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to WelcoMe the Winter edition of the caRrinGtoN CluB

WelcoMe It’s that time of year again… wrap up warm, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the Winter edition of the Carrington Club. As we rush towards the end of the year, we are sometimes left feeling a little frazzled and overwhelmed. It’s party season, Christmas is around the corner, holidays need to be planned and sometimes it feels as though the hamster wheel never stops! You may be wondering what this has to do with The Club? Well, in this edition we look at PASSION. Possibly something we’re not feeling at this time of year if we’re a little drained! So, what does it mean to you? What does it drive you to pursue? We asked the team about their passions, some of which we think may surprise you, and what

they mean to them. Perhaps, if you can find some time for yourself this festive season, you can have a think about what drives you and makes you happy, spring boarding you into the new year.

In this edition we have also included two fascinating interviews. The first with philanthropic client, Helen Perry, who shares her secrets to what makes her most happy, along with her passion for helping others through her foundation. The other, is with Anne Renshaw, a good friend and business consultant that we work with. Anne talks about her fears and success in setting up her business and the passions which keep her focussed and drive her. Thank you to both Helen and Anne for giving up their time and contributing to this issue. We hope you enjoy it!

Mike & Al

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why."

Mark Twain

Top Row: Sophia Adams, Carolyn Stewart, Mohsin Bukhari, Cecily Chapman, Ali Moorhouse Bottom Row: Mike Hodges, Rachel Hogg, Eric Woodward, Nicola Craxton, Alistair Candlish Location: Home House


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QA &


HELEN PERRY Helen Perry is the co-founder of The Lake House Charitable Foundation with her husband Tim and is one of our valued Carrington clients. She lives in Weybridge with Tim and her three children (although there is only one full time lodger currently – two are away at University). She tells us about what led her to set up the foundation, what she enjoys most about making a difference and a little bit more about her passions in life.

WHAT MADE YOU WANT TO START THE FOUNDATION? I originally got involved with charitable organisations and volunteering after I had a few changes in my personal life. I thought that if I got involved with others less fortunate it would help focus my energy on making a positive contribution. One of the first things I did was to get involved with a charity called Facing the World, an amazing charity set up by two surgeons who bring facially disfigured children to the UK from all over the world and operate on them. I helped them to bring a young girl over from Laos who had terrible facial disfigurement. She had been shunned in her village, which was very rural and so hardly ever left the house and was almost a recluse. At that point I realised that I didn’t just want to write a cheque, I really wanted to help her personally if I could. When she came over to London I met her and took her onto

the London Eye, and I realised that people really looked at her in a very strange way, which for a girl of only 15 was very upsetting. They operated on her and after a few complications (she lost her sight at one point but luckily regained it) she returned to Laos. The last I heard from her was a picture of her with her husband and her baby which was absolutely wonderful to see. Being able to help someone like that was such a great experience, and I found it really rewarding. For a lot of people I think charitable giving, as you want to do more and more, can become a bit unruly and I didn’t want that to happen. I also felt that I wanted to leave a legacy for my children so I decided to “formalise my giving” and set up the Foundation officially. My plan is that one day the children will become trustees and that they will take it over. I really want to instil that sense of making a difference to my children and to leave them a legacy that they can be proud of.

Vital Statistics... NAME: Helen Perry LIVES: Weybridge, Surrey CHILDREN: Three children, two daughters and a son


FAVOURITE BOOK: Tess of the D’Urbervilles

BEST HOLIDAY DESTINATION: Antibes in the South of France

HOW DO YOU UNWIND: Being immersed in a book

HOW DID YOU FIND SETTING UP THE FOUNDATION? It’s been just over ten years since I set up the foundation on 15th October 2008, which has flown by. After what happened to Kids Company I think people have naturally become a little cynical about charities, so as well as formalising my giving, I also felt that this would bring structure and governance to what I was aiming to achieve. Setting up the Foundation officially with the Charities Commission took about 3-4 months and they really do their due diligence, I was very impressed. It was a positive process, and it made me focus on what I really wanted to achieve, as you can’t be woolly about things. You need to be specific about who you want to support and why you want to support them. Equally when you decide that you want to make a grant to somebody you have to keep really good records as they’re really hot on following up and reporting.

tend to be small and often local. I made a decision when I set up the Foundation that I would reply to every single correspondence that we got whether it was a yes or a no. Something that I learnt early on, after going on a course run by The Association of Charitable Foundations (ACF), was to be clear with charities whether it’s a “no not now” or a “no never” because people will keep writing to you. It’s much better for them to be clear about expectations so they can search for other funding. We now get at least 10-15 letters a week asking for funding. I still think it’s really important to reply to them all and finish that circle in a personal way. One of the best bits for me is writing the yes letter and I always phone them too. It’s usually done on a Friday and normally involves tears! It’s the best thing ever, I love it, I absolutely love it. It’s one of life’s great things to be able to tell someone that it’s a yes.

TELL US A BIT ABOUT THE KIND OF WHAT KIND OF FUNDRAISING THAT CHARITIES DO YOU HELP YOU’VE HELPED WITH? AND HOW? We have an amount of money and whatever is generated from that we distribute annually. The Foundation is primarily set up to support children and the elderly and the charities

A letter came through from a Mum, she had a very disabled son called Sullivan and she lived near to where I grew up. She was trying to raise money for Sullivan as they lived in a small house and he was wheelchair

I love it, I absolutely love it. It’s one of life’s great things to be able to tell someone that it’s a yes

bound needing special care, they needed to do a significant amount of work to the house to make it more accessible to Sullivan. They were doing cake sales, had raised about £2,000 but were looking for a total of £10,000 and so still needed to raise £8,000. I phoned to let her know it was an absolute yes and afterwards she kept me up to date with progress towards the build. I had planned to go down and meet her just before they were due to start the work but I received a call from her shortly before my visit to tell me the terrible news that Sullivan had died. She asked what we wanted her to do with the money as she hadn’t started the build and mentioned that she had decided to set up a charity called Sullivan’s Heroes. I said to her that she absolutely must put the money we gave her into the charity and she’s now helped at least five other families with similar projects. We’re still in touch, and it’s become her life project and her way of coping with losing her son. She’s gone on to make such a difference to other families.

