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Pen and Sword Books Established in 1990 and with over 500 books published every year, Pen & Sword has cemented itself as one of the UK’s leading history publishers; traditionally associated with military, aviation and maritime, and today also covering a number of other subjects and fascinating areas of history including railways and transport, family history, archaeology, social history, true crime, and much more. Building on the success of our UK mail order business we are now launching a service in the US with the help of our distributor, Casemate Publishers, with the aim to satisfy and better serve our expanding customer base in the United States. Visit our website www.penandswordbooks.com where you will find all of our backlist titles and will be able to see what’s coming up in the next few months. Sign up to our mailing list to keep up to date with news and special offers.

9781526736222 • 288 pages Hardback • $42.95 $27.92

Cold War Spymaster – Nigel West Guy Liddell was the Director of MI5’s counter-espionage B Division throughout the Second World War, during which he wrote a confidential personal diary. Within its pages details of virtually every important event that had any intelligence significance during the conflict were recorded. This is the inside story of Britain’s counter-intelligence agency during the Cold War.

9781526740229 • 296 pages Hardback • $34.95 $22.72 DUE JANUARY 2019

Death March Escape – Jack J Hersch Years after his father’s death, the author came across a photograph of his father on, of all places, the Mauthausen Memorial’s website. Using only his father’s words for guidance, Jack takes us along as he flies to Europe to learn the secrets behind the photograph and of his father’s time at the hands of the Nazis during the last year of the Second World War.

Frontline Books

9781526709004 • 320 pages Hardback • $34.95 $22.72


Destroyer at War – David Goodey, Richard Osborne Destroyer at War tells the story of the battles and operations of a famous ship, and its sad destruction, through newspaper reports, official documents, and the words of the men who sailed and fought in HMS Havock as she earned an astonishing eleven battle honours in her brief but glorious career.

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9781526724847 • 344 pages • 16 b&w images Hardback • $39.95 $25.97

Dunkirk Nine Days That Saved An Army – John Grehan The epic of Dunkirk has been told many times, but the numerous accounts from surviving soldiers and sailors were often a blur of fear and fighting with the days mingling into each other, leaving what is, at times, a confusing picture. In this book, adopting a day by day approach, the author provides a clear portrayal of the unfolding drama on the perimeter around Dunkirk, in the port itself and along the beaches to La Panne and the Belgian border. There are stories of collisions in the dark, chaos on the beaches and tragic losses as ships went down.

9781473893894 • 288 pages • 16 b&w illustrations Hardback • $34.95 $22.72

How Churchill Waged War – Allen Packwood In this insightful investigation into Churchill’s conduct during the Second World War, Allen Packwood, BA, MPhil (Cantab), FRHistS, the Director of the Churchill Archives Centre, enables the reader to share the agonies and uncertainties faced by Churchill at each crucial stage of the war. How Churchill responded to each challenge is analyzed in great detail and the conclusions Mr Packwood draws are as uncompromising as those made by Britain’s wartime leader as he negotiated his country through its darkest days.

9781526713513 • 224 pages • B&w illustrations Paperback • $22.95 $14.92

SAS Zero Hour – Tim Jones Britain’s elite Special Air Service Regiment, the SAS, is undoubtedly one of the most revered – and feared – special-ops units in the world. Its highprofile operations include the spectacular storming of the Iranian Embassy in London and the hunt for Osama bin Laden in southern Afghanistan following 9/11. Written by noted specialist Tim Jones, this is a compelling and provocative reappraisal of the true origins of this famous organization.

Assassinations Anthology – Edited by John Greham Grounded in actual events, the various scenarios portrayed in this collection examine the likely chain of events that would have followed if these worldfamous assassination attempts had succeeded. A few inches, a few minutes – that was all the difference between life and death, and between the past that we know and one that we can only imagine.

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Frontline Books

9781848326972 • 200 pages • B&w illustrations Hardback • $39.95 $25.97

3 03/09/2018 13:37

9781473856837 • 256 pages • B&w illustrations Hardback • $34.95 $22.72 DUE DECEMBER 2018

Stauffenberg: Symbol of Resistance – Wolfgang Venohr Stauffenberg set off for Berlin to overthrow the Nazi regime. Hitler, of course, did not die that day and Stauffenberg and his co-conspirators were rounded up and executed. After decades of analyzing the sources and eyewitness reports, Wolfgang Venohr revealed the true nature of the man behind the most audacious assassination attempt of WWII. 9781526734075 • 288 pages • 32 b&w illustrations Paperback • $22.95 $14.92 DUE JANUARY 2019

Survivors of Stalingrad – Reinhold Busch The author has trawled through hundreds of previously unpublished reports, interviews, diaries and newspaper accounts to reveal the experiences of soldiers of all ranks, from simple soldiers to generals. The book includes firsthand accounts of soldiers who were wounded or fell ill and were flown out of the encirclement. 9781526714855 • 640 pages • 170 illustrations Hardback • $42.95 $27.92 DUE DECEMBER 2018

The Polish ‘Few’ – Peter Sikora Air Chief Marshal Sir Hugh said: ‘Had it not been for the magnificent material contributed by the Polish squadrons and their unsurpassed gallantry, I hesitate to say that the outcome of the Battle would have been the same.’ Includes personal accounts from the Battle of Britain veterans and detailed biographies of all the Polish Battle of Britain pilots. 9781526710413 • 208 pages • 300 color/b&w illustrations Hardback • $44.95 $29.22 DUE NOVEMBER 2018

US Marine Corps Uniforms and Equipment in World War II – Jim Moran In this book, long-time collector and researcher Jim Moran offers a detailed guide illustrated with more than 300 photographs. Jim Moran has produced an essential reference for the collector, modeler, illustrator and uniform historian.

Frontline Books

9781526710451 • 208 pages • 100 illustrations Hardback • $44.95 $29.22 DUE NOVEMBER 2018


US Marine Corps Women’s Reserve – Jim Moran This book, the first of its kind, explores in detail the role of Women Marines, or WRs as they were known at the time. It also presents a detailed study of the uniforms of the WRs supported by numerous color photographs.

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9781526704962 • 216 pages • 32 b&w illustrations Hardback • $29.95 $19.47

Churchill and Tito – Christopher Catherwood One of Churchill’s most controversial decisions was to switch SOE support in Yugoslavia in 1943 to backing Tito and his Communist Partisan guerrillas. Christopher Catherwood can now demonstrate that one of Churchill’s most significant and consequential decisions of the Second World War was not the terrible mistake that historians have portrayed it. 9781526713599 • 248 pages • Over 70 integrated b&w illustrations Paperback • $22.95 $14.92

Teddy Suhren: Ace of Aces – Teddy Suhren, Fritz Bustat-Naval Fondly remembered among U-boat veterans for his good humour and leadership skills, Teddy was also rebellious by nature, and frequently in trouble with higher authority. His reminiscences are typically forthright and unconventional, and are a thrilling wartime narrative, as well a fascinating insider’s view of the workings of Hitler’s navy. 9781526713636 • 192 pages • 32 pages of b&w and color plates Paperback • $26.95 $17.52

With 3 Para to the Falklands – Graham Colbeck This gripping account tells the story of the dramatic struggle for the Falklands from the point of view of a sergeant in the Third Battalion, Parachute Regiment (3 Para). This is one man’s story of living through this vivid and intense period and an important insight into the experience of modern battle. 9781526700759 • 376 pages • 200 color/b&w illustrations Hardback • $29.95 $19.47

Hero on the Western Front – Michael Kelly In October 1918, Corporal Alvin Cullum York single-handedly captured 132 Germans and killed twenty-one in a desperate fire-fight. Complete with detailed plans and diagrams, and a rich variety of photographs of locations and artefacts, Michael Kelly presents a fascinating account of York’s determined courage.

Ninja – Stephen Turnbull The Ninja Unmasked is a revealing, fascinating and authoritative study of Japan’s famous secret warriors. Here, the author examines the entire phenomenon in a critical manner, ranging from accounts of undercover operations during the age of Japan’s civil wars to the modern emergence of the superman ninja as a comic book character.

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Pen & Sword Military

9781473850422 • 40 pages • 32 color illustrations Hardback • $32.95 $21.42

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9781526713759 • 272 pages • Color plate section Paperback • $26.95 $17.52

The Art of Renaissance Warfare – Stephen Turnbull The Art of Renaissance Warfare tells the story of the knight during the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries – from the great victories of Edward III and the Black Prince to the fall of Richard III on Bosworth Field. This is a remarkably informative and entertaining account that will appeal to anyone interested in how battles were fought and won in the infancy of the modern age.

9781526738325 • 432 pages • 16 b&w illustrations Hardback • $39.95 $25.97 DUE OCTOBER 2018

The Iron Marshal – John G Gallaher Louis Nicolas d’Avout is most famously remembered for the Battle of Auerstedt in 1806 where his single corps encountered and defeated the main Prussian army which was more than twice as numerous. As a consequence, he was granted the title of Duke of Auerstaedt. This unique study also touches upon the personal life of a man who, had few social skills.

9781526702456 • 568 pages • B&w plate section Hardback • $44.95 $29.22

Waterloo: The Truth At Last – Paul L Dawson Waterloo, The Truth at Last demonstrates, through details never made available to the general public before, how so much of what we think we know about the battle simply did not occur in the manner or to the degree previously believed.

9781526709868 • 344 pages • 16 page b&w plate section Hardback • $42.95 $27.92 DUE DECEMBER 2018

Wellington’s Foot Guards at Waterloo – Robert Burnham, Ron McGuigan Robert Burnham and Ron McGuigan have compiled the first comprehensive study of the Guards Division throughout the entire Waterloo campaign, from the initial deployment in Belgium to the Occupation of Paris.

Frontline Books

9781473893979 • 400 pages • 16 color illustrations Hardback • $39.95 $25.97

With Wellington’s Hussars in the Peninsula and Waterloo – Gareth Glover


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George Woodberr’s account of his time in Wellington’s army is matched by the unusual story of the history of his journal.

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9781784382582 • 320 pages • 128 b&w Illustrations Hardback • $34.95 $22.72

Duel Under the Stars – Wilhelm Johnen “The enemy bomber grew larger in my sights and the rear gunner was sprayed by my guns just as he opened fire. The rest was merely a matter of seconds. The bomber fell like a stone out of the sky and exploded on the ground. The nightmare came to an end.” In this enthralling memoir, the author recounts his experiences of the war years and traces the story of the ace fighter pilots from the German development of radar to the Battle of Britain.

