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Summer Months Making Memories While Paving the Future

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2016 MHA Field Day Announcement The Sweet Tea Lady – Reba Pfander Weaning Time – Types & Tips MCA All-Breeds Junior Show Results


Mr Maternal


Reg: 42830222 DOB: 03/17/2007 Sire: PW VICTOR BOOMER P606 Dam: JG WCN VICTRA 17 2103 CED BW WW YW MILK M&G CEM SC UDDER TEAT FAT REA MARB MCW BMI CEZ BII CHB -4.5 4.6 72 91 30 66 -2.6 0.9 1.40 1.37 0.063 0.70 0.29 105 $17 $8 $15 $33

We invite you to come see the progeny of CMR GVP Mr Maternal 156T and NJW 135U 10Y Hometown 63A ET

NJW 135u 10y Hometown 63a et

Selling this fall in the... Missouri Opportunity Sale in Sedalia, MO Hereford Heritage Sale at Salem, MO Fall pairs with Mr. Maternal calves at side and service of Mr. Maternal and Hometown

Travis and Sarah McConnaughy 1199 Co. Rd. 116 • Wasola, MO 65773 Phone: 417.989.0486 Email: t-mc2009@live.com


Genetically Yours

25th Anniversa ry Sale

The Tradition of Quality Continues

Saturday, Oct. 1, 2016 11 a.m. • Springfield, MO 25 Service Age Bulls 12 Herd Bull Calf Prospects 20 Bred Heifers 15 Fall Calving Cows 35 Spring Cow-Heifer Calf Pairs 5 Spring Cow-Bull Calf Pairs

Sale Location: Darr Agriculture Center Springfield, MO Featuring the get and service of these bulls

MPH Z3 Box Top C16

Bred in predictability, complete outcross. BW 0.6 WW 57 YW 90 Milk 36 M&G 64 CHB $30

NJW 73S W18 Hometown 10Y Proven, dependable, popular.

CE 2.4 BW 2.2 WW 61 YW 105 Milk 33 M&G 64 CHB $37

Rt. 1 Box 85G • Mountain Grove, MO 65711 Marty Lueck, Manager 417-948-2669 Cell 417-838-1482 • mvlueck@centurytel.net

C&L CT Federal 485T 6Y Senior Herd Sire. Proven, predictable. Used in herds across America.

CE 4.4 BW 1.4 WW 67 YW 103 Milk 23 M&G 57 CHB $27

ILR Red Power 456B

Maternal brother to KCF Bennett Revolution X51 CE 7.3 BW 0.2 WW 57 YW 90 Milk 31 M&G 59 CHB $33

MHPH 521X Action 106A

Exciting new sire to come out of Canada

CE 0.9 BW 3.6 WW 62 YW 107 Milk 24 M&G 55 CHB $30

See this catalog online: www.reedent.com Video on buyherf.com Auctioneer: Eddie Burks

Sale Managaed By:

Words from the


Summer months are always highly anticipated by all ages. In the cattle industry especially, with school over, families dedicate much of their summer to cattle shows and events, building stronger relationships with fellow farms and ranches. If you calve in the spring, calves are starting to become their own, changing everyday. Cows slick off and the smell of fresh cut hay fills the air. Everything is warm, and so that ice-cold glass of lemonade or sweet tea quenches thirst better than anything else after a hard day’s work. Your hard earned sweat some how becomes a sweet feeling of success.

Camaraderie amongst our breeders is perhaps the single most important reason to become

a member of the association.

It’s a time of year that relies on teamwork ... Teamwork at the wash rack, teamwork in the show ring, teamwork processing calves, teamwork putting up the next year’s hay crop, teamwork preparing marketing for the fall’s sale season. And as an Association, it’s a time of camaraderie through the Junior National Hereford Expo, regional shows, Missouri State Fair, cattle tours and the state Field Day. Thankfully, with cattle on nearly auto-pilot, it’s the time of year when we can all enjoy each other’s company. Webster defines camaraderie as the, “mutual trust and friendship among people who spend a lot of time together; a spirit of friendly goodfellowship.” Camaraderie amongst our breeders is perhaps the single most important reason to become a member of the association. There are many events on the summer calendar that should excite you. All ages, production programs and genders benefit from attending. When we come together, relationships are built, ideas are shared, different generations collaborate with one another and our future is planned. Hereford breeders are welcoming and always look forward to visitors. Review the advertisements within and plan your own summer tours to breeders in the region. You will enjoy the camaraderie and viewing breeders’ newest genetics. The visits will create new friendships and allow you to access what you are doing back home. This summer, make memories while paving the future!

– The Editors, Rural Route Creations Cassie Dorran, editor

Jocelyn Washam, editor

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17 Camping In Style

Camping tips to cover all the basics this summer

20 Weaning Time Types and tips to make weaning a smooth process 24-25 The Sweet Tea Lady

Reba Pfander’s love and dedication to the Hereford breed

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Joe Kaczmarek


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Kenny Spooler


District 9

To download a Missouri Hereford Association membership application and to view most current events, applications and announcements, visit the Missouri Hereford Association website at www.moherefords.org Missouri Hereford Association Matt Reynolds, Secretary/Treasurer 1071 C.R. 1231 Huntsville, Missouri 65249 660-676-3788 5

2016 Fall Hereford Sales Sept. 16 \|« Genetic Designs XII Sale Newburgh, Ontario

Sept. 17 « Source for Success Elmlodge & Friends Indian River, Ontario

Sept. 22 « Mohican West & Guests Sale Laurel, Montana

Oct. 8 « Remitall West Production Sale Olds, Alberta

Oct. 9 « Genetics for Generations Hereford Sale Vegreville, Alberta

Oct. 17 « Square D Herefords Production Sale Langbank, Saskatchewan

Oct. 20 « WLB Livestock Complete Dispersal Douglas, Manitoba

Oct. 21 « RSK Farms Elite Genetics Production Sale Brandon, Manitoba

Dec. 8 « Big Gully Online/On-Farm Bull & Heifer Sale Maidstone, Saskatchewan

Dec. 11 « Hereford Season Finale Olds, Alberta

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Excitement abounds at WF!

ECR L18 Extra Deep 9279 Reg: 43024518

HH Advance 7195T Reg: 42785425

GO 8019 Andy Y117 Reg: 43189127

NJW 73S W18 Homegrown 8Y ET Reg: P43214852

CRR 719 Catapult 109 Reg: 43186342

SHF Access Y90 A216 Reg: P43379349

GO MS PJ EXCEL T124 Reg: 42792236

NJW 98S Handshake 83Y ET Reg: P43214489

It would be impossible not to be excited about this upcoming calf crop with calves expected this fall from this great Hereford female and the seven leading Hereford sires that she was flushed to this past year. There will also be calves by our other ten donors including some exciting two-year-olds like H WR 5017 Sweet Sally 4071 ET to sweeten the deal!

WOOLFOLK FARMS Jackson, TN Scott 731-571-7399 Johnny 731-225-2650

H WR 5017 Sweet Sally 4071 ET

woolfolkfarms@yahoo.com www.wfherefords.com

Come see us in the stalls at the Missouri State Fair!


State Association



Hello Everyone, Hope everyone is having a great start to summer. The weather is starting to cooperate in Southeast Missouri, letting us get some much needed farm work done. I Brad Mueller hope this is true for all of Missouri Hereford Association President you across the state.

While writing this letter I’m looking out the window to see the kids spraying each other with the water hose as they wash their show heifers and am reminded of how blessed we are to be able to raise our children and Hereford cattle in rural Missouri. The experiences these kids have at the local shows, state fairs, and junior Nationals are lessons that certainly cannot be taught in a classroom and will set them up for a life of success, no matter what they choose for a career path. I urge every young person out there to get involved. We have a good junior association that is active with some good leadership in place who are willing to help any young person get involved.

Field Day Announcement

Join us for the annual Missouri Hereford Association Field Day this year in district one on Saturday, Sept. 10, 2016 at Doss Hereford Farms. Time: 8:30 a.m. : Registration 9a.m. : Opening 9:15 a.m. : Speakers, industry displays, cattle viewing 11 a.m. : Samantha Graves, Trans Ova, Embryo Transfer 101 Noon : Lunch 1 – 4 p.m. : Speakers, cattle viewing, industry displays 4 p.m. : Closing

Junior Schedule: 9:30 a.m. – Noon : Fitting and showmanship demonstration presented by Cory Wood,

Civil Bend Herefords

1 p.m. : Junior Activity Schedule is tentative and subject to change.

