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In Poland the Christmas trees are decorated with glass baubles, garlands and many homemade ornaments. At the top of each tree there is a star or a glittering tree topper.

Christmas Eve is a day first of fasting, then of feasting. The Christmas Eve Supper begins at the Appearance of the first star. there is no red meat served but fish, usually carp. The supper, which includes many traditional dishes and desserts.

Traditional dishes and desserts: beetroot soup served clear with ravioli; a stew, called bigos is a combination of cabbage,mushrooms and beans; boiled cabbage leaves stuffed with onion and rice served with a mashroom sauce; very traditional small white Dumplings filled with sauerkraut with mushrooms; traditional delicious fat cheese cake; a poppy seed cake.

The supper begins with the breaking of the opłatek-a thin wafer into which a holy picture is pressed. Everyone at the table breaks off a piece and eats it as a symbol of their unity with Christ. They then share a piece with each family member.

Christmas Eve ends with Pasterka, the Midnight Mass at the local church.

In Poland people sing pastorals and Christmas carols. Every year we organise a school competition for children.

Nativity play (Jaselka or Herody) by children.

Christmas in Poland by Joanna Mazurek  

How people in Poland celebrate Christmas