Sanders ‘97 Dr. and Mrs. G. Douglas Say Mr. and Mrs. Eric Schoonmaker Mr. and Mrs. L. James Segar III ‘90 Mr. and Mrs. Jason Serpas Mrs. Heather Serrano Mr. and Mrs. George Shaheen Jr. Dr. Sean E. Shannon ‘89 and Dr. Amie B. Shannon Dr. and Mrs. Carlton H. Sheely II Shell Oil Company Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. Silvio ‘61 Mr. and Mrs. Cale P. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Smith Mr. and Mrs. David B. Smith ‘01 Mr. Jerry Smith Ms. Kathie Smith Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Smith Mr. and Mrs. Matthew D. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Stuart G. Sonnier ‘92 Dr. and Mrs. Brandon S. St. Amant ‘94 Mr. and Mrs. John A. Stassi II Mr. and Mrs. William L. Steele II Mr. and Mrs. Willie M. Stephenson Mr. Chuck Streets Dr. Leonard J. Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. Ernest F. Summerville Jr. Mr. and Mrs. W. Martin Svendson ‘73 Mr. and Mrs. Eugene C. Sykes Jr. ‘85 Mr. and Mrs. Steven G. Talamo ‘84 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Tanner Jr. Mr. Myron J. Tassin Jr. ‘73 Mr. and Mrs. Adam T. Tate ‘95 Mr. and Mrs. Samuel J. Terito Jr. Ms. Emilie Terracina Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Tessier ‘91 Textron, Inc. Matching Gift Program The Estate of Lawrence Delaune Mr. and Mrs. John M. Thibodeaux Mr. and Mrs. Paul Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Lyman E. Thornton III Mr. and Mrs. Roland M. Toups Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Toups ‘84 Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Tujague Mr. and Mrs. Gerald E. Tullier Mr. and Mrs. Patrick G. Tullier ‘75 Mr. and Mrs. Peter Tully Mr. and Mrs. Carlos A. Turner Jr. Mr. John G. Turner ‘78 and Mr. Jerry G. Fischer Union Pacific Fund For Effective Government UnitedHealth Group Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Underwood ‘97 Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Valluzzo Mr. and Mrs. Chris C. Valluzzo ‘87 Mr. and Mrs. Patrick C. Valluzzo ‘99 Dr. and Mrs. Richard R. Vath Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy M. Vidrine Mr. and Mrs. Duc Vo Mr. and Mrs. Graham Waddill Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Waguespack Mr. and Mrs. Mackie E. Wall III ‘92 Mr. and Mrs. John L. Walters ‘91 Mr. and Mrs. John W. Warrington ‘84 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Wascom Mr. and Mrs. August J. Webber III ‘90 Mr. and Mrs. Dale K. Weiner Mr. and Mrs. Phillip S. Wendell Brother Xavier Werneth, S.C. Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Weston Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Whatley ‘71 Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Williams Mr. and Mrs. Miles B. Williams Sr. ‘79 Williams Community Relations-Matching Gifts Mr. and Mrs. Caleb Williamson Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Willis Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Winston Jr. Milton J. Womack Foundation Fund




in the news as of July 2019



KAY BABIN ’54, President of the Alumni Association in 2004, and his wife Mary celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary of May 30, 2019.

RICK JOHNSON ’77 retired from the US Air Force, spending a total of 37 years, 23 on Active duty as a pilot, 14+ as an Air Force Civilian in Public Affairs. Air Force Vice Chief of Staff Gen. Stephen Wilson pins the Outstanding Civilian Career Service Award onto Richard “Sonic” Johnson, former 14th

1973 Dr. C.J. Richard (left) presented DR. NELSON DALY ’73 with the LA Dental Association Distinguished Service Award. The Distinguished

Triathlons along the Gulf Coast and will be participating in the 2020 Gulf Coast Ironman 70.3 next April. He also had knee replacement surgery in 2013 and lost over 100 lbs. since July 2018. “The brothers taught me that ‘Anything is Possible,’” said Lagattuta.

1984 MICHAEL KENNEDY ‘84 and his company, Komet Amplification were featured on Komet Amplification craft a range of exactingly made and stunning- sounding boutique amps. Read the article at -


Service Award is the highest honor bestowed by the LDA and is given annually to individual members who exemplify the highest standards of professional conduct in dentistry and make extraordinary contributions in organized dentistry and their community. Dr. Daly has been a member of the LDA, the American Dental Association (ADA) and the Greater Baton Rouge Dental Association (GBRDA) for 25 years, and he has been extremely active at all levels.

