2020 Spring Newsletter and 2019 Annual Report

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HUNTERVILLE’S RURAL ROOTS Bradford Farm Conservation Easement includes both historic farmland and natural wooded areas.

urd Grier Bradford III (Grier) remembers helping his grandfather tend to chickens and hogs as a little boy. The story of his family’s land, located along Davidson Concord Road in Huntersville, stretches back to 1760. In that year, Great Britain’s King George III gave Grier’s great-great-great-grandfather, David Bradford, a land grant. David moved away from York County, Pennsylvania, and created a homestead much farther south. Catawba Lands Conservancy recently protected 26.5 acres of the Bradford Farm through the acquisition of a conservation easement. Preservation of this property protects the rural nature of the land along McAuley Road, Mecklenburg County’s last remaining gravel road, which runs through some of the most historic agricultural land in the County. “We never wanted this land developed. It’s a beautiful field, and this is a historic road,” Grier said. “I’ve been impressed with Catawba Lands Conservancy and their professionalism. They’re good to their word and have been good to work with. They’re very devoted to their cause.” In 1911, Grier’s great-grandfather, William Bradford, built a general store on the farmland. The store sold farming equipment, groceries, cloth, livestock and a host of other provisions and served as an integral part of Ramah community. William also ran a cotton gin, blacksmith shop and sawmill on the property. His son, Hurd Grier Bradford Sr., operated the store and ran the farm from 1915-1959 while his brothers pursued professional careers after college. His grandson, Grier, reopened the store with his wife, Kim, in 2005 and sold local goods and fresh produce they grew themselves. They also moved the store back from the road, which had been widened over the years. Today the property – including the original general store, a barn built in 1935 and


cabin – is a registered historic landmark with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Historic Landmarks Commission. The family’s Queen-Anne-style farmhouse is also part of the designation and sits across the street from the store. William renovated a four-room, one-story building into a spacious, two-story home with two gabled rear additions and a wraparound front porch. When Grier and Kim retired in January 2018, they leased the store out to Thomas McLeod, who runs McLeod Organics at the Bradford Store. There shoppers can find everything from organic eggs, grass-fed meats and local cheese to natural makeup, gardening supplies and topsoil. The Bradfords maintain a winter greenhouse growing lettuces, beets, Swiss chard, kale and collard greens to sell. In the summertime, the lineup includes tomatoes, corn, cucumbers, squash and perhaps apples and grapes this year. “We have our own beehives and love selling local honey,” Grier said. “There’s also watermelon, cantaloupes, beans, peas, a little bit of everything.” Protecting this property will expand the 737-acre Ramah Creek Conservation Area, started in 1998 by Frank Bragg who donated

easements on his family land. “In an area like Huntersville that is developing so rapidly, having a large, contiguous area of land that is left natural is pretty rare. It’s also important for maintaining water and air quality, as well as building corridors for wildlife to move without coming up against developed property,” said Sean Bloom, Staff Biologist for CLC. Grier most enjoys the openness and beauty of the land and watching his livestock graze on it. He’s proudly preserving the view for generations to come.

The Bradford Conservation Easement includes historic farmland as well as beautiful natural wooded areas.

Conservation easement boundaries are always clearly marked as protected property.



CLC BOARD CHAIR It’s a new year and there is a tremendous amount of momentum at Catawba Lands Conservancy! Last year we conserved multiple new properties (you can read about each of them on page 5) and reached new milestones: 16,600 acres of land conserved, 160 miles of water frontage protected and 3,700 acres of farmland preserved. We restored native wildflower habitats that sustain our region’s vital pollinators, and we connected over 7,300 people to nature through programs, volunteer workdays and outreach events. Thank you to all of our generous supporters who help us to protect land, water quality, access to green space, wildlife habitats and local farms, and to advance the Carolina Thread Trail. As our region grows rapidly, CLC is working to accelerate the pace of conservation with the aspirational encouragement of our terrific staff led by Executive Director Bart Landess, who encourages all of us to think big. In 2020, we begin discussions with “Wouldn’t it be great if …?” Wouldn’t it be great if we can increase our protection of vital natural areas and contiguous green space as our community flourishes? Wouldn’t it be great if we can conserve 500 acres of crucial wildlife habitat with water quality implications near Lake Wylie? Wouldn’t it be great if we could work with a developer to keep 300 acres of a 1,400acre new development green? Wouldn’t it be great if we can add to the preserved area around Mountain Island Lake so that our water remains clean and plentiful? Spoiler alert – we are working on those specific projects and expect 2020 to be a pivotal KELLY KATTERHAGEN year in our efforts. FOUNDER AND MANAGING PARTNER, We look forward to working with you during BLACKARCH PARTNERS 2020 to ensure that we are good stewards of the natural beauty that surrounds us.


DAVE EDWARDS Each year during Trail Forum, we have the opportunity to highlight an outstanding volunteer who has gone above and beyond to support the Conservancy and/or Thread Trail. In 2019, we were so grateful for the support of over 500 volunteers who helped us advance our shared goal of protecting land and connecting lives to nature, in particular our Volunteer of the Year, Dave Edwards. Dave joined the Thread Trail as a Trail Master last October and immediately dove in, putting in more than 150 hours of volunteer service at workdays, events and programs. In his Trail Master application, he shared that he considers himself to be a “layman” naturalist and that he wants to do what he can to support organizations that seek to protect our natural environments and enrich the opportunities for people to get in touch with nature. Dave said, “If I can share my love of the outdoors with others and hopefully inspire them to think and act differently in developing

a greater appreciation for nature, then I would feel like I’ve made a difference.” We were so proud to honor Dave at our 2019 Trail Forum, and we know his efforts will inspire others in our community to share their passion for the outdoors as well.

Bart Landess - Executive Director Bret Baronak - Director of Carolina Thread Trail Sean Bloom - Biologist and GIS Director Robin Buckler - Finance Director Amanda Byrum - Land Conservation Director Saxby Chaplin - Legal Counsel Jennifer Clark - Communications and Marketing Manager Vanessa Covington - Engagement and Volunteer Manager Alesia DiCosola - Development Director Andy Kane - Stewardship Associate Mark Kincaid - Trail Development Associate Amy Moore - Land Stewardship Associate Charley Orner - Davidson Impact Fellow Jessica Otto - Capital Campaign Manager Tammy Pfaff - Land Protection Paralegal Will Ruark - Trail and Stewardship Coordinator Robin Taylor - Development Associate Jon White - Davidson Impact Fellow Sharon Wilson - Land Stewardship Director



Kelly Katterhagen — Chair Founder and Managing Director, BlackArch Partners

Jonathan Mangels — Vice Chair Partner, Greer Walker

CT Anderson VP, ESG Program Manager, Bank of America

Allan Baucom President of Baucom Services, Inc.

William Blair Director, Strategy, Corporation Development and Investor Relations, EnPro Industries, Inc.

Len Botkin Global Corporate Services, Bank of America

Bill Carstarphen President and COO, Pharr USA

Nathan Clark Dixon Hughes Goodman, LLC

Dan Clodfelter Commissioner, North Carolina Utilities Commission

Tom Gates Attorney, Tilman Thomas Gates, PLC

Phil Kuttner CEO, Little Diversified Architectural Consulting

Katrina Moffett Moffett Restaurant Group

Lud Hodges Senior Vice President, Crescent Communities

Jim Hovis Attorney at Law, Moore & Van Allen, PLLC

Tommy Lee President, Appian Textiles

John Mader Vice President, Director of Connections, Wray Ward

Julianne McCollum Principal, Yellow Duck Marketing

Bill Mumford Community Leader

Compie Newman Managing Director, CBRE

Scott Phillips

Carolina Thread Trail Volunteer and Engagement Coordinator Vanessa Covington with Volunteer of the Year Dave Edwards during Trail Forum.

Senior Vice President of Acquisitions, Lat Purser and Associates

Steven Scruggs Director of Research and Senior Portfolio Manager, Bragg Financial Advisors

Chris Walker Attorney, Alexander Ricks PLLC.

Shawn Wilkerson

WELCOME NEW CLC BOARD MEMBERS! • Allan Baucom, President, Baucom Services, Inc., Monroe • Phil Kuttner, CEO, Little, Charlotte • Chris Walker, Attorney, Alexander Ricks, PLLC, Charlotte • Shawn Wilkerson, President, Wildlands Engineering, Inc., Charlotte


President, Wildlands Engineering

CONTACT 4530 Park Road • Suite 420 • Charlotte, N.C. 28209 Info@catawbalands.org • 704-342-3330 catawbalands.org


GOVERNING BOARD Lat Purser - Chair CEO, Lat Purser & Associates

Shuford Abernethy President, Abingdon Glen Village

William B. Allen President, Republic Crane

Tim Belk Former CEO & Chairman, Belk, Inc.

Blair Boggs Chief Revenue Officer, Driven Brands

Delane Clark Physical Therapist, Shining Hope Farms

Jarred Cochran Director, Wells Fargo Securities

Sally Daley Former Executive Director, Girl Scouts Hornets Nest Council

Jennifer DeWitt Program Officer, The Leon Levine Foundation

Dr. Michael Goodman Wake Forest Baptist Health, Assistant Professor

Dehler Hart President, Springland Inc.

