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Cover image – Victoria Crowe: Venetian Mirror with Remembered Landscape, 2018 (Detail) oil on linen, 101.5 x 127 cm. Copyright © Victoria Crowe. No part may be reproduced or in any way altered or stored, without the artist’s consent.




GEORGE STUBBS ‘all done from Nature’ Edited by Anthony Spira, Martin Postle and Paul Bonaventura MK Gallery, Milton Keynes Presents the first significant overview of Stubbs’s work in Britain for more than 10 years and brings together 100 paintings, drawings and publications. Born in Liverpool in 1724, Stubbs was a quintessential product of the Enlightenment and embodied all of its core principles, questioning traditional authority and embracing the notion that humanity could be improved through the application of reason. His wide-ranging subjects included portraits, conversation pieces and pictures of exotic and domestic animals and his obsession with scientific exactitude has drawn comparison with the work of Leonardo da Vinci. The publication includes new writing on Stubbs with major essays as well as new and existing poetry by Roger Robinson.

9781911300687, Paperback, 260 x 215mm, 232 pages, October 2019, £35.00 Paul Holberton Publishing


THE FLOWERING DESERT Textiles from Sindh By Hasan Askari and Nasreen Askari A lavishly illustrated volume of Pakistani textiles of extraordinary colour and vibrancy from one of the most arid areas on Earth. Focuses on a private collection of textiles from Sindh, Pakistan, which, according to some scholars, was the crucible in which the textile traditions of Gujarat and Rajasthan were forged. Sindhi textiles are unique inasmuch as they reflect a dimension that combines the harshness of the terrain with a quest for a mythical and unattainable beauty. The collection is recognised as being of outstanding merit and some of it has featured in exhibitions at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London and the National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh.

9781911300717, Hardback, 280 x 240mm, 160 pages, October 2019, ÂŁ30.00 Paul Holberton Publishing


LEGACY OF THE MASTERS Painting and Calligraphy from the Islamic World By Will Kwiatkowski A stunning collection, accumulated over many years, of paintings, drawings and calligraphy of the highest quality from the 16th to early 19th century. This publication presents a collection of over sixty paintings, drawings and calligraphic specimens mostly made in the Safavid, Uzbek, Ottoman and Mughal Empires in the period from the 16th through the early 19th century for inclusion in albums (muraqqa‘). Compiled and given decorative borders in Iran in the mid-18th century, the end of this tradition is marked in the publication by a number of works from Mughal-style albums of calligraphy and painting acquired by officers and administrators of the British East India Company such as Warren Hastings and William Fraser.

9781911300731, Hardback, 300 x 235mm, 224 pages, October 2019, ÂŁ50.00 Paul Holberton Publishing




Jan de Beer’s Renaissance Altarpieces

Close Up

By Robert Wenley, Dan Ewing and Peter van den Brink

By Nathaniel Silver and Ingrid Rowland Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Boston

The Barber Institute of Fine Arts, Birmingham This noteworthy publication considers De Beer’s work and career, working methods, and traces the history of De Beer’s paintings in British collections.

Published in commemoration of the 500th anniversary of Raphael’s death, tells the story of the first Raphael in America, and explores Inghirami’s fascinating career.

The Antwerp painter Jan de Beer (c.1475-1527/28) was highly esteemed in his lifetime and still famous a couple of generations after his death, but then fell into oblivion until the early twentieth century. The artist’s known for mainly devotional paintings and triptychs but also a dozen drawings and a stained glass window.

Raphael and the Pope’s Librarian brings together for the first time one of the most fascinating works in the museum’s collection – the Gardner Museum’s portrait of papal librarian Tommaso Inghirami – and a painting from the Vatican Museums depicting an episode in this life.

9781911300724, Paperback 210 x 210mm, 84 pages October 2019, £16.50 Paul Holberton Publishing

9781911300762, Paperback 237 x 194mm, 64 Pages October 2019, £16.00 Paul Holberton Publishing


REMBRANDT'S MARK Edited by Stephanie Buck and Jürgen Müller Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden, Kupferstich-Kabinett Casts a fresh light on this innovative ‘artists’ artist’, who continues to inspire and engage artists and audiences three and a half centuries after his death. The list of artists who understood Rembrandt as a dynamic authority and source of inspiration is reaching from his immediate followers to masters of the 18th century, from Giovanni Benedetto Castiglione to Jonathan Richardson to the kindred spirit Francisco de Goya, into the 20th century and up to the present day. The pictorial worlds that he created with his free, decisive mark convey his near inexhaustible interest in nature as creation, whether it be the human exterior or interior, and offer a wealth of connecting points and constellations for other artists and viewers. 9781911300625, Paperback, 300 illus, 300 x 230mm, 280 pages June 2019, £35.00, Paul Holberton Publishing





The Lost Frescoes of Palazzo Archinto

A Vision for Impressionism

By Xavier F. Salomon, Andrea Tomezzoli, and Denis Ton with Alessandra Kluzer

By Karen Serres

The Frick Collection, New York

Accompanies a landmark exhibition at the Fondation Louis Vuitton exploring Samuel Courtauld’s role as one of the great collectors of the twentieth century.

Brings together preparatory drawings and paintings, as well as documentary photographs, to commemorate an extraordinary fresco cycle destroyed in a bombing during WWII.

The catalogue and exhibition showcase Courtauld’s extraordinary collection–one of the finest collections of Impressionism–which will be on display in Paris for the first time in over sixty years. It will be a unique opportunity to enjoy some of the greatest modern French paintings of the 19th century and will shed light on Courtauld’s pioneering role in shaping public taste for Impressionism in the United Kingdom.

In 1730–31, Tiepolo undertook his first significant project outside the Veneto, frescoes for five ceilings in Palazzo Archinto in Milan. Triumph of Arts and Sciences; Apollo and Phaëton; Perseus and Andromeda; Juno, Fortune, and Venus; and Nobility were painted in some of the largest rooms of the palazzo.

9781911300588, Hardback 250 colour illus , 280 x 245mm, 320 pages February 2019, £40.00 Paul Holberton Publishing

9781911300526, Hardback 260 x 215mm, 224 pages April 2019, £45.00 Paul Holberton Publishing


RUSKIN, TURNER AND THE STORM CLOUD By Suzanne Fagence Cooper and Richard Johns York Art Gallery and Abbot Hall Art Gallery In this re-evaluation of Ruskin, 200 years after his birth, art historians, scientists, geographers, artists and curators explore the critic’s vision of art. New writing on John Ruskin’s vision of art and its relationship with modern society and a changing environment explores the critic’s lifelong commitment to the painted landscapes of JMW Turner and his own artistic ambitions, as well as his prophetic concerns about the world’s darkening skies, pollution and psychological turbulence. As an artist and critic, Ruskin consistently challenged the way others experienced the world. This collection of essays examining Ruskin’s distinctive blend of meteorology, morality and social criticism brings new perspectives to one of the most influential and provocative thinkers of the nineteenth century.

