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winter wetsuit guide 2010

Mitch Corby suited booted and tucked right in. You got to know your zips, seams and seals are watertight in Scotland!

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Blind, Sealed, Delivered. By Rob Barber

Days are shortening, tans are fading, the football season is upon us and the heating has been turned on. Yep, winters here and the imminent necessity for extra rubber is most definitely nearing. If you hadn't noticed Winter 09-10 was officially the coldest for 31 years. Water temperatures dropped to the lowest surfers could remember, and as for windchill. Well that was waaay beyond a joke. How about a -17 windchill and 4 degree water water combo?Still the swell was pumping for those that were prepared. To paraphrase an old saying there's no such thing as bad weather for surfing, just the wrong wetsuit. With huge amount of surfers heading out in some pretty wild conditions there is no better testing ground for winter suits than the UK and Ireland. And while the quest for the perfect balance of flex versus warmth continues to rage in the R & D departments of global wetsuit manufacturers it is here, in our backyard, where the truth outs. We spoke to surf shop staff from all over the country and asked them what kit they would recommend to combat the frigid temperatures in their area. We also caught up with the big players in the industry and asked them for feedback about their designs and direction. Take all the info in, look at the images and make an informed decision about your new aquatic winter wear. If you end up being cold this winter, maybe take up flower arranging.

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UK water temps Met Office Sea Surface Temperatures (Degrees Celsius) 1200hrs, 31 January, 2010

Alder Evo Fire

Alder have had top Scottish rider Mark Boyd on board to help give the Evo fire a bit of a stoke this season. Plus all of their suits are 100% designed and tested by UK surfers. And things seem to have worked out pretty well! The 2011 version is jammed full of top-end features including 100% ‘X’ Stretch, an Aerocore lining and a solid front zip system. So, Thurso East it is then… £220. Hooded Evo Fire £270

Alder Freeride

The Freeride would have been a top-of-the-range suit a few years back, and now you can simply marvel at what £140 gets you in 2010. So, 100% “X” stretch neoprene – which is a top quality super flexible material – a batflap and a glide skin collar. Turn it inside out to find liquid seams where you really need them (yup, the crotch region), and to see the top quality all round construction. £140

Alder Plasma Fire

A new entry on the mid-range wettie market, and Alder have gone to town with the Plasma. It’s 100% “X” Stretch, has sealed seams inside the bottom half, Aerocore lining in the torso and lumbar areas AND a batflap! Basically, a top end suit without the whistles and bells, but with the quality neoprene and keep-the-water-out essentials. £170

Web: Email: tel uK/Eire: +44 (0) 1730 811460

O’Neill Gooru 5/3mm

O’Neill blew the mid-range wettie market to pieces when they introduced the Gooru – never have such high-end features been seen in the sub £175 market. New for Fall 10, the Gooru GBS 5/3mm wetsuit, continuing to impress with some schweet features, including UltraFlex Firewall Chest and Back panels, Glued and Blindstitched Seams and Patented Z.E.N.Zip Closure System. O’Neill say: stay true to the goo, and we’re in... £150

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O’Neill Psycho 2 5/3mm O’Neill Heat Always one of the top ‘premiership’ wetties, the 6/5/4mm with Hood Psycho 2 has great new features for Fall 10, for our dedicated followers, including XDS-Air Firewall in the Chest and Back, combined with Double Fluid Seam Weld, keeps you warm and loose. Apart from that it’s business as usual – and one of the sweetest wetsuits on the market. £270

New for Fall 2010, the Heat 6/5/4 FSW with hood includes plenty of top-end features to keep you toastie, including X-Type Firewall in the Chest and Back, Code Red Zipper and exterior Fluid Seam Weld. Plus this year’s incarnation has new graphics, new style lines and easy-in-easy-out usability. So, if it’s a toss-up between a winter trip and a new wettie – go for the new, warmer Heat, save a few quid, and do both! £240

Can you imagine half of this lip flushing down your neck? Micah Lester is pretty glad they invented built in hoods!