9781784382704 • 272 pages • 32 b&w illustrations Hardback • $32.95 $21.42

Lady Death – Lyudmila Pavlichenko The wartime memoir of Lyudmila Pavlichenko is a remarkable document. Pavlichenko was World War II’s best scoring sniper and had a varied wartime career that included trips to England and America. In June 1941, when Hitler launched Operation Barbarossa, she left her university studies, ignored the offer of a position as a nurse, to become one of Soviet Russia’s 2000 female snipers. Less than a year later she had 309 recorded kills, including 29 enemy sniper kills. She was regarded as a key heroic figure for the war effort.

9781784382360 • 224 pages • 2 b&w illustrations Hardback • $32.95 $21.42

Red Army Sniper – Yevgeni Nikolaev ‘I did not regard myself as a slacker. Even in childhood I taught myself to carry out tasks entrusted conscientiously and carefully. In war, it is no secret that the casual don’t survive’. Yevgeni Nikolaev was one of Russia’s leading snipers of World War II and his memoir provides and unparralleled account of frontline action in crucial theaters of war. Nikolaev is credited with a remarkable 324 kills and his wartime service included time in the siege of Leningrad in 1941/1942.

9781784382971 • 240 pages • 64 b&w illustrations Hardback • $34.95 $22.72

This collection paints a picture of Hitler from members of his household in the unique position of being “seemingly ever-present, yet totally unconnected to events.” The reader is introduced to Hitler’s Bodyguard Karl Krause (1934–39), his house administrator Herbert Döhring (1935–43) and chambermaid Anna Plaim (1941–43). From these accounts we get a deeper sense of Hitler in close proximity.

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Greenhill Books

Living with Hitler – Karl Wilhelm Krause, Herbert Döhring, Anna Plaim, Kurt Kuch

7 03/09/2018 13:37

9781784382810 • 352 pages • B&w illustrations Hardback • $32.95 $21.42

Memoirs of a Wartime Interpreter – Elena Rzhevskaya On May 2,1945, Red Army soldiers broke into Hitler’s bunker. Rzhevskaya, a young military interpreter, was with them. Here she writes about the key historical events and everyday life in her own inimitable style. She talks in depth of human suffering, of bittersweet victory, of an author’s responsibility, of strange laws of memory and unresolved feeling of guilt.

9781784382667 • 408 pages • 100 b&w illustrations Hardback • $35.00 $22.75

Panzer Ace – Richard Freiherr von Rosen Richard Freiherr von Rosen was a highly-decorated Wehrmacht soldier and outstanding panzer commander. His memoirs are richly illustrated with contemporary photographs, including key confrontations of World War II.

9781784382933 • 312 pages Paperback • $19.95 $12.97

Voices from D-Day – Jonathan Bastable This new paperback edition of a classic account of D-Day told through first-hand accounts brings vividly to life the bravery and skill of the young men called to fight to liberate Europe. The accounts are taken from letters, diaries and interviews and range from generals and politicians to frontline soldiers and civilians. The accounts in this book tell the whole story of D-Day.

9781784383176 • 288 pages • 16 b&w illustrations Paperback • $19.95 $12.97

Voices from the Battle of the Bulge – Nigel De Lee This new paperback edition of Voices of Battle of the Bulge tells the story of this pivotal battle of World War 2 through contemporary witnesses. It vividly brings to life and commemorates one of the key battles of World War II.

Greenhill Books

9781784383138 • 304 pages • 16 pages of b&w illustrations Paperback • $19.95 $12.97

Voices of the Codebreakers – Michael Paterson


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With vivid first-hand accounts and illuminating historical research, Voices of the Codebreakers reveals and finally celebrates the extraordinary accomplishments of these ordinary men and women.

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9781784382896 • 832 pages • 32 b&w illustrations Paperback • $42.95 $27.92

In Napoleon’s Shadow – Proctor Patterson Jones “Marchand’s memoirs, republished in English for the first time in two decades, represent a truly irreplaceable contribution to Napoleonic scholarship. Beyond the Emperor as commander and conqueror, Marchand, from his privileged vantage point, illuminates Napoleon the man in rich and absorbing detail.” – John H Gill “A valuable book that deftly steers through confusing and controversial materials.” – Jonathan Clements, Author of A Brief History of the Martial Arts

9781784383336 • 272 pages • 250 plus color illustrations Paperback • $34.95 $22.72

Medieval Armoured Combat – Dierk Hagedorn, Bartłomiej Walczak The “Gladiatoria” group of German fencing manuscripts are several editions of a treatise on armored foot combat, specifically aimed at duel fighting. Gloriously-illustrated, and replete with substantial commentary, these works are some of the greatest achievements in the corpus of late medieval fight books.

9781784382858 • 320 pages • 200 color illustrations Paperback • $34.95 $22.72 DUE OCTOBER 2018

Medieval Combat in Colour – Hans Talhoffer Hans Talhoffer’s professional fencing manual of 1467 illustrates the intricacies of the medieval art of fighting, covering both the ‘judicial duel’ (an officially sanctioned fight to resolve a legal dispute) and personal combat. This unparalleled guide to medieval combat, illustrated with 268 contemporary images, provides a glimpse of real people fighting with skill, sophistication and ruthlessness. This is one of the most popular and influential manuals of its kind.

Napoleon Victorious! – Peter G Tsouras It is June 1815 and an Angloled Allied army under the Duke of Wellington’s command and Gebhard Leberecht von Blücher is set to face Napoleon Boneparte near Waterloo in present-day Belgium. What happens next is well known to any student of history: the two armies of the Seventh Coalition defeated Bonaparte in a battle that resulted in the end of his reign and of the First French Empire. But the outcome could have been very different, as Peter Tsouras demonstrates in this thought-provoking and highly readable alternate history of the fateful battle.

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Pen & Sword Military

9781784382087 • 240 pages • 41 b&w illustrations Hardback • $34.95 $22.72

9 03/09/2018 13:38

9781784382001 • 616 pages • Color illustrations Hardback • $52.95 $34.42

Waterloo: The Campaign of 1815 – John Hussey This book provides a fresh description of the climatic battle of Waterloo placed in the context of the whole campaign. It discusses several vexed questions: Blücher’s intentions for the battle, Wellington’s choice of site, his reasons for placing substantial forces at Hal, the placement of Napoleon’s artillery, who authorized the French cavalry attacks, Grouchy’s role on 18 and 19 June, Napoleon’s own statements on the Garde’s formation in the final attack, and the climactic moment when the Prussians reached Wellington’s troops near la Belle Alliance. Close attention is paid to the negotiations that led to the capitulation of Paris, and subsequent French claims. The allegations of Las Cases and later historians that Napoleon’s surrender to Captain Maitland of the Bellerophon amounted to entrapment are also examined. After a survey of the peace settlement of 1815, the book concludes with a masterly chapter reviewing the whole story of the 1815 campaign.

9781784383091 • 528 pages • Illustrated Paperback • $34.95 $22.72 DUE DEC 2018

With Eagles to Glory – Third Edition – John H Gill When Napoleon’s Grand Armee went to war against the might of the Habsburg empire in 1809, its forces included more than 100,000 allied German troops. From his earliest imperial campaigns, these troops provided played a key role as Napoleon swept from victory to victory and in 1809 their fighting abilities were crucial to the campaign. With Napoleon’s French troops depleted and debilitated after the long struggle in the Spanish War, the German troops for the first time played a major combat role in the centre of the battle line. The campaign Napoleon waged in 1809 was his career watershed. In this epic work, John Gill presents an unprecedented and comprehensive study of this year of glory for the German soldiers fighting for Napoleon, When combat opened they were in the thick of the action, fighting within French divisions and often without any French support at all. They demonstrated tremendous skill, courage and loyalty.

9781784382049 • 208 pages • 50 b&w images Hardback • $34.95 $22.72

Septimius Severus in Scotland – Simon Elliott

Greenhill Books 10

Since 1975 much new archaeological evidence has come to light to illuminate the immense undertaking of Septimius Severus’ campaigns in Scotland, allowing for the first time the true story of this savage invasion to be told. In the early 3rd century Severus, the ageing Roman emperor, launched an immense ‘shock and awe’ assault on Scotland that was so savage it resulted in eighty years of peace at Rome’s most troublesome border. The book shows how his force of 50,000 troops, supported by the fleet, hacked their way through the Maeatae around the former Antonine Wall and then pressed on into Caledonian territory up to the Moray Firth. There is also an indepth look at the political, economic and social developments that occurred in the Province. This will particularly appeal to those who are keen to learn more about the narrative of Rome’s military presence in Britain.

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9781526701954 • 120 pages • 100 color illustrations Paperback • $28.95 $18.82

The Vickers Viscount – Nick Stroud This book tells the full story of the world’s first turboprop airliner, from its Brabazon Committee beginnings, through its early flight trials programme and entry into service, to its almost unassailable position as the world’s number one medium-haul turboprop, including its astonishing breakthrough in the USA. 9781526725967 • 416 pages • 200 b&w illustrations Hardback • $49.95 $32.47

An Eye in the Sky – Bob Cossey This is the biography of Henry Crowe whose career encompassed time as an infantryman with the Royal Irish Regiment during the First World War. Henry Crowe was highly decorated and especially well thought of during the course of his career; reading Bob Crossey’s account of his fascinating life, it is clear to see why. 9781473861343 • 320 pages • 200 color/b&w illustrations Hardback • $39.95 $25.97

Boeing 707 Group – Graham M Simons This new book from the established aviation historian Graham Simons examines the entire course of the Boeing 707’s history, charting an impressive design evolution and illustrating the many ways in which the 707’s legacy continues to be felt to this day. 9781473891333 • 128 pages Paperback • $17.95 $11.67

Reconnaissance Planes Since 1945 – Frank Schwede

9781473863101 • 256 pages • 60 illustrations & 2 x plate sections Hardback • $39.95 $25.97

Air War Varsity – Martin W Bowman Here, Martin Bowman brings us the first book on Operation Varsity to include both British and US air and ground operations, as well as the US, British and Canadian paratroop and resupply missions, all presented together in one ambitious volume. Martin Bowman weaves firsthand testimony and a compelling historical narrative together with a variety of photographic illustrations.

