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FALL 2018

NEW TITLES CATALOG FALL 2018 Contents Allison and Busby Anomie Publishing Ayebia Clarke Publishing Artvoices Art Books Bartleby Press Black Knight Books Blackstaff Press Classics Illustrated Comics Colourpoint Eshel Books Fernhurst Books Fonthill Media Green Bean Books George F Thompson Publishing Grub Street Cookery Historika Kashi House Lorimer Mainline & Maritime Medina Publishing Paul Holberton Publishing Pen and Sword Penguin Random House South Africa Piano Nobile Protea Boekhuis Editions Technip University of Buckingham Press White Owl

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Here at Casemate IPM we take great pride in our ability to bring a wide variety of international titles to bookstores, libraries, schools, museums, and individuals. In our newest catalog for Fall 2018, you’ll find a book for any and every interest. Allison & Busby provides awardwinning mysteries and immersive historical fiction; Anomie, Artvoices, George F. Thompson, Paul Holberton, and Piano Nobile publish beautiful art titles; Classics Illustrated and Real Reads create illustrated versions of your favorite classic tales; Fernhurst Books publishes titles on boats and watersports, from historical narratives to practical guides; Fonthill Media brings their extensive collection of history, music, and sports books; Grub Street provides titles on cooking basics, global cuisines, and vegan cookery; Pen & Sword covers history, genealogy, transportation, and biography; White Owl publishes informative and entertaining titles on topics including healthy eating, photography, and nature; and Penguin Random House South Africa provides beautiful travel and nature titles, along with children’s books, African fiction, and biographies. We’re also excited to introduce several new additions to our distribution list. Blackstaff Press is regarded as one of Ireland’s foremost publishers, with a thriving fiction and non-fiction list covering a range of subjects including history, politics, cookery, memoir, sports, fiction, poetry, and travel. Green Bean Books is a new, independent publishing company which focuses on translating and sharing work from some of Israel's best-loved children’s authors and illustrators. Mainline & Maritime publishes a diverse selection of railway and maritime books with a broad appeal for those with a casual interest in the subject matter, to the serious enthusiast looking for detailed information. Editions Technip publishes on all aspects of the oil and gas industry and related disciplines such as geology, hydrocarbon chemistry, data processing, and economics. These publishers and more make up a list that we are proud to present this season. We look forward to working with you to bring this assortment of titles to your consumers, and we welcome your questions and comments. Please contact your local sales representative, or contact us directly for any additional information.

Prices are higher in Canada. Please contact Login for current Canadian pricing (www.lb.ca) Books listed as NCR are not available for sale in/into Canada. The front cover image is from Guineafowl's Spots and other African Bird Tales, by Dianne Stewart, illustrated by Richard Mcintosh. © Penguin Random House South Africa

Here’s to another successful season for us all! Carlie Rivera Marketing Executive. Visit our website to see a full listing of our frontlist and backlist titles, and sign up for our new releases email alerts to be the first to know when new titles become available. www.casemateipm.com

A lli s o n a nd Busby

Points of Danger

TEMPORARY COVER December 2018 | hardback | $25 | 978-0-74902-352-2 | 5.3 x 8.5 | NCR | Railway Detective

December 2018 | paperback | $12.95 | 978-0-74902-169-6 | 352 pages | 5 x 7.8 | NCR | Railway Detective



Edward Marston

Edward Marston

1861, East Anglia. Alone in a first-class carriage, the Swarbricks are robbed at gunpoint, but when the universally admired Swarbrick fights back, the train robber takes more than money and jewellery, killing the man working to unify East Anglia’s tangle of railway networks. Inspector Colbeck is brought in as the only detective in Britain with enough expertise for the job. But as Swarbrick’s glowing reputation begins to crumble, the line of investigation isn’t clear: is this the act of a bungling burglar, a business rival, a disgruntled son, or a jealous lover? Is the Railway Detective following the right track or will he need to switch points to bring the murderer to justice?

With Lord Churchill’s rousing words ringing in his ears, the courageous young Captain Daniel Rawson embarks on a dangerous mission to lead his men into battle against the French enemy. He must succeed at all costs- the future of England is at stake. But Rawson is the target of the murderous General Salignac who will stop at nothing to see his adversary dead. As Rawson and his men march across the continent, he must keep one step ahead of Salignac’s brigands and live to fight heroically at the Battle of Blenheim. The author of the bestselling Railway detective series triumphs with this stunning first book in the Captain Rawson series.

Currently Available | paperback | $12.95 | 978-0-74902-311-9 | 352 pages | 5 x 7.8 | NCR | Captain Rawson



Edward Marston

June, 1917. While German Gotha bombers raid London from above, a man’s body is fished from the Thames below. As the killer has taken care to remove identifying items and even labels, Detective Inspector Marmion and Sergeant Keedy struggle to name the victim before they can begin properly with their investigation. As family and business associates are found, the list of suspects grows ever longer, and as Marmion wrangles with the case, he and his family must also contend with their anxieties for his now missing son Paul. With great care, Marmion must pick his way along a twisting path that will lead him towards the killer.

December 1860. Headed for the morning shift at the Swindon Locomotive works is an army of men pouring out of terraced houses built by the GWR, a miniature town and planned community that aims to provide for its employees from cradle to grave. Unfortunately, boiler smith Frank Rodman is headed for the grave sooner than he’d expected, or he will be once his missing head is found. Colbeck, the Railway Detective, finds his investigation into Rodman’s murder mired in contradictions. On the trail of Rodman’s enemy as the season starts to bite, Colbeck finds little festive cheer in the twists and turns of this peculiar case.

Edward Marston

November 2018 | paperback | $12.95 | 978-0-74902-200-6 | 320 pages | 5 x 7.8 | NCR | Home Front Detective

Edward Marston has written over 100 books, including some nonfiction. He is best known for his hugely successful Railway Detective series, the latest of which is The Circus Train Conspiracy. His other current series are the Home Front Detective, set in the Great War, and the Bow Street Rivals featuring identical twin detectives during the Regency. CASEMATE | IPM NEW TITLES CATALOG FALL 2018


A lli s o n a nd Bu sby

Currently Available | paperback | $16.95 | 978-0-74902-088-0 | 416 pages | 6 x 9 | NCR | November 2018 | paperback | $12.95 | 978-0-74902-150-4 | 416 pages | 5 x 7.8 | NCR



Peter Laws

Peter Laws

Fifteen years ago, 29 Barley Street in Menham, became notorious as the scene of alleged poltergeist activity which led to the death of young Holly Wasson. The shadow cast by this episode is still felt in the town. Matt Hunter is called in to advise the police on the possible ritualistic elements of the death. And he is forced to ask himself, are forces beyond the grave at work or is a fleshand-blood killer at large?


November 2018 | paperback | $12.95 | 978-0-74902-292-1 | 352 pages | 5 x 7.8 | NCR | Nighthawk

The Great Darkness covers southern England, enveloping the city. Detective Inspector Eden Brooke, a wounded hero of the Great War, takes his nightly dip in the cool waters of the Cam. The night is full of alarms, but in this Phoney War, the enemy never comes. But daylight reveals a corpse on the riverside, the body torn apart by some unspeakable force. Within hours The Great Darkness has claimed a second victim. War, it seems, has many victims.


November 2018 | paperback | $12.95 | 978-0-74902-294-5 | 320 pages | 5 x 7.8 | Currently Available | paperback/ hardback | 978-0-74902-284-6/ 978-0-74902-279-2 | 320 pages | 6 x 9.2 | $16.95/$25 | NCR 4

Matt Hunter, formerly a minister, is writing a book that debunks the Christian faith while assisting the police with religiously motivated crimes. On holiday in Oxfordshire, Matt finds himself on edge in a seemingly idyllic village. The stay becomes more sinister still when a local girl goes missing, followed by further disappearances. Caught up Currently Available | in an investigation, Matt is paperback | $12.95 | on the trail of a killer deter978-0-74902-145-0 | 416 pages | 5 x 7.8 | NCR | mined to save us all. Matt Hunter

The Cambridge Plot

TEMPORARY COVER September 2018 | hardback | $19.95 | 978-0-74902-288-4 | 5.3 x 8.5 | NCR

Murder at the Fitzwilliam

THE CAMBRIDGE PLOT Suzette A. Hill Rosy Gilchrist and her hesitant sidekicks, Felix Smythe and Professor Cedric Dillworthy, are visiting Cambridge: Rosy to attend a reunion, and Felix and Cedric to attend preparations for the unveiling of a statue of the latter’s old tutor. But plans for the statue are far from set in stone, and the meddling Gloria Biggs-Boothby is determined to see it created by another artist. It’s inconvenient, then, when he turns up dead…


Robert Scragg

Jim Eldridge

When a severed hand is found in an abandoned flat, Detective Jake Porter and his partner Nick Styles are able to DNA match the limb to the owner, Natasha Barclay, who has not been seen in decades. But why has no one been looking for her? It seems that Natasha’s family are the people who can least be trusted. Delving into the details behind her disappearance and discovering links to another investigation, a tragic family history begins to take on a darker twist.

After rising to prominence for his role investigating the case of Jack the Ripper, former Detective Inspector Daniel Wilson is now retired. Known for his intelligence, investigative skills, and most of all his discretion, he’s often consulted when a case must be solved quickly and quietly. So when a body is found in the Egyptian Collection of the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge, Wilson is called in.


TEMPORARY COVER November 2018 | hardback | $25 | 978-0-74902-366-9 | 5.3 x 8.5 | NCR | Museum Mysteries

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A lli s o n a nd Busby

A Lawless Place

TEMPORARY COVER January 2019 | hardback | $25 | 978-0-74902-170-2 | 6 x 9.2 | NCR | Contraband Shore

A Close Run Thing

TEMPORARY COVER November 2018 | hardback | $25 | 978-0-74902-243-3 | 5.3 x 8.5 | NCR | John Pearce



David Donachie

David Hingley

Edward Brazier is enlisted by the Prime Minister to assist his investigation into smuggling activity in Deal. However, with his love Betsy now locked into a loveless marriage with Tom Spafford, Brazier is distracted. Having foiled Spafford’s plan to steal Betsy away in the West Indies, Brazier finds himself taken captive. Only his ingenuity will help in his escape and his cunning use of subterfuge will then allow him to infiltrate the smuggling gangs of Deal.

May 1665. With winter passed, Mercia Blakewood is at last headed back to England from America. But with the country now at war with the Dutch, the Crown has decided that Mercia is an asset to be used once again. More manipulation lies ahead as Mercia must accept a clandestine role at the heart of the glittering and debauched royal court to unmask a spy and traitor



David Donachie John Pearce is hiding in Gravelines with his mysterious companion, Oliphant. They learn on the way to England that Pearce’s old enemies, the Tolland brothers, are still active on the route, and may have been responsible for the murder of Catherine Carruthers. Back in England: just as things may be looking up, it seems Henry Dundas has another role for him and Oliphant: a mission to North East Spain…


November 2018 | paperback | $12.95 | 978-0-74902-195-5 | 320 pages | 5 x 7.8 | NCR | John Pearce

January 2019 | paperback | $12.95 | 978-0-74902-124-5 | 384 pages | 5 x 7.8 | NCR | Mercia Blakewood

Rebecca Tope

Currently Available | hardback | $25 | 978-0-74902-239-6 | 320 pages | 5.3 x 8.5 | NCR | Lake District Mysteries

Crisis in the Cotswolds

Simmy Brown has a lot on her mind, keeping her florist business afloat, her father’s failing health, developing a long-term relationship with Christopher, also the approach of Mother’s Day. But in taking an order for a retirement party in Staveley, she is pulled into her most challenging investigation when a daughter starts accusing her own mother of murder she has to learn to leave her own concerns behind to discover who the killer is.


David Donachie

Rebecca Tope

John Pearce is going home. But he has to avoid capture by an Algerine warship, having his Pelicans pressed into a British frigate, and that’s before he is at risk of being hanged for desertion once home. Then there is the problem of Emily Barclay and their son Adam. By cunning and bluff he protects his friends, but not his troubled love life. There are forged wills, contrived murders and dangerous spy missions, with so much deceit that Pearce does not know who to trust.

Thea and Drew have been married for a year and are settled in the village of Broad Campden. When a routine burial exposes the secrets of the deceased, Drew finds himself caught in the middle of a family feud, in which he feels he is on the wrong side, and Thea’s inquisitiveness and penchant for solving crimes draws her in too. With Drew’s business leaving him with a dilemma and Thea struggling against the charms of a new man, can their marriage survive this drama?


TEMPORARY COVER September 2018 | hardback | $25 | 978-0-74902-337-9 | 5.3 x 8.5 | NCR | Cotswold Mysteries


A lli s o n a nd Bu sby

WHEN MIDNIGHT COMES Beryl Matthews 1856. Christine Banner is alone after her father’s death, penniless but armed with an iron will. Determined to put London behind her and find a place to call home, her search takes her to the New Forest where she stumbles upon Lord Frenshaw’s estate. Her skill at handling some of the large and difficult war horses bred there shines through and captures his attention. However, when his son Harry returns from the Crimea, battle-scarred and short-tempered, Christine’s future looks uncertain, and Harry may find that home is not the safe haven to which he hoped to return. In the face of grief, sadness and disappointment, Christine’s intelligence and strength will be tested until she finds the place she can truly belong.

Currently Available | hardback | $25 | 978-0-74902-340-9 | 5.3 x 8.5 | NCR Currently Available | paperback | $12.95 | 978-0-74902-350-8 | 5 x 7.8 | NCR



Margaret Kaine

December 2018 | paperback | $12.95 | 978-0-74902-320-1 | 320 pages | 5 x 7.8 | NCR Currently Available | hardback | $25 | 978-0-74902-310-2 | 320 pages | 5.3 x 8.5 | NCR

Sent to the workhouse as a girl all Ella Hathaway can remember is a voice whispering, ‘Dearie, promise me you will never forget what you saw. Your Ma was killed deliberate…and someone oughter pay for it.’ When young, wealthy spinster Letitia Fairchild witnesses Ella being ill-treated, she takes her in. Ella is determined to find the truth about her mother’s death and appeals to Letitia, revealing the contents of her black silk purse. Intrigued, Letitia agrees. Will Ella find the love and security she longs for?

From the deserts of North Africa, to the waters of Scotland, the Second World War touches the lives of two women from two different worlds. In Alexandria, Fran finds her world turned upside down as Rommel’s forces advance on the shores of Egypt. Meanwhile, in the Firth of Clyde, Catriona struggles between her quiet rural life and her Currently Available | dreams of nursing injured paperback | $16.95 | servicemen. As the war rages 978-0-74902-299-0 | on, the two women’s lives be320 pages | 5.3 x 8.5 | NCR come intertwined—bringing November 19, 2018 | love and friendship to both. paperback | $12.95 | 978-0-74902-305-8 | 320 pages | 5 x 7.8 | NCR


The Girl from the

Katherine Stansfield

November 2018 | paperback | $12.95 | 978-0-74902-287-7 | 320 pages | 5 x 7.8 | NCR | Cornish Mysteries

Jamaica Inn, 1844. A boy has vanished in the woods of Trethevy, and a reward is offered for his return. Shilly has had enough of such dark doings, but her new companion, Anna Drake, insists they investigate. They soon learn of a pair of strangers who have likely taken the boy, and of Saint Nectan who has kept the people of the woods safe. As Shilly and Anna seek the missing child, the case takes another turn – murder.




l M tth


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Docklands Café



November 2018 | hardback | $25 | 978-0-74902-342-3 | 5.3 x 8.5 | NCR

Southampton, 1912. Jessie is made from tough stuff. At just 19, after the death of her father, she opted to take charge of her own destiny. When Jessie marries an Irishman and takes over the running of the café she works in, it seems as though all the pieces are coming together. But when destiny and a pushy local businessman have other ideas, everything she has worked for is taken away, bit by bit. Will she find the strength to keep fighting for the life she wants?

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A lli s o n a nd Busby

Peace Comes to Honeyfield


August 2018 | hardback | $25 | 978-0-74902-045-3 | 5.3 x 8.5 | NCR | Honeyfield

July 2018 | paperback | $12.95 | 978-0-74902-312-6 | 320 pages | 5 x 7.8 | NCR



Anna Jacobs

The houses in Saffron Lane are being filled with artists thanks to the efforts of Nell and Angus. Ginger doesn’t win a place there, but gets a job running the small café/art gallery, taking refuge there from her abusive bully of a son. When she meets Iain, sparks fly between them, the first time she’s felt attracted to anyone for years. But will her son spoil it? Emil is in town to open the small museum in Saffron Lane and run his father’s business. This throws new opportunities in his path, and new problems too. Will the newcomers manage to build new lives or will selfish people destroy their attempts to find happiness?

Armistice Day, London, 1918. Fiercely independent Georgie is tired of being told what’s best for her by men. When she defies her father’s wishes by going out into the peace festivities, she encounters Patrick, a gallant wounded ex-soldier looking for a new calling now that the fighting is done. But the war isn’t over for everybody. Enemy forces have infiltrated the bureau and sent her father into hiding. And they are coming for her too. Georgie knows there’s only one place where she’ll be safe: Honeyfield. But there are traitors in the bureau and she doesn’t know who she can trust. With Patrick in charge of her security detail, can she get to Honeyfield before her father’s enemies find her?

Anna Jacobs

November 2018 | paperback | $12.95 | 978-0-74902-346-1 | 352 pages | 5 x 7.8 | NCR | Peppercorn



Anna Jacobs

Anna Jacobs

Molly Peel feels trapped by her family: her ex-husband Craig cannot seem to abandon his controlling ways despite abandoning her for a younger woman, her lazy son Brian has long been taking advantage of her generosity, and her selfish daughter Rachel is embarrassed by her. When she is blamed for ruining Rachel’s wedding in circumstances beyond her control, Molly decides enough is enough and makes a clean break to Wiltshire to begin a new life. However, the persistent interference of her ex presents difficulties. Can Molly find the courage to stand up for herself and finally move on?

After being driven from home by their brutal father, Mattie, Nell and Renie, find themselves facing greater heartache in the wider world. Nell has left home to be with her lover, Cliff. After parting ways with Mattie the couple take Renie and head for Lancashire. However, Nell’s happiness is short-lived and eventually Nell runs away when she feels desparately alone. While wandering, a palm-reader tells Nell she will still find her destiny, under ‘three big trees on a hill’. She meets Gil, a farmer and a gentleman who she can’t help but feel drawn to. In this emotional sequel to Cherry Tree Lane, Anna Jacobs delivers a stunning romance novel that is both tragic and uplifting.

Currently Available | paperback | $12.95 | 978-0-74902-308-9 | 352 pages | 5 x 7.8 | NCR | Wiltshire

Anna Jacobs is the author of eighty novels and is addicted to storytelling. She grew up in Lancashire, emigrated to Australia in the 1970s and writes stories set in both countries. CASEMATE | IPM NEW TITLES CATALOG FALL 2018


A lli s o n a nd Bu sby

MURDER LIES WAITING Alanna Knight For Rose McQuinn the invitation to holiday at a luxury hotel is an unexpected delight until she discovers the real reason is to investigate a twenty year old non-proven murder case. With close links to a strange local family of ancient origin whose modern castle holds many dark secrets, Rose’s involvement in this challenge unleashes a web of intrigue and sinister happenings as she realizes too late when a drowned man is a murder victim.

Currently Available | hardback | $25 | 978-0-74902-209-9 | 320 pages | 5.3 x 8.5 | NCR | Rose McQuinn November 2018 | paperback | $12.95 | 978-0-74902-219-8 | 320 pages | 5 x 7.8 | NCR | Rose McQuinn



DISPLACED Barbara Nadel


September 2018 | paperback | $16.95 | 978-0-74902-238-9 | 6 x 9.2 | NCR | Hakim & Arnold September 2018 | hardback | $25 | 978-0-74902-242-6 | 6 x 9.2 | NCR | Hakim & Arnold

Irving Levy is terminally ill and anxious to find anyone he can leave his considerable property to. When he learns that there may be more to the disappearance of his younger sister, who disappeared when she was a baby, he engages the services of Hakim and Arnold. Unwittingly in mortal danger, the private detectives and Levy enter the world of Barking Park Fair and secrets that lead them not just back to a crime committed in 1963, but to the world of postwar Europe where few people were what they seemed.