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Snugg Mini Zip Web: Tel: 00800 0000 0041

Patagonia M’s R3® Hooded Front-Zip Full Suit

Err, could this be the future – this suit is 3mm throughout, and Patagonia reckon you’ll be fine in it down to 8°C. So, how do they do that? Well, the M’s R3’s packing high quality neoprene, lined with chlorine-free merino wool structured in a patented grid pattern to maximize heat retention, and then all seams are triple glued and single needle blind stitched externally using nylon bonded thread. So, warm in a 3mm in January hey: bring it on! £449

The Mini Zip is the warmest made to measure wetsuit you can wear. The ‘Hot One’ has aero zirconium hollow fibre fleece yarn on the body and legs, coupled with Mega Stretch 7000 neoprene combining heat retention with flexibility. The yarns retains heat from your body, and reduces water absorption and retention, keeping the suit light. The neck entry system gives maximum movement and minimal water penetration. Say goodbye to the cold. Prices from £240 for 4/3mm Alternative, £310 for the 5/4/3 Hot One. Also available with a hood attached.

Snugg Sabotage

The most flexible made to measure wetsuit available. The ‘Hot One’ has aero zirconium as per the mini zip, Ultraspan arms, shoulders and lat panels for maximum movement. An Interlocking ‘Y’ flap water barrier panel prevents water entry through the back zip. Available in 5/4/3mm, 4/3mm & 3/2mm. Over the last few winters some surfers some Cornish surfers wore the 3/2 ‘Hot One’ model version all winter. The top end suits are that warm! Prices from £230 for the 4/3 Alternative. £290 for a 5/4/3 Hot One.

will bailey

What suit where? Ok, so you can see all the suits, and the varieties of thickness but what suit would the experts recommend for your area? We asked the top wetty salesmen in the land.

Jamie Blair - Clan, Glasgow, Scotland. It depends how much you have to spend but I would recommend a renowned manufacturer and I would say that you really need to be spending between £120 to £300. In Scotland you have to wear boots from October onwards, and from December hoods and gloves. We recommend 7mm boots, 3-5mm gloves and a 3mm hood. If you have the budget, built-in hoods are the best.

Laura Johnston - Surfworld, Bundoran, Ireland. For January and February I would go recommend a chest zip and a detachable hood. I’d suggest 6mm boots and 5mm gloves. You can get away with a 4mm up until November/December.

Paul Tomlinson - Secret Spot, Scarborough, Yorkshire. A 6/5/4mm suit will get you through winter, there is no room for 3mm on winter suits up here. You can get away with a 5/4mm with a hood. We recommend the balaclava style hoods if your suit doesn’t have one built in. The gloves that we recommend are the 5mm claw gloves as if you have 5mm gloves the fingers tend to be too thick to get on with.

Spout, West Coast Surf, Abersoch, North Wales. Between Christmas and Easter it’s 8˚C degrees up here, so I’d recommend a minimum of 5/3 and definitely gloves, boots and hats. We sell a lot of 6mm hooded wetsuits too.

Dav Reef - Ma Simes, St Davids, Pembrokeshire. It depends how much you feel the cold and how much warmth versus flex you want to go for. A 5/4 with a convertible hood or fitted hood creates an excellent seal and will see you through winter here perfectly. The 6mm split toe boot, especially the covered split toe is the best. The 1.5mm gloves do the job through winter to keep a good feeling of your board.

Cicely Woodcock Redwood, Croyde, Devon. We’d recommend neck entry systems to avoid the flush that you get from zip entry’s. A 5/3mm suit with liquid seams. Look for an internal insulation system as they wick the water away and keep plenty of heat in. We offer 5/4mm boots and 3mm. You can get away with 3mm depending on your tolerance. We recommend the 3mm balaclava style hoods.

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Matt Arnold - Sessions, Falmouth, Cornwall. Up to mid-October you can get away with a summer suit but by mid-November you'll need gloves, boots and by December a hood too for a few months. I’d recommend a 5/3 sealed wetsuit and at least 2mm gloves, 3mm boots and a decent hood. Paul Stickney- Zuma Jay, Bude, Cornwall. Is depends on if you’re going to surf right through winter or just until it gets cold again and come back in April. If you’re an intermediate and that’s the plan then mid range 5mm suit is fine. If you're going to surf right through then the best you can afford is the go; a 4mm hooded is perfect for here. If you really feel the cold then go 6mm, key bit of advice is go for a built in hood, way warmer. 3mm gloves, nothing to fancy, mid range ones work well and boots all the guys in the shop use 5mm split toes but if you’re really feeling it we sell up to 7mm thick now!