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Airworld/Pen & Sword Aviation

At the time of the Cold War the use of reconnaissance aircraft reached its zenith. Consequently, powerful aircraft emerged during this time, especially in terms of deployment altitude, speed and flight time; achievements which have been largely unrecognised until now.

11 03/09/2018 13:38

9781526710536 • 80 pages • 100 color illustrations Paperback • $28.95 $18.82 DUE JANUARY 2019

Flight Craft 14: Messerschmitt Bf109 – Robert Jackson The famous Messerschmitt Bf 109 single-seat fighter was one of the most important warplanes of the Second World War. Originally designed during the 1930s, and a contemporary of the equally-legendary Supermarine Spitfire, it was vitally important to Germany’s Luftwaffe and was flown in combat by the highest-scoring fighter pilots in history.. 9781526710499 • 64 pages • Color illustrations Paperback • $28.95 $18.82 DUE JANUARY 2019

Flight Craft 15: Supermarine Spitfire MKV – Lance Cole This book presents the Spitfire enthusiast with an up-to-date history of the Spitfire – not just in its design and application in war, but also as a flying memorial and as an aero modelers’ vital focus.

9781526742490 • 96 pages • 200 color illustrations Paperback • $28.95 $18.82 DUE JANUARY 2019

Flight Craft 16: Hawker Hunter in British Service – Martin Derry, Neil Robinson The Hawker Hunter is one of Britain’s classic post-war jet aircraft. Initially introduced in 1954 as a swept-wing, transonic, single-seat day interceptor, it rapidly succeeded the first-generation jet fighters in RAF service such as the Gloster and the de Havilland Venom.

9781526702623 • 96 pages • 100 color illustrations Paperback • $29.95 $19.47

Flight Craft 12: The Junkers Ju87 Stuka – Martin Derry, Neil Robinson This latest addition to the growing Flight Craft range, follows the previous well established format featuring the design and development history, a 16page full color illustration and concluding with a section on modeling.

Pen & Sword Aviation 12

9781526702661 • 96 pages • 400 color/b&w illustrations Paperback • $29.95 $19.47 DUE NOVEMBER 2018

Flight Craft 13: The Gloster Meteor in British Service – Martin Derry, Neil Robinson A new addition to the Flight Craft series this time focusing on the Gloster Meteor in British Service. Suitable for general enthusiasts as well as modelmakers with a 16-page full color illustration section.

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9781473891296 • 128 pages Paperback • $17.95 $11.67

Fighter Aircraft Since 1945 – Frank Schwede Part of the new Fact File series this book features fundamental knowledge for aviation enthusiasts, covering a vast number of brands and model history with technical data, facts and images. 9781526705600 • 144 pages • 120 color/b&w illustrations Paperback • $29.95 $19.47 DUE JANUARY 2019

The Hawker Hunter – Martin W Bowman The Hunter is one of the world’s greatest aircraft. For three decades, pilots have enthused about it, extolling the virtues of its smooth, aerodynamic lines, 4 x 30mm cannon, the Rolls-Royce Avon engine, and its outstandingly honest handling characteristics combined with a lively performance. Here, the legendary tale of the Hunter is told in words and images. 9781526705761 • 144 pages • 120 color/b&w illustrations Paperback • $24.95 $16.22 DUE JANUARY 2019

The Phantom F-4 – Martin W Bowman During the long course of its service history, the Phantom has been employed in a variety of different combat scenarios and theaters of war. This is the perfect introduction for the general reader, enthusiast or modeler wishing to find a succinct yet detailed introduction to the design and history of this aircraft. 9781526705884 • 144 pages • 120 color/b&w illustrations Paperback • $28.95 $18.82 DUE JANUARY 2019

The Vought F4U Corsair – Martin W Bowman This comprehensive new book combines technical information and detailed development history with a fascinating combat history told, in many cases, by the Second World War and Korean War pilots themselves. Well researched, readable and illustrated with scores of rare and previously unpublished photographs.

US Military Helicopters – Michael Green The helicopter came on the scene too late to play other than a minor role in the Second World War but by the Korean conflict the Bell H-13 Sioux, OH23 Raven and Sikorsky H-19 Chickasaw were in service. It was in Vietnam that the US military helicopters really came into their. All these formidable aircraft and many more are covered in detail in this superbly illustrated and comprehensive book.

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Pen & Sword Aviation

9781473894846 • 224 pages • 250 color/b&w illustrations Paperback • $24.95 $16.22

13 03/09/2018 13:38

9781526710574 • 224 pages • B&w illustrations Hardback • $34.95 $22.72 DUE JANUARY 2019

The War With Hitler’s Navy – Adrian Stewart As this well researched work reveals, Hitler’s handling the German Navy during the Second World War was full of contradictions. Hitler was uncharacteristically cautious of employing his formidable navy aggressively. Examination of the reasons for this make for fascinating reading. The War against Hitler’s Navy describes in fascinating detail the many fronts on which the adversaries faced each other and analyzes the reasons for the ultimate outcome.

9781526724922 • 64 pages • 100 color & b&w illustrations Paperback • $24.95 $16.22 DUE NOVEMBER 2018

ShipCraft 25: German Destroyers – Robert Brown The ‘ShipCraft’ series provides in-depth information about building and modifying model kits of famous warship types. Lavishly illustrated, each book takes the modeler through a brief history of the subject class, highlighting differences between sister-ships and changes in their appearance over their careers. This volume covers the large and powerful German destroyers of the Second World War era.

9781526700834 • 232 pages • 120 b&w photos & 16 pages of plates Hardback • $39.95 $25.97

Taming the Atlantic – Dag Pike The Atlantic Ocean has been and remains an often-deadly challenge to mankind. This delightful and informative book chronicles the history of attempt to cross its hostile surface from the early days of sail to the most recent record-breaking attempts in small ultra-fast craft. In between there have been fascinating sagas connected to pioneering discovery, the slave trade, mass emigration, the glamour and luxury of the famous shipping lines and war. “This volume is eminently readable, there being no doubt that the author of knows his subject.” – NZ Crown Mines

Pen & Sword Maritime 14

9781526738073 • 296 pages • 18 b&w illustrations Paperback • $25.95 $16.87

The Roman Empire and the Indian Ocean – Raoul McLaughlin This book examines Roman commerce with Indian kingdoms from the Indus region to the Tamil lands. It investigates contacts between the Roman Empire and powerful African kingdoms, including the Nilotic regime that ruled Meroe and the rising Axumite Realm. Further chapters explore Roman dealings with the Arab kingdoms of south Arabia, including the Saba-Himyarites and the Hadramaut Regime, which sent caravans along the incense trail to the ancient rock-carved city of Petra. This book offers a new international perspective on the Roman Empire and its legacy for modern society.

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Images of War The majority of titles in this fast growing series focus on campaigns and formations of the Second World War and feature collectors’ graphic and rare contemporary images, supported by authoritative captions and lively text. Particularly popular with wargamers and modelers are those works covering armored vehicles and equipment – the detail in the images is superb.

9781526721341 $24.95 $16.22

9781526701756 $24.95 $16.22

9781473887046 $24.95 $16.22

DUE JAN 2019

9781526727091 $28.95 $18.82

9781526720894 $24.95 $16.22

DUE NOV 2018

DUE DEC 2018

9781473874848 $22.95 $14.92

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Pen & Sword Military

9781473896659 $24.95 $16.22

9781473862593 $24.95 $16.22

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Images of War

9781473896178 $22.95 $14.92

9781526702036 $22.95 $14.92

9781526743527 $24.95 $16.22

DUE JAN 2019

9781473886681 $22.95 $14.92

9781526732538 $28.95 $18.82

9781526701633 $24.95 $16.22

DUE DEC 2018

Pen & Sword Military 16

9781526723758 $24.95 $16.22

9781526723710 $24.95 $16.22

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Images of War

9781526707345 $22.95 $14.92

9781473890978 $24.95 $16.22

9781473890930 $22.95 $14.92

9781473895003 $22.95 $14.92

9781473894921 $22.95 $14.92

9781526701794 $26.95 $17.52

9781526717252 $24.95 $16.22

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9781526728296 • 128 pages • 20 color/80 b&w illustrations Paperback • $24.95 $16.22

Bay of Pigs – Phil Carradice Perhaps not in casualties but as far as prestige and standing in the world were concerned, the Bay of Pigs invasion of 1961 was the worst disaster to befall the USA since the War of 1812 when British forces burned the White House. This is a detailed explanation of the landings, relying heavily on firsthand accounts from the men who were there, on the invasion beaches. 9781526708021 • 128 pages • 40 color/80 b&w illustrations Paperback • $22.95 $14.92

Hungarian Uprising – Louis Archard Despite advocating a policy of rolling back Soviet influence, the US and other western powers were helpless to stop the suppression of the uprising, which marked a realization that the Cold War in Europe had reached a stalemate. Illustrated with maps and period photographs of the events this book covers those turbulent weeks. 9781526728579 • 128 pages • 20 color/60 b&w illustrations Paperback • $24.95 $16.22

Iran-Iraq War – Anthony Tucker-Jones The bloody eight-year Iran-Iraq war is now almost forgotten, overshadowed by the subsequent Gulf War and Iraq War. At the time Tucker-Jones as a defence analyst wrote extensively on the war and now brings his expertise to bear with this account of a conflict fueled by festering regional rivalries. 9781526728418 • 136 pages • 20 color/60 b&w illustrations Paperback • $22.95 $14.92 DUE JANUARY 2019

Angolan War of Liberation – Al J Venter This new title details how an ailing colonial power comprehensively defeated a communist-inspired insurgency, Describes an implacable desire to keep alive a proud colonial tradition that stretched back five centuries and outlines the nature of the war.

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9781526708229 • 128 pages • 40 color/80 b&w illustrations Paperback • $22.95 $14.92

Air War Over North Vietnam – Stephen Emerson For more than three and half years, the United States and North Vietnam found themselves locked in a powerful test of wills. Day after day American Air Force and Navy pilots strapped into their planes and flew directly into harm’s way, knowing that many might not come back. This is the story of the air war over North Vietnam.

