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Volume X, Issue V, Winter 2019

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Welcome everyone to the fifth and final edition of The Warrior for 2019! The holiday season is upon us and we wanted to offer you something special, so this edition of The Warrior has eleven full pages of bargain books, all at extra-discounted prices only available to you readers. Flip to page 52 to see everything we have on offer! We also wanted to offer a special discount on one of our biggest books of the year, Legacies in Steel. This massive 600 page tome beautifully displays nearly 100 beautiful historical edged weapons of the German Military from 1800 to 1990. Pulled from museums and private collections alike, this is the largest compendium of personalized edged weapons published to date. Flip to page 4 to take a look! If holiday bargains don’t interest you, November 30th marks the 145th birthday of none other than Winston Churchill; starting on page 10 is a two-page mini-section stocked with nothing but books about the man himself. Read up on some of the best, and the worst moments of one of the biggest figures in 20th century military history. But perhaps the lives of historical figures don’t interest you and you’re more of a historical battle sort of person. Well December 16th marks the 75th anniversary of the beginning of The Battle of the Bulge. Starting on page 7 is a three-page mini-section on the Ardennes Counteroffensive for you to sink your teeth into. And if none of these float your boat, the rest of The Warrior is chock full of books covering everything from ancient times to modernity. If you’re a fan of military history, The Warrior has something for you. Happy reading, and happy holidays! Will & Girard The Warrior Team

New from Casemate Why Soldiers Miss War The Journey Home

Nolan Peterson Ask most combat veterans to name the worst experience of their lives, and they’ll probably tell you it was war. But ask them to choose the best experience of their life, and they’ll usually say it was war, too. For someone who has not been to war, this is nearly impossible to understand. What is it about war that soldiers miss? Weaving together a wide range of stories from the flight deck of a U.S. aircraft carrier off Syria to climbing a forbidden Himalayan pass into Tibet, this moving and insightful book explains one of the most everlasting human pursuits – war. But its focus isn’t solely war; it is also about coming home and confronting another kind of struggle, which we all share—the search for happiness. 9781612007731, $29.95, $19.50, Hardback, 208p.

The Quaker and the Gamecock Nathanael Greene, Thomas Sumter, and the Revolutionary War for the Soul of the South

Eric Hammel As the newly appointed commander of the Southern Continental Army in December 1780, Nathanael Greene quickly realized victory would not only require defeating the British Army, but also subduing the region’s brutal civil war. “The division among the people is much greater than I imagined, and the Whigs and the Tories persecute each other, with little less than savage fury,” wrote Greene. Part of Greene’s challenge involved managing South Carolina’s determined but unreliable Patriot militia, led by Thomas Sumter, the famed “Gamecock.” Though Sumter would go on to a long political career, it was as a defiant partisan that he first earned the respect of his fellow backcountry settlers, a command that would compete with Greene for status and stature in the Revolutionary War’s “Southern Campaign.” The Quaker and the Gamecock tells the story of these two wildly divergent leaders against the backdrop of the American Revolution’s last gasp, the effort to extricate a British occupation force from the wild and lawless South Carolina frontier. 9781612007816, $34.95, $22.99, paperback, 224p. The front cover image is from Legacies in Steel by Hermann Hampe and Rick Dauzat Casemate Publishers, 2019 Typeset by Versatile PreMedia Services, Pune, India. www.versatilepremedia.com


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• NEW FROM CASEMATE • Whispers in the Tall Grass

Nick Brokhausen Picking up where We Few left off, Whispers in the Tall Grass opens as the war moves into a new phase. The enemy are using special formations to hunt recon teams and missions are now rarely accomplished without heavy contact. Despite the teams’ careful prep, losses are mounting. Written in the same vivid, immediate style that made We Few a cult classic, Whispers in the Tall Grass follows Habu, Crusader and other teams as they undertake missions in this new, deadlier phase of the war. The narrative veers from hair-raising to tragic and back as the teams insert into hot targets, act as Bright Light for stricken teams, and play hard in between missions to diffuse the ever-rising tension. 9781612007755, $32.95, $21.50, Hardback, 216p.

American Guerrilla The Forgotten Heroics of Russell W. Volckmann—the Man Who Escaped from Bataan, Raised a Filipino Army against the Japanese, and became the True “Father” of Army Special Forces

Mike Guardia With his parting words “I shall return,” General Douglas MacArthur sealed the fate of the last American forces on Bataan.Yet one young Army Captain named Russell Volckmann refused to surrender. He disappeared into the jungles of north Luzon where he raised a Filipino army of over 22,000 men. For the next three years he led a guerrilla war against the Japanese, killing over 50,000 enemy soldiers. At the same time he established radio contact with MacArthur’s HQ in Australia and directed Allied forces to key enemy positions. When General Yamashita finally surrendered, he made his initial overtures not to MacArthur, but to Volckmann. 9781612007151, $16.95, $11.50, Paperback, 240p.

Leyte, 1944 The Soldiers’ Battle

Nathan N. Prefer When General Douglas MacArthur arrived in Australia in March 1942, having successfully left the Philippines to organize a new American army, he vowed, “I shall return!” More than two years later he did return, at the head of a large U.S. army to retake the Philippines from the Japanese. The place of his re-invasion was the central Philippine Island of Leyte. Much has been written about the naval Battle of Leyte Gulf that his return provoked, but almost nothing has been written about the three-month long battle to seize Leyte itself. Leyte was a threedimensional battle, fought with the best both sides had to offer, and did indeed decide the fate of the Philippines in World War II. 9781612007168, $24.95, $16.50, paperback, 424p.

Army of the Roman Emperors

Robert M. Murphy Compared to modern standard, the Roman army of the imperial era was surprisingly small. However, when assessed in terms of their various tasks, they by far outstrip modern armies – acting not only as an armed power of the state in external and internal conflicts, but also carrying out functions which nowadays are performed by police, local government, customs and tax authorities, as well as constructing roads, ships, and buildings. With this opulent volume, Thomas Fischer presents a comprehensive and unique exploration of the Roman military of the imperial era. With over 600 illustrations, the costumes, weapons and equipment of the Roman army are explored in detail using archaeological finds dating from the late Republic to Late Antiquity, and from all over the Roman Empire. The buildings and fortifications associated with the Roman army are also discussed. By comparing conflicts, border security, weaponry and artifacts, the development of the army through time is traced. This work is intended for experts as well as to readers with a general interest in Roman history. It is also a treasure-trove for reenactment groups, as it puts many common perceptions of the weaponry, equipment and dress of the Roman army to the test. 9781612008103, $45.00, $29.50, Hardback, 464p.

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STEEL Personalized and Historical German Military Edged Weapons 1800-1990 Hermann Hampe & Rick Dauzat Legacies in Steel presents a stunning selection of historical edged weapons of the German military from 1800 to 1990. These examples have been carefully chosen from some of the most important private collections in the world as well as from German museums of distinction. Through the photographic lens, details of these elegant and beautiful objects are revealed for study and enjoyment. As the largest compendium of personalized edged weapons published to date, it is an invaluable resource for the collector and historian. In addition to details of manufacture and personalization, the authors have pieced together the careers and exploits of many of the former owners of these weapons, thus offering the full historical context that transforms what is a beautiful and sublimely crafted artifact in its own right, into a portal to the past by putting a face to an otherwise inanimate object. Many of these edged weapons belonged to nobility, aristocrats, high-ranking military personnel as well as brave soldiers and seamen. Their contributions and valor are recorded here for posterity, for many of them made the ultimate sacrifice in the service of their country.

9781612007779 • $200.00 • $130.00 • 10 x 12.5 inch • hardback • 624 pages

A collector’s item book, illustrated throughout with multiple color photographs of each object. Many of the swords and daggers are exquisite works of art in their own right. Contains historical information on what is known of the owners and makers of the weapons.

• NEW FROM CASEMATE • Battle for Skyline Ridge The CIA Secret War in Laos

James E. Parker Jr In late 1971, the People’s Army of Vietnam launched Campaign “Z” into northern Laos, escalating the war in Laos with the aim of defeating the last Royal Lao Army troops. The NVA troops numbered 27,000 and brought with them 130mm field guns and T-34 tanks, while the North Vietnamese air force launched MiG-21s into Lao air space. General Giap’s specific orders to this task force were to kill the CIA army under command of the Hmong war lord Vang Pao and occupy its field headquarters in the Long Tieng valley of northeast Laos. Despite the odds being overwhelmingly in the NVA’s favor, the battle did not go to plan. It raged for more than 100 days, the longest in the Vietnam War, and it all came down to Skyline Ridge. As at Dien Bien Phu, whoever won Skyline, won Laos. James Parker served in Laos. Over many years he pieced together his own knowledge with CIA files and North Vietnamese after-action reports in order to tell the full story of the battle of Skyline Ridge. 9781612007052, $32.95, $21.50, Hardback, 288p.

Action at Badama Post The Third Afghan War, 1919

Paul Macro The 3rd Afghan War in 1919 was the only time that the Afghans invaded British India during Britain’s long history of conflict in Afghanistan and along the North-West Frontier. It was a campaign that cost the lives of well over 1,000 British and Indian troops. This is the story of an unknown action of this little-known war, an aircraft crash and rescue. Above all it is an action which typifies the experience of a virtually unknown group of soldiers, 22 Battery of the Motor Machine Gun Service. They had volunteered to serve as Motor Machine Gunners in France, and had suddenly found themselves dispatched half way round the globe to the heat, dust, snows and monsoons of India and the North-West Frontier. This book looks at the background to the conflict, the Kurram Militia, the history of the squadron and the lives of the key players. 9781612007595, $32.95, $21.50, Hardback, 272p.

Poacher Wars One Man’s Fight to Save Zambia’s Elephants

Al J.Venter After the Rhodesian War, Darrell Watt, hero soldier of the Rhodesian SAS persuaded Lebanese Prime Minister Rafic Hariri to buy Mushi, the enormous game conservancy on the banks of the great Kafue River with its elephant herds. After Watt’s departure, Hariri was assassinated. Today poachers have made such severe inroads into the Zambian elephant population that Darrell is left with the last big herd of about 500 elephants which he zealously protects with his 40 game guards armed with AK 47s. In the past decade he has arrested and handed over to the police 600+ poachers and recovered about 400 illegal firearms. 9781612004495, $32.95, $21.50, Hardback, 240p.

Chosin Heroic Ordeal of the Korean War

Eric Hammel Told from the point of view of the men in the foxholes and tanks, outposts and command posts, this is the definitive account of the epic retreat under fire of the 1st Marine Division from the Chosin Reservoir. The author first sketches in the errors and miscalculations on the part of the American high command that caused the Marines to be strung out at the end of a narrow road scores of miles from the sea. He then plunges right into the action: the massing of Chinese forces in about ten-to-one strength; the Marines’ command problems due to the climate and terrain and high-level over confidence; and the onset of the overwhelming Chinese assault. With a wealth of tactical detail and small-unit action, Chosin is the most complete book written to date on this iconic battle. Author Eric Hammel’s masterful account offers invaluable perspective on war at the gut level. 9781612007885, $24.95, $16.50, Paperback, 534p.


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• BATTLE OF THE BULGE • The Battle of the Bulge. Volume 1 The Failure of the Final Blitzkrieg

Philippe Guillemot In this new work, the author tackles the famous Battle of the Bulge. This is the first volume to be offered to readers, with an examination of the northern edge of this offensive launched by the 6th Panzer Army. Its deployment during the Battle of the Bulge represented its baptism of fire. Drawing on the examination of thousands of pages of archives, focusing as much on American as on German forces, as well as an analysis of the most recent studies combined with site visits, the author reviews the northern sector of the battle for us. Through this research, the author is able to reveal new factors to us, reexamining clichés and dismissing misconceptions. 9782352503828, $44.95, $29.50, Hardback, 192p.

The Battle of the Bulge: The First Eight Days

Bob Carruthers There are few better or more authoritative accounts of the struggle as seen through the eyes of the American soldiers who stood fast at Bastogne. Sent to rest and recuperate, the weary paratroopers and GIs found themselves in the middle of a siege while all hell let loose around them. This is the definitive overview of their conflict as recounted in the year following the battle. This masterful overview is essential reading for anyone with an interest in the Battle of the Bulge. 9781781591420, $19.95, $12.99, Paperback, 272p.

Hitler’s Last Offensive

Peter Elstob This is the full story of the Battle of the Ardennes. In the last weeks of 1944 the German armies in the West, after a continuous retreat since the Battle of Normandy five months earlier were regrouping in what they thought was to be the last battle in defense of the Fatherland. But Hitler had other plans - to mount an offensive through the Ardennes that would deal such a blow to the Western Allies that they would be willing to negotiate a separate peace. This is the offensive known as the Battle of the Bulge.Could Hitler’s gamble have succeeded? Could he have reached his objective, the port of Antwerp? Peter Elstob unfolds the whole panorama of the ‘last offensive’ which was one of the bloodiest battles of the Second World War, garnished with many acts of individual heroism and many errors of judgment by the firebrand General George Patton, the superb German generals and others. Paradoxically, all it ensured was that the Russians would reach Berlin first. 9781473827653, $29.95, $19,50 Paperback, 432p.

The Battle of the Bulge. Volume 2: The North Point. The Assault of the 6th Panzer Army The Failure of the Final Blitzkrieg

Philippe Guillemot This second volume offers the reader the study of the northern tip of this offensive launched by the 6th Panzer Army whose engagement in the Battle of the Bulge represented a baptism by fire. Based on the study of thousands of pages of archives concerning both U.S. forces and German, the author revisits for us this sector, which should have been the major axis through which Hitler hoped to overthrow its profit in the course of the war. 9782352504009, $44.95, $29.50, Hardback, 192p.

Last Assault 1944 - The Battle of the Bulge Reassessed

Charles Whiting It has generally been assumed by historians of the Second World War that the Americans were caught completely unawares by the last great German Offensive - the drive into the Ardenees in December, 1944, known as the Battle of the Bulge. But were they in fact caught unawares? In this remarkable reappraisal of those hectic days which preceded the last Christmas of the War, Charles Whiting argues that very probably, they were not. 9781844152223, $14.99, $9.99, Paperback, 256p.

The Ardennes, 1944-1945 Hitler’s Winter Offensive

Christer Bergström In December 1944, Hitler shocked the world with a powerful German counteroffensive that cracked the center of the American front. The attack came through the Ardennes, the hilly and forested area in eastern Belgium and Luxembourg that the Allies had considered a “quiet” sector. Instead, for the second time in the war, the Germans used it as a stealthy avenue of approach for their panzers. The Ardennes Offensive has often been described from the American point of view; however, this balanced book devotes equal attention to the perspectives of both sides. With nearly 400 photos, numerous maps, and 32 superb color profiles of combat vehicles and aircraft, it provides perhaps the most comprehensive look at the battle yet published. 9781612002774, $69.95, $45.50, Hardback, 508p.

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• BATTLE OF THE BULGE • Battle of the Bulge (Region 1 DVD)

The Ardennes Offensive was a major German offensive through the forested Ardennes Mountains region. The Germans mounted a surprise attack against the relatively inexperienced First U.S. Army. The Germans were ultimately defeated and were left severely depleted of men and equipment. With over 800,000 men committed and over 19,000 killed, the Battle of the Bulge became the biggest and bloodiest battle that American forces experienced in World War II. The DVD contains 5 short propaganda movies produced during the war by the Americans that document the Wochenschau, The Bulge, Enemy Strikes, Christmas 1944 and the March of Time. 5060247620664, $14.95, $9.99, 55 min.

Battered Bastards of Bastogne

George Koskimaki The Battered Bastards of Bastogne is the product of contributions by 530 soldiers who were on the ground or in the air over Bastogne. They lived and made this history and much of it is told in their own words. The material contributed by these men of the 101st Airborne Division, the Armor, Tank Destroyer, Army Air Force , and others is tailored meticulously by the author and placed on the historical framework known to most students of the Battle of the Bulge. Pieces of a nearly 60 year old jigsaw puzzle come together in this book, when memoirs related by one soldier fit with those of another unit or group pursuing the battle from another nearby piece of terrain. 9781612000749 $24.95, $16.50, Paperback, 528p.

Armoured Warfare in the Battle of the Bulge 1944-1945

Anthony Tucker-Jones The Battle of the Bulge took the Allied armies by surprise in 1944. It was a result of the extraordinary recovery of Hitler’s panzer divisions following crushing defeats on the Eastern and Western fronts. In a daring offensive he hoped his panzers would unhinge the American and British push on the Rhine by charging through the Schnee Eifel, thereby prolonging the war. The consequence was one of the best-known battles of the entire conflict, and Anthony Tucker-Jones’s photographic history is the ideal introduction to it. The story is told through a sequence of revealing contemporary photographs and a concise text. 9781526701756, $24.95, $16.99, Paperback, 144p.


Saint Vith (Region 1 DVD)

Battlefield History TV Ltd The Northern most thrust into the wintery Ardennes of General Hasso von Manteuffel’s Fifth Panzer Army fell on the inexperienced 105th US Infantry Division in what was supposed to be a ‘ghost front’. One of the best German infantry divisions reformed as the 18th Volksgrenadiers fell on the over extended Golden Lions dug in on the Schnee Eifel, where two US regiments were surrounded and forced to surrender. Shot in the same winter snow as the battle was fought in, the BHTV team takes the viewer to the scene of the action and uses maps, photographs and reenactment footage of the battle to give a sense of what it was like for both sides to fight this most terrible of US Army battles. 5060247621203, $32.95, $21.50, 85 min.

Voices from the Battle of the Bulge

Nigel De Lee After the Allies broke out from Normandy in July 1944, they drove quickly through the rest of France and were threatening the German border by the autumn. To halt the Allies, Hitler’s last throw of the dice was the massive gamble of a counterattack in the Ardennes. The massive German attack launched on 16 December 1944 achieved complete surprise but heavy fighting in the American sectors halted their advance after two days. Limited fuel supplies on the German side gradually turned the battle in the Allies favor and by mid-January German forces were in retreat. This new paperback edition of Voices of Battle of the Bulge tells the story of this pivotal battle of World War 2 through contemporary witnesses. Drawing on interviews, letters, diaries and eyewitness accounts. 9781784383176, $19.95, $12.99, Paperback, 288p.

Ardennes 1944 The Battle of the Bulge

Yves Buffetaut This volume in the Casemate Illustrated series, describes the different events that caused the German defeat, from the beginning of the offensive on December 16, 1944 to the retreat behind the Siegfried Line. It looks at several topics in cluding: the American resistance at St.Vith; the resistance of the 101st Airborne in Bastogne; the airlift and the intervention of the 9th US Air Force; the rapid regrouping of the 3rd US Army; Patton’s counterattack; and how the Allies failed to transform the German withdrawal into rout, missing an opportunity to cross the Siegfried line and the Rhine on the heels of the Germans, leading to an incomplete victory. 9781612006697, $24.95, $16.50, Paperback, 128p.

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• BATTLE OF THE BULGE • The Ardennes Battlefields December 1944– January 1945

Simon Forty The Ardennes Battlefields includes details of what can be seen on the ground today—hardware, memorials, museums, and cemeteries—using a mixture of media to provide an overview of the campaign: maps old and new highlight what has survived and what hasn’t; then and now photography allows fascinating comparisons with the images taken at the time; aerial photos give another angle to the story. 9781612005348, $29.99, $19.50, Hardback, 192p.

The Fighting 30th Division They Called Them Roosevelt’s SS

Michael Collins In World War I the 30th Infantry Division earned more Medals of Honor than any other American division. What was it about these men that made them so indomitable? This book is a combat chronicle of this illustrious division that takes the reader right to the heart of the fighting through the eyes of those who were actually there. This work follows their story from Normandy to the final victory in Germany, packed with previously untold accounts from the survivors. 9781612003016, $32.95, $21.50, Hardback, 360p.

Blocking Kampfgruppe Peiper The 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment in the Battle of the Bulge

Frank van Lunteren In December 1944 an enormous German army group crashed through the thin American line in the Ardennes forest. Caught by surprise, the Allies were initially only able to throw two divisions of paratroopers to buttress the collapse—the 82nd Airborne, which was rushed to the area of St.Vith, and the 101st, which was trucked to Bastogne. In this work Van Lunteren provides a fascinating, close-in view of the 504th P.I.R. during the Battle of the Bulge as well as its gallant sacrifice. Using never before published diaries, letters, battle reports and interviews with over 100 veterans, a comprehensive account is painted of a triumphant U.S. regiment in one of the fiercest fought campaigns in the history of the U.S. Army. 9781612003139, $32.95, $ 21.50, Hardback, 368p.

A Tour of the Bulge Battlefields

Karl Cavanagh No other conflict has sparked the imagination or interest of so many people worldwide as World War Two. Hundreds of thousands of Americans are the descendants of men who saw service in the Battle of the Bulge. This battle still holds the record for the highest number of American troops engaged in any single pitched battle in the history of the United States Army. This guidebook serves as a memorial to those who served. It will enable those who didn’t, to learn something about the hardship endured by a previous generation in the name of freedom. 9781473828148, $29.95, $19.50, Paperback, 256p.

Victory Was Beyond Their Grasp With the 272nd VolksGrenadier Division from the Huertgen Forest to the Heart of the Reich

Douglas E. Nash Often confused with the Volkssturm, the Home Guard militia,VGDs have suffered an undeserved reputation as second-rate formations, filled with young boys and old men suited to serve only as cannon fodder. This groundbreaking book, now reappearing as a new edition, shows that VGDs were actually conceived as a new, elite corps loyal to the National Socialist Party composed of men from all branches of Hitler’s Wehrmacht and equipped with the finest ground combat weapons available. 9781612003054, $34.95, $ 22.99, Hardback, 416p.

Men of Steel: 1st SS Panzer Corps 1944-45

Major General Michael Reynolds CB Traces the origins, formation and early history of I SS Panzer Corps. Packed with detail it covers the I SS Panzer Corps’ retreat from Normandy to the West Wall, the Leibstandarte & Hitlerjugend Panzer Divisions’ crucial part in the ‘Battle of the Bulge’, Jochen Peiper’s dash for the Meuse, the ‘Malmedy Massacre’, the ‘Battle of the Twin Villages’, Bastogne, the elimination of the Gran Bridgehead in Hungary, February 1945, Hitler’s last gamble on the Eastern Front—the ‘Lake Balaton’ offensive, the attempt to stem the Soviet ‘Tide from the East’, the last desperate battles to defend the Greater German Reich and the final capitulation to the Americans. It also includes information on the unit’s captivity and war crimes. 9781932033519, $24.95, $16.50, Paperback, 400p.

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• CHURCHILL’S 145TH • Churchill and the Generals

Barrie Pitt This book vividly brings alive the dramatic situation facing Europe and the Allies after the loss of Dunkirk. Churchill and his generals Alexander, Brooke, Wavell and Montgomery - were faced with many disasters that required courageous decisions in order to pursue their aim of victory. This is the inside story of the situations they faced, the decisions they made and the outcome of those choices. An incredible portrayal of the courage, the nerve and the commitment of those brave men who affected the course of history. 9781844151011, $12.99, $8.50, Paperback, 196p.

Winston Churchill: Rare Photographs from Wartime Archives

David Francois Sir Winston Leonard SpencerChurchill is known chiefly for his leadership of the United Kingdom during World War Two. He served as Prime Minister from 1940 to 1945 and again from 1951 to 1955. A noted statesman and orator, Churchill was also an officer in the British Army, a historian, writer and artist. To date, he is the only British Prime Minister to have received the Nobel Prize in Literature, and the second person to be recognized as an Honorary Citizen of the United States. This unique title contains many rare and unpublished photographs of Churchill throughout his military and political career. 9781848841680, $24.95, $16.50, Paperback, 112p.

Winston Churchill: Portrait of an Unquiet Mind

Andrew Norman Winston Churchill was an extraordinary person. In a study of his life, certain bizarre character traits become discernible. He had excessive energy and required little sleep. His mind would flit from one idea to another or focus obsessively on one particular goal. He was impulsive, and his attention was easily drawn to irrelevant matters. He enjoyed taking risks. He lacked inhibition and was eccentric in the extreme.Yet at other times, he became depressed, irritable, aggressive, and preoccupied with death and suicide. By closely and painstakingly examining the statements of Churchill’s doctor, of Winston himself, his family, his friends and acquaintances, Dr. Norman, as a medical man, has been able to ascertain the true nature of Winston’s disorder. 9781848846777, $39.95, $25.99, Hardback, 224p.


Churchill and Tito SOE, Bletchley Park and Supporting the Yugoslav Communists in World War II

Christopher Catherwood One of Churchill’s most controversial decisions during the Second World War was to switch SOE support in Yugoslavia in 1943 from the Cetniks loyal to the exiled Royal Government to backing Tito and his Communist Partisan guerrillas. It led to a Communist regime in Yugoslavia which lasted until Tito’s death in 1980, and the nationalistic sentiments he had suppressed exploding into ethnic violence in the Balkan wars of the 1990s. 9781526704962, $29.95, $19.50, Hardback, 216p.

Winston Churchill The Great Man’s Life in Anecdotes

Patrick Delaforce In the welter of popular stories and reminiscences about Churchill (many of them more legend than fact), it can be easy to forget that he was more than an inspirational leader and figurehead to a nation and its allies. In spite of his many and varied successes, Britain’s last great wartime Prime Minister was not free from the foibles, fallibility, bad temper, pig-headedness and vanity that are so often the shadows of such greatness. Winston Churchill: The Great Man’s Life in Anecdotes is a treasury of anecdote and recollection, an insight into Churchill’s larger-than-life personality, and a record of his often caustic, yet brilliant wit. 9781781550748, $19.95, $12.99, Paperback, 240p.

How Churchill Waged War The Most Challenging Decisions of the Second World War

Allen Packwood When Winston Churchill accepted the position of Prime Minister in May 1940, he insisted in also becoming Minister of Defence. He was going to get his hands dirty and take direct personal control of the day to day running of military policy. This, though, meant that he alone would be responsible for the success or failure of Britain’s war effort. In this insightful investigation into Churchill’s conduct during the Second World War, Allen Packwood, enables the reader to share the agonies and uncertainties faced by Churchill at each crucial stage of the war. . 9781526771094, $22.95, $14.99, Paperback, 288p.

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• CHURCHILL'S 145th • Churchill’s Abandoned Prisoners The British Soldiers Deceived in the Russian Civil War

Rupert Wieloch Churchill’s Abandoned Prisoners tells the previously suppressed story of fifteen British prisoners captured during the Russian civil war. Abandoned without communications or mail, they endure a fearful detention with two of them succumbing to typhus. The deserted group become an embarrassment to the Prime Minister, David Lloyd George and the War Secretary, Winston Churchill after a secret agreement fails to secure the release of the British prisoners. Deceived in Irkutsk, they are sent 3,500 miles to Moscow and imprisoned in notorious jails. After a traumatic incarceration, they are eventually released, having survived against all the odds. 9781612007533, $32.95, $21.50, Hardback, 272p.

