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March 9, 2019, Saturday

February 18 to March 8, 2019

2:00 PM onwards

10 AM – 6:00 PM



Palacio de Memoria

759-9888 Loc. 1291

95 Bayview Drive, Los Tamaraos Village, Brgy. Tambo, Parañaque City

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auction 0015


auction 0015

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auction 0015

001 Bolivian Episcopal Chair in Wood with Silver Finish 69 x 54.5 x 144 cm With defect. 19th century Episcopal highback armchair in wood with silver overlay. Upholstered seat and back in crimson red fabric is surrounded by detailed reliefs showing various motifs: birds, lions, flowers, fruits, scallop, foliages, sogueado, as well as images of angels, Saint Michael, and the Immaculate Conception.

PHP 280,000.00

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Spanish side chairs from the 18th to 19th

Pair of Castilian Leathered Side Chairs

seats, carved stiles, and turned front legs

42 x 39 x 102 cm

century, with leather-upholstered backs and and stretchers.

PHP 20,000.00

Pair Generally stable.


auction 0015


Pair of gilded wooden armchairs in “Style of

Pair of gilded armchairs in “Style of the Adam Brothers”

centuries, with moulded, oval back. Having

60 x 52 x 95 cm Pair With minor defect.

auction 0015

the Adam Brothers.” Late 18th to early 19th carved guilloche bands throughout the framework, complemented with acanthus and rosettes. Cushion covered in sage green fabric with damask motif.

PHP 28,000.00



Settee from 20th century Europe with

European Settee in Wood with Pink Stripes Fabric

striped fabric. Mid section’s back is fashioned

128 x 47 x 96 cm

upholstered seat, armrest, and back in pinkas splat and slightly higher than the sides. With rectilinear, tapered legs.

PHP 120,000.00

In good condition.


auction 0015


French 19th century Empire period bureau

Empire period Bureau Plat (Writing Desk)

edges; veneered with mahogany and other

182 x 110.5 x 73 cm

plat; having brown leather top with stamped exotic woods. Ormolu mounts in vegetal motif, applied over table and drawer edges, as well on key holes, handles, and cabriole legs.

With some defects.

PHP 320,000.00

auction 0015


006 Louis XVI Trumeau Table with Lower Mirror 126 x 52 x 100 cm With signs of age. French trumeau table, with mirror, in Louis XVI period. Late 18th century, in gilded wood, carved with guilloche on frieze, drooping swags, Ă nd acanthus foliage on cabriole leg.

PHP 60,000.00

007 French Credenza in Rococo Style 101 x 88 x 91 cm Stable. 19th century French rococo style credence table, with white marble top and elaborately carved giltwood framework. Impressively detailed with motifs of foliages and C-scrolls which characterize this very piece.

PHP 160,000.00 12

auction 0015


Georgian period console table, in veneered

Satinwood Console Table in “Style of the Adam Brothers”

of the Adam brothers”, frieze’s drawers veneered

220 x 42 x 84 cm Stable.

auction 0015

satinwood and green marble top. In the “style with landscape scenes. Knees carved with acanthus relieves, and Neoclassical elements embellished throughout.

PHP 300,000.00




Napoleon III Style Bonheur-du-Jour in Rosewood and Oak with Sèvres-Style Porcelain Mounts

Napoleon III Period French Rosewood Cabinet

78 x 52 x 127 cm

181 x 54 x 190 cm Stable, but with signs of age. Napoleon III period large rosewood

With sign of age.

cabinet with white marble top and drawers.

Napoleon III style bonheur-du-jour (lady’s writing desk) in rosewood and oak, from late 19th century France. Raised upper half is decorated with gallery above and mounts in bronze, and features Sèvres-style ceramic plaques depicting cherubs. Marquetry-

Moulding and scroll and acanthus leaf reliefs in ebonized wood. Upper half’s main compartment doors with arches and ionic columns. Built with concealed storage.

PHP 300,000.00

fashioned panel doors conceal shelves and drawers for storing small personal items. Base with rounded corners, serpentine front, cabriole legs, and bronze mounts in floral, foliate, and putti motifs.

PHP 150,000.00 14

auction 0015



Napoleon III Style Bookcase

Ormolu-mounted Napoleon III period Occassional Table with Vitrine Top

123 x 47.5 x 216.5 cm With signs of age. 19th century French bookcase in Napoleon III style in wood and bronze mounts. With glassed doors, fluted columns on the sides, mounts in linear motif, and turned feet. Parts are detachable.

PHP 80,000.00

67 x 42 x 79 cm Without key. With some defects. French vitrine-top occasional table, in Napoleon III period. Late 19th century, veneered with exotic woods of warmtoned mahogany and attractive burr walnut. Complemented with kingswood and ebonized edges. Asymmetrical, serpentine vitrine top, having white fabric cushioned interior, stands through floral ormolu-mounted tripod legs.

PHP 30,000.00

auction 0015


013 Pair of Isabellino style Mahogany Demi-lune Ormolu-Mounted Side Cabinets 30 x 55.5 x 74cm Pair Stable, but with signs of age. Pair of Isabellino style demi-lune mahogany side cabinets. 19th century, with marquetry veneered on top, mounted with ormolu frieze and floral motif, claw sabots, and round knobs on each of three drawers.

PHP 30,000.00

014 Napoleon III Style Jardiniere in Ebonized Wood with Marquetry 33.5 x 33.5 x 102 cm With minor defect. French ebonized wood jardiniere in Napoleon III style, embellished with ormolu mounts and marquetry. Plant box in circular form, with cover illustrating a bird on branch surrounded by foliages and gilt bronze gallery. Beneath are two round shelves with floral and foliate marquetry linking the winged-lady adorned legs. From the 19th century.

PHP 20,000.00 16

auction 0015

015 English Polygonal Mahogany Coffee Table 84 x 74 x 73 cm With signs of age. English carved mahogany coffee table in polygon form, dated 19th century. With ribbed edges, shaped apron, and six spindleturned legs with carved bulbous upper half connected by a stretcher.

PHP 30,000.00

016 Napoleon III Style Boulle Side Cabinet 84 x 38 x 108 cm With defects. Left rear foot has been replaced. French side cabinet in Napoleon III style with “boulle work.” Made of ebonized wood and topped with white marble, this furniture’s facade shows intricate brass marquetry, in floral and foliate motifs, on tortoiseshells. Sides feature Corinthianinspired columns, interior with two shelves, and bronze mounts. With a key.

PHP 50,000.00

auction 0015




Charles X style Portuguese Serpentine Small Side Commode Cabinet with 86 x 43 x 83 cm White Marble Stable. Top French 19th century Charles X style serpentine mahogany commode inlaid with satinwood marquetry. Built with wooden top and four large drawers. With turned (front) and block (rear) feet. Lacking with key.

PHP 50,000.00

51 x 41.5 x 81.5 cm With signs of age. Marble-topped small wooden side cabinet from 19th century Portugal. White marble with protruding front corners. Frieze adorned by floral and foliate reliefs, while cabinet door proudly depicts a lion relief crowned by a shell. Pilasters with scrolled ends; interior with a shelf. Lacking with key.

PHP 30,000.00 18

019 Pair of DoĂąa Maria I period Mahogany TwoDoor Astragal Glazed Bookcases larger: 83 x 39.5 x 120cm; smaller: 83 x 40 x 114 cm Pair With defect. Pair of DoĂąa Maria I period mahogany two-door astragal glazed bookcases. Portugal 19th century, having laced shelvings. Neoclassical key hole and handle in ormolu. Fluted side columns.

PHP 80,000.00 auction 0015

020 George III period Mahogany Bookcase 106 x 62 x 235 cm With defects. English mahogany bookcase in George III style, dated 19th century. Upper half with glassed doors with pointed arch motif, pilaster on the sides, shelved interior and wreath-decorated frieze. Base is built with adjustable black leathered-surface writing desk, center panel which can be lifted for reading, and small drawers and compartments, all concealed by a sliding curved cover. With metal mounts and a key.

PHP 90,000.00

auction 0015



Pair of traditional Bulacan bone inlaid wood

Pair of Baliuag armchairs

shaped as lozenges or diamonds are patterned

53 x 53 x 87 cm

armchairs dated early 20th century. Inlaid bones as stylized floral paterae and wheat ears along the top rail, arms and apron of the seats. Having caned seats in solihiya.

Pair Generally in good condition.