Speakers: Shane Bedwell – Chief Operating Officer and Director of Breed Improvement Glenn Waters – MO Beef Council Glenn Klippenstein Samantha Graves – Trans Ova

Contacts: In my opinion, we have one of the strongest state breed associations in the country. In saying that, we always want Amy Phillips • 816-878-7305 to strive to be better. The more members we have the stron- Gary Doss • 816-699-8831 ger we are. The $40 membership is a small investment for your return. I’ve had numerous phone calls this spring from people looking for females and bulls and got our name from the website or out of the directory. It is directory year meaning the state will be producing a new one, so make sure you get those memberships paid and encourage other breeders to do the same. Joe Rickabaugh is making his rounds to look at cattle for the Missouri Opportunity Sale and in talking to him, he has seen some really nice cattle again this year. The sale has been strong the last couple years because of good cattle and great consignors. We could always use more cattle, so if anyone is interested, talk to Matt or Joe about consigning. We would love to have you. This sale is getting better every year due to all of us working together. It’s a great weekend. I encourage everyone to come out this summer and fall to many of the Hereford events going on. The contacts and people you meet out there are the people that may need a heifer and bull down the road, so come out and visit. The shows are getting underway and Junior Nationals in Madison is right around the corner. We have become one of the biggest shows at the state fair and it’s great to see all the Hereford enthusiasts come to Sedalia. We also have the field day this year scheduled for September 10th in Northwest Missouri and knowing that group over there, I’m sure they will not disappoint. It’s great to go to the Hereford events and see the friendships that we made. It’s those friendships that make our breed so great.

I encourage everyone to come out this summer and fall, to many of the Hereford events going on.

I would like to take a moment to thank Matt & Barb for the work they do that makes our jobs as officers so much easier. Also, to Jocelyn and Cassie – you are doing a super job on the newsletter. I think you will agree it is very professional and one of the best I have seen. Hope you have a great year, be safe and God bless. Hope to see you all this summer! 8

– Brad Mueller, MHA President

Not sure if you have paid your membership dues? Check the website for an updated list of dues paying members for 2016. Remember this is a directory year!

w w w . m o h er ef or ds .o rg State Association Update | July 2016

Watch for videos of our sale offering at CattleInMotion.com. At Walker Polled Hereford Farm n Morrison, Tenn. 11 AM (Central time)

223 2042 169 246 468B 2235

Z171 Polled Hereford Farm

Watch the sale and bid live online.

P.O. Box 146 n Morrison, TN 37357 Eric, Rhonda and Casey n Cody, Trisha and Hayden Eric’s Cell (931) 607-6356 n (931) 635-2181 wphf@blomand.net n WalkerPolledHerefordFarm.com


Every Successful Program is backed by some

r e w o P Cow Mark your calendar:s 10th Anniversary Show-Me Polled Hereford Classic November 19, 2016

Reg: 43178844 DOB: 09/06/2010 Sire: SHF RIB EYE M326 R117 Dam: WALKER MISS P606 06N 545

Walker Miss R117 545 064 ET

Visitors always welcome! Reg: 43126256 DOB: 03/22/2010 Sire: PW VICTOR BOOMER P606 Dam: GERBER 412T ROSY LANE

Grandview CMR Mis P606 X395 ET ROTH HEREFORD FARM 1146 NE Hwy J • Windsor, MO 65360 Ed & Carol Roth, owners 660-694-2569 • Cell 660-351-4127 croth745@earthlink.net Eddie, Mary, Lane & Levi Cell 660-351-4126 www.rothherefords.com

News from the

American Hereford Association

netics they supplied to them are getting the job done. Listening to these people and finding out their markets and what is needed for them to be profitable should be keys in your genetic selections. Retaining good customers will be the result of such follow-up.

As with any trip of this sort sometimes the best planned schedules can be interrupted by a small detail such as a flat tire. This was the case with this trip but thankfully it was the last stop of the day around 8:30 p.m. I jot this down for two reasons. First, the breeder I was visiting went out of his way to help me get back on the road that night and even offered a vehicle if I needed it. Secondly, as I was driving that evening a call was placed to another breeder and he said, “Let me call you right back.” Within five minutes I had directions to a 24 hour service station that fixed tires anytime of the day or night. The next day’s schedule was saved thanks to the help of both of these gentlemen. I’m sure there are many of you reading this that have had a similar experience and received help from fellow cattlemen. Sometimes a little generosity from another person can turn out to be huge. Thanks to both of these guys. It was a huge help.

Musings – Making Strides Forward The selections for the Missouri Opportunity Sale, slated for the first Sunday in December—December 4, 2016 in Sedalia, Mo., It wasn’t that long ago has begun. By that when asked this the time this is ...hopefully question it did not take printed and read breeders will ask their customers long to answer. Today, the sale selecif the genetics they supplied to on the other hand there tions should be are so many more completed. This them are proven and predictable is always a trip bulls that can be used as compared to just enjoyed as you get see many good cattle, five years ago. The Hereford breed has made new sets of calves and get an idea on how AI great strides with semen companies and as a bulls are working in several herds. It is always result many more AI sire options are offered. interesting to view the first calf heifers and The strides have been made because of the their calves as generally these are the newest demand for Hereford genetics in the comgenetics for many of the herds viewed. mercial cattle sector. Additionally, several breeders have taken advantage As this trip unfolds every year generally the of the AHA young sire program same question comes up — which bull(s) are Sometimes a little Hope your by either entering bulls into working around the country? summer is off to this program or studying the from another person can a great start and results and how various young First off, you think back on the sales that turn out to be look forward to sires and their progeny have have occurred this spring and you can get a seeing several performed. pretty good idea which bulls are siring the of you in Madison, Wisconsin for the Junior cattle that rise to the top in terms of dollars National Hereford Expo. It promises to be a While on my tour in Missouri, a young and generated at the sales. Reading sale reports really big show in terms of number of exhibenthusiastic Hereford cattleman told me he or visiting with people who attended the itors, states represented and sheer number annually takes a trip before breeding season sales are good ways to get information. of cattle in the barn with more than 2,100 and visits several programs he watches and entries, 1,800 head of cattle and nearly 900 admires. He goes and views their herds and Secondly, with the many herds and sales exhibitors. Anytime you would like for me to figures out which genetics are working. It visited through the late winter and spring a stop by your Hereford operation, just let me was also discovered that many times the great opportunity to view a wide assortment know. It would be my privilege. Wishing you breeders he visits also return the favor and of progeny genetics becomes available. Taka safe and profitable summer. visit his operation. As the conversation ing time to research the sale results or visit continued it was soon discovered he bought with trusted people who attended the sales – Joe Rickabaugh, AHA Director of Field Services some genetics and also sold some genetics is a great way to formalize some opinions for Missouri Hereford Association Dams of on his trips — good lesson learned and your future breeding decisions. Distinction Recognition hopefully copied by many other Hereford Abigail Yarick, Rich Hill breeders. Thirdly, and hopefully more times than not, Bade’s Polled Herefords, Augusta Bonebrake Hereford Farm, Springfield breeders will ask their customers if the geBurden Bros., West Plains AHA Recognizes Dams of Distinction Christopher Nation, Hannibal Circle K Farms, Deerfield The Dams of Distinction program Craig Reed, Green Ridge recognizes superior cows in the breed Dean McKibben, Liberal Doss Hereford Farms, Smithville and the cattle producers who manage Duvall Polled Herefords, Lockwood them based on data submitted to the E.L. Mobley, Fairdealing American Hereford Association (AHA). Eddie Watson, Cabool Elisabeth Nation, Vandalia Efficient, fertile and productive females Falling Timber Farm, Marthasville are the foundation of the most successGlengrove Farm, Rolla Hagerman Farms, Syracuse ful cow herds.

more times than not,

getting the job done.

A cow receiving the Dam of Distinction honor is a cow that meets the highest standards of commercial cattle production. The cow must do her job, but also her owner must manage the herd correctly to give her the opportunity to excel. Only a few active cows are recognized. All heifers have the potential to be a Dam of Distinction, but only a small percentage fit the job description of an ideal cow year in and year out. The AHA recognizes the top 20 states with the number of Dam of Distinction Honors. Missouri ranks fifth with 127 cows honored. Of the nation’s top 20 breeders this year, Duvall Polled Herefords, Lockwood, Mo., tied for sixth with 24 dams of distinction and Falling Timber Farm, Marthasville, Mo., ranking 16 with 18.