Leslie Johnson HR Executive, Bank of America

Kelly Katterhagen Managing Director, BlackArch Partners

Jim Lawton Community Leader

Christine Li Wells Fargo, Head of Corporate Market Risk Oversight

Dana Maness


CTT BOARD CHAIR As the Greater Charlotte area continues to grow and urbanize, the Carolina Thread Trail continues to connect people to nature and each other. Science has shown walking, cycling and being in nature offers many more health benefits than the same form of activities inside or along the sidewalks and streets of an urban environment. Since the early 1980s, the Japanese have led this initiative and call this forest bathing. Their studies and now many in the U.S. are showing the benefits of being connected to nature. In short, the scents, sounds and feel of being with nature allows us to de-stress and balance ourselves in a way which technology cannot. The CTT team will add more than 20 miles of trails this year which will bring the total miles of Thread Trail to over 300. Many of those miles will be in populous areas which support the rapidly growing population of Charlotte. Much work goes into adding just one mile of trail, so we are very proud and appreciative of our team. While the completion of all of the 15-county trail system is many years off, the public request for more miles is helping to speed the process. One day, trails will connect Lancaster County to Rowan County along the eastern side of our footprint. This connection will include the Rocky River, Concord, Kannapolis and Salisbury. Equally exciting is the western side of our network, which also begins in Lancaster/ York Counties and runs up the South Fork River through Gaston, Lincoln and Catawba Counties. As the network continues to grow, many towns and cities will be connected, allowing people to walk, dine and meet friends (and make new friends) as they enjoy the history and atmosphere of various towns in our area. Thanks for your interest and involvement in making the Greater Charlotte area a better place for all. LAT PURSER CEO, LAT PURSER & ASSOCIATES

Vice President/Business Development Officer, First Bank

Jamie McLawhorn President, Marsh Properties

Bailey Patrick Managing Partner, MVP Properties, LLC

Alex Rankin, III CESI, President

Marshall Rogers Retired, Owner of TWOROG Holding LLC

Keith A. Smith Community Leader

H. Thomas Webb Community Leader


New Staff Join CLC and CTT



4530 Park Road • Suite 420 • Charlotte, N.C. 28209 Info@carolinathreadtrail.org • 704-342-3330 carolinathreadtrail.org











NEW LEGACY SOCIETY HONORS CLC’S FOUNDER For nearly 30 years, Catawba Lands Conservancy has protected land in the North Carolina Piedmont, but we’ll never forget our roots. It all started with a schoolteacher who wanted to protect the beautiful Mountain Island Lake from development. In honor of that teacher, Mary McDaniel, we are proud to announce our new Mary McDaniel Legacy Society, an opportunity for those who want to contribute to CLC or CTT through planned giving. Whether a bequest, donation of real estate, or other planned contribution, you can ensure your legacy lives on through land protection and trails. More information at catawbalands.org/donate.

MORE CAROLINA THREAD TRAIL PALE ALE AVAILABLE NOW FLYING SQUIRRELS SPOTTED AT EASTOVER RIDGE During the fall of 2019, students from Queens University conducted a variety of research projects on several of our preserves, including Eastover Ridge Preserve in Charlotte. Several students were working to discover if owls are using the owl boxes located in trees on the property. To do this, they set up night vision cameras to record wildlife activity on and around the boxes. In the course of their research, these students made a surprising discovery: The property is home to flying squirrels! Flying squirrels have never been documented at Eastover Ridge and are a new addition to the list of known species on the property. So far, the newly discovered squirrels are a bit of a mystery, but we hope that through our continued partnership with Queens University, we’ll learn more about them, as well as other species on our conserved properties!




Earlier this year, Blue Blaze Brewing completed a new canning run of their special Carolina Thread Trail Pale Ale, benefitting the Thread Trail! For each beer sold, 10% of profits come back to the Thread Trail, so make sure to ask for it wherever you buy beer. Find a retailer near you at carolinathreadtrail.org/paleale.

NORTH CAROLINA LAND TRUSTS JOIN TOGETHER North Carolina’s land trusts have conserved hundreds of thousands of acres of land from Manteo and Bald Head Island to Murphy and Mt. Airy. We are pleased to announce that Catawba Lands Conservancy has joined 19 other land trusts to establish the North Carolina Land Trust Federation, which will speak with one voice for protection of our state’s natural resources while maintaining and enhancing each land trust’s individual identity. The Land Trust Federation will provide a forum for North Carolina’s land trusts to work together to promote and expand land conservation and land trust effectiveness across the state. The Federation will replace the North Carolina Land Trust Council, an unincorporated association started by the Conservation Trust for North Carolina (CTNC), which for many years helped start and nurture local land trusts across the state. Due to the collective strength of the land trust community across the state, CTNC recently adopted a new strategic vision and no longer represents land trusts but is an equal member of the Federation. (Reprinted from NC Land Trust Federation)

OVER $200,000 RAISED ON #GIVINGTUESDAY We are grateful to everyone who supported Catawba Lands Conservancy and Carolina Thread Trail during #GivingTuesday! Thanks to all our generous supporters and Bragg Financial Advisors, we raised over $200,000 to protect land and create trail connections for communities in the Carolina Piedmont.

CATAWBA WILDFLOWER GLEN NOW LARGER THAN EVER One of our signature properties and home to many unique native plants, the Catawba Wildflower Glen now protects an additional 0.6 acres in Mecklenburg County, providing an important buffer to further protect this mature hardwood forest.

COOK PRESERVE RECEIVES ADDITIONAL PROTECTION As of December 2019, the property has additional conservation protections. CLC recently facilitated the donation of the property’s fee interest to Davidson Lands Conservancy. The property will become part of the NC Plant Conservation Program, which will further enhance that program’s Redlair Conservation Area.

In 2019, Catawba Lands Conservancy protected five new properties, totaling 184 acres. From providing native plant habitat to preserving a historic farm to protecting source waters for drinking water supply, these properties showcase the many reasons land conservation is so important.




t all started because Lynn Rivera felt overwhelmed by the world’s problems she heard about on a regular basis. There was climate change, political upheaval and increasing rates of autism and obesity, just to name a few. The former software engineer turned stay-at-home mom to three sons wondered what she could do to help. “I received requests for my time and money on an increasing basis,” she said. “I felt like I could not answer them all. I could not afford to spread myself so thin. So I sat down to think about what were the few things that were more important to me than anything. I realized that family, the health of our planet and our local environment are what matter most.” With that awareness and the buoying force of fond childhood memories spent camping and hiking with her family, Lynn became a Trail Master with Catawba Lands Conservancy and Carolina Thread Trail after attending a course in October 2018. Her focus naturally shifted toward helping clear invasive species from the Mineral Springs Greenway, a 1.7-mile natural surface trail located about 2 miles west of the town of Mineral Springs in Union County. It’s a convenient project as Lynn lives in Monroe, about 5 miles from the greenway. The trail also has a special meaning for her family. “I have a son with pretty severe autism. Hiking is one of the few things that we can do as a family, and this is where my son likes to hike,” she said. Lynn has coordinated monthly volunteer workdays totaling more than 200 volunteer hours for more than a year with the town of Mineral Springs, plus a few extra ones for corporate requests. She estimates she’s hit the trail between 15 and 20 times to lead groups on the removal of invasive Japanese privet, autumn olive and Japanese stiltgrass. The groups then plant native species such as pawpaw trees, sweet shrubs and spice bushes within the 50-acre preserve that houses Mineral Springs Greenway. Invasive species are dangerous not


only because they quickly overgrow to block trails, but because they also choke out native plants which various insects and birds depend on for food. Invasives can also subtly alter soil chemistry making it toxic for native plants. “We started with trying to get rid of the autumn olive because it was the first thing you saw when you entered the trail, and it was everywhere,” Lynn said. “I was worried about pulling up lots of plants with inexperienced volunteers because there are some wild azaleas and hollies that could be confused as invasive.” So before each workday, Lynn counts roughly 300 strips of orange flagging tape and marks all the plants that are to be removed. She says it gives volunteers a clear picture of their job when they look out and see a sea of orange flags. “This helped me quantify the problem and understand the size of the infestation to figure out what it would take to get it done,” she said. “We eliminated somewhere between 2,000 and 3,000 plants based on this strategy.” One of her recent projects has involved eradicating an infestation of Japanese stiltgrass with the help of Mineral Springs Mayor Rick Becker. “The idea was to kill it before it went to seed,” she said. “The seeds stay in the seed bank for three to five years, so we will be back at it next year, but hopefully eliminating all the seeds from this past year will help.” Rick explained that the ongoing invasive species management project grew out of his town’s longstanding relationship with the

Lynn Rivera (left) and Sonny Rivera (right) work to dig out invasive plants at the Mineral Springs Greenway.

FUTURE CONNECTIONS FOR THREAD TRAIL THROUGH MASSAPOAG PRESERVE This 17-acre property in Lincoln County is an important connection for the Carolina Thread Trail network. Once completed, the 1.5-mile section of Thread Trail through this property will connect downtown Lincolnton to the South Fork Rail Trail.

103-ACRE LINCOLN COUNTY FARM PROTECTED FOR FUTURE GENERATIONS The Mitchem family has owned and farmed their 103-acre property for over a century, and now the Mitchem Farm will remain productive agricultural land in perpetuity. This project will help preserve the rural and natural aesthetic of western Lincoln County and contribute to the local agricultural economy. This project was supported by the Agricultural Conservation Easement Program through the Natural Resources Conservation Service and the NC Agricultural Development and Farmland Preservation Trust Fund.


