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As told by Charlie Moon, Development

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 kids walked in with the former client of Harbor House. All the kids were clean, smiling and polite. They had on cute clothes, cute shoes and they were just dripping with cute! This visit to Harbor House was very different than the first time they visited. Then: worried, anxious, homeless, battered and scared. Now: Employed. Independent. Recently moved into a house. And she smiled. The mom told me, “I’m happier than I’ve ever been.” I introduced myself and told the mom I was the auctioneer at Cruise Night. Her nine year-old daughter helped raise money when we sold pictures at the end of the live auction. I asked the mom what she would like the people who donated money to know. Her answer was quick and decisive. “I want them to know their money helps people like me have a better life. The people at Harbor House changed my life.”

And then she smiled. The mother is young, has six kids, a full-time second-shift job and a house to take care of---and she’s happy. “I can’t remember a time when I’ve been this happy.” Continued inside...


When I asked, “How did the people at Harbor House change your life?” again with no delay in answering she stated, “they gave me the support I needed to change.” And then “I want them to know their money helps she smiled. As she looked around the room where six people like me have a better life. The people little kids were playing she said “I’m always busy, there’s at Harbor House changed my life.” always something to do. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love being the mom to all these babies.”


Smiles Make a Difference at Harbor House


Photo credit to Dale Kreebs

Smiles Make a Difference Cont... As we visited she told me that the abuse had started about six years ago. There finally came a time when she decided to get some help. She struggled to find the words to explain the difference the staff at Harbor House made in her life. She apologized for the tears and said again, “they gave me the support I needed”. And then she smiled. When the mom told the kids they were going to see their favorite person in the world, the three year-old said “Jessica”? And when Jessica, the staff member (that the adults meet with at Harbor House) walked in the room the conversations and the drawing and the game-playing came to an end. The children lined up to hug Jessica and the others that came to say their hellos.

Grandma Martha Celebrates


as a Foster Grandparent

It’s always good to see success stories. This is a success story. And the staff members smiled. Toward the end of our conversation I asked my nine year-old helper what she likes about summer. Very seriously she replied “reading and swimming”. This summer she is reading Dr. Seuss books. When she grows up she would like to be a reading teacher. And then she smiled. How does a mom with six kids under the age of nine hold down a full-time job working second shift? “My brother, and two of my friends watch the kids while I work.” Curious I asked if she had that support system before Harbor House. “No the people at Harbor House helped me figure that out”. And then she smiled. Yes, as a benefit auctioneer, I entertain the crowd, have fun, raise money and hope what I do makes a difference. When I see and experience the difference the staff at Harbor House makes in the lives of those less fortunate I know the money we raise makes a difference. And then I smile. Let’s keep Wichita smiling and help people have a better life. Please make a financial contribution to Catholic Charities. You will make a difference in their lives. And then you’ll smile.

ART Speaks Louder than Words. This artwork represents the “Soul of a Survivor”. Art can speak louder than words. In this photo you see the face of a life lost to domestic violence. You see a child’s current struggle with moving forward and you see her hopes for a better future. Her mother is a survivor. Her siblings are survivors. She is a survivor.

Longtime Volunteer Starting a New Chapter Thiên Vu, who has volunteered at Catholic Charities for more than four years, is set to start a new chapter in life as a doctor at the University of Kansas School of Medicine. Vu said that at the time he started at the agency he was trying to gain more clinical exposure in psychology while also looking for ways to be more involved in the community.

George Sevick and Thiên Vu

He said he chose Catholic Charities because of its mission. “I chose Catholic Charities because of their Catholic background and mission to serve those in poverty.” George Sevick, director of Cana Counseling said Vu came to see what it would be like to work in the mental health field. “Thiên brought his passion for helping people to Cana as a volunteer, and he is taking this experience to pursue a career as a psychiatric doctor so he can help even more people”. Vu said there are many memorable moments in his time with Cana Counseling, including being able to sit in on a play therapy session, celebrating with cupcakes on one of his birthdays and decorating the Christmas tree for the lobby of St. Joseph Pastoral Center. He will begin at KU this month and hopes to be able to serve an organization like Catholic Charities once he completes his residency. “I want to help underserved populations,” Vu said. “I want to thank everyone at Cana Counseling for the opportunities they have given me, and I will miss them!”

Beta Fish Helps Educate and Entertain Children in Shelter By Jamie Aumiller Case Manager at St. Anthony Family Shelter

I was gifted a beautiful Beta fish for my 40th birthday. Some say he just makes them feel good because he is There were two problems; where to put him and what to name always willing to lend a gill, whether it be for fashion advice, him. I realized that my pets at what to do for dinner or if you have had home wouldn’t take too kindly to a rough day and need to let off steam. It is difficult to find someone who is an addition to the family, and the We don’t have to go far to find research non judgmental, gives you time to speak your only way to come up with a name that supports how keeping and caring mind and never interrupts what you are saying. was to let the children in the for pets is beneficial. shelter name him. The children agreed that when watching him One of the bonuses is that he swim around his home with his bright colors, the only fitting presents an opportunity for a reward. Feeding Galaxy is a name was Galaxy. coveted event. Adults, though, can be a bit sneaky, sometimes dropping an extra pinch of food here and there. I haven’t heard Galaxy quickly settled into his home with a view of Galaxy complain about this... everything in the office. One of his favorite activities is having the children read to him. Galaxy’s other past time is supervising the child architects as they engineer their Lego creations. The Q & A with Galaxy only thing he doesn’t seem to like are the dinosaur toys. Q: What’s your favorite food? Whether it is natural or something Galaxy grew into, he Galaxy: Beta color enhancing food meal worms. Anything that I has become a social fixture, receiving visitors from our agency can convince someone to drop in the tank! through the week. When parents need to focus on interaction with myself, Galaxy keeps the children company, entertains Q: What’s your favorite past time? them and encourages good behavior. Galaxy: The children reading to me. My favorites are Dr. Seuss books, “The Way I feel” and “Pet the Cat”. Clients, staff and volunteers alike have realized Mr. Galaxy’s knack as a keen listener. It is difficult to find someone who is Q: What is your main job? non judgmental, gives you time to speak your mind and never Galaxy: To listen, lend a gill, comfort and support anyone who interrupts what you are saying. passes my way. I really have the best job!

