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Enhanced therapies using robot-assisted rehabilitation for patients with neuromotor impairment of upper limbs


NEURO-REHABILITATION ROBOTICS HELPS TO... Activate the neural plasticity process to improve motor control in patients with upper limb mobility impairment as a consequence of a stroke. Provide task-oriented therapies, motivating patients through virtual environments that simulate different types of everyday situations. Track the therapies and establish the patient’s state at the beginning of the therapeutic process as well as their evolution. Release therapists from repetitive tasks in order to focus on analyzing the evolution of the patient to allow changing the therapeutic approach to maximized benefits of the rehabilitation process.

CARTIF DEVELOPS NEURO-REHABILITATION ROBOTIC PLATFORMS SINCE 2005 The collaboration with different care centers for patient with Stroke as well as technology companies has led to the development of different robotic solutions for Neuro-rehabilitation.

Development of a Neuro-rehabilitation platform from the adaptation of a 6-axis industrial robot. Physiobot, new cartesian robot developed for Neuro-Rehabilitation. Participation in the design and control of an exoskeleton for upper limbs. (Rehabilita Project). E2REBOT, a new concept of an integrated cartesian robot with new ergonomic features.

FEATURES • Cost-effective platform based on off-the-shelf hardware. • Backdrivable Robot (soft). • “Assist as needed” paradigm implemented for enhanced neuro-rehabilitation therapies by means of haptic control. • Kinematic and dynamic parameters record for each of the therapeutic sessions, this allow follow patients evolution, based on quantitative data.

TYPES OF THERAPIES From the developed experience, Cartif has implemented different types of therapies. • Passive - Guided Therapies The patients have to follow an object in movement, on the space defined by the therapist. • Active - Assisted Therapy The therapist record trajectories, then the patients have to follow the same trajectory repetitively during a time. • Daily living activities therapies The therapist could set the therapy by selection of different simulated environments.

CARTIF is a horizontally integrated technology centre specialized in offering global solutions to companies. It provides them with its 20 years of experience in developments, processes, systems and products. It operates in five economic sectors: industry, energy and environment, construction and infrastructure, agrofood and health and quality of life.

Having finished more than 1,000 projects – developed in Europe and Latin America – successfully since its establishment, CARTIF has reached a profit of ₏200 million for companies and public entities it has collaborated with. At CARTIF, the mission is to help companies develop technologically to reach high levels of innovation and productivity, and delve into pioneering research areas, eventually transferring that technology to the business sector.


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Neuro-rehabilitation robotics  

Enhanced therapies using robot-assisted rehabilitation for patients with neuro-motor impairment of upper limbs

Neuro-rehabilitation robotics  

Enhanced therapies using robot-assisted rehabilitation for patients with neuro-motor impairment of upper limbs

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