Churchill’s Secret Weapons The Story of Hobart’s Funnies

Patrick Delaforce In the dark days when Britain stood alone, Prime Minister Churchill realized that, to win the war against an enemy superior in strength, science had to be harnessed to devise new weapons. 9781844154647, $24.95, $16.50, Paperback 224p.

With Winston Churchill at the Front Winston on the Western Front 1916

Andrew Dewar Gibb Following his resignation from the Government after the disastrous Gallipoli campaign, Winston Churchill’s political career stalled. Never one to give in, Churchill was determined to continue fighting the enemy. Packed with amusing anecdotes and fascinating detail, Gibb’s story shows an entirely different side to Churchill’s character from the forceful public figure normally presented to the world. Churchill proved to be a caring and compassionate commander and utterly fearless. Despised on his arrival, by the time he departed he was adored by his men. Supplemented with many of Churchill’s letters, the observations of other officers and additional narrative this is the most unusual and absorbing account of this part of Churchill’s life that has ever been told. 9781848324299, $39.95, $25.99, Hardback, 256p.

Churchill 1940-1945 Under Friendly Fire

Walter Reid In April 1945 Churchill said to Sir Alan Brooke, Chief of the Imperial General Staff, ‘There is only one thing worse than fighting with allies, and that is fighting without them!’ Churchill’s account of relations with his allies and associates was sanitized for the historical record and has been accepted uncritically. In reality he had to battle with the generals and the CIGS,Tory backbenchers and the War Cabinet, de Gaulle and the Free French and the Americans.Walter Reid, the author of several acclaimed works on 20th-century military history, brings together the result of recent research to create a powerful narrative which reveals how much time and energy was devoted to fighting the war that was excluded from the official accounts, the war with the allies. 9781843410591, $21.99, $14.50, Paperback, 416p.

Churchill’s Last Wartime Secret The 1943 German Raid Airbrushed from History

Adrian Searle This new work challenges the assertion that no German force set foot on British soil during World War Two (the Channel Islands excepted), on active military service. It reveals the remarkable story of a mid-war seaborne enemy raid on an Isle of Wight radar station. It describes the purpose and scope of the attack, the composition of the raiding German force and how it was immediately, and understandably, ‘hushed-up’ by Winston Churchill’s wartime administration. 9781473823815, $39.95, $25.99, Hardback, 256p.

Churchill Warrior How a Military Life Guided Winston’s Finest Hours

Brian Lavery Written in Brian Lavery’s acclaimed, insightful and anecdotal style, a grand narrative unfolds starting with the Marlborough toy soldiers and the army class at Eton, which then leads us through those early military and journalistic experiences, the fascinating trials and lessons of the First World War, the criticism and tenacity culminating in the ultimate triumph of the key events in the Second. It explores how some of Churchill’s earliest innovations were to bear fruit decades later, how his uncompromising, but uniquely informed, hands-on approach, and his absolute belief in combined forces in Normandy, led to a systemic victory against the odds. 9781910860229, $32.95, $21.50, Hardback, 448p.

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• ANCIENT & MEDIEVAL • Armies of the Hellenistic States 323 BC - AD 30 History, Organization and Equipment

Paul Moorcraft This book provides a complete and detailed analysis of the organization and equipment employed by the armies of the Hellenistic States. After Alexander the Great’s death in 323 BC, his immense Macedonian empire was divided between his ambitious generals, who in turn formed their own monarchies across Eastern Europe, Asia and North Africa. This work will follow the development of the Hellenistic military forces from the army bequeathed by Alexander the Great to the complex military machines that succumbed one by one in the wars against the expanding Romans. 9781526730299, $34.95, $22.99, Hardback, 168p.

The Spartan Way

Nic Fields For a period of some 200 years, Sparta was acknowledged throughout the Greek world as the home of the finest soldiers. Xenophon called them ‘the only true craftsmen in matters of war’. Nic Fields explains the reasons for this superiority, how their reputation for invincibility was earned (and deliberately manipulated) and how it was ultimately shattered. The Spartan Way examines how Spartan society, through its rigid laws and brutal educational system, was thoroughly militarized and devoted to producing warriors suited to the intense demands of hoplite warfare - professional killers inculcated with the values of unwavering obedience and a willingness to fight and die for their city. 9781848848993, $34.95, $22.99, Hardback, 208p.

Henchmen of Ares Warriors and Warfare in Early Greece

Josho Brouwers Much has already been written on warfare in ancient Greece, yet there are a number of factors that nevertheless warrant the publication of another book on this topic. Firstly, this book provides a detailed, diachronic treatment of a dynamic and formative period of Greek history: from the Mycenaean Bronze Age down to the Persian Wars. Secondly, it offers an up-to-date and detailed treatment of the archaeological evidence in addition to the ancient texts. Thirdly, it places the military developments into their proper cultural and historical contexts: warfare was not merely an activity that ancient peoples frequently engaged in, but served a much broader function as a constituent element of their cultural identities. 9789490258078, $38.00, $24.99, Hardback, 204p.


The Wars of Alexander’s Successors 323 – 281 BC. Volume 1 Commanders and Campaigns

Bob Bennett When the dying Alexander the Great was asked to whom he bequeathed his vast empire, he supposedly replied ”to the strongest.” There ensued a long series of struggles between his generals and governors for control of these territories. Most of these Diadochi (Successors) were consummate professionals who had learned the art of war under Alexander or even his father, Philip. Few died a peaceful death and the last survivors of this tough breed were still leading their armies against each other well into threir seventies 9781526760746, $24.95, $16.50, Paperback, 144p.

Greek Warriors Hoplites and Heroes

Carolyn Willekes Thermopylae, Marathon: though fought 2,500 years ago in Ancient Greece, the names of these battles are more familiar to many than battles fought in the last half-century; but our concept of the men who fought in these battles may be more a product of Hollywood than Greece. Shaped by the landscape in which they fought, the warriors of Ancient Greece were mainly heavy infantry. While Bronze Age Greeks fought as individuals, for personal glory, the soldiers of the Classical city states fought as hoplites, armed with long spears and large shields, in an organized formation called the phalanx. This book sketches the change from heroic to hoplite warfare, and discusses the equipment and training of both the citizen soldiers of most Greek cities, and the professional soldiers of Sparta. 9781612005157, $12.95, $8.50, Paperback, 160p.

Greece and Rome at War

Peter Connolly This is a detailed account of the arms and armies of Greece and Rome. Making use of fresh archaeological evidence and new material on the manufacture and use of the weapons of the period, the author presents an attractive and impressive volume that is both scholarly and beautifully presented with illustrations that are, quite rightly, recognized as being the best and most accurate representation of how the soldiers from these formidable military empires appeared. Covering the wars between the Greeks and the Persians and the epic contest between the Romans and their most capable opponent, Hannibal, as well as organization, tactics, armor and weapons, and much more, this excellent work brings the armies of Greece, Macedon, and Rome vividly to life. 9781848329416, $29.95, $19.50, Paperback, 320p.

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• ANCIENT & MEDIEVAL • The Frontiers of Imperial Rome

David J. Breeze Many of Rome’s frontier defenses have been the subject of detailed and ongoing study and scholarship. Three frontier zones are now UNESCO World Heritage sites (the Antonine Wall having recently been granted this status - the author led the bid), and there is growing interest in their study. This wide-ranging survey will describe the varying frontier systems, describing the extant remains, methods and materials of construction and highlighting the differences between various frontiers. Professor Breeze considers how the frontiers worked, discussing this in relation to the organization and structure of the Roman army. 9781526760807, $24.95, $16.50, Paperback, 272p.

Germanicus The Magnificent Life and Mysterious Death of Rome’s Most Popular General

Lindsay Powell Germanicus was considered by Romans as one of their greatest military heroes. His untimely death, in suspicious circumstances, ended the possibility of a return to a more open republic and ambitions for the outright conquest of Germania Magna (Germany). This, the first modern biography of Germanicus, is in parts a growing-up story, a history of war, a tale of political intrigue and a murder mystery. Born in 15 BC, Germanicus grew up to be a skilled diplomat and bold soldier. Married to the granddaughter of Augustus and responsible for avenging Rome’s humiliating defeat at the Teutoburg Forest through victory at Idistaviso (AD16) and the recovery of one of the lost standards, his reputation and popularity were immense. 9781473881983, $24.95, $16.50, Paperback, 376p.

The Varian Disaster: The Battle of the Teutoburg Forest 2009 Ancient Warfare Special Edition

Jasper Oorthuys Ancient Warfare Special 1: ‘The Varian Disaster’ Takes a look at the infamous Roman military debacle that resulted in the loss of an entire legion in the forests of Germany. 9789490258016, $19.95, $12.99, Paperback, 74p.

Edge of Empire Rome’s Frontier on the Lower Rhine

Arjen Bosman Every ancient author writing about the Low Countries, was preoccupied with the complete contrast between the civilized people of the Roman Empire and the tribes of noble savages or barbarians living outside it. Julius Caesar exploited this preconception to enhance his own reputation, Tacitus employed the same stereotypes and, in Late Antiquity, the Franks were still described as resembling monsters. The reality was different. The presence of the Roman army along the River Rhine radically changed the way of life in the small Roman province of Germania Inferior, and the tribes living along the lower reaches of the Rhine gradually began to resemble their occupiers. 9789490258054, $38.00, $24.99, Hardback, 194p.

Mithridates the Great Rome’s Indomitable Enemy

Philip Matyszak Mithridates VI ‘the Great’ of Pontus was Rome’s most persistent enemy. The Mithridiatic wars stretched over half a century and two continents, and have a fascinating cast of pirates, rebels, turncoats, and poisoners. There are pitched battles, epic sieges, double-crosses and world-class political conniving, assassinations, and general treachery. Through it all, the story is built about the dominant character of Mithridates, connoisseur of poisons, arch-schemer and strategist, resilient in defeat, savage and vindictive in victory. Almost by definition, this book will break new ground, in that nothing has been written on Mithridates for the general public for almost half a century, though scholarly journals have been adding a steady trickle of new evidence, which is drawn upon here. 9781473828902, $24.95, $16.50, Paperback, 208p.

Core of the Legion: The Roman Imperial Centuria 2010 Ancient Warfare Special Edition

João Paulo Zeitoun Moralez Ancient Warfare Special 2: ‘Core of the Legion’ examines the history, structure, and tactics of the centuria, a fundamental building block of the ancient Roman army. 9789490258023, $17.50, $11.50, Paperback, 82p.

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• ANCIENT & MEDIEVAL • Decorated Roman Armour From the Age of the Kings to the Death of Justinian the Great

Ian Proctor From the time of the Bronze Age, the warriors of all tribes and nations sought to emblazon their arms and armor with items and images to impress upon the enemy the wealth and power of the wearer. Such items were therefore of great significance to the wearers, and the authors of this astounding detailed and extensively researched book, have brought together years of research and the latest archaeological discoveries, to produce a work of undeniable importance. Decorated Roman Armour is richly decorated throughout, and as well as battlefield armor, details the tournament and parade armor from Rome’s earliest days. 9781473892873, $50.00, $32.50, Hardback, 392p.

Rome, Blood and Politics Reform, Murder and Popular Politics in the Late Republic 133-70 BC

Gareth C Sampson The last century of the Roman Republic saw the consensus of the ruling elite shattered by a series of high-profile politicians who proposed political or social reform programs, many of which culminated in acts of bloodshed on the streets of Rome itself. This began in 133 BC with the military recruitment reforms of Tiberius Gracchus, which saw him and his supporters lynched by a mob of angry Senators. Covering the period 133 - 70 BC, this volume analyzes each of the key reformers, what they were trying to achieve and how they met their end, narrating the long decline of the Roman Republic into anarchy and civil war. 9781473887329, $39.95, $25.99, Hardback, 304p.

Byzantium Triumphant The Military History of the Byzantines 959-1025

Julian Romane This book describes the wars of the Byzantine emperors Nicephorus II Phocas, his nephew and assassin John I Tzimiskes, and Basil II. The operations, battles and drama of their various bitter struggles unfold, depicting the new energy and improved methods of warfare developed in the late tenth century. These emperors were at war on all fronts, fighting for survival and dominance against enemies including the Arab caliphates, Bulgars (Basil II was dubbed by later authors ‘the Bulgar Slayer’) and the Holy Roman Empire, not to mention dealing with civil wars and rebellions. 9781473845701, $32.95, $21.50, Hardback, 208p.


Hannibal’s Road The Second Punic War in Italy 213-203 BC

Mike Roberts Many books have been written on the Second Punic War and Hannibal in particular but few give much space to his campaigns in the years from 213 – 203 BC. By 212 BC the wider war was definitely going against the Carthaginians. Yet Hannibal, despite being massively outnumbered and with little support from home, was able to sustain his polyglot army and campaign actively across southern Italy for another ten years. Mike Roberts follows the course of these remarkable events in detail, analyzing Hannibal’s strategy and aims in this phase of the war and revealing a genius that had lost none of its luster in adversity. 9781473855953, $39.95, $25.99, Hardback, 288p.

Rome, Blood and Power Reform, Murder and Popular Politics in the Late Republic 70-27 BC

Gareth C Sampson Following the First Civil War, the Roman Republic was able to rebuild itself and restore stability.Yet the problems which had plagued the previous seventy years of the Republic, of political reform being met with violence and bloodshed, had not been resolved and once again resumed. Men such as Catiline and Clodius took up the mantle of reform which saw Rome paralyzed with domestic conflict and ultimately bloodshed and murder. Gareth Sampson analyses the various reforming politicians, their policies and opponents and the violence and bloodshed that resulted. He charts the Republic’s collapse into further civil wars and the new system that rose from the ashes. 9781526710178, $34.95, $22.99, Hardback, 320p.

Military History of Late Rome 284-361 Military History of Late Rome

Ilkka Syvänne This ambitious series gives the reader a comprehensive narrative of late Roman military history from 284-641. Each volume gives a detailed account of the changes in organization, equipment, strategy and tactics among both the Roman forces and her enemies in the relevant period, while also giving a detailed but accessible account of the campaigns and battles.Volume I covers the period 284-361, starting with recovery from the ‘third-century crisis’ and the formation of the Tetrarchy. Constantine’s civil wars and stabilization are also major themes, with the pattern repeated under his sons. Anyone with an interest in the military history of this period will find it both informative and thought-provoking. 9781848848559, $44.95, $29.50, Hardback, 320p.

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• ANCIENT & MEDIEVAL • Roman Emperor Zeno The Perils of Power Politics in Fifth-Century Constantinople

Peter Crawford Peter Crawford examines the life and career of the fifthcentury Roman emperor Zeno and the various problems he faced before and during his seventeen-year rule. Despite its length, his reign has hitherto been somewhat overlooked as being just a part of that gap between the Theodosian and Justinianic dynasties of the Eastern Roman Empire which is comparatively poorly furnished with historical sources. His reign was an eventful and significant one that deserves this long-overdue spotlight. 9781473859241, $39.95, $25.99, Hardback, 384p.

Gaiseric The Vandal Who Destroyed Rome

Ian Hughes While Gaiseric has not become a household name like other ‘barbarian’ leaders such as Attila or Genghis Khan, his sack of Rome in AD455 has made his tribe, the Vandals, synonymous with mindless destruction. Gaiseric, however, was no moronic thug, proving himself a highly skilful political and military leader and was one of the dominant forces in Western Mediterranean region for almost half a century. Ian Hughes’ analysis of the Gaiseric as king and general reveals him as the barbarian who did more than anyone else to bring down the Western Roman Empire, but also as a great leader in his own right and one of the most significant men of his age. 9781781590188, $39.95, $39.95, Hardback, 304p.

Spartacus Talons of an Empire

Robert Southworth This enthralling piece of work by first-time novelist Robert Southworth explores the avenue history could have run down if Spartacus had survived the slave rebellion in 73BC, an uprising whose aftermath didn’t deliver the remains of the famous slave leader. The brute force of this famous figure of Roman history is relayed, and the events of the period re-imagined to great effect. The work is sure to appeal to fans of Roman history, as well as those enamored by stories of action and adventure. Whilst the figure of Spartacus continues to hold massive appeal for contemporary audiences, this work offers a fresh vision of the Roman era; a dark and brutal reenactment of high gladiatorial drama. 9781781590843, $14.95, $9.99, Paperback, 208p.

The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle: Illustrated and Annotated

Bob Carruthers The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle is one of the most important sets of historical documents concerning the history of the British Isles. Without these vital accounts, we would have virtually no knowledge of some of the key events in the history of these islands during the dark ages and it would be impossible to write the history of the English from the Romans to the Norman Conquest. The history it tells is not only that witnessed by its compilers, but also that recorded by earlier analysts, whose work is in many cases preserved nowhere else. At present, there are nine known versions or fragments of the original ‘AngloSaxon Chronicle’ in existence. This edition also includes the complete Parker Manuscript. The book is illustrated throughout with paintings and engravings. 9781781591482, $24.95, $16.50, Paperback, 384p.

An Alternative History of Britain: Normans and Early Plantagenets

Timothy Venning Continuing his exploration of the pathways of British history, Timothy Venning examines the turning points of the period from the death of William I to the reign of Edward III and a little beyond. As always, he discusses the crucial junctions at which History could easily have taken a different turn and analyses the possible and likely results. While necessarily speculative to a degree, the scenarios are all highly plausible and rooted in a firm understanding of actually events and their context. In so doing, Timothy Venning gives the reader a clearer understanding of the factors at play and why things happened the way they did, as well as a tantalizing view of what might so easily have been different. 9781783462711, $39.95, $25.99, Hardback, 240p.

Eager for Glory The Untold Story of Drusus The Elder, Conqueror of Germania

Lindsay Powell Drusus the Elder (Nero Claudius Drusus) was regarded by the Romans as the first conqueror of Germania (western Germany) and a hero in the mold of Alexander the Great.Yet there has never been a full volume dedicated to his remarkable story, achievements and legacy. Eager for Glory brings this heroic figure back to life for a modern audience. 9781783030033, $24.95, $16.50, Paperback, 272p.

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• ANCIENT & MEDIEVAL • Vikings at War

Kim Hjardar Vikings at War presents a sumptuous depiction of how the Vikings waged war; their weapons technology, offensive and defensive warfare, military traditions and tactics, their fortifications, ships and command structure. It also portrays the Viking raids and conquest campaigns that brought the Vikings to virtually every corner of Europe and even to America.Viking ships landed on almost every shore in the Western world during the 350 years that followed the introduction of the sail into the region.Viking ravages united the Spanish kingdoms and stopped Charlemagne and the Franks’ advance in Europe. Wherever Viking ships roamed, enormous suffering followed in their wake, but the encounter between cultures changed both European and Nordic societies. Employing unorthodox and unpredictable strategies, which were hard for more organized forces to respond to 9781612007991, $29.95, $19.50, Paperback, 400p.

Teutonic Knights

William Urban The Teutonic Knights were powerful and ferocious advocates of holy war. Their history is suffused with crusading, campaigning and struggle. Feared by their enemies but respected by medieval Christendom, the knights and their Order maintained a firm hold over the Baltic and northern Germany and established a formidable regime which flourished across Central Europe for 300 years. William Urban’s narrative charts the rise and fall of the Order and, in an accessible and engaging style, throws light on a band of knights whose deeds and motives have long been misunderstood. 9781848326200, $29.95, $19.50, Paperback, 304p.

Castle to Fortress Medieval to PostModern Fortifications in the Lands of the Former Roman Empire

J E Kaufmann Across western Europe the long tradition of castle-building took on its most sophisticated form in the later Medieval period and then, in response to the development of gunpowder weapons, it underwent a fundamental change – from castle to fortress. This, the second volume of a highly illustrated new study of medieval fortification, gives a fascinating insight into the last great age of castles and the centuries of violence and conflict they were part of. 9781526736871, $39.95, $25.99, Hardback, 256p.


Vikings Raiders from the Sea

Kim Hjardar From the 9th to the 11th century,Viking ships landed on almost every shore in the Western world.Viking ravages united the Spanish kingdoms and stopped Charlemagne and the Franks’ advance in Europe. Wherever Viking ships roamed, enormous suffering followed in their wake, but the encounter between cultures changed both European and Nordic societies. This short history of the Vikings discusses how they raided across Europe even reaching America, discussing their ships, weapons and armor, and unique way of life. 9781612005195, $12.95, $8.50, paperback, 160p.

Knights Chivalry and Violence

John Sadler Originally warriors mounted on horseback, knights became associated with the concept of chivalry as it was popularized in medieval European literature. Knights were expected to fight bravely and honorably and be loyal to their lord until death if necessary. Knights figured large in medieval warfare and literature. In the 15th century knights became obsolete due to advances in warfare, but the title of ‘knight’ has survived as an honorary title granted for services to a monarch or country, and knights remain a strong concept in popular culture. This short history will cover the rise and decline of the medieval knights, including the extensive training, specific arms and armor, tournaments and the important concept of chivalry. 9781612005171, $12.95, $8.50, Paperback, 160p.

Medieval Soldier

Vesey Norman Medieval Soldier outlines the development of the undisciplined barbarian war bands of the Dark Ages into the feudal armies of the early Middle Ages. It deals with the arms and equipment of the soldier, not only from surviving specimens but also from descriptions in contemporary medieval documents.Vesey Norman covers the slow development of tactics and the transition of the warrior from a personal follower of a war leader to the knight who served his feudal overlord as a heavily armored cavalryman in return for land. 9781848842045, $24.95, $16.50, Paperback, 288p.

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• ANCIENT & MEDIEVAL • Matchlocks to Flintlocks Warfare in Europe and Beyond 1500–1700

William Urban William Urban’s fascinating narrative is an integrated account of early modern war at the sharp end: of campaigns and battles, soldiers and generals. Temporally it extends from the French invasion of Italy in 1494 to Austria’s Balkan victories culminating in the 1718 Treaty of Peterwardein. Geographically it covers ground from the Low Countries to the depths of the Ukraine. That narrative in turn focuses Urban’s major analytical points: the replacement of ‘crowd armies’ by professionals, and the professionals’ integration into crown armies: government-supervised, bureaucratized institutions. 9781848326286, $50.00, $32.50, Hardback, 304p.

Warfare in Neolithic Europe An Archaeological and Anthropological Analysis

Julian Maxwell Heath The Neolithic (‘New Stone Age’) marks the time when the prehistoric communities of Europe turned their backs on the hunter-gatherer lifestyle that they had followed for many thousands of years, and instead, became farmers. However, we would be wrong to think that the first farming communities of Europe were in tune with nature and each other, as there is a considerable (and growing) body of archaeological data that is indicative of episodes of warfare between these communities. This evidence should not be taken as proof that warfare was endemic across Neolithic Europe, but it does strongly suggest that it was more common than some scholars have proposed. 9781473879850, $39.95, $25.99, Hardback, 168p.

Offa and the Mercian Wars The Rise and Fall of the First Great English Kingdom

Chris Peers In England in the eighth century, in the midst of the so-called Dark Ages, Offa ruled Mercia, one of the strongest AngloSaxon kingdoms. For over 30 years he was the dominant warlord in the territory south of the Humber and the driving force behind the expansion of Mercia’s power.Yet the true story of Offa’s long reign and of the rise and fall of Mercia are little known although this is one of the most intriguing episodes in this little-recorded phase of England’s past. It is Chris Peers’ task in this new study to uncover the facts about Offa and the other Mercian kings and to set them in the context of English history before the coming of the Danes. 9781526711502, $29.95, $19.50, Paperback, 240p.

Twilight of Medieval Castles Volume 2

Stephane Gondoin Twilight of the Medieval Castles, gives details of the last period in which the architectural elements characteristic of the medieval period were used. It shows how the castles failed to make the necessary adaptation to the new fighting techniques along with the tastes of the period. The incapacity to react to all these constraints was the main reason for the disappearance of the medieval castle. 9782352500698, $44.95, $29.50, Hardback, 132p.

Syria An Outline History

John D. Grainger Syria has always been at the center of events of world importance. It was in this region that pastoral-stock rearing, settled agriculture, and alphabetic writing were invented (and the dog domesticated). From Syria, Phoenician explorers set out to explore the whole Mediterranean region and sailed round Africa 2,000 years before Vasco de Gama. This is a sweeping overview (though replete with telling details) of the making of this historical region. From the end of the ice age through the procession of Assyrian, Phoenician, Persian, Greek, Roman, Arab, Turkish, French, and British attempts to dominate this area, the key events and influences are clearly explained and analyzed. The events playing out on our TV screens over recent years are put in the context of 12,000 years of history. 9781473860810, $49.95, $32.50, Hardback, 384p.

The Art of Renaissance Warfare From The Fall of Constantinople to the Thirty Years War

Stephen Turnbull The Art of Renaissance Warfare tells the story of the knight during the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries – from the great victories of Edward III and the Black Prince to the fall of Richard III on Bosworth Field. Men such as Bertrand du Guesclin and Sir John Chandos loom large in the pages of this book – bold leaders and brave warriors, imbued with these traditions of chivalry and knighthood. How their heroic endeavors and the knightly code of conduct could be reconciled with the indiscriminate carnage of the ‘chevauchée’ and the depredations of the ‘free companies’ is one of the principal themes of this informative and entertaining book. 9781526713759, $26.95, $17.99, Paperback, 272p.

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• 17TH / 18TH CENTURY • Famous by my Sword The Army of Montrose and the Military Revolution

Charles Singleton A brilliant young poet, leading a gallant band whose epic adventure ends in defeat, betrayal and execution. Montrose was a doomed King’s general who dared to win - and lost it all. The Scottish Royalist armed forces, along with its principal leader, the Marquis of Montrose, have had a romantic veneer that has long obscured their true composition and function. In this work, the author examines the troops and their operational doctrines within the themes of the early modern Military Revolution, and places the Scots Royalists within a greater European context of development. 9781909384972, $29.95, $19.50, Paperback, 80p.

The Armies and Wars of the Sun King 16431715. Volume 1 The Guard of Louis XIV

René Chartrand The years 1643 to 1715 were a defining epoch for western military, diplomatic and economic matters. It was an era during which the Sun King’s and eventually all armies saw extraordinarily significant changes such as: the advent of very large professional armies; increasingly centralized command systems; professional training for officers and men; introduction of obligatory military service, improvements in discipline and control; technical advances regarding armament thus affecting battlefield tactics; marked progress regarding fortifications; introduction of uniforms; logistics capable of supplying large armies; financial practices that permitted the upkeep and pay large military forces.Volume 1 deals with the Sun King’s early years. 9781911628606, $45.00, $29.50, Paperback, 246p.

