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Recent Releases Volume IX, Issue I, Spring 2018


Greetings from the Casemate Team! Welcome to the first Warrior of 2018 chock-full of new titles to grab your attention along with favorite friends from the backlist.We hope your new year is off to a roaring start – here at Casemate HQ, as a Philadelphia area establishment, it certainly is with the Eagles winning the Superbowl. Fly Eagles fly! On p. 5 you will find the latest books in our Casemate Short History series which offers concise and entertaining guides to a broad variety of history topics. Authoritative and readable these books are packed with information so everyone can learn the basics while picking up fascinating facts along the way. Ever wanted to learn more about a topic but don’t know where to start? These are just the books for you! Foxtrot in Kandahar, published by Savas Beatie, (p. 22) is a highly engaging and readable memoir of a CIA agent in Afghanistan and fills a major gap in the literature of the war’s critical and complex early months. Napoleon and Grouchy, published by Frontline Books (p. 33) looks at Grouchy’s during the Waterloo campaign and draws on sources which have, until now, only been available in French. Sure to fuel debate, this book offers a reappraisal of Grouchy and invites readers to reconsider the events of 1815. Starting this issue, we have a new feature at the back of the Warrior – a bargains section with a selection of fabulous titles with an even greater discount. Budgets are tight and we want to make sure there is something in our catalogs for everyone. Best Wishes, Carlie, Jane, Kaitlyn, Michaela, Sam, and Will The Casemate Sales & Marketing Team

New from Casemate Khe Sanh Siege in the Clouds Eric Hammel In late 1967 as part of the Tet offensive, U.S. commanders hoped to lure the North Vietnamese Army into exposing large numbers of soldiers to their overwhelming air power. But in January A 1968, a U.S. Marine Corps force found themselves surrounded by the enemy in their hilltop base at Khe Sanh. The siege lasted for nearly three months and caught the attention of the world; for many it came to epitomize the conflict. Eric Hammel’s classic account is a vivid oral history, using tthe words of American fighting men caught up in the gruelling, deadly seventy-seven-day ordeal creates a harrowing tapestry of tragedy and triumph. The gripping – and moving – narrative flows from the masterfully woven threads provided by nearly a hundred men who gallantly endured the t wrenching all-out struggle to hold the combat base and its vulnerable outlying positions. 9781612005904, $18.95, $12.50, paperback, 512p.

Fire in the Streets The Battle for Hue, Tet 1968 Eric Hammel The Tet Offensive of January 1968 was the most important military campaign of the Vietnam War. The ancient capital city of Hue was a key objective of a surprise Communist offensive W launched on Vietnam’s most important holiday. But when the North Vietnamese launched their massive invasion of the city, instead of the general civilian uprising and easy victory they had hoped for, they faced a devastating battle of attrition with enormous casualties on both sides. In the end, the battle for Hue was an unambiguous military and political victory for South Vietnam and the United States. In Fire in the Streets, the dramatic narrative of the battle V unfolds on an hour-by-hour, day-by-day basis. The focus is on the U.S. and South Vietnamese soldiers and Marines–from the top commanders down to the frontline infantrymen–and on tthe men and women who supported them. With access to rare documents from both North and South Vietnam and hundreds of hours of interviews, Eric Hammel, a renowned military historian, expertly draws on first-hand accounts from the battle participants in this engrossing mixture of action and commentary. In addition, Hammel examines the tremendous strain the surprise attack put on the South Vietnamese-U.S. alliance, the shocking brutality of the Communist “liberators,” and the lessons gained by U.S. Marines forced to wage battle in a city–a task for which they were utterly unprepared and which remains highly relevant today. 9781612005898, $18.95, $12.50, paperback, 420p. The front cover image is from Greek Warriors by Carolyn Willekes, Casemate Publishers, 2017 Typeset by Versatile PreMedia Services, Pune, India


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• NEW FROM CASEMATE • First to Fight The U.S. Marines in World War I Oscar E. Gilbert and Romain Cansiere “Retreat, hell! We just got here!” The words of Captain Lloyd Williams at Belleau Wood in June 1918 entered United States Marine Corps legend, and the Marine Brigade’s actions there—along with the censor’s failure to take out the name of the Brigade in the battle reports—made the w Corps famous. The Marines went to war as part of the American Expeditionary Force, bitterly resented by the Army and General Pershing. The Army tried to use them solely as labor troops and replacements, but the German spring offensive of 1918 forced the issue. The French begged Pershing to commit his partially trained men, and two untested American divisions, supported by British and French units, were thrown into the path of five German divisions. Three horrific weeks later, the Marines held the entirety of Belleau Wood. The Marines then fought in the w almost forgotten Blanc Mont Ridge Offensive in October, as well as in every well-known AEF action until the end of the war. This book will look at all the operations of the Marine Corps in World War I, cover the activities of both ground and air units, and consider the units that supported the Marine Brigade. It will examine how, during the war years, the Marine Corps changed from a small organization of naval security detachments to an elite land combat force. 9781612005089, $32.95, $21.50, hardback, 360p.

The Blue & Gray Almanac The Civil War in Facts & Figures, Recipes & Slang A Albert Nofi Albert Nofi tells the story of the American War through a range of insightful essays, anecdotes, A and facts. Did you know... • During the final days of the war, some Richmond citizens would throw “Starvation Parties,” at which elegantly attired guests would gather at soirees where the finest silver and crystal tableware was used, though there were usually no refreshments except water. • Union Rear-Admiral Goldsborough was nicknamed “Old Guts”, not so much for his combativeness as for his heft, weighing about 300 pounds, and was described as “. . . a huge mass of inert matter.” • 30.6 percent of the 425 Confederate generals, but only 21.6 percent of the 583 Union generals, had been lawyers before the war. • In 1861, J. P. Morgan made a huge profit by buying 5,000 condemned US Army carbines and selling them back to another arsenal, taking the Army to court when they tried to refuse to pay for the faulty weapons. 9781612005522, $32.95, $21.50, hardback, 304p.

Vitebsk The Fight and Destruction of Third Panzer Army Otto Heidkämper and Linden Lyons The city of Vitebsk in Belarus was of strategic importance during the fighting on the Eastern Front, as it controlled the route to Minsk. A salient in the German lines,Vitebsk had been declared a Festerplatz—a fortress town—meaning that it must be held at all costs. A task handed to 3rd Panzer Army in 1943. Otto Heidkämper was chief of staff of Georg-Hans Reinhardt’s 3rd Panzer Army, Army Group Center, which was stationed around Vitebsk and Smolensk from early 1942 until June 1944. His detailed account of the defense of Vitebsk tthrough the winter of 1943 into 1944, right up to the Soviet summer offensive, is a valuable firsthand account of how the operations around Vitebsk played out. Twenty maps accompany the narrative. During this time, 3rd Panzer Army undertook numerous military operations to defend tthe area against the Soviets; they also engaged in anti-partisan operations in the area, deporting civilians accused of supporting partisans and destroying property. Finally, in June 1944, the Soviets amassed four armies to take Vitebsk, which was then held by 38,000 men of 53rd Corps. Within three days,Vitebsk was encircled, with 53rd Corps trapped inside. Attempts to break the encirclement failed, and resistance in the pocket broke down over the next few days. On June 27, the final destruction of German resistance in Vitebsk was completed. Twenty thousand Germans were dead and another 10,000 had been captured. 9781612005485, $32.95, $21.50, hardback, 256p.

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• NEW FROM CASEMATE • First Kills The Illustrated Biography of Fighter Pilot Władysław Gnyś Stefan W.C. Gnyś Polish pilot Władysław (Władek) Gnyś was credited with shooting down the first two German aircraft of World War II on September 1, 1939. On this day, as Gnyś’ squadron took off near Kraków to intercept the German invaders, German Stuka pilot Frank Neubert attacked, killing the captain. Władek, who barely survived himself, evaded the pursuing Stukas and went on to make the first Allied kills, while Neubert was credited with the first aerial kill of the war. An experienced fighter pilot, Gnyś fought in the Battle of Poland with the Polish Air Force, the Battle of France with the French Air Force and the Battle of Britain and beyond with the Royal Air Force. During the latter part of Operation Overlord of June 1944, Władek was shot down over France and crash landed. Wounded, he was taken prisoner but then escaped, his life spared by the enemy on more than one occasion. Fifty years after the invasion of Poland, in the summer of 1989, Gnyś and Neubert met and shook hands, making news around the world. They reconciled their differences and remained friends until their deaths. This event symbolized the prevailing friendly coexistence between Poland and Germany. Written by his son Stefan and drawing from his logbooks, this highly illustrated biography of Władek Gnyś is the most in-depth account of the Polish hero’s life. It tells Władek’s story from his childhood in rural Poland, through his time flying in three Allied air forces during World War II, to his reconciliation with Neubert and his commemoration as a national war hero in Poland. 9781612005560, $34.95, $22.99, hardback, 304p.

Prisoner of the Swiss A World War II Airman's Story Daniel Culler and Rob Morris During World War II, 1,517 members of US aircrews were forced to seek asylum in Switzerland. Most neutral countries found reason to release US airmen from internment, but Switzerland ttook its obligations under the Hague Convention more seriously than most. The airmen were often incarcerated in local jails, and later transferred to prison camps. The worst of these camps was Wauwilermoos, where at least 161 U.S. airmen were sent for the honorable offense of w escaping. To this hellhole came Dan Culler, the author of this incredible account of suffering and survival. Not only did the prisoners sleep on lice-infested straw, were malnourished and had virtually no hygiene facilities or access to medical care but worse, the commandant of Wauwilermoos was a diehard Swiss Nazi. He allowed the mainly criminal occupants of the W camp to torture and rape Dan Culler with impunity. After many months of such treatment, starving and ravaged by disease, he was finally aided by a British officer. Betrayal dominated his cruel fate - by the American authorities, by the Swiss, and in a last twist in a second planned escape that turned out to be a trap. But Dan Culler’s courage and determination kept him alive. Finally making it back home, he found he had been abandoned again. Political expediency meant there was no such place as Wauwilermoos. He has never been there, so he has never been a POW and didn’t qualify for any POW benefits or medical or mental treatment for his many physical and emotional wounds. His struggle to make his peace with his past forms the final part of the story. Rob Morris’s introduction and notes provide historical background and context, including recent efforts to recognize the suffering of those incarcerated in Switzerland and afford them full POW status. 9781612005546, $27.95, $18.50, hardback, 144p.

The Day Rommel Was Stopped The Battle of Ruweisat Ridge, 2 July 1942 M Major F. R. Jephson MC TD and Chris Jephson George VI’s biographer, Sir John Wheeler Bennett wrote “The actual turning of the tide in the 2nd World War may be accurately determined as the first week of July 1942.” This book argues tthat it is possible to be even more exact: the tide turned at about 21.00 hrs. on 2 July 1942, when Rommel’s tanks withdrew for the first time since the fall of Tobruk on 20 June, or arguably w since 14 January 1942 at El Agheila. At dusk on Wednesday 1 July 1942, Rommel broke through tthe center of the British defenses at Alamein. His tanks had overwhelmed the gallant defense of tthe 18th Indian Infantry Brigade in the Deir el Shein at the foot of the Ruweisat Ridge. At that moment, and for the next twelve hours, there was no further organized defense between the spearhead of the Afrika Korps and Alexandria. In Cairo, black clouds of smoke from burning files showed that many people believed Rommel would not stop short of the Suez Canal, his stated objective. But, on Friday 3 July at 22.56 hrs., only 48 hours later, Rommel called off his attack and ordered his troops to dig in where they stood. The Delta was saved. Just a few weeks earlier, the 18th Indian Infantry Brigade, which took the brunt of the initial attack on 1 July, and the guns of the small column known as Robcol that stopped Rommel on 2 and 3 of July, had been in northern Iraq. If Robcol had failed, it is doubtful that Rommel would have stopped at the canal; it does not require much imagination to see his forces threatening to link up with Barbarossa in the Ukraine. This vivid account of the battle of Ruweisat Ridge, the beginning of the battle of Alamein, was written by an officer who was part of Robcol on the fateful day. 9781612005584, $32.95, $21.50, hardback, 304p.


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• NEW FROM CASEMATE • Greek Warriors Hoplites and Heroes Carolyn Willekes Thermopylae, Marathon: though fought 2,500 years ago in Ancient Greece, the names of these battles are more familiar to many than battles fought in the last half-century; but our concept of tthe men who fought in these battles may be more a product of Hollywood than Greece. Shaped by the landscape in which they fought, the warriors of Ancient Greece were mainly heavy infantry. While Bronze Age Greeks fought as individuals, for personal glory, the soldiers of the Classical city states fought as hoplites, armed with long spears and large shields, in an organized formation called the phalanx. As well as fighting among themselves, notably the thirty-year Peloponnesian War fought between Athens and Sparta and immortalized by Thucydides, the city states came together to fight outside threats. The Persian Wars lasted nearly half a century, and saw the Greek armies come together to fend off several massive Persian forces both on land and at sea. This book sketches the change from heroic to hoplite warfare, and discusses the equipment and training of both the citizen soldiers of most Greek cities, and the professional soldiers of Sparta. 9781612005157, $12.95, $8.50, paperback, 160p.

Vikings Raiders from the Sea Kim Hjardar From the 9th to the 11th century,Viking ships landed on almost every shore in the Western world.Viking ravages united the Spanish kingdoms and stopped Charlemagne and the Franks' w advance in Europe. Wherever Viking ships roamed, enormous suffering followed in their wake, but the encounter between cultures changed both European and Nordic societies. Employing sail technology and using unpredictable strategies, the Vikings could strike suddenly, attack with ggreat force, then withdraw with stolen goods or captives.Viking society was highly militarised, honour was everything and losing one’s reputation was worse than death. This short history of the Vikings discusses how they raided across Europe even reaching America, discussing their ships, weapons and armour, and unique way of life. 9781612005195, $12.95, $8.50, paperback, 160p.

Gladiators Fighting to the Death in Ancient Rome M C. Bishop M. The gladiator is one of the most enduring figures of Ancient Rome. Heroic, though of lowly status, they fought vicious duels in large arenas filled with baying crowds. The survivor could be either executed (the famous ‘thumbs down’ signal) or spared at the whim of the crowd or the Emperor. Few lasted more than a dozen fights, yet they were a valuable asset to their owners. ut how did they fight and how did their weapons and techniques develop? Who were tthey? This book gives an entertaining overview of the history of the gladiator, debunking some myths along the way. We learn about the different forms of combat, and the pairings which were designed to carefully balance the strengths and weaknesses of one against the other. Gladiators also participated in simulated naval battles on large artificial lakes or even in the arena of the Colosseum. Although their lives were brutal and short, gladiators often were admired for their bravery, endurance, and willingness to die. This book reveals what we know and how we know it: ancient remains, contemporary literature, graffiti, modern attempts to reconstruct ancient fighting techniques and the astonishing discovery at Pompeii where a complete gladiator barracks was found alongside multiple skeletons, telling their story. 9781612005133, $12.95, $8.50, paperback, 160p.

Knights Chivalry and Violence J John Sadler and Rosie Serdiville Originally warriors mounted on horseback, knights became associated with the concept of chivalry as it was popularised in medieval European literature. Knights were expected to fight bravely and honourably and be loyal to their lord until death if necessary. Later chivalry came tto encompass activities such as tournaments and hunting, and virtues including justice, charity and faith. The Crusades were instrumental in the development of the code of chivalry, and some crusading orders of knighthood, such as the Knights Templar, have become legend. Tournaments were a major spectator sport, but also an important way for knights to practice their skills – w knights were often injured and sometimes killed in melees. Knights figured large in medieval warfare and literature. In the 15th century knights became obsolete due to advances in warfare, w but the title of ‘knight’ has survived as an honorary title granted for services to a monarch or country, and knights remain a strong concept in popular culture. This short history will cover the rise and decline of the medieval knights, including the extensive training, specific arms and armour, tournaments and the important concept of chivalry. 9781612005171, $12.95, $8.50, paperback, 160p.

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• NEW FROM CASEMATE • Teenage Resistance Fighter With the Maquisards in Occupied France Hubert Verneret and Patrick Depardon Hubert Verneret was a fourteen-year-old schoolboy in South Morvan, Burgundy, when the Germans invaded Poland, and fifteen when France fell. A boy scout, he helped refugees, aided tthe gendarmerie, moved wounded soldiers, and dug out bodies after air raids. Throughout, he wrote an eloquent diary that noted not only his actions but his thoughts and feelings as tthe French troops retreated and the Germans arrived. In 1944, aged nineteen, he decided tto join the local maquis resistance fighters, operating from a hidden base in the forest.Years later, Hubert interviewed local maquisards to understand more about maquis history; their words and excerpts from the diary of a local civilian during the German retreat provide w context to Hubert’s youthful testimony. This first English edition of Hubert’s diary retains the original prefaces by Colonel Buckmaster, chief of the French section of the SOE, and Colonel d’Escrienne, aide de camp to General de Gaulle. 9781612005508, $27.95, $18.50, hardback, 144p.

“The Most Dangerous Moment of the War” JJapan's Attack on the Indian Ocean, 1942 J John Clancy In early April 1942, a little-known episode of World War II took place, said by Sir Winston Churchill to be “the most dangerous moment of the war,” when the Japanese made their only major offensive westwards into the Indian Ocean. War in the Far East had erupted with the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, followed in succession by Japanese drives on the Philippines, Indochina, the Java Sea and Singapore. Seemingly unstoppable, the Japanese now had a vast new empire, and having crippled the American fleet at Pearl Harbor, turned their sights on tthe British Eastern Fleet based at Ceylon. So far the Japanese had suffered no significant losses and the question on everyone’s lips was how soon the enemy would appear off India. In April 1942 a Japanese fleet led by six aircraft carriers, four battleships and 30 other ships sailed into tthe Bay of Bengal. After the war, Churchill said that potential disaster was averted by the actions of one pilot, Squadron Leader L.J. Birchall, who in his Catalina flying boat spotted the Japanese warships massing some 350 miles from Ceylon. He was shot down by a Japanese Zero but not before sending a brief radio message back to his base. This gave the island’s defense forces time to prepare. In the ferocious battles that followed, the British lost a carrier, two heavy cruisers and many other ships; however, the Japanese eventually turned back, never to sail against India again. John Clancy, whose father survived the sinking of HMS Cornwall during the battle, tells the story of this dramatic but little known campaign in which a major Allied catastrophe was only narrowly averted. 9781612005331, $19.95, $12.99, paperback, 208p.

The Flag The Story of Revd David Railton MC and the Tomb of the Unknown Warrior A Andrew Richards Reverend David Railton MC served as a chaplain on the Western Front during World War I. Attached to three divisions between 1916 and 1918, Railton supported the soldiers in their A worst moments; he buried the fallen, comforted the wounded, wrote to the families of the w missing and killed, and helped the survivors to remember and mark the loss of their comrades so that they were able to carry on. Although suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, he returned to work as a parish priest in Margate, where he took particular interest in supporting ex-servicemen who had returned home to the aftermath of a terrible war and crippling unemployment. This is the first book to explore David Railton’s life and war, and of ‘the padre’s flag’ he used as an altar cloth and shroud throughout the war. The flag was consecrated a year after the burial of the Unknown Warrior and hangs in Westminster Abbey to this day. 9781612004471, $32.95, $21.50, hardback, 304p.

Instruments of Battle The Fighting Drummers and Buglers of the British Army from the Late 17th Century to the Present Day J James Tanner Instruments of Battle examines in detail the development and role of the British Army’s fighting drummers and buglers, from the time of the foundation of the army up to the present day.The story proper picks up post-English Civil War and the drum’s period of supremacy through much of the eighteenth century army; certain myths as to its use are dispelled.There are surprising examples of the use of the bugle in the field through both World Wars and the story is brought up tto most recent times and relegation to an almost exclusively ceremonial role.This is all set against a background of campaigns, battles, changing tactical methods and the difficult processes of command and control on the battlefield. Interwoven is relevant comparison with other armies, particularly A American and French.The wider roles of drummers, especially, as battlefield heralds, as adjuncts to recruiting and dispensers of punishment are considered, as well as the other roles they and buglers assumed, out of practicability, on the modern battlefield. Stories of the drummers and buglers themselves provide social context to their place in the army. 9781612003696, $32.95, $21.50, hardback, 288p.


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• 17TH CENTURY • 18TH CENTURY • 17TH CENTURY Rebellion in the Reign of Charles II J Julian Whitehead Charles II’s father was executed, his brother James managed to stay on the throne for only four years, yet Charles died in his bed having ruled for a quarter of a century. Dangerous Treasons describes tthe sinister and murky world of espionage, plots and treason in the Restoration period, with former intelligence officer and security adviser Julian Whitehead telling the darker side of the Merry Monarch’s reign. Conspiracy and sedition are revealed in places as different as the glittering extravagance of the Court with its scheming mistresses and power hungry aristocrats to back street taverns frequented by rogues and rebels. Welcome to a world of spies, kidnap, assassination, censorship, false witness, and judicial murder. 9781473896789, $50.00, $32.50, hardback, 224p.

The Last Ironsides The English Expedition to Portugal, 1662-1668 J Jonathon Riley When Charles II returned W home he began the search for a dynastic marriage. He fixed upon the Infanta of Portugal, Catherine of Braganza, whose dowry included the possession of Tangier, Bombay and valuable ttrade concessions. It was the English and French soldiers, under Schomberg’s leadership, who proved the decisive factor in winning back Portugal’s independence. But in return for their courage in battle, the English soldiers were rewarded with insults and want of pay. The author’s detailed but lively text is fully supported by a range of illustrations and specially commissioned maps. 9781912174102, $39.95, $25.99, paperback, 192p.

Civil War London A Military History of London under Charles I and Oliver Cromwell David Flintham London was the critical location tthroughout the English Civil W Wars - a fact that has been emphasized by countless historians, some evrn say that by fleeing his capital in January 1642, King Charles I lost the war several months before the w fighting actually started. The political direction of what has sometimes been referred to as ‘The English Revolution’ was steered by several armed coups within the capital. This book identifies the sites and places associated with Charles I, Oliver Cromwell and other chief protagonists of this key period in British history. It is an accessible general introduction to London during the time of Charles I and Oliver Cromwell. 9781911512622, $39.95, $25.99, paperback, 128p.

18TH CENTURY On Gladsmuir Shall the Battle Be! The Battle of Prestonpans 1745 A Arran Johnston In the summer of 1745, a charismatic (but inexperienced) yyoung Prince sailed to Scotland determined to wrest the crowns of Great Britain from the head of George II.This is a study of one of Britain’s best-documented, but least analyzed, battles. No longer should the two days of events which make up the Battle of Prestonpans be viewed simply as the prologue to a future defeat; instead, they are presented as they were understood at the time: as the climax of a month-long campaign which, it seemed, would determine the fate of Scotland. 9781911512837, $49.95, $32.50, hardback, 232p.

The Battle of Plassey 1757 The Victory That Won an Empire Stuart Reid As Britain’s influence increased A tthrough its official trading arm, tthe East India Company, the ruler of Bengal, Nawab Siraj-ud-daulah, sought to drive the British out of the subcontinent and tturned to France for help.The ensuing conflict saw intimate campaigns fought by captains and occasionally colonels and by small companies rather than big battalions.The story is about Robert Clive, a clerk from Shropshire, Eyre Coote an Irishman who fought with everyone he met, and Alexander Grant, a Jacobite who first escaped from Culloden and then, Flashman-like was literally the last man into the last boat to escape Calcutta and the infamous Black Hole.The fighting culminated in Robert Clive’s astonishing victory at Plassey in1757 established Britain as the dominant force in India, the whole of which gradually come under British control and became the most prized possession in its empire. 9781473885264, $39.95, $25.99, hardback, 280p.

The Swiss in French Service 1785-1815 Didier Davin and André Jouineau That association of mountainous territories shut in among the European powers, Switzerland solved part of its financial problems as early as tthe Renaissance by developing a ttruly mercenary industry. The revolutionary process in France ran up against their loyalty to their employer whereas the Swiss regiments of the Line were disbanded. The book skims over the Swiss troops in service with the King on the eve of the Revolution to concentrate on those who served the Republic, the Consulate and then the Empire, focusing on less well-known aspects. 9782352502357, $24.95, $16.50, paperback, 80p.

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• 18TH CENTURY • ANCIENT & MEDIEVAL WARFARE • Marlborough Soldier and Diplomat J John Hattendorf, Augustus J. Veenendaal and Rolof van Hövell tot Westerflier JJohn Churchill, the first Duke of Marlborough, has long been regarded as one of Britain’s ggreatest generals and as a key English political figure in the first decade of the eighteenth century. In this book, twelve leading specialists of the period broaden the perspective by assessing Marlborough in the wider and diverse contexts of the European situation, the common soldier in the British army, the complementary activities of navies, the differing perspectives of the Austrians, Dutch, French, and Germans as well as in the context of the British popular press and the visual arts. 9789490258047, $85.00, $55.50, hardback, 408p.

The Siege of Sevastopol 1854 - 1855 The War in the Crimea Told Through Newspaper Reports, Official Documents and the Accounts of Those Who Were There A Anthony Dawson Historian Anthony Dawson has amassed an astonishing collection of previously unknown and unpublished material including numerous letters and private journals and aspects of the fighting in the Crimea revealed by many untapped French sources. The book focuses upon the siege; the great artillery bombardments, the storming of the Redan and the Mamelon, and the largest man-made hole in history up to that time. The Siege of Sevastopol also highlights the fourth major engagement in the Crimea, the Battle of the Tchernaya in August 1855, the Russians’ last great attempt to break the siege. 9781848329577, $34.95, $22.99, hardback, 288p.

Three Weeks in November A Military History of the Swiss Civil War of 1847 Ralph Weaver In November 1847, twelve of tthe Swiss cantons went to war with seven other cantons over w tthe future of the country. This book uniquely concentrates on the military aspects of this episode as well as an outline of the campaign itself, covering the strengths and organization of each canton. The chapters focuses on the uniforms of the cantons’ armies, their battle flags, weapons and distinguishing badges. The book is well illustrated with contemporary pictures, orders of battle for all the cantons and details for the main action at Gislikon are also provided. 9781911096153, $45.00, $29.50, paperback, 120p.


The Musket Wars A History of Inter-Iwi Conflict 1806 – 1845 R.D. Crosby The Musket Wars established Ron Crosby’s reputation as a daring, original chronicler of New Zealand history. This bestselling history provides the first comprehensive account of the wars that ravaged the country w in the early 1800s, when iwi with newly acquired muskets w unleashed terrible utu (revenge) on foes, helped by other introductions like potatoes that fuelled long-range taua (war parties). Ron Crosby weaves the strands of this conflict into an immensely readable narrative, guiding the reader through its complexities with lists of protagonists, a chronology, indexes and above all, superb maps and illustrations. 9781877514449, $53.95, $35.50, paperback

The New Zealand Wars A Brief History M Matthew Wright From 1845 to 1875, New Zealand experienced a succession of conflicts that stretched from the Bay of Islands tto Wellington.To some they were land wars, to others, the Māori wars; w lately we are calling them t New Zealand wars.Why the were w they fought? Who really won w them? In reality these wars were fought over both land and sovereignty. In the process, the British, settlers and allied Māori ended up fighting other Māori, and by the late 1860s the wars had really become a civil war. Matthew Wright outlines what happened and why. 9781877514685, $20.00, $13.50, paperback

ANCIENT & MEDIEVAL WARFARE Warfare in Neolithic Europe An Archaeological A and Anthropological A Analysis J Julian Maxwell Heath The Neolithic marks the ttime when the prehistoric communities of Europe turned ttheir backs on the hunterggatherer lifestyle and instead became farmers. However, it is wrong to think that the first farming communities of Europe were in tune with nature and each other, as there is a considerable (and growing) body of archaeological data that is indicative of episodes of warfare between these communities. This evidence should not be taken as proof that warfare was endemic across Neolithic Europe, but it does strongly suggest that it was more common than some scholars have proposed. Further, the seventeenth-century English philosopher, Thomas Hobbes, described prehistoric life as ‘nasty, brutish, and short’, seem rather apt in light of some of the archaeological discoveries from the European Neolithic. 9781473879850, $39.95, $25.99, hardback, 168p.

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• ANCIENT & MEDIEVAL WARFARE • War & Trade With the Pharaohs An Archaeological A Study of Ancient Egypt's Foreign Relations Garry J Shaw This book explores Egypt’s connections with the wider world over the course of 3,000 w yyears, introducing readers tto ancient diplomacy, travel, ttrade, warfare, domination, and immigration. It covers military campaigns and trade in periods of strength including important events such as the Battle of Qadesh under Ramesses II and Hatshepsut’s trading mission to the mysterious land of Punt. From early interactions with traders on desolate desert tracks, to sunken Mediterranean trading vessels, the Nubian Kingdom of Kerma, Nile fortresses, the Sea Peoples, and Persian satraps, there is always a rich story to tell behind Egypt’s foreign relations. 9781783030460, $34.95, $22.99, hardback, 232p.