PHP 16,000.00


auction 0015

022 Pair of Italian High Back Chairs in Ebonized Wood and Ivory 46.5 x 43 x 117 cm Pair With defect. Pair of Milanese ebonized & inlaid side chairs. Late 19th century, each ornately carved and inlaid with bone, with seat in a geometric pattern and splat depicting Renaissance Revival motifs: one depicting a mother in corset wtih her child; the other a woman wearing sash.

PHP 28,000.00

023 Milanese Bureau Cabinet with Glass Case 83 x 51 x 193 cm With signs of age. Milanese 19th century bureau cabinet, with glass case on top. Ebonized wood, decorated with bone inlay in Renaissance Revival style. Central motif, in fine penwork, representing Cybele on chariot-Anatolian mother goddess, equivalent of Minoan Rhea, Greek Gaia and Demeter.

PHP 50,000.00

auction 0015



Italian coin cabinet on stand. 19th

Italian coin cabinet on stand with exotic wood veneer and ivory inlay

ivory inlay with penwork depicting

century, with exotic wood veneers and hunt scenes. Tablestand’s legs reinforced by Spanish crossed metal stretchers--possibly a later addition.

128 x 72 x 146 cm Stable.


PHP 250,000.00

auction 0015



Flemish-Spanish 17th century Coin Cabinet in Tortuga Shells and Ebonized Wood

Spanish 17th century Coin Cabinet in Exotic Woods

131 x 42 x 87.5 cm (cabinet); 147.5 x 62 x 83.5 cm (base) With some defects. One of the front feet has been replaced.

126 x 40 x 91.5 cm (cabinet); 155 x 47 x 80 cm (base) Stable, but with signs of age. Spanish 17th to 18th century coin cabinet on stand made of exotic woods veneered

Flemish-Spanish 17th century coin cabinet on stand in tortuga shells, ebonized wood, and geometric veneers. Having drawers on both sides for coins and other articles. Central section has hidden set of drawers,

throughout. Geometric wood inlay, ivory insets depicting hunting scenes, ormolu mounts. Five drawers on both sides of exterior, and six hidden behind the central door panel. Center bearing architectural details,

with glass-walled, checkered-floored, and

surrounding a mythical scene depicted by

columned interior. With ormolu mounts

ormolu relieves. Having ball and claw feet.

depicting foliages, cherubs, gargoyle masks, and Flemish dragons.

PHP 180,000.00

PHP 180,000.00 auction 0015


027 Oratorio in Tortuga Shells with Glass Panels 38 x 30 x 60 cm With minor defects. Spanish small wooden oratorio with tortoise shell veneer and glass panels. Frieze with cut decoration in foliate motif, topped with turned finials. Interior features geometric shapes in light and dark woods. Dated 19th century.

PHP 80,000.00

028 Chinese Lacquered Cabinet with Floral and Bird Decoration 91 x 43 x 74 cm Stable. 20th century Chinese lacquered wood cabinet with floral and bird decoration in amber tone. With two door panels, metal handles, and separable base.

PHP 15,000.00 24

auction 0015

auction 0015




Chinese Wooden Sculpture of an Immortal, Monk, and Foo Dogs

Don JosĂŠ I style Gilded Wood Lamp

24 x 12 x 55.5 cm

76 cm With signs of age. Lamp on stand in Portuguese Baroque,

Stable, but with signs of age.

known as Don JosĂŠ I (1750-1777) style; gilded wood carved with acanthus motif

Finely carved wooden sculpture portraying a Chinese immortal in immense height, flanked by a monk carrying books, and accompanied by foo dogs above and below. Base in dark wood representing a cloud, of which all of them

throughout. Having bobeches made of metal sheets. Later electrified, with candle-like synthetic socket on top.

PHP 10,000.00

stand. From 19th to 20th century China.

PHP 20,000.00


auction 0015



Pair of Shell Arches Wall Decors in Giltwood

Brazilian Rosewood Box in DoĂąa Maria I Style

29 x 19 cm

54.5 x 36 x 16 cm

With minor defect.


19th century Portuguese carved giltwood

DoĂąa Maria I style of Portugal wooden

wall decor arches representing shells.

box, in Brazilian rosewood.19th century, foliate inlays in satinwood. Key hole in

PHP 10,000.00

bone. With brass bar mounted on top.

PHP 30,000.00

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auction 0015

033 T’ang dynasty polychrome earthenware of a female dancer 15 x 12 x 42 cm With signs of age and defect. Polychrome earthenware, T’ang dynasty (AD 608-907) sculpture of a female dancer. Radiantly smiling, having slender physique suggests period’s preference for fluidic movements, celebrating unity with nature. Curved arms indicative of, albeit missing, longer sleeves (similar to Han’s “water sleeves” 水袖). Faded colors of blue for her dress, red for collar and sash, and black for hair. T’ang dynasty marks the nostalgic era of cosmopolitan expansions, and China’s golden age of fashion, music and arts.

PHP 10,000.00

034 Qianlong period “famille rose” Porcelain Milk Jug 11 x 11 cm With signs of age. Qianlong period (1736-1795) porcelain milk jug in “famille rose”, specifically carrying vermillion, cobalt, aubergine, iron red, green, and Batavia brown. Colors used to illustrate a parent and child on one side, and a painting scholar on the other. Detailed across with Chinese interior and garden, matched with European’s coveted “chinoiserie” lattice and floral scrolls. Unmarked.

PHP 8,000.00 auction 0015


035 Qianlong Period Milk Jug in Chinese Export Porcelain 11 x 11 cm With signs of age. Porcelain milk jug from Qianlong period, with Chinese figures and objects as motifs. Unmarked.

PHP 8,000.00

036 Qing Dynasty 037 “Famille Chinese export Rose” Large porcelain Porcelain Plate Oval Plat with diam.: 40 cm Polychrome With signs of age. Butterfly Motif Chinese “famille rose” large porcelain plate from Qing

15 x 12 cm

dynasty, richly decorated with

With signs of age.

peonies and other flowers. Unmarked.

Chinese export porcelain oval plate from Qing

PHP 35,000.00

dynasty dated 19th century. Decorated with butterflies in red, sky blu, black, green, and gold. Unmarked.

PHP 10,000.00 30

auction 0015

040 038 Chinese export porcelain Jar with cover, decorated with Chickens 31.5cm With signs of age. Qing dynasty, from 19th century, export porcelain jar with tight finialledcover. Having polychrome decorations of red chickens, pink flowers, leafy ground and Chinese inscriptions in black ink. Unmarked.

039 Qing Dynasty Polychrome Porcelain Plate Depicting Chinese Figures 23 cm With signs of age. Qing dynasty porcelain plate representing an outdoor scene with Chinese figures of varying ages, possibly a family. Plate’s rim is decorated with floral reserves with birds, as well as trusses of corals. Unmarked.

Qing Dynasty MeissenMannered Porcelain Plate diam.: 15 cm With signs of age. 18th century Chinese export polychrome porcelain plate from Qing dynasty, in Meissen manner. Shaped as a lotus with floral illustrations at the center and border in green. Reverse side with branch and vein reliefs. Unmarked.

PHP 18,000.00

PHP 18,000.00

PHP 10,000.00 auction 0015


041 Qianlong Period Blueand White Porcelain Plate with Riverine Landscape diam.: 24.5 cm In good condition. 18th century blue-andwhite porcelain dish from Qianlong period, depicting a riverside garden with houses and tree from afar. Central décor is surrounded by

042 Qing dynasty Blue-andWhite Porcelain Tea Pot 20 x 10 x 12 cm Stable. Qing dynasty, 19th century, blue-and-white Chinese export porcelain tea pot. Having floral, bird, and insect motifs. With cover.

floral and crisscross motifs, while rim features petal-like pattern. Unmarked.

PHP 10,000.00

Qianlong Period “Famille Rose” Porcelain Cup with Cover 11cm Stable, but with signs of age. Chinese export porcelain in “famille rose” from Qianlong period (1736-1795). Having polychrome decoration of depicting flowers. Cover with floral finial. Body with handles on sides.

PHP 12,000.00

PHP 15,000.00



auction 0015

046 045 044 Pair of Qing Dynasty “Famille Rose” Porcelain Plates with Floral Decoration diam.: 23 cm Pair With signs of previous restoration. Pair of Qing dynasty “famille rose” porcelain dishes, decorated with peonies and other floral motifs. Unmarked.

Qianlong period Parcelgilt serpentine plate with flowers and butterflies

Qianlong period Armorial Plate in “Famille Rose” 22.5 cm Stable, but with signs of age.