Harry and Sharon Taylor, Kearney Heiman Herefords, Russellville Howard Sweiger & Sons, Weatherby Jacob and Emily Peterson, Mountain Grove Journagan Ranch/Missouri State University, Mountain Grove Julie Choate, Pleasant Hope Kaczmareks 4K Herefords, Salem Kenneth and Carleen Buchanan,Higginsville Kenneth Skow Inc., Golden City L III Farms, Rogersville Lilac Hill, Fayette Lizzie’s Polled Herefords, Jackson Malone Hereford Farm, Emporia, Kansas Mead Farms, Barnett Mike Flory, Lawrence, Kansas Mountain Grove Muellers Polled Herefords, Perryville Nation Polled Hereford, Vandalia Nickelson Farms, Belgrade Ockerhausen Farms, Jonesburg Reeds Farms, Green Ridge Rick & Laurie Steinbeck, Hermann Ronnie and Linda Scott, Lamar Simon Polled Herefords, Excelsior Springs Thomas Family Herefords, Trenton Toby and Debby Dulworth Family, La Center, Kentucky Towner Farm, Girard, Kansas Travis And Hollie Elliott, Fair Grove WMC Cattle Co., Wasola


Women Association


The Hereford Women met on Saturday, June 11th following the MCA All–Breeds Show. It was a HOT weekend, but a good time was had by all. It’s always exciting to be back in the barn with friends and showing great Hereford cattle! We congratulate all of the juniors on a job well done. The JNHE is quickly approaching and the women will be contributing funds to provide the juniors with ice and drinks. We will also be assisting with picking up and serving lunch throughout the week. We look forward to seeing all of the juniors and their families in Madison! The Hereford Women will have their next meeting at the State Fair on Saturday, July 13th at 8:00 a.m. in front of the ice cream parlor. We will be planning our annual banquet in December and reorganizing our officers at this time. The women will be providing the juniors doughnuts and juice for breakfast on the morning of the open show at the Missouri State Fair - Sunday, August 14th. We will need any women who are able to help with serving at the steak fry held following the show on Sunday. Remember to like our Facebook page and use it to contact us with any questions you may have. Annual dues are just fifteen dollars and can be


mailed to our treasurer, Marijane Miller, or given to her at any shows. Hope everyone has a great summer and enjoys their “show-cations”! – Shane Jackson, Hereford Women of Missouri Secretary

Hereford Women of Missouri Officers President – Barbara Steiner, Union Star

Vice President – April Miller, Lee’s Summit Secretary – Shane Jackson, Miller

Treasurer – Marijane Miller, Lebanon Mail $20 Hereford Women of Missouri dues to 20500 Sioux Drive, Lebanon, MO 65536

Queen Chairman – Katherine Fuller, Weston By-Laws Chairwoman – Gretchen Thompson, Rolla

Women Association Update | July 2016

Aug. 11-21, 2016

Around the Barn

Membership Update Hereford Members Recognized by Missouri FFA Justin Sissel of Elkland, Mo., was named an Honorary State FFA Degree recipient at the 88th Missouri FFA Convention in Columbia, Mo., April 21.

as the livestock evaluation career development event superintendent for the Southwest Missouri FFA District and as a Missouri Hereford Association vice president.

The Missouri FFA Association recognizes Honorary State FFA Degree recipients at its annual state convention for their valuable efforts and contributions to the FFA organization and Sissel began his FFA experiits members. Those eligible ence as a member of the Reto receive the Honorary FFA public FFA Chapter. He served Degree include farmers, school as chapter president as well as superintendents, principals, area reporter and president. members of the board of education, chapter advisors, He continued his FFA involveteachers, staff members in agment into adulthood. As farm ricultural education, business operations manager at Misprofessionals and others who souri State University, he has Justin Sissel, Honorary are helping to advance helped local FFA students with Degree recipient agricultural education and the FFA their show cattle and assist with while rendering outstanding service. the management of FFA events that are hosted at the University. Sissel currently serves

Missouri Junior Cattlemen’s Association At the MCA All-Breeds Junior Show in Sedalia, Mo., at the Missouri State Fairgrounds June 10-12, 2016, events not only included a cattle show but also junior competitions and leadership roles. Hereford juniors were actively involved in making the weekend a success. The newly elected 2016-2017 Missouri Junior Cattlemen’s Association (MJCA) board of directors includes Makayla Reynolds, Huntsville, as the new Public Relations Director and Anna Roth, Altenburg, serving as the Past President. The MJCA board members will meet several times a year to give direction to the junior association and plan events and activities. Along with helping with the MCA All-Breeds Junior Show, the board assists with junior activities at the Missouri Cattle Industry Convention and the Youth Beef Industry Council. Any MJCA member between the ages of 16 and 20 is eligible for a position on the junior board of directors.


Dale Wayne Bellis was born July 10, 1935, on the family farm in Lawrence County to Henry Stewart and Bernice Grace (Moore) Bellis. As a ten-year-old boy, Dale met a little blonde haired nine-year-old named Dorothy Lou Williams. They grew up together and started dating in high school. Dale would visit her house on Tuesday nights to watch TV and on Saturday’s they would hit the town for a dinner date. They both grew up on the farm and that’s probably where their similarities ended, opposites do attract. Dale graduated from Aurora High School in 1953 and soon after Dorothy graduated they were married. The ceremony was held March 17, 1955, at Orange Cumberland Presbyterian Church where they were lifelong members. 2016 brought them just shy of 61 years of marriage. They brought three children into their family: Jim, Bob and Julie.

Also receiving recognition at Convention from Pettis County R-V FFA member Hanna Gregory. Hanna received the Missouri Youth in Agriculture Scholarship from Youth in Agriculture Committee members. The Houstonian was recognized for her contributions to her family farm as she plans to earn a college degree in an agricultural related field. Since 1992, The Youth in Agriculture Committee has awarded 538 scholarships totaling $505,000. Pictured with Gregory, from left, are Mark Wolfe, Missouri State Fair director; Wendy Faulconer, Missouri State Fair Foundation executive director; and Wayne Yokley, Youth in Agriculture Committee chairman.

Engagement Announcement Kevin and Barbara Gregory, Houstonia, Mo. announce the engagement of their daughter, Devann Renee Gregory to Benjamin Michael Catlett, son of Ron and Michelle Catlett, Blackburn, Mo. Devann is a graduate of State Fair Community College with degrees in Agriculture Business and Agronomy. Devann is employed in Higginsville at Wood & Huston Bank as a Universal Banker. Ben is a graduate of the University of Central Missouri obtaining a degree in Agriculture Business with an emphasis in crop and soil science and is employed at Central Missouri Agri-Services as an agronomist and seed sales in Slater. A December wedding is planned.

Dale was a quiet man of faith and all would agree had the same temperament as a kid -mostly quiet with few words needing to be said. Of course he had opinions, but he never thought necessary to tell everything he thought. Before he married Dorothy he spent about six months following the wheat harvest in Kansas before beginning work at MWM Dexter where he retired after 46 years. Dale started out in the camera department, and then traveled all over the United States in delivery services. Dale was also a member of the Missouri Army National Guard for nine years. The church was always at the center of their marriage and family. There he served as an elder and other various leadership roles. He never sang in the choir, but always enjoyed the gospel music and raised his family centered on strong Christian values. Dale was also a lifetime cattlemen and came from generations of farmers. He spent his sum-

mers putting up hay, with weekends camping. His kids married and raised their families with the same conservative Christian values, now each with a growing family of their own. Dale and Dorothy’s family is rounded off with; three children Jim and Carla Bellis, Bob and Sharon Bellis and Tony and Julie Keatts; seven grandchildren; four great-grandchildren and one on the way. In retirement their days were spent chasing after those grandchildren going to ball games, music concerts, cattle shows and school programs. Sundays were always centered on the church and family with hosting Sunday dinners at their home. A funeral service under the direction of the Crafton-Cantrell Funeral Home in Aurora was held on Thursday, March 10, 2016, at the Orange Cumberland Presbyterian Church with burial followed at the Orange Cemetery. Visitation was held on Wednesday, March 9, 2016, at the church.

Around the Barn | July 2016


Missouri Junior Hereford Association Officers

Junior Association

Update Hey Juniors!

Summer has finally arrived! For most of us that means our days are now filled with rinsing, feeding, traveling, and showing. The summer months can get extremely busy, so it’s easy to forget about some of the great activities that are going on throughout the Ellen Jackson association. When the junior association met Missouri Junior following the All-Breeds show in Sedalia on Hereford Association June 11, we discussed many of these activities, Reporter but for those of you that weren’t able to attend or need a refresher, here are some important dates and reminders.