The Armies of Ancient Persia: The Sassanians Kaveh Farrokh Throughout most of the classical period, Persia was one of the great superpowers, placing a limit on the expansion of Western powers. It was the most formidable rival to the Roman Empire for centuries, until Persia, by then under the Sassanians, was overwhelmed by the Islamic conquests in the seventh century AD. The Sassanians, the native Iranian dynasty that ousted their Parthian overlords in AD 226, developed a highly sophisticated army that was able for centuries to hold off all comers. They continued the Parthian’s combination of swift horse archers with heavilyarmored cataphract cavalry, but Kaveh Farrokh interestingly demonstrates that their oft-maligned infantry has been much underestimated. The author draws on the latest research and new archaeological evidence, focusing on the organization, equipment and tactics of the armies that dominated the ancient Middle East for so long. 9781848848450, $44.95, $29.50, hardback, 504p.

Nabataeans A Brief History of Petra and Madain Saleh David Tschanz The Nabataeans were ancient peoples of Arabia, whose civilization was headquartered at Petra, ‘the rose red city half as old as time’. This book is meant to help the reader understand the whys, w wherefores and whens of these fascinating people. It provides a popular and accessible account of the two major Nabataean sites: Petra in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan as well as its important sister city of Madain Saleh in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 9780957023314, $18.99, $12.50, paperback, 212p.

The Wars of the Maccabees J John D. Grainger The policy of deliberate Hellenization and suppression of Jewish religious practices by Antiochus IV, sparked a revolt in 167 BC which was led initially by Judah Maccabee and later by his brothers and ttheir descendants. The author explains the causes of the revolt and traces the course of the various campaigns of the Maccabees, first against the Seleucids and then the Romans who captured Jerusalem in 63BC and partitioned the kingdom. The last chapters consider the continued Jewish resistance to Roman rule and factional fighting, until the crowning of Herod, marked the end of the Hasmonean dynasty. 9781848844759, $39.95, $25.99, hardback, 224p.

The Spartan Supremacy 412-371 BC M Roberts and Bob Bennett Mike Sparta was a small city which consistently punched above its w weight in the affairs of classical Greece, happily meddling in the affairs of the other cities.Yet in tthe late fourth and early third century BC the home of these ggrim warriors seemed set to entrench itself as the dominant power in the Greek world. This period includes the latter stages of the Peloponnesian War from 412 BC to the Spartan victory in 402, and then down to the Spartan defeat by the Thebans at Leuctra in 371 BC, where it all began to unravel for the Spartan Empire. As the authors explain, although the earlier period has the benefit of Thucydides’ magisterial history, the period covered here is actually well served by sources and well worthy of study. In addition, there are several campaigns and battles that are reported in enough detail to make them interesting and comprehensible to the reader The authors untangle the complexities of this important but unduly neglected period for the modern reader. 9781848846142, $39.95, $25.99, hardback, 336p.

Henchmen of Ares Warriors and Warfare in Early Greece J Josho Brouwers This book provides a detailed, diachronic treatment of a dynamic and formative period of Greek history. It also offers an up-to-date and detailed ttreatment of the archaeological evidence in addition to the ancient texts and it places the military developments into their proper cultural and historical contexts. This book is an expanded and revised version of the doctoral dissertation on Early Greek warfare by Mediterranean archaeologist Josho Brouwers, editor of Ancient Warfare magazine. 9789490258078, $38.00, $24.99, hardback, 204p.

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• ANCIENT & MEDIEVAL WARFARE • Kings and Kingship in the Hellenistic World 350 - 30 BC J John D Grainger Between c.350 BC and 30 BC tthe Mediterranean world was one in which kings ruled. Rather tthan attempting a narrative of the various kingdoms, John Grainger takes a thematic approach, considering various aspects of Hellenistic kingship in turn. This book highlights the common features as well as the differences across the various dynasties. How did one become king? How was a smooth succession secured and what happened when it was not? What were the duties of a king, and what were the rewards and distractions? 9781473863750, $44.95, $29.50, hardback, 272p.

Hannibal’s Road The Second Punic War in Italy 213-203 BC M Roberts Mike By 212 the wider war was definitely going against the Carthaginians.Yet Hannibal, despite being massively outnumbered and with little support from home, was able tto sustain his polyglot army and campaign actively across southern Italy for another ten years. His skillful maneuvering and victory in numerous engagements kept several veteran armies of the normally aggressive Romans tied up and on the defensive, until Scipio’s invasion of North Africa pulled him home to defend Carthage. Mike Roberts follows the course of these remarkable events in detail, analyzing Hannibal’s strategy and aims in this phase of the war and revealing a genius that had lost none of its luster in adversity. 9781473855953, $39.95, $25.99, hardback, 288p.

The Spartan Way Nic Fields Nic Fields explains the reasons for superiority of Sparta, how ttheir reputation for invincibility was earned (and deliberately w manipulated) and how it was ultimately shattered. This book examines how Spartan society was thoroughly militarized w and devoted to producing warriors suited to the intense w demands of hoplite warfare professional killers inculcated with the values of unwavering obedience and a willingness to fight and die for their city. The role of Spartan women in shaping the warrior ethic is considered, as are the role of uniform and rigorous training in enhancing the small-unit cohesion within the phalanx , and the psychological intimidation of the enemy. 9781848848993, $34.95, $22.99, hardback, 208p.


Alcibiades Professor P J Rhodes Alcibiades is one of the A most famous (or infamous) characters of Classical Greece. A young Athenian aristocrat, he came to prominence during tthe Peloponnesian War (429404 BC) between Sparta and Athens. Alcibiades ingratiated A himself with the Spartans, encouraging them to aid the Sicilians (ultimately resulting in the utter destruction of the Athenian expedition) and to keep year-round pressure on the Athenians. He then played a devious and dangerous game of shifting loyalties between Sparta, Athens and Persia. Professor Rhodes brings the authority of an internationally recognized expert in the field, ensuring that this will be a truly significant addition to the literature on Classical Greece. 9781848840690, $39.95, $25.99, hardback, 160p.

Ancient World Commanders A Angus Konstam Ancient World Commanders A from antiquity to the medieval period, including the main military leaders of Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Israel, Greece, A Rome, Carthage, Huns, Goths, Visigoths, Alans,Vandals, Kievan, V Rus, The Vikings, Moors, Franks, Normans, Mongols. From the mythological warrior Achilles to the Chinese general and strategist Zhou Yu, this superbly illustrated book describes more than 160 prominent war leaders of the "ancient world"-from the beginning of recorded history in about 2,000 BC , to the end of the 5th century AD. 9781906347291, $19.95, $12.99, hardback, 192p.

Gaiseric The Vandal Who Destroyed Rome Ian Hughes Gaiseric was no moronic thug, proving himself a highly skilful political and military leader and was one of the dominant forces w in Western Mediterranean region for almost half a century. The book starts with a concise history of the Vandals before Gaiseric’s reign and analyses the tactics and weaponry with which they carved a path across the Western Roman Empire to Spain. Ian Hughes’ analysis of Gaiseric as king and general reveals him as the barbarian who did more than anyone else to bring down the Western Roman Empire, but also as a great leader in his own right and one of the most significant men of his age. 9781781590188, $39.95, $25.99, hardback, 304p.

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• ANCIENT & MEDIEVAL WARFARE • When in Rome Social Life in Ancient Rome Paul Chrystal A vibrant, accessible social history of Rome, from 753 BCE to the fall of the Empire some 1300 years later. The book features hundreds of ttranslations of inscriptions and ggraffiti from original authors and evidence culled from the visual arts, curse tablets, official records and letters both private and official. The result is a fascinating survey of how Roman men, women and children lived their lives on a daily basis taking in marriage, slavery, gladiators, medicine, magic, religion, superstition and the occult; sex, work and play, education, death, housing, country life and city life. In short, ‘When in Rome’ gives a vivid description of what the Romans really did. 9781781556047, $35.00, $22.99, hardback, 288p.

Gaius Marius The Rise and Fall of Rome's Saviour M Hyden Marc Gaius Marius was one of the most remarkable and significant figures of the late Roman Republic. First serving in the Numantine War in Spain, he later rose to high command and brought a long-running war in North Africa to a successful conclusion, bringing the Numidian King Jurgurtha back in chains. Marius' subsequent career was primarily that of an elder statesman, but it was dominated by his rivalry with his erstwhile subordinate, Sulla, which ultimately led to the latter's bloody coup. However, after several harrowing brushes with death, Marius seized an opportunity to return to Rome and mete out justice to his enemies, which tarnished his onceenviable reputation. 9781526702333, $39.95, $25.99, hardback, 344p.

Lucullus The Life and Campaigns of a Roman Conqueror Lee Fratantuono Lee Frantantuono considers every aspect of Lucullus’ life, starting with the training and education of a future Roman officer, but the greatest emphasis is on his military strategy and tactics during tthe Third Mithridatic War and his military adventures in Armenia. We are also reminded that he one of the most formidable naval strategists of the Roman Republic. Lucullus’ complicated relationship with Sulla and Crassus is explored and the study concludes with the retirement of the man Pliny the Elder memorably referred to as ‘Xerxes in a Toga’, a patron of the arts and master of a life of horticulture and reflection. 9781473883611, $39.95, $25.99, hardback, 208p.

Caracalla A Military Biography Ilkka Syvänne Caracalla has one of the worst reputations of any w Roman Emperor. Guilty of many murders and massacres (including his own brother, ex-wife and daughter) he was, however, popular with the army, improving their pay and cultivating the image of sharing ttheir hardships. Surprisingly this is the first full-length biography of this colorful character in English. Ilkka Syvanne explains how the biased ancient sources in combination with the stern looking statues of the emperor have created a distorted image of the man and then reconstructs the actual events, particularly his military campaigns and reforms, to offer a balanced view of his reign. The biography offers the first complete overview of the policies, events and military campaigns of the reign and explains how and why these contributed to the military crisis of the third century. 9781473895249, $39.95, $25.99, hardback, 368p.

Gladiateurs Silvano Mattesini This wonderful book combines archaeological documents, paintings and reconstituted photos. There is a complete documentation of the wooden amphitheater at the Coliseum showing all categories of ggladiators with their special equipment to their fighting methods and ways to die. 9782840484196, $68.00, $44.50, hardback, 236p.

Mithridates the Great Rome's Indomitable Enemy Philip Matyszak Mithridates VI ‘the Great’ of Pontus was Rome’s most persistent enemy. The Mithridiatic wars stretched over half a century and ttwo continents, and have a fascinating cast of pirates, rebels, turncoats, and poisoners. There are pitched battles, epic sieges, double-crosses and world-class political conniving, assassinations, and general treachery. Through it all, the story is built about the dominant character of Mithridates, connoisseur of poisons, arch-schemer and strategist, resilient in defeat, savage and vindictive in victory. Almost by definition, this book will break new ground, in that nothing has been written on Mithridates for the general public for almost half a century, though scholarly journals have been adding a steady trickle of new evidence, which is drawn upon here. 9781473828902, $24.95, $16.50, paperback, 208p.

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• ANCIENT & MEDIEVAL WARFARE • Conquerors of the Roman Empire: The Goths Simon MacDowall Both western (Visigoth) and eastern (Ostrogoth) branches of the Goths had a complex relationship with the Romans. Under Alaric the Visigoths sacked Rome itself in 410 and went on to establish a kingdom in Gaul (France). Adrianople, the events of 410 and the Ostrogoths’ long war with Belisarius, including the Siege of Rome, are among the campaigns and battles Simon MacDowall narrates in detail. He analyses the arms and contrasting fighting styles of the Ostro- and Visi- Goths and evaluates their effectiveness against the Romans. 9781473837645, $34.95, $22.99, hardback, 184p.

The Everyday Life of the Templars The Knights Templar at Home Helen J. Nicholson The early fourteenth-century records tell us about the men and women who worked for the Templars on their lands and in their houses, their tenants, and the people who owed them money. Drawing on these records, along with archaeological evidence and the Templars’ own regulations, Helen Nicholson sets out to reconstruct how the Templars lived from day to day, in both the Middle East and Western Europe. The result is a fascinating insight into the everyday lives of these pious men, who were not powerful nobles or churchmen, yet held great influence in medieval Europe. 9781781553732, $32.95, $21.50, hardback, 192p.

Emulating Alexander How Alexander the Great's Legacy Fuelled Rome's Wars With Persia Glenn Barnett This book gives an account of the Roman relationship with Persia and how it was shaped by the actions of Alexander the Great long before the events. Numerous Roman emperors led armies eastward against the Persians, seeking to emulate or exceed the glorious conquests of Alexander. While the Romans dreamed of conquering the Persian realm, the Persians of the Parthian and Sasanian dynasties dreamed of regaining the lands of the eastern Mediterranean snatched from their Achaemenid ancestors by Alexander. Glenn Barnett draws comparisons between the era-long struggle of Rome and Persia with the current wars in the Middle-East where they once fought. 9781526703002, $34.95, $22.99, hardback, 232p.


Edge of Empire Rome's Frontier on the Lower Rhine J Jona Lendering and Arjen Bosman The presence of the Roman army along the River Rhine radically changed the way of life in the small Roman province of Germania Inferior, and the need to maintain and feed this large army became a significant incentive for economic change. The tribes living along the lower reaches of the Rhine and close to the North Sea gradually began to resemble their occupiers. Historian Jona Lendering and archaeologist Arjen Bosman have combined their expertise to create a historical and archaeological evidence, in this history of Rome’s Lower Rhine frontier. 9789490258054, $38.00, $24.99, hardback, 194p.

Emperor Alexander Severus Rome's Age of Insurrection, AD222-235 John S McHugh Alexander Severus’ life is full of controversy and contradictions. He came to the throne through the brutal murder of his cousin, Elagabalus, and was ultimately assassinated himself. The years between were filled with regular uprisings and rebellions, court intrigue and foreign invasion.Yet the ancient sources generally present his reign as a golden age of just government, prosperity and religious tolerance. When Germanic and Sarmatian tribes crossed the Rhine and Danube frontiers in 234, Alexander took the field against them but when he attempted to negotiate to buy time, his soldiers perceived him as weak, assassinated him and replaced him with the soldier Maximinus Thrax. John McHugh reassesses this fascinating emperor in detail. 9781473845817, $39.95, $25.99, hardback, 352p.

Teutonic Knights William Urban This major new book surveys the gripping history of the Teutonic knights and their Order and relates their rise to power; their struggles against Prussian pagans; the series of wars against Poland and Lithuania; the clash with Alexander Nevsky’s Russia; and the gradual stagnation of the order in the fourteenth century. The book is replete with dramatic episodes but focuses primarily on the knights’ struggle to maintain power, fend off incursions and raiding bands and to launch crusades against unbelieving foes. William Urban’s narrative charts the rise and fall of the Order and, in an accessible and engaging style, throws light on a band of knights whose deeds and motives have long been misunderstood. 9781848326200, $29.95, $19.50, paperback, 304p.

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• ANCIENT & MEDIEVAL WARFARE • English Castles Explained Trevor Yorke Using his own detailed drawings, diagrams and photographs, author Trevor Yorke explains, in an easy-tounderstand manner, how the role of the castle changed from fortress to palatial home and illustrates how the ruined buildings were used in the past. His book is divided into three sections: the first charts the castle's origins and traces its developments; the second looks at the individual parts of a castle from military features such as the portcullis and drawbridge to the domestic quarters, great halls and tournament sites; the third contains a time chart for dating castles, a glossary of unfamiliar terms and a list of castles to visit. 9781853068195, $17.95, $11.99, paperback, 128p.

Medieval Soldier Vesey Norman The author outlines the development of the undisciplined barbarian war bands of the Dark Ages into the feudal armies of the early Middle Ages. It deals with the arms and equipments of the soldier, not only from surviving specimens but also from descriptions in contemporary medieval documents.Vesey Norman covers the slow development of tactics and the transition of the warrior from a personal follower of a war leader to the knight who served his feudal overlord as a heavily armored cavalryman in return for land. He details the attitude of the Church to warfare, the rise of chivalry and the development of the knights of the military orders, the Templars, the Hospitallers and the Teutonic Knights. He answers such questions as what classes of men made up the army, who commanded them, and how they were equipped, paid and organized. Since armies frequently has to be transported by water, a brief description of contemporary ships in included. 9781848842045, $24.95, $16.50, paperback, 288p.

Hastings 1066 Georges Bernage Hastings is perhaps the most famous battle ever fought on English soil and resulted in William, Duke of Normandy, becoming King of England. The weaponry, equipment, dress, logistics and living conditions of the soldiers from both sides are covered in great detail as is the terrain and the tactics of the two armies, using illustrations from the Bayeux Tapestry and photographs of a recent re-enactment of the battle which took place on the original battlefield. 9782840481508, $17.95, $11.99, hardback, 96p.

Twilight of Medieval Castles Volume 2 Stephane Gondoin Twilight of the Medieval Castles gives details of the last period in which the architectural elements characteristic of the medieval period were used. It shows how the castles failed to make the necessary adaptation to the new fighting techniques along with the tastes of the period which also evolved at the end of the period. Finally the author evokes the often contrasting fate of some of these buildings which ended up as barracks, prisons or being destroyed. 9782352500698, $44.95, $29.50, hardback, 132p.

Warrior of God Jan Zizka and the Hussite Revolution Victor Verney Jan Zizka (1370–1424) was a formidable figure whose life and military career was set amidst the whirlwind of monumental revolutions that engulfed medieval Europe in the 14th and 15th centuries. The leader of Bohemia's Hussite Revolution – the first of the religious wars during the Protestant Reformation – he was a forward-thinking military genius whose record is virtually unmatched. In this original and engrossing study, historian Victor Verney combines an authoritative analysis with colorful anecdotes to reveal the incredible exploits of this forgotten military genius and the fascinating cast of characters who surrounded him. 9781848325166, $39.99, $25.99, hardback, 256p.

Alba General and Servant to the Crown Maurits Ebben, Margriet LacyBruijn and Rolof van Hövell tot Westerflier Fernando Álvarez de Toledo, Third Duke of Alba, is one of the most formidable and controversial figures of the sixteenth century. He has been depicted as a great hero, an indefatigable defender of the Catholic faith, and a true buttress of the Spanish monarchy,a terrifying man, the dark suppressor of the revolt in the Low Countries. He was a successful soldier, a distinguished courtier and an influential diplomat serving his monarchs, Charles V and Philip II, without fail. Using a variety of sources, including previously unexamined data, sixteen leading historians from eight countries present newly developed insights and offer a nuanced image of the Grand Duque. 9789490258085, $85.00, $55.50, hardback, 464p.

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• ANCIENT & MEDIEVAL WARFARE • AVIATION • Ivan the Terrible A Military History Alexander Filjushkin Ivan was the first Russian ruler to invade Europe. As Ivan became increasingly paranoid and violent, he carried out a number of terrible massacres. It is thought that more than forty thousand were killed when the Russians sacked the town of Novgorod in 1570, and many were tortured and murdered in front of Ivan and his son. Ivan the Terrible describes the organization and equipment of the tsar’s army and the forces of his enemies, the Poles, Lithuanians, Tatars and Livonian Knights. The narrative examines all of Russia’s military campaigns in Eastern Europe and Western Siberia during the period of 1533 to 1584. 9781848325043, $50.00, $32.50, hardback, 304p.

AVIATION US Military Helicopters Michael Green The helicopter came on the scene too late to play other than a minor role in the Second World War but by the Korean conflict the Bell H-13 Sioux, OH-23 Raven and Sikorsky H-19 Chickasaw were in service. In Vietnam the US military helicopters came into their own and the best known were the Bell UH-1 Iriquois, the Boeing CH-47 Chinook and the massive CH-37 Mojave. Attack helicopters have evolved from the early Huey Cobra or Snake and the Boeing AH-64 Apache came into service in the late 80s when the Sikorsky UH-60 series became the military general purpose chopper. All these formidable aircraft and many more are covered in detail in this superbly illustrated and comprehensive book. 9781473894846, $24.95, $16.50, paperback, 224p.

Javelin Boys Air Defence from the Cold War to Confrontation Steve Bond The Gloster Javelin was the UK’s first line of night and all-weather air defence both at home and in RAF Germany. Starting from the first deliveries in 1956 until the final withdrawal from RAF squadron use in 1968, Javelin Boys describes adventures in Cyprus, Singapore during the Indonesian Confrontation and Zambia during the Rhodesian declaration of UDI. Steve Bond has interviewed a number of veterans, all with captivating tales of their time on the aircraft. Alongside their anecdotes is a detailed history of this unusual aircraft, accompanied by photography never seen before in print. This book is bound to appeal to all aviation fans. 9781910690406, $39.95, $25.99, hardback, 208p.


Phantom Boys True Tales from Aircrew of the McDonnell Douglas F-4 FighterBomber Richard Pike Originally developed for the US Navy, this twin-engined supersonic long-range fighterbomber first flew in the spring of 1958. It then entered service for the US Navy in 1961, and in 1969 with the Fleet Air Arm and RAF in the UK. Regarded as one of the most versatile fighters ever built, the Phantom F-4 was the US Navy’s fastest and highest-flying aircraft. It was flown by both US military demonstration teams from 1969 to 1973. It ended its service in 1991 with the RAF. 9781909808225, $39.95, $25.99, hardback, 192p.

Phantom Boys Volume 2 More Thrilling Tales From UK and US Operators of the McDonnell Douglas F-4 Richard Pike In highly anticipated follow-up to Phantom Boys, Richard Pike has brought together brilliant, hitherto unpublished, accounts across eighteen chapters. From combat in the Vietnam War to life after the Falklands War, readers will experience a variety of wartime and peacetime tales. An array of narratives from air and ground crew cover adventures across the world; from the UK, US and Germany to the Far East. It also includes the fascinating story of one female fighter controller’s chance to fly in a Phantom during the 1970s. Throughout the book Richard Pike captures the drama and emotion of life in the cockpit. With such detailed stories, readers will be gripped by this captivating book. 9781910690390, $39.95, $25.99, hardback, 184p.

V Force Boys All New Reminiscences by Air and Ground Crews Operating the Vulcan, Victor and Valiant in the Cold War and Beyond Tony Blackman and Anthony Wright The V Force consisted of three four-jet bombers, the Valiant, the Vulcan and the Victor, all required as part of the nuclear deterrent in the Cold War following the end of the Second World War. The book includes a firsthand account of dropping the last UK H Bomb, a description of how all the aircraft navigated before the days of GPS, the training the crews received and an armorer’s account of how the nuclear weapons were moved with complete safety but not in the regimented way that might be expected. A must for all Vulcan,Victor and Valiant enthusiasts. 9781910690383, $39.95, $25.99, hardback, 208p.

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• AVIATION • Stirling to Essen The Godmanchester Stirling: A Bomber Command Story of Courage and Tragedy Roger Leivers An epic tale of a wealthy young man, Matthew Drummond Henderson Wilson, whose mother died during his birth, who lived for excitement, and who went on to join the RAF in 1938. Stirling to Essen is also the story of the men who served alongside their pilot, and the unbreakable bond of friendship they found as they soared over the deadly skies of the Third Reich and occupied Europe. Author Roger Leivers’ meticulous and comprehensive research has brought to life the remarkable story of the Godmanchester Stirling. 9780993415289, $34.95, $22.99, hardback, 256p.

The Spitfire An Icon of the Skies Philip Kaplan Kaplan investigates just what it is that fuels the Spitfire’s compelling mystique and highlights the immeasurable contributions of Spitfire designers. The origin and evolution of the plane are tracked, and the story of the marvelous Merlin engine. This book centers round the Mk Ia AR213, whose total restoration to flying status was completed in 2008. Much of its colorful background is described, as is the experience of flying it. In this, the eighth decade of Mitchell’s brilliant fighter, Spitfire: An Icon of the Skies is dedicated to the craftsmen and women who built it. 9781473898523, $44.95, $29.50, hardback, 232p.

Hurricane R4118 Revisited The Extraordinary Story of the Discovery and Restoration to Flight of a Battle of Britain Survivor: The Adventure Continues 2005-2017 Peter Vacher In Hurricane R4118 Revisited, more stories of R4118’s origins are told, including the extraordinary tale of how this aircraft shot down a friendly Whitley bomber before it was assigned to a RAF squadron. Focus is also given to the role of 605 Squadron’s ground crew and the aircraft during the Battle of Britain. The book concludes with the sale of R4118 to an enthusiastic Englishman and the decision taken to keep the aircraft at the Shuttleworth Collection. With brand new photography and sources, including wartime letters from Bunny Currant, this book is essential reading for all Hurricane enthusiasts. 9781910690437, $39.95, $25.99, hardback, 192p.

The RAF Pathfinders Bomber Command's Elite Squadron Martyn Chorlton The formation of the Pathfinder Force in August 1942 produced a steady but certain change in the fortunes of Bomber Command. To join a Pathfinder Squadron was a rare privilege but with it went a huge leap in the likelihood of being shot down. Martyn Chorlton has written a gripping account of the RAF's Pathfinder Squadrons, recalling the challenges faced in the smoke-filled skies over occupied Europe. It is also a tribute to the brave young men whose exploits, lives and, in all too many cases, deaths have left a powerful torch to bear for all who care about freedom. 9781846742019, $23.95, $15.99, paperback, 160p.

More Luck of a Lancaster 109 Operations, 315 Crew, 101 Killed in Action Gordon Thorburn From 11 June 1943 (the date of Lancaster Mark III EE136 WS/R's first op) to her last with 9 Squadron (on 19 October 1944), eighty-six Lancasters were assigned to Number 9. Of these, fifty were lost to enemy action, another five crashed at home, three crashed in Russia on the first Tirpitz raid and four were transferred to other squadrons only to be lost by them, leaving just twenty-four still flying. Over the operational lifetime of Lancaster EE136, forty-two different skippers took her on her grand total of 109 trips. This is the story of the men behind the numbers. 9781473897663, $39.95, $25.99, hardback, 147p.

Air War Varsity Martin W Bowman Here, Martin Bowman brings us the first book on Operation Varsity to include both British and US air and ground operations, as well as the US, British and Canadian paratroop and resupply missions, all presented together in one ambitious volume. In this impressive account, Martin Bowman weaves firsthand testimony and a compelling historical narrative together with a variety of photographic illustrations, many of which have never been published before, in order to create a complete and fascinating record of events as they played out in March 1945. 9781473863101, $39.95, $25.99, hardback, 256p.

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• AVIATION • Forgotten Wings (English) Philippe Esvelin This book first of all recalls the design and the manufacture of the gliders, the creation of the flying schools as well as the setting-up of the program of pilot training. The second part is interested in the use of the American gliders on June 6, 1944 in Cotentin by detailing all the missions in which they took part. The last part, is focused on the ignored role held by these same apparatuses at the time of the landing of Provence.This book mentions the parachutists combined at the sides of which the gliders took share with the engagements. Photographs and new documents as well as testimonies of German, French and American veterans are also included. 9782840482468, $11.95, $7.99, hardback, 160p.

Fire in the Sky Amos Amir General Amos Amir's autobiography tells the story of the man, the warrior and the commander and the story of the struggling, newly-born, Israeli Air Force. The years from the Sinai War in 1956, through the Six-Day-War, the Yom Kippur War in 1973 and the Lebanon War in 1982, were the years of Amir's flying, fighting and commanding career. Amir tells his own story in talented, vivid and fluent language. He succeeds in pulling the reader into his narrow cockpit from the early stages of his flying school to later air combats and reconnaissance missions. The book reveals untold stories about the traumatic Yom Kippur War of 1973 and the early stages of the war in Lebanon in the 1982. 9781844151561, $39.99, $25.99, hardback, 224p.

JUNKERS Ju 88: The Early Years Blitzkrieg to the Blitz Chris Goss Designed as a fast bomber that could outrun the fighters of the era, the twin-engine Junkers Ju 88 became one of the most versatile aircraft of the Second World War. Such was the success of the design that its production lines operated constantly from 1936 to 1945, with more than 16,000 examples being built in dozens of variants – more than any other twin-engine German aircraft of the period. In this selection of unrivaled images collected over many years, and now part of Frontline's new War in the Air series, the operations of this famous aircraft are portrayed and brought to life. 9781848324756, $24.95, $16.50, paperback, 160p.


Teddy Suhren Ace of Aces Memoirs of a U-Boat Rebel Teddy Suhren and Fritz BustatNaval Reinhard ‘Teddy’ Suhren was the first junior officer to be awarded the Knight’s Cross for his achievements. Fondly remembered for his good humor and leadership skills within the U-boat world, he was also rebellious by nature, and frequently in trouble with higher authority. Teddy died in 1984 but interest in his career was revitalized by the discovery of a cache of photographs documenting one of his operations in U-564, published in 2004 as U-Boat War Patrol by Lawrence Paterson. His collaborator, Frank James, was the man who discovered the significance of the photographs, and interest in the project led to his translation of Suhren’s own book. 9781526713599, $22.95, $14.99, paperback, 248p.

5th Airforce Gérard Paloque The 5th US Army Air Force was officially created on 5 February 1942 in the urgency following the Japanese surprise attack at Pearl Harbor. The 5th Air Force fought in the long and ferocious New-Guinea campaign and took part in the allied conquest of various south west Pacific islands. Its tally of kills at the end of the war is indicative of its performance, with notably an un-equalled record of more than 3,400 aerial victories and the presence within its ranks of the two greatest American aces of all time, Majors Bong and McGuire. This massively illustrated book is the first real reference published on the colors and markings of the 5th Airforce. 9782352501374, $29.95, $19.50, paperback, 112p.