Beatrice Lacey is passionate about Human Face, the charity for Third World children she helped to found. She has learned to turn a blind eye to some strange goings on. But when the latest housekeeper, Eva, suddenly disappears, the police and DI Kelso Strang are called in. Keen to move on from recent personal horrors, Strang revels in the responsibility the investigation affords, as a former sniper, he has no problems with making solitary decisions. But when Strang and the team make some fatal errors, Strang has his work cut out to avoid the case ending in disaster and death. TO ORDER:

September 2018 | paperback | $12.95 | 978-0-74902-273-0 | 320 pages | 5 x 7.8 | NCR | Cass Lynch

Head Wind

Aline Templeton

November 2018 | paperback | $12.95 | 978-0-74902-336-2 | 480 pages | 5 x 7.8 | NCR | DI Kelso Strang

Marsali Taylor

TEMPORARY COVER December 2018 | hardback | $25 | 978-0-74902-330-0 | 5.3 x 8.5 | NCR | Jane Cowan

Cass Lynch has achieved the post of third officer aboard her beloved Norwegian ship, Sorlandet. They’re sailing from Norway to Ireland as part of the Tall Ship’s race. An early-morning encounter leads to suspicions that there’s a stowaway aboard. Then one of the trainees goes missing. Cass and her lover DI Gavin Macrae find themselves up against a ruthless killer. Cass needs to confront her personal dilemma: if she wants a settled life with Gavin, she’ll have to leave the sea, but could she bear to do that?

HEAD WIND Judith Cutler While Jane waits for renovations to be completed on her new home, she remains in temporary accommodation under the watchful eye of her landlord, Brian Dawes, chair of the governors at Wrayford School. Her work life is dominated by preparations for the all-important school play, but the threat of major cuts to the school’s budget puts a strain on morale. Alongside these concerns are her landlord’s deteriorating health and the odd behavior of her neighbors. Can Jane unravel the curiosities in which she finds herself tangled?

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A lli s o n a nd Busby

THE HOMECOMING Rosie Howard Maddy fled the idyllic market town of Havenbury Magna three years ago, the scene of a traumatic incident she revisits most clearly in her dreams. Even so, when she is called back to help at the Havenbury Arms when her godfather Patrick suffers a heart attack, she is unprepared for the welter of emotions her return provokes. Psychologist and ex-army officer Ben is sure he can help Maddy to resolve her fears, until he finds himself falling for her, and struggling with a recently uncovered family secret of which Maddy is blissfully unaware. Then Maddy’s mother, Helen, arrives and Patrick himself must confront a few uncomfortable truths about his history and the pub’s future.

Currently Available | hardback | $25 | 978-0-74902-212-9 | 384 pages | 5.3 x 8.5 | NCR | Havenbury September 2018 | paperback | $12.95 | 978-0-74902-222-8 | 384 pages | 5 x 7.8 | NCR | Havenbury Currently Available | paperback | $16.95 | 978-0-74902-283-9 | 384 pages | 5.3 x 8.5 | NCR | Havenbury

July 2018 | paperback | $12.95 | 978-0-74902-355-3 | 5 x 7.8 | NCR

Currently Available | paperback | $12.95 | 978-0-74902-060-6 | 272 pages | 5 x 7.8 | NCR | No. 2 Feline Detective Agency



Menna van Praag

Mandy Morton

Jude is the owner of a rather special antiques shop in Cambridge. She finds all of the joy in her life matching people with the special something that they are missing. Although Jude’s life is certainly not overflowing with the love she would wish for… she ‘inherits’ a niece that she never knew existed, doubling her meagre family overnight. Viola is Head Chef at a prestigious restaurant. When her path crosses that of widower and food historian Mathieu, she sees that there’s a lot to life beyond the kitchen.

It’s a week before Christmas and Hettie and Tilly set out on a very dangerous case for a Detective Agency. Lady Eloise Crabstock-Singe has summoned them to Crabstock Manor to solve the mystery of Christmas Paws, a servant cat who haunts the Manor intent on killing off all the Crabstocks. Should they put their trust in Absalom and Lamorna Tweek? Through blizzard and storm, stranded on the notorious Bodkin Moor and laid up at Jam Makers Inn will Hettie and Tilly save the day and get home in time for Christmas dinner?

Currently Available | paperback | $12.95 | 978-0-74901-906-8 | 272 pages | 5 x 7.8 | NCR | No. 2 Feline Detective Agency



Mandy Morton

Mandy Morton

The Town is celebrating its first literary festival, and The No. 2 Feline Detective Agency has been hired to oversee security. On the arrival of the three Brontë sisters and the famous aristocat, Sir Downton Tabby, Hettie Bagshot and her sidekick, Tilly, are plunged into crisis as a serial killer stalks the festival grounds. Will there be an author left standing? Will Meridian Hambone sell out of her ‘Littertray’ t-shirts? And will there be enough crime teas to go round?

As the Town’s annual flower and produce show approaches, it’s all doom and bloom up on the allotments, and a dead body on Bonny Grub’s onion patch. Baronial landowner Fluff Wither-Fork is beside herself and calls in the No. 2 Feline Detective Agency. Who is trying to sabotage the scarecrow competition? Amid a sea of binder twine and raised beds, a spiteful killer cat is on the prowl. Who will be next?


Currently Available | paperback | $12.95 | 978-0-74902-113-9 | 272 pages | 5 x 7.8 | NCR | No. 2 Feline Detective Agency


A n o mie P ubli shin g | Ay ebia Cl a rk e P ubli shin g

ANNA FREEMAN BENTLEY – EXCLUSIVE Paintings of Private Members Clubs Anna Freeman Bentley, with an introduction by John Silvis and an essay by Jane Neal British artist Anna Freeman Bentley presents a series of new paintings and works documenting her journey into the exclusive realm of private members clubs. Having started out in London, her research took her to some of the most desirable clubs of Los Angeles. Freeman Bentley presents us with a body of work that is as enigmatic as it is intriguing, asking us about how we each fit into such dialectics, and what this says about our inner and outer lives. This hardback publication showcases images of approximately twenty paintings and as many works on paper, alongside a foreword from collector and patron Roberta Ahmanson, an introduction by the exhibition curator John Silvis, and a specially commissioned essay from critic Jane Neal. July 2018 | hardback | $40 | 978-1-91022-115-0 | 64 pages | 9.8 x 12.4 | NCR Anna Freeman Bentley is an artist based in London.

JUSTIN MORTIMER – HOAX Justin Mortimer, Freya Cooper Kiddie and Matt Price Published to coincide with a solo presentation of “The Hoax Suite” by British painter Justin Mortimer at The Armory Show in New York in 2018 with London-based gallery Parafin, the publication presents thirty works that comprise exceptional series of paintings depicting dead and dying flowers or nature morte. Alongside new photography of all the paintings, the book features a specially commissioned essay by London-based writer Freya Cooper Kiddie, in which she investigates the techniques and aesthetics of a series that fuses decaying organic matter with corrupted digital technology. While “The Hoax Suite” is an exploration of the dialogue between figuration and abstraction, its themes are manifold, from the contemplation of mortality to faded beauty and lost love—fragrant flowers in full bloom, as if to deceive us, soon decay. Here, Mortimer shines a flashlight on the spectral beauty of death, and reminds us that life is the agonizing yet ecstatic explosion of color that fleetingly fills the void. Currently Available | hardback | $40 | 978-1-91022-114-3 | 88 pages | 7.66 x 10in | NCR Justin Mortimer graduated from the Slade School of Art in 1992 and lives and works in London.

THE GODS WHO SEND US GIFTS An Anthology of African Short Stories Ivor Agyeman-Duah, Wole Soyinka and Valerie Amos This anthology marks the 55th anniversary of the historic 1962 Makerere Conference of African Literature in Uganda bringing together post-independence African writers many of whom would go on to play major roles in defining Africa’s literary history. One of them wrote; “we were amazed that fate had entrusted us with the task of interpreting a continent to the world.” Those who gathered included the Nigerian Nobel Laureate Wole Soyinka, Chinua Achebe, Christopher Okigbo, JP Clark, Kofi Awoonor, Frances Ademola, Cameron Doudu, Lewis Nkosi, Dennis Brutus, Ezekiel Mphahlele, Bloke Modisane, the African American writer Langton Hughes et al. Fifty-five years on, many have joined the ancestors but there are a few survivors who will attend the launch of this Anthology at SOAS in London on 28th October 2017. Currently Available | paperback | $18.95 | 978-0-99284-369-4 | 256 pages | CR Ivor Agyeman-Duah was the inaugural curator of The John A. Kufuor Foundation Museum and Presidential Library. 10


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A rt voice s A rt B o ok s

November 2018 | hardback | $40 | 9781-73200-483-2 | 150 pages | 8.5 x 11 | CR

November 2018 | hardback | $40 | 9781-73200-482-5 | 150 pages | 8.5 x 11 | CR



Lorien Suárez Kanerva

Alan Singer’s Wheel House is a selection of his paintings and prints from this New York born artist. Singer’s path in the visual arts looks back to graffiti and ahead to sparkling color with a blend of experimentation in new forms bordering on the surreal. WHEEL HOUSE highlights Singer’s engagement with geometric models while charting a new course into abstraction that deals with the physics of deep space.

Lorien Suárez Kanerva reveals worlds within worlds in her art. She proposes vibrant geometric configurations with infinite iterations. Her approach is both graphic and painterly: rhythmic lines are entwined with luxuriant hues to consolidate a compelling visual execution in wh ich reference to the real is unnecessary. The subtleties of her artworks divulge the secrets of the universe with the simple language all beings understand: color, shape and line. Viewers can feel the energy that permeates the natural world, everything that connects living beings. The artist names the unnamable, and visually suggests the invisible routes of the metaphysics of the cosmos.

Alan Singer

November 2018 | hardback | $40 | 9781-73200-481-8 | 125 pages | 8.5 x 11 | CR

Alan Singer is a Professor in the School of Art at Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, New York, where he puts his life experience to good use in his classes.



KJ Shows

Lali Khalid

Portrait of an Artist is an ongoing series that I started in 2008. It’s a collection of correspondence between artists and the documentation of the personal everyday wear of life of these artists through the painting of their personal shoes. Treating these shoes as a representational portrait of each artist and documenting the imprint of the shoes by the wearer.

Home. In My Heart, Beating So Far Away examines Lali’s exploration as an immigrant, grappling with issues of identity, home, family and diaspora. In her photographs taken over a span of ten years, she illustrates complex challenges where she is continually shifting, trying to find out new ways of retaining her identity in an environment of changing ideologies and perspectives. She tries to bridge two ends of a spectrum, the fading past and the vague future. The images do appear simple and direct, but if viewed without a predetermined perception, explain the evolving narrative through the veiled stories imbedded in them.

November 2018 | hardback | $40 | 9781-73200-480-1 | 150 pages | 8.5 x 11 | CR

Lali Khalid grew up in Pakistan. She currently lives and works in the United States where she also maintains an active teaching practice. CASEMATE | IPM NEW TITLES CATALOG FALL 2018


A rt v oice s A rt B o ok s

SMOOTHING OVER THE PUDDING Valerie Bryant Smoothing Over the Pudding will teach children valuable lessons that are needed in today’s often insensitive, superficial, and turbulent society in hopes they grow into responsible men and women embodying the essential characteristics of humanity, compassion and understanding.

September 2018 | Paperback | $9 | 978-1-73200-487-0 | 22 pages | 9 x 9 | CR Valerie Bryant lives in Baton Rouge, LA.

September 2018 | Paperback | $40 | 978-1-73200-486-3 | 210 pages | 8.5 x 11 | CR

November 2018 | paperback | $40 | 978-1-73200-485-6 | 125 pages | 8.5 x 11 | CR




Terrence Sanders

Shiny Objects showcases the work of New York based artist John LaMacchia. The book brings together a diverse group of photographic and sculptural work. LaMacchia, who is known for his C-prints of everyday individuals or objects distilled from their natural habitats, scrutinizes the fixated dynamics of contemporary routine as well as the fluidity between high and low cultures. Employing firsthand sarcasm as a utilitarian tool, the artist dismantles mediocre perceptions imposed by consumerist narrative and prevalent media.

101 Contemporary Artists Volume 2 features the next wave of visual artists that should be on your radar. Our goal is to introduce artists of merit no matter what their sex, race, age, or religion. Their respective contributions to the landscape of contemporary art is the only criteria. A majority of the artists you discover in this book are either emerging, mid-career, or mature. The connective tissue is that all art is relevant and all voices deserving. Curated by noted artists and publisher Terrence Sanders.

John LaMacchia

November 2018 | hardback | $40 | 978-1-73200-484-9 | 125 pages | 8.5 x 11 | CR

NOW & THEN: 1996-2018


Donnie Molls

James Smith

‘Now & Then’ works are beautiful, vibrant and alive. Now & Then will offer an examination of the artist’s present work in comparison to the past. The viewer/reader will serve as a witness of transformation and overview that connects all the bodies of works Molls has created over a twenty-year period. Now & Then will focus on many themes, subject matter and exhibitions that the artist has experienced throughout his career. A glance at Americana in a way when we will look back 100 years from now as we do with history’s iconic paintings.

The Duality of the Human Condition is divided into two chapters and each chapter serves as a disparate justification. A journey of a man’s life chronicled by a poet encompassing joy, pain, happiness, struggle, racism, guilt, self hate, and love. Only through honesty can we cure what ails us on a cellular level. The Duality of the Human Condition with eyes wide open will reveal the symptoms and the state of essence of our respective human condition.


September 2018 | Paperback | $11 | 978-1-73200-488-7 | 68 pages | 5.5 x 4.24 | CR

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B artleby Pre s s

Adam’s Big Bang

TEMPORARY COVER November 2018 | Paperback | $12.95 | 978-0-93543-754-6 | 232 pages | 5.5 x 8.5 | CR | Adam Quatrology

The Electroencephalographer Couldn’t Cry

ADAM’S BIG BANG A Novel Bernard Sussman In hindsight, perhaps Adam Grossman should not have retired—at least not so soon. After all, he was a respected heart surgeon and certainly not of diminished skills. Now a year later, he’s adrift, although not always unpleasantly. For his wife Eva it’s a different story. He is disrupting her life to the point that she has jokingly suggested an affair to fill his days. Even their two dogs seem a little agitated with Adam’s current schedule. Adam has hit upon an idea. He will tell the tale of Oscar’s life and career and thus revive the public’s enthusiasm for the musician-songwriter. Then, there is a wonderful coincidence. Attending an Oscar Brown Jr. show at the last minute, Adam is approached by a young woman.


Return of the Horla

A Novel Bernard Sussman

TEMPORARY COVER November 2018 | Paperback | $12.95 | 978-0-93543-753-9 | 224 pages | 5.5 x 8.5 | CR | Adam Quatrology

The Radio

A Novel Bernard Sussman

TEMPORARY COVER November 2018 | Paperback | $12.95 | 978-0-93543-752-2 | 196 pages | 5.5 x 8.5 | CR | Adam Quatrology

Welcome to the world of the Electroencephalographer. Adam Turner is a middle-aged, married, Washington-based physician. By all appearances, he is a conventional and well-organized neurologist at a university hospital. In truth, he is a fearful man, depressed and tormented by the idea of his death, obsessed by recurring and somewhat paranoid philosophical ruminations of his own wretched condition. Confronted with the impending death of his close friend Jean, his depression deepens; despair made worse by a peculiar lifelong handicap - the inability to cry.



TEMPORARY COVER November 2018 | Paperback | $12.95 | 978-0-93543-755-3 | 208 pages | 5.5 x 8.5 | CR | Adam Quatrology

Adam Carter is never quite satisfied that everything is in order. He’s had these obsessive thoughts before, but for Adam, a successful Washington lobbyist, they have in recent years been merely a sometimes annoyance, a quirkiness. Now, the “checking” behaviors threaten to debilitate him. So Adam pays a visit to his old psychiatrist. Adam knows the true cause of his problems is not to be found in a diagnostic manual. It is the Horla, a creature straight out of a Guy de Maupassant tale. Now, the Horla is stronger, more active than ever before and intent on destroying Adam’s world. Adam has met a woman, Miranda. She’s willing to put up with Adam’s eccentricity—to a point. With the help of a new ally, a Doberman named Willie, Adam plans for a final confrontation to vanquish the Horla and regain his life.

THE RADIO A Novel Bernard Sussman Adam Merritt, a successful dermatologist, wakens one morning determined to be, in all things, truthful. The reaction of those around him, however, is less enthusiastic. Adam decides to turn on the old table radio in his bedroom. When Adam’s journey of remembrance becomes contorted, he questions the facts that make up his life and the circumstances surrounding his memories. Will he ever understand reality again? The truth—if it is the truth— threatens to destroy the man that Adam Merritt thought he was.


Bl ack Knight B o ok s

Success at College

SUCCESS AT COLLEGE What They Haven’t Told You Simon Moss

Understanding the Leader in You

Roles for Leaders and Followers Carol Dalglish and Peter Miller

Success at College: What They Haven’t Told You allows students to developed the requisite skills to succeed at college.

Understanding the Leader in You covers the theories of leadership, and the role of leaders in a global context. TEMPORARY COVER


August 2018 | Paperback | $24.95 | 978-0-73464-136-6 | 185 pages | 6 x 9 | CR The Moonlight Effect

Currently Available | Paperback | $19.95 | 978-0-73464-131-1 | 95 pages | 6 x 9 | CR


Developing the Leader in You

Debunking Business Myths to Improve Wellbeing Simon Moss


Currently Available | Paperback | $24.95 | 978-0-73464-134-2 | 167 pages | 6 x 9 | CR Where Should I Work?

This book explains the proliferation of many of society’s problems, e.g. excessive executive pay, unfair performance appraisals, destructive advertising practices, and the pursuit of the perfect appearance.


Developing the Leader in You covers strategic leadership, and the concepts of power, influence, and organizational culture. TEMPORARY COVER

Currently Available | Paperback | $19.95 | 978-0-73464-132-8 | 84 pages | 6 x 9 | CR Improving the Leader in You

July 2018 | Paperback | $24.95 | 978-0-73464-135-9 | 169 pages | 6 x 9 | CR Seeing the Leader in You

This book challenges many of the misconceptions that individuals form about the qualities and characteristics of organizations and enables individuals to predict the prevailing qualities and characteristics of organizations so that they can better choose the best place for them to work.


July 2018 | Paperback | $19.95 | 978-0-73464-130-4 | 72 pages | 6 x 9 | CR 14


Improving the Leader in You covers leadership communication skills as well as how to lead teams and instigate and lead change in organizations.

Currently Available | Paperback | $19.95 | 978-0-73464-133-5 | 112 pages | 6 x 9 | CR


The Personal Qualities of a Leader Carol Dalglish and Peter Miller


IMPROVING THE LEADER IN YOU Learning Leadership Skills Carol Dalglish and Peter Miller


Seeing the Leader in You covers the qualities and personality traits found in good leaders, and the process of developing the self-awareness to identify those qualities.

DEVELOPING THE LEADER IN YOU Concepts in Leadership Carol Dalglish and Peter Miller

Using Psychology to Get Your Dream Job Simon Moss



Valuing, Rescuing and Buying and Selling the Small Business Tim Mazzarol and Sophie Reboud

August 2018 | Paperback | $19.95 | 978-0-73464-129-8 | 84 pages | 6 x 9 | CR

The Realities of Buying and Selling a Small Business covers buying, selling and valuing small businesses, as well as avoiding and managing small business failure.

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Bl ack Knight B o ok s



The Social and Economic Aspects of Entrepreneurship Tim Mazzarol and Sophie Reboud

Risk, Disruptive Innovations and Commercialisation of Technology Tim Mazzarol and Sophie Reboud

The Realities of Being an Entrepreneur covers entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurial process.

The Realities of Small Business Risk covers risk management and disruptive technologies in small businesses and firms.

Currently Available | Paperback | $19.95 | 978-0-73464-122-9 | 110 pages | 6 x 9 | CR

July 2018 | Paperback | $19.95 | 978-0-73464-128-1 | 96 pages | 6 x 9 | CR



Funding, Cash Flow and ProďŹ ts Tim Mazzarol and Sophie Reboud

HR, Teams and Leadership Tim Mazzarol and Sophie Reboud

The Realities of Small Business Finance covers equity, cash flows and profit in small businesses and firms.

The Realities of Staffing Small Business covers human resources and alliances in small business and entrepreneurial ventures.

Currently Available | Paperback | $19.95 | 978-0-73464-125-0 | 116 pages | 6 x 9 | CR

Currently Available | Paperback | $19.95 | 978-0-73464-121-2 | 111 pages | 6 x 9 | CR

Currently Available | Paperback | $19.95 | 978-0-73464-126-7 | 86 pages | 6 x 9 | CR

Currently Available | Paperback | $19.95 | 978-0-73464-124-3 | 91 pages | 6 x 9 | CR



The Entrepreneur, the Owner and the Economy Tim Mazzarol and Sophie Reboud

Intrapreneurship, Innovation and Strategy Tim Mazzarol and Sophie Reboud

The Realities of Small Business Survival covers the role small businesses play in the economy, the roles of entrepreneur and owner-managers, and how small business survive their early years.