The Armies of Philip IV of Spain 1621 - 1665 The Fight for European Supremacy

Pierre Picouet The aim of the book is to examine the armies and troops of Philip IV and particularly the famous Spanish Tercios deployed in north Europe, Italy and in the Iberian Peninsula. The book covers the organization and development of the Tercios, the tactics used, recruitment and the life of the ordinary soldiers. The development of the Spanish cavalry and its organization is also covered in depth, along with the financing of the army. The book also explores the impact of continuous fighting during a period of 44 years to keep the honor and reputation of the Spanish monarchy, as well as their territories intact, and how the army responded to these challenges. 9781911628613, $45.00, $29.50, Paperback, 320p.


Sedgemoor 1685 Marlborough’s First Victory

John Tincey A new account of Monmouth’s rebellion of 1685 and the Battle of Sedgemoor. The author focuses on the confrontation between Monmouth and John Churchill, the future Duke of Marlborough, and provides a graphic reassessment of the campaign. He retraces the routes taken by the opposing armies across the West County, following every twist and turn the soldiers took, and provides a powerful insight into the course of the decisive battle. In a fascinating new analysis of the campaign he challenges some of the common assumptions about the actions of the commanders and the nature of the armies involved. 9781844151479, $39.95, $25.99, Hardback, 224p.

New Approaches To The Military History Of The English Civil War Proceedings Of The First Helion And Company ‘Century Of The Soldier’ Conference

Ismini Pells In recent years, there has been a renewed interest in the military history of the English Civil War and its associated conflicts in Ireland and Scotland. Historians are increasingly paying attention to the ‘actualities of war’ (to use Sir Basil Liddell Hart’s phrase) during these conflicts, and this has given rise to an accompanying recognition that the better-studied political, social and religious developments of the mid-seventeenth century cannot be divorced from military events. Thus, this volume is a timely evaluation of a selection of distinct, yet interrelated, military aspects of the Civil War. 9781911096443, $59.95, $38.99, Hardback, 212p.

The Last Ironsides The English Expedition to Portugal, 1662-1668

Jonathon Riley When Charles II returned home he began the search for a dynastic marriage. He fixed upon the Infanta of Portugal, Catherine of Braganza, whose dowry included the possession of Tangier, Bombay and valuable trade concessions. The Portuguese had been fighting for their independence from Spain for twenty years and needed alliances to tip the scales in their favor. In return for the concessions Charles agreed to send to Portugal a regiment of horse and two of foot, which provided an excuse to ship away the remnants of the Cromwellian armies that had not been disbanded at the Restoration. 9781912174102, $39.95, $25.99, Paperback, 192p.

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• 17TH / 18TH CENTURY • Cromwell’s Masterstroke Dunbar 1650

Peter Reese The victory at Dunbar of Oliver Cromwell’s New Model Army over the Scots under David Leslie merits a major place in the long succession of AngloScottish battles. The Scots had brought Cromwell’s invading army to its knees, but Cromwell took the offensive and, in one of the great upsets of military history, the Scots army was routed. The triumph secured Cromwell’s reputation as the outstanding general of the age and demonstrated the toughness and flair of the New Model Army he commanded. 9781844151790, $39.95, $25.99, Hardback, 224p.

Edgehill 1642 The Battle Reinterpreted

Dr. Eric Gruber von Arni This paperback edition of this seminal new study of a key battle of the Civil Wars re-examines one of England’s most mysterious battlefields at Edgehill, and it combines the work of three outstanding military historians. Each is an expert in the areas of battlefield interpretation, military equipment and organization, and battle casualties and care. Their unique blend of knowledge gives a fascinating insight into one of the most famous and often misunderstood engagements of the conflict. It also introduces an exciting and innovative approach to understanding the battle and the battlefield. 9781844152544, $32.99, $21.50, Paperback, 240p.

The Wedding Feast War The Final Tragedy of the Xhosa People

Keith Smith The last of the nine Frontier Wars fought between 1799–1877 was in many ways a ‘prequel’ to the more famous Zulu War of 1879, featuring as it did many of the British regiments and personalities who were to fight at Isandlwana, as well as being the final defeat of the Xhosa people and their reduction to lowly workers for the colonists. This book has made extensive use of British Parliamentary Papers, official War Office dispatches and personal accounts and correspondence to tell the full story of this neglected yet fascinating episode of South African military history. 9781848326811, $50.00, $32.50, Hardback, 286p.

Cromwell’s War Machine The New Model Army 1645-1660

Keith Roberts The New Model Army was one of the best-known and most effective armies ever raised in England. Oliver Cromwell was both its greatest battlefield commander and the political leader whose position depended on its support. In this meticulously researched and accessible new study, Keith Roberts describes how Cromwell’s army was recruited, inspired, organized, trained and equipped. He also sets its strategic and tactical operation in the context of the theory and practice of warfare in seventeenth-century Europe. 9781844158980, $25.99, $16.99, Paperback, 288p.

Instruments of Battle The Fighting Drummers and Buglers of the British Army from the Late 17th Century to the Present Day

James Tanner Instruments of Battle examines in detail the development and role of the British Army’s fighting drummers and buglers, from the time of the foundation of the army up to the present day. While their principal weapon of war was the drum and bugle (and the fife), these men and boys were not musicians as such but fighting soldiers who took their place in the front line. The origins of the drum and bugle in the Classical Period and the later influence of Islamic armies are examined, leading to the arrival of the drum and fife in early Tudor England. The story proper picks up post-English Civil War and the drum’s period of supremacy through much of the eighteenth century army. 9781612003696, $32.95, $21.50 Hardback, 288p.

The Battle of Minden 1759 The Miraculous Victory of the Seven Years War

Stuart Reid The fighting in Europe during the Seven Years War hung in the balance. With the opposing sides reinforcing their armies, the campaign of 1759 was going to prove decisive. Britain and her German allies met the French at Minden in Germany. Due to a misunderstanding of orders the British infantry actually attacked and dispersed the French cavalry. By contrast Lord Sackville, who commanded the British cavalry, was accused of ignoring orders to charge the retreating French which could have turned defeat into rout. The victory was just one in a number of British successes that years against French forces and territories across the globe. This led to 1759 being described by the British as the Annus Mirabilis – the year of miracles. 9781473847330, $39.95, $25.99, Hardback, 240p.

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• 17TH / 18TH CENTURY • The Battle of Plassey 1757 The Victory That Won an Empire

Stuart Reid Britain was rapidly emerging as the most powerful European nation, a position France long believed to be her own.Yet with France still commanding the largest continental army, Britain saw its best opportunities for expansion lay in the East.Yet, as Britain’s influence increased through its official trading arm, the East India Company, the ruler of Bengal, Nawab Siraj-uddaulah, sought to drive the British out of the subcontinent and turned to France for help. The fighting culminated in Robert Clive’s astonishing victory at Plassey where just 3,000 British and sepoy troops defeated Siraj-ud-Daulah’s Franco-Bengali army of 18,000. 9781473885264, $39.95, $25.99, Hardback, 280p.

The Guns of Independence The Siege of Yorktown, 1781

Jerome A. Greene The siege of Yorktown in the fall of 1781 was the most decisive engagement of the American Revolution. The campaign has all the drama any historian or student could want: the war’s top generals and admirals pitted against one another; decisive naval engagements; cavalry fighting; siege warfare; night bayonet attacks; and more. Penned by historian Jerome A. Greene, this book offers a complete and balanced examination of the siege and the participants involved. Greene’s study is based upon extensive archival research and firsthand archaeological investigation of the battlefield. This fresh and invigorating study will satisfy everyone interested in American Revolutionary history, artillery, siege tactics, and brilliant leadership. 9781932714685, $22.95, $14.99, Paperback, 528p.

The United Irishmen, Rebellion and the Act of Union, 1798–1803

John Gibney The 1790s is one of the most critical decades in the history of modern Ireland. The decade witnessed the birth of the modern ideology of separatist Irish republicanism, the creation of the Orange Order, and the greatest bloodletting in modern Irish history in the form of the 1798 rebellion. In the aftermath of the rebellion came the Act of Union that brought Ireland into the United Kingdom for the next 121 years, and the smaller rebellion of Robert Emmet, possibly one of the most famous – and, to later generations, inspirational – of Irish republicans. 9781526751454, $24.95, $16.50, Paperback, 176p.


Far Distant Ships The Blockade of Brest, 1793-1815

Quintin Barry Throughout the long drawn out war at sea during the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars, it was a cardinal principle of British naval strategy to blockade the port of Brest, the largest and most important of the French naval bases. Drawing on the official and personal correspondence of those involved, this book traces the development of British naval strategy, as well as describing the crucial encounters between the rival fleets and the single ship actions which provided the press with a constant flow of news stories for its readers 9781911512141, $59.95, $38.99, Hardback, 352p.

Gentleman Usher The Life and Times of George Dempster 1732-1818

John Evans George Dempster was a giant of a man who became one of the best-known and most deservedly popular Scotsman of his day. He served for thirty years as an MP in Westminster and was closely involved with the expansion of British influence and trade across the world particularly in India and North America. This was the age of Empire building and great rivalry between competing powers, particularly France, which led to protracted warfare. Dempster was more than an observer of history; he made it. 9781844151516, $60.00, $38.99, Hardback, 244p.

Regency Spies Secret Histories of Britain’s Rebels and Revolutionaries

Sue Wilkes Sue Wilkes reveals the shadowy world of Britain’s spies, rebels and secret societies from the late 1780s until 1820. In this ‘age of Revolutions’, when the French fought for liberty, Britain’s upper classes feared revolution was imminent. Britain’s governing elite could not rely on the armed services – even Royal Navy crews mutinied over brutal conditions. To keep the nation safe, a ‘war chest’ of secret service money funded a network of spies to uncover potential rebels amongst the underprivileged masses. 9781783400614, $39.95, $25.99, Hardback, 224p.

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• 17TH / 18TH CENTURY • On Gladsmuir Shall the Battle Be! The Battle of Prestonpans 1745

Arran Johnston In the summer of 1745, a charismatic (but inexperienced) young Prince sailed to Scotland - determined to wrest the crowns of Great Britain from the head of George II. In a few short weeks, he raised an army large enough to challenge the government’s forces in Scotland and, against the odds, stormed to a shocking victory. This is a study of one of Britain’s best-documented, but least analyzed, battles. No longer should the two days of events which make up the Battle of Prestonpans be viewed simply as the prologue to a future defeat; instead, they are presented as the climax of a month-long campaign which, it seemed, would determine the fate of Scotland. 9781911512837, $49.95, $32.50, Hardback, 232p.

Marlborough Soldier and Diplomat

Augustus J.Veenendaal John Churchill, the first Duke of Marlborough, has long been regarded as one of Britain’s greatest generals as well as a key English political figure in the first decade of the eighteenth century. The subject of numerous books in English, Marlborough has typically been seen only in terms of British political and military history. In this book, twelve leading specialists of the period broaden the perspective by assessing Marlborough in the wider and more diverse contexts of the European situation, the common soldier in the British army, the complementary activities of navies, the differing perspectives of the Austrians, Dutch, French, and Germans as well as in the context of the British popular press and the visual arts. 9789490258047, $85.00, $55.50, Hardback, 408p.

Captain James Cook in Atlantic Canada The adventurer and map maker’s formative years

Jerry Lockett The skills, knowledge and experience that took Captain James Cook to the South Seas and around the world seemed to come out of nowhere. In fact, as author Jerry Lockett has discovered, their foundation was laid during the time he spent in Atlantic Canada. His experiences on Canada’s east coast and the naval men he met there shaped him to become one of the most successful explorers of all time. In this absorbing and well-researched biography Jerry Lockett tells us of Cook’s experiences as a young man and of the influential men who became his mentors and patrons. 9780887809200, $29.95, $19.50, Hardback, 200p.

Crucible of the Jacobite ‘15 The Battle of Sheriffmuir 1715

Jonathan Oates Just over three centuries ago, there was a major battle in Scotland that was to decide the fate of the newly established – and bitterly contested – union of England and Scotland. On one hand there was a numerically superior army, trained and armed but officered by men of varying experience. Facing them was a small, but better experienced and officered British Army. Both armies; one entirely Scottish and the other a mixture of Scots, English and Irish were led by Scottish noblemen.Victory to either side meant control of the gateway from the Highlands to the Lowlands and then England, where the political prize awaited. 9781911512899, $49.95, $32.50, Hardback, 288p.

Marlborough’s Shadow The Life of The 1st Earl Cadogan

J.N.P.Watson Several writers have remarked that Marlborough could have never achieved his great military success during the War of the Spanish Succession without the support, industry and ingenuity of his Chief of Staff, Quartermaster General and Chief of Intelligence, General William Cadogan, who became the 1st Earl of Cadogan, and who, in 1722, succeeded Marlborough as Commanderin Chief of the British Army. This, the story of a most able young general, is a must for all those interested in military history, particularly that relating to the early 18th century. 9781844150083, $36.95, $24.50, Hardback, 224p.

A Waste of Blood and Treasure The 1799 AngloRussian Invasion of the Netherlands

Philip Ball With the Netherlands overrun by French Republican forces, the British and Russian governments sent an allied army of 48,000 men under the Duke of York to liberate the country and restore the House of Orange. This book examines British, French, Dutch and Russian sources to reveal a fascinating tale of intrigue, diplomatic skullduggery and daring action. Spies, politicians, sailors and soldiers all play a part in the exciting story of an expedition that made (and broke) reputations and tested alliances. It recounts in lavish detail the series of battles fought to liberate a people who showed little interest in being saved and explores the story behind the triumphs and failures of this forgotten campaign. 9781473885189, $34.95, $22.99, Hardback, 192p.

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• 19TH CENTURY • Hill of Squandered Valour The Battle for Spion Kop, 1900

Ron Lock The Battle of Spion Kop was fought during the campaign to relieve Ladysmith, South Africa, after the Boers of the Transvaal and Orange Free State had gotten a jump on the British Empire and besieged a British army in the town. It was the single bloodiest episode in the campaign, as well as a harbinger of the bitter and desperate fighting still to come in the Second Boer War. Ron Lock brings to life this previously overlooked campaign in vivid detail, with supporting sources including then-journalist Winston Churchill’s battle report, as well as many previously unpublished illustrations and 6 newly commissioned maps. 9781612000077, $32.95, $21.50, Hardback, 288p.

Letters from Kimberley Eyewitness Accounts from the South African War

Edward Spiers The defense of Kimberley – and the mission to relieve it – was one of the great dramatic sagas of the South African War. In this illuminating new history, Edward Spiers, presents a selection of firsthand accounts of this epic siege. The 260 letters were published originally in British metropolitan and provincial newspapers and they provide crucial insights into the perceptions of civilians caught up in the siege; the desperate and bloody attempts to relieve the town; and the experiences of junior officers and other ranks as they struggled to cope with the demands of modern warfare. 9781848326576, $39.95, $25.99, Hardback, 208p.

Harry Smith’s Last Throw The Eight Cape Frontier War 1850-1853

Keith Smith The Zulu War has been the subject of numerous accounts but the silence surrounding the Eighth Frontier War is deafening. Harry Smith’s Last Throw fills this gap: a moving history, vividly drawn out using eyewitness accounts. The narrative is not limited to the British perspective. Xhosa accounts have been translated (many for the first time) to avoid an Anglo-centric bias. For both sides by the 8th War there was a great deal of blood to avenge and brutal killings were perpetrated by many combatants. 9781848326460, $39.95, $25.99, Hardback 288p.


Pocket Hercules Captain Morris and the Charge of the Light Brigade

M.J.Trow William Morris was in the front rank during the Charge of the Light Brigade. He was one of the first horsemen to reach the Russian guns. This is his story. M.J. Trow’s vivid biography of this typical Victorian soldier gives a fascinating insight into the officer class that fought the Crimean War. In recording Morris’s experiences during a notorious campaign, the author reveals much about the hidebound character of the British army of that era. 9781844153787, $39.95, $25.99, Hardback, 224p.

Cavalryman in the Crimea The Letters of Temple Godman, 5th Dragoon Guards

Philip Warner Among the British troops bound for the Black Sea in May 1854 was a young officer in the 5th Dragoon Guards, Richard Temple Godman, who sent home throughout the entire Crimea campaign many detailed letters to his family at Park Hatch in Surrey. Temple Godman went out at the start of the war, took part in the successful Charge of the Heavy Brigade at Balaklava and in other engagements, and did not return to England until June 1856, after peace had been declared. He took three very individual horses and despite all his adventures brought them back unscathed. 9781848841086, $39.95, $25.99, Hardback, 224p.

Wars, Pestilence and the Surgeon’s Blade The Evolution of British Military Medicine and Surgery during the Nineteenth Century

Steven Heys Wars in the 19th Century were accompanied by a very heavy loss of life from infectious diseases. Typhus fever, dysentery, malaria, typhoid fever and yellow fever caused many more deaths than wounds inflicted by enemy actions. This book examines the development and evolution of surgical practice against this overwhelming risk of death due to disease. It reviews three major conflicts during this time: the Peninsular War, the Crimean War and the Boer War and also considers many minor wars fought by the British Empire in the intervening years, and highlights significant medical and surgical developments during these conflicts. 9781911628330, $49.95, 32.50 Paperback, 416p.

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• 19TH CENTURY • Isandlwana How the Zulus Humbled the British Empire

Adrian Greaves The story of the mighty imperial British army’s defeat at Isandlwana in 1879 has been much written about, but never with such detail and insight. In reconstructing the dramatic and fateful events, the Author draws on recently discovered letters, diaries and papers of survivors and other contemporaries. These, coupled with his own detailed knowledge of the ground, enable the author to paint the most accurate picture yet of this cataclysmic battle that so shamed the British establishment. 9781848845329, $39.95, $25.99, Hardback, 224p.

The March to Kandahar Roberts in Afghanistan

Rodney Atwood The book describes the role of Frederick Roberts in the 2nd Afghan War, culminating in his famous march in 1880 with 10,000 picked British and Indian soldiers, 300 miles in twentythree days, from Kabul to Kandahar, to defeat the Afghan army of Ayub Khan, pretender to the Amirship of Kabul. The march made Roberts one of late Victorian England’s great military heroes, partly because of the achievement itself, partly because the victory restored British prestige after defeat, and finally because of Roberts’ astute use of the press to puff his victory. 9781848846722, $24.95, $16.50, Paperback, 320p.

Indian Mutiny and Beyond Robert Shebbeare VC

Arthur Littlewood Robert Shebbeare went out as a cadet to India at the age of seventeen and after a spell of ordinary regimental duties, he was caught up in the extraordinary and bloody events of the Indian Mutiny. He was wounded six times and was awarded the Victoria Cross. He raised a new regiment, the 15th Punjab, which volunteered for service in China and took part in the advance on Peking in 1860. Tragically, he died en route for England, his family, who had not seen him since he had left 16 years earlier, were all at the quayside to welcome him, unaware that he had been buried at sea. 9781844155743, $39.95, $25.99, Hardback, 224p.

‘With My Face To My Bitter Foes’ Nana’s War 1880-1881

Robert N.Watt The third volume takes up the story of the continued struggle for the return of the Ojo Caliente reservation after Victorio’s death at Tres Castillos. Led by Nana, the surviving Chihenne Apaches regrouped and, despite their losses, decided to continue the fight. Nana returned to New Mexico in July and August to lead one of the legendary raids of the Apache wars. While this event deserves legendary status, the numbers of US troops deployed against the Apaches has been exaggerated. This was the last time that Apaches would attempt to maintain their independent way of life within the USA. 9781911628996, $49.95, $32.50, Hardback, 376p.

Beyond the Reach of Empire Wolseley’s Failed Campaign to Save Gordon and Khartoum

Stephen Cooper In the early 1880s the Mahdi unleashed a spectacularly successful jihadist uprising against Egyptian colonial rule in the Sudan. Early in 1884 Cairo bowed to British pressure to withdraw. Beyond the Reach of Empire describes how Major General Charles Gordon was dispatched to evacuate Khartoum and turn the Sudan over to self-rule. It goes on to explain how and why the mission backfired, and then homes in on Sir Garnet Wolseley’s planning and execution of the long-delayed Gordon Relief Expedition which arrived, according to popular myth, only two days after the city had fallen and Gordon had been killed. 9781848326019, $50.00, $32.50, Hardback, 608p.

Frederick Whirlpool VC The Hidden Victoria Cross

Alan Leek Frederick Whirlpool’s Victoria Cross is displayed near the entrance to the Hall of Valour at the Australian War Memorial, Canberra. It was the first VC pinned to an Australian uniform, yet almost nothing was known about its enigmatic recipient. Two acts of valor during the Indian Mutiny won him the Victoria Cross, but 17 severe sword wounds ended his career. Frederick Whirlpool VC is the fascinating history of an ordinary man, whose life is deserving of factual interpretation. It is a story of heroism, suffering and failure, but this forgotten man will triumph in its telling: the true story of this sad and purposefully enigmatic hero. 9781526759108, $39.95, $25.99, Hardback, 248p.

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• 19TH CENTURY • Armies of Bismarck’s Wars Prussia, 1860–67

Bruce Bassett Powell On July 3rd, 1866 a Prussian army overwhelmed and defeated an Austrian army in a bloody battle that lasted all day. At a stroke, the foremost power in Germany and central Europe had been reduced to a second rate player. The event caused anxiety and alarm in the capitals of the western world. How was an upstart country like Prussia able to upset the balance of power in Europe? Yet within five years a Prussian led army would humble France and a Prussian King would be crowned Emperor of a united Germany. The history of the world would be changed forever. 9781935149231, $69.95, $45.50, Hardback, 398p.

The Battle of Woerth August 6th 1870

G.F.R. Henderson The Battle of Woerth was an encounter battle during the opening phase of the FrancoPrussian War. Although briefer than his study of Spicheren, Henderson nevertheless carefully selected his sources when researching this book, again including regimental histories. He presents a detailed narrative of the battle, with additional comments about the tactics employed, and the qualities (or otherwise) of the generals and the men they led. This new expanded edition not only includes all of the maps from the original, but also features a new introduction by Duncan Rogers, as well as added illustrations and a bibliography of the Battle of Woerth. 9781909982567, $79.95, $51.99, Hardback, 120p.

France at Bay 1870-1871 The Struggle for Paris

Douglas Fermer The Franco-Prussian War did not end with the catastrophic French defeat at Sedan on 1 September 1870 when an entire French army surrendered, the Emperor Napoleon III was captured and his regime collapsed. The war went on for another five agonizing months, and resolved itself into a contest for Paris - for while Paris held out, France was undefeated. The story of this dramatic final phase of the war is the subject of Douglas Fermer’s masterly account, the sequel to his Sedan 1870. He weaves this story of military victory and defeat into a gripping narrative and it sets the extraordinary events of nearly 150 years ago in the wider context of European history. 9781848843257, $39.95, $25.99, Hardback 280p.


With Tegetthoff at Lissa The Memoirs of an Austrian Naval Officer 1861-66

Maximilian Rottauscher The imperial Austrian navy which fought and won the signal victory of Lissa on 20 July 1866 has in recent years been subjected to more detailed scrutiny than has hitherto been its lot, and it is with an eye to following this trend that we present the following translation of part of the memoirs of one of its officers, Maximilian Rottauscher. Max’s account is a very interesting picture of the Austrian navy in the early and mid 1860s, its comic and harrowing scenes and its depictions of foreign lands and the adventures he had there. As usual, the translator Stuart Sutherland has added explanatory notes to assist the reader. This is a fascinating and worthy contribution to 19th Century naval literature. 9781909982659, $79.95, $51.99, Hardback, 96p.

The Danish Campaign of 1864 Recollections of an Austrian General Staff Officer

Wilhelm von Gründorf The war of 1864 between Austria and Prussia on the one side and Denmark on the other was short but important for European history. The two Germanic great powers combined to force a much weaker but intransigent Denmark to cede its two provinces of Schleswig and Holstein, which freed German territory from foreign rule, but the war also marked the end of the cooperation of Prussia and Austria and the start of a new and potentially lethal relationship between them. 9781909982635, $79.95, $51.99, Hardback, 64p.

The Lion and the Dragon Britain’s Opium Wars with China 1839-1860

Mark Simner During the middle of the 19th-Century, Britain and China would twice go to war over trade, and in particular the trade in opium. The Chinese people had progressively become addicted to the narcotic, a habit that British merchants were more than happy to feed from their opium-poppy fields in India. When the Qing dynasty rulers of China attempted to suppress this trade—due to the serious social and economic problems it caused—the British Government responded with gunboat diplomacy, and conflict soon ensued. The Lion and the Dragon: Britain’s Opium Wars with China, 18391860 examines the causes and ensuing military history of these tragic conflicts, as well as their bitter legacies. 9781781557174, $45.00, $29.50, Hardback, 304p.

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• 19TH CENTURY • Eyewitness to the Peninsular War and the Battle of Waterloo The Letters and Journals of Lieutenant Colonel James Stanhope 1803 to 1825 Recording His Service with Sir John Moore, Sir Thomas Graham and the Duke of Wellington

Gareth Glover The journals of the Hon. James Stanhope are among the most remarkable eyewitness accounts of the Peninsular War and the Battle of Waterloo, and yet they have never been published before. The long fight against the French in Portugal and Spain, the campaign in Holland, then the Battle of Waterloo – James Stanhope lived through all these extraordinary events and recorded them in vivid detail. His writing gives a graphic inside view of the military and political situation of the time as it was perceived at the top levels of the British army, and he depicts the daily experience of campaigning during the Napoleonic Wars in an unforgettable way. 9781848843929, $24.95, $16.50, Hardback, 288p.

Wellington’s History of the Peninsular War Battling Napoleon in Iberia 1808–1814

Stuart Reid Though pressed many times to write about his battles and campaigns, the Duke of Wellington always replied that people should refer to his published dispatches, and he refused to add further to his official correspondence.Yet Wellington did, in effect, write a history of the Peninsular War in the form of four lengthy memoranda. These lengthy accounts demonstrate Wellington’s unmatched appreciation of the nature of the war in Spain and Portugal, and relate to the operations of the French and Spanish forces as well as the Anglo-Portuguese army under his command. 9781526737632, $39.95, $25.99, Hardback, 320p.

Subaltern Chronicle of the Peninsular War

George Gleig Lieutenants, or “subalterns” as they were called, were very young in the British Army of the Napoleonic Wars, so George Gleig was not unique when he joined the 85th Light Infantry at the age of 17. Gleig left behind a unique account of Wellington’s victories, the primitive conditions endured by both soldiers and civilians, and the mood of the times. 9780850528305, $36.95, $24.50, Hardback, 208p.

Peninsular Eyewitnesses The Experience of War in Spain and Portugal 1808-1813

Charles Esdaile Charles Esdaile has brought together a vivid selection of contemporary accounts of every aspect of the war to create a panoramic yet minutely detailed picture of those years of turmoil. The story is told through memoirs, letters and eyewitness testimony from all sides. Instead of generals and statesmen, we mostly hear from less-well-known figures - junior officers and ordinary soldiers and civilians who recorded their immediate experience of the conflict. 9781844151912, $39.95, $25.99, Hardback, 304p.

