In To The Wild

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INTO THE WILD The history of wildlife art is fascinating. Evolving over the millennia, from the earliest rock art to the contemporary styles used by artists today, the majesty of the natural world has always been, and continues to be, a constant source of inspiration to artists. Wildlife art was largely overlooked prior to the 19th century when advances in technology allowed us to travel further and therefore encounter new species of plants and animals. The need to catalogue our natural environment followed. But the early days of exploration and discovery portended something much more disturbing; the destruction of animals and habitats at the hands of humans, and wildlife art took on a new purpose of creating an enduring record of animals which faced extinction. Other artists created images of wildlife to illustrate the beauty of the newly-discovered natural world that most had not seen before and wildlife art as we know it today was born. Into the Wild is a spectacular journey through our vast and diverse planet in all its startling beauty. Featuring original works from three masters of wildlife art, from vivid scenes of animal behaviour, to arresting portraits of the natural world, each piece puts nature in an amazing perspective - unprecedented wildlife behaviour, mesmerising new creatures and magical landscapes. Together, the collection paints a breathtaking portrait of Africa and serves as a reminder of the splendour, drama and diversity of life on earth.

“I would like to be remembered as someone who tried to make people aware of the need to protect the environment and the planet.�


A LITTLE SNACK Alan Hunt | Original Acrylic | 12” x 16”

READY OR NOT Alan Hunt | Original Acrylic | 24” x 32”

YOUNG MOUNTAIN GORILLA Alan Hunt | Original Acrylic | 8” x 12”

THREES CONFUSING Alan Hunt | Original Oil | 28” x 72”

KEEPING UP WITH THE HERD Alan Hunt | Original Acrylic | 9½ x 41”

RANTHUMBHORE ROAD BLOCK Alan Hunt | Original Acrylic | 21” x 36”

HOT DRY AND IRRITABLE Alan Hunt | Original Oil | 20” x 33”



Alan Hunt | Original Acrylic | 22” x 37”

Alan Hunt | Original Acrylic | 24” x 37”

EYE SPY - HIPPOPOTAMI Alan Hunt | Original Acrylic | 7” x 24”

LION AND LIONESS Alan Hunt | Original Acrylic | 27” x 48”

TO FIND THE RAINS Alan Hunt | Original Oil | 5½” x 24”

LATE RAINS Alan Hunt | Original Acrylic | 5½” x 24”

LET ME GUESS Alan Hunt | Original Oil | 11” x 51”

ESCAPE ROUTE Alan Hunt | Original Oil | 26” x 48”

“Light is quite possibly the most important thing for me. This serves to bring out the colours, forms and beauty in all things” In the heat of the Maasai Mara, amongst the large zebra herds, occasionally you will see the intimate bond between these beautiful animals.”


NATURE’S FINEST Robina Yasmin | Original Oil | 23½” x 70”

MANYARA Robina Yasmin | Original Oil | 27½” x 27½”

“The tremendous diversity, the sheer numbers, and often-sobering confrontations of the wildlife have spawned more ideas than I can ever hope to put on canvas.”


SPOTTED HYENA Brian Jarvi | Original Oil | 12” x 16”

MARA BALLET Brian Jarvi | Original Oil | 24” x 18”

RHINO Brian Jarvi | Original Oil | 24” x 18”

WHITE RHINO STUDY Brian Jarvi | Original Pencil Drawing | 11” x 7”

A SHADY PLACE Brian Jarvi | Original Oil | 17” x 24”

AMBUSH Brian Jarvi | Original Oil | 42” x 72”

The images contained within this literature are an artistic representation of the collection. To best experience our art, we recommend you contact your local gallery to arrange a viewing. Š Washington Green 2013. The content of this brochure is subject to copyright and no part can be reproduced without prior permission.