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Castolin Eutectic


KNOW-HOW IN THE OIL AND GAS INDUSTRY For over 100 years, Castolin Eutectic has been a pioneer and leader in wear and fusion technologies. Welding, brazing, thermal spray and wear plates - these are our core technologies for providing innovative, cost


effective and complete solutions for prolonging the service life of equipment in the oil and gas industry. Based upon hundreds of successful applications approved by our clients across the globe, Castolin Eutectic can provide optimized solutions within a wide range of products and technologies to combat wear in the oil and gas industry. Our know-how is shared world wide through our international OilTec team, composed of specialists in exploration, production and processing applications. The power that pulls our extensive know-how together around the world is our Key Industry Program and our unique Terolink applications database.

Your resource for protection, repair and joining solutions

WEAR PROTECTION EXPERT Classic wear types that occur in the oil and gas industry are: •Impact •Cavitation Erosion

Surface Fatigue

•Friction •Corrosion + Heat •Erosion •Abrasion Wear Test G65


Wear Agent

Damage caused by these wear groups costs money, especially in downtime and lost production, replacement parts, repair and ongoing maintenance. At Castolin Eutectic we take the time to study industry specific types of wear because until the nature of the wear is fully understood, the correct solution cannot be identified.

Wear Protection


Abrasion on anti-wear Coating

Stronger, with Castolin Eutectic

INNOVATIONS Castolin Eutectic has invested in Research & Development in many specific wear problems. This includes areas such as carbide selection, carbide size, carbide distributions, matrix compositions, application procedures and process equipment. The results of this extensive work are demonstrated by the hundreds of patents registered by Castolin Eutectic in the areas of wear protection and fusion technologies during its 100 year



history. Some examples of products developed specifically for the oil and gas industry by Castolin Eutectic are: · Wear resistant cored wire for hard banding. · Non-magnetic alloys for use on Measurement While Drilling tools and Spray & Fuse CastoDyn SF Lance and SuperJet Eutalloy

instrumentation. · Superior self-fluxing alloy for anti-corrosion coatings for combined H2S and NaCl environments. · powder brazing processes; CastoDyn SF Lance and SuperJet Eutalloy. · Improved powder alloys for crack-free wear resistant deposits.

CastoTube CDP

· TeroCote 7888 T · EuTronic GAP System

CastoDyn DS 8000

Automatic Eutronic GAP Process

EnDOTec Welding

TEROCOTE 7888 T TeroCote 7888 T is a high-performance anti-wear product in the form of a flexible cord, comprising a nickel core wire, covered with an elastic binder containing a mixture of carbides and nickel alloy powder. 7888 T deposits are an extremely durable protective coating comprising a dense mass of ultra hard tungsten carbides embedded in a tough nickel-chromium alloy matrix, providing effective protection against erosive and abrasive attack. In oil exploration, TeroCote 7888 T is used to protect the drill bits and stabilizers. In Oil processing, TeroCote 7888 T is used to protect centrifuges.

Stronger, with Castolin Eutectic


SOLUTIONS FOR THE OIL AND GAS INDUSTRY Castolin Eutectic is your resource for protection, wear and joining solutions. We believe in working with our customers to find the best answer


to ther problems. Expert in wear problems we can provide solutions for: • Repair of broken parts • Rebuilding of worn parts • Protection against wear and corrosion • Fusion technology • Manufacture of new finished and semi-finished parts Bearing Mandrel

Rod Liner




Carbide Fixation

Drill Bits

Wear-band on Drillpipe

CDP Protected Oil-Sand Seperator

Hardfacing on Stabilizer

EUTRONIC GAP SYSTEM Castolin Eutectic developed the EuTronic GAP System using a Plasma Transferred Arc (PTA) for protective surface coatings and joining applications. PTA technology provides a range of benefits compared with conventional welding processes: • Micro-plasma welding

• High Energy Density

• Extremely Low Dilution

• Minimal Heat Affected Zone

• Outstanding Repeatability

• Short Welding Times

• Minimal Post-Weld Finishing A coating applied with the EuTronic GAP PTA system on drill pipe provides a smooth wear-band that has very low casing wear, while maintaining superior wear resistance in both open hole and casing drilling.


Stronger, with Castolin Eutectic

CASTOLAB We believe in making our extensive know-how fully available to our customers, but for situations where technology transfer is complex or requires a rapid turn-around, we have our own maintenance service workshops; CastoLabs. These fully resourced skill centers develop advanced procedures for transfer to end users. Castolin Eutectic CastoLabs are located in Germany, Belgium, Spain, Austria, Norway, Dubai, USA, Mexico, Japan, Czech Republic and the United Kingdom, and are best contacted through the associated Castolin Eutectic market via our website at In countries without CastoLabs, Castolin Eutectic collaborates with approved workshops who arein close contact with Castolin Eutectic’s specialists and technologies.

INDUSTRY PARTNER Almost a century at the forefront of protective materials technology has positioned Castolin Eutectic as the world’s premier industrial partner. Our comprehensive know-how is unrivalled, and our industry partnerships continue to thrive. We provide solutions to all of the major companies operating in the oil & gas industry.