9781911300601, Paperback, 260 x 216mm, 120 pages, March 2019, £20.00 Paul Holberton Publishing




By Emily Knight, Amy Orrock, Martin Postle and Jill Seaton

The 1946 Exhibition of Modern Design Edited by Diane Bilbey

Compton Verney Art Gallery & Park, Warwickshire Explores the subject of children in art through a series of essays written by the exhibition curators and external academics.

Rediscovers the massively popular 1946 V&A exhibition which showcased British design and manufacturing, AND boasted an incredible 1.5 million visitors.

Explores some of the most iconic paintings of children produced over the past 500 years, including artists’ own children. It examines both the creative process and the specific challenges posed by painting children while providing fresh perspectives on what constitutes childhood today and reaffirm the place of painting as a diverse and powerful artistic practice.

A highly visual celebration of the massively popular, but now largely forgotten exhibition. Long before the end of the WWII hostilities, the government’s Post War Export Trade Committee recognised the importance of promoting the country’s manufacturing capabilities. The exhibition was also intended to work as a public morale boosting exercise and it did, attracting visitors from around the country.

9781911300564, Paperback 70 colour illus, 260 x 216mm 96 pages, March 2019, £16.50 Paul Holberton Publishing

9781911300540, Paperback 260 x 215mm, 256 pages March 2019, £30.00 Paul Holberton Publishing


BOTTICELLI Heroines and Heroes Edited by Nathaniel Silver Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Boston Explores the work of the legendary Renaissance painter Sandro Botticelli, focusing on a genre called spalliera that Botticelli employed with staggering originality. Today the alluring and enigmatic Primavera forms the cornerstone of Botticelli’s modern fame, but its familiarity belies distant origins in the heady intellectual environment of Laurentian Florence and the residences of its moneyed elite. Part of a genre called spalliera, so named for their installation around shoulder (spalla) height, this type of painting introduced beautiful, strange, and disturbing images into lavish Florentine homes. With staggering originality, Botticelli reinvented ancient subjects for the domestic interior. Essays address Botticelli’s spalliera, their violence, his textual sources, and rediscovery in Gilded Age Boston.

9781911300618, Hardback, 280 x 248mm, 128 pages, February 2019, ÂŁ35.00 Paul Holberton Publishing


EARLY COLOUR PRINTING German Renaissance Woodcuts at the British Museum By Elizabeth Savage, Foreword by Olenka Horbatsch Offers significant new research, including previously unidentified examples of early modern colour-printing. This richly illustrated publication reproduces and describes effectively every early modern German colour print held at the British Museum. It is one of the world’s most significant collections of these rare milestones of cultural heritage and technology. New photography reveals 150 impressions in jaw-dropping detail, most life-size. Some have never been seen in public or reproduced. It is the first major study of the first wave of German colour printing. It spans medieval printing in the late 1400s through the Renaissance and Reformation of the 1500s.

9781911300755, Paperback, 216 Illus., 260x216mm, 256 pages, October 2019, ÂŁ50.00 Paul Holberton Publishing




Virtuoso Draftsman

Eliot Hodgkin Rediscovered

By John Marciari

Edited by Adrian Eeles

Offers an overview of the artist’s graphic work, ranging from his early genre studies and caricatures, on to highly finished chalk drawings and landscapes.

Eliot Hodgkin (1905-1987) is best known as a painter of still life subjects beautifully executed in tempera. Less well known are his haunting views of bomb-sites in London after World War II.

Giovanni Francesco Barbieri, known as Guercino (1591-1666), was arguably the most interesting and diverse draftsman of the Italian Baroque era, a natural virtuoso who created brilliant drawings in a broad range of media. While some of the (Morgan’s) Guercino drawings are well known, they have never been exhibited or published as a group, and the selection includes a number of new acquisitions.

Hodgkin‘s depictions of everyday objects – such as lemons, radishes, dead leaves and feathers – have always been much prized by collectors. Less well known are his haunting views of bomb-sites in London after World War II, with rank weeds and wildflowers pushing up through mounds of rubble.

9781911300694, Paperback 210 x 210mm, 80 pages October 2019, £16.50 Morgan Library

9781911300571, Hardback 130 colour illus., 280 x 240mm 144 pages, May 2019, £35.00 Waddesdon




Acting Up

Life in Paint

By Peter Wakelin

By Helen E. Scott

Sally Moore continues a figurative tradition that extends from Caravaggio to Balthus, becoming one of the distinctive figure painters of her generation.

Like many female artists of her generation, her name is little-known. This publication places this forgotten artist back in the spotlight.

Moore, like an actor, uses her observations of people and situations to explore ideas with herself as the performer. Through surreal metaphors – such as tigers in the sitting room – she battles moods, fears and social expectations. This publication offers an opportunity to see her work across four decades.

Mary Cameron (1865-1921) was an artist and woman ahead of her time. Born in Edinburgh, she ventured abroad to study in Paris and later established studios in Madrid and Seville. This publication explores the fascinating story of Cameron’s life and career, charting her creative journey from elegant family portraits to breathtaking Spanish scenes.

9781911408475, Hardback 270 x 210mm, 96 pages October 2019, £25.00 Sansom & Company

9781911408499, Paperback 270 x 210mm, 80 pages October 2019, £20.00 Sansom & Company


DAVID COBLEY all by himself By Peter Davies Perhaps most celebrated as a professional portrait painter, counting among his sitters royalty and a host of well-known, distinguished public figures from many walks of life. Portrait painting is only one aspect of his work, and this insightful book sets the record straight. Driven by his fascination with the way human beings think, move and behave, he has used his technically accomplished powers to depict people at work, rest and play, pursuing a private vision. It discusses artistic influences and puts Cobley’s work into an art historical context by charting his brief time at Liverpool School of Art in the 1970s, his wilderness years in Japan, and solo exhibitions in Bath and London.