James Roberts - Ocean Sports, Brighton, Sussex. A 5/3mm wetsuit will see you through the winter, as we progress in to the depths of winter a hood, gloves and boots would also be essential. As we are sheltered down here on the south coast many of the local surfers get away with 1.5 or 2mm gloves as they keep the feeling in their fingers. For those that really feel the cold we recommend 3mm gloves or in extreme cases mitts.

Pete Norman, Freedom Surf Shop, Guernsey, Channel Islands. You don’t need a wetsuit with a built in hood it’s not extreme enough here. Get a 5/3 fully sealed suit with a back zip and barrier system – it’s worth paying the extra money for that. Chest zips are good too. We start using boots late November, glove and hoods you don’t need until January or February.


Rip Curl Dawn Patrol Back zip

The Dawn Patrol is for the surfer who wants a quality wetsuit, incorporating some high end features, at an economical price. In the 80’s the Dawn Patrol wetsuit set new levels of function, fit and fashion. Today the all new Dawn Patrol brings essential top end features including E3, Blue Steel Zip, S-Flex Knees, Fireskin (on sealed suits) and a fresh look. Surfing may have changed but the Dawn Patrol remains a leader in it’s class. £150

Rip Curl E-Bomb

Designed for surfers who truly rate their freedom, the E-Bomb has always been the one to beat in terms of flexibility. And this season’s E-Bomb is lighter, warmer and more flexible than ever. Both the back zip and the chest zip versions have 100% E3 with ¾ liquid tape, which make the suit seriously flexible and give you good durability. More flexible than even the 3/2s of yesteryear by a country mile – embrace the elastic! 5/3 £240

Rip Curl Dawn Patrol

Rip Curl’s mid range suit only borrows its name from Rip Curl’s 1980s wetsuit. The latest incarnation has futuristic features that could only have been dreamed of ‘back in the day’. Things like E3 Neoprene where you need it, super-tough S-Flex knees and a ‘wicking’ fireskin lining… A great wettie at a decent price, and not a beaver flap in sight. 5/3 £160

Rip Curl F-Bomb

Rip Curl’s F-Bomb gives you ultimate warmth and flexibility. 100% E3 neoprene, Rip Curl’s flagship suit features outside liquid taping and - new this season - inside E3+ taping for maximum durability. Plus it’s got the Fireskin polypro ‘wicking’ lining for complete warmth. So, it might not have you leaping out of bed for that February dawnie, but it will keep you warm once you’re in. 5/3 £300

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Tiki TK90

Bodyglove CT Slant Zip

Tiki’s premium high-performance suit represents many years of wetsuit development and, yup, that includes paddling out somewhere around North Devon most winter mornings over the last 40 years! This season’s TK90 uses Espan Extend Neoprene with a water repellent coating, has a hollow fibre lining and is – of course – available as a heated suit. What’s there not to love? £210 - £220

Tiki Prodigy

UK based wettie innovators, Tiki, have been hard at it again in preparation for the coming winter, and their suits already have a pretty hardcore following. In fact, when No.10’s was first ridden last year, two of the four surfers were sporting Tiki wetsuits. How’s that for a bit of trivia! But it also says a lot about where the hardest charging surfers go for their winter wetsuits. Take heed. £210 - £240

Wetsuit innovators Bodyglove are back again this year with the CT Slant Zip. The CT has plenty going on, with super-stretchy Magna Flex neoprene throughout, a Thermolite chest panel to keep your vital organs warm, and Vaporlock seams to give you full lockdown against those gnarly British winters... £220

Bodyglove Stealth

Body Glove’s mid-range offering for this winter has their trademark Magna Flex where it matters most – around the shoulders and under the arms – and makes use of Quadra Flex for the rest of the suit. Plus with Vaporlock seams and an anatomical cut you’ll be trickle free and have the freedom to truly throw it about this February. £140

Web: Email: tel: 01642 498543

Animal Animator

Feeding top end features down to the mid-range is all the rage nowdays, and Animal haven’t messed around with the Animator. The mens Animator series features all A-flex neoprene and A-flex pro neoprene paddle zones, some ToasteX lining, and has external liquid seams! Plus there’s an overhead front zip option. Who do we send the thank you letter to? £160

