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SIMULATION Product design and mechanical engineering services: CAE






CARTIF offers a wide range of technological services in design, simulation, verification and prototyping, covering the entire product life cycle for the structural system under study, from conceptual design to manufacturing supervision and optimization. Through this abilities we are able to reduce cost and time from the conception of the product / process until commissioning. 20 years in the automotive, renewable energy, chemical, building, infrastructure and and agricultural machinery industries allows us to offer our clients the guarantee of giving an answer to all their engineering needs. Simulation services we offer include verification according standard for static performance (including non-linearities as plasticity or large displacements), buckling analysis, mechanical fatigue and dynamic behavior. In addition, thermal problems (stationary and transient), insulation, duct loss and other aspects of thermal and fluid engineering can be addresed. Regarding the dynamic behavior of structures, apart from the usual abilities for modal and spectral analysis we can deal with transient and impact loading. Advanced instrumentation and techniques are used for model updating and characterization so modal mass and damping can be determined for every mode. This methodology allows us to propose and evaluate the performance of structural reinforcements or mitigation devices to improve vibration serviceability. MATERIAL CHARACTERIZATION AND STRUCTURAL DESIGN


• Carbon and glass fiber reinforced polymers. • Mechanical steel. • Sandwich panels • Reinforced concretes. • Hybrid assemblies. • Structural steel.




• Structural design and testing for civil and industrial structures. • Tooling and mechanism desing: synthesis and analysis. • Characterization and modeling of structural joints. Semi-rigidity. • Beam, plate and shell buckling and fatigue analysis. • Multilayer panel and composite characterization.

• Modal and Spectral Analysis (FRF). • Seismic analysis. • Vibration performance of frames for rotating machinery. • Impact and explosion simulations. • Manufacturing process simulations. • Vibration serviceability evaluation.

• Plasticity and structural damage. Post-buckling analysis. • Large strain and displacement analysis. • Contact mechanic and tribology (including nanocoatings) • Resilence. Structural integrity and vulnerability.

THERMAL AND FLUID ENGINEERING Duct sizing and supports. Cavitation.

Pneumatic and hydraulic systems. Friction loss in ducts.

Vehicle casing and aerodynamic studies.

Active earth pressure (including groundwater).

Vortex-induced vibrations. Offshore structures.

Heat transmission and thermal insulation.

Transient analysis in boilers. Phase change materials.

Ventilation, fire and refrigeration analysis.


Soil-fluid-structure interaction.

Mould Design. Casting and injection simulation.

Biomechanics and blood circulation simulation. Stents.

Crash simulation (passive security in vehicles).

Available experimental techniques (static loading testing, operational modal analysis, etc.) together with the development of corresponding finite element model make posible to have reliable virtual models for assessment. Once the model is updated, issues such as semi-rigidity of the joints, expected cumulative damage in the lifetime, vulnerability, utility of embedded sensors, efficiency of passive control devices as TMDs or suitability of specific reinforcements can be addresed. For non-deterministic loading (wind, waves, traffic, human induced loading, etc.) other methodologies than the simplified proposals from the codes can be carried out. Multiphysics fluid-structure simulations via CFD are more and more accurate nowadays. These methodologies have been successfully used to estimate lock-in phenomena in large industrial chimneys, interference effects between close masts and waves in tanks under seismic loading, among others.

Besides our own developed applications, we have professional licenses for simulation software, either directly or through partners. These include ANSYS-Fluent, SolidWorks, or ABAQUS between the general purpose finite element packages and other more specific ones as LS-DYNA, ANSA, FEMTools, Artemis, PAM-CRASH, GH_Bladed, QUEST, ROBCAD, DELMIA, Magmasoft and other products from Dassault Systems and from Altair.

CARTIF is a horizontally integrated technology centre specialized in offering global solutions to companies. It provides them with its 20 years of experience in developments, processes, systems and products. It operates in five economic sectors: industry, energy and environment, construction and infrastructure, agrofood and health and quality of life.

Having finished more than 1,000 projects – developed in Europe and Latin America – successfully since its establishment, CARTIF has reached a profit of ₏200 million for companies and public entities it has collaborated with. At CARTIF, the mission is to help companies develop technologically to reach high levels of innovation and productivity, and delve into pioneering research areas, eventually transferring that technology to the business sector.


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Product design and mechanical engineering services: CAE


Product design and mechanical engineering services: CAE

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