C-130 Hercules A History Martin W Bowman The C-130 Hercules is the most successful military airlifter ever built. Across its variants, the Hercules serves more than sixty air forces, as well as many civilian cargo operators, in a multiplicity of roles, including air-to-air refueller, gunship, airborne command post, flying hospital and firefighter. This rugged and easily maintained aircraft entered service in 1956 with the USAF Tactical Air Command. Ten years later the 'Charlie 130' was providing the essential logistical support in Vietnam. This period in Southeast Asia was the Hercules' finest hour. The C-130 has proved a key component in humanitarian relief operations ever since, in all parts of the world. Here Martin W. Bowman tells the full story of this remarkable aircraft at firsthand. 9781473863187, $39.95, $25.99, hardback, 320p.

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• AVIATION • The AVRO Type 698 Vulcan: Design and Development Origins, Experimental Prototypes and Weapon Systems David W Fildes The Avro Vulcan was the last V Bomber to see active service in its primary role during the Falklands conflict. The book examines the origins of the design, the prototypes and experimental aircraft and goes on to explain the modifications that were made to the last of the breed. The author has access to many previously unpublished photographs and experimental design plans. This is because he is a leading member of the Avro Historical Society and discovered a great deal of unpublished material in their archives. 9781473886674, $32.95, $21.50, paperback, 496p.

Tornado GR1 An Operational History Michael John W Napier The remarkable “swing-winged” Tornado GR1 provided Britain’s strike capability in the last years of the Cold War in the 1980s, equipping some 10 RAF squadrons. This book describes in detail the accomplishments and day-to-day workings of the operational RAF Tornado GR1 units in the UK, Germany, the Middle East and across the globe. The book is underpinned by research from original official documents, augmented by the personal accounts by Tornado air- and ground-crews. It is richly illustrated throughout with photographs of the aircraft. 9781473873025, $44.95, $29.50, hardback, 256p.

Fast Jets and Other Beasts Personal Insights from the Cockpit of the Hunter, Phantom, Jaguar, Tornado and Many More Ian Hall Over a thirty-two-year military flying career which spanned a period when the RAF regularly replaced its fighter/bombers, Ian Hall had seven front-line flying tours on five different types. His story starts in Bahrain in the early 1970s, just before the massive contraction that saw the RAF withdraw from the Middle and Far East. Later, Ian surprised himself somewhat by switching to civil aviation, and the book touches upon the twelve-year experience of a fast jet pilot who became a direct-entry turboprop captain. Finally, equipped with pipe and slippers, he reflects on a great life of flying, as well as taking a brief look at the things that keep a retired pilot amused. An ideal read for anyone fascinated by tales of aerial exploits. 9781910690420, $39.95, $25.99, hardback, 192p.

Gone but not Forgotten Defunct British Airlines since 1945 Alan Phillips This book covers some of the airlines that have ceased operating since 1946: some collapsed because of financial difficulties, some were taken over by larger airlines, and some ceased operating altogether. The book is a guide to each airline, accompanied by a brief historical account, and interesting images of the aircraft in their distinctive color schemes. The airlines covered are a selection of large and small aircraft, who flew international and regional routes, as well as airlines involved in inclusive tours business. 9781781556276, $28.95, $18.99, paperback, 128p.

Beyond the Horizon The History of AEW&C Aircraft Sérgio Santana and Ian Shaw Harpia Publishing presents the full history of the airborne early warning mission and its various aircraft, from these first tentative steps in World War II up to the present day, and the use of AEW and control (AEW&C) platforms as a familiar 'force multiplier' in modern air warfare. Detailed, precise and above all accurate, Sérgio Santana and Ian Shaw draw upon a myriad of technical data, archive material and extensive interviews with the personnel who operated AEW&C aircraft throughout the years. As well as detailing the development of technology and daily operations of the airborne early warning community, attention is also given to the deployment of these critical capabilities in combat, from World War II, via Korea and Southeast Asia to the various Arab-Israeli Wars, Operation Desert Storm and more recent campaigns. The book also provides extensive technical specifications for every AEW&C aircraft that has entered front-line service, as well as detailing the air arms and individual units that have operated these types through the years. 9780985455439, $69.95, $45.50, paperback, 256p.

World Air Power Guide David Wragg In one volume the reader will find the composition and details of all air elements of a staggering 169 nations’ air forces and, where they exist, army air, naval air and such paramilitary organizations as the US Coast Guard Service. By definition such a book must be regularly updated and David Wragg has researched his subject right up to the minute. This latest book supersedes the author’s early book in the Jane series, and is a must for aviation experts. 9781848842823, $50.00, $32.50, hardback, 240p.

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• CIVIL WAR • CIVIL WAR The Battles and Campaigns of Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest, 1861-1865 John R. Scales This book is a careful and unique examination of Forrest’s wartime activities and how his actions affected the war in the Western Theater. After describing the environment within which Forrest operated, which helps readers understand the larger situation within which his movements were made and his battles were fought, Gen. Scales narrates the decisions Forrest and his opponents made and the actions they took. Heavy use of documents and reports from the Official Records, coupled with 109 original maps, make it easy to understand the complex background, movements, and engagements involving Forrest and his command. Throughout, General Scales relies upon his own extensive military background to help evaluate and explain how and why Forrest grew in command ability and potential as a result of his experiences—or didn’t. 9781611212846, $32.95, $21.50, hardback, 480p.

Along The Lines of Devotion The Bloodstained Field of Gettysburg on July 1, 1863 James Smith II The fighting that began on July 1, 1863 in Gettysburg built the foundation to what would become known as the bloodiest battle ever fought on American soil, yet locations such as McPherson's Ridge, Oak Hill, and Barlow's Knoll remain some of the most overlooked locations around the battlefield.This book shines light on this portion of the battlefield that is often overlooked. Beginning on June 9 and till July 1, the author describes in detail the movement of troops, human interest stories, humorous accounts and detailed descriptions of the men present at the battle. 9781625450562, $24.95, $16.50, paperback, 160p.

Calamity in Carolina The Battles of Averasboro and Bentonville, March 1865 Daniel T. Davis and Phillip S. Greenwalt Federal armies under Maj. Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman had rampaged through Georgia on their “March to the Sea” and now were cutting a swath of destruction as they marched north from Savannah through the Carolinas. This book includes more than a hundred illustrations, new maps, and analysis to tell the story of last great battles of the war in the West, written in the style that has become the hallmark of the Emerging Civil War Series. 9781611212457, $12.95, $8.50, paperback, 168p.


Bushwhacking on a Grand Scale The Battle of Chickamauga, September 18-20, 1863 William Lee White The battle of Chickamauga brought an early fall to the Georgia countryside in 1863, where men fell like autumn leaves in the battlefield consisting of a nearly impenetrable, vine-choked forest around Chickamauga Creek. This book offers compelling, easy-to-read overviews of some of the Civil War’s most important stories. The masterful storytelling is richly enhanced with more than one hundred photos, illustrations, and maps. 9781611211580, $14.95, $9.99, paperback, 192p.

Gabriel Rains and the Confederate Torpedo Bureau W. Davis Waters and Joseph I. Brown Gabriel J. Rains was a Confederaist and his Civil War appointment gave him an opportunity to develop explosives. He invented three mines: the “subterra shell” (land mine), the keg torpedo, and the submarine mortar battery (both naval mines). After the Battle of Seven Pines in 1862, he served the Confederacy in two ways, Superintendent of Conscription and Commander of the Torpedo Bureau. He and his men mined the roads around Jackson and the harbors of Mobile, Savannah, and Charleston. Rains had a significant military career as he introduced a new form of weaponry. To some, he is regarded as the “father of modern mine warfare.” This book tells his remarkable story. 9781611213508, $16.95, $11.50, paperback, 168p.

Under the Crescent Moon with the XI Corps in the Civil War. Volume 1 From the Defenses of Washington to Chancellorsville, 18621863 James S. Pula Under the Crescent Moon (a reference to the crescent badge assigned to the corps) is the first study of this misunderstood organization. The first volume, From the Defenses of Washington to Chancellorsville, opens with the organization of the corps and a lively description of the men in the ranks, the officers who led them, the regiments forming it, and the German immigrants who comprised a sizable portion of the corps. Once this foundation is set, the narrative flows briskly through the winter of 1862-63 on the way to the first major campaign at Chancellorsville. 9781611213379, $34.95, $22.99, hardback, 312p.

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• CIVIL WAR • COLD WAR • A Vast Sea of Misery A History and Guide to the Union and Confederate Field Hospitals at Gettysburg, July 1-November 20, 1863 Gregory A. Coco Nearly 26,000 men were wounded in the three-day battle of Gettysburg (July 1-3, 1863). Almost 21,000 of the wounded were left behind by the two armies in and around the small town of 2,400 civilians. Most ended up being treated in makeshift medical facilities overwhelmed by the flood of injured. Many of these medical facilities and their valiant efforts are covered in this book. This book introduces readers to 160 of those frightful places called field hospitals. It is a sad journey you will never forget, and you won’t feel quite the same about Gettysburg once you finish reading. 9781611214062, $19.95, $12.99, paperback, 224p.

Resisting Sherman A Confederate Surgeon’s Journal and the Civil War in the Carolinas, 1865 Thomas Heard Robertson, Jr. Surprisingly little has been written on the final months of the Civil War in the Carolinas, despite its fascinating cast of characters, host of combats large and small, and its impact on the course of the war. This book fills in many of the gaps and adds tremendously to our knowledge of this region and those troubled final days of the Confederacy. Surgeon Francis Robertson kept a daily journal for the final three months of the Civil War while traveling more than 900 miles through four states. 9781611213867, $18.95, $12.50, paperback, 192p.

Battle of Big Bethel Crucial Clash in Early Civil War Virginia J. Michael Cobb, Edward B. Hicks and Wythe Holt This book is full-length treatment of the consequential June 10, 1861, battle that reshaped both Northern and Southern perceptions about what lay in store for the divided nation. This book relies upon letters, diaries, newspapers, reminiscences, official records, and period images—some used for the first time. The authors detail the events leading up to the encounter, survey the personalities as well as the contributions of the participants, set forth a nuanced description of the confusion-ridden field of battle, and elaborate upon its consequences. The story of Big Bethel is colorfully and compellingly brought to life through the words and deeds of a fascinating array of soldiers, civilians, “contraband” slaves, and lives of politicians intersected on that fateful day in the early summer of 1861. 9781611211160, $27.95, $18.50, hardback, 312p.

The Battles that Made Abraham Lincoln How Lincoln Mastered his Enemies to Win the Civil War, Free the Slaves, and Preserve the Union Larry Tagg Larry Tagg’s The Battles that Made Abraham Lincoln is the first study that concentrates on what Lincoln’s contemporaries thought of him during his lifetime, and the obstacles they set before him. Tagg includes extensive treatment of the political context that begat Lincoln’s predicament, riding with the president-elect to Washington and walking with him through the bleak years of war up to and beyond assassination. Throughout, Tagg entertains with a lively writing style, outstanding storytelling verve, and an unconventional, wholly against-the-grain perspective that is sure to delight readers of all stripes. 9781611211269, $19.95, $12.99, paperback, 576p.

Abraham Lincoln and the Structure of Reason David Hirsch and Dan Van Haften The authors argue that it was Lincoln’s in-depth study of geometry that gave our sixteenth president his verbal structure. The authors artfully demonstrate the real importance of the Cooper Union speech (which helped make Lincoln president), offer a startling revelation about the Declaration of Independence that connects Lincoln to Thomas Jefferson more closely than anyone previously realized, and show how the structure of the legal system played an even more important role in Lincoln’s greatness than heretofore realized. 9781932714890, $39.95, $25.99, hardback, 432p.

COLD WAR Britain's Cold War Fighters Tim McLelland Britain's Cold War Fighters explores the creation and development of the jet fighter, tracing the emergence of the first jet designs through to the first-generation jets. From design and basic development through to full service history, aircraft such as the Hunter, Lightning, Phantom, Javelin and Tornado F2/3 are examined in detail to demonstrate the progression in design and technology up to the latest generation of Typhoon aircraft. With over 250 illustrations and firsthand accounts from pilots, engineers and ground crews, Britain's Cold War Fighters is the first comprehensive study of Britain's postwar fighter aircraft. 9781781556306, $32.95, $21.50, paperback, 368p.

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• COLD WAR • COMICS • El Salvador Dance of the Death Squads, 1980–1992 Al J Venter The twelve-year guerrilla war in El Salvador – the smallest country in Central America after Belize – was one of the most intense insurgencies fought in the Central and South American region since the end of the Second World War. Backed by the Soviet Union and Cuba, the struggle was initiated on 15 October 1979 – largely from Nicaraguan soil – by the radical Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front (FMLN), a coalition or ‘umbrella organization’ of five socialist and communist guerrilla groups. 9781526708144, $22.95, $14.99, paperback, 128p.

The Cuban Missile Crisis Thirteen Days on an Atomic Knife Edge, October 1962 Phil Carradice The Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962 was a time when the hands of the Doomsday Clock really did inch towards the witching hour of midnight. By placing nuclear missiles on the Caribbean island of Cuba where, potentially, they were able to threaten the eastern seaboard of the USA, Nikita Khrushchev and the Soviet Union escalated the Cold War to a level that everyone feared but had never previously thought possible. In a desperate and dangerous game of brinkmanship, for thirteen nerve-wracking days Premier Khrushchev and President Kennedy held the fate of the world in their hands. In the end, Kennedy did nothing but the solution to one of the deadliest dilemmas of the twentieth century proved to be a brave and dramatic moment in human history. 9781526708069, $22.95, $14.99, paperback, 128p.

Dien Bien Phu Anthony Tucker-Jones The First Indochina war became an example of how not to conduct counterinsurgency warfare against nationalist guerrillas. Anthony guides the reader through this decisive conflict with a concise text and contemporary photographs, providing critical insight into the conduct of the war by both sides and its wider ramifications. When the Viet Minh invaded neighboring Laos the French deployed to fight a set-piece battle at Dien Bien Phu, in 1954, but instead were trapped. All relief attempts failed and French defenses were slowly overwhelmed. America considered coming to the garrison’s rescue using nuclear weapons, but instead left it to its fate, which set the scene for the Algerian and the Vietnam conflicts. 9781526707987, $22.95, $14.99, paperback, 128p.


Somalia Al J.Venter Few countries in Africa have had such powerful links with both the Soviet Union and United States – each for several years at a stretch – as Somalia. From a quiet Indian Ocean backwater that had once been an Italian colony, it remained aloof from the kind of power struggles that beset countries like Ghana, the Congo, Guinea, Algeria and others in the 1970s. Overnight, that all changed in 1969 when the army, led by Major General Siad Barre, grabbed power. His first move was to abrogate all security links he might have had with the West and to invite Moscow into his country as an ally. 9781526707949, $22.95, $14.99, paperback, 128p.

Suez The Double War Roy Fullick and Geoffrey Powell The events that followed President Nasser of Egypt’s nationalization of the Suez Canal on 26 July 1956 were as dramatic as they were painful to Britain’s standing in the world. The authors of this fascinating book describe the unfolding disaster in detail and explain why lack of success was almost inevitable. Most damaging of all were the political constraints, which led to continual prevarication and affected planning and operations on the ground. Drawing on official documents, and personal accounts of politicians and military men, the authors reveal the depths of deception that were employed to defy the UN, keep key allies (notably the USA) and Parliament in the dark and face down the service chiefs and public hostility. 9781844153404, $24.99, $16.50, paperback, 234p.

COMICS The Three Musketeers Alexandre Dumas and George Evans Deceit and intrigue follow, as D’Artagnan, along with the three respected Musketeers: Athos, Porthos and Aramis, uncover the evil Cardinal Richelieu’s plot to engulf Europe in war. Classics Illustrated tells this wonderful tale in colorful comic strip form. This edition also includes a biography of Alexandre Dumas and study questions, which can be used both in the classroom and at home to further engage the reader in the story. The Classics Illustrated comic book series began in 1941 with its first issue, Alexandre Dumas’ "The Three Musketeers". 9781910619827, $15.95, $10.50, hardback, 52p.

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• COMICS • King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table Howard Pyle and Alex A. Blum The legend of Arthur, King of England, and his Knights of the Round Table of Camelot, including Sir Lancelot, Sir Galahad, Sir Gawain, Merlin and Guinevere. Classics Illustrated tells these wonderful tales in colorful comic strip form, offering an excellent introduction for younger readers. This edition also includes theme discussions and study questions, which can be used both in the classroom and at home to further engage the reader in the story. These series began in 1941 with its first issue, Alexandre Dumas’ "The Three Musketeers", and has since included over 200 classic tales released around the world. This new CCS Books edition is specifically tailored to engage and educate young readers with some of the greatest works ever written, while still thrilling older readers who have loving memories of this series of old. 9781910619834, $15.95, $10.50, hardback, 52p.

Knights of the Round Table Howard Pyle and Alex A. Blum Adventures of the knights of the round table and their quest to find the Holy Grail. Classics Illustrated tells this wonderful tale in colorful comic strip form, offering an excellent introduction for younger readers. This edition also includes theme discussions and study questions, which can be used both in the classroom or at home to further engage the reader in the story. The Classics Illustrated comic book series began life in 1941 with its first issue, Alexandre Dumas’ "The Three Musketeers", and has since included over 200 classic tales released around the world. Each book contains dedicated theme discussions and study questions to further develop the reader’s understanding and enjoyment of the work at hand. 9781906814250, $9.95, $6.50, paperback, 48p.

World War I The Illustrated Story of the First World War John M. Burns Read the thrilling story of “The Great War”, known now as the First World War. Classics Illustrated traces the history of this devastating conflict from the catalytic political assassination that started it to its end - with victory for some, shame for others and whole nations left in ruin. 9781906814786, $19.95, $12.99, paperback, 100p.

World War II The Illustrated Story of the Second World War John M. Burns World War II tells the astonishing and horrifying story of the Second World War in comic-strip format. Classics Illustrated traces the chronology of the most costly war in human history from its outbreak to its conclusion, with over 60 million dead, trials for crimes against humanity and a new, terrifying threat over the world: the atomic bomb! The book contains 100 pages 96 of Classics Illustrated's famous comic-strip re-telling and 4 more pages dedicated to exploring the war further, with fascinating facts, pictures, discussion questions and more. All major events in the war are covered, including the coming to power of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party, the Dunkirk evacuation, the Battle of Britain, the Siege of Stalingrad and many more. The book also has biographies of several major war leaders, from Winston Churchill to Erwin Rommel, Dwight D. Eisenhower to Hideki Tojo. 9781906814793, $19.95, $12.99, paperback, 100p.

They Called Themselves the Battling Bastards of Bataan Jay Wertz, Ed Jiménez and Wes Locher This fully-illustrated account details all the major battles, decisions, and outcomes as the Japanese military sought to collapse the United States' principal military enclave in East Asia and seize a country rich in natural and human resources for their Greater East Asia Prosperity Sphere. The planned 50-day campaign took 133 days because they underestimated the grit of their foes. Despite horrendous conditions, lack of air support, food, and medicine, sheer grit compelled the Americans and Filipinos not to give up, even if the rest of the world had given up on them. 9780998889382, $4.95, $3.50, paperback, 24p.

Pearl Harbor and the Day of Infamy Jay Wertz, Ed Jiménez and Wes Locher Starting with the background of Japan’s rise to military prominence and the Asian country’s aggressive behavior against its neighbors, this graphic history covers all the significant events leading up to that fateful aerial attack on December 7, 1941. Japan’s simultaneous surprise attacks in the Philippines and elsewhere in Asia and the Pacific are included, as is America’s reaction to the bombing of Hawaii. Also includes the introduction to a serialized adventure graphic novel set during the War in the Pacific entitled Separated by War. 9780998889399, $4.95, $3.50, paperback, 24p.

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• ESPIONAGE • FICTION • ESPIONAGE Regency Spies Secret Histories of Britain’s Rebels and Revolutionaries Sue Wilkes Sue Wilkes reveals the shadowy world of Britain’s spies, rebels and secret societies from the late 1780s until 1820. Drawing on contemporary literature and official records,Wilkes unmasks the real conspirators and tells the tragic stories of the unwitting victims sent to the gallows. Britain’s governing elite could not rely on the armed services – even Royal Navy crews mutinied over brutal conditions.To keep the nation safe, a ‘war chest’ of secret service money funded a network of spies to uncover potential rebels amongst the underprivileged masses. 9781783400614, $39.95, $25.99, hardback, 224p.

Regina Diana Seductress, Singer, Spy Vivien Newman and David A S Semeraro The Untold Story of Régina Diana tells of the rebellious daughter of working-class French-Italian parents from a run-down area of Geneva who, trained by the most ruthless spymaster of them all, Elisabeth Schragmüller (aka Fraulein Doktor), became a muchadored French ‘café-concert’ singer, a discreet and highly prized prostitute plying her trade, and a successful German Great War spy. This book is not just about Régina, but also explodes the much-vaunted myth of Swiss neutrality. Switzerland, a nest of spies, was riven between support for Germany and France; in an extraordinary penetration of the upper echelons of Swiss society, the Swiss Army Commander-in-Chief was married to former German Chancellor Otto von Bismark’s daughter. Even her execution was fittingly exceptional. So determined were the French authorities that she should die, her firing squad numbered not the usual twelve, but twenty-five smoking rifles. 9781473861503, $39.95, $25.99, hardback, 184p.

Foxtrot in Kandahar A Memoir of a CIA Officer in Afghanistan at the Inception of America’s Longest War Duane Evans Duane Evans’s unexpected journey from the pristine halls of Langley to the badlands of southern Afghanistan began within hours after watching the horrors of 9/11 unfold during a chance visit to FBI Headquarters. Evans’s gripping memoir tracks his efforts to join one of CIA’s elite teams bound for Afghanistan, a journey that eventually takes him to the front lines in Pakistan, first as part of the advanced element of CIA’s Echo team supporting Hamid Karzai, and finally as leader of the under-resourced and often overlooked Foxtrot team. 9781611213577, $25.00, $16.50, hardback, 200p.


FICTION Six Days in September A novel of Lee's Army in Maryland, 1862 Alexander B. Rossino Alexander Rossino weaves these momentous hours together brilliantly in Six Days in September. Readers live the high-stakes drama through the gritty minutiae experienced by an injured and exhausted General Lee, the pious hardfighting Stonewall Jackson, a frustrated but reliable James Longstreet, the acerbic Harvey Hill, and the irrepressible Kyd Douglas. Rossino also displays a keen understanding of daily travails undergone by the common foot soldiers, and the unique hardships Sharpsburg’s civilians lived through when two major armies decided to wage war around their sleepy Maryland village. This book is a sweeping account, brilliantly written with a “you-are-there” sense that will linger long after you finish this book. 9781611213980, $25.00, $16.50, hardback, 318p.

Six Days in September A novel of Lee's Army in Maryland, 1862 Alexander B. Rossino Alexander Rossino weaves these momentous hours together brilliantly in Six Days in September. Readers live the high-stakes drama through the gritty minutiae experienced by an injured and exhausted General Lee, the pious hardfighting Stonewall Jackson, a frustrated but reliable James Longstreet, the acerbic Harvey Hill, and the irrepressible Kyd Douglas. Rossino also displays a keen understanding of daily travails undergone by the common foot soldiers, and the unique hardships Sharpsburg’s civilians lived through when two major armies decided to wage war around their sleepy Maryland village. This book is a sweeping account, brilliantly written with a “you-are-there” sense that will linger long after you finish this book. 9781611213454, $18.95, $12.50, paperback, 318p.

Paradigm Robert Taylor This nove is a unique and masterful blend of intelligent scientific suspense and bold historical mystery stretching from earliest antiquity to the present day—and beyond. His intriguing plot and cast of memorable characters makes for a suspenseful pager-turn that will keep readers guessing about where the lines of reality and fiction merge. “Paradigm” demands we believe the unbelievable. The challenge of finding out just what is truly real and what is not is now up to you. 9781932714166, $24.95, $16.50, hardback, 596p.

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• FICTION • Soldier of Fortune Edward Marston The dashing Captain Daniel Rawson can charm a lady as well as he can parry a sword. But on their march across Europe, Rawson discovers he has two very different camps of pursuers. The beautiful Abigail Piper is determined to get her man. Also hot on Rawson's heels are the murderous servants of the General Salignac, the latest man Daniel cuckolded. Their instructions are simple - kill Rawson and bring back proof. 9780749080884, $16.95, $11.50, paperback

Drums of War Edward Marston Dashing career soldier and ladies' man, Captain Daniel Rawson is always up for an adventure. So when the Duke of Marlborough proposes a dangerous undercover mission, Rawson happily accepts. One of their spies, a Dutch tapestrymaker based at the court of Louis XIV, the Sun King, has gone missing and Daniel is instructed to find out what has happened to the man. Meanwhile Rawson's stalwart Sergeant Welbeck is left in the camp with complications of his own. His wide-eyed nephew has joined the army as a drummer boy in pursuit of honor and glory. Welbeck would like nothing more than to ignore this eager young boy, but circumstances are conspiring to make this impossible. 9780749007904, $16.95, $11.50, paperback

Mercenaries The Conquest Trilogy, Book I Jack Ludlow Six brothers, trained since birth to become great warriors, prepare to experience their first taste of battle… 1033, the Norman/French border. The sons of Tancred de Hauteville are following in their father’s footsteps. As knights, they have but one true purpose: to fight. But denied service with their duke, they are forced to take employment as mercenaries: their unequalled battle skills are for hire to the highest bidder.Victory and defeat, betrayal and revenge combine as the desperation to rule the wealthy Norman lands becomes an intense battle, testing even the strongest of ties. 9780749007850, $16.95, $11.50, paperback

Conquest Jack Ludlow The de Hautevilles are depended on by the Pope, feared by Byzantium and respected by the Holy Roman Emperor.Yet the greatest of the family has yet to make his presence felt. Roger, the youngest son of Tancred de Hauteville, shows promise not only to be a great warrior but as an even more canny politician. It is he who will raise the family to the pinnacle of influence, not as vassals beholden to a greater power, but rulers in their own right. There are enemies at Roger’s back as well as before him, battles to fight and defeats to be reversed, treacheries both secret and transparent to circumvent. But the loyalty of blood that binds this family of warriors together is still present and it is that, above everything, which will in the end be the catalyst that propels the name de Hauteville to the pinnacle of power. 9780749007607, $10.00, $6.50, hardback

The Sword of Revenge Jack Ludlow Rome has lost its greatest warrior - for Aulus, the doomladen prophecy of forty years earlier has come to pass. It is now left to Lucius to defy the oracle’s curse alone, and the corrupt and powerful senator leaves nothing to chance in his bid to survive. But one boy, alone in the world, holds the key to his fate, and the future of the Roman Republic. 9780749009526, $16.95, $11.50, paperback

The Powder of Death Julian Stockwin 1261. Oxford, England. An envoy returns from the land of the Tartars to meet with an English scholar and share a deadly secret. The two men vow that the knowledge of gunpowder must die with them as the consequences are otherwise too fatal to contemplate. 1290. Hurnwych Green, England. After his quiet life is shattered by tragedy, blacksmith Jared begins a pilgrimage to the Promised Land. Along the way he is invited to join the Knights Hospitallers as their blacksmith on a holy crusade for King Edward. The adventure that follows sees Jared encounter men from distant Cathay who harbour the secret of huo yao, and so begins one man’s obsession with the powder of death and a king’s determination to change the very nature of warfare . . . 9780749019303, $25.00, $16.50, hardback, 384p.

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• LEADERSHIP • MODELING • LEADERSHIP Winston Churchill The Great Man's Life in Anecdotes Patrick Delaforce Churchill was more than an inspirational leader and figurehead to a nation and its allies. Beyond the demands of his political career he lived a full and vari ed life, sailing with his beloved wife, Clemmie, on the Admiralty yacht Enchantress,owning racehorses, playing polo, entertaining friends and family; all of which, and more, find a place in this book. This book is a treasury of anecdote and recollection, an insight into Churchill's larger-than-life personality, a record of his often caustic, yet brilliant wit, and, by the use of long out-of-print and forgotten sources, a lasting testament to his remarkable, indeed immeasurable, contribution to the modern world. 9781781550748, $19.95, $12.99, paperback, 240p.

Courage in Combat Stories By and About Recipients of the Nation’s Highest Decorations Richard J. Rinaldo and Joseph L. Galloway Published in conjunction with the Legion of Valor of the United States of America, this is an anthology of pieces about courage in combat, including stories by and about recipients of the United States’ highest decorations, the Medal of Honor, the Distinguished Service Cross, the Navy Cross and the Air Force Cross. The subjects of the stories are both notables and the forgotten, from Karl Marlantes to Jim Webb, to sergeants, generals, and Presidents. There are corpsmen, civilians, engineers, “grunts” and paratroopers, men and woman, a mess attendant, aviators, spies and prisoners of war, a cavalry scout and candidates for sainthood. 9781612004563, $24.95, $16.50, paperback, 400p.

In the Shadows of Victory II America's Forgotten Military Leaders, The Spanish-American War to World War II Thomas D. Phillips This book is about those military leaders whose accomplishments have been too little acknowledged and seldom celebrated.This volume covers the leaders during the four major conflicts the United States engaged in from the end of the 19th century to the middle years of the 20th: the Spanish-American War, the Philippine Insurrection,World War I, and World War II..This book tells the stories of more than 20 individuals and chronicles their activities through conflagrations spanning five decades including the World War I services of officers such as Eisenhower, Marshall, Patton, and Bradley. 9781612005461, $32.95, $21.50, hardback, 288p.