Animal Assassin

As Animal charge into the winter 2010/2011 season, it’s the Assassin that, once again, leads the way. As with last year, it’s a well designed and well built wettie too – using A-Flex pro throughout, and with contour control seams to give you that still-in-boardies feel. Plus with thermacore tri-ply neoprene chest panel, Liquidised seams, an overhead front zip and ToasteX insulation in core areas it’ll keep you truly toastie as well. £250

Web: tel: 01642 486104

Animal Ladies Animator Swarm Swarm Winter The Ladies Animator borrows many of Animal’s top-end features and combines them with some prettier graphics! So you’re looking at A-Flex neoprene and an all round solid construction. And with some of their ToasteX lining built into it, you should still be sitting pretty after a couple of hours of tearing it up. £150 The ladies Animator is also available with an overhead front zip option.

Swarm’s new wintersuit is designed with the UK winter at its core. It makes use of 5mm X-Flex titanium neoprene where you really need to keep the heat in, has ‘new screen’ seam seals, and a glideskin neck seal. Plus with a fully GBS construction and reinforced knee pads it should last you a few seasons too...

Stokesy testing the lateral stretch. sharpy

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C-SKINS Session

The Session has been re-developed for 2010/2011, and continues to boast an unbeatable lineup of features; including the exclusive Enigma Zip System, pure double lined Ultra Stretch C-Flex neoprene throughout, and 100% LQS Liquid taping system. Plus those clever boffins at C–Skins have worked on an ultra minimal seam style which offers enhanced durability, increased mobility and incredible fit – leaving you to focus on your rodeo-flips. £230

C-SKINS Wired Series 2

The Wired Series 2 has taken the best bits from the original Wired and chucked in a few of the latest technological treats to produce one of the sweetest suits on the market right now. Improvements include an all new panel design, an updated clam shell neck entry system and a new QuickDri Poly Pro lining. Plus with C–Skins legendary build quality you know that you’re guaranteed a few seasons worth of wettie... £255

C-SKINS Wired Airloc

C–Skin’s Airloc is a serious winter suit – it’s built to the same spec as the Wired Series 2 but with a couple of tweaks to make it very, very warm. It makes use of 80% Airloc Ultra Stretch C–Flex neoprene for starters – which is a seriously effective neoprene, and it is also “200%” sealed, with 100% LQS on the outside and 100% interior seal. So, designed with those ten-minutes-deicing-the-windscreen mornings in mind. £310

Web: tel: 01332 813 150

C-SKINS Legend

The Legend is stepping up to replace C–Skin’s hugely successful Atom series of suits. It continues the Atom’s rep for bringing top-end joy to the more financially challenged amongst us, and is packing super flexible C–Flex neoprene where you need it most, has an Ozone back zip barrier system with wing and a titanium mesh chest and back panels. And all for less than it costs to tax yer wagon nowadays... £130

Cold water facts A fridge works best at between 1-4 degrees. Estimated survival times for cold water immersion without a wetty in four degree water is about 30 minutes until unconsciousness and about an hour to an hour and half until death.

25 50% Cold water removes heat from the body

times faster than cold air.


Mixing it up with the best of the increasingly high-spec'd mid-range wetties, the React is well equipped to see you nicely through the darker months without requiring a re-mortgage. It’s got 100% external liquid seams, a FireCore Poly Pro interior chest panel, and C-Skin’s Titanium mesh chest and back panels. A mid-range beauty. £165

Oxbow FLEX

The FLEX sees Oxbow bring their latest innovative features to their 2010/2011 wetsuit. It makes use of ‘Level 3’ neoprene, is fully GBS and has Durapad knees. Plus with Oxbow’s distinctive styling and reputation for quality you’ll look the biz and have your FLEX for a few seasons too. £200


Making use of Oxbow’s super flexi neoprene – Level 3 – and with Glue Seam Construction, a DFC2 Collar, and rubber brace wrist and ankle seals, you’re definitely onto a winner with the Laird-Lakoa. Plus, what’s good enough for Laird… £190


of that heat loss occurs through the head.