From left: Amy Moore, Mayor Rick Becker, Daniel McCaslin and Lynn Rivera after a hard day’s work along the Thread Trail.

Conservancy and Carolina Thread Trail. The town has been a supporter of the Conservancy almost since its founding, as the main leg of the Mineral Springs Greenway was the first piece of the Thread Trail in Union County to open to the public. “Our greenway is a centerpiece of the town’s overall mission to protect open space and natural areas to promote outdoor recreation,” Rick said. “When we founded the town in 1999, it was in response to concerns that Union County and neighboring municipalities had little interest in preserving the region’s irreplaceable natural assets and were instead allowing too much high-density development.” A lover of the outdoors, Rick personally volunteers for as many of Lynn’s workdays as possible. In fact, the motto of Mineral Springs is “Conservation By Design,” and the town seeks to live and govern by that principle. To that end, the town provides volunteer labor and financial support for the purchase of supplies and native plants for the habitat restoration efforts. “Biodiversity and a healthy ecosystem are critical to the quality of human life,” Lynn said. “Human beings have thrown the planet out of balance, and I think it is up to us to put it back the way nature intended.” Lynn feels satisfied because most of the autumn olive and Japanese stiltgrass have been removed. She plans on rallying volunteers to clear out more Japanese privet this year. She has found tranquility in the simplicity of nature, enjoying the sound of a stream bordering the trail or the beautiful moss growing on its creek banks. “There are times you feel like you are in the middle of nowhere, completely surrounded by nature,” she said. “That is rare in an urban environment.”

STROUPE FOREST PRESERVE PROTECTS DRINKING WATER FOR GASTON COUNTY RESIDENTS Our first project of the year was protecting the 63-acre Stroupe Forest Preserve in Gaston County. This preserve protects the headwater streams of Little Hoyle Creek, which provides water to the local drinking water intake.






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In 2019, Carolina Thread Trail grew by leaps and bounds! In our biggest year for trail openings to date, 21 miles of new trail opened to the public. Looking for somewhere new to explore this spring? Check out all the new spots to hike and bike below!

2019 Opened Trails Completed Segments: 300 Miles Adopted Trail: 1,630 Miles Urban Areas

founders trail

York County, SC • This 2.3-mile mostly natural surface trail officially opened in March of 2019 along a scenic stretch of the Catawba River in Fort Mill and includes a connection to the popular Piedmont Medical Center “Riverwalk” Trail in Rock Hill. It also connects north to the 1.25-mile Masons Bend Trail. Collectively, this trail system extends nearly eight miles.

Masons bend trail

Antiquity greenway

Mecklenburg County, NC • This 0.6-mile paved greenway located in the Antiquity development connects downtown Cornelius to the Davidson Greenway.

river link greenway

Gaston County, NC • This 0.6-mile paved trail opened in September 2019 and runs through Cramerton along the South Fork of the Catawba River, connecting to Goat Island Park.

uptown cyclelink

York County, SC • Running 1.25 miles along the Catawba River through the Masons Bend development in Fort Mill, this trail links to the Founders Trail. It officially opened in March of 2019.

Mecklenburg County, NC • Charlotte’s first protected bike lane opened in April of 2019 and connects Little Sugar Creek Greenway to the Rail Trail along the Blue Line light rail. Future construction will extend the lane through Uptown to join the Stewart Creek/Irwin Creek Greenway, near Ray’s Splash Planet.

lake whelchel

Overmountain Victory National Historic Trail, Cherokee County, NC This 7-mile natural surface trail runs around Lake Whelchel and represents a portion of the historically significant Overmountain Victory Trail.

little sugar creek greenway

Huntingtowne Farms to I-485, Mecklenburg County, NC • This 2.2-mile segment of paved greenway runs south from Huntingtowne Farms, with a new trailhead located at Sharon Road West.

long creek trail extension (USNWC)

Mecklenburg County, NC • Located at the US National Whitewater Center, this natural surface trail extends the existing Thread Trail for approximately 1.5 miles. The trail extension was made possible through a 193-acre conservation easement by the Conservancy in cooperation with the USNWC.

catawba riverfront greenway

Gaston County, NC • Connecting Tuckaseege Park with Mt. Holly Town Hall, this 1.25-mile paved trail runs along the Catawba River. Make sure to come check it out during National Trails Day, which will be held at Tuckaseege Park, along the greenway!



Last year included lots of opportunites to steward our conserved properties, maintain trails and connect people to nature.

public programs presented by We hosted 43 volunteer workdays.

Sixty-three hikes, bike rides and paddles filled the year.

are you a donor?

We’re planning some extra special programs exclusive to donors, beginning this spring. All of our upcoming programs can be found on the event calendar on our websites. www.catawbalands.org/events • www.carolinathreadtrail.org/events














OUTDOORS! Out of an abundance of caution regarding COVID-19, and based on guidance from the World Health Organization and Centers for Disease Control, we have made the decision to cancel all programs and events through the end of April. We look forward to bringing our programs and events back to you when it is safe to do so! If you are looking for a way to get outside and out of confined spaces, we encourage you to explore the Thread Trail on your own, while maintaining safe social distancing. Find a trail near you at carolinathreadtrailmap.org.




This event has been rescheduled and will now be held on September 17, presented by Regions Bank. So dust off your sharp shooting skills and join us at The Fork Farm and Stables for our annual tournament. Includes a morning shoot and barbecue lunch. Team and individual spots still available at catawbalands.org/clays.


Carolina Thread Trail will celebrate National Trails Day at Tuckaseege Park and Mt. Holly’s Catawba Riverfront Greenway and Tuckaseege Park. The event will feature free kayak, SUP, and bike rentals, guided walks and bike tours, nature activities for kids, live music, food, craft beer and outdoor lifestyle exhibitors. Admission is free and open to all.

looking for info on pop-up picnic?

This year our picnic event will be held in the fall, so stay tuned for more info!

NATURE IS OPEN! Although our group programs are suspended for now, nature is open! Please practice safe social distancing while enjoying trails, rivers and outdoor spaces.



In December our annual Trail Forum conference brought trail enthusiasts and professionals together to learn about the benefits of our outdoor economy, best practices in trail management and more. Presented by Duke Energy.

Photos by Tori Sutton Photo

Photos by Tori Sutton Photo

Thank you to the generous sponsors who helped make the 8th Taste for the Land a success, raising $90,000 for conservation. Presented by Bragg Financial Advisors.



2019 GRANTS TO THE COMMUNITY The Thread Trail has now distributed over $6.7 million in grant funding for trails projects in its history. Here are the projects we supported in 2019.





$140,000 to construct an extension of the Avon-Catawba Greenway.

$60,000 to create a trail connection to McAdenville.

$30,000 to assist in design of Phase II of the Lindsay Pettus Greenway.

$5,000 to prepare a trail corridor plan along the First Broad River near Lawndale.

CITY OF CONCORD $120,000 to fund the expansion of the Hector H. Henry Greenway, along the Rocky River.

TOWN OF CORNELIUS $100,000 for the construction of an extension of the existing McDowell Creek Greenway.

CITY OF SALISBURY $95,000 for the construction of a greenway extension of the Salisbury Greenway.



$50,000 to construct a greenway adjacent to Novant Health Medical Center.

$25,000 to design a shared-use boardwalk trail through West Branch Nature Preserve.

CITY OF MOUNT HOLLY $50,000 to fund the design and engineering of the Dutchman’s Creek Greenway.

TOWN OF MCADENVILLE $46,666 to design and engineer a trail that will connect the town to Cramerton.

TOWN OF GREAT FALLS $25,000 to support trail development along the Catawba River.

CATAWBA LANDS CONSERVANCY $10,000 for high-resolution survey mapping along the Catawba River, related to trail development in Chester County.





$1,042,255 to the Conservancy for the acquisition of Old Stumpy Preserve, in Denver, NC.

$10,000 to the Thread Trail to rehab the Rocky River Blueway boat launch in Midland, NC.



$20,000 to continue the CSA farm share partnership between the Conservancy and Lakeview Community in Northwest Charlotte.

$7,500 given to the Conservancy for social media marketing.

BANK OF AMERICA $20,000 to the Conservancy for community engagement work in the Crescent of Charlotte.

DUKE ENERGY FOUNDATION $16,000 to the Conservancy to be used for restoration of native pollinator habitat in Stanley Creek Forest.

BANK OF AMERICA LEED CERTIFICATION $5,000 to the Conservancy to treat invasive species on preserved property.

EXTREME TERRAIN $250 Clean Trail grant to the Thread Trail for a trail workday at Crowders Mountain State Park on National Public Lands Day.











Foundations and Govt.



Corp. Partners






Stewardship Transfer



Total Revenue






Office and Administrative



Outreach & Development



Land Costs/Other



Total Expenses



Operating Net









28.0% 41.7%



1. Unaudited. Excludes project revenue and costs, such as land acquisitions and Carolina Thread Trail.







*Includes operating and programming expenses, such as land transactions and Carolina Thread Trail.