MODELING 7 Leadership Lessons of D-Day Lessons from the Longest Day—June 6, 1944 John Antal This book is about the extraordinary leadership of seven men who led American soldiers on D-Day and the days that followed. Eisenhower, Theodore Roosevelt Jr., and Lieutenant Dick Winters, are well known, while others are barely a footnote in the history books. It is a primer on how you can lead today, no matter what your occupation or role in life, by learning from the leadership of these seven. This book provides the reader with a means to define leadership by telling seven dramatic, immersive and memorable stories that the reader will never forget. 9781612005294, $32.95, $21.50, hardback, 224p.

7 Leadership Lessons of the American Revolution The Founding Fathers, Liberty, and the Struggle for Independence Colonel John Antal This book is about leadership. It tells the dramatic story of seven defining leadership moments from the American Revolution. Here, you learn about real people facing historic challenges and overcoming what reasonable observers believed were insurmountable odds. These leaders, thankfully, were unreasonable for the cause of Liberty. These leadership stories tell the story of the birth of the United States as well as providing case studies that can improve your leadership at home, business, in your community, in the military, or in government. A good step on the road to improving your leadership is to read this book and inculcate the lessons learned from the Founding Fathers. 9781612002026, $29.95, $19.50, hardback, 240p.

Dunkirk 1940 Through a German Lens Alan Ranger This new photo album, one of first in the MMPBooks/Stratus "Camera On" series, contains 200+ photos of the Battle for Dunkirk - from the German perspective. The photos, mostly unpublished before now, are from German sources, including private photos taken by German soldiers. They cover the retreat to Dunkirk, the battles for the town and beaches, and the aftermath of the evacuation. Vehicles, equipment, ships and aircraft are all covered. A compelling new perspective on this classic battle, this book is an invaluable reference for military historians and modellers alike. 9788365281722, $25.00, $16.50, paperback, 88p.

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• MODELING • Operation Dynamo Dunkirk 1940 Dariusz Grzywacz 15 accurate, authentic renderings of weapon used during Operation Dynamo in 1940.You can color them. Also captions with technical data and plans. • Universal Carrier • Souma 35 • Sdkfz 251 • Panzer I • Panzer II • Panzer III • Briths truck • Hawker Hurricane Mk I • Messerschmitt Bf 109 E • Supermarine Spitfire Mk I • Junkers Ju 87 B • Char B1 Bis • Light Tank Mark I • Cruiser Mk I • Evacuating soldiers 9788365281609, $5.50, $3.99, paperback, 32p.

Bill Horan's Military Modelling Masterclass Bill Horan Expert military modeler Bill Horan shares his knowledge of materials and techniques. Illustrated with over 260 color photographs of models by the author and other leading miniaturists. Includes easy-tofollow instructions detailing the preparation and painting of figures, converting and scratchbuilding figures, creating small vignettes as well as major dioramas, and the special challenge of mounted cavalry figures. 9781872004099, $29.95, $19.50, hardback, 128p.

Messerschmitt Me 410 Dariusz Karnas Scale plans in 1/72, 1/48 scale plans of Messerschmitt Me 410 10 A3 size pages in A4 pb. All subversions are shown. 9788365281906, $11.99, $7.99, paperback, 20p.

Avia S-199 Dariusz Karnas Scale plans in 1/72 1/48 and 1/32 Avia S-199 and CS-199 fighter. Also Israeli version is shown. 9788363678715, $11.99, $7.99, paperback, 12p.

PZL TS-8 Bies Dariusz Karnas Scale plans in 1/72, 1/48 and 1/32 scale plans of PZL TS-8 Bies 10 A3 size pages in A4 pb. All subversions are shown. 9788365281913, $11.99, $7.99, paperback, 20p.

Saab J 21 Dariusz Karnas Scale plans in 1/72, 1/48 and 1/32 scale plans of Saab 21. 10 A3 size pages in A4 pb. All subversions are shown. 9788365281890, $11.99, $7.99, paperback, 20p.

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• MODELING • Northrop F-5E & F-5F Tiger II Alexandre Guedes and Alexandre Guedes 40 color profiles of the well know Northrop F-5E & F-5F Tiger II jet showing variety of the camouflage and markings of different users. Includes aircraft used by USA, Brazil, Chile, Mexico. 9788365281593, $35.00, $22.99, hardback, 40p.

Fouga Magister Tine Soetaert An illustrated technical history of the Fouga Magister – 1950s French two-seat jet trainer. Drawings and data from the original technical manuals, full dimensional details and photographs of surviving examples preserved in aviation museums illustrate all aspects of the airframe, inside and out. Brief operational history of all export users including Israel, Finland, Belgium, Katanga, Ireland, Brazil and others. Color photographs and many pages of color illustrations complete the book's comprehensive coverage. Profusely illustrated with photos, including walk-around section showing all aspects of the airframe, and diagrams from official manuals. Includes 1/72nd and 1/48th scale plans, and color profiles showing many of the colorful schemes applied to the Fouga Magister by its users, including anniversary schemes. 9788363678388, $39.00, $25.50, paperback, 124p.

Mil Mi-24/35 Hind J Jakub Fojtik This publication covers the legendary soviet attack type, tthe Mi-24 Hind helicopter. As a very first book it describes not only the history and status of the original Mi-24 variants starting with the V-24 prototype tthrough serial Mi-24A, Mi-24D, Mi-24V and Mi-24P models up tto the last Mi-24VP production variant, but also the current development and service up to Mi-35M attack model or latest Mi-35MS VIP modification. Also, the special variants and high speed prototypes are described in detail. The publication includes list of export production and also list of re-exports giving to the reader a full idea of the world footprint of the Hind. A detailed technical description is attached with highlighting of variants deviations. All variants are lavishly illustrated by mostly color pictures including strip down and walk around pictures of the helicopter and its systems. Essential reading for aviation enthusiasts & scale aeromodellers. 9788365281531, $59.00, $38.50, paperback, 200p.


Dassault Rafale Frédéric Lert Designed in the mid-1980s, the Dassault Aviation Rafale, entered service in 2004 for the Navy and in 2006 for the Air Force, the divergent needs having forced France to dissociate the European partners provided early in the project (Germany, UK, Spain and Italy). This book, illustrated with about 200 photos and thirty profiles in color, will address the three versions of the aircraft: the Rafale C (single seat aircraft for the Air Force), the Rafale M (designed by the Navy to integrate with carrier) and Rafale B (Two-seater). 9782352504177, $24.95, $16.50, paperback, 80p.

Russian Aviation Colours 1909-1922. Volume 1 Early Years Marat Khairulin and Boris Stepanov This book describes the history of the little-known emblems and distinctive markings of Russian military aviation from the early origins of domestic military aviation up to the Russian exit from WW1. The authors have managed to collect, and in some cases partially reconstruct, the majority of emblems and signs used in Russia during this period by military aviation units. The book catalogues the differences aviation motifs from the beginning of the formation of Russian military aviation. The collected material is presented in a clear and attractive form - color plates, reconstructed logos, and original photographs from public and private archives. 9788363678487, $75.00, $48.99, hardback, 200p.

Russian Aviation Colours 1909-1922. Volume 2 Great War Boris Stepanov and Marat Khairulin This book describes the history of the little-known emblems and distinctive markings of Russian military aviation from its early origins up to the Russian exit from World War One. The authors have managed to collect, and in some cases partially reconstruct, the majority of emblems and signs used in Russia during this period by military aviation units. The collected material is presented in a clear and attractive form - color plates, reconstructed logos, and original photographs from public and private archives. This profusely illustrated book covers all the aircraft used, with brief details of their service use and comprehensive details of the colors and markings they carried. Besides the many photographs, full color profiles illustrate the markings applied. 9788365281005, $75.00, $48.99, hardback, 200p.

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• MODELING • Russian Aviation Colours 1909-1922. Volume 3 Red Stars Marat Khairulin and A.V. Kazakov This book describes the history of the little-known emblems and distinctive markings of Russian military aviation from its early origins up to the Russian exit from World War One. The authors have managed to collect, and in some cases partially reconstruct, most emblems and signs used in Russia during this period by military aviation units. This profusely illustrated book covers all the aircraft used, with brief details of their service use and comprehensive details of the colors and markings they carried. Detailed color notes and precise descriptions and illustration of national markings over the period complete a book that will be invaluable to aircraft enthusiasts, historians and modelers. Vol 3 describes aircraft used by early Soviet aviation. 9788365281647, $75.00, $48.99, hardback, 240p.

Wingnut Wings. Volume 2 If you are a fan of WWI aircraft then this is a book for you. Showcasing a selection of builds of the stunningly high detailed kits available from New Zealand based brand Wingnut Wings. This publication is the second in a series of books showcasing a number of different kit builds that detail the methods and materials used to achieve the stunning models. 9780993564611, $35.00, $22.99, paperback, 112p.

WK275 The Restoration and Preservation of the Last Supermarine Swift F4 Guy Ellis WK275 is a unique historic airframe and the only Supermarine Swift F4 left in the world. Guy Ellis sets the scene of the importance of Britain’s early jets, covers the development of the Swift, which puts WK275 in context, then traces the heritage of that aircraft, its operational life, how it was acquired and finally the full story of its restoration with a plethora of detailed photographs, drawings and publicity images. The Swift pioneered the second generation of jet fighters and by recording the full story of one special aircraft, Guy Ellis has delivered a fitting tribute to British ingenuity. Ideal for exhibit visitors, vintage aircraft enthusiasts, restorers and Supermarine aficionados. 9781910690505, $39.95, $25.99, hardback, 160p.

Henschel Hs 126 Srecko Bradic Henschel Hs 126 was a two-seater, all-metal hinged monoplane with fixed landing gear. The first prototype – Hs 126 V-1 (D-UBYN) – had its flight-test in August 1936. At the beginning of World War II (invasion of Poland) the Hs 126’s were the backbone of reconnaissance units of the Luftwaffe. The Hs 126 participated in missions over all WW2 fronts: from Africa, the Soviet Union, and West Europe to the Balkans. It is worth noting that the Hs 126 played a role in the rescue of Benito Mussolini on 12th of September 1943. It made a reconnaissance mission to spot landing positions for gliders. 9788365437600, $24.95, $16.50, paperback, 20p.

The Battleship USS Massachusetts Witold Koszela The American battleship USS “Massachusetts” is one of the best known units of its class during World War Two. It was built at Fore River (Quincy) Shipyard in Massachusetts in 1939–1942 and was one of four South Dakota type battleships. The crew serving on USS “Massachusetts” humorously nicknamed their ship the “Big Mamie”. The crucial event of the unit’s service was the battle with a group of French warships which managed to escape from Casablanca. “Massachusetts,” together with assisting cruisers sank the French cruiser “Primauguet” as well as two destroyers: “Boulonnais” and “Fougueux”; another one – “Malin” – was severely damaged. “USS “Massachusetts” is preserved in mint condition and it is the great relic which allows the visitors to feel the “strength” of the unit and get to know the armament, architecture and construction of WW2 era battleships. 9788365437587, $24.95, $16.50, paperback, 28p.

Yorktown Class Aircraft Carriers Roger Chesneau The ShipCraft series provides in-depth information about building and modifying model kits of famous warship types. Each book takes the modeler through a brief history of the subject class. Hints on building the model, and on modifying and improving the basic kit, are followed by a section on paint schemes and camouflage. The subject of this volume is the Yorktown class, the near-legendary American aircraft carriers that kept the Japanese at bay in the dark days between Pearl Harbor and the decisive battle of Midway, where Yorktown herself was lost. 9781848322271, $24.95, $16.50, paperback, 64p.

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• MODELING • The Japanese Battleship Nagato Dmitry Mironov Nagato, named for Nagato Province, was a superdreadnought battleship built for the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) during the 1910s. The lead ship of her class, she carried supplies for the survivors of tthe Great Kantō earthquake in 1923. The ship was modernized in 1934–36 with improvements to her armor and machinery and a rebuilt superstructure in the pagoda mast style. Nagato briefly participated in the Second Sino-Japanese War in 1937 and was the flagship of Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto during the attack on Pearl Harbor. She covered the withdrawal of the attacking ships and did not participate in the attack itself. 9788365437341, $34.95, $22.99, paperback, 80p.

The Light Cruiser SMS Emden Samir Karmieh SMS Emden light cruiser was built by Kaiserliche Werft Danzig dockyard (nowadays Gdańsk in Poland). The construction process began in 1906, the launching of the ship took place on 26 May 1908. Together with SMS Dresden, she belonged to Dresden protected cruiser class. SMS Emden was put into service on 1 April 1910. Eleven days later she was sent to the German colony Qingdao (Tsingtao) in China. The destination was reached on September that year. There the ship was incorporated into German East Asia Squadron. In 1913 LieutenantCommander Karl von Müller took command of the ship. He was soon promoted to the rank of full Commander. 9788364596674, $28.95, $18.99, paperback, 80p.

Naval Archives. Volume 7 9788365437594, $18.95, $12.50, paperback, 80p.


Panzerwrecks 20 Ostfront 3 Lee Archer, Kamen Nevenkin and Felipe Rodna Kamen Nevenkin and Lee Archer join forces tto bring you hitherto unseen photos from the depths of the Russian archives in Panzerwrecks 20: Ostfront 3. This book is exclusively about the havoc and wreckage inflicted on the Panzerwaffe by the Russian airforce around Lake Balaton in Hungary. Lots of late war German AFVs in varying stages of destruction - perfect for the modeler or student of armored conflict. Specially commissioned colour artwork by Felipe Rodna show selected Panzers and the weapons used by the Soviet airforce. Includes a map of the battlefield. 9781908032140, $31.95, $20.99, paperback, 96p.

Panzerwrecks 21 German Armour 1944-45 Lee Archer, Darren Neely and Felipe Rodna 9781908032171, $31.95, $20.99, paperback, 96p.

Panther Tanks Germany Army and Waffen SS, Normandy Campaign 1944 Dennis Oliver Central to the German strategy of dealing with an Allied landing in France was the availability of a strong, mobile armored reserve. In June 1944, as part of this force, the Army in the West was able to deploy over 300 Panther tanks, perhaps the best armored fighting vehicle produced by Germany during the Second World War. British and American tank crews found to their horror that the Panthers could often survive numerous hits while a single round from one of their 75mm guns was enough to destroy any enemy tank. In his book, his third in the TankCraft series, Dennis Oliver uses archive photographs and painstakingly researched, exquisitely presented color illustrations to examine the part these powerful tanks played in the Normandy battles and also the battalions that operated them. As with previous titles in the TankCraft series, a large part of this book showcases available model kits and after market products and accessories, complemented by a gallery of skillfully constructed and painted models. 9781526710932, $22.95, $14.99, paperback, 64p.

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• MODELING • Churchill Tanks British Army, North-west Europe 1944-45 Dennis Oliver Designed as a heavily armored tank which could accompany infantry formations, the Churchill's ability to cross rough ground and climb seemingly unassailable hills became legendary. In his fourth book in the TankCraft series, Dennis Oliver uses archive photographs and thoroughly researched, vividly presented color profiles to tell the story of these iconic British tanks. The large full colour section of this book features available model kits and accessories as well as aftermarket products. There is a gallery of expertly constructed and painted models. A separate section explains technical details and production modifications giving the modeler all the information and knowledge required to recreate an authentic reproduction of one of the tanks that contributed so much to the British effort in the battles for Normandy. 9781526710888, $22.95, $14.99, paperback, 64p.

T-54/55 The Soviet Army's Cold War Main Battle Tank Anthony Tucker-Jones The Soviet T-54/55 is probably the best-known tank of the Cold War, and it was produced in greater numbers that any other tank in history. This photographic history in the Images of War series by Anthony Tucker-Jones is the ideal introduction to it. In over 150 archive photographs and a detailed analytical text, he traces the design and development of the T-54/55 and records its operational history. He describes how it was conceived as a main battle tank, an all-rounder, contrasting with the light, medium and heavy tanks produced in the past, and it proved to be extraordinarily effective. Its relatively simple design also meant it was easy to maintain even in difficult conditions and it was used by armies across the Third World, in particular in wars in Angola, Ethiopia, Mozambique and Somalia. Anthony Tucker-Jones’s history of this remarkable armored vehicle will be absorbing reading for tank enthusiasts and a valuable source for modelers. 9781473891098, $22.95, $14.99, paperback, 144p.

Panzerjäger on the battlefield Jon Feenstra 9786155583070, $41.95, $27.50, hardback, 112p.

Operation Market Garden Paratroopers. Volume 1 Uniforms, Equipment and personal items of the Polish 1st Independent Parachute Brigade Piotr Witkowski A history of the Polish 1st Independent Parachute Brigade in WW2, covering its organization, uniforms and equipment. All personal items and parts of the uniform shown in the detailed photos. Largely overlooked in other histories of parachute troops, the Polish unit differed in many ways from its British counterparts, and this book fleshes out the history and makes good the omissions and errors in other works. 9788365281166, $59.00, $38.50, paperback, 200p.

Operation Market Garden Paratroopers. Volume 2 Weapons, equipment and transport of the Polish 1st Independent Parachute Brigade Piotr Witkowski Weapons, equipment and transport items of Polish (British) paratroopers shown in detailed photos. Largely overlooked in other histories of parachute troops, the Polish unit differed in many ways from its British counterparts, and this book fleshes out the history and makes good the omissions and errors in another works. 9788365281388, $59.00, $38.50, paperback, 160p.

SU-76 on the Battlefield Neil Stokes The SU-76 and SU-76M were the most widely produced Soviet self-propelled artillery pieces of the Second World War, second only to the T-34 tank in terms of production numbers. The SU-76M saw action in all campaigns in the latter years of the war and continued to serve with the Soviet Army and other states long after the war. This book provides a concise yet comprehensive description of the development, production and service of this important series, followed by extensive photographic coverage of the SU-76 and SU-76M in service. 9786155583001, $41.95, $27.50, hardback, 112p.

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• MODERN WARFARE • MODERN WARFARE Afghanistan Revealed Beyond the Headlines Caroline Richards and HRH The Prince of Wales This book takes us beyond the media focus on politics and war into the lives of the Afghan people, and the forces that have shaped their individual and collective history. We are presented with the tasks Afghanistan faces after the 2014 withdrawal of NATO-led combat troops, specifically the need to rebuild the country, create jobs, provide education, tap into its huge economic potential, and provide political and social harmony. Readable and accessible, Afghanistan Revealed is essential background for anyone wishing to understand why peace and stability in the region have been so elusive. 9781848327542, $39.95, $25.99, hardback, 304p.

Armoured Warfare in the Arab-Israeli Conflicts Anthony Tucker-Jones This is a graphic account of the development of armored forces in the Arab and Israeli armies from 1948 to the present day. In a sequence of over 200 archive photographs he tells the story of the role armor played in Arab-Israeli conflicts over the last sixty years, from the initial battles of 1948, through the Suez Crisis, the Six Day War, the Yom Kippur War, the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 1982 and the Israeli attack on Hamas in Gaza in 2008. Anthony Tucker-Jones’s photographic survey is an excellent introduction to late-twentieth-century armored warfare, and it gives a fascinating insight into the military history of Israel and its Arab neighbors. 9781848848054, $24.95, $16.50, paperback, 160p.

3 Para - Mount Longdon - The Bloodiest Battle Jon Cooksey June 1982, and in the middle of a South Atlantic winter, the Falklands War is at its height. The Parachute Regiment has already been in action - 2 Para securing a hard fought victory at Darwin-Goose Green at a heavy price in killed and wounded including their CO, Lieutenant Colonel 'H' Jones, later awarded a posthumous VC. This book tells the story of 3 Para and the oftenneglected struggle for Mount Longdon. It was a battle which tested the discipline, comradeship and professionalism of the paras to the limit; it was a battle which witnessed another posthumous VC; it turned out to be the bloodiest battle of the entire Falklands Campaign. 9781473898967, $24.95, $16.50, paperback, 112p.


Israeli Air Force Operations in the 1956 Suez War 29 October-8 November 1956 Shlomo Aloni By participating in 1956 Suez Crisis Israel exploited an opportunity to join forces with France and the United Kingdom in an attack against Egypt in order to accomplish diplomatic, military, and political objectives. All known Israel Air Force missions and sorties are listed and described and all air combats between Israeli Mysteres and Egyptian MiGs and Vampires are presented and analyzed. The text is supported by numerous photographs and color profiles. 9781910294123, $29.95, $19.50, paperback, 80p.

Hot Skies Over Yemen. Volume 1 Aerial Warfare Over the Southern Arabian Peninsula, 1962-1994 Tom Cooper Using newly released secret intelligence sources, neglected memoirs, and popular memory, this book tells the story of military flying in Yemen between 1962 and 1994. It provides in-depth insights and analysis of campaigns fought by the Egyptian air force of the 1960s, the creation of two Yemeni air forces in the 1970s, an entire series of inter-Yemeni wars of the 1980s and 1990s. Containing over 140 photographs, color profiles, maps and extensive tables, it is a richly illustrated and unique point of reference about one segment of modern aerial warfare that remains entirely unknown until today. 9781912174232, $29.95, $19.50, paperback, 72p.

Beneath the Pale Blue Burqa One Woman's Journey Through Taliban Strongholds Kay Danes On September 11, 2001, when ruthless Al-Qaeda terrorists launched an aerial attack on the United States of America; oblivious to the world's terror, Kay and Kerry Danes sat half a world away, secure in an Embassy after a terrifying 11-month hostage ordeal in communist Laos. This powerful story will have you gripping your chair and holding your breath, as you travel with Kay through Taliban strongholds and the remote wastelands of Al Qaeda terrorists. Her story provides a rare glimpse of places we may never visit and the courageous Afghan people determined to persevere against overwhelming odds. Beneath the Pale Blue Burqa is a truly inspiring journey and an important contribution to the selfless efforts of all who have gone before to brave the perils of Afghanistan. 9781925275056, $24.95, $16.50, paperback, 352p.

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• MODERN WARFARE • The Jihadist Threat The Re-conquest of the West? Paul Moorcraft This updated edition of Professor Paul Moorcraft’s timely and controversial book examines the international and domestic threats to the West from Jihadism. It connects the dots in the Middle East, Asia and Africa and explains what it means for the home front, mainly Britain but also continental Europe and the USA. After briefly tracing the origins of Jihadism from the time of the Prophet, The Jihadist Threat analyzes the fallout from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and how far these fueled the rise of the self-styled Islamic State and other terror groups and the extent these pose to European society. Finally, the author offers suggestions for defeating this existential threat to the Western way of life. 9781526720931, $22.95, $14.99, paperback, 177p.

Breaking the Cycle Youssef Choueiri Sandwiched between Syria and Israel, Lebanon is perhaps fated to be engulfed in the frequent bouts of violence that plague the wider Middle East region. In summer 2006, Beirut found itself once more under siege as Israeli missiles rained upon the capital. More often than not, however, the fighting has been internal - Lebanon has suffered frequent civil wars throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. 9781905299539, $29.95, $19.50, paperback, 323p.

The Marine Corps Way of War The Evolution of the U.S. Marine Corps from Attrition to Maneuver Warfare in the PostVietnam Era Anthony J. Piscitelli This book examines the evolving doctrine, weapons, and capability of the United States Marine Corps during the four decades since our last great conflict in Asia. As Anthony Piscitelli demonstrates, the USMC has maintained its position as the nation’s foremost striking force while shifting its thrust from a reliance upon attrition to a return to maneuver warfare. Piscitelli methodically explains the evolution by using traditional and first-person accounts by the prime movers of this paradigm shift. Throughout The Marine Corps Way of War, the voices of the Marines themselves, in action or through analysis, describe how “the few, the proud” will continue to be America’s cutting-edge force in the future as we move through the 21st Century. This new work is must-reading for not only every Marine, but for everyone interested in the evolution of the world’s finest military force. 9781611213607, $27.50, $17.99, hardback, 264p.

15 Years of War How the Longest War in U.S. History Affected a Military Family in Love, Loss, and the Cost Of Service Kristine Schellhaas 15 Years of War: How the Longest War in U.S. History Affected a Military Family in Love, Loss, and the Cost Of Service provides a unique he said/she said perspective on coping with war in modern-day America. It reveals a true account of how a dedicated Marine and his equally committed spouse faced unfathomable challenges and achieved triumph, from the days just before 9/11 through 15 years of training workups, deployments, and other separations. This story of faith, love, and resilience offers insight into how a decade and a half of war has redefined what it means to be a military family. 9781611213485, $19.95, $12.99, paperback, 384p.

IRIAF 2010 The Modern Iranian Air Force Tom Cooper, Babak Taghvaee and Liam F. Devlin This richly illustrated book describes the current organization and equipment of the Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force (IRIAF). Drawing on a wide range of digital photographs, IRIAF 2010 presents all types of combat, transport and training aircraft, as well as helicopters, currently operated by the IRIAF, many of which are supported by captions detailing individual aircraft histories. Covering an often under-reported and misinterpreted topic, and one that is directly influential in the current standoff between Iran, the US and Israel, this book is a unique reference source for scholar and enthusiast alike. 9780982553930, $64.95, $42.50, paperback, 160p.

Craftsmen of the Army. Volume III This, the third, volume of REME’s distinguished history covers the period from postCold War drawdown to the end of UK combat operations in Afghanistan, during which time REME was continuously involved in operations. The narrative knits together personal accounts of front line experiences with an explanation the political and military background, with a particular focus on equipment support issues. It explains how REME operates and deals with broader issues related to the procurement and support of equipment, and the changing organizations delivering these vital services, within which members of REME have frequently played key enabling roles. 9781473899889, $60.00, $39.50, hardback, 656p.

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• MODERN WARFARE • NAPOLEONIC WARS • Far Distant Ships The Blockade of Brest, 1793-1815 Quintin Barry It was a cardinal principle of British naval strategy to blockade the port of Brest, the largest and most important of the French naval bases that threatened the security of the British Isles. Drawing on the official and personal correspondence of those involved, this book traces the development of British naval strategy, as well as describing the crucial encounters between the rival fleets and the single ship actions which provided the press with a constant flow of news stories for its readers 9781911512141, $59.95, $38.99, hardback, 352p.

Superpowers, Rogue States and Terrorism Countering the Security Threats to the West Paul Moorcraft In this thoughtful book the author, who combines scholarship with gritty on-theground experience, examines numerous options to counter the insidious threat that faces not only Western civilization but the wider world. These range from the extremes such as deportation and internment, through the multifaceted combined actions against hate preachers, intensified intelligence work and border security to comprehensive and inclusive joint action programs. This is an important and timely book on what is today the greatest security threat, written by an acknowledged expert. 9781473894723, $32.95, $21.50, hardback, 208p.

Tigers at War The Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment. 25 Years in Front-Line Modern Conflict Michael Scott and Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II of Denmark Tigers at War is the remarkable story of the infantrymen of the Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment, who have served on the front line in Northern Ireland, the Balkans, Iraq, and Afghanistan, as well as the many small wars and brush fires across Africa, Asia, and Europe. Tigers at War provides an impressive and compelling life and times portrait of the modern Regiment in war and conflict. This superbly researched book, written by a serving officer, and incorporating the vivid reminiscences of the soldiers in the thick of action, is a tribute not only to an exceptional fighting regiment but also to the extraordinary acts of courage of its individual infantrymen. 9781912174249, $59.95, $38.99, hardback, 312p.


NAPOLEONIC WARS Marshal Ney At Quatre Bras New Perspectives on the Opening Battle of the Waterloo Campaign Paul L Dawson The French Marshal Ney was given command of the left wing of Napoleon’s army and ordered to seize the vital crossroads at Quatre Bras, as the prelude to an advance on Brussels. Ney’s failure at Quatre Bras had disastrous consequences for Napoleon, whose divided army was not able to reunite in time to face Wellington at Waterloo. This revelatory study of the Waterloo campaign draws primarily on French archival sources, and previously unpublished French accounts, to present a balanced view of a battle normally seen only from the British or Anglo-Allied perspective. 9781526700711, $44.95, $29.50, hardback, 256p.

Inside Wellington's Peninsular Army: 1808-1814 Robert Burnham, Ron McGuigan, Rory Muir and Howie Muir The British army reached the apogee of its success in the war against Napoleon, and in particular in the famous campaigns in the Peninsula, while under Wellington’s command. This book breaks new ground in a series of meticulous studies which reveal the hidden mechanisms that lie behind triumphs such as Salamanca and Vitoria. At the same time it places Wellington’s campaigns in their strategic context and explains how he achieved his success.Wellington’s key subordinates are given the attention they deserve, and there is an authoritative explanation of the importance of rank and seniority. Fascinating studies of bridging operations and the role of reconnaissance are included, and an invaluable appendix lists the titles of hundreds of firsthand accounts by British soldiers 9781473827615, $24.95, $16.50, paperback, 336p.

Lutzen and Bautzen Napoleon's Spring Campaign of 1813 George Nafziger ‘Lutzen and Bautzen’ is a detailed and masterful study of a misunderstood and little covered campaign. Yet it was a war between titans as Napoleon led his conscripts to crush a foe worthy to face him. From the great battles of Lutzen and Bautzen to the skirmishes with marauding Cossacks, George Nafziger follows the complete campaign in Germany from top to bottom, with a wealth of detail. A great researcher, George Nafziger uncovers the secrets of one of the greatest of Napoleonic campaigns. This new edition incorporates a new set of images, and newly commissioned maps. 9781911512271, $69.95, $45.50, hardback, 388p.