Wellington’s Peninsular War

Julian Paget Wellington’s Peninsular War provides a concise and comprehensive account for use by both professional and amateur historians and which includes details of the battlefields as they are today and how to find and explore them. The Peninsular War (1808-1841) was part of the twenty year struggle against Napoleon that involved campaigns in Europe, the Middle East, Russia, the West Indies, South America and South Africa and until 1914 was known as ‘The Great War.’ 9781844152902, $24.99, $16.50, Paperback, 288p.

Battle of Albuera 1811 Glorious Field of Grief

Michael Oliver On 16 May 1811 a combined British, Portuguese and Spanish force commanded by the British general Beresford met the French army under Soult at Albuera in southern Spain. What followed was one of the bloodiest and most controversial battles of the Peninsular War. In this groundbreaking book, Michael Oliver and Richard Partridge examine the carnage of Albuera in unprecedented detail, and give a lucid account of the circumstances and the conflicting allied and French strategies that gave rise to this awful confrontation. 9781844154616, $39.95, $25.99 ,Hardback, 224p.

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• 19TH CENTURY • 1812: The March on Moscow

Paul Britten Austin The fruit of more than twenty years of research, this superbly crafted work skillfully blends the memoirs and diaries of more than a hundred eyewitnesses, all of whom took part in the Grand Army’s doomed march to Moscow, to reveal the inside story of this landmark military campaign. The result is a uniquely authentic account in which the reader sees and experiences the campaign through the eyes of participants at each stage of the advance in enthralling dayby-day, sometimes hour-by-hour detail. 9781848327047, $24.95, $16.50, Paperback, 416p.

1812: The Great Retreat

Paul Britten Austin 1812:The Great Retreat follows the army’s withdrawal through 800 miles of devastated countryside, crossing the horrific relics of the Borodino battlefield, fighting its way through the Russian General Kutusov’s successive attempts to cut it off, and winning, against overwhelming odds, the threeday battle of the Berezina crossing. First-hand narratives, many published in English for the first time, describe Marshal Ney’s astounding achievement in holding together the rear-guard until he himself, musket in hand, was the last man to re-cross the Niemen into Poland. Using the words of the participants themselves, Paul Britten Austin brings unparalleled authenticity and immediacy to his unique account of the closing stages of Napoleon’s dramatic and tragic 1812 campaign. 9781848326958, $24.95, $16.50, Paperback, 464p.

Salamanca 1812 Wellington’s Year of Victories

Peter J. Edwards The Battle of Salamanca, on 22 July, saw some 50,000 French troops arrayed against a similar number of allies. Using ground astutely, Wellington gained a crushing victory, inflicting over 14,000 French casualties. Although there was a rebuff at Burgos later in the year, Wellington’s forces were firmly on the march to victory in the Iberian Peninsula. Peter Edwards uses an excellent range of sources to bring to life this pivotal year in the Peninsular War. His work offers a fascinating insight into the strategy, the command decisions and the experience of combat 200 years ago. 9781781590799, $50.00, $32.50, Hardback 384p.


The Hundred Thousand Sons of St Louis The French Campaign in Spain April to October 1823

Ralph Weaver This book sheds light on an almost unknown military campaign conducted by a French army. The cause of the war was a revolution in Spain in 1820 which brought in a ‘Liberal’ government and the Spanish parliament, the Cortez, held Ferdinand, the Spanish king, a virtual prisoner. Ferdinand appealed for help from the French who were supported by an army of Spanish Royalists. A few years earlier many of these Royalist volunteers had been France’s bitter enemies and had fought Napoleon’s generals to a standstill. 9781912174096, $49.95, $32.50, Hardback, 140p.

Grouchy’s Waterloo The Battles of Ligny and Wavre

Andrew W Field In this the third volume of his four-volume history exploring the French perspective of the Waterloo campaign, Andrew Field concentrates on an often neglected aspect of Napoleon’s final offensive – the French victory over the Prussians at Ligny, Marshal Grouchy’s pursuit of the Prussians and the battle at Wavre. The story of this side of the campaign is as full of controversy and interest as the battles of Quatre Bras and Waterloo which he has examined in such a penetrating and original way in his previous studies. 9781526756626, $29.95, $19.50, Paperback, 336p.

Chasseurs à Cheval Volume 3: 1799-1815

Jean-Marie Mongin This volume illustrates the last years of the Empire; dark years which will see our “Chasseurs” being gobbled up during the Russian disaster. Phantom regiments were reformed with considerable difficulty in 1813 and 1814. During the First Restoration, 15 regiments were formed from the debris of the battles in Prussia and in France, fifteen regiments which then took part in the Belgian Campaign and its epilogue at Waterloo. King Louis VXIII dismissed these fifteen regiments, it wasn’t until the 18th that the Chasseurs a Cheval reappeared in the Royal Army! During this period there was obviously a whole series of uniform changes, the most important of which are outlined here. 9782352502784, $24.95, $16.50, Paperback, 80p.

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• WORLD WAR 1 • A Sturdy Race of Men – 149 Brigade A History of the Northumberland Fusiliers Territorial Battalions in The Great War

Alan Grint The Territorial battalions of the Northumberland Fusiliers (149 Brigade) served with distinction in France and Flanders from 1915 until May 1918. Indeed, their performance at St Julien in April 1915 was recognized in the House of Lords by Lord Kitchener who had previously been somewhat contemptuous of Territorial Forces. 9781526741783, $49.95, $32.50, Hardback, 402p.

The 51st (Highland) Division in the Great War Engine of Destruction

Colin Campbell Scotland’s 51st (Highland) Division arrived in France in May 1915 and took part in a limited (and unsuccessful) attack in French Flanders in June 1915, which revealed hardly surprising weaknesses in training. Thereafter it fought on the Somme at High Wood and Beaumont-Hamel, at the Battle of Arras, at Third Ypres, Cambrai, faced two of the German spring offensives of 1918 and was then involved in the successful series of allied offensives that ended the war, in the Division’s case starting with an attack with the French and the Italians in the Champagne in July 1918. The book’s main purpose is to pay tribute to a generation that met hitherto unimagined horrors with fortitude, adaptability, resilience and humor and, despite the awful price in lives, broken bodies and minds, carried on until the job was done. 9781526747037, $39.95, $25.99, Hardback, 320p.

The Western FrontNorth Major and Mrs Holt’s Battlefield Guides

Tonie Holt Following in their best-selling series of Battlefield Guides this is a companion volume to the Holts’ Western Front – South Guide. Between the two, they cover the main WW1 Western Front battlefields. This book covers 15 of the most significant battles of the northern area from Nieuwport to just north of The Somme. This guidebook is based on Tonie and Valmai Holt’s 30 years’ experience of researching, guiding tours and writing about the area, with their unique blend of male and female points of view. It is written to the high standards that have come to be expected of these highly respected authors. 9781526746832, $28.95, $18.99, Paperback 376p.

Guiseley Terriers: A Small Part in the Great War A History of the 1/6th Battalion, Duke of Wellington’s West Riding Regiment

Stephen Barber In April 1918, the ‘Saturday night soldiers’ from Bingley, Guiseley, Haworth, Keighley, Settle and Skipton halted the German advance at a critical time in the war during the German spring offensive. It was a source of pride to the men of the battalion that they had never given up ground to the enemy, unless ordered to by a higher authority, and only then reluctantly. 9781526703521, $49.95, $32.50, Hardback, 272.

Massacre on the Marne The Life and Death of the 2/5th Battalion West Yorkshire Regiment in the Great War

Fraser Skirrow Massacre on the Marne is a graphic reconstruction of the experiences of a small closely knit group of fighting men - the 2/5th Battalion of the West Yorkshire Regiment - in the Great War. Using the words of the men themselves, taken from their letters, diaries and memoirs as well as quotations from the reports and dispatches of the time, Fraser Skirrow records how they learned the painful lessons of trench warfare and became a highly efficient fighting unit. He also records how their hard-won efficiency was not enough to save them, for the Second Battle of the Marne in 1918 was their last - in a few terrible hours they were virtually wiped out. 9781844154968, $45.00, $29.50, Hardback, 288p.

Walking Arras

Paul Reed Walking Arras marks the final volume in a trilogy of walking books about the British sector of the Western Front. Paul Reed once more takes us over paths trodden by men who were asked to make a huge – and, for all too many, the ultimate – sacrifice. This book will give a lead in seeing the ground connected with the fighting in 1917. Making a slight departure from the style of the previous two walking books, the chapters look at the historical background of an area and then separately describe a walk; with supplementary notes about the associated cemeteries in that region. 9781844156191, $24.95, $16.50, Paperback, 240p.

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• WORLD WAR 1 • Armenian Genocide The Great Crime of World War I

David Charlwood Crammed into cattle trucks and deported to camps, shot and buried in mass graves, or force-marched to death, over 1.5 million Armenians were murdered by the Turkish state, twenty years before the start of Hitler’s Holocaust. The United States’ government called it a crime against humanity and Turkey was condemned by Russia, France and Great Britain. But two decades later the genocide had been conveniently forgotten. Hitler justified his Polish death squads by asking in 1939: ‘Who after all is today speaking about the destruction of the Armenians?” 9781526729019, $22.95, $14.99, Paperback, 128p.

Loos - Hill 70 French Flanders

Andrew Rawson The Battle of Loos formed part of a wider offensive conducted by both French and British Forces in September 1915. Due to lack of artillery the Loos attack was planned to be preceded by a massive gas attack. Unfortunately all did not go to plan. Some of the gas was blown back into the British trenches causing over 2,000 casualties, then they were met by fierce German resistance, none more so than at Hill 70 where the German defenses were strong. After a few days the attack had to be called off. It had cost 60,000 British casualties for virtually no gain. 9780850529043, $16.95, $11.50, Paperback, 160p.

Hill 60 Ypres

Nigel Cave The shell-ravaged landscape of Hill 60, some three miles to the south east of Ypres, conceals beneath it a labyrinth of tunnels and underground workings. This small area saw horrendous fighting in the early years of the war as the British and Germans struggled to control its dominant view over Ypres. 9780850525595, $16.95, $11.50, Paperback 160p.


The Hindenburg Line

Peter Oldham The Hindenburg Line achieved almost mythical status in the minds of the British public: the strongest defense system the world had then seen, scientifically designed by fortification experts with only one aim, to keep at bay the British Army. The new wonderweapon, the Tank, had shown itself to be capable of great deeds and British Generals were seen to be capable of showing the Germans what Tommy could do when properly organized. The initial elation was followed by disappointment as the Germans fought back and the Hindenburg defenses were retaken when the Germans used “defense-in-depth” and “elasticdefense,” both new concepts to the British who were to learn from their mistakes. The British were to witness triumph and joy again, when, towards the end of the Great War, the Hindenburg Line was to be broken by men from the Midlands. 9780850525687, $16.95, $11.50, Paperback, 192p.

Cambrai: The Right Hook Hindenburg Line

Nigel Cave Cambrai is most well known for the tank battle which took place in 1917. Although initially successful it soon became disastrous, and, as on other occasions throughout the War, the area changed hands many times. Illustrated with then and now pictures, this book unravels the history of the area for those either visiting or exploring it from their armchairs. 9780850526325, $19.88, $12.99, Paperback, 176p.

Bourlon Wood Hindenburg Line

Nigel Cave In 1917 Bourlon Wood on the Western Front was the scene of fierce back-and-forth fighting between the British and the Germans, with British gains on at least one occasion thrown away by lack of proper followup. The Wood formed the left flank of the massive British tank attack at Cambrai, the first of its kind, on November 20, 1917. Bourlon Wood once again came into prominence in September 1918 with the attack of the Canadian Corps against the German defenders, an action that rivaled the Canadian assault on Vimy Ridge. 9780850528183, $16.95, 11.50 Paperback, 160p.

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• WORLD WAR 1 • Villers Bretonneux

Peter Pedersen Villers-Bretonneux was the key to the strategically important communications center of Amiens, a principal objective of the German offensive that began in March 1918. The main road and the railway westward to Amiens ran through VillersBretonneux and the city could also be seen from it. Until the Germans took the town, Amiens would remain beyond their grasp. The successful defense of Villers-Bretonneux has come to be regarded as an Australian battle but British formations were heavily involved. 9781844150618, $19.99, $19.99, Paperback, 160p.

Oppy Wood

David Bilton This latest book in the Battleground Europe series describes the battles over several years, and in particular 1917 and 1918, for a wood and small village. The Germans stubbornly refused to retreat as the area held a key position in their defense of Arras. In the bitter fighting, thousands of young men mainly from East Yorkshire (Hull) and East Lancashire were sacrificed. 9781844152483, $19.95, $12.99, Paperback, 192p.

Beaumont Hamel Newfoundland Park

Nigel Cave Designed to act as a diversion to the ‘big push’, Gommecourt was an attempt to force the Germans to commit their reserves to the front line before the main battle took place. This Battlefield Guide tells the reader what happened and relates it to the ground as it now stands today. 9780850523980, $16.95, $11.50, Paperback 185p.

1918: The Decisive Year in Soldiers’ own Words and Photographs

Richard van Emden 1918: The Decisive Year in Soldiers’ own Words and Photographs is the next volume in the remarkable series of books from the best-selling First World War historian Richard van Emden. Revisiting the winning formula of diaries and memoirs, and above all original photographs taken on illegally held cameras by the soldiers themselves, Richard tells the story of 1918, of both the ferocious spring offensive that so nearly brought victory for the Germans in the West, and the tenacious British rearguard fight that thwarted them. The book also tells the vivid story of the Allied breakthrough and the return to open warfare that was to bring victory in November 1918. 9781526752321, $24.95, $16.50, Paperback, 384p.

August 1914 Surrender at St Quentin

John Hutton The great retreat of the British Expeditionary Force from Mons in August 1914 is one of the most famous in military history, and it is justly celebrated. But not all the British soldiers who were forced back by the German offensive performed well. Two colonels, Elkington and Mainwaring, tried to surrender rather than fight on, and were disgraced. In this compelling account John Hutton shows, in graphic detail, the full confusion of the retreat, and the dire mental state to which brave men can be reduced by extreme stress, uncertainty and fatigue. 9781848841345, $39.95, $25.99, Hardback, 208p.

The South Irish Horse in the Great War

Mark Perry On 12 June 1922 King George V received at Windsor Castle representatives of the six disbanded Irish regiments. While five had long and distinguished service records, the South Irish Horse (SIH) had only been raised in 1902, as a result of the second Boer War, but too late to take part. This book, while not an official history, fills a void by describing the achievements of this unique and short-lived regiment and the colorful characters who served in it. Certainly there is a fine story to tell and it will be invaluable to those researching former members. 9781526736956, $39.95, $25.99, Hardback, 176p.

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• WORLD WAR 1 • War Amongst the Clouds My Flying Experiences in World War I and the Follow-On Years 1920-1983

AVM Hugh Granville White This is a story written by a young man who trained as a pilot, and then flew with the Royal Flying Corps in France during the First World War, eventually to become an ace. It is one of survival against the odds at a time when the conduct of air operations depended so much on individual skills, innovation, courage – and luck. Told by Hugh in his own words, he gives a unique insight into war in the air. With the breakup of his squadron and being reduced to a substantive rank – simply because of his young age, Hugh’s writing ends in 1919. From this point, the story is continued by his younger son Christopher. He describes Hugh’s life and RAF career from flying in India during the 1920s through the Second World War until his retirement as an air vice-marshal in 1955. 9781911621430, $34.95, $22.99, Hardback, 224p.

The Killing of the Iron Twelve An Account of the Largest Execution of British Soldiers on the Western Front in the First World War

Hedley Malloch Why did the Germans brutally and illegally execute a group of British soldiers who had been trapped behind the lines during the retreat to the Marne in 1914? Hedley Malloch describes the fate the soldiers on the run, and of the French civilians who sheltered them. He tells a dramatic and tragic story of escape, betrayals and punishment that also gives a fascinating insight into the life stories of the soldiers and civilians involved. 9781526718570, $39.95, $25.99, Hardback, 240p.

Surgeon with the Kaiser’s Army

Stephen Kurt Westmann The author gave up his medical studies at Freiburg University in 1914 to enlist in the German Army. He was soon involved in bloody hand-to-hand fighting against the French before moving to the Russian front. His writing graphically illustrates life and death in the front line, the carnage and humor that sustained soldiers of all nationalities. Westmann’s insights into the social, political, religious, economic and medical aspects of war time life are particularly revealing. 9781473821705, $39.95, $25.99, Hardback 176p.


Lionel Morris and the Red Baron Air War on the Somme

Jill Bush Nineteen-year-old Lionel Morris left the infantry for the wood and wires of the Royal Flying Corps on the Western Front in 1916. On 17 September 1916, Morris’s squadron was attacked by a lethally efficient German unit, including an unknown pilot, Manfred von Richthofen. As the shock waves spread from the empty hangars of No.11 Squadron all the way to the very top of the British Army, the circumstances surrounding Morris’s death marked a pivotal shift in the aerial war, and the birth of its greatest legend. Told through previously unpublished archive material, the words of contemporaries and official records, Lionel Morris and the Red Baron traces a short but extraordinary life. 9781526742223, $39.95, $25.99, Hardback, 224p.

Death for Desertion the Story of the Court Martial and Execution of Sub Lt. Edwin Dyett

Leonard Sellers “It is a soldier’s tale cut in stone to melt all hearts” Thus Winston Churchill in his introduction to AP Herbert’s novel The Secret Battle, a book inspired by and quite clearly based upon the execution of Sub-Lieutenant Edwin Dyett of the Nelson Battalion, 63rd (Royal Navy) Division on 5 January, 1917, for desertion in the face of the enemy. This moving and thought-provoking book cuts a path through the cloud of secrecy which for years has enveloped all the documents relating to First World War courts martial, to tell the tragic tale of the death of one such young man and the truth behind his conviction. 9780850529777, $22.95, $14.99, Paperback, 192p.

The Biography of Captain Bruce Bairnsfather In Search of the Better ‘Ole

Tonie Holt Bruce Bairnsfather created one of the best-known cartoon characters of the First World War - ‘Old Bill’ and he drew what many consider to be the most enduring cartoon of all time - the ‘Better Ole’. Bairnsfather’s work appears on plates, cups, jugs, mugs and pots, car mascots, ashtrays and during the Second World War on the noses of the daylight bombers of the American Eighth Airforce. 9781473827233, $29.95, $19.50, Paperback, 288p.

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• WORLD WAR 1 • Temporary Heroes Lieutenant Norman Cecil Down

Richard van Emden This is a short book based on the letters written between 1915 and 1916 by an officer serving with the 1/4th Gordon Highlanders. Second Lieutenant Down wrote regularly to his girlfriend/fiancée throughout his time in France, letters which were published in 1917 after he was wounded and discharged from the army. 9781781591963, $29.95, $19.50, Hardback, 192p.

Armageddon Road A VC’s Diary 1914 - 1916

Billy Congreve Billy Congreve was an exceptional soldier and an exceptional man. By the time he was killed on the Somme in July 1916 at the age of twenty-five he had been awarded the DSO, MC, and the Légion d’Honneur, and for his many deeds of gallantry on the Somme, a posthumous VC. Out of print for over 30 years, this special centenary edition of this classic work includes a new foreword from esteemed military author Nigel Cave, as well as an expanded introduction from Terry’s widow, Joan and a newly designed plate section. Detailing the extraordinary exploits of a truly remarkable man during the first two years of the war, this book is a compulsive purchase for all fans of the period. 9781473821194, $39.95, $25.99, Hardback, 240p.

Veteran Volunteer Memoir of the Trenches, Tanks and Captivity 1914 - 1918 by Frank Vans Agnew MC

Jamie Vans Frank Vans Agnew left America in 1914 and claiming to be 40 (rather than 46) enlisted in 2nd King Edward’s Horse. He arrived in France in 1915 at Festubert and was given a commission. After attending the Machine Gun School he was at the Somme before volunteering for the Tank Corps. In 1917 he was wounded at Messines, where he won his MC. He demonstrated his tank for King George. He fought at 3rd Ypres and was wounded and captured at Cambrai in November 1917. Over the next 12 months he was held as a POW at Hannover, Karlsrűhe, Heidelberg and Furstenberg. His extraordinary and varied experiences are superbly recorded in this beautifully crafted memoir. 9781783462773, $39.95, $25.99, Hardback 224p.

Tommy Goes to War

Malcolm Brown The image of the innocent British soldier (or “Tommy”) setting off with a spring in his step in 1914 to fight the “Great War” would not last long. Indeed that initial euphoria would soon give way to a deep-seated bitterness as these young men endured the horror of the First World War. In a new edition of this extraordinary book, the uncensored letters, diaries, documents and many photographs tell the story of the British soldiers in their own words. While there are flashes of their wit and humor, the overwhelming feeling is that of a generation who felt let down by their superiors and left to perish. There are visceral, terrifying insights into life in the trenches and agonizing descriptions of the squalor and privations of war. 9781784383299, $29.95, $19.50, Paperback, 240p.

Teenage Tommy

Richard van Emden Benjamin Clouting was just sixteen years old when he embarked with the British Expeditionary Force for France in August 1914. Teenage Tommy is a detailed account of this trooper’s life at the front, vividly recalling, for example, the privations suffered during the retreat from Mons. and later, the desperate fighting to hold back the German onslaught at 2nd Ypres. But this is more than just a memoir about trench warfare. Ben’s lively sense of humor and healthy disrespect for petty restrictions make this an entertaining as well as a moving story of life at the front. 9781783032877, $39.95, $25.99, Hardback, 192p.

A German Tommy The Secret of a War Hero

Ken Anderson British Army officer Lieutenant Walter Lancelot Merritt’s courage and leadership resulted in the award of a Bar to his Military Cross. While undergoing treatment in postwar England, he confessed in a petition to King George his real name was Walter Schwarz. He had deserted from the Australian Imperial Force in 1915 because he feared his German ancestry would prevent him being sent into battle. George accepted his story and pardoned him for his desertion. The mystery has remained to this day: How did Schwarz manage to maintain his cover for six long years under the most trying circumstances imaginable? Schwarz’s only comment was he would like to say more but could not. He never did. 9781783462742, $39.95, $25.99, Hardback, 256p.

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• WORLD WAR 1 • Amateur Gunners The Adventures and Letters of a Soldier in France, Salonika and Palestine

Ian Ronayne After training at St John’s Wood in London and in Exeter, Alexander Douglas Thorburn was posted to the BEF in France, after the war, Thorburn wrote an account of his military service between 1916 and 1918, recording his experiences in France, Greece and Palestine as well as his initial training in England. He also wrote a series of observations on life as a gunner during the First World War. Both the account and observations were published as a book, Amateur Gunners, in 1933. This new publication of the book includes an extensive series of private letters written by Thorburn while on active service to his mother, father and other relatives. 9781783832019, $39.95, $25.99, Hardback, 224p.

Private Lord Crawford’s Great War Diaries From Medical Orderly to Cabinet Minister

Christopher Arnander This extraordinary diary is written by the 27th Earl of Crawford and Balcarres, who was an eminent MP for 18 years until the death of his father in 1913 when he was ennobled. His sense of duty drove him to join the RAMC as a Private (a commission would have been easily provided) and he served in a humble capacity in field hospitals in France without revealing his identity. His diaries and letters reflect the stark contrast between his privileged home life and the one he volunteered for in France and Flanders. Remarkably he is never heard to complain or regret his decision. 9781781593677, $39.95, $25.99, Hardback, 240p.

Captured at Kut, Prisoner of the Turks The Great War Diaries of Colonel William Spackman

Colonel R.A. Spackman This edited diary is Colonel Bill Spackman’s extraordinary personal record of his experiences as the Medical Officer of an Indian Infantry battalion during the Mesopotamian Campaign 1914 – 1916. In particular he describes the harrowing events of the five month siege of Kut and, after the surrender of the 10,000 strong garrison in April 1916, the hardships of the 1,000 mile forced march to Anatolia in Turkey. As a doctor he witnessed at first hand suffering the and deaths of many POWs, both British and Indian. 9781844158737, $39.99, $25.99, Hardback 224p.


In the Mind’s Eye The Blinded Veterans of St Dunstan’s

David Castleton Discover the stories of the men and women who sacrificed their sight for their country. Since 1915 St Dunstan’s (now Blind Veterans UK) has helped thousands of war-blinded men and women to rejoin society and live their lives to the full. This compelling book includes new research from the St Dunstan’s archive and previously untold stories of the people, both blind and sighted, involved in the charity during the First and Second World Wars. 9781781593479, $39.95, $25.99 Hardback, 180p.

Of Those We Loved A Narrative 1914-1919 Remembered and Illustrated

Leonard Sellers Dick Read was among the first to respond to Kitchener’s call for volunteers in 1914. He joined 8th Battalion Leicestershire Regiment at the outbreak of war and, within weeks, was heading for the battlefields of Northern France with the British Expeditionary Force. But the spirit of adventurous patriotism that carried him to war gradually turns to sober reflection as the fighting intensifies and he suffers the loss of friends and comrades at the Battles of the Somme and the Marne. This narrative, refined and uniquely illustrated over the years, but retaining a rare sense of authenticity, is a personal record of one man’s war and a profoundly moving epitaph for a lost generation. 9781781591017, $45.00, $29.50, Hardback, 528p.

Chavasse: Double VC

Ann Clayton Many heroes emerged during the First World War, but only one man was twice awarded the Victoria Cross during that conflict. This was Captain Noel Godfrey Chavasse. The author has unearthed a forgotten archive of his letters from the Front and been allowed access to the Chavasse family correspondence, photographs and other documents. The result is a fascinating study of a man who, while typical in almost every way of the Victorian/ Edwardian middle class stands out for his simple courage and unflinching devotion to duty. 9781844155118, $29.99, $19.50, Paperback, 272p.

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• WORLD WAR 1 • Under Fire in the Dardanelles The Great War Diaries and Photographs of Major Edward Cadogan

Camilla Cecil Edward Cadogan kept a record of his war in words and photographs. His baptism by fire in Gallipoli made a profound effect on him and he became highly critical of the plan and the leadership. His front line experiences are balanced by his contact with senior commanders. Wounded and clearly in poor health he was fortunate to survive. After the ignominious withdrawal, Cadogan soldiers on in Egypt and Palestine increasingly disenchanted with the conduct of the War 9781844153749, $39.99, $25.99, Hardback, 208p.

Diary of an Old Contemptible From Mons to Baghdad 1914-1919 Private Edward Roe, East Lancashire Regiment

Christopher Arnander This is a most unusual chronicle of the events of one man during the Great War. A professional soldier at the outbreak, Edward Roe was one of the first to cross over to France in 1914 and as such fought in the early battles of the war and took part in the Retreat from Mons. He was there for the crossing of the Marne and Aisne, the dreadful fighting at Ploegsteert and for the extraordinary events during the first Christmas. 9781844151356, $50.00, $32.50, Hardback, 352p.