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9781526708182 • 128 pages • 40 color & 80 b&w images Paperback • $22.95 $14.92

North Korea Invades the South – Gerry van Tonder Without warning, at 4.00 a.m. on 25 June 1950, North Korean artillery laid down a heavy bombardment on the Ongjin Peninsula, followed four hours later by a massive armored, air, amphibious and infantry breach of the illconceived post-war ‘border’ that was the 38º north line of latitude. At 11.00 a.m., North Korea issued a declaration of war against the Republic of Korea. Three days later, the South Korean capital, Seoul, fell. The first in a six-volume series on the Korean War, this publication considers those first few fateful days in June 1950 that would cement north–south antagonism to this day.

9781526708106 • 128 pages • 40 color & 80 b&w images Paperback • $22.95 $14.92

Red China – Gerry van Tonder This book examines the remarkable life of Mao Tsetung: teacher, soldier, revolutionary, statesman, tyrant. It traces how the People’s Liberation Army grew from a cadre of revolutionaries to the victorious movement that ushered in Communist China and we learn about the Great March, the disastrous Sino-Japanese War, and the role the Soviets played in redrawing the map of East Asia. Here we witness the last desperate struggle that decided the future of Asia’s most powerful country.

9781526728371 • 128 pages • 20 color & 60 b&w illustrations Paperback • $24.95 $16.22 DUE OCTOBER 2018

Sino-Indian War – Gerry van Tonder This is a detailed account of the history of the dispute, burgeoning military capabilities on both sides of the border in the Himalayas and full-scale clashes. It outlines the apparent betrayal in the Cold War communist camp as the Soviet Union aligned itself with India, at China’s expense and features unique and original material drawn from contemporary, now declassified CIA documents, and British newspapers. A barely remembered sideshow to the Cuban Missile Crisis.

The Cuban Missile Crisis – Phil Carradice The Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962 was the closest the world has come to nuclear war, a time when the hands of the Doomsday Clock really did inch towards the witching hour of midnight. This is the whole story, from the downright ludicrous to the tragic and sensational, has been captured in Phil Carradice’s readable but informed style. This book reads like a novel, full of fascinating characters and compelling incidents.

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Pen & Sword Military

9781526708069 • 128 pages • 40 color & 80 b&w images Paperback • $22.95 $14.92

19 03/09/2018 13:38

9781526718457 • 320 pages • 16 b/w maps and diagrams Hardback • $42.95 $27.92 DUE NOVEMBER 2018

On Ancient Warfare – Richard A Gabriel Richard Gabriel has been studying and writing about ancient warfare for nearly half a century. These decades of scholarship are complemented by direct military experience as a US army officer (now retired). This book presents his thoughts and perspectives on a selection of aspects of ancient warfare that he has found of particular interest over the years. With topics ranging the origins of war, through logistics, military medicine and psychiatry or the origins of jihad, to specifics such as the generalship of Alexander the Great, Scipio and Hannibal, there is plenty here for the either the general reader or academic scholar. 9781526730374 • 208 pages • 150 illustrations Hardback • $34.95 $22.72 DUE JANUARY 2019

Armies of the Late Roman Empire AD 284 to 476 – Gabriele Esposito This guide to the Late Roman Army focuses on the dramatic and crucial period that started with the accession of Diocletian and ended with the definitive fall of the Western Roman Empire.. The author describes the organization, structure, equipment, weapons, combat history and tactics of Late Roman military forces. The book is lavishly illustrated in color, including the shield devices from the Notitia Dignitatum. The origins and causes for the final military fall of the Empire are discussed in detail, as well as the influence of the ‘barbarian’ peoples on the Roman Army. 9781473837423 • 216 pages • 42 color and b/w illustrations Hardback • $34.95 $22.72 DUE NOVEMBER 2018

Conquerors of the Roman Empire: The Franks – Simon MacDowall Simon MacDowall examines how this relatively small group of Germans came to be overlords of all of the former Roman province of Gaul, giving their name to France in the process. From their earliest incursions into the Empire, down to the Battle of Casilinum (554), their last battle against Romans, he studies the Frankish way of warfare and assesses its effectiveness. The size and composition of their armies, their weapons (including the characteristic Francisca axe), equipment and tactics are discussed. Accordingly, this book also covers the Franks’ role in defending the Rhine frontier against subsequent invasions by the Vandals, Alans, Suebi and the Huns.

Pen & Sword Military 20

9781473874725 • 176 pages • 16 b&w illustrations Hardback • $32.95 $21.42

Sparta – Philip Matyszak Universally admired in 479 BC, the Spartans were masters of the Greek world by 402 BC, only for their state to collapse in the next generation. What went wrong? This is a chronicle of political failure, but also a lesson in how to go down fighting. Even with the Roman legions set to overwhelm their city, the Spartans never gave up. Sparta: Fall of a Warrior Nation tells a seldom-told tale, yet one rich in heroes and villains, epic battles and political skulduggery.

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9781473847606 • 216 pages • 16 b&w illustrations & 2 maps Hardback • $32.95 $21.42

Lucius Verus and the Roman Defence of the East – M C Bishop Lucius Verus is one of the least regarded Roman emperors, but his handling of military affairs, particularly the conflict with Parthia after their invasions of Armenia and Syria, deserves a new consideration in the light of a careful reassessment of all the available source material. 9781473883611 • 208 pages • 32 photos Hardback • $39.95 $25.97

Lucullus – Lee Fratantuono The military achievements of Lucius Licinius Lucullus (118–57/56 B.C.) have been respected for two thousand years but there have been few studies dedicated to a comprehensive examination of exactly how Lucullus conquered the Roman East and made it a more or less cohesive part of the empire. Lee Frantantuono considers every aspect of Lucullus’ life. 9781473827301 • 248 pages • B&w maps Hardback • $32.95 $21.42 DUE NOVEMBER 2018

Great Naval Battles of the Ancient Greek World – Owen Rees This book presents a selection of thirteen ancient Greek naval battles, from the Ionian Revolt and Persian Invasion to the rise of external naval powers in the Mediterranean Sea, such as the Carthaginians. The background, wider military campaigns, and the opposing forces are also discussed. 9781526726780 • 208 pages • Color illustrations and maps Paperback • $22.95 $14.92

Roman Conquests: Macedonia and Greece – Philip Matyszak

9781526711205 • 288 pages • 35 color illustrations Hardback • $39.95 $25.97

Caligula – Lee Fratantuono Caligula: An Unexpected General offers a new appraisal of Caligula as a surprisingly competent military strategist and tactician, arguing that his achievements helped to secure Roman military power in Europe for a generation.

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Pen & Sword Military

Philip Matyszak gives a clear narrative of the course of these wars, explaining how the Roman war machine coped with formidable new foes and the challenges of unfamiliar terrain. Specially-commissioned color plates bring the main troop types vividly to life in meticulously-researched detail.

21 03/09/2018 13:38

9781526735553 • 384 pages • 150 color illustrations Hardback • $42.95 $27.92

1918 – Richard van Emden 1918: The Decisive Year in Soldiers’ Own Words and Photographs is the next volume in the remarkable series of books from the best-selling First World War historian, Richard van Emden. Revisiting the winning formula of diaries and memoirs, and above all original photographs taken on illegallyheld cameras by the soldiers themselves, Richard tells the story of 1918. 9781473833890 • 232 pages • 80 illustrations Hardback • $39.95 $25.97

First World War Uniforms – Catherine Price-Rowe Five million British men served on the Western Front between 1914 and 1918, and every one of them wore a uniform! This is the hardly-known story of the mass production of millions of objects for Kitchener’s new army, transforming, at least in appearance, young men into a modern fighting force. 9781526746832 • 368 pages • 250 color/b&w illustrations Paperback • $28.95 $18.82 DUE JANUARY 2019

Major & Mrs Holt’s Battlefield Guide – The Western Front – North – Major Holt, Mrs Holt This guidebook is based on Tonie and Valmai Holt’s 30 years of guiding tours and writing about the area. It is written to the high standards that have come to be expected of these authors who are credited with pioneering the modern battlefield tour and whose guide books are referred to as ‘The Bibles’. 9781526728050 • 184 pages • 25 b&w illustrations Hardback • $34.95 $22.72

Archie Bowman – Hamish Ross In 1915, Archie Bowman, a philosophy professor at Princeton, was granted leave of absence to join the British army. He served in the HLI and was captured at the Battle of the Lys. Prison camp, though, turned out not to be the living death he expected. This is a fascinating story of a man of high principle and great depth of feeling who had the love and support of his wife Mabel.

Pen & Sword Military 22

9781526714459 • 272 pages • 60 b&w illustrations & maps Paperback • $19.95 $12.97

American Expeditionary Forces in the Great War – Maarten Otte This new Battleground Europe title is the first in the series to examine the part of the United States in the Great War. Maarten Otte gives a background narrative to events before the opening of the Offensive and its development.

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9781526725219 • 192 pages • 40 integrated images & plates Hardback • $32.95 $21.42

Armies of Early Colonial North America 1607–1713 – Gabriele Esposito Gabriele Esposito presents a detailed overview of the military history of Colonial North America from the first colonial settlement in Jamestown to the end of the first continental war fought in the Americas. 9781526733573 • 280 pages • 16 b&w illustrations Hardback • $34.95 $22.72

Badon and the Early Wars for Wessex, circa 500 to 710 – David Cooper David Cooper’s book reappraises the evidence regarding the early battles for Wessex territory. It charts the sequence of battles from the c. AD 500 siege of Badon Hill, in which the Britons defeated the first Saxon attempt to gain a foothold in Wessex territory, to Langport in 710. 9781473895805 • 288 pages • 100 b&w illustrations Hardback • $39.95 $25.97 DUE JANUARY 2019

Castrum to Castle – J E Kaufmann, H W Kaufmann For over a thousand years, from the time of the Roman Empire to the classic period of castle-building in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, fortified sites played a key role in European warfare. This highly illustrated history gives a fascinating insight into their design and development and into the centuries of violence and conflict they were part of. 9781473880818 • 200 pages • 30 illustrations Hardback • $34.95 $22.72

Fighting the British – Bernard Wilkin, Rene Wilkin The British army during the Napoleonic Wars is often studied using English sources and the British view of their French opponents has been covered in exhaustive detail. This book, based on hundreds of letters and memoirs of French officers and soldiers of the Napoleonic armies, adds to the existing literature by exploring the British army from the French side of the battle line.

Marengo – Terry Crowdy On 14 June 1800 Napoleon Bonaparte fought his first battle as French head of state at Marengo in northern Italy. Meticulously researched using memoirs, reports and regimental histories from both armies, Marengo casts new light on this crucial battle and reveals why Napoleon came so close to defeat and why the Austrians ultimately threw their victory away.