23 cm

Armorial plate in “famille


rose” Chinese export porcelain, Qing dynasty’s

Qianlong period (1736-1795)

Qianlong period (1736-1795).

parcel-gilt serpentine plate,

Carrying Portuguese coat of

gilded edges simulating

arms of Sebastião Xavier da

floral contour. Lip painted

Gama Lobo, Fidalgo-Cavleiro

with relieved butterflies and

of the Royal House.

reticulated plants. Center displays relieved floral elements.

PHP 8,000.00

PHP 18,000.00

PHP 15,000.00 auction 0015



Armorial saucer in Chinese export porcelain

Chinese export porcelain Armorial Saucer 14.5cm

dated 19th century. Polychrome and gilt decoration bearing coat of arms of Vital de Bettencourt de Vasconcelos e Lemos-Portuguese progressive politician (18321908). Unmarked.

With signs of previous restoration.

PHP 15,000.00


auction 0015

048 Pair of Meiji Period Satsuma Porcelain Jars 21.5cm Pair With signs of age. Pair of Satsuma porcelain jars dating back to Meiji period (1868-1912). Having gilt contours surrounding rouge, cobalt, and green altering hues enlivens these craquelured pieces with popping colors. Relieves of enlightened monks, deities, and their landscape texturize their re-presentation— hence, encapsulating what ‘Meiji’ stands for: an “enlightened rule.” Marked.

PHP 15,000.00

049 Pair of Seto porcelain chargers painted with Geishas on Landscape 38 cm Pair With signs of age. Pair of Japanese “Seto” porcelain chargers dated early 20th century. Predominantly red, with minimal blue and turquoise, gilt geometric borders. Centre ilustrated with group of geishas in a riverine landscape. Marked at underside.

PHP 8,000.00 auction 0015


050 Qianlong Period Lidded Teapot with Wreath and Floral Designs 26 x 15 x15 cm Stable.

051 Vieux Paris Porcelain Holy Water Font with Angel Holding a Cross

Chinese porcelain teapot

18 x 9 x 18 cm

with cover from Qianlong

With signs of age.

period, with gilded circles, floral, and wreath adornment.

19th century Vieux Paris

Flat lid has relief and

gilded porcelain sculpture,

hexagram motif. Unmarked.

with holy water font. Features a seated angel holding a cross

PHP 10,000.00

with full-gilt font before it. Base with motifs of foliages, flowers within a cartouche, and scrolls. Marked.

PHP 10,000.00


052 Sèvres Porcelain Milk Jug with LP Monogram 9 x 15 cm Stable, but with signs of age. 19th century milk jug in Sèvres porcelain bearing a sepia crowned monogram “LP” which alludes to King Louis Philippe of France (reigned from 1830 to 1848). Marked (Crowned “LP Sèvres 1839”).

PHP 4,000.00

auction 0015

053 Set of Eight Assorted European Porcelain Cups with Saucers Aynsley, Stonier & Co., Cauldon Ltd., Limoges, Sevres cup: 5 x 6.5 cm; saucer: 10 cm Set of 8

Set of 8 polychrome and parcel-gilt porcelain jewel cups with saucers from England, Austria, and France. Five cups have silver embellishment with reliefs. Motifs in foliages, floral, and figures. Marked.

PHP 10,000.00


auction 0015



auction 0015

054 Set of fourteen (14) European porcelain coffee and tea cups and saucers cup: 6.5 x 6.5 cm; saucer: 10 cm Set of 14 Stable. Set of fourteen (14) European porcelain coffee and tea cups and saucers; having the following markings: (a) Imari style cup and saucer having “royal Austrian beehive mark”; (b) green and gilt cup and saucers, which reserve signed “F. Boucher”; (c & d) jewelled and gilded cup and saucer, one yellow and other in pink, “Coalport England”; (e) cobalt and gilt cup and saucer, “Coalport”; (f & g) pair of floral and gilt cloved cup and saucer, “Dresden”; (h) green & gilt, “Coalport”; (i) Art Deco yellow and gilt, “KPM”Germany; (j) maroon, green, and gilded, “Austrian beehive mark”; (k) blue and gilt Neoclassical saucer and cup, marked “Staffordshire eggshell” and “Coalport England”respectively; (l) blue-and-white millefleur cup and saucer, “Spode Copeland”; (m) ecru floral cup and saucer “Nautilus” from Glasgow, England, and; (n) serpentine yellow cup and saucer, unidentified blue “X” marking.

PHP 10,000.00

auction 0015


055 Herend “Apponyi Purple� Porcelain Coffee and Tea Service Set cup: 9 x 5 cm; square plate: 24.5 x 24.5 x 5.5 cm Set of 53 Stable. Set of 53 Herend porcelain coffee and tea service set in Apponyi Purple (also called Chinese Bouquet) pattern with gilded outlines. It is comprised of 1 coffee pot, 1 tea pot, 1 sugar bowl, 1 creamer, 1 lidded bowl, 1 jug, 1 square plate, 6 tea cups with saucers, 17 cups, 14 small plates, and 3 deep small dishes. Marked.

PHP 180,000.00


auction 0015

auction 0015



auction 0015

056 Herend Hungary Porcelain Dinner, Tea and Coffee Set with Butterfly, Bird, and Tree Motifs cup: 9 x 5 cm; platter: 36 x 27.5 cm Set of 138 Stable. “Herend Hungary” porcelain dinner, tea and coffee set carrying decorations of butterflies, birds, and trees. Famous as world’s largest manufacturer of centuries-old tradition of molding, casting, and painting fine porcelain by hand. Purveyor to the Hapsburg Dynasty and the aristocracy in Hungary and abroad, including Queen Victoria, Esterhazy family, and the House of Rothschild. In recent history, Hungarian government gifted Victorian-pattern set to Prince William and Kate Middleton. Marked.

PHP 500,000.00

auction 0015


057 Set of Twelve Dresden Porcelain Monkey Figures height: 17 cm Set of 12

Set of 12 Dresden enamelled porcelain monkey figures as musical performers. With SP Dresden mark.

PHP 80,000.00

With some defects.


auction 0015

060 “Homem do Cesto”Salt Limoges Castel 058 Dispenser in Parcel Gilt Pair of Vista Alegre Porcelain Bowl “Staffordshire” Porcelain with Floral polychrome 7 x 5 x 15 cm Motif Stable. faience dogs


25.5cm Pair With signs of age. Pair of dogs in English polychrome faience “Staffordshire”. Detailed with fine craquelures throughout, as well as faces having painted in black, and vermillion patches perched

19 x 14 x 7 cm

With signs of age. French decorative bowl with leaf-shaped edges in parcelgilt Limoges porcelain. Has floral motif inside a goldoutlined cartouche with garlands. Marked.

Vista Alegre porcelain salt dispenser, depicting “Homem do Cesto”(man with basket). A historical reproduction based made in 1993. Marked V.A. no. 38 in gold.

PHP 4,000.00

PHP 10,000.00

with finer swirls representing hair.

PHP 20,000.00 auction 0015


061 European Polychrome Porcelain of a Lady with Vase Beside a Tulip 10 x 11 x 25 cm With defects. Asian-looking lady in polychrome porcelain, represented with a widebrimmed hat, in floral dress, holding a lidded vase, and beside a large pink tulip. Unmarked.

PHP 8,000.00

062 Vista Alegre Porcelain Charger with Bird Illustrations and Blue and Parcel-gilt Lip 33cm Stable. Vista Alegre porcelain charger, handpainted with gilded rim (or edge) and layered gilding of grapes and vines scroll across the deep cobalt blue lip. Central reserve painted with three carduelis birds flocking on a branch in an autumn afternoon. Marked V.A. no. 36 (1980-1992) and “Pintado a mão” (hand-painted).

PHP 10,000.00 46

auction 0015

063 Pair of Vista Alegre “MNAA” Brown Lidded Bowls with Floral Motif large: 9 cm (diam.), 9 cm (height); small: 6 cm (diam.), 6 cm (height) Pair Stable. Pair of Portuguese “MNAA collection” brown bowls with cover in Vista Alegre porcelain. With pink floral motif on white background. Marked (no. 36, 1980).

PHP 15,000.00

064 Pair of Versace’s “Medussa Red” bread plates, in Rosenthal porcelain 18cm Pair Stable. Pair of Versace’s “Medussa Red” bread plates, in Rosenthal porcelain. Prominent red color, matched with black and golden yellow details, breathes into these pieces a Neoclassical feel.