The Last Great Cavalryman The Life of General Sir Richard McCreery GCB KBE DSO MC

Richard Mead Although not a public figure, McCreery was key figure in the development of armored warfare, a brilliant tactician and among the most important British fighting generals of the Second World War. This is an overdue acknowledgment of his contribution to victory. 9781848844650, $39.95, $25.99, Hardback 288p.

Laurence Attwell’s Letters From the Front

W. A. Attwell Lawrence Attwell was one of the lucky ones, surviving over four years of trench warfare on the Western Front. During that time he had two short periods of leave. In his extraordinary series of letters to his family he graphically recounts what life was like for the ordinary infantry soldier on active duty. We learn of the conditions, the discipline, the courage, the fear and the reactions of the writer and his fellows. Attwell was in the Prince of Wales Own, Civil Service Rifles. 9781844152339, $45.00, $29.50, Hardback, 240p.

Die Hard, Aby! Abraham Bevistein The Boy Soldier Shot to Encourage the Others

David Lister This book examines in depth the case of a young Jewish boy, Aby Beverstein who enlisted in the Middlesex Regiment. Aby was wounded, hospitalized and on (possibly premature) release did not return to his battalion immediately. The authorities arrested and tried him. His execution was greeted with horror by his family and those who knew him and readers will feel equally outraged. 9781844151370, $39.99, $25.99, Hardback, 244p.

Lady Under Fire on the Western Front The Great War Letters of Lady Dorothie Feilding MM

Andrew Hallam When Britain went to war in 1914 many people rallied to the cause, determined to join the colors or be useful in some other way. Lady Dorothie Mary Evelyn Feilding was one of the latter. ‘Lady D’ spent almost three years on the Western Front in Belgium driving ambulances for the Munro Motor Ambulance Corps, an all-volunteer unit. During her time in Flanders her bravery was such that she received the Belgian Order of Leopold, the French Croix de Guerre and was the first woman to be awarded the British Military Medal. 9781848843226, $39.95, $25.99, Hardback, 240p.

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• WORLD WAR 1 • Follow Me! I Will Lead You! Letters of a BEF Battalion Leader 1914–1915

George Brenton Laurie ‘Follow me! I will lead you!’ were the last words of Lt. Col. George Brenton Laurie, who commanded the 1st Battalion Royal Irish Rifles and was killed at Neuve Chapelle in March, 1915. He died with his revolver in hand while leading his men in an assault on the German lines. Laurie left behind a remarkable collection of letters, which provide us with a privileged insight into the day to day experience of a battalion commander and his struggles to make sense of the developing madness of trench warfare. 9781473823334, $24.95, $16.50, Hardback, 176p.

Marshal Joffre The Triumphs, Failures and Controversies of France’s Commander-in-Chief in the Great War

André Bourachot A century ago General Joffre, as Chief of the French General Staff, led the armies that blocked the German invasion at the First Battle of the Marne. He saved Paris from occupation and France from probable defeat. His calm demeanor when faced with a disaster, his ruthless dismissal of incompetent subordinates, and his skilled redeployment of his forces contributed to a historic victory. At the time many saw him as the savior of the nation, but what should we make of him now? His conduct of the war after the Marne – futile offensives that cost thousands of lives and gained no ground, followed by near defeat at Verdun – undermined his position and led to his dismissal. 9781783461653, $39.95, $25.99, Hardback, 240p.

War is War

A M Burrage Alfred Burrage’s War is War is his sincere and successful attempt to record his experiences as a private soldier in France during the First World War, his reactions to abnormal conditions and his observations. Burrage realized that nearly all such memoirs were written by ex-officers who inevitably saw the war from a different view point – as he put it, the officers ‘were only with us, not of us, and they cannot get inside our skins.’ War is War is superbly crafted and phrased and will be revelation to even the most informed student of The Great War. 9781848841543, $39.95, $25.99, Hardback 288p.


Letters from a Soldier of France 1914 - 1915 Wartime Letters From France

Marshal Joffre In March 1915, a young French artist-turned-soldier went missing in action. He left behind a remarkable series of letters which, due to wartime security, had to be edited and published anonymously under the title Letters of a Soldier 1914-1915. This powerful volume was for many years out of print, but this new edition corrects that unhappy situation and provides an English speaking readership with a rare and much needed insight into what it meant to experience the Great War from the sharp end during the desperate struggles of the French Army fighting for its survival in 1914 and 1915. 9781473823310, $24.95, $16.50, Hardback, 128p.

German Soldiers in the Great War Letters and Eyewitness Accounts

Bernd Ulrich This vivid selection of firsthand accounts and other wartime documents sheds new light on the experiences of German frontline soldiers during the First World War. It reveals in authentic detail the perceptions and emotions of ordinary soldiers that have been covered up by the smokescreen of official wartime propaganda with its talk of ‘heroism’ and ‘patriotic sacrifice’. Over 200 mostly archival documents are featured in the selection, including wartime letters, military dispatches and orders, extracts from diaries, newspaper articles and booklets, medical reports and photographs. This fascinating primary source material provides the first comprehensive insight into the German frontline experiences of the Great War published in English. 9781848841413, $39.95, $25.99, Hardback, 224p.

The Fighting Padre Pat Leonard’s Letters From the Trenches 1915-1918

John Leonard Pat Leonard served throughout the Great War as a Chaplain to the Forces in France, Belgium and, after the Armistice, in Germany. Along with the many hundreds of letters he wrote to the relatives of those ‘parishioners’ who died or were wounded, he found time to describe for his parents back at home the awful reality of life in the Trenches. 90 years have passed before this opportunity arises to share his account of a life which the world remembers as ‘dreadful beyond belief’. Reading it demonstrates that despite the ghastliness, human qualities emerged with which we should all be proud. 9781848841598, $39.95, $25.99, Hardback, 256p.

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• WORLD WAR 2 • Panzer Gunner From my Native Canada to the German Ostfront and Back.

Bruno Friesen What makes Bruno Friesen’s memoir unique is his family background: his parents came Ukraine, and in 1924 his parents left Ukraine for Canada. In 1939 he found himself on a ship bound for Germany. His father envisaged that a better life awaited him in the Third Reich. Needless to say, Bruno became caught up in the Second World War, and in 1942 was drafted into the Wehrmacht. 9781912866045, $35.00, $22.99, Hardback, 222p.

Stauffenberg: Symbol of Resistance The Man Who Almost Killed Hitler

Wolfgang Venohr On 20th July 1944, senior officers gathered at the Wolfschanze – the Wolf’s Lair – Hitler’s headquarters in East Prussia. Amongst those men was Colonel Claus Schenk Count von Stauffenberg, chief of staff of the Reserve Army, and with him he carried a briefcase packed with explosives. A little after midday the building was rocked by a massive explosion. Five men were killed, others wounded and the interior of the Wolfschanze was wrecked. Believing that he had killed the German Führer, von Stauffenberg set off for Berlin to initiate Operation Valkyrie – the coup d’etat to overthrow the Nazi regime. Hitler, of course, did not die that day and Stauffenberg and his coconspirators were rounded up and executed. But what motivated Stauffenberg to attempt such a mission? Was Stauffenberg a traitor or a patriot? 9781473856837, $39.95, $25.99, Hardback, 256p.

Confessions of a Special Agent Wartime Service in the Small Scale Raiding Force and SOE

Jack Evans Jack Evans had joined the RAF in 1940, despite being well under the legal age, and two years later was recruited into the SOE as a member of the Small Scale Raiding Force. He was withdrawn from the operation when his true age was disclosed. Evans suffered considerable mental trauma from his time behind enemy lines and his internment at the hands of the Germans and was unable to settle into normal civilian life. His astonishing story, written so soon after the end of the war, was considered in many respects to be ahead of its time. 9781526739940, $39.95, $25.99, Hardback 256p.

A Soldier of the Reich An Autobiography

Günter Horst Beetz This is an account by an ordinary man caught up in war. The author is a natural storyteller, and the account of his life prewar, including involvement with a Jewish girlfriend, is as moving as the stories of a young man in danger as he crossed France to face the invading Americans. He wasn’t a Nazi, just someone who was called up to fight for his country, like so many others. His feelings about being captured and imprisoned are a story in themselves. He doesn’t over-dramatize things, just tells us (eloquently) what happened. This is a must read. 9781781556849, $35.00, $22.99, Hardback, 192p.

Für Volk and Führer The Memoir of a Veteran of the 1st SS Panzer Division Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler

Erwin Bartmann Like many Germans, Berlin schoolboy Erwin Bartmann fell under the spell of the Zeitgeist cultivated by the Nazis. Convinced he was growing up in the best country in the world, he dreamed of joining the Leibstandarte, Hitler’s elite Waffen-SS unit. Tall, blond, blue-eyed, and just seventeen-years-old, Erwin fulfilled his dream on Mayday 1941. The German defenses soon crumbled and with the end of the Reich inevitable, Erwin was forced to choose between a struggle for personal survival and the fulfillment of his SS oath of ‘loyalty unto death.’ From the war on the southern sector of the Eastern Front to a bomb-shattered Berlin populated largely by old men and demoralized lonely women, this candid eyewitness account offers a unique and sometimes surprising perspective on the life of a young Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler volunteer. 9781911628361, $29.95, $19.50, Paperback, 248p.

The Handley Page Victor Tales from a Crew Chief - 40 Years of Life with the Victor

Roger R Brooks The book charts changes as they occurred in the aeronautical industry from the 1950’s onwards and, as such, it should appeal to both individuals who were caught up in events at the time as well as students of the era. In addition to the aircraft itself, Roger worked extensively with tankers, refueling the Victor as it took part in a variety of operations in the fraught Cold War era. He brings all aspects of his career to life across these pages, offering the kind of details that can only be gained by firsthand experience. 9781526732576, $39.95, $25.99, Hardback, 224p.

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• WORLD WAR 2 • Stug III and Stug IV German Army and Waffen-SS Western Front, 1944-1945

Dennis Oliver In the last years of the Second World War the Sturmgeschütz III (StuG III) and Sturmgeschütz IV (StuG IV) played a vital role as assault guns during the German army’s struggle to block the Allied advance on the Western Front. As the Wehrmacht’s tank forces declined, these armored vehicles were thrown into every defensive operation. Dennis Oliver uses archive photos and extensively researched color illustrations to examine the StuG III and StuG IV deployed by the German army and the Waffen-SS during these doomed campaigns. A key section of his book displays available model kits and aftermarket products, complemented by a gallery of beautifully constructed and painted models in various scales. 9781526755865, $22.95, $14.99, Paperback, 64p.

T-54/55 The Most-Produced Tank in Military History

Robert Jackson During the Cold War, the T-54/55 series of tanks represented the most serious threat to Nato land forces in Europe. Available in huge quantities, it formed the core of the Warsaw Pact armored warfare doctrine, which envisaged massed tank attacks against the weakest point in Nato’s front-line defenses. Yet the T-54/55 could be stopped by smaller numbers of tanks which had the benefit of better technology and training,. As well as tracing the history of the T-54/55, this book is an excellent source of reference for the modeler, providing details of available kits and photographs of awardwinning models, together with artworks showing the color schemes applied to these tanks. Each section of the book is supported by a wealth of archive photographs. 9781526741387, $22.95, $14.99, Paperback, 64p.

Tiger I and Tiger II Tanks German Army and Waffen-SS, The Last Battles in the West, 1945

Dennis Oliver Tiger tanks were among the most-feared fighting vehicles of the Second World War and they gained almost legendary status, yet they never fulfilled their potential because they were not produced in sufficient numbers and the tide the war had turned against the German army by the time they were introduced. Dennis Oliver uses archive photos and extensively researched color illustrations to examine the Tiger tanks and units of the German Army and Waffen-SS heavy panzer battalions that struggled to resist the onslaught of Allied armor. 9781526741820, $22.95, $14.99, Paperback, 64p.


40M Nimród Tank Destroyer and Armoured Anti Aircraft Gun Armour of the Royal Hungarian Army

Attila Bonhardt The M40 NIMRÓD self-propelled armored autocannon was constructed and redesigned by Hungarian engineers of Swedish origin. This armored fighting vehicle was originally designed for antitank and antiaircraft role, but from 1943 it was used against tanks and self-propelled guns only for self defense. However, the NIMRÓD proved to be an excellent self-propelled antiaircraft weapon and has been very effective in the fire support of own infantry units. It was a real Hungarian Flakpanzer of WW2. 9786155583148, $41.95, $27.50, Hardback, 128p.

From Leningrad to Narva An Illustrated Study of the Battles in the Northern Baltic Area,

Kamen Nevenkin In January 1944 the Red Army at last succeeded in putting to an end one of the most dramatic sieges in the history of warfare, that of Leningrad. The Soviet spearheads quickly expelled the Wehrmacht from the vicinity of the city, but once they reached the prewar border with Estonia, they were stopped dead in their tracks by a very determined Axis resistance. There, at river Narva, Germans, Estonians, and Waffen SS volunteers and conscripts from all over Europe stood firm for several months against numerous Soviet violent attacks. By doing so, they were able to cripple the ambitious military and political plans of Joseph Stalin, and to effectively postpone the Soviet re-conquest of the Baltic States for more than half a year. 9786155583186, $41.95, $27.50, Hardback, 80p.

German Self-Propelled Artillery Guns of the Second World War

Craig Moore One towed artillery gun required a team of six horses and nine men. WW2 German engineers came up with the idea of mounting an artillery gun on top of a tank chassis. This new technology reduced the amount of resources required to deploy one artillery gun. Artillery self-propelled guns only needed a four or five man crew. They could also be made ready to fire more quickly. This book covers the development and use of this new weapon between 1939 and 1945. 9781781556955, $28.95, $18.99, Paperback, 128p.

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• WORLD WAR 2 • A Spy in the Sky A Photographic Reconnaissance Spitfire Pilot in WWII

Kenneth B Johnson In this lighthearted reminiscence, Ken Johnson relives his training and transfer to an operational unit, only to find himself joining a rare band of flyers who took to the skies in broad daylight to photograph enemy installations with no radios and no armament. Unlike the fighter pilots who sought out enemy aircraft, the pilots of the PRU endeavored to avoid all contact; returning safely with their vital photographs was their sole objective. 9781526761569, $34.95, $22.99, Hardback, 216p.

The Luftwaffe Battle of Britain Fighter Pilots’ Kitbag Uniforms & Equipment from the Summer of 1940 and the Human Stories Behind Them

Mark Hillier From their bases in continental Europe, the Luftwaffe’s fighter pilots escorted the great bomber fleets that sought to destroy the RAF’s airfields and installations. Whilst much has been written on the titanic struggle for supremacy fought throughout the summer of 1940, little attention has been paid to what the pilots wore and carried with them in the air. All the objects that a Luftwaffe fighter pilot was issued with during the Battle of Britain are explored in this book in high-definition color photographs, showing everything from the differing uniforms, to headgear, personal weapons, gloves, goggles, parachute packs and the essential life jacket. Each item is fully described and its purpose and use explained. 9781473849952, $22.95, $14.99, Paperback, 152p.

D-Day Dakotas 6th June 1944

Martin W Bowman This wonderfully versatile aircraft played a significant part in airborne operations around the world; but perhaps its most notable employment occurred during the June 1944 Normandy campaign. This important episode within the wider history of ‘D-Day’ is enlivened here in classic fashion by Martin Bowman, in a narrative that features both extensive historical notes as well as deeply personal accounts of endurance and individual gallantry. This amplified account of events as they unfolded in the skies above France on D-Day (5/6 and 6/7 June, 1944) reveals the invaluable contribution these workhorses of World War II made to the overall success in Normandy. 9781526746153, $42.95, $27.99, Hardback, 352p.

Spitfire! The Full Story of a Unique Battle of Britain Fighter Squadron

Dilip Sarkar As a child, Dilip Sarkar was fascinated by the image of an RAF Spitfire pilot taken minutes after landing from a Battle of Britain combat, this was Squadron Leader Brian Lane DFC, author of the memoir Spitfire!. In 1942 Brian was reported missing after a raid. This completely new Spitfire! covers everything we would ever need to know about such a unit during the critical pre and early war period. 9781526732811, $59.95, $38.99, Hardback, 296p.

Luftwaffe Training Aircraft The Training of Germany’s Pilots and Aircrew Through Rare Archive Photographs

Chris Goss The often unseen and unrecognized element in aerial warfare, is that of training the pilots and crews, yet its value is beyond calculation. In this role, a wide variety of aircraft were used by the Luftwaffe, with trainee pilots progressing from simpler, older machines, such as the Focke-Wulf Fw 44 to the more sophisticated Arado Ar 66, as well as heavier aircraft like the Junkers W33. Gradually they would be introduced to newer and faster models that enabled them to experience the type of aircraft they would be flying in combat. In the less pressurized environment of the training schools, more care could be taken over photography, resulting in the author being able to assemble such a fine collection of excellent images. 9781473899520, $25.95, $16.99, Paperback, 192p.

The Telegraph The D Day Landings

Philip Warner Operation OVERLORD June 1944 was the greatest seaborne invasion, indeed the greatest military endeavor, of all time. Though eventually a brilliant victory, and duly celebrated as a triumph of intelligence, planning, combined operations and international cooperation, the D Day Landings came close to being the greatest military history disaster. From the parachutists and glider pilots landed behind enemy lines to the sappers, gunners, tank crews, signals, infantry, chaplains and surgeons - and the vast armada of ships and landing craft that brought them to the congested beaches - each has their own story of excitement, elation, horror and heroism. A unique collection of letters and accounts from all ranks and regiments, this book champions the ordinary men who made it possible. 9781526764164, $22.95, $14.99, Paperback, 309p.

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• WORLD WAR 2 • Major & Mrs Holt’s Definitive Battlefield Guide to the D-Day Normandy Landing Beaches 75th Anniversary Edition with GPS References

Tonie Holt The 75th anniversary, completely revised, up-to-date, much expanded edition of the DEFINITIVE GUIDE TO THE D-DAY NORMANDY LANDING BEACHES. Packaged with the Battle Map of the Normandy Landing Beaches showing the sea Assault formations for UTAH, OMAHA, GOLD, JUNO and SWORD Beaches and the air Assault Formations round Ste M Eglise and Pegasus Bridge; the D-Day Objectives and the Ground Gained on D-Day. 9781526757906, $24.95, $16.50, Paperback,350p.

Visiting the Normandy Invasion Beaches and Battlefields A Helpful Guide Book for Groups and Individuals

Gareth Hughes This splendid and timely book will be invaluable to those visiting the battlefields, sites, museums, memorials and cemeteries of the D-Day Normandy landings. It is intended for those planning and leading school groups and similar parties but is also ideal for individuals and family visitors. Rather than list every site, it provides realistic itineraries to the best places in the Normandy area. Even these are flexible to allow party leaders suitable discretion. The author provides helpful information for each site such as its context in the War, visitor orientation, the ‘spiel’ (the essential facts to engage, inform and entertain), suggested activity and relevant photos and maps. 9781473854321, $24.95, $16.50, Hardback, 160p.

The Berlin 1945 Battlefield Guide Part 2– The Battle of Berlin

David McCormack This detailed, absorbing battlefield guide is the ideal companion for anyone considering visiting the site of Hitler’s ‘Gotterdammerung’ in April–May 1945. Using his in depth knowledge as a historian and battlefield guide, David McCormack vividly describes the apocalyptic struggle played out amongst the ruins of a once great city. The author’s intimate knowledge of the ground ensures that the Wagnerian climax of the Third Reich is presented in a series of dramatic tableaux which capture the regime’s final convulsive death throes. Prepare for a fascinating journey across the Berlin battlefield as it is today. 9781781557396, $24.95, $16.50, Paperback, 176p.


III. Germanic SS Panzer-Korps. The History of Himmler’s Favourite SS PanzerKorps, 1943-1945 Volume 1: Creation September 1944

Lennart Westberg This photographic volume depicts Himmler’s favorite unit in the Waffen-SS: the III ‘Germanic’ SS Panzerkorps, for it fulfilled Himmler’s longtime political plans of recruiting ‘Germanic’ volunteers for the creation of a greater Germanic Reich in the future. As such, it consisted in part of SS volunteers from western and northern European countries. 9781909982949, $79.95, $51.99, Hardback, 280p.

SS Charlemagne The 33rd WaffenGrenadier Division of the SS

Tony Le Tissier In May 1945, as the triumphant Red Army crushed the last pockets of German resistance in central Berlin, French soldiers fought back. They were the last surviving members of SS Charlemagne, the Waffen SS division made up of French volunteers. They were among the final defenders of the city and of Hitler’s bunker. Their extraordinary story gives a compelling insight into the dreadful climax of the Battle for Berlin and into the conflicts of loyalty faced by the French in the Second World War.Yet, whatever their motivation, the performance of these soldiers as they confronted the Soviet onslaught was unwavering, and their fate after the German defeat was grim. Once captured, they were shot out of hand by their French compatriots or imprisoned. 9781526756640, $22.95, $14.99, Paperback, 192p.

The Americans from Normandy to the German Border August to MidDecember 1944

Brooke S Blades This classic Images of War book takes up the story of the massive American contribution to the campaign in north West Europe during the autumn and early winter of 1944. Following the dramatic breakout from the Normandy bridgehead, events moved fast with the liberation of Paris quickly following and the Allies closed in on the German border. But the apparent collapse of the Nazis was illusory. As lines of communication lengthened and German resistance stiffened, the Allied High Command was divided on the right strategy. The ill-fated Operation Market Garden brought home the reality that the war would continue into 1945. 9781526756725, $28.95, $18.99, Paperback, 224p.

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• WORLD WAR 2 • Stormtrooper on the Eastern Front Fighting with Hitler’s Latvian SS

Mintauts Blosfelds Following the conquest of his native Latvia by the Nazis, the author was given the stark choice: service in the SS or forced labor in a slave camp. So he ‘volunteered’ to fight for the Nazis. He describes his training and how he became an instructor before being sent into Russia. As the tide turned and the Russians advanced remorselessly through, he was wounded twice more and awarded the Iron Cross for bravery. 9781526760753, $14.95, $9.99, Paperback,224p.

Red Wind over the Balkans The Soviet offensive south of the Danube, September-October 1944

Kaloyan Matev This book describes two Soviet offensive operations carried out during September and October 1944. The first was the operation for the occupation of Bulgaria; the second was the Belgrade offensive operation, which was carried out immediately after the Bulgarian operation. Although separate, the two operations were closely linked. The book describes the operations of both ground and air forces. Special attention is paid to the Soviet tank and mechanized units which participated in both operations, and the book benefits from a detailed set of statistics and analysis which has not been attempted before. 9781910777800, $89.95, $58.50, Hardback, 694p.

Disaster at Stalingrad An Alternate History

Peter Tsouras It is early September 1942 and the German commander of the Sixth Army, General Paulus, assisted by the Fourth Panzer Army, is poised to advance on the Russian city of Stalingrad. His primary mission was to take the city, crushing this crucial center of communication and manufacturing, and to secure the valuable oil fields in the Caucasus. But the outcome could have been very different, as Peter Tsouras demonstrates in this thought-provoking and highly readable alternate history of the fateful battle. By introducing minor ‘but realistic’ adjustments, he presents a scenario in which the course of the battle runs quite differently – which in turn sets in motion new and unexpected possibilities for the outcome of the entire war. 9781526760739, $24.95, $16.50, Paperback, 256p.

Mortar Gunner on the Eastern Front: The Memoir of Dr Hans Rehfeldt. Volume 1 From the Moscow Winter Offensive to Operation Zitadelle

Hans Heinz Rehfeldt A visceral account from contemporaneous diaries of a soldier who frequently came close to death but somehow survived. This astonishing account of a man who kept bouncing back from near death is a testament to the author’s determination and sheer strength of spirit. 9781784383619, $32.95, $21.50, Hardback, 352p.

Leningrad Under Siege First-hand Accounts of the Ordeal

Ales Adamovich Leningrad was under siege for almost three years, and the first winter of that siege was one of the coldest on record. The Russians had been taken by surprise by the Germans’ sudden onslaught in June 1941. This book tells the story of that long, bitter siege in the words of those who were there. It vividly describes how ordinary Leningraders struggled to stay alive and to defend their beloved city in the most appalling conditions. They were bombed, shelled, starved and frozen. They dug tank-traps and trenches, built shelters and fortifications, fought fires, cleared rubble, tended the wounded and, for as long as they had strength to do so, buried their dead. Based on interviews with survivors of the siege and on contemporary diaries and personal memoirs. 9781526760814, $24.95, $16.50, Paperback, 240p.

Cataclysm The War on the Eastern Front, 1941–45

Keith Cumins The significance of the Second World War and its relevance to the lives of so many, has generated a legacy of published material on the topic sufficient to fill a library quite a few times over.Yet disproportionately few publications deal exclusively with the true cauldron of the conflict – the brutal and uncompromising war between Germany and the Soviet Union; and fewer still attempt to provide, in a single volume, a comprehensive overview of that war from the commencement of Operation Barbarossa to the last battle in the rubble-strewn streets of Berlin. Drawing on information from Soviet archives that has only become available since the collapse of the Soviet Union, Cataclysm: The War on the Eastern Front 1941–1945, is unquestionably the most successful attempt so far to achieve that goal. 9781612007526, $24.95, $16.50, Paperback, 472p.

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• WORLD WAR 2 • Arnhem 1944 The Human Tragedy of the Bridge Too Far

Dilip Sarkar The airborne battle for the bridges across the Rhine at Arnhem ranks amongst the Second World War’s most famous actions – inspiring innumerable books and the star-studded 1977 movie. This book, however, is unique: deeply moved, the author provides a fresh narrative and approach – concentrating on the tragic stories of individual casualties. These men were killed at different junctures in the fighting, often requiring forensic analysis to ascertain their fates. 9781526732736, $42.95, $27.99, Hardback,392p.

Steel Wall at Arnhem The Destruction of 4 Parachute Brigade, 19 September 1944

David Truesdale The deployment of the British 1st Airborne Division somewhere in Europe prior to the end of the war was indeed a case of ‘coins burning holes in the pockets of SHAEF.’ The Allied High Command was anxious to commit to battle a division that, while it contained some elite units, was not fully trained, had carried out only one divisional exercise and contained several officers who were either unfit or unsuitable for airborne command. Within 24 hours, the Brigade would cease to exist, having achieved nothing more than the deaths of good men for no good reason. This is a full account of the brigade and its actions at Arnhem. 9781911628446, $45.95, $29.50, Paperback, 288p.

Arnhem and the Aftermath Airborne Assaults in the Netherlands 1940 - 1945

Harry Kuiper War is far more than a series of military victories and defeats. Civilians always are the biggest victims and there are often staggering imbalances between casualties on the front lines, and those behind. According to recent figures, The Second World War saw the deaths of an estimated 72 million people worldwide, two thirds of whom were civilians. Arnhem and the Aftermath begins and ends in Arnhem, in 1940 and 1945 respectively. It focuses on the experiences of the civilians in those mournful years, against a backdrop of all three airborne operations in the Netherlands. 9781473870987, $34.95, $22.99, Hardback, 256p.