The Realities of Small Business Innovation covers intraprenuership and the development and adoption of innovation in small businesses and firms.

Currently Available | Paperback | $19.95 | 978-0-73464-127-4 | 101 pages | 6 x 9 | CR



Franchishing and Intellectual Property Tim Mazzarol and Sophie Reboud

Strategies, Planning and Customers Tim Mazzarol and Sophie Reboud

The Realities of Legal Issues in Small Business covers issues in franchizing and intellectual property management.

The Realities of Small Business Growth covers planning and strategy making within small business.


July 2018 | Paperback | $24.95 | 978-0-73464-123-6 | 172 pages | 6 x 9 | CR


Bl ack s ta ff Pre s s



A Life Remembered Henry McDonald

August 2018 | hardback | $29.95 | 978-1-78073-168-1 | 144 pages | NCR

Anna Lo

To look at Martin McGuinness’ life is to follow Northern Ireland’s transition from conflict to peace. This book brings together a collection of images that tell the story of McGuinness’ journey from IRA leader to deputy first minister of Northern Ireland, and features all the milestones in his life.

August 2018 | paperback | $14.95 | 978-0-85640-985-1 | 192 pages | NCR


ELECTION FEVER Groundbreaking Electoral Contests in Northern Ireland Alan Parkinson

The Real Stories of the RUC man and women who policed the Troubles Colin Breen

August 2018 | paperback | $14.95 | 978-0-85640-972-1 | 198 pages | NCR

August 2018 | paperback | $19.95 | 978-0-85640-997-4 | 260 pages | NCR


In her memoir, Anna Lo writes for the first time about her extraordinary journey— how it was to arrive in Belfast at the height of the Troubles; her work with the Chinese community from the early 1980s and the difficulties its members faced; her time as a social worker; her children’s experiences of life in Northern Ireland; her extraordinary political career; and her life away from the spotlight.

In 1983, Interpol named Northern Ireland the most dangerous place in the world to be a police officer. Now, for the first time, the men and women who policed the Troubles tell their stories in their own words. Raw, unsettling and frank, A Force Like No Other tells the real story of the RUC.

August 2018 | paperback | $24.95 | 978-1-78073-120-9 | 368 pages | NCR

Elections in Northern Ireland have long been unique in their political and constitutional magnitude, the melodramatic nature of the campaigns and the consequences of their outcomes. This book provides an overview of elections in Northern Ireland since the early twentieth century and the ways in which they were reported in the Belfast press.



A Memoir of the White City housing estate in Belfast Marianne Elliott

Road Racer Stephen Davison

Part memoir, part historical research, this book tells the story of the White City, an overlooked and under-documented time in Belfast’s history. The story of a pre-Troubles Belfast in which Catholics and Protestants lived side by side. Elliott uses it to paint a rich and fascinating portrait of 1950s Belfast, a close-knit city recovering from the ravages of war and still in the throes of austerity but optimistic for the future. TO ORDER:

August 2018 | hardback | $29.95 | 978-0-85640-998-1 | 160 pages | NCR

Road racing photographer Stephen Davison has been photographing Guy Martin for all of his racing career and has amassed an archive of brilliant photographs. Edgy, extreme, intimate and quirky, Davison’s photographs brilliantly capture both Martin’s focus and determination, as well as his goofy and gauche side.

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Bl ack s taff Pre s s

THE FAERIE THORN AND OTHER STORIES Jane Talbot `Man Donaghy crept silently around the back of the farmhouse and over the field to the faerie thorn. The thorn was shimmering as he knelt before it. Whispering directly to the roots of the tree, Man Donaghy said, “I want you to take Wife Donaghy.”’ Jane Talbot’s seven bewitching tales will draw you into a world of fairy tales and magick, a world of devilish debts, trysts and trades, of broken bargains and unjust trials, of quick-wittedness, of hoodwinking, of revenge. A dark, tender, dazzling collection that will make you remember why you love stories. The stories in this collection follow many conventions associated with traditional, oral storytelling. For this reason, as well as enjoying the stories in the privacy of your own head, you might also find that they’re even better when read aloud and shared with others. August 2018 | paperback | $14.99 | 978-0-85640-955-4 | 256 pages | NCR



Will her secret tear her family apart? Mary Larkin

August 2018 | paperback | $12.99 | 978-0-85640-959-2 | 400 pages | NCR

August 2018 | paperback | $12.99 | 978-0-85640-960-8 | 400 pages | NCR

Rosaleen Magee has it all – a loving family, good looks and a handsome fiancé with his own thriving business. But then Sean Devlin turns up at the Falls Flax Factory, where Rosaleen works, and everything changes. As the war throws everyone’s lives into turmoil, will Rosaleen risk everything for love? A new edition of the best-selling novel from Belfast’s leading saga writer.

Kevin Doyle

August 2018 | paperback | $14.95 | 978-1-78073-171-1 | 300 pages | NCR

Ireland, 2010. When Noelie Sullivan finds his missing punk records for sale, it seems like a lucky break until he discovers documents inside one of the sleeves, alleging that missing local man, Jim Dalton, was murdered twenty years ago. Noelie is drawn into the story of Dalton’s disappearance and uncovers a link between the missing man and a powerful family of brothers. This is a gripping political thriller from an original and exciting new voice.



All families have their secrets… Mary Larkin

A Miscellany, Almanack, and Companion Reggie Chamberlain-King

Annie and Sean Devlin have been happily married for several years when a telegram arrives to say that Annie’s sister is making a flying visit home to Belfast from Canada. The news strikes fear into Annie’s heart for Rosaleen and Sean once had a brief affair. Surely they couldn’t betray her again? The gripping sequel to The Wasted Years from Belfast’s leading saga writer.


August 2018 | hardback | $24.99 | 978-0-85640-953-0 | 208 pages | NCR

In this wonderful collection, you’ll find mystic societies and graveside disturbances; madmen and medicine men; suicide, murder, and cannibalism. There are messages from the Beyond, magical conjurers and animal-magnetists, and for ‘chronic conditions’ there are iodides of arsenic and sulphur. Above all, you’ll discover a quirky and compelling history of Dublin, drawn from newspaper reports, advertisements, hearsay, anecdote and rumor. 17




Mark Twain

Anthony Hope and Henry C. Kiefer

Mark Twain’s classic tale of Tom Sawyer and his friends, with murder, intrigue and hidden treasure to boot!

October 2018 | paperback | $9.95 | 978-1-91123-848-5 | 48 pages | 6.5 x 9.5 | CR | Classics Illustrated

Classics Illustrated tells this wonderful tale in colorful comic strip form, offering an excellent introduction for younger readers. This edition also includes theme discussions and study questions, which can be used both in the classroom and at home to further engage the reader in the story.

Set in the fictional land of Ruritania, “The Prisoner of Zenda” is a tale of intrigue, crime and scheming villains trying to depose the rightful heir to the throne…

October 2018 | paperback | $9.95 | 978-1-91123-849-2 | 48 pages | 6.5 x 9.5 | CR | Classics Illustrated



Virgil Virgil’s epic “Aeneid”, based on the adventures of the Trojan warrior, Aeneas.

October 2018 | paperback | $9.95 | 978-1-91123-863-8 | 48 pages | 6.5 x 9.5 | CR | Classics Illustrated


Classics Illustrated tells this wonderful tale in colorful comic strip form, offering an excellent introduction for younger readers. This edition also includes theme discussions and study questions, which can be used both in the classroom and at home to further engage the reader in the story.


Classics Illustrated tells this wonderful tale in colorful comic strip form, offering an excellent introduction for younger readers. This edition also includes theme discussions and study questions, which can be used both in the classroom and at home to further engage the reader in the story.

Lewis Carroll and Jennifer H. Robinson Lewis Carroll’s follow-up to his classic “Alice in Wonderland”, with further adventures of Alice.

October 2018 | paperback | $9.95 | 978-1-91123-864-5 | 48 pages | 6.5 x 9.5 | CR | Classics Illustrated

Classics Illustrated tells this wonderful tale in colorful comic strip form, offering an excellent introduction for younger readers. This edition also includes theme discussions and study questions, which can be used both in the classroom and at home to further engage the reader in the story.

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Victor Hugo, Gerald McCann and Norman Nodel

Erich Maria Remarque, Maurice del Bourgo and Kenneth W. Fitch

Victor Hugo’s novel of turbulent times in early 19th Century France, as told through the experiences of the ex-convict, Jean Valjean.

October 2018 | hardback | $12.95 | 978-1-91123-825-6 | 52 pages | 6.5 x 9.5 | CR | Classics Illustrated

Classics Illustrated tells this wonderful tale in colorful comic strip form, offering an excellent introduction for younger readers. This edition also includes a biography of Victor Hugo, theme discussions and study questions, which can be used both in the classroom or at home to further engage the reader in the story.

Narrated by Paul Bäumer, a young man fighting on the French front, Erich Maria Remarque’s book describes the extreme circumstances of the German soldiers of the First World War. October 2018 | hardback | $12.95 | 978-1-91123-823-2 | 52 pages | 6.5 x 9.5 | CR | Classics Illustrated



Jules Verne and Norman Nodel

Wells’s classic tale tells the story of the unnamed time traveller, who travels thousands of years into the future, where he encounters the strange, child-like people, the Eloi, and the terrifying underground race, the Morlocks.

H. G. Wells and Lou Cameron

After discovering a note from the esteemed Icelandic scientist, Arne Saknussemm, Professor Lidenbrock and his nephew Axel undertake a dangerous and exciting adventure into the belly of the Earth! October 2018 | hardback | $12.95 | 978-1-91123-824-9 | 52 pages | 6.5 x 9.5 | CR | Classics Illustrated

Classics Illustrated tells this wonderful tale in colorful comic strip form, offering an excellent introduction for younger readers. This edition also includes a biography of Erich Maria Remarque, theme discussions and study questions, which can be used both in the classroom and at home to further engage the reader in the story.

Classics Illustrated tells this wonderful tale in colorful comic strip form, offering an excellent introduction for younger readers. This edition also includes a biography of Jules Verne, theme discussions and study questions, which can be used both in the classroom or at home to further engage the reader in the story.


October 2018 | hardback | $12.95 | 978-1-91123-826-3 | 52 pages | 6.5 x 9.5 | CR | Classics Illustrated

Classics Illustrated tells this wonderful tale in colorful comic strip form, offering an excellent introduction for younger readers. This edition also includes a biography of H. G. Wells, theme discussions and study questions, which can be used both in the classroom or at home to further engage the reader in the story.


Colo urp oin t | Eshel B o ok s | Fernhur s t B o ok s

Currently Available | paperback | $24.95 | 978-1-78073-146-9 | 160 pages | NCR

October 2018 | paperback | $17.50 | 978-0-93543-748-5 | 468 pages | 6 x 9 | CR

Currently Available | paperback | $28.90 | 978-1-90991-123-9 | 258 pages | 5.90 x 9.25 | NCR




End of an Era Conrad Natzio

Revised Edition Dr EM Patterson, Joe Begley and Steve Flanders

This is a personal photographic record of a distinctive time on the Irish railway system, covering the period around 1960-1963. It is made up of largely unpublished images.

Currently Available | paperback | $27.95 | 978-1-78073-147-6 | 204 pages | NCR

This is a new edition of Dr EM Patterson’s second volume on the history of the narrow-guage railways of northwest Ireland. The detailed story charts the origins and development of this unique line including the Letterkenny Railway, re-guaging decisions and the Burtonport extension.



The Life and Times of Vladimir Jabotinsky. Volume 1 Joesph B. Schechtman and Menachem Begin

The Life and Times of Vladimir Jabotinsky. Volume 2 Joesph B. Schechtman

This two-volume work by Joseph B. Schectman, constitutes the definitive biography of Vladimir (Ze’ev) Jabotinsky. A man whose memory commands both reverent loyalty and fierce hatred at the same time. Jabotinsky comes alive in this biography as a political thinker and leader, poet, orator, diplomat, linguist, and freedom fighter.

October 2018 | paperback | $19.50 | 978-0-93543-749-2 | 640 pages | 6 x 9 | CR

This second volume in the definitive two-volume biography of Vladimir (Ze’ev) Jabotinsky by Joseph B. Schechtman picks up the story of his life in 1923, at the crossroads of his political career. In his own words, he was a man “for whom there is no place and no refuge among his own brethren...doomed to peregrinate in a spiritual Diaspora.”

Joesph B. Schechtman was a close associate of Jabotinsky for over thirty years.



Arthur Ransome and Brian Hammett

Arthur Ransome and Brian Hammett

This is Arthur Ransome’s account of Racundra’s maiden voyage, which took place in August and September 1922. This edition uses the original text in its entirety - with the original layout, maps and photographs - and also includes an excellent introduction by Brian Hammett containing a treasure trove of previously unpublished writings, essays and photographs.

Ransome’s account of his first cruise on that boat was his first commercially successful book. The third cruise was special— it was his honeymoon having married Evgenia Shelepina. Ransome clearly intended to publish the account of this cruise, but never finished it. This is a glorious volume which has delighted Ransome enthusiasts, sailors and landlubbers equally. Ransome enthusiast, Brian, compiled this book, adding his own notes from his cruises in the same area.


Currently Available | paperback | $24.95 | 978-1-91217-711-0 | 128 pages | 5.90 x 9.25 | NCR

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Fer nhur s t B o ok s

KNOX-JOHNSTON ON SEAMANSHIP & SEAFARING Lessons & experiences from the 50 years since the start of his record-breaking voyage Sir Robin Knox-Johnston On 14th June 1968 Robin Knox-Johnston set sail from Falmouth to take part in the Sunday Times Golden Globe Race—the first, non-stop, single-handed sailing race around the world. He was an unknown 29-year old Merchant Navy Officer. Ten and a half months later he sailed back into Falmouth, the only finisher in the race and the first man to complete a non-stop solo circumnavigation. The first half of the book concentrates on seamanship and looks at the skills and gear required. The second half allows Robin to reminisce on memorable boats, races and places he has experienced in his last 50 years of seafaring. The book starts with an original piece by Robin reflecting on the last 50 years. Currently Available | hardback | $24.95 | 978-1-91217-714-1 | 224 pages | 6.26 x 9.25 | NCR

November 2018 | paperback | $22.95 | 978-1-91217-715-8 | 144 pages | 6.69 x 8.27 | NCR



The Essential Guide to the COLREGs Paul Boissier

Tim Davison

This book is aimed at both yachtsmen and professional mariners. Paul Boissier explains the intention of each rule and how it should be applied when at sea. It is the perfect companion when studying for any nautical exam. There are plenty of quirky tips on how to remember the various rules, and test sections allow readers to check their comprehension and act as perfect aids to revision.

Currently Available | paperback | $19.95 | 978-0-47066-529-9 | 112 pages | 3.94 x 8.27 | NCR | Nautical Pocketbooks


THE RESTORATION HANDBOOK The Essential Guide to Yacht Restoration & Repair Enric Rosello

Navigate Effectively by Getting the Most Out of Your Electronic Devices Pat Manley

July 2018 | hardback | $39.95 | 978-0-47051-613-3 | 200 pages | 6.89 x 8.54 | NCR

This book leads you through all the aspects of boat navigation in a logical order, using a combination of modern and traditional methods. It ensures that although modern electronic methods remain at the forefront, readers will never lack in knowledge to navigate their boat safely.


This book gives you the basic knowledge to work the boat, be safe, have fun… and be asked back for more! Devised to be given to new crew to read before they arrive at the dock, it is also great to be kept on board as a quick and easy reference guide. For the more experienced, this is a practical aide-memoire with guidance on knots, maneuvers and sail trim.

July 2018 | paperback | $29.95 | 978-1-91217-713-4 | 262 pages | 8.19 x 11.26 | NCR

The book is a beautifully-presented manual on how to give a cruising yacht a complete overhaul. It is filled with hundreds of color photo-sequences, which detail how to replace the engine, hatches, electrics, plumbing, rigging, gelcoat and much more. Readers can work their way through each job using the clear sequential photographs for step-by-step guidance.


Fon thill Media

LET THERE BE JUSTICE The Political Journey of Imran Khan B.J. Sadiq Imran Khan has been in the spot light again. On this occasion not for his cricket but for his defiant presence on the political canvas of Pakistan. Imran’s personal life and character has already drawn a lot of coverage. His opponents hate his guts, and more so the coverage he gets on social media. His contemporaries may despise him for his open stage bluntness and tongue-lashing, but the man undoubtedly possesses tremendous persuasive powers to bring about people to his line of thinking. Rising from the depths, his movement for justice party enjoys a strong voice in the opposition. He has managed to draw huge crowds at voting booths—an uncommon spectacle in Pakistan. He remains a celebrated figure and a serious crowd puller. Imran Khan’s arduous political journey is a territory that deserves to be explored. Currently Available | paperback | $24.95 | 978-1-78155-637-5 | 160 pages | 6 x 9 | CR

January 2019 | hardback | $29.95 | 978-1-78155-685-6 | 208 pages | 6.15 x 9.25 | CR

The Price of Fame

TEMPORARY COVER January 2019 | hardback | $29.95 | 978-1-78155-689-4 | 256 pages | 6.15 x 9.25 | CR




Ian Carroll

The Steve Winwood Story John Van der Kiste

Cooperman! The Life of Tommy Cooper is a hilarious look at one of Britain’s best-loved comedians. This is the story of the man and his magic, his life, and his times. This volume contains hundreds of his favorite jokes, tricks, and sketches, as well as behind-the-scenes stories from his friends, family, and fellow artistes. This entertaining and informative account provides an insight into the fun and humor of Tommy Cooper. Cooperman! is an authorized biography, presented with the blessing of Cooper’s family and estate.

December 2018 | paperback | $25.95 | 978-1-78155-673-3 | 176 pages | 6.15 x 9.25 | CR

Born in Birmingham, Steve Winwood formed Traffic in 1967, long noted as one of the major British psychedelic groups. A brief hiatus saw him join forces with Eric Clapton in the shortlived Blind Faith, thereafter returning to Traffic until they disbanded in 1974 (and briefly reformed twenty years later). Throughout his subsequent solo career, he has been much respected on both sides of the Atlantic. This is the first biography for nearly thirty years.



The Biography of Dennis Price Elaine Parker and Gareth Owen

The Authorised Biography Brian Slade

Charming, erudite, and the very personification of the English gentleman, Dennis Price was one of the most promising and talented newcomers to the world of theater and film in the late 1930s. The first detailed and in-depth researched biography of the acclaimed British actor Dennis Price, charting his rise to fame, his most famous roles, his battle with depression, alcohol and the tax man ... and how he outshone everything and everyone around him. TO ORDER:

January 2019 | hardback | $29.95 | 978-1-78155-679-5 | 208 pages | 6.15 x 9.25 | CR

When Simon Cadell announced to the world that he may have only days to live, it signalled the end of a twenty-year stage career. With access to family photographs and documentation, and sourced by numerous interviews, ‘Simon Cadell: The Authorised Biography’ tells for the first time the story of a fourth generation actor who oozed charm and had a zest for a life that was cut tragically short at the peak of his powers.

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Fo n t hill Media

The Two Duchesses



Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire, Elizabeth, Duchess of Devonshire Vere Foster

TEMPORARY COVER November 2018 | paperback | $29.95 | 978-1-78155-015-1 | 336 pages | 6.15 x 9.25 | CR

The Two Duchesses is family correspondence of and relating to Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire, Elizabeth, Duchess of Devonshire, Earl of Bristol (Bishop of Derry), the Countess of Bristol, Lord Byron, the Earl of Aberdeen, Sir Augustus Foster and others 1777-1859, focusing on the period from America’s independence to the fall of Napoleon.

John Idris Jones

December 2018 | paperback | $25.95 | 978-1-78155-676-4 | 128 pages | 6.15 x 9.25 | CR


COCK O’ THE NORTH Gresley’s Bold Experiment Peter Tuffrey

Peter Hammond

December 2018 | paperback | $25.95 | 978-1-78155-672-6 | 112 pages | 6.15 x 9.25 | CR

This book is the first to give a detailed and comprehensive account of all the children of Richard III, covering his only legitimate child, Edward of Middleham, Prince of Wales, his illegitimate children John of Gloucester, and Katherine, who became countess of Huntingdon, and other possible children, particularly Richard Plantagenet of Eastwell. There are discussions of the disputed date of birth and death at the age of about eight years of Edward of Middleham.