$2,552 $2,474


$2,000 $1,356



$1,041 $1,092





$605 $674 $706































$2,552 $2,474








$956,408 $815,396






$60,000,000 $50,000,000


$40,000,000 $30,000,000


$20,000,000 $10,000,000


$0 2017














- 10 -



2019 CATAWBA LANDS CONSERVANCY DONORS Our donors’ generous support each year enables us to pursue our mission of saving land and connecting lives to nature. This list includes gifts that were made during the 2019 calendar year. *Donor for 10 consecutive years

Philip and Amy Blumenthal* Phillips and Leslie Bragg

$10,000+ Philip and Amy Blumenthal* Len and Kelle Botkin Catherine and John Bragg* Kathy and Frank Bragg* Alice and Benton Bragg* Leslie and Phillips Bragg* Peggy and Bob Culbertson* Libby Griffin and Lee Chambers* Kathryn Heath and Tom Webb* Jud and Deborah Little* Sally and Bob Miller Katie and Steve Scruggs* Charlton Torrence, III* Rita and Bill Vandiver* Dr. T. Price and Mrs. Margaret Zimmermann*

$5,000+ Anonymous

$1,000+ Betsy Alexander Herbert and Diane Althouse* Sarah and Tim Belk Dan Bodien* Bryan and Robin Buckler Dave and Libby Cable Matt Chambers Derick and Sallie Close Robin Cochran William J. Craemer Marie Ann and Eugene Daniels* Donna and Alvaro de Molina Walt and Trudy Donham* Patrice Ebert Kristopher Fador J.C. and Elizabeth Faulkner Greg and Beth Fidler Mark and Liza Gosnell Maxwell Hanks and Belinda Butler Dr. and Mrs. Clay Harrell Sarah Hart Jane Henderson and Harry Lancaster* John and Maria Huson* William and Kathryn Kirk Jamie and Elizabeth Kiser Bart and Frances Landess Christine and Christine Li Deborah Majewski Brandon and Rob Mayo Kenneth and Jean McCoy Betty C. Rash Ed and Carla Rose Michael Sass Dr. and Mrs. John B. Schug* Bill and Mary Staton Lillian and Chris Teigland* Donna Thrasher* Dr. and Mrs. Steven L. Tracy* C. Brent and Claire Trexler* Ronald and Gayle Underwood* Harald and Barbara Vaher Debra and George Warren Walter Yarbrough

$500+ David Alexander Charles Allison Melvin and Christine A. Andersen Judy and Stan August* Robert and Kerry Bandis

Ann and Ric Browning Emily and Jarred Cochran Walter and Michele Fisher Nancy and Ralph Falls Eileen Friars and D. Scott Pyle Andy and Claudia Heath*

Kathryn Heath and Tom Webb* Jim and Becky Hovis Kelly Katterhagen and Larry Nabatoff Jud and Deborah Little* Jonathan and Marianne Mangels Tim and Julianne McCollum

Tom and Robin McCoy Bob and Sally Miller Bill and Katharina Mumford Tom and Amy Okel Richard J. Osborne Tim and Nancy Paschall

Lat and Kathy Purser Laurie Smith Jack and Melissa Sullivan Bill and Rita Vandiver* Chet and Christine Walker Henry and Jenny Ward

Ann and Ric Browning* Bill and Veronica Clark* Emily and Jarred Cochran* Anne and Peter Gilchrist* Jim and Becky Hovis Jeff and Mimi Kane* Kelly Katterhagen and Larry Nabatoff Jonathan and Marianne Mangels Bill and Katharina Mumford Anna and Tom Nelson* Lat W. and Kathy Purser* Ruth and Colin Shaw* Laura Stanley-Duffy and Don Duffy

Julianne and Tim McCollum Robin McCoy* Tom McCoy* Jamie and Hunter McLawhorn Lisa and Mike North* Amy and Tom Okel Richard J. Osborne Tim and Nancy Paschall* Scott Pyle and Eileen Friars* Laurie Smith Ring Stafford Chet and Christine Walker* Jenny and Henry Ward



Chris Bolling Tom Bunn Carol and Bill Carstarphen Dan Clodfelter and Elizabeth Bevan* Nancy and Ralph Falls* Walter and Michele Fisher* Alex and Patty Funderburg Travis and Lise Hain Bill Keenan and Mary Barry Julie and Howard Levine* John and Michelle Mader Tom and Lori Mathews

Dale and Nancy Allison Vernon and Gloria Anderson* Bill M. and Harriet Barnhardt* Candace Taylor Anderson Alison and Bradford Barry Raymond and Mary Boardman* Scott and Betsy Bodien* Crandall and Erskine Bowles Robin and Bill Branstrom* Greg and Mary Lou Cagle* Robert P. Caldwell, Jr.* Curtis and Dudley Carlson*

Saxby and Elizabeth Chaplin* Kathryn V. Clancy* Nathan and Laura Clark Hal and Cynthia Curry* J. Porter and Vicki Durham* Doug and Patricia Faris* William and Linda Farthing Jill and Smitty Flynn* Tom and Sherard Anne Gates* Watts and Carol Hamrick* Ivan Hinrichs Bill and Linda Hodges Kim V. Hombs Martin and Page Hull Bob and Mindy Jones Adam and Margaux Karagosian* Charlotte Kidd* Andrew and Sarah Kromer* Philip and Susan Kuttner* Barbara Laughlin Bridgett Luther and Tim Ahern Dr. Marie-Claire Marroum-Kardous, M.D.* Kerri Mast David and Kate Maynard* Hugh and Jane McColl* Susan and Martin McCoy* Robert and Sinclair McLean

Lydia A. McNeary Dottie and Dick Metzler* Arrington and Burch Mixon Katrina and Bruce Moffett Ron and Amy Nason Don and Jill Olmstead* Susie and John Papadopulos Charles Peach and Pamela Pearson John Pickett Joyce Poe* John and Ann Porter Michael Ranson Mr. Rednecheck* Rosauro and Lynn Rivera Joseph and Linda Roberts* Patricia Rodgers* Chris and Vickie Rolfe Trey Sheridan Allen and Sarah Shifflet* Mark Stanback and Nancy Popkin* Lucy and Louis Stephens* Glenn and Deb Stewart Stewart and Martha Tate Carla and Larry Vitez* Christopher and Lauren Walker Joyce and Allan White Mike and Prince Witt

William and Patricia Barnes John and Anne Barry Katherine Belk* Charles and Mary Bowman Doris Anne Bradley* William and Elaine Brooks* Gary and Elizabeth Broome* Doug and Carver Buchanan* Ken and Rush Coe* Mary I. Council* John Crosland, III* Charles Dalton Rosie and Salem Elrahal Anne Essaye and Scott Lurie Louis Eubanks Leonard Fumi and Lucy Quintilliano* Charles and Sylvia Gill Barry and Karen Greenblatt Amy Grissom* Mark Heitbrink* Janet F. Hince* Michael and Cynthia Jones* William and Jenny Joyner* David and Rebecca Klepser Paula Lombardi Michael Lucente Gus and Geary Mandrapilias* Jennifer and Jack Mattox Pete and Page McEachern* Richard I. McHenry* Patrick and Jocelyn McLaughlin Mr. and Mrs. Steve McLeod* Jack and Pat Meckler* Tom and Jackie Mooney* Caton and Charlie Morris William Noonan* Ellen and Jim Parker Randy and Jeanne Poole* Bill and Carrington Price Katherine B. Rankin* Alex and Sharon Rankin* Haywood and Sabine Rankin* Al and June Rhyne Kay Roderick Thomas and Susan Ross Ann and Ed Rowell* Elaine Scott and Gerald Tylman Donna and Chip Sell George Slaton Mr. and Mrs. Verner E. Stanley, Jr. Brenda and Paul Stevens* Richard M. Stowe, Jr.* Cheryl and Mark Sutton Samuel Towne James and Kelly Trexler* John and Kate Vassallo* Peter and Vivian Vogt*

Mary Virginia White* Charlie and Lydia Williams* Beverly and Joel Wissing* Emily and Jenner Wood David and Anja Zimmerman

David and Sinclair Gillespie Deidre and Clay Grubb* Michael and Claire Gwyn* Karen Hales* David and Mary Hall* Dale F. Halton and Fred Wagner* Peggy Harrington* Andy and Claudia Heath* John and Claire Herring Carol Higham Katherine Hill Steven and Christie Hinshaw Damon Houghton* Meg and Phil Howerton Barbara A. Huffman* Courtney and Bill Hyder Brian and Sarah Jenest* Abigail Jennings* Andy and Florence Kane* Kevin Kelly Lorraine Kieffer Kay Killian* Dr. and Mrs. David R. Kirlin* Charles and Patricia Klapheke* Michael and Nancy Kucera* Henry A. LaBrun* Mr. and Mrs. David L. Lawing* Soong and Hannah Lee* Tommy and Katie Lee Gary and Donna Lerner Lin and Gary Leslie Daniel and Antoinette Malone Michael and Leslie Marsicano Ed and Wendy Matthews* Alice B. Mauney* Bill and DeeDee Maxwell* Andy and Donna McClure* Bill and Bonne McCoy* Lindsay and Stanton McCullough James R. and Ashby McDonald* Phillip McMillan* Annie Merrill Dr. and Mrs. George R. Miller* Lee and Gwynne Movius* Dan Murrey and Katie Oates* J. Brandon Neal Polly and Jim Neal Rolfe and Ann Neill* Janet and Lowell Nelson Compie and Catherine Newman Alison and Brian Nolen Marsha J. O’Brien* Bailey and Mildred Patrick Jim and Callender Patterson* Charles and Helene Pearson Lee and Eric Pedersen Sonia and Adam Perillo*

