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Commercial Bred Heifer Sale LiveOnline™

September 1

Grouped in pens of 2-4 head

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50 Commercial Bred Heifers Sell! + 1 proven 2-year-old calving ease Angus bull

46 due Jan/Feb 49 Red and Black SimAngus 21 blaze or baldy


Dalton’s 1 Blue Roan Tucker’s Tans (2)

Dorran Cattle Co. Commercial Bred Heifer Sale LiveOnline™, September 1, 2021 | 7 p.m. (MDT) Auctioneer: Col. Ryan Dorran Bohrson Marketing Services:

View heifers prior to the sale Summer evenings are a great time to come view the heifers on pasture. Call/ text Ryan at 403-507-6483 to stop by for a visit! On sale day, heifers will be penned by sale groups at the barn.

Scott Bohrson • 403-370-3010 Marty Bohrson • 306-220-7901 Rob Voice • 306-270-6082 Taylor Richards • 306-821-4169

MC Marketing: Kiley McKinna • 402-350-3447

R&R Marketing: Randall O. Ratliff • 615-330-2735

Marketing Agents:

Craig Flewelling • 403-556-0515 Rod McLeod • 403-540-7986 Bryon Wolters • 780-581-8396

Ryan, Cassie, Dalton & Tucker Dorran Box 1699, Didsbury, Alberta T0M 0W0 R: 403-507-6483 | C: 403-507-5953


How To Bid This is a LiveOnline™ Sale meaning the auctioneer will be closing out the sale on at 7 p.m. MDT. Be sure to Login/Create an account on prior to the sale AND register to bid online. If you prefer to be in attendance or leave money with Dorran Cattle Co. or sales staff, this is also a great option. Need help? Contact: Jackie Payne 780-870-8184 Cassie Dorran 403-507-5953


Terms The terms of the sale are cash, cheque, wire or etransfer, payable on location or within 15 days following the sale to Dorran Cattle Co. The right of property shall not be exchanged until after satisfactory settlement has been made. Every group will sell to the highest bidder times the amount of head; the auctioneer will handle any disputes if needed. Announcements from the auction block take precedence over printed or previously announced details. All monies are in Canadian funds. Insurance Crossfield Agencies Insurance – Cassie Dorran 403-507-5953 Be sure insurance is placed within one week of the sale. Cattle are the responsibility of the buyer at the fall of the hammer. The bull will sell with a Breeding Soundness Evaluation. Pregnancy Verified Dr. Adam Schierman, DVM, at Davis-Rairdan International performed ultrasound pregnancy examinations on all heifers. A 283-day gestation table was used based off of the AI or natural service observation in combination with the dated ultrasound verification. USA Buyers We welcome U.S. customers. Transportation as well as health and export paper fees would be the responsibility of the buyer. Dorran Cattle Co. will help with arrangements. Contact Ryan before the sale for more information. Current U.S./Canadian exchange rate would put Americans at a significant advantage paying around $10,000 USD for every $12,500 CAD bid. Transportation Buyers are responsible for all transportation of sale purchases. We kindly ask that heifers are at their new homes by the first week of October. Dorran Cattle Co. may be able to provide some guidance and help line up transportation arrangements if needed. Accidents Although every precaution will be taken, Dorran Cattle Company or any sale staff will not be responsible for any accidents or loss of property. Said parties assume no liability, legal or otherwise as a result of this cattle facility or auction.

Thank you for your interest in our first sale! Dorran Cattle Co. heifers have been selected from astute cattle breeders across Alberta and Saskatchewan. Sires of these females have been sold through Dorran Marketing Inc. auctioned sales, what we believe are breeders of integrity and detail oriented in terms of record keeping, culling and purchasing quality new genetics for continued herd improvement. Heifers are identified by their Dorran Cattle Co. number and penned in groups of two to four head by type and calving dates. Heifers were fed a high quality, free-choice hay in the spring and AI synchronized to the calving ease, maternal giant PF Oklahoma 6625. Now deceased, Oklahoma is recognized in the Angus breed for his stacked EPD profile including in the top 2% for Calving Ease and top 7% for Birth Weight and Weaning Weight, a combination rare to find. Oklahoma calves are visually unique with strong structural correctness, smooth front ends and extremely balanced in their look. We know you will be happy with calves out of these commercial bred heifers with steer calves having the look that will catch your eye and heifers that are sure to be the replacement kind with two of the very best donors in the industry within their lineage. Close to 70% of heifers stuck to their AI date. For the remaining, heifers were pasture exposed to two Oklahoma sons from Anchorage Farms, Hanley, SK/Olds, AB – Anchorage Boone Pickens 0008 and Anchorage Lawton 9063. Estimated calving dates have been provided, but please keep in mind that Oklahoma is considered a shorter gestation sire. We recommend watching these heifers prior to the estimated 283-day gestation length. This group of bred heifers are quiet. We hand watered them in the spring and check on them daily with our boys. Our boys have been chute side every time we’ve worked them (and if you know our boys, they are a busy pair). We trust these heifers are going to make exceptional cows for their new owners. We’ve done the homework; we look forward to the fun you are going to have with them!

Ryan & Cassie Dorran Heifers have been on native pasture since the first of June and had free choice Bulls Eye Mineral.