PHP 18,000.00 auction 0015


065 Vista Alegre Pink and Parcel-Gilt Plate with Floral Motif 27 cm With signs of age. Vista Alegre pink and parcelgilt porcelain plate, with painted polychrome flowers at central reserve. Marked VA no. 32 (1947-1968).

PHP 8,000.00

066 Haviland Limoges “Vieux Paris” Porcelain Pitcher with Platter platter: 14.5 x 12 cm; jug: 10 x 4 x 14 cm Stable. Haviland Limoges “Vieux Paris” porcelain pitcher with platter, from 20th century France. Both with scalloped bodies and has vivid floral and wreath motifs. Dish with gilded border.

PHP 10,000.00

067 Vista Alegre “Cozinha Velha” Lidded Tureen on Platter platter: 20 x 14.5 cm; tureen: 17 x 12 x 12 cm With signs of age. Vista Alegre porcelain covered tureen with base, from Cozinha Velha collection. Blue decoration of floral and crisscross motifs is complemented by foliate reliefs with gold outlines. Marked (no. 36, 1980).

PHP 10,000.00 48

auction 0015

068 Pair of Vista Alegre Porcelain Flasks with Birds, Butterflies, Flowers, and Foliages diam.: 9 cm; height: 15 cm Pair With signs of age.

069 Pair of White Porcelain Footed Cachepots diam.: 24 cm; height: 25 cm Pair

070 Pair of “Villeroy & Boch” Porcelain Gravy Boats 22 x 10 x 13 cm Pair

With minor defect.


Pair of European white

Pair of “Villeroy & Boch”

porcelain cachepots in Neoclassical fashion. Marked

gravy boats in monochrome white porcelain. Marked at

with overlapping blue “B.C.”


PHP 15,000.00

PHP 10,000.00

Pair of “Magnolia” tall flasks in Vista Alegre porcelain, embellished with birds, butterflies, flowers, and foliages in polychrome yet orange-dominated tone. Marked (no. 36, 1980).

PHP 12,000.00 auction 0015




Vista Alegre “Samurai” Porcelain Cachepot with Floral and Foo Dog Motifs

Pair of Vista Alegre “Samatra” and “Viana” Round Boxes

27 x 20 x 16 cm

large: 10 cm (diam.), 4 cm (height); small: 6 cm (diam.), 3 cm (height)

With signs of use.


Portuguese cachepot in Vista Alegre

Pair of Portuguese “Samatra” and “Viana”

porcelain, from the “Samurai” collection. With gilt leaf-shaped edges, iron-red floral motif with gold outline, polychrome foliages, and foo dogs. Marked (no. 36, 1980).

PHP 10,000.00


patterns round boxes in Vista Alegre porcelain. Large round box features polychrome floral and butterfly illustration, while the small one is in blue-and-white color scheme with a bit of yellow for the vase motif. Marked (nos. 38 and 42).

PHP 10,000.00

auction 0015

auction 0015



from the cross, and learned someone was

St. Christopher in Spanish Ceramic Plaque

hermit told him about Christ as the King

32 x 39cm

of Kings, which again inspired him. On his journey, he met a child who wished be carried


across the river. Christopher “carried” the

Spanish ceramic plaque carrying a painting of St. Christopher (San Cristobal) with Child Jesus dated 19th century. His name, literally meaning “Christ-bearer”, is telling of his story to sainthood. Christopher, tall and well-built man, decided to use his strength to serve the most powerful person alive. At first he heard of the Devil, looked for him to serve. But Christopher witnessed the Devil rescinded


more powerful than the latter. Later on a

child on his shoulders. But the further they pass, the heavier the child weighed. When they reached the other side, the child revealed he is the Christ—leading Christopher to evangelize myriad others, as far as Lycia in Asia Minor (today’s Turkey). Until Roman Emperor Decius beheaded him in 251 AD.

PHP 30,000.00

auction 0015

074 St Joseph and Child Jesus in oil painting on glass, done ia verre églomisé 30 x 35 cm With signs of age. Flemish 18th century reverse glass painting, known as verre églomisé, depicting St. Joseph with Infant Jesus. Unsigned.

PHP 80,000.00

075 Pair of Watercolor Paintings of Peninsular Wars, attributed to Henry l’Evêque (1769-1832) 32 x 50.5 cm With signs of age. Two of, possibly, original watercolour paintings on paper by Swiss artist Henry l’Evêque (17691832), depicting [1] “The Bridge of Saltador, where the pursuit after the success of Salamonde terminated” and [2] “The view of the bridge of Miserere, about three leagues from Salamonde”. These watercolors became the basis for produced lithographs in succeeding years. Historically important are the scenes depicted, as they reminisce the Peninsular Wars of 1807-1814— placing Portugal at the map of Napoleonic Wars of 1803-1815.

PHP 250,000.00 auction 0015


076 Still Life (Flowers on Vase) 66.5 x 76 cm (with frame); 35 x 55 cm (without frame) With signs of age. European still life oil painting on canvas, depicting flower vase in a dark, burnt sienna toned milieu. Blooming red hibiscuses, beset with white daisies and various foliates. Vase shimmers in bluish tone, which surface carry floral motif. Comes with coeval gilt wooden frame, carved with guilloche on outer edge, and vegetals inside. Signed “R.C.�

PHP 80,000.00


auction 0015


and the shivering man was blowing his

Man and Satyr, from the fable of Aesop (After Jan Lys) 142 x 118 cm (with frame); 113 x 90 (without frame)

hands. Awed, the satyr asked the reason for such an act. The man replied it is to warm his hands. When they reached home, man’s wife served porridge for him and his friend. Awed anew, the satyr saw the man blowing into his bowl of warm porridge, and asked

Stable. but with signs of age.

why. The man replied, “to cool my porridge.”

Dutch school late 18th to early 19th century

“I’ve seen enough. A fellow that blows hot

Satyr flinched back, bid adieu, and exclaimed,

oil painting on canvas in gilt Baroque frame. After Jan Lys (1570-1629), depicting a scene

and cold in the same breath cannot be friends with me!”—story thus teaches to avoid two-

from the fable of Aesop.

faced, insincere person.

Tale has it a man, on his way home,

PHP 120,000.00

befriended a satyr in the forest. Winter came,

auction 0015


078 Still Life, signed “F. Baboulet” 81 x 91 (with frame); 53 x 63 cm (without frame) Stable, but with signs of age. French oil painting on canvas, signed “F. Baboulet”(attrib. François Baboulet, 1914-2010). Still life from 20th to 21st century, depicting flowers of yellow and red tones on a vase, emplaced against an ecru background.

PHP 40,000.00


auction 0015

079 Early 19th century Painting of “Ponte Emilio”(or Ponte Rotto) 88 x 68 cm (with frame); 69 x 49 cm (without frame) With signs of age.

Italian 19th century oil painting on canas depicting “Ponte Emilio”, now called Ponte Rotto (or Broken Bridge). It is the oldest Roman bridge to date, constructed around 200 BCE. The actual bridge faced several floods and required multiple restorations since the Medieval period up to the 19th century. Since broken, its location in the Tibet river turned into a trade port. Unsigned.

PHP 80,000.00

auction 0015


080 Portrait of a Figure 42 x 51 cm (with frame) 28 x 37 (without frame) Stable. European portrait of a young figure in crayon on paper, dated 19th to 20th century. The subject, with wavy hair and rosy cheeks, is depicted with the body skewed to the right, however faces towards the perceiver. Dominantly in pastel and earthly colors, framed in gilded carved wood.

PHP 30,000.00

081 Tavern Interior 90 x 64 cm (with frame) 76 x 49 cm (without frame) Stable. German school oil on canvas painting illustrating a fascinating tavern scene, with figures of men, women, and dogs, all having an unperturbed, fine time. Unsigned.

PHP 25,000.00


auction 0015

082 Dutch painting of Ships 51 x 42 cm (with frame); 40 x 39 cm (without frame) Stable, but with signs of age. Dutch 19th to early 20th century oil painting on canvas depicting a ships docked along a campestral coastline, with watchtower. Misty morning pacifies the view, with boats at the middleground and tall ships afar. Signed “van Berk�, unknown artist.

PHP 80,000.00

083 A King and a Pope 33 x 37 cm Stable, but with signs of age. Oil on wood painting representing an interesting scene of a king and a pope, from 18th to 19th century Europe. Figuratively read, this work curiously hints on the dynamics of relationship between the church and state in the annals of history (e.g. conflict between Otto I and Pope John XII).