Lisa and Mark Perkins Catherine S. Peterson* Randel and Emily Phillips* Scott and Stacey Phillips Susan and Bill Porter Rich and Woods Potts* Sara L. Pressly* Lynn and Preston Purdum Abizar and Lubaina Rangwala* Michael and Kay Rankin Michelle and Steve Reeder Roy and Virginia Richards Sally and Russell Robinson* Mr. and Mrs. David R. Rogers* Robert and Sally Saussy Mary Schaeffer Mrs. Caroline Schmidt William Scullin and Bretynn Race* Bartow S. Shaw, Jr. Glen and Blenda Singletary* Bob and Caroline Sink William Sparks Morris and Pattie Spearman* Mary and Peter Stauble* Whit Strunk Claudia and Wes Sturges Ms. Jean M. Sullivan Chris and Fran Teter Mr. Sandy Thompson* Erik Tolsma Michael and Baxter Toomey* Ret and Diane Turner* Jeff and Noelle Vandiver Jim and Linda Wallace Frank Warren* Cathy and Mike Weaver David Weinrib and Elizabeth Wahls* Lynn Weis John and Cam Wester* Mary and Richard White Sharon Wilson* Gary N. Wirth* Ray Woodrum Anne and Fletcher Wright*

$250+ David and Beth Accipiter* Bernie and Teri Ackerman Judy and Jim Allison* Amanda and Bob Anders* Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Armstrong Thomas and Faith Atwood Mary Lou and Jim Babb* Jay and Sylvia Bajorek Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Barger Larry and Marti Bartelt Adelaide Belk Kim and John Belk Peanut Belk and Peyton Coles Richard M. Bell* Christine and Andrew Beloni* William and Maggie Blair Nancy Blue Barry Bobrow and Karen Knoble David Taylor and Margaret Brantley Neil and Jane Brennan Jan and Jim Brittain* Bridget and Shippen Browne Pat Brugh* Sylvia and Thomas Brydon William and Nena Cahill* Matthew and Suzanne Churchill* Delane Clark Barbara and George Climer John and Ginny Collett Ceasar Cone, III* Todd Cox William and Susan Coxe* Richard Crenshaw* Leslie and John Culbertson* Rennie Cuthbertson* Sally and Michael Daley Rhyne and Lisa Davis Jennifer DeWitt Amy Diamond Jay and Clare Didier Elyn and Mike Dortch* Anna and Dennis Elliott Mr. Pat Ellison, II* Donald and Frances Evans* Kay Fisher Henry and Anne Flint Frank and Janet Fortner* Shirley Frank* Sarah and Frank Gentry*

- 11 -

$100+ Anonymous John Alday and Rebecca Fant Ellen Allinger Charles W. Allison, III* Melissa Anton Bill and Ellen Archer Brooks and Jane Barnhardt Julia H. Barringer* Henry Benoit

Richard and Christie Benoit Seth Bernanke and Ellen Goldberg Barbara and Mike Bernath* Bob Binner Bob and Sandra Bisanar Robert and Alice Bischoff* Anita and Jeb Blackwell Greg and Megan Blackwell* William and Betsy Blue Alan and Rosalie Blumenthal* Vicki Bott* Bill and Alice Brafford Ms. Alissa Bramlage Eleanor Brawley* Amy Brooks and Chris Paradise* Mr. and Mrs. Herbert H. Browne, Jr. Sally H. Byrd David and Lynn Caldwell* Keith Camburn T. Kern and Nancy Carlton* Robert C. and Sue F. Carpenter* Steven Case David and Jo Clark Kim Cobb Virginia Columna Nancy Conrad* Andrea Cook Robert W. Cook* Michael Coombs Marion and Norma Cowell Sue Cronkite James and Susan Cunningham Charles O. and Suzanna Dalton* Christopher and Elizabeth Daly* Joe and Elizabeth Davant John Michael Davis Marc deBree Leonard and Tanya DeGrace Ralph Dell Matt and Sara DeVries Alesia Dicosola Jean G. Dixon Ann Dunnam Pamela Dykstra Tere and Doug Ey* H. McDonald Felder* Alice M. Fitts Carol Fogarty* David and Christine Fogarty* Susan Fox Brad and Diana Freeman* Jeanne and Robert Fuller Buddy and Cheryl Furr Thomas and Debra George* Justine George Mr. Hanspeter Giger Mary May Gillespie Jack Gobbell Madison Gobbell Robert and Molly Griffin* Adam Guerino Joe Hamrick and Jean Woods Steve and Suzy Hannon Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Harrison, Jr. Drew and Sarah Harriss Rodger and Karen Hartwig* Samuel H. Hay* Dana Haydock Mr. and Mrs. John B. Haynes* Sharon L. Heinrich Bruce and Lynn Henderson Carmen D. Henderson* Anne Henderson Kathy Highsmith Erma Deen Hoyle* Frank and Colleen Huber* Michael and Jodie Iagnocco* Karen and John Jacob Edward and Leslie Jenkins Todd Jenkins Camille Kanofsky Eric Kjellberg Ed Knutel Arthur Kohn and Priscilla Laula Patricia Korn Jeffrey and Liza Kravis* Walter Kruger Barbara S. Lake Diana Leathers and Charles Hedrick* Lou and Tamara Lesesne* Sarah Levy Janet E. Levy* John Linster Chris and Terry Loeb Vivian B. Lord Sam and Ellen Lowry Lucinda Lucas* Carol and Richard Luttrell* Matt Magnasco Mara Malakoff* Thomas W. Mangum* Steve and Diane Marsfelder* Ann Marsh* Vickie and Charles Martin* James Massey James and Betsy Matthews* Philip Mattox Judd and Lynne McAdams Dr. and Mrs. James P. McCarthy Civil and William McGowan Richard McLain and Lonni Schultz Barbara and Charlie McRee Larry and Audrey Mellichamp*

Lindsay and Mark Merritt* Ralph and Brenda Messera Ms. Pauline Mickle Jonathan and Kim Miller* Jennifer and Thomas Miller Thomas W. Miralia* Al Mullen* Cynthia L. Mynatt Gayle Nadel Richard and Barbara Neidinger* Ryan and Charlotte Nelson Pat and Frank O’Neill* Thomas J. Orr* Mark Ostrander Ray Owens and Sally Higgins Raymond L. Ozmore* Philip and Mary Ruth Payne* Carla and Eric Pence Reed and Amy Perkins Christopher Petrik Mr. and Mrs. Yorke Pharr Nancy Pierce* Thomas and LeDayne Polaski* Dr. and Mrs. James E. Pugh Forrest Ranson* David Anderson and Judith L. Ratcliffe Scott and Matti Reider* Cassandra Ridenhour Dr. and Mrs. David A. Rinehart* Mr. Jack Robinson Bill and Sandy Roork* Ben Rose Eliot and Shirley Rosen* Heidi Rotberg* Donna Roth* Kathryn Sain William and Patricia Satterfield* Fran and Wallace Saunders Patricia and Michael Schober* Jay and Rebecca Scroggins* Benjamin and Ann Seagle Marion and Chris Sekerak Dana and Gary Sharpe Jane P. Shoemaker Thomas H. Smith, Jr.* Dorothy and Harold Smith Janice and Kurt Sposta* Mr. and Mrs. Mike Stanforth Robert Stein* Dr. Joseph Steiner James and Martha Stenhouse* Robert Stevens* Stephen Stroupe Bill and Teresa Sturges* Ms. Jean M. Summerville* Ivey Sumrell Charles and Leighann Swanson Maha Swede* Mark and Debbie Taylor Cynthia Thomson and Michael Murphy* Jane and Rixey Todd* Roberta M. Tremain* Dana and David Tuck Mary Ann Upton Carter and Cathlean Utzig Timothy and Cynthia Von Der Embse* Clarence and Heathy Walker Dr. and Mrs. John C. Watts Darrell Watts* Scott Weir Kenneth W. Whitney* Law and LJW Wingerter Michelle and Grafton Withers John and Kate Worm* Jarrett and Mary Wyant* Laura Yaeger*

$50+ Michael and Lee Abbott* Daila Allen Laura Allred Ethan Altmire Beth Armour* Lamar and Brenda Ashe* Edwin Bartine and Elizabeth Gwynn Rolland Wayne Bebler Elizabeth Birch* Larry Blackwelder Robert Blanton* Sean and Mandy Bloom John Bonestell* Dan Boone Caleb Bozardt Andrew Lee Brown Ron and Nancy Bryant* Christopher and Amanda Buchanan Patrice and Michael Buck Mary Lou and George Buck* David and Pat Buetow* Dee and Amy Bumgardner* Bob and Wanda Burton Roxanne Bush Laura and Doug Caldwell* Judy Capps Robert Carr* John and Ann Chalk* Flora Chance Steve Copulsky* Mary Anne Curlee* Leslie Davis* Eric Deitchman Dawn and Tom Dorsett Virginia Dulaney

