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June 10 — July 8, 2011

Summer Fun

Festivals, musicals, family fun and more!

L o g a n s p o r t ’s F R E E C o m m u n i t y N e w s p a p e r


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Reaching a milestone As I’m writing this, I realized that by the time I write next month’s column, the Cass County Communication Network will have celebrated its one year anniversary! At this time last year, we were getting ready to launch Cass County Online and wondering whether people would be interested getting mobile alerts MICHELLE LAIRD DIALS EDITOR/PUBLISHER

and deals delivered to their phones. This past month, I haven’t had time to worry much

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ing weather alerts! But, those of you who have been reading Cass County INFO for a while know that we’ve probably got a few things up our sleeves. As I write this, we’re also approaching what seems to be one of the busiest weekends of the year in Cass County. I just spent a couple of hours scrolling through Cass County Calendar and looking for events to put in this issue of INFO and to talk about during our weekly Cass County Calendar update on Mix 102 tomorrow morning

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and all I can say is this: Anyone who says there’s nothing to do in

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this community apparently HASN’T been checking Cass County Calendar. Our next issue of INFO will come out the Friday before the Cass again this year. Lemon shakeups, elephant ears, snow cones ... and the chance to chat with our Facebook fans in person? — of course we’ll be there! In the meantime, though, there are lots of ways to keep in touch with us and we’re so totally excited that our fans do just that. Last month, we got a text from a fan letting us know a road was closed. We check our Facebook pages constantly throughout the day and we love looking at the photos you all post. That’s what the Cass County Communication Network is all about — creating ways for people to know and share what’s going on in our community. Tomorrow, I’m heading to media day at Indiana Beach, and this weekend, we get to take in parades, live music and all kinds of other fun events. Now, I think I’ll sit by the pool and plan something to celebrate our one year anniversary. Thanks for the reminder that I wouldn’t trade this job for anything!

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Reasons to celebrate

The Logansport Farmer’s Market

that will positively impact so many

now has a permanent home

people,� said Logansport banking

thanks to a donation of property

center manager, Angie Berry.

valued at $85,000 to the City of Logansport by Salin Bank. Salin Bank employees pre-

The Farmer’s Market opened for the summer on June 4. Saturday hours are 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.

sented the Farmer’s Market with a

Beginning in July the Farmer’s

new sign and distributed reusable

Market will also be open from 3-6

grocery bags during Logan’s Land-

p.m. on Tuesday and Thursday

ing’s annual “Celebrate Logan-

afternoons. Hours will be posted

sport� event on Thursday, June 2.

on the sign at the corner of 4th

“We are so excited to be a

and Market in Downtown

part of the Farmer’s Market in

Logansport. You can also find the

this special way. It is wonderful to

Cass County Farmer’s Market on

give back to Logansport in a way


OPPORTUNITY The Twelve Mile Lions are accepting entries for the Fourth of July Parade and VENDORSÂ&#x;FORÂ&#x;THEÂ&#x;4WELVEÂ&#x;-ILEÂ&#x;Â&#x;,AWNMOWERÂ&#x;&ESTIVALÂ&#x;&ORÂ&#x;MOREÂ&#x;INFO Â&#x;CONTACTÂ&#x; Mark Lowe at 765-475-2172 or 765-469-0888. Entries are also being accepted for the Walton 4th of July parade that starts at 2 p.m. Contact Carol Woolever at 574-626-2299/765-432-0945 or e-mail Forms are available at the Walton Freeze and Walton Library.

4 >> Cass County INfo: >> June 2011

On June 2, Indiana Landmarks announced the sale of the historic Greensfelder building to Marie Jaquith, an author from California who plans to open a new independent bookstore and cafĂŠ. “Saving and repurposing the Greensfelder building has been an eightyear journey, taken with our partners Logan’s Landing, the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority and the City of Logansport, â€? says Todd Zeiger, director of Indiana Landmarks’ Northern Regional Office and manager of the Greensfelder Project. “This project demonstrates how historic preservation and economic development work hand in hand in a community’s revitalization,â€? Zeiger noted. “We are extremely pleased that the long history that the Greensfelder building has played in the community will continue now as a new attraction in the downtown area,â€? says Mayor Mike Fincher. “This shows Logansport is growing as a place to open a new downtown business,â€? Fincher added. “We celebrate the creation of a sixth new downtown business resulting from the RECAP Partnership in the past two years. The repurposing of a half dozen historic buildings in Logansport’s National Register District helps us build on our heritage through economic development initiatives,â€? said Mark Hartman, president of Logan’s Landing.

