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Issue 01 2016

MICHAEL EVAN LEWIS (1946–1953, OC 1946 – 1953) Whilst at Caterham, Mike won a scholarship to read Natural Sciences at Christ’s College Cambridge (1954 to 1957) and rowed for Christ’s College. He was awarded a bachelor’s and a master’s degree. Mike was born in Caterham, Surrey on 26 September 1935 and died on the fifth of March 2016, aged 80. Mike was the eldest of three brothers. His younger brothers both attended Caterham School: John (OC 1951 – 1958) and Rob (OC 1958 – 1967). Mike would have experienced the rigours and rationing of a post war education, which will be unimaginable to current pupils! Mike appreciated being taught Maths by ‘Chick’ Foister, and would fondly remember the mental arithmetic games that ‘Chick’ Foister would play with the class. After graduating, Mike remained in Cambridge to carry out research but switched to studying to become an Actuary whilst working in London at Guardian Royal Exchange and Noble Lowndes. After qualifying as an Actuary, Mike joined and became a partner at Pember & Boyle, City stockbrokers. His brother John (OC 1951 – 1958) also became an Actuary, becoming a partner at Philips & Drew, also City stockbrokers. They were one of the few sets of brothers to become Actuaries. Mike lived in Warlingham and then moved to Caterham-on-the-Hill, and followed the progress of Caterham School with interest. Mike enjoyed opera (making the pilgrimage to Bayreuth), classical music and holidaying on the English and Welsh canals and in France, Scotland and particularly in Cardigan in Wales with his partner Sheila, whom Michael married on 26 February 2016.

PHILIP LEE-KELLAND Mike was a Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries, a Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society, a Founder Liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Actuaries and a Freeman of the City of London. Robert Lewis (OC 1958 – 1967), brother of Michael Lewis

(OC – 2006) Philip Lee-Kelland (OC – 2006) died in September 2016. His funeral was held in East Devon Crematorium, Exeter, on Thursday 1 September 2016. The Phil Lee-Kelland Scholarship has been set up at Purley Language College, where Philip worked. Details about the scholarship, written by Purley Language College, are below: What is it? The Phil Lee-Kelland Scholarship is an annual award created in September 2016 in memory of our former teacher and friend, Philip Lee-Kelland. Phil taught at Purley Language College from 2010 to 2014 and died in an accident at his family home in Devon in August 2016, aged 28. He was a very popular teacher, known for his big smile and warm, cuddly personality. He was adored by students from many countries. Phil also worked in administration, accommodation, marketing, sales, school and business development, he drafted documentation and led many excursions in London and outside of London. He loved working with his hands and did gardening work and DIY. He was an incredibly creative, versatile, resourceful and proactive employee. He loved creating different activities for students, both in and outside the classroom. He believed that learning should be fun. He was also a deep, reflective, private person. During his time at Purley he also went to teach in Italy and South Korea. Phil loved animals, nature, travel, boats, beer, cheese, languages, and creative writing. How can I take part in this scholarship opportunity? Submit an original piece of work in English as a Word document, PDF, Google Slides, Google Doc, Powerpoint presentation, or similar to thephilscholarship@ by the end of the