Castilleja Annual Report 2022-2023

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Annual Report 2022–2023


Dear Castilleja Community, In the mid-1970s, Castilleja’s Board and administration had a tough decision to make. Single-sex education had fallen out of favor and surrounding schools that had been founded to educate girls became co-ed. Despite societal, competitive, and financial headwinds, Castilleja stayed the course, reaffirming its commitment to educate motivated girls and young women in a learning environment designed specifically for them. Today, Castilleja stands alone in the Bay Area in offering a non-sectarian, 6th through 12th grade education. In the 21st century, Castilleja has expanded this commitment by working to offer this transformational education to more young girls, both by increasing enrollment and by creating a more diverse community. Thanks to your generosity, this multi-talented student body engages with world-class faculty who encourage them to stretch themselves, grasp and analyze complex concepts and issues, assert their opinions, and advocate for themselves. For over 100 years, Castilleja has been challenging assumptions about who can and should lead. Our accomplished graduates bring that ethos into the world knowing that they deserve a seat at the table and have the capability and right to chair that table. You will read about some of them in these pages. You will also see how our faculty teach leadership in the classroom each and every day. This is the experience that a Castilleja education promises, and your generosity assures that the promise is realized.

As a community, together we are passing through a period of change, but there are two constants that will always remain: we believe the world needs more women leaders, and we see the great potential to lead within every Castilleja student. With your unwavering support of Castilleja, each year you reaffirm your commitment to educating girls and young women for leadership; an objective as relevant today as it was in 1970. Knowing we have your support, we will continue to do what we do best—educate girls to become women who will effect positive change in the world. On behalf of all of our current and future students and educators, thank you for making this unique, transformative, and meaningful program possible for girls and young women with the aspiration to take their seat at the table. With deep gratitude,

Kathy Layendecker Castilleja Acting Head of School


The Importance of Stewardship A MESSAGE FROM STEPHANIE CHEN P’26 AND JAMAICA KREPS P’28 ’30 CO-CHAIRS OF THE ADVANCEMENT COMMITTEE Dear Castilleja Families and Friends, On behalf of the Castilleja Board of Trustees, we want to thank you for your support of Castilleja’s mission. We are honored to share this Annual Report with you because it reminds all of us that we are a strong, generous, and devoted community—committed to the girls who are learning on the Circle now and to the importance of girls’ education in the future. As Co-Chairs of the Advancement Committee and members of the Board of Trustees, we think a great deal about the importance of stewardship. Of course, the gifts recorded in this Annual Report represent an essential form of stewardship; our donors ensure that the institution remains financially strong, which means that the school remains agile and ready to respond to what students need to thrive and grow. We are deeply grateful to the generosity of everyone who makes this possible. We also see another level of stewardship that each and every member of the Castilleja community can embrace as we weather a season of change—which will involve both a campus modernization and a search for a new Head of School. As a community, we have a new call to become stewards of Castilleja as we contribute to the future of the school with our ideas, our resources, our time, and most of all, our enduring faith in the institution and the mission. As we continue our work this year, we are grateful to everyone who has joined us as donors and partners. We all chose Castilleja for a reason, and we all know the impact it has had on our lives and our children’s lives. Girls find their voices and develop into leaders here. They appreciate the meaning that comes from discovering a sense of purpose, and they build lifelong friendships. This is the impact that all of us will steward together. Thank you for sharing this exciting and inspiring work with us. Warmly, Stephanie Chen P’26 and Jamaica Kreps P’28 ’30 Annual Report 2022–2023 | 1








































2 | Castilleja School

CRITTER COUNTRY Watercolor artwork taught by Angélica Ortiz Anguiano ’11: Sloth by Skyler Law ’29 and Ladybug by Ashley Ramírez Vargas ’29 Annual Report 2022–2023 | 3

Nanci KauffmanHA Former Head of School

On the evening of May 5, 2023, Castilleja’s campus transformed into a musical festival: Castichella. The Circle was alive with the sweet sound of music, laughter, and yes,

“Since 1907, we have been making space for girls to find their voices, to be themselves, to experiment, to discover. Today we are called upon to create new spaces for girls to shine, new spaces for them to lead, and new spaces for their brilliance.”

even some rain. Students, alums, and their families celebrated the launch of the Open Their World Campaign, the largest fundraising campaign in the school’s history. At the time of the launch, $88M of the $100M goal had been raised. Some highlights from the evening included: raffles, food trucks, light-up see-saws, henna tattoos, photo booths, and prizes galore. At Castichella, we practiced the wellknown adage, “Life is about learning to dance in the rain.”

4 | Castilleja School

Cindy Goldberg P’17 and Ken Hirsch P’17 ’19 ’26 Campaign Co-Chairs “We are all here, able to experience this incredible institution, because of the vision and generosity of the community before us. It is now our turn. In the true Castilleja way, we come together for things that are important to our community. Let’s complete this journey together—join us to become a part of Castilleja’s history and future.”

Lisa Kay Solomon P’21 ’24 “We are using our imagination to dream of a new chapter for Castilleja that’s not just a new campus, but a new approach to creating the environments and experiences that will best support our children—and our children’s children. That’s the invitation of tonight—to collectively honor what we love most about Castilleja and to project forward our individual and collective hopes for our daughters’ futures and the futures of many more to come.”

Annual Report 2022–2023 | 5


Global Head of Infrastructure Business, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. L.P.

I am a big believer in high-quality girls’

education and I cherish Casti as a forum in which girls can learn, grow, lead, and develop without any real or perceived societal constraints. I am thrilled for the opportunity to preserve and enhance this special place. I find it inspiring and exciting and look forward to working with the Board, staff, faculty, parents, and others to help support the students in their journey!”


Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Goodwater

Castilleja is an absolute jewel. The teachers

are truly exceptional and take the time to really understand each and every girl, equipping her for her unique journey as a future leader. I am excited for Castilleja’s next chapter as we continue to advance the mission in new ways to meet the challenges of tomorrow. The world is changing incredibly quickly and needs the voices of strong, educated, and principled young women to shape its future.”


Partner, O’Melveny & Myers LLP

I love the idea of Casti and its vision for

educating, supporting, and inspiring generations of future female leaders, artists, visionaries, and community builders. As the father of two girls, I strongly believe in the need for more female leadership in our country and in the world. For my wife and me, Casti has always been that shiny beacon on a hill in the way that it fosters a learning and social environment that brings out the best in our girls and helps them to see that anything is possible.”

6 | Castilleja School

The Board of Trustees is comprised of deeply committed community members who bring diverse expertise and foresight to the work they do supporting Castilleja’s mission now and into the future.


Senior Vice President, Menlo Equities

As someone who benefited from a Castilleja

education, I am eager to help the school move forward with the plans to modernize the learning spaces. While Casti’s history and traditions will remain, the new campus will allow both the students and the faculty to grow, learn, and create in new ways. It will be exciting to witness how the updated facilities will inspire the students to further push themselves as collaborators, innovators, and leaders.”


Partner, Gigascale Capital and Former CTO, Meta

Educating the next generation of women

leaders has never been more important. In my professional life, I have worked to create opportunities for women, so joining the Board opens another avenue for me to further this goal. I am excited about Castilleja’s new campus and I look forward to helping the school continue to build a strong foundation to thrive for another century.”


Founder and Managing Director, Elements

Casti is at an important and exciting juncture

in her hallowed journey of educating female leaders for over a century. After much hard work by so many, she has the opportunity to update her campus to lead multidisciplinary learning for her students into the next 100 years. We are at a point where fresh thinking needs to be blended with established values and thoughts. I am excited to contribute to Casti at this dynamic time in her evolution.”

Annual Report 2022–2023 | 7

Celebrating Head’s Circle Our annual Head’s Circle event was held in early September at the home of Shweta and Amish Mehta P’29. Each year, this evening honors donors who go above and beyond to give at a transformational level. Their commitment to Castilleja as a philanthropic priority expresses a deep trust in the mission of the school, and they provide a foundation that allows Castilleja to remain imaginative, innovative, and agile. The school year began with several far-reaching changes, and the evening reminded everyone of the stabilizing effect of spending time together as a community. Conversations centered around a shared commitment to educating girls to become leaders. Many past parents were in attendance, sharing how important Castilleja continues to be in their lives and in the lives of their children. Zac Zeitlin P’24, Chair of the Board of Trustees, spoke briefly to outline the Board’s vision for the future of the school, and by the end of the evening, everyone left feeling confident about the school’s direction and even more deeply committed to Castilleja. 8 | Castilleja School



What inspired you to become Acting Head? My belief in the mission of the school and the opportunity to work more closely with students, employees, and alums. Which of the 5Cs resonates most with you and why? Character because it encompasses another important C, Conscience; being guided by one’s values and striving to do what one believes is right is critical to a good life. What’s your favorite book you’ve read in the last year? The Street by Ann Petry. Favorite Casti lunch? Tomato soup, falafel, and Caesar salad. Favorite Casti tradition? There are so many meaningful traditions, but if I have to choose one, it would be the Tie Ceremony. Our school spirit is on full display and the ceremony brings our entire community together, making strong connections across grades with the tying of ties and honoring our seniors. What more could we ask for?! What do you listen to while driving to school in the morning? While driving or taking the train to Castilleja, I start with The

Economist’s daily news podcast, The Intelligence, and then quickly turn to whichever audiobook I am listening to. I recently listened to Small Mercies by Dennis Lehane, Devil in a Blue Dress by Walter Mosley, and Demon Copperhead by Barbara Kingsolver. I highly recommend all three. Tea or coffee? Definitely tea­—green or herbal. I figured that if I did not develop a coffee habit in my twenties while working around the clock as an investment banker, then it was not meant to be. How do you like to spend your free time? Hiking, reading, exercising, and taking long walks with family and friends.

“Community means a sense of shared purpose and belonging, and the trust that even when our opinions differ we remain united around our interests and values.” – KATHY LAYENDECKER

Your hero or heroine? Ever since I saw the movie and read the book Lady Sings the Blues as a teenager, my heroine has been Billie Holiday. She persevered in the most challenging circumstances and left us with important musical, cultural, and social justice legacies.

What is an accomplishment you are proud of? Partnering with my husband Glenn to raise our amazing daughters Katie (30) and Brooke (28).

Your favorite subject in school? I was always strong in and enjoyed math, but my true passion was studying and analyzing literature.

Something you plan to learn more about in the next year? How to balance content and skill acquisition in Castilleja’s academic program, to play the fiddle, and to speak Croatian.

What does community mean to you? A sense of shared purpose and belonging, and the trust that even when our opinions differ, we remain united around our interests and values.

Your superpower? Meeting people where they are. Annual Report 2022–2023 | 9









Amherst College Barnard College Boston College Boston University Brandeis University Carnegie Mellon University Case Western Reserve University Claremont McKenna College Connecticut College Cornell University Duke University

10 | Castilleja School




Georgetown University Grinnell College Harvard University Haverford College Lawrence University List College at Columbia University Massachusetts Institute of Technology Molloy College New York University Northeastern University

71% will attend outside of California 6 will take a gap year 6 will play a varsity sport 2 will pursue performing arts degrees 22 teachers wrote 125 letters of recommendation to support student applications

Northwestern University Pitzer College Princeton University Rice University Santa Clara University Scripps University Stanford University Tufts University University of California, Berkeley University of California, Los Angeles

University of California, Santa Cruz University of Chicago University of Michigan University of Pennsylvania University of Southern California University of Virginia Villanova University Yale University



Sixty-two remarkable girls said yes to joining the Castilleja Class of 2030! This delightful group speaks 13 different languages at home. The girls come from 39 distinct schools and 17 towns across the Peninsula, but they are already united in a desire to make an impact, find joy, and share their talents with one another. We know that together, they will help us shape a beautiful future.


I wonder... the human body works. much more carbon can the Earth take. ...about ants, and how they get their insane strength. many trees will be chopped down and replanted in the future. to improve my art skills. I can use my imagination to create a better future.

Annual Report 2022–2023 | 11


Leadership in the Classroom Leadership Competencies With a mission to educate women leaders, Castilleja has always been thoughtful about how to teach leadership. In the fall of 2013, the faculty began a formal process of defining essential skills that women leaders would need to be able to thrive in a rapidly changing world. The Learning and Leading Competencies— Curiosity, Purposeful Reflection, Embracing Ambiguity, Problem Strategizing, Empathy, and Collaboration—took shape and have become central to our program ever since. Ten years later, our teachers are helping our students practice these competencies in the classroom every day.

CURIOSITY Actively seeking and exploring new and original questions and answers about the world. PURPOSEFUL REFLECTION Regularly reflecting on a learning experience including assessing personal contributions and areas for improvement. Being conscious of personal lack of knowledge, concerns, and socially constructed beliefs. EMBRACING AMBIGUITY Engaging in new, different, and challenging situations with the exciting potential to learn something new. PROBLEM STRATEGIZING Identifying multiple facets of a problem or challenge, examining it through various lenses (ethical, cultural, social, political, racial, economic, etc.), and prioritizing key aspects on which to focus. EMPATHY Developing connections and relationships with others who have different experiences and perspectives while remaining open to learning about their ideas and suggestions. Understanding that personal problems are connected to larger issues with many interrelated parts, and that contradictory beliefs, ideas, and actions can all be valid. COLLABORATION Taking responsibility to ensure everyone feels comfortable while working on a group task, including setting expectations and practicing strategies to navigate disagreements or discomfort that inevitably arise in a group setting.