“We are proud of the new energy in downtown Logansport,â€? Hartman added. When completed this fall, Some Kind of Wonderful will join an adjacent Indiana Landmarks project – the People’s Winery in the formerly endangered People’s Bank building. Other new businesses that have been created from the RECAP Partnership include Jason’s Toy and Hobby Store, Savannah Vintage, J. Gillum Photography, and Body Works Yoga Studio, all in the downtown National Register District. Efforts to save the Greensfelder building began in 2003 when the front corner of the building collapsed. Rescuing the building offered an opportunity to restore a landmark and create economic development in the downtown. Indiana Landmarks accepted the donation of the building, made repairs and began marketing it for a new use. The building later required significant structural work when the facade began to fail in 2005. Indiana Landmarks completely renovated the exterior in 2009. Interior renovation is expected to be completed by October 2011. Renovations are expected to invest another $75,000 into the building. Funding for the project has come from Indiana Landmarks’ Endangered Places Loan Fund, Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority’s RECAP Program, and the City of Logansport Façade Grant program.



Caston student wins business plan competition

The Soldiers and Sailors monument in Mount Hope Cemetery looked great for Memorial Day services last month

Caleb Brown, Caston High School Senior, has been named the winner of the 2010-11 SUCCEED High School Business Plan Competition and awarded a $1,000 Scholarship to Ivy Tech. Caleb’s winning business plan was titled, “Midwest Muscle Cars.” He plans to take several automo-

thanks to the Cass County Roosters and the McTaggart Charitable Trust. Completion of the $33,000 restoration project was marked during the annual services on Monday, May 30. The monument honors those who died during the Civil War. The top photo shows the monument during the Memorial Day ob-

tive courses being offered by Ivy Tech this summer. Cass County students attended the SUCCEED Entrepreneurial Program at Ivy Tech from September 2010 through May 2011 on a monthly basis. The course utilized NxLevel Curriculum and was taught by Kristin Shellman, Area Five Agency Business Development Manager and certified NxLevel Instructor. Students learned about the different aspects of starting a business including market research, how to manage cash flow, how to build your business and much more. The final project for the class was to either write a business plan or create a webpage for their business idea. The SUCCEED High School Entrepreneurial Program will be offered again in the fall to Cass County High School Students that are either in the 11th or 12th grade. Students that are interested can contact Kristin Shellman at (574) 737-2130. The sponsors for this year’s High School SUCCEED Program include Area Five Agency on Aging and Community Services, Ivy Tech Community College and SUCCEED.

servance in 2010; the bottom photo, submitted by Rick Woodall, shows the monument after restoration in 2011. The monument is 117 years old, soars to 85 feet and features statues representing all four branches of the military. See more photos from Cass County’s Memorial Day observances on the page on Facebook.

Med's Med Flory will perform in Logansport on Saturday, June 11, 2011. Here are three things you may not know about the Med Flory Jazz and Blues Festival’s namesake. Take note:


Meredith Irwin Flory was born August 27, 1926 in Logansport.

Supersax, the Charlie Parker tribute band formed by Med Flory and Buddy Clark, won the Grammy Award forBest Jazz Performance by a Group in 1974.

You might catch him in a rerun of many 1960s’-1980’s TV shows, including Gunsmoke, Bonanza, Little House on the Prairie, Dukes of Hazzard and Lassie.

June 2011 << Cass County INfo: << 5


June 10-11 Med Flory Jazz & Blues Festival The fourth annual festival honoring Logansport’s musical heritage will feature eight bands, including a Saturday night performance by Grammy®-winner Med Flory himself. The event kicks off with a New Orleans Style Jazz Parade from LMU Park at 6th and Market to the festival site. Long-time music educators Carolynn Cassidy, Kathy Elkins, and Robin Mix will be recognized for their contributions to music education and will serve as the 2011 festival parade grand marshals. On Saturday, the festival will pay tribute to former Logansport High School Jazz Band director Bob Parente, who died recently at the age of 77. Day of show tickets are $25 per session, $15 for one session and $5 per student per session. Little Turtle Waterway Plaza, Downtown Logansport.

10 11

June 10-11 Relay for Life of Cass County Community members are invited to take action in the fight against cancer while celebrating victories, remembering lives lost and fighting back against the disease. This overnight event will feature a pork chop supper starting at 4:30 p.m. Opening ceremonies take place at 6 p.m. on Friday night, with a Survivor Ceremony. There will be a silent auction, a Miss’ter Relay Contest, Fight Back Ceremony, followed by the Luminaria Ceremony with reading of names and lighting of candles at 10 p.m. The final lap, awards and closing ceremony take place Saturday morning at 9 a.m. Lewis Cass Jr./Sr. High School, 3 p.m. Friday to 9 a.m. Saturday. Pick up complete schedule at registration tent.