Flying Training Wing Public Affairs chief, during Johnson’s retirement ceremony at the Kaye Auditorium Jan. 25, 2019, on Columbus Air Force Base, Mississippi. Wilson officiated the retirement ceremony.




VINCE LAGATTUTA ’77 won first place in the 60-64 age group at the Opelousas Rotary Sunrise Duathlon

on March 24th 2019. The race was a 2 mile run, 16 mile bike, and 2 mile run. He continues to train and race in

A Brothers of the Sacred Heart School Since 1894

had a son, Michael Paul Von Gruben, born on Sept. 1, 2018.

Christian Keeton, born on April 18, 2019.



JAMES PRESCOTT ’97 recently opened the law firm of James D. Prescott, III LLC. His practice area focus will remain both general business advice/outside general counsel as well as construction and commercial litigation.

1998 BENJAMIN BOUDREAUX ’98 has a new position as CEO of The NeuroMedical Center Clinic in Baton Rouge.

2001 VICTOR BOCKMAN ‘01, Captain, United States Marine Corps, Purple Foxes Squadron, redeployed to Kuwait until October to take on the mission of Special Purpose Marine Air Ground Task Force, Crisis Response, Central Command in support of Operation Inherent Resolve. JOSEPH BOUDREAUX ’01 has a new Position as Lead ARMO Engineering Specialist for Baker Hughes, a GE Company in Lafayette, Louisiana.

been voted BEST PEDIATRIC DENTIST in St. Tammany Parish and the Northshore, LA. This is the third year in a row that Dr. Von Gruben has won the “Best Pediatric Dentist” award. He and his wife Rachel had a son, Alexander David born on February 1, 2019.


MICAH SMITH ’02 and wife, Lauren Regner Smith announce the birth of their first son and future Bear,

JEFF FABRE ’06 is a senior geologist with Chevron working the Kurdistan Region of Iraq in Houston, TX. His second son, Andrew Alan Fabre, was born on September 5, 2018.

2008 SAMUEL KNIGHT ’08 is in Houston as a Field Marketing Representative with athletic footwear brand HOKA ONE ONE. He also qualified for the 2019 Boston Marathon.



GARRETT GIBBENS ‘05 and his wife, Stefania, would like to announce the birth of thier son Grant Gibbens on Janurary 30, 2019.



ALEX BARONICH ’06 - Birth of child: First child, a son. Nicholas Thomas Baronich was born on June 16, 2018 and weighed 6 pounds and 13 ounces.


KOREY HARVEY ’02, has been named Vice President and Deputy General Counsel for Legal, Audit and Administrative Services of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana. He has also been named to Governor John Bel Edwards Protecting Health Coverage in Louisiana Task Force.



FALL 2019

MATTHEW CONGER ’09 completed his Masters in Education, Special Education 6-12 Grade with a 4.0 GPA in December 2018 from Northwestern State. He also accepted a Special Education teaching position and Offensive Line Coaching position at Logansport High School in January 2019.



He and his wife Chelsey had a boy, Fisher Wayne Conger on March 11, 2019. He is pictured with his big sister Amelia Fay Conger.

2010 LUIS F. COLON ’10 is graduating this May from medicine school at Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland and he matched residency in Orthopedic Surgery at University of Tennessee in Chattanooga starting in June. He is graduating with honors.

JOHN MORAIN ’12 is now Center Administrator at Hundred Oaks – Congregation of St. Joseph. He is the first male in this position.

2013 CODY ABSHIRE ’13, a 2018 civil engineering graduate of Louisiana Tech University, interned with POWER Engineers in the summer of 2017. Upon completing his internship, he was offered a full time position once he graduated. Cody now works in POWER’s Fort Worth, Texas office as a transmission

line engineer. MICHAEL KRON ’11 is currently residing in Belin-Beliet, France with his wife, Dr. Anne Fournies-Kron, where he opened a studio in which he creates, designs and builds stained glass art pieces for clients in France and Italy.

2012 CHRISTOPHER ALDRICH ’12 recently obtained a master’s degree in biomedical & molecular sciences research at King’s College London as a Rotary Global Grant scholar in the area of disease research and prevention. He has now accepted a PhD position at Carnegie Mellon University in the field of biomedical engineering.

