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Modern wetsuits need to be super flexible to accommodate Mr Flexible himself (that’ll be Mick Fanning Esq to you and I).


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It’s official – it’s been the coldest winter since mammoths roamed the earth (which was only last Saturday down at our local boozer). Spring is about to do its thing, the evenings are drawing out and another BBQ Summer is just around the corner… well, maybe. The Met Office certainly doesn’t have a scooby as to what’s going on – one forecast you can rely on! So it’s time to look forward to shedding a few mil of rubber, kick off your wettie boots in a ‘hurrah!’ of freedom, release the inner beast and blow the back out of a couple of summer swells. So without further ado, enjoy our Summer Wetsuit Guide 2010 then have a little chortle at some of the adverts that have been used to promote British suits through out the last 30 odd years.

Kelly rips in a 6mm or a 3mm summer suit, hell, he could probably rip in a dry suit, here is he doing a wheely for the adoring crowd in Portugal.

Rip Curl E-Bomb Pro 3/2 3/2 Chest zip Steamer GB with 100% Elastomax 3 Superior stretch, the lightest most flexible Neoprene ever and exclusive to Rip Curl. Glued and Blind stitched and sealed with no liquid tape restriction for ultimate stretch and performance. The most flexible wetsuit ever made by Rip Curl. RRP £220

Rip Curl Core Fireskin 3/2 Rip Curl Dawn Patrol 3/2 3/2 Steamer GB Aquaban. Now 100% Super Stretch Neoprene, a great blend of Rip Curl’s best Neoprene to give you the best suits with Rip Curls XpandX, E3, and Fireskin lining wicking water away from your body to retain heat. RRP £195

Rip Curl’s famous Dawn Patrol wetsuit first designed and worn by Rabbit is re-invented, re-designed and re-invigorated to feature E3 - our lightest, warmest and stretchiest neoprene ever, and Rip Curl’s new Fireskin lining for maximum water seal and surfer comfort. RRP £125

Quiksilver Synchro 3/2

Bodyglove CT Slant Zip


Quiksilver Cypher 3/2

Heading up Quiksilver’s range this summer is the Cypher. With heaps of hyperstretch and Flexmax seam technology it’s a beauty. Chest zipper and with all the features you’d expect from a top end suit: GBS, wrist and ankle seals, and bombproof kneepads. Go on – break open the piggy bank. RRP £225

Web: Email:

Quiksilver’s mid-range summer suit is 70% ‘Freemax’ and uses hyperstretch where maximum flexibility matters. A super stretchy suit, with flatlock seams, hyperweld kneepads and back zip entry zipper making life nice and straightforward. Perfect for that Europe mission this summer. RRP £130

100% Magna Flex neoprene throughout,a Thermolite chest panel. Vapourlock seams and BodyGloves slant zip chest entry system this is a slick bit of kit. It has Spot Tape on seam intersections, Ultra Tatex kneepads and a left arm exterior zip key pocket so you don’t have to mess about getting your wetty off before you can get your towel out. RRP £239.99

call: 01752 854418 Web: email:

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Matty Capel testing his summer suit to the limit in a French hole.

West Lotus Air-O

The Lotus Air-O introduces West’s new “Air-O” neoprene. Air-O combines three layers of 1mm neoprene and bonds them together creating pockets of air that are quickly heated up by the body. With tried and tested seam technology and closures, and all top-end features: you might well be buying yourself a slice of the future... RRP £220

Tel: ++44 (0) 1179 555 770, ++44 (0) 1179 555 771 Email: Web:

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West Lotus 3/2 Chest zip The Lotus is West’s flagship wettie. It’s built from 100% Limestone Ecoprene and 100% Gen 3 Ultraspan: so is super stretchy and eco-friendly. With a solid chest zip, batwing, and a seamless lower back, the Lotus is a top quality and sweet looking wettie. RRP £185

TIKI Prodigy 4/3 and 3/2

This year Tiki have extended their ground breaking Heated Prodigy range, to include spring and summer suits. The interchangeable heating system gives these suits a much wider range than you get with a normal summer steamer. Meaning that you could be in your 3/2 from March till November... Happy Days! RRP 4/3 £189, 3/2 £179

Tel: 01271 812442 Email: Web:

TIKI TK90 4/3 and 3/2

Tiki's top-end pro suit, the TK90 represents over 40 years of wetsuit development and is designed to give the greatest freedom of movement for high performance surfing. With hollow fibre lining and bombproof seals and designed and tested for use in the UK you can’t go far wrong. Plus the 4/3 also has the Tiki heating system. RRP Heated 4/3 £189, 3/2 £179

a brief history


Circle One ICON 3/2

A mid range suit with plenty of top end features. Circle One’s Icon is glued, blind stitched and spot sealed and is 75% Super Stretch. With Kevlar reinforced knee pads and a solid all round construction you should get a few seasons use out of it too. RRP £110

Circle One DRIFT

Circle one’s entry level suit features strategic panel layout and a flat lock construction. It also has a lycra neck seal and a single lined upper body to keep the wind off and soak up any warmth from the sun. A solid entry level suit if you’ve spent most of your cash on a new stick for the summer. RRP £80

Call: 01363 773005 Web: Email:

C-Skins React 3/2 and 4/3

The React series from C Skins has many of the features that you’d expect from a top-end suit. It has liquid seams on the upper body, is fully blindstiched and has a ‘closeout wing system’ to stop those niggling zip leaks. Also with a glideskin collar and Titanium mesh chest and back panels. Not bad at all for just over a ton... RRP £120

C-Skins Wired Series 1 3/2 LQS Steamer

C-Skins’ mid range suit packs exactly what you’d have expected from a top-of the-range suit a couple of years ago: we just keep getting fussier hey! It’s got Ultra stretch C-Flex neoprene upper body, is fully GBS and has titanium mesh chest and back panels. Plus it’s got a chest zip with adjustable bungee attachment, less panels for more comfort, and a “Super seal” glideskin single seam collar. What more do you want for your money? RRP £159.95

Web: Email: UK & Ireland Distribution by CJB’s Surf Co: +44 (0) 1208 78845


That’s right: Circle one’s truly zipper-less suit. No mini zips, poppers or bungee cord and no leakage. This zipper-less suit uses ‘stiction’ seals for water-tight closure and has a decent size opening for easy entry. The ultimate in high performance wetsuit joy, it is 100% Ultra Stretch, GBS and is tested in Europe to make sure it can really cut it... RRP £150

C-Skins Wired Series 2 3/2

A serious piece of kit, the new Wired 3/2 is packing 100% Ultra stretch C-Flex, Optiwick interior ‘wicking’ pro lining, and solid liquid seams. The C-Skin guys test their suits in Europe too, so they know the score with April dawnies. A primo top-end wettie that’ll do you more than just the summer. RRP £200 Mens: S, MS, M, MT, ML, L, XL, 2XL

Next time you’re up to your neck in the Atlantic toasty warm in your high-tech wetsuit spare a thought for the guy that made it possible, not Jack O’Neill, but surfing’s unsung hero: Wallace Hume-Carothers. Good old Wally is the man we need to thank for inventing Neoprene. He was in charge of the Du Pont lab in the early 1930s tasked with creating a synthetic rubber that could withstand high temperatures and be as stretchy as hell- a big ask. They finally nailed it in 1931 creating a fake rubber with a multitude of industrial and leisure uses, the first of its kind. The breakthrough was good for the company but not for Wally, as his career soared his depression deepened, the formerly jovial lab rat became quiet and withdrawn slipping down the ladder of depression hitting his head on every rung, he even took to carrying a vial of cyanide on his fob watch… He couldn’t help but excel, a few years later his team invented Nylonconsidered the greatest man-made invention of the 20th century and more importantly the perfect stretchy material to wrap around Neoprene. He was elected to the American National Academy of Science, the first industrial chemist to do so, but it was no use, the death of his beloved sister and his dark passenger took over. He checked into a low rent hotel in Philadelphia, mixed his vial of cyanide with lemon juice (being a boffin he knew taking it with an acid would intensify the speed and effect of the poison) and ended his short stellar life…

Depending on where you’re from a wetsuit is either your weapon of choice or a nasty thing only used when travelling. Taj is from West Oz so he is comfy as in one.