Amanda Duncan Teri Edwards Warren and Camille English* MaryEllen Frizzell Jack A. Fulbright James and Marilyn Gallagher* Trish and Mark Gates Brett and Nancy Gilbert* Jean P. Gilland* Joy Glenny Anita Godwin Gail Goforth David Graham Mr. David Gray Sheri Gray Martha Griffin Gary and Pushpa Gross* Paul F. Haddock, III* John and Irina Hamrick* Herb and Karen Harriss* Lara Hawkins Steven Hedberg* David Henderson Amy Hockett Jack and Rita Horan Karen Humphrey* Kathleen A. Jackson Victoria Jaus Cheryl Johnson Thomas and Theresa Jones Mr. Matthew Karahalios Mark Kummer Roger M. Lewis Prescott and Maria Little* Kathryn Long* Mrs. Cathleen Loomis Mr. Chris Loomis James F. and Donna Love* Jane C. and Wayne Lowe* Vi Lyles* Allison and Stuart Malter* Walter Marcin Christopher Matthews Sharon McCarthy Devin McElvogue Fred S. McGee* David McGinnis Tanya McLaughlin Deanna McRorie Claire Meirowitz Kemp and Cindy Michael Edgar M. Miller* Diana Mitchell Paul and Rebecca Moffett* Amy Moore Michelle Moore Theresa Morr* Jack and Sue Neerincx* Jeanne M. Neumann Aaron Newlander Mary S. Newsom and Frank Barrows Pauline Niilend* Mary Lou P. Norcross Kerry and Timothy O’Connor Bobby Offord David and Kathy Oliver* Kristen O’Reilly Jeanne Owens William and Sandra Palmer* Dawn P. Patterson* Sue Peck* Diane E. Phillips Dr. and Mrs. James A. Pressly* Ms. Christine Prigmore Kathleen A. Pristash Peaches Rankin Jack and Karen Rhyne* Robert and Liz Rittase Thomas and Joanna Roberts James G. Robertson Nancy and Carmen Sarno* Anne Schworm Mary Setzer* Jesse and Katherine Shute Roy and Mary Smart M.B. Somerall* Richard and Nancy Stark Lisa Stewart* Joseph and Janice Stowe* Stephen Strother Frank and Shelley Sturges Sue B. Taylor* F. Boyce Thies* Missy Thomas Richard and Theo Thomson* Michael Thuemmel Robert and Katharine Tompkins Dr. and Mrs. Eugene A. Uhlan* Greg Urban* Mitchell and Kathleen Varner* June M. Vasoll* Brian and Laura Walger Dr. Thomas D. Walsh* Sarah D. Walsh Scott and Sherry Webb John Whitlock* Neill Wilkinson* Dr. and Mrs. James H. Woodward* Janet Zick

UNDER $50 Amber Alfano Luz Maria Aveleyra

- 12 -

Dr. Marty A. Baker David Ballenger* J. Donald and Jean-Marie Bass Michele and Thomas Battle Jonathan Beller Jill Blumenthal David and Pamela Bordsen Chad Broadway Mary Bruno Caroline Burgett Joyce Burt Jerry and Peggy Busby* Brent Butler Robert Chandler Julie Chapman* Mary Christenbury Donald Lee Cook Gwen and Charles Cook* Teresa Dearnley Linda and Don Dowdle* James and Laura Duis* Mathias and Linda Engelmann Ron Eubanks Duane Felton Charlotte Fletcher* Megan Fulsom Jeff and Janet Ganoung Cindy Gibson Nathan and Carman Gillis Belynda Goins Carol Golden* Anne Graham Kathleen Green Katie Gunter George and Elizabeth Guzynski* John and Christina Hanna* Catherine H. Hart* Nathaniel W. Hatch Nancy Jacobsen Lisa Jane B.J. and Emily Jones* Barbara Jones Kathleen Kelly Lele Kelly Heidi Kitterman Patricia Klein Sheryl Long Michael Macintyre Suzette McHugh Nicole Morris* Nancy Nicholson Susan Niemar Ione O’Hara Zackary O’Laughlin Jeff and Cindy Parsons Sarah B. Perry* Rhonda Price Ann Prince Bruce and MaryRose Randall* Mary and Nathan Rantala Wendy Rayfield Stacey and Kim Raymer Martha Sanburg* Susan Scherer Jessica Schorr Saxe and Allen Saxe Allison Schwartz Gary Schweizer Udo Schweizer Charles S. Sevcik* Mr. Harold Shapiro John Shepherd Kenneth Smith Robert Spencer Linda Sprague Joseph and Edie Stader Nick and Angela Street* Marilyn and Frank Sutterlin Phyllis Tarrant* Gail L. Thomas* Beth Thompson Sharon and James A. Thompson* Gary and Pennie Thrower Elizabeth Todd Tom Torkildsen Mollie Trosper* Dr. and Mrs. Van Vagianos* Catherine L. and Michael Vowell* Travis Walden Lyuba Zuyeva

HONORARIUMS Betsy Alexander in honor of Eben Alexander and Karen Newell Carol Higham in honor of Chris Alexander Deanna McRorie in honor of Barbara Alexander Judith L. Ratcliffe in honor of David Anderson Janet and Lowell Nelson in honor of Bill and Harriet Barnhardt Judy and Jim Allison in honor of William Clark Kay Fisher in honor of Bill and Veronica Clark Doug and Tere Ey in honor of Vanessa Covington Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Armstrong in honor of John and Leslie Culbertson Sarah Levy in honor of Marian Davidson Patrick Hair in honor of Chad Ewing

Virginia Columna in honor of Helen Faris Robert Blanton in honor of Suzy and Steve Hannon Judy and Jim Allison in honor of Kathryn Heath Melvin and Christine A. Andersen in honor of Mark Hefner Amy Hockett in honor of Dan Hockett Caroline and Bob Sink in honor of Bernie Hodges Kim V. Hombs in honor of Simone Hombs Anonymous in honor of Bart and Fran Landess Kurt and Janice Sposta in honor of Costance and John LaPointe Dale and Nancy Allison in honor of John Magnuson Alice B. Mauney in honor of Brenda Mauney Tanya McLaughlin in honor of Lianne McLaughlin Edward and Leslie Jenkins in honor of William and Kaye McMullen Jennifer and Thomas Miller in honor of Cole Miller Joseph and Edie Stader in honor of Cole Miller Caroline and Bob Sink in honor of Nicole Morris Steve and Suzy Hannon in honor of Elizabeth and Ronald Nason Betsy Alexander in honor of Nancy Nicholson Beacon Partners in honor of Alison Nolting Thomas Bunn in honor of Tom Okel Lisa Lane in honor of Susan Pilgrim Anonymous in honor of Scott Pyle Stacey and Kim Raymer in honor of Cynthia Reece William J. Craemer in honor of Dana and Robert Servatius Betsy Alexander in honor of Phyllis Slye Catherine Giles in honor of Ring Stafford Betsy Alexander in honor of David Sullivan Camille and Warren English in honor of Robert Voelker John Whitlock in honor of James and Cynthia Whitlock

IN HONOR OF FRANK AND KATHY BRAGG Bill and Veronica Clark Kay Fisher

IN HONOR OF COLE MILLER Jennifer and Thomas Miller Joseph and Edie Stader

MEMORIALS IN MEMORY OF GEORGE BUCK Laura Allred Bob Binner David and Pamela Bordsen Patrice and Michael Buck Judy Capps Susan and William Coxe Trish and Mark Gates Anita Godwin Gail Goforth Kathleen Green Lele Kelly Ed Knutel Suzette McHugh Aaron Newlander Mary S. Newsom Nancy Nicholson Susan Niemar Peter Bell, PLLC Tom and LeDayne Polaski Udo Schweizer Anne Schworm Sierra Club--Central Piedmont Group Beth Thompson

IN MEMORY OF ALONZO KILLIAN Mary Christenbury Susan Fox Bruce and Lynn Henderson Barbara Jones Law and LJW Wingerter

IN MEMORY OF DAVE LABOUNTY Sue Cronkite Ryan and Charlotte Nelson Frank and Janet Fortner Kathy Highsmith Kay Killian Jeanne Owens Sue Peck

IN MEMORY OF EDDIE POE Dave and Libby Cable Alice M. Fitts Richard McLain and Lonni Schultz Joyce Poe

Ivey Sumrell in memory of Jerry Backmon Dudley and Curtis Carlson in memory of Elmer and Clara Brown Thomas Bunn in memory of Gail Bunn Mary Lou and George Buck in memory of Vernita Coxe Christine Drain in memory of Paul Drain Ann Dunnam in memory of Douglas Dunnam Diana and Brad Freeman in memory of Bill and Lois Freeman Nancy Yudell in memory of William Gupton Christine Prigmore in memory of Bretta Hall Gayle Nadel in memory of Patricia Hutto Peaches Rankin in memory of William Palmer Mr. and Mrs. Yorke Pharr in memory of J.T. and Polly Pharr Heidi Rotberg in memory of Mchael Rotberg Brenda Steven in memory of Paul Stevens Richard Bell in memory of Maureen Taylor

PHOTO FUND DONORS IN HONOR OF TOM OKEL Bernie and Teri Ackerman Philip and Amy Blumenthal Len and Kelle Botkin Crandall and Erskine Bowles Carol and Bill Carstarphen David and Jo Clark Delane and Walter Clark Nathan and Laura Clark Emily and Jarred Cochran John and Ginny Collett Walter and Michele Fisher Tom and Sherard Anne Gates Kathryn Heath and Tom Webb Jim and Becky Hovis Kelly Katterhagen and Larry Nabatoff Christine Li and Michael Wang Jonathan and Marianne Mangels Tom McCoy Jamie and Hunter McLawhorn Robert and Sinclair McLean Bill and Katharina Mumford Tim and Nancy Paschall Bailey and Mildred Patrick Reed and Amy Perkins Donna and Alvaro de Molina