12 | Castilleja School

UPPER SCHOOL ENGLISH: PURPOSEFUL REFLECTION At the beginning of each 11th grade English class, Matt Callahan has students set writing goals, such as fusing analysis and poetry, playing with structure, or identifying themes they’re passionate about. Reflection is built into his class, from rubrics to one-on-one meetings with students. “I see my role less as a teacher and more as a gardener. I prune the tree so the soil can get more sun. I clear the ground a little bit,” explains Mr. Callahan. “I know how to ask the right questions and I encourage them to take a risk with their writing. And if they care about it, they work harder at it.”

MIDDLE SCHOOL ENGLISH: EMBRACING AMBIGUITY English teacher Jasmin Miller uses the Harkness method with her 7th graders to discuss reading assignments. Sitting at a round table, students get to respond in real time to other people’s comments and embrace the ambiguity of a live conversation. (No raised hands allowed!) They must also refer to the text to support their claims whenever possible. “They’re looking at people who are talking to find an entry point into the conversation,” says Dr. Miller. “Scholarship is being a part of a conversation, and socially, you have to learn how to listen and you have to learn how to speak.”

Annual Report 2022–2023 | 13

UPPER SCHOOL ADVANCED TOPICS RESEARCH & WRITING: EMPATHY For Christy StoryHA, empathy is the backbone of her senior-level class, Advanced Topics Research & Writing. Dr. Story not only teaches students to place people within their historical contexts and to value multiple perspectives, she also builds a “critical friend circle” by training students to present and critique each other’s projects. “The guiding principle is always be nice, be specific, help each other, and participate,” says Dr. Story. “By having a process that is expected and scaffolded, students learn the skill and practice it. All leaders need to know how to solicit feedback, how to receive feedback, and how to give it.”

MIDDLE AND UPPER SCHOOL WORLD LANGUAGE: EMPATHY When you learn a new language, you become empathetic, says Hwai Lin, Castilleja’s Mandarin teacher who is also fluent in Arabic and Japanese. “It’s about talking to people directly and understanding their stories.” For one assignment, Ms. Lin’s Upper School Advanced Topics Language and Culture class interviews a Taiwanese college student about Taiwan’s education system. As they chat across a 15hour divide over Zoom, they also discuss pop culture and hobbies (and the occasional lack of sleep). “They really want to know what life is like outside of their bubble,” says Ms. Lin. “Students learn to appreciate diversity. And within that diversity, there is still similarity.”

MIDDLE SCHOOL HISTORY: PROBLEM STRATEGIZING Heather Pang ’84HA has her 8th graders tackle a major history research project for National History Day. Students pick a topic and figure out the most fitting presentation format, be it a performance, a podcast, a documentary, a website, a research paper, or an exhibit. Instructional & Programming Librarian Tasha Bergson-MichelsonHA comes in to help guide their research. “Because they’ve chosen their own topics, they have a level of curiosity that is much higher than when I pick topics,” says Dr. Pang. “They become experts. Having a chance to be historians rather than just consume and discuss history—to me, that is leadership.” 14 | Castilleja School

UPPER SCHOOL SCIENCE: COLLABORATION Elaine MiddlemanHA uses a flipped classroom model in her junior-level biology honors class. This approach teaches students to be collaborative leaders rather than passive listeners. Students watch video lectures at home. Then, in class and in lab, they work in groups to explain material to each other and apply what they learned. “They are helping each other with deeper learning when they’re discussing and trying to explain the concepts to each other,” says Dr. Middleman. “They’re so eager to learn. It’s pretty aweinspiring, all the things that they want to do and can do.”

MIDDLE SCHOOL HISTORY: PROBLEM STRATEGIZING “When I think about female leadership, I think of fostering a culture of inclusivity, where diverse experiences are not only welcomed, but celebrated,” says Middle School history teacher Chrislaine Miller. One of Dr. Miller’s classroom activities is a UN project, where her 6th graders learn about addressing the challenges outlined in the UN Sustainable Development Goals through research, debate, and negotiation. “They’re learning to compromise, to get along with others who may or may not agree with them. If we give students opportunities to engage in diplomacy and international relations, they will rise to the occasion,” says Dr. Miller. “That inspires me. I want to know all my students. I want to hear their ideas.”

UPPER SCHOOL MATH: CURIOSITY Students in Rachel Tucker’s statistics class develop curiosity and empathy by posing a question about a real-world issue, then answering it with the help of research, histograms, and scatter plots. To start, students find a dataset with over 1,000 data points on their chosen topic, be it sports team performance, COVID response, or homelessness. “They get to pick something that they’re curious about and dig into it,” explains Ms. Tucker. “Maybe it looks significant when you're graphing it, but when you do statistical analysis, it turns out to be not significant. It teaches students the messiness of real-world data.”

Annual Report 2022–2023 | 15

PORTRAIT By Kiyomi Selaya ’28 16 | Castilleja School

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Tuition . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $23,676,200 Gifts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $4,903,200 Endowment . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $2,770,100 Summer Programs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .



Other Income . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $659,600 Total Revenue: $32,840,800


Blair Walker Stratford ’56


The Ditz and Mosbacher Family


Kathy Williams


Lisa ’86 and Kristi Maslak ’89


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Annual Report 2022–2023 | 17


Leadership Giving

Thank you to all of our donors for your generous contributions over the 2022–23 school year. Leadership gifts made to Castilleja play a special role in creating an unparalleled experience for today’s students and ensuring the school’s financial sustainability for generations to come.

Head’s Circle $50,000 or more Anonymous (6)

Aileen Lee and Jason Stinson

Reena and Raj Agrawal

The Magic Beans

Pree Basaviah and Venky Ganesan

Viola Mong Meehan ’82

Ashley and John Chambers

Julia and Yuri Milner

Patti and Edward Chan

Margaret Osborn Munzig ’97 and Peter Munzig

Donald A. Rhoades Family Foundation

Jennifer Newstead and Alex Mishkin

Carol and John Giannandrea

Anjali and Sundar Pichai

Cindy and Evan Goldberg

Penny Pritzker ’77 and Bryan Traubert

Lori and Brian Goler

Paula and Michael Rantz

Theresia Gouw

Sarah and Greg Sands

Calla and Will Griffith

Nipa and Beerud Sheth

Susan Suman Hindle ’53

Prateeksha and Amit Sinha

Erin Hoffmann and Michael Schroepfer

Shweta Siraj Mehta and Amish Mehta

Noriko Honda and Norman Chen

Andrea Navarro Sobrato ’08 and John Sobrato

Heidi Hopper and Jeffrey Dean

Lisa Kay and Glenn Solomon

Maya and Sanjay Kapoor

Mary Speiser

Nancy Kedzierski and Gordon Chaffee

Michael Speiser

Teresa and Brian Kelleher

Polly Tam and Hsien-Chung Woo

Jaynie and William Kind

Jessica and Chris Varelas

Jennifer and David Ko

Petra Wright and Steve Dowling

Jamaica and Jay Kreps

Carrie Yan and Michael Hui

Yidrienne Lai and Christopher Chang

Amanda and Zac Zeitlin

Gab and Thomas Layton

18 | Castilleja School

HEAD’S CIRCLE DINNER An annual event honoring leadership donors

1907 Circle $20,000–$49,999 Anonymous (7)

Jane and James Hopkins

Alison and Edward Abbo

Crystal Jiang and Andy Chen

Bosede and Oreoluwa Adeyemi

Nanci KauffmanHA and Scott Kauffman

Diana Alvarez Kaba and Armando Mann

David Kim

Holly Baudler

Cary Golub Lurie ’64

Mark Baudler

Nandini Madathipparambil and Abhishek Prasad

Carol Blacutt-Underwood and Brian Underwood

Raheleh Mansoor and Pedram Keyani

Gerri and Laszlo Bock

The Estate of Adrienne Hiscox Mitchell ’44*

Beaky Chan and Gregory Haardt

Parinaz Mohamadi and Mostafa Ronaghi

Tina Chen and Anthony Lin

Brandy and Daniel Navarro

Julie and Andrew Cheng

Alyssa Rieder and Eric Byunn

Nandini and Mathews Cherian

Melissa Riofrio ’85

Sohi and Chi-Hua Chien

Kimberly Sargent and Kerem Guneri

Carolyn Choi and Jeffrey Wong

Jessica and Leonard Speiser

Hala Kurdi Cozadd ’92 and Bruce Cozadd

Blair Walker Stratford ’56

Mahooya Dinda and Michel Del Buono

Nancy Tuck

Elizabeth Douglas and Evan Hurowitz

Corry and BJ Watrous

Anna and Sean Glodek

Grace and David Yuan

Manisha and Mike Gupta Tracy and Eric Hass Brooke Heckert and Michael Linse Vani and Irvin Henderson Elizabeth and Patrick Heron

Annual Report 2022–2023 | 19

Parents Annual Fund Head’s Circle Fund $50,000 and above Julia and Yuri Milner

Maya and Sanjay Kapoor

Jamaica and Jay Kreps

Five Cs Circle $25,000–$49,999 Anonymous (2) Reena and Raj Agrawal Pree Basaviah and Venky Ganesan Julie and Andrew Cheng Lori and Brian Goler Calla and Will Griffith

Erin Hoffmann and Michael Schroepfer Nancy Kedzierski and Gordon Chaffee Yidrienne Lai and Christopher Chang Aileen Lee and Jason Stinson

Prateeksha and Amit Sinha Shweta Siraj Mehta and Amish Mehta Lisa Kay and Glenn Solomon Petra Wright and Steve Dowling Carrie Yan and Michael Hui Amanda and Zac Zeitlin

Founder’s Circle $10,000–$24,999 Anonymous (5)

Ellen and Ira Ehrenpreis

Bosede and Oreoluwa Adeyemi

Caroline Hu Flexer and

Kelli and Michael Agnich

Michael Flexer

Diana Alvarez Kaba and

Anna and Sean Glodek

Jennifer Newstead and Alex Mishkin Olivia Nottebohm and T.J. Rylander

Armando Mann

Ozge and Salih Gokturk

Mora Oommen and Parag Patel

Dana and Brian Ascher

Manisha and Mike Gupta

Sarah Payne and Vikram Varma

Irene Au and Bradley Horowitz

Suman Gupta and Thomas Kemp

Alyssa Rieder and Eric Byunn

Holly Baudler

Vani and Irvin Henderson

Sarah and Greg Sands

Mark Baudler

Jane and James Hopkins

Kimberly Sargent and

Gerri and Laszlo Bock

Amy Hsiao and Albert Liu

Kerem Guneri

Ashley and John Chambers

Crystal Jiang and Andy Chen

Renee and Craig Scott

Beaky Chan and Gregory Haardt

Teresa and Brian Kelleher

Wei Si and Frank Yuan

Patti and Edward Chan

David Kim

Jessica and Leonard Speiser

Priya Chandrasekar

Sarah Kimball and Bryan Mazlish

Celine Teoh and Tang Tan

and Chandrasekar

Cindy Chen and Bob Kocher

Rita and Hardeep Walia


Ning and Lexin Li

Corry and BJ Watrous

Nandini Madathipparambil

Sarah and Karl Wiley

Rafia Chaudhry and Ayaz Haque Tina Chen and Anthony Lin Nandini and Mathews Cherian Sohi and Chi-Hua Chien

and Abhishek Prasad Raheleh Mansoor and Pedram Keyani

Carolyn Choi and Jeffrey Wong Nila Yeung and Kenneth Ng Grace and David Yuan

Connie Chieng and Yao Ma

Yvette and Roy Maydan

Sook Hee Cho and Andrew Oh

Nancy and Lowell Mead

Kourosh Gharachorloo

Patricia and Angelos Dassios

Parinaz Mohamadi and

Caixia Zhang and Ye Meng

Mahooya Dinda and

Mostafa Ronaghi

Michel Del Buono

Amy Moy and Seth Frank

Elizabeth Douglas and

Saloni and Arneek Multani

Evan Hurowitz

Brandy and Daniel Navarro

20 | Castilleja School

Nazhin Zarghamee and

HANDS-ON LEARNING Middle school exploratory academics

Keeping the Circle Green $5,000–$9,999 Anonymous (5)