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Billabong Foil 3/2

The perfect balance of quality, performance and value. The Foil’s made of new G3 Superflex neoprene, and panel placement has been redesigned to improve paddle movement and increase session time. GBS construction and a chest zip - a stalwart of the Billabong range and a great choice mid-range suit. RRP £120

Billabong Revolution 3/2 Billabong SG5 3/2 The Revolution has been designed for maximum performance for the surfer who wants the lightest and most flexible wetsuit. It comes with our patented hybrid zip system, combining the best of the ziperless and back zip system. It is 80% Airlite Superflex neorene with silk touch jersey lining, glued and blind stitched with hard wearing Supratex Kneepads. RRP £160

The new SG5 makes use of Billabong’s new ‘zero gravity superflex’ neoprene: increased cell size in the foam core makes this suit warmer, lighter and more flexible than ever. Solar Mesh 5 acts like a solar panel by absorbing the sun’s heat and trapping it within the cell structure of the mesh. Billabong reckon it’s 30% warmer than Nylon covered neoprene too... Toastie. RRP £210

Web: Call: 023 92465555 Email:

O’Neill Psycho 2 3/2

Since bursting onto the scene a few years ago, O’Neill’s Psycho 2 has become the suit to beat for all round performance. With a reputation for flexibility and durability, you see plenty out in the water which says it all... The latest incarnation is 100% UltraFlexXDS and has a patented Z.E.N neck closure. As close as you get to a ‘dead cert’ for top-end summer warmth. RRP £230

Web: UK/Eire: +44 (0) 1730 811460 Email:

O’Neill Gooru 2/3

Pitched firmly at the mid-range, the Gooru won’t have you flushing through to cool down in August, and should keep you toastie all summer. Fully glued and blind stitched, with a wicking front and back panel, and made from 100% UltraFlex: the Gooru is super flexible and has most features that you’d expect from a £200+ suit. RRP £130

O’Neill The Hammer 3/2 Redesigned for 2010, the Hammer 3/2 is now constructed out of 40% UltraFlex/ 60% FluidFlex – O’Neill’s exclusive high stretch neoprene. It has Krypto Knee Padz (down with the kidz), and Lumbar Seamless Design (LSD). Plus it looks pretty fly. A great summer trip option. RRP £80

In times gone by when things were harsh there was really only one wetsuit you would buy- a 4/3. It was the most versatile suit known to man. Summer, winter and anywhere in between it was your mainstay, your neck chaffer and more often than not the armpit assassin. These days things have changed, neoprene is amazing, chaff is almost a thing of the past, and wetsuits are warmer than ever. You can now get into a 3/2 in May in the southwest and Ireland and surf it right through 'til late October (weather conditions permitting) if it is a true 3/2. The only trouble is as wetsuit cuts have changed so has the ability to reduce neoprene thickness. While in warm summery conditions this is okay, in places like the east coast you really have to check to make sure right amount of the neoprene is in the right places. Remember the first job of a wetty is to keep you warm. No point owning the most stretchy suit on earth if you can only wear it one day a year. If the rubber isn't there, you will notice it when the winds get cold early or late season. So how do you pick your perfect suit? When choosing wetsuit thickness you have to bear in mind the average water temperature, air temperature, wind chill you will be surfing in and your own tolerance to cold. Colder water means a thicker wetsuit. No point going super thin and then feeling the cold sapping through the suit's ultra thin neoprene. Air temps are important 'cos in some places you get warmer water and chilly air, therefore a long arm short legged suit comes into it's own. If you get cold ocean currents but warm air, then long legs and short arms can be the go. WIND chill is also a really big factor. If you are surfing windy areas then your wetty should be thicker on the body to compensate. COLD SENSITIVITY also plays a part. How quickly do you feel cold? Some people say they get cold in the tropics, some never seem to feel the cold, or hate being too hot. WETSUIT QUALITY also counts. A good wetsuit doesn’t let water penetrate easily. Things like blind-stitching, liquidsealing, taped seams, batflaps etc turn a standard 3/2 into a suit you can wear in some pretty mean conditions, extending the season in which you

Xcel Infiniti O-Zip 3/2

The Infiniti series back zip suit has the zip offset by 5cm to the neck to allow increased stretch along the spine. The hidden water resistant short back zip combined with the water shield inner dam reduces water flow through the suit. The Infiniti O-Zip is a high performance wetsuit designed for the surfer whose preference is a back zip suit that is both flexible and warm. RRP £210.00 Web: Call: 01752 330772 Email:

Oxbow 543 Team

The 543TEAM is a full glued and blindstitched suit that also comes in a 4/3MM, 100% Polymide lined with KPAD2 knee pads. RRP £140