President – Julie Choate Vice President – Anna Roth Secretary – Makayla Reynolds Treasurer – Brooklyn Adam Mail $10 Missouri Junior Hereford Association dues to 735 SE Wexford Rd, Lathrop, MO 64465 Reporter – Ellen Jackson Directors – Shelby Bagnell, Britney Adam, Dalton Reynolds and Issac Rhode Advisors – Brad and Sherry Hurst Jimmie and Andrea Butler Mary Roth

State Fair is just around the corner which means our next meeting isn’t far away. We will be meeting after the 4-H/FFA show on Saturday, Aug. 13. Pizza and drinks will be provided by the association, and we want to see everyone there! This is a very important meeting as we will be electing new board members and officers. Be thinking about who you would like to see on the board or if maybe you would like to serve. I encourage all of you to give it a try. We are also still looking for sponsors for the junior show, so if you or someone you know would like to do that, just get in contact with one of the officers. Grand champion awards are $60 and Reserves are $30. Sponsors are needed for bulls, heifers, cow/calf pairs, and steers for both the 4-H and FFA shows. The Missouri Cattlemen’s Show-Me Leadership Conference is going to be held September 9-11, starting in Columbia with tours at various locations throughout Kansas City. Applications can be found on their website mocattle.org and are due on August 25. You won’t want to miss out on this fun-filled weekend! The field day will be held on Sept. 10 at the Doss Hereford Farm in Smithville, Mo. Several junior activities are planned for the day including a fitting and showmanship demonstration. It’s going to be a great day of learning and fun for all ages! Don’t forget, if you haven’t paid your dues for 2016 you need to do that as soon as possible! Dues are $10 and can be sent to our treasurer, Brooklyn Adam. Good luck at all the upcoming shows and I look forward to seeing all of you at State Fair! – Ellen Jackson, Missouri Junior Hereford Association Reporter

Right & Bottom: Missouri Junior Hereford Association met during the MCA All-Breeds Junior Show in Sedalia, Mo., June 11, 2016.

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Junior Association Update | July 2016

Missouri Cattlemen’s Association

Legislature Update T

he 2016 Missouri legislative session brought much progress for the beef industry, with the Missouri Cattlemen’s Association and it’s members leading several key initiatives. The top priorities were completed.

• The Missouri Tax Commission’s proposed property tax increase was defeated early in the year and was one of the first issues passed by the legislature. This definitely impacts your bottom-line. Depending on the classification of land you own, this disapproval will save you from $5 to $10 per acre. • Strict liability and disaster payment tax exemption passed in early May and awaits Governor Nixon’s approval. Senate Bill 641, authored by Sen. Dave Schatz and Rep. Bill Reiboldt, exempts federal agriculture disaster payments for Missouri income tax. The legislation exempts disaster assistance in our industry from being taxed as income. During a disaster, if you choose to receive assistance, you will be able to use those payments in their entirety. Take the amount of money you received as a result of the 2011/2012 drought and multiply it by the six percent income tax. If you received $12,000 in assistance, you won’t have to shell out $720 in income tax. • Bill 1414 protects your private information. Farmers’ data will now be kept private when they participate in voluntary government programs, exempting them from Sunshine Law requests. While you can’t put a monetary value on this legislation, our privacy is priceless.

McCorkill Family Farms Registered Herefords Mike and Myra McCorkill

152 E Dade 92 • Greenfield, MO 65661 417-637-5228 417-838-2073

Andy, Jenn & Molly McCorkill 417-838-0583

Brant, Erin and Knox Harvey 417-214-0313

Bulls for sale sired by: KJ C&L J119 Logic 023R ET Whitehawk 157KBeefmaker 896U LJR MSU 158U Levi 170X

• Senate Bill 844, sponsored by Sen. Mike Parson and Rep. Joe Don McGaugh, changes negligence standards for trespassing livestock. Under current law, the livestock owner is liable in all circumstances when cattle get out of their confines. The legislation changes strict liability to negligent liability, which means you would have had to be negligent in order to be held liable. This bill protects from unjust responsibility for matters out of the livestock owner’s control. Let’s imagine that someone wrecked into your fence, and the cattle got out causing $2,500 in damages. That’s $2,500 you won’t have to spend on someone else’s negligence. It is critical that Governor Nixon hear from you regarding the importance of both Bill 844 and 641 and the positive impact they will have on your operation. Please contact his office and urge him to sign both pieces of legislation by writing to: Office of Governor Jay Nixon P.O. Box 720 Jefferson City, MO 65102

Supplied by the Missouri Cattlemens Association

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The Hereford

Word Search

Websites Advertisements Branding Social Media Email Marketing Cassie Dorran Jocelyn Washam 403-507-5953 417-838-5546

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Camping In e Styl Q:

Top 5 cooking utensils that are a MUST when camping at shows.


Best game for all ages – Everyone loves a little competi-

A: Dutch Oven, grill, serving spoons, cutting knives, large bowl


tion and good laughs after a hard day’s work. Everyone will enjoy corn hole bean bag toss. Most stores carry them but there are lots of directions online to make your own !

Top 5 menu items that your family and friends always request at shows.

A: Baked Corn, Dutch oven potatoes, pork loin, prime rib, marinated steak

Favorite refreshments.

A: I pack the cooler with Diet Coke, Mountain Dew, bottled water and Beer. Evenings when time permits, it’s Strawberry Daiquiri’s for the ladies.


When do you find time to get your ingredients while camping?

A: Luckily, everyone in my crew knows that I require nearly daily trips to the store. After we rinse and feed cattle in the morning, I make a quick trip to the store with my list in hand.

keeping it cold

– Hot summer days can make keeping up with ice exhausting. Try special insulated coolers that lock in the cold for long-term ice retention. It will be life saving!


Summer time is here and you know what that means – camping at summer shows! With the help of Mary Ann Ward, American Hereford Association Executive Vice President First Lady, we have put together a list of all of our favorite camping tips. We have all of the bases covered to make sure your family has lots of fun and everyone’s belly is full at the camp site!

How do you speed up food preparation at shows?


A: Many menu items are prepared ahead of time – appetizers, dips, pasta salads, vegetable salads and desserts. Planning ahead is vital to having the meal ready when the hungry gang arrives!

Maryann and the boys’ favorite dessert Strawberry Angel Dessert Tear up 1 angel food cake into small pieces. Set aside.

How do you keep your sanity with three guys in the camper?

We each have our own closet. We have plastic tubs for dirty clothes and shoes. No shoes allowed in the camper! All the dishes are washed and put away each night. I then lay out frozen meat for the next day and load the coffee pot for the morning. Jack is usually in bed and the boys are out having fun somewhere on the fairgrounds. It’s my quiet time! It’s when I recharge.

Easy Clean-Up – Slow cookers can be very time sav-

ing for cooking, but clean-up is anything but fun. Use these slow cooker liners for easy throw away cleaning.

Mix 1 – 1 cream cheese – 1 C. icing sugar – 1 tsp. vanilla – 1 cool whip (folded in) Mix 2

– 2 strawberry Jello-O packages – 2 C. boiling water

Let cool, then add: – 1 can strawberry pie filling Coat mix 1 and angel food cake. Put into 9x13 baking pan. Pour over strawberry mix. Refrigerate until firm. Serve.


What’s the best way you stay organized with food preparation while camping?

A: Planning ahead is the only way I stay organized when we take the camper to a show. I have copies of all my recipes in my phone. All the menu items for each day are written in my phone notes. Lists are the best. And I live by those lists. Rural Route


33rd Annual MCA All-Breeds Junior Show June 11, 2016


Sedalia, MO


Judge: Cassie Johnson – Cushing, IA

Reserve Overall Supreme Champion Heifer & Champion Heifer Tory Miller, Lebanon MH 122L Time 4068 ET 9/15/14

Reserve Champion Heifer : MH 122L Time 4608 ET : 9/21/14

Champion Cow/Calf : THA Esmerelda J905 : 10/24/09 with calf

Champion Bull : CJB Beckham B58 : 9/5/14 : Connor Bolch,

Reserve Champion Bull : THA 4R Flagg J503 : Ellen Jackson, Miller

Taylor Miller, Lebanon



THA 0150 Amelia J503 : 4/2/16 : Ellen Jackson, Miller

Show Results | July 2016

Champion Steer : DFF 1Y Contender 510ET : 1150 lbs. McKalie Lorenz, Pilot Grove

Reserve Champion Steer : MCG Winchester 446B 502C 1325 lbs. : Hanna Gregory, Houstonia

Junior Hereford members kicked off the summer show season at the MCA All-Breeds Junior Show in Sedalia, Mo., June 10-12. Cassie Johnson, Cushing, Iowa, evaluated the heifers, bulls, cow-calf pairs and steers in the Hereford show, and Dr. Mark Johnson, Orlando, Ok., joined for the supreme selection. After the selection of the champions were made, Cassie also evaluated the MHA Futurity show, an event held each year for junior members who have purchased a futurity eligible heifer prospect at the Missouri Opportunity Sale the previous December. The weekend was a hot one, but it was an exceptional showing of the Missouri Hereford juniors and the Hereford was selected as the Reserve Champion Overall Female in the supreme drive of all breeds!