ADRIAN J. COLON ’14 graduated from LSU in computer science cum laude last May 2018 and he is currently working with Dassault Systèmes as a software consultant for Boeing and is living in Bellevue, WA.

2015 DAVID CARUSO ’15 graduated summa cum laude from LSU in May 2019 receiving a University Medal from the college of science. He earned a bachelor’s degree in biology and will attend LSU School of Medicine in New Orleans in the Fall.


at Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, North Carolina.

NICK GOUGH ’13 married Ashley Nicole McNabb on January 5, 2019. CHRISTIAN KEY ’13, graduated from Missouri State University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Construction Management and a minor in Spanish. He is currently working with G.E. Johnson Construction Company in Colorado Springs, CO as a field engineer.

2014 PFT MAXWELL CONGER ’14 graduated from Marine Corps Recruit Training Parris Island, South Carolina in October 2018. He is currently stationed

A Brothers of the Sacred Heart School Since 1894

KYLE MISTRETTA ’15 is attending LSUNew Orleans School of Medicine to obtain a Medical Degree and Master’s in Public Health.

2016 JOSEPH SOTILE ’16 was elected president of the Tulane Undergraduate Student Government. TRES TURNER ’16 was inducted as the student body Vice President of St. Joseph’s Seminary College for the 2019-20 school year.

2018 CAMERON VICKNAIR ’18 (who is also a 4th Generation CHS Bear) made the University of Alabama’s President’s List for both the Fall 2018 and the Spring 2019 semesters. Cameron is in the Honors College and majoring in Chemical Engineering.

A team of four undergraduate students in the E. J. Ourso College of Business advanced to the southwest regional finals of the CFA Institute Research Challenge, an intercollegiate competition sponsored by the CFA Institute in which leading industry professionals teach business and finance students how to research, write and present a report recommending a “buy,” “sell,” or “hold” position on a publicly traded company. The four students, all undergraduate finance seniors from Baton Rouge, are MATTHEW CRAPANZANO ’15, MICHAEL HUBBELL ’16, BRANDT GREEN ’15 AND SAM CHASTAIN ’16.

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Keep your classmates updated on what you’re up to! If you want your news published in the next issue of Bear Facts, contact Jenny Ridge at or go online at



FALL 2019



Generation Legacies INCOMING 8TH AND 9TH GRADERS

Alex Ainsworth `23, Kurt Ainsworth `96 Ryan Ainsworth `24, Kurt Ainsworth `96 Ryan Alexander `24, David Alexander `88 Matthew Alumbaugh `24, Denny Vicknair `63 Austin Anding `23, Greg Anding `88 Bryce Bergeron `24, Blaine Bergeron `94 James Boudet `23, Bryan Boudet `92 Brock Broussard `23, Jamie Broussard `90 Samuel Chatelain `23, Mike Lamana `64 Jacob Cloessner `23, Jason Cloessner `93 Beau Collins `24, Walter Morales `80

Winston DeCuir III `23, Winston DeCuir Jr. `91 Thomas Dupree `24, William Dupre `46 + Brooks Emonet `23, Scott Emonet`90 Nicholas Fawley `23, Daniel Fawley `93 Luke Gagliano `23, Gordon Gagliano `74 Griffin Gautreau `23, Gavin Gautreau `88 Tyler Guerin `23, Gordon Gagliano `74 Edward Haywood IV `23, Murvyn Boiteaux `34 + Jason Hebert II `23, Jason Hebert `93 Stratton Hinton `24, Jason Hinton `85 Daniel Keaton `23, Danny Keaton `86

A Brothers of the Sacred Heart School Since 1894

Thomas Kleinpeter `24, Thomas Kleinpeter Jr. `65 Luke LaCour `23, August LaCour `55 Logan Lane `23, Matthew Lane `93 Jonathan Lemoine `24, Chad Lemoine `92 Nolan Levy `23, Thomas Nolan Sr. `55 Connor Lynch `23, Robert Lynch `88 Hudson Matthews `23, Mark Matthews `92 Hunter McIntire `23, Ronald McIntire `90 Jack McKay `23, Johnny Mckay `91 Russell McKnight `23, Guy Lato `64 + Mark Mills `23, David Mills Sr. `84

