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By Ruth Siburt Illustrated by Jason Dove

Park Mystery

Comprehension Skill: Questioning

Quentin Quail flew to meet his friends at the park. They all looked sad. “What’s wrong?” Quentin asked. “Our park is ruined,” Sid Squirrel said. “What do you mean?” Quentin asked. “See for yourself,” said Baxter Beaver.


Quentin walked through the park. He saw pulled-up clover and scattered acorns. On the carousel, ugly mustaches had been drawn on every moose. Quentin cried, “Who would mark a moose with a mustache?” “Wait,” Pria said. “The slide is even worse.” Instead of grass at the end of the slide, there was a pool of soap bubbles.


Green eyes peeked out at the friends. Roxy Fox leaped from behind the slide. An empty soap bottle fell out of her pocket. “Did you mess up the park?” Quentin asked. “Yes,” Roxy said. “I was mad because there is nothing here for foxes to do.”


The friends looked around. “You’re right,” said Sid. “There is nothing for foxes.” “Help us clean the park,” said Baxter. “Then we will build something for you, too.” “All right,” Roxy agreed. “What do foxes play?” asked Quentin. “Well, let me tell you,” said Roxy. “Foxes like . . . ” Everyone gathered around to hear Roxy’s idea.

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Quentin's Park Mystery  

Part of the Questioning Fiction Lesson from ReadUp

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