IS THERE A PARTICULAR CHARITY THAT’S CLOSE TO YOUR HEART AT THE MOMENT? I’m a trustee for a charity called the “Infant Club Foot Appeal”. A really good friend of mine, Dr. Charlotte Hawkins, is a Club Foot expert and

so she set up a clinic in Zanzibar about eight years ago to treat babies and young children. Zanzibar as an island has an inherent problem with Club Foot. Treating it in babies is non-surgical, if you get them young enough, you put them in a cast. Charlotte set up the clinic, trained some people there, and she goes back every year. We organised a charity walk in Richmond Park and we raised money but not a lot, partly due to the overheads of running the walk but also because fundraising can be quite hard these days as people are a little fatigued with it all. After the walk was over I was approached to be a trustee and we have to raise £35,000 a year to keep the charity going. As well as the funding they also needed baby grows, shoes and toys and of course (being unable to sit on my hands – especially at a dinner party after a glass of wine or two!), I offered to collect them and put a

Giving back is often all about doing what you can and not just about giving money

request out to all of my friends. After a while my dining room looked like Mothercare! My friends were all so generous – as well as giving used items from their own children they bought new stuff and raided charity shops.

WHO WOULD YOU SAY HAS BEEN YOUR BIGGEST INFLUENCE IN LIFE? Definitely my Mum, she was a teacher and did a lot of voluntary work. She worked for the Citizens Advice Bureau for years and our local primary school attended by both me and my sisters has a pre-school centre named after her. I think your children become an influence for you as well (even though I know nothing and they of course know absolutely everything!!!). It’s interesting to see the way that young people think about things. My children influence me as much as my Mum did.

DO YOU THINK THAT YOUR CHILDREN WILL HAVE YOUR INTEREST IN GIVING BACK? I really hope so. One of them has already started to give blood – and that in itself is all about helping somebody. For a lot of people that’s

the one thing that they would never do, but it’s a great start to helping others. Giving back is often all about doing what you can and not just about giving money. She’s a student and this is her way of doing whatever she can to help someone. I can see all three of them getting involved in some way in the future. I know that I get so much from helping other people and I really hope they find the same.

WHAT ARE YOUR GOALS IN LIFE? My husband and I joke about that there is only one thing on our bucket list and that’s never to have a bucket list. We just take every day as it comes. I’m not a great setter of goals particularly, although knowing that the foundation will be ten years old this year has made me think about what we’re going to achieve in the next five years and so we’re looking to be a bit more focused about our approach.

What makes you happy? I’m a glass half full person generally so lots of things make me happy. I like being at home with my family, cooking a nice meal, drinking a glass of wine – spending time with friends and family. The simple things in life make me happy.

WHAT ARE YOU MOST PASSIONATE ABOUT IN LIFE? I am passionate about the Foundation and helping other people, partly because of what I get back personally, and a lot of people underestimate that side. It gives me so much pleasure, I can’t imagine not being involved and not doing something. There are some foundations who just write cheques, which is obviously still great, but I get so much more out of being actively involved. I can’t imagine not being involved, it becomes part and parcel of who you are.

WHAT ONE PIECE OF ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE TO YOUR CHILDREN? Always trust in your instinct that you will make the right decision. I suppose it’s me saying to them that I have confidence in them to make the right decision. But trust your instincts and that if it feels right it probably is right. I think that covers so many different aspects of life from relationships to a work environment, to social environments, all manner of different things. Oh and also “don’t share your toothbrush!”

WHAT’S YOUR FAVOURITE QUOTE? I read a lot and I note quotes down when I find something that resonates with me. I don’t know if I have a favourite quote, but it would definitely be something along the lines of “if a job’s worth doing it’s worth doing well”. I really am that sort of person, that if I decide to do something I really go for it. I’m quite a perfectionist about things – I will procrastinate until I have the time to do something, so I can do it the best way I can.

HOW DO YOU RELAX AND UNWIND? I read a lot and I love films. I’m in two book clubs, so I read anything and everything and I like poetry. I read the newspaper almost cover to cover every day. I love reading. There is a lovely feeling that everything else just stops and you’re completely immersed in a book and I find it one of the most relaxing things to do.

if a job’s worth doing it’s worth doing well

FAVOURITE HOLIDAY DESTINATION Antibes in the South of France, we’ve been going there with friends for 20 years. We have loads of memories there, it’s a beautiful place. We’ve done lots of other travelling, and I’ve loved that but if I had to pick one place it would be Antibes.

FAVOURITE BOOK Tess of the D’Urbervilles. My youngest daughter is called Tessa. My husband bought me a first edition for our first wedding anniversary. It is a lovely book.


