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2014 Year in Review Annual Report

Inside This Issue:

Your Tax Dollars at Work

• Letter from the Executive Director

Fountain View Recreation Center

• Financial Information • Awards and Honors • Recreation: Stats and Updates Additional Accomplishments • Local lakes were stocked with 9,400 fish.

• Simkus Recreation Center received a completely new roof. • Repairs and updates were made to various playgrounds, parking lots, and paths. • Coral Cove Water Park improvements included a new spray feature complete with dumping bucket and new tot slide. New umbrellas and an additional shade structure were added to the concession area, lounge chairs were replaced and cabanas are now available for rent. Maintenance improvements were made to the dive well and the slide tower was refinished.

2010 Referendum Vote Leads to Park Improvements: Fountain View Recreation Center had its one year anniversary. Some highlights of the facility include an indoor swimming pool, an indoor walking/running track, a gymnasium with two high-school sized basketball courts, fitness class studios, kids zone child care, premium locker rooms, three multiple purpose rooms and a catering kitchen.

McCaslin Park Update

Final phase of improvements to McCaslin Park multi-sport complex were completed in 2014. Additional amenities include: a playground, splash pad, accessible fishing station, a picnic shelter with a permanent grill, Bankshot basketball court, game table, bags courts, sand volleyball, two shade features in ball field hub area, and a redesigned cricket field.

Armstrong Park

The Park District, in cooperation with the Village and County, joined efforts and coordinated their individual construction projects. While the County project focused on reducing flooding to the area, the Park District improved baseball fields, lighting to the fields, and renovated the hub area. The playground and sled hills were relocated. Work is still underway to improve the in-line skating court, and replace the pathways surrounding the park. Plans are also under development for new flush washrooms. The Park is officially slated to reopen in Spring of 2016.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Carol Stream Park District is to enrich our community by fulfilling our residents needs for healthy, accessible, quality recreation activities, parks and facilities, and to be responsible stewards of our community resources.

Letter from the Executive Director

Parks Foundation

Dear Carol Stream Residents,

The Parks Foundation builds and strengthens the financial resources of the Carol Stream Park District by receiving gifts, grants, bequests and endowments on the district’s behalf. They are currently raising funds for: financial assistance, park and facility improvements, recreation program enrichment, and Greening Initiatives. You can support the Parks Foundation by giving financial gifts, bequests, or by volunteering your time. For more information, please visit: csparks.org/about-us/carol-stream-parks-foundation/

I write you following the completion of my first year as Executive Director. The year was significant for me personally as I familiarized myself with this hospitable Village, its residents, business community, and a talented and resourceful staff here at the Park District. I am proud to see the District’s dedication to the community and eager to move forward to position the District as a continuous, financially responsible, high-performing provider of recreational and sports services, and most of all, family fun. The Park District experienced many accomplishments in 2014. The Fountain View Recreation Center celebrated its one-year anniversary and became the first LEED certified public recreation center in Illinois. Today it is home to hundreds of swim lessons, basketball games, fitness classes, and more. Final touches were made to McCaslin Park, making it a multi-sport complex/destination. The Armstrong Park flood mitigation project is moving along, as well as work to sports fields and playgrounds located within. Coral Cove gained a new splash playground with a dumping bucket, in addition to other features. I am pleased to be a part of these accomplishments and want you to be, too. This “Year in Review” is a collection of awards, projects, and statistics of what we achieved in 2014 and a reminder of why we are here and what we can do for you and the families of Carol Stream. In an effort to be as transparent as possible, the backside of the document is a snapshot of financial information that affects homeowners in the District. I appreciate your continued support and confidence in the Park District as we move ahead through 2015 to meet our goals and those of the community. Sincerely, Jim Reuter, Executive Director

•B  est Green Practices - Illinois Association of Park Districts •N  ational Gold Medal Finalist - National Recreation and Parks Association •A  ccredited Member - Park District Risk Management Association •C  ertificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting for the 14th consecutive year •L  EED Silver Certification - Green Building Certification Institute

Current Board

John Jaszka Vice President (2011-2019)

•F  ountain View Recreation Center, Project of the Year - American Public Works Association

• 5 Star Aquatic Safety Award

Copies of the “2014 Year in Review” may be obtained at Elk Trail, Fountain View and Simkus Recreation Centers; or download at csparks.org.

Jacqueline Jeffery President (2011-2019)

Awards and Honors

Dan Bird (2003-2019)

Brenda Gramann (2001-2017)

Tim Powers (2007-2019)

Brian Sokolowski (2001-2017)

Wynn Ullman (2009-2017)

Fountain View Fitness Center: Year One Update

Recreation The Recreation Department strives to provide a wide variety of programs and services for participants of all ages. Over the past five years, the number of programs offered has increased by 1,293 (38%) and the number of new programs developed and offered has increased by 40%.