9781911408536, Hardback, 265 x 250mm, 160 pages, September 2019, ÂŁ25.00 Sansom & Company


BEYOND THE BROTHERHOOD The Pre-Raphaelite Legacy By Anne Anderson Pre-Raphaelites from their Italian inspirations to their 21st-century settings, via the 20th century ‘Brotherhood of Ruralists’. This publication explains and untangles what Pre-Raphaelitism means. It includes the original Pre-Raphaelite Brothers: William Holman Hunt, John Everett Millais and Dante Gabriel Rossetti, and also their immediate followers, Edward Burne-Jones and Evelyn De Morgan. It looks at the assimilation of Pre-Raphaelites ideals and subjects into the Royal Academy tradition and the resurgence of mural painting and tempera in the early twentieth century. Rather than seeing Pre-Raphaelitism as an historic style, this publication argues it is a living tradition which today lives on in fantasy art and film.

9781911408550, Paperback, 270 x 210mm, 128 pages, October 2019, £20.00 Sansom & Company


THE BEST OF THE CHAP Twenty Years and One Hundred Editions in One Volume By Gustav Temple This publication brings together in one volume all the features from the last 100 Issues that have defined the publication’s manifesto. For 20 years, satirical gentlemen’s quarterly The Chap has been providing chaps all over the world with crucial advice on sartorial rectitude and anarcho-dandyist etiquette. No other publication has single-handedly championed the forgotten principles of the English gentleman, while simultaneously charting the entry of the splendidly attired Chap and Chapette into high street fashion. Today the influence of The Chap is everywhere, from moustachioed hipsters to Harris Tweed jackets in Primark. The Best of The Chap tells the whole twenty-year story of this magazine’s growth from a fringe publication to a style bible for the modern dandy.

9781911408581, Hardback, 240 x 170mm, 304 pages, October 2019, £12.99 Sansom & Company



An accessible introduction to the impact of refugee artists on British art. Innumerable artists have found refuge in Britain during the past hundred and fifty years, escaping dispossession, torture, intellectual oppression or war. Their arrival frequently enriched art in Britain. Following the isolation of most émigrés in the First World War, artists who escaped Nazism in the 1930s became part of art communities but refugees have come since from China, Eastern Europe, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East. The stories of later refugees’ contributions to British art are still unfolding.

9781911408543, Paperback, 270 x 210mm, 128 pages, October 2019, £20.00 Sansom & Company




By Peter Wakelin

Slate Landscapes By Nicholas Usherwood

This authoritatively researched and written book presents for the first time the full breadth of Charles Burton’s career of the last 4 decades.

This new publication, with a introduction by the art writer Nicholas Usherwood, is generously illustrated and gives an insight into the work of the artist.

Charles Burton has been one of the major figures of art in Wales. His work in Rhondda was purchased for public collections and he won the Gold medal of the National Eisteddfod. A charismatic head of painting at Liverpool College of Art when it was a hub of pop culture in the 1960s, has continued to produce works of brilliant serenity since his return to Wales in 1970.

Ben Jones’ sculptures evoke the dynamic of mountain ranges using carved and assembled tectonic like forms to create layered valleys and summits. The use of Welsh slate with its almost mystical riven cleavage has permitted the sculptor to envisage three dimensional vistas overlaying and buttressing alignments. As Ben Jones says, ‘Sculpture is out of time with the present cultural medley which is largely indifferent to older contemplative art forms.’

9781911408420, Paperback 283 x 232mm, 136 pages July 2019, £25.00 Sansom & Company

9781911408529, Paperback 210 x 270mm, 104 pages September 2019, £20.00 Sansom & Company




Flashes to Ashes in British Art 1776-2019

By Luke Jerram

By Gemma Brace, Rachael Nee and Christiana Payne Provides a fascinating insight into the evolving practice of international artist Luke Jerram.

Traces the representation of fire in British art across the last four centuries. Unsurprisingly, the subject of fire has drawn in artists throughout the ages. It features in the work of major British artists such as J.M.W. Turner, John Martin, J.M. Whistler, Joseph Wright of Derby and William Blake, who are presented here alongside contemporary artists. This book seeks to address the dual nature of fire showing that fire continues to be welcomed and feared in equal measure.

The book takes a journey through Jerram’s imagination, touring the world with the help of engineers, composers, glassblowers, medieval musicologists and hot air balloonists, who have helped to realise both the personal and the public scale of his extraordinary work. The publication delves into the mind of an artist known for his imaginative ability to combine art, science and play, showing us that ‘anything is possible’.

9781911408383, Paperback 210 x 210mm. 136 pages June 2019, £25.00 Sansom & Company

9781911408482, Paperback 260 x 210mm, 96 pages May 2019, £15.00 Sansom & Company


VICTORIA CROWE 50 Years of Painting


By Susan Mansfield

By Basil Beattie and Stewart Geddes

Victoria Crowe is one of the UK’s most distinguished painters. This new publication gives a fresh insight into her practice from a variety of perspectives.

‘The New American Painting’ was the first time the Abstract Expressionists were shown in Britain en masse. It shifted the attention from Paris to New York as the centre for advanced tendencies in the visual arts.

Crowe was invited at the age of twenty-three to join the teaching staff of Edinburgh College of Art. Awarded the OBE in 2004 and made a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh in 2010, she is equally at home with portraiture, still life or landscape.

This book explores what it was like to be a young artist in Britain in late the 1950s and to experience the American works first hand; the development throughout the 1960s and 70s of the Fine Art department at Goldsmiths College, London, into one of the most important Fine Art departments in the world; and the significance to artists of the studio and pub scene in London throughout this period.

9781911408468, Paperback 270 x 225mm, 112 pages May 2019, £25.00 Sansom & Company

9781911408291, Paperback 210 x 210mm, 88 pages December 2018, £17.50 Sansom & Company


JEREMY GARDINER Coastal Landscapes Includes essays by Andrew Lambirth, Judith LeGrove and Christiana Payne England's south coast by one of Britain's leading landscape painters. Jeremy Gardiner has spent the last couple of years exploring locations on Britain’s south coast and this seaside odyssey has resulted in a new body of work. Gardiner’s work reflects a deep, long-term interest in the geology of landscape and how it is shaped by the forces of nature. Five essays look at Gardiner’s work in the context of contemporary and historic coastal painting and the art of posters and popular guides.

9781911408437, Hardback, 265 x 225mm, 176 pages, January 2020, £25.00 Sansom & Company




The Birth of the Liverpool Annual Exhibitions

Seven decades of painting

By Alex Kidson

By Alfred Stockham

The story of Liverpool Autumn Exhibition intertwined with that of Liverpool’s Walker Art Gallery from 1877.

First published work on Alfred Stockham, spanning seven decades.

