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Supporting the Catalan audiovisual industry worldwide

25th-28th JJune une 2018

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June 2018 | Cover image: The Mistery of the Pink Flamingos / On this page: Bitacoras

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Production & Distribution

15 Broadcaster & Sales Agent

Catalan Project Selected

The Mystery of the Pink Flamingos


Pitch Arts & Culture

by Javier Polo Produced by Los Hermanos Polo, Japonica Films with the support of Culturarts 90’ | DOCUMENTARY An eccentric character employs unusual research efforts to reveal the true story behind the hot pink queen of kitsch, the Pink Flamingo.

Japonica Films On-Site contact

Gerard RodrĂ­guez Executive Producer



15-L. Films

Bitacoras Field Diaries 6x45’ and 1x52’ | FACTUAL DOCUMENTARY

Bitacoras is a factual documentary that follows the adventures and misadventures of three groups of scientific explorers displaced to the most extreme, magical and unknown areas of the planet with a scientific objective. Living with them inside a boat commanded by the army or in the middle of a desert in Jordan or testing the first robot that will go to Mars in Atacama’s desert, we will witness their Field Diaries (Bitacoras) made up of scientific discoveries and the day to day reality.

On-site contact


Adrià Lahuerta

Carlota Coloma

Executive Producer

Executive Producer


Brutal Media

This is Art 24x52’ | DOC SERIES

This is Art is a new format that mixes entertainment and culture. This time we are talking about art in general, about all the artistic disciplines, but as told through emotions. This is Art is not only a program, it is an experience.

On-Site contact

Arlette Peyret Sales




Postwar Albums 80’ / 52’ | DOCUMENTARY

On-site contact

Stephanie von Lukowicz Executive Producer


War photographer Gervasio Sánchez’s pictures portrayed young children who survived in the battle ravaged city of Sarajevo. Images from the past and present to recount postwar stories over 25 years.



Sinfonía 78’ | DOCUMENTARY

The destiny of 3 young, poor Peruvians changes radically when music crosses their lives through a social initiative of tenor Juan Diego Flórez, one of the great talents of today’s opera.

On-site contact

Joan Úbeda Producer




Beirut, la Vie en Rose 70’ / 52’ | SOCIAL

On-site contact

Oriol Cortacans Executive Producer


Lebanon, once the “Switzerland of the Middle East”, where the memory of civil war is still burdened by constant political instability driven mainly by the surrounding countries (Syria, Israel) but also internal, due to ethno-religious groups. Beirut La Vie En Rose looks at the Lebanese (Christian) super rich elites who have integrated the country’s political and social conflicts in their daily lives. they have create a bubble that enables them to disconnect from this ‘unpleasant’ reality and live like there’s no tomorrow.


Polar Star Films

Remote Control 54’ / 84’ | DOCUMENTARY

Silicon Valley is investing millions in techniques to control the human mind. An investigation into the “hacking” of the human brain by military and intelligence forces and high tech corporations.

On-site contact

Carles Brugueras Executive Producer



Arpa Films On-site contact

Eva Fontanals Filmmaker

BWP On-site contact

Bettina Walter Executive Producer

Mallerich Film - Paco Poch On-site contact

Paco Poch Managing Director


Production & Distribution


On-site contact

David Albareda Managing Director


Broadcaster & Sales Agent

TV3 - Televisió de Catalunya

Sagrada Familia: Countdown 44’ | ARTS & TECHNOLOGIE

Thanks to an elaborate work plan and the use of cutting edge technology, visitors are due to see the completed cathedral within the next decade.

On-site Contact

Víctor Carrera

Muntsa Tarrés

International Relations & Sales

Producer, Commissioning Editor

and Buyer



ICEC - Catalan Films & TV The Catalan Institute for Cultural Companies (ICEC) is a public institu­ tion of the Government of Catalonia’s Ministry of Culture that looks after the development and the consolidation of the Catalan creative sectors as an uplift for its professionalization. ICEC advises and accompanies Catalan companies in their development pro­cess in several sectors such as: music, performing arts, visual arts, audiovi­sual, books and digital culture. Catalan Films & TV is the program used

by ICEC for the international promotion of Catalan audiovisual industry. Catalan Films & TV aims to increase the participation of the Catalan audio­visual industry at international markets and to encourage the co-production and the distribution of Catalan pro­jects. In addition, it also supports films and talent that have been selected to attend international festivals around the world and acts as the industry’s official representative at key festivals and markets.

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Catalan Films & TV @ Sunny Side of the Doc