AI Sire


Sire: V A R DISCOVERY 2240 Dam: PF 5682 HENRIETTA PRIDE 0533 (S A V BISMARCK 5682) Registration Number: 2025734

One of the most complete calving ease bulls with maternal greatness and stacked EPD’s in the breed – Oklahoma. Expect visual quality while adding impressive maternal lineage from his calves, as he is out of one of the very best donors in the industry. Oklahoma is strong footed, sound structured, large scrotal, smooth made and nearly impossible to find a hole in for an exciting up and coming calving ease prospect. Genetically, he is intriguing by representing two of the great cow families in the industry with the Rita on the top side and the world renowned Henrietta Pride on the bottom side. His EPD’s are out of this world as he is in the top 2% for CE-TM-MRB, top 3% for REA, top 4% for YW, top 7% for BW-WW-Milk-SC, top 10% for MCE-CW and top 15% for Fat. EPDs


BW -0.9

WW YW Milk TM SC CE +60 +109 +28 +58 +1.39 +14.0

e r e w g n i l l e s s r heiftoe Oklahoma or pasture exposed to two Oklahoma sons! All AI’ed

MCE +12.0

He sells!

Anchorage Lawton 9063 Sire: PF OKLAHOMA 6625

Dam: BELVIN LADY BLOSSOM 70’17 Registration Number: 2131394

Two-year-old Oklahoma son pasture exposed to Dorran Cattle Co. Commercial Bred Heifers. EPDs

BW 2.2

WW +53

YW Milk CE +92 +22 +5

MCE +7

Each year we are going to offer our two year old bull in our bred female sale! Affectionately known by our family as “Pistol Pete”, we are very happy with how this Oklahoma son has matured. Purchased in 2019 at the Anchor B/Anchorage Bull Sale for his calving ease and birth weight numbers, Pete has been an awesome breeding bull for us the past two years. He’s flawless in his feet, smooth fronted and structurally sound. His dam, Belvin Lady Blossom 70’17, was the high seller in the 2017 Belvin Angus Female Sale and has a lineage of great cows known for foot and udder strength with high production value. His top side includes the now deceased AI sire Oklahoma, a maternal and calving ease giant in the Angus breed. Pete has calves on the ground in Saskatchewan that look great, and we know he will make an excellent breeding piece at his new home!

Act. BW 84 lbs Adj. WW 747 lbs Adj. YW 1208 lbs

Anchorage Boone Pickens 0008 Sire: PF OKLAHOMA 6625 Dam: RUSYLVIA MISS 612F Registration Number: 2193941

Yearling Oklahoma son pasture exposed to Dorran Cattle Co. Commercial Bred Heifers.




Group 1 Group 2 122



108 • Black | due Feb. 24 142 • Black | due Feb. 22 151 • Black | due Feb. 26 122 • Red | due Feb. 5 128 • Red | due Feb. 24


Group 3


144 • Red Blaze | due Jan. 3 145 • Black Blaze | due Jan. 15 146 • Black Blaze | due Jan. 3


Group 4

102 • Black | due Feb. 5 104 • Black | due Feb. 5 105 • Black | due Feb. 5



Group 5

103 • Black Baldy | due Feb. 25 112 • Black Baldy | due Feb. 5 119 • Black Baldy | due Feb. 5




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Videos of each group selling can be viewed at or


Group 6

107 • Red Baldy | due Feb. 27 118 • Red Blaze | due Feb. 5 137 • Red Blaze | due Feb. 5


Group 7

100 • Black Blaze | due Feb. 5 109 • Black Blaze | due Feb. 5 115 • Black Blaze | due Feb. 5


118 and 107


Group 8

149 • Black | due Feb. 5 150 • Black | due Feb. 5 152 • Black | due Jan. 27

HF Crossfire 280D, sire of Group 8

Group 9

106 • Black and White | due Feb. 5 114 • Black | due Feb. 5






Group 10

113 • Red Baldy | due Feb. 5 123 • Red Blaze | due Feb. 5 125 • Red Blaze | due Feb. 5 127 • Red Blaze | due Feb. 5


Group 14 Group 15

Group 11 Group 12

116 • Black Baldy | due March 30 148 • Dalton’s Blue Roan | due Feb. 28

121 • Red | due Feb. 5 131 • Red | due Feb. 5 135 • Red | due Feb. 24

134 • Red | due Feb. 5 139 • Red | due Feb. 5 139

130 • Red | due Feb. 5 133 • Red | due Feb. 5 138 • Red Blaze | due Feb. 5



Group 16 Group 17

120 • Red with White Star | due Feb. 5 132 • Red with White Star | due Feb. 5

110 • Black | due Feb. 5 111 • Black | due Feb. 5 143 • Black | due Feb. 5

Maternal Quality & Docility

50 Commercial Bred Heifers Sell! + 1 proven 2-year-old calving ease Angus bull





AI sire to 140

Group 18 Group 19 Group 20


140 • Tucker’s Tan | due Feb. 5 141 • Tucker’s Tan | due Feb. 25

140 bred to Charolais calving ease – CML No Worries 64H bred by McLeod Livestock

126 • Red Blaze | due March 18 129 • Red | due March 17

117 • Red | due April 12 124 • Red | due April 18 141


Commercial Bred Heifer Sale LiveOnline™

September 1 7 p.m. (MDT)

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