Heifer Division Winners

• Senior Calf Champion : Tory Miller, Lebanon : MH 5324 Miss Time 5023 ET : 9/21/15 • Reserve Senior Calf : Julie Choate, Pleasant Hope : CPH Charity 30C : 9/11/15 • Intermediate Champion : Dillon Schulte, Bland : 4BCC 65Z Cha-Ching : 6/7/15 • Reserve Intermediate: MaKayla Reynolds, Huntsville : RH Bailey R504 : 8/3/15 • Spring Yearling Champion : Britney Adam, Lathrop : MCM Sweet Marlie 554C ET : 4/11/15 • Reserve Spring Yearling : Cole Murphy, Houstonia : MH Rose 576 : 4/24/15 • Junior Yearling Champ: Payton Kanoy, Concordia : MH 43Y Miss T-Bone : 2/6/15 • Reserve Junior Yearling: Taylor McGlothlin, Richmond : ABRA 2059 Roxanne 69C ET : 2/9/15 • Senior Yearling Champion : Tory Miller, Lebanon : MH 122L Time 4068 ET : 9/15/14 • Reserve Senior Yearling : Taylor Miller, Lebanon : MH 122L Time 4608 ET : 9/21/15

Champion Futurity Heifer : Hannah & Emily Gregory, Houstonia

Reserve Champion Futurity Heifer : Zoe Blakenship, Gibbs

Show Results | July 2016



Bull Sired by Revolution

Watch for


Bulls For Sale This Fall!




Scott and Sherri Betz 752 NE 72nd St • Trenton, MO 64683 660-635-0381 • betzfarm@grm.net

Nelson Reproductive Services Larry D. Nelson, MS • Cheryl F. Nelson, DVM 1735 Pinckard Pike Versailles, Kentucky 40383 Phone: 859-873-7319 Email: nelson.reproductive.services@gmail.com Established in 1983 BBB accredited A+ since 1993

Contact us today!

We are licensed in Missouri and have worked with producers in 44 states across the United States!


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eaning time can be very exciting, as calves are gathered and evaluated. As optimists, futures are forecasted for each calf, creating almost as much excitement as when the calf actually arrived several months before. During this transition from a calf being with their mother to now separation, calves can experience a very stressful time with sudden deprivation of milk and social contact with their mothers. Handled for vaccinations, changes to feed and water sources and transportation to a new environment with unfamiliar pen mates can be overwhelming for a young animal. This

stress can increase the risk of disease and costs and time on treatments, lower weight gain and make for a very noisy barnyard. Whether you retain ownership of fed calves or sell direct to backgrounders or feedlots, practicing low-stress weaning techniques can help build a reputation for content, healthy, high-performing calves worth a premium. Minimizing this stress can lead to more profitability and a longterm attractive relationship to our consumers. With purebred calves retained in the herd or sold to other purebred breeders, extra performance and health at weaning can be a huge benefit during fall marketing or weights measured at yearling.

Types of Weaning

Two-step system: This two-step process allows for reduced weaning stress compared to the traditional method of only separation. University studies show that the anti-sucking device allows calves to act the same alongside their mothers but prevents them from nursing. The first step involves preventing the calves (still with the cows) from sucking, while still allowing them to drink water and graze. A reusable plastic anti-sucking nose flap is a painless device blocking access to the cow’s teats, preventing the calf from sucking. After five days, the second step is the actual separation of the calves from their mothers, after removing the nose flap.

Fence-Line Weaning:

Typical weaning:

Calves are physically separated from their mothers in adjoining pastures. Ensure the fence is secure. Page wire or 6 strands of barbed wire may be necessary to keep calves from getting back with their mothers. If calves are familiar with electric fencing, 2-3 strands of electric wire may be enough.

Weaning Tips

Preconditioning Calves: Creep-feeding calves so that they can Two-stage weaned calves have been found to vocalize 97% less, spend 30% more time eating and walk 80% less than their abruptly weaned counterparts. In addition, the dams of the two-stage weaned calves vocalized 84% less. – studies conducted by Western College of Veterinary Medicine in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada and Ontario Veterinary College in Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Rural Route Creations

learn to eat from a feed bunk before weaning can be very beneficial. An area away from the dams is best, allowing calves to compete with one another and not with their mothers. Four weeks prior to weaning allows calves to adjust to the solid feed versus the mother’s milk. Nutritionists can best provide a palatable ration with a high nutrient content.

Vaccination and Health Care: Consult your herd veterinarian to develop a proper vaccination program for your herd and area. Generally, respiratory disease vaccines, prevention of shipping fever and reducing the risk of Clostridium bacteria are common protocols.

Breaking up a cow/calf pair and moving each to separate locations out of view. Both the cows and calves show dramatic behavior changes. Often, weight loss occurs and the stress allows for more susceptibility to sickness or disease.

• Reducing the distress response allowed calves weaned by fence-line contact to gain 30% more weight than traditionally weaned calves in the 10 weeks after they were separated from the cows. – study conducted by University of California-Davis • Calves that were fence-line weaned vocalized 50% less, walked less, and had higher weight gains in the first 10 weeks after separation than abruptly weaned calves. – study conducted by Ontario Veterinary College in Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Watering: Good, clean water is essential to any weaning process. Replacing fluids that expire from pacing and bawling is vital to the health of the calves. If you are using water bowls, make sure there is a water overflow or trickling sound for the calves to become adjusted. Early Weaning: When limited resources are available such as a dry summer, consider weaning earlier than normal. Many studies have shown that, per pound of calf gain, it is more cost-effective to feed a calf solid food than to feed the cow extra feed so she can produce enough milk to achieve the same calf gains.

“Many receive advice, only the wis

t e h p o r P

MH 122L

5108 ET

P43619163 • Polled • 3-20-15 • Sire: Ribeye 88X • Dam: Online

se profit from it.�


*Harper Lee

Increase your bottom line...


Let make you a

Semen for sale Contact Owners

t fi o r P

Rusty & Marijane Miller & Family Lebanon, Missouri Rusty Cell 317-840-7811 Marijane Cell 317-341-3846 millerherefords@yahoo.com www.millerherefords.com


Butler Polled HereFords

Jimmie, Andrea & Joel Butler Cody & Jocelyn Washam Republic, Missouri 417-732-6069 H 417-838-4095 C butlerpolledherefords@hotmail.com

s i h t t e h p o r Look for P ! l l a F d n a r e Summ

Hereford Member Spotlight

The Sweet Tea Lady

years later called Cottage Veterinary Hospital in Springfield on South Campbell.

For some, having Hereford cattle is defined by the superior genetics they produce and new advanced resources they implement in their herd. For Reba Pfander of Nixa, Missouri, Hereford cattle have been her greatest resource in developing America’s youth – a responsibility she does not take lightly.

When it became time for Mike to enroll in FFA, Reba and Burl chose Hereford cattle as his project because of their docility. At the time, they didn’t realize they would be so dedicated to one breed and one association for the rest of their lives.

Tucked away in the Ozark Mountains of SW Missouri is a Hereford enthusiast with decades of great Hereford memories. In 1948, Reba married Burl, a veterinarian who had recently come home from service in Germany. They were blessed with one child Mike who continues today to run the family practice sixty-four

“I’m so blessed to have so many friends and so many memories,” Reba says. While Mike was showing as a junior, Burl and Reba wouldn’t take him alone to Junior Nationals and state shows, even though he was an only child. Instead, the Pfanders adopted many Hereford kids along the way.

Left: Reba has attended hundreds of cattle shows over the years throughout the state of Missouri and across the country traveling as far as Reno, Nevada for the Polled Hereford Junior Nationals.


Hereford Member Spotlight | July 2016

Reba quoted Burl as once saying, “Herefords are gentle and calm, but no more gentle and kind than the people that own them.” And with that, the Pfanders began helping youth whenever they could, in whatever way they needed. Marty Lueck, Missouri State University/Journagan Ranch manager, said, “They [Herefords] were a catalyst for youth that got involved. No matter the background, all the kids the Pfanders helped were hardworking with great potential.” Marty also recalls that because they had the resources, there were countless times they shared them with Hereford youth in the form of

Top Right: Reba has worked in the family veterinarian clinic for decades assisting first her husband and now her son. Bottom Right: Reba and Burl Pfander

Rural Route Creations purchasing heifers, providing transportation, furnishing hotel rooms and giving away scholarships. Because of their generosity to so many people over the span of so many years, Marty found them to be an easy choice for the Missouri Polled Hereford Association Hall of Fame in 2001. One very special girl Reba and Burl helped along the way was Cindy. They took her under their wing and gave her an opportunity to show Hereford cattle across the country. For years, Marty says he thought Mike wasn’t an only child because the Pfanders treated Cindy with so much love. She was given bountiful opportunities she would not have otherwise had. For the Pfanders, it was not about keeping score. They were the cheerleaders for all of the Missouri Hereford youth. Still today, Reba tries to make a visit to the Hereford shows at Missouri State Fair and Ozark Empire Fair where she has so many fond memories with Missouri Hereford youth. Many Missouri Hereford breeders recall hot

summer days at these fairs with Reba happily delivering sweet tea around the barns. One member remembered her carrying a 5-gallon stainless steal bucket accompanied by a ladle and stack of cups, asking, “Are you thirsty? Would you like some tea?” Over the years of her involvement in the Missouri Hereford Association, Reba took an interest in the queen program, helping where she could. She judged the National Polled Hereford Queen contest once, and helped on the state level for several years. One year Reba decided to start making scrapbooks for the Missouri juniors. She would save newspaper clippings, show programs and magazine articles. After she gathered them, she would place them with quotes and stories that pertained to that particular junior.

