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in physical therapy, and was then able to bring my entire nuclear family here. I managed 81 clinics at the peak of my physical therapy career, then decided to stay home with the kids and started my own fashion line. I am co-founder of the Parekh Family Foundation, which performs surgeries and rehabilitation in third-world countries. I’m proud that I am pursuing every single dream of mine on a daily basis.” MOTIVATION: “I’ve picked paths where I

can help people, make them smile and feel good about themselves. That spark in people’s eyes motivates me, whether it’s from an outfit I made for them or if I helped them walk. I’m also motivated by a hard-working husband. If he is able to do so much, I feel I have no reason to hold back.” BIGGEST CHALLENGE: “As much as I want

to soar and reach new heights, I stop myself often since my number one priority is my three young kids. Finding a way to still give back and pursue my dreams while making sure I am always present for them is the hardest challenge.”  FUN FACT: “I never, ever watch TV. I am

an avid reader, but will not watch a single minute of TV.” ADVICE: “Stay true to yourself but go out

there and pursue your dream even if it seems like the craziest idea or the hardest thing you have ever done.”

APARA POCHIRAJU POSITION: Owner and lead Certified Wedding Planner at LadyBird Events; hosts annual South Asian Bridal Expo; trains event and wedding planners; donates inventory to Wish Upon A Wedding, for couples facing serious illness or life-altering circumstances; former pathology assistant FAVORITE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: “Lady-

Bird Events is what I am very proud of, and 52


considering my background in medicine, being able to save lives. I’m really excited about a new app that our team is currently working on, which will help brides and vendors save time and money in the wedding planning process.”

cal Therapy & Sports Performance; Doctor of Physical Therapy; health industry speaker

MOTIVATION: “My family, friends and

by my patients and clients. Whether I’m helping someone recover from an injury, or helping an athlete improve his performance, they have personal goals which they are counting on me to help them achieve. In life I am motivated by my beautiful wife, Liz. She works so hard as a second-grade teacher and at everything she does.”

people I have the pleasure to work with. I believe in God, myself and others around me for what they have to offer and make this world a better place. I am always on a quest to try new things, learn more skills and travel around the world.” BIGGEST CHALLENGE: “To stay content

with what I have achieved as a person and as a young entrepreneur. I feel success is just never enough!”


my own practice. I hope I can continue to grow the practice over the next few years.” MOTIVATION: “At work I am motivated

often repeated by my parents, ‘Do your best and forget the rest.’ I try to do my best as a daughter, mother, wife, responsible citizen and human.”

BIGGEST CHALLENGE: “Bringing awareness to my practice. I’m working hard to speak to as many groups and participate in as many community events as my schedule allows. With that being said, the most success I’ve had is having my current patients and clients tell their friends and family about the quality experience they’ve had at my clinic.”

FUN FACT: “I have never had a cup of coffee


or tea.”

Growing up as an athlete, I always believed that someone is out there working to get better, so in order to beat them you need to outwork them. This has carried over into my professional and personal life today, because I want to be the best physical therapist, husband and community member

GUIDING PHILOSOPHY: “There is a phrase

ADVICE: “Be available, for a great oppor-

tunity only knocks once. Be persistent and aim for long-term returns.”

DR. KEVIN PRUE POSITION: President/director of Prue Physi-

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Cary Magazine June July 2015  

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Cary Magazine June July 2015  

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