CORPORATE, FOUNDATION & GOVERNMENT $25,OOO Bragg Financial Advisors Mecklenburg County Wells Fargo Foundation

Sides Erosion Control Services, Inc. South State Bank The Shaw Tate Group Town of Mineral Springs

$1,000 Barnhardt Foundation Carolina Wetland Services Catawba County Cousins Properties LP Davidson Lands Conservancy Design Resource Group Dressler’s Three LLC ECS Carolinas LLP Edifice Inc. EnPro Industries Forsite Development Great Outdoor Provision Co. Jones Lang LaSalle K&L Gates LLP Lat Purser & Associates Leon Levine Foundation North Inlet Foundation Odell Associates PNC Financial Services Group RES Shelco, LLC Southeastern Architectural Systems Trexler Foundation Warco Construction

KETNER LAND ACQUISITION & STEWARDSHIP DONORS Benton and Alice Bragg Frank and Kathy Bragg John and Catherine Bragg Phillips and Leslie Bragg Bragg Financial Advisors Clean Water Management Trust Fund Wayne and Carol Mitchem Piedmont Natural Gas State of North Carolina Charlton Torrence, III US Department of Agriculture T. Price and Margaret Zimmerman

DONATING LAND OWNERS Stephen and Jane Stroupe Debbie Harwell Carrol and Wayne Mitchem Anthony Simon Marquita Stewart Pamela Postal Jennifer Shaver

IN-KIND DONORS Arborguard Alexander Ricks PLLC K&L Gates LLP Moore & Van Allen PLLC ESRI Nancy Pierce Yellow Duck Marketing

$500+ Barrington’s Boy Scout Troops No. 5 Butler Weihmuller Katz Craig LLP Carstarphen Family Foundation Dogwood Southern Table & Bar Dressler’s Fran’s Filling Station Good Food on Montford Haymaker The Howe Foundation Lanier Site Services Lincoln’s Haberdashery Mama Ricotta’s Mimosa Grill Page and George Bradham Family Foundation Real Estate Development Partners Reid’s Fine Foods Rhino Market Rooster’s Wood Fired Kitchen Stagioni The Stanley The Stowe Foundation Suarez Bakery Sun Raised Farms Sweet Lew’s BBQ Turnhouse Grille Upstream

$250+ Fidelity Associates, Inc. Harper’s Restaurant Group JT Gladden Tire Lake Norman Realty Laurel Market Le Cochn D’or LittleSpoon Eatery

$10,000 Bank of America BlackArch Partners Davidson College Duke Energy/Piedmont Natural Gas Duke Energy Foundation Foothills Conservancy of North Carolina K&L Gates, LLP Lennar, Inc. Marsh Properties Novant Healthcare Foundation REI Regions Bank

$100+ Green Acquisition Corporation KLEAN Meals Magnolia Garden Club Moonlight Design Group Peter Bell, PLLC St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church

$5,000 Akers Foundation Appian Textiles Beacon Partners Cogentrix Energy Power Management Conservation Trust for North Carolina Crescent Communities GreerWalker, LLP InterCon Building Co. Moore & Van Allen, PLLC Newland Communities PNC SteelFab Wildlands Engineering, Inc.

$2,500 Bank of America Commerical Real Estate BGE, Inc. Brasfield & Gorrie CBRE Choate Construction Collier Law, PLLC Community Foundation of Gaston County The Keith Corporation Little McKim & Creed Inc. Pharr Yarns Robinson Bradshaw

Donations from individual supporters are integral to the Conservancy’s operating budget, making our work possible. Please consider making a difference today by assisting with our conservation efforts. Visit our website for more information on how you can donate.


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Your generous support enables us to advance trails throughout a 15-county region in North and South Carolina. This list includes corporate and individual gifts to the Carolina Thread Trail made in the 2019 calendar year.

DONORS $20,000+ Bill and Sharon Allen* Sarah and Tim Belk Judith Carpenter Paul Freestone

$10,000+ Amy and Robert Brinkley Derick and Sallie Close Ginny and John Collett Kathryn Heath and Tom Webb Jamie and Hunter McLawhorn Lat W. and Kathy Purser Ruth and Colin Shaw* Edward Weisiger, Jr. and Betsy Fleming

$5,000+ Ben DeBow and Danielle Gerdes DeBow Libby Griffin and Lee Chambers Dehler Hart Greg and Jill Parsons

$2,500+ Anonymous Katie and Blair Boggs Delane and Walter Clark Jane and Gary Green Travis and Lise Hain Jim and Lynn Lawton Amy and Tom Okel Christine Li and Michael Wang

$1,000+ Shuford and Jayne Abernethy Crandall and Erskine Bowles Ann and Ric Browning Bryan and Robin Buckler Sally and Michael Daley Jennifer DeWitt Greg and Sherri Gregory Bart and Frances Landess Ian Langley Julie and Howard Levine Jud and Deborah Little Hugh and Jane McColl Bailey and Mildred Patrick Sharon and Alex Rankin* Marshall Rogers Eric and Olivia Smallwood Laura and Grady Smith Michael Wellman, Jr. Christopher and Tyson Whelchel

$250+ Diane and Herbert Althouse Lynne and Mark Arizmendi Jay and Sylvia Bajorek William and Patricia Barnes Kayla Belcher Christine and Andrew Beloni Charles and Mary Bowman Mrs. Deborah Bradbury-Duniec Doris Anne Bradley Millicent Brister Nancy and Al Brown Emily Buehrer Susanne Cambern Cheryl Carson Kevin and Ginny Casey Chuck and Becky Cheney Bill and Veronica Clark Ceasar Cone, III Rufus M. Dalton* Mary Kay Deering Miriam A. Dixon Elyn and Mike Dortch Christine Drain Theodore Duncan Jr. Deborah and Vic Duniec Louis Eubanks Nancy and Ralph Falls Elizabeth Fender Ben and Sally Ficklen Anne and Henry Flint Frank Gammon Monica George Rebecca Giblin Catherine Giles Jack Gobbell Madison Gobbell Kathy Gregory Terri T. Haddock Dale F. Halton and Fred Wagner Kimberly Harvey Wayne Hines Bethany Hoff Mary Grace Hollett Mrs. Christy Howey Larry Humbert Bill and Anne Ireton Jennifer Jones Shirley Joyner Andy and Florence Kane Launa and Allen Kendle Virginia Kern and Bradna Bowers Debbie & Scot Kiggans Stephanie and James Kimball Gerry Kingsley Jeffrey and Liza Kravis Nelida Lopez Cason Maccubbin

Sean Manson Jennifer and Jack Mattox Alice B. Mauney David McGinnis Patrick and Jocelyn McLaughlin Dottie and Dick Metzler Ron and Amy Nason Compie and Catherine Newman Stephanie Nolan Libby Palmer Susie and John Papadopulos Julia Priester Abizar and Lubaina Rangwala Greg Richardson Mr. Jack Robinson George W. Rohe Suzanne and Wilson Sadler Bill Schiffli Sonia Scholl Marjorie Serralles-Russell Wendy Shao and Zhigeng Fan Rachel Skeen Harvey and Donna Spurr Ring Stafford Linda Viner Laura Wallace Mary and Richard White Dick and Suzy Winters Amy and Julian H. Wright Anja and David Zimmerman

$50+ Jon and Melissa Aiello Daila Allen Ellen Allinger Bryan Alsop Ethan Altmire Bob and Kaye Amos Brent and Jill Andersen Anonymous Amy Avery Donald and Cheryl Baker Howard Baker Robert and Kerry Bandis Cathy Barnette Brooks and Jane Barnhardt Bret Baronak Luther Barringer Edwin Bartine and Elizabeth Gwynn Daniel Bause Richard M. Bell Seth Bernanke and Ellen Goldberg Elizabeth Birch Bob and Sandra Bisanar Sean and Mandy Bloom Dan Boone Donald and Beckey Boshell Sandy and Danny Bradford

- 14 -

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert H. Browne, Jr. Robert Brumley Shirley Brutko Christopher and Amanda Buchanan Erin Burris Jason and Rebecca Bush Roxanne Bush Amber Carney Robert Carr David & Cheryl Carson Catherine H. Castro Aaron Chan Ruey-Tsang and Pi-Yung Chiou Roger Coates Kathleen Coggins Michelle Davis Leonard and Tanya DeGrace Ralph Dell Amy Diamond Alesia Dicosola Todd Dunn Brian DuPont Andy Edwards Dave Edwards Ruth Elder April Faucette Cynthia and Brett Ferguson Bonnie Foulds Sandy Francis Dennis Francum Shirley Frank Joe Frey Catherine Friedenreich and Alan Black Leonard Fumi and Lucy Quintilliano Nancy Furry Calvin Gaddy Mark and Barb Gamble Terry Genay Paul Gettys Abby Gheen John Ghent Mr. Hanspeter Giger Jason Gildea Karen Glemming Susan and Timothy Goldbach Michael Goodman Chris Goodson Ann and Bill Gray Sheri Gray Martha Griffin David Guseman Larry Hamrick Lori Hanson Nancy Hargrow Drew and Sarah Harriss Barbara Hastings Matthew Hedrick Kerry and Ann Helms Margaret Herdegen