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• NAPOLEONIC WARS • Napoleon and Grouchy The Last Great Waterloo Mystery Unravelled Paul L Dawson Now, for the first time, Grouchy’s conduct during the Waterloo campaign is analyzed in fine detail, drawing principally on French sources not previously available in English. The author answers questions such as whether key orders did actually exist in 1815 or were they later fabrications to make Grouchy the scapegoat for Napoleon’s failures? Did General Gérard really tell Grouchy to ‘march to the sound of the guns’? Why did Grouchy appear to move so slowly when speed was essential? This book is certain to fuel debate and prompt historians to reconsider the events of June 1815. 9781526700674, $44.95, $29.50, hardback, 352p.

The Anatomy of Glory Napoleon and His Guard Henri Lachouque and Anne S K Brown Napoleon’s Imperial Guard was arguably the most famous military formation to tread the battlefields of Europe. In this magnificent study, unparalleled in depth and scope, the renowned French historian Commandant Henry Lachouque has produced a lavish and sumptuous work. It combines vivid narrative with valuable and unique uniform illustrations, including seventy-four full color plates from the Anne S.K. Brown collection, to make The Anatomy of Glory one of the most important and most sought-after books on military history ever published. 9781526703415, $59.95, $38.99, hardback, 776p.

The Forgotten War Against Napoleon Conflict in the Mediterranean Gareth Glover The campaigns fought against Napoleon in the Iberian peninsula, in France, Germany, Italy and Russia and across the rest of Europe have been described and analyzed in exhaustive detail. Gareth Glover provides compelling account of the struggle on land and at sea for control of a region that was critical for the outcome of the Napoleonic Wars. The story of this twenty-year conflict is illustrated with numerous quotes from a large number of primary sources, many of which are published here for the first time. 9781473833951, $50.00, $32.50, hardback, 288p.

The French Army of the Orient 1798-1801 Napoleon's beloved 'Egyptians' Yves Martin More than 200 years ago a revolutionary French Army invaded Egypt, then part of the Ottoman Empire; this presence lasted beyond Bonaparte’s own departure and subsequent rise to power as First Consul. It ended with another invasion this time by the British - and the repatriation in France of what was left of the 'Army of the Orient'. Drawing from a wealth of original primary material, this study focuses on the French Army of the Orient and its organization, uniforms, equipment and daily life. It aims at providing a renewed and updated image of the French soldier, as told by the surviving archives, memoirs and rare contemporary iconography. 9781911512714, $49.95, $32.50, paperback, 160p.

The French Imperial Guard 1800-1815. Volume 1 Foot Troops André Jouineau and Jean-Marie Mongin Volume 1 covers the uniforms, the equipment, and the armament of The Old Guard, who were launched into the battle at the decisive moment. Explaining the concepts of the organization of Old, Middle and Young Guards, illustrator and researcher André Jouineau presents the general colonels, grenadiers, chasseurs, fusiliers, velites, flankers, pupils, veterans, workers, engineers, doctors, Podestats and other gunners. This book is the new version that has been completely redesigned, revised, amended and widely expanded – it contains nearly 50% new characters from the book published several years ago. 9782840484950, $35.00, $22.99, hardback, 176p.

Waterloo: Rout and Retreat The French Perspective Andrew W Field This, the fourth volume in Andrew Field's highly praised study of the Waterloo campaign from the French perspective, depicts in vivid detail the often neglected final phase – the rout and retreat of Napoleon's army. The text is based exclusively on French eyewitness accounts which give an inside view of the immediate aftermath of the battle and carry the story through to the army's disbandment in late 1815. Napoleon’s own flight from Waterloo is an essential part of the narrative, but the main emphasis is on the fate of the beaten French army as it was experienced by eyewitnesses who lived through the last days of the campaign. 9781526701718, $39.95, $25.99, hardback, 352p.

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• NAPOLEONIC WARS • NAVAL HISTORY • Waterloo: The Campaign of 1815 Volume II: From Waterloo to the Restoration of Peace in Europe John Hussey The concluding volume of this work provides a fresh description of the climatic battle of Waterloo placed in the context of the whole campaign. It discusses several vexed questions: Blücher’s intentions for the battle, Wellington’s choice of site, his reasons for placing substantial forces at Hal, the placement of Napoleon’s artillery, who authorized the French cavalry attacks, Grouchy’s role on 18 and 19 June, Napoleon’s own statements on the Garde’s formation in the final attack, and the climactic moment when the Prussians reached Wellington’s troops near la Belle Alliance. The book concludes with a masterly chapter reviewing the whole story of the 1815 campaign. 9781784382001, $52.95, $34.50, hardback, 616p.

Wellington’s Highland Warriors From the Black Watch Mutiny to the Battle of Waterloo Stuart Reid This book covers the early history of the British Army’s Highland regiments, from the raising of the Black Watch in 1739 to the battle of Waterloo in 1815. Stuart Reid provides an entertaining and thoroughly original study of the circumstances in which the regiments were authorized and recruited, not just in the Highlands but all across Scotland, so that “Highlanders and Scotchmen” became synonymous. The story is a fascinating one which reveals the very different expectations and experiences of Highland soldiers; filled with engaging rogues with stories of bitter feuds, and those recruits themselves who were more than capable of giving as good as they got; demanding and receiving legally binding concessions from their landlords turned recruiters and then like George Gordon from the Cabrach. 9781848325579, $39.95, $25.99, hardback, 256p.

NAVAL HISTORY The World Sea Power Guide David Wragg This book provides the composition and details of all naval elements of a staggering 137 nations’ armed forces including paramilitary organizations as the US Coast Guard Service. The book starts with an introduction based on the situation today and the response of the leading

De Ruyter Dutch Admiral Jaap Bruijn, Ronald Prud'homme van Reine and Rolof van Hövell tot Westerflier Was Michiel de Ruyter the greatest sea commander who ever lived? Or simply the greatest sea-commander of the 17th century? Some people see him as the man who saved the Dutch Republic, and ensured its independence. He knew how to fight a sea-battle on the grandest scale. Louis XIV, often his opponent, called him 'a man who did honor to humanity'. In this book, nine leading historical authorities from seven different countries examine his astonishing career. 9789490258030, $85.00, $55.50, hardback, 280p.

Pirate Hunter: The Life of Captain Woodes Rogers Graham A.Thomas On 2 August 1708, Captain Woodes Rogers set sail from Bristol with two ships, the Duke and Duchess, on an epic voyage of circumnavigation that was to make him famous. His mission was to attack, plunder and pillage Spanish ships wherever he could. And, as Graham Thomas shows in this tense and exciting narrative, after a series of pursuits and sea battles he returned laden with booty and with a reputation as one of the most audacious and shrewd fighting captains of the age. He was equally successful as a privateer and pirate-hunter in an age when brutality and ruthlessness were the law of the sea. 9781844158089, $39.99, $25.99, hardback, 224p.

Man of War The Fighting Life of Admiral James Saumarez: From The American Revolution to the Defeat of Napoleon Anthony Sullivan The career of Guernsey-born Admiral James Saumarez reads like an early history of the Royal Navy. His first battle was against the American revolutionaries in 1775, but thereafter his main opponents were the French and the Spanish, and the first fighting ship he commanded, the eight-gun galley Spitfire, was involved in forty-seven engagements before being run aground. Promoted to Rear Admiral, he led his ships at the battles of Algeciras and the Gut of Gibraltar. Saumarez was then dispatched into the Baltic, where he helped thwart Napoleon’s attempt at conquering Russia. Tony Sullivan, however, tells the true story of one of the most remarkable individuals of the great days of sail, in the first biography of Saumarez for more than 170 years. 9781526706515, $50.00, $32.50, hardback, 272p.

maritime powers. 9781848848795, $50.00, $32.50, hardback, 288p.


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• NAVAL HISTORY • Battleships of the World Struggle for Naval Supremacy 1820 - 1945 John Fidler The battleships of the world’s navies in the 1820s were descended directly in line from the Revenge of 1577. In the next half century, steel, steam and shells had wrought a transformation and by 1906, Dreadnought had ushered in a revolution in naval architecture. The naval race between Britain and Germany that followed, led to the clash of the navies at Jutland in 1916. When in 1940 biplane Swordfish torpedo bombers of the Fleet Air Arm sank three Italian battleships at their moorings in Taranto, the Japanese sensed their opportunity. Their attack on the American Pacific fleet base at Pearl Harbor sank eight battleships – but the American carriers escaped destruction. Soon after the war ended, most were sent for scrap, and a naval tradition had come to an end. 9781473871465, $32.95, $21.50, hardback, 160p.

Tracing Your Seafaring Ancestors A Guide to Maritime Photographs for Family Historians Simon Wills Photographs of your seafaring ancestors may tell you more about their lives than you realize, and Simon Wills’s helpful and practical guide shows you how to identify and interpret the evidence caught on camera. Since maritime roles have been so vital to Britain’s prosperity and military might, they are among the commonest professions depicted in photographs of our ancestors, his handbook is the ideal introduction to them. This book shows you how to spot photographic clues to an individual’s career. Whether your ancestor served in the merchant navy or the Royal Navy or in another seagoing role such as a fisherman, a lifeboatman, or even a ship’s passenger, Simon Wills’s book will be your guide. 9781473834330, $24.95, $16.50, paperback, 192p.

Sailors Behind the Medals Waging War At Sea 1939–1945 Chris Bilham The story of the Royal Navy in the Second World War is an epic, consisting both of dramatic battles such as the River Plate and Matapan, and drawn-out campaigns such as the escort of convoys to Malta and northern Russia. The author examines the careers of twenty-three sailors who took part in these actions which resulted in the award of their medals. He illustrates a cross-section of the wartime Navy longservice regulars, volunteers, recalled veterans of the Great War, Hostilities Only ratings. The author also examines the medals that were awarded for gallantry. 9781473896499, $50.00, $32.50, hardback, 264p.

The Silent Service in World War II The Story of the U.S. Navy Submarine Force in the Words of the Men Who Lived It Michael Green and Edward Monroe-Jones The Silent Service in World War II tells the story of America’s intrepid underwater warriors in the words of the men who lived the war in the Pacific against Japan. This book takes you through the war as you learn what it was like to serve on submarines in combat, the exhilaration of a successful attack, and the terror of being depth-charged. From early war patrols in obsolescent, unreliable S-boats to new, modern fleet submarines roving the Pacific, the forty-six stories in this anthology give you a full understanding of what it was like to be a U.S. Navy submariner in combat. 9781612001258, $32.95, $21.50, hardback, 264p.

The Pacific Naval War 1941-1945 David Wragg The book begins by setting the scene in the Far East and the decisions that led Japan into war, and also by looking at the situation faced by the Royal Navy elsewhere, with its initial heavy losses of major ships, and especially aircraft carriers. The conflict saw the Royal Australian Navy develop from a small force designed to support the Royal Navy in the southern hemisphere into a viable naval force in its own right and ready to become a balanced fleet in the immediate postwar years. The progress of the war is supported by eyewitness accounts from those involved in the fighting at sea. 9781848842830, $39.95, $25.99, hardback, 224p.

Bismarck and Hood The Battle of the Denmark Strait – A Technical Analysis for a New Perspective Marco Santarini The legendary Battle of the Denmark Strait, which saw the mighty German battleship Bismarck sink Britain's HMS Hood in an epic duel of the titans, has been dogged by controversy to this day. The events and tactics leading up to the battle are explained within their various contexts and a cinematic and ballistic model of the battle was developed, essential for a statistical analysis of Hood's sinking. This fascinating book disposes of myths and falsehoods to give a more definitive and realistic interpretation of this iconic battle between HMS Hood and Bismarck. 9781781556337, $28.95, $18.99, paperback, 184p.

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• NAVAL HISTORY • UNIFORMS & EQUIPMENT • U-564 Au cœur d'une mission du Korvettenkapitän Teddy Suhren Lawrence Paterson From an amazing collection of photographs, found in the underwater base of the U-boats of Brest at the end of the war, this unique book traces the complete history of a U-boats’ missions during the summer of 1942. This remarkable book provides a unique perspective on both the day by day life on a U-boat and the intricate workings of the German Navy. Through the successes and trials of U-564, the reader is taken through this huge naval battlefield; perhaps one of the most important theaters of the Second World War. French text. 9782840484516, $52.00, $33.99, hardback, 160p.

U-Boats of the Second World War Their Longest Voyages Jak P. Mallmann Showell The facts of what the U-boats achieved against massive odds have been told before, but this book concentrates more on how it was done. The book is based on masses of previously unpublished documents from the German U-boat Museum, many of them written during or shortly after the war by men who survived this bitter conflict. This is the story of how specially built long-range ocean-going U-boats started out one step ahead of the Allied navies and air power, how they fell one step behind and how they finally vanished into the depths of the biggest and deepest oceans. This is a remarkable story of endurance, courage and comradeship that terrified the world for the most critical period of the Second World War. 9781781556344, $29.95, $19.50, paperback, 240p.

UNIFORMS & EQUIPMENT The Tanks The History of the Royal Tank Regiment, 19762017 Charles Messenger This volume of the Regiment’s history, begins in the midst of the Cold War, with the four RTR regiments mainly based in Germany. Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait resulted in the First Gulf War, in which the Regiment played its part in many ways. This history not only covers the Regiment’s numerous operational tours. It details the vehicles it has used and provides an idea of how life in the RTR has changed over the past forty years. It does not duck controversy and allows the voices of all ranks to be heard. ‘The Tanks’ reflects an ever changing British Army, the one constant being the character of the RTR soldier, the Tankie. 9781912174003, $59.95, $38.99, hardback, 232p.


Les paras allemands. Volume 1 Uniformes 1936-1945 Karl Veltzé This work describes in depth the 'green Devils' operations, the attack on Norway in the last days of the Third Reich, passing by the assault on the Belgian fortress of Eben Emael. Campaigns in Holland, Crete, North Africa, Russia, Italy, Normandy and the Ardennes are included in this trilogy. With the help of collectors and museums around the world, the author and the German Publisher have undertaken an unprecedented collaboration. The three volumes total more than 1,000 pages in color, with thousands of photos of objects from collections of the Fallschirmjäger including pieces never revealed and investigated. 9782840484486, $143.00, $92.99, hardback, 368p.

Les paras allemands. Volume 2 Casques, équipements et armes 1936-1945 Karl Veltzé French text: This work describes in depth the 'green Devils' operations, the attack on Norway in the last days of the Third Reich, passing by the assault on the Belgian fortress of Eben Emael. Campaigns in Holland, Crete, North Africa, Russia, Italy, Normandy and the Ardennes are included in this trilogy. With the help of collectors and museums around the world, the author and the German Publisher have undertaken an unprecedented collaboration. The three volumes total more than 1,000 pages in color, with thousands of photos of objects from collections of the Fallschirmjäger including pieces never revealed and investigated. 9782840484493, $143.00, $92.99, hardback, 376p.

Rails to the Front The Role of Railways in Wartime Augustus Veenendaal and Roger Grant The military use of railways derives from their ability to move troops or materiel rapidly and, less commonly, on their use as a platform for military systems (like armoured trains and heavy artillery). In Rails to the Front, historians Augustus J. Veenendaal and H. Roger Grant capture the critical impact of railways in an abundance of conflicts worldwide, from the German revolutions in the 1840s to the Gulf War in the 1990s. This lavishly illustrated, careful study is the first of its kind in English. 9789490258153, $39.95, $25.99, hardback, 250p.

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• UNIFORMS & EQUIPMENT • VIETNAM WAR • U.S. Army Insignia 1941-1945 Pierre Besnard Towards the end of the Great War, the United States Army started to distinguish its units with cloth shoulder insignia. From 1941, due to the terrific expansion of its numbers, these multicolored shoulder patches became more numerous and contributed to the spirit of the new units. This guide illustrates in full color the insignia worn by Army units, in Europe, Asia, and the Pacific, together with a brief history and the main variations. 9782352503002, $29.95, $19.50, paperback, 84p.

Godoy's Army Spanish Regiments and Uniforms from the Estado Militar of 1800 Charles Esdaile and Alan Perry This work cannot but form a most unusual addition to the collection of anyone interested in military uniforms. Almost every regiment of the Spanish Army is represented while the beautiful full-page, hand-colored engravings of the originals have been supplemented by a transcript of the details given in the published edition of the army’s order of battle, to which the album reproduced in the pages of this work was intended to complement. Also included is a substantial introduction to the Spanish Army in the period immediately preceding the Peninsular War; the soldiers seen in the book are, after all, pretty much the same as the soldiers who suddenly found themselves fighting Napoleon in 1808. A foreword by the current owner of the original - the wellknown wargamer and figure designer Alan Perry - explains how the book came into his possession. 9781911512653, $39.95, $25.99, paperback, 120p.

Uniforms of the German Solider An Illustrated History from 1870 to the Present Day Alejandro M de Quesada This book traces the evolution of the German Army uniform from 1870 to the present day, using nearly 800 photographs to offer the reader an unparalleled analysis. Each image is accompanied by a detailed caption, explaining interesting aspects of the soldier’s uniform, insignia and equipment. It begins with the German Empire at its height, with the iconic spiked Pickelhaube and the colonial troops in Africa, Asia and the Pacific, and moves on to the field-grey uniforms of the First World War. No other country’s army has undergone such changes in the past century-and-a-half, and this book provides a unique visual record of those changes. 9781848326934, $50.00, $32.50, hardback, 416p.

VIETNAM WAR American Missiles The Complete Smithsonian Field Guide Brian D. Nicklas This remarkable guide provides for the first time an illustrated listing of almost 200 of America’s most powerful missiles. With information on all aspects of the missile’s specifications, including the speed and capacity of the explosives used in its warhead, this book provides a comprehensive guide to the US Army’s projectile hardware. 'American Missiles: The Complete Smithsonian Field Guide' draws heavily on the Herbert S. Desind Photo Collection, a resource of more than 110,000 images recently catalogued at the National Air and Space Museum. Of interest to both the specialist and the aviation enthusiasts, this book demonstrates the evolution of American missile design over the last forty years in an accessible and entertaining format. 9781848325173, $60.00, $39.50, hardback, 336p.

The Easter Offensive, Vietnam 1972. Volume 1 Invasion across the DMZ Albert Grandolini On 30 March 1972 the South Vietnamese positions along the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) that separated the North from South Vietnam were suddenly shelled by hundreds of heavy guns and multiple rocket launchers. Caught in a series of outposts, the shocked defenders had just enough time to emerge from their bunkers at the end of the barrage before they were attacked by regular North Vietnamese Army divisions. Thus began one of the fiercest campaigns of the Vietnam War but also one of the less well documented because by then most of the American ground forces had been withdrawn. 9781910294079, $29.95, $19.50, paperback, 72p.

The Easter Offensive, Vietnam 1972. Volume 2 Tanks in the streets Albert Grandolini On 30 March 1972, while peace negotiations had been dragging on for four years in Paris, the North Vietnamese launched a wide scale offensive in order to break the stalemate. At that date, practically no American ground forces remained in South Vietnam. But nobody imagined the magnitude of the multidivisional, armor led onslaught. The blow fell first across the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) separating the North from South Vietnam (see Volume 1). Following from the initial attack, in a surprise move, three communist divisions with T-54 tanks attacked from their sanctuaries in Cambodia just north of Saigon. 9781910294086, $29.95, $19.50, paperback, 72p.

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• VIETNAM WAR • WARGAMING • Target Saigon. Volume 1 1973-75: The Pretence of Peace Albert Grandolini After 27 years of conflict it seemed that peace would finally settle on the Indochina peninsula on 27 January 1973 with the signing of a peace accord in Paris. The first volume sets the scene, by making an assessment of the situation on the field, in both tactical and strategic perspectives. It also examines the last episode of the US gradual withdrawal as well as the implementation of part of the Peace Accords with the removal by the US Navy of the mines sown by its aircraft from the North Vietnamese ports and inland waters. Most at all, it also details the initial fighting that not only resumed but soon escalated into divisional-level battles where the South Vietnamese still prevailed. 9781911512349, $29.95, $19.50, paperback, 88p.

Australian Military Operations in Vietnam Albert Palazzo From 1962 to 1972 Australia joined the United States in fighting a communist inspired insurgency war in the jungles of South Vietnam against infiltrators who sought to overthrow the local government. Although now in the past, the Vietnam War resonates with lessons for the Australian Army as it strives to defeat not Communism but Terrorism. Australian Military Operations in Vietnam highlights some of the successes and failures of an earlier generation of officers for the benefit of today’s leaders. 9780980475388, $16.95, $11.50, paperback, 192p.

LBJ's Hired Gun A Marine Corps Helicopter Gunner and the War in Vietnam John J. Gebhart Many Vietnam memoirs have appeared in recent years, but not a single one has the humor, pathos, poignancy, and often sheer hilarity of John J. Gebhart’s riveting LBJ’S Hired Gun. LBJ’s Hired Gun is the story of an enlisted man who lived on a dead-end street in West Philadelphia, intent on lifting your spirits and putting a smile on your face as you journey with him across the world and meet the people, explore the places, and relive the events that shaped Marine Corps history in Vietnam from September 1965 to September 1967. There are many outstanding Vietnam memoirs. LBJ’s Hired Gun stands heads and shoulders above them all. 9781932033656, $32.95, $21.50, hardback, 384p.


WARGAMING Angel's Wing An Year in the Skies of Vietnam Joseph R. Finch Angel’s Wing is Joe Finch’s account of the year he spent with A Company, the “Little Bears” during the Vietnam War. His story is raw and authentic, unflinching in its honesty. Whether he writes of a preposterous moment or of brutality and death, his personal account is powerful. At other times, you will open your eyes in wonder at the dedication that the young men fighting there demonstrated. Finch arrived in Vietnam in 1969 as a young, naïve lieutenant. And he learned the importance of medical evacuation of the wounded--the Medevac--in saving soldier’s lives. He made it his personal mission and his most significant achievement. Finch’s unforgettable story is very personal, yet reveals something larger: a glimpse into the character of many who flew in the skies of Vietnam. 9780910155458, $16.95, $11.50, hardback, 160p.

Fire Support Bases Vietnam Australian and Allied Fire Support Base Locations and Main Support Units Bruce Picken This is a meticulous documentation of the construction, location, and role of fire support bases during the Vietnam War, compiled by Vietnam veteran Bruce Picken. Often makeshift bases hacked out of primary jungle, these artillery gun areas provided essential support to infantry field units during operations in South Vietnam.This is an essential reference book for those with a serious interest in the Vietnam War, and adds valuable detail to the study of a campaign that occupies a unique place in the Australian psyche. 9781921941542, $29.95, $19.50, hardback, 500p.

Wargaming on a Budget Gaming Constrained by Money or Space Iain Dickie Iain Dickie, one of the bestknown names in the hobby shares dozens of hints and tips on how to cut the cost of your gaming and get 'more bang for your buck'. He offers sound practical advice on buying and building your armies (should you opt for metal, plastic, or even card, and in which scale?), gaming tables, terrain, buildings and even storage solutions. As well as purely financial constraints, Iain Dickie also recognizes the fact that available space is another major restriction for many gamers and tackles this issue too. Now you've got no excuse not to get wargaming! 9781848841154, $29.95, $19.50, paperback, 176p.

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• WARGAMING • Wargame The American Revolutionary War Peter Dennis and Andy Callan In the 'Battle in America' series, well-known historical illustrator Peter Dennis breathes life back into the 19th century paper soldier, supplying all the artwork needed to create the armies which struggled for Liberty across the states of the colonial new world. Here Washington's army can clash again with the redcoats of the King, using simple rules from veteran wargamer Andy Callan. Although the figures can be used with any of the commercial sets of wargame rules, an introduction to wargaming and a simple set of rules by veteran wargamer Andy Callan is included, along with buildings, trees and even artillery along with brave Minute men and ruthless Hessian mercenaries. 9781912174133, $29.95, $19.50, other, 48p.

Wargame The American Civil War Peter Dennis and Andy Callan In the 'Battle in America' series, well-known historical illustrator Peter Dennis breathes life back into the 19th century paper soldier, supplying all the artwork needed to create the armies which fought for and against the Union across the United States. Here the blue and the grey regiments can clash again, using simple rules from Veteran wargamer Andy Callan. Although the figures can be used with any of the commercial sets of wargame rules, an introduction to wargaming and a simple set of rules by veteran wargamer Andy Callan is included, along with buildings, trees and even artillery along with daring rebel cavalry and colorful Zouaves. 9781912174126, $29.95, $19.50, other, 48p.

Wargame: The Roman Invasion, AD 43-84 Peter Dennis and Andy Callan In the Battle for Britain series, well-known historical illustrator Peter Dennis breathes life back into the 19th century paper soldier, supplying all the artwork needed to create the armies which struggled for supremacy through our island history. Here, the Legions of Rome and the fierce Celtic inhabitants of Britannia can clash again using simple rules from veteran wargamer Andy Callan. This source book shows you how to copy and make any number of colorful and durable stands of troops using traditional skills with glue and scissors. To play the game you will need a tabletop playing surface, a tape measure and a handful of dice. 9781911512035, $29.95, $19.50, paperback, 48p.

Wargame: 1066 Saxons, Vikings, Normans Peter Dennis and Andy Callan In these books, Peter Dennis sets the paper soldiers of the 19th century marching again across the war games tables of the 21st. All the troop types of the wars are represented in full color in a format designed to create stands of soldiers which can be used to re-fight these epic struggles for the control of Britain. Although the figures can be used with any of the commercial sets of war-game rules, an introduction to war-gaming and a simple set of rules by veteran war gamer Andy Callan is included, along with buildings, trees and even Viking ships to transport Harald Hardrada’s men to meet their fate at Stamford Bridge. 9781911096290, $29.95, $19.50, paperback, 48p.

Wargame: The Spanish Armada 1588 Peter Dennis and Andy Callan In this title in the Battle for Britain series, well-known historical illustrator Peter Dennis takes the battle out to sea, supplying all the artwork needed to create the navies which clashed in the English channel at a moment of supreme danger for the realm. Artwork is also suppled for a printable squared sea surface, coastline and islands. Here, the galleons, Nao and galleasses of the Spanish invader can clash again with the sea dogs of Elizabeth I using simple rules from veteran wargamer Andy Callan. This source book shows you how to copy and make any number of simple and colorful ship cut-out models using traditional skills with glue and scissors. To play the game you will need a tabletop playing surface and a handful of dice. 9781911512042, $29.95, $19.50, paperback, 48p.

Wargame: The War Of The Roses 1455-1487 Peter Dennis and Andy Callan In these books, Peter Dennis sets the paper soldiers of the 19th century marching again across the wargames tables of the 21st. All the troop types of the wars are represented in full colour in a format designed to create stands of soldiers which can be used to re-fight these epic struggles for the control of Britain. Although the figures can be used with any of the commercial sets of wargame rules, an introduction to wargaming and a simple set of rules by veteran wargamer Andy Callan is included, along with buildings, trees and even early gunpowder weapons, fearsome Irish Kern and ruthless European mercenaries. 9781911096306, $29.95, $19.50, paperback, 48p.

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• WARGAMING • The Wargaming Compendium Henry Hyde This book gives a complete introduction to the hobby of wargaming with miniatures, especially suitable for the newcomer but also containing sufficient depth and breadth of information to attract the more experienced gamer. The book is a visual treat, but one built on the solid foundations of a highly literate and engaging text that does not ‘dumb down’ the hobby. The contents include a brief history of the development of wargaming, choice of periods from ancients to sci-fi, the question of scale (not only of miniatures, but the size of game from the smallest skirmishes to epic battles), terrain, buying and painting miniatures, creating scenarios for wargames, running a campaign, solo wargaming and so on. 9781848842212, $60.00, $39.50, hardback, 256p.

Blood, Bilge and Iron Balls A Tabletop Game of Naval Battles in the Age of Sail Alan Abbey Blood, Bilge and Iron Balls is a set of wargame rules for naval battles in the age of sail. With them you can recreate the triumphs of Nelson or Hawke or tackle pirates on the Spanish Main. The basic rules have been written with the emphasis on providing a fast-playing and fun game, but optional rules are included which will add a greater level of historical realism and detail. Also included are a selection of scenarios for re-fighting specific historical battles and simple campaign rules. The rule book includes sheets of ship counters which can be used to get started. Just add dice, tape measure and pencil and you're ready to play. 9781848845343, $33.95, $22.50, hardback, 128p.

The Kingdom is Ours Fast play rules for wargaming the English Civil War period James Daniels The reader is given a very simple and enjoyable insight into the English Civil War. A compellingly playable set of fast play rules provide entertainment and challenge for both the novice and veteran players alike, entwined with glorious pictures of the Bicorne English Civil War miniature figure range. The reader is encouraged to collect and paint an army of model soldiers, with a view to playing enjoyable wargames with friends. To this end there is a section on how to build up your army if you are new to the period, as well as a couple of scenarios to give the reader a good idea of what can be achieved with this fun-to-play set of rules. 9781910777688, $29.95, $19.50, paperback, 88p.


Tabletop Wargames A Designers’ and Writers’ Handbook Rick Priestley and John Lambshead Rick and John give excellent advice on deciding what you want from a wargame and balancing ‘realism’ (be it in a historical or a fantasy/sci-fi context) with playability. They discuss the relative merits of various mechanisms (cards, dice, tables) then discuss how to select and combine these to handle the various essential game elements of turn sequences, combat resolution, morale etc to create a rewarding and playable game that suits your tastes and requirements 9781783831487, $24.95, $16.50, paperback, 192p.