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Pen & Sword Military

9781473859203 • 336 pages • 22 color illustrations Hardback • $42.95 $27.92 DUE OCTOBER 2018

23 03/09/2018 13:38

9781473874923 • 264 pages • 50 color illustrations Hardback • $32.95 $21.42

The Knights Templar at War 1120–1312 – Paul Hill There are many books about the Knights Templar, the medieval military order which played a key role in the crusades against the Muslims in the Holy Land, the Iberian peninsula and elsewhere in Europe. What is seldom explored is the military context in which they operated, and that is why Paul Hill’s highly illustrated study is so timely, for he focuses on how this military order prosecuted its wars. 9781526731081 • 304 pages • 150 color illustrations Paperback • $28.95 $18.82 DUE OCTOBER 2018

Waterloo Battlefield Guide – David Buttery The defeat of Napoleon’s French army by the combined forces of Wellington and Blücher at Waterloo on 18 June 1815 was a turning point in world history. This thoroughgoing, lucid, easy-to-follow guide is a fascinating introduction and an essential companion for visitors to the battlefield in Belgium. 9781473898318 • 304 pages • 30 illustrations Hardback • $42.95 $27.92 DUE DECEMBER 2018

The Two Battles of Copenhagen 1801 and 1807 – Gareth Glover The Danish capital of Copenhagen was the site of two major battles during the Napoleonic Wars, but the significance of the fighting there, has rarely been examined in detail. In this absorbing and original study Gareth Glover focuses for the first time on these two principal. 9781526701718 • 352 pages • 150 b&w illustrations Hardback • $39.95 $25.97

Waterloo: Rout and Retreat – Andrew W Field This, the fourth volume in Andrew Field’s highly praised study of the Waterloo campaign from the French perspective, depicts in vivid detail the often neglected final phase – the rout and retreat of Napoleon’s army.

Pen & Sword Military 24

9781526730923 • 304 pages Hardback • $34.95 $22.72

Lieutenant General Sir Samuel Auchmuty 1756–1822 – John D Grainger Samuel Auchmuty was born in New York in 1756. During the American Revolution his remained loyal to King George and he joined the British 45th Foot in 1777. Despite a varied and distinguished career he has not received the attention he warrants. John Grainger examines his part in events which shaped world history.

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9781526702500 • 224 pages • 250 b&w illustrations Paperback • $22.95 $14.92

US Marine Corps in the Second World War – Michael Green United States Marine Corps played a leading role in the war against Japan from Pearl Harbour in December 1941 until VJ Day on 2 September 1945. Living up to its motto the “First to Fight”, the 1st Marine Division landed on the Japaneseoccupied island of Guadalcanal in the South Pacific on August 7, 1942 and for the next three years fought its way across the Central Pacific, through the Solomon Islands, New Guinea, Tarawa Atoll and In this graphic pictorial overview of the Corps’ legendary campaign, the Author expertly describes the full range of Marine Corps weaponry and explains their organization, tactics and fighting doctrine. 9781473857629 • 128 pages Hardback • $34.95 $22.72

Objective Falaise – Georges Bernage On the night of 8 August 1944, the First Canadian Army launched Operation Totalize, directing their advance towards Falaise, with the intention of breaking through the German defences south of Caen. In spite of large numbers, they were halted by the 12.SS- Panzer-Division, who managed to block the 600 armored vehicles. The offensive was relaunched a few days later under the name Operation Tractable, the intention this time being to capture the strategically important town of Falais. This book provides the reader with a day-by-day account of this forgotten battle, while also acting as a field guide, including maps and both contemporary and modern photographs. 9781526700049 • 120 pages • 30 illustrations Paperback • $22.95 $14.92 DUE DECEMBER 2018

One-hour Skirmish Wargames – John Lambshead Many wargamers enjoy the challenge of skirmish games where, instead of the strategy of vast armies portrayed by traditional wargames, the focus is on the tactics of a small unit. However, skirmish rules are often so complex that it can take hours of rolling dice, consulting tables and recording data to recreate what would in reality be a fast and furious firefight lasting just minutes. The basic rules are supported by sections which give special rules and scenarios to capture the flavor of a range of different periods, from Napoleonic to Modern Warfare and beyond with Sci-Fi. 9781526748485 • 224 pages • 30 b&w Illustrations Paperback • $22.95 $14.92 DUE JANUARY 2018

Honestly, and with an extraordinary clarity of recall, the author describes confrontations with German Tiger and Panther tanks and deadly anti-tank guns. He was wounded four times, his crewmen and his commanding officers were killed, but he was fated to survive and record his experience of combat. His memoirs give a compelling insight into the reality of tank warfare on the Eastern Front. Vasiliy Kryson fought on the Eastern Front as a tanker throughout the Second World War. After the war, he wrote one of the outstanding first-hand accounts of tank warfare in the Red Army. His narrative has now been translated and edited for a western audience.

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Pen & Sword Military

Panzer Destroyer – Vasiliy Krysov

25 03/09/2018 13:38

9781526730459 • 168 pages • 60 b&w illustrations Hardback • $34.95 $22.72

A French GI at Omaha Beach – Caroline Jolivet Bernard Dargols was a young Parisian student working in New York when war broke out in 1939. While his family remained in France and was threatened by the Vichy regime’s anti-Semitic laws, Bernard decided to enlist in the US Army, convinced that it would be more useful to fight the occupying forces. Following his long military training, Bernard became a GI in the Military Intelligence Service, 2nd US Infantry Division, and landed on the infamous Omaha Beach in June 1944. This extraordinary story of the ‘GI from the Place des Vosges’, is told here by his grand-daughter, Caroline Jolivet. 9781473834118 • 280 pages • 20 b&w illustrations Hardback • $32.95 $21.42

Anders’ Army – Evan McGilvray Like many Poles, Anders was imprisoned after the Soviets attacked Poland in 1939. When the German invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941 suddenly put Stalin in the Allied camp, these Poles were evacuated to Iran and formed into the Polish Second Corps under Anders’ command. Once ready the corps was committed to the Italian campaign, most notably at Monte Cassino. The author assesses Anders’ military command but also pays great attention to his controversial political role. Anders often caused friction among the Allies, defying the Polish government in exile and urging war against the Soviets after the defeat of Hitler. 9781473889125 • 224 pages • 32 b&w illustrations Paperback • $19.95 $12.97

Arras Counter-Attack 1940 – Tim Saunders There is an enduring debate as to whether it was or was not a counterattack and the impact this far from perfectly organized operation was mounted. The book unpicks the orders and analyzes how the infantry and the armor failed to marry up to deliver a joint attack around the south of Arras but fought a series of separate desperate battles. Despite being the first in the field with tanks in 1916 the British lost their lead in armored warfare in an army that only sought to forget the horrors of Trench warfare to the Germans who were smarting in the hard school of defeat. 9781473857612 • 288 pages Hardback • $32.95 $21.42

Pen & Sword Military 26

Battle of the Odon – Georges Bernage The Battle of the Odon evokes the clash between the British Army and the II SS-Panzer Korps, as they attacked across the Odon Valley during Operation “Epsom” in June 1944. Using contemporary photographs and documents, this book provides day-by-day details of the operation that was just one part of what is commonly referred to as the ‘Battle of Normandy’. “The book was originally published in French by Heimdal, and this is a welcome English language version, which faithfully follows the high standards of Heimdal publications.” – Recollections of WWII, Matthew Smaldon

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9781473823815 • 192 pages • 16 b&w illustrations Hardback • $39.95 $25.97

Churchill’s Last Wartime Secret – Adrian Searle Churchills Last Wartime Secret reveals the remarkable story of a mid-war seaborne enemy raid on an Isle of Wight radar station. It describes the purpose and scope of the attack, the composition of the raiding German force and how it was immediately, and understandably, hushed-up by Winston Churchills wartime administration, in order to safeguard public morale. 9781526714534 • 272 pages • 80 b&w illustrations Hardback • $24.95 $16.22 DUE JANUARY 2019

Forgotten Tanks and Guns of the 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s – David Lister History forgets. Files are lost and mislaid. But this book seeks to shine a light, offering a collection of cutting edge pieces of historical research detailing some of the most fascinating arms and armament projects from the 1920s to the end of the 1940’s, nearly all of which had previously been lost to history. 9781526719973 • 104 pages Hardback • $34.95 $22.72 DUE NOVEMBER 2018

Freeing Mussolini – Óscar González Based on the testimony of several protagonists in this incredible operation, as well as analyzing major documents (letters, reports by General Kurt Student etc.) and the abundant literature available on the subject, this book dismantles the ‘Skorzeny Myth’ and reveals the truth of what really happened in a mission that even Churchill called ‘one of great daring’. 9781526721914 • 232 pages • 16pp b&w plates Hardback • $39.95 $25.97

From Normandy to Auschwitz – Paul Le Goupil As his extraordinary memoir describes, the author found himself caught up in the maelstrom of the Second World War. He experienced starvation, slave labour, unbelievable hardship and death for many was a relief. All this and far more make this memoir an unforgettable, moving and inspiring account.

Hitler’s Wartime Conversations – Martin Bormann After dinner at the Wolfs Lair it was Hitlers custom to retire to his private quarters where his entourage would hold forth with lengthy and rambling monologues. Hitler was invariably joined by Keitel and his two secretaries, also present was Martin Bormann who decided to commission a recording of Hitlers words for posterity.