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Quiksilver Cypher DS

Quiksilver Cypher

The Cypher was created with three words in mind; flexibility, lightness and warmth. Available in two entry systems, chest zip or back zip. The Cypher is unbelievably flexible, light weight and warm, thanks to the combination of our new Fibrelite and Bio-fleece Neoprene and our Flexmax seal seam sealing. Add to that our new and improved Bead lock seal on all models, Thermal Smoothie and Hydroshield in our back zip styles you have the warmest, most flexible and lightest weight cold water suit available on the market. £230

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Core surfers need a core suit when it comes to taking on cold winter conditions which is why Quiksilver developed the Cypher DS. Designed using Quiksilver’s most advanced materials, Plio Tech Thermal Air Chamber Neoprene, Bio Fleece Thermal Neoprene and Fiber-lite Neoprene. We have created the warmest winter wetsuit available. Our new DST (Duel seal treatment) seam seal prevents water entry, while allowing maximum seam stretch. The Hydro-lock dry chect zip combined with our Bead-lock chest, wrist and ankle seals will keep you dry and warm. The Bead-lock system is designed to integrate with our Cypher booties and gloves for a watertight seal.

When Reubyn Ash takes to the air he's not restricted by heavy rubber.

Quiksilver Ignite

The Ignite is Quiksilver’s super-flexi performance suit. It’s 80% Hyperstretch 2, which is Quiksilver’s stretchiest neoprene to date, and the suit is incredibly light – so enough flexibility to get you really popping off the lip, and then less weight to stop you from coming down for that little bit longer! Boom. £195

Quiksilver Syncro

So, you extended your visa and spent an extra few weeks in Indo. And now you’re skint... Fear not, Quiksilver’s entry level winter suit will see you through most of the winter months. It’s fully GBS, makes use of Ultraspan Xtend neoprene around the arms and shoulders, and uses Duramesh elsewhere to help keep the winter chill at bay. £130

How low did it go?

Web: Email: tel: 01752 330772


Xcel Drylock System

New for winter 2010/1 all DRYLOCK fullsuits feature XCEL’s WRF water repellent fibre exterior which enables the outer lining to absorb less water thus reducing weight and windchill. The DRYLOCK System is loaded with high performance features including a waterproof DRYLOCK front entry zipper, DRYLOCK wrist seals, Thermo Bamboo heat retaining lining with an airprene chest panel and 100% Ultrastretch, Ultrasoft neoprene reinforced with fusion seam technology. The Xcel Drylock is available in 4/3mm and 5/4 mm with or without hood from £320.00

George Watt


Xcel Infiniti System

The original front entry fullsuit, the XCEL INFINITI XZIP features Thermo Bamboo heat retaining lining, 100% Ultrastretch/Ultrasoft neoprene sealed with pressure bonded fusion seam technology. The Infiniti Xzip is designed with minimum seams to maximise stretch and performance. The Xcel Xzip is available in 4/3mm and 5/4mm and also with a built in Thermo Bamboo lined hood in 5/4mm and 6/5/4mm. Priced from £250.00

Web: Email: tel: +44 1656 747 790

The official Met Office sea surface charts give you some idea, but they don't account for local anomalies from run off etc. We did a quick survey of Britains coldest surf spots! George Watt, Fraserborough Scotland got hammered last winter. Snow, hail, freezing northerlies. Even though the water temps don't drop quite as low as further down the coast due the Gulf Stream it's a numbing 5-6 degrees in the water. The coldest air temperature George surfed in -12.5 with no wind, and -5 with a northerly gale making approximately -17 windchill. Mark Vaughen, Llanwattit Llantwits location next to the Severn estuary, plus it's own little rivermouth, make it one of the coldest places to go surfing when snow is running off the Welsh Mountains. The water went down to 4.8 degrees. The coldest temperature Vaugheny reckons he surfed in was “- 4, plus the easterly wind chill probably about -15 maybe less. Which is nuts when you think about it.” Owain Davies, Tynemouth Sea temperatures in the North Sea are always the lowest in the British Isles but this winter Owain reckoned it dropped down to 4 degrees. Iceland's winter sea surface temperatures are generally close to +2°C during the coldest months (JanuaryMarch). Sea Ice starts to form at -1.8.

