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As a biker you know the importance of brother and sister hood, so our island is the perfect place for you to come to live or visit with like-minded people. Our rules are relaxed, although there are no exceptions, it’s an island for bikers only. We are united in trust and respect, we cause no harm to fellow bikers or animals it’s a meat free zone.

Futher to the east of the island you can experience pure relaxation in our amazing luxuries spas and the calmness of the yoga retreat to heal and purifty.

We want everyone to enjoy the experience here. There’s a zero tolerance on crime, this also means we pay close attention to more minor offenses, which could effect quality of life, such as vandalism, theft and any bodily harm. We can assure your time here will be unforgettable. An island of exploration, adverture, relaxation, with crystal white sands and iconic journeys on our breath taking routes, be prepared to be dazzled by it’s natural beauty. Take it at your own pace by motorcycle, admire the mountain scenery to spectacular sunsets.

Once you’ve indulged in the total relaxation take a ride on the twisties through the forestry, ending your journey on the north shore beach, an evening to kick back and relax over beers, cocktails and top notch grub and experience the first of many sunsets over log fires for endless nights.

Visit the north of the island, checking out our fantastic farm sancturies, where animals live in peace and happiness.

Head a little south west and adventure is the game, get

to the track and rev it up. Our race tracks are worldclass circuits, so come and experience the adrenaline rush. From the tarmac onto mud and dirt, you’ll meet your challenge in our offroading tracks with arces of different terrain from gentle slopes to shears drops, a real mind explosion. If that’s not enough for you adrendaline junkies and no fear is in your personality, then peer up to the skies and step on board our space fights and discover a limitless universe spoting the milky way, planets, rings, moons, galaxies, or

step out onto the moon and visit our moon cafe to try our feast of space food. By now you should be fully tuned- in with our culture, take a ride down to the south west shore, where you grab the sunset and camp out at night under the moon-light beaches, relax with friend over barbeques, to wake up early and hit the surf. Missing the city life? Then take a trip to the capital, for music, festivals, museums, bars and clubs or hit the beach to work out in our outdoor and indoor gyms. Want a new motorbike? Stay in town and visit our vast array of bikes from racers, to off-roaders and cruisers. Fancy staying at Ddraig Knievel longer? We definitely want you to stay as well, then check out Knievel village for a home for life and remain in our world forever. 5

Ride surf Chill





Explore our island for an endless adverture.

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idiot bait Don’t be fooled! The people behind these posters are trying to stop fellow bikers joining our free lifestyle. 14

Little jealous perhaps?




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free yourself and join us for a life changing experience. this is just the beginning...

let’s take you on an unforgettable journey of your life!

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