January 2019 | paperback | $29.95 | 978-1-78155-683-2 | 224 pages | 6.75 x 9.75 | CR


January 2019 | hardback | $45 | 978-1-78155-687-0 | 368 pages | 6.15 x 9.25 | CR


This book is the first one to feature the entire history of Cock o’ the North as a single subject.With detailed research and a remarkable selection of photographs it examines and illustrates many aspects of the locomotive including: the name derivation, construction, trial runs, trial tests, the controversial rebuilding by Gresley’s successor, Edward Thompson, the involvement in the Balby Bridge crash, and final withdrawal from service.


Gatekeeper of the Alps John Dormandy For seven centuries, Savoy and its Alps were an independent state between France and Italy. Its rulers controlled the passage of armies, merchants and pilgrims over the mountain passes. Annexed to France in 1860, Savoy became its most prosperous region with fifteen million tourists visiting its Alps every year, to walk, climb, parapente or ski.

A large chunk of William Shakespeare’s biography is missing. Biographers do not know where he was or what he was doing in the period between leaving school in Stratford-upon-Avon and when he emerged as a dramatist-poet in the early 1590s. In this book, John Idris Jones brings together thousands of details which add to the sum of knowledge of Shakespeare’s life and work.

William H. Miller January 2019 | paperback | $32.95 | 978-1-78155-680-1 | 112 pages | 9.75 x 8.85 | CR

Canadian Pacific Steamships was a worldwide travel network that included great passenger ships. The stories of these ships on both oceans is told in this new book. Altogether, it is a fascinating group of ships, well deserving of another review. 23

Green Be a n B o ok s | Ge or ge F T ho mp s o n P ubli shin g


LOST IN VIETNAM Chuck Forsman with an essay by Le Ly Hayslip

Shira Gefen

December 2018 | hardback | $21.95 978-1-78438-262-9 | 32 pages | 276 x 215 | CR

August 2018 | paperback | $19.95 978-1-78438-305-3 | 192 pages | 6 x 9 | CR

Shira Geffen’s beautiful and poetic story follows a little girl, Alona, on her journey home through a windswept park. She rests under a tree and eats an apple and, with each bite, a leaf falls off the tree. One of the leaves is different from the others—it is an enchanted, heart-shaped leaf, and it drops onto Alona’s head and clings to her braid. The magical leaf protects her from the lead and she arrives home completely dry. Shira Geffen’s delicate, vivid and moving fantasy is perfectly illustrated by Polonsky’s intricate pictures, full of movement and drawn from many and varied angles. This is a touching and gentle story, for 4-8 year old readers, with remarkable beauty, gentleness and delicacy. The Heart Shaped Leaf has also been translated into Swedish, Arabic and Persian.



Tim Tibbitts

Places Real and Imagined Jenee Mateer and Francine Weiss

Echo Still is a sports story about refusing to give up on one’s dreams regardless of the obstacles. It’s a school story, about a ordinary 12-year-old boy dealing with the everyday challenges of growing up. But most compellingly, Echo Still offers a moving depiction of the healing power of a grandmother’s love. Infused with Jewish values and affection for Jewish rituals and holidays, this novel will certainly appeal to Jewish communities everywhere, but the deep humanity of Echo Still will resonate with readers of all backgrounds.

Tim Tibbits is a teacher and tutor based in Ohio. 24

Vietnam is an ancient and beautiful land, with a deep history of occupational conflict that remains an enigma in Americans’ collective January 2019 | memory. Lost in Vietnam hardback | $45 | chronicles a journey, not a 978-1-93808-657-1 | country. The photographs 192 pages | 11.0 x 11.875 | were taken on visits averCR aging two months each and two-year intervals over a decade. Forsman traveled largely by motorbike throughout the country—south, central, and north—sharing his experiences through amazing photographs of Vietnam’s lands and people. His visual journey of one such veteran’s twofold quest: the one for redemption and understanding, and the other to make art. The renowned Le Ly Hayslip introduces the book and sets the table for Forsman’s incredible sojourn. Chuck Forsman is Professor of Art Emeritus at the University of Colorado, where he taught painting. He has had more than 50 one-person shows.


December 2018 | hardback | $40 | 978-1-93808-659-5 | 88 pages | 11.5 x 11.875 | CR

"Break Boundary” refers to the transformative point at which any system suddenly and irrevocably changes from its original state into something new. Inspired by the paintings of Mark Rothko, Jenee Mateer rendered oceans, lakes, and rivers into unique photographic “waterscapes” that reconceptualize our relationship to the environment.

Jenee Mateer is a photographer, video artist, and Associate Professor of Photo Imaging and Chair of the Department of Art + Design, Art History, Art Education at Towson University.

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Grub St reet Co ok ery

AQUAFABA Vegan Cooking without Eggs using the Magic of Chickpea Water Sébastien Kardinal and Laura VeganPower From the Latin aqua (water) and faba (beans), aquafaba is the cooking liquid found in tinned beans and other legumes like chickpeas or the liquid left over from cooking your own. Its unique mix of starches, proteins, fiber and sugars, which are left in the water after cooking, gives aquafaba a wide range of emulsifying, foaming, binding and thickening properties, making it the perfect ingredient in vegan cooking or recipes for those who have egg allergies. It’s amazing to think that this precious liquid that we all threw down the sink could have such incredible properties. It can be used to replace egg whites in many sweet and savoury recipes. The authors give all the secrets of aquafaba; how to make your own at home with just chickpeas and water and then how to use it in a dazzling array of recipes. Sébastien and Laura have thought of everything. Having created your aquafaba there are even a collection of recipes at the end of the book which use those cooked chickpeas to make hummus, falafels and curries. July 2018 | hardback | $21.95 | 978-1-91162-115-7 | 72 pages | 6 x 9 | NCR

HOMEMADE VEGAN CHEESE, YOGURT AND MILK Yvonne Hölzl-Singh Dairy goes vegan! The recipes in this book are all temptingly good. They are clear and simple and you are led through each process step-by-step. In the introduction to the book, which is beautifully illustrated with color photographs throughout, you have all the information you need about the essential ingredients (and not just soya), kitchen utensils and the various fermentation starters that are available, how to make them yourself, which other ingredients are helpful and above all where you get them. You will find all sources listed. There are basic recipes, such as cashew cheese, on which other recipes then build and a whole range of vegan ‘milk classics’ to make. Vegan cheese, yogurt, tofu, milk, cream and butter are surprisingly diverse and easy to prepare. The wealth of recipes spans the spectrum from tomato rosemary cheese made from almonds, fermented by Rejuvelac and herbal cream cheese from coconut cream, almond crème fraîche to chickpea tofu. Finally there is a chapter covering vegan drinks such as almond milk, oat drink, quick nut milk with nutmeg and soy milk. So who needs to buy drinks in the supermarket when you can make them much healthier and cheaper yourself? You’ll be surprised how little effort vegan products take to make at home. Once again proof that the vegan diet is quite versatile. Currently Available | hardback | $26.95 | 978-1-91162-100-3 | 140 pages | 6 x 9 | NCR

VEGAN RECIPES FROM SPAIN Gonzalo Baró Spanish food is all about making the most of the best local produce. It conjures up many associations—friends eating and laughing together, delicious wine, relaxing holidays, or a balmy breeze under a colorful waterside umbrella. Above all, it is perfect for sharing. Geography and climate have had a great influence on Spain's cooking methods and available ingredients, and these particularities are present in the dishes of the various regions. Spanish cuisine was also shaped by a complex history, where invasions and conquests have modified traditions and made new ingredients available. Gonzalo Baró has brought this feeling of life into his recipes—in either traditional, usually very simple, honest dishes or unusual, new ones. He brings this gorgeous fresh country cuisine to our tables in chapters covering Basics, Tapas, Pinchos, Appetizers, Main Dishes, and Sweets. There are pages and pages of mouth-watering recipes for alioli, romesco, gazpacho, ajo blanco, mushrooms with sherry, stuffed piquillo peppers, fried salad hearts, green beans in tomato sauce, grilled asparagus, crispy vegetables with orange alioli, wild rice salad with sherry vinaigrette, sweet potatoes and grapes, yams with chard sauce, paella, tortilla, padron peppers, and a host of sweet treats. August 2018 | hardback | $32.95 | 978-1-91162-116-4 | 192 pages | 6 x 9 | NCR Gonzalo Baró was born in Madrid and works as as a chef in a boutique hotel in Berlin. He is also the author of Vegan Tapas. CASEMATE | IPM NEW TITLES CATALOG FALL 2018


Grub Street Co ok ery

August 2018 | paperback | $27.95 | 978-1-91162-119-5 | 176 pages | 7.5 x 9.75 | NCR



Richard Olney and Alice Waters

Carol Bowen Ball

Richard Olney moved to Provence in 1961 and had the good fortune to befriend Lulu and Lucien Peyraud, the owners of the noted Domaine Tempier vineyard in Provence, not far from Marseilles. Lulu’s Provençal Table tantalizes the reader with Olney’s descriptions of the regional food served as the vineyard meals at the Domaine. There are plenty of simple recipes, but the recipe for bouillabaisse is a fascinating 10 pages long. Having been described as ‘a gastronomic love poem to France’s most exhilarating region,’ this is an essential book for any serious food lover’s library.

July 2018 | paperback | $15.95 | 978-1-91162-114-0 | 192 pages | 6 x 9 | NCR

Carol Bowen Ball is a bestselling author and has written two other highly successful Grub Street books in this series, The Basic Basics Home Freezing Handbook and The Basic Basics Combination and Microwave Handbook.



Revised Edition Edite Vieira

August 2018 | paperback | $32.95 | 978-1-91162-118-8 | 240 pages | 7 x 9 | NCR

Marguerite Patten

In this revised and updated edition of her authoritative and fascinating book Edite Vieira traces the rich legacy of her country’s culinary excellence from medieval through to modern times lacing it with history and anecdote and a collection of authentically delicious recipes. From simple and wholesome peasant fare to elaborate celebratory meals, ingredients include salt cod (bacalhau) in all its myriad variations, cumin and oranges, are both remnants of the voyaging past, green coriander, the main flavouring herb. Essentially the food is the food of a country which grows grapes, peppers, melons, quinces and apples, and few other countries have such a repertoire of pork dishes.

Edite Vieira was born in Portugal and is the winner of a Gourmand World Cookbook Award. 26


Carol Bowen Ball has been the devoted owner of a kitchen range for almost thirty years and this handbook brings cooking on a range right up to date providing hundreds of thousands of Aga and Rayburn owners with a much needed collection of refreshingly new recipes. As an Aga is more than just a cooker this book contains all sorts of useful hints and tips for getting the most from your oven.

July 2018 | paperback | $15.95 | 978-1-91162-113-3 | 160 pages | 6 x 9 | NCR

Marguerite Patten shares her wealth of knowledge and her tried and tested recipes for cakes large and small, biscuits, breads, pizzas and pastries. There are no glossy photographs in this handy little manual but as her tone is friendly, reassuring, straightforward and factual you will find all the instructions you need to guide you to success every time. She covers family favorites such as walnut cake, teacakes and buns, and muffins. The book introduces the pleasures of baking in such a way that even a beginner will achieve successful results under the expert guidance of Britain’s still much loved cookery writer. This handy little manual will guide you through all basic baking techniques and equipment.

Marguerite Patten was Britain’s top selling cookery writer with sales totalling over 17 million copies. She pioneered easy-to-follow-recipes with her All Colour Cookery.

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Hi s torik a

Currently Available | hardback | $15 | 978-8-79322-912-9 | 60 pages | 6.75 x 8.25 | CR | Crown Series

Currently Available | hardback | $15 | 978-8-79322-971-6 | 60 pages | 6.75 x 8.25 | CR | Crown Series

Currently Available | hardback | $15 | 978-8-79322-940-2 | 60 pages | 6.75 x 8.25 | CR | Crown Series



Denmark’s Great Renaissance King Jens Gunni Busck, Axel Harms and Peter Sean Woltemade

The King Who Seized Absolute Power Jens Gunni Busck, Axel Harms and Peter Sean Woltemade

This book is about Christian IV, who became King of Denmark and Norway when he was only 11 years old. He ruled for 60 years, and was responsible for the construction of a number of Denmark’s most beloved buildings. He has gone down in history as the greatest king Denmark has ever had.

Frederik III reigned from 1648 to 1670 and introduced absolute monarchy in Denmark-Norway. Absolute monarchy established itself in many places in Europe during the 17th century, and in Denmark-Norway it was established unusually quickly and firmly.

Currently Available | hardback | $15 | 978-8-79322-938-9 | 60 pages | 6.75 x 8.25 | CR | Crown Series



The First Heir to the Throne Jens Gunni Busck, Birgit Jenvold and Peter Sean Woltemade

King on His Own Terms Jens Gunni Busck, Birgit Jenvold and Peter Sean Woltemade

Christian V reigned from 1670 until 1699. During his reign, state power became centralized and absolute monarchy was consolidated, and he made a competent but ultimately unsuccessful attempt to reconquer the territories that had been lost during his father’s reign.

This book tells the story of Frederik IV, who reigned from 1699 until 1730 in a headstrong manner. In his love life, he was extremely headstrong; he abducted his beloved Anna Sophie Reventlow, with whom he entered into a morganatic marriage and whom he later made his Queen.

Currently Available | hardback | $15 | 978-8-79322-975-4 | 60 pages | 6.75 x 8.25 | CR | Crown Series



King first of Norway and then of Denmark Jens Gunni Busck, Axel Harms and Peter Sean Woltemade

The Giver of the Constitution Jens Gunni Busck, Birgit Jenvold and Peter Sean Woltemade

Christian VIII ruled Denmark from 1839 to 1848 as the country’s last absolute monarch; in 1814 he was briefly Norway’s first constitutional king, and took the initiative to introduce the constitutions of Norway and Denmark. Christian VIII and Queen Caroline Amalie lived during a time that was characterized by political unrest but also by cultural richness.

Frederik VII ruled Denmark from 1848 until 1863. In 1849 he introduced Denmark’s first constitution. He was an odd individual with a rather unstable temperament, and in many ways was a black sheep within the royal family. In particular, Frederik VII provoked people with his marriage to Countess Danner. Frederik VII has become a royal icon of democracy in Denmark.


Currently Available | hardback | $15 | 978-8-79322-979-2 | 60 pages | 6.75 x 8.25 | CR | Crown Series


Hi s torik a

CHRISTIAN IX AND QUEEN LOUISE Europe’s Parents-in-Law Jens Gunni Busck, Birgit Jenvold and Christopher Sand-Iversen This book tells the story of Christian IX and Queen Louise, the first couple of the Glücksburg line on the Danish throne. They eventually became popular, as they secured such advantageous marriages for their six children that already in their own day were known as “Europe’s parents-in-law”. Currently Available | hardback | $15 | 978-8-79322-942-6 | 60 pages | 6.75 x 8.25 | CR | Crown Series

Currently Available | hardback | $15 | 978-8-79322-983-9 | 60 pages | 6.75 x 8.25 | CR | Crown Series

Currently Available | hardback | $15 | 978-8-79322-944-0 | 60 pages | 6.75 x 8.25 | CR | Crown Series



The Overlooked Royal Couple Birgitte Louise Peiter Rosenhegn, Jens Gunni Busck and Peter Sean Woltemade

The Palace and the Royal Quarter Jens Gunni Busck, Birgit Jenvold and Joan F. Davidson

This book tells the story of Frederik VIII and Lovisa, who reigned from 1906 to 1912. In several ways their behavior was at odds with previously existing patterns. The Danish royal family and the public did not view this in a positive light.

This book is part of the Crown Series, a series of small books on the Danish monarchy and related subjects. Since 1920 Amalienborg has been the permanent residence of the Danish monarchy. It tells the story of Amalienborg and Frederiksstaden and the royal residents of the palace over the centuries.



Royal Couple Through the World Wars Jens Gunni Busck, Axel Harms and Christopher Sand-Iversen

Denmark’s Regalia and Crown Jewels Peter Kristiansen, Axel Harms and Peter Sean Woltemade

This book is part of the Crown Series, a series of small books on the Danish monarchy and related subjects. It tells the story of Christian X and Queen Alexandrine, Denmark’s royal couple from 1912 to 1947.

This book tells the story of the foremost symbols of the Kingdom of Denmark—the crown, the sceptre, and the orb—which have been kept at Rosenborg Castle since the 1680s.



Frederik IX and Queen Ingrid were the Danish royal couple from 1947 to 1972 and together they modernized. They mastered the art of being both popular and royal in a time when handling the media became increasingly important for the monarchy.


Currently Available | hardback | $15 | 978-8-79322-914-3 | 60 pages | 6.75 x 8.25 | CR | Crown Series


The Modern Royal Couple Jens Gunni Busck, Birgit Jenvold and Christopher Sand-Iversen

Currently Available | hardback | $15 | 978-8-79322-908-2 | 60 pages | 6.75 x 8.25 | CR | Crown Series

Currently Available | hardback | $15 | 978-8-79322-910-5 | 60 pages | 6.75 x 8.25 | CR | Crown Series

The ballet photography of John R. Johnsen Erik Aschengreen, Anne Middelboe Christensen and Kirsten Sørensen This book is an ultimate celebration of dance, and not least ballet, Currently Available | in all its many guises. In particuhardback | $41.95 | lar, it pays homage to Danish bal978-8-71204-777-3 | let photographer John R. Johnsen 240 pages | 9.5 x 10.75 | (1945–2016), whose work is preCR sented here in collected form for the first time. This book presents 300 of Johnsen’s finest photographs spanning his career.

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K a shi Ho use

Currently Available | hardback | $24.99 | 978-1-91127-113-0 | 128 pages | 11 x 11 | NCR



The Journey Within Dr Juss Kaur

Vee Walker

Vibrant and thought-provoking, Mantra Art harnesses the power of an innovative art form to encourage a personal inner journey towards understanding one’s own divine nature. Each meditative painting is imbued with thousands of miniscule, handwritten mantra inspired by the Sikh concept of Oneness—a universal approach to life that is mindful of the Divine presence in everything and everyone, and thus recognizes all people as equal. Accompanying the images are insights from the artist illuminating how each artwork was instrumental in aiding her own personal and powerful experiences of joy, exuberance, peace and self-healing.

DR JUSS KAUR has been a teacher and international education consultant for over four decades.

November 2018 | hardback | $24.99 | 978-1-91127-114-7 | 448 pages | 6.1 x 9.2 | NCR

Vee Walker is a natural storyteller and an experienced museums and heritage consultant.



Memoirs of an Indian Cavalryman 1913–45 Rana TS Chhina

December 2018 | hardback | $24.99 | 978-1-91127-115-4 | 304 pages | 6.1 x 9.2 | NCR

World War Sikh recounts the poignant story of Harnam Singh, hailing from a military family in Punjab who joined the Indian Army’s 30th Lancers (Gordon’s Horse) as a trooper a year before war was declared. It provides a compelling and crucial voice to ordinary Indian soldiers, whose contribution to the making of the modern world remains unknown.

Rana TS Chhina is a veteran of the Indian Air Force and an authority on the former British Indian Army. CASEMATE | IPM NEW TITLES CATALOG FALL 2018

Major Tom’s War is a powerful account of the impact of WWI on a doomed generation and on one Indian Army cavalry officer in particular. Why is Bengal-born solicitor Tom Westmacott desperate to flee Calcutta in 1914? War forces them to face up to a harrowing present before they emerge, together, into an unexpected future. The author spins a unique tale of authentic experiences from her family’s archive full of memorable characters: her grandfather Tom, the proud and damaged cavalry officer; his nurse and reluctant bride, Evie; Tom’s vicious nemesis; Amar Singh, the steadfast leader of the Sikhs; Tom’s protector, Harnam Singh; Reggie Durand; Gaston Derome, the hero mayor of Bavay, a French town clinging to survival under the heel of the invader; and four unforgettable horses.

The Sikhs of Hazoor Sahib (Vol. 1: History) Nidar Singh Nihang and Parmjit Singh

Currently Available | hardback | $55 | 978-0-95601-680-5 | 330 pages | 8.3 x 11 | NCR

This volume is based on the most far-reaching events in Sikh history that are centered on Hazoor Sahib. It tells a fascinating story of the proud Sikhs of Hazoor Sahib who steadfastly maintained ancient practices and manners that were largely lost to their northern compatriots.

