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Sox For F Horses! Horses!速


Patent Pending

Eliminate the Two Largest Enemies of Healing: Dirt and Disease-Carrying Biting Insects

Changing the game in leg protection with cutting-edge anti-microbial American fiber science An outstanding alternative to bandaging, a barrier used to protect legs while scratches, mud fever, summer sores, or wounds heal. The socks breathe, allowing air to reach the skin surface, while moisture-managing yarns keep skin tissue dry. Silver Whinnys速 represent the necessary combination of attributes that are needed in leg protection. Embedded silver in the yarn inhibits the growth of bacteria, fungi, and mold in the socks, providing a clean environment around the leg. The yarn wicks moisture from the skin surface, creating a dry tissue surface. Silver Whinnys速 are knitted socks that allow air to reach the skin. Insects cannot penetrate the double layer of the sock to cause more damage to the legs. These qualities add up to a clean barrier that can protect the legs while they heal and prevent insects and dirt from causing further damage. Silver Whinnys速 are made to assist owners in resolving these difficult issues utilizing the best in a bandage/barrier.

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Dr. Steve Soule USET Veterinarian

“My practice is limited to horses, primarily jumpers and dressage horses. In my practice, the biggest concentration of skin problems is from “grabs”, interference marks on the coronary band, boot rubs on the sesamoid

In practice since 1973.

bones, and a condition called Scratches.

Presently practicing in Wellington, FL.

The biggest enemy we have in curing those problems are flies and dirt and to that end the Silver Whinnys® keep the flies and dirt off the area, while still allowing the air to circulate and the skin to breathe and stay dry. Allowing air to reach the wound decreases the festering that occurs in a moist environment, thus speeding up the healing time. There is no differential compression in the Silver Whinnys®. They don’t roll on the leg. They aren’t creating pressure sores. They just cover the legs and stay there. Silver Whinnys® are way less expensive than having to continue bandaging horses. The costs of using Vetrap, gauze, or Elastikon on a daily can add up tremendously and these socks can be removed daily, replaced with clean socks. The socks can be machine laundered/dried and reused over and over, curtailing a huge amount of expense in bandaging.

With the application of these socks and medication we’ve

I recommend that my clients leave the socks over the area at all times, even during exercise

had unanimous success in

and that they put a clean sock on daily until the wounds heal.

alleviating these otherwise persistent problems.

(850) 907-5724

My clients are happy with them.”


High-performance yarns continuously protect the socks from playing host to bacteria, fungus, mold, and mildew in the toughest conditions.


AMiracle For all seasons Coby’s Story

When Dr. Lacher

A Springhill Equine client who worked as a lab

responded to

technician at the University of Florida-Gainesville,

a farm call last

had previously mentioned the success he had

August, she

using mare placenta (amnion) in eye and wound

found Coby,

healing. Dr. Lacher reached out, presenting

a 20 year-old

Coby’s case to UF as a potential candidate for

Paint horse

their program. “Five days later, we processed the

who had fallen

amnion and did the process. We laid Coby down

through the

(you can do it standing) and wrapped the bone.

wooden floor

Two days later, we removed the bandages and

of an old work trailer, shearing the flesh from

repeated the process. We did that three times in

his legs all the way to the bone. “We saw a

the first three weeks. By the third week, we saw

horse who had sustained horrific wounds.

new epithelial tissue. Once we had the legs at a

Initially we treated him with sutures,

point where we no longer had to use a splint we

splinting, and bandaging.”

switched to Sox For Horses Silver Whinnys®.”

The first urgency, after freeing the stocky,

“This is medical science at its best,” said Sox For

15.1-hand gelding, was getting his exposed

Horses, Inc.® creator and president, Raymond

bone covered. “Bone doesn’t take air well,” Dr.

Petterson of Tallahassee. “She immediately con-

Lacher said. “Bone is designed to be covered.

tacted UF, obtained the placental tissue and

Otherwise it can dry out and die. If that hap-

wrapped the legs of the injured horse with it. The

pens then the wounds can’t heal across it.”

results, only three days later, were notable. The

(850) 907-5724


placenta brought such fast tissue regeneration!

Dr. Lacher also said, “These were easy for the

Silver Whinnys® were put into use about sixty

owner to use, cut down on bandaging costs

days into the healing process, once the tissue was

and, most importantly, had my patient’s wounds

durable enough to sustain them as the bandage.”

looking fantastic. We put a wound care ointment called Wound Wonder on as well and it worked

“If you think about how critical the leg wounds

great underneath. Sox For Horses has a fantastic

were,” he continued, “Dr. Lacher and her use of

product that allows air to flow while protecting

placental tissue made astounding progress. I only

the healing process. It’s the right combination of ‘dry’ and ‘wet.’

wish she – as a veterinarian – had known sooner how we also make a decon-

When I originally saw Sox For Horses used, I kept them in the back of my mind

structed Sox,

but was skeptical, as I am about most

to use as pro-

things. But I can’t argue with the results

tective tubing, but the bottom

I’ve seen while using Silver Whinnys®.