PHP 60,000.00

auction 0015



the Royal Collection Trust (where the

The Madonna and Sleeping Child with the Infant St John the Baptist (‘Il Silenzio’) after Annibale Carracci 97.5 x 78 cm (with frame); 71 x 51.5 cm (without frame)

“In this small devotional painting, the Virgin raises her finger to her lips to warn John the Baptist not to wake the sleeping Christ. Christ’s future sacrifice is alluded to by the resemblance of the table to an altar or tomb and the shroud-like cloth on which he sleeps. The cherries, of which one has

With signs of age.

already been eaten, symbolise heaven.”

18th to 19th century European oil on wood painting, representing the Virgin Mary, a sleeping child Jesus, and the child St. John the Baptist, after Annibale Carracci. Quoting


original work is stored):

With giltwood frame.

PHP 80,000.00

auction 0015



River with Boats

Portrait of a Portuguese Lady

Luigi Rossi (1953 - 1923) 125 x 96 cm (with frame); 98 x 67 cm (without frame)

Bordallo Pinheiro)


126 x 159 cm (with frame); 93 x 128 cm (without frame)

Oil painting on canvas depicting river landscape by Swiss-born Italian artist Luigi Rossi (1853-1923). Rossi painted “genre scenes with a subtle vein of social criticism.” Here larger vessels with tall sails provide contrast against the flatness of waters. Horizon and the sea painted in softly blended and blurred brushstrokes, adding luminous impression in the scenery.

With signs of age. Portuguese oil on canvas portrait of a seated lady in black dress, against a background of red curtain with foliate motifs. A glimpse of the bluish sky and a pink rose peeks on the left corner of this work. Signed “Bordallo Pinheiro” (Manuel Maria Bordallo Pinheiro, 1815-1880) and dated “1851.” With giltwood

Comes with beautiful Flemish ebonized frame with exotic wood insets.

Bordallo Pinheiro (Manuel Maria

Baroque style frame.

PHP 180,000.00

PHP 80,000.00 auction 0015





Still Life, with Fruits, Monkey and Parrot

Landscape of Mountains and River

110 x 130 cm (with frame);


79 x 99 cm (without frame)

97 x 118 cm (with frame); 69

Landscape with Houses, Animals, and Figures

With signs of age and minor

x 90 cm (without frame)


With signs of age.

French school 18th

European painting in oil on

century oil pianiting on

canvas, depicting a landscape

canvas depicting astill life.

of mountains and rivers,

Interestingly illustrated are

foregrounded by a small

quarreling monkey, falling as

tree with pendulous leaves.

he tried to rob a brazen bowl

Signed “Leo.” and dated “91.”

of fruits, against a parrot in

PHP 80,000.00

flight. Scene witnessed by the elegant Henry II cupboard at

John Frederick Herring (17951865) 76 x 51 cm With signs of age, but generally stable. Victorian 19th century oil painting on canvas depicting campestral scene, signed by John Frederick Herring (1795-1865). Comes with excellent colorism enlivening the painted horses, cattles,

the background, where a fine

hogs, and cockerels enjoying

porcelain cherub tazza holds

one Spring morning. A man

biscuits. Unsigned.

on horserider’s suit feeds the animals.

PHP 80,000.00

PHP 130,000.00 62

auction 0015




Still Life with Lemonade


Figures with Animals by the Shore

Anna Bono-Dugelay 45 x 58 cm (with frame); 75 x 49 cm (without frame) Stable. Swiss still life painting, oil on wood representing lemons,

With frame: 62 x 42; Withoutframe: 48 x 28 cm With signs of age, but generally stable. Portuguese 19th century print on paper of a palace with figures of nobility on

lemonade, strainer, clear


glass pitcher, and an ice-filled

PHP 50,000.00

plate, all set on a table with

34 cm (without frame) With signs of age. French 18th century school oil painting on canvas, depicting three persons with cattles and a horse. Silhouette of sailboats seen

partially-visible cloth, against

afar, fading against a dusking

a dark background. Signed

sky. Unsigned. Comes with a

“A. Bono-Dugelay� (Anna

gilded wooden frame.

Bono-Dugelay, 1891-1967).

PHP 80,000.00

PHP 50,000.00

auction 0015

60 x 50 cm (with frame); 44 x






Psyché Going to Bathe

Sketch of a Victorian Woman

Francisco Todó (1922-2016) 16 x 14 cm Generally stable. Oil painting on wood, titled “Uvas” (1978) by Francisco Todó (Tortosa, 1922-2016). Signed and dated both at surface and back. Comes wih boldly carved gilt wooden frame.

F. Bartolozzi 36 x 44 cm (with frame); 24 x 32 cm (without frame) With signs of age. English lithograph titled “Psyché Going to Bathe” by F. Bartolozzi [possibly Francesco Bartolozzi (1728-1815)], after Cipriani (possibly Giovanni Battista

PHP 40,000.00

Cipriani). With inscription at the bottom indicating

With frame: 37 x 43cm; Without frame: 17 x 23 cm Generally stable. European 19th century contecrayon on paper sketch of a Victorian woman, posing in profile. With inscription below dated 1872.

PHP 8,000.00

its publisher, E. M. Diemar, as well as date and place of publication.

PHP 5,000.00


auction 0015


Helen of Sparta. Paris gauged wealth and

The Judgment of Paris With frame: 66 x 61.5cm; Without frame: 47 x 42.5cm With signs of age.

power would only bring unpeace, he chose Aphrodite, and therefore, Helen became the famed Helen of Troy. Other inscriptions are: “From the Original

Titled “The Judgment of Paris / Le Jugement de Paris”, print on paper from the late 18th century. Based on the Greek myth of the most handsome and intelligent man of his time. Paris of Troy was burdened by Zeus to hand a golden apple, inscribed with “kallisti” (“For the most beautiful”), to the goddess befitting the title. Paris’ limited his options to three: Hera queen of Olympus, Athena the virgin and wise, and Aphrodite the coveted. Each goddess bribed Paris a gift. Hera promised wealth. Athena, military might. Aphrodite, the

Picture in the Collection of George Bowles Esqr.’ / This print is with the greatest respect. Dedicated by Permission to the Right Honourable Lady Hawkesbury / by her Ladyship’s / Most obedient servant, S. Watts.” (‘Angelica Kauffman R.A. pinxt. / Frans. Bartolozzi R.A. Engraver to his Majesty sculpt. / London, Published as the Act directs 30 July 1788, by S. Watts, No. 28, Walcot Place Lambeth’.)

PHP 60,000.00

love of the most beautiful woman on Earth— auction 0015


097 Photogram of a Piña-seda

Photogram of a filipiniana dress in piña-seda, 20th century by Neil Oshima. Photogram, also called “cameraless photography”, done by placing an

Neil Oshima 130 x 67 cm (with frame); 123 x 60 cm

object over a light-sensitive paper, then exposes it

(without frame)

to light.

Generally stable.

PHP 100,000.00

098 Spanish Mestizaje House Floor Plan by Silvestre Zarate

Framed and glassed, late 19th century floor plan of a Spanish mestizaje house done in ink on paper. Illustrates the ground and second level plan as well as the house’s facade and exterior. Signed “Manila

Silvestre Zarate

10 Marzo de 1895 Silvestre Zarate.”

155 x 51 cm (with frame); 137 x 35 cm

PHP 50,000.00

(without frame) With signs of age.


auction 0015

auction 0015


099 Tall Cloisonne Voluptuous Incense Burner 37 x 25 x 49cm With signs of age. Chinese late 19th to early 20th century tall cloisonne incense burner. Predominantly blue toned vitrine details over its patinated bronze body. Voluptuous body mounted with two dragon handles on top. Base with tripod legs fashioned as tongue of a mythical mask.

PHP 40,000.00


auction 0015

100 Ormolu Putto holding a Lizard 22.5 x 9 x 23 cm

French 19th century ormolu figure of a reclining putto holding a lizard. Roman culture believed lizards represent resurreciton. While Greeks and Egyptians looked at this creature as bringer of fortune and wisdom.

Generally stable.

PHP 20,000.00

auction 0015


101 “Marly Horse” After Coustou 51 x 24 x 56cm Generally stable. Bronze sculpture of a marly horse, with signature “Coustou” (hence, after Guillaume Coustou, 1677-1746).

PHP 60,000.00

102 Bacchanalia Group, after Clodion after Claude Michel Clodion 31 x 24 x 56 cm With minor defect. Bacchanalia group bronze sculpture, after Claude Michel Clodion (French, 1738-1814). Depicts lively figures of two bacchantes (followers of Bacchus) and a satyr. Signed “Clodion” and dated “1762.” Numbered as “528.”