Jennifer and Jorg Heinemann

Lin Qiao and Songting Chen

Jeanette Bahn and Paul Feng

Christina Hua and Edward Sun

Nirmala Ramarathnam and

Valerie and Eric Barnett

Doris and Charles Huang

Amy and Tucker Beim

Tasmia and Mohsin Hussain

Kavitha and Asish Ramchandran

Katherine Bell and

Christine and Robert Hutchinson

Anita and Zia Rehman

Thomas Brehme

Soonyoung Hwang and Eugene An

Amanda and Michael Ross

Claire and Tim Burks

Sukaina and Sajjad Jaffer

Kate and Jed Scolnick

Patricia Chang and

Meredith and Steven Kan

Kimball and Andrew Scott

Seyonne Kang and Scott Johnston

Pratima Sethi ’94 and

Stephanie and Sherwin Chen

Parul Kapoor and Aditya Vanam

Amaury Bellemans

Cheryl and Albert Cheng

Hana and Kashif Karar

Mary Sheu and Michael Lim

Kate Cho and Howard Ying

Maria and Andy Karsner

Tiffany and Robert Silva

Nam Cho and Nathaniel Gallon

Lesley and William King

Monisha and Anup Singh

Tricia and Gavin Christensen

Jeffie and Kevin Kopczynski

Sarah Sirajuddin and

Victoria ’87 and Jason Clague

Lyla Kuriyan and Rory McInerney

Christine Costigan and

Lily and Phillip Law

Angela Song and Ammar Maraqa

Robin Laws and Brian Yick

Roopali and Vinay Srihari

Kimberly and Anupam Dalal

Nhu Le and Steve Chen

Tenley Stephenson and

Gretchen Debenham Hug

Anna and Andrew Leaver

Warren Packard

Michael Snyder

and Steve Debenham

Christine Lee and Jeffrey Lucas

Jay Venkataramani

Sameer Paranjpye

John Pimentel Diana Sunshine and

Kristina and Roger Detter

Sang Eun Lee and Jisung Oh

Diana Dorobek and Anthony Lye

Seung Hee Lee and Stephen Ryu

Flore and Matthew Tolland

Sara and Brian Elkin

Trisha Ma and Jeffrey Dejelo

Annie and Cameron Turner

Tracy and Steve Eskenazi

Ming Mao and Yefei Peng

Julie and Jarlon Tsang

Isabelle Essel Moha and

Shahin Masthan and

Emily and Mingson Wang

Alexandre Moha Marcie and Gregg Farano Brittany and Daniel Feitelberg

Muneyb Minhazuddin Margaret Osborn Munzig ’97 and Peter Munzig

Willliam Onderdonk

Huisheng Wang and Yinqing Zhao Lin Wang and Yong Sheng Yuko Watanabe and

Jennifer Fine and Rob Schmeltzer

Dana and Jason Nunn

Myra and Patrick Finn

Victoria and Ryan O’Hara

Tracy and Mark Watt

Susan Fleischmann and

Sayaka and Takato Ohyabu

Alice Yang and Jason Lau

Mely Pacheco and Danny Kwok

Sue and Danny Yee

Jessica Pan-Beesley and

Huoy-Ming Yeh and Sherman Chu

Mark Brazeal Ahana and Brady Gunderson Liya Guo and Shan Huang

Michael Beesley

Ashmeet Sidana

Christine and Jason Yip

Priyanki Gupta and Amit Agarwal

Rajashree and Biren Parikh

Yanting Zhang and Olivier Redon

Suzan Halabi and Anas Osman

Laurie and Duco Pasmooij

Yunfang Zheng and

Amy Adams Harding ’90

Victoria and Tom Pickett

Guangming Zhen

and Peter Harding

Anuradha and Sudhanshu Priyadarshi Annual Report 2022–2023 | 21

KEEPING THE CIRCLE GREEN An annual donor event on the Circle

Parents Annual Fund continued Crimson Hues $1,000–$4,999 Anonymous (9)

Liza and Jeffrey Hausman

Walter Park

Meredith Ackley

Carole Hayworth and

Margaret and Justin Pettit

In honor of Anne CameronHA Bilge and Aykut Atali

Fernando Rock Brooke Heymach Friedman

Oznur and Umut Aytekin

and William Friedman

Faina and Mark Birman

Mishua and Donald Hicks

Maya and Yair Blumenfeld

Erin and Floyd Holsinger

Kristin Bosetti and

Xin Hu and Ruiming Zhou

Joseph Hupcey

Jill and Paul Jene

Lilyana Prasetya and Peter Gunadi Limin Qian and Yang Guo Sharmila Ravi ’91 In memory of Rudy DeCaminadaHA Deepika Rayala and Sandar Tadinada

Cati and Adam Boulanger

Neeraja and Obul Kambham

Wendy and Chang Row

Yasmin and Shaun Braun

Esther and Brendon Kim

Ashvin Sangoram

Ramani Chaganti and

So Young and James Kim

Kavita Sarin and Daniel Wan

Tina Kuan

Lindsey and Alan Schroeder

Joanna Chan and Chak Li

Adrienne Lee and Jeffrey Chang

Amelia Schultz and Jason Werlin

Jeannette Cheng and

Emily Leonard and David Masci

Carrie and Thomas Siegel

David Spencer

Sesh Mudumbai

Gloria Leong and Derrick Lin

Ruchita Sinha and Apoorv Saxena

Natalie Choo and James Cham

Morgan Lin and Chad Banzhaf

Irene Sklyar and Rob Christensen

Shweta Chopra and Ankur Singla

Yajun Liu and Ming Dai

Dawn and Mark Sue

Lara and Nicolas Cuttriss

Mimi and David Lyons

Suzanne Sullivan

Christina and Ryan Dang

Marcy Mamiya ’90 and

Anne Sweeney and Jonathan Hoy

Judy and Ronnie Dang

Matthew Selaya

Aneta and Szymon Swistun

Mariyam Mansur and

Lindsay and Carter Trout

Seema and Amit Daryanani Danica Den

Asim Memon

Vivian Tsai

Rachelle and Scott Doorley

Emily and Doff McElhinney

Irene Wang and Roger Watson

Hanna and Ilya Firman

Marcela Millan and Jochen Profit

Jennifer Wang and

Michele Harari Goldwasser ’91

Stacy and Michael Molano

Sipong Prakalapakorn

Jennifer and Robert Morrill

Jing Wang and Gang Liu

Stacie and Dan Morris

Michelle and Jeffrey Williams

Alpana Naresh and Gaurav Verma

The Woollen Family

Ekta and Pankaj Gunsagar

Jennifer and Daniel Nuckles

Mayling Wu and Randy Sefcik

Kyuwon Han and Hyeun-Su Kim

Soyoung Oh and Cheonhong Kim

Jenny Zhao and

Alice and Michael Harkey

Ambika Pajjuri and

and Isy Goldwasser Leticia Gonzalez-Ratchev and Borislav Ratchev

Odette Harris and Edward Sharp

22 | Castilleja School

Vijayanand Vusirikala

Shaun Kunnavatana Yujia Zhu and Yiming Ma

KEEPING THE CIRCLE GREEN Guest speaker Mimi Tran Zambetti ’16 and Elizabeth Yin ’00

Dress Whites Club $250–$999 Anonymous (6)

Joo-Mee and Young Lee

Marina Shinkarsky

Stacie Cheng and Tom Cole

Judy and Henry Lee

Karin and Mohammed

Correa Agazzi Family

Lama Rimawi and Bilal Zuberi

Maria Cortez and Jaime Caballero

Mia and Jose Rocha

Lindsay and John Sterling

Jenifer Culver

Kathleen and Hal Rucker

Marsie and Ernest Sweetland

Anne Holmes

Ayazhan Seitkazina and

Serra Tau-Vaka and Semesa Vaka

Navneet Kaur and Jatinder Panesar

Berik Rakhimbayev


Karen and Raj Verma

Rajul and Ketan Shah

Class Ties Up to $249 Anonymous (9) Rebecca Barker ’91 and Jeremy Neuner

Yeshi Lama and Tenzin Dingpontsawa Veronica Lopez

Sheri Brooks and David de Heer

Jeanne Lowell and David LowellHA

Marjorie Casison and Carlo Laurel

Keli and Jeffrey Mayfield

Connie Chang and

Nikè McDonald

Maurizio Chinchio Elsa Choque and Jesus Cortes

Brigida Mejia and Juan G. Sandoval

Danni Redding Lapuz and Ray Lapuz Lina Sampayo and Hector Balmaceda Amelia Soto Nava and Ricardo Reyes Malia and Sione Tofavaha Maria Vargas Pulido

Heidi GallegosHA

Susana Morales and Mario Gamino Stephanie McLeod Wansek ’83

Laura Garcia and Adrian Avila

Maria Munoz Aguirre and

Zucely Guzman Roque Sandra Ibarra

David Fernandez Vinuales Jeanette Ramirez and

Alma Jimenez and

Israel Crespo

Arturo Arguello

Catherine Randle

Bernice and Christopher Kwong

and Daniel Flath Margaret Williams and Christopher Cortez Laura and Peter Zappas

Mayma and Stewart Raphael Annual Report 2022–2023 | 23


Finding Fulfillment in Mentorship ANNA MIRABELLA ’12 RETURNS AS A MENTOR TO THE PROGRAM THAT MOST INSPIRED HER: THE ROBOTICS TEAM When Anna Mirabella ’12 began mentoring the Gatorbotics team in 2022, one of her immediate thoughts was, “We were like this too.” The team today may use different tools and technologies than 15 years ago, but the enthusiasm and motivation of the students is exactly the same. She had been considering mentoring the Gatorbotics team for a while, but after joining their kickoff meeting last fall, she recognized, “The team’s desire to solve problems was contaigious, and I knew I wanted to be part of that environment again,” she says. She finally committed to carving out time to give back to a place and a program that shaped her. It’s in the robotics space that Anna began to develop her voice and her path, so naturally, sharing this same gift with current students is truly a full circle moment, as we like to say. A four-year member of the Gatorbotics team, Anna recounts that exposure to hands-on technical experience and to industry mentors significantly impacted her decision to study mechanical engineering in college. Further, her time as team captain taught her valuable leadership lessons that she continues to utilize in her current role as a program manager. REFLECTING AND GIVING When it was time to consider career paths, Anna identified trends in the kinds of roles she played in classroom and extracurricular group projects: “I realized that I had built foundational skills at Castilleja that I could employ in a job, too.” As she contemplated her next steps, another thought crossed her mind. Anna’s college sorority helped re-emphasize the value of philanthropy and how contributing financial resources in conjunction with volunteer time can maximize impact. A spark ignited in Anna. She wanted to start contributing. Upon graduating from college, Anna asked herself where she wanted to make an impact. She began donating to Castilleja’s robotics team, noting that as a student, she always valued having access to new tools. 24 | Castilleja School

“Even giving back in small ways can make a difference and maintain connection to community.” — ANNA MIRABELLA ’12

Now that she was in a position to give back, she wanted to help students develop skills in new areas, just like she had. “Even giving back in small ways can make a difference and maintain connection to community,” she observes. For Anna, it has been equally rewarding to invest her time, especially when doing so is encouraged and supported by an employer. “I would encourage alums to see if their company matches donations in order to maximize dollars or time,” Anna shared. MUTUAL MENTORSHIP One recent afternoon in the Bourn Lab, Anna stumbled upon the robot her team had built a decade ago. Excited by this discovery, Anna reached out to her former team and mentor about the memories that came flooding back to her. The connection was reignited as if time stood still. Anna shared that mentoring taught her new skills she’s been able to bring back to her workplace. Perhaps it is unsurprising that once you become a learner and a leader, you will embody those attributes throughout your journey and empower others to do the same.


Giving What You Can, When You Can AS ONE OF THE YOUNGEST MEMBERS OF THE DECADES CLUB, SARAH ROSSTON ’12 PROVES THAT INCREMENTAL GIVING CAN HAVE A BIG IMPACT OVER TIME When asked about a pivotal moment in high school that influenced their life’s trajectory, Castilleja alums often launch into an animated story about their favorite classes or teachers. Sarah Rosston ’12 takes another approach. For her, the Bourn Lab and the Gatorbotics program have been formative, both personally and professionally. “I started at Castilleja as a quiet and shy person,” Sarah remembers. “It was through my time in Gatorbotics that I learned to have the confidence to reach out and ask for opportunities.” Advocating for oneself and for others is woven into the fabric of Castilleja. Sarah recalls numerous times when mentors in the classroom and in the Bourn Lab were there for her. “During my senior year, I asked the Gatorbotics mentors to show me what code was,” says Sarah, who particularly loved the real-world applications of probability and math modeling, taught by Dr. LowellHA. LEARNING LEADERSHIP While on the Gatorbotics team, Sarah led the build team with Aneesha Gupta ’13. Together they learned a valuable leadership skill: mentorship. “When younger students joined the team, few had technical experience, so creating a comfortable environment to enable their growth was really important,” explains Sarah. These formative experiences led Sarah to pursue a career in computer science and software engineering after graduation. As she grew professionally, Sarah always made giving back a priority. She continued working with high school students while in college, where she led programs through “Girls Teaching Girls Code.” Supporting and mentoring members of her community is a skill that Sarah still utilizes daily in her professional life. “If you benefit from a place, think about how you can support that institution,” she recommends. It’s a philosophy passed down from her parents, who advised her that small

amounts of support, given consistently over time, can make an impact. Sarah realizes that giving back looks different for everyone, and it depends on what you're capable of giving at the time. “If your means improve over time, the gift can grow.” This has been true for Sarah; after graduation her gifts were smaller and they have been growing ever since. She is one of the youngest members of the Decades Club, and she gives to tuition assistance every year, making this education that shaped her life possible for other students.

“If you benefit from a place, think about how you can support that institution.” — SARAH ROSSTON ’12

THE IMPACT OF GIVING At Reunion in 2022, Sarah was delighted to discover that her favorite place on campus, the Bourn Lab, has grown since she graduated, in many ways thanks to the impact of thoughtful gifts from alums. “I felt inspired by what Castilleja students continue to imagine and create,” says Sarah about the Bourn Lab and the way it builds student confidence, curiosity, and community from one grade to the next. “The impact is still there.”

Annual Report 2022–2023 | 25

This year’s event took place on March 25, 2023, at the Computer History Museum, and speakers Nina Davuluri, activist, actress, and the first South Asian Miss America, and Jimmy Chin, photographer, videographer, and mountaineer, both regaled the audience with stories of imagination, creativity, and perseverance. Ms. Davuluri was interviewed by journalist Aarti Shahani, host of Art of Power, and Mr. Chin was interviewed by Lynne Twist, President and Founder of Soul of Money Institute and Co-Founder of Pachamama Alliance. Cirque du Soleil and Dear San Francisco artist Bradley Henderson stunned the audience with his Cyr wheel act. Both Ms. Davuluri and Mr. Chin reflected on the fact that access to education was always a core value throughout their childhoods To their families, education was a pathway to opportunity. In many ways, their stories mirror our own: we know that there is tremendous potential in what a single human spirit can accomplish. With the right tools, such as education, there is no limit to what we can imagine for ourselves and for our community. View360, with its mission of supporting equity in education, is one avenue for expanding a child’s access to life-long imagination. This year’s event raised $1.6 million, enabling Castilleja to deliver on its commitment to advancing socioeconomic diversity and creating a learning environment where every student brings a unique perspective.