I’ve been amazed at how great the wounds and tissue look.” As for Coby, five months later? “He’s ready to do more moving,” Dr. Lacher

line is: A horse

smiled. “He cut the extensor tendon on one hind

was not only saved but is sound.”

leg so he’s working through some mechanical Dr. Lacher concluded, “Honestly, I could have started using the Sox a week earlier. I’ve been amazed by how well the tissue has responded. All I initially wanted was a sock and then I saw how well the legs responded to the silver yarn. From a science standpoint, I knew silver could work. I just didn’t expect it to work so fast. The epithelium loved Silver Whinnys®!”



issues, but he’s headed in the right direction.” PHOTOS: 1. (Opposite page) Dr Lacher performs surgery on Coby in

the field, immediately after the accident.

2. Placental tissue is applied to Coby’s wounds five days later. 3. Day One of Silver Whinnys®, 73 days after the accident 4. Eleven days after wearing Silver Whinnys®, Coby’s legs

show significant granulation and healing.

5. Granulation areas continues to shrink beneath Silver

Whinnys®, photo taken 12/29/15.




the science Behind our Socks

Textile samples (active and control carriers) are cut into 5 cm circles and pre-sterilized. The textile carriers are placed in sterile petri dishes. An overnight culture of each test organism was centrifuged and then diluted with a nutrient broth to form the test innoculum. A known portion of each test innoculum was added to each carrier such that the nal cell count per carrier (CFU/ carrier) is known. Concentrations of the target microorganism above 1 x 10E+5 CFU/

Silver’s Action Upon Bacterial And Fungi Cells

carrier are targeted. The test carriers are

Embedded antimicrobial silver in the fiber of our

are harvested from the test and control

yarn inhibit the growth of bacteria, and fungus

carriers using a silver neutralizing solution

in the socks. The antimicrobial agent itself is

and enumerated, using standard dilution and

a variation of silver element that produces a

plating techniques. Calculations are based on

chemical species known as hydroxyl radicals.

comparison of the control carriers and the

The hydroxyl radicals attack microorgansims

active carriers at time zero and at the specied

along several parallel pathways —simultaneously

time. This protocol is consistent with the

degrading the cell’s protective membrane, and

methods laid out in the AATCC 100 method for

disrupting the biological processes within the cell.

testing antimicrobial fabrics.

(850) 907-5724

incubated for the specied time at the specied temperature, and then the remaining bacteria


Testing information Antibacterial Finishes: L-A-B Accredited ISO/IEC 17025 Certificate # L2238 Testing Assessment of Antibacterial Finishes on Textile Materials - AATC 100-2012 Testing Results: Results: cfu/sample Zero Contact Time

24hr Contact Time

Percent Reduction

Staphylococcus aureus ATCC 6538




Escherichia coli ATCC 8739




Calculate % reduction to formula 1) 100 (B-A)/B = R; Section 11.2

Testing information • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Staphylococcus aureus ATCC 6538 Escherichia coli ATCC 8739 Growth media:

Tryptic Soy Broth

Sample Size:

1 layer




100ml Letheen Broth w. Tween

Target inoc.

Level: (1.0-2.0) x 105 CFU/ml

Inoculum carrier:

5% Nutrient broth

Dilution media:

5% Nutrient broth

Inoculum size:

1.0ml +/- 0.1ml

Wetting agent:

0.05 % Triton X

Contact time:

18 - 24 h


37 +/- 20 C

Samples are tested after 1x wash to remove knitting oils Samples are prepared and enumerated using automatic equipment Dilution of organism prepared in Phosphate buffer; cultures stored at 50 +/- 20 C

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This is by far the easiest treatment with the fastest results that I have seen in my five years of treating this. Maureen Hoague, VT

the proof is in the results Silver Whinnys速 saved my horses! I have two Hanoverians that were suffering terribly from Mud Fever. I had tried everything and nothing worked. Within days of using the Sox I saw improvement and in about 20 days it was completely GONE! These Sox need to be a staple in every barn! Kristie Lindley, AL

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Silver Whinnys® Short Sox worn by Susan Bennet Cooper’s Dressage Champion, Polaris VT

veterinarian Testimonials When I originally saw Sox For Horses used,

One mare, in just a few days, was almost

I kept them in the back of my mind but was

completely healed. I tried them on a chronic

skeptical, as I am about most things. I don’t

leg wound on a different horse, that had

believe jack until proven otherwise, but I

granulation tissue that would bleed and

can’t argue with the results I’ve seen while

never close and had failed to improve with

using Sox For Horses Silver Whinnys®.

antibiotics, and after two days, the wound

Erica Lacher, DVM, of Springhill Equine Veterinary

was no longer bleeding or thick around

Clinic in Newberry, Florida

the edges. It went from fire-red to light pink and showing a thin epithelium. I was thrilled. This has incredible potential,” the

Not only am I a horse owner, I am a vet! I

veterinarian and researcher concluded for

have recommended this product to horse

dermatological issues like summer sores

owners who have horses that suffer from

(habronema), and discouraging secondary

many ailments, including but not limited to

infection in non-healing wounds.

arthritis, founder, skin sensitivities, fungal

Rosanna Marsella, DVM, Award-winning veterinary

infections and more. My farrier is also excited

dermatologist, research author and full Professor

about the products since a happier horse is

at the University of Florida (Gainesville) College of

easier to shoe! Not to mention that decreased

Veterinary Medicine

stomping at flies saves the hoof from breaking up. Thank you Socks for Horses! Dr. Laureen Bartfield, DVM, Ponkey and Black Tie.