PHP 250,000.00


auction 0015

105 104 103 Neapolitan Bronze Bust of a Man Chiurazzi Foundry 45 x 34 x 59 cm With signs of age. Italian bronze sculpture of a male figure, possibly of an emperor, with foundry stamp and signature “Chiurazzi Napoli.� Dated 20th century.

PHP 100,000.00

auction 0015

Portuguese Mini Decorative Dish diam.: 13 cm Stable. Portuguese small decorative dish in cast metal, dated 20th century. With inscription stating

Decorative Tortoise Case in Bronze 51.5cm Generally stable. Decorative tortoiseshaped metal case, in patinated bronze. From 20th century Europe.

PHP 30,000.00

that this piece served as a birthday gift.

PHP 2,000.00




Spanish Antique Table Lamp in Gilded Metal


height: 42 cm With minor defect.

and black-painted metal with tapered lampshade, from 20th century Spain. Has tubular body that widens at the bottom, with shaped sides, and base

PHP 18,000.00


34 x 29 x 42 cm Generally stable. Visually-appealing and exceptional in

Small antique table lamp in gilded

decorated with foliate relief.

Enrique Broglia

form, this modernist bronze sculpture represents and titled “Owl.” Crafted by the Uruguayan visual artist, Enrique Broglia (1942-2013), whose mixed media works have been sold to various international auction houses.

PHP 20,000.00

auction 0015

auction 0015




Pair of Renaissance Revival Ormolu Wall Mirrors with Candleholders

Mirror with Octagonal Wooden Frame in Natural Finish

24 x 58 cm

86 x 115 cm

With signs of age.

With signs of age.

Pair of 19th century French gilt bronze

French 19th century mirror, with

(ormolu) decorative wall mirrors in

octagonal wooden frame in natural

Renaissance style. Frame’s crest depict

finish. Bold wood carvings of birds,

lidded bowl with pinecone finial, two fishes

flowers, and guilloche.

facing opposite directions, and foliages. Sides bearing floral motif, while the lower portion features pair of candleholders with

PHP 120,000.00

scrolled arms.

PHP 30,000.00 74

auction 0015



Neoclassical Style French Mirror

Milanese Mirror 76 x 130 cm With minor defect. Original moulding has

120 x 210 cm With defect.

been replaced.

French large giltwood frame mirror

Renaissance revival style Milanese mirror in ebonized wood with inlaid ivory work,

in Neoclassical style, with elaborate carvings of foliages, beads, flowers, torch, and ribbon. Dated 19th century.

PHP 80,000.00

from 19th century Italy. Arched top, sides, and corners adorned with ivory embellishment depicting male and female masks, foliages, scrolls, and linear motifs.

PHP 60,000.00

auction 0015



20th century Murano glass chandelier with

Small Murano Four-Light Glass Chandelier

four lights, masterfully crafted through glassblowing technique. This stylish piece is notable for its protruding and pendulous foliages and floral-like filter.

49 x 55 cm Stable.


PHP 60,000.00

auction 0015

113 Vieux Paris Clear Vase with Gilt Floral and Estellar Motifs Diam.: 29cm; H: 36cm Stable, but with signs of age. Vieux Paris clear glass vase from late 19th century. Having voluptuous shaped body, carrying floral and estellar gildings throughout. Unmarked.

PHP 8,000.00

114 European Crystal Lidded Punch Bowl with Figures Drinking Punch diam.: 20 cm; height: 36 cm With signs of age. European 19th century crystal punch bowl with cover. Decorated with gilt estellar motif throughout and depicting polychrome figures of nobles enjoying soirĂŠe. Unmarked.

PHP 20,000.00

auction 0015




Pair of French Sterling Silver-mounted Swirl Cut Decanters

Pair of Val Saint Lambert Crystal Lamps

Diam.: 14cm; H: 17.5cm

Val Saint Lambert 10 x 30 cm Pair

Pair With signs of use.


Pair of French swirl cut glass decanters with

Pair of Val Saint Lambert “Gardenia” style

sterling silver mounted base, cover and lip in vegetal motif. Marked “Minerva A”in

crystal lamps, with hexagonal body and base. Marked and electrified (with type L plug).

octagon (95% silver, dated 1838-present) and “P-anvil-C” maker’s mark.

PHP 20,000.00

PHP 40,000.00


auction 0015



Art Deco “EtlingFrance” Iridescent Milk Glass Bowl

“Gallé” Purple Decorative Jar

Diam.: 17cm Generally stable. Art Deco iridescent milk glass bowl, carrying floral relieves which centers

height: 38.5 cm Stable. French decorative purple jar in glass paste, embellished with floral motif. Signed “Gallé.”

serve as the bowl’s feet. Marked “Etling-France.”

PHP 20,000.00

PHP 10,000.00

auction 0015



auction 0015

119 Pink and Red Coral depicting Dragon on wooden base 31cm 660g Generally stable. Dragon chasing the flaming pearl carved in coral branch of great quality, from 19th century China. On a wooden base.

PHP 180,000.00

120 French Silver Reliquary of Sts. Agnes, Agathe, Felicité, and Justine 8 x 10cm With signs of age. French 19th century silver round reliquary, perched with doves and floral motifs on top. Front carries a printed image of the Blessed Virgin. Back holds the relics of Saints Agnes, Agathe, Felicité, and Justine; as well as a round cut print with vegetal elements, All-Seeing-Eye, and I.H.S. (Iesu Hominum Salvator)—possibly owned by a French Jesuit.

PHP 15,000.00 auction 0015




Set of Four Spanish Reliquaries

Spanish Baroque Oval Reliquary with Cross Motif in Metal

Approx.: 3cm Set of 4

11 x 15 cm

With signs of age.

With signs of age.

Set of four Spanish reliquaries in gilded metal cases, featuring the Madonna and Child, the Child Jesus with St. Joseph, an adult Christ, and a female figure (possibly a saint) in pink mantle and blue robe.

PHP 40,000.00

Spanish 18th century Baroque oval reliquary, glassed and metal framed. Interior carrying beaten metal cross in scallop and C-scrolls. Center carrying the sacred relic of the “Virgen del Rocio”, from the town of Almonte in Huelva, Spain— drawing millions of devotees anually.

PHP 12,000.00


auction 0015



Spanish Silver Oval Reliquary with the Crucifixion Relief

Spanish Bas-Relief of Immaculate Conception in Ormolu mounted Baroque glass case

4.5 x 6 cm With signs of age.

22 x 25 cm

Intricately-chiselled oval reliquary in silver, from 17th century Spain. One side depicts a crucified Christ with two figures at the foot of the cross, possibly Mary and St. John the Evangelist. The other serves as a reliquary with inscription inside “Ex Velo Teresia” (possibly referring to St. Teresa of Avila).

PHP 15,000.00

With signs of age. Spanish school 19th century bas-relief of the Immaculate Conception, inside glass covered ormolu Baroque case. Polychromed Virgin typifying her red robe and blue mantle, with hands in liturgical gesture raised to her right shoulder. Carrying silver crown, and silver sunburst mandorla enfolding her being, while standing above crescent with cherub’s head--alluding to her as the “woman of the Apocalypse” (Rev. 12:1).

PHP 15,000.00 auction 0015


125 Spanish Baroque Gilded Retablo with Mirrors 51 x 27 x 81 cm With signs of age. Spanish Baroque retablo, with mirrored interior. 17th century, in gilded wood, carved with eagle relief behind.

PHP 45,000.00

126 Pair of Bookends, figured as Monks in Milky Quartz on Amber Throne 10 x 14 x 22 cm With signs of age. Pair of bookends, sculpted as reading monks in milk quartz seated on amber thrones. These pieces date back to French Gothic Revival period of 19th century.

PHP 35,000.00


auction 0015



El Spinario

Marble Statue of a Lady

29 x 23 x 43 cm With some defects.

height: 36.5 cm With signs of age.

Depicts a lad who is seated on a rock and removing a thorn out of his foot.

European marble statue of a female

This alabaster sculpture was inspired

who stands naked, and appears

by the notable Greco-Roman bronze sculpture, “Spinario.� Dated between the 19th and 20th centuries, from Italy.

PHP 40,000.00

auction 0015

to be dressing/undressing herself. Rests on a round gray marble base.