Wargamer’s Scenarios: The Peninsular War 1808 - 1814 Jon Sutherland and Diane Canwell The enjoyment of wargaming is greatly enhanced if the battles (games) are played within well thought-out scenarios. This book is designed to take the time and effort out of organizing fascinating and challenging wargames set in the Peninsular War. In addition to 20 carefully devised scenarios of varying size and complexity, this book contains a concise introduction to the theater of operations and an integrated chronology of battles and campaigns, showing where the scenarios fit into the wider events. The scenarios and orders of battle are intended for use with Pen & Sword's own Napoleonic wargame rules, Grand Battery, but they are easily adaptable for use with other leading systems. 9781844159475, $24.95, $16.50, paperback, 192p.

One-hour Wargames Practical Tabletop Battles for those with limited time and space Neil Thomas The book contains 8 (all-new) sets of very simple rules for various periods, from Ancient to WW2 and 30 scenarios which can be played using any of them, so you don’t even have to take too much time thinking up a stimulating tactical situation and objectives. All the rules and scenarios are intended to be played on a 3ft x 3ft battlefield. The rules only require a small number of miniatures, so this really is an ideal way for new gamers, or veterans trying a new period, to get started with minimal investment of time and money. Also ideal for a quick game in the evening when a friend pops round. There are also sections on campaigns and solo games. 9781473822900, $19.95, $12.99, paperback, 176p.

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• WARGAMING • WARS IN AFRICA • Blitzkrieg: Recits, Cartes, Organigrammes, Strategies, Tactiques, Jeux Philippe Naud French Text This comprehensive book covers the German Blitzkrieg, from the invasion of Poland in 1939 to the first year on the Eastern Front (1941), not forgetting the campaign in the West (April-June 1940), as well as the board wargames that simulate all these events. Thanks to the analysis of the German offensive methods and processes, plus the way they are symbolized in the various board games, the “Lightning War” is fully explained. 9782915239522, $22.95, $14.99, paperback, 80p.

Rome Recits, Cartes, Organigrammes, Strategies, Tactiques, Jeux Frédéric Bey French Text This is a new series for war gamers and includes lessons on tactics and strategy in a new approach which links facts from history with games. This volume covers the history of the Roman Army from 1st Century BC to 5th Century AD, through the many board games that have simulated this great war machine. The evolution of the Legion over six centuries and all the main campaigns of Rome are detailed in this new, comprehensive book. 9782352500087, $22.95, $14.99, paperback, 80p.

Medieval Warfare: Rules for Medieval Battles 450 - 1515AD Terry L. Gore The medieval period was a time of feudalism and fanaticism, to causes religious or secular, fought by men who threw their lives into the maelstrom of bloody hand-to-hand combat, enduring horrendous wounds and deprivations of all kinds. These rules are intended to give an intense, exciting and mentally challenging game to those who enjoy a test of wills. Some are simple; to charge or to defend. Good tactics will win the game for you.You will find that it is important to weaken an enemy before simply charging in with your heaviest troops. Above all, you should find each game enjoyable and stimulating. Hopefully, you will gain some knowledge of the difficulties of command in the Medieval period. 9781901543100, $50.00, $32.50, hardback, 160p.

WARS IN AFRICA The Black Beret: The History of South Africa's Armoured Forces, Volume 1 Beginnings to the Invasion of Madagascar 1942 Willem Steenkamp Volume 1 starts with the early history of South Africa and ends with the invasion of Madagascar by the South African Forces during WWII.This volume covers topics such as how armor came to the battlefield, the use of horses vs armored car, the first steps to mechanization, the birth of the Tank Corps, and the deployment into East Africa through Abyssinia to Addis Abba during the early years of WWII.We next experience the reverses and victories of the desert campaign with the 4th Armored Car Company amongst others, fighting alongside the Desert Rats, Operation Crusader, the disaster at Tobruk, through the Gazala gallop and on to the victory at El Alamein. 9781910294680, $59.95, $38.99, hardback, 368p.

The Black Beret: The History of South Africa's Armoured Forces. Volume 2 The Italian Campaign 1943-45 and Post-War South Africa 1946-1961 Willem Steenkamp Volume 2 of The Black Beret describes the bowing out of the South African Tank Corps, the formation of 6th South African Armoured Division and its subsequent campaign in Italy. Its exploits in Italy are recounted in detail, from its blooding at Cassino, the pursuit to Rome, the hard fight to breach the Gothic Line through to final victory. The final part of the book recounts the events of 1945-61, including the introduction of the Centurion tank. This is an important and overlooked story, one told by Willem Steenkamp in a rich and unique style, drawing on a significant number of sources, and ably supported by many photographs and maps. 9781911512400, $59.95, $38.99, hardback, 368p.

Wars and Insurgencies of Uganda 1971-1994 Tom Cooper and Adrien Fontanellaz In 1971, Idi Amin Dada, seized power in a military coup in Uganda. Characterized by human rights abuses, political repression, ethnic persecution, judicial killings, corruption and economic mismanagement, Amin’s rule drove thousands into exile. Already in 1972, a group of Tanzania-based exiles attempted to invade Uganda and remove Amin. By late 1978, following another attempted coup against him, Amin deployed his troops against the mutineers, some of whom fled across the Tanzanian border. The rebellion against him thus spilled over into Tanzania, against whom Uganda then declared a state of war. 9781910294550, $29.95, $19.50, paperback, 72p.

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• WARS IN AFRICA • WORLD WAR I • Omar Al-Bashir and Africa’s Longest War Paul Moorcraft President Omar al-Bashir is Africa’s and arguably Arabia’s most controversial leader. In power since 1989, he is the first sitting head of state to be issued with an arrest warrant by International Criminal Court. No proper biography has been written on him before. Nor has there been a comprehensive military history of Sudan. This book dissects the north-south civil war until Bashir’s Islamist military coup. Thereafter it narrates the wars in the east, south, west, International political and military intervention is factored in. 9781473842526, $24.95, $16.50, paperback, 256p.

Death Row in Paradise The Untold Story of the Mercenary Invasion of the Seychelles 1981-83 Aubrey Brooks This is the story of an attempted coup d'etat more than twenty years ago on the Seychelles, an idyllic but obscure group of islands in the Indian Ocean. At the time, the attempt made headlines across the world, partly because it involved names still famous or notorious from the mercenary involvement in the Congo in the 1960s, partly because it involved the hijacking of an Air India jetliner, partly because South Africa, the international pariah, was involved, and partly because the incident was perceived as another small skirmish in the Cold War. However, this is more than a behind-the-scenes account of those faded headlines. It is the story of one individual's personal growth. 9781909982048, $29.95, $19.50, paperback, 200p.

The Baronet and the Savage King The Intriguing Story of the Tati Concession David Hilton-Barber The concession to mine gold at Tati was granted to a British baronet, Sir John Swinburne, by Lobengula, last king of the Matabele. Although called by colonial imperialists as a “savage king” and a “native despot”, Lobengula was “exceedingly well-made (in height about 6 ft. 10 inches), corpulent, with a commanding presence and, when in a good temper, having a kind heart and a full appreciation of humor”. The gold at Tati, which was discovered by the geologist Carl Mauch, was actually on the site of prehistoric diggings that had been mined there 400 years previously by the Makalanga people. This forgotten corner of the subcontinent encapsulates a chapter of our history involving five countries, powerful men, much subterfuge, a botched invasion, a rebellion, land annexation, prospectors, hunters, traders and adventurers. It is a story begging to be told. 9780620559041, $14.95, $9.99, paperback, 136p.


The Anglo Zulu War Isandlwana The Revelation of a Disaster Ron Lock In 1878, H.M. High Commissioner for Southern Africa and the Lieut. General Commanding H.M. Forces, clandestinely conspired to invade the Zulu Kingdom. Drastically underestimating their foe, within days of entering the Zulu Kingdom the invaders had been vanquished in one of the greatest disasters ever to befall a British army. The author not only dramatically describes the events leading up to the Battle of Isandlwana , and the battle itself but, with new evidence, disputes many aspects of the campaign long held sacrosanct. 9781526707420, $34.95, $22.99, hardback, 248p.

WORLD WAR I Honoring the Doughboys Following My Grandfather's World War I Diary J Jeffrey A. Lowdermilk and Helen Patton Honoring the Doughboys: Following My Grandfather's World War I Diary is a stunning presentation of contemporary photographs taken by the author that are paired with diary entries written by his grandfather, George A. Carlson, who was a soldier in the U.S. Army during World War I. This image-rich tour of European landscapes, battlefields, and monuments offers the reader an experience that is at once an intimate reliving of Carlson's time as a doughboy, a lively collection of Lowdermilk's travel anecdotes, and a moving expression of gratitude to American veterans of the Great War. The foreword by Helen Patton, granddaughter of General George S. Patton, Jr., adds an extra dimension to the narrative. 9781938086182, $45.00, $29.50, hardback

A Military Atlas of the First World War Arthur Banks A comprehensive atlas based on the Arthur Banks atlas first published in 1975. This book takes the information laid down by Banks and reinterprets it in full color, computer modeled cartography. The book covers the main reasons why the major powers entered the conflict, the individual battles fought along the Western Front as well as in depth coverage of the war in the east of Europe. The War at sea is mapped in great detail, including the clashes at Dogger Bank and Jutland as well as the German submarine campaigns and the first major sea borne landing at Gallipoli. 9780850527919, $19.95, $12.99, paperback, 340p.

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• WORLD WAR I • Esmond. The Lost Idol 1895-1917 Johnnie Astor and Alexandra Campbell Esmond Elliot, younger son of the Earl of Minto,Viceroy of India, was killed while serving with the Scots Guards, aged 22, at the beginning of the Passchendaele Offensive. Compiled from his grieving mother’s memorial of his life, together with his letters, diaries and photographs from the front, the story begins with a sweeping panorama of a golden prewar era, featuring Canada, the splendor of the Raj, Eton and the Royal Family, and ends with sacrifice on the Western Front. Esmond’s jottings, direct and spontaneous, reveal the rapid transformation and maturing of a young officer exposed to war. Alongside the words are the pictures as Esmond Elliot recorded his experiences with a Kodak Vest Pocket Camera. 9781912174027, $49.95, $32.50, hardback, 248p.

Battle of Britain 1917 The First Heavy Bomber Raids on England Jon Sutherland and Diane Canwell In the autumn of 1916 the Germans began to equip with the Gotha twin-engine bomber. A group of four squadrons was established in Belgium, and they carried out their first bombing raid towards the end of May 1917. In mid June a force of 18 Gothas attacked London in broad daylight. The Gotha/Giant night raids continued throughout 1917, almost unscathed until December when the British began to have success in intercepting the Gothas at night. By the end of the war a 50-mile long line of barrage balloons surrounded London. 9781844153459, $39.99, $25.99, hardback, 224p.

Churchill’s War Against the Zeppelin 1914-18 Men, Machines and Tactics Leon Bennett In this book, Leon Bennett explores the development of the airship, the efforts to defend Britain against the attacks, and Winston Churchill’s role in these efforts. The text is accompanied by nearly 200 illustrations. As First Lord of the Admiralty in the early years of the war, Churchill was responsible for defending Britain against all attacks, not only from the sea but also from the Aviation air. Unfortunately, while the measures proved successful in the long run, they took too long to be fully developed in time to be effective as an immediate defense against the Zeppelin attacks. Politically weakened by the Gallipoli disaster and the Zeppelin, Churchill had to resign. It would take another war to restore his reputation. 9781909982840, $59.95, $38.99, hardback, 424p.

The Flatpack Bombers The Royal Navy and the Zeppelin Menace Ian Gardiner In 1914, the Royal Naval Air Service, with their IKEA-style flatpack airplanes, pioneered strategic bombing. This book is the story of those largely forgotten very early bombing raids. It explains the military and historical background to the first British interest in military and naval aviation, and why it was that the Navy pursued long distance bombing, while the Army concentrated on reconnaissance. 9781848840713, $39.99, $25.99, hardback, 224p.

What Did You Do In The War, Grandfather? The Life and Times of an Edwardian Horse Artillery Officer Charles Barrington Part history, part social documentary, part love story, this is a grandson’s search for what his grandfather did in the Great War. The story begins with the author’s recollections as a child of his grandparents and their home and tells how as he grew up he began to realize what a remarkable life his grandfather had lived. It describes the process of unraveling the story from a few brief clues, leading to the emotional experience of reading his grandfather’s war diaries in the National Archives, which he had not known existed. A theme of the book is that we find it impossible now to imagine what was in the minds of the British Expeditionary Force when they went to France in 1914. This book allows a glimpse into the lives of those who had to live out their lives with the memories of what they had seen. 9781912174034, $39.95, $25.99, paperback, 176p.

The Flatpack Bombers The Royal Navy and the Zeppelin Menace Ian Gardiner In 1914, the Royal Naval Air Service, with their IKEA-style flat pack airplanes, pioneered strategic bombing. Moreover, through its efforts to extend its striking range in order to destroy Zeppelins in their home bases, the Royal Navy developed the first true aircraft carriers. This book is the story of those largely forgotten very early bombing raids. It explains the military and historical background to the first British interest in military and naval aviation, and why it was that the Navy pursued long distance bombing, while the Army concentrated on reconnaissance. 9781473822801, $19.95, $12.99, paperback, 176p.

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• WORLD WAR I • Zeppelin over Suffolk The Final Raid of L48 Mark Mower Zeppelin Over Suffolk tells the remarkable story of the destruction of a German airship over East Anglia in 1917. The drama is set against the backdrop of Germany's aerial bombing campaign on Britain in the First World War, using a terrifying new weapon, the Zeppelin. The course of the raid on that summer night is reconstructed in vivid detail - the Zeppelin's take off from northern Germany, its slow journey across the North Sea, the bombing run along the East Anglian coast, the pursuit by British fighters high over Suffolk, and the airship's final moments as it fell to earth in flames near the village of Theberton in the early morning of 17 June 1917. Mark Mower gives a gripping account of a pivotal episode in the pioneering days of the air war over England. 9781844157372, $25.99, $16.99, paperback, 160p.

Lighter-than-Air The Life and Times of Wing Commander N.F. Usborne RN, Pioneer of Naval Aviation Guy Warner Neville Florian Usborne entered the Royal Navy as a cadet in 1897. In the years between him joining up and the outbreak of the First World War, he engaged in a huge number of enterprises and endeavors. This new biography seeks to shine a light on an overlooked pioneer of early aviation and it does so in entertaining and reverential style. 9781473829022, $44.95, $29.50, hardback, 320p.

Voices in Flight: Escaping Soldiers and Airmen of World War I Martin W Bowman In this volume Martin Bowman focusses on British, Canadian, Australian and German soldiers and airmen who were captured during the First World War. All aspects of prison life are covered here, and the author examines the various escape tactics that were employed by British soldiers and airmen held in PoW camps all over Germany and Turkey. In order to provide a balanced account, the author has also uncovered stories of German navy and army escapees who attempted to flee from England. The emphasis of this unique book is placed on the human story of the main characters, the unparalleled action on the Western Front and the interaction and camaraderie experienced between soldiers and airmen held in prison camps in England, Germany and Turkey during the Second World War. 9781473863224, $39.95, $25.99, hardback, 288p.


The German Airforce I Knew 1914-1918 Major George Paul Neumann and Bob Carruthers Major Georg Paul Neumann was a former German Air Force officer who had served in the Great War. The result is an accurate, faithful and comprehensive review of the aircraft, personnel and organization of the force which began life in 1910 as the Imperial German Army Air Service and ended the war as the Luftstreitkräfte. This comprehensive and compelling review includes a series of primary sources dealing with some of the unusual and lesser known aspects of the Luftstreitkräfte including a gripping account of defending a Zeppelin against attack by British fighters. 9781783463138, $29.95, $19.50, hardback

The Great War Illustrated 1917 Archive and Colour Photographs of WWI William Langford Countless thousands of pictures were taken by photographers on all sides during the First World War. The Great War Illustrated 1917 covers the battles at Arras, Passchendaele and Cambrai, the use of aviation and the role of the tanks. Some images will be familiar, and many will be seen for the first time by a new generation interested in the months that changed the world for ever. 9781473881617, $60.00, $39.50, hardback, 480p.

The 6th Battalion the Cheshire Regiment in the Great War A Territorial Battalion on the Western Front 1914 - 1918 John Hartley The 6th Battalion, the Cheshire Regiment, was a prewar Territorial battalion that recruited in the North Cheshire towns of Stockport, Hyde and Stalybridge, together with the Derbyshire town of Glossop. The majority of its part-time soldiers worked in the area’s cotton mills and hat making factories. One of the first Territorial battalions to see action in the Great War, it went overseas in November 1914, taking part in the famous Christmas truce a few weeks later. The story is told from the Battalion’s formation in 1908 to its disbandment in the 1920s and beyond with details of the Old Comrades Association. Official accounts are supplemented by the men’s own words, taken from diaries, letters and newspaper reports. 9781473897588, $50.00, $32.50, hardback, 320p.

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• WORLD WAR I • Marshal Malinovskii: Hero of the Soviet Union Boris Sokolov and Richard W. Harrison The prolific writer Boris Sokolov returns with a new book on Rodion Yakovlevich Malinovskii (1898-1967): a Marshal of the Soviet Union and former Defence Minister joined the Tsarist Army at the outbreak of the First World War. However, it is Malinovskii’s service during the Great Patriotic War that constitutes the heart of this book. Sokolov traces his subject’s rise from corps to army commander, and finally to the command of various fronts. It was under his decade-long tenure that the Soviet Armed Forces made the transition to a truly modern force - and changed the country’s status from that of a regional power to superpower. 9781910777831, $79.95, $51.99, hardback, 450p.

Great Scientists Wage the Great War William Van der Kloot Lawrence Bragg pinpointed the position of enemy artillery pieces with sound ranging, which enabled British tanks to break through in late 1917 and 1918. Ernest Starling led a group that discovered the cause of wound shock and saved shocked men with artificial plasma. Otto Hahn worked on poisons for gas warfare and devised and tested filters to trap the poisons. Chaim Weizmann and other chemists produced molecules essential for making high explosives; German chemists enabled their side to keep in the war. Antiaircraft defense was developed by the physiologist A.V. Hill who led more than 100 scientists and mathematicians, who learned how to aim supersonic shells to explode near fast-moving targets. The information comes from their memoirs, letters, reports in the archives, and from coworkers recollections. 9781781554029, $40.00, $26.50, hardback, 272p.

Visiting the Somme and Ypres Battlefields Made Easy A Helpful Guide Book for Groups and Individuals Gareth Hughes This splendid book will be invaluable to those visiting the battlefields, sites, museums, memorials, and cemeteries of France and Belgium. The author provides helpful information for each site such as its context in the War, visitor orientation, suggested activities, and relevant photos and maps. This combines to make every visit of maximum benefit and interest and reduce the workload of party leaders. There are also valuable tips for lunch breaks, free time ideas, and other helpful pointers. 9781473821392, $24.95, $16.50, paperback, 160p.

The Passchendaele Campaign 1917 Andrew Rawson This is an account of the British Expeditionary Force’s battles in the summer and autumn of 1917. It begins with the Allied plan to free up the Flanders coast, to limit German naval and submarine attacks on British shipping. Together the narrative and maps provide an insight into the British Army’s experience during this important campaign. The men who made a difference are mentioned; those who led the advances, those who stopped the counterattacks and those who were awarded the Victoria Cross. Discover the Passchendaele campaign and learn how the British Army’s brave soldiers fought and died fighting for their objectives. 9781526704009, $50.00, $32.50, hardback, 264p.

The Road to Passchendaele The Heroic Year in Soldiers' own Words and Photographs Richard van Emden By using the winning formula of diaries and memoirs, and above all original photographs taken on illegally-held cameras by the soldiers themselves, Richard tells the story of 1917, of life both in and out of the line culminating in perhaps the most dreaded battle of them all, the Battle of Passchendaele. The author has an outstanding collection of over 5,000 privately-taken and overwhelmingly unpublished photographs, revealing the war as it was seen by the men involved, an existence that was sometimes exhilarating, too often terrifying, and occasionally even fun. 9781526724960, $29.95, $19.50, paperback, 392p.

Canadians on the Somme, 1916 The Neglected Campaign William F. Stewart Ordered lines of heavily laden soldiers with rifles at ‘high port’ trudging through mud against uncut barbed wire under heavy machine gun fire is the enduring view of the Somme 1916. Over the course of 80 days, they encountered all types of weather, ground conditions, defenses, and defenders. Nevertheless, Canada’s campaign remains a neglected aspect of the Somme campaign with no study devoted to its course. This volume addresses the gap in the available literature by examining the Canadian experience at the operational and tactical level. Its primary focus is on how the Canadians fought and why they battled in the manner they did. Illustrated with numerous maps and images in attached booklet. 9781911512950, $59.95, $38.99, hardback, 432p.

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• WORLD WAR I • Walking Ypres Paul Reed The medieval city of Ypres will forever be associated with the Great War, especially by the British. The city and the surrounding battlefields are among the most visited sites on the Western Front, and Paul Reed’s walking guide is an essential travelling companion for anyone who is eager to explore them either on foot, by bike or by car. His classic book, Walking the Salient, is the result of a lifetime’s research into the battles for Ypres and the Flemish landscape over which they were fought. And, for this second edition which he has revised, updated and expanded, he has provided new photographs and included two entirely new walks covering the Langemarck and Potijze areas. Walking Ypres brings the visitor to the places where the armies clashed and to the landscape of monuments, cemeteries and villages that make the Ypres battlefields among the most memorable sites of the Great War. 9781781590034, $24.95, $16.50, paperback, 296p.

Photographing the Fallen A War Graves Photographer on the Western Front 1915– 1919 Jeremy Gordon-Smith Ivan Bawtree traveled to numerous parts of Northern France and Flanders most notably the Ypres Salient to photograph and record graves of fallen soldiers on behalf of grieving relatives. Through his pencil and lens we gain detailed insight not just into the work he did and the men he worked with, but also aspects of the military zones, the perils of proximity to the Front Line, the devastation of war, and the birth and early work of the Imperial War Graves Commission. 9781473893658, $50.00, $32.50, hardback, 304p.

Tommies The British Army in the Trenches John Sadler and Rosie Serdiville British soldiers have been known as Tommies for centuries, but the nickname is particularly associated with the British infantryman in the trenches of World War I. These Tommies fought an entirely new type of war, living in vast trench systems, threatened by death from the air and gas attack as well as by bullet, bomb, or bayonet. This introduction explores the experience of Tommies on the Western Front, explaining how their war evolved and changed from the mobile battles of August 1914 to the final days of the war, and discussing daily life as an infantryman on the front line using firsthand accounts, contemporary poems, and songs. 9781612004846, $12.95, $8.50, paperback, 160p.


Beaten Down By Blood The Battle of Mont St Quentin-Peronne 1918 Michele Bomford This book charts an extraordinary journey from the trenches facing Mont St Quentin on 31 August 1918 through the frenetic phases of the battle until the final objectives are taken on 5 September. This is the story, often told in the words of the men themselves, of the capture of the 'unattackable' Mont and the 'invincible' fortress town of Peronne, two of the great feats of Australian forces in the First World War. The struggle for control of the battle, to bridge the Somme and maintain communications are portrayed in vivid detail. 9781921941948, $24.95, $16.50, paperback, 412p.

Under the Devil's Eye The British Military Experience in Macedonia 1915 - 1918 Alan Wakefield and Simon Moody The authors have researched the Salonika Campaign in every detail, from the arrival of the first British troops in 1915 to final victory. During this period large numbers of British and allied troops were tied up in the strategically vital Balkans. Using first hand accounts, a vivid picture of life for the British Army is painted, with the roles of the Royal Flying Corps/RAF and RNAS well covered. The campaign drew to a victorious conclusion with the defeat of the Bulgarians in 1918 but the British Salonika Army remained in place until 1921. The effect of this slow demobilization is also covered. 9781473899032, $29.95, $19.50, paperback, 272p.

Dawn of Victory, Thank You China! Star Shell Reflections 1918–1919 Jim Maultsaid Jim Maultsaid’s third and final book, The Dawn of Victory, Thank You China! is based on his service with the 169 Chinese Labour Corps (CLC) between 1918 – 1919. As Jim Maultsaid’s diaries and drawings vividly testify, they made a stupendous and lasting contribution both during and in the aftermath of The Great War. Maultsaid’s down-to-earth prose and superb drawings capture the unique nature of the CLC’s efforts. His admiration for their stoic, indeed heroic efforts is obvious and, thanks to the preservation of these unique diaries, the coolies who toiled so tirelessly can at last receive long overdue credit. 9781526712707, $50.00, $32.50, hardback, 352p.

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• WORLD WAR I • The British Army of the Rhine after the First World War Michael Foley When the First World War ended British troops crossed the Rhine into Germany and entered a country torn by violence and unrest where revolution threatened and civil war seemed more likely every day. The British forces were plunged into the turmoil of a defeated country and had to face not only the political unrest but also the German public. This book looks at how the British troops coped with their situation, how they became the most popular members of the occupation force and how Britain and the world faced the growth of German unrest that led to the Second World War. 9781781555644, $28.95, $18.99, paperback, 208p.

Tracing Your Great War Ancestors: The Egypt and Palestine Campaigns A Guide for Family Historians Stuart Hadaway This is the first book explicitly aimed at helping the descendants of those who fought in this part of the Middle East find out more about their ancestor’s actions, experiences and achievements. Their wartime lives were very different to those who served on the Western Front, and yet have never before been explored from this angle. As well as giving the reader a vivid impression of the experience of wartime service in the region, Stuart Hadaway’s handbook provides a guide to the main sources, archives and websites that researchers can consult to get an insight into their ancestor’s role and their contribution to the war effort. 9781473897250, $22.95, $14.99, paperback, 176p.

Brave Lives The Members and Staff of The Travellers Club who Fell in The Great War Compiled by Members of The Travellers Club Members of The Travellers Club, Pall Mall are constantly reminded of the 50 members and staff who died in service during the Great War by an imposing memorial which dominates the entrance to the Coffee Room. The purpose of this commemorative volume is to go beyond the bare facts of name, rank, decorations and service details, incised in the cold marble, and to learn more about these men, their backgrounds and interests, the main events of their lives, and the circumstances of their deaths. 9781473895843, $39.95, $25.99, hardback, 176p.

Pill Boxes on the Western Front A Guide to the Design, Construction and Use of Concrete Pill Boxes, 1914-1918 Peter Oldham When the First World War froze into a static line of trenches stretching from the North Sea to the Swiss border, the most obvious means of protection against the murderous machine-gun fire which both sides inflicted upon each other was some form of shell-proof shelter, hence the development of the pill box. In this remarkably absorbing study, Peter Oldham, himself a concrete technologist, examines the problems of the design and construction of the pill boxes of the Western Front. He describes how the innumerable difficulties involved in what might to the untrained eye seem to be a fairly simple structure, were gradually overcome. 9781848844391, $24.95, $16.50, paperback, 208p.

Voices from the Past: The Wooden Horse of Gallipoli The Heroic Saga of SS River Clyde, a WW1 Icon, Told Through the Accounts of Those Who Were There Stephen Snelling In the first full-length study devoted entirely to River Clyde and the men who sailed in her, the author reveals a remarkable tale of human endeavor told in the words of the men who were there: from the naval captain whose brainchild it was, to the teenage midshipmen who risked their lives to rescue the operation from disaster. This book tells the story of how this collier became an icon of the First World War, its stranded bulk synonymous with one of the most extraordinary exploits of a campaign doomed to failure. 9781848328525, $39.95, $25.99, hardback, 448p.

Te Hokowhitu a Tu The Maori Pioneer Battalion in the First World War Christopher Pugsley Maori soldiers signing up for the First World War representing a formidable fighting force – Te Hokowhitu a Tu. Drawing on rare archival material and previously unpublished diaries and letters, Te Hokowhitu a Tu, is the authoritative account of Maori and Pacific Islanders in the First World War, and balances the wider story of the Pioneer Battalion’s exploits with a portrait of daily life for soldiers who labored not only against the enemy but also racism behind their own lines. It includes numerous photographs and a full list of those who fought with the Battalion. 9781877514777, $30.00, $19.50, paperback, 148p.

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• WORLD WAR I • WORLD WAR II • The Last Maopo The Life and First World War Sacrifice of Wiremu Maopo Tania Simpson The amazing, moving story is of Wiremu Maopo, the last of his line in a large South Island family, who joined the second Maori Contingent and went off to fight in the First World War. Wiremu writes regularly to his friend Virgie, and the story of Wiremu’s life is woven around 40 letters that he penned during the war. The Last Maopo also follows, Wiremu’s girlfriend, Phoebe’s story and reconnects the Maopo line with the author, Wiremu’s great-granddaughter. 9781877514661, $25.00, $16.50, paperback

WORLD WAR II Exploring Gallipoli Australian Army's Battlefield Guide to Gallipoli Glenn Wahlert This book provides practical touring information on Gallipoli for the independent traveler, and a guide to the amazing First World War Anzac battlefields. It presents a unique view of the campaign and of the key events that occurred on the ground. It includes detailed information on the key sites at Gallipoli, including recommended routes, optional walks and drives, maps, digital images, original art work, and even sound files to download on to your MP3 player. Information and suggestions on accommodation, transport, restaurants, entertainment, and sightseeing are also provided to enable you to plan your holiday and make the most of your time on the Peninsula. 9780980814064, $16.95, $11.50, paperback, 173p.