Hitler’s Paratroopers in Normandy The German II Parachute Corps in the Battle for France, 1944

Gilberto Villahermosa In June 1944, Allied forces fighting desperately to establish a foothold in Normandy and then breakout of the confining bocage found themselves opposed by a bewildering array of formations of the German Wehrmacht. Among them were the newly formed German II Parachute Corps. This gripping new account examines the exploits of Germany’s II Parachute Corps and its commander, Eugen Meindl from the Allied invasion on 6 June to the end of August 1944. 9781848327719, $34.95, $22.99, Hardback, 288p.

Normandy’s Nightmare War The French Experience of Nazi Occupation and Allied Bombing 1940-45

Douglas Boyd Normandy is a green and pleasant land now dotted with thousands of British-owned second homes. Its coastline is also dotted with thousands of indestructible reinforcedconcrete bunkers and gun emplacements that formed part of Hitler’s Atlantic Wall. Tourists passing through may wonder why there are so few old buildings. Few know that the demolition which preceded the extensive urban renewal of the ancient town centers was effected by British bombs. 9781526745811, $29.95, $19.50, Paperback, 224p.

The Second World War Illustrated The First Year

Jack Holroyd The first volume covers contributory factors leading up to the outbreak of hostilities. Hitler’s amazing success in correcting the real and perceived insults to the German nation resulting from the Great War and the Treaty of Versailles is acknowledged. There followed a military operation – Blitzkrieg – which rocked the world as two super powers, France and Great Britain, were soundly thrashed on the battlefield of Europe by Nazi Germany. With the skin of their teeth the British Expeditionary Force fled across the Channel from Dunkirk, leaving most of their equipment behind. The invasion of Kent in the south of England by a triumphant enemy equipped with a cruel and oppressive regime replete with Gestapo, concentration camps and policies of racial and political persecution. 9781526744401, $32.95, $21.50, Paperback, 272p.

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• WORLD WAR 2 • Regimental Records of the Royal Welch Fusiliers Volume V, 1918-1945. Part 1 November 1918May 1940

Lt-Col Peter Crocker Volumes III and IV of RWF Regimental Records end rather abruptly on 11 November 1918. The first part of RR Volume V describes the later history of the war-raised units of the Regiment during the Great War and the reduction of the Regiment thereafter. It then details the campaigns and stations of the Regiment from 1919 to 1939 including service in Ireland, India, the North-West Frontier, Cyprus, Sudan, Shanghai, Gibraltar and Hong Kong. The Territorial Army is also covered as is the Regiment’s role as an experimental mechanized unit in the 1930s. 9781912390762, $69.95, $45.50, Hardback,672p.

Operation Totalize Battleground Books: WWII

Tim Saunders By early August 1944 the Germans fighting in Normandy had been worn down by the battles around Caen, while to the west, the American breakout was finally gaining momentum. Now was the time to launch II Canadian Corps south towards Falaise. With much of the German armor having been stripped away for the Mortain Counter-Attack, hopes ran high that the Corps, reinforced with British tanks, the 51st Highland and the Polish Armoured Divisions, would repeat the success of their predecessors in the Battle of Amiens. Operation Totalize is renowned for the death of SS panzer Ace Michael Wittmann at the hands of Trooper Joe Ekins and the destruction of Worthington Force, the result of a navigational error. 9781526741264, $22.95, $14.99, Paperback, 284p.

Fittest of the Fit Health and Morale in the Royal Navy, 1939–1945

Kevin Brown ‘Fittest of the fit’ was the Royal Navy’s boast about its personnel, a claim based on a recruitment process that was effectively self-selection. This book examines that basic assumption and many of the issues that followed from it. Beginning with the medical aspects of recruitment, it looks at how health and fitness was maintained in the adverse environment of sea service. Beyond the purely physical, the importance of psychological factors and the maintenance of morale is another theme of the book, taking in everything from entertainment to tolerance of onboard pets. 9781526734273, $49.95, $32.50, Hardback, 256p.

Regimental Records of the Royal Welch Fusiliers Volume V, 1918-1945. Part 2 June 1940December 1945

Lt-Gen Jonathon Riley Part Two describes the expansion of the Regiment and its service in every theater of the war: Great Britain, NW Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, Italy, Madagascar, and the Far East. Its units included not only infantry battalions, but also antitank artillery regiments and a parachute battalion. It ends where Volume VI picks up the story of the Regiment in 1945 9781912390779, $69.95, $45.50, Hardback, 1000p.

Ladies of Lascaris Christina Ratcliffe and The Forgotten Heroes of Malta’s War

Paul McDonald The world premiere of the musical stage play Star of Strait Street took place in Valletta on 4 April 2017. It celebrates the life of Christina Ratcliffe, an English singer and dancer who became an aircraft plotter in Malta in the Second World War. She worked in the underground Royal Air Force operational headquarters beneath Lascaris Bastion in Valletta. This is Christina’s story and that of other British and Maltese girls employed by the RAF. In June 1942 fiftythree female civilian plotters worked at Lascaris, some as young as fourteen. Six including Christina were decorated for gallantry. What they did, how they lived and how some of them died is told in part using their own words. Their descriptions of life beneath the most intensive, prolonged bombing the world has ever seen are extraordinary and rare: female perspectives at the heart of military conflict. 9781526751706, $29.95, $19.50, Paperback, 336p.

Killing Hitler’s Reich The Battle for Austria 1945

William Alan Webb In the dying days of World War Two, when the fate of nations was being decided by the triumvirate of Winston Churchill, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Josef Stalin, Hitler’s Austrian homeland provided a scenic backdrop for the last stand of Army Group South. Killing Hitler’s Reich: The Battle For Austria 1945, is the history of the bloody Battle for Austria in 1945. Austria’s fate held major ramifications for postwar Europe and the entire free world, yet there is no complete account of the campaign written in English. Given the scale of the fighting and the scope of the consequences, this book fills a major gap in the literature of World War Two. 9781911628842, $59.95, $38.99, Paperback, 590p.

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• WORLD WAR 2 • The Battle of the Peaks and Long Stop Hill Tunisia, April-May 1943

Ian Mitchell The Battle of the Peaks and Long Stop Hill is the first book to be devoted to a series of forgotten battles in the spring of 1943 in the hills of northern Tunisia. The author brings to life the fascinating story of a British victory in April 1943 largely achieved by the 78th “Battle Axe” Division. This book describes how well led British troops wrested control of a series of high peaks, and thus inflicted a clear defeat on troops of the famed Afrika Korps. This in turn secured a victory which soon led to the surrender of 250,000 Axis troops in May 1943. 9781911628934, $59.95, $38.99, Hardback, 368p.

To the Last Man The Home Guard in War & Popular Culture

Malcolm Atkin The Home Guard was formed in 1940 to fight an uncompromising and essentially suicidal campaign that was to buy a few hours grace for the regular forces to regroup after a German invasion. Using official documents, contemporary histories, stories, artwork and poetry, and comparing these with postwar films and histories, Malcolm Atkin takes a unique perspective. He explores how the myths of the Home Guard arose and were exploited by official propaganda and the wartime and postwar media. To the Last Man strips back the myths and forensically analyzes how the modern perception has evolved. The result is a new, gritty, sometimes shocking, appreciation of the role that the Home Guard was expected to play in the Second World War. 9781526745934, $49.95, $32.50, Hardback, 256p.

Poland’s Struggle Before, During and After the Second World War

Andrew Rawson Poland was re-created as an independent nation at the end of the First World War, but it soon faced problems as Nazi Germany set about expanding its control on Europe. The Wehrmacht’s attack on 1 September 1939 was followed by a Red Army invasion two weeks later. The people of Poland were then subjected to a terrifying campaign of murder, imprisonment and enslavement which only increased as the war dragged on.Despite the dangers, many Poles joined the underground war against their oppressors, while those who escaped sought to fight for their nation’s freedom from abroad. The story concludes with Poland’s experience behind the Iron Curtain, ending with the return of democracy by 1991. 9781526743923, $34.95, $22.99, Hardback, 208p.


Britain’s Desert War in Egypt & Libya 1940– 1942 ‘The End of the Beginning’

David Braddock The desert war in Libya and Egypt between 1940 and 1942 has deservedly attracted the attention of many historians. Fought in an unforgiving yet strategically important landscape, the fortunes of the implacable opponents swung wildly. While best remembered for the duel between Montgomery’s Eighth Army and Rommel’s Afrika Korps and the iconic battle of El Alamein, this fine account describes that there was much more to the story than that. 9781526759788, $39.95, $25.99, Hardback, 240p.

The Gilbert and Ellice Islands – Pacific War

Jim Moran Soon after the attack on Pearl Harbor in December 1941, the Gilbert Islands were occupied by the Japanese who built a seaplane base at Butaritari. In August 1942 this base was attacked by the US 2nd Raider Battalion (Carlson’s Raiders). As a result the base was reinforced and a second built at Apamana. Betio Island on the Tarawa Atoll became the main Japanese strong point. Thanks to the author’s in depth knowledge and access to superb contemporary images, this book will be of particular interest and value to historians and laymen. 9781526751195, $28.95, $18.99, Paperback, 176p.

In Peace and War 1933-1948 Memoirs of an Exiled Polish Cavalry Officer

Tadeusz Bączkowski Captain Bączkowski’s extraordinary memoirs, those of a young Polish cavalry officer, covers his life story from childhood to his great wish of becoming a cavalry officer being fulfilled a few years before the outbreak of World War 2. His idyllic life was shattered by the German invasion on 1st September 1939. The crux of the memoirs are his wartime experiences during the Polish 1939 Campaign when he commanded a bicycle platoon in the 19th Lancers Regiment, taking part in the well-known Battle of Mokra when the Volhynian Cavalry Brigade held up a German Panzer Division. Following the fall of Poland, he escaped across the mountains into Hungary from whence to France to join the reforming Polish Army. 9781912866014, $29.95, $19.50, Paperback, 272p.

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• MODERN WARFARE • Just Another Day in Vietnam

Col Keith Nightingale (Ret) Keith Nightingale’s accomplishments in both military and civilian life largely contribute to the excellence of Just Another Day in Vietnam as a memoir of unusual depth as well as breadth. Uniquely adopting a third-person omniscient point of view, Nightingale eschews the “I” of memoir in favor of multiple perspectives and a larger historical vision that afford equal time and weight to ally and enemy alike. Nightingale moreover offers the point of view of an American advisor to elite Vietnamese troops, a vital perspective regrettably underrepresented in the literature of Vietnam. Added to this are well-informed conjecture of enemy psychology and insight into the dedication and often misunderstood role of the elite Vietnamese Ranger forces. 9781612007854, $34.95, $22.99, Hardback, 288p.

Ethiopian-Eritrean Wars. Volume 1 Eritrean War of Independence, 19611988

Tom Cooper Ethiopia, a country of ancient origins in eastern Africa, has remained a military powerhouse of that continent until the present day. Currently involved in the war in neighboring Somalia, Reaching back to extensive studies of Ethiopian and Eritrean military history, this volume provides a detailed account of the first 25 years of this conflict: from the outbreak of armed insurgency in 1961 until the crucial battle of Afabet, in 1988. It is illustrated by over 100 contemporary photographs, maps and color profiles. 9781912390298, $29.95, $19.50, Paperback, 72p.

The Fuzileiros Portuguese Marines in Africa, 1961–1974

John P. Cann In 1961, Portugal found itself fighting a war to retain its colonial possessions and preserve the remnants of its Empire. Following the uprisings of March 1961 in Angola, Portugal poured troops into the colony as fast as its system would allow; however, these new arrivals were not competent and did not possess the skills needed to fight a counterinsurgency. In reoccupying the north and addressing the enemy threat, Portugal realized that its most effective forces were those with advanced training. Unfortunately there were only very small numbers of such elite forces. The maturing experiences of the Portuguese and their consequent adjustments to fight a counterinsurgency led to the development of specialized, tailored units. 9781910777640, $29.95, $19.50, Paperback, 72p.

Ambush Valley I Corps, Vietnam 1967 – the Story of a Marine Infantry Battalion’s Battle for Survival

Eric Hammel On September 10, while advancing to a new sector near Con Thien, the 3d Battalion, 26th Marines, was attacked by at least a full North Vietnamese regiment. Isolated into two separate defensive perimeters, the Marines battled through the afternoon and evening against repeated assaults by waves of NVA regulars intent upon achieving a major victory. In a battle described as “Custer’s Last Stand—With Air Support,” the Americans prevailed by the narrowest of margins. Ambush Valley is an unforgettable account of bravery and survival under impossible conditions. It is told entirely in the words of the men who faced the ordeal together—an unprecedented mosaic of action and emotion woven into an incredibly clear and vivid combat narrative. 9781612007878, $22.95, $14.99, Hardback, 345p.

Operation Dingo The Rhodesian Raid on Chimoio and Tembué 1977

Dr. J.R.T.Wood Startling in its innovation and daringly suicidal, Operation Dingo was not only the Fireforce concept writ large but the prototype for all the major Rhodesian airborne attacks on the external bases of Rhodesian African nationalist insurgents in the neighboring territories of Mozambique and Zambia until such operations ceased in late 1979. 9781912866816, $29.95, $19.50, Paperback, 64p.

France in Centrafrique From Bokassa and Operation Barracude to the Days of Eufor

Peter Baxter France in Centrafrique explores the early colonial and postcolonial history of French Equatorial Africa with a particular emphasis on the role of the Central African Republic in the Second World War and the Free French Movement. The book traces the overt and covert French military actions in the region, the rise of internal violence and insecurity and the increasing involvement of the international community in the series of coups and counter-coups that characterized the 1990s and the new century. Featured are Operation Barracuda, Operations Almandin I, II and II, Operation Boali and the various regional, international and European regional interventions. 9781912866823, $29.95, $19.50, Paperback, 64p.

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• MODERN WARFARE • Paradise Afire Volume 2 The Sri Lankan War, 1987-1990

Adrien Fontanellaz Upon achieving independence from Great Britain in 1948, the stunningly beautiful island of Ceylon, re-named Sri Lanka in 1972, was expected to become a sort of ‘South Asian Singapore’. However, stable political order and bright economic prospects proved insufficient to maintain peace. A host of unsolved ethnic conflicts and social inequalities conspired to erupt into an armed conflict in 1971. 9781912866304, $29.95, $19.50, Paperback, 64p.

Hell on Wheels G.I. The Illustrated History of the American Solder, his Uniform and his Equipment

Christopher Anderson This valuable addition to the G.I. series is an illustrated guide to America’s armored forces from the use of prototypes tanks sputtering their way forward in 1918, to the complex technology of Operation Desert Storm. With detailed commentary by John P. Longellier, this book demonstrates just why these lethal troops were known as ‘Hell on Wheels’. This pictorial history of America’s armored forces from 1918 to the end of the 20th century includes images from the First World War to Operation Desert Storm. 9781848328099, $19.99, $12.99, Paperback, 72p.

Operation BANNER The British Army in Northern Ireland 1969 - 2007

Nicholas van der Bijl The book opens by setting the historic backdrop to The Troubles. In summer 1969 the annual Loyalist marching season sparked violence in Londonderry which spread rapidly. After three days of violence the British Government deployed troops in support of the Royal Ulster Constabulary. Initially the Catholic community welcomed the Army’s presence but this was to change over the years. The first soldier was killed in 1971 and a further 48 died that year. January 30 1972 Bloody Sunday galvanized IRA recruitment and the British Embassy was burnt in Dublin. The next 30 years saw a remorseless counterterrorist campaign which deeply affected the lives of all the people of Northern Ireland and several generation of the British Army. 9781473898950, $19.99, $12.99, Paperback, 288p.


M4 Carbine

Eric Micheletti The M4 Carbine and its variants fire 5.56 x 45mm NATO ammunition and are gasoperated, air-cooled, magazinefed, selective fire firearms with a 4-position telescoping stock. The M4 can trace its lineage back to earlier carbine versions of the M16, all based on the original AR-15 made by ArmaLite. It is a shorter and lighter version of the M16A2 assault rifle, with selective fire options including semi-automatic and three-round burst. Used predominantly by US forces, and by many special forces around the world, this book provides an illustrated history of its design, development and operational history, including its use in Afghanistan and Iraq. 9782352500988, $19.95, $12.99, Paperback, 82p.

Craftsmen Of The Army Volume III

J M Kneen The Corps of Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME) provides the Army’s integral repair and recovery capability. Its soldiers are deployed at the front line and have to be capable of switching instantly from a technical role to fighting alongside those they support, as their many awards for gallantry demonstrate. This, the third volume of REME’s distinguished history covers the period from post-Cold War drawdown to the end of UK combat operations in Afghanistan, during which time REME was continuously involved in operations. The narrative knits together personal accounts of front line experiences with an explanation the political and military background, with a particular focus on equipment support issues. 9781473899889, $60.00, $39.50, Hardback, 656p.

3 Para Mount Longdon The Bloodiest Battle

Jon Cooksey June 1982, and in the middle of a South Atlantic winter, the Falklands War is at its height. The Parachute Regiment has already been in action - 2 Para securing a hard fought victory at Darwin-Goose Green at a heavy price in killed and wounded including their CO, Lieutenant Colonel ‘H’ Jones, later awarded a posthumous VC. Now, two weeks later, as they look up at the long, frost shattered spines of rock which stab the air from the summit of Mount Longdon on the outer ring of the Stanley defenses, the ‘toms’ of 3 Para know it is their turn. As they prepare to assault their objectives - features code named ‘wing forward’, ‘fly half’ and ‘full back’- the men of 3 Para know they are in for a fight. Just before ‘zero’ some of them are simply told to pray. 9781473898967, $24.95, $16.50, Paperback, 112p.

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• MODERN WARFARE • 15 Years of War How the Longest War in U.S. History Affected a Military Family in Love, Loss, and the Cost Of Service

Kristine Schellhaas 15 Years of War: How the Longest War in U.S. History Affected a Military Family in Love, Loss, and the Cost Of Service provides a unique he said/she said perspective on coping with war in modern-day America. It reveals a true account of how a dedicated Marine and his equally committed spouse faced unfathomable challenges and achieved triumph, from the days just before 9/11 through 15 years of training workups, deployments, and other separations. This story of faith, love, and resilience offers insight into how a decade and a half of war has redefined what it means to be a military family. 9781611213485, $19.95, $12.99, Paperback, 384p.

Soviet Cold War Weaponry: Tanks and Armoured Vehicles

Anthony Tucker-Jones This book provides a visual guide to the vast array of aircraft, warships and missiles the Soviet armed forces deployed at the height of the Cold War. Numerous ‘hot’ proxy wars were fought in Africa and the Middle East. All these conflicts employed Soviet weaponry which has been captured in action in the photographs selected for this book. 9781783032969, $24.95, $16.50, Paperback, 160p.

Prodigals A Vietnam Story

Richard Taylor During his first tour in Vietnam - 1967-68, Dick Taylor was a well-trained and highly motivated amateur assigned to advise a hard-bitten ARVN infantry battalion working in the mud and streams of IV Corps. He became savvy in a hurry and found that he was both brave and resourceful. He barely survived Tet 1968, then served on an advisory team staff. For the next two years, Taylor earned a Ranger tab, served on a division staff, and schooled on. Taylor’s second tour - 1970-71 - was altogether different. He immediately assumed command of Bravo Company, 1/7 Cav, and excelled as a commander and a leader. He was aggressive in the field, confident in his command, and assertive with his superiors. This wellwritten combat memoir is heartfelt, earnest, honest and just a little melancholy. 9781935149866, $18.95, $12.50, Paperback, 336p.

Tigers at War The Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment. 25 Years in Front-Line Modern Conflict

Michael Scott Tigers at War is the remarkable story of the infantrymen of the Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment, the Tigers by nickname, who, since the end of the Cold War and fall of the Iron Curtain, have served on the front line in Northern Ireland, the Balkans, Iraq, and Afghanistan, as well as the many small wars and brush fires across Africa, Asia, and Europe. This superbly researched book, written by a serving officer, and incorporating the vivid reminiscences of the soldiers in the thick of action, is a tribute not only to an exceptional fighting regiment but also to the extraordinary acts of courage of its individual infantrymen. 9781912174249, $59.95, $38.99, Hardback, 312p.

The Marine Corps Way of War The Evolution of the U.S. Marine Corps from Attrition to Maneuver Warfare in the Post-Vietnam Era

Anthony J. Piscitelli The Marine Corps Way of War examines the evolving doctrine, weapons, and capability of the United States Marine Corps during the four decades since our last great conflict in Asia. As author Anthony Piscitelli demonstrates, the USMC has maintained its position as the nation’s foremost striking force while shifting its thrust from a reliance upon attrition to a return to maneuver warfare. 9781611213607, $27.50, $17.99, Hardback, 264p.

LBJ’s Hired Gun A Marine Corps Helicopter Gunner and the War in Vietnam

John J. Gebhart LBJ’s Hired Gun launches with Gebhart’s grim recollection of the intense old-school brutality that was Marine Corps training on Parris Island before transitioning to his difficult journey for Southeast Asia aboard a troop transport with 2,000 other nameless grunts. His candid account of life and death in Vietnam is written with a lively, infectious flair. But be forewarned: no attempt has been made to sanitize this memoir with politically-correct language. Gebhart tells his story exactly as he and his comrades spoke in the 1960s. The result is a gripping, no-holds-barred memoir of his “misadventures in-country.” He spares no detail and no one in his effort to convey exactly what he and his comrades experienced in Vietnam. 9781932033656, $32.95, $21.50, Hardback, 384p.

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• MODERN WARFARE • Forsaken Warriors The Story of an American Advisor who Fought with the South Vietnamese Rangers and Airborne

Robert L.Tonsetic The book is a personal memoir of the author’s service as a US Army advisor during the endstages of America’s involvement in Vietnam. During the period 1970–71, the US was beginning to draw down its combat forces, and the new watchword was Vietnamization. It was the period when the will of the US to prosecute the war had slipped, and transferring responsibility to the South Vietnamese was the only remaining hope for victory. The author served as a US Army advisor to South Vietnamese Ranger and Airborne units during this critical period. 9781935149033, $32.95, $21.50, Hardback, 256p.

Chiang Kai-shek versus Mao Tse-tung: The Battle for China 1946–1949

Philip Jowett This volume in the Images of War series is the first photographic history of the Chinese Civil War, which decided the future of modern China. A selection of over 200 archive photographs depict the battle for power that took place across the breadth of the country. The armies, air forces and navies of the opposing sides are shown in a sequence of graphic images, as is the ordeal of the long-suffering Chinese civilians who were caught up in a conflict that cost millions of lives. It will be fascinating and informative reading for anyone who is keen to understand China’s recent past and the military history of the twentieth century. 9781473874848, $22.95, $14.99, Paperback, 192p.

The End of Empire. Cyprus: A Soldier’s Story

Martin Bell Martin Bell, the former BBC war reporter and Independent MP, served as a soldier in the Suffolk Regiment during the Cyprus emergency between 1957 and 1959. His narrative is a powerful and personal account of the violent process of decolonization, of the character of the British Army at the time, and the impact of National Service on young men who were not much more than ‘kids in uniform’. By drawing on recently declassified documents, he provides much more than a personal reminiscence. It is an absorbing account of the experience of army life from the perspective of a private soldier, and it is the inside story of how Britain tried to crush a violent rebellion sixty years ago. 9781473848184, $39.95, $25.99, Hardback, 224p.


Challenger 2 British Main Battle Tank

Robert Griffin For much of the Cold War, the British Army’s main battle tanks were first the Centurion and then the Chieftain. While the Royal Ordnance Challenger was acquired as a stop gap its design and capability limitations quickly became apparent. This superbly researched and illustrated book tells the story of the evolution and subsequent successful career of Challenger 2 which has seen distinguished service in war and peace since 1990 and has proved itself one of the worlds most formidable fighting vehicles. The authors do not shy away from technical detail and make comparisons with competitors. The result is an objective and authoritative work which will delight military equipment buffs, modelers and wargamers. 9781473896659, $24.95, $16.50, Paperback, 176p.

With 3 Para to the Falklands

Graham Colbeck On April 9, 1982, a British task force set sail for the Falkland Islands. Three months later, after a short but brutal campaign, it had successfully completed its mission of ejecting the Argentinean occupying forces from the islands. With 3 Para to the Falklands is the full story of that dramatic struggle from the point of view of a sergeant in the Third Battalion, Parachute Regiment (3 Para). Graham Colbeck was there every step of the way and his vivid account reveals the stark realities of fighting in this stubbornly contested conflict. His narrative brings to the fore the chilling nature of the combat, the challenge of the harsh conditions met on the Falklands, the training and techniques of an elite force, and the comradeship of troops in battle. 9781526713636, $26.95, $17.99, Paperback, 192p.

Britain’s Cold War Fighters

Tim McLelland Britain’s Cold War Fighters explores the creation and development of the jet fighter, tracing the emergence of the first jet designs (the Meteor and Vampire) through to the first-generation jets, which entered service with the RAF and Fleet Air Arm. From design and basic development through to full service history, aircraft such as the Hunter, Lightning, Phantom, Javelin and Tornado F2/3 are examined in detail to demonstrate the progression in design and technology up to the latest generation of Typhoon aircraft. With over 250 illustrations, many previously unpublished, and firsthand accounts from pilots, engineers and ground crews, Britain’s Cold War Fighters is the first comprehensive study of Britain’s postwar fighter aircraft. It is essential reading for aviation and military historians, modelers and Cold War enthusiasts. 9781781556306, $32.95, $21.50, Paperback, 368p.

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• MODERN WARFARE • The Last Hot Battle of the Cold War South Africa vs. Cuba in the Angolan Civil War

Peter Polack As the Soviet Union teetered on the edge of collapse during the late 1980s, and America prepared to claim its victory, a bloody war still raged in Southern Africa, where proxy forces from both sides vied for control of Angola. The result was the largest battle on the dark continent since Al Alamein, with forces from both sides paying in blood what U.S.-Soviet diplomats were otherwise spending in diplomacy. As a case study of ferocious fighting between East and West, this book unveils a remarkable episode of the end-game of the Cold War largely unknown to the public. 9781612001951, $40.00, $26.50, Hardback, 232p.

Da Nang Diary A Forward Air Controller’s Gunsight View of Flying with SOG

Thomas R.Yarborough This classic work has now been revised and updated with 50,000 words of additional narrative and previously unpublished photos. It is the story of how, in Vietnam, an elite group of Air Force pilots fought a secret air war in Cessna 0-2 and OV-10 Bronco prop planes—flying as low as they could get. The eyes and ears of the fast-moving jets who rained death and destruction down on enemy positions, the Forward Air Controller made an art form out of an air strike. In this work, the reader flies in the cockpit alongside Yarborough in his adrenaline-pumping chronicle of heroism, danger and wartime brotherhood. Here is the dedication, courage and skill of the fliers who took the war into the enemy’s backyard. 9781612002200, $39.95, $25.99, Hardback, 376p.