“I didn’t keep count of the scrapbooks,” she laughed. “I just kept giving them away!” Although she doesn’t have a count, many juniors were gifted with these handmade scrapbooks over the years, which most certainly are still cherished today. Reba still works at the vet clinic along side her son and daughter-in-law Jeanne, while Burl left his life on earth in 2003. She acknowledges that at 90 years old, some people think its funny that she still goes to work all the time, but it’s her positive attitude that customers look forward to when bringing their pets in. In late 2010, Reba under went open heart surgery. Keeping their ties with Missouri Hereford breeders, many members stayed in contact during her recovery. “As I laid in the hospital bed, I tried to think of something to worry about, but I couldn’t,” said Reba. “Because I have so many great friends!” Many of those friends include Hereford breeders that her and Burl formed friendships with over the span of more than 40 years. And while at her age, carrying a bucket of sweet tea is nearly impossible for the petite Hereford enthusiast, her heart will continue to remain with both Hereford cattle and the people involved. And for the rest of us, Reba serves as an example of enthusiasm and a love of both Hereford cattle and youth through her years of membership with the Missouri Hereford Association.

Ken and Carol Staten 163 Hwy 5 • Fayette, MO 65248 660.248.2764 Cell: 660.728.2764 Email: kestaten@socket.net Hereford Member Spotlight/Advertisement | July 2016







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Other Kari


Internal: Client: Print/Ship: BW’s to: Colors to: PDF to: Package to:

Account Exec. Anne

Production Lead Production Artist





YOU NEVER KNOW WHERE STRONG, HEALTHY CALVES WILL TAKE YOU. Your calves are more to you than livestock. Give them a strong future by starting with INFORCE™ 3 respiratory vaccine. It’s the first and only vaccine labeled for the prevention of BRSV and helps protect against infections like IBR and PI3. Healthier calves can lead to great things, like that getaway you’ve always wanted. Talk with your veterinarian, or visit inforce3.com.

All trademarks are the property of Zoetis Inc., its affiliates and/or its licensors. ©2016 Zoetis Inc. All rights reserved. INF00005


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There’s a new Marshall in town...

Visitors always welcome... Bulls & Heifers for sale!

Triple H Acres

KS 181 Marshall

Kyle, Shane, Ellen, & Addison Jackson Miller, Missouri Home: (417) 452-2297 Cell: (417) 827-1049 triplehacres@live.com

Reg # 43334260 Semen for Sale

Registered Polled Herefords & “Hereford Enhanced” Angus

We are excited about Marshall’s first group of calves averaging actual birth weights of 76#

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OVER 50 YEARS OF RAISING HEREFORDS Mark Your Calendar for Our Annual



SEPTEMBER 18, 2016

Raised by a Satellite Herd, 1S was • sold to the Ned & Jan Ward Program. • 30 SPRING




Jack and Sherry Lowderman…………309-837-2507 Monte, Carrie and Rhett………………….309-255-0110 Brent, Kris, Blake and Morgan………309-221-9621 Cody, Abby, Nash and Tuck……………..309-313-2171 Jae Van Horn……………………………………….317-412-3298

P.O. Box 488, Macomb, IL 61455 • Office: 309-833-5543

Web: www.lowderman.com • Email: info@lowderman.com



OXH MRNA 1093 is the Bonebrake definition of a momma cow. She is still in production at age 15. She is the most fertile and prolific cow that we have seen in over 80 years of being in the Hereford business. Since we have been taking records, the birth weights of her calves range from 69 to 81 lbs including the ET calves. 1093’s heifers make amazing mothers that have super udders and easy keepers and will perform in all types of grass environments, especially fescue. The bulls will put performance in the calves and will also produce tremendous females. We use 1093’s older, but proven pedigree as an outcross with today’s modern bulls and the results have been superb! We have embryos available by 1093 and a variety of popular bulls.


Look for her calves and more fine offerings in upcoming sales including the Missouri Heritage Sale and The Alsup/Bonebrake online heifer sale in October.

Feb. 2016 calves out of DKF RO Cash Flow 0245 and OXH MRNA 1093

Al and MD Bonebrake, owners Springfield, Missouri Manager: Steve Greene 417.693.7881

GREGORY POLLED HEREFORDS Since 1932 JD Gregory 19469 Houston Road Houstonia, MO 65333 660-568-3559

Kevin & Barbara Gregory 19620 Houston Road Houstonia, MO 65333 660-568-3582 660-620-3585 gphfhereford@gmail.com

Reg: 43416369

Glengrove 11X Mr Hfrd 68Z ET Progeny of Mr Hfrd 68Z and other top AI sires available in the


Bulls for Sale! Come see us for your next herd sire!

2nd Saturday in October • Perryville, MO Bulls also available by Private Treaty

Visit Gregory Polled Herefords on Facebook

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Booking Summer & Fall Dates!

Cassie Dorran Jocelyn Washam 403-507-5953 417-838-5546

cassie@ruralroutecreations.com jocelyn@ruralroutecreations.com


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Life is Simple One of my neighbors had been telling me for the past several months that he had in his possession, “something you will want to see.” Finally, this past week, he remembered to put it in his truck, to bring it by, and leave it with me for a few days. Through some fate, Larry had discovered a cache of old farm newsJerry Crownover papers and brought me an issue of the Farmers’ Dispatch, published in St. Paul, Minnesota, dated May 23, 1916. On the front page was the picture of a bull that had been named Grand Champion Bull at the Chicago International Livestock Exposition for an unprecedented third time. “What do you think of him?” After examining the old, black and white photo, that was yellowed with age, I had to confess that the bull would be considered an outstanding animal in today’s show ring as well, ninety-nine years later. That is truly amazing, considering how the beef industry has gone through so many major changes in desired body types over the past century. Could beef production actually be turning back the clock to an earlier time? I took the old newspaper home with me and, later that evening, began to read the news stories and advertisements that were included in the rest of the 1916 periodical. There were stories about the latest battles raging in the Great War (though it wasn’t called WWI yet, because the U.S. was not officially involved), with familiar sounding names like Baghdad, Turkey, and the Tigris River. Another story concerned the upcoming presidential election and I was appalled to see that politics were just as nasty and distasteful (if not more so) as they are now, complete with editorials condemning the candidates for being controlled by well-funded special interest groups.

We know cattle. We know printing. 785-320-6890



The advertisements were crudely designed, but very similar to today’s slicker versions with wagon-makers offering their new models made affordable by EZ financing; creams that had a money-back guarantee if they didn’t immediately restore hair growth for balding men; elixirs that could bring back that “youthful zest” that men enjoyed in their younger days; and even a bottled spirit that could calm the nerves of the most nervous women. It appeared to be 80 proof.

H&H Herefords

Lastly, there was a lengthy article that described the ongoing congressional debate over a farm bill that could finally provide farmers with the financial stability they needed to survive and prosper. The newspaper encouraged both political parties to reach an agreement for the “future of the country.” However, either the bill failed to pass or it failed in its intended consequence.

Bulls and females available by private treaty. Horned and Polled Genetics. Embryos available from choice matings. Brad, Sherry & Justin Hurst Chris, Reba & Zakary Rapp 17275 S. 1900 Rd. • Nevada, MO 64772 Brad 417.321.2350 Sherry 417.321.0423 brad@handhshowsupplies.com h2herefords@localnet.com Find us on Facebook!

After spending the entire evening reading the journal from cover to cover, soaking in every word, picture, and advertisement from a ninety-nine year old publication, I was reminded of a wise, old professor whom I once studied under. At least once (usually, more often) during every class, he would make the astute observation, “The more things change, the more they remain the same.” Bocaldo 6 winning Grand Champion Hereford Bull at the 1916 International in Chicago, Ill. Bocaldo was a very influential sire in the Hereford Breed.