SAVE THE DATE! We can't wait to see you at next year’s View360 during Spring 2024.

26 | Castilleja School



3 8





VIEW360 2023 1) Speakers Lynne Twist and Jimmy Chin 2) Purvi Kapadia and Jessica Speiser 3) Student speaker Claire Wong ’24 4) Castilleja alumnae 5) Parinaz Mohamadi, Valerie Barnett, and Lama Rimawi 6) Lori and Brian Goler with Jennifer Taylor-Mendoza 7) Board Chair Zac Zeitlin 8) Performer Bradley Henderson Annual Report 2022–2023 | 27

Thank You to our View360 Donors TRAILBLAZER



$100,000 +



Julia and Yuri Milner



Reena and Raj Agrawal

Amy and Tucker Beim


Ashley and John Chambers

Stephanie and Sherwin Chen


Julie and Andrew Cheng

Connie Chieng and Yao Ma

Cindy and Evan Goldberg

Elizabeth Douglas and

Nam Cho and Nathaniel Gallon

Heidi Hopper and Jeffrey Dean

Evan Hurowitz

Sara and Brian Elkin

Mary Speiser

Nancy Kedzierski and


Teresa and Brian Kelleher

Anna and Sean Glodek


David Kim

Ahana and Brady Gunderson

Anonymous (2)

Sarah and Greg Sands

Liya Guo and Shan Huang

Petra Wright and Steve Dowling

Amanda and Zac Zeitlin

Manisha and Mike Gupta

Gordon Chaffee

Pree Basaviah and Venky Ganesan

Claire Fischer Fluhr ’95 and Jeff Fluhr

Suzan Halabi and Anas Osman

Carol and John Giannandrea


Odette Harris and Edward Sharp

Lori and Brian Goler


Christine and Robert Hutchinson

Calla and Will Griffith

Anonymous (4)

Purvi and Kalpesh Kapadia

Vani and Irvin Henderson

Bosede and Oreoluwa Adeyemi

Parul Kapoor and Aditya Vanam

Erin Hoffmann and

Diana Alvarez Kaba and

Michèle Lamarre and

Michael Schroepfer

Armando Mann

Brent Townshend

Maya and Sanjay Kapoor

Mark Baudler

Ranjini Malavalli and Ush Patel

Jaynie and William Kind

Patti and Edward Chan

Mary O’Flannagan and Tom Newby

Jennifer and David Ko

Nandini and Mathews Cherian

Margaret Osborn Munzig ’97

Jamaica and Jay Kreps

Sohi and Chi-Hua Chien

Yidrienne Lai and

Theresia Gouw

Mary O’Flanagan and Tom Newby

Jane and James Hopkins

Paula and Michael Rantz

Aileen Lee and Jason Stinson

Liz King ’87

Alyssa Rieder and Eric Byunn

Anjali and Sundar Pichai

Raheleh Mansoor and

Lama Rimawi and Bilal Zuberi

Christopher Chang

Prateeksha and Amit Sinha Shweta Siraj Mehta and Amish Mehta Andrea Navarro Sobrato ’08 and John Sobrato

and Peter Munzig

Pedram Keyani

Kimberly Sargent and

Parinaz Mohamadi and

Kerem Guneri

Mostafa Ronaghi

Kimball and Andrew Scott

Brandy and Daniel Navarro

Lynn Seely and Tim Ditzler

Suzanne and Eric O’Brien

Beth and Bob Shuman

Lisa Kay and Glenn Solomon

Jessica and Leonard Speiser

Roopali and Vinay Srihari

Carrie Yan and Michael Hui

Nazhin Zarghamee and

Tenley Stephenson and

Kourosh Gharachorloo

John Pimentel Corry and BJ Watrous Carolyn Choi and Jeffrey Wong Yanting Zhang and Olivier Redon

28 | Castilleja School

View360 Committee Pictured left to right: Reena Agrawal P’28 Cindy Chen P’26 P’25 Parinaz Mohamadi P’29 Dandan Wu P’27 Jamaica Kreps P’30 P’28 Ashley Chambers P’27 Suzanne O'Brien P’21 Jessica Speiser P’28 Victoria O'Hara P’23 Not pictured: Claire Fischer Fluhr ’95





UP TO $999

Anonymous (3)

Kelli and Michael Agnich

Bilge and Aykut Atali

Valerie and Eric Barnett

Dana and Brian Ascher

Josée BandHA and Stephen Band

Gerri and Laszlo Bock

Jeanette Bahn and Paul Feng

Megan Jones Bell ’00

Beaky Chan and Gregory Haardt


Preete Mathur Bhanot ’92

Stacie Cheng and Tom Cole

Tina Chen and Anthony Lin

and Sanjeev Bhanot

Tricia and Gavin Christensen

Cheryl and Albert Cheng

Kimberly and Anupam Dalal

Liza and Jeffrey Hausman

Patricia and Angelos Dassios

Mahooya Dinda and

Susan Suman Hindle ’53

Susan Fleischmann and

Michel Del Buono

Clare Maloney-McCrystle ’15

Happy Dumas

Andrea and Patrick Manion

Lyla Kuriyan and Rory McInerney

Marcie and Gregg Farano

Serena Rivera-Korver ’17

Sang Eun Lee and Jisung Oh

Jennifer and Jorg Heinemann

Lindsey and Alan Schroeder

Allison Lewis-Jacobs ’76 and

Sukaina and Sajjad Jaffer

Beverly and Roy Shenfield

Katrina Fu Jhun ’99

Jennifer Taylor-Mendoza

Mark Brazeal

Brian Jacobs

and James Carranza

Ning and Lexin Li

Crystal Jiang and Andy Chen

Lindsay Austin Louie ’98

Meredith and Steven Kan

Jenifer and Steve Turnbull

Hana and Kashif Karar

Laura and Peter Zappas

Yvette and Roy Maydan

Yunfang Zheng and

Dana and Jason Nunn

Guangming Zhen

and Ting Louie Christina Hansen McClure ’71 and William McClure Jennifer Newstead and Alex Mishkin

Victoria and Ryan O’Hara

Barb and Gregory Rosston

Sylvia Rodriguez ’08

Ashvin Sangoram

and Matt Hendricks

Lindsay and Carter Trout

Amelia Schultz and Jason Werlin

Mahjabeen and Tarim Wasim

Cindy and Jeffrey Traum

Eva Xu and Roy Wang

Yuko Watanabe and

Huoy-Ming Yeh and Sherman Chu

Ashmeet Sidana

Annual Report 2022–2023 | 29

WEIRD SCIENCE Bourn Lab and Library Bubblicious Party and Gatorbotics Team Showcase

Gifts from Alumnae The commitment of alumnae to sustaining the school’s mission for future generations speaks to the impact and lasting value of a Castilleja education. The following alumnae made restricted and unrestricted gifts between July 1, 2022 and June 30, 2023.

Head’s Circle $50,000 and above Anonymous

Margaret Osborn Munzig ’97 and Peter Munzig

Donald A. Rhoades Family Foundation

Penny Pritzker ’77 and Bryan Traubert

Susan Suman Hindle ’53

Andrea Navarro Sobrato ’08 and John Sobrato

Viola Mong Meehan ’82

Five Cs Circle $25,000–$49,999 Hala Kurdi Cozadd ’92 and Bruce Cozadd In honor of my 30th Reunion

The Estate of Adrienne Hiscox Mitchell ’44 Blair Walker Stratford ’56

1907 Circle $10,000–$24,999 Anonymous

Lindsay Austin Louie ’98 and Ting Louie

Maggie Pringle Grauer ’71

Cary Golub Lurie ’64

Katrina Fu Jhun ’99

Melissa Riofrio ’85

Liz King ’87

Helen Floyd Sullivan ’82

Anne Biaggini Krattebol ’64 In memory of Cynthia Swanson Miller ’64

30 | Castilleja School

Keeping the Circle Green $5,000–$9,999 Anonymous

Laura Dennis MacLean ’90

Laura Bushnell ’84

Nancy Osborne ’67

Cheryl Hertzog Coleman ’64

Pratima Sethi ’94 and Amaury Bellemans

In memory of Cynthia Swanson Miller ’64

Barbara Moths Sheffels ’76

Janet Mauel Cronk ’64

Andrea Amdahl Taylor ’86

Jeanne Floyd Downs ’80 and Benjamin T. Downs

Diane Trombetta ’63

Claire Fischer Fluhr ’95 and Jeff Fluhr

Victoria ’87 and Jason Clague

Amy Adams Harding ’90 and Peter Harding

Crimson Hues $1,000–$4,999 Anonymous (2) Lauren Friedman Albert ’98 and Eric Albert Nancy Allen ’86 In memory of Toni HsuHA Elizabeth Babb ’82 In honor of Sarah Rosenbaum Gaeta ’82

Ellen Stewart Moore ’80 In memory of Nancy Elizabeth Stewart ’77 Kimberley Morris Rosen ’98 Emily Mosbacher ’12 Nancy Ditz Mosbacher ’72 and Bruce Mosbacher Fay Jones Nestlerode ’64

Megan Jones Bell ’00

Kathryn Papadopoulos ’06

Preete Mathur Bhanot ’92 and Sanjeev Bhanot

Shana Parkes ’97

Ronit Alcheck Bodner ’91 and Zack Bodner

Lynn Anderson Poole ’78

Lishan Carroll ’21

In memory of Julie Schmidt McKenna ’78

Eleanor Williston Caughlan ’56

Mashruwala Raj Brown ’02

Courtney Chang ’07

Sharmila Ravi ’91

Brittany Brown Chavez ’06

Carla Roth ’65

The Duane Family

Anne Sconberg ’80

Jeffie Welsh Feakins ’64

Anita Seipp ’71

Cynthia Kaiser Floyd ’51 and William Floyd Jr.

Catherine Ross Stoll ’93

Jean Gillon ’69

Alissa Flesher Wagoner ’06

Michele Harari Goldwasser ’91 and Isy Goldwasser

Elizabeth Yin ’00 and Curt Fischer

Patricia Hunter Gregory ’64 and Tod Gregory

Gail Wilson Zetter ’64

Christine Herrmann ’12 Lisa Maslak Ide ’86 Allison Koo ’98 Janet Lai ’87 Allison Lewis-Jacobs ’76 and Brian Jacobs Joan Aubineau Livingston ’49 Anne Flatland Macdonald ’80 and John C. Macdonald Marcy Mamiya ’90 and Matthew Selaya Kristi Maslak ’89 Christina Hansen McClure ’71 and William McClure Paula McGuinness ’88 Anna Mirabella ’12

Annual Report 2022–2023 | 31

Gifts from Alumnae continued Dress Whites Club $250–$999 Anonymous Kelsey Auyeung ’15 Kris Auyeung ’15

Sydney Larson ’03

Karen Smith Shaw ’72

In memory of

and Douglas Shaw

Stephanie Meier ’89

Alicia Adornato Baiardo ’99 Rebecca Barham ’60

Ellen Layendecker ’77 In honor of the Class of ’77

Martha Huff Smiland ’64 Laura Smith ’08 Wendy Dunne Smith ’72

Katherine Bishop ’90

Kristin Leasia ’07

Joy Fulton Stiefel ’73

Ramona Freedman Boersma ’87

Elizabeth Leep ’81

Hilary Simpson Strain ’89

Alice Borie-Williams ’12

Barbara Leep ’61

Linda Sue Little Strand ’76

Susan Moths Carpenter ’72

Barbara MacCornack

and Don Strand

Leutwiler ’64

Josie Thompson ’87

Vanessa Lin Colman ’01 Janet Cox ’64

Deborah Ann Carruthers Lifton ’74

Michaele Roth Thunen ’64

Elisabeth Dillon Daniels ’08

Pamela Schaap MacKean ’64

Anne Warner ’08

Maria Cristina Lerche de

Clare Maloney-McCrystle ’15

Nancybeth Hood Watt ’74

Megan Ruder Martinelli ’80

Sarah Hinman Whittle ’86

Balestra ’64 Barbara Deméré ’77

Judy Brakovec Massengill ’80

and John Whittle

Kimberly Simpson Mauney ’86

Megan Parmer Whyte ’97

In memory of

Jane McConnell ’81HA

Marian Washington Williams ’94

Stephanie Meier ’89

Kate Vander Ploeg McCracken ’04

Wings Yeung ’15

Kristin Meier ’87 and

Margaret York ’06


Tara Desautels ’89

Diane Brooks Dixon ’69 and Patrick Dixon

Malcolm Fleschner

Kei Nishimura Drake ’05

Katherine Morris ’86

Janey Mauel Edwards ’64

Yoshimi Segawa Munch ’83

Julie Dennis Field ’85

and Mark Munch

Leilani Herzog ’09

Laura Golub Overett ’68

Debra Drake Hiraki ’72

Carol Patel ’93

Ali Meier Jennings ’65

Ravenna Patel ’12

Tara Jotwani ’10

Reena Patton ’92

Heidi Katter ’15

Laurie Davidson Phillips ’96

Kathleen Kenealy ’15

Nancy Tomer Pickford ’45

Jean Titus Kiene ’60

Molleigh Preefer ’10

Shelley Kind ’09

Sarah Morris Pullen ’64

In memory of Bear CapronHA Harrie Cheim Kordelos ’50 In memory of Joan Ackerman Satt ’50 Laura Kelly Kroger ’82 Candice Kwan ’92 Jill Brakovec Laorr ’81 and Alan Laorr