Stronger, with... Castolin Eutectic WEAR & FUSION TECHNOLOGY Stronger, with Castolin Eutectic


CASTOLIN EUTECTIC Castolin Eutectic Locations


To increase customer knowhow in wear technology and repair techniques, we have developed a full line of seminars The unique Terolink database of Castolin Eutectic

and training programs, tea-

contains almost 6,000 fully documented approved

ching all relevant personnel

applications from around the globe. The case stu-

from welders and engineers

dies include photographs, technical data, detailed

to sales teams and managing

descriptions and cost-saving analyses.


Manufacturing + R&D

Product Portfolio - Widest in the Industry

Laboratory of Metallurgy

Together with our sister company, the Messer Group,

Wear Test Laboratory

we can offer our customers a very powerful range of products and services. Being «Part of the Messer World» means: • Investing €420 million before 2008 in • More than 6,000 motivated employees, and • 2,000 technical sales people in the field with our customers every day, with • Over 100 factories to meet the needs of customers in • Over 120 countries

Test Machine for Hardbanding


Stronger, with Castolin Eutectic

ADDRESSES OF CASTOLIN EUTECTIC COMPANIES Australia Eutectic Australia PTY Ltd. 317 - 321 Woodpark Road Smithfield NSW 2164 Sydney +61 - 2 - 87 86 37 05

Japan Eutectic of Japan Ltd. 1225 Ogura 212-0055 Saiwai-Ku, Kawasaki +81 - 44 - 599 3101

Sweden, Denmark Castolin Scandinavia AB Transportgatan 37 42204 Hisings-Backa +46-(0)31-570 470

Austria, South East Europe Castolin GmbH Brunner Strasse 69 1235 Wien +43-(0)1-869 45 41-0

Korea Eutectic Korea Ltd. 710-4 Kozan-dong Namdong-ku Inchon City +82 (0)32 817 51 22

Turkey Castolin Kaynak Ve Tierat Ltd. 20 Mayis Mahallesi, Inonu Caddesi, Sumko Sitesi H-2 Blok, 34711 Kadikoy / Istanbul, +90 - 216 - 464 31 87

Lithunia Castolin Sp. z o.o. filialas V. Nageviciaus 3-64 08237 Vilnius, Lietuva +370 5278 84 48

Switzerland Castolin Eutectic Int. SA Swiss Market Centre Ch. de la Venoge 7 1025 St. Sulpice +41-(0)21 694 1111

Belgium s.a. Castolin Benelux n.v. 222-228, Blvd de l’Humanité 1190 Bruxelles +32-(0)2-370 1370 Canada Eutectic Canada Inc. 52, boul. Hymus, Suite 220 Pointe Claire, QC, H9R 1C9 +1 - 514 - 695 7500 China Castolin (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. No. 11 Xija Road Shanghai Waigaoqiao 200131 Shanghai +86 - 512 -57 31 4949 Czech Republic Castolin pol.s.r.o. Trojska 18/122 18200 Praha 8 +42-(0)2-83 09 00 77 France Castolin France S.A. 22, Av. du Québec BP 325 Z.A. Courtaboeuf 1- Villebon 91958 Courtaboeuf Cedex +33-(0)1-69 82 69 82 Germany Castolin GmbH Gutenbergstrasse 10 65830 Kriftel +49-(0)6192-403-0 Hungary Castolin KFT Hungária Körút, 140-144 1146 Budapest +36-(0)1 471 5224

Netherlands Castolin Benelux N.V. Rotterdamseweg 406 2629 HH Delft +31-(0)15-256 9203 Norway Castolin Scandinavia Teknologiparken, Akersvn. 24 C 0177 Oslo +47-22-11 18 70 Mexico Eutectic Mexico S.A. km36.5,Autopista Mexico-Queretaro 54732 Cuautitlan-Izcalli Estado de Mexico +52 - 55 - 5872 1111 Poland Castolin Sp.z.o.o. P.O. Box 502, ul. Robotnicza 2 44-100 Gliwice +48-(0)32-230 6736 Spain, Portugal Castolin España S.A. P. I. de Alcobendas c/ San Rafael, 6 28108 Alcobendas (Madrid) +34-914 900 300 South Africa Messer Eutectic South Africa Ltd. P.O. Box 1504, Northriding 2164 +27 - 11 - 708 10 42

Russia Messer Cutting & Welding OOO Ul. Bolschaja Tulskajya 10/9 Office 9506 115191 Moscow United Kingdom & Ireland Eutectic Company Ltd. Merse Road North Moons Moat Redditch B98 9NZ +44-(0)1527 58 2200 Ukraine Castolin Ukraine Ltd. 62, Gorkogo str, Kyiv 150 03150 Ukraine +380 44 227 87 06 USA Eutectic Corporation N94 W14355 Garwin Drive Menomonee Falls Wisconsin 53054 +1 - 800 - 558 - 85 24 For all others Countries (Middle East, UAE, Central Asia) please contact: Export Market Center Castolin Eutectic Int. S.A. P.O. Box 360 CH-1001 Lausanne, Switzerland +41-(0)21-694 1111

Your resource for protection, repair and joining solutions

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Stronger, with Castolin Eutectic


Stronger, with... Castolin Eutectic WEAR & FUSION TECHNOLOGY

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