PHP 20,000.00


129 “Disconsolate Ariadne” in White Marble 45 x 64cm With some defects. Aimé Millet’s (France 1819-1891) “Disconsolate Ariadne”—an 1876 white marble sculpture, signed and dated in Roman numerals “Aimé Millet, Sc. MDCCCLXXVI”. This piece captures the moment when Ariadne fell asleep, exhausted after fleeing from her father’s minotaur labyrinth with Theseus, to whom she was infatuated. However, Theseus foresaken Ariadne, which reason varies depending on source (Homer asserts Artemis intervened; Oxford Classical Dictionary claims Dionysus already wedded Ariadne). Such abandonment hence made her feel unhappy as represented in this piece.

PHP 60,000.00


auction 0015

130 Spanish Dressing Screen Panel 151 x 160 cm (spread) With signs of age. Spanish dressing screen panel, with oil painting on leather depicting scenes. Late 18th to early 19th century, framed with gilt wood, infused Baroque and Rococo elements on the decorations. Upper reserves depicting romantic scenes on landscape. Lower reserves showing “bodegons”or still life. Obverse with flowers emulating Oriental style of painting.

PHP 50,000.00

131 “Los últimos de Filipinas” 22 x 5 x 31 cm With signs of age. Vintage Spanish book pertaining to the 1945 biographical war film “Los Ultimos de Filipinas” by Antonio Roman. Front cover with the following details translated: ”Film Productions Alhambra, S. A. Registered Office: Hortaleza, 26 - Telef. 21387 Madrid Last Stand in the Philippines Original Story of Enrique Llovet Film Adaptation and Technical Script of Antonio Roman and Pedro de Juan”

PHP 25,000.00 auction 0015


132 Clock and Pair of Candleholders, by “Bronces Artisticos, S.L.” candelabra: 17 x 12 x 26 cm; clock: 22 x 16 x 34 cm Set of 3 With some defects. Set of three (3) Spanish desk clock and two-light candleholders, in bronze. Late 20th century, carrying Rococo revival motifs, such as shells, foliages, acanthus feet, ribbings, latticed back cover, stems with dolphins over ecru leather base. Marked “Bronces Artisticos L.S. - España”, since 1986.

PHP 40,000.00


auction 0015

133 Tortugashell Calling Card Case 8.5cm Generally stable. French 19th century calling card case in tortugashell with silver band on lips. One side shows a portrait of officer in the Order of St. Louis, with gilt label above “Souvenir”. Other side bears gilt label “D’Amitie” while below has inset of a cherub with inscribed “Je cherche à lui plaire”.

PHP 20,000.00

134 Bird in Silver with Mollusk Shell Body H: 36cm Generally stable. Assemblage work depicting a bird with metal head and foot and a mollusk shell body. Clawed foot stands on a redstone and foliageembellished base in gilded metal. From 20th century Portugal. Albeit unmarked, possibly by the eminent Portugues artst and jeweller luiz Ferreira.

PHP 260,000.00

auction 0015



auction 0015



Portuguese Five-Light Candelabra with Dolphin Base

Romantic Style Silver Candleholder in Portuguese Silver

26 x 47.5cm

36 x 37 cm



With defect.

Generally stable.

19th to 20th century five-light candelabra in

Portuguese 20th entury silver candleholder,

Portuguese silver. Capitals with fleur-de-lis

in Romantic style. Having foliate scroll

cut motif, arms in twisted fashion, column

detachable arms, baluster-shaped stem, square

in Ionic style, embellished with foliages and

base and ball-and-claw feet. Central light with

scrolls. Upper half rests on a ball-shaped

snuffers. Bears Porto assay mark (1938-1984),

support with two dolphin sculptures carrying

maker’s mark and signed Mergulhão.

it. Base with reliefs and has ball feet.

PHP 280,000.00 auction 0015

PHP 140,000.00





Putto with Flower Toothpick Holder in Portuguese Silver

Portuguese Silver Statuette of a Woman with Bamboo Stick

Italian AmphoraShaped Silver Vase in Neoclassical Style

9.5cm 216g Generally stable. Portuguese silver toothpick holder, fashioned as a putto holding flower. Carrying Porto assay mark

9cm approx.: 170 g With signs of age. Portuguese silver sculpture of a woman holding a bamboo stick seated in a circular base with four feet of flat ball. With Porto assay

(dated 1986).

mark (.833, Boar II).

PHP 30,000.00

PHP 30,000.00


12 x 30 cm 487g Stable. Neoclassical style silver amphora-shaped vase from late 20th century Italy. Body and side handles in foliate motif. Marked on the base.

PHP 30,000.00

auction 0015


Spanish sterling silver 19th to early 20th

Porto Viaticum in Spanish Sterling Silver, chiselled with Iconographies of Passion and Relieved with Agnus Dei 26 x 23 cm 335.8g Generally stable.

auction 0015

century Porto Vaticum, a sacred vessel for the Eucharist given during the anointing of the sick—which is the last of the Catholic sacraments. Shaped as the Sacred Heart of Jesus, topped with cross, the heart chiselled with iconographies of the Passion, sashed with crown of thorns, and central façade with round cover relieved with the Agnus Dei. This cover opens the vessel, locked by a chained pin.

PHP 25,000.00


141 Spanish Sterling Pheasants 26 x 23cm 333g Pair Generally stable. Pair of Spanish sterling silver pheasants, primera ley. Dated 20th century. Pheasants are known symbols of free-spiritedness— becoming more open to new experiences and comfortable being around new people.

PHP 50,000.00

142 Pair of Portugese sterling silver bowls 30 x 17 cm 1,335.5g Pair Stable. Pair of Portugese sterling silver bowls, in Porto assay marking (Aguia, .916) dated 1985. With inscribed “SARMIENTO” underneath.

PHP 25,000.00


auction 0015

143 Pair of Portuguese Silver Serving Dishes Sarmento 31.5 x 15cm approx.: 4,477 g Pair Stable, but with signs of age. Pair of 20th century serving dishes in Portuguese silver with smooth surface except for the edges which feature palmette decoration. Handles in C-shape. Carries Porto assay mark (Eagle, .916 silver fineness) and “Sarmento” maker’s mark.

PHP 120,000.00

144 European Silver Lidded Tureen with Gadrooned Body 33 x 14cm 1,132.5g Stable. Lidded tureen in European silver with distinctive gadroon motif throughout its body and cover. Handles represent foliages while finial is in pinecone shape.

PHP 80,000.00 auction 0015


145 Portuguese sterling silver footed Tureen Mergulhão Joalheiro 26 x 23.5cm 1,400g With some defects, but generally stable.

146 Neoclassical Spanish Silver Tureen with Stag Figures 41 x 32.5cm 1,232g Stable, but with signs of age.

Portuguese sterling silver

147 Large Footed Bowl in Portuguese Silver 23 x 8cm

footed tureene in swirling

Spanish 20th century


fluted decoration. Marked

silver-plated tureen, with


with Lisbon assay (Aguia,

mark possibly by Pasgorcy.

916), dated between 1938

Having stag finial on cover,

Portuguese silver footed

and 1985. Maker’s mark of

ribbings on body, pair of

bowl with pierced gallery,

Mergulhão Joalheiro

stags as foot lifting the

carrying Porto assay mark

also present.

vessel over its oval base.

(Eagle II, .833), dated late 19th to early 20th century.

PHP 110,000.00


PHP 100,000.00

PHP 50,000.00

auction 0015

150 149 D. Jose Style Portuguese Silver Salver

Portuguese Silver Footed Salver with Serpentine Edges

28 x 19cm

23 x 3 cm

approx.: 493 g


Stable, but with signs of

With signs of use.


age. Portuguese silver footed Portuguese footed silver

salver in serpentine edges

salver in D. Jose style,

with foliate and cartouche

from late 18th century.

decórs. Having Porto assay

Rim with elaborate

mark (Javalli II) dated from

reliefs featuring scrolls

1887 to 1938, as well as its

and palmettes, while

maker’s mark.

Portuguese Footed Silver Salver Diam: 17cm 180g With signs of age. Portuguese footed silver salver with engraved floral and foliate motifs as well as pierced gallery. Dated between the 19th and 20th centuries.

PHP 20,000.00

the center’s fringe has engraved floral decoration. Marked.

PHP 25,000.00

PHP 40,000.00 auction 0015


151 Italian Silver Wine Cooler in Stile Floreale 35 x 21cm 1,656.5g With signs of age. Silver wine cooler fashioned in the Italian Art Nouveau, known as â&#x20AC;&#x153;Stile Floreale.â&#x20AC;? Carrying encircled 800 guarantee mark, and silversmith ID (5 <Fascio> MI), pointing to Saracchi Ferruccio (active ca. 1935), based in Largo Righini 2, Milano. Piece therefore dated during the time of Benito Mussolini.