Liverpool – the second city of the British Empire – lacked an annual public art exhibition enjoyed by many of Britain’s other provincial centres, so in 1871 a group of town councillors created the first Liverpool Autumn Exhibition. This new study anatomises six little-known Victorian art exhibitions.

Although not so widely-known, Alfred Stockham is admired, collected and loved by generations. A master of colour, his oil paints glow like gold, the colours responding to one another in dynamic relationships. Reducing his abstract or figurative forms to merest suggestion, blocks of many-layered colour, his simple yet perfect compositions sing with a kind of narrative tension.

9781911408512, Paperback 265 x 235mm, 160 pages March 2020, £25.00 Sansom & Company

9781911408338, Paperback 210 x 210, 112 pages January 2019, £20.00 Sansom & Company




Vision and Process

A Pre-Raphaelite Tale of Art, Love and Friendship

Edited by Nancy Norwood

By Sue Bradbury

This exhibition catalogue brings together eight paintings from the famous London series.

Biography of three ar tists closely associated with the Pre-Raphaelites whose letters give a vivid insight into the dramas of their personal lives.

Impressionist master Claude Monet began over forty versions of Waterloo Bridge during his three London sojourns between 1899 and 1901. He viewed his paintings of the landmark bridge both individually and as an ensemble, collectively expressing his sense of the essential subject–the atmosphere and colours of the fog-bound landscape of London's Thames River. This book explores his artistic vision as well as the process by which he struggled to achieve that vision.

Joanna Boyce was one of the most distinguished women painters of the time, praised by Rossetti and Ruskin, who, like her husband, the portrait painter Henry Wells, studied in Paris in the 1850s. Her brother, George Price Boyce, was one of the best watercolourists of the period and a close friend of Rossetti. Between them, Joanna, George and her suitor Henry Wells knew all the artistic luminaries of the day, among them Ruskin, Millais and Rossetti.

9781939125583, Paperback 76 colour illustrations, 265 x 235mm 104 pages, September 2018, £25.00

9781783274543, Paperback

62 colour, 28 black and white illustrations 240 x 170mm, 376 pages September 2019, £18.99, Boydell Press

RIT Press


DESIGNS AND SKETCHES FOR ELBULLI By Luki Huber, with an introduction by Ferran Adria The beautiful results of Luki Huber’s work with 3-star Michelin restaurant elBulli, combining the rigors of gourmet cuisine and the innovations of industrial design, as previously exhibited in the Pompidou Centre in Paris and at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. elBulli was undoubtedly the most controversial and experimental 3-star Michelin restaurant in the world and Ferran Adrià – the chef who earned elBulli its worldwide fame – has been acclaimed as the best chef in the world. Ferran and his team at elBulli were the first to employ an industrial designer as part of their creative team. Luki Huber was that industrial designer and he spent from 2002 until 2005 at elBulli working exclusively hand-in-hand with Ferran charged with inventing new ‘artifacts’ used either to prepare, cook, serve or perform Adrià’s unique culinary techniques. Luki kept all his drawings, sketches and beautiful photographs from this collaboration and they are brought together for the first time in this amazing notebook, with all the explanations of the purpose and stories behind every object. 9781911621362, Hardback, 215 x 155mm, 320 pages, May 2019, £25.00 Grub Street Publishing


LEONARDO IN BRITAIN Collections and Historical Reception Edited by Juliana Barone and Susanna Avery-Quash This volume discusses the reception of Leonardo’s artistic, theoretical and scientific work from the seventeenth to the twentieth century. It also examines the roles of collectors, intellectuals and artists in Britain in the transmission and transformation of his legacy. Offers new information concerning the provenance of certain key works and considers their significance for the formation of important British private and public collections. In addition, it investigates the shaping of early academic discourse and the appearance of the first English editions of the ‘Treatise on Painting’, as well as considering the publication of English anthologies of his writings and methodological approaches to Leonardo studies. At the same that this volume focuses on the historical reception of Leonardo and his followers’ works in Britain, it makes a wider contribution to studies concerning cultural and intellectual exchanges between Italy and Britain.

9788822266248, Paperback, 240 x 170mm, 502 pages, September 2019, £60.00 Ad Ilissvm co-published with Leo S. Olschki Editore


THE LOST LIBRARY OF THE KING OF PORTUGAL By Angela Delaforce This documented study describes the creation of the library, its cultural significance in 18th-century Portugal, the acquisition of single volumes as well as entire libraries from across Europe and the role in this of Portugal’s most talented diplomats. The destruction on the morning of All Saints Day 1755 of the heart of the city of Lisbon by an earthquake, tidal wave and the urban fires that followed was a tragedy that divides the 18th century in Portugal. One casualty on that fatal morning was the Royal Library, one of the most magnificent libraries in Europe at the time. The Lost Library of the King of Portugal tells the story of the lost library – its creation, collection and significance.

9781912168156, Hardback, 200 colour illus., 280 x 240mm, 208 Pages, October 2019, £45.00 Ad Ilissvm




Vol II: French, Northern European and Iberian Miniatures

Volume I: Italian and Byzantine Miniatures By Gaudenz Freuler

By Peter Kidd Explores a remarkable collection of leaves and miniatures from medieval manuscripts. Richly detailed with plentiful illustrations, this notable contribution to medieval scholarship covers a period from c. 1100 to the late 15th century.

First of a two-volume set exploring an outstanding collection of leaves and miniatures from medieval manuscripts. Volume 1 is dedicated to the holdings of single leaves and miniatures from medieval Italian manuscripts, which cover a period from the late 9th to the late 15th centuries, and are enriched by a few Byzantine items, appropriately included here and discussed by Georgi Parpulov.

The second volume of the catalogue of the McCarthy collection of medieval illuminated manuscript leaves and cuttings covers illumination from the rest of western Europe.

A visual and Scholarly feast. The high-quality reproductions are lavish, the gold leaf positively shimmering from the page". —Apollo 9781912168132, Hardback 500 colour illus., 300 x 340mm, 550 pages, September 2019, £150.00 Ad Ilissvm

9781912168071, Hardback 250 colour illus., 300 x 240 304 pages, November 2018, £90.00 Ad Ilissvm


JINGDEZHEN TO THE WORLD The Lurie Collection of Chinese Export Porcelain from the Late Ming Dynasty By Teresa Canepa Lavishly illustrated, this book celebrates one of the most comprehensive and meticulously assembled private collections of Chinese export porcelain from the late Ming dynasty. This book makes a significant contribution to several fields of study, and offers new insight into the European expansion to Asia, most notably those related to the production, design and trade of Jingdezhen export porcelain in the late 16th and early 17th centuries. It also provides comprehensive discussions and images of a selection of the Lurie porcelains while offering new insight into an unprecedented large-scale trade, transport and consumption of various types of Jingdezhen export porcelain throughout the world until the collapse of the Ming dynasty in 1644.