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Pen & Sword Military

9781473868885 • 480 pages • 16 b&w illustrations Paperback • $28.95 $18.82 DUE OCTOBER 2018

27 03/09/2018 13:38

9781526731524 • 256 pages • B&w illustrations Paperback • $22.95 $14.92

Hobart’s 79th Armoured Division at War – Richard Doherty Hobart formed the 79th Armored Division who designed specialized armored vehicles necessary to breach the Atlantic Wall. The Division played a major part in the D-Day landings and the subsequent campaign in NW Europe. This book is based on official records, published materials and personal recollections. 9781526734310 • 160 pages • 45 b&w illustrations Hardback • $32.95 $21.42 DUE JANUARY 2019

Panzers on the Vistula – Hans Schäufler Hans Schäuffler fought as the commander of a Jagdpanther tank destroyer in rearguard actions against the Red Army in East Prussia in 1945. Then, as an infantryman, he took part in the doomed defence of Danzig and made a daring escape across the Baltic in a small boat. He gives a vivid insight into the German army’s tactics and as they fell back before the Soviet advance, he describes the appalling conditions and the fear and panic that gripped the city. 9781473889163 • 240 pages • 100 b&w illustrations Paperback • $19.95 $12.97

Pointe du Hoc – Tim Saunders The action by the US Rangers is the stuff of legends but in an operation that has been mythologized and in the process has been badly distorted. This book goes back to original documents to establish the story of the three separate Ranger Forces that made-up Rudder’s Rangers who assaulted not just Pointe du Hoc but the Western end of Omaha Beach as well. 9781526726797 • 296 pages • 250 b&w illustrations Paperback • $28.95 $18.82

Professor Porsche’s Wars – Karl Ludvigsen Ferdinand Porsche is well remembered today for his remarkable automotive designs yet there is another side to his extraordinary career. Karl Ludvigsen’s account confirms the pre-eminence of Ferdinand Porsche as a brilliant and prolific engineer, one of the most remarkable of his generation.

Pen & Sword Military 28

9781473887770 • 240 pages • 24 color illustrations Hardback • $32.95 $21.42

Rise of the Tang Dynasty – Julian Romane Julian Romane examines the military events behind the emergence of the Sui and Tang dynasties in the period 581–649 AD. Narrating the campaigns and battles, he analyzes in detail the strategy and tactics employed, a central theme being the collision of the steppe cavalry with Chinese infantry armies.

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9781473891371 • 128 pages Paperback • $17.95 $11.67

Tanks of the USSR 1917–1945 – Alexander Ludeke The Soviet Union had already begun building an armored industry as early as the 1920s. In this book, Alexander Lüdeke looks at all the important Soviet tanks that were built from 1917 up until the end of the Second World War.

9781473868922 • 272 pages • 32 b&w illustrations Paperback • $26.95 $17.52

Ten Years at Hitler’s Side In October 1946, Wilhelm Keitel was executed by hanging after being sentenced to death at the Nuremberg Trials. This renders the record of Keitel’s trial as published here an invaluable historical record that goes some way to providing an understanding of the near incomprehensible crimes committed during the Third Reich. 9781473857636 • 152 pages • Color illustrations Hardback • $32.95 $21.42

The Battle for the Cotentin Peninsula – Georges Bernage This is a Day-by-day account of the Battle of Cotentin with over 100 photographs many never previously published. The book also acts as a field guide, including maps and modern photographs. 9781473877283 • 296 pages • 50 illustrations Hardback • $32.95 $21.42

The Battle for the Maginot Line 1940 – Clayton Donnell What was it like as a French soldier to defend the Maginot Line when the Germans invaded in 1940? Clayton Donnell’s expert, finely detailed and graphic account of the role of the Maginot Line in the defence of France gives the reader an inside view of life in the bunkers.

Escaping Occupied Europe – Hylke Faber, Pieter Stolk This is the remarkable story of De Moulin’s journey as he escapes Nazioccupied Holland. Told in his own words, his engaging style makes this a unique document about the treacherous journey undertaken by Dutch men and women during the war.

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Pen & Sword Military

9781526741226 • 152 pages • 40 b&w integrated illustrations Paperback • $22.95 $14.92

29 03/09/2018 13:38

9781526703293 • 480 pages • 32 b&w illustrations Hardback • $39.95 $25.97 DUE NOVEMBER 2018

Monte Cassino – Richard Doherty The January to June 1944 battle for the Gustav Line, better known as the Battle of Cassino, famous for its Benedictine Abbey, as one of the bloodiest fought in Europe during WW2. Monte Cassino expertly examines the campaign from the political/strategic levels to the tactical, using official records, accounts from commanders and participants. 9781473861749 • 240 pages • 20 illustrations Hardback • $42.95 $27.92

The German Army on the Eastern Front – Jeff Rutherford, Adrian Wettstein Using a selection of revealing extracts from a wide range of wartime documents, this book looks at the totality of the Wehrmacht’s war in the East. The documents have previously been unpublished or have never been translated into English, and they offer a fascinating inside view of the army’s actions and attitudes. 9781526726766 • 384 pages Paperback • $28.95 $18.82 DUE OCTOBER 2018

The Last Prussian – Charles Messenger Field Marshal Gerd von Rundstedt (1875–1953) was one of the foremost German commanders of the Second World War. This book triumphs and tragedies of Rundstedts personal life and is set against the backdrop of the turbulence that was Germany in the first half of the twentieth century. 9781526737434 • 224 pages • 50 b&w illustrations Hardback • $34.95 $22.72 DUE NOVEMBER 2018

The Second World War Explained – Michael O’Kelly The author of The Second World War Explained has identified the need for a concise summary covering the main events and personalities of the war. The result is a compelling, highly readable and informing book which allows an understanding of this most dramatic yet tragic period of history.

Pen & Sword Military 30

9781473886803 • 288 pages • 20 illustrations Hardback • $42.95 $27.92

The Tanks of Operation Barbarossa – Boris Kavalerchik When the Germans invaded the Soviet Union in 1941 the Red Army had four times as many tanks as the Wehrmacht yet the Wehrmacht won the border battles with extraordinary ease. Boris Kavalerchik answers all of your questions in this absorbing study of the tanks and the tank tactics of the two armies that confronted each other at the start of the war on the Eastern Front.

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9781526705440 • 176 pages • 75 color/75 b&w illustrations Hardback • $39.95 $25.97

U-Boat Pens of the Atlantic Battle – Philip Kaplan These giant structures, some of which sheltered more than a dozen submarines at a time, still exist because they were built with concrete ceilings more than three meters thick. Illustrated with more than 150 rare photo images, this book is a richly rewarding journey back across time to some of the most intriguing and electrifying sites from the war years. 9781526705402 • 176 pages • 75 color/75 b&w illustrations Hardback • $39.95 $25.97

Hitler’s D-Day Defences – Philip Kaplan D-Day Defences revisits many of the locations within the five-beach landing area of the invasion forces, focusing on the various aspects of the German fortifications, the types of defensive systems employed against the American, British and Canadian invaders, and the results experienced by both invaders and defenders in the Allied struggle to gain and hold possession of that pathway to Berlin. 9781526705327 • 256 pages Hardback • $32.95 $21.42

Hitler’s Girls – Tim Heath Hitler’s Girls is not just another Hitler Youth history book. Concentrating purely on the role of German girls in Hitler’s Third Reich and taking unpublished first-hand accounts, we learn of their home lives, schooling, exploitation and eventual militarization. From the prosperous beginnings of 1933 to the cataclysmic defeat of 1945, this insightful book examines in detail their specific roles as defined by the Nazi state. 9781526720016 • 224 pages • 20 b&w illustrations Hardback • $34.95 $22.72

In Hitler’s Shadow – Tim Heath

9781526731043 • 304 pages • 32 color/b&w illustrations Paperback • $24.95 $16.22 DUE NOVEMBER 2018

The Legacy of Anne Frank – Gillian Walnes Perry Anne Frank wrote heart-wrenchingly about the terrors of a captivity that would ultimately end with her death at the hands of the Nazis. These are the inspirational stories of a diverse variety of people, brought together by the words of one articulate and inspiring teenage victim of the Holocaust.

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Pen & Sword Military/History

In Hitler’s Shadow conveys the hopes, the horrors and the aftermath of the Second World War in the form of eye witness testimonies, diary entries and interviews. Through the eyes of the BDM girls, it recounts the struggle to rebuild lives destroyed by years of war, and how a country came to terms with terrible war crimes committed in its name.

31 03/09/2018 13:38

9781526736116 • 296 pages • 32 b&w illustrations Hardback • $42.95 $27.92

Witness to War Crimes – Colm Doyle Colonel Colm Doyle of the Irish Army found himself in the midst of this appalling civil war in the former Yugoslav republic when in October 1991 he became first a European Community Monitor and almost immediately Head of the Monitor Mission in besieged Sarajevo. Here he describes his role mediating, negotiating and persuading political and military leaders of all sides to halt the seemingly inexorable path to all-out war. 9781526704887 • 504 pages • 50 b&w illustrations Hardback • $42.95 $27.92

Total Onslaught – Paul Moorcraft By the end of the Second World War, the imperial powers of southern Africa were weakened by the cost of war and a string of wars challenged colonial rule in countries such as Namibia, Angola and Rhodesia. Once independence was achieved, civil wars between rival factions resulted. The Author who knows southern Africa inside out is superbly qualified to write this fascinating if tragic record. 9781526720931 • 208 pages • B&w illustrations Paperback • $22.95 $14.92

The Jihadist Threat – Updated and Revised – Paul Moorcraft Professor Paul Moorcraft’s timely and controversial book examines the international and domestic threats to the West from Jihadism. The Jihadist Threat analyzes the fall-out from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and how far these fuelled the rise of the self-styled Islamic State and other terror groups and the extent these pose to European society. 9781526712462 • 208 pages • 32 b&w illustrations Hardback • $34.95 $22.72

Secret SAS Missions in Africa – Michael Graham This fascinating book is the first to cover the little known C Squadron of the Special Air Service. Written by a seasoned former senior member of C Squadron, Secret SAS Missions in East Africa paints a graphic and thrilling account of their covert operations and the colorful characters that undertook them.

Pen & Sword Military 32

9781473892606 • 272 pages • 20 illustrations Hardback • $39.95 $25.97

Section D for Destruction – Malcolm Atkin When Neville Chamberlain made his famous ‘Peace in Our Time’ statement in 1938, he may, or may not, have been aware that the Secret Intelligence Service, was already making plans to mount a political war against Nazi Germany. It is only now, after the release of hitherto secret documents, that its remarkable story can be told.