Nidar Singh Nihang is widely acknowledged as India’s last great swordsman and an exponent of Sikh battlefield traditions. Parmjit Singh is an independent researcher, historian and curator specialising in Sikh history. 29

L orimer


HALIFAX EXPLOSION Heroes and Survivors Joyce Glasner

The Spirit of Innovation Jennifer Groundwater

November 2018 | paperback | $16.95 | 978-1-45950-526-1 | 128 pages | 6 x 9 | NCR | Amazing Canadians

In 1876, at only 29 years old, Alexander Graham Bell completed the invention that would turn him into a household name: the telephone. What began as a tool for his deaf students, the device would ultimately change the way people communicate forever. Driven by a keen scientific mind and a desire to find new ways to assist people, Bell produced groundbreaking inventions in an astonishing range of fields, including aviation and medicine. Jennifer Groundwater tells the story of his most important discoveries, and his passionate, lifelong quest to improve the way things work.

November 2018 | paperback | $16.95 | 978-1-45950-523-0 | 128 pages | 6 x 9 | NCR | Amazing Canadians


DRUG TRIAL SECRETS How drug companies and medical experts dupe you and your doctor David Healy, Joanna Le Noury, Dee Mangin and Julie Wood

November 2018 | paperback | $22.95 | 978-1-45941-310-8 | 224 pages | 6 x 9 | NCR

Drug Trial Secrets tells the story of the most famous clinical drug trial of all time — the only trial to lead to a fraud charge, as well as the biggest drug company fine in history. But perhaps the most important result was that independent researchers were given access to the full, original records of the clinical trial and relating documents. David Healy and his co-authors spent thousands of hours re-analyzing the raw data, and in this book they describe exactly how GSK and the medical professionals who claimed authorship of the journal article manipulated the data to produce the false result they wanted.

The Halifax explosion was unprecedented in its devastation with regards to casualties, force and radius of the blast, and widespread damage to property. This book offers a collection of carefully selected visuals that tell the story of the devastation caused by the explosion and the impact it had on Halifax. Joyce Glasner focuses on the impact of this wartime disaster on the thousands of survivors.

The Astonishing Rise of Canada’s 1% Lars Osberg

November 2018 | hardcover | $29.95 | 978-1-45941-313-9 | 224 pages | 6 x 9 | NCR

A distinguished Canadian economist is breaking the silence with a compelling and readable account which describes and explains this new age of increasing inequality. Lars Osberg provides new data which will surprise, even shock, many readers. He explains the factors that lead to growing high salaries for corporate executives, managers, and some fortunate professionals. He believes that increasing inequality is bad for the country, and its unfairness is toxic to public life. But there is nothing inevitable about this, and he points to innovative measures that would produce a fairer distribution of wealth among all Canadians.

Lars Osberg is a Professor of Economics at Dalhousie University. 30


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M a inline & M ari t i me



James Horsford

Currently Available | Paperback | $15 | 978-1-90034-018-2 | 64 pages | 8.3 x 11 | NCR

Currently Available | Paperback | $15 | 978-1-90034-012-0 | 72 pages | 8.3 x 11 | NCR

A history and description of this railway, well illustrated by maps, track plans, and (predominantly color) photographs. Includes the story of the development of the railway, descriptions of the route and its operations, locomotives and rolling stock. Also covered is the development of the St Kitts Scenic Railway by the White Pass & Yukon Railway.

William Edmundson

Currently Available | Paperback | $38 | 978-1-90034-022-9 | 152 pages | 9.21 x 6.14 | NCR



James Horsford

Robert Sweet

A history of the Barbados Railway, illustrated by numerous maps and black & white photographs. Includes coverage of both the 3’6” and 2’6” gauge eras, route description, and detailed descriptions of train services, locomotives and rolling stock.

Tasmania’s railway preservation scene is fascinating in its diversity from the wilderness of the West Coast to the museums of Hobart, a visit to this island state has much to offer the rail enthusiast. This book is an essential guide to planning your visit!

Currently Available | Paperback | $10 | 978-1-90034-028-1 | 36 pages | 6 x 8.3 | NCR | Heritage Railways of the World


YATAKLI-VAGON George Behrends and Vincent Kelly

James Horsford

Currently Available | Hardback | $38 | 978-1-90034-020-5 | 168 pages | 8.3 x 11 | NCR

The story of the Great Western of Brazil Railway, tracing the line’s history from the conception of its constituent parts, through its financially turbulent period of private operation, to the seemingly inevitable nationalization in 1950. Throughout the book, the author places the history of the railway in the context of the social history of contemporary Brazil.

This book fully describes the history of the Jamaica Railway Company. The routes are followed in detail with track diagrams and photos showing many key locations and the traffic operating.

Currently Available | Hardback | $25 | 978-1-90034-019-9 | 104 pages | 8.3 x 11 | NCR

This book tells the story of George Behrend and Vincent Kelly’s epic journey across Europe and around Turkey and captures the glamor of the Orient Expess and their impressions of the people and places encountered.



Uwe Bergmann

Using archive color photographs from the collection of the renowned railway photographer and historian Allan C Baker, the reader is taken on a journey behind Turkish steam in the 1970s.

A collection of Works Photographs, originally published as Currently Available | a series of articles in LocomoPaperback | $7 | tives International magazine, 978-1-90034-043-4 | featuring steam locos and rail48 pages | 9.21 x 6.14 | cars built for service on this idiNCR osyncratic island. CASEMATE | IPM NEW TITLES CATALOG FALL 2018

Allan C Baker

Currently Available | Paperback | $15 | 978-1-90034-032-8 | 64 pages | 9.21 x 6.14 | NCR | International Railway Memories


M ainline & M a ritime

Narrow Gauge Railways of Taiwan



Michael Reilly This book is the first detailed English language history of the railways of Taiwan, written by an author with an intimate knowledge of the subject.

John Athersuch


Currently Available | Paperback | $15 | 978-1-90034-033-5 | 80 pages | 9.21 x 6.14 | NCR

Currently Available | Paperback | $28 | 978-1-90034-046-5 | 160 pages | 9.21 x 6.14 | NCR

Currently Available | Paperback | $20 | 978-1-90034-045-8 | 64 pages | 8.26 x 11.69 | NCR



Peter J Green

Brian Gent and John De Havilland

A photographic journey along the infamous River Kwai Railway in the 21st Century, featuring both tourist and local trains, as well as works trains, preserved artefacts and other features of the line.

Currently Available | Paperback | $7 | 978-1-90034-027-4 | 32 pages | 6 x 8.3 | NCR

The service history of each locomotive of the class, together with line drawings and a brief description of the design and its historical context.



Iain McCall

Paul Catchpole

Summer Special of “Narrow Gauge Net” magazine, featuring historical articles and photo features.

A second anthology of articles on the development and operation of first generation “modern traction” around the world - “modern” is used in the loosest possible sense!

Currently Available | Paperback | $22 | 978-1-90034-017-5 | 80 pages | 8.3 x 11 | NCR

Currently Available | Paperback | $10 | 978-1-90034-036-6 | 64 pages | 6 x 8.3 | NCR



Iain McCall

Anthology of articles on the development and operation of first generation “modern traction” around the world - “modern” is used in the loosest possible sense!

Paul Catchpole

Summer Special of “Narrow Gauge Net” magazine, featuring historical articles and photo features. Currently Available | Paperback | $22 | 978-1-90034-016-8 | 80 pages | 8.3 x 11 | NCR

Currently Available | Paperback | $10 | 978-1-90034-034-2 | 64 pages | 6 x 8.3 | NCR 32

The history of all the narrow gauge railways known to have existed in the three provinces of the subtitle, based on the travels of the author and other enthusiasts, as well as extensive research (including Chinese sources).


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M a inline & M ari t i me


Currently Available | Paperback | $15 | 978-1-90034-030-4 | 64 pages | 9.21 x 6.14 | NCR

An illustrated history of the 760mm gauge locomotives produced in Linz, Austria. Many of these iconic locomotives survived into preservation and will be familiar to narrow gauge enthusiasts who have travelled in Europe.

FRANCE 1960S & 70S Iain McCall In this book, the reader is taken on a journey along the various types of railway to be seen in Currently Available | France. The ‘main line’ services of the SNCF, secondary lines of both Paperback | $15 | 978-1-90034-029-8 | standard and narrow gauges, and 64 pages | 9.21 x 6.14 | the mountain lines of the Alps feature within the pages of this NCR | International evocative photographic memoir. Railway Memories



Iain McCall

Iain McCall

Full color hardback album of steam at work around the world in 2015. Currently Available | Hardback | $27 | 978-1-90034-042-7 | 80 pages | 8.7 x 8.7 | NCR | World Steam in Focus Album

This book is the second in the series of Maritime Memories titles. Currently Available | Using archive color photographs Paperback | $15 | within its 64 pages, the reader 978-1-90034-038-0 | is taken on an illustrated tour of 64 pages | 9.21 x 6.14 | T&J Harrison, famed for naming NCR | Maritime their ships after trades. Memories



Alan Whitehouse

Currently Available | Hardback | $28 | 978-1-90034-026-7 | 96 pages | 8.7 x 8.7 | NCR

In the early 1980s, photographer Alan Whitehouse had privileged access to the night-time operations of British Rail. Using his photographic archive, he has compiled this unique chronological account of a night in the life of the nationalized railway.

Iain McCall Annual of “Locomotives International” magazine, featuring historical articles and photo features.

Currently Available | Paperback | $15 | 978-1-90034-031-1 | 80 pages | 8.26 x 11.69 | NCR | Locomotives International Annual



Alan Ward In this book, Alan shares some of the inspirations and techniques behind a selection of his railway Currently Available | paintings which is enhanced by Hardback | $22 | the informative and entertaining 978-1-90034-023-6 | narrative, accompanied by many 96 pages | 8.26 x 11.69 | pictures. NCR


Peter J Green

Currently Available | Paperback | $22 | 978-1-90034-044-1 | 112 pages | 8.7 x 8.7 | NCR | Britain's Miniature Railways Pictorial Special

This high quality pictorial album showcases the best in miniature railways from one of the leading photographers in the field.


Medin a P ubli shin g

BEYOND THAT LAST BLUE MOUNTAIN Harriet Sandys Harriet’s parents hoped that, after leaving boarding school and doing `the Season’, she would meet and marry a suitable young man. But she was to disappoint them. Just after the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, she set off for Peshawar to see for herself the plight of thousands of displaced Afghan refugees. Determined to do something about their dire situation, Harriet set up a small silk weaving project for illiterate Turkmen refugees, and was sent by UNESCO to Mazar-i-sharif to work with Afghanistan’s last remaining silk ikat weavers. This is the story of a young woman from a sheltered and privileged background travelling and working alone, in and around war zones, frequently with no financial or practical support, at a time of increasing Islamic fundamentalism. She continues to raise money for charity through her business selling oriental textiles and remains friends with the refugees she helped in Afghanistan. November 2018 | hardback | $24.99 | 978-1-91148-716-6 | 256 pages | 6 x 9 | CR

August 2018 | hardback | $40 | 978-1-91148-719-7 | 256 pages | 8.3 x 9 | CR



The Arab Horse Society Anne Brown

Harry and Meghan in their own words Phil Dampier

This special centenary edition is lavishly illustrated and luxuriously bound—a great gift for any horse lover. The book charts the successes and achievements of Arabian horses in Britain and overseas, from their origins as the source of every Thoroughbred racing today, to Olympic winners such as Three Day Eventer Tamarillo and world-beating athletes over 160 kms. Compiled and edited by Anne Brown, a Society Council member and a former Hon President, the book gallops through Arab racing, endurance, showing and dressage.

July 2018 | paperback | $10.99 | 978-1-91148-728-9 | 112 pages | 6 x 7.9 | CR



Sarah Holding

February 2019 | paperback | $19.99 | 978-1-91148-707-4 | 450 pages | 6 x 8.3 | CR 34

Together with her five school mates, they discover the box is called C-Bean and it has extraordinary power to transport them anywhere in the world! Follow Alice and her friends as they travel from the remote island of St. Kilda to New York, the Amazon, Hong Kong and even time travel as they are thrown back to the Victorian era and then to 2118. The compendium unites all three books which are also available separately. TO ORDER:

In Royally Suited, Prince Harry tells of the effect of his parents’ divorce and the devastating loss of his mother, Princess Diana, and Meghan Markle talks of the racial difficulties she faced growing up as the daughter of a white Caucasian father and an African American mother. The book also reveals the story of how they fell in love; from a blind date to the abuse Meghan received which led to Prince Harry publically defending her. This comprehensive collection of quotes by the couple themselves gives a real insight into this modern day fairytale.

Tom Stacey

September 2018 | paperback | $11.99 | 978-1-91148-725-8 | 256 pages | 5 x 7.9 | CR

Simon Chance, Anglican bishop and former missionary, has withdrawn in mid-life to research his enduring mentor Dante, creator of The Divine Comedy. To recuperate from bereavement, he is invited by a life-long confidante, Clare, to join a house party of several friends from their university days in the hills behind St Tropez in southern France. The reunion coincides with the collapse of global banking confidence.

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Paul Holberto n P ubli shin g

PATRON SAINTS Collecting Stanley Spencer Amanda Bradley Patron Saints: Collecting Stanley Spencer is a revealing new exhibition at the renowned Stanley Spencer Gallery in Cookham—Spencer’s spiritual home and major source of inspiration. The exhibition draws together a spectacular collection of loans, including The Centurion’s Servant (Tate); Love on the Moor (Fitzwilliam); John Donne Arriving in Heaven (Fitzwilliam); and one work not seen in the public domain in over 50 years. The exhibition and catalog examine the often complex relationships between Spencer and his patrons and what drove them to collect his work. Spencer was a single-minded genius, but the influence of his patrons on his painting is far greater than has hitherto been realized. Curator Amanda Bradley comments, “Behind Stanley Spencer, one of the greatest Modern British artists, were a group of individuals who enabled his very existence—both artistically and emotionally. It explores the emergence of Spencer as an artistic personality, looking at those who helped him and why he—and his popularity—was a product of the zeitgeist (first half of the twentieth century) characterized by social and economic anxiety”. July 2018 | Paperback | $25 | 978-1-91130-043-4 | 72 pages | 7.7 x 9.3 | CR Amanda Bradley is an independent art historian and Trustee of the Stanley Spencer Gallery. She co-curated Stanley Spencer: Heaven in a Hell of War, and has published extensively on Spencer’s work at Burghclere.

THOMAS GAINSBOROUGH Experiments in Drawing Marco Simone Bolzoni William Jackson, one of Gainsborough’s closest friends and biographers, noted that if he had “to rest his [Gainsborough] reputation on one point, it should be on his Drawings”. Gainsborough mixed different kind of media and invented recipes to make drawings in his own personal fashion: he would sometimes immerse his drawing paper in milk, or varnish it to give his landscapes a lucent tint. The exhibition is based on the group of Gainsborough drawings in the permanent collection of the Morgan Library & Museum, one of the richest holdings of Gainsborough drawing in the United States. Additional drawings from private and public collections, among them some borrowed for the exhibition, are included in the introductory essay of the catalog. July 2018 | Paperback | $25 | 978-1-91130-045-8 | 84 pages | 8.3 x 8.3 | CR Marco Simone Bolzoni is Moore Curatorial Fellow at the Morgan Library & Museum, New York.

ARTISTS AT WORK Deanna Petherbridge and Anita Sganzerla This trans-historical exhibition of drawings is devoted to the subject of the artist at work. Drawn principally from a very fine specialist private collection, this display will focus on the depictions of artists’ studios, their own portraits, models and assistants in symbolic, as well as from life, representations of the métier of drawing, painting and sculpture. Art historians have interpreted these themes variously as the means of elevating the social and economic status of artists; of illustrating the marriage of intellectual knowledge and practical skill proposed by academic theorists, or as sophisticated allegories of the philosophical significance of visual art. This focused exhibition, spanning from the 16th to the 20th centuries, proposes to explore this rich subject matter through a carefully selected group of graphic works. Currently Available | Paperback | $18 | 978-1-91130-044-1 | 64 pages | 8.3 x 8.3 | CR Deanna Petherbridge CBE is an artist, writer and curator primarily concerned with drawing. Anita Sganzerla is Associate Lecturer in Early Modern Art at The Courtauld, London, and also works as an independent scholar and curator. CASEMATE | IPM NEW TITLES CATALOG FALL 2018


Paul Holberto n P ubli shin g


SHARED LANGUAGE Vernacular Manuscripts of the Middle Ages Laura Light and Christopher de Hamel

Visions of Albion Andrew Loukes

Currently Available | Paperback | $25 | 978-1-91130-029-8 | 120 pages | 8.3 x 8.3 | CR

Sussex, the only place outside London where Blake ever lived, inspired a wide body of extraordinary work, done for new and existing patrons and ranging from the familiar to the rarely considered. Accompanying the first exhibition devoted to the subject, William Blake in Sussex considers the collective significance of the English county to the life and work of the the celebrated artist and writer. This book examines the relationships formed by Blake in Sussex, particularly with William Hayley, John Flaxman, the 3rd Earl of Egremont and his estranged wife Elizabeth Ilive. Blake’s infamous arrest and trial for sedition will be discussed.

Andrew Loukes is Exhibitions Manager at Petworth House, West Sussex, UK.

Currently Available | Paperback | $50 | 978-0-99718-426-6 | 368 pages | 6.7 x 9 | CR


Currently Available | paperback | $35 | 978-0-99718-420-4 | 128 pages | 8.2 x 10.8 | CR | Text Manuscripts

Most people today think of the Middle Ages as a time when cloistered monks wrote and read only in now-obscure languages. Of course, Latin was the language of those who aspired to literacy, and it was the language of the Church. But what many do not realize is that by the thirteenth and fourteenth century, numerous books became available in the everyday languages spoken “at the court, on the street, and in the bedroom.” This catalog focuses on just such manuscripts, written for people at diverse levels of society, not only the privileged aristocracy, but doctors, artisans, townspeople, women, the clergy, and the lay devout. The manuscript is on paper in simple, yet readable script.

Laura Light is Director and Senior Specialist, Text Manuscript, at Les Enluminures. Christopher de Hamel FSA FRHistS is a Fellow of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, and Fellow Librarian of the Parker Library.



Meaningful Jewels This book concerns objects that were “meaningful” jewels, a term we choose to designate to a wide range of precious wearable objects that had particular meaning. An Anglo-Saxon glass pendant, a Spanish “magic belt,” a Mexican lantern pendant (once adorned with New World feathers), and an Imperial Memento Mori Skullare are just a few of the remarkable objects included. These intimate meaningful jewels are meant to be opened, touched, manipulated, pinned, gathered and strung.

Art from the Middle Ages Matthew Reeves


Currently Available | paperback | $35 | 978-0-95533-939-4 | 128 pages | 9 x 10.7 | CR

This publication brings together 27 objects that were made in Europe during the Middle Ages, between the 11th and the early 16th centuries. They represent some of the finest examples of sculpture, metalwork, painting, drawing, and stained glass still in private hands, and together offer a startling insight into the period’s rich artistic achievements.

Matthew Reeves is Western Specialist at Sam Fogg Ltd, one of the world’s leading galleries of Medieval art and manuscripts.

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THE LEGACY OF ANNE FRANK Gillian Walnes Perry From her secret hiding place in wartime Amsterdam, the Jewish teenager Anne Frank wrote heart-wrenchingly about the terrors of a captivity that would ultimately end with her death at the hands of the Nazis. In her world-famous diaries, she described with remarkable honesty her transition from childhood to a deep thinking, opinionated and passionate teenager. The life she longed to live, during which she would help to create a more caring world, was tragically not to be. In August 1944, she and her family were captured and deported to Auschwitz. Two years after her death from starvation and disease in Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, her diary was published. It quickly became an international sensation, going on to influence hearts and minds for over seventy years. Although many books and literary analyses have been written about Anne Frank’s life and diary, none have explored the surprising influence she has had on young people in countries all over the world, helping to shape their moral framework and giving them critical life skills. This is due in part to the merits of a travelling exhibition created by the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam in 1985 which has so far been seen by over 9 million people. The Anne Frank exhibition, along with its innovative educational and cultural activities, has circumnavigated the globe many times. In this fascinating study, Gillian Walnes Perry explores the various legacies of Anne Frank’s influence. She looks at the complex life of Anne Frank’s father and the motivations that powered his educational philosophy. She shares new insights into the real Anne Frank, personally gifted by those who actually knew her. Global icons such as Nelson Mandela and Audrey Hepburn relate the influence that Anne Frank had on shaping their own lives. This book presents—all in one place and for the very first time—the inspirational stories of a diverse variety of people from all over the world, brought together by the words of one particularly articulate and inspiring teenage victim of the Holocaust. November 2018 | paperback | $24.95 | 978-1-52673-104-3 | 304 pages | 6 x 9 | CR Gillian Walnes Perry co-founded the Anne Frank Trust UK in 1990, along with family and friends of Anne Frank’s father, Otto Frank. In 2010, she was awarded an MBE for her work in education. She has spent time with many people who knew Anne Frank personally, and educators from all over the world who have tirelessly been perpetuating the powerful messages of Anne’s life and writing. After 26 years of building the Anne Frank Trust, she retired as the charity’s Executive Director in 2016. She now lectures and writes about the life and legacy of Anne Frank, as well as a range of popular social history topics.