9781912168095, Hardback, 300 illus., 300 x 250mm, 304 pages, November 2019, ÂŁ90.00 Ad Ilissvm


ON PORTRAITURE (Do Tirar Pelo Natural)


By Francisco De Holanda

A Drawings Dealer in Paris By Joachim Jacoby

The first treatise dedicated to portraiture, first circulating at the Lisbon court as a manuscript before it publication in Madrid in 1563.

This extraordinary and original study traces the career of the influential Paris art dealer Guillaume Jean Constantin (17551816).

Celebrating the 500th anniversar y of Holanda’s birth, this volume includes an English translation of Holanda’s portrait treatise and a transcription of the Portuguese original as well as commentaries and essays regarding Holanda’s output as portraitist and theorist at the Lisbon court until his death in 1585.

Constantin’s transactions are reconstructed on the evidence of his dealer’s mark applied to drawings – here identified for the first time – and unpublished material drawn from archives in Paris. Other aspects of Constantin’s multifaceted activities were his work as an expert in estate evaluation, as an auctioneer, a print publisher and he also served as paintings curator to Empress Joséphine, Napoleon’s wife.

9781912168118, Paperback 270 x 195mm, 128 pages April 2019, £25.00 Ad Ilissvm

9781912168125, Paperback 246 x 186mm, 188 pages February 2019, £37.50 Ad Ilissvm




By Caroline Elam

By Alexander Rudigier A revelatory examination of Roger Fry’s fascinating but relatively little-known writings on Italian art.

The great sculptor Giambologna (at the court of the Medici) made six large garden sculptures for King Henri IV of France.

Roger Fry (1866–1934) is best known as a champion of Post-Impressionism and a pioneer of Modernist art criticism but his writings on Italian art are relatively little known, and a selection of the best of them is republished here, thus introducing an important aspect of Fry’s many-sided work to a new audience.

This book based on recently discovered documents describes the garden project and discusses three bronzes identified as from the project, in particular a hitherto unknown Venus. This was in the years 1597–1600, and preparatory to the marriage of Henri IV in 1600 in the most spectacular wedding celebrations ever seen in Europe.

9781912168088, Hardback 250 illus., 280 x 240mm, 452 pages May 2019, £100.00 Ad Ilissvm

9781912168149, Hardback 300 x 245mm, 320 pages September 2019, £50.00 Ad Ilissvm




Being There: Explorations into the Local Edited by Luisa Greenfield, Myna Greenfield and Eduardo Abrantes

Edited by Gry Hedin and Gertrud Hvidbjerg Hansen, with contributions from Peter Thule Christensen, Flemming Brandrup and Anders V. Munch

This book raises questions about transient art practices and site-specific works within communities, within the body and memory.

Presents the history of Faaborg Museum, its architecture, collection and artists to international audiences for the first time.

Artistic Research is a wide-ranging anthology that demonstrates that the field of artistic research has never been stronger. The essays and meditations are by visual artists, writers, performers, filmmakers, historians, sound artists, and activists who have worked together in the Nordic Summer University and who share a desire to unite their creative practices with critical enquiry.

Inside the Faaborg Museum, visitors will find art by the ‘Funen Painters’, created during the period 1880 to 1928 where Faaborg was home to one of Denmark’s pre-eminent artists’ colonies, introducing new subject matter and new methods of painting in Danish art. Lavishly illustrated, the book features architectural photographs and plans as well as dozens of reproductions of the museum's art.

9788787564922, Paperback 210 x 145mm, 198 pages April 2018, £20.00 Aarhus University Press

9788771847758, Hardback 270 x 220mm, 267 pages August 2019, £35.00 Aarhus University Press


JONATHAN WATERIDGE Enclave/Expatria Edited by Mark Sanders, with an essay by Gilda Williams The first trade monograph on the compelling work of Zambia-born, UK-based painter Jonathan Wateridge, featuring two major bodies of work addressing issues of colonialism, race and privilege. Through his beautiful and disconcerting works depicting carefree sunny days beside exclusive suburban pools, Jonathan Wateridge revisits his own childhood in post-independence Zambia in the 1970s and ’80s, exploring issues of White privilege and Black disenfranchisement in postcolonial Africa. Presenting over 130 paintings and details, this book is essential reading for anybody passionate about contemporary painting, and makes a valuable contribution to discussion of the post-colonial condition in the visual arts.

9781910221211, Hardback, 130 illustrations, 290 x 245mm, 200 pages, June 2019, ÂŁ40.00 Anomie Publishing


THE ELEVEN ASSOCIATES OF ALMA-MARCEAU By The Old School Writers Circle A mind-bending debut novel set in the Paris art world in which, after more than five hundred years, Leonardo da Vinci is still commanding centre stage. You won’t believe your mind’s eye… Against a backdrop of late capitalism, globalisation, media and surveillance, The Eleven Associates of Alma-Marceau follows a summer in the life of Adam, a promising young British art student undertaking an internship at a contemporary art museum in Paris, where he finds himself caught up in much more than his own coming-of-age. The novel asks questions about how people’s images, words and lives are given a platform, used and manipulated in the digital era, but also invites readers to question the very nature of what they perceive.

9781910221198, Hardback, 220 x 165mm, 224 pages, December 2019, £20.00 AnomIe Special Projects


GREG ROOK – HONYOCKER By Greg Rook, Andrea Vento, Michele Robecchi and Matt Price The practice of British painter Greg Rook (b.1971, London) revolves around those who seek to start a new life or wish to lead alternative lifestyles. The first monograph to be devoted to the work of Greg Rook, inviting us to join him on his own aesthetic and critical journey through a world of colonies, communities, communes and cults. By means of figurative painting, Rook captures something profoundly revealing in terms of the hopes, dreams and successes as well as the disappointments and disasters that radical departures from home life and mainstream society can entail. With an introduction by critic and curator Michele Robecchi and a commissioned essay by Matt Price, the publication offers an engaging and pertinent commentary on Rook’s long-standing painterly investigation.