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HOck Shield®

Using Silver Whinnys® Deconstructed



Many horses suffer from non-healing bed sores

Bandaging over hocks is not only difficult but

on their hocks and fetlocks. The difficulty is

often causes more bandage pressure sores.

that even if the sores can be healed, the new tissue is fragile and can be easily reopened.

Solution Sox For Horses, Inc has found that Hock


Shields produced by Click Horse Products

Silver Whinnys® are taken apart to make

are perfect to use in concert with the Silver

tubes. These tubes can be put to many special

Whinnys to offer a durable bandaging/

bandaging purposes, and can be custom sewn

protection system that allows wounds to heal

to fit the largest hocks.

while protecting new skin from re-injury.



The compression served to support the hocks,

Healing not only occurs but new skin is given

and relieved pain. Silver Whinnys® were easy

the time it takes to thicken and become more

to change twice a day and finally once a day.

durable. We have found the Hock Shield® to be

By the end of July 2015, both hocks were

the most secure and simple hock protection

completely healed.

device offered. When combined with our Silver Whinnys®, deconstructed and made into tubing, the two in combination are proving to be the solution to these difficult-to-heal sores.

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For the Safety of the owner or the Equine Challenge There are instances when either the owner is physically challenged or the horse is physically challenged and the socks cannot be pulled on over the hoof.

Ardent: A horse’s life saved How could it be that in just three


weeks Ardent went from death’s

We design and build custom socks that velcro

door to healthy and normal?

up the side so that the owner or the horse are

His legs were covered in painful

not put at risk but can still gain the benefit of

scabs and he had developed

the Silver Whinnys®.

lymphangitis in one hind leg. I was facing putting him down.


After just three days of using

The owner can safely change Silver Whinnys®

Silver Whinnys® the sores were

without worrying about compromising her

drying up. After five, new pink

well-being or that of her horse.

skin. Within 10 days, the scabs were gone and his white legs were rosy pink. Within three weeks, all three legs looked totally normal with full coats of hair. I can’t say enough about this amazing product!

(850) 907-5724


Best In breed Challenge by Amy Hayek, DVM, MA, CVA, CVC The wound was about 2 inches wide and 2 inches long on her left flank. The jagged edges and the location made it difficult to stitch.”

Innovative solutions Solution A secure torso wrap with removable, machine washable sock panels against the tissue.

Sox For Horses, Inc. welcomes bandaging challenges for all animals. We invite veterinarians to contact us for special needs bandaging that utilize our socks. There is no “cookie cutter” solution and so each project requires different solutions. We work with


the clinic to determine the options.

In one week the wound was smaller and the Our goal is to meet these needs

skin had healed together with no infection.

with affordable, simple solutions

The garment kept the wound covered and

that make bandage/sock changes

stayed in place. I have worked with show

easy for your client and the clinic

dogs for a long time and found that wounds


can end a dog’s career. This wrap saved Freckles career and allowed her to win Best In

Could we make a bandage for an

Breed at Westminster only a few weeks later.

elephant? We believe so and we would be open to trying!

(850) 907-5724


Harness for Canine Elbow Challenge


Bandaging unit for two front legs, a non-healing wound on the elbow and an open wound on the opposing leg carpus, exacerbated by the dog’s attempts to chew and scratch the wound. This dog was already wearing other harness to support a head cone and elbow guard.

Results: DOG TESTED! Solution A simple, adjustable, single strap, independent, non-interfering harness with clips on each end are used to hold the sock/bandages on the legs.

Microfleece tubes on the harness cushion and protect skin from abraision by the clips. The harness is easy to wear, easy to maintain and comfortable for the dog.

(850) 907-5724


We are extremely impressed with Silver Whinnys®! We have several sensitive ‘redheads’ and initially discovered this product for treating their on-going challenging skin issues. By now, we use them on all horses, redheads or not! We have literally seen a difference overnight in using these sox with conditions ranging from scratches, rainrot, razor burn, and mystery funk. We love the convenience of being able to put the sox on the horses’ legs even when the legs are a little wet. Silver Whinnys® are an excellent alternative to medications, both topical and oral, and are reliably used for both prevention and treatment of all kinds of skin hazards. We make sure we have two sets per horse so there is always a clean pair for turn out and stall use. Every one of the horses going to Florida with us winter will be well-equipped with Silver Whinnys®! Thank you for this outstanding product! Scott, Susanne, and Sara Hassler Hassler Dressage

Sox For Horses, Inc.® 2910 Kerry Forest Parkway, D4-143 Tallahassee, FL 32309

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