DO YOU THINK THAT YOU DO WHAT YOU DO BECAUSE YOU’RE PASSIONATE ABOUT GIVING, AND DOES BEING PASSIONATE HELP YOUR LIFE? Definitely. 100%. Going back to my quote “if a job’s worth doing it’s worth doing well” I put my all into everything. My husband often asks me if I could just sit on my hands occasionally rather than waving my hand in the air and saying “yes I’ll do that” but I think “well why wouldn’t you”? Volunteering gives you such an enormous amount of pleasure and I believe that everyone has two spare hours a week, or even just an hour… just think about what you could achieve with that hour or two. Also it leads you to come across some amazing people in life, it’s just amazing. Some of them are absolutely incredible and the way that you can transform people’s lives by just giving a little of yourself is the best feeling.

Round up

What the carrington team have been up to... GOALS


Although we only spoke about our goals recently, the team have already been making inroads into their short-term goals. Alistair started on his pursuit of becoming a French conversationalist, with a week spent at a school in Antibes. Ali, Cecily and Sophia have booked the first of their exams on the road to becoming chartered – Good Luck Guys! Nicola has almost fulfilled her volunteering goals for the year and has booked her place in the Paris-Roubaix challenge for 2019. Rachel has flown the coop and is moving to London, she has also booked her RO1 exam. Ali is getting closer to his Ironman goal, he has signed up to do a half Ironman in 2019. Eric got more than he bargained for when he listed spending more time in Florida as one of his goals, and we are relieved and pleased to report that Hurricane Storm Michael (rather aptly named), left him unscathed on his recent trip!

It was a big year for Alistair. Firstly, he survived his daughters sixteenth birthday party, a quiet affair with 100 close friends at home, but more importantly, he and Holly celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary, in Venice. Congratulazioni e Felice Anniversario! Eric’s exciting news is that he is eagerly awaiting the arrival of his first granddaughter in January. They are going to celebrate and get the last of the uninterrupted sleep, with a family trip to Brockenhurst for Christmas. And in autumn Mike also welcomed a new member to the family! Bronte has stolen everyone's heart, as you would expect from an adorable springer spaniel pup.

BUCKET LIST MOMENTS Cecily and Ali are both ticking off bucket list moments by visiting four new premier league stadiums between them. Sophia has just returned from an amazing

adventure around India and is in the process of organising her London to Paris cycle trip for 2019. Mo added a few more miles (only about 4000!!!) to his ‘drive around the world’ goal by road tripping to Romania for a wedding. Mike experienced a double whammy, not only did he get to cook at Le Manoir, Raymond Blanc’s cookery school, but he got to meet the great man himself!

INDUSTRY RECOGNITION It’s been a bumper awards season for Carrington and the team, and we are very proud to have been acknowledged and recognised by our peers and the industry for the work we do. For a second year running Carrington won the Excellence in Client Services Award at the International Best Practice Adviser Awards and it was recently announced that for a third year running, we were selected as a

New Model Adviser Top 100 firm. Cecily has once again been selected as a finalist for the Investment Week, Women in Investments, Young Investment Woman of the Year Award. We have everything crossed for the awards evening later in the year. Other brilliant acknowledgements during the year were: Mike being a finalist for the Growth Investor Awards – Adviser of the Year, Carrington being finalists in the Growth Investor Wealth Manager of the Year award (for a second time) and shortlisted for the Money Age Awards.

#HealthIsWealth Apart from the company Spinathon, which saw lots of inter-team competition and training over the summer, the staff continued in their drive to remain healthy. Cecily is working hard to track her 10,000 steps per day, a goal she set earlier this year. She also spent time over the summer

at a Dude Ranch in Wyoming; fly fishing, skeet shooting and western riding the ranch horses. Ali completed a crazy 250mile, 3-day cycle from London to Wales culminating in a hike up Mount Snowdon for the Friedreich’s Ataxia charity. He also completed his first Olympic distance triathlon. Nicola’s goal this year was to complete a number of events to raise money for a cause close to her heart. She took on three sprint triathlons, competing in Ireland, France and the UK and along with Ali, battled the elements to complete the London Ride100! Sophia, in preparation for her Barcelona and Reading half marathons next year, took part in the Castle Run Series Hever Castle half marathon, in torrential conditions. With four triathlons and a half marathon completed this year, the Castle Triathlon Series, run by friend and client Brian Adcock, is a firm favourite in the office for its great atmosphere and beautiful locations.

IN THE PRESS AND OUT ON THE TOWN During the year Mo has been in hot demand contributing specialist articles to Citywire Wealth Manager, Intelligent Partnership, Citywire and New Model Adviser publications, as well as sitting on the Investment Week roundtable on the use of ETF’s. He was also invited to be on the judging panel at the Investment Week Fund Manager of the Year awards for the Corporate Bond Sector.

IN OTHER NEWS At the beginning of November, we welcomed you all to an evening with Invesco, an economic update by their Head of Insights and Head of US Equities. By all accounts it was an interesting and informative talk, with lots of good questions asked during the Q&A. Thank you to Invesco for graciously hosting us and to those who attended the evening. We were pleased to see so many women around the table and would encourage more to attend, as we continue to make these events relevant and accessible to all. For all our news of the moment please follow us on Twitter @Carringtonviews

"Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you" OPRAH WINFREY

Passion pas¡sion /paSHn/ 1. a very powerful feeling, for example of attraction, love, hate, anger, or other emotion. 2. an extreme interest in or wish for doing something, such as a hobby, activity, etc.

Find your passion. Push your limits. Live your life happy.

How are you spending your precious time pursuing your passion?