Aidan Moreau `23, Alvin Charles Moreau III `92 Mitchel Munson `23, John Munson `84 Andrew Patin `23, Jeff Patin `89 Joseph Patin `23, Jeff Patin `89 Joseph Peak `23, Joseph Myhand `29 + Jean-Paul Perrault `24, Jean-Paul Perrault `87 Mason Prochaska `24, Tommy Prochaska `92 Michael Salmon II `23, Wesley Salmon `91 Tyler Schexnaydre `23, Michael Schexnaydre `64 Greyson Sellers `24, Maxwell Sellars `95 Kaleb Shanklin `23, Kendrick Shanklin `98

Matias Shaw `23, Hiram Hebert `27 Brennan Sonnier `23, Scott Sonnier `92 Christian Sonnier `24, Scott Sonnier `92 Jude Sonnier `23, Scott Sonnier `92 John Walters Jr. `23. John Walters Sr. `91 James Weber `23, Michael Weber `92 Jackson Whitlow `24, Stephen Whitlow `85 Lance Zimmerman `24, Robert Zimmerman III `00 Charlie Williamson `23, Chuck Williamson `92 Christian Worley `24, Brandon Worley `94


FALL 2019



Hayden Blanchard `24, Gordon Blanchard Jr. `90, Gordon Blanchard Sr. `64 + Harrison Boudreaux `23, Zach Bourdreaux `93, Henri Boudreaux `67 Brennan Coco `24, Joey Coco `95, Eric Vicknair `75, Greg Brandao `73 Christian Gomez `23, Corey Gomez `85, Elmo Gomez Jr. `61 Daniel Hannie `23, Patrick Hannie `86, James Hannie `52 + Sean LeBlanc `24, Thomas Melancon `82, Clarence Melancon `42 + Reed Loup `23, Randall Loup `87, Raymond Loup `62 Justin Maylon `23, John Wintz III `63, John Wintz Jr. `35 + Luke Nola `23, Paul Nola `90, Mike Nola `62, Carter Schmitt `23, Phil Schmitt`91, William Schmitt `37 + Michael Sutton `23, Edward Sutton `93, Edward Mansur `36 Charles Tramonte `23, Jarrod Tramonte `93, Joseph Tramonte `61 A Brothers of the Sacred Heart School Since 1894

Note: Legacy information is provided by famillies during the application process. Not every legacy listed is represednted in the photographs.


Generation Legacies




FALL 2019


Walter Anderson `23, Michael Anderson `95, Mike Anderson `69, Louis Fasullo `39 + Patrick Cangelosi `23, Randy Cangelosi `87, Robert Cangelosi `57, Roe Cangelosi `23 + Van Mayhall IV `24, Van Mayhall III `92, Van Mayhall Jr. `64, Van Mayhall Sr. `37 +

A Brothers of the Sacred Heart School Since 1894


Generation Legacies



FALL 2019




Generation Legacies INCOMING 8TH AND 9TH GRADERS

Owen Fourrier `23, Bradley Fourrier `93, Michel Fourrier `69, Lawrence Fourrier `26, and J.D. Lawrence Fourrier

A Brothers of the Sacred Heart School Since 1894

NOV. 17, 2019 This unique event showcases the talents of the Baton Rouge culinary and beverage community while bringing together hundreds of supporters of Catholic High School. Last year’s event featured more than 30 food and beverage vendors. Restaurants, Caterers and other Vendors wishing to participate, contact Brian W. Hightower `97 at



More than 300 alumni, family members, friends, faculty and staff of CHS attended The CHS Alumni Homecoming Tailgate on October 11 at Memorial Stadium despite the bad weather. The event featured food cooked by the CHS Men’s Club, music by Russ Joffrion, an inflatable for the kids and more. The Grizzly Greats were honored before kick-off with the newest class of Grizzly Greats being introduced which included: Peter Couhig `90, David DiVincenti `70, Coach Gerry Garidel, and Brad Hernandez `96.


FALL 2019


ALUMNI Past Head Coaches in Attendance, Left to right – Barrett Murphy ‘55, Stephen Messonier, Mack Faul, Kenny Spellman, Tommy Prochaska ‘92

The Catholic High School Wrestling Team celebrated its 50-year anniversary on January 26, 2019.

Wrestling alumni attended the City Meet in the gym and cheered the current Bears on to the school’s 30th City Championship! That evening, more than 130 wrestling alumni were honored at a cocktail reception, including former coaches who were instrumental in building the program. In addition, there was a special recognition for the first CHS Wrestling Coach, Barrett Murphy ’55.