Patricia Horn Andrew Hoxie Erma Deen Hoyle Andrew Huneycutt Ruth and John Hurst Colonel (Retired) John Irvin Karen and John Jacob Meera Jagannathan Emily Johnson Cheryl Johnson Kris Julyan Penelope Karagounis Gregg and Laura Keistler Grady Kennington Ronald D. King Kenneth and Sally Kneidel Arthur Kohn and Priscilla Laula Kevin Kruse Barbara S. Lake Lisa Lane David and Janet Layne Marlene Leone Janet E. Levy Michael Lifsey John Linster Prescott and Maria Little Dorothy Lodge Mrs. Cathleen Loomis Nancy and Tommy Lopez Joe Mader Patricia Major Mara Malakoff Richard Malcolm Brian Malec Robert Manross Jennifer Marquardt Steve and Diane Marsfelder Chris Martin Ronald and Carole Massey Lydia Matthews Donna Matti Sharon McCarthy J. Wriley and Paige McKeown Phillip McMillan* Cindy McNamara Jean Miller Phyllis and James Miller Michelle Moore Mike Moore James E. Morris, II DeeDee Navarro Jeanne Neumann Jennifer Neurohr Shannon Newell Suzanne ODonoghue Zachary Oleson Pat and Frank O’Neill Sally and Lane Ormand Mark Ostrander and Roberta Fox

George Parkulo Jim and Callender Patterson Lisa and Mark Perkins Charon C. Pilgrim Jeff Pinnow Frank and Maria Portone Liza Pratt Vincent and Mary Pratt David Anderson and Judith L. Ratcliffe Stephanie Rauch Mike Riemann Dr. and Mrs. David A. Rinehart Sally and Russell Robinson Donna Roth Bryan Rowe John and Erin Russell Dan and Deb Scheller Patricia and Michael Schober Heather Schoonover Barbara Schreiber Jessica and Jason Schroeder Gary Schweizer Mark Sergeant Dana and Gary Sharpe Neal Sigmon Dan Singletary Julie Smith Randy Snyder Mrs. April Sowell William Sowell Renee Spencer Mary and Peter Stauble Eric and Ellen Stenstrom Marie Stephens and Ronald Orner Stephen Strother Whit Strunk Charles and Mary Sugg Barry and Leslie Teague Carey Terpening Missy Thomas Richard and Theo Thomson Chris Timberlake Chandra Torrence Bill Trahan Scott and LynnErin Tyler Barbara Vargochik Mitchell and Kathleen Varner Michael Vaughn Dr. Thomas D. Walsh Tom Watson Cathy and Mike Weaver Jane Webster Amelia Whaley Bill and Stephanie Whitesides Kathryn Wholey Jan and Abby Wiebking Edward J. Wilson Reese M. Wilson Sharon Wilson Michelle and Grafton Withers Steven Yaffe Nancy Yudell Andrew and Lisa Zerkle

UNDER $50 Dr. Marty A. Baker Todd Baley Jennifer Blalock Scott and Kenni Brooks Cornelia Cornils Margaret Covington Danelski Mathias and Linda Engelmann Hayley Franklin Catherine Freedberg Seth Gardner Jason Gibson Gail Goforth Patrick Hair Nancy Jacobsen B.J. and Emily Jones Barbara Kalinski Kathleen Kelly Kendall Kerr Sheryl Long Bud and Debbie Martin Robert May Michael Mayo Martha McPhail Hunter Moore Gayle Nadel Steph Newman Pauline Niilend David Nutter David and Kathy Oliver Andrea Pelletier Mark and Shana Perez Cassandra Ridenhour Wanda Rosa Mrs. Caroline Schmidt Norman Schultz Anne and Steven Scott Charles S. Sevcik Linda Sprague Owen Stoller Nick and Angela Street Brenda Summers Dr. Becka Tait Carey Terpening-Shelton and Braedon Shelton Gail L. Thomas Sharon and James A. Thompson Gary and Pennie Thrower Lori Thurber

Jack Turner Dr. and Mrs. Van Vagianos Craig and Devona Wyant Xiaoge Yu

GREENWAY GALS Diane Althouse Lynne Arizmendi Amy Avery Kayla Belcher Millicent Brister Susanne Cambern Cheryl Carson Wanda Cloninger Sallie Close Donna de Molina Mary Kay Deering Christine Drain Nancy Falls Elizabeth Fender Anne Flint Janet Frederick Rebecca Giblin Jane Green Laura Green Becky Green Terri Haddock Dale Halton Bethany Hoff Mary Grace Hollett Christy Howey Jennifer Jones Kelly Katterhagen Launa Kendle Stephanie Kimball Julie Levine Nelida Lopez Cason Maccubbin Jennifer Mattox Stephanie Nolan Libby Palmer Susie Papadopulos Julia Priester Susan Scherer Sonia Scholl Marjorie Serralles-Russell Elizabeth Shea Linda Viner Laura Wallace Mary White Kathryn Wholey Anja Zimmerman

MEMORIALS Christine Drain in memory of Paul Drain Nancy Yudell in memory of William Gupton

HONORARIUMS Patrick Hair in honor of Chad Ewing Alice Mauney in honor of Brenda Mauney Lisa Lane in honor of Susan Pilgrim Catherine Giles in honor of Ring Stafford

CORPORATE, FOUNDATION & GOVERNMENT $100,000+ Bank of America Duke Energy Foundation Foundation For The Carolinas Turner Family Foundation Wells Fargo Foundation York County

$50,000+ Faison Leon Levine Foundation

$10,000+ Davidson College Gaston Community Foundation REI


$1,000+ Alta Planning + Design Blue Blaze Brewery Carolina Brewmasters, Inc. Cherokee County Claude and Raenelle Abernethy Charitable Trust EY Gaffney Board of Public Works Global Endowment Management Foundation Golden Green Hotel Green Tech Solutions Lanier Site Services River Rooster Sun’s Up Scuba Union County Uwharrie Bank

$500+ Barrington’s Benesch Cornelius PARC Deroyal Dogwood Southern Table & Bar Dressler’s Fran’s Filling Station Good Food on Montford Haymaker Hydro Flask LandDesign Lincoln’s Haberdashery Lookchina Mama Ricotta’s Marand Builders, Inc. McLean Homes Mimosa Grill Mountain Khakis North Inlet Foundation Reid’s Fine Foods Renu Energy Solutions Rhino Market Rooster’s Wood Fired Kitchen Simply Yoga and Wellness Stagioni Suarez Bakery Sun Raised Farms Sunlight Financial Sweet Lew’s BBQ The Stanley Turnhouse Grille Upstream Wildlands Engineering, Inc.

$250+ 26 Acre Brewing Company Alpine Towers Arete Structures City of Concord City of Lowell CupLux Coffee DreamChasers Brewery GhostFace Brewing Harper’s Restaurant Group Intertek-PSI Laurel Market Le Cochn D’or LittleSpoon Eatery PermaTrak Stewart Turn 5, Inc, WithersRavenel

UP TO $249 All American Gutter Protection Barbee Farm Bungalow Picnic Company Catawba Brewing Company Contech Engineered Solutions Crowned Sparrow ESRI FPA of Georgia Green Meadows Golf Course Ingersoll Rand King of Pops Charlotte, LLC. Kings Mountain Gateway Trails, Inc. KLEAN Meals Learning Help Centers of Charlotte Lenny Boy Brewing Co. New Belgium Brewing Company New Wrap Order Inc. Red Clay Ciderworks Riverbend Farm Street Factory Media, Inc Strick Tree Services, Inc. Tiny Tot Child Development Center Town of Mooresville US National Whitewater Center Windy Hill Orchard

Akers Foundation CaroMont Health System Duke Energy SPX

$2,500+ Arborguard Tree Specialists Driven Brands Charitable Foundation McAdams Riverside Paddle and Row

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Bank of America Duke Energy Foundation Foundation for the Carolinas Lindsay Pettus Greenway Turner Family Foundation Wells Fargo Foundation

Julie and Howard Levine Ruth and Colin Shaw SPX

$100,000+ Bill and Sharon Allen Tim and Sarah Belk Amy and Robert Brinkley Paul Freestone Gaston Community Foundation Leon Levine Foundation Ruth Samuelson Legacy Gift Edward Weisiger, Jr. and Betsy Fleming

$50,000+ John and Ginny Collett Donna and Alvaro de Molina Faison Jamie and Hunter McLawhorn Southwire Tom Webb and Kathryn Heath

$40,000+ Kelly Katterhagen and Larry Nabatoff Lat and Kathy Purser

$10,000+ Derick and Sallie Close Sally and Michael Daley Dehler and Alice Hart Bailey and Mildred Patrick Alex and Sharon Rankin Keith Smith

$5,000+ Shuford and Jayne Abernethy Jennifer DeWitt Jim and Lynn Lawton Greg and Jill Parsons Marshall Rogers Uwharrie Bank Christopher and Tyson Whelchel

UP TO $4,999 Bill and Betsy Blue Michael Goodman Sherri and Greg Gregory

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Catawba Lands Conservancy is part of a network of land trusts that collectively have protected more than 400,000 acres of the places you love in North Carolina.

SPRING HAS SPRUNG! Spring is the perfect time to visit one of our beautiful preserves or check out a new trail you haven’t visited before. While you’re out there, make sure to take a picture and share it with us on social media!


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Seven Oaks Trail, Belmont, NC

Catawba Springs Preserve, Denver, NC

Pharr Family Preserve, Midland, NC


Find even more fun places to hike on our interactive Trail Map! www.carolinathreadtrailmap.org Catawba Wildflower Glen, Charlotte, NC