+ + =

Desire + Passion + Action = Success

Passion is what makes us unique and dynamic individuals. It is what fuels our decisions, gives us purpose and drives us on a daily basis. Doing something we’re passionate about makes us feel good about ourselves and pushes us to try even harder to achieve something we believe in. Passion has the ability to energise people, attracting others to their positivity and building a community of likeminded individuals. This in turn opens "If you want a up a space for great career, you have to new ideas and pursue your passion, you have creativity, causing to pursue your dreams, you a ripple effect, have to pursue the greatest passion building fascination in your life" on passion. LARRY SMITH

TEAM Passions The passions of the team, although varied, follow five main themes‌


Experiencing different cultures through travel, sport and food...



X Sophia


Travelling and exploring different places all over the world. I love meeting new people, trying an authentic dish in each country. The planning and logistics that are required in navigating your way around a country excite me. The sense of freedom and appreciation of the simple things in life, such as a beautiful sunrise, which is often missed in busy London life.

Food! Food is an easy way to experience the culture of different countries without the travel. Although, I do love the travel too…



From a young age one of my passions was to travel and live abroad. Another passion was to be involved in stocks and shares, so after qualifying as a Chartered Accountant in the UK, I was lucky enough to work and live in HK. Holly and I spent five fabulous years there, travelling and working across Asia and Australia. That was twenty years ago now, but we have never lost the travel bug. I was once told that ‘Life is touring’, I wholeheartedly agree!

$ . Mo


Driving around the world…

My passion is watching tennis. I love the unpredictability - the momentum can shift in a matter of a couple of games as someone’s service game may have been broken, which changes the whole match (very exciting!). Tournaments are held all over the world which provides a great opportunity to travel and enjoy the sport in load of different countries and experience different cultures.



My passion for playing, coaching and watching team sports has led me to mix with all walks of life and visit places I wouldn’t normally go to, so it has been an education in itself.

2. Eric

X Team Passions Pushing boundaries, often physical and sports related, in order to achieve goals that are currently out of reach.

Ali Alistair


I think pushing boundaries comes in many forms, in sport I have completed five London Marathons, cycled the Etape du Tour and I’m now looking for the next challenge, perhaps I’ll join the team on a triathlon, with Mike…



Golf - where, although I have tried very hard to get to reasonable standard, I have never quite figured it out into action.


I love the adventure side of my travels. Doing things that are slightly out my comfort zone, that I wouldn’t do in England, such as skydiving, hang gliding and climbing an active volcano - Mount Batur in Bali.

Running. I have always enjoyed running to keep fit as a keen footballer through University. I started running long distance to raise money for a friend who experienced a family tragedy, so the cause was very close to me. I thoroughly enjoyed the training and the buzz of competing in a marathon with the crowds showing their support. I love having a goal to work towards and have since signed up to 2 more marathons in the space of 2 weeks in 2019 – Paris and London.



Outside of work I have been involved with team sports all my life, I have played, watched, coached and it has been responsible for the best of times and enabled me to meet some fantastic people, many of whom are close friends. It has taken me out of my comfort zone on numerous occasions and taught me to consider others when making your own decisions and how those decisions could impact people.




Personal Development

Self-improvement across all spheres on my life – my family, work and play. As well as pushing the boundaries of sport, I believe in continued professional development (believe it or not it is a passion!). I have taken the Trust and Estate Planning Certificate and continue to further my knowledge. I actively encourage this in the office and am pleased to see other team members continuing to take exams.



By understanding myself better and gaining a different perspective, changes the way you deal with different people and situations. By continually learning and growing enables you to help and support other people along the way.

4. Nicola

Science, engineering and economics – ranging from fascinations with the human body, nanotech and aerospace, and investment markets.



I have a passion for the human body and mind. It has always fascinated me how we differ from one another, how we think and process information and stimulation, but also how amazingly powerful our bodies are - their ability to heal (and also cripple) themselves. This passion drives a thirst for knowledge and self-improvement, which I try to embrace in my daily life and dealings.




I’m passionate about what I did at University – Materials Engineering. We are in contact with a variety of materials in all aspects of life. As technological development has accelerated, “advanced materials” have become a key field of interest ranging from nanomaterials to aerospace. Our long-term advancement will be closely linked to breakthroughs in these fields and they have therefore become an investment theme amongst the asset management industry.

I have a passion for gaining a real understanding of how things work and try to understand much more deeply how what makes them tick. That’s been true of trying to figure out financial markets and various types of investment systems and technical indicators, around which I think you never stop learning. I continue all the time to refine that and be better at it.

5. Nicola

Family and friends – spending time with loved ones creating memories.



My niece – at this point in the love affair I would do anything for that little human, she brings such happiness to our lives. Although in fairness this does extend to the rest of my family. I think the relationships we build and memories we create with family and friends add a richness and depth to our lives, which can’t be bought or recreated elsewhere.



My passion for food is partly due to the social side. Going out for meals is a great way to catch up with my close friends and family which is very important to me.

QA &


ANNE Renshaw Flamme Rouge Consulting

Anne Renshaw is the owner of Flamme Rouge Consulting, a strategic marketing and business development company specialising in Professional Services, sports and charitable organisations. Anne lives in Cobham with her cat, Rory. She finds she is perfectly placed for escaping into the countryside and Surrey Hills on her bike, as she mentions, Rory is a great companion but not much of a conversationalist! Anne has been working closely with Carrington since April 2017, advising and supporting us and making us more visible to our clients and industry wide.

07881 827 395



From the minute I started playing music, when I was about three, I always wanted to be a musician. I played quite a lot of instruments when I was growing up.