9781910221204, Hardback, 50 illus., 255 x 195mm, 64 pages, May 2019, £25.00 Anomie Publishing and Vento & Associati



Considers forty artists' practices that are defining current painting from Britain both nationally and internationally. The Anomie Review of Contemporary British Painting documents the forty invited artists by means of their solo exhibitions in public museums and galleries, as well as in independent, commercial and artist-led spaces, both in Britain and abroad. 9781910221167, Paperback 160 illus., 280 x 210mm, 160 pages September 2018, £30.00 Anomie Publishing

EMILY ANDERSEN – PORTRAITS Black & White By Emily Andersen and Jonathan P. Watts

Hardback monograph of the photographers’ blackand-white portraits featuring an essay by Jonathan P. Watts.

9781910221174, Hardback c. 70 illus., 230 x 180mm, 120 pages October 2018, £30.00 Anomie Publishing

Emily Andersen has been making photographic portraits of artists, intellectuals and bohemians since graduating from the Royal College of Art in the early 1980s. Over the past thirty-five years, she has built up a remarkable portfolio that includes many high-profile writers, poets, film directors, and actors. Her works appear in The National Portrait Gallery, London, among other collections.

CAROLINE WALKER – PICTURE WINDOW By Caroline Walker, Marco Livingstone, Lauren Elkin, Andrew Nairne and Rina Arya

A monograph on an artist rapidly establishing herself as one of the leading figures of her generation.

9781910221181, Paperback c. 170 illus., 290 x 232mm, 312 pages October 2018, £35.00 Anomie Publishing and GRIMM

Celebrated for beautiful yet challenging paintings of women in diverse architectural contexts, from luxury Los Angeles hotels to temporary social housing, from nail bars to nighttime parties, Caroline Walker deftly broaches subjects including the pay gap, migrant workers, the beauty industry, domestic life, gender stereotypes and ageism.




Edited by Patricia Railing

Edited by Patricia Railing

14th century pigments for use in manuscript illumination, on panel and in fresco are described in Italian treatises, with plates by Giotto.

Many recipes from 15th century Italian treatises for painting in fresco and oil on panel are included in this handbook. 15th century Italian painting mastered the art of painting light in the world. As Leon Battista Alberti wrote in On Painting (1435), "light has the power to vary colour", hence a rich palette of pigments and how to mix colours was necessary to capture every nuance. Countless recipes are provided by the anonymous author of "Secrets for Colours" (c. 1450), called the Bolognese Manuscript, intended for use in fresco and in oil on panel, accompanied by instructions on how to make varnishes for paintings.

From Italy to France to Flanders, the arts of painting in the 14th century were practised in manuscript illumination, on panel, and in fresco. Recipes for pigments appropriate to all these arts are included in this collection. "Experiments upon Colours" were dictated by painters to a Frenchman, Jehan Alcherius, while the Italian artist, Cennino Cennini, was especially attentive to the practice and the pigments to be used in fresco painting in The Book of Art / Il Libro dell' Arte, of c. 1390.

9781910221181, Paperback 216 x 168mm, 130 pages September 2019, ÂŁ12.00 Artists Bookworks

9780946311248, Paperback 216 x 168mm, 130 pages September 2019, ÂŁ12.00 Artists Bookworks




From the late 14th to the mid-18th century in the Hermitage Collection

By Farhad Daftary and Zulfikar Hirji

An Illustrated Journey

By Anatoli Ivanov The Hermitage Collection, which numbers 162 pieces, is the largest collection in the world of later Iranian Islamic metalwork, from the West of Iran as far as the Punjab.

Lavishly illustrated and written in an accessible style, this beautiul book tells the story of Islam.

As well as minutely detailed descriptions of each piece and analyses of their decoration, Ivanov presents a detailed critical survey of the limited documentary evidence afforded by the inscriptions many pieces bear, which is of permanent value as a basis for further scholars working on later Islamic metalwork in general. The book also gives a valuable directory of museums and other institutions of the former Soviet Union with significant collections.

This book takes the reader through Islam’s formative era and early development in the Arabian Peninsula, the rise and decline of major Muslim dynasties and finally into its place in the modern world. The book contains a multitude of images, graphics, maps and charts, features many of the masterpieces of art, architecture and literature produced by Muslims along with a detailed bibliography, and will appeal to both general audiences and enthusiasts of Islamic societies and cultures and world civilizations.

9781898592372, Hardback 300 x 240 mm, 412 pages 477 images, October 2019, £29.00 Azimuth Editions

9781898592358, Hardback 312 x 256mm, 344 pages Highly illustrated throughout, June 2018, £35.00 Azimuth Editions


CHAMPIONS OF FLIGHT Clayton Knight and William Heaslip: Artists who Chronicled Aviation from The Great War to Victory in WWII By Sheryl Fiegel and Theodore Hamady

A sumptuously illustrated book celebrating the work of preeminent aviation artists Clayton Knight and William Heaslip. Aviation became deeply embedded into America’s culture during the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s when Americans became fascinated by aviation celebrities, watched air spectacles, aviation movies and newsreels, and devoured books and comics featuring pilot heroes. Knight and Heaslip were experienced military men and formally trained artists who, over a period of almost twenty years, combining an authenticity of experience and an artistic mastery of illustration, produced powerful artwork that influenced a generation of Americans, creating airminded adults and youngsters, many of whom flocked to US military service after Pearl Harbor.

9781612007793, Hardback, 220 colour images, 200 b/w images, 254 x 203mm, 304 pages December 2019, ÂŁ40.00, Casemate Publishers




Living Traditions of Mexico’s Day of the Dead

By Andrew Borowiec, with essays by Eric Paddock and David Giffels

Looking for the American Dream

By Ann Murdy and with contributions from Denise Chávez and Cesáreo Moreno

A new landmark book of photography offers a fresh, razor-sharp view of contemporary American culture.

An enduring portrayal of Mexico’s famous Day of the Dead ceremony. Ann Murdy has been documenting the celebrations around Día de los Muertos in Mexico for more than twenty years. This book features ninety of Murdy’s most stunning images of celebrations along with a conversation between her and Cesaréo Moreno, Director of Visual Arts and Chief Curator of the National Museum of Mexican Art in Chicago, and an essay by Mexican-American writer Denise Chávez.

Andrew Borowiec, an eminent photographer based in Akron, found that homogenization and conformity had won over the American dream which can be found in the new residential and commercial landscapes of Ohio. Borowiec has used his keen eye and dedication to field work to give us a fresh, at times humorous, and ever razor-sharp view of what is going on in America today.