Pitured from left to right – Glen Randow, Horace Crochet ‘92, Trey Pinegar ‘00

Catholic High School celebrated 100 Years of CHS Basketball on February 15 and 16, 2019. The weekend started as past players and coaches were honored at halftime of the CHS varsity basketball game on Friday night. Saturday started with a 3 on 3 tournament featuring CHS basketball alumni from the class of 1965 all the way up to 2018. Saturday night, former coaches were honored at a cocktail reception with more than 100 Basketball Alumni.

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50 Year Reunion for the class of 1969, hosted by the CHS Office of Alumni Relations On May 4, 2019, the CHS Office of Alumni Relations hosted the 50 Year Reunion in the Gym. In addition to celebrating the 50 year class, the class of 1969, the

following classes were recognized: 1959, 1954, 1949, and 1944. More than 160 people attended and enjoyed a wonderful meal prepared by the CHS Men’s Club and Piccadilly (under the direction of Mr. David Fleischbein). Thank you to all who attended and for the volunteers who worked the event from the Alumni Association Board of Directors and the Men’s Club.

A Grand Reunion for the Classes of ’79, ’89, ’99 and ’09. Catholic High School welcomed more than 100 CHS alumni and their families for the Grand Reunion honoring the classes of ’79, ’89, ’99 and ’09 on Saturday, July 20. The event included face painting, balloon twisting, inflatables and campus tours by current CHS students. Special thanks to the CHS Men’s Club for grilling hamburgers and hot dogs for those in attendance. 51


FALL 2019


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THE 2019 CHS FISHING RODEO WAS A TREMENDOUS SUCCESS! Thanks to the record number of anglers, including CHS Alumni and current students, who supported Catholic High School at this year’s event. The Rodeo would not have been possible without our sponsors, especially our title sponsor, Cajun Ready Mix. Thank you to the CHS Alumni Association Board of Directors and the CHS Fishing Rodeo Committee led by chairman, Joey Coco `95.

This year’s Rodeo was dedicated in Memory of Jacob Meek `17.

The Office of Alumni



Relations would like to thank the following sponsors for their support of the 2019


CHS Fishing Rodeo. This year’s event raised $68,000 for the new

Mr. and Mrs. Ross Campesi ’97

student center. SPECIES SPONSORS Bateman Law Firm Buquet & LeBlanc Cangelosi Ward Charles Carter Construction Coastal Urgent Care Faulk & Meek Iberia Bank Jay Giblin Foundation Law Office of James D. Prescott, III Louis Mechanical Lyons Specialty Co., LLC Milton J. Womack, Inc. GRIZZLY SPONSORS John Ballance Couyon’s BBQ Keepa Outdoors Mark Matthews AIA G.T. Michelli Co.

BRUIN SPONSORS Ad-Venture Silk Screen Assurance Financial Crevalle Boats Evans Investment Advisors FMM Greg Flores Construction Our Lady of the Lake RMC Progressive Insurance Ryan Perry DDS Star Service

FOOD AND BEVERAGE SPONSORS Bart Gremillion with Louisiana Pest Control Baton Rouge Coca Cola Catering Cajun Culinary Productions Keepa Outdoors Mockler Beverage Stinky’s Fish Camp




FALL 2019





CHS Alumni Association Hosts The 30th Annual CHS Golf Classic The Catholic High School Alumni Association held the 30th Annual CHS Golf Classic on Friday, October 4, 2019, at Santa Maria Golf Course. A great day of golf was enjoyed by 136 golfers, including 65 alumni of CHS. The $50,000 raised will support the Capital Campaign for the new Student Center currently under construction.


Lunch was provided by Izzo’s Illegal Burrito and Lit Pizza and food and beverages on the course by Baton Rouge Coca Cola, Mockler Beverage, CHS Men’s Club, Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits, Lincoln Builders, Phil’s Oyster Bar & Seafood Restaurant, Cajun Ready Mix, City Pork Brasserie & Bar, Steven Brooksher `00, with State Farm, and Our Mom’s Restaurant & Bar. Dinner was provided by Adrian’s Restaurant & Bar.

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FALL 2019



CHS Archives

Treasures of the Past

Belt with SVA buckle owned by the late Ed Picou Sr. ’26 Donated by Ed Picou Jr. ’49

CHS 1957-1958 Handbook Donated by C. Gerald Harrison ’59

SVA Felt Letters Donated by Bill Benedetto ’59

1973 Bruin Donated by Carol Bonnecaze

To donate an item from the past to the CHS Archives, contact Margie Alexander at or 225.381.9114. A Brothers of the Sacred Heart School Since 1894


THERE ARE MANY special occasions during our lives when we choose to memorialize or honor in a special way those we hold dear. The following are acknowledged for their gifts to Catholic High School from June 8, 2018 through October 21, 2019. in honor or memory of loved ones. Please remember these alumni and friends, as well as their families, in your prayers.