• Over 3,200 Fitness Center memberships sold • 674 Walking Track memberships sold • 236 Lap Swim memberships sold • Average daily usage of the Fitness Center was 516 people

•F  amily special events: 3,306 participants in 2014; 3,091 in 2013 • Th  eater: 192 participants in 2 separate plays in 2014; 140 in 2013 •A  ctive adult (senior) trips: 3,103 participants in 2014; 2,284 in 2013 • Adult athletic leagues: 391 teams in 2014; 361 in 2013 • Summer camps: 2,825 participants in 2014; 2,719 in 2013 • Dolphins swim team almost doubled in size to 94 swimmers • 3 ,377 programs offered in 2014; 11% increase over 2013

Special Events

• 236 new programs developed in 2014

The District offered over 30 community based and special events in 2014. Customers enjoyed: JustPlay! Sports & Recreation and CSBarks Dog Festivals, theater performances, dances for fathers and daughters, mothers and sons, spring egghunts for kids and dogs, various middle school, 2856 sporting, Halloween, and winter events. 2856 2012 2012

Number of 3377 3377 Programs Offered 3377

3020 3020

2856 2856 2012 2014 2014 2012

2013 2013

3020 3020

2013 2013


122 122 2014 2014

Program Participants 18,090 18,090

2012 2012

22,347 19,356 19,356 18,090 22,347 19,356 18,090 19,356

2013 2013

2012 2014 2014 2012

New Programs Offered 236

2013 2013

Did You Know?

22,347 22,347

2014 2014

2012 2012

162 162

236 122 122

162 162

2013 2013

2012 2014 2014 2012

2013 2013

23 23

201 201

Program Revenue

$2,4 $2,412,440 $2,320,612 $2,320,612 $2,412,440 $2,4 $2,217,257$2,320,612$2,217,257 $2,320,612 $2,217,257 $2,217,257 2012 2012

2013 2013

2012 2014 2014 2012

2013 2013

Living within 1,000 feet of a park adds about 20% to your home’s value.

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Financial Report

Tax Implication to Residents

for Fiscal Year January 1, 2014 - December 31, 2014 Today’s economy is very different than the one in 2009

REVENUE when the Park Board agreed with community input to go to Charges for Services $4,088,557 referendum. Based on a conservative tax base growth model of Operating Grants & Contributions 94,755 2% (compared to the 6% average the District had seen over the Capital Grants & Contributions 2,075,440 last 10 years) refinancing and issuance of new bonds could be Taxes 7,813,909 Interest Earned 12,084 accomplished without increasing the tax rate. In 2010, voters Other General Revenue 539,049 approved a referendum to issue $37 million in bonds to build a Total Revenue $14,623,794 new recreation center with an indoor pool; build and improve EXPENSES parks, facilities, sports fields, and trails. General $2,921,955 Recreation 5,560,448 The tax base has declined since 2010. Because of the way Depreciation 2,594,912 taxes are calculated, declines in home values resulted in tax Interest on Long Term Debt 2,555,700 rate increases. The Park Board was faced with the decision of Total Expenses $13,633,015 whether to complete the construction of the new recreation NET POSITION center and other projects or put a halt to the improvements. Beginning of Year $10,820,458 End of Year $11,811,237 The Park Board would like to have kept to the original referendum plan of no tax rate increase, but they also wanted STATEMENT OF NET POSITION as of December 31, 2014 to deliver the improvements for which residents voted. The Park Board is elected to represent the citizenry. It was their ASSETS consensus to deliver the improvements and amenities to the Cash & Investments $7,968,495 residents. Therefore, there has been an incremental increase Receivables, Net 8,145,197 in the Park District tax rate due to the referendum bonds. As Prepaid Items 34,823 property values begin to inch upwards, the impact will diminish Capital Assets not being depreciated 17,597,838 Capital Assets net of accumulated depreciation 40,167,891 over the next few years. Homeowners saw a change in their Total Assets $73,914,244

2014 tax payments similar to the following:

DEFERRED OUTFLOWS Deferred Charge on Refunding $6,382,622 Home Market Value Monthly Tax Change $100,000 $2.59 LIABILITIES $200,000 $5.75 Accounts Payable & Other Current Liabilities $709,469 $300,000 $8.91 Accrued Interest 2,039,353 Unearned Revenue 375,978 $400,000 $12.07 Non-current Liabilities 65,360,829 Total Liabilities $68,485,629 The Board believes that the improvements to the community’s NET POSITION park and recreation infrastructure are worth it and will provide a better quality of life, recreational opportunities and an Net Investment in Capital Assets $3,659,111 Restricted 1,550,231 increase in home values for generations to come. Unrestricted 6,601,895 Total Net Position $11,811,237

Tax Budget Recreation Fund 16.7%

Paving & Lighting Fund 0.5%

Audit Fund Liability Special 0.4% Insurance Recreation Fund Fund F.I.C.A. Fund 3.1% 6.7% 3.6% IMRF Fund 4.1%

Health Airport Department .5% Authority .2% Forest County 1.5% Preserve Township 1.0% 1.6% Township Road College of 1.1% Dupage 2.9% Library 3.2% PARK DISRICT 6.0%

County Tax Bill

High School 24.4%

Corporate Fund 19.1%

Bond & Interest Fund 45.8%

Fire District 8.4%

Grade School 49.4%

Profile for Carol Stream Park District

Year in Review 2014 - Carol Stream Park District  

The Carol Stream Park District highlights awards and honors, capital project improvements, recreation statistics and updates, and financial...

Year in Review 2014 - Carol Stream Park District  

The Carol Stream Park District highlights awards and honors, capital project improvements, recreation statistics and updates, and financial...

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