PHP 180,000.00 98

auction 0015

152 Sterling Silver Wine Cooler Diam.: 15cm; H: 16cm 876g Stable. Sterling silver, possibly American, wine cooler. Simple yet bold figuration of this sterling piece points its origin back to early 20th century Art Deco period.

PHP 58,000.00

auction 0015


153 Portuguese Silver Footed Salver with Reticulated Frieze 17 x 2cm 179.5g With some defects. Portuguese silver salver with reticulated frieze. Having three stylized vegetal feet. Bears Porto assay mark (Aguia, 883) dated between 1938 and 1985, and undeciphered silversmithâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s mark.

PHP 20,000.00

154 English Stering Silver Vessel with Cover Diam.: 9.5cm; H: 10cm 301g Stable. English sterling silver cylindrical vessel by John Thomas Heath & John Hartshorne Middleton of Hukin & Heath, Birmingham, 1906.

PHP 25,000.00


auction 0015

155 English Cutlery in Sheffield Silver Knife: 33cm; Spoon: 29cm Approx.: 7,132.5g Set of 116 With signs of age. English cutlery in Sheffield silver composed of 116 pieces which include tablespoons, cake, meat, and fish forks, dessert, meat and fish knives, dessert spoons, forks, and knives, and cutlery serve. Bears the following marks: “EPNS A1 Sheffield, England” and “Epee Ewart Perkins & Co. Ltd. Sheffield, England.”

PHP 160,000.00

auction 0015


156 Art Nouveau Bacchanalian Vesta in Silver 4 x 6.5 cm 31.5g Stable, but with signs of age. American late 19th to early 20th century silver vesta, container for match sticks. Decorated in Art Nouveau fashion, with Bacchanalian elements. Has an igniter surface underneath.

157 Portuguese Silver Snuff Box with Lady with Unicorn Relief 8 x 5.5 x 1.4 cm approx.: 92 g

French Vesta for Matchsticks and Cigarettes

With signs of age.

9 x 4.4 cm

Snuff box in Portuguese

Generally stable.

silver depicting a relief of a lady with unicorn in a forested landscape. With

PHP 6,000.00


Porto assay mark and an illegible maker’s mark.

PHP 18,000.00


French mid-19th to mid-20th century silver vesta. Having dual cases on both ends: one for matchsticks, and the other for cigarettes. With guilloche decorations throughout and monogrammed “I.N.M.”

PHP 12,000.00 102

auction 0015



Portuguese Silver Cigarette Case

Renaissance revival chiselled Portuguese parcel-gilded silver serpentine case, with Madonna and Child inset

14 cm approx.: 182.5 g With signs of use. Cigarreira in Portuguese silver bearing linear/striped motif, with gilded interior. Marked (Boar II).

PHP 18,000.00

21 x 7 cm 966g Parcel-gilding, possibly electroplated, faded in many sections. With signs of use. Renaissance revival chiselled Portuguese parcel-gilded silver serpentine case. Having an oval inset painting on paper, depicting Madonna and Child holding berries. Interior covered with sapphire blue fabric. Marked with Porto assay mark (Aguia, 883) dated 1985. Comes with key.

PHP 50,000.00 auction 0015



Spanish sculpture of a seated lady, on a marble

Sculpture of a Seated Lady in Silver and Ivory M. Seco Velasco

base and enclosed in a parcel-gilt green case with bluish velvet interior. The figure itself is crafted from silver except for the head and hands which are made of ivory. Case bears the seal â&#x20AC;&#x153;M. Seco Velasco Orfebre Sevilla.â&#x20AC;?

18.5 x 22 x 28 cm With signs of age.


PHP 180,000.00

auction 0015

auction 0015


162 Ivory Diptych Illustrating Episodes of Jesus Christâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Life 22x 20 cm With signs of age. European ivory diptych from 17th to 18th century, representing four events in the life of Jesus: his arrival in Jerusalem (upper left), the Last Supper (upper right), the arrest of Jesus in Gethsemane (lower left), and his crucifixion (upper right).

PHP 80,000.00

163 Reclined Figure in Ivory figure: 18 cm; with base: 27.5 cm With signs of age. 18th century European ivory sculpture of a woman with a book, in a reclined position. Laid on a carved and gilded wooden base with carmine velvet atop.

PHP 80,000.00


auction 0015



Immaculate Conception in IndoPortuguese Ivory

Spanish Ivory Sculpture of Cristo Expirante

14 cm

ivory: 25 x 30cm; cross: 31.5 x 48 cm

With signs of age.

With signs of age.

18th century Indo-

18th century Spanish ivory

Portuguese ivory sculpture of the Immaculate Conception, with her represented standing on a crescent moon, palms pressed together, and evidently gilded hair. Base features a cherub relief.

PHP 80,000.00

sculpture of Cristo Expirante, on wooden cross with gilded carved ends. In this piece, Jesus Christ noticeably has

166 Ivory figure of St. Anthony of Padua 13 x 12.5 x 40 cm Generally stable France 19th century ivory figure of St. Anthony of Padua with Child Jesus. Standing on octagonal wooden base. Possibly crafted in Dieppe, France.

PHP 210,000.00

distinctive curly hair a la “pancit canton,” exposed veins on his arms with red spots and lines simulating “blood” from his hands’ wounds, and well-crafted waistcloth. Ivory veins run from the figure’s head to toe.

PHP 390,000.00 auction 0015


167 Pair of Chinese Ivory Ancestral 168 Niño Jesus Sculptures, Montañesino Depicted as height: 24 cm Emperor and With defect. Empress 11 x 26 cm Pair With signs of age. Chinese ivory sculptures of ancestral figures, depicted as seated emperor and empress on wooden base. Finely carved and with

20th century Spanish ivory sculpture of the Child Jesus in “Montañesino” model, represented holding a staff (or supposedly cross) on a round base.

PHP 80,000.00

detailed penwork. Both are

169 French ivory Cylindrical Box with Jar finial on cover 9.5 x 18cm Generally stable French cylindrical box made of 19th century ivory. With jar-shaped finial on cover, fitting as

depicted in royal robes, with


the emperor seated on a dragon-carved throne, while

PHP 60,000.00

the empress’ features the phoenix. Dated between the 19th and 20th century.

PHP 110,000.00 108

auction 0015

172 171 170 Chinese Ivory Vase with Foo Dog Finial 9 x 20 cm With signs of age. Ivory vase with lid, topped with bearded guardian dog finial. Body illustrates prolific relieves of flowers and foliages, with two circular side handles attached. From China, dated 19th to early 20th century.

Chinese trinket box with mirror in ivory, with dragon carvings

Chinese Village Carved on Ivory 336g 21cm In good condition.

7.5 x 6.5 cm

Ivory sculpture of a

With signs of age.

meticulously carved Chinese village with

A cylindrical box carved

houses, pagodas, and

in ivory decorated with

figures. Dated back from

dragons. Interior of the

19th century China.

lid with mirror, Guangxu

PHP 40,000.00

period (1875-1908).

PHP 10,000.00

PHP 20,000.00

auction 0015


173 Flat Ivory Plaque Carving 5.7 x 11.5cm In good condition.


Carved flat ivory plaque decorated with a garden and Chinese figures, from the Guangxu period (1875-1908).

PHP 15,000.00



No Lot

No Lot

auction 0015


Hispano-Filipino polychrome ivory sculpture of Cristo Moribundo dated

Hispano-Filipino Ivory Cristo Moribundo with Brass “Batik” on Cross

17th century. Special to this piece is its Latin cross, albeit simple, carries “batik” brass ornamentation and inscriptions: SANTA CATALINA, FRANCISCO JUAN, JESUS NAZARENO, ESCOLASTICA, ESTA ROSA...ES DEL

Cross: 31 x 48 cm; Ivory: 26cm With signs of age and some defects.


PHP 180,000.00

auction 0015


Contributors Angelique Marie L. Miranda

Gregg Alfonso G. Abbang


Gregorio R. Caliguia III

research specialists

Margie D. Heramia

Paola Angelica Z. Mathay

Ma. Jovita A. Del Rio

finance manager

Rosemarie B. Rodriguez

casa team Camille Marina Viola D. Lhuillier

marketing manager

Serious Studio

branding & design




Miguel Rosales

creative consultant

Monchet Diokno Olives


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