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Saturday, June 11 River City Triathlon The Cass County Family Y will host the 16th Annual River City Triathlon at France Park. The Triathlon will consist of a 500 yard quarry swim, 14.4 mile scenic bike ride, and a 3.3 mile trail run. Registrations will be taken until 7:15 a.m. the day of the race. You can also register online at the Cass County Family YMCA.


Saturday, June 11 Bike Rodeo Kids ages three to 15 can participate in a bicycle obstacle course, register their bikes and learn about the fire safety during the annual Bike Rodeo co-sponsored by the City of Logansport Police, Fire and Parks and Recreation Departments. There will be free drawings for bicycle helmets and bicycles, free hot dogs, chips and Pepsi, and free swimming for all Bike Rodeo participants. 10 a.m. to Noon, Tower Park North Parking Lot. Saturday, June 11 Twelve Mile 500 Qualifications The Twelve Mile Lion’s club is accepting entries for the 49th annual Twelve Mile Riding Lawnmower race. A copy of the rules, safety checklist, and entry form is available at, or at the Twelve Mile post office, Vet Clinic, or Community State Bank, or by contacting Mark Lowe at 765-469-0888 or 765-475-2172. 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Plank Hill Park in Twelve Mile. Rain date for qualifications is June 18.

Sunday, June 12 Spencer Park Clean-up Day The 2011 Old Style Raft Race committee invites you to help clean up Spencer Park. Please bring your own garden tools and equipment. Volunteers will be clearing the thorny bushes on the riverbank and weeds around the pavilion. 1-3 p.m.


Thursday, June 16 Family Night Out at France Park Purdue Extension Cass County and France Park will be hosting a series of programs this summer called Family Night Out at France Park. These programs will be focused on giving families an opportunity to spend time together while learning something new. The June programs are “Have Fun, Be Active” on June 16 and “Microwave Snacks and Safety” on June 29. Additional programs for July and August can be found on There is no cost for participating in the programs, but participants 6 years and older will have to pay the $2 gate fee to enter the park. To RSVP for any of the Family Night Out at France Park programs call the Purdue Extension Cass County Office at 574-753-7750.


Did you know? It’s free to list your event on Cass County Calendar. Items listed on are selected at random to be featured in Cass County INfo. We also post events on our Facebook page and chat live about upcoming events on Mix 102 on Thursdays at 7:10 a.m.

The Colts are coming!



6 >> Cass County INfo: >> June 2011

Thursday, June 30 — The Indianapolis Colts are bringing their Fan Fest and Make It Personal Tour back to Logansport! Meet Colts alumni players and cheerleaders, register to win Colts Tickets, test your abilities on a rock climbing wall, pick up free Colts giveaways and experience the team’s newly-renovated Colts in Motion traveling museum. Fans are encouraged to arrive early!

The Colts Fan Fest, featuring live music, will be at Riverside Park from 5-7 p.m. on Thursday, June 30. Fans are encouraged to arrive early.

Calendar Saturday, June 18 Garden Party & Party in the Park Celebrate the Logansport Art Association’s 100th Birthday with fun activities for kids, face painting, music, food and more at Memorial Park, on the corner of Market and Front Street. Then, take a walk across the street to the LAA to enjoy the Garden Party. See beautiful floral displays by the Rose Society, purchase herbs and plants, grab some light refreshments and listen to beautiful music. 11 a.m. - 3 p.m.


Saturday, June 18 Acoustic Round Robin Join local musicians who enjoy music and also getting together to share their talent. Each musician has an opportunity to share their choice of song while the others join-in. Come and listen to the area’s talent! Starts at 1 p.m. in the meeting room at the Logansport-Cass County Public Library. Saturday, June 18, Sunday, June 19, 18, 19 Friday, June 24, Saturday, June 25 24, 25 Godspell Civic Players of Logansport will present the 1969 musical “Godspell” on the McHale Performing Arts Center stage for two weekends in June. The musical intersperses modern music with lyrics from traditional hymns as it tells a series of parables based on the Gospel of Matthew. Friday and Saturday shows at 7:30 p.m., Sunday performance at 2:30 p.m. Tickets, available at the McHale box office, are $15 for adults and $10 for students/seniors. Group rates available for 10 or more. Sunday, June 19 “Cass County Walks” Kickoff Recent graduates of the Loganland Leadership Academy have organized this event. Participants will count and record their daily walking steps from June 20-July 31. Walkers with the most steps will receive a prize. Free pedometers for the first 100 registrants. Earn bonus points walking on June 19! Kick off Walk & Sign Up: Sunday, June 19 at River Bluff Trail, 2-4 p.m.