I did a music degree at the University of Surrey and my plan was always to play in an orchestra when I finished my degree. They’d unfortunately started cutting orchestras in the West End during my final year so there were not many jobs available and it would have been very difficult to stay in Surrey and support myself, so I had to quickly make another plan. Somebody said to me, “Why don’t you become an accountant, you did maths and physics A levels, so you’re obviously very good at maths?” So, I said, “Yes, I will,” and just on a whim applied to a London firm, got offered the job and trained as a Chartered Accountant. I did love it, but there was something about being an auditor that didn’t quite gel with me. I missed the creative side of things… and I discovered that people really don’t like auditors!

One of the partners who did the marketing left the firm I was working at and the board asked if I would like to take over her role. I did and that’s how I “fell” into marketing and business development. After working in marketing and BD for various law and accountancy firms over 15 years, I finally plucked up the courage to set up on my own as Flamme Rouge and, for me, it’s all about being able to help smaller professional services firms find their voice. To find out who they are, be able to understand what it is about them that makes them special and be able to communicate effectively to the world what that special thing is, so that they can attract people that will value what they do for them.

WHAT HAVE BEEN YOUR TOUGHEST MOMENTS AND HOW HAVE YOUR OVERCOME THEM? One of my biggest challenges is struggling with “imposter syndrome”. I’ve struggled with it on and off throughout my career – feeling like I’m somehow pulling the wool over people’s eyes that I know what I’m doing… and that one day I will get discovered as a fraud. When I started Flamme Rouge I found out that running your own business really doesn’t make imposter syndrome any better! When I first set up on my own, I thought, “Oh my gosh, maybe I don’t know what I’m doing. Maybe nobody’s ever going to want to use my services.” Then when I did win a client I’d think “I’ve obviously just managed to fool them with my lies and actually they are just going to find out”. So, a lot of the time for me, when I have clients on board, I just think, “Oh God, I wonder how long they’re going to stay with me?”

believe in yourself

So, it was a big learning curve for me, teaching myself that it was all right to believe in the fact that you know what you’re doing and to believe in yourself. I used to think that if I told myself I’m good at what I do, that’s being big-headed. So, I’ve had to learn to allow myself to believe that I’m good at what I do in order to be able to get over the imposter syndrome. It was also quite hard in the beginning just working for yourself. Having come from a big firm where you’re surrounded by people, sitting on your own in your house can be quite lonely. It’s great when I go to clients’, I am surrounded by people, but when I am working from home, it can be quite lonely, and you start to obsess about even the smallest issues without people to talk to. So, I very quickly realised that I had to find myself a co-working space where I am surrounded by other people that are like-minded and running their own business, to counter that loneliness. As I said before, my cat isn’t the best conversationalist during the day. I am now based out of a co-working space in Cobham, which is a fantastic space and has some really brilliant fellow business owners in it and it’s really made a difference to me.

FLAMME ROUGE TURNED 2 THIS YEAR, WHAT HAVE BEEN YOUR BEST MOMENTS? I think it’s seeing clients getting results from what we’ve done together and seeing them have that moment of revelation, that this is what it’s all about for them. Previously they might have thought “We just do law”, or “we just do financial advice." It’s great to see the change in them when they realise “actually, we DO do things differently”. They get this glow about them about the fact that they now understand

what it is that makes them different. That then translates into them getting more clients, or winning awards. It’s just lovely to be able to see the fact that you really can make a difference to people, and that they then get passionate about it as well. It is nice to be able to help generate that smile, that happiness and that passion for what they do.

YOU COME ACROSS AS A PERSON VERY PASSIONATE ABOUT WHAT YOU DO. IS THAT FAIR TO SAY? Yes, absolutely. Some people would say that working in professional services wouldn’t get them excited and they’d say, “How is it helping other people?” I see is as helping the law firm, or the accountancy firm, or the wealth management firm to grow, so it helps them. It also gives people a different perspective to what they do. It helps the people that they’re helping get a better service. It helps everybody

get better advice, and then it enables people to have a better life because they have better advice from their advisor. The people within the firms are happier doing what they do. They grow, so they are able to help more people. So, for me, you can be passionate about that side of things as well, because it’s a virtuous circle of people growing and being able to help more people.

WHO WOULD YOU SAY HAS BEEN YOUR BIGGEST ROLE MODEL IN LIFE? My role model would definitely be my mum, who is the most amazing woman on the planet. She brought me, and my brother and sister up as a single parent whilst working full time as a teacher in a secondary school She was so supportive of my music and of all three of us. She made us believe that we can do anything that we put our minds to, which has left me with the belief that if you really

want something enough, as long as you try hard enough, you can achieve it.

WHAT ARE YOUR GOALS IN LIFE? I’ve had things happen in the last few years where I’ve set goals and I’ve realised that actually things happen and then your goals kind of get blown out of the water. So, for me, my ultimate goal is to be happy. It could take many forms and I’ve thought about how I would be happy and what that means. I would like to be able to buy my own house in the next five years. I would also love to have started teaching piano and violin again, properly, in the next five years as well. I do it a little at the minute, but not very often, so I would love to do that again. Oh, and I would love to do an Ironman in 2020, with you [Nicola Craxton].

BOOK TO LIVE OR DIE BY This was a hard one because I’ve read a lot of books. I particularly read a lot of self-help books, but one book that completely changed my life was The E-Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber. The particular bit that struck a chord with me is when Michael talks about working out what your primary aim is in life, and the fact that, in order for your business to work, your life has to be working and you have to be working towards a greater purpose with your life. So, working out my primary aim was a really big thing. One of the things he talks about is picturing your funeral and what people are saying about you. What you want to be remembered for should then drive who you are as a person. Although it sounds quite depressing, it’s actually a really positive thing. To focus on what you want to achieve with your life.

