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Eviscera Brasilia

Brasilia, Brazil

Eviscera Brasilia Brasilia, Brazil Transportation + Social Nexus Collaborative Design w. Alyssa Johnson and Ana Cardenas

The forces which exist in the built environment are the drivers that shape the form of the Eviscera Brasilia hub. These forces are the need to retain and reinforce continuity between the Axis and a reaction to the

monumental buildings. Rather than try to crowd already monolithic buildings, the form fluidly moved away from these, and filled the spaces created by voids created by absence of others. The Residential Axis was

physically connected through a pedestrian concourse, while the roads were redirected under the building and connected to the roads of the Monumental Axis.

The use of ceramics is widespread in the built environment of Brasilia. It was therefore felt that using a similar material, in order to retain a relationship to the spirit of the site, was important. On

the other hand, the monolithic nature of large-scale ceramics can often be uninviting to the people it is intended for. Thus, experimentation was done to determine how ceramic structures could be created

that simultaneously created space and natural lighting and ventilation through their very form, as well remaining light enough to avoid the alienation caused by other large, ceramic buildings. The findings from

this study led to the design of a set of standardized pieces that could be pre-manufactured and assembled on site.

Eviscera Brasilia is a composition of movement that seeks to reinvigorate public life while creating a new nexus between the Residential and Monumental Axes of Brasilia. The housing complexes of the Residential Axis are plagued by monotony, while the other is peppered with unrelated, geometric forms at a grandiose scale, both of which have been known to cause psychological discomfort. One of the key problems faced by the city’s inhabitants is a lack social contact in public spaces due to lack of accessibility. Eviscera Brasilia, which incorporates several major public transit hubs, actively responds to the problems of disassociation and isolation through the establishment of new connections, positive separations, and the flow that can exist between the two.

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Eviscera brasilia  

Vertical Studio, 2011

Eviscera brasilia  

Vertical Studio, 2011