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BioLis 24i 6- AM alcohol amphetamine barbiturates benzodiazepine BUN

Drugs of Abuse buprenorphine cocaine creatinine ecstacy liver studies

methadone opiates oxycodone phencyclidine propoxyphene THC and more

Adulterants adulterant cals & controls aldeyhde cromate reagent halogen

nitrite oxidant pH reagent spec gravity

Carolina Chemistries offers the complete laboratory package to include: The BioLis 24i Benchtop Chemistry Analyzer, reagents, assistance with laboratory certification and compliance.

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Faster turnaround time saves lives---it is THAT simple! Instrumented Homogenous Enzyme Immunoassay (HEIA) gives the best result in the AIA 360 Menuof time. Here is why: least amount Immunoassay Would you like faster results that tell you more than a positive or negative? GC/LC/MS take days. The BioLis 24i uses HEIA and just like GC/LC/MS it uses a curve created by diluting NIST traceable standards to specific concentrations so that different concentration ranges can be ascertained and an estimated concentration is obtained in ng/dL. Are you finding results in your GC/LC/MS results from lab to lab are inconsistent? Did you know that GC/LC/MS techniques, although regulated by CLIA are not subject to FDA clearance. Some GC/LC/MS laboratories state that their values can deviate up to 20% from the true value.

Have your patients complained about their reference lab bills? GC/LC/MS is expensive. The BioLis 24i, while not eliminating, will cut down on unnecessary confirmation tests and is affordable to you AND your patients. Why is the BioLis 24i considered semi-quantitative? The reason the method on the BioLis 24i is semiquantitative is that it is antibody based, which may have cross-reactivity with different compounds/ metabolites and perhaps give a false positive. Our reagent developers spend a huge portion of their time figuring the cross-reacting compounds and at what level for FDA studies. We disclose these to you in our package inserts for your benefit.

The BioLis 24i: • A solution to better patient care • Affordability • Fast and economical alternative

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• An instrument capable of performing high complexity screens, giving a five point calibrated and semi-quantitative numerical results

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