Adult Day Services Update Adult Day Services is at it again spreading love with ICT Rocks. They have hidden several at the Keeper of the Plains, Sedgwick County Park and Riverside. Tag us on Facebook when you find them! Arrowhead West, a sister program assisting with children and adults with developmental disabilities, is wanting to get in on the fun! Clients at ADS will be painting rocks and delivering them to the clients at Arrowhead West to hide around town. A huge thank you to Fr. Derek Thome for stopping by to bless our newest bus addition.

Community Cares St. Thomas Aquinas Parish hosted a “Flash Food Drive” to benefit Our Daily Bread Food Pantry.

Sara’s Story By Charlie Moon, Development When the leaves changed this past autumn, the abuse Sara endured changed as well. She had no car. She had kids to protect. She was scared to stay and scared to go. The abuse got to the point that Sara called the Harbor House Hotline at (316) 263-6000. After a safe night’s sleep Sara met with an advocate. The kids had a big breakfast. Starting over can be overwhelming. Having help makes the difference. While Sara was frozen in fear the experienced advocate navigated the choppy waters to help her learn new skills and build a better life for her family. The staff at Harbor House: • Contacted Wichita Driving School that assisted Sara in getting a driver’s license.

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Second Graders celebrated their First Communion by dropping off donations for the shelter programs.

• Raised money for child care and classes for Sara’s new direction in life.

Thank you Via Christi for the furniture donation to Adult Day Services!

• Referred Sara to a Cars for the Poor contact who assisted in getting a car. When you support Catholic Charities and the work we do at Harbor House you support improving the lives of those less fortunate.

We couldn’t do it without you. If you’d like to learn more about the work we do or how you can be part of our mission, please contact me. My cell phone number is (316) 990-9945. Call or text me. Thank you for your continued support.

Celebrating 75 years...

Stroll to Prevent Domestic Violence was a huge success! Proceeds benefited Harbor House, Mary Kay Foundation and Hope Ranch

1992 Downtown Center for Adults opened 1975 with 18 clients - currently serving on average 90 disabled adults and seniors a day as Adult Day Services.


“Catholic Charities Bureau” was established by Bishop C.H. Winklemann focusing on the care and placement of children for adoption.



Foster Grandparent Program was established to help special needs children with low-income seniors. To date the program has donated hundreds of thousands of hours to the community.

June 2, 2018

WENDY GLICK Executive Director


Grant will allow Wichita Catholic Charities to connect to Pittsburg office Catholic Charities counselors in Wichita will soon be assisting clients in Pittsburg face to face – electronically.

Southeast Kansas Service program director Casey Brown said the telecommunication equipment is HIPPA compliant.

Southeast Kansas Services at Catholic Charities received a $47,058 grant Tuesday, May 15, to establish a telecommunications center to provide Catholic Charities services to Pittsburg clients from Wichita.

Services provided at SEK Catholic Charities’ offices, located in the Wesley House in Pittsburg, include Cana Counseling for family and married couples; Supportive Services for Veteran

The telecommunication equipment at both sites will be installed and will be operational by the middle of July as a result of the grant from the Leon V. and Dorothy M. Skubitz Foundation.

Families which help keep veterans and their families housed; and a program for people who are victims of abuse called the SAFE Project which focuses on safety planning, responsible parenting and healthy relationships. Other services include mental health counseling and financial literacy.

“We are honored to be the recipients of this year’s Skubitz Family Grant in support of our work to improve the lives of those living in Crawford County,” said Wendy Glick, Executive Director of Catholic Charities. “With this support we are able to bring a menu of services to those in need in the area that otherwise were not easily accessible.”

Mr. and Mrs. Skubitz, longtime Pittsburg residents, left their estate in trust with BMO Harris Bank to create a foundation that would award annual grants to be used exclusively for charitable purposes, with strong preference given to Crawford County, Kansas.

NEW Immigration Services Hours Immigration Services is now open on Thursdays until 7:00 P.M. by appointment only. Abiertos ahora los jueves hasta las 7 de la noche solamente con citas.

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#PurpleThursdayICT came to fruition. The social campaign has spread the dangers and warning signs of domestic violence to the Wichita community. Now partnering with over 12 businesses, the word is spreading!



St. Anthony Family Shelter, a program for homeless Catholic Charities is now families, held its ground breaking ceremony with Maura celebrating 75 years of making and Bob Geist and Bishop Michael Jackels in attendance. a difference in the Wichita The building is dedicated as the Bob and Mara Geist Building. Community.

Christina Ricke, K•Coe Isom Jason Searl, Management Consultant


Andrew Thengvall, Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers Mary Jane Wooten, Wesley Medical Center






Celebrating 75 years of serving CHILDREN and FAMILIES


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J U LY 2 5


5 : 3 0 P. M . - 8 : 0 0 P. M .

D I S T I L L E R Y 2 4 4 O L D TOW N 2 4 4 N . M O S L E Y S T.


W I C H I TA , K S 6 7 2 0 2

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