BLACK AMERICANS IN VICTORIAN BRITAIN Jeffrey P Green Black Americans informed the Victorian British and Irish about slavery and repression in the United States. Villages, towns and cities from Dorchester to Cambridge, Belfast to Hull, Dumfries to Brighton, also learned of their ambitions and achievements. Numerous publications were sold everywhere, and lectures were crowded. The refugees settled in Britain. Some worked as domestic servants, others qualified as doctors, wrote books, taught in schools, labored in factories and on ships. The youngsters went to school. This book documents refugees, settlers, and their families as well as pioneering entertainers in both minstrel shows and stage adaptions of the 1850s best-selling novel Uncle Tom’s Cabin. It offers new perspectives on both Victorian and Afro-America history. December 2018 | paperback | $22.95 | 978-1-52673-759-5 | 224 pages | 6 x 9 | CR Jeffrey Green, a Londoner born in 1944, has researched the black presence in Britain for over thirty years. He has contributed to reference books including the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, and appeared on radio and television. He has travelled widely in the United States.



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A VICTORIAN LADY’S GUIDE TO FASHION AND BEAUTY Mimi Matthews What did a Victorian lady wear for a walk in the park? How did she style her hair for an evening at the theater? And what products might she have used to soothe a sunburn or treat an unsightly blemish? Mimi Matthews answers these questions and more as she takes readers on a decade-by-decade journey through Victorian fashion and beauty history. Women’s clothing changed dramatically during the course of the Victorian era. As fashion was evolving, so too were trends in ladies’ hair care and cosmetics. Using research from nineteenth century beauty books, fashion magazines, and lady’s journals, Mimi Matthews brings the intricacies of a Victorian lady’s toilette into modern day focus. In the process, she gives readers a glimpse of the social issues that influenced women’s clothing and the societal outrage that was an all too frequent response to those bold females who used fashion and beauty as a means of asserting their individuality and independence. October 2018 | paperback | $22.95 | 978-1-52670-504-4 | 168 pages | 6 x 9 | CR Mimi Matthews is the author of The Pug Who Bit Napoleon. She lives in Walnut Creek, CA.

LADY OF THE HOUSE 19th Century Women and their Role in the English Country House Charlotte Furness This book tells the true stories of three gentile women who were born, raised, lived and died within the world of England’s Country Houses. This is not the story of ‘seen and not heard’ women, these are incredible women who endured tremendous tragedy and worked alongside their husbands to create a legacy that we are still benefitting from today. Harriet Leveson-Gower, Countess Granville was the second born child of the infamous Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire who married her aunt’s lover, raised his illegitimate children and reigned supreme as Ambassadress over the Parisian elite. Lady Mary Isham lived at Lamport Hall in Northamptonshire with her family where, despite great tragedy, she was responsible for developing a house and estate whilst her husband remained ‘the silent Baronet’. Elizabeth Manners, Duchess of Rutland, hailed from Castle Howard and used her upbringing to design and build a Castle and gardens at Belvoir suitable for a Duke and Duchess that inspired a generation of country house interiors. These women were expected simply to produce children, to be active members of society, to give handsomely to charity and to look the part. What these three remarkable women did instead is develop vast estates, oversee architectural changes, succeed in business, take a keen role in politics as well as successfully managing all the expectations of an aristocratic lady. September 2018 | paperback | $22.95 | 978-1-52670-274-6 | 224 pages | 6 x 9 | CR

TALES FROM THE BIG HOUSE: NOSTELL PRIORY 900 Years of its History and People Michael J Rochford As long ago as the twelfth century, St Oswald’s Priory at Nostell, near Pontefract, was home to canons of the order of St Augustine, and until it was dissolved during the reign of Henry VIII it was one of the wealthiest priories in the country. In secular times, a grand house on the site was home to the Gargrave family, whose rapid rise had seen Sir Thomas Gargrave attain the offices of Speaker in the House of Commons and High Sheriff of Yorkshire during the days of Queen Elizabeth I. But within a couple of generations the family was ruined. Sir Thomas’s grandson and namesake, into whose hands Nostell had come, was executed in 1595 for committing murder by poisoning, a deed shrouded in mystery and misinformation for centuries—until now. Featuring stories about the formidable Swiss wife of the 5th Baronet, whose daughter ran away with the local baker, grand political rallies, secret marriages, and even murder, Tales From the Big House: Nostell Priory offers the reader an exciting tour-de-force through some of the history of the site, and the owners and their servants who made this great house their home. October 2018 | paperback | $29.95 | 978-1-52670-270-8 | 192 pages | 6 x 9 | CR 38


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THE FOUNDING OF ISRAEL The Journey to a Jewish Homeland from Abraham to the Holocaust Martin Connolly ‘Here [In the State if Israel] their spiritual, religious and political identity was shaped. Here they first attained statehood, created cultural values of national and universal significance, and gave the world the Eternal Book of Books.’ David Ben-Gurion, 14 May 1948. Seventy years ago in 1948 the State of Israel came into being amidst great controversy. For many, the Jews did not belong in Palestine and around them many nations sought to eradicate the new state from the map. How did the State arise? What led to the founding of Israel? This book sets out to give a chronological journey of the Jewish people from the time Abraham came out of the land of Ur 3,000 years ago, until 6 million of them died in the horror of the Holocaust under Hitler and his Nazi regime. It recounts the many expulsions from the land in which they lived, the suffering under Babylonians, Greek, Persians, the destruction of their Temple in Jerusalem in 70 AD, and finally, genocide and the expulsion by the Romans in 132 AD creating a diaspora across the world. This book recounts their story to achieve a homeland, using a wide-range of historical documents to tell the story of humiliation, suffering, poverty and death. It tells of religious persecution that would not let them rest, and as their journey enters the twentieth century, gives a behind-the-scenes look at how governments manipulated the Middle East and exacerbated divisions. July 2018 | hardback | $34.95 | 978-1-52673-715-1 | 248 pages | 6 x 9 | CR

THE LAST GOVERNOR Chris Patten and the Handover of Hong Kong Jonathan Dimbleby 1 July 1997 marked the end of British rule of Hong Kong, whereby this territory was passed into the hands of the People’s Republic of China. In 1992, Chris Patten, former chairman of the Conservative Party, was appointed Hong Kong’s last governor, and was the man to oversee the handover ceremony of this former British colony. Within the last five years of British rule, acclaimed journalist Jonathan Dimbleby was given unique access to the governor which enabled him to document the twists and turns of such an extraordinary diplomatic, political and personal drama. As Governor, Patten encouraged the necessary expansion of Hong Kong’s social welfare system, striving to reconcile the basic rights and freedom of over 6 million people with the unpredictable imperatives of Beijing. Drawing on the insights of a host of senior figures, the author places the crisis in both its human and historical contexts, and presents some startling arguments about the conduct of British foreign policy on Hong Kong before and during Patten’s tenure. November 2018 | paperback | $24.95 | 978-1-52670-183-1 | 576 pages | 6 x 9 | CR

ESCAPING OCCUPIED EUROPE A Dutchman’s Dangerous Journey to Join the Allies Hylke Faber and Pieter Stolk It is 1943, and in occupied Holland the Nazis have declared that all students must sign a Declaration of Loyalty, or face the penalty of forced labor in Germany. Medical student Daniël de Moulin refuses. A member of the Dutch resistance and in danger of being arrested and sentenced to death, he decides to escape to England and join the Allies to fight the Axis occupation of his motherland. Escaping Occupied Europe tells the remarkable story of De Moulin’s journey in his own words. His engaging and authentic style make this a unique document about the journey undertaken by Dutch men and women - ‘Engelandvaarders’ - during the war. ‘When, moments later we turned to look, we saw that the Gestapo was driving slowly behind us. There was no doubt that we were being followed. This realization, although sensational, was anything but pleasant … We were convinced that we had been caught and expected to be arrested at any moment. It was odd, really, that we were so calm and talked nonsense about how we might harass the Nazis during our interrogation…’ October 2018 | paperback | $22.95 | 978-1-52674-122-6 | 192 pages | 6 x 9 | CR CASEMATE | IPM NEW TITLES CATALOG FALL 2018


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November 2018 | hardback | $34.95 | 978-1-52670-975-2 | 256 pages | 6 x 9 | CR



A Marriage of Unequals Amy Licence

Life and Rebellion Laura Brennan

Henry VI became king before his first birthday, inheriting a vast empire from his military hero father; Margaret was the daughter of a king without power, who made an unexpected marriage at the age of fifteen. Henry VI and Margaret of Anjou have become famous as the Lancastrian king and queen who were deposed during the Wars of the Roses but there is so much more to their story. In this discerning dual biography, Amy Licence leads the way in a long-overdue re-evaluation of their characters and contributions during a tumultuous and defining period of British history.

He was the illegitimate son of a king, a gallant and brave military hero, charming, handsome and well loved both within the court and with women; James Scott, Duke of Monmouth, had the life many would have envied in the seventeenth century. Monmouth lived in an age that was on the cusp of modernity. He lived through some of the biggest events and scandals of seventeenth century British history. James also experienced the political scandal of the Popish Plot; became embroiled in the foiled Rye House Plot, and was at the center of the Exclusion Crisis.

August 2018 | hardback | $34.95 | 978-1-47389-434-1 | 176 pages | 6 x 9 | CR

Amy Licence is a best-selling author and historian of the medieval and early modern period, specializing in the lives of women, from queens to commoners.

July 2018 | hardback | $49.95 | 978-1-52670-632-4 | 312 pages | 6 x 9 | CR



Mother of Richard III John Ashdown-Hill

The Life of Henry VIII’s Sister Melanie Clegg

Wife to Richard, Duke of York, mother to Edward IV and Richard III, and aunt to the famous ‘Kingmaker’, Richard, Earl of Warwick, Cecily Neville was a key player on the political stage of fifteenth-century England. Her story is full of controversy and the few published books on her life are full of guess-work. In this highly original history, Dr John Ashdown-Hill seeks to dispel the myths surrounding Cecily using previously unexamined contemporary sources.

Left widowed at the age of just twenty three after Margaret Tudor’s husband was killed by her brother’s army at the battle of Flodden, Margaret was made Regent for her young son and was temporarily the most powerful woman in Scotland—until she fell in love with the wrong man, lost everything and was forced to flee the country. In a life that foreshadowed that of her tragic, fascinating granddaughter Mary Queen of Scots, Margaret hurtled from one disaster to the next and ended her life abandoned by virtually everyone: a victim both of her own poor life choices and of the simmering hostility between her son, James V and her brother, Henry VIII.

Dr John Ashdown-Hill is a well-known medieval historian, having published extensively on a variety of topics within that period but focussing mainly on the Yorkist era. 40


December 2018 | hardback | $34.95 | 978-1-47389-315-3 | 224 pages | 6 x 9 | CR

Melanie Clegg is a full time writer and historian.

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FORGOTTEN ROYAL WOMEN The King and I Erin Lawless Great women are hidden behind great men, or so they say, and no man is greater than the king. For centuries, royal aunts, cousins, sisters and mothers have watched history unfold from the shadows, their battlefields the bedchamber or the birthing room, their often short lives remembered only through the lens of others. But for those who want to hear them, great stories are still there to be told: the medieval princess who was kidnapped by pirates; the duchess found guilty of procuring love potions; the queen who was imprisoned in a castle for decades. Bringing thirty of these royal women out of the shadows, along with the footnotes of their families, this collection of bite-sized biographies will tell forgotten tales and shine much needed light into the darkened corners of women’s history. July 2018 | paperback | $26.95 | 978-1-47389-817-2 | 224 pages | CR


BLOODY MARY Tudor Terror, 1553–1558 Phil Carradice

Aethelflaed, Lady of the Mercians Margaret C Jones

November 2018 | hardback | $49.95 | 978-1-52673-396-2 | 200 pages | 6 x 9 | CR

September 2018 | hardback | $39.95 | 978-1-52671-549-4 | 256 pages | 6 x 9 | CR

Alfred the Great’s daughter defied all expectations of a well-bred Saxon princess. The first Saxon woman ever to rule a kingdom, Aethelflaed, Lady of the Mercians, led her army in battle against Viking invaders. This book brings Aethelflaed’s world to life, from her childhood in a time of war to her remarkable work as ruler of Mercia. The final chapter traces her legend, from medieval paintings to novels and contemporary art, illustrating the impact of a legacy that continues to be felt to this day.

September 2018 | paperback | $24.95 | 978-1-52672-865-4 | 128 pages | 6 x 9 | CR | History of Terror Series

When Mary Tudor, eldest daughter of Henry VIII, succeeded to the throne of England in 1553 it was with wild rejoicing and a degree of popularity rarely seen on the accession of a British monarch. Yet at her death five years later she was almost universally reviled and hated by her people so much so that she was posthumously awarded the sobriquet Bloody Mary. During her brief reign she restored the Catholic faith to England and had over 280 Protestant martyrs burned at the stake. Mary’s brief period in power brought the greatest officially sanctioned religious bloodletting.



Shirley Charters

Jules Harper and Aurora von Goeth

October 9th, 1216. King John is facing continued civil war and a devastating French invasion; treacherous times. He is about to lose England’s crown jewels, his gem collection, and sackfuls of silver coins with his image on them: a treasure trove. We follow King John at that vulnerable time, day by day, and reveal for the first time some surprising and interesting answers to the many questions posed by the mystery of his lost treasure.


September 2018 | paperback | $24.95 | 978-1-52672-639-1 | 144 pages | 6 x 9 | CR

After the death of King Louis XIII in 1643, the French crown went to his first-born son and heir, four-year old Louis XIV. This frank and concise book gives the reader a personal glimpse into the Sun King’s life and times as we follow his rise in power and influence. We will uncover his glorious and not-so-glorious obsessions; his debilitating health issues; his drive and passions. 41

Pen a nd S word


LONDON’S EAST END A Guide for Family and Local Historians Jonathan Oates

A Guide for Family and Local Historians Stuart A Raymond

December 2018 | paperback | $26.95 | 978-1-52671-668-2 | 224 pages | 6 x 9 | CR | Tracing Your Ancestors

Stuart Raymond provides a brief historical account covering the Roman Catholics from the sixteenth to the twentieth centuries. His accessible and authoritative book will be an essential source of insight and reference for anyone who is starting to explore this fascinating subject. Stuart Raymond’s handbook opens up the history of the Roman Catholic Church for researchers who want to gain an understanding of the religious lives of their ancestors and for those who have a wider interest in the history of religion.

August 2018 | paperback | $26.95 | 978-1-52672-411-3 | 224 pages | 6 x 9 | CR


CRIMINAL WOMEN 1850-1920 Researching the Lives of Britain’s Female Offenders Lucy Williams and Barry Godfrey

A Guide For Family Historians Gill Blanchard

July 2018 | paperback | $26.95 | 978-1-47385-999-9 | 224 pages | 6 x 9 | CR | Tracing Your Ancestors


Gill Blanchard’s practical and informative handbook will help you to trace your ancestors in the traditional counties of East Anglia Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and Essex and it will give you an insight into their lives. As well as guiding the researcher to historical records held in all the relevant archives, she explores the wealth of other resources that add the ‘flesh to the bones’ of our ancestors’ lives. She describes how fascinating information can be discovered about the places they lived in and the important historical events they lived through, and she traces the life stories of notable people from all backgrounds who shaped the region’s development over the centuries. TO ORDER:

The East End is one of the most famous parts of London and it has had its own distinctive identity since the district was first settled in medieval times. Jonathan Oates’s handbook is the ideal guide to its complex, rich and varied story and it is an essential source for anyone who wants to find out about an East End ancestor or carry out their own research into the area. He outlines in vivid detail the development of the neighborhoods that constitute the East End. In a series of information-filled chapters, he explores East End industries and employment—the docks, warehouses, factories, markets and shops.

September 2018 | paperback | $24.95 | 978-1-52671-861-7 | 224 pages | 6 x 9 | CR

Women are among the hardest individuals to trace through the historical record and this is especially true of female offenders who had a vested interest in not wanting to be found. That is why this thought-provoking and accessible handbook by Lucy Williams and Barry Godfrey is of such value.This is a rare combination of academic guide and how-to-do-it manual. The book is split into three sections. It introduces readers to the latest research in the field and it gives them all the information they need to carry out their own research.

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DICKENS’ ARTISTIC DAUGHTER KATEY Her Life, Loves and Impact Lucinda Hawksley Katey Dickens was born into a house of turbulent celebrity and grew up surrounded by fascinating, famous, and infamous people. From a very young age, she knew her vocation was to be an artist. Lucinda Hawksley charts the life of a celebrated portrait painter, who redefines our preconceptions about Victorian women. Compelling and illuminating, it is the story of a spirited woman who found fame at the center of the first celebrity phenomenon; it also uncovers the reality of what it was like to be a child of Charles and Catherine Dickens. This biography of Katey, celebrating her artistic prestige – which saw her compared to Millais – is long overdue. July 2018 | paperback | $24.95 | 978-1-52671-230-1 | 224 pages | 6 x 9 | CR Lucinda Hawksley is an author, broadcaster and public speaker. She has written more than twenty books, including critically acclaimed biographies, art history, social history, the history of London and travel writing. This is her third book about her great great great grandfather, Charles Dickens.

October 2018 | hardback | $34.95 | 978-1-52672-436-6 | 224 pages | 6 x 9 | CR



Charles Dickens’ Unfinished Novel and Our Endless Attempts to End It Pete Orford

Nadia Cohen

When Dickens died on 9 June 1870, he was halfway through writing his last book, The Mystery of Edwin Drood. This book will guide you through the tangled web of theories and counter-theories surrounding this enduring literary enigma.

November 2018 | hardback | $34.95 | 978-1-52672-203-4 | 224 pages | 6 x 9 | CR

This book tells the story of Enid Blyton, the most prolific children’s author in history, and also the most controversial. A remarkable woman who wrote hundreds of books in a career spanning forty years, even her razor sharp mind could never have predicted her enormous global audience. She may not have been particularly likeable, and her stories infuriatingly unimaginative, but she left a vast literary legacy to generations of children.

Pete Orford is a lecturer in English, and Course Director of the MA in Charles Dickens Studies run by the University of Buckingham in partnership with the Charles Dickens Museum in London.

Nadia Cohen is an entertainment journalist who has worked at a number of national newspapers and magazines including Grazia and the Daily Mail.



Author of Five Children and It and The Railway Children Elisabeth Galvin

Nick Holland

November 2018 | hardback | $34.95 | 978-1-52671-477-0 | 224 pages | 6 x 9 | CR

E. Nesbit wrote an extraordinary 98 novels, plays and poetry collections for children and adults between 1885 and 1923. She is credited as the first modern writer for children whose work has influenced authors from Oscar Wilde to C.S. Lewis, Noël Coward to J.K. Rowling. This is the story of her life.


December 2018 | paperback | $24.95 | 978-1-52672-223-2 | 224 pages | 6 x 9 | CR

In this first ever biography of Elizabeth Branwell, we see at last the huge impact she had on Charlotte, Emily and Anne Brontë, as well as on her nephew Branwell Brontë. This revealing book also looks at the Branwell family, and how their misfortunes mirrored that of the Brontës, and we find out what happened to the Brontë cousin who emigrated to America. 43

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THE DISTRICT NURSE A Pictorial History Susan Cohen

Vivien Newman

August 2018 | hardback | $39.95 | 978-1-52671-897-6 | 176 pages | 6 x 9 | CR

September 2018 | paperback | $39.95 | 978-1-52672-509-7 | 256 pages | 6 x 9 | CR

October 2018 | paperback | $19.95 | 978-1-52670-091-9 | 80 pages | 6 x 9 | CR | History Snapshots 44

This book explodes many myths, including the simplistic idea that it was women’s war service alone which led to their partial enfranchisement in 1918 as some form of reward from a grateful nation. Vivien Newman reveals a social tapestry which is both complex and infinitely fascinating, one of old friendships broken and new ones formed, shifting alliances and bitter rivalries, of loyalties and even betrayals.