Pebble Island The Falklands War 1982

Jon Cooksey This is the story of the SAS raid on Pebble Island during the Falklands War. In atrocious weather, 48 men of 22 SAS Regiment were landed by Sea King Helicopter on the Island. Their task was to destroy the 11 enemy aircraft located at the Airstrip on the Island and neutralize the Argentinean force posted there to guard it. The raid was successful and all the Aircraft were destroyed but debate still goes on as to the true purpose of the mission. The book covers sections on: history of the engagement, training and planning involved, equipment used, weapons file, breakdown of forces engaged, consequences and controversies as well as personal accounts of those involved. 9781473892958, $24.95, $16.50, Paperback, 128p.

Suez The Double War

Roy Fullick The events that followed Egypt’s nationalization of the Suez Canal on 26 July 1956 were as dramatic as they were painful to Britain’s standing in the world. The authors of this fascinating book describe the unfolding disaster in detail and explain why lack of success was almost inevitable. In military terms not only were there misunderstandings between the British and French but serious equipment shortages and outdated attitudes. Most damaging of all were the political constraints, which led to continual prevarication and affected planning and operations on the ground. 9781844153404, $24.99, $16.50, Paperback, 234p.

Foxtrot in Kandahar A Memoir of a CIA Officer in Afghanistan at the Inception of America’s Longest War

Duane Evans Kandahar. The ancient desert crossroads and, as of fall of 2001, ground zero for the Taliban and al-Qa’ida in southern Afghanistan. In the northern part of the country, the U.S.-supported Northern Alliance has made progress on the battlefield, but in the south, the country is still under the Taliban’s bloody hold and al-Qa’ida continues to operate there. With no “Southern Alliance” for the US to support, a new strategy is needed if victory is to be achieved.Veteran CIA officer Duane Evans is dispatched to Pakistan to “get something going in the South.” Foxtrot in Kandahar is his story. Brilliantly crafted and fast-paced, Foxtrot in Kandahar fills a major gap in the literature of the war’s critical and complex early months. 9781611213577, $25.00, $16.50, Hardback, 200p.

Logistics in the Falklands War A Case Study in Expeditionary Warfare

Kenneth L Privratsky While many books have been written on the Falklands War, this is the first to focus on the vital aspect of logistics. The challenges were huge; the lack of preparation time; the urgency; the huge distances involved; the need to requisition ships from trade to name but four. After a brief discussion of events leading to Argentina’s invasion the book describes in detail the rush to re-organize and deploy forces. The Falklands experience is crucial for the education of new generations of military planners and fascinating for military buffs. 9781473899049, $24.95, $16.50, Paperback, 304p.

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• MODELING • Kaiserliche EisenbahnBau Kompanie in Western Galicia 1914-1915 Volume 1

Marek Dubiński This profusely illustrated photo album includes over 120 previously unseen pictures of the Kaiserliche Eisenbahn-Bau Kompanie unit, which operated during early stages of WW1 in the Western Galicia, now southern Poland. 9788365958334, $25.00, $16.50, Paperback, 80p.

Marek Dubiński This profusely illustrated photo album includes over 120 previously unseen pictures of the Kaiserliche Eisenbahn-Bau Kompanie unit, which operated during early stages of WW1 in the Western Galicia, now southern Poland. 9788365958341, $25.00, $16.50, Paperback, 80p.

Dauntless, PZL.23 Karas, SKUA, ROC, MiG-3, Defiant, P-47 Thunderbolt


PZL.23 Karaś, PZL.42, PZL.43, PZL.46 Sum

A6M Zero

Dariusz Karnas 1/48 scale plans of following aircraft: SBD Dauntless PZL.23 Karas Skua & Roc MiG-3, Defiant P-47 Thunderbolt 9788389450791, $16.00, $10.50, Paperback, 24p.

Dariusz Karnas 1/72 nad 1/48 detailed scale plans of following aircraft: PZL.23 Karaś PZL.42 /PZL.43 PZL.46 Sum 9788363678357, $11.99, $7.99, Paperback, 12p.


Kaiserliche EisenbahnBau Kompanie in Western Galicia 1914-1915 Volume 2

Dariusz Karnas Scale plans in 1/72 1/48 and 1/32 of PZL TS-11 Iskra. 9788363678548, $11.99, $7.99, Paperback, 12p.

Dariusz Karnas Scale plans in 1/72, 1/48 and 1/32 scale. All Zero versions. A6M2 model 21 A6M3 model 22 and model 23 A6M5 model 52 and model 52c A6M7 model 62 9788363678364, $11.99, $7.99, Paperback, 24p.

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• MODELING • The VIIC Type U-Boot South Africa vs. Cuba in the Angolan Civil War

Waldemar Góralski The VIIC was the workhorse of the German U-boat force in World War Two from 1941 onwards and boats of this type were being built throughout the war. The VIIC came into service as the “Happy Days” were almost over and it was this boat that faced the final defeat to the Allied anti-submarine campaign in late 1943 and 1944. Perhaps the most famous VIIC boat was the U-96 which is featured in the movie Das Boot. 9788361220770, $26.95, $17.99, Paperback, 70p.

The Aircraft Carrier Kaga

Stefan Draminski Japanese aircraft carrier “Kaga”. She was initially being built as a battleship, but as a result of a coincidence she became one of the first large carriers in history. She was a part of Japanese Kidō Butai, a group of carriers that decided about the power of the Imperial Japanese Navy during the first half-year of the war in Pacific. After a daring attack on Pearl Harbor followed by a series of further victories there was a reversal during the battle of Midway, when “Kaga” and three accompanying carriers were destroyed which ultimately buried Japan’s chances for winning the war. 9788364596223, $31.95, $20.99, Hardback, 80p.

The Japanese Aircraft Carriers Soryu and Hiryu

Miroslaw Skwiot Soryu meaning “Blue (or Green) Dragon” was an aircraft carrier built for the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) during the mid-1930s. A sister ship, Hiryū, was intended to follow Sōryū, but Hiryū ‘s design was heavily modified and she is often considered to be a separate class. Their aircraft supported the Japanese invasion of French Indochina in mid-1940. During the first month of the Pacific War, they took part in the attack on Pearl Harbor and the Battle of Wake Island and then supported the conquest of the Dutch East Indies in January 1942. 9788364596520, $39.95, $25.99, Hardback, 100p.

Japanese Battleship Kongo

Waldemar Góralski Kongo, meaning indestructible, was the Imperial Japanese Navy’s first super-dreadnought type battlecruiser, and the name-ship of her class, which also included the Hiei, Kirishima, and Haruna. She was upgraded to a battleship rating in the 1930s and served in several major naval operations during World War II before being sunk by enemy action in 1944. This modeling guide provides a lavishly illustrated history of this impressive warship with numerous close-up and panoramic shots based on actual technical drawings. 9788361220152, $26.95, $17.99, Paperback, 56p.

The Battlecruiser HMS Hood

Stefan Draminski The text part of this book describes history of the ship’s construction and service. This is accompanied by more than 100 color illustrations showing HMS Hood’s appearance in her final configuration, during battle of the Denmark Strait, 24 May 1941. Elements that are shown in detail include superstructures, armament, boats, equipment, rig, etc. Blueprints in 1:350, 1:200, 1:100 and 1:50 scales (general views and details) are included on a separate sheet. The publication is a great reference for building a detailed model of HMS Hood. 9788362878789, $31.95, $20.99, Paperback, 72p.

Chieftain Main Battle Tank Development and Active Service from Prototype to MK.11

Robert Griffin The Chieftain was a radical evolutionary development of the successful Centurion line of tanks that had emerged at the end of the Second World War. The British had learned during the war that their tanks often lacked sufficient protection and firepower compared to those fielded by the enemy, and that this had led to high casualty levels when faced with the superior German tanks in World War II. Chieftain was designed to be as well protected as possible and to be equipped with a powerful 120 mm rifled gun. The heavy armor came at the price of reduced mobility, chiefly due to engine power limitations, which was perhaps the Chieftain’s main drawback. 9788362878529, $29.95, $19.50, Hardback, 72p.

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• MODELING • Messerschmitt Bf 109 F

Mariusz Lukasik Messerschmitt Bf 109 F (Friedrich) is one of the most important versions of this famous fighter. It was powered by the same engine (DB 601E) as the preceding Bf 109 E (Emil), but the airframe design differed significantly compared to its predecessor. The plane gained a more aerodynamic profile due to the new engine cowling (the engine had its own starter, which resulted in the extension of the unit), a new, rounder propeller hub and rounded wing tips. In addition, supports were removed under horizontal stabilizers. Bf 109 F had its first flight on January 26, 1939. 9788366148413, $24.95, $16.50, Paperback, 28p.

Junkers Ju 88 C

Maciej Noszczak The heavy fighter and fighterbomber version of the Ju 88 was marked as variant C. The aircraft was designed to have strong offensive armament and be able to carry a certain bomb load, as in version A. The Ju 88 C had A solid nose which was adapted for the installation of machine guns and cannons. Usually the weaponry consisted of one MG FF cal. 20 mm cannon and three MG 17 machine guns cal. 7.92 mm. The characteristic gondola under the nasal section of the fuselage was originally kept, but in some units it was dismounted to reduce the airframe’s weight and air resistance, Thus increasing the aircraft’s performance. Eventually the Ju 88 C evolved to the night fighter and gained the most popularity in this role. 9788366148444, $24.95, $16.50, Paperback, 20p.

Fokker Dr.I The Aces’ Aircraft

Tomasz J. Kowalski Thanks to anaglyphs and color 3D renderings we can almost touch the Fokker Dr.I, see its details, get to know its meticulous airframe structure and understand the phenomenon of this legendary aircraft. 9788364596292, $39.95, $25.99, Hardback, 140p.


Junkers Ju 87 D, G

Maciej Noszczak Ju 87 D (Dora) is another version of this popular dive bomber. Despite the weak armor and less sufficient performance, the Stukas were still produced due to the lack of a successor. However, the plane underwent some modifications that allowed it to be used for a variety of tasks. Ju 87 D had a more efficient water and oil cooling system, a more aerodynamic fuselage and modified crew cabin that was more spacious and better thought out. Dora was driven by one of the two Junkers’ engines: Jumo 211 J-1 with 1420 hp or Jumo 211 P with 1500 hp. Fuel tanks were increased up to the capacity of 1370 l, which allowed to achieve an average flight length of 2 hours and 15 minutes. In the case of using external drop-tanks, the flight time increased to 4 hours. In relation to the Ju 87 B version D could carry much bigger load of bombs. It was a jump from 500 to about 1200 kg of bombs, and with minimum amount of fuel and for short-distance missions, the aircraft could carry up as much as 1800 kg of bombs. 9788366148420, $24.95, $16.50, Paperback, 20p.

Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger

Slawomir Zajaczkowksi The main motivator for designing the Pz.Kpfw.VI was eager to install a Flak 36 antiaircraft gun 36 caliber 88 in the turret. It was a weapon that could destroy Soviet tanks on long distances. In addition, it was necessary to build a tank able to withstand fire from the T-34/76 guns, which effectively eliminated the German medium tanks Pz.Kpfw. III and IV. The tank was plagued by many teething problems, and as a result, many subsequent construction changes were introduced in the course of production. Considering the periods of their implementation, it is possible to extract Tigers of early production series, vehicles after modification and vehicles of late production series. 9788366148406, $24.95, $16.50, Paperback, 20p.

Fokker D.VII The Lethal Weapon

Tomasz J. Kowalski World War I was the time of dynamic development of aviation. Aircraft created during that period and pilots who fought in them, became legends that have fascinated generations of pilots and aviation enthusiasts. Thanks to color 3D renderings we can almost touch the Fokker D.VII, see its details, get to know its meticulous airframe structure and understand the phenomenon of this legendary aircraft. With the virtual Fokker D.VII, Marek Ryś inspires us to explore the history of the aircraft afresh. 9788364596773, $39.95, $25.99, Hardback, 168p.

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• MODELING • Mikoyan Gurevich MiG-17F / Lim-5

Karolina Holda This book is compilations of the 4-view color profile, scale plans and photo details of the single variant of the Mikoyan Gurevich MiG-17F / Lim-5. Scale plans in 1/72 and 1/48 scales plus drawings from wartime technical manuals. Also photos of the details in B&W and color. 9788365958624, $11.99, $7.99, Paperback, 24p.

Bell P-39Q Airacobra

Dariusz Karnas This book is compilations of the 4-view color profile, scale plans and photo details of the single variant of the Bell P-39Q Airacobra. Scale plans in 1/72 and 1/48 scales plus drawings from wartime technical manuals. Also photos of the details in B&W and color. 9788365958587, $11.99, $7.99, Paperback, 24p.

PZL P.11c

Hawker Hurricane I

NAA P-51D-10-NA Mustang

Messerschmitt Me 262 A-1a Schwalbe

Dariusz Karnas This book is compilations of the 4-view color profile, scale plans and photo details of the single variant of the PZL P.11c. Scale plans in 1/72 and 1/48 scales plus drawings from wartime technical manuals. Also photos of the details in B&W and color. 9788365958594, $11.99, $7.99, Paperback, 24p.

Dariusz Karnas This book is compilations of the 4-view color profile, scale plans and photo details of the single variant of the NAA P-51D10-NA. Scale plans in 1/72 and 1/48 scales plus drawings from wartime technical manuals. Also photos of the details in B&W and color. 9788365958617, $11.99, $7.99, Paperback, 24p.

Dariusz Karnas This book is compilations of the 4-view color profile, scale plans and photo details of the single variant of the Hawker Hurricane I. Scale plans in 1/72 and 1/48 scales plus drawings from wartime technical manuals. Also photos of the details in B&W and color. 9788365958600, $11.99, $7.99, Paperback, 24p.

Dariusz Karnas This book is compilations of the 4-view color profile, scale plans and photo details of the single variant of the Messerschmitt Me 262 A-1a Schwalbe. Scale plans in 1/72 and 1/48 scales plus drawings from wartime technical manuals. Also photos of the details in B&W and color 9788365958631, $11.99, $7.99, Paperback, 24p.

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• BARGAIN BOOKS • Germany in the Great War - The Opening Year Mobilisation, the Advance and Naval Warfare

Joshua Bilton This superbly illustrated and highly researched book covers the schema of a ‘quick victory’ on the Western Front. From preparatory build-up, to mobilization and to subsequent annexation and occupation, 9781473827424, $22.95, $11.50, Paperback, 192p.

Brutus of Troy And the Quest for the Ancestry of the British

Anthony Adolph For much of the last 1,500 years, when the British looked back to their origins, they saw the looming mythological figure of Brutus of Troy. A great-greatgrandson of the love goddess Aphrodite through her Trojan son Aeneas, Brutus accidentally killed his father and was exiled to Greece. He liberated the descendants of the Trojans who lived there in slavery and led them on an epic voyage to Britain. 9781473849174, $39.95, $19.99, Hardback, 224p.

El Alamein 1942 Turning Point in the Desert

Richard Doherty The Battle of El Alamein is well established as a pivotal moment of the Second World War. There was a real risk that Rommel’s Afrika Korps would break through and seize Cairo That this never happened is, of course, well known but, as this highly readable yet authoritative work reveals, there were moments of extreme peril and anxiety. 9781526700797, $39.95, $19.99, Hardback, 288p.

America’s Commandos U.S. Special Operations Forces of World War II and Korea

Leroy Thompson This valuable, fully illustrated guide includes more than 100 rare and unusual photographs of the men, uniforms, special equipment and insignia of these elite troops. 9781848328051, $19.95, $9.99, Paperback, 72p.


Crecy 1346 A Tourists’ Guide

Peter Hoskins On 26 August 1346, near the village of Crécy in northern France, Edward III’s outnumbered English army confronted the French forces of Philip VI and won one of the most remarkable battles of the Hundred Years War. And now, thanks to this guide, visitors can explore the battlefield and retrace the entire course of the Crécy campaign. 9781473827011, $24.95, $12.50, Paperback, 208p.

Ian Fleming’s Secret War

Craig Cabell While Ian Fleming’s extravagant and glamorous lifestyle is well known, little has been published concerning his contribution during the Second World War. As this book reveals, Fleming, the creator the iconic James Bond, 007, was a man who lived life in the fast lane, spent the Second World War in the ‘cloak-and-dagger’ world of intelligence, counterintelligence and special force units. 9781473853492, $19.95, $9.99, Paperback, 208p.

Emulating Alexander How Alexander the Great’s Legacy Fuelled Rome’s Wars With Persia

Glenn Barnett Numerous Roman emperors led armies eastward against the Persians, seeking to emulate or exceed the glorious conquests of Alexander. Some achieved successes but more often the result was ignominious defeat or death. 9781526703002, $34.95, $17.50, Hardback, 232p.

The Battle for the Crimea 1941-1944

Anthony Tucker-Jones The selection of over 150 photographs offers a graphic visual record of the bloody battles fought for the Crimea during the Second World War. They show every grim aspect of the fighting and reflect in many ways the ruthless character of the struggle across the entire Eastern Front. 9781473867307, $24.95, $12.50, Paperback, 160p.

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• BARGAIN BOOKS • Allied Bombing Raids: Hitting Back at the Heart of Germany

Philip Kaplan The pilots and combined bombing forces of the Second World War are revered for a host of reasons. Kaplan adds to this celebratory tradition by drawing together an intriguing collection of wartime archive photography in an attempt to illustrate the early stages of the conflict. 9781783462896, $24.95, $12.50, Paperback, 128p.

An Alternative History of Britain: The Tudors

Timothy Venning Continuing his exploration of the pathways of British history, Timothy Venning examines the turning points of the Tudor period, though he also strays over into the early Stuart period. As always, he discusses the crucial junctions at which History could easily have taken a different turn and analyses the possible and likely results. While necessarily speculative to a degree, the scenarios are all highly plausible and rooted in a firm understanding of actually events and their context. 9781783462728, $39.95, $19.99, Hardback, 240p.

In the Name of Lykourgos The Rise and fall of the Spartan Revolutionary Movement (243-146BC) Miltiadis Michalopoulos Translated into English for the first time, this last Spartan twilight and the revolutionary movement that sparked it are analyzed with exhaustive bibliography and special emphasis on the military aspects of this epic fight. 9781783030231, $39.95, $19.99, Hardback, 272p.

The Avro Type 698 Vulcan The Secrets Behind its Design and Development

David W. Fildes The Avro Vulcan was the last V Bomber to see active service during the Falklands conflict. The book examines the origins of the design, the prototypes and experimental aircraft, and goes on to explain the modifications that were made to the last of the breed. 9781848842847, $60.00, $30.50, Hardback, 328p.

A History of Jungle Warfare From the Earliest Days to the Battlefields of Vietnam

Bryan Perrett A world of dense vegetation, tangled roots, fetid mud and swamps, where the helicopter, sophisticated weaponry, and technology have revolutionized military combat, but where survival still depends on acute observation and listening for the slightest sound 9781473847538, $34.95, $17.50, Hardback, 208p.

The Battle That Won the War - Bellenglise Breaching the Hindenburg Line 1918

Peter Rostron Painting the strategic picture from early 1918 and the dark weeks following the German’s March offensive, the Author lays the ground for the Allied counter-strike. Ahead of them was the mighty Hindenburg Line, the Kaiser’s formidable defensive obstacle given added strength by the St Quentin Canal. 9781526711625, $34.95, $17.50, Hardback, 192p.

Eagles And Bulldogs In Normandy

Major General Michael Reynolds This is the story of the two divisions: the American 29th and the British 3rd. After describing the agonies suffered by the Americans on Omaha, and the difficulties that face the British in overcoming strong points at Sword Beach on D-Day, the author traces both divisions as they try to break through the German defenses. It was to take the GI’s nearly six weeks to reach their objective, while the Tommies were forced into a holding operation redolent of the trench warfare of World War One. 9781848841253, $19.95, $9.99, Paperback, 272p.

Panzer Combat Reports

Bob Carruthers Combining contemporary reports featuring a wide range of topics concerning Panzers in the field, this excellent survey of sources builds into an absorbing account of what the Allies considered to be the most important information concerning the Panzers on the battlefield. 9781781592120, $19.95, $9.99, Paperback, 240p.

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• BARGAIN BOOKS • Explorers and Their Quest for North America

Philip J Potter This book traces the history of the discovery, exploration and settlement of the western hemisphere through the comprehensive biographies of fourteen explorers. 9781526720535, $34.95, $17.50, Hardback, 312p.

Szkolnikoff Hitler’s Jewish Smuggler Pierre Abramovici On 10 June 1945, a charred body was discovered near Madrid. The man was identified as Mendel Szkolnikoff, a Jew of Russian origin who was probably one of the biggest traffickers of the Occupation; since 1941 he had collaborated with the Germans by supplying textiles to the SS and the Kriegsmarine in particular. 9781473861862, $32.95, $16.50, Hardback, 256p.

SS Grenadiers on The Russian Front

Bob Carruthers Rare photographs from both official and unofficial SS sources illustrate the role of the individual in this epic struggle. This is a candid and comprehensive picture of warfare on the Russian Front at the sharp end. These were the men who manned the trenches, climbed mountains and marched across the endless steppe in all seasons. 9781473868366, $24.95, $12.50, Paperback, 160p.

The Eastern Front Air War 1941 - 1945

Anthony Tucker-Jones This selection of over 150 photographs provides a visual guide to the desperate air war fought over the Eastern Front between 1941 and 1945. Most of these black-and-white wartime photographs have never been published before. They show Stalin’s Red Air Force and Hitler’s Luftwaffe, their equipment and the role they played in supporting the war on the ground. 9781473861626, $24.95, $12.50, Paperback, 144p.

Operation Fall Weiss German Paratroopers in the Poland Campaign, 1939

Stephan Janzyk Operation Fall Weiss describes the role of the German paratroopers in the Polish campaign, using war diaries, maps, contemporary documents and photographs, including those from various private collections around the world. 9781473894617, $32.95, $16.50, Hardback, 184p.


We Stormed the Reichstag

Vassili Subbotin In 1941 when Germany invaded the Soviet Union Vassili Subbotin was caught up as an ordinary soldier in the Red Army’s great retreat.His firsthand experience of that final operation is conveyed in this memoir. He was present throughout the final battle for Berlin and observed the capture of the Reichstag. 9781473877757, $34.95, $17.50, Hardback, 176p.

The Jihadist Threat The Re-conquest of the West?

Glenn Barnett This updated edition of Paul Moorcraft’s timely and controversial book examines the international and domestic threats to the West from Jihadism. It connects the dots in the Middle East, Asia and Africa and explains what it means for the home front, mainly Britain but also continental Europe and the USA. 9781526720931, $22.95, $11.50, Paperback, 177p.

The Tudor Murder Files

James Moore In the Tudor age the murder rate was five times higher than it is today. From the dark days of Henry VIII to the turbulent times of Shakespeare, this book is the first to chart the period’s most gripping murder cases in all their grizzly detail. Featuring tales of domestic slaughter, sexual intrigue and cunning assassinations, and also reveals just how severe some of the penalties could be, with gruesome punishments for those who dared to commit the gravest of crimes. 9781473857032, $19.95, $9.99, Paperback, 216p.

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• BARGAIN BOOKS • Fixer and Fighter The Life of Hubert de Burgh, Earl of Kent, 1170 - 1243

Brian Harwood Hubert de Burgh rose from obscure beginnings to become one of the most powerful men in England. He served first King John and then the young Henry III and played a crucial role in saving the Plantagenet dynasty. Incredibly, this is the first full-length biography of this remarkable man. 9781473877368, $32.95, $16.50, Hardback, 176p.

The Imperial War Museums’ Book of War Behind Enemy Lines

Julian Thompson Tells the unvarnished story of British Special Forces in the Second World War. While the SAS and SBS remain household names today, there were a plethora of lesser known units, large and small, that played their part. There is unlikely to be a more comprehensive account of the ‘Golden Age of British Special Forces’. 9781526724076, $42.95, $21.50, Hardback, 480p.

The Rise of Hitler Illustrated

Trevor Salisbury A Nazi propaganda book found in the ruins of a bomb-damaged German home in 1945 and recovered as a souvenir by a British soldier forms the basis for this photographic account of Hitler’s early days as he gains acceptance and eventually took over the hearts and minds of the German people. 9781473822184, $24.95, $12.50, Paperback, 176p.

The Defence of Sevastopol 1941-1942 The Soviet Perspective

Clayton Donnell In December 1941, while America was reeling from the attack on Pearl Harbor, the German Eleventh Army encircled the vast fortress of Sevastopol in the Crimea, launching massive combined air, artillery, and land attacks against the heavily defended positions. Drawing on expert knowledge of the history of modern fortifications, this book describes the design and development of the Red Army’s formidable base at Sevastopol. 9781783463916, $34.95, $17.50, Hardback, 256p.

American Eagles US Fighter Pilots in the RAF 1939 - 1945

Tony Holmes Provides a photographic snapshot of the lives of the American fighter pilots who volunteered their services during World War II, as well as the Spitfires and Hurricanes they flew. Some were prewar civilian pilots, others were rich playboys and a few were already serving in the RAF when war was declared. 9781473835665, $19.95, $9.99, Paperback, 144p.

Fighting the Kaiser’s War

Andrew Lucas This highly original book vividly describes the wartime lives and ultimate fates of ten Saxon soldiers facing the British in Flanders, revealed through their intimate diaries and correspondence. The stories of these men are used to illustrate the wider story of thousands more who fought and died in Flanders ‘for King and Country, Kaiser and Reich’ with the Royal Saxon Army. 9781783463008, $39.95, $19.99, Hardback, 256p.

Superpowers, Rogue States and Terrorism Countering the Security Threats to the West

Paul Moorcraft Without a far better understanding of the Islamic religion, its beliefs, value, hierarchy and different sects, countering the existential threat will be greatly hindered, not to say nearly impossible. 9781473894723, $32.95, $16.50, Hardback, 208p.

The Somme: The Epic Battle in the Soldiers’ own Words and Photographs

Richard van Emden The offensive on the Somme is perhaps the most iconic battle of the Great War. Because of its legendary status, the Somme has been the subject of many books. However, nothing has ever been published on the Battle in which the soldiers’ own photographs have been used to illustrate both the campaign’s extraordinary comradeship and its carnage. 9781473855212, $49.95, $24.99, Hardback, 400p.

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• BARGAIN BOOKS • An Eye in the Sky The Royal Flying Corps and Royal Air Force Career of Air Commodore Henry George Crowe MC, CBE, CBD (SC)

Bob Cossey Biography of Henry Crowe whose career encompassed time from an infantryman with the Royal Irish Regiment during the First World War, to Commanding Officer of Nos. 23 and 74 Squadrons. 9781526725967, $49.95, $24.99, Hardback, 392p.