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Sale Results Sale Index • Candy Meadow Farms Production Sale • Central Missouri Polled Hereford Breeders Association Sale • The Cowman’s Kind XIX Bull & Female Sale • Falling Timber 7th Annual Bull & Female Sale • Show-Me Classic Bull & Replacement Female Sale • Thompson Herefords Final Four Online Female Sale

9 embryos – $4,869; average – $541

Falling Timber Farm 7th Annual Bull & Female Sale

12 semen lots – $329; average – $3,945

Marthasville, Mo. – March 19, 2016


28 females – $98.200; average – $3,507

MCM Y79D Belle 536C, 3/20/15, by WORR Owen Tankeray Y79D ET, to Tucker Myers, Faucett, MO $4,250

Candy Meadow Farms Production Sale

14 commercial females – $32,700; average – $2,336

Show-Me Classic Bull Sale

19 bulls – $87,500; average – $4,605


Lexington, Tn. – March 26, 2016

18 females – $123,550; average – $6,863 6 commercial females – $15,300; average – $2,550 37 purebred lots – $211,050; average – $5,704

23 bulls – $95,700; average – $4,161

Windsor, Mo. – April 2, 2016

51 purebred lots – $193,900; average – $3,802

28 bulls – $91,050; average – $3,252

FTF Prime Product 513C, 1/11/15, by FTF Prime Product 226Z, to Henderson Farms, Vienna (1/2 interest, full possession) $5,800

41 commercial females – $67,450; average – $1,645


PRF 8Y Talladega 425B, 9/6/14, by NJW 73S W18 Homegrown 8Y ET, consigned by Phillips-Renner Farms selling to Davin York, Edina $4,400

FTF Preview 542C, 1/16/15, by FTF Prince Lee 925W, to Wild Horse Hill Ranch, Boynton, Okla. $7,900


FTF Value Added 556C, 1/20/15, by TH 122 7II Victor 719T, to Wild Horse Hill Ranch $7,200

RHF 107 Jotown 5009C, 1/7/15, by NJW 73S W18 Hometown 10Y ET, consigned by Roth Hereford Farm selling to Davin York, Edina $4,100

CMF 131Y Bass 120B, 10/21/14, by C&L CT Federal 485T 6Y, to Wadley Farms, Luray $6,500


RHF 100W Tribute 5011C, 1/9/15, by NJW 73S M326 Trust 100W ET, consigned by Roth Hereford Farm selling to Clouse Farms, Ava $4,000

CMF 58X Beef Boss 125B, 10/24/14, by C&L CT Federal 485T 6Y, to Wadley Farms, Luray $7,500

CMF 36U Bronco 100B, 9/24/14, by KCF Bennett Revolution X51, to Pickering Cattle Co., Vici, OK $6,500 CMF 148Y Big Time 114B, 10/12/14, by Schu-Lar Red Bull 18X, to Richard Stovall, Shannon, MS $6,500


CMF 33X Rhonda 83B, by CS CMF P606 Mojo U408; and a February bull calf by Loewen 33T 19W, to Steinbeck Farms, Hermann, MO $6,500

Central Missouri Hereford Breeders Association Sale

FTF Fabulous 181Y, 2/11/11, by FTF M326 Fabricator 838U, to Rick and Laurie Steinbeck, Hermann $7,600 FTF Classy Lady 171Y, 1/28/11, DR World Class 517 10H, to Dean McKibben, Liberal $5,900 FTF Miss Rib Eye 103Y, 1/4/11, by SHF Rib Eye M326 R117, to R&R Farms, Guston, KY $5,800

Thompson Herefords Final Four Online Sale showstockplanet.com – April 4, 2016

Glengrove 74Y Grand Slam B22, 9/7/15, by Remitall-West Game Day ET 74Y, consigned by Glengrove Farm selling to Jacob Owen, Maysville $4,000 RF Country Man 0109 59C, 1/3/15, by H W4 Pure Country 0109, consigned by Reed Farms selling to Jon Purchase, Green Ridge $4,000 RF Country Man 0109 60C, 1/23/15, by H W4 Pure Country 0109, consigned by Reed Farms selling to Jon Purchase, Green Ridge $4,000

4 females – $11,350; average – $2,838


Vienna, Mo. – March 12, 2016

Robert & Sharon Gregory Michael C. Gregory 12389 Chamberlin Rd. 10851 Range Line Rd. Houstonia, Mo. 65333 Houstonia, Mo. 65333 660-620-4020 660-287-1616

15 bulls – $38,745; average – $2,583 48 females – $131,621; average – $2,742 3 commercial females – $5,450; average – $1,817 63 purebred lots – $170,375; average – $2,704


JJD Sara 8058, 2/25/08, by PW Mohican Nasdaq P316; and an October heifer calf by Boyd Beef 6002 ET, consigned by Bade’s Polled Hereford, Augusta, to David Spurgeon, St. James $5,475 DDF Ms Southern Pride 303, 4/19/13, LCC 7067 Southern Pride 112; and a February bull calf by TH 122 7II Victor 719T, consigned by Day’s Family Farm, Pilot Grove, to Dwayne Weinberg, Lincoln $4,100 ARH Wendy 264, 1/30/13, by SB 54E 75R Fusion 138X ET, consigned by Alex Roth, Altenburg, to 4V Livestock LLC, Fayetteville, Ark $4,000

Herd Sires:

Churchill About Time 0223X, LJR MSU 3l7X Zacherie 216Z, MCG Churchill Time 324A

Cow Herd: Trust, Hometown, Kilo, Radar , Logic, Bright Future AI Sires: Twentytwelve, Trust, Hometown

© Rural Route Creations 32

Sale Results | July 2016

Sale Results | July 2016


Association & Industry

Events & Deadlines JULY

JULY 9-15

Junior National Hereford Expo Madison, Wisconsin


Ozark Empire Fair Junior Hereford Show Springfield, Missouri


Ozark Empire Fair Open Hereford Show Springfield, Missouri

AUG 6-9

Faces of Leadership: PRIDE Convention Amarillo, Texas


SEMO District Fair Entry Deadline (Late entries – Sept 1)

AUG 13

Missouri State Fair Junior Hereford Show Sedalia, Missouri

AUG 14

Missouri State Fair Open Hereford Show & MHA Steak Fry to follow Sedalia, Missouri

AUG 26-27

HYFA ‘The Harvest II’ Fundraiser for Hereford Youth Sonoma, California


Walker’s Foundations for the Future ‘16 Morrison, Tennessee


Missouri Hereford Field Day Northwest Missouri


Hereford Fall Classic Sale Taylorville, Illinois


Gary Bishop Memorial Scholarship Deadline


Hereford Youth Foundation of America Scholarship Deadline


OXO World Traveler Scholarship Deadline


Southeast Missouri District Fair Cape Girardeau, Missouri


Central Missouri Polled Hereford Breeders Association Sale Vienna, Missouri


Illini Top Cut Sale Macomb, Illinois


Missouri Cattlemen Foundation Scholarship Deadline




Missouri Hereford Association Annual Meeting and Banquet Sedalia, Missouri


Missouri Opportunity Sale Sedalia, Missouri

Events/Advertisement | July 2016

Cattle Handling Equipement, Squeeze Chutes, Alleyways, Crowding Tubs & Complete Working Stystems

Breathable Hay Guard Haycovers 10+ Year Life!

Mineral Feeder with complete insect control station

In addition to offering our own line of livestock equipement, we continue to distribute complimentary lines of equipement from other quality manufacturers.

1-800-240-3868 www.cowcoinc.com Coming this Fall ... CHB Feeder Calf Sale Plans are being made for a CHB eligible feeder calf sale to be held at the South Central Regional Stockyards in Vienna, Mo., during November. The exact date is yet to be determined. For future information, please contact:

• Joe Kaczmarek 417-894-1505 or 4joekaczmarek@gmail.com • David Patton 573-308-6655

District 2: Director – Brian Littleton

District 1: Director – Amy Phillips

District 3: Director – Bill Nation District 4: Director –Tim Bernt

J Bar K Farms Jerry and Katherine Arnold

16531 E. Militia Rd. • Nevada, MO 64772 (417) 667-8730 (417) 667-1015


Advertisement | July 2016

District 5: Director – Mark Abramovitz

District 6: Director – Brad Mueller

www.moherefords.org Advertisement | July 2016


District 7: Director – Justin Sissel


Advertisement | July 2016

District 8: Director – Joe Kaczmarek

District 9: Director – Kenny Spooler


AHA Offers Blood Cards for Members to Submit DNA Testing Samples The American Hereford Association (AHA) has announced that Hereford breeders may now submit DNA samples using a blood card for DNA testing. AHA Director of Breed Improvement Shane Bedwell says the blood card offers advantages. “Breeders will find utilizing blood cards will be more convenient since there is no age restriction on taking a sample,” he says. “They can get a DNA test on a calf at a much younger age.”


Previously, the preferred method for DNA testing was submitting an animal’s hair sample. To collect a good hair sample, Bedwell says the calves should be at least three to four months of age. “Now, breeders can take a blood sample when it’s most fitting for them.” Bedwell also touts that this method will allow calves to be registered more accurately. Producers may use DNA testing to parentage verify an animal before registering when the sire of the animal is in question or to test for genetic abnormalities. Animals don’t have to be registered prior to a DNA test, but they must at least be recorded at AHA as unregistered. This gives them a unique registration number that is used to create a barcode for each kit. The decision to register the animal can be made once the DNA results are available to the breeder.