Vital Statistics... BORN: Wingerworth, Derbyshire LIVES: Cobham, Surrey JOB TITLE: Owner of Flamme Rouge Consulting HOBBIES: All things Tri - open water swimming, cycling, running, and playing my violin and piano COULDN’T LIVE WITHOUT: My piano. FAVOURITE HOLIDAY DESTINATION: San Francisco BOOK TO LIVE AND DIE BY: The E-Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber HOW DO YOU RELAX: Chablis!

HOW DID THE BOOK AFFECT YOU? So, when I first read the book I was an accountant and I didn’t really know what my purpose was in life, and I think I’d got a bit lost. I was lucky enough, after I read the book, to go and train as an E-Myth Coach over in San Francisco with Michael Gerber himself. The primary aim stuff really stuck with me and I worked out what my primary aim was and, for me, it sounds a bit cheesy, it was that I wanted to be able to help other people and make a difference. I want my time on this earth to have made a difference to other people. So, a lot of the stuff that I’ve done with my life since, has been trying to make a difference. I do quite a lot of fund-raising for charity. I get involved in mentoring schemes. I coach new swimmers to open water swimming, and I just try and give back and help people as much as I can. I love it and it gives me a big sense of satisfaction.

HOW HAS THAT IMPACTED YOUR LIFE? I got involved with Young Enterprise about 11 or 12 years ago and I’ve done lots and lots of different things with them. I’ve mentored children that were about to be excluded from school. I’ve mentored some children who were struggling because they were full-time carers for their parents and the schools were worried that they weren’t going to perform very well with their GCSEs. So, they just needed somebody to talk to on a weekly basis. I’ve gone in and done careers days and I’ve also mentored students at Kingston University who are doing a business degree in how to set up and run a company. It’s such a great thing to do and a lot of people think that to be able to do that kind of thing you have to give up a lot of time, but Young Enterprise only need an hour or two hours every six months from some people. You can just go in and do a careers day with a school and just be there for a couple of hours, and it really makes a difference to them. One of my plights is to raise the profile of being able to do that with Young Enterprise because you make such a difference to the students, but it is also such a rewarding thing to do, personally.

FAVOURITE HOLIDAY DESTINATION Absolutely, San Francisco. I first went there when I went on my coaching course with E-Myth. I was very lucky to go somewhere that exciting with work and I’ve been there twice since because one of my friends moved over there. It’s just the most amazing place. I don’t generally like big cities, but San Francisco is the one city where I just feel at home. Everybody there is so welcoming, the scenery is just stunning. I love being near water, so I love being able to stand next to the bay. I am also a bit of an engineering geek, so I love the Golden Gate Bridge. There is nothing I like more than standing on the side of the bay, looking out at the Golden Gate Bridge, listening to the water. Then either cycling or walking over it to the town on the other side. Also travelling up into Sonoma County, or Napa Valley, which are just stunning.

TELL US A LITTLE ABOUT THE FUNDRAISING YOU DO AND HOW IT LED TO YOUR LOVE OF TRIATHLON Yes, I discovered triathlon back in 2011 when I was rather overweight. I did take up running originally, but I’ve had lots of operations on my feet, so I can’t really run as much as I’d like to. One of my friends said to me, “Why don’t you try triathlon?” I did a sprint triathlon for an amazing charity, Disability Challengers, just after I first discovered them. I wanted to do something to make a difference for them. I did a sprint triathlon, I got off the bike and I tried to run, and I couldn’t run at all. My hip went, and I could hardly even walk. So, I had to walk the 5 km run, well, limp it and every single person that ran past me on that run, was patting me on the back, was shouting my name (I had a t-shirt with my name on).

You’ve got one life, live it, use it and help others

It was just such an amazing feeling to be surrounded by all these people that were doing something to improve their health, or they were doing it for charity, or, they were just doing it because they loved it. I went over the finish line in agony and I said, to my husband at the time, “I can’t wait to do another one.” I was hooked on it. The triathlon community, as I say, are brilliant people. The great thing about doing three sports is that hardly anybody is good at all of them. So, everybody that you meet is not so good at something, and it’s just a huge understanding that you go and do the best that you can. Obviously, there are amazing professional athletes in the sport to inspire you, but it’s also just an amazing sport. You see people from all walks of life doing it and yes, I love being involved, and I can’t see myself ever stopping really. I try and do a sporting challenge every year for Challengers.

BEING SO ACTIVE, WHAT DO YOU DO TO RELAX AND UNWIND? I would love to tell you what I do to relax and unwind but, I don’t tend to do anything. I’m very bad at relaxing and unwinding. I put my television on the other day and I realised that I hadn’t had it on for two weeks before that point. I want to read more, I used to read a lot of books when I was younger. I am trying to get back in to reading books now. I do play the piano and the violin every now and then but, because I haven’t played for that long, actually it then stresses me out. I just end up thinking “I need to practise more.” So, if you don’t mind, let’s revisit this question in the next year, and I promise to have found a way to relax and unwind.

IS THERE A FINAL THOUGHT YOU’D LIKE TO LEAVE US WITH? There probably is! I think it would be ‘use your life to make a difference, no matter what that difference is. Just use your life, you’ve got one life, live it, use it and help others’.