Memorial Gifts Mr. Hayden T. Blanchard Jr. ‘51 Ms. Kathryn C. Dubus

Mr. and Mrs. Dudley J. Couvillon Mr. and Mrs. Herbert J. Bell Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Randall J. Ellis Sr. ‘65

Mr. L. Mark Gremillion Mr. Seth Kaplan Mr. and Mrs. David Thompson

Brother Elliot J. Couvillon, SC ‘46 Mr. Robert A. Bogan Jr. ‘43

Mrs. Susie A. Gremillion

Mr. Milton Todd III

Dr. and Mrs. William C. Mayer ‘82

Ms. Mary Lou James Mr. William Cromwell

Mrs. Eugene Bologna

Mr. James W. Jolly Sr. ‘42

Ms. Mary Lou James

Ms. Mary Lou James

Mr. and Mrs. James W. Jolly Jr. ‘75 Mr. Frank J. Culotta Jr. ‘59

Mr. Eugene M. Bologna ‘69 Ms. Mary Lou James

Mr. and Mrs. J. Pierre Boudreaux Sr. ‘59 Mr. and Mrs. William F. Bourdier Sr. ‘55

Mr. Edmond J. Labat Mr. and Mrs. Errol E. Labat ‘75

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Dolese ‘80 Mr. Frank M. Bologna ‘45 Ms. Mary Lou James

Mr. and Mrs. F. Richard Donaldson Mrs. Janet Hearin

Ms. Nancy P. Herin

Mr. and Mrs. B. Peter Hirschey ‘59

Mr. Patrick O. McCarron ‘93

Mrs. Maria P. Bologna Ms. Mary Lou James

Mrs. Marta H. McCarron

Mr. Robert L. McCarron Jr. Mr. Pierce W. Dammers

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. McCarron III ‘89

Mr. and Mrs. John C. Connolly

Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy M. Vidrine

Ms. Gloria Breaux Ms. Mary Lou James

Mr. Denver R. Denison ‘16

Mr. Jacob M. Meek ‘17

Mr. E. Michael Willis ‘11

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph F. Alexander

Mr. Samson Breen Ms. Mary Lou James

Mr. and Mrs. William C. Baird Jr. Mr. Stewart L. Dietrich ‘40

Mr. and Mrs. J. Pierre Boudreaux Sr. ‘59

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy W. Dietrich Mr. Benjamin C. Brown ‘99 Dr. and Mrs. William F. Hagemann Ms. Brenda LeBoeuf Mr. Richard A. Campbell Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Campbell III ‘95 Reverend Clair M. Cazayoux, SJ ‘47 Mr. and Mrs. Louis W. McHardy Sr. ‘47

Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Cullen Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Mark T. Emonet ‘87

Mr. P. Ryan Esnard ‘97

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur E. Faulk III

Mr. and Mrs. W. David Butler

Mr. and Mrs. David A. Faulk ‘88 Mr. and Mrs. Edward Francis

Mr. Robert N. Ferachi ‘84

Mr. and Mrs. John T. Meek II ‘87

Mr. and Mrs. John Sims III

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin S. Vaughan ‘87 Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Vaughan ‘94

Ms. Julie Fresina

Vaughan Roofing and Sheet Metal, LLC

Ms. Mary Lou James

Ms. Connie Jordan


FALL 2019


Mrs. N. Kay Mese

Mr. and Mrs. Randolph J. Bonnecaze ‘65

Mr. Charles F. Brousseau ‘75

Mr. and Mrs. Marvin E. Borgmeyer

Mr. Eric S. Smith ‘79 Ms. Carol Smith

Mrs. Rose S. Brian and Ms. Theresa Saia Mrs. N. Kay Mese

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Cazalot

Mr. Matthew M. Smith ‘18

Mrs. Janet Hearin

CHS Men’s Club

Mr. and Mrs. Bradley J. Caro ‘96

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas J. Nelson ‘79

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Epperson

Class of 2018

Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Norman ‘75

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Fourrier ‘61

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph J. Stephens ‘73

Dr. and Mrs. Stewart T. Gordon ‘82

Mr. Byron M. Monroe ‘91 Mr. and Mrs. John H. Bateman Mr. Philip J. Muscarello Jr. ‘82

Mr. Florent Hardy Jr.