HHmm, who remembers when ‘mid range’ meant ‘cold’? Not anymore. And the Foil is a prime example of how times have changed. It’s packing a chest zip (on a £130 suit?!), is 50% Superflex G3 and has a Furnace Polypro chest panel. Plus it’s got moulded knees, an Airlite Foam Core and seamless butt panels (yup, for real!). RRP: Available in 5/4/3 Chest Zip GBS with Modular Hood £150 and Back Zip GBS with Modular Hood & Barrier £145 and without hood £130; 4/3 Chest Zip GBS with Barrier £125 and Back Zip GBS with Barrier £125.

Billabong SG5

Using Billabong’s Solar Mesh panels to radiate the sun’s heat in to you, the SG5 reckons it’s 30% warmer than any nylon covered neoprene. Plus this season’s suit borrows Billabong’s revolutionary ZG400 Japanese fabric - which is incredibly light and super flexible. All finished off with external Impacted Welded Seams (IWS) and internal welded seams for a water tight flexible sealed seam, and with 3D moulded supratex knee pads: definitely one for the Crimbo list… RRP: Available in 6/5/4 chest zip with attached hood £280, 5/4/3 chest zip and back zip with modular hood £250, 4/3 chest zip and back zip £240.

Billabong SGX

Billabong reckon the SGX is the lightest suit ever made. Quite some claim, but the science and the stats seem to back it up – the neoprene’s made up of larger ‘cells’ which equals more air and less weight, and the water repellent surface stops that pesky water from getting sucked up and weighing you down. Plus it’s made of ZG400R Japanese Fabric and with less seams and a solid chest zip system, it ticks all of the flexibility boxes too. Could well be the one to watch this winter… RRP: Available in 5/4/3 Chest zip with modular hood £300, 4/3 Chest zip £280.

George Watt

Billabong FOIL

The water in Cornwall this winter went down to around 8 degrees at times. Locally it could have been lower due to run off after snow melts and heavy rain falls. It was certainly the coldest for many years, but that is still twice the temperature of the north east!

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will bailey Matt Capel frozen by the sight of a nasty inside ledge, but not the cold. 10's.

Web: Email: tel: 01363 773005

Visit and Check out what the manufacturers have to say and get links to all the best websites.

Circle One NOIR Zipperless

So, for the second season Circle One are offering the genius invention that is the NOIR Zipperless system: no mini zips, poppers or bungee cord. And no leakage. The suit uses ‘stiction’ seals for water-tight closure AND has a large transverse opening for easy entry – so no bouncing around the car park with your arms welded to your torso. Plus it makes use of the latest ultra stretch neoprene for warmth and flexibility and is tested to destruction by Circle One’s European Team. £220 - £240

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Circle One ICON

A solid, dependable and super-stretchy winter weapon, the Icon is Circle One’s upper mid-range suit. It’s GBS and spot sealed to keep that icy water at bay, has a decent barrier system to stop those bottom of your back trickles, and has glideskin wrist and ankle seals to stop water flushing through. So, one well sealed, well tested and well priced winter suit… £170

Circle One ICON Ladies Cut anatomically for the ladies, and using all of the high-end materials that can be found in Circle One’s other suits, the ladies’ ICON is a great piece of winter kit. It’s built from 75% super stretch, is fully GBS and has Kevlar reinforced knee pads. Plus the subtle graphics add to the stylishness of the suit and will make sure your other half doesn’t ‘borrow’ it.

wetsuit retailers guide

channel islands


freedom surf Run by a surfer for surfers! Where the guy in the shop selling the the suits is the same guy in the water using the suits! We simply have the best range on the Island. Tel: 01481 246690 Email: Web: Address: L’Islet Cross Roads, St Sampsons, Guernsey





HotDog surf shop


Ma simes surf hut


west coast surf



O’Neill, Billabong, Animal & C-Skins Winter stock with free expert fitting. Open 7 Days- Boots, Gloves Hoods & Surfboard Hire. Tel: 01792 234073 Email: Web: Address: Hot Dog Surf shop, 26 Pennard Road, Kittle, Gower, Swansea SA3 3JS

‘Wales’ premier online surf shop with quality wetsuits, fast efficient service, and solid advice. Call us - we answer the phone! Tel: 01437 720433 Email: Web: Address: 28 High Street, St. David’s, Pembrokeshire SA62 6SD