Sue Dyrud Rimkeit ’61 Serena Rivera-Korver ’17 Sylvia Rodriguez ’08 and Matt Hendricks Debra Ziegler Rosenberg ’73 and Stuart Rosenberg Nancy Schumacher Rosenthal ’72 Sarah Rosston ’12 Margaret Sandman ’03

32 | Castilleja School

Theo Kate Scott Zaninovich ’60 and Marko Zaninovich Eve Zelinger ’10

GO GATORS Middle School Softball, Varsity Volleyball, and JV Water Polo

Class Ties Up to $249 Anonymous

Ellen Curtis ’64

Rebecca Abramowitz ’14

Leslie Widrow Derbin ’78

Shelly Graham ’83 In memory of Hildy JarmanHA

Emily Ach ’00

and Robert Derbin

Elizabeth Guice ’91

Maia Adar ’14

Ann Brookman Dey ’63

Kusha Gupta ’17

Sehba Zhumkhawala Ali ’94

Katherine Dey ’00

Cherri Linderman Gurney ’64

Bonnie Eggink Allen ’64

Emily Dennis Diamond ’04

Brooke Anderson ’15

Elizabeth Harris ’77 and

In memory of Bear Capron


William Booher

Patty Bardina ’89

Anne Spaulding Draeger ’71

Mary Wilbur Ives Harrison ’46

Rebecca Barker ’91 and

Elise Fabbro ’08

Michelle Riches Helvey ’84

Sally Weir Fairbanks ’66

Camille Gibbs Herrick ’62

Elizabeth Milne Baum ’81

Nina Fearon ’22

Wallis Hess ’17

and Brandon Baum

Katie Fearon ’19

Jackie Hillman ’19

Kristin Bell ’95

Campbell Field ’14

Sarah Jones Hinkle ’72

Holli Berman ’87

Kelly Fitzgerald ’07

Diana Gregory Horner ’91

Joyce Bogner Bohn ’72

Jamie Flaxman ’81

Diane Kimball Jacob ’72

Mandy Brown ’08

Sara Hutchison Fleischer ’72

Anjali Rani Jotwani ’08

Surya Brown-Moffitt ’13

Nancy Fletcher ’62

Jessica Hazlett Kaplow ’04

Madison Brown-Moffitt ’10

Ginna Freehling ’11

Denise Kaufman ’64

Annie Cardinal ’11

Grace Frome ’17

Deborah Bowers Kenealy ’79

Patricia Gallis Chappell ’59

Josie Furbershaw ’13

Maren Christensen ’79

Ayanna Gandhi ’22

Reese Ketsdever ’19

Anne-Marie Chun Witt ’07

Katherine Reynolds Gandy ’88

Shea Ketsdever ’15

Ginny Eversole Contento ’79

Juliet Messimer Gede ’68

Michelle Wray Khateri ’87

Megan Costello ’11

Betsy Gilliland ’91

Christine Ordway Klukkert ’72

Christina Crone ’07

Sara Gilliland ’94

Jane Larkins ’12

Jeremy Neuner

and Edmund Kenealy

Annual Report 2022–2023 | 33

FOUNDER'S DAY 2023 Sixth Graders on the Circle

Gifts from Alumnae continued Class Ties Up to $249 continued Elizabeth Ledwith ’20

Anna Powell ’09

Hannah Tsui ’05

Julia Lee ’07

Meredith Ragno ’08

Emily Glenn Tucker ’99

Kristen Leep ’99

Betsy Sellman Redman ’63

Natalie Vais ’09

Sophia Levin ’13

and Michael Redman

Anne Vander Ploeg ’06

Melinda Liggett ’04

Barbara Davis Reynolds ’72

Tara Higbie Verner ’88

Erika Lim ’77

Kim Roberts ’83

Mary Chandler Lippitt ’53

M Therese Roos ’66

Ericka Von Kaeppler ’09

Karen Mah Lockwood ’87

Nuritzi Sanchez ’04

Meg Walker ’74

Lisa Mandle ’02

Karlyn Glaser Schneider ’50

Heather Walker ’82

Laura Martinez ’09

In memory of

Maddie Mazzara ’22

Joan Ackerman Satt ’50

Elsa McElhinney ’21

Lauren Buchanan Sercu ’08

Elizabeth Brolly McGlauflin ’84

In memory of Bear CapronHA

Karen Lee McKee ’67

Sandra Pearson Shlapak ’64

Orelia Merchant ’88

Katharine Shuman ’17 In honor of Deborah TrillingHA

Wendy Pohlman Mickle ’63

In honor of Brenda Flatland

Stephanie McLeod Wansek ’83 and Daniel Flath Elizabeth Gage Weber ’64 Christina Hulden Westmoreland ’64 Mattie Wheeler ’09 Helene Chandler Williams ’64

Virginia Smedberg ’63

Lynn Armstrong Winkel ’52

Sydney Molano ’13

Sue Beton Smith ’54

Vivienne Wluka ’22

Natalie Morin ’10

Camille Sta Cruz ’08

Celeste Woloshyn ’16

Sophia Nesamoney ’19

Sandy MacKenzie Standing ’64

Karen Docter Woo ’84

Keri Yen Ng ’98

Sarah Rakonitz Stein ’87

Kathleen Mauel Wright ’68

Nancy Niland ’86

Jacqueline Summers

Kritika Yegnashankaran ’94

and Michael Mickle

Stromberg ’11

In honor of the Class of ’86 Devanshi Nishar ’14

Clare Tandy ’15

Natalie Occhipinti ’14

Janet Tennyson ’89 In memory of

Heather Allen Pang ’84HA and Alex Pang

Stephanie Meier ’89,

Claire Patterson ’12 In honor of Lauren Schryver

Mercedes McCaffrey HA

Emily Pedersen ’14 In memory of Katherine Hass ’14

34 | Castilleja School

Michelle Evans Tin ’84 Claire Traum ’17 Selina Troesch Munster ’04

Holly Varian Zuklie ’86 In honor of Peggy McKeeHA Suzanne Wu Zurinaga ’67

The Tie Ceremony

Annual Report 2022–2023 | 35

Gifts from Alumnae by Class


Class of ’44 The Estate of Adrienne Hiscox Mitchell* Class of ’45 Nancy Tomer Pickford Class of ’46 Mary Wilbur Ives Harrison Class of ’49 Joan Aubineau Livingston


Class of ’50 Harrie Cheim Kordelos Karlyn Glaser Schneider Class of ’51 Cynthia Kaiser Floyd Class of ’52 Lynn Armstrong Winkel Class of ’53 Susan Suman Hindle Mary Chandler Lippitt Class of ’54 Sue Beton Smith Class of ’56 Eleanor Williston Caughlan Blair Walker Stratford Class of ’59 Patricia Gallis Chappell

Class of ’63 Ann Brookman Dey Wendy Pohlman Mickle Elizabeth Sellman Redman Virginia Smedberg Diane Trombetta Class of ’64 Bonnie Eggink Allen Cheryl Hertzog Coleman Janet Cox Janet Mauel Cronk Ellen Curtis Maria Cristina Lerche de Balestra Janey Mauel Edwards Jeffie Welsh Feakins Patricia Hunter Gregory Cherri Linderman Gurney + Denise Kaufman Anne Biaggini Krattebol Barbara MacCornack Leutwiler Cary Golub Lurie Pamela Schaap MacKean Fay Jones Nestlerode + Susan Packard Orr Sarah Morris Pullen Sandra Pearson Shlapak Martha Huff Smiland Sandy MacKenzie Standing Michaele Roth Thunen Elizabeth Gage Weber Christina Hulden Westmoreland + Helene Chandler Williams Gail Wilson Zetter


Class of ’65 Ali Meier Jennings Carla Roth

Class of ’60 Rebecca Barham The Estate of Madeline Ehrman Jean Titus Kiene Theo Kate Scott Zaninovich

Class of ’66 Sally Weir Fairbanks M Therese Roos

Anonymous (2)

Class of ’61 Barbara Leep Sue Dyrud Rimkeit Class of ’62 Nancy Fletcher Camille Gibbs Herrick

36 | Castilleja School

Class of ’67 Karen Lee McKee Nancy Osborne Suzanne Wu Zurinaga Class of ’68 Juliet Messimer Gede Laura Golub Overett Kathleen Mauel Wright

Class of ’69 Diane Brooks Dixon Jean Gillon

1970s Anonymous

Class of ’71 Anne Spaulding Draeger Maggie Pringle Grauer Christina Hansen McClure Anita Seipp Class of ’72 Joyce Bogner Bohn Susan Moths Carpenter Sara Hutchison Fleischer Sarah Jones Hinkle + Debra Drake Hiraki Diane Kimball Jacob Christine Ordway Klukkert Nancy Ditz Mosbacher Barbara Davis Reynolds Nancy Schumacher Rosenthal Karen Smith Shaw Wendy Dunne Smith Class of ’73 Debra Ziegler Rosenberg Joy Fulton Stiefel Class of ’74 Deborah Ann Carruthers Lifton Meg Walker Nancy Hood Watt Class of ’76 Allison Lewis-Jacobs Barbara Moths Sheffels Linda Sue Little Strand Class of ’77 Barbara DeméréHA Elizabeth Harris Ellen Layendecker Erika Lim Penny Pritzker Class of ’78 Leslie Widrow Derbin Donald A. Rhoades Family Foundation Cathy Friedman Lynn Anderson Poole

Class of ’79 Maren Christensen Ginny Eversole Contento Deborah Bowers Kenealy


Anonymous(2) Class of ’80 Jeanne Floyd Downs Anne Flatland Macdonald Megan Ruder Martinelli Judy Brakovec Massengill Ellen Stewart Moore Anne Sconberg Class of ’81 Elizabeth Milne Baum Jamie Flaxman Jill Brakovec Laorr Elizabeth Leep Jane McConnellHA Class of ’82 Elizabeth Babb Laura Kelly Kroger Viola Mong Meehan Helen Floyd Sullivan Heather Walker Class of ’83 Shelly Graham Yoshimi Segawa Munch Kim Roberts Stephanie McLeod Wansek Class of ’84 Laura Bushnell Michelle Riches Helvey Elizabeth Brolly McGlauflin + Heather Allen PangHA Michelle Evans Tin Karen Docter Woo Class of ’85 Julie Dennis Field Karen Mah Lockwood Melissa Riofrio Class of ’86 Nancy Allen Lisa Maslak Ide Kimberly Simpson Mauney Katherine Morris Nancy Niland Andrea Amdahl Taylor Sarah Hinman Whittle Holly Varian Zuklie

Class of ’87 Holli Berman Ramona Freedman Boersma Victoria Clague Michelle Wray Khateri Liz King Janet Lai Kristin Meier Sarah Rakonitz Stein Josie Thompson Class of ’88 Katherine Reynolds Gandy Paula McGuinness Orelia Merchant Tara Higbie Verner Class of ’89 Patty Bardina Tara Desautels Kristi Maslak Hilary Simpson Strain Janet Tennyson


Anonymous (2) Class of ’90 Katherine Bishop Amy Adams Harding Laura Dennis MacLean Marcy Mamiya Class of ’91 Rebecca Barker Ronit Alcheck Bodner Betsy Gilliland Michele Harari Goldwasser Elizabeth Guice Diana Gregory Horner Sharmila Ravi

Class of ’96 Laurie Davidson Phillips Class of ’97 Margaret Osborn Munzig Shana Parkes Megan Parmer Whyte Class of ’98 Lauren Friedman Albert Allison Koo Lindsay Austin Louie Kimberley Morris Rosen Keri Yen Ng Class of ’99 Alicia Adornato Baiardo Katrina Fu Jhun Kristen Leep Emily Glenn Tucker


Anonymous (4) Class of ’00 Emily Ach Megan Jones Bell Katherine Dey Elizabeth Yin Class of ’01 Vanessa Lin Colman Class of ’02 Lisa Mandle Noora Mashruwala Raj Brown Class of ’03 Sydney Larson Margaret Sandman

Class of ’92 Preete Mathur Bhanot Hala Kurdi Cozadd Candice Kwan Reena Patton

Class of ’04 Emily Dennis Diamond Jessica Hazlett Kaplow Melinda Liggett Kate Vander Ploeg McCracken Nuritzi Sanchez Selina Troesch Munster

Class of ’93 Carol Patel Catherine Ross Stoll

Class of ’05 Kei Nishimura Drake Hannah Tsui

Class of ’94 Sehba Zhumkhawala Ali Sara Gilliland Pratima Sethi Marian Washington Williams Kritika Yegnashankaran

Class of ’06 Brittany Brown Chavez Kathryn Papadopoulos Anne Vander Ploeg Alissa Flesher Wagoner Margaret York

Class of ’95 Kristin Bell Claire Fischer Fluhr

Class of ’07 Courtney Chang Punky Chun Witt Christina Crone Kelly Fitzgerald Kristin Leasia Julia Lee Class of ’08 Mandy Brown Elisabeth Dillon Daniels Elise Fabbro Anjali Rani Jotwani Meredith Ragno Sylvia Rodriguez Lauren Buchanan Sercu Laura Smith Andrea Navarro Sobrato Camille Sta Cruz Anne Warner Class of ’09 Leilani Herzog Shelley Kind Laura Martinez Evlyn Pless Anna Powell Natalie Vais Ericka Von Kaeppler Mattie Wheeler


Anonymous (4)

Class of ’10 Madison Brown-Moffitt Tara Jotwani Natalie Morin Molleigh Preefer Eve Zelinger Class of ’11 Annie Cardinal Megan Costello Ginna Freehling Jacqueline Summers Stromberg Class of ’12 Alice Borie-Williams Christine Herrmann Jane Larkins Anna Mirabella Emily Mosbacher Ravenna Patel Claire Patterson Sarah Rosston

Class of ’13 Surya Brown-Moffitt Josie Furbershaw Sophia Levin Sydney Molano Class of ’14 Rebecca Abramowitz Maia Adar Campbell Field Devanshi Nishar Natalie Occhipinti Emily Pedersen Class of ’15 Brooke Anderson Kris Auyeung Kelsey Auyeung Heidi Katter Kathleen Kenealy Shea Ketsdever Clare Maloney-McCrystle Clare Tandy Wings Yeung Class of ’16 Celeste Woloshyn Class of ’17 Grace Frome Kusha Gupta Wallis Hess Serena Rivera-Korver Katharine Shuman Claire Traum Class of ’19 Katie Fearon Jackie Hillman Reese Ketsdever Sophia Nesamoney


Class of ’20 Elizabeth Ledwith Class of ’21 Lishan Carroll Samina Kaushek Elsa McElhinney Class of ’22 Nina Fearon Ayanna Gandhi Maddie Mazzara Vivienne Wluka +

+ Designates alumnae who are first-time donors

Annual Report 2022–2023 | 37

WOMEN LEADING Students organize a walk out to raise awareness of the impact of climate change

Gifts from Parents of Alumnae Gifts from Alumnae Parents attest to the lasting value of a Castilleja education and are instrumental in the success of our fundraising initiatives. Castilleja is grateful to these parents who continue to believe in and support our mission by investing in today’s students.