Book review

Earlier this year I was playing golf at Wisley Golf Club and our fourball came up behind professional Fransesco Molinari. He was with someone that I did not recognise, his usual coach is Dennis Pugh and it wasn’t him. Fransesco was hitting shot after shot from a really difficult place onto the green. We finished our round and I was later told that Francesco had not stopped using Dennis Pugh as a golf technique coach but that he had employed a chap called Dave Alred, a wellknown figure who had helped many sportsmen over the years focusing on sport psychology. Francesco has always been a strong player; he and his brother have won golfing events before, but this year he won the British Open and then gained five points out of five in the recent Ryder Cup in Paris. A major step change. The difference has come from Dr David Alreds coaching, no disrespect to Dennis. I was keen to learn more, so I read THE PRESSURE PRINCIPLE, a book written by David Alred on his experiences as an alternative coach. Then of course I found out that the former inner-City school teacher has been involved in coaching some of the best sporting teams and people over the last twenty years.

The Pressure Principle by Dr Dave Alred

reviewed by Alistair Candlish When Jonny Wilkinson was at his peak as England’s rugby union fly half, he was a world class kicker. But to me, one aspect of his kicking game set him apart from other players. The more pressure on a kick, the more likely he seemed to nail it. How did he keep so cool, so focused, when the stakes were so high? Wilkinson’s kicking coach, Dave Alred, reveals some of those secrets in The Pressure Principle. Alred’s coaching CV includes England’s 2003 World Cup winning side, the British and Irish Lions, top class golfers, the English Cricket Board and business clients. In addition, he holds a PhD in Performing Under Pressure from Loughborough University, adding academic rigour to his practical experience.

We all have to perform under pressure at some point, whether in sport, at work or in social situations. The Pressure Principle presents a comprehensive eight-part model for handling pressure and using it to perform more effectively. And while it draws heavily on Alred’s sports coaching experience, it also derives insight from training techniques for the Royal Marines, fighter pilots – even dolphins. High pressure situations differ from person to person, however, the principles are just as easily applied. They can also help you get the most out of others – whether your team members, your colleagues or your children. These were my top five learnings.



Anxiety is an inevitable part of performing, characterised by the feeling of butterflies in your stomach. But fighting it is counterproductive. Instead, Alred suggests reinterpreting anxious feelings as excitement. This helps you to get those butterflies ‘flying in formation’.

Learning any new skill involves time in the ‘ugly zone’: that place where failure is frequent, and often discouraging. As children, Alred says, we do this naturally. We try something out and when it doesn’t work we try it again. We have little concept of ‘failure’.


That changes when we get older. To progress, we need to get comfortable with that sense of failure once again.

When we’re anxious, our body tends to unconsciously fold in on itself, making us small and hunched. But if we focus on maintaining a strong, proud ‘command’ posture then this helps ensure a flow of powerful, positive feelings.

3. USE POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS You can harness the power of language by creative affirmations that help to put you in a positive, can-do mindset. As inspiration, Alred shares fascinating affirmations he’s created for a range of sports stars, he also shares guidance for creating your own.

5. CATCH SOMEONE DOING SOMETHING RIGHT Alred uses his observations of dolphin trainers for another key lesson: when coaching others, praise them when they do something correctly, rather than pointing out what they do wrong. It’s a similar story when thinking about your own performance. Choose positive words and focus on those elements. This helps to eliminate negative internal chatter.

It’s a fascinating and useful book, and one I’ll refer to frequently. You can apply the principles to any high pressure situation in which you want to perform better. But it’s no easy fix. Like anything, most of the principles require practice and experimentation. That means getting comfortable in the ‘ugly zone’, and continually refining your approach as you learn.

a day in

the life of

Operations Director


: I’ve been known to start my day with an outdoor swim. This is easier in summer, but there is something quite special about swimming under the stars, watching the dawn break through the steam coming off the water. The exit back to the changing rooms is a different story all together and in the depths of winter can be a little nippy!

: Originally from Cape Town, South Africa I come from a film production background. Having spent 10 years as the Executive Producer's right hand, budgeting and managing international commercials, my skills transferred across quite nicely. Joining Mike and Carolyn in 2010, I’ve been fortunate enough to fulfil one of my life goals, which was to be part of a small start-up team, being hands on and instrumental in the growth

See the Aurora Borealis from an igloo Ride the Cape Argus Cycle Tour Build a container house

of a company. This has meant that I’ve been involved in all aspects of running Carrington and although I’ve only met a small number of our clients face to face, it does feel as though I know you all a lot better than that! My job includes preparing and reviewing the company financials and financial reporting, delivering the marketing schedule and collateral, running our events, HR, regulations and compliance and ensuring the office runs smoothly. Given my remit, my days are always varied and apart from being part of a fantastic team, it is what I love most about my role.

: At my desk I tend to emails, check the company social media accounts and deal with anything that is time sensitive before tackling larger projects. Although, I personally don’t use twitter as I find social media can be a bit of a wormhole, if disciplined, it can be a good

Bucket List

Help my niece get to the Olympics… if that’s one of her goals of course! Climb the Totem Pole in Tasmania

source of information on events and workshops and I often find interesting articles which I share with the team. If Mike and Al are in the office (and not in meetings or on the golf course!), we will have a catch up to discuss projects that are on the go, deadlines or to share ideas we have.

: PLANK TIME! Sports are a huge

part of my life and I find most of my spare time is spent planning trips to take part in some race, sportive or crazy challenge. Although I don’t do enough strength training, the daily office planks do contribute towards keeping me strong-ish and injury free. It is supposed to be an office inclusive activity, but some are more enthusiastic than others!