For more special offers visit www.penandswordbooks.com

US Catalogue PORTRAIT.indd 32

03/09/2018 13:38

9781473894723 • 208 pages • 16 b&w illustrations Hardback • $32.95 $21.42

Superpowers, Rogue States and Terrorism – Paul Moorcraft Islamist terrorism is today a fact of life and its potency is vividly illustrated by outrages in otherwise secure Western democracies not to mention overt ISIL aggression in the Middle East and many African States. This thoughtful book, written by an acknowledged expert,examines options to counter the insidious threat that faces not only Western civilisation but the wider world. These range from the extremes such as deportation and internment, through the multifaceted combined actions against hate preachers, intensified intelligence work and border security to comprehensive and inclusive joint action programmes. 9781526724076 • 480 pages • 24pp b&w plates Hardback • $42.95 $27.92

Imperial War Museums’ Book of War Behind Enemy Lines – Julian Thompson, The Imperial War Museum War Behind Enemy Lines tells the full story of British Special Forces in the Second World War. While the SAS and SBS remain household names today, there were a plethora of lesser known units, large and small. Thanks to extensive research, the author paints a vivid picture of the operations and contribution of these and other units and their varying successes and failures. There is unlikely to be a more comprehensive and authoritative account of the ‘Golden Age of British Special Forces’. 9781473891418 • 128 pages Paperback • $17.95 $11.67

International Tank Development From 1970 – Alexander Ludeke A great upheaval in tank construction took place in the 1970s, as new combat techniques, helicopters, weaponry and new types of ammunition reduced the value of a conventional combat battalion. Nevertheless, complete new developments are rare and in this book, Alexander Lüdeke looks at the most important developments that have taken place since 1970. Each vehicle is presented with a short description, images and a reference table of key technical data, supplemented by color drawings with camouflage and identification numbers.

Nuclear Terror – Al J Venter These are troubling times for us all. Many rogue nations have attempted to build the bomb, an enormously complex task. So far only Pakistan and North Korea have succeeded, with Iran right now on the cusp of making that breakthrough. In Nuclear Terror, Venter assesses the developments over the past 10 years of different countries in their attempts to build a nuclear programme. Not inflammatory, or scaremongering, Venter takes an objective stance in chronicling these recent developments overseas and adds another valuable contribution to this conversation.

35% discount on all titles US Catalogue PORTRAIT.indd 33

Pen & Sword Military

9781526723048 • 312 pages • 40 illustrations Hardback • $32.95 $21.42

33 03/09/2018 13:38

9781526728937 128 pages 60 b&w illustrations Paperback $22.95 $14.92

9781526728739 128 pages 80 b&w illustrations Paperback $22.95 $14.92

DUE JAN 2019

Outlines one of history’s fastest and most ruthless purges, one of the most significant killings of modern times.

9781526729095 128 pages 80 b&w illustrations Paperback $22.95 $14.92

Outlines how France strategically prepositioned and forward-deployed forces in a number of surrounding countries.

9781526728777 128 pages 60 b&w illustrations Paperback $22.95 $14.92

DUE JAN 2019

Detailed account of the formation and brutal activities of the Nazi Security Service.

Pen & Sword Military 34

9781526738899 128 pages 60 b&w illustrations Paperback $22.95 $14.92

DUE JAN 2019

Details the last-ditch effort by Soviets to export Communism in the aftermath of the Russian Revolution.

Outlines the cause and effect of the civil war – essentially gem, or ‘blood’ diamonds.

9781526729217 128 pages 80 b&w illustrations Paperback $22.95 $14.92

DUE OCT 2018

A story of torture and cold-blooded killing, and lies, denials and betrayal at the highest level.

For more special offers visit www.penandswordbooks.com

US Catalogue PORTRAIT.indd 34

03/09/2018 13:38

9781526710888 • 64 pages • 200 illustrations Paperback • $22.95 $14.92

Churchill Tanks Dennis Oliver Designed as a heavily armored tank which could accompany infantry formations, the Churchill’s ability to cross rough ground and climb seemingly unassailable hills became legendary. The tank first saw action in 1942 and the basic design was constantly re-worked and upgunned, culminating in the Mark VII version which was capable of taking on the heaviest German tanks. In his fourth book in the TankCraft series, Dennis Oliver uses archive photographs and thoroughly researched, vividly presented color profiles to tell the story of these iconic British tanks. “A brilliant, comprehensive and very-well illustrated look at the Churchill Tank.” – Books Monthly 9781526725417 • 64 pages • 200 illustrations Paperback • $24.95 $16.22

Cromwell and Centaur Tanks Dennis Oliver Designed with the hard lessons of the North African campaign in mind, including the adoption of a dual-purpose gun capable of firing high-explosive and anti-tank rounds, the Cromwell was one of the most successful of the British cruiser tanks produced during the Second World War. In his fifth book in the TankCraft series, author and illustrator Dennis Oliver uses official wartime photographs and comprehensively researched, exquisitely presented color profiles to tell the story of the penultimate British cruiser tank. In common with all the titles from the TankCraft series, the large full-color section features available model kits and accessories as well as aftermarket products. In addition to the color profiles there is a gallery of expertly constructed and painted models. A separate section explains technical details and modifications made during production and in the field, giving the modeler all the information required to recreate an authentic replica of one of the tanks that served from the Normandy beaches to the final battles in Germany.

9781526710895 • 64 pages • 200 illustrations Paperback • $22.95 $14.92

Jagdpanther Tank Destroyer Combining the destructive firepower of the 88mm gun with the outstanding mobility of the Panther series, the Jagdpanther is quite probably the best-known tank destroyer of the Second World War. In his fifth book in the TankCraft series, Dennis Oliver uses contemporary photographs and meticulously researched, superbly presented color and monochrome illustrations to tell the story of these heavy selfpropelled anti-tank guns and the units which operated them in the German defence of the Western Front. A large part of this work showcases available model kits and aftermarket products, complemented by a gallery of expertly constructed and painted models.

Order online at www.penandswordbooks.com US Catalogue PORTRAIT.indd 35

Pen & Sword Military

Dennis Oliver

35 03/09/2018 13:38

9781526711243 • 64 pages • 200 color illustrations Paperback • $22.95 $14.92

Panzer I & II – Robert Jackson The Panzer I and II played a significant part in the blitzkrieg campaigns that brought Germany such extraordinary success in the early years of the Second World War, and this highly illustrated volume in the TankCraft series is the ideal introduction to them. As well as tracing their history, Robert Jackson ‘s book is an excellent source of reference for the modeler, providing details of available kits, together with artworks showing the color schemes applied to these tanks. Each section of the book is supported by a wealth of wartime photographs as well as diagrams showing the technical changes that were made to these tanks in the course of their careers. 9781526711281 • 64 pages • 200 color & b&w illustrations Paperback • $22.95 $14.92

Panzer IV – Paul Thomas The Panzer IV – Panzerkampfwagen IV – was one the foremost German fighting vehicles of the Second World War, and this volume in the TankCraft series is an ideal introduction to it. With detailed captions, text and illustrations the book tells the story of the technical development of the Panzer IV and the numerous variants that went into production. A large part of the book showcases available model kits and aftermarket products, complemented by a gallery of beautifully constructed and painted models in various scales, in order to provide everything the modeler needs to recreate an accurate representation of the only Panzer that stayed in production throughout the war. 9781526711328 • 64 pages • 200 color & b&w illustrations Paperback • $22.95 $14.92

T-34 – Robert Jackson The T-34 was one of the most successful tanks of all time and in this volume in the TankCraft series Robert Jackson tells its story. He describes its conception in the 1930s, its development during the Second World War, and its post-war deployment to over thirty countries. His book is an excellent reference work for the modeler, providing details of available kits, together with artworks showing the various color schemes. Photographs, many in color, illustrate the tank in action and there is a section dealing with the armored vehicles built using the T-34 chassis.

Pen & Sword Military 36

9781526739773 • 64 pages • 200 color & b&w illustrations Paperback • $22.95 $14.92

Tiger I – Dennis Oliver When at Hitler’s insistence the first Tiger I tanks went into action in North Africa in December 1942 they rapidly gained a formidable fighting reputation despite their lack of reliability and the small number deployed. In this, his second volume in the TankCraft series on the Tiger, Dennis Oliver uses archive photos and extensively researched color illustrations to examine the Tiger tanks and German army units that first took them into combat in North Africa and then operated them as they fell back through Sicily and Italy between 1943 and 1945.

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US Catalogue PORTRAIT.indd 36

03/09/2018 13:38

9781526729972 • 104 pages • 50 color illustrations Hardback • $24.95 $16.22

Baking without Sugar – Sophie Michell The number of sugar intolerant people continues to grow year on year. For many, this has meant giving up the treats and pastime they dearly loved. In this exciting new cookbook, acclaimed chef Sophie Michell shows that it is possible to bake tasty treats without using sugar. 9781526720450 • 152 pages • 64 color illustrations Paperback • $24.95 $16.22 DUE NOVEMBER 2018

Gut Health & Probiotics – Jenny Tschiesche Gut Health and Probiotics will take readers on a quest to understand what both probiotics and prebiotics can do for their long term gut health and how this might affect a broad range of body systems from skin health to mental health.

9781473895041 • 144 pages • 30 b&w illustrations Paperback • $19.95 $12.97

How to Overcome Eating Disorders – Louise V Taylor If you want to gain a better understanding of eating disorders, including anorexia, bulimia and binge eating disorder, this book is for you. It looks at theories about the causes of eating disorders, including susceptibility studies, personality traits, genetics, the effects of personal circumstances, societal/media pressures, family influences and more. 9781526717337 • 288 pages • 80 color illustrations Paperback • $22.95 $14.92

Superfoods – Julie Neville Everyone deserves a balanced and organic diet, for good nutrition and the right remedies can really make a difference. Superfoods explores the exceptional results certain foods can have for your general health, from fighting off the signs of ageing to preventing cancer. 9781526715531 • 176 pages • 60 color illustrations Hardback • $32.95 $21.42

Photographing the Deep Sky – Chris Baker

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White Owl

The author takes the reader on a journey through time and space to the Deep Sky, far beyond our Solar System. It is a pictorial description of the awe-inspiring wondrous objects that exist “out there”. With a concise, clear discussion on the background of astronomical science, this is above all, a book to celebrate the beauty and fascination of space.