Head’s Circle $50,000 and above Anonymous (3)

Jaynie and William Kind

Patti and Edward Chan

Gab and Thomas Layton

Pree Basaviah and Venky Ganesan

Anjali and Sundar Pichai

Carol and John Giannandrea

Paula and Michael Rantz

Karen Hoffman Gilhuly ’78 and Ned Gilhuly

Sarah and Greg Sands

Cindy and Evan Goldberg

Nipa and Beerud Sheth

Lori and Brian Goler

Lisa Kay and Glenn Solomon

Theresia Gouw

Mary Speiser

Noriko Honda and Norman Chen

Polly Tam and Hsien-Chung Woo

Heidi Hopper and Jeffrey Dean

Jessica and Chris Varelas

Five Cs Circle $25,000–$49,999 Anonymous

Alyssa Rieder and Eric Byunn

Carol Blacutt-Underwood and Brian Underwood

Blair Walker Stratford ’56

38 | Castilleja School

1907 Circle $10,000–$24,999 Anonymous (2)

Esther Kletter

Alison and Edward Abbo

In memory of David S. Kletter

Irene Au and Bradley Horowitz

In honor of Rebecca Campbell

Gerri and Laszlo Bock Ellen and Ira Ehrenpreis Sheridan and David Foster

and Adina Kletter’s friendship Anne Biaggini Krattebol ’64 In memory of Cynthia Swanson Miller ’64

The Glynn Family

Suzanne and Eric O’Brien

Maggie Pringle Grauer ’71

Barb and Gregory Rosston

Suman Gupta and Thomas Kemp

Steven Rosston

Odette Harris and Edward Sharp

In honor of Lindsay Rosston ’16

Tracy and Eric Hass

Tenley Stephenson and John Pimentel

Elizabeth and Patrick Heron

Nancy Tuck

Keeping the Circle Green $5,000–$9,999 Anonymous

Anna and Andrew Leaver

Anita Chan and Sai Ho Yeung

Dana and Jason Nunn

Christine Costigan and Michael Snyder

Mary O’Flanagan and Tom Newby

Gretchen Debenham Hug and Steve Debenham

Laurie and Duco Pasmooij

Fortune Home Foundation

Miriam Rivera and Clint Korver

Britt and Eli Harari

Lynn Seely and Tim Ditzler

Jennifer and Jorg Heinemann

Beth and Bob Shuman

Maria and Andy Karsner

Diana Sunshine and Willliam Onderdonk

Michèle Lamarre and Brent Townshend

Mariko and Phillip Yang

UPPER SCHOOL PLAY The cast of Failure, A Love Story Annual Report 2022–2023 | 39

Gifts from Parents of Alumnae continued Crimson Hues $1,000–$4,999 Anonymous Meredith Ackley In honor of Anne CameronHA Olabisi and Tolulope Akinola

Lorraine Duval and David Cardinal Cynthia Kaiser Floyd ’51 and William Floyd Jr.

Christina Hansen McClure ’71 and William McClure Emily and Doff McElhinney Penny and Jim Meier

In honor of Fifolu

The Duane Family

Lisa and David Merenbach

and Joyin Akinola

Michele Harari Goldwasser ’91

Stacy and Michael Molano

Marianne and Alan Austin Helena and Richard Babb Preete Mathur Bhanot ’92 and Sanjeev Bhanot

and Isy Goldwasser Patricia Hunter Gregory ’64 and Tod Gregory Elizabeth Grover

Nancy Ditz Mosbacher ’72 and Bruce Mosbacher Lilyana Prasetya and Peter Gunadi

Maya and Yair Blumenfeld

Kyuwon Han and Hyeun-Su Kim

Mia and Jose Rocha

Ronit Alcheck Bodner ’91

Marcia and Russ Hansen

Wendy and Chang Row

Merrilee Harris

Suzanne Sullivan

Adria and Beau Brown

The Woollen Family

Kathleen and Scott Tandy

Anne CameronHA and

Neeraja and Obul Kambham

Jennifer Taylor-Mendoza

Matt Cameron

Nayna and Gambhir Kaushek

and Zack Bodner

Jeannette Cheng and David Spencer Srila and Oliver Colvin Happy Dumas

Allison Lewis-Jacobs ’76 and Brian Jacobs Anne Flatland Macdonald ’80 and John C. Macdonald

and James Carranza Cindy and Jeffrey Traum Mark Vander Ploeg Lihua Wang and Glenn Carroll Eva Xu and Roy Wang

Dress Whites Club $250–$999 Anonymous (4)

Lolanda and Albert Mamiya

Kim Sommer

Judy and Douglas Adams

Kristin Meier ’87 and

Linda Sue Little Strand ’76

Nancy Brown Shirley and Jerome Carlson Carolyn and Gordon Davidson Constance and Adrian Dillon Nancy FlowersHA and Ted Andersson

Malcolm Fleschner Doris Mourad



Henry Mourad Yoshimi Segawa Munch ’83 and Mark Munch Beth and Martin O’Malley

Barbara and Matthew Frome

Nancy Tomer Pickford ’45

Barbara and John Hanna

Denise and Mike Pope

Conrad Herrmann

Judy and Jeff Preefer

Jill LeeHA and Malcolm Hobbs

Debra Ziegler Rosenberg ’73

In honor of Emily Hobbs ’09

and Stuart Rosenberg

and Katherine Hobbs ’13

40 | Castilleja School

Beverly and Roy Shenfield

and Don Strand Jenifer and Steve Turnbull Lisa Voge-Levin and Peter Levin Clare and Timothy Warner In honor of Sue and Kirk Bostrom Sarah Hinman Whittle ’86 and John Whittle

Gifts from Friends Anonymous (6)

Class Ties Up to $249

Charlene AguilarHA and Luis Fraga In memory of Bear CapronHA Elizabeth Smegal Andersen


In honor of Elizabeth Leep ’81

Kim and Laurence Akin Elizabeth Milne Baum ’81 and Brandon Baum Kathy BurchHA and Bill Burch Elsa Choque and Jesus Cortes Bev and Steve Docter Jacqueline and Olivier Garreau Sherie GraysmarkHA and Robin Graysmark Terry Guice Elizabeth Harris ’77 and William Booher Susan and Herb Hinstorff Alma Jimenez and Arturo Arguello Denise Kaufman ’64

Eliza Becker Joan and Nick Boodrookas Ann CriswellHA Zachary Fluhr In honor or Claire Fischer Fluhr ’95 Nicholas Hass In memory of Katherine Hass ’14 Joyce Keil and Bill Halderman In honor of Zoe Alexandra Crowder Kim Kleiven Joan LonerganHA Jason Lurie

Maxine Kennedy Yeshi Lama and Tenzin Dingpontsawa Shonna and Doug Larson Jeanne Lowell and David LowellHA Tesha McCord Poe

Patrice Metcalf Robert Miller Sarika Mirchandani

Frank Mueller Heather Allen Pang ’84

Peggy McKeeHA

In memory of Cynthia Swanson Miller ’64

In memory of Keith Poe HA

Lisa Hazard and Tim Lynch

and Alex Pang

Sandra and John Parkes Mary Pless Teri RaffelHA Eleanor Rakonitz Mimi Richart and Matt Leary Koon-Ling and David Ring Margo Ritter Valerie Rynne Lauren SchryverHA and Brian Schryver Sue Beton Smith ’54

Patricia PietrzykHA In memory of Bear CapronHA Abigail Porth Bradley Quarton and Seri Nakazawa Christiane RepellinHA Judy RinoHA Deborah Smith In memory of Sara Laboskey ’89 John A. Sobrato Sr. James Steele Kristin Vogelsong and Zander Lurie

Holly ThompsonHA and Buzz Thompson The Verwillow Family Xiazhen Wang and Joseph Yu

Annual Report 2022–2023 | 41

SPECIAL FRIENDS Students invite grandparents and special friends for a school day at Castilleja

Gifts from Grandparents Grandparents play a special role in our students’ lives—and so do their gifts to the school. Castilleja is grateful for their generous support. Judy and Douglas Adams

Doris MouradHA and Henry Mourad

Anne and Roger Assink

Judith Munzig

Jennifer and Ding Chang

Saisa and Shuaib Neel

Debbie and Alex Cheng

Arlen O’Hara

Elaine and Jim Culver

Elizabeth and David Poile

Alan Douglas

In honor of Ellie Heysse ’28

Marie and Len Farano

Elizabeth and Dean Pourmand

Jeffie Welsh Feakins ’64

Margaret and Denman Scott

Sandra and Jack Fine

Sandy and Hal Slan

Felicia and Segun Gbadegesin

Jane and Frank Soriano

Pearl and Frank Han

Judith Stephenson and Scott Harshbarger

Britt and Eli Harari

Tom Stephenson

Usha and Abraham Joseph

Beatrice and Benjamin Wong

Carol and Jack Kopczynski

Yih-Nan and Jeff Yang

Lolanda and Albert Mamiya

Ruth Yuan

Mary and Victor Menacho

42 | Castilleja School

Gifts from Employees Anonymous (6)

Hwai Lin

Josée Band

David Lowell

Wendy Cruz

Laura Martinez

Anna De La Fuente

Jeffrey Mayfield

Adam Sussman

Ahmed Elgasseir

Kate Vander Ploeg McCracken ’04

Josh Thurston-Milgrom

Heidi GallegosHA

Emily McElhinney

Alyson Tom



Sherie Graysmark


Ann Greyson


Jeanne Honig Nicholas Jerrold Maya Kapoor

Lauren SchryverHA Kathleen SmithHA


Christy StoryHA HA

Joseph Mitchell

In memory of Bob Glidden


Ellen Stewart Moore ’80 In memory of Jennifer O’Sullivan

Sue Kim

Heather Allen Pang ’84

Kathy Layendecker

Mary Jo Pruitt

Jill LeeHA

Colin Quinton

In honor of Lauren SchryverHA

Steve Turnbull Jessica Yonzon Laura Zappas

Nancy Elizabeth Stewart ’77

Nanci KauffmanHA HA

Deborah TrillingHA


designates over 10 years employment at Castilleja HA


Jonathan RockmanHA

Gifts from Corporations and Foundations Anonymous (8)

Intel Foundation

Pritzker Foundation

Adobe Matching Gifts Program

Intel Matching Gifts Program

Pritzker Traubert Foundation

Aledade Care Solutions

Intuit Foundation Donation

Sage Publishing Services LLC Apple Inc. Blue Shield Broadcom CDVSJ Foundation

Matching Gift Program Johnson & Johnson Matching Gifts Program Kauffman Foundation Matching Gifts Program

Salesforce Foundation Matching Grants Saw Island Foundation, Inc. Spencer Foundation Stephenson Foundation

Charles Schwab Corporation

Lam Research


Cisco Systems, Inc.

LinkedIn Matching Gifts Program

The Capital Group Companies


McKinsey & Company

Coursera DocuSign Dodge & Cox Donald A. Rhoades Family Foundation Equinix, Inc. eScrip

Matching Gifts Program Microsoft Matching Gifts Program Netflix Matching Gifts Program NVIDIA Corporation Oracle Corporation Matching Gifts Program


Pacific Life Foundation

Gilead Sciences

PayPal Holdings, Inc.

Hopper-Dean Foundation

PayPal Matching Gifts Program

Charitable Foundation The David and Lucile Packard Foundation The Omidyar Group VISA Givingstation Matching Gifts Program Vista Outdoor VMware Foundation Matching Gifts Program Youth on Course

Annual Report 2022–2023 | 43

Endowments, Scholarships, Restricted Funds, and Other Gifts Over the years, generous donors have established restricted funds at Castilleja to support specific programs or named scholarships. Gifts to the following funds were made between July 1, 2022 to June 30, 2023.