9781938086724, Hardback 90 colour photographs, 292 x 254mm 160 pages, October 2019, £34.95 George F. Thompson

9781938086199, Hardback 305 x 254mm, 100 pages June 2019, £37.00 George F. Thompson




Fifty Works by Fifty British Women Artists 1900-1950

Poems and Pictures Sent to his Daughters

Edited by Sacha Llewellyn

By Douglas Percy Bliss

This exhibition catalogue highlights the work of a cross-section of women artists, active during the first half of the 20th century, whose work deserves more critical acclaim.

Poems and pictures by Douglas Percy Bliss which he sent to his daughters during the WWII. When Douglas Percy Bliss went away to do his wartime service, he made for each of his daughters Prudence and Rosalind a little album of handwritten poems by authors such as Walter de la Mare, Robert Louis Stevenson and Frances Cornford, every poem illustrated delightfully with wit and humour.

Fifty commentaries by fifty different writers bring out each artwork’s unique story – sometimes from an objective art historical perspective and sometimes from an entirely personal point of view – thereby creating a rich and colourful diorama.

9780993088483, Paperback 126 illustrations; 43 b&w, 230 x 162mm 200 pages, January 2019 £20.00, Liss Llewellyn Fine Art

9781999314514, Hardback 60 illustrations, 160 x 235mm 108 pages, June 2019, £90.00 Liss Llewellyn Fine Art


ART, FAITH & MODERNITY Edited by Sacha Llewellyn and Paul Liss No account of 20th Century British art can overlook the numerous works of the period that were essentially “religious” in their content – this book examines this question and demonstrates the wide range of expression in more than 175 colour reproductions. Anchored by Alan Power’s defining essay, Art Faith and Modernity presents a poignant argument – both visual and cerebral – for a reassessment of the important place that religious art continued to occupy in 20th century Britain. Art, Faith & Modernity is part of Liss Llewellyn’s on-going programme of exhibitions, produced in partnership with museums and cultural institutions, which seeks to reappraise some of the unsung heroines and heroes of Modern British art.

9781999314507, Paperback, Approx 200 illus., 270 X 215mm, 224 pages, June 2019, £25.00 Liss Llewellyn Fine Art




The Grand Roman Baroque Still-life

Contemporary Watercolours by Alfred Gerada

Edited by Keith Sciberras and by Gianluca Bocchi and Lisa Xuereb

By Albert Ganado

The first monograph and proper study on Francesco Noletti (c.1611–54), called il Maltese (known also as Francesco Fieravino).

A unique collection of watercolors of World War Two in Malta by the Maltese war artist, Alfred Gera, which have never been seen before.

Noletti is one of the most significant yet enigmatic artists in the study of still-life painting of the Roman seicento. His work encapsulates the spirit of the ‘baroque stilllife’, primarily through a typology of ‘carpet paintings’ that he popularised in Rome during the 1640s and early 1650s.

Ganado painted with vigor and enthusiasm capturing the whole gamut of life and action during wartime Malta. The range of watercolours covers military events on land and sea and in the air, including: camouflage of ships and vehicles, uniforms and arm bands, regimental berets, and flashes on steel helmets.

9789993276159, Hardback 284 x 216mm, 192 pages July 2019, £60.00 Midsea Books

9789993276166, Paperback 240 x 160mm, 160 pages November 2018, £44.00 Midsea Books


SUNNINESS IN PAINTING From Edward Hopper to David Hockney By Nicola Vitale

Explores artists from different generations who appear to be following a shared path towards 'sunniness'.

9788869771712, Paperback 67 illus., 210 x 140mm 240 pages, Feb 2019, £18.00 Mimesis International

Since the middle of the twentieth century, visual art has displayed an ambivalent nature, torn between abstractionism and realism, conceptual and postmodern, classicist nostalgia and violent provocation for its own sake. This essay suggests tracing a different path for the visual arts, through which art could recover its fullness and universality.

AUTORÉFÉRENCE INFINIE Individual, Community and History in Miquel Barceló’s Works By Irene Biolchini

Presents numerous unpublished materials contained in the artist’s journals or gained during meetings with him.

9788869772214, Paperback 35 colour illus., 229 x 152mm 220 pages, July 2019, £21.00 Mimesis International

This book’s primary goal is to situate Miquel Barceló within contemporary critical debate. Through the comparison of Barceló’s writings, declarations, and works, the study examines the artist’s autofiction, providing the reader with a tool to understand Barceló’s art, and hopefully, the times we are living in.

FUTURISM: ANTICIPATING POSTMODERNISM A Sociological Essay: On Avant-Garde Art And Society By Ilaria Riccioni

Tells us what we can still learn from the radical claims of avant-garde art.

9788869772313, Paperback 140 x 210mm, 176 pages April 2019, £15.00 Mimesis International

The first Manifesto of Futurism was published in Le Figaro on February 20th, 1909. It was to become the first avant-garde movement in art. The main topics proclaimed as crucial by Futurists are the contemporary most influential topics for social stability: politics, communication and technology as well as the major movers of social change. This book asks: what can we still learn from the radical claims of avante-garde art?





Myth, Mortality and the Male Figure

The Fire Paintings

By Gordon Samuel, with essays by Gerard Hastings

With an essay by Mark Pulsford

This book accompanies the fourth major exhibition of paintings and works on paper by Keith Vaughan at the Osborne Samuel Gallery (June-July 2019).

A new catalogue to accompany the exhibition of a new body of work titled The Fire Paintings, September 2018. John Blackburn was championed by Jim Ede in the early 1960s and short-listed for the Gregory Fellowship in painting. However, largely by his own design, his name fell into obscurity until an exhibition at the Metropole Galleries in Folkestone in 2006. During the intervening years he built up a remarkable body of innovative work which is now held in the collections of Cambridge, Newcastle and Dublin Universities as well as Kettle’s Yard. Accompanying his latest exhibition, this book includes an enlightening essay by the artist’s close friend, Mark Pulsford.

The Keith Vaughan: Myth, Mortality and the Male Figure exhibition includes his monumental Theseus and the Minotaur (1950) alongside many other works that have not been seen at the gallery before. This accompanying catalogue includes colour plates of paintings, gouaches and drawings, insightful essays by the leading Vaughan scholar Gerard Hastings, and quotes from the artist’s journals.

9781999729370, Paperback, Illustrations throughout, 118 Pages, July 2019 Osborne Samuel

9781999729356, Paperback, Colour images throughout, 54 pages, August 2018, £15.00 Osborne Samuel




The Pavements and Royal Tombs: History, Archaeology, Architecture and Conservation

The Sacred and Secular Power of Embroidery By Alexandra Lester-Makin

By Warwick Rodwell and David S. Neal The first detailed analyses of all 43 known embroideries made in Britain in the early medieval period.