Web: call: 01332 813 150

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Xcel Drylock 3/2

Xcel Infiniti 3/2

Xcel Xflex Xzip 3/2


Oxbow B5SP Team

Swarm Mens 3mm

Voted wetsuit of the year the Xcel Drylock offers the ultimate in cold water performance. Constructed with 100% multi density ultrastretch foam with airprene chest and back panels. Drylock wrist seals and a waterproof closed front zip reduce waterflow and the water repellent thermobamboo and recycled fibre lining sheds water and retains heat. The Drylock has an engineered fit with minimal panels and seams giving total flexibility and increased performance. RRP Drylock 3/2 £280.00. Drylock 4/3 £310

This is a shorty flex with 2/2mm 100% Polymide lined wetty with level 2 flatlock seams, double flap collar. Dark Jungle. RRP £110

The Xcel infiniti Xzip is constructed of 100% ultrastretch superlight foam with a super soft snag resistant outer lining. The infiniti front zip system combines an engineered fit with minimum seams and panels giving maximum flexibility and warmth. The Xzip front zip sysytem has a water resistant interlock zip and a crossover neck entry. The water repellent lining is infused with recycled fibers and heat retaining bamboo charcoal. With pre-bent elbows and knees, 4 way stretch knee pads and fusion sealed seams the whole suit is designed to fit close to the body without restriction. RRP Infiniti 2mm £190.00. Infiniti 3/2 £210.00

The SpTeam short sleeve spring suit is available in a 2/1MM neoprene combination with level 1 flatlock seams and 100% Polymide lining. Also available in Black. RRP £55

The Xcel Xflex Xzip 3/2 is a performance front zip wetsuit at a very competetive price. Constructed from 100% superlight neoprene with double glued and bindstitched seams and a supersoft snag resistant outer lining. As with all Xcel performance wetsuits the Xflex Xzip has an engineered fit with minimal panels and seams for greater warmth and flexibility. Available as fullsuit or short arm springsuit (as shown). RRP Xflex Xzip 3/2 fullsuit £150. Xflex Xzip short arm spring suit £100.

Swarms offering for 2010 includes a glideskin neck seal, 3mm x-flex titanium neoprene a new screen seal and really tough knee pads knee pads at a pretty unbelievable price. RRP £54.99

Call: 01642 486104 Web:

can wear it. In fact you can wear some ‘super’ 3/2’s in water temperatures right down to 10-11 degrees. (We know we’ve done it). Conversely some super stretchy 3/2's tend to be made for summer use only. Which is fine, as long as you know what you are buying and the purpose you a buying it for. So always compare neoprene thickness between suits. If you need a warm suit check where the 3 mm neoprene is. Check that it is actually 3mm of neoprene and not 2.5 with a .5 lining. Check the kind of lining it comes with, and make sure you know which seams are best and most durable. If you are just using the suit for warm waters, then obviously go for thin and flexy and always make sure you suit has a guarantee on the seams. To be honest there aren't many duff suits out there and most wetsuit manufacturers are pretty good when it comes to faulty suits, but it’s always best to check.

Snugg Sabotage

Features Ultraspan stretch neoprene throughout, hollow fibre chest panel, double-glued, blindstitched and heat-sealed taped seams, interlocking ’Y’-flap water barrier panel to prevent water entry through back zip, smoothskin neck, pre-bent arms and legs, Kanoko flex kneepads for comfort and durability. Made to measure for a perfect fit (stock sizes also available). RRP £220

Snugg Mini-zip

Features Ultraspan Stretch neoprene throughout, hollow fibre chest panel, smoothskin neck, prebent legs, Kanoko flex kneepads for comfort and durability, double-glued, blindstitched and heatseal taped seams. Made to measure for a perfect fit (stock sizes also available). RRP £230

Snugg X-Stretch

Available in 5/4/3mm, 4/3mm & 3/2mm. You get flexibility and warmth with this made to measure wetsuit. Ultra span top half, super light lower half for stretch and comfort. Anti friction collar. Pre bent leg. Kanoko flex kneepads for comfort and durability. Double glued, blind stitched and heat sealed seams. Made to measure for a perfect fit. Men’s and Women’s stock sizes also available. RRP £165

Web: Call: 01637 878488 Email:


Alder’s Evo has been a summertime favourite for a few years now. This year it’s got 100% “X” Stretch Neoprene, twin needle blindstitched and is 100% liquid sealed. Plus Alder have added Hydroband to the inside of the seams which ensure a watertight seal without compromising flexibility. Definitely a great choice from a UK favourite... RRP £160

Web: Email: Tel: 01566 783 444



Alder’s mid-range suit is super light, flexible and feature packed. It’s 100% “X” stretch, has Hydroband seals where it matters, and also has a batflap. A well thought out suit that is perfect for the hot months and for trips away. RRP £110