Nancy Ditz Mosbacher ’72 and Bruce Mosbacher

Patty Bardina ’89

Emily Mosbacher ’12

Tara Desautels ’89 Penny and James Meier




Nancy FlowersHA and Ted Andersson

Kristin Meier ’87 and Malcolm Fleschner Hilary Simpson Strain ’89 Janet Tennyson ’89

MEAGAN GUERIN MACDONALD SCHOLAR ATHLETE SCHOLARSHIP Anne Flatland Macdonald ’80 and John C. Macdonald KATHERINE HASS ’14 FELLOWSHIP Anonymous (2) Rebecca Abramowitz ’14 Grace Frome ’17 Nicholas Hass Tracy and Eric Hass Susan and Herb Hinstorff Orelia Merchant ’88 Patrice Metcalf Sarika Mirchandani Devanshi Nishar ’14 Natalie Occhipinti ’14 Emily Pedersen ’14 Margaret York ’06 SARA LABOSKEY ’89 SCHOLAR ATHLETE SCHOLARSHIP Elizabeth Smegal Andersen Lindsay Austin Louie ’98 and Ting Louie Kimberley Morris Rosen ’98 Keri Yen Ng ’98 Deborah Smith LISA AND KRISTI MASLAK SCHOLARSHIP Lisa Maslak Ide ’86 Kristi Maslak ’89 Kimberly Simpson Mauney ’86

44 | Castilleja School

Deborah TrillingHA THE SUSAN SUMAN HINDLE ’53 AND BILL HINDLE TRAVEL ENDOWMENT Susan Suman Hindle ’53 BLAIR WALKER STRATFORD SCHOLARSHIP Blair Walker Stratford ’56 KATHY WILLIAMS SCHOLARSHIP Sydney Larson ’03 RETAIL FUND eScrip GIFTS IN-KIND Comcast Abigail Porth Huisheng Wang and Yinqing Zhao

2023 Alumnae Induction Lunch


Sharing Sisterhood As students embark upon their final weeks as students at Castilleja, there are multiple opportunities for reflecting and celebrating. Conversations abound regarding how the class wishes to mark its legacy. In years past, the senior class gift often took the form of a tangible object on campus, such as a new bench for students to enjoy or a water bottle filling station in the gym. Most recently, however, there has been a marked shift to supporting equity in education; graduates increasingly wish to designate their gift to Tuition Assistance. Class Representatives Ella Holsinger ’23 and Yonu Oh ’23 led the process for this year’s senior gift. The class had debated donating a physical gift, but ultimately, the graduates wanted their contribution to have longevity beyond a physical object. Yonu explains, “We wanted to share the sisterhood that Castilleja had granted us through its silly traditions, lunchtime debates, and lifelong friendship; ultimately we wanted to share the youth that Castilleja gave us.” Many alums will nod their heads in agreement, thinking about their own lunchtime conversations around the Circle as core memories with classmates. This is one reason why at Castilleja, giving back is rarely done in silo; some experiences are quintessential across generations and stand the test of time. For Kristin Bell ’95, this was certainly the case. When the Class of 2023 reached 50% participation, Kristin sent the class a video in which she described the role

Ella Holsinger ’23 and Yonu Oh ’23 tuition assistance played in her life. “The education I got at Castilleja is one of the most treasured memories I have. Tuition Assistance was how I was able to live on campus and have the opportunities to really learn about women learning and women leading. I was proud to be a recipient of Tuition Assistance and have access to a top-tier education,” Kristin stated. Now a member of the Alumnae Executive Committee, Kristin has generously given back to a community that meant so much to her. Whether through volunteering time or supporting the institution financially, there are multiple ways alums engage with Castilleja’s current and future students. There is a desire to propel the next generation forward and ensure that the experience of laughing and learning around the Circle can always be offered to more students. Gifts bestowed to Castilleja and designated to Tuition Assistance demonstrate a deep commitment to equity in education. With the Circle as a unifying element, anything is possible when Castilleja students and graduates invest in one another. Annual Report 2022–2023 | 45


Decade Club Founded in July 2012, the Decade Club recognizes members of the Castilleja community who have made gifts for 10 to 19 consecutive years. Their annual gifts provide the critical foundation for the excellence in academics, programs, and teaching that is the hallmark of a Castilleja education.

New Members of the Decade Club Anonymous Irene Au and Bradley Horowitz Madison Brown-Moffitt ’10 Surya Brown-Moffitt ’13 Ellen and Ira Ehrenpreis Ahmed ElgasseirHA Fortune Home Foundation Heidi GallegosHA Conrad Herrmann

Alma Jimenez and Arturo Arguello Shelley Kind ’09HA Keli Mayfield and Jeffrey MayfieldHA Kimberley Morris Rosen ’98 Laurie and Duco Pasmooij Anna Powell ’09 Molleigh Preefer ’10 Alyssa Rieder and Eric Byunn

Sue Dyrud Rimkeit ’61 Wendy and Chang Row Kathleen Smith Laura Smith ’08 Mary Speiser Michael Speiser Suzanne Sullivan Ericka Von Kaeppler ’09

Victoria Chiongbian and Ramon Khu Jennifer Dinsmore Clegg ’98 Christine Costigan and Michael Snyder Christina Courtney ’02HA B.J. Lockhart Cowie ’54 and William Cowie Jr. Nancy Cox Hala Kurdi Cozadd ’92 and Bruce Cozadd Julie and Ken Crawford Vivian and Douglas Crisman Shannon De La CruzHA Constance and Adrian Dillon Laura Docter ’81HA Karen and Michael Dreyfus Michele and Harry Elam Alicia Fang ’92 Rhonda and Nigel Farrar Dana and Anthony Fenwick Karen and Andy Fisher Sheridan and David Foster Lori and Randy Friedman Barbara and Matthew Frome Mid FullerHA

Ericka Fur and Selwyn Goldberg Kara Furlong ’03 Jacqueline and Olivier Garreau Dianne and Charles Giancarlo Jean Gillon, MD ’69 Mari and Forrest GingoldHA Lata and Vab Goel Cindy and Evan Goldberg Michele Harari Goldwasser ’91 and Isy Goldwasser Sherie GraysmarkHA and Robin Graysmark Leslie and Jeffrey Green Ann Greyson and Michael Cummings Elizabeth Grover Katherine Gunderson ’02 Suman Gupta and Thomas Kemp Xenia HammerHA and Gary Hammer Marcia and Russ Hansen Britt and Eli Harari Elizabeth Harris ’77 and William Booher Merrilee Harris Mary Wilbur Ives Harrison ’46

The Woollen Family

Decade Club Anonymous (24) Alison and Edward Abbo Meredith Gillespie Alcock ’76 Nahid Aliniazee and Kamal Ahmed Coralie AllenHA Elizabeth Smegal Andersen Joyce and Thomas Anthony Jeanne AppelgetHA Julie and Buddy Arnheim Kimberly BagnolaHA Josée BandHA and Stephen Band Sarah BarnumHA Katherine Bishop ’90 Elizabeth Gerrard Blackwelder ’37* Linda and Don Bogue Joyce Bogner Bohn ’72 Sue and Kirk Bostrom Bill Broach Adria and Beau Brown Lorraine BrownHA and Joel Brown Nancy Brown Laura Bushnell ’84 Carla M. Cassani, MD Jean Dinkelspiel Chaitin ’50* Anita Chan and Sai Ho Yeung

46 | Castilleja School

Melanie Hatchell Dianna Herrmann Elaine Hill Susan and Herb Hinstorff Debra Drake Hiraki ’72 Becky Long and Ken Hirsch Bryan HoardHA Heidi Hopper and Jeffrey Dean Jane Hsiao and Amr Razzak Susie Hwang and Matt Glickman Christine Phan and Mir Imran Yvonne Karanas and William Fearon Carol Karp and Victor Glushko Susanna and Gordon Kass Heather and Deglin Kenealy Stacey and Robert Kertsman Shea Ketsdever ’15 Jaynie and William Kind Liz King ’87 Michele and Steve Kirsch Marty and Liz Korman Jennifer and Philip Kuhn Alicia and Frank La Fetra Jr. Yeshi Lama and Tenzin Dingpontsawa Michèle Lamarre and Brent Townshend Lynne Lampros ’85 Jill Brakovec Laorr ’81 and Alan Laorr Sydney Larson ’03 Gab and Thomas Layton Claire and Matthew Ledwith Kristen Leep ’99 Michelle and Jiayi Li Hsiaoling Liao and Eric Huang Erika Lim ’77 Maria and Keng Lim Mary Chandler Lippitt ’53 Yan Liu and JieFu Zhang Karen Mah Lockwood ’85 Joan LonerganHA Becky A. Long Lisa Hazard and Tim Lynch Laura Dennis MacLean ’90 Anne Maloney and Patrick McCrystle Colleen Yeates Marsh ’67 Joe and Sandi Martignetti Robin and Karl May

Jane McConnell ’81HA Mace McGinn Viola Mong Meehan ’82 Kristin Meier ’87 and Malcolm Fleschner Lisa and David Merenbach Joelle Mourad Mitchell ’93 and Joseph MitchellHA Sonia Moroder and David Teichmann Mariam Nayiny Radjy and Nader Radjy Marlyn NegronHA Doreen and Nels Nelsen Shana NistlerHA Peggy Fitzgerald Nute ’55 Grace and John O’Malley Michele Ono and George Choi Shirley and Mike Orsak Shames Panahi and Gus Malekmadani Mrunalini and Sanjay Patel Ismenia PereiraHA Laurie Davidson Phillips ’96 The Plant Family Mary Pless Patricia and James Plummer Denise and Mike Pope Catherine Zerboni Popovici ’84 Lilyana Prasetya and Peter Gunadi Susan Purdy Pelosi and Louis Pelosi Teri RaffelHA Maria Ramirez and Israel Soto Paula and Michael Rantz Christiane RepellinHA Barbara Davis Reynolds ’72 Mimi Richart and Matt Leary Kim Roberts ’83 Jonathan RockmanHA Mary and Chris Rose Debra Ziegler Rosenberg ’73 and Stuart Rosenberg Valerie RossHA Barb and Gregory Rosston Sarah Rosston ’12 Marieke and Jeffrey Rothschild Valerie Rynne Sarah and Greg Sands The Walecka-Seaver Family Lynn Seely and Tim Ditzler

Jole Seroff Pratima Sethi ’94 and Amaury Bellemans Helen ShanksHA Lisa Shapiro Karen Smith Shaw ’72 and Douglas Shaw Lee Ann and Martin Shell Rebecca SherouseHA Quintilla Shott Curran ’81 Beth and Bob Shuman Tiffany and Robert Silva Deborah Smith Heather and Ian Smith Bill SmootHA Kim Sommer Lillian Soohoo and Anthony Debs Sarah Rakonitz Stein ’87 Christy StoryHA Helen Floyd Sullivan ’82 Jamie SullivanHA and Mark Bernstein Lani Takano and Jim Kotcher Polly Tam and Hsien-Chung Woo Kathleen and Scott Tandy Katherine Haase Taylor ’88 and Stewart Taylor Cindy and Jeffrey Traum Jenifer and Steve Turnbull Kristin and Paul Vais Bertha ValdiviasHA Mark Vander Ploeg The Verwillow Family Dareld Vestal Diana Villegas ’66 Lisa Voge-Levin and Peter Levin Ann WagenhalsHA and Peter Chen Judith WagnerHA Anne Warner ’08 Clare and Timothy Warner Lynn Westphal and Michael Gropper Sarah Hinman Whittle ’86 and John Whittle Gina and Bob Wulff Eva Xu and Roy Wang Mariko and Phillip Yang Virginia and Johnny Yau Kathleen Yeates ’66 Kritika Yegnashankaran ’94

Annual Report 2022–2023 | 47

Margarita Espinosa Society The Margarita Espinosa Society was founded in October 2010 to honor members of the Castilleja community who have demonstrated a sustained commitment to the school by making gifts for 20 or more consecutive years. The consistent support of these donors has enabled Castilleja to remain at the forefront of women’s education, and their generosity and continued support of the school is deeply appreciated.