: I am passionate about our brand and it’s something I’m particularly proud of. Over the last couple of years this is an area we’ve focused on, working on making sure that it reflects who we are as a company, how we do things differently and what each member brings to the team. I believe it shows how we come together – the combination of unique personalities – all working towards a collective goal, to help our clients. I work very closely

Top 5 Facts

I have ridden in a Texan Rodeo I am a sports massage therapist for the Oxford rowing team I chased a giraffe through the Kalahari bush on foot, so that my dad could get a photograph of it running I have lived in 4 countries Was a Western Province Youth Equestrian

with a team of fantastic consultants; strategising, designing and delivering our ideas. This magazine is probably what I’m personally most proud of. It’s a great platform to share news and ideas, but also to find out what those close to us are up to. We hope that it will continue to grow and spread the Carrington community feeling. I’m also busy working on our website – it started out as a simple platform move, but in the process, it’s undergone some changes and a freshen up! I can’t wait to share it with you.

: I try to make an effort not to eat at my desk, however, this is seldom the case. If the weather is good, I do get out of the office for a stretch of the legs and fresh air. There is a lovely little park just off Marylebone High Street, which although is very popular, does offer a relaxing space to sit in the sun surrounded by flowers. Lunch time is also a great opportunity to catch up on a little life admin and make a few important calls, usually to my landlord!

: I have to admit that I do love a good budget, sad but true! I meet with Mike and Al monthly for our board meeting. During this time, I present our cashflow and update them as to where we’re

standing in relation to budget. We discuss the projections and agree changes for the coming months. These decisions are driven and supported by the management stats and how we’re performing against our goals. I think in another life (and if I was smart enough), I would be a statistician. I love reviewing data and reporting on my findings. It’s very satisfying to be able to predict something based on knowledge you have. We also cover off regulatory and compliance changes that affect our clients and the company. It’s important to put processes in place to deal with the changes and to communicate them clearly so that everyone is well informed and disrupted as little as possible.

: Working at Carrington is as much a lifestyle choice as anything else. Right from the start, Mike and Al have always been about treating everyone as equals. Don’t get me wrong, we know the pecking order, but it’s about respecting each other and treating everyone as you would like to be treated. I sit on the Staff Committee, which was put in place when we started to expand, to ensure that as we got bigger, we didn’t

lose the Carrington Culture, which we’ve worked so hard to create. The committee looks to protect what is important to us as an office, but also gives the staff somewhere to turn if they have questions or would like to speak to someone in a relatively informal manner.

: We regularly hold company meetings and I am very involved in creating the agenda, presentations and the running of the meeting. We always talk about our clients being the most important part of the company, and I’m sure a lot of companies make this claim, however, in our case I do feel this is absolutely true. During our get togethers we discuss what’s been happening; we chat about our clients and our service; we share ideas about what we can embrace, vary or do differently to improve our service and the client experience. These meetings are sometimes held out of the office, in unusual venues, to inspire us to think outside of the box.

: I read voraciously and often have 3 or 4 books going at the same time. One

is usually a novel, then there will be a self-development book, a business type book and usually some sort of travel/ adventure book. Even if I don’t finish a book, I seldom walk away not having learnt or taken something from it. Personal development is something I’m passionate about and I believe we should never stop learning. My commute home is my reading time and unlike most of London, I look forward to getting on the tube. I am currently completing a part-time Psychology degree, so during term time, the only reading material I’m allowed is my course work book and research papers. All work and no play makes me very dull indeed!!

: My evenings vary vastly. I live with my partner in North London and if we’re not out on a training ride, then we could be at an opening, the cinema or a gig of sorts. Other evenings are spent catching up, together or with friends over a nice meal – I find cooking and entertaining therapeutic, I love it, but don’t do it enough. We don’t have TV at home, so instead like to wind down over a good boxset.

ComMuNitIes WOMEN IN FINANCE CHARTER We are proud to announce that we have signed up for HM Treasury’s Women in Finance Charter. This is a commitment by HM Treasury and signatory firms to work together to build a more balanced and fair industry. The Charter reflects the government’s aspiration to see gender balance at all levels across financial services firms. Here at Carrington we share this same aspiration, and currently exceed the expectations of the Charter, with women making up 50% of our team! If you would like to know more about the charter, please click here.

FINANCIAL PLANNING WEEK In October we took part in the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investments “Financial Planning Week” which aims to improve the “financial fitness” of the UK public (not the physical fitness – albeit we all realised in the Spinathon that our physical fitness needs work too!). We offered free one-hour financial planning sessions to a wide variety of different individuals who live and work in the London area. As well as giving something back to the local community it provided our team with a fantastic chance to meet new people, learn about their lives and pass on some financial planning advice which we hope will make a difference to their current and future situations. The feedback we received from those who took advantage of our sessions was that the meetings were “extremely valuable and offered clarity on what should be focused on”, that our “approach was quite refreshing and proactive” and that our “hands-on approach was amazing and greatly appreciated”.

CARRINGTON INVESTMENTS “IN A SPIN” FROM LONDON TO PARIS TO RAISE MONEY FOR NIEMANN-PICK RESEARCH FOUNDATION Thanks to the efforts of 35 dedicated spinners, and the very generous donations from clients and friends of the firm, we are delighted to have raised over £7,000 for our charity of the year the Niemann-Pick Research Foundation. The spinners each spent three hours on their spin bike and in teams of five competed to cycle 385km, the distance from London to Paris. Mike and Al each led a team of staff members; with clients and valued associates being invited to form teams to compete against them. Mike and Al’s teams were beaten to the finish by a team of clients who cycled a total of 425km's between them! Thank you so much to all those who took part in the event and to everyone who so generously sponsored the spinners. We, and the charity, are very grateful for all the support. If you would like to make a donation please contact Nicola for details.

“It is obvious that we can no more explain a passion to a person who has never experienced it than we can explain light to the blind.� T. S. Eliot

“I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious� Albert Einstein

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