For a ‘sub £100’ suit, the Stealth doesn’t pull its punches. It’s got “X” Stretch shoulders and sleeves to keep you loose for those three hour summer sessions, and has a single lined torso to keep the wind off and keep your core warm. What more do you want from life? RRP £90

> 25˚C Boardies 22˚C-25˚C Shorty for the morning, evening or if it’s windy. 20˚C–22˚C Shorty or spring suit or a thin 3/2 full suit when it gets cold and windy. 18˚C–20˚C Spring suit or full suit 3/2. (In actual fact most of us will be breaking out the boardies if its get this warm!) 15˚C–18˚C A good 3/2 full suit or spring suit if you are hard. 12˚C–15˚C A good 3/2 will still do you if wind chill isn’t a factor, but at the lower end of this scale most start busting out a ‘super’ 3/2 or 4/3. Weirdly in the south west most will surf 12° water in May in a 3/2, but bust out a 4/3 in October. 12˚C-9˚C and below At a constant 12° you’ll still be in a 4/3, and starting to add the trimmings. Below that you need to start thinking about a 5/3 or 5/4/3 wetsuit with booties and gloves. Hood depends tolerance to ice cream headaches. < 9˚C Bring everything. A good 5/3 or 6/5/4 with built in hood and chest zip are warmest. Don’t stint on gloves and booties as keeping your extremities warm will lengthen your sessions.

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Animal Antidote

The Antidote is their mid range suit with outstanding performance and incredible features for £180. A-Flex pro dynamic stretch neoprene, Liquidised seam system, Watergate barrier system, Toastex hollow fibre insulation. Available in 3/2 and 5/3 RRP for 3/2 is £180

Animal Assassin

Animal have been developing their suits for two years now and they reckon the Assassin is their most technically advanced product line currently available. With A-Flex, Pro dynamic stretch neoprene, Liquidised seam system, Watergate barrier system, a Thermacore Tri Ply Chest Panel and Toastex hollow fibre insulation it sounds like they know their bis. Available in 3/2 and 5/4/3 RRP for 3/2 is £200

Call: 01642 498543 Web: Email:

Agent Eighteen Signature Series

Gul Vortex

The Vortex uses the latest cutting edge neoprene and construction techniques, it uses the perfect combination of 150% stretch neoprene, an insulating Thermospan lined core, G-Lock cuffs and ankles, Gul’s Ultra Barrier System (UBS). It’s a combination of lightweight stretch, insulation, flush protection and durability, producing a very high performance wetsuit. RRP £200 Call: 01208 262400 Web: Email:

Gul Recore

The ‘Recore’ combines recycled PET polyester superstretch for the outside material, a limestone based neoprene (avoiding using dwindling oil resources) & a recycled PET polyester superstretch & bamboo thermospan lining. This combination results in a very warm flexible suit with reduced environmental impact. A very limited run of ‘Recore’ 3/2 wetsuits will be available this spring from GUL stores. RRP £200

Sourcing the very finest materials and manufacturing known to man, the Agent 18 suit is the ultimate in high quality, construction and design. These suits aren’t your run of the mill product that look good on the shelf but struggle to stay together after a handful of surfs - these are seriously well constructed and tested suits that will provide the very best in comfort, warmth, functionality and very importantly, durability, for many seasons to come. Naked F3 neoprene - the feeling of organic nakedness, Fireflex lining - radiating pure warmth and absolute flex, Contour fit - the fit of a well measured tailored suit, Diamond Flex Pads, Critically Taped Seams - don’t even feel like they are there. Available in the UK from April.

Web: / Call: 07500866242 Email:

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Wardo had a bit of fun recently, his boat broke down, so a lifeguard boat came out to rescue them but then capsized on the way in. So he had to be rescued from the lifeguards. Here is in simpler times in Portugal last Autumn.