37 03/09/2018 13:38

9781526717412 • 304 pages • 100 color & b&w illustrations Paperback • $29.95 $19.47

Yearbook of Astronomy 2018 – Brian Jones, Richard S Pearson FRAS The Yearbook of Astronomy 2018 is a book no stargazer should be without. Recognised by both amateurs and professionals alike as an indispensable guide to the night sky, the Yearbook of Astronomy is one of the longest-running series of books on astronomy and the night sky and one of the only reference books to be fully revised each year. “A useful book for anyone who loves to look at the stars. Month by month information on what to look for in the night sky, including the moon phases and visible planets. There are sections on meteor showers, comets, pioneers and black holes and plenty more.” – NetGalley 9781526705044 • 168 pages • 60 color illustrations Paperback • $22.95 $14.92 DUE NOVEMBER 2018

A Victorian Lady’s Guide to Fashion and Beauty – Mimi Matthews Mimi Matthews brings the intricacies of a Victorian lady’s toilette into modern day focus. In the process, she gives readers a glimpse of the social issues that influenced women’s clothing and the societal outrage that was an all too frequent response to those bold females who used fashion and beauty as a means of asserting their individuality and independence. 9781526737595 • 208 pages • 32 b&w illustrations Paperback • $22.95 $14.92 DUE DECEMBER 2018

Black Americans in Victorian Britain – Jeffrey Green

White Owl/Pen & Sword History 38

This book documents refugees, settlers, and their families as well as pioneering entertainers in both minstrel shows and stage adaptions of the 1850s best-selling novel ‘Uncle Tom’s Cabin’. It offers new perspectives on both Victorian and Afro-America history. Jeffrey Green, a Londoner born in 1944, has researched the black presence in Britain for over thirty years. He has contributed to reference books including the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, and appeared on radio and television. He has travelled widely in the United States. 9781526715258 • 216 pages • 40 b&w illustrations Hardback • $34.95 $22.72 DUE NOVEMBER 2018

British Retail and the Men Who Shaped It – Stephen Butt Whether you are nine or ninety, shopping is a universal part of modernday life, and in British Retail and the Men Who Shaped It we look at the people behind the corporations that built the modern-day high street and changed the way we shopped. British Retail and the Men Who Shaped It looks at the people behind the corporations that built the modern-day high street and changed the way we shopped. It is a celebration of the people who, through self-belief and determination created the multi-million-pound retail businesses we use every day.

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US Catalogue PORTRAIT.indd 38

03/09/2018 13:38

9781526722560 • 296 pages • 40 color illustrations Hardback • $34.95 $22.72

Captain Elliot and the Founding of Hong Kong – Jon Bursey On 26 January 1841 the British took possession of the island of Hong Kong. The Convention of Chuanbi was immediately repudiated by both the British and Chinese governments and their respective negotiators recalled. Who was Captain Elliot, and how did he find himself at the centre of this debate? This book traces Elliot’s career and his role in the founding of modern Hong Kong. 9781473885615 • 208 pages Hardback • $34.95 $22.72 DUE NOVEMBER 2018

Clan Fabius, Defenders of Rome – Jeremiah McCall The history of the Fabii Maximii is in many ways that of the Roman Republic. Though the bloodline sank into obscurity in the early empire, the name still carried memories of great achievements past. A historical detective work, this book explores the facts and fables of the Republic’s most distinguished family. 9781526706089 • 272 pages • 70 b&w illustrations Paperback • $26.96 $17.52

Crimes and Criminals of 17th Century Britain – Daniel J Codd Within these pages the story of violent crime in 17th century Britain is told, from sociopathic noblemen and ruthless bandits, to war crimes and judicial assassinations. This is the first work of its kind to explore the monstrous murders that occurred against the backdrop of a nation that repeatedly imploded. 9781526702548 • 224 pages • 15 b&w illustrations Hardback • $34.95 $22.72

Dark Days of Georgian Britain – James Hobson In Dark Days of Georgian Britain, James Hobson challenges the long established view of high society at this time and instead details an account of a society in change. In this insightful social history the emphasis is on the life of the everyman, on the lives of the poor and the challenges they faced. With Hobson’s illustrative account, it is time to rethink the Regency.

Dickens and Christmas – Lucinda Hawksley Through Dickens and Christmas, readers will come to know what it would have been like to celebrate Christmas in 1812, the year in which Dickens was born. They will journey through the Christmases Dickens enjoyed as a child and a young adult, through to the ways in which he and his family celebrated the festive season at the height of his fame.

35% discount on all titles US Catalogue PORTRAIT.indd 39

Pen & Sword History

9781526712264 • 208 pages • 32 b&w illustrations Hardback • $32.95 $21.42

39 03/09/2018 13:38

9781526720535 • 312 pages • 6 b&w maps Hardback • $34.95 $22.72

Explorers and their Quest for North America – Philip J Potter Explorers Discovering North America traces the history of the discovery, exploration and settlement of the western hemisphere through the comprehensive biographies of fourteen explorers, who had the courage and inquisitiveness to search the limits of the world.

9781526709714 • 160 pages • 15 b&w illustrations Paperback • $19.95 $12.97

In the Mind of a Female Serial Killer – Stephen Jakobi Walk into the darkest side of human behaviour. In the Mind of a Female Serial Killer is a forensic investigation into the lives and crimes of four violent female serial killers who were active in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Using original research based on family owed primary sources and government files only recently made available to the public, Stephen Jakobi delves in to the grisly psyche of these infamous murderesses.

9781526726391 • 144 pages • 70 b&w illustrations Paperback • $22.95 $14.92

Louis XIV, the Real Sun King – Jules Harper, Aurora von Goeth Innovator. Tyrant. Consummate showman. Passionate lover of women. After the death of King Louis XIII in 1643, the French crown went to his firstborn son and heir, four-year old Louis XIV. Here we will uncover his glorious and not-so-glorious obsessions. His debilitating health issues. His drive and passions. And we will dispel some myths, plus reveal the people in his intimate circle working behind the scenes on the Louis propaganda machine to ensure his legacy stayed in the history books forever. This easy-to-read narrative is accompanied by a plethora of little-known artworks.

Pen & Sword History 40

9781473893313 • 352 pages • 32 color illustrations Hardback • $39.95 $25.97

Mary Queen of Scots’ Downfall – Robert Stedall In the early hours of 10 February 1567 a large explosion ripped through the Provost’’s lodgings at Kirk o’ Field, Edinburgh, where Mary Queen of Scotland’s consort, Henry Lord Darnley, was staying. Darnley’s body was found in a neighbouring garden the next morning. The Queen’s husband had been murdered and the ramifications for Mary and Scottish history would be far-reaching. In this engaging and well-researched biography, Robert Stedall re-examines Darnley’s life and his murder.

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US Catalogue PORTRAIT.indd 40

03/09/2018 13:38

9781526739575 • 216 pages • 15 b&w illustrations Hardback • $34.95 $22.72 DUE DECEMBER 2018

Pharaoh Seti I – Nicky Nielsen Seti was born the son of a military officer and when the last king of the 18th Dynasty died without an heir, Seti’s father was named king. He ruled for only two years before leaving Seti in charge of an ailing superpower. Seti set about rebuilding Egypt after a century of dynastic struggles and religious unrest. 9781473858527 • 240 pages • 32 b&w illustrations Hardback • $34.95 $22.72

Queens of Georgian Britain – Catherine Curzon Once upon a time there were four kings called George who, thanks to a quirk of fate, ruled Great Britain for over a century. Hailing from Germany, these occasionally mad, bad and infamous sovereigns presided over a land in turmoil. Yet what of the remarkable women who were crowned alongside them? Here we find the queens who shaped an era. 9781473887329 • 304 pages Hardback • $39.95 $25.97

Rome, Blood and Politics – Gareth C Sampson The last century of the Roman Republic saw the ruling elite shattered by a series of high profile politicians. Each met a violent response and these bloody political clashes paralyzed the Roman state. This work will analyze each of the key reformers, what they were trying to achieve and how they met their end. 9781526714497 • 224 pages • 32 b&w illustrations Paperback • $19.95 $12.97

Sexuality and Its Impact on History – Hunter S Jones Sexuality and Its Impact on History chronicles the pleasures and perils of the flesh, sharing secrets from the days of the Anglo-Saxons, down to the ‘prudish’ Victorian Era. This scholarly yet accessible study brings to light the myriad varieties of British sexual mores.

The Analogue Revolution – Simon Webb The Analogue Revolution charts the history of the first information revolution of the twentieth century. For anybody wishing to understand the modern world, this book is an essential primer in the nature of information revolutions.

Order online at www.penandswordbooks.com US Catalogue PORTRAIT.indd 41

Pen & Sword History

9781526715371 • 168 pages • 20 b&w illustrations Hardback • $34.95 $22.72

41 03/09/2018 13:38

9781526737151 • 248 pages • 32 b&w illustrations Hardback • $34.95 $22.72

The Founding of Israel – Martin Connolly What led to the founding of Israel? This book sets out to give a chronological journey of the Jewish people from the time Abraham came out of the land until 6 million of them died in the horror of the Holocaust under Hitler and his Nazi regime. This book recounts their story to achieve a homeland, using a wide-range of historical documents to tell the story of humiliation, suffering, poverty and death. 9781526702296 • 240 pages • 20 illustrations Hardback • $42.95 $27.92 DUE NOVEMBER 2018

The Komnene Dynasty – John Carr The 104-year dynasty of the Komneni (1081–1185) was the last great epoch of Byzantium. Though the dynasty ended in cruelty and incompetence under Andronikos I (the Terrible), it played a valiant rearguard action in keeping eastern Christendom alive. The Komneni dynasty saw several changes in Byzantine military practice, which are analyzed in detail. 9781526720337 • 200 pages • 32 b&w illustrations Hardback • $34.95 $22.72 DUE JANUARY 2019

The Royal Navy 1793–1800 – Mark Jessop A thoroughly researched account of the great and historically significant naval events and battles of the war against revolutionary France, between 1793 and 1800, from the point of view of British seamen and civilians. 9781473872516 • 192 pages • 32 b&w illustrations Hardback • $34.95 $22.72 DUE JANUARY 2019

The Scandal of George III’s Court – Catherine Curzon

Pen & Sword History/Transport

Prepare to meet some shocking ladies, some shameless gentlemen and some politicians who really should know better. So tighten your stays, hoist up your breeches and prepare for a gallop through some of the most shocking royal scandals from the court of George III’s court. You’ll never look at a king in the same way again…


9781526710215 • 216 pages • 60 color/b&w illustrations Hardback • $42.95 $27.92

TT Titans – Matthew Richardson Which racing motorcycles have made the strongest contributions to the Isle of Man TT over the last century? If you had to choose twenty-five individual machines for a fantasy museum, which would they be? Matthew Richardson has made his choice and he describes each one in vivid detail in this perceptive and highly illustrated book.

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