C. M. Miciotto & Son, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel R. Hebert

Mr. and Mrs. Roland L. Fryou ‘56

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Jaques

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Nugent

Mr. Alvin Kimble

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph J. Stephens ‘73

Lamana Enterprises

Ms. Lisa Boutwell

Mr. and Mrs. J. Michael Lamana ‘64

Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Hobgood

Dr. and Mrs. John K. Legleu Jr. ‘67 Dr. Rick Martin

Mr. Linton J. W. Naquin III ‘87

Mr. and Mrs. C. Wally McMakin

Mr. and Mrs. Linton J. Naquin Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Piper Mr. and Mrs. Jimmie D. Powell

Mr. Jeffrey D. Nola ‘94

Mr. Charles L. Rogers

Mrs. Louise Kilshaw

Mrs. Theresa Saia

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel J. Terito Jr.

Ms. Michele Sulzer Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Thibodeaux

Mrs. Sharon Patton

Mr. and Mrs. Rudy C. Valenciano

Ms. Mary Lou James

Mr. Stanford C. Stolzenthaler Jr. ‘45

Mr. Eric J. Vicknair ‘75

Mr. Brian W. Wampold ‘82 Baton Rouge Area Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Stephen N. Carville ‘76 Schwab Charitable Mr. and Mrs. Ralph J. Stephens ‘73 Mr. and Mrs. Milton J. Womack Jr. ‘84 Mr. Frederick B. Weimer Jr. ‘43 Ms. Amanda Harshman Ms. Candace Ribes Young Ms. Mary Lou James

Mr. and Mrs. Lynn J. Webre Jr. ‘53

Mr. John H. Perkins Mr. and Mrs. Chris C. Eldredge ‘98

Mr. Mackie G. Robinson Jr. Ms. Mary Lou James

Mr. Anthony J. Politz Jr. ‘53 Ms. Mary Barber

Mr. Edgar Joseph Ruiz Jr. ‘53

Ms. Patti Blanchard

Mr. and Mrs. Keith J. Ruiz ‘76

Mrs. Margaret Bologna

Honorary Gifts Mrs. Margie Alexander Mr. and Mrs. Robert Riché Mr. Walter M. Ball III ‘19 Ms. Kathryn C. Dubus Mr. Thomas D. Bofinger ‘20 Mr. and Mrs. George W. Bofinger III

Mr. Bailey H. Brown ‘16 Mr. and Mrs. William Brown Mr. Hayden C. H. Brown ‘21 Mr. and Mrs. William Brown Mr. Benjamin M. Brumfield ‘19 Ms. Andrea Walker

Mr. Houston K. Carley ‘19 Mr. and Mrs. Jim Purgerson CHS Class of 1973 Endowed Scholarship Mr. and Mrs. James G. Arbour ‘73 Mr. William R. Conger ‘21 Mr. and Mrs. O. William O’Quin

A Brothers of the Sacred Heart School Since 1894

Honorary Gifts Brother Eldon Crifasi, SC ‘39

Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Hebert Jr. ‘64

The Vision 21 Foundation

Mr. Dixon W. McMakin ‘05

Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. McCowan Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Steve E. Hatcher Mr. and Mrs. C. Wally McMakin

Mr. Cameron J. Crochet ‘21

Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Kitchell

Mrs. Eva Crochet

Mr. Donald G. Scully III ‘23

Dr. and Mrs. Christopher M. Funes ‘89

Mr. and Mrs. Worth Prescott Mr. and Mrs. Horace P. Crochet Jr. ‘92

Brother Noel Lemmon, SC

Mrs. Eva Crochet

Dr. and Mrs. Williams D. Wall IV

Mr. G. Dale Lemmon ‘52

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph J. Stephens ‘73 Dr. and Mrs. Ronaldo Funes

Mr. and Mrs. James Magette

Dr. and Mrs. Christopher M. Funes ‘89

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Raley

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Galliano

Mr. Mason A. McClatchey ‘19

Dr. and Mrs. Michael G. Morgan


Mrs. Carita McClatchey

MEMORIAM AS OF JUNE 21, 2019, the following alumni and friends of CHS have passed away since the last issue of Bear Facts. Please remember them and their families in your prayers. Frank Leon Ancona ‘55

Myrtis Leblanc Giroir

Anthony J. “A.J.” Politz Jr. ‘53

Lillian Zeringue Audiffred

John Kaiser ‘50

Maxwell Gerald “Mackie” Robinson Jr.