Germany in the Great War - The Opening Year Mobilisation, the Advance and Naval Warfare Joshua Bilton Germany in the Great War Illustrated – Mobilisation and the Western Advance is the first volume of a projected six-part series that details, graphically, the Central Powers fighting to the west during the concluding months of 1914. This superbly illustrated and highly researched book covers the schema of a ‘quick victory’ on the WestFront (Western Front). From preparatory build-up, to mobilisation and to subsequent annexation and occupation, this title manifest the 'German' perspective – a pictorial digest. Each successive chapter includes a short, introductory narrative, documenting holistically events and is accompanied by a wealth of fully captioned and rarely before seen photographs: over 500 images. 9781473827424, $22.95, $14.99, paperback, 192p.


L'artillerie allemande Organisation, armement et équipement / 19141918 Ricardo Recio Cardona This book comes from the same 1914-1918 collection as Sturmtruppen - the German army's assault troops. It presents the organization and strategies of German artillery with all of the guns, howitzers and mortars used during the First World War. There are extensive chapters devoted to uniforms including those used for chemical warfare, a new weapon that appears in 1915, introducing terror among combatants. This book contains more than 180 photographs of uniforms and equipment with 20 illustrations and many diagrams. An exceptional work. Text in French. 9782840484677, $101.00, $65.99, hardback, 336p.

The Struggle for the Dardanelles The Memoirs of a German Staff Officer in Ottoman Service Dr. Philip Rance This is a detailed eye-witness account of the Dardanelles/ Gallipoli campaign from the perspective of the Turks, through the eyes of Major Erich Prigge an adjutant to Marshal Liman von Sanders, the German commander-in-chief of the Ottoman forces in the Dardanelles. The focus is overwhelmingly on combat but includes related matters such as reconnaissance and logistics. Packed with specific information and technical detail as well as action, it should be of great interest to historians and enthusiasts. 9781783030453, $39.95, $25.99, hardback, 320p.

Captured Germans British POW Camps in the First World War Norman Nicol It is a dark side of history and, for reasons that have never been fully resolved, many of the locations used to intern civilians and combatants during the First World War have been lost in time – until now. The author has, for the first time ever, tracked down the sites and history of each of these camps and all the places used for internment purposes in the UK during the First World have been brought together in one document. As these camps were to be found in almost every region of the UK, its appeal will be equally widespread. We must also not forget that for the families of those that were interred this will also be a vital source of information that was not previously readily available. 9781783463480, $44.95, $29.50, hardback, 400p.

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• WORLD WAR II • Jack and Hopit An Officer of the 9th Lancers in the Great War and his War Horse Serena Merton A chance discovery of the existence of the gravestone carved with the battle honors of Hopit - the Tipperaryfoaled hunter - led the author to research the Great War relationship of Hopit and 19-year-old Second Lieutenant John (Jack) Forrester Colvin in their four long years on the Western Front. Extensive family photograph albums bring a personal element to the story of this long partnership, while the war diaries of the 9th Lancers and letters from individual soldiers tell the wartime story. 9781911512806, $39.95, $25.99, paperback, 296p.

Battle of the Odon Georges Bernage The Battle of the Odon evokes the clash between the British Army and the II SS-Panzer Korps, as they attacked across the Odon Valley during Operation "Epsom" in June 1944. Using contemporary photographs and documents, this book provides day-by-day details of the operation that was just one part of what is commonly referred to as the 'Battle of Normandy'. 9781473857612, $32.95, $21.50, hardback, 288p.

El Alamein 1942 Turning Point in the Desert Richard Doherty The Battle of El Alamein is well established as a pivotal moment of the Second World War. This highly readable yet authoritative work reveals, there were moments of extreme peril and anxiety. Churchill’s bold, nay desperate, decisions concerning key appointments, Montgomery’s stubborn refusal to be rushed, Rommel’s chronic logistic problems and critical air superiority are all examined in expert detail. The author’s description of the actual fighting is brought to life by personal accounts as well as his complete grasp of the plan and tactics involved. The result, seventy-five years on, is a delightfully fresh and fascinating account of one of the iconic battles, not just of the War but in military history. 9781526700797, $39.95, $25.99, hardback, 288p.

Rommel in North Africa Quest for the Nile David Mitchelhill-Green Erwin Rommel is the arguably the most well-known German general of the Second World War. In this book, richly illustrated with over 400 images, the author examines the privations and challenges Rommel faced in leading his coalition force. In this book, we note Rommel’s readiness to take advantage of his enemy’s weakness and study his extraordinary instinct for waging mobile warfare. We learn how this brave and ambitious commander was celebrated by German propaganda when the Wehrmacht’s fortunes in the East were waning. Conversely, we analyze why Winston Churchill honored him as a daring and skillful opponent. Finally, we picture this energetic, ambitious, at times reckless, commander as he roamed the vast Western Desert battlefield. This is the story of Rommel in North Africa. 9781473892200, $22.95, $14.99, paperback, 232p.

Eastern Front in World War II Hitler's Russian War in Photographs Will Fowler With 30 million soldiers and civilians killed, the Eastern Front proved to be World War II’s bloodiest conflict. Drawing on rare photographs from the Ukrainian State Archive, Eastern Front in World War II: Hitler’s Russian War in Photographs presents a unique and visually outstanding account of one of history’s most ferocious campaigns, telling the story from the perspective of ordinary men and women, both military and civilian, who took part in the struggle. Expertly written and featuring more than 450 rarely seen photographs, this is an outstanding visual history that will appeal to anyone interested in 20th century military history. 9781782745594, $29.95, $19.50, paperback, 224p.

The Coming Storm Test and First-Class Cricketers Killed in World War Two Nigel McCrery The outbreak of the Second World War came towards the closing stages of the 1939 cricket season. In this superbly researched sequel to Final Wicket, covering cricketing fatalities during The Great War, this book reveals each man’s career details, including cricketing statistics, and the circumstances of death. There is also a brief history of the game during the War. Arguably the period between the two world wars was the golden age of cricket, and this book honors those who made it so only to die serving their countries in a different way. 9781526706959, $50.00, $32.50, hardback, 344p.

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• WORLD WAR II • Flying into the Storm RAF Bombers at War 1939-1942 Chris Sams From the lessons of the First World War, the RAF developed a fleet of modern monoplane aircraft in time for hostilities in 1939; a force that consisted of Hampdens, Whitleys, Wellingtons, Blenheims, and Battles. These aircraft and their crews were pitted against the German war machine from day one—flying into storms of flak shells and swarms of Messerschmitt fighters in their flimsy, and often poorly armed, bombers. From theaters as far apart as Norway and Syria, Java and France, the crews and their aircraft were at the front of every military operation without adequate fighter escorts and with poor equipment against stiff opposition. 9781781556177, $32.95, $21.50, hardback, 256p.

Axis Tanks of the Second World War Michael Green The German Army used tanks to devastating effect in their Blitzkrieg campaigns during the early years of the Second World War and in the intense defensive battles leading up to final defeat in 1945. It may be a surprise to many that the Japanese Army had more tanks than Nazi Germany in 1938; these included the Type 95 light tank and the Type 89 and 97 medium tanks. Co-belligerents in the Axis Alliance that built their own tanks included Italy, Romania and Hungary. This latest work by author and expert Mike Green will fascinate and inform historians, engineers and war gamers. 9781473887008, $22.95, $14.99, paperback, 216p.

Miracle at the Litza Hitler's First Defeat on the Eastern Front Alf R. Jacobsen and Frank Stewart In the early summer of 1941 a select unit of German mountain soldiers under the command of General Eduard Dietl set out in the far north of Scandinavia to attack Russia. Operation Silberfuchs was a key part of the invasion of Russia. A diehard Nazi and one of Hitler’s closest comrades, Dietl, and his similarly fanatical officer’s had every expectation of winning glory and fame by conquering the strategically important city of Murmansk. But conditions at the northernmost section of the Eastern Front would ensure no easy victory. In an exciting and authoritative narrative based on previously unpublished material, Alf Reidar Jacobsen describes the bitter and bloody fighting that would lead to Hitler’s first defeat on the Eastern Front. 9781612005065, $32.95, $21.50, hardback, 208p.


Fallen Giants The Combat Debut of the T-35A Tank Francis Edward Pulham The Soviet T-35A is the only five-turreted tank in history to enter production. With a long and proud service history on Soviet parade grounds, the T-35A was forced to adapt to the modern battlefield when the Second World War broke out. Outclassed and outdated, the T-35A tried to hold its own against the German invaders to no avail.Very little is known about these strange vehicles, beyond their basic shape and photographs of them on parade grounds and battlefields. For the first time, actual battlefield photographs have been cross-referenced with maps and documents to bring about the most complete look at the T-35A in the Second World War to date. It is a grim depiction of the aftermath of the giants that were the Soviet T-35A tanks. 9781781556269, $28.95, $18.99, paperback, 144p.

6th Airborne Normandy 1944 Leo Marriott and Simon Forty Operation Tonga began at 22:56 on the night of 5 June, when six Halifax heavy bombers took off from Tarrant Rushton towing six Horsas carrying a coup-demain force consisting of D Coy, Ox and Bucks LI reinforced with two extra platoons from B Coy and a party of sappers, who were tasked with capturing the bridges over the Caen Canal and the River Orne. 6th Airborne Division had been allotted three specific tasks to achieve. First, it was to capture intact the two bridges over the Caen Canal and the Orne River. Second, the division was to destroy the Merville coastal artillery battery located at Franceville Plage. A third task was to destroy several bridges spanning the River Dives. 9781612004211, $16.95, $11.50, paperback, 64p.

101st Airborne Market Garden 1944 Simon Forty and Stephen Smith The Past & Present Series reconstructs historical battles by using photography, juxtaposing modern views with those of the past. It shows how much infastructure has remained and points to the passing nature of things such as outfits, uniforms, and ephemera. After its operations in the Cotentin and around Carentan, the 101st was withdrawn from the lines in late June and sailed back to England on LSTs in July. After several false alerts, they invaded by air again into the Netherlands on September 17, 1944, part of the airborne element of Operation “Market Garden.” The mission was to hold open Hell’s Highway so that land forces could advance safely to Arnhem. 9781612004235, $16.95, $11.50, paperback, 64p.

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• WORLD WAR II • Omaha Beach Normandy 1944 Leo Marriott and Simon Forty Of the five beaches attacked on 6 June, Omaha saw the sternest fighting. So much had gone wrong with the first wave: many of the amphibious DD Sherman tanks didn’t reach the beach. Another problem was that many units landed in the wrong place. Strong tides and winds carried the landing craft off line and led to confusion. Finally, the German emplacements and defenses were well-placed on high ground and the only cover on the beach was over a killing ground. The attacking forces suffered over 2,000 casualties, but led by US Rangers, the American troops pushed forward and by nightfall, they had gained hold of the beach. 9781612004259, $16.95, $11.50, paperback, 64p.

Bastogne Ardennes 1944 Simon Forty and Stephen Smith Bastogne will live forever in the annals of American military history. From the resounding “Nuts,” in response to the German demand for surrender, to the breaking of the siege by Patton’s Third Army—brilliantly disengaged from its positions on the Saar, wheeled 90 degrees and marched northwards faster than any thought possible—the defense of Bastogne and victory in the Ardennes was one of the greatest feats of American arms in the European Theater. This title in the Past & Present series looks at the encirclement, siege, and relief with then and now photographs; specially commissioned aerial photos, and a wealth of detail. 9781612004341, $16.95, $11.50, paperback, 64p.

82nd Airborne Normandy 1944 Stephen Smith and Simon Forty On August 15, 1942, the 82nd Airborne became the US Army’s first airborne division. Commanded by Major General Matthew B. Ridgway, they trained exhaustively for their new role, which involved parachuting from C-47s and insertion by Waco CG-4A gliders. In April 1943 the 82nd was shipped overseas to Casablanca, North Africa, and on July 9 made its first combat drop as part of Operation Husky, the invasion of Sicily. Further intense action along the Merderet River ensured that the Utah beachhead wasn’t compromised, and subsequently, the division fought on losing 5,245 troopers killed, wounded, or missing. 9781612005362, $16.95, $11.50, paperback, 64p.

The Falaise Gap Battles Normandy 1944 Simon Forty and Leo Marriott The denouement of the battle of Normandy, the fighting around Falaise and Chambois in August 1944 and the pursuit of the retreating German armies to the Seine provided the Allies with an immense victory. After ten weeks of hard attritional fighting, the Allies had broken loose from the bocage and the Germans’ deep defenses around Caen: by the end of September they would be close to the German border. As could be expected, the Germans did not simply give up: they fought furiously to keep the pincers from closing. When they did, attacks from inside the pocket to break out and outside the pocket to break in led to fierce fighting between Chambois and Argentan. 9781612005386, $16.95, $11.50, paperback, 64p.

1st Airborne Market Garden 1944 Simon Forty and Leo Marriott While the 6th Airborne Division had landed in France on D-Day and covered itself in glory, its counterpart, the 1st Airborne Division, had last seen action during an amphibious assault at Taranto on September 9, 1943, as part of the invasion of Italy. In September 1944, 1st Airborne played a leading role in Operation Market—the air component of Operation Market Garden, an audacious attempt by the Allies to bypass the Siegfried Line and advance into the Ruhr. Encountering more resistance than expected, including II SS Panzer Corps, the division landed too far from Arnhem bridge, and fought bravely but in vain. 9781612005409, $16.95, $11.50, paperback, 64p.

Leibstandarte Ardennes 1944 Stephen Smith and Simon Forty The 1st SS Panzer Division Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler was the spearhead of the assault by Sepp Dietrich’s Sixth Panzer Armee on the northern flank of the German Ardennes offensive. Divided into Kampfgruppen, the lead was Kampfgruppe Peiper whose armored force included SS Heavy Tank Battalion 501 equipped with King Tigers. The attack was launched on a snowy, freezing December 16, but from the outset, the division lost time against schedule. The Past & Present Series reconstructs historical battles by using photography, juxtaposing modern views with those of the past together with concise explanatory text. It shows how much infrastructure has remained and how much such as outfits, uniforms, and ephemera has changed, providing a coherent link between now and then. 9781612005423, $16.95, $11.50, paperback, 64p.

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• WORLD WAR II • The Battle for the Maginot Line 1940 Clayton Donnell What was it like as a French soldier to defend the Maginot Line when the Germans invaded in 1940, and was the line really a strategic and tactical disaster a massive waste of resources? Clayton Donnell's expert, finely detailed and graphic account of the role of the Maginot Line in the defense of France gives the reader an inside view of life in the bunkers, casemates and forts the sights, the sounds and the terror of the German attacks. The narrative concentrates on its performance in combat and the experience of the soldiers who manned it as the German offensive broke over them. 9781473877283, $32.95, $21.50, hardback, 296p.

Narvik and the Allies The Polish Brigade at Narvik 1940 Evan McGilvray This work is about the cooperation between the Allies in Norway between April and June 1940 by initially considering the military-politics of the period August 1939 until the German invasion of Norway in April 1940. Much of the work examines the role of the Independent Podhalian Rifle Brigade and its interaction and dependency on the Allies as the Polish troops found themselves under French command. Other aspects of the Norwegian Campaign are also explored including interservice co-operation amongst the Allies, how the Western Allies were still uncertain who their enemy really was and how successful Narvik actually was and what it meant for the UK during the summer of 1940. 9781911512288, $49.95, $32.50, paperback, 174p.

SS Elite. Volume 2: K to Q The Senior Leaders of Hitler's Praetorian Guard Max Williams Aside from the obvious expansionist policies of empire governed by a single autocratic leader, the Nazis adopted the Roman style extended arm salute, the verbal greeting of hailing the leader and the eagle adorned banners and standards. Another parallel was the introduction of the SS - a modern Praetorian Guard, easily recognizable by the unique attire and consisting of the largest, strongest and fittest men available. This remarkable book turns the spotlight upon those characters at the pinnacle of the pyramid that formed the SS. Illustrated with well over 1000 photographs, these two volumes are the author’s life’s work, and present an unique perspective on this feared organization. 9781781554340, $65.00, $42.50, hardback, 512p.


SS Elite. Volume 1: A to J The Senior Leaders of Hitler's Praetorian Guard Max Williams Any scholar of history will have recognized the similarities between Ancient Rome and the National Socialist movement of the 20th century. Aside from the obvious expansionist policies of empire governed by a single autocratic leader, the Nazis adopted the Roman style extended arm salute, the verbal greeting of hailing the leader and the eagle adorned banners and standards. Another parallel was the introduction of the SS - a modern Praetorian Guard, easily recognizable by the unique attire and consisting of the largest, strongest and fittest men available. This remarkable book turns the spotlight upon those characters at the pinnacle of the pyramid that formed the SS. 9781781554333, $75.00, $48.99, hardback, 448p.

Dublin Nazi No. 1 The Life of Adolf Mahr Gerry Mullins This is a revealing biography by Gerry Mullins of the extraordinary life of Dr Adolf Mahr, who was head of the National Museum of Ireland and also the head of the Nazi Party in Ireland. To this day, he is considered in some circles to have been a spy who used his position at the museum to help prepare Germany’s invasion plan of Ireland. He remains one of the most controversial figures in twentieth-century Irish history. The book also tells the story of Hilde Mahr, Adolf’s eldest daughter, who had been a member of Hitler Youth in Ireland before being trapped in Germany when the war began. 9781905483204, $31.95, $20.99, paperback

SS Totenkopf at War A History of the Division Ian Baxter The SS Totenkopf (Death Head) Division even 70 years on retains its formidable and ruthless reputation as a superbly efficient yet murderous formation. It earned this for its actions throughout the Second World War, first in 1940 during the blitzkrieg in Northern France and then on the Eastern Front. The battles at Kharkov and Kurst saw some of the fiercest fighting of that long and terrible campaign. During the long retreat back to the Fatherland the Division fought with customary dogged determination, nay fanaticism. This superbly illustrated work, drawing on images taken by participants, portrays the SS Totenkopfs history from formation through training to the battles in northern France and in Russia. 9781473890930, $22.95, $14.99, paperback, 144p.

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• WORLD WAR II • Operation Fall Weiss German Paratroopers in the Poland Campaign, 1939 Stephan Janzyk The use of paratroopers was planned for the invasion of Poland in 1939, in an act that began the Second World War. This has given rise to the myth that Adolf Hitler wanted to keep this new, and hitherto little-known, branch of the armed services secret for future projects. However, on several occasions the men of Parachute Regiment 1 were sat ready in their Ju52 transport planes, fully equipped and ready to go. 'Operation Fall Weiss' describes the role of the German paratroopers in the Polish campaign, using war diaries, maps, contemporary documents and photographs, including those from various private collections around the world. 9781473894617, $32.95, $21.50, hardback, 184p.

Panzer Operations Germany's Panzer Group 3 During the Invasion of Russia, 1941 Hermann Hoth This book, originally published in German in 1956, has now been translated into English, unveiling a wealth of both experiences and analysis about Operation Barbarossa, perhaps the most important military campaign of the 20th century. Hoth critically analyzes the origin, development, and objective of the plan against Russia, and presents the situations confronted, the decisions taken, and the mistakes made by the army’s leadership. He sheds light on the decisive and ever-escalating struggle between Hitler and his military advisers. Hoth concludes his study with several lessons for the offensive use of armored formations in the future. His firsthand analysis, here published for the first time in English, will be vital reading for every student of World War II. 9781612002699, $32.95, $21.50, hardback, 224p.

The Hitler Conspirator The Story of Kurt Freiherr von Plettenberg and Stauffenberg's Valkyrie Plot to Kill the Fuhrer Eberhard Schmidt Kurt Baron von Plettenberg (1891-1945) was the descendant of Westphalian aristocratic family, and a soldier in both world wars. This biography shows for the first time how Kurt von Plettenberg, who belonged to the inner circle of conspirators around Stauffenberg, found a way to prevail during those difficult times and how significantly he influenced the resistance. 9781473856912, $34.95, $22.99, hardback, 256p.

Hitler's Girls Doves Amongst Eagles Tim Heath Concentrating purely on the role of German girls in Hitler’s Third Reich, we learn of their home lives, schooling, exploitation and eventual militarization from firsthand accounts of women who were indoctrinated into the Jung Madel and Bund Deutcscher Madel as young girls. Written in an attempt to provide a definitive voice for this unheard generation of German females, it will leave the reader to decide for themselves whether or not the girls were the obedient accessories to genocide, and it will lead many readers to question many aspects of what they have previously thought about the role of girls and young women in Hitler’s Third Reich. This is their story. 9781526705327, $32.95, $21.50, hardback, 256p.

Hitler's Munich Man The Fall of Sir Admiral Barry Domvile Martin Connolly Hitler's Munich Man gives a detailed account of Domvile's background, detention and hearings that were held behind closed doors and reveals the extent of his Fascism, pro-German attitudes and anti-Semitism. The first book to throw a spotlight on the saga, it examines his writings, both open and issued under a pseudonym, and considers the legitimacy of his detention. With photographs from the German archives, substantial coverage using the Secret Service files, Domvile’s personal diaries and other sources, the book will illuminate and inform the reader. 9781526707079, $39.95, $25.99, hardback, 176p.

Hitler's Sky Warriors German Paratroopers in Action 1939–1945 Christopher Ailsby Hitler's Sky Warriors is a detailed examination of all the battles and campaigns of the Third Reich's airborne forces, illustrated throughout by many previously unpublished photographs. Hitler's Sky Warriors includes detailed accounts of all the ground campaigns of the parachute divisions, especially in Italy, where their epic defenses of Monte Cassino entered military legend. As well as being a comprehensive account of Fallschirmjger battles and campaigns, Hitler's Sky Warriors includes information on the specialist weapons and equipment developed for Germany's airborne forces. In this way Hitler's Sky Warriors builds into an extensive and exciting account of one of the elite formations of military history. 9781473886681, $22.95, $14.99, paperback, 248p.

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• WORLD WAR II • Alastair Denniston Code-breaking From Room 40 to Berkeley Street and the Birth of GCHQ Joel Greenberg In 1914 Alastair Denniston was one of the first recruits into the Admiralty’s fledgling codebreaking section which became known as Room 40. With the support and assistance of the both the Denniston family and GCHQ, Joel Greenberg, author of Gordon Welchman, Bletchley Park’s Architect of Ultra Intelligence, has produced this absorbing story of Commander Alexander ‘Alastair’ Guthrie Denniston OBE, CBE, CMG, RNVR, a man whose death in 1961 was ignored by major newspapers and the very British intelligence organisation that was his legacy. 9781526709127, $50.00, $32.50, hardback, 336p.

Combat Over the Mediterranean The RAF In Action Against the Germans and ItaliansThrough Rare Archive Photographs Chris Goss Drawing on an extremely rare collection of photographs taken by the camera guns of Bristol Beaufighters deployed on ground-attack and anti-shipping operations, this book will form a rare indeed unique view of what it was like to fly dangerous strike missions against German and Italian forces over North Africa and the Mediterranean between 1942 and 1945. This book will be based around these remarkable and spectacular photographs and will include full details of key missions and the crews who participated, with information drawn from Squadron records and combat reports. 9781473889439, $22.95, $14.99, paperback, 176p.

Churchill Warrior How a Military Life Guided Winston's Finest Hours Brian Lavery Written in Brian Lavery’s acclaimed, insightful and anecdotal style, a grand narrative unfolds starting with the Marlborough toy soldiers and the army class at Eton, which then leads us through those early military and journalistic experiences, the fascinating trials and lessons of the First World War, the criticism and tenacity culminating in the ultimate triumph of the key events in the Second. It explores how some of Churchill’s earliest innovations were to bear fruit decades later, how his uncompromising, but uniquely informed, hands-on approach, and his absolute belief in combined forces in Normandy, led to a systemic victory against the odds. 9781910860229, $32.95, $21.50, hardback, 448p.


Churchill and Tito SOE, Bletchley Park and Supporting the Yugoslav Communists in World War II Christopher Catherwood One of Churchill’s most controversial decisions during the Second World War was to switch SOE support in Yugoslavia in 1943 from the Cetniks loyal to the exiled Royal Government to backing Tito and his Communist Partisan guerrillas. The official history of SOE in Yugoslavia was never written, but Deakin was the main adviser to the person deputed to write it – and Christopher Catherwood was the first person to examine the papers deposited in Washington. These papers reveal that Churchill made his decision based on evidence not just from SOE, but also from MI3, SIS and SIGINT at Bletchley Park. 9781526704962, $29.95, $19.50, hardback, 216p.

Gunfire! British Artillery in World War II Stig H Moberg This book provides an insight into how artillery resources were established, developed and employed during the Second World War, using the British Royal Artillery as an example. The book analyses in great detail the weapons available to the Royal Artillery, their technical functionality and their performance capabilities. The author then examines the organization, methods, procedures and tactics employed by the Royal Artillery. British Artillery of the Second World War is profusely illustrated throughout with photographs, maps, plans, graphs, charts and diagrams to demonstrate precisely how the British Artillery was used on the battlefields around the world. 9781473895607, $55.00, $35.99, hardback, 416p.

Malta Strikes Back The Role of Malta in the Mediterranean Theatre 1940-1942 Ken Delve Two of the greatest strategic mistakes by Hitler involved failure to take control of two key locations, Gibraltar and Malta; between them these two were able to influence, and at times dominate, the Western Mediterranean area, and surrounding land masses. Malta, with its strategic partner, Alexandria (and Egypt) likewise dominated the Eastern Mediterranean and surrounding land masses. This is the story of how Malta rose to meet the challenges facing its defenses during the Second World War; how it struck back and survived one of its darkest eras. 9781473892446, $44.95, $29.50, hardback, 288p.

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• WORLD WAR II • The Invasion of Sicily 1943 Jon Diamond With victory in North Africa complete, the Allies had a choice. The Americans wanted an early cross channel attack from Britain on North West Europe. Churchill favored invading the soft underbelly of Italy to weaken the Axis forces and gain Italian surrender. The ambitious Operation HUSKY required meticulous planning. In little over a month, the first Americans reached Messina. The strategic plan was successful: the Italian capitulated, Hitler had to reinforce his Southern flank relieving pressure on the Soviets and valuable lessons were learned by Allied for D-Day. 9781473896093, $24.95, $16.50, paperback, 248p.

A Destroyer at War The Fighting Life and Loss of HMS Havock from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean 1939–42 David Goodey and Richard H Osborne It was headline news on 8 April 1942: HMS Havock, one of the Navy’s most famous destroyers, a ship which survived bombs, torpedoes and full scale battles, has been wrecked. The authors have tracked down fifty of the surviving crew and from interviews have been able to compile one of the most detailed, and certainly one of the most dramatic, histories of a destroyer during the Second World War. This book tells the story of the battles and operations of a famous ship, and its sad destruction, through newspaper reports, official documents, and the words of the men who sailed and fought in HMS Havock as she earned an astonishing eleven battle honors in her brief but glorious career. 9781526709004, $34.95, $22.99, hardback, 320p.

Jungle Survival Manual 1939-1945 Instructions on Warfare, Terrain, Endurance and the Dangers of the Tropics Alan Jeffreys During the Second World War, British and American soldiers were sent to new and challenging theaters, fighting to survive not only encounters with the enemy but also the landscape they found themselves in. Being posted to SouthEast Asia and the Pacific meant soldiers had to learn to survive in the tropics. The Jungle Survival Manual brings together the official manuals and information that enabled the Allies to fight in Burma, Malaya, Thailand, Indochina, Singapore and the Pacific Islands and win the war. 9781612004365, $18.95, $12.50, paperback, 144p.

Opération Dynamo Dunkerque 1940 - 350 000 soldats britanniques et français sont évacués vers l'Angleterre Jean-Charles Stasi Four years before the Allied landing in Normandy, the French coast was the scene of another major episode of the Second World War. Between 27 May and June 4, nearly 350,000 British and French soldiers were evacuated from the Dunkirk pocket by a heterogeneous fleet of 850 boats. Nearly 80 years later, Jean-Charles Stasi, author of several successful books published by Heimdal publishes this major history of one of the most pivotal actions of WWII in a book illustrated with numerous photographs in black and white and color, as well as maps, computer graphics, aircraft profiles and boats. Text in French. 9782840484738, $33.00, $21.50, hardback, 96p.

The Royal Navy at Dunkirk Commanding Officers' Reports of British Warships In Action During Operation Dynamo Martin Mace The fact that the British Expeditionary Force was evacuated from Dunkirk in May-June 1940 has achieved the status of a legend. In the weeks after Operation Dynamo, the Admiralty issued an order requiring the Commanding Officers of those British warships involved to submit a report detailing their actions. Described in their own words,the result is a vivid record of the chaos, improvisation, skill and bravery that all combined to rescue the basis of an army that helped carry Britain through the dark months and years that followed. It is a record that forms the basis of this book. 9781473886728, $44.95, $29.50, hardback, 448p.

Blenheims over Greece and Crete Operations of 30, 84 and 211 Squadrons 1940-1941 Brian Cull The Bristol Blenheim entered Bomber Command service in 1937 and became one of the Command’s most important aircraft. On its inception, the Blenheim was fast and sleek, and at the outbreak of war, achieved a number of early firsts. This book covers the operations of the Blenheims during the fighting over Greece and Albania. It is a gripping account of the heroics of the small band of British and Greek airmen who flew the Blenheims against ever-increasing odds. 9781781556313, $28.95, $18.99, paperback, 224p.