Monday, June 20 Immunization Clinic (Appointment Only) The Cass County Health Department will hold an immunization clinic by appointment only. This special clinic is to serve those children who are still in need of immunizations for 6th grade entry only. If your 5th grade child received shots earlier this year at school, the child is complete with immunization requirements for 6th grade. If you have questions, contact your healthcare provider. Indiana law requires children entering 6th grade receive certain immunizations BEFORE the first day of school. Children can be excluded from attending school if immunizations are not complete. It is important for immunization records to be brought to the appointment. Call the Cass County Health Department at 574753-7760 to make your appointment. As a reminder, the health departments is now located at 512 High Street.



Help set a record! World’s Largest Swimming Lesson On Tuesday, June 14, thousands of kids and adults at aquatics facilities around the globe will unite to set a new global record for The World’s Largest Swimming Lesson™ (WLSL). The Logansport Parks Department is pleased to announce that Tower Park Municipal Pool is an official Host Location for the 2011 WLSL record-setting event, taking place at 11 a.m. The Logansport Parks Department is encouraging parents, day care providers, and youth to age 14 to contact the Parks Department to participate in this exciting FREE opportunity.” For more information on this special free event, contact the Logansport Parks office at 574-753-6969 or email admin@loganparks.comcastbiz. net.

Having an event? Submit the details FREE at

The Tower Park Pool is open from noon to 6 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday. It is closed on Mondays. Admission is free for children 0-4 years of age, $2 for children 5-16 years of age, and $4 for those 17 and older. Punch passes are available for those that will be visiting often. Holiday Swimming Tower Park Pool will offer FREE SWIMMING from noon to 6 p.m. on Father’s Day, June 19 and Independence Day, July 4.

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Arnold’s Fine Jewelry and Gifts 3900 Lexington Road

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A publication of Existential Media LLC

Recent graduates of the Loganland Leadership Academy want to help Cass County citizens start a healthy, simple habit of daily walking. “We want to promote a healthy lifestyle among all Cass County citizens,” says Heather Carter, one of the group’s participants. The group wants to urge entire families to start walking and exercising together. Walking is a great way to spend family time in addition to accomplishing daily physical activity. Combining family and fitness is an instant time saver. A Kick Off Walk & Sign up will be held on June 19, from 2-4 p.m. at the River Bluff Trail in Logansport. During this event participants will complete and submit a brief registration form. The first 100 registrants will receive a FREE pedometer to count their daily steps. Pedometers were donated by Logansport Memorial Hospital Foundation. All participants will count and record their daily walking steps from June 20th-July31st on a log form. Logs are included in the registration materials. Participants who walk the trail during the Kick Off Walk on June 19th can include those steps on their log. The registration packet also includes a free guide for tracking distances at your favorite local walking spots such as: River Bluff Trail, Riverside Park, Spencer Park, France Park, and the Lunch Loop. Remember, 2,000 steps equal one mile. Walkers with the most steps will receive prizes! Categories for walkers are: Age 8 and Under, 9-18 years old, Adult Male, and Adult Female. Winners will be contacted by Saturday, August 13, 2011. Participants can drop off their walking logs at the finale walk on Sunday, July 31st at the River Bluff Trail. Or they can be mailed to Criss Cross Hair Design, Attn: Amy Roland, 1714 East Broadway, Logansport, IN 46947. For more information contact Criss Cross Hair Design. Sponsors include Logansport Memorial Hospital Foundation, The Cass County YMCA, Criss Cross Hair Design, Four County Counseling Center, Purdue Extension, The Cass County Community Foundation, and The Logansport-Cass County Chamber of Commerce. Published by Existential Media LLC

June 2011 << Cass County INfo: << 9

Caught on Camera

Logansport High School speech team members dressed for the occasion with attire from the Cole Clothing Museum.

Volunteers serve strawberry shortcake & birthday cake at Celebrate Logansport on June 2.

Nikki Reed, of Reading Railroad, reads to children at Celebrate Logansport.

Several residents participated in Logansportâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Bike to Work Day on May 18th.

LHS graduate Kyle Vladetich tries on his cap & gown. Submitted by Patty Moore.

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10 >> Cass County INfo: >> June 2011

Girl Scout Troop 42406 collected pennies and donated them to the Red Cross for the Disaster Relief for the Tornado Victims. Submitted by Elena Doke.

Logansport Memorial Day Parade

11 >> Cass County INfo: >> June 2011



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