Presents a holistic study of an outstanding group of monuments in their historical architectural and archaeological context.

New research carried out on those embroideries that are accessible today, involving the collection of technical data, stitch analysis, observations of condition and wear-marks and microscopic photography supplements a survey of existing published and archival sources. The research has been used to write, for the first time, the ‘story’ of embroidery.

Westminster Abbey contains the only surviving medieval Cosmatesque mosaics outside Italy. Surprisingly, the mosaics have never before received detailed recording and analysis, either individually or as an assemblage. This work fills a major lacuna in our knowledge of 13th-century English art of the first rank, while commanding international interest. 9781789252347, Hardback b/w and colour illus., 305 x 240mm 560 pages, September 2019, £65.00 Oxbow Books

9781789251449, Paperback b/w and colour illus., 240 x 170mm 272 pages, September 2019, £38.00 Oxbow Books




Another Life Another World

A London Life

By David Boyd Haycock

By Andrew Dempsey, Lulu Norman and Jackie Wullschlager

Following the sell-out 2014 publication Paul Nash: Watercolours 1910 – 1946 this is a revised and expanded edition.

This fully illustrated publication examines the paintings and drawings of one of Britain’s most acclaimed living artists.

This fully illustrated publication includes major oils as well as watercolours, prints and photographs, and examines one of Britain’s most acclaimed artists of the twentieth century while reflecting on Nash’s unprecedented impact on British Art and the lingering contemporary power of his works today.

The publication brings together masterworks from each period of the artist’s career, demonstrating the unwavering rigour, the nuance and the psychological intensity of his output. The exhibition explores the artist’s working practice and his creative environment especially the city of his birth, London, which has played a central role in his career.

9781901192544, Paperback 78 illus., 280 x 250mm, 100 pages April 2019, £30.00 Piano Nobile

9781901192537, Hardback 76 illus., 280 x 250mm, 144 pages February 2019, £45.00 Piano Nobile





Marquesan Art and the Krusenstern Expedition

Unique Southeast Asian images of the Bodhisattva Avalokitevara

Edited by Elena Govor and Nicholas Thomas

By Sofia Sundström

Fantastical and beautiful images introduce a wider audience to the originality of Southeast Asian art.

A virtual reconstruction of the artefacts from Nuku Hiva from the 1804 Krusenstern expedition.

Centuries ago, Buddhism spread to various areas of Southeast Asia, where some of the greatest Buddhist images and monuments were produced over 1,000 years ago. This book deals with images of the Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara that are unique to specific countries of Southeast Asia: Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia.

Marquesan art is poorly understood, and the formation of collections still largely unresearched. This book documents and explores the most extensive early collection and for the first time, this heritage is made accessible to Islanders themselves, and to interested scholars and curators.

9789088906176, Paperback 45 fc/5 bw illus., 254 x 178mm, 100 pages September 2019, £25.00 Sidestone Press

9789088906909, Paperback 234 fc/33 bw illus., 254 x 179mm, 519 pages March 2019, £60.00 Sidestone Press



CHROMATIC HOMES The Joy of Colour in Historic Places By John I. Gilderbloom

Edited by Christopher Fulton Foreword by Michael Frisch and contributions by Elizabeth E. Reilly, Cynthia Negrey and Catherine Fosl

Filled with engaging and eye-catching photos of homes all across the world.

Combines historical and biographical research with cultural and artistic criticism, offering a unique perspective.

Bright, vibrant, intriguing, and unique, chromatic homes are speckled across the world's landscape. These historic houses and buildings are saturated with colours often highlighting decorative woodwork and architecture to enhance, revive, and regenerate various neighborhoods and communities. This work explores and celebrates the appeal of these captivating houses.

Milton Rogovin (1909-2011) dedicated his photographic career to capturing the humanity of working-class people around the world– coal miners, factory workers, the residents of Appalachia, and other marginalised groups. This collaborative effort by prominent scholars is a multi-disciplinary study of Rogovin's historical achievement and continuing relevance.

9780813176147, Hardback 203 x 203mm, 132 pages May 2018, £18.50 University Press of Kentucky

9780813177489, Paperback 83 b/w photographs, 170 pages June 2019, £30.00 University Press of Kentucky




The Forgotten Impressionist Mary Rogers Williams, 1857−1907

By Jennifer Stettler Parsons

The Naturalist Impulse in Contemporary Art

By Eve M. Kahn A vivid portrayal of Mary Rogers Williams, an adventurer who defied her era’s expectations.

Essays and conversations showcasing the persuasive role artists play in advocating for the preservation of earth.

Revolutionary artist Mary Rogers Williams (1857−1907), baker’s daughter from Hartford, Connecticut, chafed against art world rules that favored men, wrote thousands of pages about her travels and work, and taught at Smith College for nearly two decades, but sadly ended up almost totally obscure. This book reproduces her unpublished artworks.

Motivated by the inexorable rise of urbanindustrial development and the subsequent deterioration of our planet, artists confront the contemporary vulnerability of our natural world. This book illustrates the continued relevance of ecology and nature conservation to contemporary artistic practice, and global climate change, reflecting artists' perspectives of natural science.

9780819578747, Hardback 240 pages, November 2019, £27.00 Wesleyan University Press

9781880897317, Paperback 120 pages, October 2019, £20.00 Wesleyan University Press


TRADE ORDERING INFORMATION Excluding Boydell & Brewer and Grub Street, all trade orders for books represented by Casemate Art can be placed with Orca Book Services Ltd.: Tel: +44 (0)1235 465500 | Email: orders@orcabookservices.co.uk If you do not have a trade account with Orca, please contact Elisa Rosolin at trade@casematepublishers.co.uk to set one up. Boydell & Brewer: Wiley | T: 01243 843291 | E: customer@wiley.com Grub Street: HHC, Hachette UK | E: hukdcustomerservices@hachette.co.uk LONDON AND SOUTH OF ENGLAND: Jean-Marc Evans E: jean-marc.evans@casematepublishers.co.uk T: 07901603076 SCOTLAND & NORTHERN ENGLAND: Anna Murphy E: info@annamurphy.co.uk MIDLANDS & WALES: Ian Tripp E: iantripp@ymail.com EXPORT & SPECIAL SALES: Martin Ashworth E: martin.ashworth@casematepublishers.co.uk T: 01865 207008 MARKETING ENQUIRIES: Helen Boyd E: helen.boyd@casematepublishers.co.uk T: 01865 241249

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