Adolf Hitler Images of War

Nigel Blundell One of the most intriguing mysteries about the rise of history’s most despised dictator is just how utterly ordinary he once seemed. A chubby child, a mummy’s boy, a failed artist, a face in the crowd… the early images of Adolf Hitler give no hint of the demonic spirit that consumed him. 9781526701992, $22.95, $11.50, Paperback, 128p.

The Battle of Cotentin 9 – 19 June 1944

Georges Bernage In June 1944, the Americans left the Sainte-Mère-Eglise and Utah Beach bridgehead and crossed the Merderet river to the Chaussée de la Fiere, taking Picauville on 10 June. Their advance was slowed following the failure of the 90th Infantry Division, but they were able to take Pont-l’Abbe on 12 June and Saint-Sauveur-le-Vicomte 16 June. Two days later they cut the Cotentin peninsula at Barneville, before heading north towards Cherbourg. As well as authentic eyewitness testimony, the book also acts as a field guide, including maps and both contemporary and modern photographs. 9781473857636, $32.95, $16.50, Hardback, 152p.

The Analogue Revolution Communication Technology 1901 - 1914

Simon Webb Examines the impact printing, photography, telegraphy, gramophones and moving pictures had in the years preceding WWI, and shows how the modern world was shaped by the media used to record it. 9781526715371, $34.95, $17.50, Hardback, 168p.


Joseph Stalin

David A S Semeraro This concise book presents a cautionary study, in words and historic photographs, of Joseph Stalin, the peasant’s son from Georgia who as a choirboy seemed destined for the priesthood but who grew up to be a street-fighting revolutionary using torture and terror as tools to attain power. It asks how the coarse, brutish drunkard that he became could nevertheless have been lauded abroad as a cultural giant and spellbind so many millions at home 9781526702036, $22.95, $11.50, Paperback, 112p.

The Battle for Norway 1940 - 1942

John Grehan This unique collection of original documents will prove to be an invaluable resource for historians, students and all those interested in what was one of the most significant periods in British military history. 9781783462322, $34.95, $17.50, Hardback, 192p.

German Heavy Artillery Guns 1933-1945

Alexander Ludeke This book covers large caliber artillery guns beyond a diameter of 75 mm, used by the Germans during the Second World War. While artillery was perhaps no longer the dominant force it had been in the trench warfare of the Great War, it was nevertheless essential, both in air defense and against tanks. This volume of the Fact File series presents the most important of the largest German artillery and air defense weapons, as well as railway guns and launchers. This meticulously researched and superbly illustrated book provides a compact and competent overview. 9781473823990, $17.95, $8.99, Paperback, 128p.

Building for Battle: Hitler’s D-Day Defences

Philip Kaplan Revisits many of the locations within the five-beach landing area of the invasion forces, focusing on the various aspects of the German fortifications, the types of defensive systems employed against the Allies. 9781526705402, $39.95, $19.99, Hardback, 276p.

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• BARGAIN BOOKS • Deutsche Kriegsmarine Uniforms, Insignias and Equipment of the German Navy 1933-1945

Eduardo Delgado This book offers an outstanding visual record of the history, uniforms and gear used by the Kriegsmarine. Over 500 pages, 2600 photographs (most unpublished before) accompany the clear, explanatory text. 9788496658592, $150.00, $75.50, Hardback, 504p.

Sturmtruppen WWI German Stormtroopers (1914-1918)

Ricardo Recio Cardona This book is a narration of the history of the shock and assault troops and covers their combat methods, offering a comprehensive description of their uniforms, equipment, and weapons. 9788496658516, $49.95, $24.99, Hardback, 216p.

Painting Gold Medal Fantasy Figures

Julio Cabos A complete guide for basic to advanced fantasy figure painters. 9788496658455, $19.50, $9.99, Paperback, 63p.

G.A. Custer to the Little Big Horn

Steve Alexander This book by renowned historian Steve Alexander, traces the life and deeds of George Armstrong Custer from his beginnings to his famous Last Stand and death on June 25th, 1876 near the Little Big Horn River in southeastern Montana. An in-depth approach to the always controversial figure and a reflection on the man, his time and the myth through exhaustive research and understanding gained from a whole life of study and dedication. 9788496658288, $49.95, $24.99, Hardback, 176p.

Mercedes Benz Type G4 (W31) The Ultimate Study

Luis Migues Sanchez This book contains an in-depth study including some 340 photographs –most of them published for the first time– of the all-road Mercedes Benz G4: the magnificent automobile clearly associated with Adolf Hitler who favored it before and during WWII for traveling and parades. Only three out of a limited series of 57 units have survived till today. But only one of these is in fully original condition: the G4-540 presented by Hitler to General Franco. This car is thoroughly documented here in an outstanding pictorial report. 9788496658585, $55.00, $27.50, Hardback, 150p.

Believe in the Bold Custer and the Gettysburg Campaign Steve Alexander Beautifully illustrated with an insightful introduction by National Park Historian Emeritus Ed Bearss. This book combines a unique blend of period writing with the poetic style of Steve Alexander, the Country’s “Foremost Living Custer Historian.” 9788496658431, $25.00, $12.50, Paperback, 88p.

T. E. Lawrence and the Arab Revolt An Illustrated Guide

Joseph Berton T.E. Lawrence and the Arab Revolt: An Illustrated Guide provides a compelling photographic overview of the life of Lawrence of Arabia and the Arab Revolt that he helped lead. Many books have been written about Lawrence but this book will provide many rare and unseen photographs to illustrate his role in the revolt and the people who fought with and against him. 9788496658356, $49.95, $24.99, Hardback, 208p.

F.A.Q.: Cars and Motorcycles Frequently Asked Questions about Techniques Used for Painting Cars and Motorcycles

Juan Layos F.A.Q. Cars and Motorcycles provides a step by step guide to the process of how best to depict, assemble, paint, apply decals etc. to your model. The detailed descriptive copy is accompanied by 100’s of full color step by step detailed photographs. A must for any car or motorcycle modeler. 9788496658080, $60.95, $30.50, Paperback, 160p.

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• BARGAIN BOOKS • Chasseurs a Cheval of Napoleon’s Guard

Miguel Ángel Martín Mas The Chasseurs à Cheval de la Garde Impériale was the Emperor Napoleon’s habitual escort and a valuable cavalry reserve in battle. It was a unit formed of light cavalrymen of proven courage but also of outstanding moral fiber who had to serve as an example to the rest of the army. This book recounts the history of this legendary unit, a unit whose antecedents can be traced back to the first battles won by Napoleon in Italy and to the burning sands of the Egyptian desert. 9788496527973, $45.95, $22.99, Paperback, 72p.

US Cavalry, 1865-1890 Patrolling the Frontier

José Antonio Mayoralas Povides a brief introduction to what was the US Cavalry between 1865 and 1890, handling themes such as the myth and reality of this military body, its composition after the Succession War, the migration of the colonists and the role of the cavalry in the so called ‘Indian problem.’ The book also reveals the cavalry’s social characteristics, in chapters dedicated to soldiers and officers’ lifestyle. 9788496527874, $30.95, $15.50, Paperback, 52p.

Guerilla 1808-1814 Napoleon’s Spanish Nightmare

Miguel Ángel Martín Mas A complete guide to the Spanish Guerrillas that fought against Napoleon’s troops. Chapters with the different fighting tactics used in guerrilla warfare, biographies of the best known leaders. Illustrated with many photographs, location maps and color illustrations. 9788496527591, $32.95, $16.50, Paperback, 52p.

Courage in Combat Stories By and About Recipients of the Nation’s Highest Decorations

Richard J. Rinaldo An anthology about courage in combat, including stories by and about recipients of the United States’ highest decorations, the Medal of Honor, the Distinguished Service Cross, the Navy Cross and the Air Force Cross. 9781612004563, $24.95, $12.50, Paperback, 400p.


Madelman The History of the Famous Spanish Articulated Figure

Pedro Andrea Madelman manufactured articulated figures from 1968 to 1983. They were made in Spain and exported to countries including Germany, France, United Kingdom and Italy. This book illustrates, in full color, the collection of Pedro Andrea. This collection is so complete that, at the same time, it is also a complete record of the MADELMAN production. 9788496658042, $36.95, $18.50, Paperback, 111p.

Austerlitz, 1805 The Battle of the Three Emperors

Andrea Press The Victory at Austerlitz was won on the first anniversary of Napoleon’s coronation as Emperor of the French, and established him as the first amongst the great military leaders in Europe. In Germany this battle is called Dreikaiserschlacht, or the Battle of Three Emperors. However, it was the Emperor of the French that outshone his Austrian and Russian rivals, both in military and in political terms. 9788496527751, $32.95, $16.50, Paperback, 64p.

On the Frontlines of the Television War A Legendary War Cameraman in Vietnam Yasutsune “Tony” Hirashiki The story of Yasutsune “Tony” Hirashiki’s ten years in Vietnam. His memoir is primarily a story of real, remarkable people: the soldiers who fought and died, and the reporters and photographers who recorded their stories. 9781612004723, $32.95, 16.50 Hardback, 304p.

Sacrifice on the Steppe The Italian Alpine Corps in the Stalingrad Campaign, 1942-1943

Hope Hamilton Hope Hamilton has drawn on many interviews with survivors as well as massive research, to provide this first full Englishlanguage account of one of World War II’s legendary stands against great odds. 9781612003924, $18.95, $9.50, Paperback, 268p.

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• BARGAIN BOOKS • War Bonds Love Stories from the Greatest Generation

Cindy Hval From blind dates to whirlwind romances to long separations, War Bonds tells the story of WWII through romance. It highlights stories of couples who met or married during the war. Each of the 30 stories begins with a World War II-era song title and concludes with a look at wartime couples in their twilight. 9781612002903, $24.95, $12.50, Hardback, 216p.

BAC SI A Green Beret Medic’s War in Vietnam

Robert Dumont Bac Si is the story of Sgt. Jerry Krizan who was assigned to Special Forces Camp A-331 in the III Corps tactical zone, only 10 miles from the Cambodian border. where there were constant enemy troop movements through the camp’s area of operations and A-331 itself came under attack on more than one occasion. 9781612002460, $32.95, $16.50, Hardback, 224p.

Backwards, in High Heels Faith Whittlesey, Ronald Reagan’s “Madam Ambassador” in Switzerland and the West Wing Thomas J. Carty, Ph.D. In this book Faith Whittlesey gives concrete meaning to the quotation through her life and career as an effective “Madam Ambassador” in the worlds of both money and politics. 9781612001593, $29.95, $14.99, Hardback, 368p.

Shade It Black Death and After in Iraq

Jessica Goodell How do the remains of American service men and women get from the dusty roads of Fallujah to the flagcovered coffins at Dover Air Force Base? And what does the gathering of those remains tell us about the nature of modern warfare and about ourselves? These questions are the focus of Jess Goodell’s story. With sensitivity and insight, Jess describes her job retrieving and examining the remains of fellow soldiers lost in combat in Iraq. 9781612000015, $24.95, $12.50, Hardback, 192p.

Surprised at Being Alive An Accidental Helicopter Pilot in Vietnam and Beyond

Robert F. Curtis Sometimes you do everything right, but it just isn’t your day. A part fails and your helicopter comes apart in flight, or the enemy gunner pulls the trigger at just the right moment Which is why, after 24 years and over 5,000 flight hours, Major Robert Curtis was so surprised at being alive when he passed his retirement physical. 9781612002750, $32.95, $16.50, Hardback, 312p.

Crossing the Wire One Woman’s Journey into the Hidden Dangers of the Afghan War

AnnaMaria Cardinalli, Ph.D. When a U.S. military report on the topic of sexuality in Afghanistan was leaked, it generated a firestorm of attention and reaction. Here, Dr Cardinalli provides the context of her research, which is as unique and revealing as the report itself. 9781612001913, $29.95, $14.99, Hardback, 240p.

Hidden Battles on Unseen Fronts Stories of American Soldiers with Traumatic Brain Injury and PTSD

Patricia Driscoll Crafted around soldiers’ stories of their war experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan that culminate in life-altering injuries to the brain and psyche, along with the equally dramatic story of their recoveries. 9781935149408, $18.95, $9.50, Paperback, 320p.

Kimberly’s Flight The Story of Captain Kimberly Hampton, America’s First Woman Combat Pilot Killed in Battle

Anna Simon On January 2, 2004, Captain Hampton was flying an OH58D Kiowa Warrior helicopter above Fallujah when her helicopter was wracked by an explosion. Kimberly’s Flight is the story of Captain Hampton’s life. This story is told through nearly fifty interviews and her own e-mails to family and friends, and is entwined with Ann Hampton’s narrative of loving and losing a child. 9781612001029, $29.95, $14.99, Hardback, 240p.

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• BARGAIN BOOKS • Hearts and Mines With the Marines in al Anbar—A Story of Psychological Warfare in Iraq

Russell Snyder This is a true story of war. It is the firsthand account of a member of one of the United States Army’s three-man Tactical Psychological Operations Teams, groups of men tasked with winning the hearts and minds of Iraq’s civilian population through leaflets, loudspeakers, conversation, and bribery. 9781612001050, $29.95, $14.99, Hardback, 232p.

Awakening Victory How Iraqi Tribes and American Troops Reclaimed Al Anbar and Defeated Al Qaeda in Iraq

Michael E. Silverman ”Awakening Victory tells the story of this incredible campaign through the eyes of the commander of the 3rd Battalion, who was right in the thick of the fight. 9781612000978, $18.95, $9.50, Paperback, 352p.

Escape to Pagan The True Story of One Family’s Fight to Survive in World War II Occupied Asia

Brian Devereux A gripping true story of survival, as one family struggles against overwhelming odds in WW2. In order to see each other again they must overcome terrible danger. 9781612003733, $32.95, $16.50, Hardback, 320p.

Three in Thirteen The Story of a Mosquito Night Fighter Ace Roger Dunsford A unique sortie-by-sortie account of Joe Singleton’s journey from bewildered recruit to celebrated expert, illustrated with extracts from his RAF logbook, and unpublished photographs and illustrations. 9781612004402, $32.95, $16.50, Hardback, 192p.


Arms of Little Value The Challenge of Insurgency and Global Instability in the TwentyFirst Century

G. L. Lamborn A former soldier and CIA officer’s insight into the true nature of insurgency and how it will affect the United States in the decades to come. 9781612001043, $32.95, $16.50, Hardback, 312p.

War’s Nomads A Mobile Radar Unit in Pursuit of Rommel during the Western Desert Campaign, 1942-3

Frederick Grice An account of one man’s experience of life in a mobile radar unit after the battle of El Alamein as Rommel’s AfrikaKorps was relentlessly pursued across the desert through Egypt, Libya and Tunisia by the Eighth Army. 9781612002880, $34.95, $17.50, Hardback, 240p.

Gold Run The Rescue of Norway’s Gold Bullion from the Nazis, April 1940 Robert Pearson The true story of one of the greatest gold snatches in history. It is a tale of immense bravery, endurance and great leadership of loyal Norwegians, plus a little good fortune and help from the British against intrigue and overwhelming odds. 9781612004624, $19.95, $9.99, Paperback, 260p.

Pass Guard at Ypres

Ronald Gurner In This Casemate Classic War Fiction, a platoon of inexperienced British soldiers crosses to France, in excited and nervous anticipation of what is to come; they find themselves at Ypres where the battle-weary Allied troops are dug in, and slaughter surrounds them. 9781612004112, $14.95, $7.50, Paperback, 242p.

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• BARGAIN BOOKS • Behind the Lines

W.F. Morris This is a thriller that follows on from the success of W. F. Morris’s first novel, Bretherton: Khaki or Field-Grey? Morris is again concerned with questions of identity, allegiance, chance, concealment and self-discovery. A subaltern is forced to flee when he accidentally kills an overbearing, taunting fellow officer. 9781612004136, $14.95, $7.50, Paperback, 314p.

Challenger 1. Volume II Main Battle Tank

Robert Griffin This book outlines the service career of the Challenger 1 Main Battle Tank and Challenger Repair and Recovery Vehicle. This exciting Photosniper title includes numerous period photographs in color and in black and white, ten color plates and vehicle plans for the Challenger 1 Mk.3 as deployed into combat during Operation Granby. 9788364596001, $19.95, $9.99, Paperback, 80p.

The Battleship HMS Duke of York

Witold Koszela HMS Duke of York was the third of the King George V class battleships to be built after a lull in battleship design and construction following the signing of the Washington Naval Treaty. The battleship was laid down on May 5, 1937 at John Brown & Company Limited, Shipbuilding & Engineering Works in Clydebank, Scotland. She was commissioned four and a half years later, on November 4, 1941. 9788364596025, $19.95, $9.99, Paperback, 32p.

Panzerjäger 38 (t) Hetzer & G13

Stefan Draminski 80 pages of archive photos, color profiles on matte coated paper. 9788364596131, $24.95, $12.50, Paperback, 80p.

Roux the Bandit

André Chamson Set deep in the mountains of southern France, this charming short novel tells the story of a man who refuses to join the army at the outbreak of war in 1914. Instead, he flees and hides in the hills, only returning occasionally to the farm where he left his mother and sisters. 9781612004174, $12.95, $6.50, Paperback, 112p.

Char Leclerc

Thiery Guillemain The Leclerc is the only battle tank serving in operational combat units in the French Army. Designed as a Cold War era tank killer that could take on numerically superior enemies, the Leclerc has served the armies of France and the United Arab Emirates for over twenty years. This is a survey of the Leclerc’s development and service in the French Army right up to the present day. 9788364596353, $24.95, $12.50, Paperback, 96p.

JG 26 “Schlageter”

Marek J. Murawski The 28 page book with English text contains a chronological overview of the unit’s activities, which is supplemented with 41 photos and color profiles of 4 aircraft. The book also includes a decal sheet printed by Cartograf, which contains 1:72, 1:48 and 1:32 individual markings. 9788362878819, $19.95, $9.99, Paperback, 28p.

Jagdpanther and SU-122-54

Rafal Bulanda Super Model International presents the best modelers from around the world profiling their great models, with hints and tips, step-bystep instructions for building, reports from model kit shows and modeling competitions.It is a fantastic new series which will prove an invaluable reference tool for all modelers. 9788362878406, $15.95, $7.99, Paperback, 80p.

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• BARGAIN BOOKS • Super Model International No. 3

Tomasz Chacewicz Super Model International presents the best modellers from around the world profiling their great models, with hints and tips, step-by-step instructions for building, reports from model kit shows and modelling competitions. With hundreds of colour photos, including archival shots and current museum pieces, supporting colour profile artwork. It is a fantastic series which will prove an invaluable reference tool for all modellers. 9788362878543, $15.95, $7.99, Paperback, 80p.

1/48 Mustangs over Europe Part 1. Nos. 303 & 309 Squadrons

All planes are presented and described in a 12 page, fullcolor guidebook, which also includes five archive photos. One of the aircraft carries attractive nose art applied by the crew. The decals were printed by Cartograf. They include individual and national markings for all three schemes. , $12.95, $6.50, Paperback, 12p.

1/32 Mustangs over Europe Part 1. Nos. 303 & 309 Squadrons

All planes are presented and described in a 12 page, fullcolor guidebook, which also includes five archive photos. One of the aircraft carries attractive nose art applied by the crew. The decals were printed by Cartograf. They include individual and national markings for all three schemes. 9788362878772, $12.99, $6.50, Paperback, 12p.

Panzerjäger 38(t) Hetzer & G-13 Volume 2

Stefan Draminski A4 pages, archive photos, color profiles, mate coated paper, and soft cover binding. 9788364596285, $24.95, $12.50, Paperback, 80p.


St.G 2 “Immelmann”

Marek J. Murawski This book illustrates St. G 2 Immelmann in detail. Sturzkampfgeschwader 2 (StG 2) Immelmann was a Luftwaffe Dive bomber-wing of World War II. It was named after Max Immelmann in 1939. It includes concise text, documents, list of top scoring pilots, table of losses, equipment and commanders. Illustrated with more than 40 b/w photographs and color artworks. 9788362878512, $19.95, $9.99, Paperback, 32p.

JG 54. Green Heart Fighters

Marek J. Murawski The second title in the Units is devoted to the famous Jagdgeschwader 54. The book with English text includes a chronological overview of unit’s history supplemented with 49 photos; tables of top pilots, unit commanders, and planes; and color profiles of 4 aircraft. 9788362878437, $19.95, $9.99, Paperback, 32p.

JG 51 Jagdgeschwader “Molders”

Marek J. Murawski The fourth title in the ‘Units’ series tells the story of JG 51 “Molders”. The 32 page book with English text contains a chronological overview of the unit’s history supplemented with 40 photos; tables of unit commanders and planes used as well as color profiles of 4 aircraft painted by Janusz Swiatlon and Arkadiusz Wrobel. 9788362878550, $19.95, $9.99, Paperback, 32p.

JG 2. Jagdgeschwader “Richthofen”

Marek J. Murawski A brief history of one of the most famous fighter units of the Luftwaffe, JG 2 “Richthofen”. The 28 page book with English text contains a chronological overview of the unit’s activities, which is supplemented with 43 photos, tables of unit commanders and planes used. 9788362878703, $19.95, $9.99, Paperback, 28p.

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The 106th were fresh,

pathway of the 5th German Army the Thewhen United States Battle of the Bulge began Marine Corps on December 16, 1944. The Expeditionary From this division 6,800 men were taken prisoner, Force at War but their story didn’t end Paul Westermeyer there. For the ones who miraculously The Corps dates back to the escaped, there was a battle to fight, and fight Revolutionary it they would with every ounce of strength War, but they are famed for their part in and courage they could muster. They would fight debilitating weather conditions more the wars of the 20th century. reminiscent of Stalingrad thanOn the the Belgian Western Front in Ardennes. They would fight a determined World War I, the Pacific enemy and superior numbers and despite all island campaigns during adversity they would eventually prevail. This War II, the battles of book covers the history alongWorld with the Inchon and Chosin Reservoir Korea, and Hue and individual stories of the incredibleinheroism, sacrifice andintenacity of The theseUS young Khe Sanh Vietnam. Marines have continued Americans in the face of overwhelming their expeditionary role to this day,odds. undertaking not 9781612004587, $32.95, $21.50, hardback, only combat operations but also peacekeeping, peace 336p.




FORTHCOMING FROM CASEMATE green and right in the

enforcement, humanitarian relief, and short-notification/ limited-duration contingency operations. This concise history charts the evolution of the Corps as it has adapted to changing combat over two centuries. 9781612006932, $14.95, $9.99, Hardback, 160p.

FORTHCOMING FROM CASEMATE Sighted Sub, Julius Caesar Rome’s Greatest Sank Same TheinUnited States Da Nang DiaryWarlord Luftwaffe Colour: Thomas R.YarboroughSimon Elliott From Glory to Defeat Navy’s Air Campaign The expertise of theJulius FACsCaesar made for Christophe Cony & Jean-Louis Roba has been the against the U-Boat a unique birds-eye perspective on Initially the Luftwaffe ruled the skies, Mark Wilkins

inspiration to countless

how the entire war in Vietnam but thereafter fought an increasingly military commanders over This story which, of thewhen US Navy’s unfolded. For Tom Yarborough, the futile war of attrition the last airstrategic power to hunt risk was constant, intense andtwo millennia. Born combined use withof vital into the an aristocratic family, his electrifying. In this work, reader mistakes indown aircraft production, was and destroy German flies alongside Yarborough in his its death knell. Despite this, the early military campaigns, part submarines.The book contains adrenaline-pumping chronicle of heroism, and Luftwaffe produced the most successful air aces of all of danger his progression along the over 200 photographs wartime brotherhood. Originally published in 1990, this time. In this painstakingly pieced together collection, cursus honorium, included allowing for a visual imagery classic work has now been revised and updated with the full detail behind the propaganda is once more campaigning in the east, Spain of the campaign while additional narrative and previously unpublished photos. revealed, this time in rare color photographs. and 356p. in the early Roman civil 9781612004754, $19.95, $12.99, paperback, personal interviews, interrogation reports, personal 9781612004556, $24.95, $16.50, paperback, 160p.

correspondence, and after action reports weave a fascinating history about the naval air campaign during World War II. The U.S. Army Cooks’ Manual 9781612007830, $34.95, $22.99, Hardback, 304p.

wars. His participation in the Gallic Wars is known mainly through the commentary on the wars that he wrote and published, alongfor withAfrica his incursions into Britain. The War This concise history details his military life, and how it Fred Bridgland book the height of his youth through impactedThis with his examines political career, from Cuban-South African fighting in the civil the wars that resulted in his becoming the dictator in 1987–88, when 3,000 of Rome,Angola and his legacy. South African soldiers and about 9781612007090, $14.95, $9.99, Hardback, 160p. 8,000 UNITA guerrilla fighters

This manual prepares a cook for any eventuality whether in garrison, at camp in the field, or on Armies Grow the march,How with instructions on everythingThe fromExpansion butchery to of preserving meat and how to fought in alliance against the Cubans Military Forces in the organize the serving of the food and the armed forces of the Marxist Ancient Egyptian Age of Total War 1789and clean utensils. With an introduction explaining MPLA government, a force of over 50,000 men. Warfare 1945 the historical background, this is a fascinating and fun Bridgland pieced together the course of the war, fought Weaponry exploration of early 20th-century American in one of the world’s most remote and Tactics, wild terrains, by Matthias Strohn army cooking, with a dash of inspiration for two feeding your after interviewing the South Africans who fought and andit, Ideology of the The first decades ownTo army! manytelephone of their accounts woven the narrative. enter for the prize drawing, your name, number,are and emailinto address below. Pharaohs the endplease of theprovide Cold War were 9781612004709, $14.95, $9.99, hardback, 240p. 9781612004921, $32.95, $21.50, hardback, 360p.

Ian Shaw characterizedTelephone________________________ by governments’ To order, go to warcorner.com and enter the code ‘W12016’ orEmail________________________ complete order form on back 64 Full Name________________________

desires to reduce the sizes of their armed forces, not least in order to save money. Hand in hand with this general reduction went an intellectual and doctrinal re-orientation of the armies from conventional warfare to counterinsurgency operations. Recent changes to the geopolitical situation and current developments in Eastern Europe have resulted in a new shift of thinking. The pendulum has now swung back to large-scale, conventional operations. Once again, this has huge implications for the forces, from training to equipment. 9781612006017, $65.00, $42.50, Hardback, 256p.

A concise introduction to Ancient Egyptian warfare from the Neolithic period through to the Iron Age, covering everything from battle tactics to weaponry and battle injuries. The excellent preservation of Egyptian artifacts including bows, axes and chariots, means that it is possible to track the changing nature of Egyptian military technology, as well as the equipment and ideas that were adopted from other civilizations of the Eastern Mediterranean. 9781612007250, $14.95, $9.99, Hardback, 160p.

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Casemate's Warrior 34 - Holiday Edition  

Browse unique sales on military history books!

Casemate's Warrior 34 - Holiday Edition  

Browse unique sales on military history books!