Robert James “Jim” Atkin Jr. ‘54

Albert Dupuy Kidd ‘43

William Trower Russell ‘50

Hayden Thomas Blanchard Jr. ‘51

Frederick Gatz Landry ‘50

Eric Stephen Smith ‘79

Robert A. Bogan Jr. ‘43

Ronald J. “Ron” Landry Sr. ‘47

Stanford C. “Stan” Stolzenthaler Jr. ‘45

Joseph P. Brantley

Jacob Matthew Meek ‘17

Jefferson Thomas Tessier ‘43

Marion J. Cangelosi ‘43

Kay Page Mese

Brian Ward Wampold ‘82

Francis Trudeau Cazayoux, MD ‘48

Joseph John “Joe Boy” Miceli ‘62

Frederick B. Weimer Jr. ‘43

Frank Joseph Culotta , Jr. ‘59

Coleman Hannon Montero ‘46

Donation made by Nancy Suarez in memory of her deceased husband Doyle J. Suarez Jr. ’40.



FALL 2019

Sports in the

BY DAVID BUTLER ’77 As Pete Boudreaux ’59 thumbed through a folder containing meet results and newspaper clippings from the 1977 track season, he stopped when he came to a clipping from the 1977 regional meet. Glancing at the photograph his face showed emotion clearly suggesting a deeper significance than one would anticipate from a track meet forty-two years ago. Boudreaux then stopped, saying:

“This was perhaps the most anguished moment in my coaching career.” The clipping showed two of his runners, John Hollowell ’77 and Paul Rhorer ’77 finishing the one-mile run in the regional track meet. Boudreaux recalled: “Clarence Powers from Plaquemine was probably going to win the race and go to state. Only the top two finishes qualified for the state meet. Going into the regional meet I knew we would be fighting for the second spot, but I had no idea we would be battling each other. As they entered the last lap Paul Rhorer and John Hollowell were competing for the last qualifying spot. I became a mixed bag of emotions. Then with half lap to go they were running shoulder to shoulder.” Boudreaux continued, “I suddenly realized one was going to be elated and one was going to be totally destroyed. I asked myself, ‘How do you handle this as a coach?’”

As the race played out Rhorer and Hollowell continued racing shoulder to shoulder with Rhorer edging out Hollowell at the finish, 4:30.2 to 4:30.4. Boudreaux is not sure whom he went to first, but feels it was probably John Hollowell. He knew Paul Rhorer would be okay. As to the significance of this race, Boudreaux stated: “This was a life lesson for me. I now tell the kids the only thing we guarantee is that if you put in the work you will get better. This is one of those things that stuck with me forever. The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat are both strong emotions at the opposite ends of the spectrum.”

A Brothers of the Sacred Heart School Since 1894

Our founders made us heirs of their devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. And so Christ, in his mystery of love, holds first place in our life as Brothers of the Sacred Heart. He is our reference point and the center of our motivations, just as he is the very principle of our total self-offering and of our apostolic action. (Rule of Life 112) Through our community life we wish to show that Christ is already gathering his people into one Church. Our search to grow in love by embracing the evangelical counsels makes us a sign in the Church, a living reminder to all people of the need for conversion of heart, Christian friendship, and universal brotherhood. (Rule of Life 5)

Our apostolic life flows from a movement of love toward God and neighbor. As members of an institute devoted to Christian education, especially that of children and youth, we have the specific responsibility of giving them a holistic human formation in the perspective of their eternal destiny. We participate in this mission through whatever function obedience assigns to us. (Rule of Life 149)

The world may not be calling you to become a Brother of the Sacred Heart, but maybe God is! If you’re not already committed, why not consider life as a Brother of the Sacred Heart? Let’s talk.


Brother Paul Montero, S.C.


FALL 2019

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CHS Parents: If your son no longer lives at home, please send us his new address. If you also wish to receive Bear Facts, please phone 225.389.0978 and let us know. Thank you.

THE MISSION of Catholic High School is to teach Gospel values in an environment of academic excellence according to Catholic tradition and the spirit of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart.

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Bear Facts - Fall 2019  

Bear Facts - Fall 2019