September 2018 | paperback | $29.95 | 978-1-47387-579-1 | 152 pages | 9.5 x 9.5 | CR | Images of the Past

This illustrated history of district nursing provides a unique insight into the role played by members of this branch of the nursing profession, and demonstrates how the nurses have been the backbone of the community, providing the public with a wide range of invaluable healthcare services.



Elijah Dixon and Manchester’s Forgotten Reformers Rob Hargreaves and Alan Hampson

John Gibney

In Beyond Peterloo, Robert Hargreaves and Alan Hampson bring Elijah Dixon’s previously overlooked yet vital contribution to social reform to life. Set against the backdrop of the Blanketeer’s March of 1817 and the Peterloo Massacre of 1819, they reveal the fascinating story of his life and work as Manchester’s forgotten reformer.

December 2018 | paperback | $24.95 | 978-1-52673-663-5 | 192 pages | 6 x 9 | CR | Irish Perspectives

In this book, some of the world’s leading experts on the Great Famine explore the crisis from a range of perspectives. From the importance of the potato in Irish history to food exports, political change, the provision of charity, the impact of disease, the role of the authorities, the experience of emigration and the changing interpretation of the famine, this volume explores how this seminal event in Irish, British and world history still has a relevance to the globalized world of the twenty-first century.



Michelle Rosenberg and Sonia D Picker

Transportation Tales from Britain to Australia Lucy Williams

This glimpse of life for Victorian men and women might make millennials think again. From fatal beauty tips to truly hysterical cures for hysteria to grave robbers playing skittles with human bones, we have cherry picked some of the more entertaining glimpses into the lives led by our Victorian brothers and sisters.


December 2018 | hardback | $39.95 | 978-1-52671-837-2 | 224 pages | 6 x 9 | CR

Between 1787 and 1868 more than 160,000 men, women and children were sentenced to be transported ‘beyond the seas’. Convicts in the Colonies reveals a fascinating century-long history of British convicts. This book charts the lives and experiences of the men and women who crossed the world and underwent one of the most extraordinary punishments in history.

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Leatherwork and Training

TEMPORARY COVER October 2018 | paperback | $24.95 | 978-1-52672-448-9 | 144 pages | 6 x 9 | CR | Heritage Crafts and Skills

November 2018 | paperback | $32.95 | 978-1-52672-174-7 | 256 pages | 6 x 9 | CR

December 2018 | paperback | $24.95 | 978-1-47385-571-7 | 256 pages | 6 x 9 | CR



Lynn Huggins-Cooper

The Nautical Paintings of Susanne Fournais Susanne Fournais Grube

This book offers a whistle-stop guide to the history of leathercraft and tanning. The second part of the book brings us up to date, via interviews with modern day leather crafting artisans. Photos of their craft, and their working environment offers a unique window into the world of leathercraft. Finally, if you are inspired to try your hand at this fascinating and most ancient of crafts, the book also has a resources section.

November 2018 | hardback | $49.95 | 978-1-47389-633-8 | 136 pages | 10 x 9.5 | CR

This volume presents a good selection of Susanne Fournais Grube work, looking at most aspects of the artists subject matter. The book covers subjects painted for clients, both corporate and private, also including some material painted just for pleasure.



The Magic Inside the Packet John Broom

Tracy Martin

This attractive and extensively illustrated guide to collecting cigarette and other trade cards gives the reader a lively history of the hobby, and offers the collector some valuable advice on how to begin and maintain a collection.

July 2018 | hardback | $34.95 | 978-1-78159-785-9 | 192 pages | 6.5 x 9.5 | CR

Collectable Names and Designs in Women’s Shoes celebrates and showcases an eclectic array of artistic footwear which has been created by renowned designers. It is packed full of information on the innovative shoe designers, where they gained their inspiration and how their fabulous footwear impacted on the fashion scene along with interesting facts and tips on the area of collecting shoes.



Natalie Garbett

Stephen Butt

The author examines the thirty-year journey of the Empire Line dress, discussing how it was influenced by key political, social and economic events. New light is shed on the evolution of ladies fashion by examining previously unavailable primary sources, including patterns of extant garments, accessories from private collections, contemporary accounts and fashion plates.

In British Retail and the Men Who Shaped It we look at the people behind the corporations that built the modern-day high street and changed the way we shopped. This book is a celebration of the people who, through self-belief and determination created the multi-million-pound retail businesses we use every day.


November 2018 | hardback | $34.95 | 978-1-52671-525-8 | 240 pages | 6 x 9 | CR


Pen a nd S word

July 2018 | paperback | $24.95 | 978-1-52670-687-4 | 128 pages | 6 x 9 | CR

August 2018 | paperback | $28.95 | 978-1-52672-679-7 | 296 pages | 8.5 x 10.5 | CR



The Life & Times of Philip Astley Steve Ward

This book traces the history of the British health service, from Victorian healthcare in the early 20th century, through a timeline of change to the current day, comparing the problems and illnesses of 1948 to those we face seventy years later. The book presents case studies, views and snapshots from history from people who have experienced our changing NHS.

A Living History Ellen Welch

This book investigates the life and times of Philip Astley from his early days as an apprentice cabinetmaker and his military exploits in the 15th Dragoons to the trials and tribulations of establishing himself as a respected performer and his international successes in France and Ireland. It gives a detailed account of the larger than life figure.

September 2018 | paperback | $24.95 | 978-1-52671-737-5 | 224 pages | 6 x 9 | CR



The Secret Life of Ferdinand Porsche, the Legendary Engineer Who Armed Two Belligerents Through Four Decades Karl Ludvigsen

The Flawed Enquiry into London Police Corruption Dick Kirby

Karl Ludvigsen tells the complete story, detailing Porsche’s relations with the Third Reich and the stream of advanced designs for which he was responsible. He also describes Porsche’s creative work on aero engines, tank engines and even his company’s manufacture of the V-1 flying bomb, for which he designed a turbojet engine.

July 2018 | paperback | $24.95 | 978-1-52671-254-7 | 224 pages | 6 x 9 | CR



Waste, Sewage, and Sanitation in Nineteenth Century Britain Andre Gren

December 2018 | paperback | $24.95 | 978-1-52673-140-1 | 208 pages | 6 x 9 | CR


The Toxic Truth that Killed Mary Blandy Summer Strevens

In the nineteenth century, as towns grew, Britain became increasingly grimy.This book is the inspectors’ chronicle. This is the history of a grimy century in the throes of the Industrial Revolution, illustrating the many ways in which the country responded to the ever growing demands of a new age of industry.


In the summer of 1978, rumors emerged from the underworld that huge sums of money had been paid to the City of London Police to water-down evidence and arrange bail in cases of armed robbery. The author, a former Metropolitan police officer, has used his knowledge and contacts to lift the lid on the shambolic COUNTRYMAN inquiry.

December 2018 | paperback | $24.95 | 978-1-52673-618-5 | 152 pages | 6 x 9 | CR

This book tells the truth behind Mary Blandy’s trial as it was the first time that detailed medical evidence had been presented in a court of law on a charge of murder by poisoning, and that any court had accepted toxicological evidence in an arsenic poisoning case. The forensic legacy of the acceptance of Dr Anthony’s application of chemistry to a criminal investigation is another aspect of book.

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Romans to Victorians Derek Tait

September 2018 | paperback | $21.95 | 978-1-52672-170-9 | 160 pages | 6 x 9 | CR

Cornwall has a rich and diverse history stretching from prehistoric times to the Norman Conquest and beyond. Various battles and conflicts as well as the diverse and fascinating history of Cornwall are all featured within the pages of this book.

Bernadette Fallon

July 2018 | paperback | $19.95 | 978-1-52670-388-0 | 120 pages | 5.5 x 8.5 | CR



Stone Age to Cold War Derek Tait

August 2018 | paperback | $21.95 | 978-1-52670-415-3 | 144 pages | 6 x 9 | CR

This book covers a period from prehistoric times, and the earliest discovery of human remains in the UK, to the numerous conflicts and battles that have taken place in the area, as well as discussing the many people who have influenced South Devon over the years.

Bernadette Fallon

September 2018 | paperback | $19.95 | 978-1-52670-396-5 | 120 pages | 5.5 x 8.5 | CR


September 2018 | paperback | $21.95 | 978-1-52670-333-0 | 224 pages | 6 x 9 | CR

A Diary and its Secrets Jane Hatcher and Bob Woodings

July 2018 | paperback | $24.95 | 978-1-52670-738-3 | 184 pages | 6 x 9 | CR


December 2018 | paperback | $29.95 | 978-1-52672-085-6 | 176 pages | 5.5 x 8.5 | CR


This book is a rare opportunity to hear the authentic voice of the mid-eighteenth century through the writings of a newly discovered diary, giving a short but intense portrait of a woman immersed in up-to-date Georgian social activities.

A HISTORY OF COALHOUSE FORT On Guard for 555 Years Carole McEntee-Taylor and Martin Clift

David F Walford and Catherine Rayner This light-hearted but deeply researched book offers interest and guidance to walkers, social historians and lovers of the Bronte family; their lives and works.

The west of England and Wales has some of Britain’s finest and most awe-inspiring cathedrals. From the country’s longest cathedral, at Winchester, to its smallest, at St Asaph. From the tallest spire in the country at Salisbury, to the longest Gothic stone vaulted ceiling in the world at Exeter.


Stone Age to Cold War Kevin Newman This the first book to take readers on a tour of discovery of each of the county’s historic eras in turn. Starting with prehistoric Sussex, we explore West Sussex from west to east, investigating both little-known and well-visited sites.

Heavy hitters on the religious landscape, the famous cathedrals of East Anglia were a rollcall of riches, power, authority and influence in the Middle Ages and still attract hundreds of thousands of visitors today.

This book tells the story of the men who were based at Coalhouse Fort. July 2018 | hardback | $39.95 | 978-1-52670-139-8 | 208 pages | 6 x 9 | CR 47

Pen a nd S word

December 2018 | paperback | $29.95 | 978-1-52670-874-8 | 256 pages | 6 x 9 | CR

August 2018 | paperback | $29.95 | 978-1-47386-338-5 | 224 pages | 6 x 9 | CR



Care and Compassion at the Royal London Hospital Loretta Bellman and Sue Boase

Communication Technology 1901 - 1914 Simon Webb

This is a unique book that spans and explores each decade, the extent to which nursing has developed and changed. The highs and lows of training to be a nurse in a renowned teaching hospital are recalled in detail.

Here, Simon Webb examines the impact that developments in printing, photography, wireless telegraphy, gramophones and moving pictures had in the years preceding the First World War.

August 2018 | hardback | $34.95 | 978-1-52671-537-1 | 168 pages | 6 x 9 | CR



The Crime that Changed English Legal History Naomi Clifford

The Shocking Story of Police Deaths Martin Baggoley

On 27 May 1817, Mary left a party in the company of Abraham Thornton. A few hours later she was found drowned in a pool; an inquest established that she had been raped. Naomi Clifford looks at the key issue of whether Thornton was guilty but also explores themes including the birth of forensic investigation.

Death on the Victorian Beat is the first book dedicated solely to the murders of police officers in the Victorian era, recalling numerous cases from across the United Kingdom.

August 2018 | paperback | $24.95 | 978-1-52670-592-1 | 224 pages | 6 x 9 | CR



Willow Winsham

November 2018 | paperback | $24.95 | 978-1-47387-094-9 | 224 pages | 6 x 9 | CR

Hundreds were accused and tried for witchcraft across England throughout the 16th and 17th centuries. This book examines these trials. From the feared “covens” of Pendle Forest to the victims of the unswerving fanaticism of The Witch Finder General, so-called witches were suspected, accused, and dragged into the spotlight to await judgment and their final fate.

At Mrs Ridgley’s Corner Paul Stickler

July 2018 | paperback | $29.95 | 978-1-52673-385-6 | 200 pages | 6 x 9 | CR


SHEFFIELD’S MOST NOTORIOUS GANGS Ben W Johnson This books tells the story of Sheffield’s most notorious gangs, The Mooney Gang, and the Park Brigade, after the First World War.

Stephen Basdeo

December 2018 | paperback | $24.95 | 978-1-52671-316-2 | 192 pages | 6 x 9 | CR 48

This book will introduce you to some of the most notorious figures, from all parts of the world, who have committed heinous crimes such as highway robbery, murder, and forgery. TO ORDER:

Drawing on original and newly-discovered material, this book exposes the frailties of county policing just after the First World War and how it led to fundamental changes in methods of murder investigations.

August 2018 | paperback | $24.95 | 978-1-52670-296-8 | 176 pages | 6 x 9 | CR

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Pen a nd S word

August 2018 | hardback | $50 | 978-1-47388-720-6 | 168 pages | 8.5 x 11 | CR

August 2018 | hardback | $49.95 | 978-1-47386-243-2 | 200 pages | 9.5 x 9.5 | CR



1970–1974: From Division to Crisis Jim Blake

An Illustrated History Gordon Biddle

This book examines the turbulent period in the history of London’s buses immediately after London Transport lost its Country Buses and Green Line Coaches to the recently-formed National Bus Company, under their new subsidiary company, London Country Bus Services Ltd.

July 2018 | hardback | $49.95 | 978-1-52670-434-4 | 160 pages | 8.5 x 11 | CR



Manx Electric, Snaefell & the Buses and Trams of Douglas Corporation Martin Jenkins and Charles Roberts

1,000 Miles of Waterways Anthony Burton

This book is about transport in the Isle of Man and covers all other forms, road, rail, sea and air operations.

This is the story of a thousand mile-long trip around England by canal. October 2018 | hardback | $49.95 | 978-1-47389-323-8 | 208 pages | 6.5 x 9.5 | CR


TT TITANS The Twenty-Five Greatest Isle of Man Racing Machines Matthew Richardson

Peter Waller

August 2018 | hardback | $49.95 | 978-1-47386-190-9 | 184 pages | 8.5 x 11 | CR | Regional Tramways

This book covers the history of Britain’s post war tram systems, and also the networks in Wales,the Isle of Man and Ireland. Peter Waller has looked at each system and found new material, that has not been published before.

August 2018 | hardback | $42.95 | 978-1-52671-021-5 | 216 pages | 6.5 x 9.5 | CR

REGIONAL TRAMWAYS - MIDLANDS AND SOUTH EAST ENGLAND This extensive volume covers all post war Britain’s systems from their inception, through to closure, with often rare unpublished pictures depicting each operation, from horse tram days through to the end. The volume has good maps and material that will be of value to tramway modellers.


Matthew Richardson takes into account extraordinary achievements like lap records, race victories, technical innovations and other milestones in TT and motorcycle history. His selection highlights the engineering excellence and feats of riding skill that have marked so many years of racing


Peter Waller

November 2018 | hardback | $49.95 | 978-1-47387-114-4 | 176 pages | 8.5 x 11 | CR | Regional Tramways

2019 marks the 200th anniversary of the completion of the Lancaster Canal from Wigan to Kendal. This book examines the history of the waterway, its powerful effect on the 18-19th century economy of north Lancashire and south Cumbria, the canal as it is today and the offers being made to restore it to navigation throughout.

Susan Major

November 2018 | hardback | $39.95 | 978-1-52670-308-8 | 6 x 9 | CR

During World War II women took on railway roles which were completely new to females. This book fills a gap, as most books on women’s wartime roles focus on the military services or industrial work. It offers valuable insights into the perceptions and concerns of these young women. 49

Pen a nd S word


STEAM IN SCOTLAND A Portrait of the 1950s and 1960s Kevin McCormack

The Life and Work of Tom Coleman Tim Hillier-Graves October 2018 | hardback | $60 | 978-1-52672-162-4 |

In this book we can see one of Britain's greatest locomotive designers, Tom Coleman's, contribution to railway and his talents.

October 2018 | hardback | $49.95 | 978-1-52670-217-3 |

BRITISH STEAM SUNSET A Vision of the Final Years 1965–1968 Jim Blake

LOCOMOTIVE BUILDERS OF LEEDS E.B. Wilson and Manning Wardle Mark Smithers

July 2018 | hardback | $60 | 978-1-47382-563-5 |

The history of commercial railway locomotive manufacture in Leeds is a fascinating story, covering a period of nearly two centuries, which commenced during the Napoleonic period and came to an end in 1995.

November 2018 | hardback | $49.95 | 978-1-47385-710-0 |

July 2018 | hardback | $60 | 978-1-47389-968-1 |

This album comprises over 200, mainly unpublished, full sized color photographs of four classes of British engines.

Fred Kerr

July 2018 | hardback | $50 | 978-1-52671-745-0 |

A New Glimpse of the 1950s and 1960s David Knapman

Keith Langston

October 2018 | hardback | $49.95 | 978-1-52671-905-8 |

December 2018 | hardback | $49.95 | 978-1-47389-240-8 |

Britain’s Longest Heritage Line Peter Johnson

From Trevithick to Sentinel: 150 Years of Design and Development Anthony Burton

November 2018 | hardback | $49.95 | 978-1-52670-151-0 | 50


Steam on the Southern and Western is a personal record of railway views that were captured on black and white film in the late 1950s and 1960s, until the demise of steam on British Railways.



This is the story of how for more than a hundred years steam power played a vital role in the development of road transport.

The lineside view has been captured by the author who lives within the area at Southport hence has been well placed to record many of the workings within the area of locomotive.


STANIER: BLACK FIVE LOCOMOTIVES The history of British steam locomotives no class of engine was ever more universally popular than the Stanier ‘5MT’ 4-6-0 class, generally referred to as ‘Black Fives’. This informative book includes numerous images of the class at work, which are published for the first time.

In this new album from Pen & Sword, transport historian and photographer Jim Blake presents a selection of pictures he took around the country in British steam’s final years.


BRITISH TYPE 3 DIESEL LOCOMOTIVES Classes 33, 35, 37 and upgraded 31 David Cable

This, Kevin McCormac’s latest color album, covers the railways of Scotland in steam days.

November 2018 | hardback | $60 | 978-1-47382-727-1 |

The author steers a course through the railway’s complicated pre-history before describing the events, including a court hearing, three public inquiries and a great deal of controversy, leading to the start of services between Caernarfon and Porthmadog in 2011.

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ADRIAN SHOOTER A Life in Engineering and Railways Adrian Shooter

The Political, Economic and Engineering History of an Heroic Railway Project Nicholas Faith

September 2018 | hardback | $49.95 | 978-1-52671-299-8 |

The Channel Tunnel has been one of history’s most protracted and at times acrimonious, construction projects. Nicholas Faith has delved into the archives and researched the fascinating truth about this project.

This book is the tale of a small boy from Surrey who had a fascination with anything on wheels and, also, loved to learn about people and what motivated them. July 2018 | hardback | $50 | 978-1-47389-319-1 |


THE LEICESTER GAP The Last Semaphore Signalling on the Midland Main Line Michael A Vanns

The Corporate Blue and Grey Period 1964–1997 Jim Blake

December 2018 | hardback | $49.95 | 978-1-52670-316-3 |

November 2018 | hardback | $60 | 978-1-47387-628-6 |

September 2018 | hardback | $49.95 | 978-1-52673-144-9 |

This is a book about the transition from steam to diesel and electric traction on British Railways, covering a period from 1960-1970.

September 2018 | hardback | $49.95 | 978-1-47387-857-0 |



A Journey Across the Canvas Eric Bottomley

The Churchward 4-4-0s, 4-4-2 Tanks and Hawksworth 4-6-0s David Maidment

This is Eric Bottomley’s second art book, in which he has varied both his transport themes and the mediums in which he works in oils but also gouache and pencil sketches.

September 2018 | hardback | $49.95 | 978-1-52670-637-9 |

The Great Western Railway, had two classes of tender locomotives named after counties.



Fred Kerr

End of an Era Fred Kerr

The Voyager Family covers the earliest days of operation whilst reflecting the many changes that have taken place, both in the franchisees who have operated them and in their spheres of operation.

August 2018 | hardback | $50 | 978-1-52672-693-3 |


August 2018 | hardback | $50 | 978-1-47385-722-3 |

From 1984 when resignalling work started, to 1987 when it was completed, Michael Vanns photographed as many trains passing through the Leicester Gap as he could. This book is the result of those efforts.

Fred Kerr took photographs covering a wide variety of locations and hence has a collection of images from the various stages of the Pacer history that forms the basis of this album.


Former Thomas Tilling Companies in the 1960s Jim Blake

The Diaries of a General Manager and a Director John King

This fascinating and informative book looks at the Tilling Group of bus companies during the 1960s.