New Members of the Margarita Espinosa Society Nancy Brown Laura Bushnell '84 Constance and Adrian Dillon Pamela Pabst Garcia '73

Mary Chandler Lippitt '53 Joan LonerganHA Lisa and David Merenbach Christiane RepellinHA

Christy StoryHA Sarah Hinman Whittle '86 and John Whittle

Margarita Espinosa Society Anonymous (5) Joan AdamsHA Nancy Allen ’86 Florence Cooley Armstrong ’39* Constance Atterbury ’66 Marianne and Alan Austin Helena and Richard Babb Rebecca Barham ’60 Kyle BarrigerHA Ellen Berger* Jacqueline Glynn Brandin ’85 Kathy BurchHA and Bill Burch Anne CameronHA and Matt Cameron Susan Moths Carpenter ’72 The Chapman Family Isobel Christensen Maren Christensen ’79 Elizabeth and Nicholas Clinch Alison Beach Cooper ’61 and Tom Cooper Ann CriswellHA Janet Mauel Cronk ’64 Carolyn and Gordon Davidson Sally Kuechler Debenham ’52 and Warren Debenham Barbara Deméré ’77HA Anjelika Deogirikar Grossman ’00 Leslie Widrow Derbin ’78 and Robert Derbin Ann Brookman Dey ’63 Bev and Steve Docter Jeanne Floyd Downs ’80 and Benjamin T. Downs 48 | Castilleja School

Anne Spaulding Draeger ’71 The Duane Family Madeline Ehrman ’60* Shirley Ely* Molly Farmin* Jeffie Welsh Feakins ’64 Arlayne Overfelt Fifer ’49 Caroline “Patsy” Chickering Fish ’50 Jamie Flaxman ’81 Sara Hutchison Fleischer ’72 Nancy Fletcher ’62 Cynthia Kaiser Floyd ’51 and William Floyd Jr. Bill Friedman Susan Friedman Barbara Kahn Gardner ’34* Erika Luhr Gates ’54* Juliet Messimer Gede ’68 Diane Gibbs* Karen Hoffman Gilhuly ’78 and Ned Gilhuly Mary and Clinton Gilliland The Glynn Family Maggie Pringle Grauer ’71 Patricia Hunter Gregory ’64 and Tod Gregory Elizabeth Guice ’91 Terry Guice Lottie Gutterman* Christina GwinHA Joyce Adams Hanna ’52 and Gerald Smith Maureen McPartland Hardy ’78

Sally Stewart Harris ’76 Belle Clegg Hays ’42 Michelle Riches Helvey ’84 Margaret and Harvey Hinman Diana Gregory Horner ’91 Penny HowellHA Libby Swindells Hulsey ’80 Sharon Huntsman ’89 Nanci KauffmanHA and Scott Kauffman Denise Kaufman ’64 Maxine Kennedy Michele Wray Khateri ’87 Valerie Kieser ’55* Felicia Paik Kim ’84 Esther Kletter Anne Biaggini Krattebol ’64 Laura Kelly Kroger ’82 Vicki and Peter LaBoskey Don C. and Diane S. Lake Family Lorraine Potter Lasell ’50* Jill LeeHA and Malcolm Hobbs Barbara Leep ’61 Elizabeth Leep ’81 Allison Lewis-Jacobs ’76 and Brian Jacobs Joan Davies Loughlin ’50 Jeanne Lowell and David LowellHA Cary Golub Lurie ’64 Anne Flatland Macdonald ’80 and John C. Macdonald Lolanda and Albert Mamiya Marcy Mamiya ’90 and Matthew Selaya

SPIRIT WEEK Castilleja Gators show school spirit with grade-level theme costumes and all school pep rally

Jeanne and Peter Mandell Jeannine MarstonHA and Ted Marston Megan Ruder Martinelli ’80 Karen Lee McKee ’67 Peggy McKeeHA Donna Lee McMaster ’83 and Mark McMaster Audrey Hill McQuay ’45* Penny and Jim Meier Wendy Pohlman Mickle ’63 and Michael Mickle Cynthia Swanson Miller ’64* Marilyn Senn Moll ’47 Katherine Morris ’86 Nancy Ditz Mosbacher ’72 and Bruce Mosbacher Doris MouradHA and Henry Mourad Sidney Ofsthun Mygatt ’60 Eugenie PaickHA Heather Allen Pang ’84HA and Alex Pang Annie Roberts Peterson ’85 and Stephen Peterson Margot Heersema Phillips ’52

Alissa Riper Picker ’80* Lynn Anderson Poole ’78 Arturo PugaHA Yesenia Larios and Paulo PugaHA Eleanor Rakonitz Amy Rao and Harry Plant Betsy Sellman Redman ’63 and Michael Redman Constance RichardsonHA Judy RinoHA Nancy Schumacher Rosenthal ’72 Barbara and George Roupe Lauren SchryverHA and Brian Schryver Anita Seipp ’71 Pearl Anne Seipp* Georgianna SheaHA Barbara Moths Sheffels ’76 Judy SleethHA and Walter Sleeth Sue Beton Smith ’54 Jo Glasson Smith* ’43 Helia SousaHA and Joao SousaHA Honor Berger Spitz ’62 Laura and Don Stemmle Joy Fulton Stiefel ’73 Marilyn Salsman Stockfleth ’53*

Hilary Simpson Strain ’89 Linda Sue Little Strand ’76 and Don Strand Blair Walker Stratford ’56 Robert Sturges* and Helen Sturges* Andrea Amdahl Taylor ’86 Holly ThompsonHA and Buzz Thompson Michelle Evans Tin ’84 Karen Tobey HA and Tom Tobey Deborah TrillingHA Susan and George Varian* Barbara Walker* Kristin WalterHA Xiazhen Wang and Joseph Yu Barbara Most Weissman, MD ’72 Lynn Armstrong Winkel ’52 Linda Yates ’80 and Paul Holland Jean Walker Yeates ’43* Theo Kate Scott Zaninovich ’60 and Marko Zaninovich Gail Wilson Zetter ’64 Holly Varian Zuklie ’86

Annual Report 2022–2023 | 49

Circle Society Planned gifts provide Castilleja with the ability to think strategically about the school’s future. The Circle Society is a group of individuals and families who have included Castilleja in their estate plans with a planned gift or bequest intention.

New Members of the Circle Society John A. Sobrato, Sr.

Circle Society Anonymous (4)

Keiko Franklin

Nanci KauffmanHA and

Marianne and Alan Austin

Steven Franklin

Scott Kauffman

Rhodelia Smith Bailey ’57

Bill Friedman

Garner and Larry Kelly

Susan BarkanHA

Susan Friedman

Deborah Bowers Kenealy ’79

Kyle Barriger

Onyet Geer*


and Edmund Kenealy

Jhumki Basu ’94*

Dianne and Charles Giancarlo

Jaynie and William Kind

Elizabeth Milne Baum ’81

Jean Gillon ’69

Betty Place Kirby ’31

and Brandon Baum

Barbara Glynn

Victoria and Paul Kojola

Ellen Berger*

Maggie Pringle Grauer ’71

Susan and Roger Kokores

Joyce Bogner Bohn ’72

Elizabeth Grover

Veronica and Kenneth Kornberg

Randall Bolten

Diane Guinta and Paul Goldstein

Edith Fullerton Lally, 1916

Susan and Kirk Bostrom

Cynthia and John Gunn

Martha Faull Lane ’20

Deborah Behl Boucher ’99

Lottie Gutterman*

Jill Brakovec Laorr ’81

Ruth Bradford*

Jean Halford

Nancy Brown

Joyce Adams Hanna ’52

Elizabeth Leep ’81

and Gerald Smith

Joan LonerganHA


Kathy BurchHA and Bill Burch

and Alan Laorr

Margaret Carver*

Sue Holzman Hanna ’57

Constance Fout Lynch ’37*

Eleanor Williston Caughlan ’56

Barbara and John Hanna

Anne Flatland Macdonald ’80

Adaline Dinsmore Chapman ’17*

Augusta Harrold*

Allen Chickering*

The Estate of

Isobel Christensen

James E. Harrold, Jr.

and John C. Macdonald Martha Robbins Macdonald ’39 Christina Hansen McClure ’71 and William McClure

Tate Cohn

Virginia Harroun*

Robert Cohn

Talat and Kamil Hasan

Cynthia McGeoch

Elizabeth Corneliussen ’45*

Betsy HawleyHA and

Penny and James Meier

Colette and Kim Cranston

Stephen Hawley

Sally Mein ’33

Rudy DeCaminadaHA*

Pamela Hawley ’87

Sharon and Stan Meresman

Barbara Deméré ’77

Barbara and William Hazlett

Sally Millard Trust*

Bev and Steve Docter

Jeanne Heise

Patricia Timby Moore ’41*

Madeline Ehrman ’60*

Susan Suman Hindle ’53

Cheryl and John Nelson

Shirley Ely*

Penny HowellHA

Sharon Nelson-Barber

Bill Epperley

Libby Swindells Hulsey ’80

Molly Farmin*

Mrs. Frances Jackson*

Karen and Andrew Fisher

Hildy JarmanHA*

Cynthia Kaiser Floyd ’51

Darcie Johnson ’88

Evelyn Carey Niebel*

Jon Johnson*

Genevieve Wickstrom Noone ’23


and William Floyd Jr. 50 | Castilleja School

and Wayne Barber Eliane NeukermansHA and Armand Neukermans

Sally Offutt and Casper Y. OffuttHA Teruko Smith Brian Pennix

Susan Smith-Flesher ’76

Sharon Nelson-Barber and Wayne Barber

Robert Sturges* and

and Jack Flesher

Helen Sturges* Rosemary and Tom Tisch

John A. Sobrato, Sr.

Caroline Trotter ’69

Mrs. Roberta Plummer*

Muriel McKevitt Sonne ’31

Mark Vander Ploeg

Myrtle Potter

Susanne Sparks

Sarah King Wilmer ’58

Margaret Raffin*

Denise Manuck

Gail Wilson


Nancy Schumacher Rosenthal ’72

St. Angelo-Stiles ’69

Julie Satake Ryu and Edwin Ryu

Linda Sue Little Strand ’76

Pearl Anne Seipp*

Nancy and Philip Young

and Don Strand

Notes Designates over 10 years employment at Castilleja * Designates donors who are deceased HA

Disclaimer The 2022–2023 Annual Report includes all gifts received between July 1, 2022, and June 30, 2023. Please accept our sincere apologies for any inadvertent omissions, and contact us with corrections: Advancement Department, (650) 470-7744 or

Make a gift at

Annual Report 2022–2023 | 51


Volunteers of Castilleja (2022–23) Thank you to all our generous and thoughful parent/guardian volunteers. The impact of your work benefits each and every one of our students, faculty, and programs. ANNUAL FUND VOLUNTEERS CO-CHAIRS Stephanie Chen Yidrienne Lai CLASS OF 2029 – 6th Grade Rah Mansoor, Team Lead Manisha Gupta, Team Lead Valerie Barnett Tina Chen Leticia Gonzalez-Ratchev Lyla Kuriyan and Rory McInerney Shweta Mehta CLASS OF 2028 – 7th Grade Reena Agrawal, Team Lead Jessica Speiser, Team Lead Ore Adeyemi Sean Glodek Jamaica Kreps Mary Sheu Esha Sinha

CSA EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP CLASS OF 2026 – 9th Grade Stephanie Chen, Team Lead Yidrienne Lai, Team Lead Rafia Chaudhry Marcie Farano Jason Yip CLASS OF 2025 – 10th Grade Suman Gupta, Team Lead Lian Bi Ed Chan Rita Walia Tracy Watt CLASS OF 2024 – 11th Grade Carolyn Choi, Team Lead Kristina Detter, Team Lead Ayaz Haque Andrea Schultz Tiffany Silva

President Amy Redell VP/President Elect Tracy Watt US Parent Resource Chair Christine Hutchinson MS Parent Resource Chair Judy Dang Marketing Communications Chair Nazhin Zarghamee Recording Secretary Margaret Pettit Treasurer Carole Hayworth

CLASS OF 2023 – 12th Grade Irene Au Victoria Lindsley O’Hara Alyssa Rieder

Volunteer Recruitment Chair Rachelle Doorley

Zac Zeitlin, Chair

John Giannandrea

Amy Rao

Odette Harris, Vice-Chair

Nanci Kauffman

Amy Redell

Megan Jones Bell ’00

David Ko

Alyssa Rieder

Jennifer Carolan

Bob Kocher

Mia Rocha

Ashley Chambers

Jamaica Kreps

Sarah Sands

Stephanie Chen

Aileen Lee

Andie Navarro Sobrato ’08

Mahooya Dinda

Lindsay Austin Louie ’98

Jennifer Taylor-Mendoza

Steve Dowling

Jennifer Newstead

Eric Temple

Venky Ganesan

Anjali Pichai

Eugenie Van Wynen

CLASS OF 2027 – 8th Grade Margaret Munzig ’97, Team Lead Kimberly Dalal, Team Lead Sohi Chien Anthony Lin Michelle Williams

Parent Education, Inclusion, and Engagement Raju Parikh

Board of Trustees 2022-23 HA

Jeff Wong 52 | Castilleja School

PAPER COLLAGE Artists (left to right): Corrine Lucas ’29, Hana Feng ’29, and Mira McInerney ’29

Advancement Team 2022-2023

Leadership Team 2022-2023

Director of Alumnae Engagement Liz Babb ’82

Director of New Campus Design for Learning Josée BandHA

Director of Events and Parent Engagement Ellen Stewart Moore ’80

Dean of Faculty Christina GwinHA

Database Manager Celia Cho

Assistant Head of School for Curriculum and Community Nadia Johnson

Director of Advancement Sue KimHA

Advancement Associate Jenna Yee Advancement Coordinator Amy Heath

Communications Team

Director of Communications and Community Relations Emily McElhinney Assistant Director of Communications and Community Relations (2022–23) Elke Teichmann ’09

Head of School Nanci KauffmanHA

Director of Advancement Sue KimHA Associate Head of School for Finance and Operations Kathy Layendecker Director of Admission, Tuition Assistance, and Summer Programming Jill LeeHA

Assistant Director of Communications and Community Relations (2023–24) Tanya Campbell Temple

Director of Communications and Community Relations Emily McElhinney

Digital Media and Communications Specialist Sara Coburn

Head of Upper School Anne Rubin

Communications Writer and Content Specialist Masha Rumer

Head of Middle School Laura Zappas

Special Thanks: We appreciate the many contributors to this report, including Stephanie Chen P’26,

Celia Cho, Amy Heath, Sue KimHA, Jamaica Kreps P’28 ’30, Kathy Layendecker, Claire Ledwith, Anna Mirabella ’12, and Sarah Rosston ’12. We also thank the Castilleja students, faculty, and staff who shared their work and support. Annual Report 2022–2023 | 53

Annual Report Castilleja School Foundation 1310 Bryant Street Palo Alto, CA 94301

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