He wants it all.

Hereford breeders are still required to first request a DNA submission form, also referred to a DNA kit, by contacting the AHA customer service team. There’s a reason a tried and true black baldie is the most To obtain a DNA blood card,favored members ordercow cards AHA customer cow inmay America’s herd.from She’s accountable, service for 50 cents each and a minimum order of 10 cards. GeneSeek predictable, profitable and sustainable. Her calf and herInc., located in Lincoln, Neb., continues to bearethe AHA’s regardless official DNA steer mates in demand, of endtesting point. lab. The stakes have never been higher to create value and efficiency throughout the production system. In the past decade, Hereford has documented dramatic improvements calving weaning and There’s a reason a tried and in true blackease, baldie is the most performance end product merit.* favoredyearling cow in America’s cowand herd. She’s accountable, American Hereford Association predictable, profitable and sustainable. Her calf andyour her Reduce your risk. Improve P.O. Box 014059 • Kansas City, MO 64101 regardless end point. opportunity forof profitability. 816-842-3757 • Hereford.org steer mates are in demand,

He wants it all.

©2015 American Hereford Association

The stakes have never higher to Youbeen want it all create value and efficiency throughout in your beef operation? the production system. In the past decade, Hereford has documented Thendramatic take it. improvements in calving ease, weaning and yearling performance and end product merit.*

American Hereford Association P.O. Box 014059 • Kansas City, MO 64101 816-842-3757 • Hereford.org ©2015 American Hereford Association

Reduce your risk. Improve your opportunity for profitability.

You want it all in your beef operation? Then take it.

HEREFORDS. Accountable. Predictable. Profitable. Sustainable.

HEREFORDS. Accountable. Predictable. Profitable. Sustainable. * The Spring 2015 Hereford Pan-American Cattle Evaluation (PACE) documents consistent improvements in all traits of economic importance. From 2004 to 2014, AHA Genetic Trends indicate a 14% reduction in birth weights, 20% improvement in weaning and yearling performance and a 30% improvement in end product merit. Hereford.org/userfiles/S15_Trend.pdf

Advertisement/Women Association Update | July 2016


Advertising Index


Hereford Field Day

Area: Northwest Missouri Date: September 10, 2016

See page 8 for more information!

Aces Polled Herefords 38 Alex Roth Polled Herefords 37 AbraKadabra Cattle Co. Back Cover AMR 37 Aufdenberg Polled Herefords 39 Belzer Farms 36 Betz Farms 20 Bonebrake Registered Herefords 29 Butler Polled Herefords 22-23, 38 Circle R Cattle Co. 36 Choate Polled Herefords 38 College of the Ozarks 38 Cowco, Inc. 35 Crider Farm 37 Day’s Family Farm 37 Dogwood Farm 39 Duvall Polled Herefords 38 El Tapatio 20 Evans Hereford Ranch 39 Falling Timber Farm 37 Glengrove Farm 37, 43 Gregory Hereford Ranch 32 Gregory Polled Herefords 29 H&H Herefords 31 H&H Show Supply 40 Hereford Fall Classic 41 J Bar K 36 Jim D. Bellis Family 42 Journagan Ranch / Missouri State 3 Kanza Cattle 39 Laze-D Herefords 36 Lilac Polled Herefords 25 Livestock Direct 31

Lizzie’s Polled Herefords 29 Lowderman Auction Options 28 Lowderman Cattle Co. 28 Ludwig Farms 37 Malone Hereford Farm 39 McConnell Farms 38 McCorkill Family Farms 15 McMillen’s Toothacre Ranch 38 Miller Herefords 22-23 Mueller Polled Herefords & Angus 37 Nelson Reproduction Services 20 Ockerhausen Farms 38 Phillips-Renner Farms 26 R&L Polled Herefords 38 Reynolds Herefords 36 Rocking F Polled Herefords 37 Roth Hereford Farm 10 Rural Route Creations 16, 30, 36 Signs by L & J 27 Spooler Farm & Cattle 29 Steinbeck Farms 38 Stockmen’s Insurance 34 Thompson Herefords 33, 36 Tri-L Polled Herefords 36 Triple H Acres 27 Towner Farm 39 Walker Polled Herefords 9 Wide Range Bovine Unlimited 40 WMC Cattle Co. 2 Woessner Farms 34, 37 Woolfolk Farms 7 World Beef Expo 35 Zoetis, Inc. 26

H&H Show Supply

We carry a full line of Weaver Livestock Products along with Vita Ferm Sure Champ!

New Products for 2016...

We deliver custom orders to shows we attend… call ahead to place your order! Brad, Sherry & Justin Hurst Chris, Reba & Zakary Rapp 17275 S. 1900 Rd. • Nevada, MO 64772 Brad 417.321.2350 Sherry 417.321.0423 brad@handhshowsupplies.com Authorized Weaver Leather Find us on Facebook! Livestock Dealer in SW Missouri



Advertisement/Index | July 2016

September 10th, 2016 Taylorville, Illinois

Selling Show Heifer Prospects, Pick of 2016 Bull Calves, Bred Heifers and Bred Cows

NJW Hutton 109Z

Calves sired by Hutton will sell!

Churchill Lady 0104X

Dam of several lots in the sale

Crane Test of Time

Calves sired by Test of Time will sell!

MDP C&M New Mexico Lady 2043 Dam of several lots in the sale

Sires being used in our herds - C Stockman 2059 ET, C ETF Wildcat 4248 ET, NJW 73S W18 Hometown 10Y ET, NJW 73S 980 Hutton 109Z ET, NJW 98S R117 Ribeye 88X ET, Churchill Sensation 028X, Churchill A1 ET, H/TSR/Chez Full Throttle, BCC Billy the Kid, SR Right On 2203, Crane Test of Time 2311, Chez Next Level

Mark Stephens 217-827-9690 Pete Loehr 309-264-7280

Bar-S SOF MS 477 802

Dam of several lots in the sale


Chad Crane Floyd Crane

815-712-5739 815-712-5735


www.herefordfallclassic.com 41

Dedicated to Producing

“No Excuse Herefords”

2016 A.I. Quality ‘Walking’ Herd Sires






Jim D. Bellis Family

Jim D. & Carla Bellis Jonathan Bellis 417-440-1300 19264 Lawrence 2170 • Aurora, MO 65605 Kevin, Jamie & Harper Johansen Jim cell: 417-466-8679 Kevin cell: 573-289-1061 JimBellis@missouristate.edu Joanna & Neal Wilkinson 42

From the


of our herd...

After 43 years of building a solid, functional cowherd, we have decided the time has come for a HERD REDUCTION. We will be offering our 4, 5 and 6-year-old cows. These cows have been outstanding producers for us.... These cattle sell in the Show-Me Polled Hereford Classic Sale November 19, 2016

GLENGROVE 4037 SCARLET X50 ET Reg: 43223772 DOB: 9/6/10

GLENGROVE 0220 POEM Z29 Reg: 43339716 DOB: 9/4/12

GLENGROVE ROBIN Z10 Reg: 43275134 DOB: 3/6/12

APH MISS KABOOM 11Z Reg: 43314594 DOB: 2/12/12

Sire: THM Durango 4037

Sire: CMF SAH 676M On Target 837S

Bob and Gretchen Thompson

12905 C.R. 4010 • Rolla, MO 65401 Home 573-341-3820 Cell 573-368-9557 www.glengrovefarms.com

Sire: Boyd Masterpiece 0220

Sire: LJR 243G Stampede 137S



H H Jewel 113 ET

Sire: Golden-Oak 4J Maxium 28M

Jewel Family Dam: HH Miss Advance 5139R ET

ABRA 57G Crystal 3C ET

ABRA 74Y Score 1C ET

Thanks to Blairs.Ag for purchasing pick of our heifer pen at the NWSS.

Semen available! $75/straw; Non-certificate

Sire: RU 20X Boulder 57G Dam: H H Jewel 113 ET

Sire: Remitall-West Game Day ET 74Y Dam: H H Jewel 113 ET

Fall Internet Heifer Sale

Oct. 11, 2016

Top show heifer prospects sell!

Look for consignments at

Ladies of the Royal Sale MO Opportunity Sale Mile High Hereford Sale Private treaty Breeding age Bulls for sale each Spring and Fall. Bred heifers for sale private treaty while they last.

Mark, Terry and Sabrina Abramovitz Logan & Brianne Bishop 6969 Bass Lane • Columbia, MO 65201 (573) 864-6475 Cell • (573) 441-9951 Home/Fax telwing@gmail.com • www.abracattleco.com

Visitors always welcome!

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