6 9 13



10 12


We are a beachside surf shop with Wetsuits by Rip Curl, Animal, Patagonia, Hurley, Alder, C-Skins. Check the Website. Tel: 01758 713067 Email: Web: Address: Abersoch, Gwynedd LL53 7AP


South Wales number 1 surf shop. 600+ suits in stock today. Free boots with any winter suit when you mention this ad. Tel: 029 20 621309 Email: Web: Address: 170 Whitchurch Road, Cardiff, CF14 3NA


King Of Watersports King Of Watersports offers an unrivalled choice of wetsuits from every single premium surf brand; Quiksilver, Billabong, O’Neill, Rip Curl, Xcel, Neil Pryde, just to name a few! King of Watersports also offer free delivery on wetsuits. Tel: 01202 763675 Email: Web:


The Wetsuit Centre


The Wetsuit Centre holds the largest range of biggest stocks of wetsuits in the country at unbeatable prices. The Wetsuit Centre also offers a Free NEXT DAY Delivery service on all wetsuits ensuring you hit the water when the swell does. Tel: 01202 302943 Email: Web: Address: 42 Sea Road, Boscombe, Bournemouth, Dorset, England BH5 1BW

east sussesx

s u r f

Check out these surf shops, the surf breaks near them and more on The Surf Directory. Plus all the info you need for your surf break at the click of a mouse.

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Ocean Sports Board Riders 1000’s of wetsuits – Rip Curl, C-Skins, Xcel, Billabong and O’Neill premier dealers. Tel: 01273 412241 Email: Web: / Address: 368 Kingsway, Hove, East Sussex BN3 4QT




Box Surf



Down the Line Surf Company Ltd


Sessions Surf shop

The UK’s premier wetsuit stockist 18 years as the UK’s number 1 hardware store. Expert advise from experienced staff. Free delivery…speak to the professionals. Rip Curl, Billabong, O’Neill, Xcel, Alder and Patagonia. Tel: 01736 757025 Email: Web: Address: Market Square Arcade, Copperhouse, Hayle, Cornwall TR27 4EA

An independant surf shop situated in Plymouth. Currently stock West, Rip Curl & Snugg tailor wetsuits. O’neil, Sutsu, Firewire, Luke Young & New Era. Tel: 01752 260464 Email: Web: Address: 96 North Hill, Plymouth PL4 8EX

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Secret Spot Surf Shop ‘The Cold Water Specialists’. Serious warmth and durability from Xcel, Rip Curl, O’Neill and Patagonia.... Tel: 01723 500467 Email: Web: Address: 4 Pavilion Terrace, Scarborough, North Yorkshire YO11 2JU

We Have a huge range of Wetsuits from Alder, Billabong, O’Neill and Rip Curl. Plus surfboards, bodyboards and much more! Tel: 01326 211159 Email: Web: Address: 26 Church Street, Falmouth, Cornwall TR113EG



granite reef surf shop Granite Reef, the UK’s original independent Surfboard, Snowboard and Skateboard specialist store, we take pride in the products that we sell and only stock the best brands. Tried and tested by our team and staff. Tel: 01224 252752 Email: Web: Address: 45 The Green, Aberdeen, Scotland AB11 6NY





Zuma Jay Surf Shop are one of the largest stockists both in store an on-line of Xcel and C-Skins. Our expert knowledge of all the suits allows us to give the best advice to the first time buyer or expert surfer. Tel: 01288 354956 Email: Web: Address: Belle Vue Lane, Bude, Cornwall, EX23 8QU


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Web: / tel: 07500866242 Email:

Agent Eighteen Signature Series

Sourcing the very finest materials and manufacturing known to man, the Agent 18 suit is the ultimate in high quality, construction and design. These suits aren’t your run of the mill product that look good on the shelf but struggle to stay together after a handful of surfs - these are seriously well constructed and tested suits that will provide the very best in comfort, warmth, functionality and very importantly, durability, for many seasons to come. Naked F3 neoprene - the feeling of organic nakedness, Fireflex lining - radiating pure warmth and absolute flex, Contour fit - the fit of a well measured tailored suit, Diamond Flex Pads, Critically Taped Seams - don’t even feel like they are there. Available in the UK from April.

100 carve surfing magazine

CARVE Winter Wetsuit Guide 2010  

CARVE Winter Wetsuit Guide 2010

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