These are two notable Southern Railway diarists, who have been largely ignored by historians; Southern Railway General Manager Gilbert Szlumper and Director Leopold Amery.


July 2018 | hardback | $50 | 978-1-47383-527-6 |


P en guin R a nd o m Ho u se S o u t h A fric a

July 2018 | paperback | $20.50 | 978-1-77609-285-7 | 328 pages | 6 x 9 | CR



South Africa’s First Black Lawyers and the Birth of Constitutionalism Tembeka Ngcukaitobi

South Africa’s cash-in-transit epidemic uncovered Anneliese Burgess

This work tells the story of South Africa’s first black lawyers, who operated in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The Land Is Ours shows that these lawyers developed the concept of a Bill of Rights, which is now an international norm. The book is particularly relevant in light of current calls to scrap the Constitution and its protections of individual rights: it clearly demonstrates that, from the beginning, the struggle for freedom was based on the idea of the rule of law.

Tembeka Ngcukaitobi is an advocate of the High Court. He holds the degrees of BProc, LLB (Unitra), LLM (Rhodes) and LLM (London School of Economics).

October 2018 | paperback | $17 | 978-1-77609-171-3 | 224 pages | 6 x 9 | CR

Anneliese Burgess is an award-winning investigative journalist who has spent more than 20 years reporting for radio and television.



The art of managing the media Nick Clelland and Ryan Coetzee

George Bizos

July 2018 | Paperback | $21.50 | 978-1-41520-758-1 | 320 pages | 6 x 9 | CR


65 Years of Friendship tells the heartrending story of a remarkable friendship between two remarkable men: world-renowned human-rights lawyer George Bizos, and Nelson Mandela. George and Madiba met as students at the University of the Witwatersrand in the 1940s. In this touching homage to their friendship, George Bizos tells a fascinating tale of two men whose work affected the lives of all South Africans. It was a friendship that shaped the history of a nation. They would later become legal colleagues, and Mandela would become George Bizos’ most famous client soon after, for it was Bizos who formed part of his legal defence during the famous Treason Trial. TO ORDER:

Heist! is an in-depth look at 10 of South Africa’s most audacious heists. From the 1996 ‘burning man’ case to the 2016 robbery of a cash center in Witbank, this is an impeccably researched reconstruction of an endemic crime phenomenon that some analysts warn could bring South Africa to its knees. The books uses the information gleaned from thousands of pages of court documents and press reports, as well as interviews with scores of police officers, crime-intelligence agents, prosecutors defence lawyers, researchers, journalists, security guards and the criminals themselves.

October 2018 | paperback | $13.50 | 978-1-77609-157-7 | 128 pages | 5 x 7.8 | CR

This short, punchy and irreverent book written by two experienced political communicators, Nick Clelland and Ryan Coetzee, provides spin-doctor secrets for managing the media. Spin is a go-to book that explains what to do when the media comes calling. By traversing such topics as brand strategy, practical media skills, driving issues, social media, crisis communications and ethics, and using real-life practical examples, Spin is a valuable resource that will help you master managing the media.

Nick Clelland is a communications expert and strategist with experience in the most aggressive media and public environments. Ryan Coetzee is a South African politician and political strategist.

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P en guin R a nd o m Ho u se S o u t h A fric a


FIELD GUIDE TO INSECTS OF SOUTH AFRICA Mike Picker, Charles Griffiths and Alan Weaving

Chris Stuart and Mathilde Stuart

February 2019 | paperback | $24 | 978-1-77584-062-6 | 200 pages | 5.25 x 7.5 | CR | Struik Nature Field Guides

A user-friendly travellers’ field guide that covers all key game and nature reserves/ parks of East Africa. Structured regionally, it presents each park under the following headings: brief history; location; geology, landscapes and climate; vegetation types; fauna; key facts and highlights of each park; and best times to visit. Detailed maps and full-color images support the text, and there’s also a concise photographic ID guide for easy identification, featuring the birds, mammals, amphibians, reptiles, flowers and trees most commonly seen in the reserves.

Chris and Mathilde Stuart are the highly regarded authors of a range of popular and highly regarded books on African mammals, wildlife and conservation, as well as scientific papers and popular articles.

July 2018 | paperback | $10 | 978-1-43230-800-1 | 112 pages | 6.5 x 8.6 | CR

May 2019 | paperback | $29 | 978-1-77584-584-3 | 526 pages | 6.5 x 9.5 | CR | Struik Nature Field Guides

This is an updated and revised edition of the largest, most authoritative field guide to the insect fauna of South Africa, with detailed descriptions and images of some 1,500 of the most common, most economically and ecologically important, and most interesting and attractive insects in the region. The easy-to-read text is matched with superb photography. Each account covers identification, biology, distribution and related species, and is accompanied by one or more color photos of the species or family.

Mike Picker is an Associate Professor in the Zoology Department, University of Cape Town. Charles Griffiths is an Associate Professor, and former head, of the Zoology Department, University of Cape Town. Alan Weaving is a retired entomologist with a particular interest in wasps and has published two books on the insect diversity of southern Africa.



Dianne Stewart and Richard Mcintoch

All Sorts of Healthy Dishes features 96 delicious yet healthy recipes for family meals and entertaining. Author Chantal Lascaris has travelled widely throughout the Mediterranean region and has taken her inspiration from the cuisine of the countries bordering on the Med. Accompanied by mouthwatering food photography, the recipes will take you on a culinary journey through the Mediterranean zones of France, Greece, Italy, Morocco, Spain and Turkey.

In this book, Dianne Stewart has created a unique collection of African folktales, exclusively about birds. Drawn from across the continent, these tales often draw on human characteristics and are followed by African proverbs that illustrate various moral lessons. Beautiful illustrations by Richard Mackintosh bring to life the magic of the stories and the beauty of birds themselves. Many of the tales include additional facts on the featured birds.

Acclaimed author Dianne Stewart has degrees in African Languages, Literature and Psychology.


Chantal Lascaris

Currently Available | paperback | $18.95 | 978-1-43230-823-0 | 176 pages | 8.3 x 8.3 | CR

Successful businesswoman Chantal Lascaris is the author of the very popular All Sorts of Salads.


P en guin R a nd o m Ho u se S o u t h A fric a

SORRY, NOT SORRY Experiences of a brown woman in a white South Africa Haji Mohamed Dawjee Why don’t white people understand that Converse tekkies are not just cool but a political statement to people of color? Why is it that South Africans of color don’t really ‘write what we like’? What’s the deal with people pretending to be ‘woke’? Is Islam really as antifeminist as is claimed? In Sorry, Not Sorry, Haji Mohamed Dawjee explores the often maddening experience of moving through post-apartheid South Africa as a woman of color. In characteristically candid style, she pulls no punches when examining the social landscape: from arguing why she’d rather deal with an open racist than some liberal white people, to drawing on her own experience to convince readers that joining a cult is never a good idea. In the provocative voice that has made Mohamed Dawjee one of the country’s most talked-about columnists, she offers observations laced with acerbic wit. Sorry, Not Sorry will make readers laugh, wince, nod, introspect and argue. October 2018 | paperback | $16.50 | 978-1-77609-266-6 | 224 pages | 6 x 9 | CR

July 2018 | paperback | $18.50 | 978-1-77609-297-0 | 216 pages | 6 x 9 | CR

August 2018 | paperback | $6 | 978-1-43230-703-5 | 32 pages | 8.3 x 8.3 | CR




Musa Ngqungwana

John Hunt

Musa’s life and career are proof that any human can overcome the devastating effects of discrimination and poverty. Odyssey of an African Opera Singer chronicles Musa’s journey from the townships of South Africa to the world stage. It is a story of hope, showing how humans, no matter their situation, have the opportunity to claim their gifts, develop them and use them to help others in need. A captivating story that will inspire anyone who has ever had a dream …

This is a story of Phen, aged 11, who lives in Hillbrow in 1967. He can, almost literally, live in a book as he devours its pages. Stephen is forced to live out his own story as he befriends a hobo in the local park called Heb 13:2. Forced to grow up much quicker than other boys his age, Phen’s friendship with Heb will guide him towards adulthood in such a way that one starts to suspect Heb might be an angel came to live among men.

October 2018 | Paperback | $19 | 978-1-41520-966-0 | 288 pages | 8 x 5 | CR



Linsay Sherratt and Astrid Castle

Kristina Jones

Ricky is woken up one night by the animals, who need his help to rescue a lion cub that has fallen into the river. Encouraged by the animals, Ricky overcomes his fear and brings the cub safely to the river bank. When the cub’s parents realize that Ricky put himself in harm’s way to help their cub, they are very grateful. Recognizing his bravery, the lion places his paw print on Ricky’s chest and declares him to be one of the pride. TO ORDER:

October 2018 | hardback | $10 | 978-1-43230-861-2 | 36 pages | 9.5 x 9.5 | CR

This illustrated alphabet book showcases African animals and other objects that children will recognize. To enhance basic letter recognition, the letters are in upper and lower case, both large enough for small fingers to trace around to practise each letter shape. Each illustration includes a single sentence introducing an animal. The sentence structure is the same for each animal, to encourage reading due to the repetitive nature of the text.

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P en guin R a nd o m Ho u se S o u t h A fric a

THIS IS SOUTH AFRICA Peter Borchert, Roger de la Harpe and Jean du Plessis In a diverse country such as South Africa, the national, regional and local flavors and landscapes together make up a colorful mosaic. This lavishly colorful, updated edition of This is South Africa offers glimpses into the burgeoning cities, views of the vast rural spaces and iconic landforms that underpin the region, and insight into the lives, history and endeavors of the multi-cultural peoples. Interesting captions accompany the spectacular photographs, giving readers – be they newcomers to the region or tourists – a memorable vision of this fascinating and beautiful land.

February 2019 | paperback | $21 | 978-1-77584-515-7 | 160 pages | 8.5 x 11 | CR | This is … Peter Borchert is an independent commentator, publisher, conservationist and lifetime protagonist for the value of Africa’s wild places and cultural heritage. Roger de la Harpe is a freelance photographer and writer, he has over the years made numerous excursions into various regions of the African continent. A press photographer for more than 30 years, Jean du Plessis has shot everything from fashion in China, to the Springboks in New Zealand to lions in the Serengeti.

WILD KAROO A journey through history, change and revival in an ancient land Mitch Reardon Wild Karoo documents Mitch Reardon’s 4,000-kilometre journey of discovery through the region. The book focuses on: • local nature conservation in all its facets • the game, large and small – some recently reintroduced – plus birds, reptiles and invertebrates • the unique, arid-adapted flora • the landscape and geology • the history and lifestyle of the people who have made a home here • plans to combine public and private protected land to create wildlife corridors between isolated parks, re-establishing old migration routes and so reversing some of the effects of human settlement. Beautifully written, and illustrated with evocative photographs, this book is a must read for anyone interested in travel, wildlife and the environment. December 2018 | paperback | $20 | 978-1-77584-325-2 | 224 pages | 7 x 9 | CR Mitch Reardon worked as a ranger in South Africa and Namibia before becoming a wildlife photographer and writer. He has produced seven books and has also written extensively for Australian Geographic.

THE LOVE DIARY OF A ZULU BOY Bhekisisa Mncube The Love Diary of a Zulu Boy is a fable of lust, love, sex, obsession, loss, friendship, betrayal and fantasy. By turns erotic, romantic, tragic and comic, it is inspired by the real-life drama of a romantic relationship between a Zulu boy and an Englishwoman. A series of diary entries takes us on a whirlwind tour of a relationship that has not only survived, but thrived for 17 years. As the author reflects on love across the color line, it triggers memories of failed affairs and bizarre experiences: love spells, wet dreams, infidelity, sexually transmitted diseases, a phantom pregnancy, sexless relationships, threesomes and prostitution. A unique book for the South African market, The Love Diary of a Zulu Boy is written with an honesty rarely encountered in autobiographical writing. October 2018 | paperback | $17 | 978-1-77609-280-2 | 248 pages | 6 x 9 | CR Bhekisisa Mncube has been described as a ‘Zulu cultural delinquent’ and ‘part-time darkie. He has a Bachelor of Technology (BTech) degree in Journalism from the Durban University of Technology and is the recipient of the coveted Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung International Scholarship (Germany). His writing has appeared in various publications. CASEMATE | IPM NEW TITLES CATALOG FALL 2018


Pia no Nobile | Prote a B oek huis

Currently Available | paperback | $30 | 978-1-90119-250-6 | 74 pages | 9.4 x 11 | CR



Spirits in the Mass Piano Nobile Publications

Reflections Karel Schoeman

Published to accompany the exhibition at Piano Nobile that concentrates on the years after the Second World War when Bomberg became an influential teacher at the Borough Polytechnic, the fully illustrated catalog Bomberg/Marr: Spirits in the Mass will be the first examination of the personal and creative bonds uniting these two pioneers of modern British painting.

This is a highly personal book about old-age, the process of writing and self-determination with commentary about ageing and being old in a modern society, and was updated for the last time on 26 April 2017, a few days before the author’s death. He gives practical hints and information about the possible and probable end of his life. In the end he explains his liberating decision about his planned suicide.

August 2018 | hardcover | $20 | 978-1-48530-926-0 | 188 pages | 6 x 9 | CR

Karel Schoeman was one of South Africa’s most productive authors and wrote numerous novels, short novels, plays and historical works. His work received many awards (also international) over the years. He passed away on 1 May 2017.

Currently Available | hardback | $100 | 978-1-90119-251-3 | 256 pages | 9.5 x 11.5 | CR



The Art of Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant 1910- 1934 Richard Shone, Hana Leaper and Frances Spalding

Philip De Vos and Piet Grobler

This fully illustrated publication explores the life and works of two of the most innovative and influential British artists of the twentieth century. With a substantial essay and catalogue entries by Richard Shone (author of Bloomsbury Portraits, 1993 and curator of The Art of Bloomsbury, Tate, 1999), the catalogue explores the unique creative relationship shared by Bell (18791961) and Grant (1885-1978).

Currently Available | Hardcover | $12 | 978-1-48530-765-5 | 36 pages | 8.5 x 8.5 | CR

In 1838, Robert Schumann composed a 13-piece piano work which he entitled Kinderszenen (Scenes from Childhood). He later added individual titles for each movement, after his wife Clara commented that he sometimes seemed like a child himself. These 13 pieces depict the daily life and experiences of a child, as well as his relationship with his parents and with his own world—as seen from a nostalgic adult’s perspective. Philip de Vos was inspired by both Schumann’s music and titles to write verses of his own.

Philip de Vos is an award-winning author, poet and acclaimed photographer and in 2015 received a KykNET Fiesta Lifetime Achievement award for Music, Literature and the Visual Arts in South Africa. Piet Grobler is an award winning illustrator who tells stories with his paintings and illustrations.



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Editions Technip | Univer si t y of Bu ck in gha m Pre s s | White O wl

Currently Available | paperback | $200 | 978-2-71081-164-0 | 352 pages | 8.3 x 11.7 | NCR

September 2018 | paperback | $11.99 | 978-1-90868-498-1 | 134 pages | 5 x 7.9 | CR

August 2018 | hardback | $49.95 | 978-1-52673-237-8 | 224 pages | 6 x 9 | CR



Didier Ortolland and JeanPierre Pirat

Frédéric Bertrand, JeanJacques Droesbeke and Gilbert Saporta

This publication deals with the major issues relating to maritime spaces and their delimitations, navigation and security, international straits and seabed resources. As such, it should represent an essential tool for the understanding of States’ ocean policies and governmental stances.

Currently Available | paperback | $62 | 978-2-71081-177-0 | 372 pages | 6.3 x 9.5 | NCR

This volume originates from the collaboration of high-level specialists who were all speakers at the 16th biennal workshop on advanced statistics organized by the French Statistical Society. In this book, the reader will find a synthesis of the methodologies’ foundations and of recent work and applications in various fields.



A Spritual Manifesto Larry Culliford

Uncovering the UK’s Wildlife Isla Hodgson

A skilled physician and psychiatrist has turned his gifted attention to the ailments of society. ‘Where is humanity heading, towards misery and destruction or a far more glorious future?’ ‘How can people – as individuals – make a difference?’ These are among the timely questions addressed by this boldly reasoned Spiritual Manifesto, which examines the human predicament in terms of both intellectual understanding, and deeply personal yet universal spiritual experiences.

This is a book about Britain’s wildlife; how to discover it, and the adventures we can have with it. Its aim is to show that you don’t have to travel to the nether reaches of the Arctic or the deepest corners of the Amazon rainforest to experience weird and wonderful creatures – they are right here, on our doorstep. Written by a young conservationist who hasn’t quite grown up, it details her small adventures travelling the UK in search of wildlife encounters, often on a shoestring budget.

August 2018 | paperback | $32.95 | 978-1-52670-892-2 | 192 pages | 6.5 x 9.5 | CR



Cut Short James Taylor

My Story So Far Sam Quek

In his book, James discusses his journey from a cricket loving boy to the international superstar he became. Revealing the inside story of his heart condition—how it affected him personally and how he rebuilt his life and used his experience to help others. James’s book will appeal not only to cricket fans, but also a wider audience as he tells his inspiring story of overcoming adversity.

Sam Quek is mainly known for her starring role in the 2016 Olympic gold medal winning hockey team. How Sam overcame the bitter disappointment of being overlooked for the two previous Olympics and ensured that she wouldn’t miss out again are revealed here for the first time. She also tells of her tough childhood and her battle to reach the heights that she has.


October 2018 | hardback | $39.95 | 978-1-52673-349-8 | 224 pages | 6 x 9 | CR


White O wl

BAKING WITHOUT SUGAR Sophie Michell The number of sugar intolerant people continues to grow year on year. In the UK, more than eight million people are affected and in the US, around 30% of the population cannot eat sugar. Worldwide, this figure is estimated at over 200 million! For many, this has meant giving up the treats and pastime they dearly loved. In this exciting new cookbook, acclaimed chef Sophie Michell shows that it is possible to bake tasty treats without using sugar. From tasty titbits to cakes that will make any afternoon tea, Sophie shows how using no or very little sugar doesn’t have to make your baking any less delicious. Featuring over forty recipes, Baking Without Sugar is the perfect addition for any health conscious baker’s library. August 2018 | paperback | $34.95 | 978-1-52672-997-2 | 208 pages | 7.5 x 9 | CR Sophie Michell has also carved out a successful career away from the kitchen as a TV presenter and food writer. She was part of Channel 4’s smash hit show Cook Yourself Thin, and co-wrote the book of the same name.

GUT HEALTH AND PROBIOTICS Jenny Tschiesche A simplified explanation of probiotics and what they can do for and to the human body is long overdue. Despite the fact that people use the term probiotics a lot in the media as well as in everyday life there appears to be some confusion as to whether probiotics are something that occurs naturally in a healthy human gut or ‘biome’, something that is added to your yogurt or whether it’s simply a pot of pills that you need to take when you’re ill. Gut Health and Probiotics will take readers on a quest to understand what both probiotics and prebiotics can do for their long term gut health and how this might affect a broad range of body systems from skin health to mental health. Along the way readers will discover how useful probiotics are in both preventing and curing specific ailments, as Jenny explains just how simple it is to feel great from the inside-out. September 2018 | paperback | $24.95 | 978-1-52672-045-0 | 160 pages | 6 x 9 | CR Jenny Tschiesche is one of the UK’s leading nutrition experts and the founder of www.lunchboxdoctor.com, a hugely popular brand. She creates delicious and nutritious recipes for leading brands and health campaigns including BBC Sport, Sport England, Cancer Research UK and The Realbuzz Group.

PHOTOGRAPHING THE DEEP SKY Images in Space and Time Chris Baker Spectacular nebulae where stars are born, beautiful star clusters from the early formation of the Milky Way, and galaxies as far as a billion light years away, all feature in this book of stunning images from astro photographer Chris Baker. The author takes the reader on a journey through time and space to the Deep Sky, far beyond our Solar System. The book presents fascinating information on what the Earth was like when the light started its earth-bound journey through space. For example, as the light left the Andromeda Galaxy 2.5 million years ago on its interstellar journey to Chris’s telescope, the Himalayas are still being raised and Polar Bears roam Britain. Chris describes his observatory in the mountains of Spain along with practical guidance on how to get started in astrophotography. With a concise, clear discussion on the background of astronomical science, this is above all, a book to celebrate the beauty and fascination of space. August 2018 | hardback | $32.95 | 978-1-52671-553-1 | 176 pages | 10 x 9.5 | CR Chris Baker has established a reputation as a leading astro photographer receiving awards, with his photographs and articles being published in numerous magazines. 58


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