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• WORLD WAR II • La percée du bocage. Volume 2 30 juillet - 16 août 1944 Stéphane Jacquet The second volume operations of the VIII British corps, over the same period, allowing the English to pierce the German front in the Bocage. On July 28, Monty directed the rapid transfer of divisions of the VIII Corps and XXX Corps in the Caumont sector to launch a simultaneous attach of two bodies. Building on many photos, maps and mostly unpublished testimonies and on the newspaper market units, the author, the head of the battle of Tilly sur Seulles Museum, presents hour after hour, the fighting in the Bocage. French text. 9782840484356, $107.00, $69.99, hardback, 432p.

Last of the Kriegies The Extraordinary True Life Experiences of Five Bomber Command Prisoners of War Reg Barker, Charles Clarke, David Fraser, Albert Gunn, Henry Wagner, Steve Darlow and Squadron Leader Bob Ankerson RAF (Ret'd) ‘Last of the Kriegies’ tells the extraordinary stories of five of the last remaining Second World War RAF Bomber Command Prisoners-of-War: pilot Reg Barker, bomb aimer Charles Clarke, air gunner David Fraser, air gunner Albert Gunn and navigator Henry Wagner. Steve Darlow presents the extraordinary testimony of five veterans who endured and survived being shot down, captivity, degradation, and suffering. Illustrated with previously unpublished photographs and with a foreword from former Gulf War POW Squadron Leader Bob Ankerson RAF (Ret’d) ‘Last of the Kriegies’ reveals the extraordinary strength and resilience of the human spirit struggling with incarceration and the loss of freedom. 9780993415296, $34.95, $22.99, hardback, 256p.

Sous les ordres de Rommel Des déserts d'Afrique du Nord aux plages de Normandie Hans Holler and Markus Reisner In this extraordinary autobiography by Hans Höller, readers are plunged into an epic journey through the torments of the Second World War. Rommel's decisions determined the fate of Hans Höller and each of his comrades. Today at 94, Hans retains incredible health and his memory is fresh. His many personal photographs and poignant, accurate, authentic and even critical narratives offer an unusual glimpse into the experiences of an Austrian young man who, given the moment of the history in which he was born, had no choice but to face them. Text in French. 9782840484615, $69.00, $44.99, hardback, 240p.


Sinews of War The Logistical Battle to Keep the 53rd Welsh Division on the Move During Operation Overlord Gwilym Davies A fascinating account of the feat of logistics which it took to supply the hard fighting 53rd Welsh division from Normandy to Hamburg. A limited run Divisional publication out of print since the ’50s with a new introduction and overview of the actions of the Division. 9781473868564, $19.95, $12.99, paperback, 104p.

Les paras français du Jour J Jean-Charles Stasi They are a bit forgotten in the history of D-Day. On the night of June 5 to 6, 1944, while men of the 92nd and 101st airborne divisions, and those of the 6th British Airborne Divisions were about to jump over Normandy, thirty-six French commandos were dropped on Britain. They belonged to the Special Air Service (SAS), a unit of British Special Forces established in July 1941 and whose motto was “who dares wins”. While their numbers were much smaller than that of their fellow paratrooper allies, their missions had no less capital: coordinate and lead the resistance – very active in this region – to prevent the Germans station to go there and build troops already positioned on the coast or nearby. The thirty-six men who jumped were precursor elements; they had to create two bases for the arrival of the rest of the workforce and equipment in the following days to launch guerrilla operations and sabotage: Samwest in the BERT Duhault (Cotes d’Armor) and Dingson, in the forest of Saint-Marchel (Morbihan). French text. 9782840484622, $35.00, $22.99, hardback, 80p.

Mémorial de la bataille de France. Volume 2 5 juin -25 juin 1940 Jean-Yves Mary and Pascal Kerger In May-June 1940, an unfortunate battle was lost in forty-five days. Those forty-five days of fighting are reported here, including the most emblematic and also those more numerous and previously ignored that have emerged from oblivion. The book covers the daily drama of the men who are overtaken by the rhythm of the battle, subject to the whim of the command, and many of whom were at the end of their sacrifice, which these two volumes propose to retell. This book offers a different and completely new vision of this battle. A sum of knowledge gathered over the years has prompted the author to tackle this ambitious project. Text in French. 9782840484387, $107.00, $69.99, hardback, 400p.

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• WORLD WAR II • D-day, what we haven't told you Philippe Bauduin and Jean-Charles Stasi The Normandy Landings of 6 June 1944 were a major and decisive episode of the Second World War. However, is it known that D-Day was preceded by a tragic rehearsal on 27 April 1944 that resulted in over nine-hundred deaths and which remained a secret for decades? Is it known that Lionel Crabb, the Royal Navy’s star frogman, was the inspiration for Ian Fleming’s character, James Bond? These are some of the surprising revelations contained in this book which is both original and informative, based on over half a century of research undertaken by Philippe Bauduin and which casts a new light on D-Day and the Battle of Normandy. 9782840484806, $22.00, $14.50, paperback, 128p.

Hitlerjugend Normandie 44 Témoignages Pierre Tiquet This new illustrated book of almost 200 pages presents ten testimonies of veterans of the 12. SS-Panzer-Division “Hitlerjugend” who fought in Normandy. These testimonies, communicated to the author, are presented chronologically, illustrated with almost 300 photos, most of which are previously unpublished, and with documents that belonged to these fighters. A new book which tells a captivating report of the hell of the Battle of Normandy. French text. 9782840484653, $58.00, $37.99, hardback, 200p.

Point d'appui WN 62 Omaha beach Helmut Konrad von Keusgen In this exceptional book, the author, Helmut Konrad von Keusgen, describes the most powerful of the German Strong Points (Widerstandsnest) in the Omaha Beach area, WN62. Omaha was where the largest tragedy of the U.S. landings of 6 June 1944 took place. Presenting a wealth of information, from many carefully verified sources, von Kuesgen reconstructs the history of WN62 from April 1942 to June 6, 1944, and particularly the daily lives of the German soldiers stationed there, as well as their relations with the local population. Produced with the assistance and cooperation of the last German veterans, this is an important contribution to the history of German troops during the Second World War. It is a rich work, full of information, typical of the author’s style. French text. 9782840481966, $52.00, $33.99, hardback, 144p.

Normandie 1944 Georges Bernage This book is the fruit of 40 years research and analysis of eyewitness accounts, both military and civilian, thousands of photographs, researched and analyzed, concerning the Invasion and Battle of Normandy. With over 470 photos, and 73 maps, this publication provides a day by day account of these events from June 6th to August 30th 1944. French text. 9782840483724, $45.00, $29.50, paperback, 224p.

Fallen Sentinel Australian Tanks in World War II Peter Beale Against the backdrop of the sweeping conquest of Western Europe by Hitler's mighty Panzer Divisons in WWII, Australia produced 66 cruiser tanks - the Sentinel tank - but none ever took the field of battle. The story of Australian tanks in WWII portrays governments under pressure and bureaucratic bungles that saw opportunities lost and precious resources squandered when the nation was under greatest threat. This careful dissection of government process in the crucible of war is a rare gem in an age when most wartime histories focus on the front-line soldier. 9781921941023, $29.95, $19.50, hardback, 320p.

World War II Through Russian Eyes Photographs from the Russian Central Armed Forces Museum Mark Talisman Originally published in conjunction with a museum exhibit of the same name, 100’s of photographs, direct from the Russian Central Armed Forces Museum are included in the volume. Most had never been previously seen by the public. With descriptive captions translated directly from the original Russian, this book offers a unique, unknown look at Russia during World War II. 9780910155373, $14.95, $9.99, paperback, 120p.

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• BARGAINS • BARGAINS War Stories Al J.Venter Venter’s choice of military events is eclectic. He has four chapters on Afghanistan, three on Somalia, several on how Lisbon fought its desperate rearguard colonial wars in Angola, Mozambique and Portuguese Guinea and several on the Rhodesian War. Neall Ellis who flew helicopter gunships against the rebels in Sierra Leone and is currently flying support missions in Russian Mi8s in Afghanistan, Al Venter going into combat with a bunch of South African ‘Parabats’ in a strike against enemy positions in Angola, Mike Hoare’s aborted invasion of the Seychelles a quarter of a century ago, an American mercenary in Iraq as well as a United States Navy rescue mission in Somalia are among more than 30 chapters that appear in this new book. 9781869194109, $41.95, $20.95, paperback, 430p.

Zulu Zulu Golf Two Years with KOEVOET Arn Durand The gripping account of Arn Durand’s first two years with Koevoet, South Africa’s most deadly fighting unit during the Border War. Through Durand’s eyes, the reader will experience the madness, mayhem and complexity of the war. A unit of the South African police, Koevoet was the most deadly fighting force involved in the Border War. This book is the account of Arn Durand’s first years with Koevoet, from 1982 to 1983. He describes patrols, ambushes and contacts, situations of certain death, dealings with the enemy and relationships with his Ovambo colleagues. This book does not glorify war or peddle propaganda. It simply relates, in a deadpan style, what it was like to be a killing machine in the heat of battle. 9781770221482, $27.00, $13.95, paperback, 288p.

Genghis Khan and the Mongol War Machine Chris Peers As a soldier and general, statesman and empire-builder, Genghis Khan is an almost legendary figure. His remarkable achievements and his ruthless methods have given rise to a sinister reputation. As Chris Peers shows, he possessed exceptional gifts as a leader and manager of men but he can only be understood in terms of the Mongol society and traditions he was born into. So the military and cultural background of the Mongols are major themes of his book. He looks at the military skills, tactics and ethos of the Mongol soldiers, and at the advantages and disadvantages they had in combat with the soldiers of more settled societies. His book offers a fascinating fresh perspective on Genghis Khan the man and on the armies he led. 9781783400560, $39.95, $19.95, hardback, 256p.


The Madness of Alexander the Great And the Myth of Military Genius Richard A. Gabriel Over the years, some 20,000 books and articles have been written about Alexander the Great, the vast majority hailing him as the greatest general that ever lived. Richard A. Gabriel, however, argues that, while Alexander was clearly a successful soldier-adventurer, the evidence of real greatness is simply not there. The author presents Alexander as a misfit within his own warrior society, attempting to overcompensate. Alexander was tactically competent but contributed nothing truly original, while his strategy was often distorted by his obsession with personal glory. 9781783461974, $34.95, $17.95, hardback, 224p.

The Avro Vulcan: A History Peter G. Dancey The delta-wing design of the subsonic bomber Avro Vulcan was years ahead of its time in terms of design when the Ministry accepted the proposal in 1947. This book provides a complete history of the design and development of Britain's iconic and much loved bomber, covering the period from 1947 to 1984, when it was finally withdrawn due to mounting costs. The history takes in trials and development, taking flight, and the Vulcan B.2 and Black Buck attacks in the Falklands War, and provides details of all 136 airframes including completion dates, operational services in unit order, making it a valuable record of this graceful and famous bomber aircraft. 9781781552322, $25.95, $12.95, paperback, 176p.

The Gettysburg Campaign in Numbers and Losses Synopses, Orders of Battle, Strengths, Casualties, and Maps, June 9 - July 14, 1863 J. David Petruzzi and Steven Stanley This is a full-color, master work decades in the making. Presented for the first time in print are comprehensive orders of battle for more than three dozen engagements, large and small, waged during the five weeks of the Gettysburg Campaign. Each presentation includes a synopsis of the engagement, photos of the commanders, an original full page map of the fighting, an order of battle with numbers and losses, charts and graphs of relative strengths and losses, a conclusion of how the fighting affected each side and the course of the campaign, and a brief suggested reading list. 9781611210804, $32.95, $16.95, hardback, 224p.

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• BARGAINS • American Paratrooper Helmets Michel de Trez Michel De Trez has agreed to open up the showcases and the reserves of the Centre Historique des Parachutistes du Jour-J to present us with this compendium of American paratrooper helmets. This study stands out from other books of its kind by the quality of the collection presented and by the unpublished photos unearthed from among the veterans’ possessions, providing the author with the pictorial testimony needed to illustrate the book. Even for the most initiated readers, he will no doubt have kept a few surprises up his sleeve and will delight all amateurs wanting to improve their knowledge. 9782352501411, $49.95, $24.95, hardback, 224p.

BMW R 75 And Other BMW A Motorcycles in the M German Army in 1930–1945 Ł Łukasz Gładysiak The BMW R75 is a World War II-era motorcycle and sidecar combination produced by the German company BMW. In the 1930s BMW were producing a number of popular and highly effective motorcycles. In 1938 development of the R75 started in response to a request from the German Army. 9788362878390, $19.95, $9.95, paperback, 56p.

The Light Cruiser Yahagi Mariusz Motyka Yahagi, the second Japanese warship of that name, was the third of the four Aganoclass vessels. Construction of the Agano-class cruisers was approved by the Japanese parliament (Diet) in March 1939 under the Fourth Naval Armaments Enhancement Program (Dai-Yon-Ji Kaigun Gunbi Jūjitsu Keikaku), also known as “Four-in-Circle” Program (Maru Yon Keikaku), or simply Maru 4. Under the terms of the program, the four light cruisers (kei jun’yōkan), also referred to as type B cruisers (otsu-gata jun’yōkan, or simply otsu jun) and officially classed as second-class cruisers (ni-tō jun’yōkan), were to fulfill the role of destroyer squadron flagships. 9788364596667, $28.95, $14.95, paperback, 92p.

Dornier Do 17/Do 215 Marek J. Murawski The monograph on the WW2 German bombers Dornier Do 17 and Dornier Do 215 discusses their design, development and operational history. Each variant is specified and comprehensively described with coverage of changes made in its sub-variants, including the special modifications for the foreign recipients. Designed and built in the late 1930s, originally as reconnaissance and bomber plane, the Do 17/215 was also used as a night fighter equipped with radar systems. A large part of the book is devoted to the combat use of the aircraft in the Spanish Civil War, Poland, the Balkans and Russia together with the Western Campaign and Battle of Britain. A short account of the night fighting missions is also included. 9788364596339, $24.95, $12.95, paperback, 136p.

Curtiss P-40 Warhawk (Tomahawk/Kittyhawk) Tomasz Szlagor Curtiss P-40, known to Americans as Warhawk, and to their allies of the British Commonwealth as Tomahawk and Kittyhawk, fought on nearly all fronts of the Second World War, serving with the American, British, Australian, New Zealand, South African, Canadian, Free French, Chinese, Dutch and Soviet air forces. During the first years of the war the P-40 helped the Allies stem the offensive of the Axis powers and fight them back at the last-ditch defensive positions. Never a high-performance fighter, it nonetheless proved a potent weapon in capable hands. Often turned into a fighterbomber in later years, it soldiered on until phased out in favor of more advanced designs. 9788364596315, $22.95, $11.95, paperback, 88p.

Type VII U-Boats Roger Chesneau The ShipCraft series provides in-depth information about building and modifying model kits of famous warship types. This volume is devoted to the largest class of submarines ever built, the Type VII, which formed the backbone of the German effort in the critical Battle of the Atlantic. A pre-war design, the Type VII was developed as the campaign progressed and was still in frontline service in 1945. All the major variants, as well as minor changes to equipment, are covered here. With its unparalleled level of visual information – paint schemes, models, line drawings and photographs – it is simply the best reference for any modelmaker setting out to build one of these famous boats. 9781848321236, $24.95, $12.95, paperback, 64p.

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• BARGAINS • The Eagle's Last Triumph Napoleon's Victory at Ligny, June 1815 Andrew Uffindell Facing two enemy armies – Napoleon aimed his main attack against Blucher’s Prussians at Ligny and diverted Wellington’s attention by engaging his forward elements at Quatre Bras. The Eagle’s Last Triumph provides a detailed examination of these neglected early campaigns, with a riveting description of the fighting and eyewitness testimony. The author shows how close Napoleon came to winning a crushing victory at the start of the campaign. He also shows Blucher was unhorsed and nearly captured in the evening of Ligny – and how this could have had a decisive impact on subsequent events. 9781612003207, $24.95, $12.95, paperback, 272p.

Hitler's Naval Bases Kriegsmarine Bases During the Second World War Jak P. Mallmann Showell Mallmann Showell has spent over forty years researching the role played by these bases; he has interviewed hundreds of veterans, visited dozens of locations and has amassed a vast collection of photographs to form the most comprehensive and illuminating work on the subject to date. Showell describes the various functions and departments, how they were run and organized. He also details the anatomies of the many coastal artillery batteries and the manifold duties of the men of the naval artillery and infantry. Beautifully illustrated with over 200 previously unpublished photographs,Hitler's Naval Bases is, without question, the definitive book on this principal branch of the Kriegsmarine. 9781781551981, $29.95, $14.95, hardback, 256p.

Forging a Special Operations Force The US Army Rangers Dominic Caraccilo This book details the origins and development, combat philosophy, and key engagements of America's elite fighting force. Structured topically, the book gives a chronological review of the history of the Ranger from the 17th century to the present day, with special attention paid to the establishment of the 1st Ranger Battalion in the post-Vietnam era—the origins of the elite fighting force that exists today. Authored by a lifetime soldier who served in combat with the 75th Ranger Regiment, this book is replete with information garnered from dozens of interviews with the individuals who created the initial Ranger Force. 9781910777367, $32.95, $16.95, hardback, 196p.


War Games and their History Christopher George Lewin This is the first book to describe the various war games which people have played throughout the ages, from both the games run by governments and those brought out commercially for members of the public. This is a book about the ideas and ingenuity underlying the games. Their inventors struggled to combine simplicity and playability with attempts to reproduce features of real-life conflicts. War Games is a definitive book, beautifully illustrated with over 280 detailed color pictures. We hope you will find it thought-provoking and enjoyable 9781781550427, $39.95, $19.95, hardback, 288p.

The Last Great Cavalry Charge The Battle for the Silver Helmets, 12 August 1914 Joe Robinson and Francis Hendriks Today, it is hard to believe that the use of cavalry was still contemplated in 1914. However, the Battle of the Silver Helmets at Halen had been orchestrated on the previous successes of the cavalry of Frederick the Great. It was staged so that the German Fourth Cavalry Division would charge into glory with sabres rattling. Instead, twenty-four German officers, 468 men, and 843 horses were lost during no less than eight separate charges conducted on that day. The entire right wing of the Imperial German Army included only nine cavalry brigades in the well-known Schlieffen Plan, and two of those brigades were decimated in this one battle. 9781781551837, $32.95, $15.95, hardback, 144p.

The Old Front Line The Centenary of the Western Front in Pictures Stephen Bull “The Old Front Line” is a phrase first coined by the poet John Masefield when he looked back on the battle of the Somme from a distance of just one year, in 1917, and speculated how the Western Front might look in the future. Stephen Bull’s copiously illustrated work—part travel guide, part popular history—a century on, answers his speculations. Following an introduction that sets the scene and looks at the early stages of the war, eight chapters examine the Western Front geographically, looking closely at the main areas of fighting and what is visible today: not just the “iron harvest”—the scars left by trench and battle—but also the cemeteries, war memorials and statues that remind the visitor starkly of the loss of a generation. 9781612002309, $29.95, $14.95, hardback, 192p.

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• BARGAINS • Iron Man Rudolf Berthold: Germany's Indomitable Fighter Ace of World War I Peter Kilduff This book tells Rudolf Berthold’s remarkable story. All of his aerial combats with other Pour le Mérite flyers are detailed in this book. Peter Kilduff has produced a landmark volume based on extensive research into Rudolf Berthold’s life and military career to form the most complete account yet about Germany’s sixth highest scoring fighter ace of WWI. Illustrated with over eighty photographs and other artworks, Iron Man tells the tale of this ruthless, fearless and, above all, very patriotic fighter whose perseverance and bravery made him one of the most famous airmen of World War I. 9781908117373, $39.95, $19.95, hardback, 224p.

Battle of Bardia Craig Stockings On the morning of 3 January 1941, Australians of the 6th Division led an assault against the Italian colonial fortress village of Bardia in Libya. The ensuing battle was the second of the First Libyan Campaign, but the first battle of the Second World War planned and fought predominantly by Australians. The fortress fell to the attackers a little over two days after the attack began, in what could only be described as a remarkable victory. At a cost of 130 killed and 326 wounded, the 6th Division captured around 40,000 Italian prisoners and large quantities of military stores and equipment. The victory was heralded at the time in Australia as one of the greatest military achievements of that nation's military history. 9780987057457, $16.95, $8.95, paperback, 196p.

The Fourth Reich and Operation Eclipse Patrick Delaforce In this third volume on the progress of the Second World War after the D-Day landings, Patrick Delaforce examines the final weeks of World War Two, beyond the Yalta Conference, when the question to be asked was not who would win, but how to prevent the war dragging on and also how to prevent Hitler from implementing a scorched earth policy across the Reichland. Then there was the race to win territory as the Russians, too, clawed their way across Europe. Operation Eclipse, begun in March 1945, both prevented the Russians from occupying Denmark in violation of the agreement at Yalta but also occupied the Kiel naval base. 9781781554005, $28.95, $14.95, paperback, 284p.

Gold Run The Rescue of Norway’s Gold Bullion from the Nazis, 1940 Robert Pearson Gold Run is a tale of immense bravery, endurance and great leadership of loyal Norwegians, plus a little good fortune and help from the British against intrigue and overwhelming odds. The ships were attacked in port, then constantly harassed and bombed by the Luftwaffe as they made their way back to the UK. They had gained a country, but lost a King, a government and huge amount of bullion that would have financed their war machine. That loss is directly attributed to a visionary bank chief, a Colonel, a hastily assembled body of Norwegians and the ships and men of the Royal Navy, ever resourceful, brave and loyal to their respective countries. This is their story. 9781612002866, $34.95, $5.95, hardback, 208p.

Victory Was Beyond Their Grasp With the 272nd VolksGrenadier Division from the Huertgen Forest to the Heart of the Reich Douglas E. Nash In response of the changing fortunes of the Wehrmacht in 1944, one of the many expedients 9t fielded was the Volks-Grenadier Division (VGD). This book traces the history of one such unit from its inception, its commitment in the Battle of the Huertgen Forest where it scored a hard-won victory over the Americans, and its eventual demise after withdrawing to the Rhine. Using survivor interviews and unpublished records, this book traces the history of a late-war German division. 9781612003054, $34.95, $8.95, hardback, 416p.

Ghosts of the ETO American Tactical Deception Units in the European Theater, 1944 - 1945 Jonathan Gawne No history of the war in Europe has ever taken into account the actions of the men of the US 23rd Special Troops. These men took part in over 22 deception operations against the German Army. Some of these operations had tremendous impact upon how the battles in Europe were fought. The men who participated in these actions were sworn to secrecy for 50 years, and are only now willing to talk about their role. This book also covers the birthplace of sonic deception: the Army Experimental Station at Pine Camp; and their smaller sister unit, the 3133rd Sonic Deception company that saw action for 14 days in Italy. 9781612002507, $22.95, $11.95, paperback, 352p.

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• BARGAINS • Through Hitler’s Back Door SOE Operations in Hungary, Slovakia, Romania and Bulgaria 1939-1945 Alan Ogden Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary and Slovakia were all German allies in the Second World War, unlike the other countries of Europe which had either been forcibly occupied by the Nazis or remained neutral.This is a story about the courage of individuals in the face of overwhelming odds. Thus the picture that emerges of SOE activities in these countries is one of heroic proportions, with courage, dedication and daring displayed by every mission. Although nearly all SOE personnel were either killed or captured, the impact of their clandestine operations served as a persistent irritant, continuously undermining Germany’s strategic and political assumptions about the loyalty of her allies. 9781848842489, $39.50, $19.95, hardback, 304p.

Desert Rats: 1940-1942 The hard fought war in the Libyan Desert proved to be one of the toughest and closest run campaigns of World War II. The battles, which raged around the fortress of Tobruk, saw some of the toughest fighting of the war. These are the three official films, which captured the events of the early desert battles for contemporary audiences. Using Allied newsreel footage shot in the air and on the ground along with captured Axis footage, these unique films provide a powerful record of World War II from primary sources. 5060247620787, $14.95, $7.95, dvd ntsc, 60p.

The Nuremberg Trials The Nuremberg trials began in 1945 and the film cameras of the victorious Allies were there to record the proceedings. As might be expected, the narrative is vengeful, partisan and jingoistic. The ringing accusations of the prosecutors are illustrated by extracts from newsreels. The courtroom footage, however, provides the most complete primary source reference and extensive extracts from the speeches made by the Soviet prosecutors are featured. The film makes much play on the often-overlooked fact that the Soviet Union objected to the acquittal of Hans Fritzsche, Franz von Papen and Hjalmar Schacht, and to the fact that Rudolf Hess was given a sentence of life imprisonment, rather than a death sentence. 5060247620671, $14.95, $7.95, dvd ntsc, 60p.


German Pioneer Equipment and Vehicles Amphibious Vehicles Rodolphe Roussille After seven years’ research, this is the first of a series devoted to the vehicles and crossing equipment used by the German pioneers during World War II. This book traces the development of amphibious vehicles from the initial hesitations in the thirties to the secret projects at the end of the war which remained on the drawing board. Illustrated with thirty or so color profiles and more than 200 black and white period photographs, of which a hundred or so are as yet unpublished. 9782352501602, $49.95, $24.95, hardback, 144p.

Voices of Colditz The YMCA Notebook from Oflag IVc Peter Clay In 1942, two Canadian Army officers in Colditz Prison in Germany passed a blank hardcover log book among their fellow officers. Each fascinating page reveals vivid tales of hair-raising escapes, air, land and sea battles, bombing raids, ship sinkings, incarceration, deprivation and even amusing tales of everyday prison life. h-ranking officers from allied countries, and men from the ranks, all imprisoned in Colditz because of their prominent status or high risk of escape, have contributed to these pages. It now includes previously unseen accounts and illustrations. This historical text reveals the stories of courageous officers and men of Oflag IVC, finally bringing important tales into the light of day from within the walls of Colditz. 9781781553862, $40.00, $19.95, hardback, 320p.

The True Story of Catch 22 The Real Men and Missions of Joseph Heller’s 340th Bomb Group in World War II Patricia Chapman Meder In this book, written and colorfully illustrated by the daughter of the 340th Bomb Group’s commander, Colonel Willis Chapman, we encounter the real men and combat missions on which the novel was based. The True Story of Catch-22 proves that any resemblance to persons living or dead is, in fact, actual. This three-part book blends fact, fancy, and history with full-blown original illustrations and rare, previously unpublished photos of these daring USAAF flyers and their Corsican-based B-25 Mitchell. Along with descriptions of the 340th’s real wartime events, the work includes twelve men of the Bomb Group relating twelve richly told tales of their own. In this book the reader will discover that truth is indeed as fascinating as fiction! 9781612001036, $32.95, $16.95, hardback, 240p.

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Nick Brokhausen On his second tour to Vietnam, Nick Brokhausen served in Recon Team Habu, CCN. This unit was part of MACV-SOG (Military Assistance Command Vietnam Studies and Observations Group), or Studies and Observations Group as it was innocuously called. This riveting memoir details the actions and experiences of a small group of Americans and their allies who were the backbone of ground reconnaissance in the Republic of Vietnam during the Vietnam War. It became a cult classic among the Special Forces community when first published over a decade ago. There are no longer any copies of the original edition for sale as they were passed around until they actually disintegrated. 9781612005805, $32.95, $21.50, hardback, 360p.




We Few U.S. Special Forces in Vietnam

101st Airborne in Normandy JJune 1944

A Military History of Modern South Africa Ian van der Waag This book is the first study of the South African armed forces as an institution and of the complex roles that these forces played in the wars, rebellions, uprisings and protests of the period. It deals in the first instance with the evolution of South African defense policy, the development of the armed forces and the people who served in and commanded them. 9781612005829, $32.95, $21.50, hardback, 420p.

History of the Third Seminole War 1849-1858 J Knetsch, John Missall and Joe Mary Lou Missall History of the Third Seminole War is a detailed narrative of the war and its causes, containing numerous firsthand accounts from participants in the war, derived from virtually all the available primary sources, collected over many years. Written in a clear, easy-to-follow style, the work is intended for both a general and scholarly audience and will be of value to those interested in Florida history, American history in general, military history, Native American studies, and nineteenth century subjects. 9781612005768, $32.95, $21.50, hardback, 288p.

Yves Buffetaut 101st Airborne Division was activated in August 1942 in Louisiana, and its first combat mission was Operation Overlord. On D-Day—June 6, 1944—101st and 82nd Airborne dropped onto the Cotentin peninsula hours before the landings, tasked with capturing bridges and positions, taking out German strongpoints and batteries, and securing the exits from Utah and Omaha Beaches. This fully illustrated book details the planning of the airborne element of D-Day, and the execution of the plans until the troops were withdrawn to prepare for the next big airborne operation, Market Garden. 9781612005232, $24.95, $16.50, paperback, 128p.

2nd SS Panzer “Das Reich” Division Yves Buffetaut The 2nd SS Division, “Das Reich,” was a battlefront mainstay for Nazi Germany throughout WWII—from the invasion of Poland in 1939 to the final surrender in May 1945. In between it was switched back-andforth between east and west depending on the crisis, and it i ffought h iin nearly l every major j campaign, from Barbarossa to Normandy, and from Kharkov to the Ardennes. This lavishly illustrated book by renowned French historian Yves Buffetaut lays out the full history of Das Reich in World War II, with rare photos, informative text, and true insights into a unique combat division in modern warfare. 9781612005256, $24.95, $16.50, paperback, 128p.

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