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wetsuit retailers guide


channel islands







freedom surf Run by a surfer for surfers! Where the guy in the shop selling the the suits is the same guy in the water using the suits! We simply have the best range on the Island. Tel: 01481 246690 Email: Web: Address: L’Islet Cross Roads, St Sampsons, Guernsey

4 12

13 14







HotDog surf shop


Ma simes surf hut


west coast surf

King Of Watersports King Of Watersports offers an unrivalled choice of wetsuits from every single premium surf brand; Quiksilver, Billabong, O’Neill, Rip Curl, Xcel, Neil Pryde, just to name a few! King of Watersports also offer free delivery on wetsuits. Tel: 01202 763675 Email: Web: east sussesx


Ocean Sports Board Riders 1000’s of wetsuits – Rip Curl, C-Skins, Xcel, Billabong and O’Neill premier dealers. Tel: 01273 412241 Email: Web: / Address: 368 Kingsway, Hove, East Sussex BN3 4QT



Check out these surf shops, the surf breaks near them and more on The Surf Directory. Plus all the info you need for your surf break at the click of a mouse.

e a t

s l e e p

s u r f




Box Surf Wetsuits from West, Hurley, Rip Curl and tailor made Snuggs for the perfect fit. Boards from the award winning Luke Young, Firewire, Warner & Rusty. Apparel from O’Neil, Rip Curl, Hurley, Rusty, Insight, Sutsu. Tel: 01752 260464 Email: Web: Address: 96 North Hill, Plymouth PL4 8EX

We are the UK’s premier C-Skins Wetsuit dealer offering a huge range to choose from. When you've bought your suit why not demo a board, with our ‘try before you buy’ demo boards. Tel: 01271 890453 Email: Web: Address: 7 Moor Lane, Croyde, Devon EX33 1NP

Secret Spot Surf Shop

‘Wales’ premier online surf shop with quality wetsuits, fast efficient service, and solid advice. Call us - we answer the phone! Tel: 01437 720433 Email: Web: Address: 28 High Street, St. David’s, Pembrokeshire SA62 6SD

West Coast Surf Shop is one of the the leading wetsuit and surfboard retailers in the UK. Tel: 01758 713067 Email: Web: Address: Abersoch, Gwynedd LL53 7AP



The Little Pink Shop

east coast

HotDog is open 7 Days a week. Offering free advice on wetsuits and fitting. Excellent range of sizes, prices & brands Tel: 01792 234073 Email: Web: Address: Hot Dog Surf shop, 26 Pennard Road, Kittle, Gower, Swansea SA3 3JS

The Wetsuit Centre The Wetsuit Centre holds the largest range of biggest stocks of wetsuits in the country at unbeatable prices. The Wetsuit Centre also offers a Free NEXT DAY Delivery service on all wetsuits ensuring you hit the water when the swell does. Tel: 01202 302943 Email: Web: Address: 42 Sea Road, Boscombe, Bournemouth, Dorset, England BH5 1BW



Down the Line Surf Company Ltd The UK’s premier wetsuit stockist 18 years as the UK’s number 1 hardware store. Expert advise from experienced staff. Free delivery…speak to the professionals. Rip Curl, Billabong, O’Neill, Xcel, Alder and coming soon Patagonia. Tel: 01736 757025 Email: Web: Address: Market Square Arcade, Copperhouse, Hayle, Cornwall TR27 4EA

If you’re looking for surfboards, surfing equipment, wetsuits and accessories, then we are the best online surf shop for all your boarding needs. Tel: 01723 500467 Email: Web: Address: 4 Pavilion Terrace, Scarborough, North Yorkshire YO11 2JU Northern ireland


OCEAN WARRIORS Based in Portstewart Ocean Warriors is N. Irelands only Circle One Test Centre. Tel: 02870 836500 Email: Web: Address: 80 The Promenade, Portstewart, County L’Derry BT55 7AF


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Bundoran Surf Co Wetsuits from O’Neill, Xcel, Quiksilver, Roxy, Gul, Tiki. Boards from Powersource, DHD, Simon Anderson, LSD, Murray Bourton, Circle One, Escape, NSP, Hi-Fly. Tel: 071-9841968 Email: Web: Address: Main Street, Bundoran, Co.Donegal, Ireland

We Have a huge range of Wetsuits from Alder, Billabong, O’Neill and Rip Curl. Plus surfboards, bodyboards and much more! Tel: 01326 211159 Email: Web: Address: 26 Church Street, Falmouth, Cornwall TR113EG




Sessions Surf shop


granite reef surf shop Granite Reef, the UK’s original independent Surfboard, Snowboard and Skateboard specialist store, we take pride in the products that we sell and only stock the best brands. Tried and tested by our team and staff. Tel: 01224 252752 Email: Web: Address: 45 The Green, Aberdeen, Scotland AB11 6NY

CARVE Surfing Magazine Summer Wetsuit Guide 2010  

CARVE Surfing Magazine Summer Wetsuit Guide 2010. All the latest summer wetsuits out now.

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